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April 1-15, 2008


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"President Bush -- America's First Roman Catholic President!"

Cutting Edge Headline News Article

Pope Benedict heads to US to heal sex scandal wounds


Barack Obama tries to soften 'bitter' bite

McCain Proposes Break in Federal Gas Taxes

White House: Bush and pope share 'common values'

Calamitous California quake now near certain

Presidential Politics

McCain Echoes Clinton's Attacks About "Bitter" Voters

Were Obama's "Bitter" Comments a Belittling Blunder? Some Penn. Voters Say Candidate's "Bitter" Comments Turned Them to Clinton

Obama Charges: Clinton Using GOP Playbook

America's turn: How bitter are you? Vote now -- Obama's name also pops up unexpectedly in the mobster trial of Rezko

All three candidates question each other's commitment to working class voters

Obama's Response To Controversy May Be Hurting Him

Gun rights, gun deaths divide Pennsylvania voters: State has 1 million registered gun owners

'No, I'm Obama, not Osama'

Voters in Clinton Ad Strike at Obama

Hillary Clinton asked if God wants her to be president

Commentator quits radio show over Obama ‘hate’

At Mobster Developer’s Trial, Witness Recalls Seeing Obamas at 2004 Party for Investor

McCain calls for Guantanamo Prison close

McCain, Military Oppose Expanding GI Bill: Presidential Hopeful Believes Legislation Would Hurt Military


Pope Benedict begins first papal visit to US

FACTBOX: Who is Pope Benedict?

White House: Bush and pope share 'common values'

Bush Strikes Right Tone On Papal Visit: Will welcome him as "a man of faith"

Northeastern Pennsylvania mayors venture to White House to meet pope, Bush

Presidential Candidates Welcome Pope

Anything behind the Benedict/ White House dinner story? Why is Benedict skipping the dinner thrown to honor him?

Extra Security For The Pope

U.S. Catholic college presidents summoned to meet pope

Despite missteps, pope reaching out to other faiths

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Iraq army rescues British journalist

Bombings in Northern Iraq Kill 13 People

37 Killed Or Found Dead Across Iraq: 12 Die After Car Bomb Explodes Near Iraqi Army Convoy; U.S. Soldier Killed By Roadside Bomb

IRAQ: Two thousand de-mining jobs up for grabs

Iraq's Free Budget Ride May End: Congress Wants Baghdad To Tap Surging Oil Income To Pay More For Rebuilding

US urges Iraq's neighbors to halt flow of weapons

US takes over new Baghdad embassy: Mammoth, heavily fortified embassy

Willard F. Enteman Editorial: Get out, but carefully

Berlusconi wins third term as Prime Minister in Italy: Thanks to a "post-Fascist" ally

President Musharraf makes Chinese oil plea

Israeli - Palestinian War

Ex-president Carter offers to be 'communicator' between Hamas, US, then Israel

Iran Warns: We'll 'eliminate Israel' if it launches attack

Hizbullah Vows: We'll take fight to Israel's backyard

Hamas planning another Gaza-Egypt border breach

Back to Business at Gaza Crossings Less Than a Week After Attack of the Nahal Oz Fuel Terminal

Israel has killed the head of a Gaza terrorist group involved in rocket attacks and a terrorist infiltration last year

Omani FM: No ties with Israel before peace accord with Palestinians

Defense Minister Barak orders diesel shipment for Gaza power station, not cars

IDF: Hamas creating phony humanitarian crisis

Editorial - Addicted to the Palestinians: Do we prefer futile talks with Palestinians over serious negotiations with Syria?

Bush Orders $200M In Emergency Food Aid: President's Order Comes As U.N. Chief Warns Food Crisis Threatens Fight Against Poverty

BG shares jump on potential large Brazil oil find: Discovery estimated at 33 billion barrels of crude oil -- making it one of the world's largest oil finds

British PM Brown: Can Take Collective Action To Bring Oil Prices Down -- International governments could work together to persuade oil producers to bring oil prices down

US Energy Department revises oil price projections for 2008 to $101


April 14, 2008


US Dollar Rises After G-7 Officials Signal Alarm

A Catholic Wind in the White House: Bush is said to be the nation's first Catholic president

The Martial Law Act of 2006

Administration Set to Use New Spy Program in U.S.: Congressional Critics Want More Assurances of Legality -- Nation's most advanced spy technology

Mysterious Swarm of Earthquakes Off Oregon: Something that often happens before a volcanic eruption

Oil slides below $110 as dollar gains

Non-Integrating States News - Iran (Ancient Persia)

Iran and US holding secret 'back channel' talks on nuclear program

US edges closer to diplomatically engaging Iran

German security firms reportedly working in Iran

'Gay' Study: Marriage makes little difference

Israeli - Palestinian War

Hamas terrorists join Jimmy Carter fan club

Secretary of State Rice Boiling at Carter Plan to Meet with Hamas

PM Olmert and FM Livni Snub Carter

Israeli President Peres: Carter damaged peace process by meeting with Hamas

Abbas Urges Olmert to Negotiate with Hamas

Washington Watch: Top 10 signs of peace progress

Gentler Hagee Seen Gaining New Traction: Shift in rhetoric having impact in pro-Israel community

Israel proposes Gaza ceasefire

IDF General Unhurt as Shell Lands Aside Him

Israel fears US will sell F-35 to Saudis

Israel's FM Livni to meet Omani counterpart in Qatar

Palestinian gunmen attack top Abbas aide in West Bank

Israeli Gov't shuts down Strategic Affairs Ministry

PLO Official Vows: We'll drive Israel out of Palestine

Most Israelis oppose Jerusalem concessions

56 MKs ask Dichter to demolish Mercaz Harav terrorist's Jerusalem home

Arab Group: Investigate Jewish rabbi who called for revenge against Arabs


The Government Is Trying to Wrap Its Mind Around Yours

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

US keeps changing rationale for Iraq war: First ousting Saddam, then countering Al-Qaeda militants, now Iran motivates US war in Iraq

Iraq fires 1,300 soldiers, police who bailed out in fight in Basra

Bomb explodes in central Baghdad, killing 4 people and injuring 6

Attack on US forces sparks fire in Baghdad market

19 Americans die in Iraq in bloodiest week of year

US ambassador to Iraq, Ryan Crocker, has called on Arab countries to do more to support Iraq

Shi'ite Cleric al-Sadr says US will always be enemy

Judges clear photographer in Iraq and order him freed

U.S. Iraq Policy Shifts from Democracy to Keeping Peace

General Petraeus to get 'all the time he needs,' Bush says

Iraq questions go unanswered: In Petraeus' testimony

Presidential Politics

Undercover blogger taped Obama's disparaging blunt remarks

Will Obama Pay for 'Bitter' Flap?

Gingrich compares Obama to Dukakis in '88

McCain's 'Straight Talk Express' goes off the rails in Iraq

TIME Poll: Clinton 6 Points Up in Pennsylvania

US candidates ride the China bogeyman: China has emerged in a way almost as the replacement of the USSR of the old days

Venezuela's Chavez says South American defense council in the works: Would be patterned after NATO

The Pope's Sex Abuse Challenge

11 Policemen Killed in Afghanistan

Maoists Extend Lead in Nepal Election




April 12-13, 2008


Britain calls for urgent action on global financial crisis

France's Lagarde Says She Hopes G-7 Statement Will Boost Dollar: G-7 countries worried that Dollar slump will hurt global economy

US edges closer to diplomatically engaging Iran

Israeli FM Livni Gives Away Northern Jerusalem

Bush's top officials okayed torture

Presidential Politics

Obama criticized for remarks on small towns: Clinton countered, saying Obama was offering condescension rather than solutions - saying small-town Pennsylvania residents were "bitter" and "cling to guns or religion" to cope

Obama's "Bitter" Remarks Gives Clinton an Opening: Just 10 days before Pennsylvanians hold a primary that she must win

Democrat Delegate Math

Hillary Tells Bill: Knock it off

Obama wants 'don't ask' repealed: Would allow gays to serve in military without having to disclose their sexuality

Clinton and Obama Compete For Young Woman Vote

Clinton airs 5 new ads in Pennsylvania

Obama Selective on Terrorism: Yes to Iran, No to Hamas

Bush approval rating hits all time low: Down to just 28%

Obama declines to criticize Former President Carter on Hamas meeting

Clinton calls for change on drug sentencing

Marketing McCain: Campaign Plays Up a Political Brand That Stands for Independence From GOP

Economic News

KUALA LUMPUR: You can use Touch ’n Go card to buy burgers by next Saturday

North Dakota-Montana Oil Well Has 4.3 Billion More Barrels Of Reserves than originally estimated - is 25 times the initial estimate

General Electric Stuns Investors With Profit Miss, Cut in Earnings Forecast

Turmoil deepens in U.S. air industry

Bush Has `close Eye' on Airline Woes

Indian-American a step closer to next generation computers: Quantum capability

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Gunmen kill aide and in-law of Iraqi cleric, al-Sadr

US GIs in Iraq Suffer Worst Week of '08: At least 19 soldiers killed since last Sunday

Iraqi, U.S. troops accused of Sadr City attack: Just hours after the Shiite cleric called for calm in the wake of the assassination of one of his top aides in the southern city of Najaf

12 Iraqis die in fighting in Sadr city, and bombs kill 3 Americans

Defense Secretary Gates doubtful of Sadr arrest

Iraqi forces kill 13 in Baghdad battles

Iraq: Confessions Lead to Mass Grave

Defense Chief Gates predicts fewer troops in Iraq in '09

Bush suspends summer Iraq troop withdrawals

Bush was upbeat on Iraq in 2006 even when fearing failure: Admitted saying US was winning only because he wanted to "maintain morale"

Sen. Biden Charges: Troop buildup is failure

UN formula to solve territorial rows may help Kirkuk

New Iraqi flag causes more division

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

KUALA LUMPUR: You can use Touch ’n Go card to buy burgers by next Saturday

Iran: US edges closer to diplomatically engaging Iran - "Everyone knows that when the Americans talk to the Iranians, finally, the kaleidoscope of Middle Eastern politics will have irrevocably shifted"

Iran: US says Iranian boats 'taunted' warships in Gulf waters, Iran denies confrontation

Iran: Tehran keeps its options open - Amidst harsh talk, "US government officials have extended a tiny olive branch toward Iran"

Iran: Nine killed in Iran mosque attack - unprecedented strike on a non-frontier Iranian urban centre

Turkey: ME peace activist found dead in Turkey

Zimbabwe: President Mugabe clamps down

Zimbabwe: Zimbabwean white farmer missing as 'war vets' go on rampage


Climate experts predict temperature DROP

Deportation ruling enrages spy chiefs: British court says bin Laden's 'ambassador' can remain in London

Christian Faith Under Attack

College Professor Tells Student: Keep the faith, lose the grade

Christian photographers fined for refusing same-sex ceremony: New Mexico hits couple with $6,600 penalty for violating anti-discrimination law - Lawyers say this is an example of how "non-discrimination" or "hate" laws can be weapons in the hands of homosexual activists

Hackers attack Christian website, promise physical punishment: 'Because of threat to our staff, we're working off-site pending investigation'

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israeli FM Livni Gives Away Northern Jerusalem

PM Olmert: We'll Reach an Agreement, But It Can't Be Implemented

Egypt's Foreign Ministry confirms Middle East Summit under discussion: To be held at the Egyptian resort of Sharm Al Shaikh in May

Abbas aide warns of 'anarchy' in region: If 'peace talks' fail

Former President Jimmy Carter to Meet Hamas Chief in Syria

Secretary Rice slams Former President Carter for Hamas meeting

Obama declines to criticize Carter on Hamas meeting

IDF fire in gaza kills 8 - including one boy, three teens

UN urged to reject report on IDF actions

Gaza power plant warns its fuel can last only 2 days

Defense Minister Barak: Hamas will pay for Nahal Oz attack

Israeli Govt.: Hamas Was Hoping to Stop Fuel Supply by Attacking Nahal Oz Fuel Depot

Israeli Intelligence Foils Terrorist Poison Plot

Bush Unlikely to Boycott Olympics

Pope Won't Attend White House Dinner: Guess who's not coming to dinner? Pope Benedict XVI


Behind Chaos in the Air, a Pendulum Swing at F.A.A.


April 11, 2008



14 Structural Engineers Now Publicly Challenge Government's Explanation for Destruction of the World Trade Center

UN Human Rights Official Wants Investigation Into US Government Role In 9/11

Pope Ground Zero prayer seeks terrorists' redemption

London Met Police officers to be 'microchipped' by top brass in Big Brother style tracking scheme

Repackaging, Renaming, Relaunching the SPP (North American Union - NAFTA)

Obama promises 'gays' 'strongest possible bill': Tells homosexual mag he's 'more vocal' for them than any candidate in history

Israeli - Palestinian War

Edging Closer To All-Out War

JERUSALEM: Israel imposes fuel embargo on Gaza after fatal incursion

Israel and PA Charge: Hamas seizing half of all fuel sent to Gaza Strip

Israel sends tanks, bulldozers into Gaza Strip

PM Olmert vows to strike Hamas

'Hamas has built up a force of 20,000'

Israeli strike kills two Hamas militants

IDF inquiry into Nahal Oz raid highlights security failures

Nahal Oz victim's sister: I blame Olmert

Gazan exiles dubious about Palestinian unity

20 Hizbullah men die in Iran training

Egypt confirms Mideast May summit is under discussion

UN: Israel removed fewer roadblocks than promised

IDF: Hamas creating phony humanitarian crisis

Cheer up, 'Economist': Despite wars and intifadas, Israel has built an economy able to lead the nation to greater prosperity

Thirsty Jordan will struggle for water this summer

UN building security fence on Lebanese border

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

In Sadr city, leisurely preparations for war

12 Iraqis die in fighting in Sadr city, and bombs kill 3 Americans

Bush orders halt to troop withdrawals: Cites top general's assessment that conditions in Iraq are too precarious

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell - Next president will have to cut U.S. forces in Iraq

What's one to make of the Petraeus show?

Still lacking: a clear goal in Iraq

Iraqi regrets toppling Saddam statue

Bush sends envoys to Arab leaders to shore up support for Iraq

Sensitive and stolen military equipment for sale online

Warlord: The rise of Muqtada al-Sadr

Blurred US plans hamper Iraq's growth

Chevron Oil seeks contract with Iraq on oil field

Bush’s legacy to be defined by Iraq invasion

Milestone for Chinese currency as dollar slips again

Inflation challenges Gulf State governments: With currencies linked to US Dollar, options are limited - Regional currency is possible

Presidential Politics

Obama promises 'gays' 'strongest possible bill': Tells homosexual mag he's 'more vocal' for them than any candidate in history

SHOCKING new Obama audio: the original race speech - 'typical' white people

Barack Obama may lose support in Philadelphia over 'street money'

Barack Obama’s Hebrew blog: Democratic presidential candidate launches Hebrew blog, plans visit to Israel in order to court Jewish US vote

Clinton, Obama in tight race for Jewish vote

Clinton reiterates opposition to Colombia trade pact

Clinton says she'd pull troops even if the brass objected: She also said she would keep fighting to seat Fla. and Michigan delegates

Senator Edwards' wife backs Clinton health plan

Obama reinstates 846 purged California delegates

Superdelegates pressured to back Obama

Poll of women voters shows most in Pennsylvania plan to vote Democratic

Front Row: How Clinton can win

Grads Lead the Clinton Camp

Elton John helps raise $2.5 million for Clinton

McCain, in Shift, Asks Government To Step Up in Housing Crisis

Political Perceptions: McCain’s Path(s) to Victory

Former candidate Romney still running — but for what?

Colombia: Free Trade Smackdown

Texas Authorities Defend Latter Day Saints Sect Raid

UK's Darling wants bigger IMF surveillance role

Dalai Lama begins US visit: First time since the recent turmoil in Tibet

Saudi blogger posts video on Christian extremism: In response to an anti-Koran film by a Dutch lawmaker that has sparked angry street protests across the Muslim world

'American Idol' features worship but censors Jesus: Special's grand finale alters lyrics to popular Christian anthem



April 10, 2008


O Jerusalem! America drafts plan to cut city in two: Asks Israel to forfeit Temple Mount

More than 80 percent of American Christians say they have a "moral and biblical obligation" to support Israel

Bush to Cut Army Tours to 12 Months

Rep. Skelton Fears Iraq Leaves U.S. Vulnerable to the Next Attack

Former President Carter: Iran not yet a realistic threat to Israel

Google Accepts Porn Ads But Rejects Anti-Abortion Ads


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

General Petraeus' proposal signals Iraq army isn't ready

Democrats call for Iraq pullout despite Petraeus' report of gains

Petraeus: Basra fighting to last months

Petraeus and Crocker Testimony Off the Radar of Most in Baghdad

IRAQ: A war for power against Iran?

Iraq snubbed Britain and calls US into Basra battle

Iraq fighting kills more than 20 in Sadr City

With al-Sadr’s march canceled, calm remains in Shiite stronghold of Shula

Deadly Clashes Rock Baghdad: Heavily fortified 'Green Zone' HQ under renewed attack

Even After Listening To ‘Rousing’ Cheney Speech, Troops Back Pro-Withdrawal Candidates

Iraq oil production drops slightly as Baghdad criticized for spending oil proceeds


Presidential Politics

Iraqi Surge Architect Cites McCain's Sadr Gaffes As Real Fact

Democrats Plan $40 Million Hit On McCain

McCain hanging in there because of national security

McCain discusses the economy

McCain-Rice team would lead among New Yorkers: Preferred over an Obama/Clinton ticket

Where's President McCain? In the White House Press Room

It's Electability, Stupid: Dems Ask Who Can Beat John McCain? Clinton's 'Big State', Obama's 'Big Tent' Strategies Offer Starkly Different Paths

Hillary Clinton sounds off over Obama TV ads

Vice President Clinton?

Irish welcome for Clinton in New York

Obama Education Gap Extends to General Election: McCain leads Obama among those with a high school education or less

Mrs. Edwards Won’t Endorse, and Moves to Her Issues - Even though she strongly endorsed Hillary's Universal Health Care

Editorial - Behind Rev. Wright's recycled rage

Leading al-Qaida plotter reportedly dead of illness

Israeli - Palestinian War

Two Israelis Killed in Terror Attack on Gaza Humanitarian Crossing: The Nachal Oz Crossing fuel depot

'U.S. partner' carries out deadly border raid at Nachal Oz Crossing: Abbas' Fatah claims responsibility

Israel closes Nahal Oz Crossing following terror attack

Israel fears Hamas might blow up Rafah crossing

Egypt forces go on high alert after Gaza breach threat: Hamas threatening to repeat January breach of border wall

IDF warns of more kidnap attempts

McCain to keep hands off peace process

'You were not killed in vain': Mourners bury elite IDF soldier killed in Gaza

Memo to the President - January 2009: Is there still a Two-State solution?

Palestinians Reveal: Discussion on Jerusalem to be delayed

Syria to hold its own Home Front drill

Restraint on Syria vital: Syrian threat to Israeli civilians much greater than our leaders believe

Hamas Charges: Israel digging tunnels to kidnap Hamas leaders

Former US president Carter plans April meeting with Hamas' Mashaal

President Peres announces 60th anniversary guest list: Barbra Streisand to sing Jewish prayer

Big Apple rocks for Israel’s 60th independence

Messianic Jews stir controversy in Jerusalem: Group's plan to open center in heart of secular Rehavia neighborhood enrages local residents

Western Wall Too 'Controversial' For Bush Visit: Will instead visit Masada - where Jewish rebels committed mass suicide

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Zimbabwe: Emergency summit called on Zimbabwe

Afghanistan: 8 civilians killed in suicide attack in southern Afghanistan


McDonald is being disingenuous about homosexuality campaign: McDonald's joined the [National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce] and have a position on the NGLCC Board of Directors














April 9, 2008


A Freeze in the Surge -- Council on Foreign Relations

52 blasts hit Baghdad Green Zone HQ last week: Iraqi army reports

Absolut's new campaign: Celebrate homosexuality - Vodka company unveiling new ad campaign

Hurricane Expert: "We're brainwashing our children" about global warming


"If Obama Is Elected President -- Will He Be Assassinated?"

Scuttlebutt is streaking throughout the Internet that Obama will be assassinated soon after he ascends to the Oval Office. Remembering that the Illuminati loves to telegraph their punches ahead of time, we conclude that this scenario might actually occur!

Newly Posted Headline News Article

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

The Politics of War

Gen. Petraeus insists U.S. needs to stay in Iraq indefinitely

Generals concerned by troops' long tours

Petraeus' Ghost

Iraq Quandary: No easy fixes for U.S. involvement

Un-an-tici-pat-ed: adj. Lacking Foresight in Hindsight

The 3 candidates set forth their stands on Iraq War

Quit Iraq, US: Editorial From Great Britain

The occupation has frozen Iraq. All else is tinkering

War News

52 blasts hit Baghdad Green Zone HQ last week: Iraqi army

4 US troops perish in attacks in Iraq: Rockets, mortars hit base, Green Zone in Baghdad; gloomy war analysis issued

Iran condemns Iraq Green Zone attacks: But also criticized US raids in Sadr City

Deadly fighting in Baghdad as Iraq marks Saddam's fall

Clashes ongoing with Mehdi Army - despite orders by Sayyed Moqtada Al Sadr to halt military confrontations

Mehdi Army ordered to disarm

Sadr Cancels Million-Man Rally in Baghdad

Has Sadr Got the Upper Hand?

Doctors still unable to work normally in Baghdad suburb

Presidential Politics

Democratic policies no good for country

Women Give Dems Big Bucks, Get Little in Return

Thinly masked socialism: Obama mocked the American and conservative idea that individuals are capable or even desire to face life's challenges without the interference of government

Huckabee draws comparison to Clinton's run

Huckabee website countdown under way: Will he announce website? Or a new career

Suburban Jews could swing vote in Pennsylvania

Commentary: Barack Obama: Can he really be the one?

Look at the delegate count: Obama should drop out

Dick Morris: Iraq could backfire on Obama - Analyst sees weakness comparable to Kerry's 2004 flip-flop

Obama's Weakness is Weakness

Illinois delegate for Obama resigns after 'monkey' remark

Obama again calls for talks with Iran

Democrats finally getting religion on religion

McCain Raised $15 Million in March But Still Lags Behind Rivals

Big business switches sides: BUSINESS DONARS Bypass McCain

Israeli - Palestinian War

Elite IDF soldier killed as troops are ambushed in the Gaza Strip

Syria to hold emergency drill of its own

PM Olmert reassures Syria: Home front drill not a threat

Home Front chief: 'Gaps' in siren system

Iranian news agency reports Saudi security official was directly involved in assassination of top Hizbullah commander, Imad Mugniyah

Jerusalem Police go on 'red alert': In response to terror alert

Bush wants 2nd ME summit in May

Israeli Police Still Haven't Returned Gun to Man Who Thwarted Terrorist Attack


Human Rights Watch: CIA sent 14 terror suspects to Jordan for torture


April 8, 2008


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Fighting intensifies in Iraq's capital: Three U.S. troops are killed in Baghdad on the eve of Gen. David H. Petraeus' testimony before Congress

Jet, copters pound militia as US toll rises: Residents flee street battles in Baghdad

Bombing Kills 6 Civilians in Iraq: Roadside Bomb Strikes Minibus Northeast of Baghdad

Crackdown on Militias Raises Stability Concerns

Corruption undercuts stability

General Patraeus’ report on Iraq comes at precarious time

U.S. and Iran's talk about talks continues

Withdraw When Iraq is stable: McCain vows

Israeli - Palestinian War

MIDDLE EAST: War fears grip the region

Home front drill: Sirens heard throughout Israel

Defense Minister Barak: We have our eyes on Syria, Lebanon

Barak Tells Northern Command: Hizbullah growing stronger, but so are we

IDF Collecting Reserve Military Guns, Supplies From Civil Response Teams

National Infrastructures Minister Ben Eliezer: Strike by Iran Would Spell Its End

Poll: 70% of Israelis won't eat bread on Passover - Vast majority of Israeli Jews say they'll stick to matzahs throughout Passover

PM Olmert to Grant Amnesty to 10,000 Arab Illegal Aliens

New York Radio Station Bans Ad Explaining Sderot's Dangers From Rocket Attacks

Insider leaks plans for Palestinian state: Secretive U.S.-backed discussion focuses on West Bank, Jerusalem

Iran has begun installing 6,000 new centrifuges at its uranium enrichment plant in Natanz: President Ahmadinejad announces

Presidential Politics

There is no better NAFTA deal, despite what the Democrats preach

Mark Penn still in Clinton loop

Mixing Politics, Consulting Is Common, Tricky

Is The Hillary Clinton Campaign Being Deliberately Sunk?

Clinton wants Olympic ceremony boycott

Montana Local lawmakers rallied for Clinton fundraiser

Montana Democratic Party vice chairwoman Margaret Campbell withdraws Obama endorsement

In Superdelegate Count, Tough Math for Clinton

Mexicans can't decide either on Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama

Can the Right Running Mate Save Hillary Clinton?

Pushing the 'dream ticket': Democrats United for Clinton/Obama 08 launched a website today

Hillary's 1st Filegate: Confirmation of Hillary's fraud as Watergate attorney

McCain Raises More Than $15M in March

Medical vampires drain the blood of India's poor

Are McMansions Making Some Americans Unhappy?

America for Sale: Two Outcomes When Foreigners Buy Factories

Arizona Schools' New Prom Fever: Giving condoms to kids

Chavez's Threats, Commodities Boom Converge to Fuel Arms Race - South American countries on an arms buying spree

The 'Amero': What of sovereignty?



April 7, 2008


Presidential Politics

Clinton Sends Chief Strategist Mark Penn Packing In Trade Controversy

Clinton pollster's ouster seen as boost

Obama supporters told that the candidate gives hope

Obama criticizes Clinton’s big-state strategy

Democratic heavyweights stump for presidential hopefuls

Many Superdelegates in No Hurry to Pick a Candidate: "There are a lot of things going on underneath this boiling cauldron"

Deal on Mich., Fla. Unlikely Before June

McCain says Democrats can't keep promises on Iraq

McCain Insists Iraq Buildup Is Working

Debate over McCain's '100 years' comment

Vocal on War, McCain Is Silent on Son’s Service

McCain says he'll take Secret Service protection

Condoleezza Rice Is Pursuing the Republican VP Spot

General Petraeus to face all 3 presidential candidates: When he and Ambassador Ryan Crocker travel to Capitol Hill on Tuesday

Will Petraeus hearings favor Obama and Clinton?

The Democrats' inevitable disappointment over Iraq: America's strategic interests will remain the same

Validating Foreign Policy Folly

Israeli designs 'Who killed Barack Obama?' T-shirts

Ron Paul backers 'hijack' Minnesota delegates

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Officials foresee no ebb in Iraq violence

Five U.S. troops killed in Iraq attacks

Baghdad rockets kill 3 American soldiers: 22 Iraqis injured

Fighting erupts in Baghdad after week of calm

Assyrian Orthodox priest was shot to death Saturday by gunmen using silencers

Basra Assault Exposed U.S., Iraqi Limits

Iraq's Maliki threatens to bar Sadr from vote: Unless he disbands his milita

Iraqi Premier Suspends Government Raids on Militias

General Petraeus to face all 3 presidential candidates: When he and Ambassador Ryan Crocker travel to Capitol Hill on Tuesday

Editorial - The General And The Trap

Bush, Putin in Friendly Mood at Farewell Summit

In Europe, many seek to rebuke China at Beijing Olympics

Washington Mutual Advances on Speculation of $5 Billion Capital Infusion

“Abortion” keyword blocked from public health database after complaint from John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Cutting Edge Exclusive Articles

Warning To All Islamic Haters of Israel -- Unrelenting Fury of Hatred Is Setting Palestinians and Other Muslims Up For God's Prophesied Judgment

Fresh Unique Look At The "Mark of the Beast" - From A Witchcraft Perspective

Israeli - Palestinian War

Syria on Alert 'Because Hizbullah Revenge Attack is Near'

PM Olmert to declare 'emergency' in drill

Iran: Arabs must closely watch Israeli drill - Calls drill "provocative"

Syria wants U.S. to facilitate 'billions' in business: Also want to be primary American ally as region goes on war alert

PM Olmert reassures Syria: Home front drill not a threat

'Warning to Assad sparked tension'

The Political Fight for Jerusalem Begins

Progress made in kidnapped soldiers' bid: 'Accelerating talks' between Israel, Hizbullah to free captive soldiers

Kadima Cabinet Ministers Warn: Hamas to be hit hard if captured soldier Schalit killed

Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) chief Diskin Warns cabinet against easing restrictions on Palestinians while separation fence remains breached

IDF Army closes site where Dichter's aide was wounded Friday

US-Trained Palestinian Authority Force to Deploy in Jenin

Hizbullah Charges: IDF preparing for new war

Four Terrorists Killed in Gaza Clashes

Gazans speak of torture by Egyptians

Former Al-Aksa Terror Chief Laments: We Lost

Evangelist Hagee pledges $6 million to Israel

Obama and the Jews: Jewish intellectuals blinded by Obama-mania, fail to see his flaws

Afghanistan: The Taliban's shadow hangs over NATO

Margaret Thatcher 'would win election today'

Horror and Humiliation and Chicago: There is an uncanny parallel between young African-Americans of today and the young white men of the slave-holding South in 1865


Saturday-Sunday, April 5-6, 2008


Iran torpedoes US plans for Iraqi oil: Iran has frustrated the joint US-British objective of gaining control of Basra

After five years of U.S. occupation, Iraq is destroyed as a country

Start another war? With what?

The REAL inconvenient truth: Zealotry over global warming could damage our Earth far more than climate change

1994 Redux: Clinton Hasn’t Changed A Bit - National Review Online: Latest Healthcare Plan Would Still Lead To Government Takeover

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

The Second Iran-Iraq War: Now underway

U.S. forces move into militia stronghold in Iraq: Troops try to push extremists' rockets, mortars out of range of Green Zone

PM Al-Maliki reverses course, halts raids on Shiite gangs

After five years of U.S. occupation, Iraq is destroyed as a country

Sermons Show Divide Among Iraqi Shi'ites

Blackwater Iraq contract to be renewed

U.S. helicopter strikes militants in Iraq's Basra

In a Calmer Baghdad, PM Maliki Caves

Muqtada out of step in Shi'ite dance: War increasingly between Shi'ite and Shi'ite

So, exactly who is in charge of Iraq these days?

B-1 bomber burns after landing in Qatar

Bush pledges more troops to Afghanistan

Presidential Politics

Candidates mark assassination of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

The Patriotism Problem: Democrats to talk more about what's wrong with America than what's right

Hillary Clinton - With John on Her Side

1994 Redux: Clinton Hasn’t Changed A Bit - National Review Online: Latest Healthcare Plan Would Still Lead To Government Takeover

Working Mom Editorial - Hillary is right on the issues that need fixing

Obama's church: 'Enough is enough' - Ministers call for dialogue on race, end to disruptions

Wife's beer fortune gives McCain access to millions

Superdelegates fret over political blowback

Bill and Hillary Clinton earned $109 million since 2000

Cutting Edge Exclusive Articles

Warning To All Islamic Haters of Israel -- Unrelenting Fury of Hatred Is Setting Palestinians and Other Muslims Up For God's Prophesied Judgment

Fresh Unique Look At The "Mark of the Beast" - From A Witchcraft Perspective

New clashes in China on eve of Olympic torch's arrival in UK: Reports of up to eight dead after Chinese police fire on protesters

World needs more CO2, environment confab told: 'There will be significant cooling very soon,' asserts solar scientist

The REAL inconvenient truth: Zealotry over global warming could damage our Earth far more than climate change

Japan starts Kyoto climate drive - in reverse

Israeli - Palestinian War

Hizbullah Brags: IDF drill shows its despair following defeat in war

Lebanon PM wary of Israeli maneuvers: Fears prelude to war

Hamas will devote all political and diplomatic measures possible to lifting the blockade imposed on the Gaza Strip

The Vatican expressed its respect and esteem for Jews on Friday despite tension over a Good Friday prayer

Syrian President Assad: We'll use any means in Lebanon

Several Gaza terror groups claim gunfire which injured Israeli minister’s aide

Palestinian sniper attack on Canadian civilians visiting observation point in Sderot 'unacceptable': Canadian FM Maxime Bernier

Renewed urgency to rein in North Korea's nuclear program

Catholic Church has last word in the Philippines


April 4, 2008

Hillary vows more active role in economy: Contends nation's free-market doctrine ill-suited for today's global market

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

More Than 1,000 Soldiers In Iraq’s Forces Quit Basra Fight

U.S., Iraqi troops face test at battle of Creek Road

Iraqi PM freezes raids targeting militia

Iran helped end Iraq fighting - Iraq party adviser

Iraqi Police Say Suicide Bomber Killed at Least 15 Attending Funeral

In backing the Basra assault, the US has only helped Sadr: Tacit promotion of Shia civil

war has left the militias stronger and fuelled scepticism about the much-hyped surge

Iraq's Sadr calls million-strong march against U.S.

General Petraeus to update Congress on Iraq: Next week

Congressional Democrats Warn Petraeus, Crocker Not to Minimize Seriousness of Situation in Iraq


Presidential Politics

81 percent of Americans think country on "wrong track"

Obama was 'quite religious in Islam': Contemporaries, records dispute campaign claim that he was never 'practicing Muslim'

Anxiety for Obama heightens near anniversary of King's killing

Pennsylvania Gov. Rendell: There's 50% About Barack Obama We Don't Know Yet

John Edwards says would not accept VP nomination

Clinton lagging on fundraising front

Hillary vows more active role in economy: Contends nation's free-market doctrine ill-suited for today's global market

Clinton Says She Long Has Been Sounding Alarm on Economy

McCain and Clinton Ads Spar Over Mortgage Crisis

In Balmy Ca., Clinton Shows Her Softer Side

Secret Service Says McCain Has No Protection: Senator has not yet requested protection

Town hall format has risks for McCain

Surrogate Wars: '08 Faceoff: Senators Argue Over Who's Most Fit for White House in November

Clinton Says Obama 'Cannot Win'

Clinton Holds Lead Over Obama in Pennsylvania Ahead of Primary

US Presidential Race Delegate Count

Obama Adviser Calls for 60,000-80,000 U.S. Troops To Stay in Iraq Through 2010

Straight or gay? U.S. court says Web site can't ask

Israeli - Palestinian War

Public Security Minister Dichter aide wounded by Palestinian sniper fire near Gaza

Syrian Foreign Minister Moallem: Syria willing to renew peace talks

Ten Checkpoints Removed as Goodwill, PA and Rice Not Satisfied

German News Agency Pays Arabs to Riot

Hebron: Palestinian shot after trying to snatch rifle from IDF soldier

PA Police Who Murdered Israeli Officer on Joint Patrol Sentenced

Gov't Refuses to Link Merkaz HaRav Murder and Guns Given to Palestinian Authority

Can the Arrow thwart Iran's Shihab 3? Israel Air Force will hold an exercise in the coming weeks -- NOTE: Israel hiding her Scalar Weapons technology capability, as revealed by "Oblivion" - Scalar can erect impenetrable shield over targets, effective 100%

Nationwide drill to simulate missile attack

Religious News

Rabbi Eliyahu: Life of one yeshiva boy worth more than 1,000 Arabs

Jewish leader calls Evangelists 'extremists'

Restaurant owners ‘congratulated’ over court ruling: Pizzeria owner sued for selling bread last Passover told by patrons he 'proved secular Jews have a right to live and exist in Jerusalem'

Educational institute refuses to hold event for gay students

Religion is good for you: New study proves what observant Jews have known all along – religious people are happier

Suicide bomber kills 4 in Afghanistan

Russia agreed on Friday to allow NATO to use Russian land to deliver non-lethal supplies to alliance troops in Afghanistan: But not troops or air transit

Putin Meets with NATO Leaders: As they wrapped up their Bucharest summit

Marchers prepare to honor the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. on 40th anniversary of assassination

Government stakes claim to every newborn's DNA: 'We now are considered guinea pigs, instead of human beings with rights' - Eugenics will ultimately follow







AApril 3, 2008



Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

U.S. forces clash with gunmen in Iraq's southern city of Hilla

Seven dead as US jets target Basra: Six of the dead were civilians

Iraq's cleric al-Sadr calls for million-man march

Two reporters injured in Iraq attacks

PM Al-Maliki's brash Basra move took U.S. off-guard

'Handed Over' to a Government Called Sadr: The "Surge" will go down in history as one of the greatest strategic failures in military history

Iraqi forces surrender to Sadr group

Basra, Iran... It all comes down to oil: Recent violence is a precursor to the political break-up of the nation

Suicide Bomber Kills 7 in Iraq

Mortar shell kills 3 family members in Iraq

General Petraeus's Return: Will testify to Congress next week


Presidential Politics

Obama battles to limit expectations in Pennsylvania: Clinton heavily favored

Obama and the 'L' Word: Yes, he is a "Liberal"

Obama Would Give Gore Key Role Shaping Climate Policy

Can Ed Rendell Deliver for Clinton? Popular governor of Pennsylvania is a strong supporter of Hillary

Bill Clinton's tirade stunned some superdelegates

Obama Keeps Cash Lead Over Clinton

Age, Vote More Strongly Related in Obama-McCain Matchup

Hillary Clinton's old ad used in new attack - on McCain

Against McCain, Clinton bests Obama in swing-state polls: In three key states

McCain and Clinton Ads Spar Over How to Solve Home Mortgage Crisis

Now McCain's Got a 3 a.m. Ad!!!

McCain says he's ready to look at running mates

So, you want to be a McCain Democrat?

McCain camp working out healthcare details

McCain shies away from religion talk

California Assessors amenable to lowering home values

American negotiators at a UN climate conference have warned that emission cuts would harm economies: Developing countries especially at risk

10 Ethiopians killed in Somali blast

Oil Chiefs Tell Congress: 'Prices Not Our Fault' - Insist their huge profits are in line with other industries -- Executives want access to all oil - "85 percent of the country's coastal waters are off limits to drilling"

Kennedy in Uproar on Gay Bias Law

Numbers May Not Be Best Measure of Earth Hour


Israeli - Palestinian War

Defense Minister Barak calls off German trip next week as Damascus raises war alarm: Cabinet decided to redistribute the bio/chemical warfare masks

Revenge for Mugniyah could ignite conflict in north: Expecting retaliatory attack by Hizbullah for Imad Mugniyah's killing

Israeli Vice Premier Ramon: No retaliation for Mugniyah's death- Hebollah fearful of Israeli response

Israel Warns: Iran trying to intercept IDF messages

Israeli Officials deny escalation with Syria

Arab MK Tibi visits Beirut despite ban

Al-Qaida No. 2 Warns: We'll target world Jews

The risks of fortification: Fortification efforts carry destructive message suggesting Israel will stand for citizens living under fire

Rice plans Middle East summit starring Bush, but hedges it round with provisos

Mubarak, Abdullah, Abbas discuss peace process: Arab leaders discuss results of Rice's visit, call on Israel to stop building in settlements, lift siege from PA territories

Exterminating Israel not the solution: Iranian president's fiery statements aimed at causing rift in Arab nation


April 2, 2008


Economic News

UBS, Lehman Financial Raisings May Signal That Financial Rout Is Nearing End - May signal an end to eight months of market turmoil

Stocks Advance in Europe, Asia

Senate ready to help stem tide of foreclosures: Breakthrough in measures to help struggling homeowners

Profits realistic, oil company execs insist

Oil Refinements: Democrats might rejoice over higher energy costs, which is precisely the eco-policy they've been advocating for years

Presidential Politics

THE SECRET LIFE OF BARACK OBAMA: Is he America's political messiah – or a Manchurian candidate?

McCain comments could come back to haunt him: Said that Iraq War could last 100 years

Business Donors Bypass McCain

Democrat Party Chairman Howard Dean spells out superdelegate rules: Are free to back whomever they wish at the end of the primaries, regardless of who leads in the popular vote or pledged delegates

Hillary Clinton suggests building boom to fix nation's infrastructure, create jobs

Obama lays off Hillary, opens up on McCain

The Blue-Collar Battle in Pennsylvania

Hillary Clinton Bowls Over Pennsylvania Media

Hillary Clinton will fight 'like Rocky'

Obama's Whoppers: Double Standard?

Polls: McCain strong in key Dem states

Clinton Pastor Backs Reverend Wright

Deep South Texans hold firm against border fence: Federal officials plan to waive nearly three dozen laws to speed up the project

Declassified torture memo backs Bush's authority: Says president's ultimate authority as commander in chief overrode anit-torture statutes

Justice torture interrogation memo: Constitution not in play


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Al-Sadr militia kills four US soldiers

Iraqi forces enter Basra's ports to maintain security

Iraq crackdown strengthens radical cleric and Iran: Government offensive exposed the fact that Iraqi security forces were not prepared for this large-scale operation

Attacks on U.S. Forces Soared at End of March: Government Assault On Shiite Militias Drew Americans In

How Moqtada Radical Shi'ite Cleric al-Sadr Won in Basra

U.S. confirms special forces fought alongside Iraqi forces in Basra

Gunmen in wedding convoy kill tribal police officers in Tikrit, Iraq

Britain Delays Cutting Troops in Iraq

PM al-Maliki asks militants to return 50 cars and armoured vehicles

We have created human-animal embryos already, say British team


Israeli - Palestinian War

'Syria drafting reserves in preparation for Israeli attack': Damascus is preparing for a large-scale Israeli attack on Syria and Hizbullah

Israeli top military intelligence officer warns: Hizbullah preparing for more violence

IDF Warns: Don't let Palestinians control Gaza crossings

Egypt opens Gaza crossing for 1 day

Next terror attack only 'a matter of time': Jewish citizens knows from personal experience what it means to ease security restrictions for the Palestinians

Abbas' Fatah's Terror Group Says it Tried to Kidnap Jewish Youth

Palestinian 'Protesters' Were Disguised Terrorists

IDF Dismisses World Health Org's Gaza Claims as Lies

Rabbis: Weapons transfers violate Jewish law - making it a violation of Jewish law for the Israeli government to follow through with a planned transfer of weapons or armored vehicles to the Palestinian Authority

Animal rights groups against Passover sacrifice: Jewish leaders planning to publicly slaughter animals during Passover

US Congress Passes First-Ever Resolution on Jewish Refugees


Putin-Bush summit to make "strategic framework": Weekend meeting between the Russian and US presidents


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April 1, 2008


Israeli - Palestinian War

Hamas' venom builds a culture of hate in Gaza

Child Puppet "Kills" Bush On Hamas TV: On Show For Palestinian Kids, Vengeful Puppet Stabs U.S. President Who Pleads For His Life

Hezbollah becoming more visible in West Bank after Mughniyah death

Labor snubs call to engage Hamas

Mortar fire wounds 2 in western Negev

Egypt arrests Hamas man plotting to kill senior Fatah official

Rabbi: Weapons transfer to PA forbidden

'Egypt launching tunnel-detection unit'

Gaza: IDF kills 2 Hamas gunmen

Palestinian Terrorist Shot Dead By Quick-Thinking Civilian

Secretary Rice, PM Olmert downplay chance of deal by May

3/4 of Israelis See at Least Partial Transfer for Arabs Out of Israel In Preparation For Palestinian State

Report: Olmert admitted Israel struck Syrian nuclear facility

Jewish Editorial: Would Jesus want to convert Jews? Newest Evangelical drive might be historic opportunity to continue the effort by scholars to re-Judaize Jesus

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Explosions Hit US-Protected Green Zone in Baghdad - Monday

No sign Iraq clashes will affect US drawdown: Defense Secretary Gates

Iraq Seems Calmer After Cleric al-Sadr Halts Fighting

Basra Battle Strengthens Sadr

Britain and the battle for Basra

No peace in Basra despite Sadr call: Because government refuses to stop attacking militia members

Observers interpret Iraq cease-fire, Iran's role

PM al-Maliki humiliated as gamble to crush Shia militias fail

Sadr City After the Fighting

Iraqi casualties at highest level since August: Total of 923 civilians were killed in March, up 31 percent from February and the deadliest month since August 2007

Campaign Notebook: Iraq Violence Puts Focus on War

Bush Seeks More Afghan Help, Bigger NATO


Presidential Politics

Inside The Vice Presidential Guessing Game

Former Majority Leader Dole predicts November win for McCain

McCain highlights his military heritage

McCain's `Biography Tour' May Highlight Views on War

GOP aims to blunt Democrats' stance on Iraq

Krauthammer: 100 years in Iraq reaction: Clean shot or cheap shot against McCain?

Clinton-Obama Race Spurs Party Switches

2 Democrats, With a Lot of Fight Left

Republicans want Obama as opponent

Superdelegates turn increasingly to Obama: Politicians pledge support despite pastor controversy

Obama Fails to Assuage White Indiana Voters With Speech on Race

Does Obama Understand Defeat? Focus is on his stance on Iraq

Clinton Calls for Tighter Regulation of U.S. Markets

Bill Clinton makes a case for wife's run

Analysts: Women Voters Could Prove Key to Sustaining Clinton's Candidacy

Hillary Clinton Says She's in US Presidential Race to Stay

Economic News

U.S. Stocks Extend Financial-led Rally: After a measure of manufacturing activity proved brighter than expected

Stocks Gain on Last Day of Quarter

US Federal Reserve releases more money to ailing banks - $100 billion more

Treasury Secretary Paulson to Meet China's New Trade Envoy

Clinton Calls for Tighter Regulation of U.S. Markets

Winners and Losers in Paulson’s New Regulation Plan

Democrats Respond to Bush Federal Reserve Plan: For not giving proposal "enough teeth"

Mystery Die-Off Worries Beekeepers

The Facebook tool which turns your mobile phone into a snoop

CIA enlists Google's help for spy work

Death for hire - suicide machine lets you push final button

Jordan's queen launches YouTube channel to break down Islamic stereotypes


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