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April 1-15, 2015        

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Iran: Negotiating with world powers, not US Congress

In setback, Obama concedes Congress role on Iran deal

Kerry: 'Confident' Nuclear Deal Can Be Secured With Iran

President Obama cozies up to Cuban dictator

Abraham Lincoln: The One President All of Them Want to Be More Like


Supernation #7 - Middle East / Northern Africa

Saudi Arabia - Yemen

No clear winners or losers in Yemen as conflict rages

Is Iran outmaneuvering Saudi Arabia in Yemen?

Egypt and Saudi Arabia discuss maneuvers as Yemen battles rage

Preparing ground invasion of Yemen, Saudi military to raze some 100 border towns

Saudi Arabia boosts security on Yemen border: Tanks, border guards and artillery moved

Egypt says discussed "major military manoeuvre" in Saudi Arabia

Saudi-UAE relations tense following military action in Yemen

Saudi Arabia campaign in Yemen masks widening domestic unrest

Chance to leave Yemen safely are fading

Al Qaeda Group Says Top Cleric Killed in Yemen

Boycott Saudi Arabia for Being an Apartheid State

Saudi Arabia beheads Indonesian woman with suspected mental illness

Indonesia Protests


Iraq official warns Ramadi could fall to ISIS

U.S. Warns Iran to Halt Unilateral Military Moves in Iraq

Boehner: U.S. troops should re-engage in Iraq

Iraq’s Cycles of Revenge

Former top adviser destroyed Obama's Iraq policy in one sentence

The US and Iran are closer in Iraq than people realize — and things are getting ugly



Seeking a solution for Egypt's troubled Sinai Peninsula

Turkey condemns Sinai bombings, despite strained relations with Egypt

President Obama rewards Egypt’s repression with military aid

Egypt's adaptation of the 'War on Terror'

Egypt moves closer to labelling soccer fans as terrorists



Obama Hid North Korea Rocket Component Transfer to Iran


Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Geographically Located In Supernation #7

Israeli ambassador cut off from Obama staff

Unity Government Would Be 'Biggest Fraud in Political History'

Rubio Announces Candidacy, Blasts Obama's 'Hostility to Israel'

Russian FM Lavrov: S-300 Does Not Threaten Israel

Damning Report Reveals Spike in Violent Anti-Semitism in Europe

European-Backed Leftist NGO Uses Biblical Archaeology to Fight Jewish Claim on Jerusalem

Don’t Keep the Trans-Pacific Partnership Talks Secret

Obama and Castro herald 'turning point' in US-Cuba ties

Obama Takes Cuba off Terror Sponsor List



April 14, 2015


Both Israeli and Palestinian leaders favor a Bi-National State

Kremlin confirms oil-for-goods swap with Iran under way

US Invasion, Occupation of Iraq Left 1 Million Dead

Ebola still claiming tens of thousands of lives

White officer won't face death penalty in South Carolina murder: Prosecutor

Will Marco Rubio's Appeal Among Florida Hispanic Voters Translate Nationwide?

Hillary Clinton's campaign launch reflects an increasingly liberal America

Defense Department: Bible, Constitution And Declaration Of Independence All Perpetuate Sexism


Supernation #7 - Middle East / Northern Africa


Russia opens way to missile deliveries to Iran, starts oil-for-goods swap

US Troubled by Possible Russian Missile Sales to Iran

Examining the power Russia’s S-300 missile system will give Iran

S-300 will not prevent potential Israeli strike on Iran

Archives: Since April, 2003, Russia has been protecting Iran with a far more advanced air defense system

What's in that Iran bill and why all the fuss about it?

Supporters scramble for compromise on U.S. Senate Iran bill

Obama’s deceptions on Iran and Cuba

Saudi Arabia - Yemen

Amid Tensions With Saudi Arabia, Iran Halts Minor Pilgrimages to Mecca

Saudi Spurns Call by Iran to Draw Back From Yemen

Pakistan Treads Lightly Between Iran, Saudi Arabia

U.S. Moves to Stem Iran Arms Flow to Yemen

Iran calls for new Yemeni government, increasing tension with Saudis

Saudi and Iranian leaders wage war of words as Yemen burns

Saudi Arabia's Shiny New Air Campaign Not Working Any Better Than Anyone Else's

Fighters in southern Yemen say pushing back Houthis

Saudi Arabia boosts military spending to record level

'Yemen Cyber Army' hack Pro-Saudi website, warn readers to support Houthi revolution

Hezbollah: Saudi Arabia to pay 'heavy price' over Yemen 'genocide'



US Invasion, Occupation of Iraq Left 1 Million Dead

Iraq 'retakes quarter of Islamic State territory'

ISIS makes major advances at Iraq's largest oil refinery complex

Obama, Iraq's Abadi to discuss Islamic State fight in today's White House meeting: Deep coordination already exists

Cabinet signs off on deployment of 330 more Australian troops to Iraq

Hillary Clinton's vulnerability: Iraq

Islamic State suicide bomber's car explodes mid-air in Iraq

Truckers struggle to navigate Iraq’s Isis-controlled roads


'Deepest circle of hell': Terrified Yarmouk residents describe ISIS raid

Jordan's King Abdullah II: Airstrikes increasing inside Syria and Iraq

Syria Rebels Attack Government Intelligence Center in Aleppo

Syrian World Heritage Site used as battlefield


At least 14, mostly policeman, killed in separate attacks in Egypt, Northern Sinai

Egypt, Netanyahu, Israeli Opposition - All Against Iran Deal

Egypt upholds Islamist ex-presidential candidate's jail term

Electricity restored in Media City after explosion

HRW: Egypt Muslim Brotherhood verdicts ‘blatantly unjust’

Quietly Flows the Nile: Renaissance Dam now a reality

Upgrading Egypt-Ethiopia ties will not be at expense of other Nile Basin members

Tripartite committee on Ethiopia’s dam convenes in Addis Ababa

Suspected militants attack Somali ministry, gunmen storm in

800,000 children forced to flee homes in Nigeria: UNICEF

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Geographically Located In Supernation #7

How Do Clinton, Rubio Stack Up in Defense of Israel?

Hamas Prepares For Next Military Confrontation With Israel

New Simulators Train IDF Infantry for Future Underground War

Taking the Bait, Netanyahu Responds to Obama with Nuclear Deal Alternative

Israelis Respond to Hillary Clinton's Candidacy

Shin Bet: Hamas cell 'planned Purim shooting attack'

Interior Minister Erdan pushes for biometric system

Iran, Israel cooperate over nuclear test prevention

Six Ukrainian servicemen killed in past 24 hours in east

Chile moves to recognize same-sex civil unions

Protesters in Brazil push to impeach President Dilma Rousseff



April 13, 2015


Obama Exempts His Daughters From Common Core Testing

Hillary Clinton Makes it Official: 'I'm Running for President'

Obama making gay rights his, Democrats’ legacy

Saudi Arabia’s American-Backed War in Yemen Went Really Badly Today

Would New Borders Mean Less Conflict in the Middle East? --- Very Similar To 2006 Pentagon's Middle East Map

US isn’t winding down its wars – it’s just running them at arm’s length

Pope Francis Calls Armenian Deaths ‘First Genocide of 20th Century’

2016 Presidential Race

Why Hillary Is Hiding in Plain Sight on Her Big Day

Hillary Clinton in 2016: The wrong woman at the wrong time

Hillary Clinton and Democrats Aim to Buck History

How Hillary Clinton Has Navigated Gender in Politics

'Road Trip!' Hillary Clinton Makes for Iowa

Obama approval underwater in Colorado, Iowa, Virginia

Marco Rubio's Rapid Rise From City Commission to Presidential Contender

Marco Rubio will announce for president today in Miami

Marco Rubio Used to Believe In Climate Science: Now He's Running For President

The Scandal That Could Blow Up Rand Paul's Machine

Why Ted Cruz’s Campaign Will Break Barriers

Cruz, Perry Take Two Approaches to Targeting Clinton

2016 Republican hopefuls slam Obama, vow to defend gun rights at NRA convention


Supernation #7 - Middle East / Northern Africa

Saudi Arabia - Yemen

Saudi Arabia dismisses Iran calls for Yemen cease-fire

Iran's foreign minister calls for new Yemeni government

Iran suspends Saudi Arabia pilgrimage over alleged sexual assault of 2 boys

Saudi Arabia’s Other War

PM: Lebanon Supports Yemen's Sovereignty

Ground Invasion!

Preparing ground invasion of Yemen, Saudi military to raze some 100 border towns

Britons Readying to Rally in Protest at Saudi Invasion of Yemen

Saudis seek troops from Pakistan ahead of possible Yemen invasion

Pakistan votes not to join Saudi-led coalition in Yemen


Islamic State group attacks Iraq’s largest oil refinery

Obama and Iraq's Abadi to map 'long, long' fight against Islamic State: Meet at White House on Tuesday

Iraq's Leader to Seek Arms With Deferred Payment on US Visit

31 killed in airstrikes and attacks across Iraq


HRW: Egypt Muslim Brotherhood Verdicts 'Blatantly Unjust'

Egypt's Sinai Peninsula hit by deadly bomb attacks: At least 14 people have been killed

Egypt condemns Turkey’s ‘unacceptable interference’ in judicial affairs

Egypt Militants Behind Cairo Blast Name New Leader

American Mohamed Soltan Sentenced to Life in Prison in Egypt

The Brotherhood’s mistake in the Egyptian Revolution

Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan Select Advisory Offices On Renaissance Dam


Saudi Arabia, Turkey Speaking about Unlikely Alliance To Oust Syria's Assad

U.N. envoy sees Syria willing to help ease Yarmouk crisis

More than 6,000 European jihadists in Syria: EU official


Fighting picks up in war-torn eastern Ukraine

Threats to Belarus, Eurasian Union, Political Prisoners




April 11-12, 2015

Obama Exempts His Daughters From Common Core Testing

Hundreds protest against Saudi Arabia in Tehran

Saudi Arabia maneuvers to retain oil crown

Saudi airstrikes hit two markets in northern Yemen

Britons Readying to Rally in Protest at Saudi Invasion of Yemen

Egypt sentences Muslim Brotherhood leader, others to death

Egypt’s Coptic Christians flock to Jerusalem despite ban

64 alleged Brotherhood members referred to military prosecution

US, France, Israel Condemn Pakistan’s Release Of Alleged Mumbai Attack Mastermind Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi

The Left, Both Here and There, Betraying Israel

Obama, Castro to meet amid bid to restore Cuba ties

U.S. Federal government has been illegally using your federal tax dollars to pay lobbyists

Obama Could Face Another Disastrous Summit Due to Sanctions Against Venezuela

Hillary Clinton's economic plans need an overhaul

Networks Skip Latest Break in the Clinton Foundation Scandal

NRA head warns about Hillary presidency: ‘A permanent darkness of deceit and despair

Radical Abortion Group Will Trash Pro-Life Presidential Candidates, Defend Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton on Abortion - Pro abortion voting record

Bloomberg falls for fake Nancy Reagan 'endorses' Hillary story


Obama administration continues to distort American opinion

More Abortion Distortion in Obamacare

Mass killers often share obsession with violent video games

Arizona and Arkansas Just Passed Bills Ordering Doctors to Lie About Abortion to Patients

Amazon files first-ever lawsuit against California man for selling fake product reviews

James Holmes, and how the CIA hid their MKULTRA mind-control program

How Obama Literally Hypnotized America

An Examination of Obama’s Use of Hidden Hypnosis Techniques in His Speeches

April 11, 2015


Iran’s supreme leader voices pessimism on nuclear deal

Was Obama's Fixer also behind Obama's 'Fact-Sheet' on the Iran?

Mark Steyn Slams Obama for 'Dishonoring' Dead Christians, Media Still Silent -

Defying Saudis, Pakistani lawmakers vote to stay out of Yemen

Yemen conflict’s risk for Saudis: ‘Their Vietnam’

Pakistan declines Saudi call for military support in Yemen fight

Iran denounces Saudi-led campaign in Yemen

A look at the countries involved in the Saudi Arabia-led airstrikes targeting Yemen rebels

Planes with medical aid land in embattled Yemeni capital

Ayatollah Khamenei Accuses WH of 'Lying,' Being 'Deceptive,' and Having 'Devilish' Intentions

US, Russian war games rekindle Cold War tensions

Historic encounter with Cuba's Castro awaits Obama in Panama

State Department recommends removing Cuba from terrorism list: Senate source.

Obama taken for fool by classic Muslim ploy

New witness, dash cam video emerge in South Carolina shooting case

'Hardball' Gives Platform to Rep. Clyburn to Blame Conservative-Leaning ALEC for South Carolina Police Shooting

Family of Walter Scott tells Rev. Al Sharpton to keep away

Cops: Man shoots Census Bureau guard, leads police on chase

Severe weather forecast for East after tornandoes rip across Midwest

Hillary to Launch Campaign This Weekend With ‘Insane’ Fundraising Push

Tsarnaev guilty of all 30 counts in Boston bombing

World stocks press higher, with Tokyo touching 15-year high


Real Mind Control Is Being Used On You. .

Recent Hollywood Movie Reveals Mind Control Technologies Designed to Depopulate the Planet

Science fiction of future reality? Mind control to rule tech by 2025

IEEE Internet of Things Survey Reports Mind Control Will Be the Technology of Choice in 10 Years

Gordon College accuses gay activists of discriminating against its Christian students

Terminally Ill Man Set to Undergo World’s First Head Transplant, Doctor Called Crazy

Confused White House Creates Confused-Gender Bathroom

An unlikely trio: Michelle Obama, Kerry Washington and Sarah Jessica Parker on May 2015 Glamour cover

Baltimore Police used secret technology to track cellphones in thousands of cases

Paul to Blitzer: 'An Abortion All the Way Up to the Day of Birth' is the Democrat Party Position

Doctors Say Tick Borne ‘Powassan Virus’ Is Worse Than Lyme Disease

Fears over Roundup herbicide residues prompt private testing

April 9, 2015


New Headline News Article

President Obama Is Using The Iranian Nuclear Talks As A Shield Behind Which He Is Seen Protecting Iran's Nuclear Facilities From Israeli Attack!

This Illuminati Plan may well result in the beginning of the wave upon wave of enemy invasions of Jerusalem as foretold in Zechariah 12!

All Praise To The Iranian Nuclear Framework—It Finally Exposes The War Party’s (Republican's) Big Lie

Lawrence Wilkerson: Iran ‘Win-Win’ Announced but Many Congressional Republicans Still Want War


Police Tactics In The New World Order

Senator Tim Scott met with Ferguson leaders following SC shooting

North Charleston Residents Express Disgust, but Not Surprise, at Police Shooting

Officer Who Killed Walter Scott Is Fired; Police Chief Denounces Shooting

2 police killings, 2 outcomes: Lessons learned from Ferguson, Missouri to South Carolina

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev convicted on all charges in Boston Marathon bombing trial

Tsarnaev may face death sentence

Rand Paul Begins Campaign Relatively Well-Known Among GOP


Supernation #7 - Middle East / Northern Africa

Saudi Arabia - Yemen

Yemen's Shi'ite Houthis seize provincial capital despite Saudi-led raids

The war in Yemen is getting worse -- and a civilian catastrophe is looming

Expedited Weapons Deliveries to Saudi Arabia Signal Deepening U.S. Involvement

Saudi Arabia blocks Iranian plane carrying religious pilgrims

‘Yemen war might make Saudis bleed for long time’

Dead or Alive: Al-Qaeda in Yemen offers 20kg gold for Houthi leader, ex-president

America Immobilized as Iran-Saudi Arabia Proxy War Turns Bloody


Iran will only sign nuclear deal if sanctions lifted 'same day': Rouhani

Iran Military Chief: We Successfully Thwarted US Political Will

In first steps on campaign trail, Rand Paul shadowed by Iran deal

Saudi Arabia welcomes Iran framework deal

Obama discusses Iran deal with key Republican senator

Iran seeks to double oil exports in two months once sanctions lifted

China on Tap for Iranian Natural Gas 'Peace Pipeline'


Jordan King meets Iraqi DM to discuss regional situation

Former CIA Director/General David Petraeus Laments: What has happened in Iraq is a tragedy

Iraq: '10,000 tribesmen join fight against Daesh'

Blood on their Hands: Are Shia militias right allies for U.S.?

'Iraq Is Finished': Tribal leaders reflect on the enemy destroying their country from within

82nd Airborne to deploy to Iraq

ISIS Training Camps: Islamic State Group Opens Military Grounds In Deir Ez-Zor After Suffering Heavy Losses In Syria, Iraq


Obama Wrecked U.S.-Egypt Ties

Hellfire missiles approved for Egypt

Violence in Egypt's Sinai kills 11 civilians, 2 soldiers

Egypt to try another 379 Brotherhood members over sit-in violence

Turkey's Erdogan says Egypt should free Mursi before it can restore ties

Egypt Islamic Authority Issues Fatwa Against Philadelphia Anti-Islam Bus Posters

Ethiopia- Analysis: Egypt Forced to Negotiate on Nile Dam

Will Ethiopia's Grand Renaissance Dam dry the Nile in Egypt?

Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan to choose Renaissance dam consultancy firm


Syrian Kurdish Leader: Break Syria Up into Separate States

Where's the Outrage Over Palestinians Dying in Syria?

Red Cross demands access to ISIS-held Palestinian refugee camp in Syria

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Geographically Located In Supernation #7

Israel’s Cuban Missile Crisis

First Ever 'Biblical Marathon' Held in Samaria

Jews Receive Less Than Warm Welcome on Temple Mount

Watch: Historic Omer Barley Offering Held in Jerusalem - on same day it was performed in Holy Temple thousands of years ago

Israel: Jesus was not born in Palestine!

More than 80% of Israelis Believe the Holocaust Could Be Forgotten

Palestinian Police Expand Security Control in Judea and Samaria

IDF Invests in New Cellular Technology to Protect Israelis from Missiles

Did Obama push Nigeria's Goodluck Jonathan to concede defeat?

Supernation #5- Russia / East European Nations


Pro-Russian Rebels Told: Major Attack on Ukraine Imminent

'Summary killings' of Ukraine soldiers in east - Amnesty

Mystery of Ukraine's Richest Man and a Series of Unlikely Suicides

Berlin to hold four-way Ukraine talks

Ukraine Creditor Group Has Plan to Avoid Writedown in Debt Talks

Nuclear Submarines: America's New Aircraft Carriers?

French broadcaster TV5Monde hit by Islamist hackers

Italy court shooting: Two dead, man arrested in Milan


April 8, 2015


White North Charleston (SC) officer charged with murder in shooting of black man

Russian Hackers Breach White House System

2016 hopefuls Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio hope there’s enough tea to go around

State Dept.: Obama Was 'a Little Mixed Up' in NPR Interview

Iran Seeks Nuclear Deal but Not Normal Ties With “Great Satan”

CBS exit poll: Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel wins second term

Supernation #7 - Middle East / Northern Africa


Reality Check: America Needs Iran

Iran’s Leaders Fall Into Line Behind Nuclear Accord

The Iran deal has two kinds of critics

President Obama Ramps Up Lobbying Campaign Of Iran Nuclear Deal

Iran: We'll Start Using Advanced Centrifuges After Deal Signed

Military Action Against Iran Still Possible: Israeli Official


Saudi Arabia - Yemen

US boosts arms for Yemen coalition

Saudi-led planes strike air base north of Aden

560 dead amid fears of humanitarian collapse in Yemen

Houthis cannot take Yemen by force: US

Top Typhoon jets deployed in air raids

Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman hails troops for heroic service

Coalition forces upbeat on Day 12

Two Saudi policemen shot dead in Riyadh



Look to Bush's Iraq invasion for ISIS roots

The 'seeds of Iraq's unraveling' were sown in 2003, not 2010

Iraqi Teams Start Exhuming Mass Grave Of Soldiers In Tikrit

Iraq, U.S. Are Divided on What’s Next in Battle Against Islamic State

US led forces conduct 12 air strikes in Iraq, 3 in Syria

Iraq Boosts Oil Output In Face Of Security Problems

Inside the Iraq mission: What our troops are doing

Iraq in talks with IMF, no decision yet on emergency funds


Syrian Islamist insurgents kidnap, and then release, 300 Kurdish men

UN Security Council mulls how to help Syria's Yarmouk civilians and Palestinian refugees

Islamic State Blew Up Syrian Church in ‘Christian Hill’ on Easter Sunday: Assyrian Church

Anti-Assad Syrian Activist Shot Dead in London


Insight - In Egypt, ex-military men fire up Islamist insurgency

US military aid will further strangle Egypt's democracy

Moody’s raises Egypt’s credit rating to B3

In Egypt, Copts Are Being Persecuted Again

Egypt's ambassador to Yemen won't rule out ground troops

Egypt to receive $6 bln from Gulf states

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Geographically Located In Supernation #7

Op-Ed: The Two State Solution: It is Never Going to Happen

Israeli Source Acknowledges IDF Fire Killed Spanish UN Soldier

Outrage as Dutch Soccer Fans Chant 'Jews Burn the Best'

IDF Soldiers Stabbed in Samaria

‘David’s Sling’ Missile Defense Test Successful



April 7, 2015


Are You Muslim or Christian? Death to Christians!

Rand Paul For President: Sets out to prove he's not his father

Oil falls as Iran, China discuss more supply

U.S. says Iran sanctions face phase-out

Saudi Atrocities Go Unnoticed

Boston bombing jury to begin weighing whether Tsarnaev is guilty

Hume on the 'danger' of Rolling Stone's gang rape story: Univ/Virginia

Supernation #7 - Middle East / Northern Africa



Six US Presidents Have Destroyed Iraq

How Obama Abandoned Democracy in Iraq

Iraq: Forensic teams uncovering mass graves left by ISIS in Tikrit - Death toll might reach 1,700

Iranian Military Swarms To Iraq

US is Under-Arming the Kurds against ISIS

Iraq PM says will cooperate with Kurds to liberate Nineveh

Governor: Kurdish Peshmerga should help Iraq army


Saudi Arabia - Yemen

Yemen; A Vietnam for Saudi army

Yemen: More deadly air strikes as Pakistan weighs whether to intervene

Several Factors Motivate Saudi Outreach to Pakistan

Saudi Strikes Drive Houthis From Central Aden

China Evacuates Foreign Nationals from Yemen, Unprecedented Move

Americans Struggle to Get Families Out Amid Yemen Conflict

Somalia reveals its position towards the Saudi-led military operation in Yemen: Will support Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia welcomes Iran nuclear deal


Obama: Iran sanctions could be reimposed if deal broken

Israel Proposes New Terms for Final Iran Deal

Obama admits Iran nuclear deal only delays inevitable

Archives: Iran Has Had Military Nuclear Capability Since Early 2002!

Rouhani's stature grows in Iran nuclear deal

Israel to push Congress to pass bill to hamper Iran deal

Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer backs bill to allow Congress to vote on Iranian nuclear deal

President Obama rejects Israel's demands for Iran to recognize Israel as a Jewish state

Obama: US will stand by Gulf allies against Iran's 'destabilizing activities'

8 Iranian soldiers killed near Pakistan border

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Geographically Located In Supernation #7

Israelis Pray God's Blessing Over Their Nation

Priestly Blessing at the Western Wall – Passover 2015

Dutch Soccer fans boast Nazi heritage at game, chant 'Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the gas'

Palestinians attempting to fast track war crimes suits against Israel at ICC

Abbas Calls for Renewed Peace Talks, Refuses to Recognize Jewish State

'Arab League to submit timetable for an end to Israel's occupation'

At Least 50,000 Attend Birkat Hakohanim at the Kotel (Western Wall)

Supernation #5- Russia / East European Nations


Putin’s Ukraine War Is About Founding a New Russian Empire

Ukrainian Leader Is Open to a Vote on Regional Power

Wladimir Klitschko shocked by Ukraine's 'war with brother folk'

Waving Cash, Putin Sows E.U. Divisions in an Effort to Break Sanctions

Explosion in Ukraine's Kharkiv targets national flag memorial

'Like dancing with death': Russian bomb defusers on Ukraine's front lines

Eurasian Economic Union

Russia's new Eurasian Economic Union could get its own single currency

Kyrgyz Economy Can Be Adapted to Eurasian Economic Union - Putin

Eurasian Economic Union, Vietnam to sign free trade deal in near future — Russian PM

China’s foreign minister sees great potential in cooperation with Russia

Greece Looks to Moscow for Help as Berlin Burns With Anger

Supernation #8 - Central / Southern Africa

Garissa Attack: Kenyan vigil to mourn 147 people killed by terrorists

Kenya revenge raid for massacre

Government names Kenya attack mastermind

Kenya is losing the plot against Al-Shabab

Obama Promises To Visit Kenya Despite Terror Attacks

Amid The Chaos In Somalia, Al-Shabab Expands Its Terrorist Reach

SOMALIA: Military court orders execution of two convicted Al-shabab militants

French special forces rescue Dutch hostage held in Mali since 2011

Mali Officials: 1 killed, 3 injured in shelling of northern city of Gao by unknown assailants

Gunmen kidnap Romanian from Burkina Faso mine near Mali border

Two dead in attack on Mali village, Boni


April 6, 2015


Supernation #7 - Middle East / Northern Africa


Obama says US has 'once in a lifetime' chance to complete Iran nuclear deal

Iranian, US Versions of Nuclear Deal Contradict Each Other

Republicans push demand for a vote on Iran nuclear deal

Iran seeks ‘total removal’ and not ‘suspension’ of sanctions: President Rouhani

Obama Reiterates: If anybody messes with Israel, America will be there

Op Ed: Netanyahu is the least important player on the Iran chessboard

OP Ed: Democrats Surrender To Iran

Arab states fear Iran will become America's 'policeman' in Gulf


PLO decries 'heartbreaking catastrophe' at Damascus refugee camp

ISIS captures Yarmuk refugee camp in Damascus

ISIS Beheading Palestinians in Damascus

Syrian rebels' march on Damascus becomes fight for their survival: “We are fighting a war over meters”

Three hundred Kurds taken prisoner by Islamist militants in Syria

Syrian Army Turns To Female Snipers In Damascus

IS-occupied Syria like living in prison: Visitor from Raqqa

Syria: Isis Blows up Ancient Al-Hasakah Church on Easter Sunday

Jordan is prepared for cross-border military action



UN praises Iraq's recapture of Tikrit from Daesh

After Tikrit victory, Iraq's new challenge: Win over Sunnis

The US and Iran are closer in Iraq than people realize — and things are getting ugly

Pope Francis’s Easter message: Act against violence in Syria, Iraq

Christians in Iraq and Syria celebrate Easter and pray for better days



Saudi Arabia - Yemen

Houthis clash with militias in fight for Aden: Reports of 36 more killed in Yemen

Saudi Arabia welcomes Iran nuclear deal, seeks region free of WMD

Oil up more than $1 after Saudi's Asia price hike

For Saudi Arabia, struggles in Yemen have deep roots

Police officer killed in security raids on Saudi Arabia's Eastern Province

Al-Qaeda franchise in Yemen exploits chaos to rebuild

‘Saudi Arabia saving democracy in Yemen? That’s a cruel joke!’

Iran is against Saudi Arabia

Op Ed: Saudi Arabia, a state of cruel 'justice'

Supernation #8 - Central / Southern Africa

Kenya bombs al-Shabaab camps in Somalia

Kenya was warned of Garissa attack, took hours to respond

Tales of agony as kin identify bodies

President Kenyatta says campus attackers 'embedded' in Kenya's Muslim community

Former Somali PM urges US to change its Somalia anti-terror approach

Somalia: Police tighten security in Mogadishu after barbaric Kenya massacre

Somalia: Grenade Attack At Checkpoint Kills One in Puntland

Sudan rebels seize election material days before vote

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Geographically Located In Supernation #7

Israelis Pray God's Blessing Over Their Nation

Israel Braces for 'Electronic Holocaust'

Israel Rejects US-Iran Nuclear Deal

Chief Rabbi Lau: Next Year on the Temple Mount

Demand for Access to Synagogue on the Temple Mount

Obama: A Vulnerable Israel Would be 'Failure of My Presidency'

Netanyahu Offers Condolences and Assistance to Kenyan President

Geologists claim stats, science prove Jesus buried in Jerusalem with wife and supposed son

Muslims to Nearly Catch Up with Christians by 2050, Number of Jews to Shrink in US

Supernation #5- Russia / East European Nations

Ukraine at financial breaking point

6 Ukraine soldiers killed in clashes with pro-Russians

Ukrainian leader lifts objections to vote on regional power

Rebel Leader: Kiev blocks solution for eastern Ukraine

Ukraine’s neo-Nazi leader becomes top military adviser, legalizes fighters

Russian Law Enforcement Steps Up in Information War Against Ukraine

Czech President Zeman in row with US ambassador over Ukraine and Russia





April 4-5, 2015


Supernation #7 - Middle East / Northern Africa


US reportedly backed down on initial goals in Iran talks

Obama presses case for Iran nuclear deal in weekly address

Slippery face-saver, but Iran wins

Will agreement with Iran pave way to a nuclear bomb?

Archives: Iran Has Had Military Nuclear Capability Since Early 2002!

Comprehensive agreement on the Iranian nuclear program

Nuclear-Armed Iran vs Nuclear-Armed America: Whom Should The World Fear?

How the U.S. Would Destroy Iran’s Nuclear Program: 'Massive Ordnance Penetrator'

Archives: Will Russia Allow The United States or Israel To Successfully Attack Iran?

Israel Should 'Seriously Consider' Striking Iran, Expert Says

Strike On Iran Would Be Considered A Strike On Russia: Would Trigger Global War With Russia

Disputes Begin Over Details of Iran Accord

Iran Is America’s New Iraq

Cracks Appear in Democratic-Jewish Alliance Over Iran Deal, Netanyahu


Saudi Arabia - Yemen

Al Qaeda, Houthis, Saudi Arabia battle in chaotic Yemen as dozens die

Saudi Arabia's new king went swiftly to war, but will find it hard to end it

A new chapter in the Sunni-Shi’ite war

Al Qaeda fighters free 270 from Yemeni prison

Saudi Arabia Fears Iran’s Meddling in Arab States as Much as its Nuclear Ambitions

Yemen: What will Saudi Arabia do when – not if – things go wrong in their war with the Shia Houthi rebels?

Saudis Warm to Muslim Brotherhood: Seeking Sunni Unity on Yemen



Iraq’s Tikrit, free of the Islamic State, is a city in ruins

A Wave Of Looting And Lynching Follows Iraqi Forces Recapture Of Tikrit

Iran Claims U.S. Airstrikes are Killing Its Men in Iraq

No peace for Iraqi Christians this Easter

Karl Rove Won't Apologize To Veteran For The Iraq War

Iraq’s Four-Mile Line of Supertankers Fuels Ship-Rates Surge


Syria: Assad regime losing control of border crossings

Bruising week for Syria's Assad as troops beaten on multiple fronts by more assertive rebels

Thousands Trapped Inside Syria's Yarmouk Refugee Camp As ISIS Takes Over

Tunisia to mend Syria ties



Obama Reconciles With Egypt

Obama embraces the Nixon Doctrine in Egypt

Egypt to evacuate Egyptians from Yemen

Egyptian warships shell Houthis outside Yemeni city of Aden

Nasser’s Ghost Hovers Over Yemen

Two Egyptians killed in shelling in Libya

Saudi Arabia Operates 3 Border Terminals for Return of Egyptians From Yemen

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Geographically Located In Supernation #7

100,000 Israelis visit national parks, nature reserves on Passover

130,000 tourists expected in Israel for Passover, Easter

Obama hosts traditional White House Passover Seder

Diplomacy: Why does Netanyahu keep shouting, when it appears that nobody's listening?

A better deal than we expected

The "Palestine Bombshell," Worse than Iran for Israel

If you marry a Jew, you're one of us

Watch: Historic Practice Passover Sacrifice Held in Jerusalem: Most accurate in 2,000 years

Al-Shabab attacks Kenyan university, killing at least 147, mostly Christians

Mourning Turns to Anger in Kenya After College Massacre

'Kenya's cities will run with blood'

LIVE: Watch the ‘Blood Moon’ Total Lunar Eclipse

Pope Francis and the New Rome

The lavish homes of American Catholic archbishops



April 3, 2015


Supernation #7 - Middle East / Northern Africa


Preliminary Iran nuclear deal reached

US hails 'historic' nuclear deal with Iran

Iran, P5+1 joint statement calling for removal of all anti-Iran sanctions

Iran could become a second Saudi Arabia if sanctions are lifted

Iran agrees to nuclear restrictions in framework deal with world powers

After sprint to a ‘framework,’ U.S. begins hard work of selling Iran deal

Iranian opposition leader: Nuclear deal does not block path to bomb

Archives: Iran Has Had Military Nuclear Capability Since Early 2002!

Obama calls Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu about Iran deal

Netanyahu tells Obama Iran deal threatens Israel; to convene top ministers

Russia sees 'very good' chance of final nuclear deal with Iran


Saudi Arabia - Yemen

Saudi Arabia King Salman hopes Iran deal will strengthen world security

Governmental debt of Saudi Arabia will rise

Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iraq among world's top users of death penalty

Yemen's Houthis quit Aden palace after Saudi strikes

Three policemen shot dead in Iranian province bordering Iraq

Riyadh’s actions signal a new Saudi era

Saudi Arabia, oil prices and shale energy



Amnesty probing reports of Iraqi forces' abuses in Tikrit

Iraq Claims Victory Over Militants In Strategic City Of Tikrit

Kurdish soldiers in Tikrit vow to take Mosul

Wary ISIS blows up road to Mosul airport

Baghdad Scores a Goal in its Oil Dispute with Kurdistan


CT Soldier Demands Apology From Karl Rove: Rove Says No Apology Needed For Iraq War

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Geographically Located In Supernation #7

Israeli cabinet unanimously opposed to Iran framework nuclear deal

Former PM Barak says Iran nuclear deal 'bad, but not as bad as expected'

German Foreign Minister calls on Israel to examine Iran nuclear deal more closely

'Iran is placing guided warheads on Hezbollah rockets'

France to Begin Push for UN Middle East Action in “Coming Weeks”

Ukrainian Jews Fleeing War Arrive in Israel in Time for Passover

Israel approves gas export deal with Jordan


April 2, 2015

Breaking News

Preliminary Iran nuclear deal reached

Iran, P5+1 joint statement calling for removal of all anti-Iran sanctions

Yemen's Houthis seize central Aden district, presidential site

Al Shabaab kills at least 147 at Kenyan university; siege ends

Wall Street climbs after two-day decline: Positive focus on jobs data


Yemen Crisis: 'Foreign troops' land in Aden

Poll: Bush now tops GOP field: Clinton runs ahead of all Republicans

Sen. Menendez charges put Iran legislation in doubt

Federal judge denies FOIA request for secret CIA document

Why Obama chose the Iran talks to take one of the biggest risks of his presidency

US, Israel test new missile-defense system

March to martial law? Undercover Special Forces to sweep US Southwest

House Chairman: Obama order reveals 'piecemeal' cyber plan

Emirates pilot who predicted cockpit dangers before Alps crash

Thailand junta replaces martial law with absolute power

Amazon’s Dash Button Is Not a Hoax, It’s Phase One

Supernation #7 - Middle East / Northern Africa


Saudi Arabia - Yemen

Yemen Crisis: 'Foreign troops' land (invade) Aden

Yemen Map: Note this may be an invasion!

Houthis Seize Much of Southern Yemen’s Aden: Backed by Tanks, Shi'ites Advance Into Key Port City

SPA Agency: Saudi border guard killed by gunfire from Yemen

In Yemen Strikes, Signs of Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Policy Shift

Yemen Foreign Minister: Yemen's problem is ex- President Saleh not Houthi rebels

Saudi Arabia’s dangerous gambit

Decisive Storm: US stepping up logistics support

Saudi Arabia investor confidence 'strong' amid oil storm

Lebanon’s Crises Are Rooted in Saudi Arabia and Iran

Saudi Arabia halts flights from airports in south of kingdom

King Salman, Indian prime minister confirm close ties


Iran Says No Breakthrough After All-Night Nuclear Talks

One foot out the door? Iran talks enter double overtime, White House repeats ‘walk away’ threat

Iran deal could unlock huge economic potential

Ron Paul: Why Can't the US Let Go of Iranian Sanctions?



Iraq caught between U.S. help and Shiite militias

Iraq claims "magnificent victory" over ISIS

Despite Iraq’s Claims of ‘Magnificent’ Tikrit Win, Fighting Continues

Looting in Iraq’s Tikrit after city retaken

Over 20,000 Foreign Fighters in Iraq, Syria

Iraq violence killed at least 1,000 last month

Baghdad Scores a Goal in its Oil Dispute with Kurdistan

Iraq Crude Oil Exports Rise 15% in March to Highest in 35 Years


Rebels seize Syria-Jordan border as IS storms Damascus

Photo of scared Syrian child "surrendering" to camera goes viral

As Syria crisis deepens, "help is dwindling"

ISIS Seizes New Territory in Deadly Attacks in Syria

Jordan ‘temporarily’ closes its border crossing with Syria: Damascus holds Jordan accountable



Will Egypt still get its fair share of Nile water?

Egypt ‘highly sensitive’ toward any Nile dam project

Obama Lifts Freeze on Egyptian Weapon Sales

Egypt: Sinai peninsula attack kills 17

Why Is Egypt Prosecuting Human Rights Defenders?

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Geographically Located In Supernation #7

Netanyahu, Boehner Laud US-Israel Cooperation

Jewish Professionals Say 'I Met Messiah' - He is Yeshua (Jesus)

IDF soldier indicted on charges of spying for Syria

PLO senior official responds to female Palestinian lawmaker's arrest

ICC welcomes 'State of Palestine' as 123rd member

What changed when ‘Palestine’ joined the ICC’s Rome Statute?

Meet Asia's New Manufacturing Powerhouse: Vietnam

Kenya University students 'taken hostage' by al-Shabab - Killing Christians, freeing Muslims - Out of 815 students, 535 had not yet been accounted for

Boko Haram Fighters Murdered Captive Women: UN Human Rights Chief charges


California governor issues unprecedented statewide water restrictions

The Biggest Threat to American Liberty

Norman Singleton Discusses the Terrible Way the PATRIOT Act Became Law


April 1, 2015


Death of Saudi King & Coup in Yemen: Signs in Iranian Prophecy

Iran Nuclear Talks Resume in Switzerland After Deadline Passes

Gov. Mike Pence: Change RFRA law to make it clear discrimination won't be allowed

Lufthansa knew of co-pilot’s previous ‘severe depression’ in 2009

Supernation #7 - Middle East / Northern Africa


Saudi Arabia’s Ominous Reach Into Yemen

Don't cheer Saudi Arabia's foolhardy war in Yemen

Why did Israel side with Saudi Arabia on Yemen?

Iran and Saudi Arabia's cold war is making the Middle East even more dangerous

Heavy clashes on Saudi-Yemeni border; Hadi government pleads for troops

Saudi generals use Yemen war to showcase their new swagger

Turkey, Saudi Arabia strive for Sunni leadership

Whatever Iran gets in nuclear talks, Saudi Arabia wants

Saudi Arabia Accuse Putin of Hypocrisy After Letter to Arab League

The Saudis Are Losing Their Lock on Asian Oil Sales


Kerry Renews Effort to Reach Preliminary Nuclear Deal With Iran

Israel Readies Next Steps to Counter Any Iran Nuclear Deal

Obama's Diplomatic Gamble On Iran Adding Instability In Middle East

Oil Trades Near One-Week Low as Iran Talks Extend Past Deadline


Maliki, Iraq’s former leader, still looms large months after his ouster

Iraq's interior minister says most of Tikrit is liberated, fight goes on

Iraq forces hunt diehard militants after Tikrit victory claim

1,250 Fort Drum-based soldiers to deploy to Iraq

Kurdish firm aims to launch $100 mln Iraq broadband route in 2015

Syria, Iraq ‘finishing school’ for militants


US, Kuwait, Europeans lead pledges for Syria aid: $3.8B raised, well short of UN needs

The Pentagon Ups the Ante in Syria Fight

Syria keen on Russian expansion in Middle East


Obama Releases Military Aid to Egypt

Saudi Arabia, Egypt show discord over Syria

Qatar ambassador returns to Egypt after rift over Libya

Egypt warily signs preliminary Nile agreement

Muslim groups attack Egyptian Copts over church honoring Christians killed by ISIS

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Geographically Located In Supernation #7

Palestinians Officially Join ICC (International Criminal Court)

Hacker Group Anonymous Threatens Israel with “Electronic Holocaust”

Hezbollah Could Fire Up to 1,500 Rockets Per Day: Israeli Authorities

PM Netanyahu Criticizes World Silence over Iran General's Call to Destroy Israel

Support in America for 'Two-State Solution' Lowest in 20 Years: Only 39% support

Sneak Peek at Israel Navy’s Secret Subs




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