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Apri1 1-15, 2010
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Iran calls the shots in Iraq: Caricature

Russia engineered air crash that killed President Kaczynski: Polish MP charges

Reports show more Americans feel economic recovery

Obama says terrorist nuclear risk is growing: Critics see hype, cite no new information

Poll: Jump in opposition to health care law since Obama signed it

Red flag for a sinking Obama: Americans now prefer Hillary Clinton

France Condemns Vatican for Blaming Abuse on Gay Priests, instead of blaming forced celibacy

Government machines that can 'read your mind'

Fascist Global Economy Forming

Asian stocks mostly gain on China economic growth

China's economic growth surges but inflation low

China's strong start to 2010 backs tightening case

U.S. Senate to take up $18B jobless benefits bill

Huawei 'Open' to Opportunities in North America: Executive

Euro Weakens as EU Finance Ministers Spar Over Aid to Greece

GOP Fights to Unify Opposition to Bill: White House Hopes Public Anger at Wall Street Compels Some Republicans to Join Regulatory Overhaul

Barney Frank Predicts Obama Will Sign Financial-Regulation Bill by Memorial Day

Mazda recalls 90,000 vehicles

Toyota Tests SUVs Sold World-Wide

International Freight Lift UPS Profits

GOP Concerns Over Bailouts 'Almost Laughable': Pelosi

Christians want court to follow Constitution: 'Religion' of Obama's choice for Supreme Court not as important as one who strictly interprets the Constitution

Death Toll Rises from Chinese Earthquake Rises Above 600

China Rushes to Help 10,000 People Injured in Powerful Earthquake

Iceland's volcanic ash halts flights in northern Europe


Sex Abuse In Catholic Church

France Condemns Vatican for Blaming Abuse on Gay Priests, instead of blaming forced celibacy

Vatican tamps down uproar over homosexual comment

Sex Abuse Scandal Threatens Pope's Focus on Europe's Christian Roots

'Pope arrest plan' is almighty 'joke'

Sex Abuse Scandal Casting Shadow Over Pope John Paul II's Sainthood

1963 Letter Shows Vatican Knew About Child Abuse by Priests for Decades

Pope Benedict resisted pleas to defrock priest with record of molesting children

Catholic Church Inundated with Sexual Abuse Allegations

Catholics are ashamed, dismayed, and hurting. Can Pope Benedict handle the damage that has been done?


An End to Priest Celibacy: The Catholic Church’s Last Great Hope

Archived Article: "Celibacy In Catholicism Is NOT The Issue: Forced Celibacy Is THE Issue"

Officer challenging Obama 'reassigned': No charges yet for surgeon demanding eligibility proof

NPR changes archive regarding president's birth: Claims correction proper 'since Obama was born in Hawaii'


Iran = Ancient Persia

Iran calls the shots in Iraq: Caricature

Allawi's aide in Tehran for post-election talks

Iran to Host Its Own Nuclear Summit Saturday

Iran Vows to Seek Nuclear Free World

Iran to Complain to UN About US 'Threat' to Use Nuclear Weapons

U.S. says Iran could build nuclear bomb in 3, 5 years

Obama: China Considering New Iran Nuclear Sanctions

Gates: UN sanctions against Iran a first step

Iran to Join 'Nuclear Club' to Deter Attacks

Russia says Iran reactor on track for August launch

Iran bars ex-president Khatami from overseas travel

Iran hangs one robber, amputates limbs of another

US, Kyrgyzstan Holding Talks Amid Political Crisis

Gunfire at Rally for Deposed Kyrgyzstan President

Tea Party Backers Conservative, Angry at Washington, and largely Republican: Poll

Trashed document outlines alleged perks for Palin

Trashed document not Palin pact, college says

Sarah Palin coming out big winner in Turlock? You betcha

Tea-party crashers: 'I'm gay for Palin'

Palin: 'Wait 'til November': Urges Boston tea party rally to build on 'Massachusetts miracle' in getting Scott Brown elected Senator

Sarah Palin: No Hockey Mom - Governor turned into media star

Africans among world's most religious people: Study

Income Tax Day, So Obama Flees Washington

New tax breaks cause confusion, enforcement issues

Last-minute tax-day rush eased by e-filers

Stop lending to Uncle Sam

Thai protesters to consolidate forces in Bangkok

Obama to order safety checks of "troubling" mines

Mainstream media disrespecting Obama watchdogs? Is the mainstream media disrespecting members of the press who are holding fast to the traditional role of serving as a watchdog on government


Israeli - Palestinian War

Obama's theological Israel mission: Internationalize Holy Basin area

Picking peace for both Palestine and Israel: Editorial

Israel moves to reassure Arabs on W. Bank expulsions

Jordan protests to Israel over West Bank expulsions

Gaza: Hamas executes 2 Palestinians for 'collaborating with Israel'

Obama to "balance support for Israel"

Israel's Olmert heads home in shadow of fraud inquiry

Israelis leave Sinai in droves following terror warning

Scud Missiles For Hizballah Change The Game

Case involving military documents roils Israel

Israel not to sign NPT under pressure: Defense Minister

British Advertising Standards Authority: 'Western Wall Is Not In Israel"

Arizona Clears Strict Immigration Bill - Could start arresting illegals

U.S. Military asserts right to return cyber attacks


Iraq War Not Over Yet

Iraq foils attempt of 9/11-style attack on Shiite holy shrines

Iraqi Shia blocs inch toward power-sharing deal

Baghdad Violence Kills Sunni Cleric, 2 Others

Iraq's Ayad Allawi warns of sectarian war

Iraq bombing kills Police officer

Iraq to establish 4th state oil company

Allawi urges US meddling in Iraq vote

Gates criticizes leak of Iraq killings

US Defence Logistics Agency Change Shipping Contractors

President Ahmadinejad threatens US over Mid East peace plans


April 14, 2010

The great happy Vatican death spiral

Richard Dawkins calls for arrest of Pope Benedict XVI

Government calls preaching 'clear and present danger'

Obama warns nuclear summit to secure material from terrorists

Analysis: Nuclear summit signals new mindset

Kyrgyzstan May Erupt Into Civil War: Medvedev

Deadly Earthquake Strikes China

Obama to Attend Kaczynski Funeral in Krakow, Poland


Senator Grassley Again Suggests Death Panels Are A Part Of Health Care

Headline News Analysis: "New Health Care Law Will, Indeed, Set Up Death Panels"


Utah Senator Orrin Hatch Names Hillary Clinton as Possible Supreme Court Nominee

Nebraska Limits Abortions, Citing Fetus Pain

Fetal-pain law puts pro-aborts in a world of hurt

Has Scott Brown turned out to be a blessing in disguise for congressional Democrats?

Popular anticonvulsant drugs raise suicide risks

World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Kyrgyz Leader Rallies Support, Warns of Civil War

Kyrgyz President to Resign if Family's Safety Guaranteed

Kyrgyzstan Faces More Riots as Ousted Leader Defies New Rulers

Kyrgyzstan: Why Do We Care?

Russian President Medvedev Complains: Iran 'ignoring questions' about nuclear program

Iran Warns: U.S. Using 'Nuclear Blackmail'

Iran not nuclear weapons capable for "at least a year"- Defense Secretary Gates

Pakistani air strike kills at least 71 civilians: Official, survivors claim - rare confirmation of civilian casualties that risks undercutting public support for the fight against militants

Roadside bomb blasts kill 6 Afghan security forces

12 dead as Muslim militants attack Philippine city

Ex-President Carter cites problems in Sudan

Obama's Nuclear Security Summit

Obama addresses 'biggest threat': A terrorist nuclear attack

Nuclear blast victims would have to wait up to 72 hours after attack for any type of Federal response

Nations Commit to Strengthen Nuclear Security

Obama Hails Nuclear-Security Progress At Summit's End

U.S., Russia sign plutonium disposition protocol

Obama's disregard for media reaches new heights at nuclear summit

Israel evades 'ambush' at nuclear summit

Will Obama's Nuclear Summit Make Us Safer? Mainstream Editorial

International community will now be safer: Obama claims

Obama's nuke agreements meant to disarm U.S.? Science czar's magazine accused of disseminating Soviet propaganda

Related Headline News Article

President Obama Seemingly Makes World History As He Negotiates A Nuclear Arms Reduction Treaty With The Russians - A Goal Which Eluded His Predecessors For The Past 40 Years!

However, our enthusiasm should be tempered by the realization that missiles and atomic warheads are completely obsolete and are ready to be phased out anyway! Furthermore, satellites can detect nuclear devices anywhere on earth, making it impossible for terrorists to carry out an attack.

Outcrazying The Crazy: How A Prankster Plans To Infiltrate And Destroy The Tea Party Movement

Tea-party Mania: Taxpayers to storm White House

'Is It Scary? Sure It Is' -- Tea Partiers Want Volunteer Oklahoma Militia

Sarah Palin's Earnings Over 9 Months Estimated at $12 Million

CSU students find Palin papers in garbage: After university claimed that no public documents existed

White House press corps sued for doing Obama's 'bidding'

800 evacuated as Iceland volcano rumbles

Lexus GX 460 rated 'do not buy,' Toyota halts sale

White House Moves to Placate Critics of its NASA Plan

Fascist Global Economy Forming

Bernanke: Rates to stay low for "extended period"

America's Back! Let's Just Hope Newsweek Doesn't Jinx the Recovery

Stocks rise on Intel, JPMorgan; S&P crosses 1,200

Intel reports 'best first quarter ever'

Intel Earnings: Otellini says "Industry is nearly fully recovered"

Dow ends above 11,000 for first time in 18 months

Business inventories up by most in nearly 2 years: A positive sign that they expect further sales gains

Singapore stocks rise on strong GDP

Euro-Zone Industrial Output Rises

Banks Falter in Rules Fight: Democrats Push Restrictions on Derivatives Trading; Showdown Looms in Senate

Obama calls for tighter control of derivatives

Israeli - Palestinian War

No Obama pressure on Israel's nuclear policy

U.S. Petraeus: Israel is a vital strategic ally

Poll: Obama struggling with Jews, but not on Israel

Israel's West Bank deportation order comes into force amid controversy

Arab Bank says Israel has cleared it of terrorism involvement

Israel's 'Pentagon Papers' Controversy

'Blau to return IDF docs in a few days'

Israel warns its citizens to get out of Sinai now: Citing "concrete evidence of an expected terrorist attempt to kidnap Israelis in Sinai."

Syria supplies Lebanon's Hizballah with ballistic missiles

Israel crosses Blue-Line technical fence again

As Poland mourns, leaders ponder new election

Judge tells Mississippi schools to stop segregating

Shroud forgery? Not so fast, say scientists -- Study by university statisticians refute conclusion of Carbon-14 dating in 1988

22,700 killed in drug violence in Mexico since '06

Penthouse Pet of the Year joins New York political campaign: 'Freedom' platform includes legalizing pot, prostitution, 'gay' marriage


April 13, 2010


European Catholic sex abuse hot lines log jump in calls

Kenyan Officials Affirm: Obama is 'son of this soil'

World Court: Karadzic genocide trial to hear from 1st witness

Strengthened cooperation, innovation vital in fighting transnational crime: UN chief

Justice Stevens: Good riddance! Editorial

In Appeal for Diplomacy, Obama Invokes the Mushroom Cloud

China: Iranian Sanctions are not a solution

Jobless benefits advance in Senate with Republican votes

Ultimatum for ousted Kyrgyz leader: Surrender or arrest by end of the day

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World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Pakistan to curb presidential power

Iran urges UN inquiry into U.S.-led military actions in Afghanistan, Iraq

NATO civilian killings spark Afghan protests

Taliban birthplace in S. Afghanistan experiences day of terror

In Kyrgyzstan, Warnings of a New Confrontation

Senator McCain is 'father of birther movement': Editorial

FBI destroyed file on Obama's grandfather: Dunham befriended communist Frank Marshall Davis, mentor of future president

Petition demanding birth certificate surges past 500,000: Question over Obama's eligibility to Oval Office appears to be growing

Israeli - Palestinian War

Obama sells arms to Arabs, but not to Israel

Armed Islamic Jihad fighters and Israel troops in gunbattle

The specter of world boycotts and sanctions hangs over Israel

Israel Honors Holocaust Memorial Day

On Holocaust day, Israel warns of Iranian threat

Haaretz Reporter Blau a ‘Fugitive Felon’ Over Leaks, Israel Insists

Latest Shin Bet Outrage: Threatening Eichmann-like Abduction Of Blau

Vatican tells bishops: Follow the law, report sex abuse

Polish leader's death reshapes political landscape

Russians' outpouring of emotion touches Poles

Moscow judge who sentenced neo-Nazis for hate crimes is shot to death: Latest murder in a surge of violence against activists and officials opposed to Russian nationalists

Rumors of War

Why Israel skips key nuclear gathering?

President Sarkozy: France will not give up nuclear weapons

Barack Tackles Nuclear Summit; Michelle Tackles Obesity Summit

Is 'Green Goon Squad' at your front door?

April 12, 2010


Obama hosts two-day summit on nuclear security

Israel must denuclearize: Turkey's PM Erdogan

Kyrgyzstan hopes to get more than $150 million aid from Russia

Polish president Kaczynski's coffin brought to Warsaw

In Iran, Leader slams US nuke threats

Defense Secretary Robert Gates: Iran is not 'nuclear capable'

Aid plan solves Greece's near-term funding woes

No end in sight for Thai protests

Russia builds road to remove wreckage of Polish president's plane

Putin returns to crash site to pay last respects to Polish President Kaczynski

Russian investigators study records of crashed Polish president's plane

Crashed Polish plane was technically sound - investigators

Obama's Nuclear Security Summit

President opens nuclear summit

Preventing the Nuclear Terrorist Threat

President Obama Warns: Al Qaeda Is Seeking a Nuke -- and They Will Use It

Nuclear terrorism becomes serious threat: ex-U.S. adviser

US nuclear summit bound to fail: Given the US double standard in its nuclear policies

Iran on Obama-Hu agenda as Washington nuclear summit looms

Russia cast as nuclear security leader despite flaws

China faces nuclear diplomacy with awkward baggage

Related Headline News Article

President Obama Seemingly Makes World History As He Negotiates A Nuclear Arms Reduction Treaty With The Russians - A Goal Which Eluded His Predecessors For The Past 40 Years!

However, our enthusiasm should be tempered by the realization that missiles and atomic warheads are completely obsolete and are ready to be phased out anyway!

GOP aims to go from `party of no' to party of choice

Vice Mayor, gay activist, accepts jobs in Chicago

Gates: U.S. Needs to Be Sensitive to Afghan President Karzai

Blasts, gunfire rock S Afghanistan

US-led troops kill 4 Afghan civilians

Iraq: Saudis killed in Kirkuk police raid

Iran: Iran to replace Persian Gulf radar

Iran to complete peace pipeline

Ousted Kyrgyzstan's President Bakiyev warns against his arrest

Israeli - Palestinian War

Holocaust memorial siren sounds throughout Israel

Netanyahu: Iran wants to destroy Israel and the world remains silent

Defense Secretary Robert Gates: Iran is not 'nuclear capable'

Obama: We must never tolerate anti-Semitism - Remarks On Holocaust Remembrance Day

Survivors' tales, Iran dominate Holocaust day

Israel grieves over death of Polish president: Israel considered the Kaczynski-led Poland to be among its staunchest European allies

U.S. acts as though it seeks regime change in Israel

Jews support Obama despite tensions with Israel

Palestinians Fear that Israeli military order may allow West Bank deportations

World Bank urges Israel to ease West Bank limits


Apri1 10-11, 2010


The Polish President Is Dead: Airplane crash in Western Russia - Much of government is dead

Kyrgyzstan buries its dead: U.S. halts troop flights through Manas Airbase

Rep. Stupak: Tea Party didn't force me to leave

More Americans Give Up Citizenship As IRS Gets Aggressive Overseas

India asks US summit to focus on nuclear terrorism

Canceled Netanyahu trip spotlights Israel nukes

Does Obama Want Israel to Sign a Suicide Pact?

The big-spender scorecard

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel viewed as world's 6th nuclear power: Has between 100 and 300 nuclear warheads, adding that weapons can be fully functional 'in a matter of days'

Report: US Is Now Fighting Israel's Nuclear Program

Ousted Abbas Aide: Israeli gov't held ransom by settler movement - Two-State Solution Is At Risk

A gift for Ahmadinejad: Israel’s enemies overjoyed that army chief’s term isn’t being extended

New Focus: Obama to remove "Islamic Radicalism" from Documents

Yitzhar Resident Escapes Arab Mob Attack

Extra-High Combat Rate among Pre-Military 'Service Year' Grads

US accuses Iran of 'nefarious' intentions


Health Care News

Health care reform legislation borrowed heavily from Republican ideas

Obama never backed down on health reform

Mitt Romney dogged by a tale of two health plans

Bart Stupak retires: His health-care saga

Tea Party members pleased Stupak will not run again

State A.G.: No challenge of federal health care law

New Research Sheds Light on Soviet Plans for World War III: Researchers now believe Europe was closer to the nuclear abyss than was previously believed

Al-Qaeda: We’ll bomb World Cup

Justice John Paul Stevens announces his retirement from Supreme Court

Obama promises quick court replacement for Stevens

North Korea vows to keep building nuclear bombs

Thai protesters seize key satellite station

Tax Returns of the Living Dead : 26 tax preparers charged with ID theft and other scams

Gay Jesus Play Headed to Fort Worth Stage


April 9, 2010


Kyrgyz leaders 'have blood on their hands:' ousted president laments

Kyrgyz interim deputy premier flies to Moscow for talks

ASEAN invites Obama for regional summit

Obama, Medvedev Say Arms Treaty Marks New Era of Cooperation

Analysis: Nuclear Treaty focuses on threat from the past

Bernanke Says Central Bankers Must Act Strongly to Stem Crises

Could Israelis Face War Crimes Charges Over Gaza War?

China executes three Japanese drug smugglers

Japan says China's executions could harm ties

Middle East News - 'Non-Integrating Gap' Swath

Afghanistan: US aircraft crash kills four, including three American troops

Pakistan's divides grow ever-deeper

Rise of Iran reveals polarized Iraq

Iran will not beg to avoid sanctions: President Ahmadinejad

Russia: Iran should start negotiating

The devil's in Iran's nuclear details

Iraq - Collateral Damage: A Reflection on the Wikileaks Video

Fascist Global Economy Forming

Bernanke Says Central Bankers Must Act Strongly to Stem Crises

Why the Obama Plan Is Working: Polls say the economy is heading in the wrong direction. Markets say it's back on track. This time, the markets are right

Stocks Advance on Speculation of Greek Bailout

Greece Bailout in Coming Days ‘Distinct Possibility’

European Central Bank Trichet says Greece not in need of rescue

Greek citizens continue protests against government's austerity measures

Ford, Intel Spur Back-to-Back Profit Gains After 2-Year Drought

Honda Slips Into Reverse: "Honda "has lost its mojo with new model launches"

U.S. Stocks Halt Global Slide, Euro Rebounds

Israeli - Palestinian War

Netanyahu Cancels Trip to U.S. for Nuclear Summit Next Week

Republicans welcome Netanyahu's US trip cancellation

Time for pragmatic steps toward peace is now: Editorial

Lebanon: U.S. must force Mideast peace on Israel

Israel Drops a Gag Order Mocked by the Internet

The plight of Israel's 'targeted citizens'

Israel's spies jolted again

Busted Israeli organ trafficking ring includes Brigadier General

The Gaza War Myth: Interested parties trying to turn Gaza war failure into bogus success story

Race is on for next IDF chief

Israel seeks UN condemnation of Palestinians

Obama spies boost monitoring of E. Jerusalem Jews: Protesting even home improvements to highest levels of Israeli government

Obama Administration Denies Visas to Israeli Nuclear Scientists who work at Dimona nuclear reactor - Startling reversal of American policy

Kyrgyz interim deputy premier flies to Moscow for talks

Russia throws weight behind provisional Kyrgyz govt

Overnight clashes in Kyrgyz capital between police, looters leave some 70 injured

Bakiyev says civil war 'unlikely' in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyz opposition dissolves parliament

Could the U.S. Lose Its Base in Kyrgyzstan?

Russian fighters jetting to India - $1.5 billion contract

Qatari Diplomat's Midair Scare Cost Taxpayers Thousands

Gingrich Calls Obama 'Most Radical President in American History'

ASEAN - Nation #9 In Illuminati Global Reorganization Plan

ASEAN ‘to help global economy'

16th ASEAN summit opens in Hanoi

Asean Chiefs Seek to Broaden Summit With U.S., Russia participation

Time tight, action needed towards building ASEAN Community

Asian summit to weigh winding down stimulus measures

ASEAN urges Myanmar to hold fair election

Thai Leader Cancels Trip to ASEAN Summit Meeting

Tear Gas Fired at Thai Protesters Aiming to Retake TV Station

NPR archive describes Obama as 'Kenyan-born'

No birth certificate? No Obamacare!

States exempting guns from Gun Control rules now total 7: Idaho governor signs law based on 9th, 10th amendments

Weapons Grade: Students fight to pack heat: College kids wear gun holsters to protest bans on concealed carry right


April 8, 2010


Obama, Medvedev Sign Treaty to Cut Nuclear Arms

Headline News Article

President Obama Seemingly Makes World History As He Negotiates A Nuclear Arms Reduction Treaty With The Russians - A Goal Which Eluded His Predecessors For The Past 40 Years!

However, our enthusiasm should be tempered by the realization that missiles and atomic warheads are completely obsolete and are ready to be phased out anyway!


Turkish PM Erdogan Calls Israel 'Threat' to Peace

16th ASEAN Summit opens in Hanoi, Vietnam: ASEAN is Supernation #9 in Illuminati Plan To Reorganize The World Into 10 Supernations

9/11 rescuers suffer permanent lung damage

Alleged christian militia leader rants on secretly recorded tape - Rants against New World Order

3rd Circuit picks June 29 for Obama eligibility case

British NHS left with 34m stockpile of swine flu jabs

Kyrgyzstan opposition seizes power in unrest

Putin speaks on phone with Kyrgyz opposition-nominated premier

Kyrgyzstan Protests: What it means for US role in Afghanistan war

Russian airbase in Kant unaffected by unrest in Bishkek - Russian Air Force

Kyrgyzstan: Did Moscow Subvert a U.S. Central Asian Ally?

Profile: Kyrgyz opposition-nominated premier Roza Otunbayeva

Jet restroom smoker caused bomb scare: Widespread alert that sent jet fighters scrambling to intercept the Denver-bound flight

S.F. man charged with threatening House Speaker Pelosi

The US and Russia Inch toward Fighting Terror Together


Iraq War Not Over Yet

Outrage at US military after leaked Iraq video

Wikileaks silent on how it broke encryption

Video of Baghdad war casualties explodes among bloggers

US military 'cannot find Iraq tape'

Iraqi journalists denounce 'crimes of the U.S. forces': Graphic video of 2007 helicopter attack that killed Baghdad photographer, 11 others reignites anger

Killings of Iraqi journalists: US says they were not war crimes

Psychologists Explain Iraq Airstrike Video

Now we see what war does to those who wage it: Joan Smith Editorial


War Action

Two US soldiers killed in northern Iraq

‘Open war’ as 35 die in Iraq

Iraq bombings sparks fears of civil war

U.S. Officials Downplay Rash of New Attacks in Baghdad

Thirteen arrested over Iraq village killings

Sadr followers snub both Allawi and Maliki: Who will lead Iraq?

Israeli - Palestinian War

Gaza Strip: “Unofficial” Ceasefire With Israel

Israel, US have not settled east Jerusalem spat

Turkish PM Calls Israel ‘Biggest Threat to Mideast Peace’

Saudi cleric canceled Jerusalem visit

Hamas Spiritual Guide tells Saudi Cleric Not to Visit Jerusalem

Could Israel bomb Iran?

Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General says Israel too weak to launch Iran war

Revealed - Gaza's mini-boom: Sections of the media are finally noticing the green shoots of recovery growing in the former war zone

Unprecedented: U.S. bargaining on behalf of Palestinians: Instead of acting as intermediary, Obama administration 'assuming all PA positions'

Egypt Beats Protestors Up, Then Frees Them

Germany Charges Two Over Iran Equipment Deal

Rep. Stupak considers reelection bid amid healthcare backlash

South Korean Sailors Say 'Outside' Shock Sunk Naval Warship

State of Emergency Declared in Bangkok

State No. 6 tells feds to stuff their gun regulations: Arizona declares weapons exempt from national firearms paperwork

County to feds: They're our roads! Supervisors vote to reopen routes hit by BLM closure

Look what's headed for Obama's residence: Millions of Tea Partiers prepare Tax Day surprise for 'government that won't listen'

April 7, 2010


U.S. and Russia to sign new nuclear arms reduction treaty

Russia seeks limits on U.S. arms after nuclear arms reduction pact

Obama seeks momentum from Russia arms pact signing

Obama Calls Nuke Terrorism the Top Threat to US

New Headline News Article

President Obama Seemingly Makes World History As He Negotiates A Nuclear Arms Reduction Treaty With The Russians - A Goal Which Eluded His Predecessors For The Past 40 Years!

However, our enthusiasm should be tempered by the realization that missiles and atomic warheads are completely obsolete and are ready to be phased out anyway!


For Obama, Nuclear Weapons Are a Last Resort

Asian allies welcome new US nuclear stance

Did 'Regular' Flu Shot Increase Risks for H1N1 Flu?

Limbaugh Hits Back at Obama for Criticism

Obama bans words 'Islam', 'jihad' from US security strategy

Obama critic hit with charges

Major quake hits Sumatra: 7.7 Magnitude

Obama's Nuclear Summit Next Week

46 leaders to join Obama at nuclear security summit

Netanyahu to participate in nuclear summit

Chinese president to meet Obama in US to attend a nuclear security summit in Washington

U.S. says China nuclear programs lack transparency

Nuclear summit will cause massive traffic gridlock in D.C.

India says it will push on with Maoist offensive

Top Republican resigns over "free-spending" party

Afghan President Karzai's anti-Western remarks leave many guessing sincerity

Does your faith free you from forced Obamacare? Why Amish won't have to purchase insurance, but Muslims will cry foul

Injunction sought to halt 'Obamacare'

Communist leader hails health care as 'historic victory': Hopeful Obama's new legislation will lead to socialist medicine as basic right

Man accused of death threats against U.S. senator

Federal Appeals Court Rules: FCC has no power to regulate Net neutrality


Iraq War Not Over Yet

As Iraq violence continues, many fear return of civil war

Iraq outrage over US video killings: Families of Iraqi civilians, seen being shot and killed by US forces

Military can't find its copy of Iraq killing video

Multiple explosions rock Baghdad

White House: Iraq troop withdrawal plan unchanged

Incumbent Iraqi PM loses key Shiite supporters

Iraq: Mounting obstacles to forming a new government

US troops killed in Iraq and Kuwait

Israeli - Palestinian War

Opposing view on the Middle East: Don't embarrass Israel - Editorial

Peace will come later: For now, all we need here is relative quiet, rather than grandiose peace plans

Turkey's PM Erdogan turning into Gaddafi, Chavez, says Israel’s FM Lieberman

Israel transfers to personal insults of Turkish PM

Turkey Condemns Remarks by Israeli Official

Mortars fired despite agreement to stop rockets on Israel

Iran Cleric Threatens To Strike Israel If Attacked

'We will react to aggression': Lebanese PM says Lebanon and Hizbullah are ready to respond to any Israeli attack

Defense Minister Barak did not mean to humiliate General Ashkenazi

Peretz: Barak owes Ashkenazi his success

Police bust illegal organ harvesting ring: One suspected ring leader is Meir Zamir, a highly-decorated brigadier general in the IDF Reserves and Yom Kippur War hero

Iran says nuclear fuel swap still on the table

Russia's LUKOIL to stop gasoline sales to Iran

IAEA inspectors allowed to revisit Syrian nuclear research reactor

Fascist Global Economy Forming

Geithner to visit Beijing amid currency dispute

Renault-Nissan, Daimler in small-car alliance

Stocks Close Mixed Amid Lack Of Significant Change In Fed Outlook

Fed Minutes Show Expectations Of Economic Recovery At Moderate Pace

Volcker: Taxes likely to rise eventually to tame deficit

Volcker-Chances for financial reform getting better

Cash-starved Los Angeles may close city offices

UAW lost 18% of members in 2009

GM, Chrysler pension plans are $17B short

Probe of Toyota Intensifies: U.S. House panels get documents detailing 3 recalls

Tea Partiers vs. Reid Supporters: 10,000 to 100

Black conservative Tea Party backers take heat

Founding Father James Madison was against a 'Con Con'

A Strategy for the Next Supreme Court Abortion Battle? Pending Nebraska Legislation Focuses on Fetus Pain and Viability

White House Prepares for Possibility of 2 Supreme Court Vacancies:
SCOTUS Watchers Believe Justices Stevens and Ginsburg Could Decide to Step Aside

Surveillance Cameras make Chicago most closely watched US city

Ensnared by Error on Growing U.S. Watch List: 'No-Fly List' big and getting bigger



April 6, 2010



Israeli FM warns Palestinians not to declare state

WHAT ABOUT THE SECULAR MILITIA? We have far more to fear from the Secular Militia than the “Christian” Militia

Is "Green" The "New Imperialism" Or The "New Communism?

Did Michelle say Barack born in Kenya? Video clip of reference in speech goes viral on Internet

Obama's 17-minute, 2,500-word response to woman's claim of being 'over-taxed'

Stronger jobs, services reports send stocks higher: Nearly hit 11,0000

Dow 11,000 Has No Special Technical Significance

Obama to limit use of nuclear weapons: Even for self-defense

Russia: Can Still Opt Out of U.S. Nuclear Arms Treaty

Dangers of Nuclear War: U.S.-Russian Nuke Deal no Cure for Real Threat

Christians, gun owners, seniors all would pick this president: 'Someone new' preferred by members of most demographics


Iraq War Not Over Yet

Baghdad: Coordinated blasts kill 28, destroy 7 buildings

Official blames al-Qaida in Iraq for bombs: Tuesday's attack was the fourth with multiple casualties in Iraq in five days

Baghdad's Sunday suicide blasts target embassies; 32 dead

US: Iraq bombings does not affect pullout

Iraq security forces on alert after bombings

Killings in Iraq raise fears of renewed sectarian violence


Leaked video footage shows Iraq journalists killed by US gunships

Afghan Investigators Say U.S. Troops Tried to Cover Up Evidence in Botched Raid Which Gunned Down Five Civilians


Neighbors / Washington bites its nails over who will lead Iraq

The Big Question: Is Iraq on the road to democracy?

Karl Rove Did Not Destroy The Republican Party – Iraq, Katrina, And A Massive Financial Meltdown Did

President Karzai threatens to quit and join the Taliban

Afghan official: Foreigners are behind corruption

US casts doubt on Iran's interest in denuclearization

Turkey plays down Iran sanctions, backs diplomacy

Iran rejects new sanctions as 'illogical'

Maoists kill 73 police in central India attack

South Korean Destroyer nears oil tanker seized by Somali pirates

Suicide Bomber Attacks Police Station in Russian Province of Ingushetia

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel's Ambassador to Washington Declares: Israel protect US troops overseas

Iran missiles could strike heart of Tel Aviv: If Iran is attacked

Palestinians see U.S. Mideast push at "dead end"

'Jordan-Israel ties at all-time low'

'Palestinian factions to cease rocket attacks on Israel'

Israel cites 'Tactical error' for killing Palestinians

Saudi cleric plans visit to Jerusalem: To bolster Muslim claims to the city

Israel celebrates LGBT culture in Bay Area

Fascist Global Economy Forming

Britain's PM Brown hails move on global bank tax

Positive US jobs data lift European stocks on Easter return

Republicans dispute course of Obama’s financial overhaul

National debt seen heading for crisis level

Flat Tax or National Sales Tax?

Toyota Hid Pedal Defect in Violation of U.S. Law: Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood charges

Greece wants to bypass IMF fiscal measures

Greek Bonds Slide on Speculation EU-IMF Aid Plan May Falter

Geithner: U.S.-India Cooperation Key for Stability, Growth

Samsung forecasts 1st quarter profit surge: Global sales rebound

Pope says Church to come out of sex abuse scandal

Catholic Church abuse victims' groups rise in Europe

Have U.S. media treated the pope fairly? WND editorial

Immigration group: Look at Census to round up illegals!

Why an Iowa town sought to abolish Good Friday

What happens in Vegas: Massive Tea Party - Americans prepare for battle against 'Obama-Pelosi-Reid axis of fiscal evil'

Tea parties targeted for disruption by anarchists? Blog posting making the rounds on Internet suggests trouble brewing

Tea Party: Much noise, but what impact in November?

Greenpeace Threatens Global Warming Skeptics: “We Know Where You Live”


WND Intel Briefs: China putting U.S. carriers in bull's-eye?

C/Edge Headline News Archives Article Posted In October, 2000

Has Russian Technology Doomed US Navy In This Upcoming Third World War? China Has These Russian Weapons - supersonic cruise missile especially effective against American carriers


April 5, 2010


Pope's immunity could be challenged in Britain

Defense Minister prepares Germans for Afghan 'war'

Strong Mexico Earthquake shakes Southern California: Between 6.9-7.2

Deadly bombings show Iraq's fragile political process, security situation

Triple blasts hit northwest Pakistan capital near U.S. consulate

Gaza tension still concerned after Hamas' call for calm

Obama faces challenges to get rest of plans approved

Resurrection real, according to some scientists


Catholicism: White Sepulcher Christianity

Vatican's Easter Mass infused with defense of Pope

Pope Defiant: I won't be 'intimidated' by critics

Pope celebrates Easter Vigil amid abuse scandal

Small coterie advises pope, but decisions his own

Cardinal William Levada kept accused priest from US kids

Immigration radicals claim 'friend' in White House: Tout bill to document 12 million illegals as ensuring 'progressive' rule

Israeli - Palestinian War

Turkish envoy to Israel recalled

Top Egypt official warns: Israel-Hamas tensions could lead to another Gaza war

Palestinian official says Egypt tries to contain Gaza tension

Hamas condemns Israeli strikes on Gaza

U.S. congressman visits Gaza for humanitarian mission

Israel allows goods to go to Gaza traders after three years

Islamic Jihad to stop rocket fire on Israel: Announcement Sunday

Bill Clinton’s plan of 2000 is back: End of ambiguity over two-state vision at root of Israel-US crisis

Two-state solution safeguards Israel's future: Arab viewpoint

Loving Israel to death: Editorial

Yemen Court Upholds Death Sentence for Man Accused of Contacting Israel

33 killed in Iraq as bombers target foreign embassies

Murder of white supremacist Eugene Terre’Blanche may make him an Afrikaner volk martyr

Fascist Global Economy Forming

U.S. Buys China Time on Currency

Summers, Greenspan Say Economy, Job Creation Gaining Strength

Asian shares advance on US jobs market recovery

Obama is walking a thin line on jobs front

Summers expects financial overhaul to pass Senate

Iran Set to Reduce Heavy-Oil Prices for Asia After Saudi Cuts


Father Identifies His Daughter as a Moscow Suicide Bomber

U.S. Aims to Ease India-Pakistan Tension

NATO admits killing Afghan civilians in February raid

US special forces 'tried to cover-up' botched Khataba raid in Afghanistan

Judge says threats to confiscate children may be coercion: Arizona Homeschool family's case against sheriff's office, social services advanced


Health Care News

U.S. Constitution clearly forbids this health care law

Obamanites get violent in support of the agenda: The registered voter in the "Christian militia" arrests turns out to be a Democrat

Rate hikes likely with health care reform

What can you benefit from the health care reform bill? - Part 1

Health Care Reform Law Still Generating Lots Of Questions

Senator Brown Charts Future, Vows to Keep Fighting After Health Care Defeat

Hattiesburg, Laurel residents file lawsuit against Obama administration over ObamaCare

Obama Focuses on Three Candidates to Succeed Justice Stevens

Analysis: Can tea party spark a real revolution?

Amid harsh criticisms, 'tea party' slips into the mainstream

Tea and not much sympathy

Tea party movement hasn't expanded voter rolls

5 things to know about the tea party movement

Myth-busting polls: Tea Party members are average Americans, 41% are Democrats, independents

GOP Candidates Court Tea Party Voters in Race Against Senate Majority Leader Reid

WND's Joe Farah back at 2nd Tea Party Nation convention

Christian faith: Calvinism is back - challenging the me-centered prosperity gospel of much of modern evangelicalism with a God-first immersion in Scripture - "Calvin's teachings reconceived Christianity; midwifed Western ideas about capitalism, democracy, and religious liberty; and nursed the Puritan values that later cast the character of America"

New strategy unveiled to force Obama on eligibility: Petition calls on state election officials to verify qualifications in 2012

Upping the ante on eligibility: WND editorial


April 3-4, 2010


Iraq gunmen kill at least 25 in attack on village

Increase in March Employment Shows U.S. Recovery Is Broadening

Has Pope Benedict led effectively amid the sex scandal?

Guardians of the free Republics which sent letter to Culver is recruiting in Iowa

Cease-fire at risk as hostilities rise along Israeli border of Gaza Strip

Iran's president warns Israel against new offensive on Gaza

Militants kill Russian policeman in Islamic Dagestan Province

Moscow suicide bomber identified as teenage widow from Dagestan

Obama says economy starting to 'turn the corner'

Obama, GOP spar over new jobs figures

Full-body scanners improve security: TSA

Are men hard-wired to cheat on their wives?

Special Offer



3D-face creator says Shroud proves Jesus' physical resurrection

"Studying the Shroud to produce the 3D face of Jesus, we encountered scientific evidence that the resurrection was a real physical event that happened in a moment of time 2,000 years ago."

"He is not here; He has risen, as He said He would do. Come, see the place where He lay." (Matthew 28:6)

"But if there is no resurrection of the dead, then Christ has not risen; And if Christ has not risen, then our preaching is in vain [it amounts to nothing] and your faith is devoid of truth and is fruitless (without effect, empty, imaginary, and unfounded)." (1 Corinthians 15:13-14; Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary)

Today's News

China-India War Is Inevitable

Thirteen Israeli air strikes hit Gaza Strip

Israel warns of new Gaza assault after air strikes

Overhaul a job-saver, Obama tells Maine

Iran says sanctions will not stop nuclear programme

U.S. Requires New Layer of Security Checks at Foreign Airports

GM’s China Auto Sales Exceed U.S. for Third Straight Month

GM Heals as Toyota's ‘God-Like Status’ Fades

Prozac Pilots May Fly as U.S. FAA Drops Ban on Four Medicines

Fascist Global Economy Forming

Toyota Discounts Spur March U.S. Sales; Nissan Up 43%

South Korean Economy Back on Track

Lexus Tops Mercedes in U.S. Luxury-Auto Sales in March, Quarter

Ford Beating GM May Be ‘New Normal’ on Vehicle Lineup

Asian Stocks, Currencies Advance on Japan, U.S. Growth Optimism

Employment in U.S. Probably Increased by Most in Three Years

U.S. Easter Spending Will Increase for First Time Since 2007

Fed Reveals The Amount of Bear Stearns Assets It Swallowed in Firm’s Rescue

Fuel-Economy Rules Set EPA Climate-Change Standard: Boosts automobile fuel mileage goals by 30%


Health Care News

Duke Energy CEO Offended by the ‘Father Knows Best’ Pitch of Health Law

Will New Health Care Law Really Help Small Businesses?

Obama in Maine: Health-care law lifts 'burdens' off middle class

Obama Blames Media For Public's Impatience With Health Law

Obama Taunts GOP on Health Care Reform Repeal Platform: 'Go For It'

A dynamic longer than a week in the making

Army suggests brain scan for eligibility challenger: Flight surgeon questions Obama's right to be commander in chief

US navy captures Somali pirates' mother ship

Obama Urges Hu to Support Iran Sanctions Plan in 1-Hour Call

Iran Risks ‘Serious Backlash’ in Iraq, Allawi Warns: Iranian efforts to exclude him from power risk causing a “serious backlash” that could rekindle violence

Sadrists hold Iraqi poll to determine who should be next PM

UN backs Iraq election results

Corruption Threatens U.S. Strategy in Afghanistan

Delhi packs up, retreats from Afghanistan

Palin's Unconventional Campaign Continues With Debut of 'Real American Stories'

Israeli - Palestinian War

When will Israel invade Lebanon and Syria?

Israel pounds Gaza with missiles: In response to Palestinian terror rocket attacks

Former New York Mayor Ed Koch Outraged By Obama's Treatment of Israel Over Housing Construction

Obama Can Stop Funding Illegal Settlements

US-Israel relations deteriorate as Arab League moves against settlements

After Dissing Bibi, Obama Now To Meet With Palestinian Side

Israelis gather at disputed West Bank holy site

Israel to allow clothes, shoes into blockaded Gaza

Soldier-turned-journalist under house arrest in Israel

Muzzling Israel's left only harms its democracy

Move to ban 'biology-based' restrooms going underground?


April 1, 2010


Strong opposition to ocean-drilling proposal

Democrats lie low after healthcare victory

Republican Calls It 'A Tragedy' for Pro-Life Democrats 'to Cave to Most Pro-Abortion President' in History

Abortion doctor killer faces sentencing amid debate

Sex Abuse: Vatican's Struggle for Damage Control

Should There Be an Inquisition for the Pope?

Federal Judge: Bush overstepped wiretapping authority

Army 'showdown' at eligibility corral: Top doctor refuses orders, tells Obama to show birth certificate

Obama clears way for oil drilling off US coasts

Offshore Atlantic drilling divides

Obama Energy Proposal Irks Both Pro- and Anti-Drilling Advocates

Black gold or fool's gold?

New Fuel Standards

No California offshore drilling for now

Presidential Candidate Obama Slammed Opponent McCain’s Offshore Drilling Plan

L.A. mayor gets his "green energy" rate hikes

The Hutaree Among Us: A Michigan Town in the Glare

Chechen Muslim Militant Claims Moscow Subway Blasts

Why the Bombings Weren't Breaking News in Russia

Two Killed in Dagestan Car Explosion

China’s President Hu to attend nuclear summit in Washington

Iran and China to discuss nuclear program

Major Powers Agree to Pursue New Iran Sanctions

US and Iran: The best of enemies?

ElBaradei blasts ‘failure’ of Western Mideast policy

Fascist Global Economy Forming

Chinese Output Accelerates, Boosting Global Recovery

Germany leads manufacturing boost

East European Manufacturing Boosted By Exports

Greece Aid Not on Agenda for EU Summit

Asian Stocks Gain as China, South Korea Data Fuel Growth Hopes

Laptop Killer? Pretty Close: iPad Is a 'Game Changer' That Makes Browsing And Video a Pleasure; Challenge to the Mouse

Why Internet connections are fastest in South Korea

Which 17 countries have faster Internet connections than the United States?

Israeli - Palestinian War

U.S. military seeking role on West Bank

Obama wants Israel to halt building in east Jerusalem for four months

Israel silent on Obama's four-month building freeze in East Jerusalem

Obama’s treatment of Israel unfair, dangerous

On Passover, Israel concerned over world standing

Gaza rocket fired at Israel, causes no damage

Israel minister vows to 'liquidate' Gaza Hamas rulers

Abbas wanted Hamas toppled in Gaza war: Israel

When technology enables despotism: Editorial



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