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We have culled these pertinent stories from many sources to keep you updated on the Daily News events pertinent to the coming New World Order. Truly, once you know the Plan to establish the Kingdom of Antichrist, you will never look at the news the same way again. For A Cutting Edge Analysis and Recap Of Current Events Being Reported In The News Visit our Headline News Area

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Thursday, April 21, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- April 16, 2005

New Article Posted

16 Naval Ships At The Bottom of the Persian Gulf: Includes One Aircraft Carrier -- War Games Disaster

Government Crisis In Italy

Italy's Berlusconi Resigns as Premier

Italy's President Begins Rounds of Talks With Party Leader After Berlusconi's Resignation


Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

69 bodies found in Baghdad: 19 more have been recovered from a sports centre north of Baghdad

Iraqi President Says Dozens of Bodies Found in Tigris Are Proof of Abductions

Iraq's PM Allawi Survives Assassination Bid

Car Bomb Hits Civilian Convoy on Baghdad's Airport Road

Car bomb kills two U.S. soldiers, wounds four in Baghdad

More Blasts Rock Baghdad

Senate approves $592 million for embassy in Iraq

Blair defiant over Iraq decision

Warning on spread of state surveillance: Governments are building a "global registration and surveillance infrastructure" in the US-led "war on terror"

Israeli - Palestinian War

Sharon Says Gaza Withdrawal Will Be Carried Out, Regardless of Delay

Israel starts moving equipment out of Gaza

In and Around the Struggle Against the Disengagement

Settlers expected to stay forever in their settlements

Guarded Optimism in Gush Katif Settlement

Chief High Court Judge: Disengagement Divides Country

Sharon: I'm trying to save as much as I can

Leave our kids alone: Say cops recruit Gaza teenagers for informers

Gaza graves may move to Ashkelon

Outgoing Chief of Staff Lashes Out At Media: Accusing it of being ignorant, manipulative, shallow and lacking in ethics; he declared "we have turned into a nation of spins"



New Article To Be Posted 4/21

New Pope Benedict XVI: Vatican Continues To Observe Occult Numerics, Times, Astrological Considerations --

Roman Catholic News

Pope Benedict predicted a short reign to cardinals: Just after his election

Russian Orthodox Patriarch Congratulates Benedict XVI on Papacy, but Concerns Remain

Pope vows to reach out to other religions

From new pontiff, a vow of openness: Remarks at odds with stern image

Pilgrims watch new pope with mixed emotion

A papal confidant faithful to doctrine

Black Pope Book On CD: "Vatican Assassins" Is Based On This Book

4/19 UPDATE To Article NEWS2021 -- Will Ancient Catholic Prophecies On The Number of Catholic Popes Continue To Come True? Ratzinger becomes Pope Benedict XVI

Faithful See Image Of Virgin Mary: At Chicago's Kennedy Expressway underpass

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Rice Calls for Political "change" in Belarus

U.S. Military Claims: More Than 12 Insurgents Killed in Battle in Southeastern Afghanistan

Candidates in Saudi Election Battle for Posts With Little Authority

Power supply line blown up in Baluchistan

Nepal king leaves for Jakarta to seek foreign support

Connecticut approves gay civil unions: Advocates and opponents criticize compromise law

'Da... Nyet, Nyet, Nyet!' Rice Tells Russians: She will not run for President

Passenger Lists Sought For Flights Over U.S.

Prerelease Pirates Could Receive Jail Time: Was crafted to sentence distributors of prerelease copies of films, songs or other works for up to three years

Woman Claims She Was Shocked 15 Times With Taser Gun


Wednesday, April 20, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

New Article To Be Posted 4/21

New Pope Benedict XVI: Vatican Continues To Observe Occult Numerics, Times, Astrological Considerations -- ( Coming Tomorrow)

Roman Catholic News

Black Pope Book On CD: "Vatican Assassins" Is Based On This Book

4/19 UPDATE To Article NEWS2021 -- Will Ancient Catholic Prophecies On The Number of Catholic Popes Continue To Come True? Ratzinger becomes Pope Benedict XVI

German cardinal Joseph Ratzinger becomes Pope Benedict XVI

Germany's Ratzinger, Tough "Defender of the Faith", Chosen as Pope Benedict XVI: Currently the head of the "Office of Inquisition"

German cardinal elected new pope: Smoke billowed over Vatican City about 5:50 p.m.

New pope to be installed on Sunday: April 24

Pope's brother suggests he may be too old for job

Leaders hail new Pope but reformists disappointed

A pope who believes it is far better to be right than popular

Formidable intellect who will not bend to modernist principles

In clergy sex abuse epicenter, Ratzinger seen as block to reform

The boy who became Pope: At 78 the oldest pope elected in the past 100 years after the swiftest conclave of modern times

Black pope would help Third World: Tutu

Ratzinger's Love of Tradition Was Nurtured in Conservative Bavaria

Asian, African Catholics See New Pope Following in Predecessor's Footsteps

The Reigns of All Popes Named Benedict

In U.S., pope greeted with mixed feelings

Dump Taiwan and We Can Have Ties, China Tells New Pope

New pope intervened against Kerry in US 2004 election campaign

New Pope Risked Death by Deserting in WWII: Forced to serve in Hitler's Youth and Army

Rome returns stolen obelisk: To Ethiopia

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Saudi Effort to Sign Loophole Agreement Leaves U.N. Nuclear Monitors Nervous

Iran demands progress in nuclear talks with EU-3

India 'tops global HIV list at 8.5m'

Yemeni Forces on Alert, Facing Threats on Two Fronts

Pakistan's President Musharraf urges local Muslims: Abandon terrorism

Afghan President Karzai seeks ban on forced marriages

Vietnam extends ban on poultry farming

Ecuador's Embattled President Says He Won't Quit

Argentine gets 640 years in jail for crimes against humanity: Convicted under international law

United Nations News

John Bolton: Bush nominee for UN post in doubt

Annan adviser linked to oil scandal

UN urged to address Afghan “rights crisis”

Homeowners with large autos stir debate: Building monster garages to fit their monster vehicles

Archived Article: Theological Reason The Illuminati Hates Industrial Civilization and Is Planning To Destroy It

Senate rejects amnesty measure for illegal aliens

Reward for information on killer of pregnant Palestinian-born woman: Was stabbed 33 times

Promise Keepers News

Promise Keepers Kicks Off 20-City Schedule of Stadium Gatherings for Men

Archived Article: Promise Keepers: Bridging Evangelicals To The Coming One World Church

Archived Article: Virgin Mary, Spouse of Holy Spirit -- Promise Keepers and Roman Catholic Church combine efforts to promote the Virgin Mary as the Spouse of the Holy Spirit!

Secret Pentagon Report on Oklahoma City Bombing--Evidence of an Inside Job?


New Article Posted

16 Naval Ships At The Bottom of the Persian Gulf: Includes One Aircraft Carrier -- War Games Disaster

CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- April 16, 2005

New Book! "The Light That Was Dark": Second book by Warren Smith, author of "Deceived On Purpose: New Age Implications of the Purpose Driven Church"

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Aid worker uncovered America's secret tally of Iraqi civilian deaths: A week before she was killed by a suicide bomber, humanitarian worker Marla Ruzicka forced military commanders to admit they did keep records of Iraqi civilians killed by US forces

Car Bomb Kills Two U.S. Soldiers, Wounds Four

24 die in Iraq suicide bombing, attacks: Protest in parliament after MP roughed up at US checkpoint

Six die in Baghdad bombing as insurgents pick off Iraqi army targets

Iraq militant group says it killed defence minister’s senior adviser

Counting the Cost of Baghdad Market Blaze: Local economy likely to suffer after thousands of businesses go up in smoke

Speculation surrounds Australian wheat exports to Iraq

EU planning to host Iraq rebuilding conference in early June

Israeli - Palestinian War

Gush Katif Residents Boycott Defense Minister Mofaz

No Decision Yet on Whether to Delay Gaza Expulsion

Sharon Now Wants to Delay Gaza Pullout: Bit off more than he could chew!

Sharon may seek disengagement violence: May seek bloody confrontation in early days of forced expulsion

Archived Article: Is Israeli Prime Minister Sharon Using The Forced Settler Evacuation As Excuse To Crack Down On Religious, Observant Jews?

Israelis Not Prepared for Evacuation Trauma

Netanyahu Warns: Israel repeating Oslo tragedy

Archived Article: "Proofs of A Conspiracy" - "Hardliner Sharon" implementing "Liberal" Rabin's Oslo Plan

IDF Chief of Staff Sees Terror Wave after Disengagement

Relocation of Gaza Settlement Cemetery One of Pullout's Thorniest Issues

Peres suggests turning Gaza settlement into Club Med resort: Could be cooperative effort with Dov Weisglass, Sharon adviser

Blair heads for win as Tories slip up

Guantanamo Bay Prison News

17 Afghans, Turk home from Guantanamo Bay Prison

U.S. Records give voice to Guantanamo detainees

Ex-Guantanamo prisoner didn't know of 9/11

UK lawmakers accuse U.S. of grave rights violations against prisoners in Guantanamo Bay, Afghanistan and Iraq

US interests at stake as Japan-China rivalry set to worsen

Eureka! Extraordinary discovery unlocks secrets of the ancients

Decoded at last: The 'classical holy grail' that may rewrite the history of the world

Homosexual Bishop Exhorts Pro-Aborts to Use Scripture Against 'People of Faith'

The Next American Revolution: Reaction To Bush's Policies Inevitable

Family Advocate Warns: Bill Uses Calif. Schools as Wedge Between Parents and Kids

Secret FBI Report Highlights Domestic Terror Threat

US Military's Elite Hacker Crew: World's most formidable array of hacker talent

Homeland Security Roadblocks: Training local police departments?

FBI Tells 911 Rescue Worker to 'Shut Up' Over Finding Airplane "Black Boxes"



Tuesday, April 19, 2005 - First Day of 13-Day Satanic Sacrifice, "Blood Sacrifice To The Beast"

CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- April 16, 2005

New Book! "The Light That Was Dark": Second book by Warren Smith, author of "Deceived On Purpose: New Age Implications of the Purpose Driven Church"

"What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Eureka! Extraordinary discovery unlocks secrets of the ancients

Decoded at last: The 'classical holy grail' that may rewrite the history of the world

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Iraq senior defense official assassinated: Died when 10 gunmen burst into his Baghdad home

Insurgents Kill at Least Eight People in Iraq: Sabotage attacks have increased on Iraq's oil infrastructure

Iraq Bomb Kills U.S. Soldier, Wounds Another

Zarqawi group says Iraqi authorities seeking to “eliminate” Sunnis

Iraqi forces seek insurgents in 'Triangle of Death'

Iraqis accuse leaders of fabricating drama: No hostages found after raid on town

Sadr warns Allawi on hostage crisis hoax

Radical Shia leader Sadr swaps gun for politics

Iraqi party demands death penalty for Saddam

Iraq New President Talabani rules out signing Saddam death warrant

Activist helping Iraqi families dies in Baghdad car bombing

Alleged Daniel Pearl killer says met bin Laden twice

Israeli - Palestinian War

Sharon Now Wants to Delay Gaza Pullout: Bit off more than he could chew!

Sharon Considers Postponing Expulsion: Liberal Shimon Peres Wants It Sooner

Terrorists Injure Two in Gaza: IDF Ordered Not to Return Fire

Netanyahu Warns: Don´t Let Egyptians Near Israeli Border

Israeli-Arabs Arrested in Plot to Kill Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef: One of country's most revered Torah scholars

Gunmen storm Jenin offices of Palestinian Legislative Council: Shows widening dissatisfaction with Abbas's leadership of PA

Palestinian militants block West Bank traffic

Israelis warned to avoid Sinai trips: During the upcoming Passover holiday

Ex-deputy FBI chief: Israel leads world in counter-terrorism expertise

Tony Blair’s last hurrah

Terror risk said to be increasing as UK vote nears

Major 6.2 quake rocks ocean off Japan: No tsunami risk

Red Lake School shooting rampage was planned

Analysis Article: Uncanny parallels between Columbine and other Clinton-era school shootings and the recent Red Lake shooting

Briton admits quadruple murder

Moussaoui plans to plead guilty to his part in terror

Growing number of women hooked on gambling

Invasion of Illegal Immigrants Harming Military Training

Australian Motorist has told of "pretty brutal" arrest of 15-year-old boy who allegedly took a tram for a joy ride last night

“Back-Alley” Abortionist May Lose Medical License: If KSBHA Can Find Courage to Act

Former Operation Rescue leader Jeff White Acquitted on Fetal Body Display


Breaking News

White smoke, bells signal selection of new pope: Cardinal Ratzinger is the new Pope -- Currently the head of the Office of Inquisition -- Will be Pope Benedict XVI

UPDATE To Article NEWS2021: Will Ancient Catholic Prophecies On The Number of Catholic Popes Now Come True?

Waco 12th Anniversary

Oklahoma City Bombing 10th Anniversary

Recap of Key Events Occurring On April 19: First Day of 13-Day Satanic "Blood Sacrifice To The Beast"

Waco Disaster: Rules of Engagement Video -- DVD

Lies, Deceptions, Media Coverup During The Clinton Years - DVD - VHS

America The Beautiful: From Freedom to Fascism - DVD - VHS

Archived Articles

National Police Force Coming Together: Another Parallel To Adolf Hitler's Early Leadership of Germany

Timeline Of Events Which Have Shaped New World Order: Waco and Oklahoma City were key

Roman Catholic News

After Black Smoke of Indecision, Papal Electors Head Into First Full Day

Crowd misreads smoke signal

Hoping For A Black Pope

Italians speculate on their local favorites: Compromise candidate eyed in one scenario

Latin American Papal Candidates Have Had Plenty of Opportunity to Show Their Mettle

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Lebanon's Prime Minister-Designate Says He's Formed a Cabinet: Ending Six Weeks of Delay

Arab Militias Rampage Unchecked in Darfur, Sudan

Indian Mass Media hail “irreversible” peace with Pakistan

Philippines, Pakistan leaders agree to boost intelligence cooperation

Afghan opium eradication plan continues

Defying Predictions, Italy's Berlusconi Says He's Not Stepping Down

U.N. Acting Like Global Government

Annan Urges World Leaders to Adopt Treaty to Free Up Global Trade Next Year

UN commission to address U.S. abuses in Guantanamo

Annan urges China and Japan to resolve differences

US attacks key UN anti-poverty goal: Will be an "Aid Trap"

Showdown Vote for U.N. Nominee Bolton: GOP Hopes Complaints About Judgment Won't Stop Him

Jackson 'fooled world' about kids: Mother of child accuser

Lawyers beat police to Jacko claims

Bush Says Raising Retirement Age a Possibility: In order to fix Social Security

House Majority Leader DeLay Strikes Back: Mailing Says He Never Broke Law

Woman admits causing “accidental” fire at Paris hotel that killed 22

Out on the Clinton trail

Ex-U.N. chief said tied to food-for-oil scandal figure: Boutros Boutros-Ghali

Maurice Strong, former UN chief tied to South Korean in oil-for-food plan

IRS Reels Under Taxpayer Revolt/Rebellion: About 15 percent of all taxes owed to the government are not being paid


Monday, April 18, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- April 16, 2005

Crude Oil Prices Falling

Crude Future Price Keep Falling After G-7 Warnings, OPEC Pledge: Prices continued their freefall Monday

Analysis: U.S. crude supply still growing

House Set to Pass Energy Bill, Approve Drilling in Alaska Refuge

Jobless Claims Fall for Second Straight Week: Economy showing strength

Roman Catholicism In The News

Election of new pope wide-open

Cardinal Who Warned of 'Antichrist' Rises in Betting Odds

Timeline of Vatican Conclave to Choose New Pope

American Sex Abuse Victims Blacklist Potential Popes: Have issued list of "morally unacceptable" candidates

Roman Church apologizes, and settles with priest-molestation victim

Templar Pope

Cardinal Martini denies suggestion for another ecumenical church council: Considered a successor to Pope John Paul II

Cardinals ready to pick a pope

Leading Pope Contender Ratzinger Makes Final Public Appearance Before Conclave

Will Ancient Catholic Predictions Continue To Hold True For This Next Pope?

Historic Conclave to Elect a New Pope for a Church in Disarray

Catholics Steer a Delicate Course in Africa, Divided Between Islam and Christianity

Special Vatican Stamps Issued Following Pope's Death Sold Out

Polish Brothel shuts out of respect for Pope John Paul II

Analysis Articles

How Many Mourners In St. Peter's Basilica For The Pope's Funeral Realized They Were Milling On and Around The World's Greatest Symbol of "The Great Sex Act"?

"This Pope Never Apologized - Never Asked Forgiveness" -- John Paul II

Minor 4.8 earthquake rocks Tokyo

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel walking open-eyed into death trap

Negotiating with the Palestinians with eyes wide open

Israel Plans New Homes in West Bank Settlement: Israeli government issued tender seeking bids for construction of 50 new homes

Sharon Considers Delaying Gaza Withdrawal by Three Weeks Because of Jewish Tisha B'Av mourning Period: Would push back the evacuation from late July to mid-August

Sharon Denies Reports of Further Withdrawals After Gaza and Northern Samaria

Two New Outposts Up - and Down - Over Night

Gaza residents debate demand to surrender army-issue guns before expulsion: Defuses serious confrontation potential

New Mideast: US Pulling PA-Israel Strings

US-led international pressure to increase

Jerusalem Arabs plotted to kill Shas spiritual leader

Forced Expulsion an Excuse for Funneling Money to Kibbutzim

Ambassador to visit Pollard for first time amid rumors release is near: Serving 20 years after conviction for passing classified information to Israel

IDF begins full-scale Golan probe as to how a lone terrorist could infiltrate on Friday morning

‘Keep Egypt away from border’: Allowing Egyptian forces to deploy on the Gaza border is “not a good idea"

Ruling Fatah party hints delay of PA parliamentary elections is possible

Russia's slide from democracy gets Rice's attention

Euthanasia News

Voluntary Euthanasia campaigner found dead

Doctor's Prescription - euthanasia survey: Amazing statistics!

Flemish doctors favour euthanasia

Analysis: Compassionate Doctors -- OR -- Nazi Doctors?

Homeland Security: 'We're still looking for Gannon credentials'








Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Reports undercut Iraq, al-Qaeda pre-war linkage

Iraqi Security Forces Enter Town After Hostage-Taking Report: Residents Say Reports Were Hoax

Iraq Bomb Kills U.S. Soldier, Wounds Another

Humanitarian Aid worker killed in Baghdad

Mortar fire kills three US troop

UN wants inspectors back in Iraq

An Old U.S. Foe Rises Again in Iraq: Shiite Mahdi Army Growing Bolder in South

Tyrants Dictating Our Free Will: Military draft may be in our future

Iraqi neighbours' meet in Istanbul postponed

Iraq New President Talabani rules out signing Saddam death warrant

In Iraq, U.S. military women aren't strangers to combat

Kabbalah: Jewish mystical "Ancient wisdom" enters mainstream

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Did Vaccinations Give Fatal Marburg To Angolan Kids?

President Khatami: Iran ready to pay any price to resist foreign threats

Pakistan's President Musharraf Warns: Kashmir still a flashpoint

India, Pakistan agree to carry forward peace process

India, Pakistan vow better economic ties

Hundreds flee as volcano belches smoke: On slopes of Mount Karthala on the largest island in the Comoros archipelago

Cabinet post for Mugabe nephew: For post of deputy minister of Science and Technology for Zimbabwe

US: Afghan tanker blast an accident

Nine face the death penalty if convicted says Bali police head

Kosovo blast wounds three

Tokyo stocks plunge more than three per cent amid tension with China

China: Ties with Japan at lowest point since 1972

Anti-Japanese protest turns violent

China rejects Japanese demand for apology

Michael Jackson Trial News

Jackson lawyer shreds accuser's mom's credibility in fiery showdown

Mother of Jackson Accuser Elevates Drama

Time to End the Jacko Trial

Jackson witness is linked to America's most infamous child sex claims

Sex Offender Charged in Florida Girl's Death

Surveillance Cameras More Common Everyday

Iowa Community Goes All-Organic: City Says Council Vote Formalized Current Practice

Microsoft to Launch Biggest Ad Campaign

Police say man took gun, killed officer: Suspect captured after leap in R.I.

Italy’s government on brink of collapse

Blair in front as rivals slug it out

George Resolution: Says "No" To President Bush's National Mental Health Screening Plan

A mortgage plan tailored for illegals: Banks eager to dip into $44 billion housing market

Supreme Court Rules: Creditors Can't Seize IRAs

People With Certain Flu-Like Diseases To Be Quarantined: Under New Bush Executive Order

Earth's axis displacement to result in monstrous global changes: As the core nears the mantle of Earth, the number of earthquakes, tsunamis and volcano eruptions increases



Sunday, April 17, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- April 16, 2005

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israeli Security Forces Plan Disengagement "Nightmare" Scenario

PM Sharon dismisses reports he plans additional pullout

Israeli Defense Minister Designates Disengagement Areas As "Weapons-Free" Zones

Defense Officials Say Sharon´s Policies Help Terrorists

Additional Signs that Terror Ceasefire is Crumbling

Abbas promises end to attacks on Israel

Hamas in a business suit OK? McClellan sees role for members committed to 'improving the quality of life'

White House highlights double standard on Hamas terror organization

Poll: American Jews back Gaza pullout, Palestinian statehood

PA Wants Israel To Demolish Gaza Homes: Style of homes does not "suit" Arab development pattern

Jailed Palestinians start hunger strike

Non-compliant PA ready for final status talks: Wants to go to final status, even though it has not fulfilled any of its Road Map requirements

Which 'Population Centers' Did Bush Mean?

Terrorist organizations step up efforts to smuggle arms and ammunition from Egypt

IDF setting up "security strip" near Philadelphi Route on the Gaza-Egypt border

US to push Nato role in Mideast

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Suspected Rebels Blow Up Five Fuel Tankers Outside U.S. Base in Afghanistan

Arabs clash with forces in Iran

U.S. and Israel divided on how to deal with Iran

Tehran says Israel in no position to threaten action against Iran

Ecuador President Rescinds State of Emergency Day After Imposing It

Swiss pressure forces Nepal to make concession

Ivory Coast Foes Move Forward on Disarmament

Prime Minister Blair's Labour heading for victory

U.S. no-fly list has grown to more than 31,000

Catholic Cardinals Voting On New Pope

Cardinals Align as Time Nears to Select 265th Pope: Cardinal Ratzinger seems the leader

Watching for smoke signal telling world new Pope has been chosen

Papal Conclave No Longer 'Alcatraz on the Tiber'


Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Insurgents take hostages, demand Shiites leave town near Baghdad

Iraqi cleric urges the release of detainees

Iraqi Forces Raid Village Where Shiites Are Held Hostage

Three US troops killed at Ramadi: Killed by mortar fire, seven other soldiers wounded

Roadside Bombs Kill One, Injure 8 in Iraq

Nine killed in Iraq attacks

Sunni militants attack mosque south of Baghdad

Shiite-Sunni violence reported near Baghdad

Arms Equipment Plundered in 2003 Is Surfacing in Iraq's open markets

Child's death highlights refugees' plight on Iraq-Jordan border

Iraq: No man's land for refugees

Two Philippine workers wounded in Baghdad shooting

US, Italy differ over agent's killing

Italy in fight with US over shot spy: US plans to absolve US soldiers of any blame for the death of the Italian secret service agent Nicola Calipari

Australian Iraq-bound troops farewelled in Darwin

Oil For Food Scandal News

Scandal Twist: Britain and the US last night angrily rejected a claim by UN chief Kofi Annan that it shares the blame

Charges filed in oil-for-food probe: Texas oil executive, his two companies and two foreign associates indicted

US, Britain 'looked other way'

Report to measure UN's capacity

'Freak' wave rocks cruise ship: 70-footer hits N.Y.-bound ship

5.1 Quake in Southern California

Quake Map

McCain irks Republicans over anti-filibuster option

Showdown On Judges: Senator Frist appears to have the votes

Hollywood Today: The New Age of Greed

Hollywood Today: Land of the Movie Star Freeloaders

Americans buy much more medicine than people in any other country

EU's Plan to Lift China Arms Embargo Does Not Have Consensus

Body of missing 13-year-old Florida girl believed found

Suspension of Acela high-speed commuter train another blow to rail





Saturday, April 16, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

CURRENT NEWSLETTER -- April 16, 2005

Israeli - Palestinian War

Jordan`s Not-So Far-fetched Scenario for West Bank

High Court Judge: Hard Heart and Head of Wood Needed to Expel Jews

Hitler film to be shown in Israel: Films attempts to humanise Hitler

Opposition May Force Evacuation Close To Rosh HaShanah

Palestinian parliament to delay vote on election law

U.S. curbs Israel's involvement in development of fighter jet

Supreme Court Rules: Soldiers shouldn't have to evacuate their homes during pullout

Roman Catholic News

Pope warned of "dark shadows" before he died

Church Wraps Up Official 9-Day Mourning Period for Pope: Looks Ahead to Conclave

Cardinals hold final meeting before papal election conclave

Cardinals must heed personal ambition

Thousands visit pope's grave

Papal conclave shrouded in secrecy, ancient ritual

New urns for papal conclave: Into which votes are cast

Pope's power remains

Fear of hardliner pope

Cardinal Mahony Recovering After Rome Hospitalization Ahead of Conclave

Berlusconi's Italian Government Faces Crisis: Two Partners Pull Out of His Coalition Government

Police keep paedophiles from tsunami victims

Senate panel Republicans back Bolton: For UN post

Youth pleads innocent to head theft: Pleading not guilty to charges he raided a tomb in a cemetery and removed the head of the corpse

Orlando Student Charged With Biting Off Classmate's Ear

Panicked China reins in rioters as anti-Japanese protests spread

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Huge explosion in Baghdad: In upscale neighborhood

Roadside Bombs Kill One, Injure 8 in Iraq

Attacks destroy Iraq's postelection tranquility

31 killed in Iraq car bombings, attacks on Thursday

Iraq rebels threaten to kill 60 Shi’ite hostages: Shi'ites flee town

27 militants held in raid

Britain flags 2006 Iraq troop exit

Video shows U.S. contractor held captive at gunpoint

U.S. forces rebuild ragged local police

Americans Spend 6.6 Billion Hours on Taxes

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

No solo attack on Iran: Israel's PM Sharon

Ethnic clashes erupt in Iran

Lebanon names pro-Syrian as PM

Ecuador President Declares State of Emergency, Closes Supreme Court

UN talks up peace in Sudan

Pakistan's President to Arrive in India for Talks on Kashmir

Strategic ties between US - Pakistan to be deepened: Rumsfeld vows

Nepal's king to let elections `activate democratic process'

Maoists kill 10 Nepalese villagers

U.N. Security Council Concludes Haiti Visit After Week of Violence

Homegrown terror threat loses urgency

UN Food-For-Oil Scandal

US, Britain 'looked other way': Kofi Annan alleges

Row deepens over UN oil scandal

Companies involved in 'oil-for-food scam'

UN needs overhaul says Condoleezza Rice

Paris Hotel Fire Kills at Least 20

Two-Thirds of Lethal 1957 Asian Flu Virus Destroyed



Friday, April 15, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Double car bombing rocks Baghdad

Three Roadside Bombs Kill One, Injure Eight in Iraqi Capital

Falluja's struggle for recovery: Insurgents have returned

Italy in row with US over shot spy: US plans to absolve US soldiers of any blame for the death of the Italian secret service agent Nicola Calipari

Video shows hostage begging for life and for US to quit Iraq

Don't be fooled by the spin on Iraq: US is failing - and hatred of the occupation greater than ever

Allawi to join Iraqi unity coalition

US accused of seizing Iraqi women to force fugitive relatives to give up

We got it wrong on Iraq WMD, intelligence chiefs finally admit

Analysis: U.S. crude supply still growing

House Set to Pass Energy Bill, Approve Drilling in Alaska Refuge

Jobless Claims Fall for Second Straight Week: Economy showing strength

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

US may get tough on Iran: Will decide this Summer

Lebanese cabinet talks collapse

Syria to start final withdrawal from Lebanon

State Department Official Meets With Sudanese Rebel Leader, Urges Action on Peace Accord

Roman Catholic News

Latin American Leaders Root for Papal Candidates: To the Chagrin of Church

Whom Will the Cardinals Choose? Ask Your Bookie

Pittsburgh talk-radio host Marty Minto fired over Pope gibes: Questioned whether Pope John Paul II was in Heaven

How Many Mourners In St. Peter's Basilica For The Pope's Funeral Realized They Were Milling On and Around The World's Greatest Symbol of "The Great Sex Act"?

"This Pope Never Apologized - Never Asked Forgiveness" -- John Paul II

World's biggest ecstasy haul seized in Australia

15 killed in Paris hotel blaze

Treasury Secretary Leads the Charge for Bush's Social Security Plan

House Republicans Balk at Size of Medicaid Cuts

America #1 Nation In The World? Huge lie - Facts tell the truth

Moral Collapse

'Jacko aide threatened to kill family': If she did not make a video praising the star

The Michael Jackson Trial: Full Coverage

California Teen Killed in Baseball Bat Attack



Israeli - Palestinian War

Israelis shoot militant leader dead in Nablus: Ibrahim Smeri, senior member of Abbas’ Fatah al Aqsa Brigades

Disengagement Leads to Escalating Societal Tensions

Who does not know how to ask? Under the guise of disengagement, fine lines are being crossed between a totalitarian regime and one tolerant and responsive to the people

IDF Officers Warn: Tougher rules of engagement may lead to terror

Mofaz tells IDF to round up settlers' guns before pullout begins

Talk of Civil War Is Work of Dangerous Spin-meisters

IDF captures Fatah terrorist who infiltrated from Syria

IDF: Fatah wants to delay Palestinian Legislative Council elections set for July

PA chief orders consolidation of Palestinian security services: Trying to crack down on militants

Caterpillar rejects proposal to block bulldozer sales to Israel: Due to their use in the demolition of Palestinian homes

British Police Thwart Terror Plot to Poison Englands Jews

UN "Oil-For-Food" Scandal

US and UK blamed for oil scandal: Secretary General Kofi Annan

US tycoon indicted in oil-for-food scandal

US publishes Saddam 'bribe list': Background information

Timeline: Oil-for-food scandal

Organizers of Arizona Border Patrols Want to Expand to Other States

Bush Seeking More Flexible Rule on Mexican, Canadian Border Crossings

MS-13 Gangs - Immigration's Third World Momentum: 10,000 gang members on crime rampage in America

More Than 10,000 Foreign Fugitives Caught in Weeklong Nationwide Roundup: Wanted for murder, rape, child abuse and other crimes

Bush says passport proposal surprising: Surprised by his departments plans to require U.S. citizens to show a passport when re-entering the country from Mexico, Canada and the Caribbean

Special Guard Units Prepare for Domestic Terrorism

"Culture of Death" News and Views

Compassionate Doctors -- Or -- Nazi Doctors? "Deathmaking" is now a global scourge

Key Bankruptcy Bill News

Bankruptcy Bill Tightens Rules for Erasing Debt

How New "means" Test at Heart of Bankruptcy Bill Works

Congress Passes Bankruptcy Bill: Measure Rewards Financial Industry at Consumers' Expense

Key Deadline Looms for Indebted Americans Following Passage of Bankruptcy Overhaul

Chirac urges French 'Yes' to EU charter

Bid to sue over LSD rejected: Former deputy marshal who said he was unknowingly drugged with LSD as part of a CIA mind-control program



Thursday, April 14, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?


House Set to Pass Energy Bill, Approve Drilling in Alaska Refuge

Deadly 1957 Flu Virus News

Rush is on to destroy deadly flu virus samples: Thousands of scientists in 18 countries

Accidentally-released Flu Was A Pandemic-causing 'Asian flu'

Analysis By Dr. Doyle: Scientists Rush To Destroy Killer Flu Virus - Why?

Indonesia nervously watches 11 volcanoes as quakes heighten eruption chance

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Violence flares in Iraq: US hostage on tape

American Shown on Video Pleading for His Life After Being Kidnapped in Baghdad

Twin Car Bombings Kill 11, Wound at Least 20 in Iraqi Capital

Gunmen Kill Four in Kirkuk: Three police officers and one civilian

Nine killed in Kirkuk bomb attack: Killed at least nine Iraqi security force members dismantling an apparent decoy device

Insurgency kidnappers seek Pakistan ransom

Iraq two years on: Endgame or unending war?

US war spending hard to track, says watchdog

Bush Thanks Soldiers for Serving in Iraq

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Iran On The Hot Seat

Sharon Says Israel Won't Attack Iran, Calls for International Coalition

Secretary Rice plays down Iran nuclear threat

Iran nuke commercial hits TV markets: Spot depicting atomic terror attack in NYC to be seen in 20 cities

Debunking The Propaganda Lie: That Terrorists Can Actually Hit The US With Nuclear Terrorist Weapon

Other News

Pyongyang to strengthen atomic potential: In response to Washington's hostile attitude

North.Korea Collapse Unlikely and Undesirable

Shaky Angola hospitals could spread deadly Marburg Virus

Known for Moderation and Tolerance, Jordanian City at Center of Storm Over Islamic Radicals

Nepal king says security improved in emergency rule

U.N. Security Council Meets With Haiti's Interim President: Raising Concerns About Judicial System

Donors Pledge $4.5 Billion to Sudan

U.N. Human Rights Commission to Vote on Condemning Abuses in Belarus, Cuba, Sudan

Rumsfeld backs new Kyrgyz leaders after coup

Rumsfeld told U.S. won't lose Kyrgyz base

‘Bangladesh Not to Allow Border Fencing by India’

Muslims keep eye on case of detained NY girls: Authorities viewing girls as possible suicide bombers





New Articles Just Posted

State Murder of Terri Schiavo Just The Beginning: "Culture of Death" Gaining Steam Throughout America

How Many Mourners In St. Peter's Basilica For The Pope's Funeral Realized They Were Milling On and Around The World's Greatest Symbol of "The Great Sex Act"?

"This Pope Never Apologized - Never Asked Forgiveness" -- John Paul II

Roman Catholic News

Saint process a pressing item for new pope: Question whether to declare Pope John Paul II a saint outright

Brazil launches book by papal candidate

Leading candidates to succeed Pope John Paul II

In Nebraska, heartland of orthodoxy: Conservatism rules Lincoln Catholics

Israeli - Palestinian War

Hamas says Gaza pullout would be militants’ victory

Hamas says de facto truce at risk of collapse

Disengagement Leads to Escalating Societal Tensions

Blues and hip-hop for the disengagement anthem

Settlers promise PM quiet pullout for 'Gush Nitzanim'

IDF will build new roads in Gaza to facilitate pullout

Work Goes On at Settlement in West Bank Despite Bush Rebuke

Noam Federman Plans Legal, Rabbinic Appeals, as He Fights Expulsion

The 5-Minute Briefing: What's going to happen to Israel's settlers?

U.S. envoys coming to strengthen PA's Abbas

Test for Bush over state of Palestine

Jews Return to Ancient Jericho Synagogue

Dumped Temple Mount Rubble Yields Jewish Artifacts

World's Financial Leaders to Review Global Economy

Rudolph pleads guilty to bombings: Spared death penalty in Olympics blast, 3 other attacks

Estate Tax Repeal Heads to Senate Battle After House Vote

Japanese FM signals tough line with Beijing as political fight deepens

Mother of Jackson accuser can sidestep questions

Bankruptcy Changes Making It Harder to Wipe Away Debt Nearing Passage

Airport Security Expects to Fill Bins With Cigarette Lighters Now Banned From Planes

German police raid suspected Islamist networks



Wednesday, April 13, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

New Articles Just Posted

How Many Mourners In St. Peter's Basilica For The Pope's Funeral Realized They Were Milling On and Around The World's Greatest Symbol of "The Great Sex Act"?

"This Pope Never Apologized - Never Asked Forgiveness" -- John Paul II

Roman Catholic News

California Supreme Court Blocks Release of Information on Accused Catholic Priests

Mel Gibson to make film on Pope John Paul II

New Pope to Face Enormous Financial Issues

Pope's Tomb Opens to Pilgrims as Cardinals Resume Preparations for Elections

Ratzinger Ahead in Pre-Conclave Pope Politicking

The Voting Cardinals

Thousands Visit Pope John Paul II's Tomb: Clutching rosaries, medals and flowers

Scientists Scramble to Destroy Vials of 1957 Flu Virus "Unwisely" Sent to Thousands of Labs

Israeli - Palestinian War

Bush Repeats "New Realities" Phrase

Israel plays down discord with US on settlements

Analysis: How Bush avoided commitment: While Sharon reiterated that Israel would retain control of large blocs of Judea, Samaria

Palestinian Authority Slams Bush Comments: Says no peace possible unless Israel fully withdraws to pre-1967 borders

ZOA Criticizes Bush for Condemning Jewish Construction While Ignoring Palestinian Construction

D-Day Comes When Sharon Closes Gush Katif: Real struggle will then commence

Egyptian Forces Deployed Along Gaza Border in Question

Israeli Police Forbid Free Protest: Turn Back Bus, Detain Another One

National Union Activists Convene Against Disengagement

Labor Bigwig: Will Quit the Gov't if Withdrawals End in Gaza and Does Not Go Further

Hizbullah Drone Flies Nonchalantly Over Israel Taking Pictures

Gaza withdrawal 'victory for terrorism': Arab politician blasts evacuation plan as strategic mistake

New PA Text Books Teach Anti-Semitic Forgery as History

Southfield pastor enters GOP race for U.S. Senate in Michigan: Founder of 21,000-member nondenominational Word of Faith International Christian Center Church

Moral Collapse

Disabled Girl Punched In Face, Forced To Perform Sex Acts: In high school auditorium while dozens watched

STD Chlamydia pneumoniae, other infections can damage heart and arteries, causing heart disease

Teachers say angry parents big threat: Texas shooting by angry father just tip of iceberg

Lawsuits target online music pirates: Almost 1,000 lawsuits in 11 countries

RIAA goes after college-student file-sharing on Internet2

Prosecutors Indict 15 Traders at Stock Exchange

Amid Expansion Talk, Illinois Gambling Reaches a Crossroads

Activist Doubts Canada MPs Will Pass Conservative Marriage Measure: Deadly compromise proposed

Young Activist Claims School Censored Protest Against Homosexual Event

Bionic suit offers wearers super-strength

Fly brains manipulated by remote control: Laser-activated chemicals target specific neurons




Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Roadside Explosion Kills 12 Police Trying to Dismantle Another Bomb in Iraq

US poised to cut 37,000 troops from Iraq

Insurgents Hit U.S. Fuel-Supply Convoy in Iraq's Capital

US probes $300 million in Halliburton Iraq work

Pakistan appeals for release of official held in Iraq

Pentagon accused of concealing casualties: Smuggling wounded soldiers into the United States under cover of darkness to avoid bad publicity

Rumsfeld: Competence and Capability Count More Than Continuity in Iraqi Security Force Leaders

Secretary Rice Deputy on One-Day Diplomatic Mission to Iraq

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Israel presents aerial photos of Iran nuclear sites to Bush

Iran Denies Smuggling Uranium from Monitored Site

Iran To Sue US For Funding Internal Opposition: Iran has option of complaining to a special court in the Netherlands

Rumsfeld Visits U.S. Troops in Afghanistan

Suffolk (Massachusetts) DA's office mourns loss of a colleague in fatal Afghan crash

Lebanon impasse puts election in doubt

US Secretary Mineta on historic trip to India: To Sign open skies agreement on April 14

India-China relationship won't harm US: State Dept

Afghan Government to Continue Opium Eradication Despite Shootout With Farmers

U.N. Security Council Headed to Haiti to Evaluate Peacekeeping Mission in Atmosphere of Violence

Racial tensions, violence are feared for first time in run-up to General Election in Great Britain

Thousands flee in panic as Indonesian volcano spews into life

China Defends Human Rights Record, Citing Booming Economy, Government Reforms

GOP Push to Kill the Estate Tax May Have Enough Votes for Success in the Senate

Some GOP Senators Want Bush to Push Social Security Solvency More Than Accounts

Liberal Episcopal church could get new bishop

House Republicans support federal government's authority over LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) siting of import terminals: Potentially big terrorist threat

Australian Dawn terror drill terrorises residents

Australian sparks Washington bomb scare: Crash-tackled by guards outside Washington's Capitol building

U.N. set to approve global nuclear treaty: Seven-year campaign led by Russia

Dollar Subdued After Burst of Strength

"Culture of Death" News

French Parliament Adopts 'End of Life' Law: Stops short of authorizing euthanasia

Pressure to Abort Intense for Expectant Moms Carrying Down Syndrome Babies

Reasons given for having abortions in the United States: Commonly given reasons exaggerated

Schiavo's 'Dr. Humane Death' Got 1980 Diagnosis Wrong


Tuesday, April 12, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?


Crude oil prices continue fall

Oil Fields Are Refilling... Naturally - Sometimes Rapidly: There Are More Oil Seeps Than All The Tankers On Earth

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

U.S. contractor abducted in Baghdad area

Two Car Bomb Blasts in West Iraq -Witnesses report

Rumsfeld Presses Iraq's New Interim Leaders to Avoid Delays in Moving Forward With Government

Talabani: Iraq's pragmatic new leader

U.S., Iraqi Forces Storm Baghdad District

Bush Ending Travel Week With Pep Talk for U.S. Soldiers

U.S. and Iraq lock up record number of suspects: Without charges, just sweeping them up

Saddam could escape execution: Iraq's new administration is "seriously considering" proposal

Miscellanesous Non-Integrating States News

Syria's President Assad Launches His Own Regime Change Program

U.S. Consulate in Southern Pakistani City Closed Due to Security Threats

China, India Seek 'New International Order'

Indonesian Rebels Begin Helsinki Peace Summit With Government Officials

BAHAWALPUR: Mysterious disease handicaps children -- ruled out any possibility of polio attack

Angola May Shut Isolation Ward Over Virus

Fear, Ignorance Fuel Marburg Outbreak in Angola

Video Resource: Emerging Viruses - AIDS and Ebola - Video by Dr. Len Horowitz

Liberals Scramble to Prevent Collapse of Canadian Government Amid Party Kickback Scanda

US Wants Observer Status at East Asian Summit

Red Lake Students Return to Classes for First Time Since School Shootings

Analysis: Uncanny Parallels Between Recent Red Lake Shootings vs Clinton-era School Shootings

Kansas Christians Urged to Wield Their Influence in Culture Wars

Fannie Mae's bailout tab: Has "accounting errors" of about $11 billion

Research Shows Children's TV Viewing Habits Can Lead to Bullying

Cape Town (South Africa) quake zone alert: Geological fault passing through Cape Town has “woken up” and could hold a “nasty shock” for Capetonians

6 Episcopal priests warned of ouster: Because they opposed the first openly gay bishop

Golf association to accept transgendered: Critic says women's tour 'should be about women, not castrated males'

69% Job Seekers Lack Basic Employability Skills




New Article Just Posted: "This Pope Never Apologized - Never Asked Forgiveness" -- John Paul II

Bookstore New Items

KJV Bible On MP3 - Protective Case - Regularly $29.95; Sale $16.97

Spurgeon’s Sermons on the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ: Regularly $19.95; Sale $12.97

Day By Day Devotionals For Reading With Children -- Ages 4-7

Israeli - Palestinian War

Crawford Ranch Summit News

Did Bush and Sharon Figure out How to Preempt a Hamas Election Victory?

Sharon Dismisses Bush Warning on Settlement Expansion

PM arrives in Washington to meet with Cheney: After Monday meeting at Crawford

Other Israeli News

PM Sharon Sharply Criticized for "Civil War" Threats

Dozens of Schools Locked Up Over Expulsion Plan: were padlocked to protest disengagement

Israel to Disarm Settlers Before Pullout

Gaza evacuees to receive 500 square meter plots if they move voluntarily and collectively

Gaza Farmers Say Government Has No Plan for Them

IDF Source Warns: W. Bank pullout may be more violent than Gaza - Jewish extremists posing problem

Majority of American Jews support PM Sharon's plan to withdraw: But unsure if Israel will be any safer

FM Shalom presents Mubarak with peace plan with Arab states

IDF: War may be brewing on northern border with Lebanon - Hizbullah threatening

Hizbollah Flies Drone Over Northern Israel

Hamas apologizes for murder of 20-year-old Palestinian woman in Gaza

3 policemen hurt at Temple Mount: Palestinians stone police, riot in Old City

Roman Catholic News

Conservative Venice Cardinal Projecting Dynamic Image After Years of Heavy Theological Reflection

"This Pope Never Apologized - Never Asked Forgiveness" -- John Paul II

Catholic Priests Gathering for Conference Hopeful About Papal Reforms

Long-Shot Possibilities for Pope Include a Cuban, an Indian, an Indonesian

Secret Archives In The Vatican

Share International Shares Interesting Insights On Pope John Paul II: New Age organization leading the way to appearance of Maitreya the Christ

Senators May Have Blown Cover of CIA Agent

Russian Nuke Plant Officials Accused of Dumping

Laodicean Church Is Here Now

Generation Y embraces choice, redefines religion: Big question is how traditional religions will respond

Pre-Publication Sale - Shipping May 1 - Save 15% by ordering now:

DVD-Outcome-Based Religion: Apostasy, Purpose, and the Paradigm Shift -- Available also on VHS

New Book by Same Title: Packed with much more statistics than can be shown on Video

Americans Must Have Passports To Visit Canada Soon

Bush's Poll Numbers Worst on Record

Massachusetts bill seeks access to "morning-after pill": Would allow Massachusetts pharmacists to dispense morning-after pill without prescription and require hospitals to offer it to rape victims


Monday, April 11, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Breaking News

Cops Tackle Suspicious Man at U.S. Capitol: May be carrying bombs

Police Captured Man With Suitcases at U.S. Capitol: Forcibly dragged him away

Manhunt On for Murder, Rape Suspect in South Carolina

Six Wounded in Florida 'Romeo and Juliet' Firefight Between Fueding Families


House of Windsor News

Prince William favoured for British crown

Royal couple release wedding pics -- Photo Gallery

Charles and Camilla's wedding day

Public will 'like kind Camilla': Kind, down-to-earth woman

More people watched BBC's coverage of the Grand National than wedding of Prince Charles

Bookstore Resources: Help Your Understanding

The Antichrist & A Cup of Tea: Convincing Proofs That Antichrist Will Come From House of Windsor

Prince Charles: The "Sustainable" Prince - Champions Extremist Environmental Issues

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

US 'smuggles wounded troops home' under cover of darkness: To avoid bad publicity about the number of troops being injured and maimed

Al Qaeda kills Najaf police chief

Iraqi new president Talabani backs US troops’ presence

Baghdad Raid Nets Dozens of Suspected Insurgents

U.S. Commanders See Possible Cut in Troops in Iraq: By early next year

Iraqis mark Hussein's fall in '03 with call for U.S. pullout

Iraqi president proposes broader amnesty: Citizens who killed in battle would qualify

Kidnappings continue in Baghdad

Community and National Groups Providing Homes for Disabled Iraq Vets

Wanted terrorist Zarqawi had a close call with Marines: Nearly caught

Outgoing Iraq PM commits his party to nation's new government

Iraqi general beaten by CIA and Special Forces 2 days before death

The aftermath of `liberation'

Fire and rage in the shadow of Abu Ghraib prison: Sexual humiliation and torture scandal aftermath rages on

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Massachusetts Assistant Prosecutor feared dead in copter crash: Army Reservist was in Afghanistan

India and China to Form 'Strategic Partnership'

Expert sees little hope for Iran nuke talks

Central America pact raises fears: Bush administration's proposed Central American Free Trade Agreement

Bush needs farm support for Central American Free Trade Agreement

Kyrgyzstan's Parliament Accepts Resignation of the Ousted President

H7 Avian Influenza In North Korea

Nomination of Bolton Faces Test in Senate Committee: Nominated to be UN Ambassador

Tunes for the Freewheelin' George Bush: What the President listens to on his iPod

Bush picks brains of Clinton, father: Asks their advice

Police Arrest Teen in Alleged Indiana Statehouse Bomb Plot

Every Third Russian Abortion Ends in Mother's Death: More children aborted than born

UFO - Alien News

Look out for giant triangles in space: Looking for alien civilizations in space

Aliens Are Part of The Plan To Stage Antichrist On The World Scene

When UFO's Arrive, Popular Mechanics Has Conditioned Its Readers To Accept Them

Is anybody out there?

Video Shows UFO Moving Through Sky Behind St. Peter's During Pope John Paul II Funeral

The Crusaders: Christian evangelicals are plotting to remake America in their own image

Anti-Japanese Protesters March in China: Over a controversial new Japanese history textbook

Japan calls for apology from China over riots

Israeli - Palestinian War

New Palestinian Military Offensive!

Palestinian Groups Line up against Israeli Evacuations: First time a wall-to-wall Palestinian front has formed to fight disengagement

Palestinians’ resume war on Gaza-area Jews

Mofaz: Israel will not retaliate now to Palestinian mortar fire

Fatah man arrested for planning terror act at Hezbollah's behest

3,000 Police "Protecting" Temple Mount: From extremist Jews

Jews suffer discrimination at Temple Mount

Bush - Sharon Summit News

Sharon Meets with Rice, Now on to Bush

Bush, Sharon to Discuss Gaza Pullout, Settlements: During meeting starting today at Texas ranch

PM Sharon´s Double Message: Faces domestic criticism for what some call his "forked tongue"

US Likely to Pressure Sharon to Make More Withdrawals

Sharon to warn Bush that Abbas rule could collapse

Other Israeli News

Sharon to lean right, compensate disengagement supporters in order to survive

Court hearing for 33 pullout foes who blocked main highway Sunday

IDF to disarm four West Bank settlements set for evacuation

U.S. ends travel warning on Israel

Iranian president Khatami denies shaking hands with Israeli counterpart: At Pope's funeral

President Bush Suddenly Joins U.N. Pressure On Israel To Give Up Her Nuclear Weapons!! The Plan of the Illuminati is on track!

Former Mossad head: There is a danger of a coup in Israel

You can't make a deal with those who serve the Devil! Editorial by Jerry Golden

Michael Jackson Pleads With Elderly Parents To Raise His Children If He Is Jailed

America faces the unthinkable as tide turns against Michael Jackson

Roman Catholic News

Faithful's Thoughts Turn to Papal Successor as Cardinals Prepare to Meet

5 Boston Catholic parishes to keep vigils to keep from being closed: 3 others say they may join them

In Africa, a vibrant yet conflicted faith: Some Catholics defy Rome, shaping church to continent's needs, customs

Italian Cardinal, Considered a Kingmaker and Papal Contender: Held Powerful Vatican Post That Dealt With Sex Scandals

Catholicism: White Sepulcher ''Christianity'' - NEW - Expanded Edition Video - DVD - VHS

Bush extols pontiff's moral 'clarity': Expressed awe at the funeral, a ceremony that strenghtened his own faith in God

Protests Planned as Controversial Cardinal Celebrates Vatican Mass: Boston Cardinal Law accused of hiding predatory sexual priests from prosecution

Presence of American Cardinals Creates a Stir at Seminary in Rome

Fans at soccer game in Scotland jeer pope: Forced tribute to be cut short

Will Ancient Catholic Predictions On The Number of Catholic Popes Now Come True?

Pope John Paul II - Spiritual and Political Legacy - Part 1- This Pope was the only one in history to publicly call for the "New World Order" - this Sun God will be buried during a relatively rare "Annular Total Eclipse in the 20th degree Aries"

Local Brazilians say they're targeted unfairly by Immigration

Schiavo Case Stokes Euthanasia Debate in Sensitive Places - Germany, Austria

Scientist calls for world DNA database: But information is to be withheld from governments

Strong 6.1 Earthquake Hits Tokyo Area: No Immediate Reports of Damage

Colorado Blizzard Strands Drivers, Travelers: Freak April storm dumps heavy wet snow


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