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April 16-30, 2008


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Molten STEEL Flowed Under Ground Zero for Months After 9/11

"Hostile" Iran Sparks U.S. Attack Plan

Iran Ends Oil Transactions In U.S. Dollars

Platinum defies forecasts to slip lower with gold

Man-made food crisis pushing 100m into poverty: World Bank

Ontario: Christian Ministry fined $23K for firing employee who engaged in homosexual behavior

Iranian President Ahmadinejad said that a "comprehensive" package offered to Russia was aimed at "eradicating" the threats of war

Bush says disclosure of Syrian reactor was message to Iran

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Two More U.S. troops die in Iraq: Taking April American troop death toll to 46

Militiamen ambush drives back US patrol in Sadr City

Intense fighting kills 28 in Iraq

Iraq windfall soars along with oil prices: Expected to reap $70 billion windfall profit

Cost issues, war sap US military readiness-lawmaker

Iraq budget cut by $171M after oil-profit windfall report

Saddam deputy goes on trial: Tariq Aziz

Chemical Ali too sick for trial

GOP Senators Fear Dems Will Skip Committee On Iraq

Afghan forces clash with suspected rebels in capital

Brains, not brawn, in Afghanistan - Sunday's brazen attack on a military parade in the Afghan capital Kabul

UN voices reluctance to act on Zimbabwe

Presidential Politics

Obama's quandary over preacher reflects supporters' divide

Angered over race remarks, Obama severs ties to Wright

Hutchinson on Obama: Stop Him Before He Talks About Wright Again!

Obama's Risky Denunciation Of Rev. Wright

Rev. Wright Says Criticism Is Attack on Black Church

Readers react to Rev. Wright

Carter's Hamas hug haunts Obama

Gingrich: Wright May Be Deliberately Trying to Hurt Obama

AP Poll: Clinton leads McCain by 9 points - bolsters her argument that she is more electable than Democratic rival Barack Obama

Bill Clinton Rallies Rural America Through Wal-Mart and Pundits

Hillary Clinton Makes Rocky Balboa Look like a Pansy?

Hillary Finds Her Mr. Wright: Very Interesting Cartoon

McCain Once Worried About Impact of Long-Term US Presence in Iraq

US Supreme Court is rejecting broad legal challenges

Lives remembered, lives rebuilt, attitudes changing -- 33 years after South Vietnam fell

More oil drilling a must, Bush says: While prodding Congress to consider Alaska, he refuses to stop adding to strategic reserve

Dumb as We Wanna Be

Iran steps into enemy's territory: Three-nation tour of Pakistan, Sri Lanka and India - all staunch American allies

Ahmadinejad says gas pipeline deal in 45 days: Agreement to be signed between Iran, Pakistan, and India

Chuck Baldwin, Constitution Party candidate, says U.S. sovereignty at risk: 'Washington is problem, not Baghdad, or Tehran'

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel told to tackle West Bank plight

8 Qassam terror rockets hit western Negev

Secretary Rice: Young Palestinians losing hope for peace

Libya compares Gaza to Nazi concentration camps

Hamas has 200,000 suicide bombers waiting to attack

Hamas serving as Iran's 'proxy warriors,' Rice says

'Hamas stole 60,000 liters of Gaza fuel'

IDF: Exploding Terrorists Brought Down Gaza Family's House - Not an IDF shell

Israel to honor Al Gore: to receive prestigious Dan David Prize, including check for $1 million, for 'enormous contribution to preventing global ecological disaster'

Quartet to discuss ME conference in Moscow in June

15 Kadima MKs Oppose Olmert's Golan Withdrawal Stance

The race is on for India's mega fighter deal: Competition and lobbying is going to be intense for the US$11 billion 126 multi-role combat aircraft deal


April 29, 2008


Surge in Iraq violence kills more US troops

Bush to visit Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia in May

Obama keeping his distance as Wright again stirs the pot

Class for kids: How to be homosexual

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Four U.S. soldiers killed in Baghdad

U.S. Says It Killed 45 Militants In Baghdad Fighting

Drone attacks hit high in Iraq

Does Iran control Iraq? A Quds Force general may

Blasts Strike Iraq's Green Zone

The Role of the 'Sons of Iraq' in Improving Security

GOP fears Pelosi power grab on Iraq

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

U.S. Marines swarm Taliban town in S Afghanistan

Iranian president arrives in Sri Lanka

Pakistani President Musharraf meets with U.S. congressional delegation

Presidential Politics

Rev. Jeremiah Wright Fires Back At Critics: Video

Extremists laud Wright for 'black liberation theology': Defense of Farrakhan a source of pride for New Black Panther Party

Rev. Wright in center of Democratic contest: Obama discounts race as 'determining factor'

Review of history shows white vote may elude Obama

On affirmative action, Obama intriguing but vague

Eyes on Blue-Collar Voters, Obama Shifts Style

Rush Limbaugh directs his 'Operation Chaos' against Clinton and Obama

AP Poll: Clinton leads McCain, doing better than Obama

Obama Has Difficulty Wooing Seniors

Dem rivals stump in Indiana's GOP areas

Dems fear photo-ID voting law fallout

Clinton tops in ASU, UA fundraising: Students, professors found to have given more than $77,000 to presidential contenders

Guam’s Moment in the Sun

McCain would 'put families in charge' of health care

Republican National Committee: Pull plug on anti-McCain '100 years' ad

Tax Rebates Start to Appear in Bank Accounts Monday

Virginia Declares State of Emergency as Tornadoes Injure 200

Israeli - Palestinian War

Defense Minister Barak: This isn't the right time for a cease-fire with Hamas

Turks try to find middle ground for Syria, Israel talks

PM Olmert 'deeply distressed' by Gaza deaths

'Land-for-peace will put Iran in Golan'

Israeli, Egyptian foreign ministers schedule UK meet in London

Qassam rockets, mortar shells hit Negev

Israeli Religious homosexuals hold first meeting

Despite threats, Palestinian groups still want lull

Obama's Pastor: Israel has right to exist

MK Eitam Charges: Arab MKs Broke a New Record for Treason

Abbas's PA Sentences Man to Death for Fighting Terrorism

Defense Minister Barak Waffles on Security Checkpoints

EU set to blacklist top Iranian bank

US Rabbi leads delegation to Iran

Conservative Group Fired Up Over Gay Kiss on TV:Procter & Gamble Takes Heat for Same-Sex Storyline on 'As the World Turns'

Class for kids: How to be homosexual: 'Social change' organization says 'masculinity' too narrowly defined

Oil prices ease as Scottish refinery strike ends


April 28, 2008


Last day to save Christian radio?

Former Pastor of Obama Says He Isn’t Divisive

McCain Criticizes Remarks by Obama’s Former Pastor - "Beyond Belief"

British Petroleum's Grangemouth critical oil refinery to restart Tuesday

CIA has leeway on tortue interrogation methods

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israeli fire kills mother and 4 children in Gaza: Palestinians vow revenge

US presses Israel on Gaza cease-fire

Abbas hails efforts toward Gaza truce

Defense Minister Barak: Hamas responsible for civilian deaths in the Gaza Strip

EU faults Hamas for Gaza fuel crisis

Israeli Deputy PM heads to US, says ball in Syria's court

Turkish foreign minister says there's a long way to go before Israeli-Syrian peace

Gaza Belt Communities Shell-Shocked Again: Barrage of Kassam rockets at Sderot and Ashkelon on Monday morning

Netanyahu-Olmert Spat Over Who First Offered to Give Up Golan

Former Negotiator: Talk of Ceding Golan Encourages Syrian Threat

Israel launches Amos 3 communications satellikte from Kazakhstan

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

US-protected Green Zone shelled in sandstorm

U.S. army says it killed 38 fighters in Baghdad

Iraq Struggle Unfolds in Peaceful Protest and Violent Attacks in Sadr City

In weary Baghdad, reopening of bridge would mean peace had come to stay

Iraqi cleric rejects talks terms

Basra and Baghdad Offensive casts doubt on Iraqi forces - "Not ready yet"

Al Maliki in talks to reintegrate Sunnis into his government

America's Pleas To Arab Neighbors of Iraq: Falling on deaf ears

Mothers know the cost of war

More than 700 Treasures returned to Iraq museum - Looted after American overthrow of Saddam in 2003

Presidential Politics

How McCain Lost in Pennsylvania - Devastating results for McCain

Reverend's Words Stir Debate on His Creed: Obama's Ex-Pastor To Visit D.C. Forum On Black Church

Rev. Wright Delivers Fiery Address to NAACP

Obama pastor recalls his 'crucifixion' in Dallas sermon

Wright response at the wrong time?

Editorial: Hillary is our man! "if Hillary would run the country the way she is running for president, she may well make a great president"

Clinton challenges Obama to 1-on-1 debate as the Democrats campaign in Indiana

Obama rejects Clinton debate before Indiana vote

Obama, Clinton clash over gas tax as Indiana looms

INDIANA A 'TIE-BREAKER'? WELL... Polls say race is statistically tied

Obama's website quietly ditches Hamas supporter: Page for terrorist fundraiser suddenly disappears after drawing attention

Hillary Clinton's Indiana equalizer

North Carolina Democratic Presidential Debate Cancelled: Obama Too Scared?

Obama says race not an issue in U.S. election

Official Obama blogger flies Communist Party flag: Campaign journalist's work appears in 'revolutionary Marxist' journal

Obama 'money man' bailed out by 'Israel apartheid' activist: Claimed in church newsletter Jews building 'ethnic bomb' that 'kills blacks, Arabs'

Iran discusses 'serious' nuclear ideas with Russia

U.S. to provide nuke fuel to Arab states: Iran triggering proliferation concerns in Middle East

Trident shadowing boat-load of bombs: Chinese arms dispatched to Mugabe rejected by ports

Petrodollars could be panacea to US financial quagmire





April 26-28, 2008


Clinton challenges Obama to Lincoln-Douglas style debate

Cargo Ship hired by U.S. military fires warning shots in Gulf

Strait of Hormuz: economic effects of disruption

US to send out $100bn in rebates

All the president's liars: Were you fooled?

In Afghanistan, a 'good' war too similar to Iraq

Indonesia Holds Massive Bird Flu Drill

Israeli - Palestinian War

Palestinian President Says No Progress Made on Mideast Peace

Palestinian president says he'll meet with Bush in May

Mideast peace quest tests endurance

Bush meets with King Abdullah of Jordan to shore up Mideast peace process

Palestinian killed, 10 hurt as IDF clashes with Gaza gunmen

'Hamas trying to make bomber drones'

Israel dismisses Hamas call for truce

'Turkish diplomacy will push ME peace'

'Muslims' hack into Bank of Israel site: "Listen to me Jews - you are a nation whose fate has been decreed and sooner or later you will lose the war"

IAEA's ElBaradei slams Israel for Syria attack

CIA: Syrian Reactor was near completion when hit

Syria Declares: CIA fabricated 'reactor' pictures

This story isn’t about Israel: Syrian nuke affair is about domestic US politics; Israel only a supporting actor

IDF tightens security on Jordan border

Left-wing activists, settlers clash in Hebron

Prince William To Be Made Knight Of Garter

China to meet Dalai Lama envoy

T-Mobile disconnects World Net Daily access: Company's 'web guard' service calls news site 'adult' material

Police raid headquarters of opposition in Zimbabwe

Non-Integrating States News - Iran (Ancient Persia)

U.S. military steps up criticism of Iran

Extent of Iranian threat in Iraq unclear

Iranians Vote in Parliamentary Run-Off, Conservatives Favored

IAEA Says Iran Agrees to Clarify Nuclear Activity

Iranian President Says Oil Should Not Be Used As Political Tool

Record High Gas Prices On The Map: National Average Now $3.577 A Gallon; Oil Prices Rise Sharply On Reported Persian Gulf Incident

BP to Shut Forties Pipeline, Cutting U.K. Oil Output

Presidential Politics

If Obama thought the Rev. Wright's comments were behind him, he was wrong

Former Obama pastor Wright begins effort to clear his name

Sermon Video Presents Obama's Former Pastor in His Own Words

Obama's website quietly ditches Hamas supporter: Page for terrorist fundraiser suddenly disappears after drawing attention

Obama calls for more gun control to stop Chicago violence: "Laws alone can't stop violence"

Obama making plans to attract voters and money for November

Packing away the calories and the votes

Ann O'Leary Opinion: Hillary can help Maine

Should Clinton play the gender card?

Democrats soldier on in fight for nomination

Superdelegate Stalemate Shows No Sign of Easing

McCain Wins As Dems Bicker

Lesson on How Not to Build a Navy Ship

Afghan president rips U.S. conduct of war

Many killed in Sri Lanka bus bomb

Ukraine marks 22nd anniversary of Chernobyl catastrophe

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Blackwater Contractors accused of shredding documents

Iraqi oil pipeline fire 'accidental'

Al-Sadr calls for unity to expel U.S.

Militia leader says threat not aimed at Iraqi forces

New U.S. Embassy in Baghdad lacks enough fortified housing

Former Iraqi deputy PM Tariq Aziz to face trial

Australia's Former PM John Howard a 'war criminal'

Iraqi Children recruited as suicide bombers

UN Chief Urges Less Fighting And More Talk In Iraq

Police official says car bomb at police station kills 3, wounds 26 in northwestern Pakistan

Former Iraqi official helped Rezko get out of jail: Man sentenced in corruption case put up properties to help political fundraiser

Survivor says U.S. shares guilt for China's abortions

Al Gore's global warming debunked – by kids! Winners announced in 'The Sky's Not Falling' video-essay contes

April 25, 2008


Bush: Palestinian state 'defined' by January

Face scans for air passengers to begin in Brtain this summer

Lehman warns that oil boom will deflate

Criminals target energy, financial markets: Trying to control energy markets

Euro dives as wheels fly off eurozone economy

The Pentagon's $1 Trillion Problem

Bush lawyer tangles with judge over wiretaps: Attorney won't say if Congress can limit president's power

U.S. Marine charged with rape of a 14-year-old girl in Japan

Presidential Politics

McCain says U.S. government failed New Orleans

For McCain: Different Place, Same Message

There should be a place for bin Laden in the Democrat Presidential campaign: Editorial

Obama loss may not be about race, but gender

Clinton says she leads in popular vote so far in the Democrat primaries

Clinton Goes After Obama's Strengths

Clinton's $10M should help with bills

For Indiana Voters, Talk of Change May Fall Flat

Obama, Clinton running tight race in Indiana poll

Obama and the Critical Indiana Primary

Obama adviser: Jesus video not meant to offend - Says he stopped using 'gay' piece after Christian confronted him

Rush Limbaugh: Denver riots would be 'best damn thing' for America - 'Democrat Party has members who have already said there will be trouble'

CIA Acknowledges it Has More Than 7000 Documents Relating to Secret Detention Program, Rendition, and Torture

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Iraq Battles Show We Have Yet To Learn Vietnam's Lessons

Women at War: The strain of Iraq forced the shock integration of women into the military. The results aren’t all pretty

Iraqi forces backed by US troops launch raids in Sadr City: 7 killed, 45 injured

US says it has no plans to besiege Iraq's Sadr City

Brits Delay Iraq Pullout

Al-Sadr shift: away from politics and favoring fight

Maliki rivals in unity pledge

The men in black vanish and Basra comes to life

Attacks on Green Zone Drop Sharply, U.S. Says: Joint Offensive With Iraqis Is Credited With Curbing Militancy in Cleric's Stronghold

Shi'ite Crossfire A No-Win Quagmire

Petraeus, Odierno Picks Signal No Change in U.S. Iraq Strategy

Federal Express team wins Pentagon deal worth up to $1.68B

Exhumed body of saint goes on display: Was a mystic monk who many Catholic faithful believe bore "stigmata," or wounds like those Jesus suffered at his crucifixion, on his hands and feet

The debate over 'silence': Today is National Day of Silence, an event in which students abstain from speech to send a message about the harassment of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) youths

White House Slams Syria, Links Nuclear Reactor With North Korea

CIA Confirms: Israel Bombed Nuclear Reactor in Syria

Israeli - Palestinian War

King Abdullah meets Bush at White House: Calls for end to settlement activity

King of Jordan tells Bush timetables needed for Mideast talks

Bush Meets Abbas At White House

Bush Says Palestinians Need Leaders Who Are Committed to Peace

Hamas accepts 'Gaza first' cease-fire: Would later be extended to West Bank

Israeli official says no talks being held with Hamas on cease-fire

Two Israelis killed by Palestinian terrorists near Tulkarm

Carter is a bigot for meeting Hamas' Mashaal

IDF tightens security on Jordan border

Rabbis: Giving up Golan against Halacha

Analysis: Can Israel afford to live without the Golan?

Syrian President Assad confirms Olmert's Golan offer

Olmert's Syria gestures hurt Barak - Labor official

Hamas hasn’t changed: Recent declarations by Hamas leaders no more than Arafat-style manipulations

Israel pardons 10 Fatah terrorist operatives

Palestinian Missile Attack Targets Strategic Facility in Ashkelon

Brazil Oil Finds May End Reliance on Middle East: May be two of the world's three biggest oil finds in the past 30 years

Honda's Profit Plunges Most in 10 Years on Taxes and a Stronger Yen Against Dollar

Dollar May Extend Gain Against Euro on Fed Rate Expectations

Gold Falls as Euro, Oil Decline From Records; Silver Slides

U.K. Economy Expands at Slowest Pace in Three Years

Poll results: SPP plans are 'treason' - 97 percent oppose North American Community without congressional approval

China May Meet Tibetan Envoys Amid Global Protests


April 24, 2008


On St George's Day, EU wipes England off map

Canada's PM to U.S.: don't forget who has the oil

Bring on the right biofuels

North Korea 'linked to Syria reactor'

Los Angeles 'is a Third World city'

Israelis Claim Secret Agreement With U.S.

Presidential Politics

What's the Magic Metric? Here's a new kind of recount: The Clinton camp's complicated formula to make her look like the leader

Clinton win in Pennsylvania replenishes campaign cash: Financial benefits of Hillary Clinton's solid victory

Party switchers lean toward Obama: 1 in 10 switched registration to vote in Pennsylvania Democratic primary

And the winner is: the lawyers - Clinton's victory in Pennsylvania points the way to a farcical legal finale to the Democratic race

After Pennsylvania victory, Clinton still needs superdelegates to reverse Obama lead

Down 'n' dirty 'old politics' resurrected

Obama: Don't worry, Dems will reunite for November

Seizing on Primary Win, Clinton Says Tide Is Turning

Losses reveal weaknesses that could haunt Obama: His setbacks in the big states and weak support in some voting blocs are top concerns

Rush Limbaugh: Obama can't win this - Radio host believes 'Operation Chaos' wreaking havoc in Democratic process - "All the people that have voted in these primaries up to now will not be a factor"

North Carolina excited to choose between Clinton and Obama - May 6

Fear factor coming to the Gulf

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Iraq `surge' commander tapped for promotion: General Petraeus has been nominated to take over Central Command which includes oversight of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan

Petraeus' promotion tied to future war policy: Bush ensures next president will hear advocate for big force in Iraq

General Odierno 'best' choice for top Iraq post

British foreign secretary visits Iraq amid continuing clashes with Shiite militias

Insecurity blocks Saudi embassy in Iraq

Democrat blames weak economy on Iraq war - Rep. John Yarmuth of Kentucky

Saddam's deputy caught in Iraq? Izzat Ibrahim al-Duri, who tops the Iraqi government's list of most-wanted fugitives

Iraqi oil windfall keeps growing

Will Muslim chaplains radicalize U.S. troops? Congresswoman calls for probe of all Muslim chaplians who have been approved by the military

Italian oil company Eni discovers natural gas with wildcat well in Norwegian North Sea

Warehouse Stores Restrict Rice Sales: Sams Club and Cosco limit sales, but Wal-Mart has no intention to do so

Murdoch Moving to Buy Newsday for $580 Million

Euro slides; German Ifo index disappoints

Oil eases downward toward $118 on dollar recovery, U.S. stocks performance

But China's yuan hits new high against US dollar

Far from Middle East, U.S. farmland yields new oil: Record prices of more than $100 a barrel are fueling a modern-day American wildcat oil era - More than 17,000 new U.S. oil wells were tapped in 2007

McCain calls for halt of U.S. SPR oil purchases: Called for the government to stop filling its strategic oil stockpile

EU power companies set for windfall profits: Thanks to Europe's emissions trading scheme

Food crisis threatens 100m worldwide: UN warns

Iran rejects nuclear arms allegations

Malaysia: Iran booted from defense show - for exhibiting offensive missile equipment in violation of UN rules

Israeli - Palestinian War

Syrian President Assad confirms reports of Israeli willingness to cede Golan

'Syria must cut ties with terror': Before Israel would cede Golan Heights

Libya compares Gaza to Nazi concentration camps at UN: Western diplomats walk out

Why is Ben-Ami being busted for spying 25 years ago?

No sign spy affair will harm US ties with Israel

Ben-Ami Kadish's family here 'shocked' by the news that he spied against US for Israel

IDF elite soldier jailed for photos on Facebook

Hamas' Haniyeh: No cease-fire without W. Bank

IDF hits gunmen during Gaza operation

Moral Collapse

'OMFG!': Cleavage kissing used to hype kids' show: Blatant sex, profanity used to lure girls ages 12-17

Library board to vote on porn access: ACLU says restrictions would be unconstitutional

eHarmony abandons '1-night stand' advice: 'We apologize to anyone who read the column and found it inappropriate'

Bible-toting teacher facing investigation: School releases accusations ranging from preaching to 'branding'


April 23, 3008


Vital Boost For Clinton: Pennsylvania win breathes new life into her campaign

Many hope for Clinton and Obama ticket

Temple Rebuilt: New museum with Temple replica to be erected opposite Western Wall

Inmate count in U.S. dwarfs other nations

Despite Iraq, America's love affair with war runs deep


Presidential Politics

Democrat News

Obama Fails to Close the Gap: Clinton Wins in Pennsylvania

Analysis: Obama still struggling to win key constituencies

Hillary Clinton's bionic quest continues: At her victory party in Philly, fresh talk of fundraising, Florida and a future in the White House

Obama still leads race, but the doubts remain

Clinton faces uphill battle despite win in Pennsylvania primary

The Battle of Perception Still Wages on Television

Barack Obama, already in Indiana, says Clinton ran 'terrific race'

Gaza's Obama campaign: Palestinians supporting Obama

Republican News

McCain content to let Democrats keep fighting

McCain Bests Both Obama, Clinton in 3-Way General Election Tests

McCain says Ohio steel jobs not coming back

Republican McCain serenaded on Alabama tour

North American Leaders Conclude Summit in New Orleans

Bush defends NAFTA, saying U.S. won't walk away from it

Canada would dig in heels over NAFTA, Harper warns: Canada would drive a tougher bargain because of its position as America's biggest energy supplier

Israeli - Palestinian War

'PM willing to cede Golan for peace'

Egyptian Intelligence Minister Omar Suleiman to present truce proposal to Israel: Brokered with Hamas

Abbas To Tell Bush: Last chance to reach agreement

American arrested as nuclear spy for Israel: Name of accused engineer is Ben-Ami Kadish

Kadish arrest might cloud Bush visit to the Mid-East

Lying Worse Than Spying: Washington more infuriated by cover-up attempts than by espionage charges

We work at night, when the Gaza snipers can't see us

Kassam Rocket Attack Strikes Sderot Home

Al-Qaeda: Yes to More Attacks in the West; No Hudna With Israel

Hamas and Jordan: Hashemite kingdom facing unprecedented threats

Temple Rebuilt: New museum with Temple replica to be erected opposite Western Wall

Thousands of Christians baptized near Jordan River site where Jesus was baptized

Lebanon's Parliament Speaker Postpones Election for 18th Time

Two Pro-Government Officials Killed in Lebanon: Members of a Christian Phalange party that is part of the ruling anti-Syrian coalition

Japan, EU leaders call for 'highly ambitious' climate goals

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Suicide car bomber kills 2 US Marines in Iraq

Female suicide bomber kills six north of Baghdad - Most of the dead were policemen

10 Iraqis killed in new US air strike in Baghdad

Fighting impedes restoration of basic services in Sadr City section of Baghdad

U.S. risks deepening role in Iraqi Shi'ite feud

Rice, Iran official ignore each other at Kuwait meeting of Iraq neighbors

Iraqi leader calls for Arab support as militia threats grow

Iraq's political refugees in limbo

Senator Levin Seeks To Expand Hate Crimes Bill, End Iraq War: Senior Democrat Carl Levin Eyes Defense Bill To Protect Gays And Bring Troops Home From Iraq

Spate of suicide bombings, attacks in southern Afghanistan kill 13, wound 24

Lynchings in Congo as penis theft panic hits capital: Police in Congo have arrested 13 suspected sorcerers

Darfur casualty estimate rises to 300,000: Killed by warfare, disease and hunger.

US Life Expectancy Falls for Large Segment of Population

Rice, Death and the Dollar

Food prices "massacre" of world's poor: Chavez

Food Crisis Is Depicted As 'Silent Tsunami': Sharp Price Hikes Leave Many Millions in Hunger

Inmate count in U.S. dwarfs other nations: US has less than 5 percent of the world's population. But it has almost a quarter of the world's prisoners

Cities Caught Illegally Tampering With Traffic Lights To Increase Revenue Of Red Light Cameras

April 22, 2008

In lean times, biotech grains are less taboo

Iran's 'bomb' and dud Western intelligence

Forget Iraq, Afghanistan's turning into a disaster too

US commanders urge wider Pakistan attacks

General: Army will need 'stop-loss' through '09

Mugabe Government Says Violence Claim Is Ploy for Intervention In Zimbabwe

New Headline News Article
UPDATED 4/22/2008

Real Witchcraft In Your Toy Store! Elementary Lessons In Witchcraft Being Sold At Toys-R-Us!

Presidential Politics

Today, voters in Pennsylvania. will have their say

Obama 'brand' has taken a hit: Pennsylvania has seen some of the most dramatic moments - Not as pristine as he once was

What to look for in the Pennsylvania primary

Clinton needs big win today

Poll shows Clinton pulling away from Obama

Undecideds flock to Clinton

Clinton: If Iran attacks Israel, US could 'obliterate it'

Bill Clinton `Firing Up' Rural, Small-Town Base Amid Stumbles - Voters ignore gaffes, stumbles

Chelsea Stops Traffic On Gay Bar Crawl: Led around the neighborhood by P.A. Gov. Ed Rendell

Obama vulnerable on firearms issue

Obama adviser gets laughs from 'gay' Jesus: Video shows him introducing YouTube piece that mocks Christ

Church Sign About Obama Causes Controversy: Hints Obama is Muslim

Which Obama Will They See?

Candidates' picture of Pennsylvania economy darker than reality

Obama, Clinton court 13 undecided superdelegates on the fence

The Elephant in the Room: Why conservatives should support McCain

North American Union In The News

White House Defends NAFTA as Bush Meets With Heads of Mexico, Canada

Summit opens with praise of city's recovery: North American leaders gather in 'comeback' city of New Orleans

Bush gets backing from Canada, Mexico on trade push

Immigration Tops Agenda at North American Summit

Bush Dances to the Big Easy Beat

Chicago logs 36 shootings, 9 homicides over weekend

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Room For Two: US, Iran in the Middle East

Secretary Rice Fails to Win Firm Arab Pledges on Iraq

Iraqi PM to neighbors: 'We've passed the crisis'

Iran says U.S. shows "Iranophobia" over Iraq

U.S. risks deepening role in Iraqi Shi'ite feud

US military groomed TV military analysts

In Baghdad, struggle ties security to basic services

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel opens Erez and Sufa border crossings into the Gaza Strip

'Lull possible within days,' says Hamas - Deal brokered by Egypt

Jerusalem denies brokered ceasefire with Hamas

US: Hamas truce offer meaningless

Carter's Hamas cease-fire failed

IDF kills 3 Palestinians in Gaza

Hamas’ New Strategy: After realizing Qassams ineffective, terror group focusing on guerilla operations

General Ashkenazi fires commander who oversaw Nahal Oz attack

Abbas, Abdullah head to DC for meetings with Bush: To advance the Israeli-Palestinian peace process

Jordan's King Abdullah to ask Bush to cancel visit to Middle East

New Palestinian Authority police to be allowed to bear arms

UN Forces Backed Down From Hizbullah Gun Bust

Analysis: Why All the Beefed Up Security on Passover? If Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas is a peace-seeking, moderate Arab leader who is allegedly preventing and fighting terrorism against Israel

Russian shipment for Iranian nuclear plant blocked: Azerbaijan halts shipment of equipment intended for Bushehr nuclear power plant

Nigeria militants renew attacks: Pipeline sabotage could drastically affect exports - news that helped push oil prices to record levels

UN chief urges world increase food production

American Farm fortunes rise, but so do the risks

Economic News

Royal Bank of Scotland to Sell $24 Billion in Shares to investors to boost capital depleted by writedowns

Duesseldorfer Hypo Rescued by Bank Group After Crisis: fifth lender in the country to get emergency aid since the collapse of the U.S. subprime market

DuPont Profit Jumps 26% on Genetically Modified Crop Seeds, Pesticides

European Stocks Gain, Led by BP; U.S. Index Futures Rebound

Meltdown of U.S. Dollar Underway as China Begins To Dump the Currency

Will Muhammad image ignite holy war on American streets? 'Why We Left Islam' 1st American book to picture 'prophet' on cover



April 21, 2008


Former President Jimmy Carter: Hamas is prepared to accept the right of Israel to "live as a neighbor next door in peace"

Palestinian's Abbas wants 'framework agreement' before Bush ends term

U.S. and Iran Find Common Ground in Iraq’s Shiite Conflict: Iran even opposing al-Sadr

Behind TV & Radio Analysts, the Pentagon’s Hidden Hand

The Torture Sessions - President Bush Knew

At North American Union summit, Bush meets with Canada, Mexico for final time

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Anti-US cleric al-Sadr threatens new uprising in Iraq: "Open War" threatened

In surprise visit to Iraq, Rice taunts Shiite cleric: Secretary questions al-Sadr's threat to end truce

Al-Sadr's followers refuse to disband militia in Iraq

U.S. and Iran Find Common Ground in Iraq’s Shiite Conflict: Iran even opposing al-Sadr

US warplanes bomb Sadr City

Civilians Suffer in Sadr City’s Daily Gun Battles

Clashes intensify between U.S. and militias in Baghdad enclave

US says Arab states have few excuses to deny support to Iraq

US military deaths in Iraq officially at 4,039

Audio CD

Israeli - Palestinian War

Carter confers with Hamas' Mashaal, Syria's Assad

Israeli-Syrian peace talks begun, but border tension high

Syria confirms third-party talks with Israel

Hamas rejects ceasefire deal with Israel

Israel to investigate death of Reuters cameraman in Gaza

IDF braces for more attacks from Gaza

Analysis: Waiting for a hot summer in Gaza

South Israel braces for infiltration from Gaza

6 Hamas gunmen killed in IAF strikes in Gaza

IAF kills 2 civilians in Gaza

Hamas wants Ramallah festival cancelled: Says event is an "insult" to the Palestinian "struggle"

Hizbullah: Bush is a 'terrorist leader'

7 rockets land in western Negev: Passover clam interrupted as Color Red alerts sound in western Negev ahead of rocket landings

Hamas explodes U.S. vehicles in massive attack at Kerem Shalom: Largest terror op in 3 years was to 'execute mass killings and abductions'

Bank of England Swaps 100 Billion Pounds Worth of Bonds to Revive Bank Lending: Action mimics a similar swap of $200 billion of securities by the U.S. Federal Reserve last month

Oil price unlikely to fall back below $90: Venezuela

Oil prices spike after attack on Japanese tanker: Later fall back

Bears Baffled by Oil Highs: Yet some analysts continue to warn that oil prices are teetering close to a steep fall -- at least back near $80 a barrel

IAEA in Iran for nuclear program talks

Presidential Politics

Trailing in Pennsylvania, Obama Sharpens Tone

Experts say Clinton needs to win big in Pennsylvania

Urban Perspectives: Why phenomenon Obama just might take Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania primary decisive? Signs suggest no: Signs suggest contest will move to Indiana, N.C.

Shocker! Scaife endorses Hillary: 'Right-wing conspiracy' leader now pushes Clinton for president

Obama reports $51M to start April; McCain raised $15M

An off-the-cuff Barack Obama comment spurs a new Hillary Clinton jab

A tough week, but Obama not showing it

McCain looking to cash in on Obama's Hamas 'chums': GOP campaign trolls for dough after Hamas terrorists endorse Obama

McCain's war chest is far from full: Struggling to lure the deepest GOP pockets and Internet donors

McCain calls it 'passion', not temper

John McCain: Cutting taxes more important than balanced budget

Pope arrives home from US trip

Pope ends US trip with mass for 57,000 people







April 19-20, 2008



The Rise of the New Energy World Order: The most pressing decision facing the next president and Congress may be how best to accelerate the transition from a fossil-fuel-based energy system to a system based on climate-friendly energy alternatives

How Obama Fell to Earth: Aura around Obama has changed

Clinton, Obama Deflect Talk About Sharing Ticket, Pledge Unity

Pope Benedict XVI working to clean up priesthood

Newborns' DNA targeted for state research, profiling: 'What good is the privacy law if government warehouses data?'

A Supreme Revelation: Another "never mind" ruling by the Supreme Court

The Fat Bush Theory

Bush's Torture Quote Undercuts Denial

Pope Benedict News

Benedict becomes first pope to visit American Jewish synagogue

Pope worries that big powers control decision-making: Note black/white dress symbolism in the photo

Cardinal: Pope Benedict said what bishops can't

U.N. loves the pope, and it shows

Text of pope's U.N. speech

Pope's United Nations visit didn't just miraculously happen: For one thing, Benedict can't be touched

Pope Says World Must Intervene If Nations Do Not Protect Human Rights

Pope pushes for religious solidarity: Benedict meets with leaders of other faiths

Pope urges all Christians to 'hold fast' to scripture: Note black/white dress symbolism in the photo

Pontiff also believes in human love

$50-million collection basket: Cardinal Mahony is asking L.A. parishes to help pay for sexual abuse settlements

Chinese Say Son With Bird Flu Likely Infected Father

Across Globe, Empty Bellies Bring Rising Anger

Israeli - Palestinian War

Hamas: Carter holds 2nd meeting with chief in Syria

Syria welcomes Carter visit: Meets with President Assad also

Carter sets out ceasefire plan in meeting with Hamas leader

Jimmy Carter again plays 'useful idiot' for Islamic terrorists

Israel has agreed to a Palestinian request to reopen 20 police stations in the West Bank

The false hope of embracing Hamas

Gaza militants attack border crossing with Israel, scores wounded

Southern Command chief: Kerem Shalom incident – worst since disengagement

Israel Would Trade 400 Palestinian Prisoners For Captured Soldier, Egypt Says

Egypt is making good progress in mediating a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas

Heavy fighting in Gaza casts doubt on Egyptian-led talks

IDF places full closure on Gaza, W. Bank: To remain in effect until after the Pessah (Passover) holiday

No need for coercion: Everyone in Israel celebrates seder, showing that Orthodox coercion is needless

Palestinian negotiator condemns Israeli housing plan in West Bank

Severe sandstorm reduces visibility in Dubai: Sandstorms like this are the primary manner in which Depleted Uranium is spread from Iran and Afghanistan to the entire Middle East

Related Archived Headline News Article

Blinding Sandstorms: How Depleted Uranium Kills An Entire Population

McCain releases his tax returns — not wife's

War Hero? Meet the Real John McCain: North Vietnam's Go-To Collaborator

British PM Brown chats with the next president: Stark reminder that world leaders are now looking to Mr Bush's successor

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

From One Dictator to the Next: Many Iraqis have come to believe that Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki is just as much a dictator as Saddam Hussein was

Iraqi forces surround Sadr office in Basra

A new tone in Basra as hard-liners recede

At least 8 people die in fresh clashes in Baghdad's Sadr City

Al-Zawahiri: 'Iraq war a failure'

Clinton, Obama reassert plans to withdraw troops

Iran's role in Iraq will top agenda of Manama meeting: Secretary of State Rice is meeting with the foreign ministers of the GCC, Jordan and Egypt

US has no real Iran strategy

Quakes rumble through Midwest

Scientists say Midwest quakes poorly understood

Airline Faults Shifting Rules About Safety

China escalates Bible crackdown

3 civilians killed in roadside bomb attack in southern Afghanistan


April 18, 2008


Syria Claims Israel Will Start War in Late May - Mid-June

US-Iran confrontation unlikely: Defense Secretary Gates

A New Evangelism for the US: Today's Evangelicals are as concerned with ecology and human rights as with personal morality

District bans 'John 3:16,' promotes demonic leer

FBI email says Bush signed executive order authorizing torture

Documents Obtained By ACLU Describe Charges Of Murder And Torture Of Afghan Prisoners In U.S. Custody

Publish and Perish: The thought police are haunting Europe

Pope Benedict News

Pope With Satanic "Bent Cross" (Left)

Pope laments U.S. 'injustices' to blacks, Indians: 46,000-strong crowd hears pontiff celebrate public Mass at D.C. stadium

Jets QB's Newly-Born Daughter Blessed by Pope

After intimate meeting, pope turns to global audience

Pope waves to gay Catholic group: Dignity members claim ‘we got our message across’ during Benedict’s historic visit

Tears, prayers as pope meets with sex abuse victims from Boston

Disquieting Words For the Faithful: Benedict's message runs crosswise to conventional liberalism and conservatism

In the Presence of the Papacy

Pontiff tells Catholic educators not to stray from church

U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo slams pope on immigration

Editorial: This pope holds to a hard line, which puts us at ease

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

4,000 won't have died in vain, Bush promises: As Democrats push for a faster end to the war, the White House signals no troop pullouts beyond July

Study: One In Five Veterans Has Mental Problems

al-Qaeda's deputy leader, Zawahiri: 'Iraq war a failure'

Fears of al-Qa'ida resurgence after bombs kill dozens in two Iraqi cities

Report deems Iraq war 'debacle': The National Defense University's study blames the administration and says the war's outcome 'is in doubt'

Rice says Arabs must shield Iraq from Iran's sway

Iran: Claims of support for Iraqi insurgency unfounded

My militia is more untouchable than yours: Iraq transfixed by no less than 28 militias is burning - again - all over, even in "invisible" (at least for Western media) places

'Now' war in Iraq comes before future 'maybe' wars

In Iraq, enemy No. 3 -- and counting

British Prime Minister Visits U.S.

British Leader Visits U.S. in Pope’s Shadow

British PM: Bush owed 'a huge debt of gratitude' for pursuing 'War On Terror'

President Bush and Prime Minister Brown Remark on Iraq and Terrorism

Bush, British PM push tough approach on Iran

Summit Meeting: Hillary Clinton Chats With UK Prime Minister


GAO: Bush lacks strategy to wipe out bin Laden sanctuary: Sanctuary is located in Pakistan's remote tribal region

Yemeni MP shot dead

Presidential Politics

Getting to racial roots of Obama's verbal missteps

Clinton's Campus Backers Resist Draw of `Cool' Obama Phenomenon

Clinton and Obama Lock in Iraq Positions During Debate

Obama, Clinton struggle for hearts of worried workers in Pennsylvania primary

Obama vows to get tough against GOP in the fall

Campaign Journal: Campaigning with Chelsea, Clinton shows softer side

Clinton says Obama remains vulnerable

Bill and Hillary Clinton, "Not-too-Distant" Grandparents?

Clinton's Goal: Win Big in Pennsylvania, Sow Doubts Over Obama

Poll shows McCain pulls even as Clinton, Obama continue to squabble

Tax Day for McCain

McCain campaign's next stop: 'Forgotten parts of America'

McCain Addresses Comments About His Age

McCain Plans for $3.3 Trillion Tax Cut, Balanced Budget at Odds

McCain Actually Introduces 'Gax Tax Holiday' Legislation - federal government would suspend imposition of the 18-cent per gallon gas tax during Summer

Our Position: Bush's lack of leadership on global warming leaves the hard part to next president

Israeli - Palestinian War

Syria bracing for Israeli attack: Says Israel looking to May, June as possible window for attack

IDF chief: Army prepared for any scenario

IDF vulnerabilities exposed: Hamas applies lessons of recent fighting, adopts Hizbullah modus operandi

Carter defends meetings with Hamas

Carter offers to be go-between

Carter says request to enter Gaza turned down

Jimmy Carter in Egypt: Gaza Arabs "Starved to Death" by Israel

Israeli secret service refuses to help guard Carter

'Iran smuggling arms into Gaza by sea

IDF Elite Duvdevan Force Kills Poison Terror Plot Mastermind

Netanyahu Says Any Abbas-Olmert Agreement Will be Voided

Palestin ian Nablus governor survives Fatah hit

Poll: 81% won't buy bread on Passover

Bids for 100 new homes in settlements issued




April 17, 2008


Feds to collect DNA from every person they arrest

F.B.I. Formal Response To 9/11 Aircraft Records Lawsuit - F.B.I. Counsel Apparently Disputes N.T.S.B. Information!

Armed Chinese soliders police Zimbabwe streets

Former Israeli PM Netanyahu Says 9/11 Was Good For Israel

Pope Benedict News

Pope With Satanic "Bent Cross" (Left)

"Awesome speech, Holiness": Bush to Pope

Bush and pope prayed together for family

Washington welcomes pope

Pope Benedict XVI tells bishops to fight sexual abuse

Benedict blesses America

Pope urges open arms for immigrants to U.S.

Pope prods U.S. to adopt policy of 'patient diplomacy': Bush says Americans 'need your message that God is love'

Bush, pope agree terrorism unacceptable weapon

Building Ties With Catholics A Bush Priority: President Identifies With Church on Key Issues

"President Bush -- America's First Roman Catholic President!"

Cutting Edge Headline News Article


Dow jumps 256, most in two weeks: Better-than-forecast profits from Intel, JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo eased concern that the slowing economy is wiping out profits

British Britain's Brown calls for action on global economy

Sensex up 235 pts; global cues lift sentiment


Presidential Politics

Obama takes the heat in Philadelphia

Rattling the Cage: Obama discovers America

Clinton, Obama Spar Over Vulnerability to McCain in November

Obama on defensive in debate with Clinton

Television debate; Clinton says she's sorry for Bosnia exaggeration

Analysis: Obama wants voters to remember Clinton's past

The Candidate's Bad Energy Ideas

Obama reports income of $4.2 million in 2007 tax returns

Clinton rebukes Obama, hoping for uphill comeback

What Pennsylvania Voters Are Saying

Why Clinton won't quit

Hillary Clinton : 'Create US security umbrella for Israel' - Against Iran

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Bush: Current violence is 'defining moment' for Iraq's fledgling free society

Suicide bomber targets Iraq funeral: Killing at least 49 people and wounding many others

Bombs in Iraq Kill More Than 50: Car bombs ripped through crowded areas during Tuesday's lunch hour - 38 people died and dozens of others were wounded when an explosives-laden car blew up near a restaurant across the street from the courthouse and provincial government offices in the city center

PM Maliki insists Al-Qaeda is on the ropes despite new slaughter that killed dozens

After weak Basra offensive against militia members, 2 Iraqi commanders replaced

U.S. airstrike kills 4 in Basrah

AP photographer freed by US military after 2 years

Candidates' convictions mask degree of pragmatism on Iraq

Iraq leader tries to lure investors to its oil, gas field

Candover, Goldman to Buy Oil Equipment Maker Expro for 1.6 Billion Pounds ($3.2 billion) - maker of equipment that tests oil wells drilled in deep waters

National news media burying amazing oil breakthrough? Man working to convert all that grows into fuel surprised by 'inattention'

Headline News Article: What If Crude Oil Is Likely NOT Fossil Fuel! Not Created From Dead Dinosaurs and Plant Life? Likely Is Available Continuously And In Almost Limitless Supply?

Bush calls for halt in growth of emissions: Rose Garden speech that served to inflame his critics, as President validated the existence of Global Warming

The President Warms: We are all global-warming alarmists now

Bow your head, break the law! Court ruling goes against coach who 'respected' student prayers

Israeli - Palestinian War

Reuters News Cameraman among 20 dead as Gaza violence escalates: Three IDF soldiers also killed

"Hamas bears direct responsibility for Gaza": Israeli Prime Minister Olmert

Gaza operaton possible after Bush visit in Mid-May - about a month or a month-and-a-half after US President George W. Bush's planned visit

President Assad: Syria is preparing for war - Syria sees war with Israel as a real possibility

Olmert: Israel, Syria exchanging messages on expectations

PM Olmert: I don't rule out a merger between Kadima and Labor

Kadima MK: Olmert's rebuff of Carter wasn't personal

Palestinian President Abbas: Awards for terrorists have been revoked

Israeli Police on highest alert ahead of Pessah, and Israel's 60th Independence Day celebrations, which follow soon afterward

Few signs Putin relinquishing power as term comes to close: Will Dmitri A. Medvedev ever be his own man?

Prominent Scientists say US global missile defense system can't work


April 16, 2008


Pope Benedict Arrives In U.S.

Pope With Satanic "Bent Cross" (Left)

Pope to meet Bush and bishops

Pope to visit White House today: For first time, Bush goes to air base to greet a dignitary

Pope voices shame, regret: But some call for action on sexual abuse scandal

Pope Fails to Placate Sex Abuse Victims

A Bronx Detour Could Prove Edifying for Benedict

Irate Hub Catholics slam apology as ‘hollow’

Pope hopes visit will bring spiritual renewal

"President Bush -- America's First Roman Catholic President!"

Cutting Edge Headline News Article

Presidential Politics

McCain: War with Iran would be hard sell

McCain proposes gas tax suspension

McCain: The man who would be Bush

McCain's economic plan samples from Dems and GOP

McCain Airing New Ad in Pennsylvania

The Ricing on the Cake for a Republican Disaster

Billionaire businessman Bob Johnson cites race in Obama's surge: Says Obama would not be his party's leading candidate if he were white

Will Obama Pay for 'Bitter' Flap?

Mad as hell, yes; but bitter? Nah

Guns and Bitter - Editorial

Clinton, Obama on collision course tonight at debate in Pennsylvania

Clinton, Obama navigate religion in Pennsylvania

Clinton Holds Strong In Pennsylvania

Easley urges Obama to debate Clinton in N.C.

Bill Clinton: Older Voters Not Falling For Obama

Alan Keyes mulls third-party candidacy: Announces he has left the Republican Party


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Iraqi Unit Flees Post in Sadr City, Despite American’s Plea

US troops plan to stay put in Baghdad's Sadr City: Major General Jeffery Hammond, commander of US forces in Baghdad

Al-Sadr Tightens the Screws

Differences emerge in US and Iraqi strategies for al-Sadr

U.S. or British air strike kills four in Basra

US Blames Al-Qaida for Iraq Bombings That Killed More than 50

Fallujah fights a never-ending battle: Eemains a crippled city more than two years after the November 2004 United States-led assault

Oops, our bad: American air power cannot win insurgency wars - can only increase the numbers of men willing to join the enemy

Putin Accepts Leadership of Russia's Dominant Political Party: President-elect Dmitri Medvedev to rise to top position

Questions still remain one year after shooting at Virginia Tech

President Bush to revise climate strategy

2 unions will try to ground merger between Northwest and Delta

Asian stocks higher on Wall Street; chipmakers

Israeli - Palestinian War

Ehud Olmert on the Damascus road: Israel may be preparing a strike against Syria on the model of the 1967 Six-Day War

Two IDF soldiers wounded in intense fighting in the Gaza Strip

Gaza on verge of eruption: Hamas faces unprecedented crisis, as Israel, Egypt prepare for flare-up

Israeli Officials: Hamas hoarding gas for terror operations

80% of Gaza Palestinian Residents Considering Emigrating

Hamas denies plans to breach Egyptian border

Abbas Grants Awards to Two Female Terrorists: One of them directed the suicide bomber of the Sbarro's pizzeria in Jerusalem - murdering 15 Jews

Israel to enjoy missile warning system

UN calls for disarming Hizbullah and solution to Israel-Lebanon conflict

IDF troops raid Ramallah

Jewish Mothers call for kidnapped soldiers' release

Jimmy Carter can't be fooled: Politicians shun ex-president because he's familiar with reality Israelis want to forget

Terror Warnings in Sinai, Israelis Asked Not to Travel

Western Wall stones crumbling

Lesbian demands control over Christian's daughter: Woman flees same-sex 'union,' now fights to raise 6-year-old


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