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We have culled these pertinent stories from many sources to keep you updated on the Daily News events pertinent to the coming New World Order. Truly, once you know the Plan to establish the Kingdom of Antichrist, you will never look at the news the same way again. For A Cutting Edge Analysis and Recap Of Current Events Being Reported In The News Visit our Headline News Area

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May 31, 2003 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For Our Military

Signs In The Heavens

Strange Solar Eclipse on May 31: Ring of fire surrounding the black circle of the Moon make this most unusual eclipse of 21st century -- Sun will turn "into darkness" (Joel 2:31?)

Red Moon Eclipse Occurred May 15-16! "Moon turned to blood"

Solar Storm Will Be Felt on Earth Friday


Few allies offer help on policing in Iraq: U.S., Britain to continue shouldering most duties

Nuking Iraq: It is dust, not sniper bullets that will likely pose the most lethal consequences to their invasion of Iraq - Maybe allies don't want their soldiers dying from breathing air

US Seemingly Has Fulfilled Isaiah 13 Prophecy Against Iraq!

Wolfowitz interview inflames Europeans as they ask whether the war was justified

3 U.S. Soldiers Die in Iraq Road Accident

Envoy: Iraq Mass Graves Must Be Preserved

SARS Updates

How one woman set off the outbreak in Beijing

SARS Virus Can Live For 3 Days On Plastic: Also on stainless steel, plastered walls, glass, plastic and formica in a hospital setting

Chinese capital swings into action to woo tourists

Hong Kong encourages SARS snitches: Toronto's relapse cited as reminder to be vigilant

President Bush Travels To Europe

Bush off on tour of 6 nations Middle East, Europe

Bush to use G-8 summit as a way to 'move ties forward'

G-8: Bush wants US$ focus: Urging strong dollar and wants a global free trade accord

Poland first as Bush begins trip - Says "evil" must be resisted

Weary France shrugs at visit by Bush - A map and a distant miracle

Massive security surrounds G-8 summit

St. Petersburg Celebration

EU summit opens in Saint Petersburg

St. Petersburg Turns 300

Anniversary celebrations program: 10 days of celebration

Swiss Left Out of St. Petersburg Celebrations

Home Schoolers Fare Well in Spelling, Geography Bees

"Brave New Schools" Demonstrate Why You Should Get Your Children Out of Public Schools!


No military action against Iran: Powell

Russia invites US to help build Iran N-plant

Judge Blames Iran for '83 Beirut Blast

National Weather

Severe Weather Threat for the East Coast

Sunday Looking Nice in the Southeast

Midwest Feels Stormy Backlash Saturday

Southwest Weather: Hot and Dry

How Hail Forms in a Thunderstorm

New radio transmitters improve weather coverage

Heat causes spring flooding - Yellowstone River flow reaches record

Caribbean Braces for Hurricane Season: Forecasters Warn Could Be Busier Than Ever

For women, a transition: Many who had hormone therapy seek alternative

Experience Festival at The World University August 1-8 2003, India: New Age global meeting planned

Mother Earth Overburdened

Bracing for the Challenges of an Urban World - Conditioning continues that Industrial Civilization is incompatible with Mother Earth

Occult Theological Basis For Hating Industrial Civilization

Weather Control and Weather Warfare

Jakarta sends aid for thousands of students in Aceh Province

Disabled rape victim's baby aborted: Judge changes mind on negotiated live-birth remedy

State of Florida Sought To Appoint A Legal Guardian For Unborn Child

Texas Border-Watch Group Gets Sued

DNA samples collected from more than 1,000 men as part of a huge genetic dragnet causing huge problem for Louisiana

Ruse helped cold-case detectives get key DNA sample

School Forces First Grader To Clean Up His Own Feces After Accident

U.S. official confirms 727 jet missing: Government of Angola confirms plane never returned

Democratic National Committee says minorities' firing was a mistake

NYC Police Assn. Launches 'Don't Blame the Cop!' Ads





Korean Peninsula

US to spend $11 billion more on US troops in South Korea

North Korean boats violate sea border

US to secure North Korean defector

U.S. urges N. Korea aid crackdown

Economic pressure can end N. Korean nuclear standoff

South Korea's President Roh fends off allegations - Knives drawn early in president's term

Japan to seek China's help on North Korea

Terror alert level lowered to yellow: But risk of attack still 'significant,' Ridge says

Terror-alert system called inadequate

Democrat Senator Kerry promises Iowans that war on terror will be key issue


Shocker of All Shockers! Sharon Reverses Policy, Now Determined To Establish Palestinian State

PM Sharon, Abu Mazen Meet Prior To Tripartite Meeting Next Week With President Bush

Bush vows to do all he can to help reach peace deal

U.S. team to monitor `road map' progress

Abbas: Hope to have Hamas truce deal before Aqaba summit

U.S. Embassy warns of kidnap threats against Americans in Gaza

"Oslo War" Continues Unabated - PA Incitement Continues

25,000 in NYC to protest PA 'terror state': Participants will 'rip' U.S.-backed 'road map' to Mideast peace

Sharon the phoenix and the empty jar

Terror By Telephone

Going To The Wall For Pollard

PM Abbas demands full control of Gaza and Ramallah now

Kashmiri Muslim Militants vow to defy Pakistani closures

Journey towards peace has begun: Pakistan

Pakistani Court Orders Brothers Released After Acquittal On Harboring Terrorists

Several terrorist attacks prevented in Chechnya Friday

Heroes foil Qantas Air hijack attack - 'There was blood everywhere'

Qantas took to the skies without armed marshals

Air passengers may be body searched

Car Bomb in Spain Kills 3

Catholicism In News

Boston archdiocese creates rules to prevent child abuse: Policy starts July 1; bishop hopes to 'rebuild trust'

Gays, lesbians lash out at church: Same-sex marriage opposition blasted

Bishops eye pastors to fight gay marriage - Criticism of gays riles Georgetown

Church insiders now on outside: Say Lennon does little to reach out

Church, victims reach deal in N.H.: $6.5m agreement ends 61 more sex abuse claims

Historic Record Shows Catholic Priests Have Always Been Sex Abusers: Spiritual Understanding Demonstrates "Why"?

U.N. authorizes force for Congo

French-led force set to head for Congo: Security Council votes for effort to seek halt to deadly tribal fighting

Fountain of Youth? Billion-Dollar Anti-Aging Industry Offers New Treatments - Americans worship themselves!

Army, rebels clash in Philippines, 23 dead

Laci's Mother Enters Peterson Home: Ignores legal advice

ACLU: Remove Bible from granite memorial

Blessing for male partners reopens church's wounds on gays

Gas Tank Spill Cleanup Funds Go Unspent

Man sentenced to 24 years in prison for acid attack on stepdaughter

Woman suing over having to take down veil for drivers license is revealed as kid-beater

Baby Discovered Crawling Down Orem's Busy State Street at 3 a.m.

New York State Set to Let 12-Year-Old Archers Hunt Bears

Bush Administration: Legal Avalanche Threatens 'Endangered Species'

Antiviral gloves instantly clean wounds

Lives burn out in embers of online death pacts: Japanese Lonely young people are arranging suicides via the web


May 30, 2003 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For Our Military


Analysis: Shocker of All Shockers - Right-Wing Sharon Reverses Position, Even Using Left-Wing Rhetoric To Explain Decision!

Israel pledges a Palestinian state after crackdown on terror

Israeli - Palestinian Talks boost peace plan for Middle East

Arafat ready to implement peace plan -- Escalation in Gaza Violence

Ceasefire near, says Palestinian's Abbas

Palestinian Terrorism Report

Israel offers Palestinians troop pullout - Giant Step Toward Peace?

PM Abbas demands full control of Gaza and Ramallah now as well as "resolution" of Arafat's seige

Hague Professor: This Is No "Occupation"!

U.S. Offers To Pay For Peace - Cease-Fire Won't End Palestinian Terrorism, Expert Says

U.S. envoys to arrive in Israel ahead of Aqaba summit

Cal Thomas Doesn´t Trust Them (Palestinians)

Top Hamas bomber charged with 66 Israeli deaths

Jordan may reinstate ambassador if road map implemented

Dubya's Victory Lap

Whitney Houston In Israel

Whitney Houston Turns To Mystic Jewish Sect For Help With Cocaine Addiction

Whitney Houston Meets Israeli Leader Sharon

Global Terror

High alert over anti-Israel terror in Thailand

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) issued several updated travel warnings today after receiving fresh intelligence

Government Freezes Assets of Al-Aqsa ("Dome of the Rock") Foundation, Suspected of Aiding Terrorists

FBI asks for Muslim help in terror hunt

Algerians Flee Capital After Fourth Quake - 5.8 tremblor

Algeria's Quake Orphans Face Bleak Future


China Implements Eight Measures to Curb SARS

Health Ministry Confirms an AIDS Patient Infected with SARS -- SARS Binary Weapon Containing HTLV-1

Toronto's SARS Cases More Than Double -- Canada may triple SARS cases

Toronto's Medical staff are unhappy with plan: Prefer a single centre for SARS

Taiwan says SARS under control despite 50 new cases

Texas woman in SARS quarantine: May have exposed about 40 members of a Marshall church

In Boston's Chinatown, SARS fears ebb

Alaska hotel rejects traveller from Asia, citing policy aimed at stopping SARS

Door for direct WHO assistance to Taiwan opens

SARS Comprised of elements of "Wild Beasts of the Earth"- Seal #4 fulfillment?

India, China to build ties through two-way talks

"Coming Out" of Western Society

Local council defies Boy Scouts' 'gay' policy

Gay Dads of Quadruplets Expecting Again

Anglican parishes to bless gay unions: "Christian Duty"

New World Order Religion: The Apostate Church 2-Tape Series

'Gay Jesus' Claim Draws Fire: Says Jesus and some of his disciples were homosexuals

'Joke' wedding in Las Vegas falls flat in Italy

Mule Clone: Stubborness Pays Off

Grandfather sells Pakistani girl, 11, into marriage

Girl will get to sing religious song at graduation: School wanted her to remove mention of "God"

Death in the Congo: Mother watches as machete militiamen murder her little girls

'Die with dignity' ruling

G8 Pushing Economy Global

France To Push For Re-starting Global Economic Engine At G8

Upcoming G-8 summit should tackle anti-poverty goals

Africa to be low on G8 agenda

'Shadow G8' Calls For Focus On World Economy

Colleges Blasted Over 'Free-Speech' Zones As They Actually Discourage Free Speech

Bombs found under Pope's stage in Bosnia

Dollar slumped dramatically today

Schools get irradiated beef, parents get note home

Pakistan Alarmed Over Possible Radar Sale to India

Criminals' new trick: Child Porn collectors using pocket-sized storage drives

Bus Blast in Russia's Chechnya Kills Three


Nuking Iraq: It is dust, not sniper bullets that will likely pose the most lethal consequences to their invasion of Iraq

"Nuking" our own precious soldiers! Plus fulfilling Isaiah 13

U.S. plans new offensive in Iraq: "War has not ended"

U.S. Vows to Wipe Out Iraq Attackers

We may never find weapons, US hints - Blair Has 'No Doubt' About Iraq Weapons

Finding banned weapons 'not top priority', Blair says

Blair is first leader in postwar Iraq - Hundreds of Shiites join anti-US Baghdad rally

British Soldier Accused of Abuses in Iraq

Putin Gathers World Leaders, Iraq Clouds Clearing

Oil Shortage - Can Iraq's Oil Save Her?

Jessica Lynch family under gag order? Parents withhold details of ambush, POW experience

Influx of Iraqi officials reported in Cuba

More Troops May Be Bound for Iraq


Iran's top leader accuses U.S. of fomenting tension

Rumsfeld pushes for regime change in Iran

Iran Says al-Qaida Members May Be in Custody After All

Iran unsure of detainees' identities: Earlier, nation said no top al-Qaida members held

Pentagon Planning massive Covert Action Program To Topple Iranian Regime

Britain grants asylum to Iran refugee who sewed shut his eyes, ears, mouth to prevent extradition

Korean Peninsula

Fishing dispute renews tension in Korea

Japan's Koizumi plans to resist North Korean threats

US Lawmakers Visit North Korea in Bid to Improve Relations

S. Korean Leader Faces Mounting Problems

2nd sniper suspect loses death-penalty challenge: Va. judge won't rule out sentence for Muhammad

Microsoft to Pay AOL $750 Million

AOL, MS: We’re Friends Now

Last Air France Concorde commercial flight to New York leaves Paris

European Union

Great Britain facing exit from EU?

10 EU candidates expected to alter alliance and continent

Porn, Music Driving European Broadband Gains

Russia fears creation of 'new Berlin Wall' in EU

Bishops rally ministers to fight 'gay' marriage: 1 year after 'pedophile priests' scandal, Catholic clergy want ban

Release of Peterson Autopsy Data Sought

Boy, 13, burns sleeping friend with hot water in 'Jackass' stunt

National Weather

Strange Solar Eclipse on May 31: Ring of fire surrounding the black circle of the Moon make this most unusual eclipse of 21st century -- Sun will turn "into darkness" (Joel 2:31?)

Warmer Weather Finally Returns to the East - Another Storm Aims Toward the Northeast

Severe Weather Expected Across Midwest - Nasty Weekend Ahead

National Weekend Weather Outlook

The Nature of Thunderstorms

Moist Spring credited for bumper wheat crop

Residents urged to continue water conservation

South Africa: 26 suspects arrested after "necklace murders"

Obasanjo sworn in for second term in Nigeria

Clinton Wants Change in Presidential Term Limits - So he can run again?

Applied Digital Solutions' Government Telecommunications Unit Wins Multi-Year Order from the U. S. Department of Agriculture: This is company producing implantable human chip

Mark of the Beast: Final Connections -- Video

Preview of the Antichrist - Video

CIA Avoiding Creative IT Use

Elephants to protect Indonesian forests

White House aware of debt burden threat

Budget deficits hit historic levels, but barely register as political issue

Nation's three biggest regional phone companies agree to lay "Fat Pipes" for ultra-fast Internet connections

Divorce, Online Style

Republicans Plan a Hydrogen Economy—at Your Expense

Handsome men have the best sperm - 66 men tested by 66 women to reach this conclusion



May 29, 2003 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For Our Military

SARS Increasing

Canada Quarantines 5,000 Due to SARS - Canadian resurgence overshadows Asian success

Quarantine Has Risen to 6,400 For SARS

SARS Might Be Pestilence of Seal #4 Comprised of Wild Beasts of the Earth! - Revelation 6:8

School in Ontario Closed: Student Had Symptoms of SARS

Spread of SARS slows in Taiwan, first case appears in Russia

Taiwan reports 50 new SARS cases and no deaths

Tests in China Suggest Some With SARS Don't Become Ill

SARS whistleblower given media ban

Further Developments Made in SARS Vaccine Test

SARS Called "China's Political Chernobyl"

Israel - Palestinian State

Sharon and Abbas to meet before Bush summit

Sharon rushes to qualify use of 'occupation'

Golden Report: It's time to stand up for the Jewish people!

Arafat still a force to be reckoned with

Sharon to offer Abbas gradual control of PA cities

THE LONG SWIM HOME by Barry Chamish

Whitney Houston Meets Israeli Leader Sharon

Palestinian Terrorism Report

The American Threats Against Israel

Palestinian Gang Warfare on Lebanese Soil

IDF investigates firing at Swiss diplomat's vehicle

Miracle of Six Day War

Jerusalem Day Commemoration - 36th Anniversary of Jerusalem capture in Six Day War

God's Protective Miracle: Account of the Six Day War of 1967 - Video

Global Terror News

World war against terror 'eroding human rights'

Saudi Arabia holds 11 for Riyadh bomb attacks

U.S. to offer Lebanon money for disarming Hezbollah

Al-Qaida threat to U.S. water supply

Britain opera exploring Islamic extremism: Would-be suicide bomber Leila wants to avenge her Palestinian father's death

We Need a 'Multipolar' World, Russian, Chinese Leaders Say: Jointly oppose current US global hegemony

Faith divisions increase risk of conflict says Amnesty International: This concept held by all occultists and Globalists

New York Scrap Tires Could Surface NFL Fields

Spider-Man video game may improve children's brains: But, will it harden their hearts?

Video games improve visual skills: Gratuitous Violence does harden a child's tender heart!

Serial Killer Suspect, Lee, Had a Bible Study

Timeline in Lee Serial Killing Case

God's movie career shifts to doing screwy comedies: "Oh, how the Almighty has fallen" in the minds of people

Phone number in 'Bruce Almighty' not answer to woman's prayers

Peruvian President Declares State of Emergency Amid Protests

Moral Collapse & Apostasy Continues

Presbyterian panel OKs gay ordination -- New World Order Religion: The Apostate Church 2-Tape Series

Lakewood, Colorado fetish club officially closed

Language Police Bar Certain Words: 'Old,' 'Blind' 'Hell' in Textbooks

Bravo to Keep Gay Reality Date: First primetime gay-themed reality dating series. America is "coming out", God's judgment not far behind

Anglican leaders: No backing of rites for same-sex ties - Rare good news

Police Official Reassigned After Mistake: Botched raid on a Harlem apartment that left a 57-year-old woman dead

New York Times Reporter Bragg Resigns: Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter

Buried WMDs Found ... In Maryland

Fingerprint scanner to ID school children: Board votes to spend $700,000 on system, privacy advocates cry foul

NYC reservist guilty of refusing to take anthrax vaccine: Disobeyed orders, says Army court-martial panel

Post Office Loses Daughter's Heart: Hospital sends it by 1st class mail

Death-Row Privilege: Condemned Prisoner May Get Kidney Transplant While Law-Abiding Citizens Wait

The Matrix Reloaded

Trapped in the Matrix: Analysis by Christian Author Berit Kjos

Why We Are Drawn to The Matrix: Gnostic Christianity is the Christianity portrayed as well as other false religions

Iraq Aftermath

No Bunker where U.S. Bombs Targeted Saddam-CBS -- Big Lie told again! -- A Great and Terrible Deception: 2-Tape Series

Red Cross denied access to PoWs: Up to 3,000 Iraqis - some of them civilians - believed to be gagged, bound, hooded and beaten at US camps close to Baghdad airport

Barbed Wire On America: God's Final Warning

Al-Jazeera claims Iraqis downed US helicopter: Saddam Hussein ‘letter’ urges resistance

Spanish Dead Journalist's Family Sues U.S. Troops

OIC (Organization of the Islamic Conference) calls for 'central' UN role, end to 'occupation' in Iraq

Iraqi anger sparked by searches

Some say force not needed in Lynch rescue

Rumsfeld's remarks spur UK war critics: Admitted no WMD found

Saddam’s Mobile Biological Weapons Labs Said To Be Found

Blair pays landmark visit to Iraq, hears of Iranian bid for influence

Iran In US Gunsights

Iranian President Khatami takes aim at America, Al-Qaeda:
Denounces ‘violent dogmatists and arrogant powers’

Iranians Deny U.S. Al-Qaida Charges: Angrily vow to defy 'superpower will'

Welcome To World War III and the Coming New World Order - 2-Tape Set

9/11 - The Day That Changed America Forever -- New Video Clips, New Revelations

Tax Cut Is Official: Bush says relief package will produce jobs, aid families

Bush Signs Off On $330B Tax Package

Republicans v. Democrats Is Like Choosing Between Pharisees and Sadducees: Dialectic battling principle at work

House votes to define embryo as a person: Why did this take 3 years into the Bush Administration?


European Union Rising

The European Convention Document: Acrobat file

Churches welcome draft EU constitution: Churches lose their way

Europe Launches Plans for Military to Rival U.S.

Europe's satellite navigation system gets final approval: Rivals US Global Positioning Satellite System

European Union -- E.U. -- Final World Empire! Revived Roman Empire Has Arisen From The Ashes!

God left out of EU constitution: "Jesus" is the important word to include, not the generic "God"

Air Force Academy graduation ends tough, tumultuous year

"Mad Cow" Panic

So How Safe Is That Feed? Mad Cow Disease

'Mad Cow' Not Steering Consumers to Pork, Veggies: Not yet, anyway

Canada Destroys More Cattle for Testing

Korean Peninsula

Japan's Koizumi Vows Not to Be Cowed by N. Korea

Bush, China's Hu expected to weigh trade, sanctions, SARS and North Korea

US Congressman Heading to North Korea

N. Korea Continues with Threats

North Korea nuclear mishap more likely than attack - UN expert

U.S. plans realignment of troops in Asia

Tropical storm to arrive in East China Sea

National Weather

Hail, Strong Winds Possible in Midwest

Where is the Warmth in the East?

Roller Coaster Late-Week Upper Air Pattern

Sources of UV Radiation

Yellowstone flow reaches record

Spring planting progresses well

Report lists names of 10,000 in slavery in Sudan

Sudan: Hidden Holocaust - Video

The Netherland's Smoking Ban Could Close Cannabis Cafés

Hope eternal: Bob turns 100

While we breathe, there’s Hope (Bob, that is)



May 28, 2003 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For Our Military


Arafat Move Clouds Mideast Peace Summit: Move to Assert Power Over Abbas Throws Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks Into Confusion

Radical "Road Map" Proposal: Declare Jordan To Be Palestinian State! Makes a lot of historic sense

Bush Prepared A Long List Of Punitive Sanctions Against Israel Should She Refuse To Recognize Palestinian State -- More

Palestinian PM to meet with Sharon tomorrow

More On Yesterday's Stormy Likud Meeting: "Road to hell is paved with good intentions - and this plan is hell"

Palestinian State Question Can Be Resolved: "The Solution Is Found In The Torah"

Abbas to Haaretz: We won't relinquish the right of return

Dispute over Sharon-Abbas meeting may indicate internal struggle: Arafat showing he is in charge

Jordan: Bush to attend separate summits in Sharm and Aqaba

Road map decision halted big IDF raid

Shin Bet assesses chances of threat from extreme right - Are patriots being denigrated again?

Road map draws fire from right, but wins international praise

Iran - Regime Change!

US is now playing the same dangerous WMD game with Iran to justify attack

Rebels: Iran Building Secret Nuke Plants - Parroting Administration line

Remember Russia's "Line In The Sand"? Russia's Putin warns U.S. not to try to change any more regimes, as Russia will not allow it!

Stay out of Iran's internal affairs, U.S. told

U.S. keeps wary eye on Iran's behavior: Bush tries to push Tehran on nuclear arms

U.S. faults Iran on al Qaeda

Iran Bans Women's Body-Hugging Robes as Un-Islamic

Blogs Opening Iranian Society?

Pakistan - India

Pakistan Muslim League has claimed that Pakistan's nuclear assets are unsafe - Must overthrow Gen Musharraf

I will not be an obstacle to talks: Pervez Musharraf

Pakistan satisfied with India's peace moves

National Weather

Storms May Bring Hail to Midwest Wednesday

Roller Coaster Late-Week Upper Air Pattern

Pinpoint Weather Soon? Powerful computers may provide forecasting breakthrough

Mesoscale Convective Complex

Thunderstorms move across portions of the east

Weather Extremes - Clear Skies Expected in the West

'Everybody was stuck on the ceiling': Freak hailstorm plunges plane 11,000 feet, horrifies passengers

Judge orders prosecutors to give recorded calls to Scott Peterson's defense

Modesto's "other Scott Peterson" leaves: Sick of the attention, Valley resident heads for greener pastures

Heroes Of The Faith

"In The Presence of My Enemies: Jesus loved missionaries Gracia and Mark Burnham through their fire until time arrived for Mark to go Home!

Their riveting story will increase your faith

Spam blockers may wreak e-mail havoc: You might not get e-mail you want

Cool reception for rescued North Pole explorer: Called "Stupid"

Lawsuit Alleges Sex Abuse By Nun: Abusing nun screamed, "submit to God," and "join me in the convent"

Environmental Group Admits It Burned Houses

Tape Captures Tense Rescue: Downed Pilot Adrift In Sound Calls Coast Guard On Cellphone

School weapons hotline draws complaints: Cheaper just to call '911'

Boy arrested at Asheville airport with bomb material

Rock Star Criticizes E.U. Response To Africa Famine Said To Be Starving Nearly 13 million

Supreme Court says it will rule in airline smoke death: Asthmatic passenger seated near the smoking section

As US cuts taxes, states hike them

Hormone-Taking Is Linked to Dementia

"Bruce Almighty" Ringing Phones As Viewers Call Real Phone Number Given In Movie

English Perilous Annual Cheese Chase Called Off: Ankles will go unbroken and heads will go ungashed

Free T.V. Coming To An End?

State of Maine gives pharmaceutical industry a headache: Plan compels drugmakers to discount their drugs

Gesture Your Mouse Goodbye: Computer mouse may be history soon

Sniff out serial killers? Simple 10 minute test, British psychologists -- Terrible threat to innocent people!


Deaths of 2 U.S. soldiers in Iraq signal rising threat

'War vaccines poisoned us' -- Depleted Uranium also poisoning our soldiers

Remains of toxic bullets litter Iraq: 'The Monitor' finds high levels of radiation left by US armor-piercing shells - Article downplays health effect

Trying To Justify Not Finding Any WMD: Iraq may have "destroyed weapons" says Rumsfeld

UN Representative for Iraq Says Security Is Top Priority

Low-level Attacks: Unfinished Business

U.S. troops hold Palestinian diplomat in Baghdad

War takes its toll on the Garden of Eden

Saddam takes on the mighty dollar

Iraqi Oil sales begin after sanctions are lifted


East Texas woman isolated after exhibiting symptoms of SARS virus: Returned from Taiwan

SARS Fears Subside in China - Sars: Is China's travel dream over?

Taiwan reports 5 more SARS deaths, 7 more cases

Taiwan's SARS toll rising - Setback for Taiwan's economy

Taiwan acts to prop up SARS-hit airlines: To provide $330 million

New Sars cases in Toronto dull hope virus is declining: Just moving into phase two?

Toronto hospitals on high alert

Experts to test SARS vaccine on animals

SARS Is Composed of "Wild Beasts of the Earth" Just As Revelation 6:8 Foretells!

Korean Peninsula

New missile silos dug into Alaska: Huge project readies installation for ballistic interceptors

HAARP Already Provides Nearly 100% Effective Missile Shield!

S. Korea warns North on nuclear arms: Seoul threatens to delay shipments of needed rice

US rebuffs N. Korea's call for talks

North Korean health disaster? Trying to build case as to why N. Korea might want to attack the South?

Trilateral talks on N. Korea set for June: Japan, the United States and South Korea

Deal harshly with suspicious North Korean ship

South Korea's Roh denies family scandal allegations

Trapped In The Matrix: Christian author Berit Kjos analyses

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni calls for peace force in Congo

Argentines Hope New President Is "Mr. Clean"

Sony Plans New Game Machine, Cost Cuts

Congressman proudly flies U.N. Flag

Suspect in Louisiana serial killings arrested: Tip from public helped lead to Lee

Drones to be used in traffic control: Surveillance Society is here!

Nowhere To Hide: Iridium Satellites Video

Mark of the Beast: Final Connections Video

Senate OKs Subpoena Bill: New Power Would Help State Prosecutors Tackle White-Collar Crime

Epidemics threaten Algeria quake survivors

Kenya Seeks Damages From US Over Fake Terror Alerts

Digital ID tags coming to euro notes: Plan is to make counterfeiting more difficult

Co-illustrator of 'Archie' comic, dead at 81

N.J. Casino security guard pleads guilty to murder in teen's beating death

St. Louis teen to get Scouts' highest heroism honor

U.S. Aid Targets Rwanda's AIDS Orphans

Titanic Director Plans 3-D Film

Students Create Musical Based On Winona Ryder Shoplifting Trial: 'Sticky Fingers: A Tale Of Saks, Lies and Videotape'

Doctors file class-action suit against auto insurance companies

Teens spending billions for prom magic

Last Battle for Cell Phone Radiation Fighter

Windows XP Users Knocked Off Net: Internet crippled after 600,000 people downloaded new updated "XP" version

Artificial black holes: On the threshold of new physics

Video-Conferencing Technology helps transnational families stay in touch

Should We Clone Fading Species?




May 27, 2003 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For Our Military

Israel -- Historic Decision?

So Many Documents. So Little Security: "Road Map" Under Fire

A Very Mixed Marriage: Evangelical Christians lining up to fight for Israel may be an unmovable obstacle to Bush’s ‘road map’

God's Judgment Falls On Those Who "Divide The Land"!

Sharon Says "Occupation" Must End: Why would Jewish leader EVER use that term? He is dealing with God's land given in perpetuity to the Jew!

PM Sharon´s Terminology: Suddenly using Left-Wing buzzwords!

Bush Makes Plans for Mideast Summit: Rewarding terrorist Arafat

How hard will Bush lean on Sharon? -- Stormy Likud Meeting Over "Road Map"

Road Map rips apart Israel's right wing

Bush in the driver's seat

EU Lauds Israel's Support for Mideast Road Map

PM Sharon's Invisible 14 Road-Map "Red Lines"

Palestinian Authority Denies Arafat Is Trying To Delay His Prime Minister's Meeting With Israel's Sharon -- "Schedule Conflicts" delayed the meeting!

No End to Palestinian Terror in the South - Nothing Noble About Suicide Bombings

Qassam rocket falls in Sderot open market

Story of Hiba, 19, a suicide bomber: Can "Road-Map" put an end to all this slaughter?

CIA training PA antiterror force

Temple Mount Faithful Will March to the Temple Mount on the Day Commemorating the Liberation of Jerusalem - 29th May


Quakes hits Asia, one dead in eastern Indonesian island: 6.4 Richter Scale

Yup, that was another earthquake: San Francisco hit with swarms of quakes

Earthquake jolts Iran's Khuzestan province

Strong earthquake shakes northern Japan: 7.0

Algeria's quake toll tops 2217 as fury rages

Homeward-Bound Troops Killed: 62 Spanish soldiers, 13 crew die in crash

Indian Heat Wave Death Toll Rises to 430

Domestic Terrorism - Beating the Drums

Trucker Said To Have Been Planning Al-Qaeda Strike

'Lone wolves' pose explosive terror threat

Threat 'Matrix' guides U.S. terror alerts

National Weather

More Showers, T-Storms Wet the Southeast

Warmth Continues to Build Across the West

Why Biking and Lightning Do Not Mix

Emergency declared because of the drought: Days of Hunger, Days of Chaos -- Food Shortages Coming!

Too Much Rain Hurts Tourism

Wet spring likely to delay fire season

Organ trafficking suspected in Mexico mass murder case

SARS Updates

German institute develops Sars antibody test

U.S. issues Toronto SARS travel alert - 8 more Toronto cases as officials baffled by new cluster after they thought they had it under control

Thousands caught in SARS crackdown: Crisis effectively closes North York General

New 'smart' drugs for cancer, Sars: Targeting only bad cells, they spell hope for patients

New SARS Symptom: Red Faces

Singapore and Malaysia Border SARS screening talks next week

Substantial Headway Claimed in China's SARS Campaign

Canadian Cow Sick With Mad Cow Disease May Have Been Used For Dog Food: Some shipments to US under "Pet Pantry" brand

Board votes to expel 31 students in "horrendous" hazing in Chicago area

Schoolgirl, 14, sues council for £20,000 over 'years of bullying' at school in Scotland

Scottish Courts could be swamped by anti-bullying cases

Arrests up on Miami Beach over Memorial Day weekend

Seeing Islam as 'Evil' Faith, Evangelicals Seek Converts

Moral Collapse Accelerates

Jewish Community Grapples With Sex Abuse: We have a huge problem on our hands"

Woman Set on Fire During Argument in Marietta, Georgia

Judges praises rape victim

Parking argument in West Palm Beach ends in gunfire: Woman shot in mouth

Driver so drunk breathalyser crashes

DirecTV Sues Alleged Thieves

Details Emerge About Scott Peterson's Calls To Girlfriend: "I know who did it and I'll tell you later when I see you"

'Bruce Almighty' easily wins box office: Called "blasphemous"

Korean Peninsula - "Crisis Deepens"

North Korea, Seoul exchange threats as crisis deepens

S. Korea May Slow N. Korea Rice Shipments

KCNA (North Korea) says she has way to handle smaller US nuclear weapons

No proof linking N Korea, heroin haul: Australian Federal Police Admit -- Another exercise in diplomatic lying

S Korea and US close ranks on nuclear crisis: After N. Korea threatened "unimaginable disaster" for the second time in a week

Japan to propose N. Korean weapons technology ban: Too late!! North Korea already possesses nuclear warheads

Iran - "Next" - Decision To Come "Today"

Iran – A Jagged Edge on US Postwar Atlas: "Government must undergo radical change"

Bush may take first step to Tehran regime change

Remember Russia's "Line In The Sand" Warning To US?

With US pressure, political crisis edges to showdown: Hardline rivals in battle to death with reformers

U.S. to consider destabilizing Iran

US official asserts again Iran holds al-Qaeda members

Tehran defies US with nuclear program

US-Iran relations not to affect Russia's ties with Iran


Wave of Attacks Claim U.S. Casualties in Iraq

Iraq Weighs Heavily on Memorial Day Service

Up to the Task in Baghdad: Kerik optimistic about 'formidable' job rebuilding cop force

British soldiers threaten to sue over "Iraq War Syndrome" similar to those of Gulf War I

Iraq's return to oil market raises OPEC concern of collapse in oil prices

Baghdad's fall blamed on betrayal of Saddam

E.U. - End Times' Super State Forming

Europe sets out sweeping new powers

'European President' plan for EU

EU constitution unveiled -- Behind the concessions, some unsettling detail for Britain's Blair

European Union -- E.U. -- Final World Empire! Revived Roman Empire Has Arisen From The Ashes!

Euro Hits Record High, Then Backs Off

The road to EU ratification

Continent grumbles at concessions that favour bigger nations

So, what's all the fuss about Europe's new constitution?

Interesting Numbers In The News

Honest Abe, JFK Among Greatest U.S. Presidents: 11% consider Clinton greatest while another 11% name George W. Bush

Bush Approval at 66%

US seizes 2nd truck loaded with 999 suspected gold bars in Iraq

Bank approves $6.9m for Asia to fight SARS

San Diego border patrol says immigrant smuggling is on the rise, up 36%

"McSting" lacked franchise approval: Drive-through officer catches law-breaking customers, seeing enough law-breaking in cars to arrest 6, 29 citataions

Bus link steers Pakistan and India to peace

India scraps one proviso for talks with Pakistan

Firefighters want chaplains dumped: Say Christian members too influential

Taleban regroups in attempt to harass US forces

A cheap supercomputer: What you get when you link 70 playstations together

Neo-Nazi youths murdered boy, 17, for looking like a Jew

Schwarzenegger to flex his political muscle: Worries Democrats if he runs for office as Republican

Florida School Board prays before meetings

Academic freedom bill would deny public view of college texts being used in classroom by professors: Don't want us knowing what they are teaching?

Quality-of-life complaints are up in New York City

Rights group seeks details on detention of French journalists in LA as they arrived for video game trade show

Basketball star Yao Ming is suing Coca-Cola's Chinese subsidiary

Calling plans for chatterboxes: U.S. phone carriers offer unlimited long distance for flat fee

Madonna puts her money where her karma is to fund London Kabbalah HQ

US Searching For 7th Century Babylonian Talmud Under Baghdad For Its Kabbalistic Value!

Mizuho Holdings huge loss hits hopes of Japanese banking turnaround

Vast losses for Japan's top banks: All but one of the country’s "megabanks" clocked up massive annual losses struggling with Deflation


May 26, 2003 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For Our Military

Korean Peninsula - War Rhetoric Turned Up

North Korea threatens South Korea with 'unimaginable disaster'

N Korea again warns South of unimaginable disaster

Japanese Customs gets tough with North Korea ship visits

Festering Pyongyang endangers all of Asia

Dear Leader implicated in drugs trail

Strong earthquake shakes northern Japan: 7.0

HEROES OF THE FAITH: Jesus loved missionaries Gracia and Mark Burnham through their fire until time arrived for Mark to go Home!

Iran - "Next"!

Iran – A Jagged Edge on US Postwar Atlas: "Government must undergo radical change"

With US pressure, political crisis edges to showdown: Hardline rivals in battle to death with reformers

U.S. to consider destabilizing Iran

Iran not colluding with al-Qaeda: UN ambassador


U.S. Soldier Killed in Iraq Blast

U.S. to send 20,000 additional troops to stabilize Iraq - Force level up to 163,000 in Iraq -- Be handy if we invade Iran!

SoCal Muslims get tips for talk radio

Revived Roman Empire Revving Up

Giscard plays down European 'superstate'

European Union -- E.U. -- Final World Empire! Revived Roman Empire Has Arisen From The Ashes!

French Tell Britain: Choose between U.S and E.U.

Mathematic Calculations Prove Jet Fuel Could NOT Have Collapsed The World Trade Center!

Algerian quake death toll nears 2,200

Eight killed in Islamist attack in Algeria

Lose your property for flying U.S. flag?

Cub Scout crawls grave to grave, honoring the dead

Syria's Assad Doubts Existence of al-Qaida: Finally letting cat out of the bag?

British suicide bombers alert

Kirchner assumes presidency of hopeful Argentina

NY Times soothes staff fears after scandal

Canadian Herd tests negative for mad cow: 'Encouraging news,' health official says

Liberal, pro-gay, lesbian, female pastor elected head of Presbyterian assembly

Radio ID chips may track banknotes

Vanishing Indian vultures threaten Zoroastrian rites

Modern-Day Zoroastrian Symbolism At Work: Pope wearing white while his Illuminist visitors wear black




Israel - Meaningless Palestinian State Forming?

Israel bows to US and accepts road map: Grudging approval granted, but half of cabinet refuse to back plan

Middle East Road Map - C/Edge Analysis Shown Correct! US is systematically disarming all Israel's enemies for her!

Likud Faction Demands Road Map Ministers´ Resignations

Sharon: "Despite my own doubts, I'll push road map forward"

Isaiah 34 foretells a meaningless Palestinian State will be declared

Mortar Shells in Gush Katif; Diplomacy Continues

Soldier lightly wounded by gunfire on Gaza army post

Defense Minister Mofaz: Cabinet road map nod not legally binding

Settler figure comments on road map: Jews also willingly went to camps believing everything Germans told them

Bush plans early peace summit after Israel backs 'road map'

Hezbollah says they will not lay down arms

Rock-n-Roll -- Preparing Entire Generations For Antichrist

Led Zeppelin: For a new generation of enthusiasts, the best "songs remain the same"

Fallen Angel: The Untold Story of Jimmy Page and Led Zeppelin

They "Sold Their Souls" For Rock-n-Roll -- Video

Their way to heaven: "Carrying the flag for Hedonism"

Hardening Young Men To Be Killers of Antichrist

"Elephant" Movie Vividly Depicts Columbine Shootings, Including Reputed Homosexual Relationship Between Shooters

Computer Games That Harden Young Men, Teaching Them To Be Efficient Cold-Blooded Killers

Newest Teen Slasher Film Shows Classmate Killing Others

More Movies That Are De-Sensitizing Young Men!

Columbine Murderers Were Satan Worshippers, Members of "Trench Coat Mafia"

"Trench Coat Mafia" -- Raised in, Nurtured by - American Culture


15 new SARS cases in Taiwan

U.S. CDC Doctor Suspected of SARS Recovering

Distributor Named for Subdermal VeriChip in Louisiana

"Mark of the Beast" Just Another "Satanic Insert": Tattoos and body piercings conditioning the masses

Human Implantable Chips Getting Smaller and Smaller!

Bias panels censor textbooks: Excessive sensitivity dulls learning, critic argues

Second sailor missing from USS Nassau: Ship being scoured after air search is called off

Rabbis create special seder to welcome US troops home

New Australian bible full of blokes and sheilas: Own vernacular version

NASA's Shuttle Rescue Scenarios




May 25, 2003 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For Our Military


Israeli Gov´t Poised to Accept Palestinian State: "It's time to divide the land" Sharon intones

God's Judgment Falls On Those Who "Divide The Land"!

Detours in 'map' to peace summit: Premier scheduled to take plan before his Cabinet -- Hardliners reject plan

Cabinet debates road map; approval expected by slim margin

Historic Decision: Most 'Right-wing" government in Israel's history about to accept most 'Moonstruck' Left-wing idea ever proposed!

Sharon opposes idea of international Mideast summit in Egypt

Analysis: Road Map" not a map, it's a ball

Hamas Spokesman Admits: No Place For Israel In Middle East

Palestinain Abu Zayad: Israel must implement road map

Prostitutes `disappear' from Tel Aviv hostel while waiting to testify against pimps

SARS Update

A worse outbreak of Sars could come

Sars antibodies found in China's wild animal traders: Perpetuating disinformation as to origin of SARS?

'Probable' SARS Case in Arkansas

CDC reissues travel alert on Toronto: New clusters of disease discovered -- 33 New Possible SARS Cases

If SARS Is The Biblical Plague of Seal #4, What Is The Significance Of The Fact That It Is Comprised Of Elements of "Wild Beasts of the Earth"?

Sars virus has infected chains of up to 15 people and it appears to be just as hardy in its last victim as in its first

Is SARS A Bio-Weapon That Sets A Person Up For A Secondary Disease And Is It Aimed Primarily Aimed At Orientals?

Taiwan reports 12 new deaths, spurns Chinese aid

Sars around the world: UN bars Taipei official at gate

Korean Peninsula

North Korea Warns of 'Military Counteraction'

China calls for dialogue to solve N-Korean crisis

North Korea "Appears" to Soften Stance on Multi-Lateral Nuclear Talks

US, Japan Prepared to Take 'Tough Measures' Against N. Korea

North Kores Has At Least 100 Nuclear Warheads and Ballistic Missiles To Deliver Them To US Cities

Japan finds itself on the diplomatic sidelines: Political influence weak compared with economy


Resolution to Kashmir crisis is key to Pakistan's nuclear programme: Rashid

Real Issue In Kashmir Is China's All-Weather Road By Which She Will One Day March To Battle of Armageddon!

Displaying Jesus' Love and Power While Life Is On The Line

Jesus' Love and Grace Shown Through Martyred Missionary Mark Burnham During His Year of Captivity by Muslim Terrorists

In The Presence of My Enemies - Saga of Missionary Gracia Burnham -- 6-CD Set -- Audio Cassette Set -- Book

International peacekeeping troops were hurt by stone-throwing Afghan protesters

Algerians lash out at leader after quake: Residents hurl stones at president, blame government for relief

Navy ship heads home without missing sailor: Petty officer fell overboard while chasing football

Congress widens tax break on SUVs: But cash-strapped states may pass laws to nullify savings



Middle East

Iran -- Expecting US Attack

Iran – A Jagged Edge on US Postwar Atlas: Bush ready to attack Iran

"US has cut ties with Iran, may try to destabilize it" -- More News

"Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps would defend nation in case of attacks"

US Navy launches war games in Kuwait's coastal waters

Bush looking to take harder line toward Iran

US Imposes Harsh Penalties On China For Middile Exports To Iran

Freak Weather

Earthquakes shake Razan, Esfarayen cities

100-gram hailstones inflict damage in Torbat Heidarieh: Inflicted 80% damage on agricultural areas!

Floods take two more lives in northeastern Iran

Weather Warfare and Weather Control

Iraq Aftermath

Bush 'is on brink of catastrophe' in Iraq

Iraqi Doctors Worry About Use of Uranium

US Fulfilling Bible Prophecy: "Destroying Whole Land" by Using Depleted Uranium Munitions In War

Gun gangs rule streets as US loses control

British Colonel's accuser is hate figure at home

"Gulf War Syndrome" Does Not Exist: Government agency

Planet X

Red Star Dwarf -- Planet X? -- Eclipse of Sun On 5/31 Also Noted

Planet X - Video -- DVD

Canadian Mad Cow Quarantine Adds Three Farms

Diseased cow in Canada puts ranchers there in peril: Worried families wait for U.S. to reopen market

Christian Church Apostasy Heights

United Methodist Professor Argues that Jesus Might Have Been ‘Gay’ - Play depicts Jesus and Disciples as practicing gays

New Movie Reflects Failure of Church to Convey Holiness of God: Christians Urged to Avoid Bruce Almighty on Memorial Day Weekend -- and Beyond

Church to break taboos with saucy Fringe show: One of capital’s best known churches hosts an adults-only show entitled 100% Sex Therapy

Methodist College Welcomes Transgender Students!

Houston Ballet tells innovative Adam and Eve tale: Tells occult line that Jehovah God is a mean, nasty god, while people just wants everyone to have fun

Mysterious Van Rams Into 4 Brooklyn Firehouses

Roman Catholicism

Catholics build new schools to promote old-school ways: Traditionalists fight secularization's impact

Proofs That "Traditional" Catholicism Is Full of Sexual Deviancy -- Part 1 -- Part 2 -- Part 3

Vatican Repudiates Jesus As Savior Of Mankind

Pennsylvania State Government targets 'Jesus' sign: Man may face jail time!

Homeland Security Buys New Mexico Town for Terrorist Training

FBI-CIA `matrix' is key to tracking terror threats

Orange Alert May Put Airlines in Red



May 24, 2003 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For Our Military


If SARS Is The Biblical Plague of Seal #4, What Is The Significance Of The Fact That It Is Comprised Of Elements of "Wild Beasts of the Earth"?

Sars virus has infected chains of up to 15 people and it appears to be just as hardy in its last victim as in its first

Is SARS A Bio-Weapon That Sets A Person Up For A Secondary Disease And Is It Aimed Primarily Aimed At Orientals?

Chinese Mainland Offers Aid to Taiwan Province

Taiwan in dilemma over China's offer to send medical supplies

SARS and politics: China's hostility toward Taiwan is having global health implications

SARS still a very serious challenge: China

China reports 20 new SARS cases, 3 deaths -- China reports dozens of new SARS cases

Taiwan Posts 10 New SARS Cases, No New Deaths

WHO drops travel advisories for Hong Kong

U.S. Issues Toronto SARS Travel Alert Again

WHO Hails Finding of SARS Virus' Links with Civet Cats: Disinformation about as believable as AIDS from African monkeys

China Discovers Three Anti-SARS Polypeptides

Powerful Earthquake Aftermath

Algerian quake toll tipped to reach 2,000

China Sends Rescue Team to Algeria On Friday - Also offers donation of $50,000

International aid arrives


Blix suspects there are no weapons of mass destruction -- CIA takes second look at weapons claims

Britain: US blamed for Baghdad tension

UN names rights chief as Iraq representative

US to allow Kurdish fighters to keep their assault rifles and heavy weapons, but require Shiite Muslim and other militias to surrender theirs

Uday Hussein 'talking to US of surrender'

Troops may have seized $500m in gold near Syria

Oil to flow as UN gives power to allies

U.S. sped Bremer to Iraq post: Worried about Iraq civil collapse

War ends, but leaves a people living on the brink

Intelligence team finds French passports in Iraq

France gaining in public favor as sympathy for U.S. slides

Middle East

Egyptian Official: Syrian Support for Terror is a Source of Pride

Pakistan hopes to have 'decisive' talks with India

US asks Pakistan to clamp down terrorist fundings

International Terror

10 Russians killed in Chechnya attacks

Parcel bomb explosion injures four in Spain

US names lawyers for military terrorism tribunals for prisoners held at Guantanamo Bay: "Rules crafted to make winning convictions and getting the death penalty as easy as possible"

Terror Scare on a Cruise Leads Police to a Voyeur

Shoot-to-kill order for police on terror alert: More buildings getting concrete rings of protection

Ocean City to install security cameras

New Hampshire State Senate: Parental notification passes Senate: Abortion bill wins by one-vote margin

Unborn babies get legal status in approved bill: Texas law allows prosecution in deaths

No big gas price hikes for Memorial Day

Miracle baby 'grew in liver': Ultrasound showed womb was empty





Beware of US-Russian nuclear war: Danger of an accidental or unauthorised strike is even greater now

Korean Peninsula

Washington's 'Cuba Lite' strategy in North Korea: Blockade to target ships carrying missiles and stop shipments of drugs and nuclear-grade plutonium

Precision strike on key Yongbyon nuclear facility considered: N. Korea already has nuclear weapons using a different type of processing!

Japan PM Set for U.S. Summit, N.Korea Tops Agenda

Bush, Koizumi Lock Arms, Put Pressure on N. Korea: Won't "tolerate nuclear arms in North Korea"

Beijing Talks on North Korea Nuclear Issue Should Continue: Chinese Spokeswoman

The nuclear quandary

G8 Ministers Flag N.Korea, Iran Nuclear Concerns

Two Koreas set aside bickering to reach accord

Seoul flexes new negotiation muscle

Comment: Fine art of shaping perception the "US way" - Fighting perception this administration is lawless

Son's approach towards Europe misunderstood, says Bush Sr

India, Russia send signal to China with their combined naval exercises


Hamas Spokesman Admits: No Place For Israel In Middle East - "Islam will never accept a foreign state in area"

Sharon says he accepts 'road map' peace plan: Palestinians worry

Powell Wants Mideast 'Coordinators'

Road Map: Conflict Reloaded - Chronological history of the road map

Israel Headlines

Sharon, Abbas likely to meet after cabinet approves road map

Pressure Or Not?

U.S., Palestinians welcome Israel's acceptance of road map

Rain Slows Cleanup of Deadly Maryland Crash

Colorado Judge Throws Out Death Sentence Because Jurors Consulted The Bible

Euro beating up the U.S. dollar

Surging Euro tops $1.18 as dollar loses support

Blue Shield pleased by new ruling on drug: Did not want to cover weight-loss drug for "morbidly obese" woman

The gay sword of tolerance

Florida Representative Foley: My sexuality is private - Questions about homosexuality 'revolting and unforgivable'

Mars - God of War -- Approaches

Mars probe takes a long shot - of us

Digging Mars: Three robotic geologists head for the red planet to look at the history of water there and search for signs of life

Earth, Moon, Jupiter As Seen From Mars: Note second drawing of Jupiter aligned with Mars, and Earth - Patiently wait for page to load as second drawing will load first

"Lords of the New World Order": Bilderberger Meeting 2003

Judge orders abortion for disabled woman: 28-year-old also to undergo tubal ligation to bar future pregnancies - Eugenics?

Columbia Shuttle Rescue Try Was Possible

Undercover police crack baby-selling racket

German Police Suspended After Giving Nazi Salute



May 23, 2003 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For Our Military

SARS Panic Rising

Another SARS case surfaces in Toronto

Experts: SARS Not Losing Power Over Time

SARS scare reminiscent of 1918 flu pandemic - Global Map of SARS

Just As Cutting Edge Reported! Lymphocytic Leukemia Cancer spread by coughing

CDC Doctor Gets Ill After Investigating SARS

Jeff Rense Interviews Dr. Robert Lee and Dr. Patricia Doyle About SARS

SARS: Hypothetical Treatment

New Suspected SARS Case Reported In Vallejo, CA

Bayer sold drug with AIDS taint to Asia and Latin America while selling safer product elsewhere!

SARS crisis escalates in Taiwan, stable in China

WHO, do you believe? China thought to be hiding true case numbers

China arrests man for spreading SARS

SARS pushes Hong Kong unemployment to 7.8 per cent

Singapore's economy: SARS gloom and doom

Has SARS Reached Ukraine?

SARS Virus Sample Arrives in Russia: Russian medical laboratories start receiving the control sample of the lethal virus

Taiwan's extreme measures feed public fear

Algeria quake toll nearly 1,500

Pygmies beg UN for aid to save them from Congo cannibals

House Passes $330 Billion in Tax Cuts

Cardinal's speech upsets university: Speaks out against homosexuality in Georgetown speech

Catholic Bishops Bow Out of College Commencements Because Chris Matthews To Be There: Matthews accused of being pro-abortion

Pagan tribesman held over beheading of missionary

DeLay admits to role in hunting for runaway Texas Democrat Lawmakers

Peterson's Lawyers Say They'll Prove He Didn't Murder Laci

Judge sends message loud, clear: She sentences woman who may not be remorseful to jail for turning up radio volume

Afghan cabbie arrested in NYC trying to buy $10,000 of C-4 explosives: Non-professional acting on his own?

Pork and ham banned out of respect for Muslims

Mormonism In The News

Utah Prepares for Firing-Squad Executions: Mormons believe blood must be shed in executions

Mormon Dilemma - Video

The Godmakers - Video

What's Wrong With Mormonism? Video

"The Matrix Reloaded"

Religion reloaded: 'The Matrix' inspires spirited discussion: Is it really about

Plug into 'The Matrix'

A look at 'Matrix' characters

WHERE ARE THE DEAD? When someone dies, what happens to their souls?

The Dollar Will Continue Its Fall

Experts fear U.S.-Russia nuclear `miscalculation'

Traffic Sting Irks Homeless Advocates: Cops will dress in tattered clothes to nab red-light violators

High Tech Camera Catches Judge Fixing Divorce Cases For Cash

Dixie Chicks Booed at Academy of Country Music Awards

Korean Peninsula

Japan ready to strike first if threatened: PM

Pyongyang nukes need urgent attention: Crisis near "Boiling Point"

Korea Talks Stall as North and South Trade Barbs

Middle East


Insufficient Evidence: Lack of Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq worries US authorities

CIA review into level of threat to see if threat was "exaggerated"

Iraq Conflict To Be Called "Battle" Because More Countries Are Due For Invasion and Overthrow

Iraq's Armed Forces Dissolved, U.S. Says

Army to probe Lynch capture: Wants to know if she fought off her captors

U.N. endorses U.S., British role in Iraq

Senior Baath Party Leader in U.S. Custody

Central Command's Gen. Franks will take retirement


Iran admits holding al Qaeda operatives

Iran in US sights over Al-Qaeda

Bush weighs effort to undermine Iranian leadership

Chinese firm hit with U.S. sanctions for sales of missile goods to Iran

Bush Vows No Letup in Terror War

America and its 'friend' Saudi Arabia


Sharon may bring road map to vote on Sunday

New Palestinian PM says Arafat still in charge: Abu Mazen: 'We do not do anything without his approval'

Bush Considers Mideast Summit

Israel - Palestinian Terror News

9 Israelis lightly hurt in bomb attack on bus in Gaza

IDF Activity In Gaza And Elsewhere

Female bombers show shift in thinking amongst terrorists

"Armed Terrorists" Enter PM Sharon's Office

Following Abu Mazen meeting, Hamas hints at limited truce

Israel arrests Hezbollah activists aboard boat headed for Gaza: Arafat denies any responsibility

Popularity Surge of Multiple Body Piercings and Tattoos Offer Powerful Evidence That Our Society Has Now Slipped Down The Slippery Slope of Satanism!

Unborn babies prefer mom's voice: Heart rates of children in womb
accelerate when hearing mother

Martian view of Earth

6 French journalists handcuffed in Los Angeles and expelled

Maryland Governor Signs Medical Marijuana Bill

Mother foils twins' plot to kill brothers

National Weather

Wet Spell Continues in East - Roads under water after heavy rains

Storm Bringing Heavy Rain to the East Coast

Despite heavy rains, water restrictions continue

Thunderstorm Threat Increases Late Friday

Heat Continues to Really Bake Southwest

Next winter could be another dry one

Starvation to Hit Russia This Fall

San Francisco supervisors get 300 percent pay raises

Female Bank Robber On Spree, Strikes Four More Times

Aceh villagers killed by Indonesian troops

Pakistan - India

Delhi: Fighting militancy with militancy? Is India about to give Pakistan a "dose of its own medicine?

Terrorist Bomb jitters in Pakistan, too

Al-Qaeda's deadly seeds bear fruit

Now, bin Laden takes aim at Pakistan for "liberation" by waging "jihad" against her

Foreign Investments Almost Doubled in Russia

China enters the G8 big leagues

A strong show of Russian arms



May 22, 2003 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For Our Military

Satanic Society - Ready For Antichrist!

Popularity Surge Of Multiple Body Piercings And Tattoos Offer Powerful Evidence Our Society Has Slipped Down Slippery Slope of Satanism!

Tongue Splitting Latest Rage: Looking like a serpent tongue!

Meditation Shown to Light Up Brains of Buddhists: Serenely following false path!

Colorado Town Tries to Tie Up S&M Club

Fall Hastened By Rock-n-Roll

Fallen Angel: The Untold Story of Jimmy Page and Led Zeppelin - Book

Their way to heaven: Led Zeppelin issues huge live package as Page, Plant and Jones reflect on glory days

Led Zeppelin DVD

They Sold Their Souls For Rock-n-Roll -- Video

Harry Potter

Amazon: Harry Potter Fastest Ever Seller

Harry Potter Conditions Children To Accept Coming Antichrist

Christian Who Understands Black Magick Witchcraft Looks At Harry Potter

Wicca: Satan's Little White Lie

Pagans Are Bragging: Potter Encouraging Children To Get Into Witchcraft

Kids to Learn Stunt Wizardry at Summer Camp


Remains of toxic bullets litter Iraq: "The Monitor" finds high levels of radiation left by US armor-piercing shells. Beware of disinformation as article tries to downplay health risk

Former US Scientist Warns: Never Use Depleted Uranium In Weaponry Again!

US Fulfills Isaiah 13 Prophecy As She Unleashes "Nuclear War" on Iraq, Which Is Likely To Destroy The "Whole Land"

U.N. Council to End 13 Years of Sanctions on Iraq

Iraq Conflict To Be Called "Battle" Because Wider Global War Is Planned! Just as Cutting Edge taught from beginning

America's most experienced peacekeeping division to tackle Baghdad lawlessness

Powell's Talks in Paris to Focus on Iraq, Upcoming G8 Summit

British troops to relieve some of US peace-keeping duties in Baghdad

Shiites hold largest anti-U.S. protest: Peaceful rally in Baghdad demands that American forces withdraw from Iraq

Sheik could spell curtains for movies, alcohol in Iraq

Afghan Officials Downplay Deadly Shootout


Al-Qaeda Mega-Terror Attack Against Israel Thwarted

2002 defense exports reached all time record of $4.18 billion

Palestinians: Boy, 12, killed by IDF fire

IDF pulls out of Beit Hanun - then surrounds it to ward off Qassams Rockets

Hamas cell that planned to kidnap Israeli bus exposed

Palestinian PM Abu Mazen to meet with Hamas in Gaza

Israel told to accept road map `formally' -- Bush freezes $10 billion in loan guarantees in order to twist Israel's arm

Dead "Road Map" was delivered to establish an "Occult Signature"

Bush Condemns, Arafat Controls - Arafat, Abbas Still Loyal to Each Other

Indonesia At War

Jakarta wants to tag Aceh rebels as terrorists - Would allow Army to use greater force - Sound familiar?

150 foreign vessels detained by Indonesia

Indonesia Vows More Strikes Vs. Rebels

Rebels Call For Outside Intervention

South-East Asian study group pays official visit to Nevada brothel

Nokia's effort to expand sales of cell phones falters

Economic News

Greenspan: Fed's Not Out Of Bullets

House, Senate reach deal on tax reduction: $350 billion bill cuts levy on dividends, capital gains

American Airlines Touts Turnaround Plan

Oil prices lower on worries

Circus Tricks For The Masses

ABC Reality TV to Show 'Good, Bad, Ugly' Roseanne

Ruben Studdard Squeezes Into the 'Idol' Pantheon

Surge in calls tagged to 'American Idol'

Ex-N.Y. Times reporter expresses anger at bosses: Blair is unapologetic, blames racist editors in article printed yesterday

NY Times Names Panel to Probe Blair Flap

Can Real-Life Matrix Be Created?

Bush equated with Hitler in 'Matrix' sequel? Image of president shown with dictator in discussion of evil

DARPA dabbles in creating real-world 'Matrix'

Hideous Occult Face of DARPA/Homeland Security

Satellite chaperones keep track of your teen driver

Redesigning Human Beings To Make "Better" People

Mother Charged With Murder After Bodies of 3 Babies Were Discovered

NAACP Alleges Bias During Biker Rally

Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor: Republican legislators "of the KKK mentality, but totally without the hoods

Search is on for passenger missing from cruise liner

WHO Passes International Smoke Ban

Archaeologists Unearth Stonehenge Bodies

Bilderbergers: Masters of the Universe


Quake kills more than 640 in Algeria: 6.7 on Richter Scale

Last Thirty Days of Earthquake Activity from the QED

Terror Alert

US military on highest terror alert: US still on Orange Alert Status

Bomb explodes at Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut!

Connecticut Police Treat Yale Blast As Crime

Fighters deployed over D.C.

'Al-Qaeda' urges fresh attacks - Al Qaeda looked for
recruits who blend in, who are less obvious

Global Terror Alert Headlines

FBI says Al-Qaeda suspect part of terror cell

Security Cutbacks Worry Airport Officials

Woman collapses after judge asks if she's a terrorist: In court fighting a traffic ticket


SARS scare reminiscent of 1918 flu pandemic - Global Map of SARS

New SARS Mechanism Revelations: SARS E2-Spike Protein Mimicking T-cell Receptor Alpha Beta V Chain Proteins?

Just As Cutting Edge Reported! Lymphocytic Leukemia Cancer spread by coughing

SARS' Worst May Lie Ahead

Taiwan: China must apologize for spreading SARS to the world -- 666 deaths worldwide from SARS right now as of 1800 hours Wednesday

Taiwan Has 65 New SARS Cases: Cambodia Holds Boy Suspected of SARS

Taiwan reinforces safe guards for medical staff

11 people fined in Singapore for spitting amid SARS fears - Singapore has new SARS case

Chinese president takes SARS precautions

Asian stocks lower on nerves about SARS

Students Return to Class in Beijing -- Floods claim 73 as SARS fears rise in China

Sars and war hit Korean economy

Tourist arrivals to Australia plunge 20 per cent

Middle East

A strong show of Russian arms: Exercises proving Russia's global force projection capabilities

U.S. backtracks, okays Israeli sale of Phalcon to India

4 More Arrests Made in Saudi Terror Crackdown

Korean Peninsula

Japan ready to strike first if threatened: PM

Pyongyang nukes need urgent attention: Crisis near "Boiling Point"

Korea Talks Stall as North and South Trade Barbs

Panic eases after South Korea scandal

North Korea is top of Japan's Prime Minister's agenda

Backing for stronger Japanese military

Human body parts found scattered in Quezon City, Philippines

Canada's Mad Cow Disease

Philippine Gov’t bans cattle from Canada due to mad cow disease

Canada Steps Up BSE Probe

World Shuns Canadian Beef Over Mad Cow Fears

National Weather

Washout Headed for the Northeast

Waterlogged in the East the Next Five Days

Updated Holiday Weekend Outlook - Pattern This Week Not Condusive to Severe Storms

2003 Hurricane Season Outlook

Historians try to unravel hurricanes' mysteries

Saturated Over Areas That Don't Need The Rain

Suffering of worms, fish prompts protest: School project said to enable children to 'torment' other species

Noahide Laws Are Prompting Rulings That Humans Are Mistreating Animals

Weather Control!

Putin will spray rain clouds to guarantee sunshine for celebrations

Weather Control and Weather Warfare

Occult Basis For Hating Industrial Civilization

Truth About Islam

Anti- violence conference on Arab woman: Half of all wives beaten last year

Sword of the Prophet: Book reveals truth about Islam

Destiny 21st Century - Islam Connection -- Video

Glad to be gay and Muslim: Shattering taboo in Islam

Home-Schooler Wins National Geographic Bee

Coin toss decided whether victim would live or die: 'Pick right and we're not going to kill you" - Hells Angels

Undercover police officer shot and wounded in Brooklyn

Man arraigned in shooting of Staten Island undercover officers

US House OKs Bill Blocking School-Ordered Drugs

Washington State Law limits some violent video games

Psychiatric drug may thwart Alzheimer's

Your life on one chip - a risk worth taking? Over-dependence on high-technology warning

Romaine lettuce recalled: May be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes

Forest thinning to prevent devastating forest fires going at record pace

House Passes Controversial Wildfire Bill

Bush on 'axis of weasel' European tour: Will also meet Pope

European Union: Revived Roman Empire Rises From Ashes!




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