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We have culled these pertinent stories from many sources to keep you updated on the Daily News events pertinent to the coming New World Order. Truly, once you know the Plan to establish the Kingdom of Antichrist, you will never look at the news the same way again. For A Cutting Edge Analysis and Recap Of Current Events Being Reported In The News Visit our Headline News Area

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Wednesday, May 19, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

"Plan A Clash of Civilisations"

Counting the cost in civilian casualties: British official estimates 10,000 have been killed thus far -- Figures from IraqBodyCount likely to be conservative -- Body Count likely to be adding "several thousand" civilian dead in Falluja and Najaf

IraqBodyCount Web Site: Used by many in Western media

How to plan a clash of civilisations: General Richard Myers admitted that America and its allies are checkmated in Iraq

Iran leader condemns US 'stupidity': For deliberately desecrating Muslim holy places

Shiite leader urges combatants to leave holy cities

"Blood In The Streets" Strategy: Killing of civilians and desecration of holy places most important two events that enrages Muslims

Torture, Sexual Degradation Scandal

Definitely a Cover-Up’: Former Abu Ghraib Intel Staffer Says Army Concealed Involvement in Abuse Scandal

New Iraqi Prison Abuse Shocker: Male prisoners forced to wear women's Maxi-Pads - extreme humiliation for Muslim males

Rumsfeld accused on abuse: US defence secretary 'authorised tough intelligence programme' - encouraged physical coercion and sexual humiliation to obtain intelligence

Top US generals in Iraq knew prison abuses last fall

US troops 'abused Iraq reporters': New allegations surface

3 U.S. Generals to Discuss Prison Abuse With Senate Armed Services Committee

International Red Cross still concerned about Iraq jail

Arraignments Begin in Abu Ghraib Case

GI facing court-martial was always eager to please: Compliant attitude may help explain his behavior

First Abuse Guilty Plea Likely at Court-Martial: Relatives of abused prisoners want death penalty

US military to release 472 prisoners from Abu Ghraib on Friday


War News

Senators: Time running out in Iraq

Fresh fighting in Karbala, more casualties

US marine dies in Iraq's restive Al-Anbar province: In "non-hostile incident"

Iraq bids farewell to slain chief

'Nerve gas bomb' explodes in Iraq: Senior coalition source has told the BBC the round does not signal the discovery of Weapons of Mass Destruction

Rumsfeld says it wasn't necessarily sarin

Tests Confirm Sarin in Iraqi Artillery Shell -- Might date back to 1991

Australian PM rules out more Iraq troops

US uncertain about length of deployment in Iraq: Wolfowitz

Limits of US influence: "Push the US too hard, it will overthrow you, and your society will dissolve into a massive internal conflict"

Troop redeployment seen as sign of U.S. woes

U.S.Admits: We Underestimated Iraq's Resilience

Nick Berg News

Berg father backs anti-war stance

Four arrested over US man's (Nick Berg) beheading

Nick Berg Decapitation Video a Fraud: Doctor

Why Is Nick Berg Sitting In Standard US Military Prison Chair and Wearing Standard US Military Prison Orange Jumpsuit?

Arab Secret Society Has Symbol of Cruel Beheading For Degrees 9-11

Miscellaneous Iraq News

Analysis: A benevolent dictator for Iraq?

Iraq: From a Strategic Standpoint, We've Already Lost

Iraq's daily oil output falls short of Cheney's predictions

Iraqis want full access to oil revenues

World Bank warns on Iraq delays: Reconstruction effort falling behind

Counting the rising cost of fear: Western insurance companies starting to sweat

Iraq War Weakens Bond Between Bush, Evangelicals

Russian and American Senators To Discuss Iraq Situation

Other Military News

Pentagon may use IRS to find reservists with which it has lost contact

Florida guardsman faces court-martial on desertion charge

Senate fails to delay closings of military bases set for '05

Chen's inauguration speech 'to pacify China': Following a stern warning from Beijing, the Taiwan President is likely to adopt a conciliatory stance

WHO rejects Taiwan's bid for observer status

Morning-after pill will be easier to buy in Canada

Ice Cream Flavors Named for Ozzy, Sharon Osbourne

Archives: Bush loves and promotes Satanic Hard Rocker Ozzy Osboure -- "Bush's Headbanger's Ball"

China reveals massive smart ID card plan

Police investigate into report of high school students having sex on grounds: Rock Island High School

Sex, alcohol used to recruit CU football players: "No evidence officials condoned misconduct"

Searching for ET at Home

Annan calls on U.N. members to meet peacekeeping costs

No Wizard Left Behind: Harry Potter and Left Behind are more alike than you might think



"Wife Swap" Reality TV

ABC going to extremes: Introducing "Wife Swap" reality show with provocatively sexy title

ABC’s wife swap: It’s not what you think (yet)

ABC Picks Up British Show 'Wife Swap': Title racier than content

Israel -- Wars and Rumors of Wars

Rafah - Gaza Military Operation

Renewed violence hits Gaza camp: Fresh gun battles erupt

General Mofaz: No Time Limit on Rafah Operation

IDF Helicopter and tanks kill 22 demonstrators in Rafah

A day in the Rafah wasteland

Great Map of Rafah In the Gaza Strip: On Egyptian border with Israel

Rafah residents 'living in hell'

Explosion rips through crowd of Palestinian demonstrators, killing at least 10

UN Security Council debates response to Rafah action

Palestinian Authority: Israel committing "brutal massacre" in Rafah

In the Middle East, Its Good Fences for Bad Neighbors

Other News

Likud Minister Landau: Disengagement will topple the government

The Region: A post-Gaza scenario that does not look promising

Bush: Israel Has Right to Defend Itself

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Special Forces soldier killed in Afghanistan

Venezuela president wants civilian 'soldiers,' warns of U.S. invasion

Venezuela President's Plan for civilian military training criticized

With Chief Missing, Colombia Militias Gain Leverage

Analysis: Central America's arms race

Bush's anti-Castro beat

Recently elected Sonia Gandhi to meet India's president

Gandhi declines India leadership: She is foreign born

East Timor steps into the world

Military to rule Nigerian state hit by religious violence

Sudan 'blocking US aid workers'

Sudan: Muslim's Hidden Holocaust Against Christians - Video

UN 'unimpressed' with Sudan's peace deal

Chad accuses Sudan of backing border raids

Deadly land mines haunt Vietnamese: At least 2,540 are killed, 4,243 injured from war's end in 1975 to 2002

'We would like to see democracy in Zimbabwe'

Haitians want Aristide back

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

US 'tripwire' role in South Korea obsolete: Wolfowitz

Historic shift of U.S. troops could mean permanent change for Korea

North Korea urges South Koreans to drive out all US troops

Seoul calms fears over US troop transfer to Iraq

UN envoy in North Korea to discuss nuclear talks

Old boys' network unravels: Roh government swoops on errant top generals, once untouchable because of their links to previous leader Kim Dae Jung


Official: al-Qaida Seeks Chemical Strike

Emerging global government? Effort against global terrorism is producing a "Global Safety Authority"

Alabama State Troopers Join Terror Fight

Rocket launcher found near Atlanta rail-transit station

Ukraine discovers nuclear trafficking ring

Giuliani takes the stand before 9/11 commission

2004 Campaign News

DEMOCRATIC presidential candidate John Kerry is refusing to back the US-Australia trade deal

From the White House, a nightmare scenario: Terrorism during presidential election

Bush boosts Jewish support

Kerry to Meet With Nader

Dems using high gas prices as weapon against Bush

Gay - Lesbian News

Fanfare over: Gay marriages continue

Massachusetts Marriage By The Numbers: Over 1,000 obtained marriage licenses on Monday

Same-sex marriages viewed as attack on traditional morals for Christians

Twists And Turns In Sexual Perversion Grows Alarmingly In The Episcopal Church USA

G.L.S.E.N. To Establish Homosexual Clubs On All School Campuses: "Ensuring that only positive discussions about homosexuality are allowed into elementary school classrooms, including kindergarten"

Massachusetts Governor Romney Moves To Cancel Out-Of-State Gay Weddings

Gay Sit-in Closes Chicago Marriage Bureau

Venus is set to traverse face of Sun

Arizona Debates Right-to-Die Internet Registry

Gore Stumps for "Tomorrow": The movie is The Day After Tomorrow, a $125 million summer disaster flick



Tuesday, May 18, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?


We are in a WORLD WAR and yet we do not notice it

Israel - Palestinians

Attacking Arms Smuggling Route - Rafah

IDF enters 'gateway of terrorism': Rafah, on Egyptian - Israeli border

15 Palestinians said killed as IDF launches Rafah operation

Israel considers international presence in Rafah along "Philadelphia" Route used to smuggle arms

Political stakes are raised in Gaza

Amnesty International: Israel guilty of war crimes in Rafah home demolitions

Palestinian Authority Turns to the Quartet & America to End Rafiah Operation

Security Council, Arab League to discuss Rafah demolitions

Israel Trying to 'Reshape' Gaza Border Area Before Leaving

Hamas leader Mashaal rejects talks of cease-fire

Endangering state security

Unilateral Disengagement Going Forward

PM Sharon Prepares Slightly-Modified Disengagement Plan

Foreign Minister Shalom: Jordan will be kept abreast of PM's plan

General Mofaz vows Israel will dismantle all illegal outposts

Jew Battles Jew: "Battle" At The Settlement of Mitzpeh Yitzhar

Palestinian PM Qurei urged to back Sharon disengagement plan

AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) Boycotts Gov't Ministers Who Oppose Gaza Retreat

Analysis: Echoes of south Lebanon

Other News

Netanyahu: Longshoremen hold state by the throat

Attorney General Mazuz Leaning Towards Indictment Against PM Sharon

Controversial Law of the Sea Treaty deserves to be harpooned: Bush strongly supporting this surrender of US sovereignty to UN!

"Re-Wilding" Going Forward!

"Sustainability" Key Word

CARA (Get Out Act) Will Kill Rural America: HR 4100 will force thousands of landowners and farmers off of their land. No landowner will be safe - condemns private property and then turns it into Wilderness - no access, no people

Cutting Edge Archives: Federal and State Governments Implementing The Draconian Plan To Force People To Live Only In Certain Areas Using A False 'Crisis" of Environmental Pollution As the Catalyst - Key Map of "Rewilding America"

U.N. Sustainable Development Now Permeates Education: Extreme Environmentalism Is The Tool For Social Change - New Video

Birth of World Government Through Deception, Intrigue, War -- Book

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Venezuela's Chávez steps up rhetoric against 'external enemy'

Chavez to set up “people’s militia” as opponents push for recall: To counter what he called foreign interference after an alleged coup plot by Colombian paramilitaries

Chavez Urges Bush To Ask Pardon for Iraq Sins From Pope

Venezuelan supports boosting relations with Syria

Russia Pledges to Finish Iran Reactor

Horns Blaring, Dominicans Celebrate Fernandez Win

Sonia Ghandi: More talks before Indian government can be formed

China Inks Massive Metroline Deal With Iran

Why South Africans Should Roll Out the Red Carpet for Haiti's Ousted President Aristide

Do water wars loom in Africa?

Press Too Cozy to Power in Brazil

Great Britain: Blunkett to legislate for “thought crimes” and guilt by association

2004 Campaign News

Terror Attack During Presidential Campaign: From the White House, a nightmare scenario

The Criminalization of Dissent Still a Problem Nationwide

Kerry Takes Campaign Stage With Howard Dean

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger Keeps Distance From Bush Campaign

Kerry-Gephardt ticket urged: Teamsters boss Hoffa tells union Mo. congressman, labor ally would be strong addition as V.P. candidate

Michigan voters cool off on Bush, war: Approval slips 13% - Unfavorable rating rises to 43%

Kerry Turns His Attention to the Economy

In Kerry veepstakes, Clark is the wild card

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

Pension Fight Hurts Japan's PM before N. Korea Summit

US confirms S. Korea troop cut: 3,600 troops to transfer to Iraq

N. Korea Working to Resolve Nuke Standoff: Pro-Pyongyang Newspaper

U.S. Expresses Satisfaction with Working-level Nuclear Talks

Bush insists redeployment does not lessen commitment to South Korea: American forces dangerously overstretched

China's Growing Maritime Fleet A Strategic Threat To US: NOTE: Requires Acrobat Reader

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

War News

Atrocities in Iraq: Former Marine Reveals Deliberate Civilian Atrocities, Deadly Nature of Depleted Uranium

'Nerve gas bomb' explodes in Iraq: Senior coalition source has told the BBC the round does not signal the discovery of Weapons of Mass Destruction

U.S. blasts rebels near Shiite shrine: Airstrike hits fighters in Karbala in its riskiest attack yet

US claims major success against forces of rebel cleric

Suicide bomber murders top Iraqi: Assault bodes ill for power shift

Iraqi council lives with danger: Members struggle to gain popularity -- and stay alive

Wreckage of an Iraq policy: Assassination delivered a stunning blow to the United States administration's policy in Iraq

Wall Street down on news of Iraqi leader's death

Currencies: Iraq bombing attack sends dollar tumbling

Iraqi Women Working for Coalition Killed: Gunmen Kill Two Iraqi Women Working for U.S.-Led Coalition, Plus A Coalition Translator Plus Critically Injuring Another In Attacks On Their Houses

Too Violent to Rebuild? Iraq Reconstruction Stalled Amid Anger, Unrest and Danger

Coalition Evacuates HQ in Nasiriyah: Because of growing threats from Muqtada al-Sadr's militiamen

Britain to boost Iraq force with 3,000 extra troops

US moving American troops now stationed in South Korea to Iraq

Arab Nations Nix Sending Troops to Iraq

Iran Charges: Coalition Occupation Forces Breed Terrorism In Iraq

Iraq exit strategy: Promise or hope? "Exit strategy" suddenly being talked about by the office of the British Prime Minister Tony Blair is probably more of a hope than a promise

US reaffirms Iraq handover plans: Killing of the head of Iraq's Governing Council will not affect plans to hand over power to Iraqis

Iraq interim government likely won't oust troops: Adnan Pachachi

More Iraq Hawk Myths Bite the Dust

Blair pledges commitment to Iraq until job is done

Torture, Sexual Degradation Scandal

Iraq-Born Swede Asks $100,000, Claiming Torture at Abu Ghraib

Torture of Iraqi Women: Truth now pouring forth

Soldiers' trials 'a perfect storm'

CIA denies it endorsed Iraq abuses

Investigations find more detainees died: At least 18 cases in Afghanistan, Iraq

Should Bush Ask Pope's Pardon for Iraq War?

Beheading News Update

Why Is Doomed Nick Berg Wearing A Standard US Military Prison Orange Jumpsuit and Sitting In A Standard US Military Prison White Chair?

The Berg Video Was Uploaded From London, Not Iraq

Berg Video Said Fake - Taped In Abu Ghraib Prison

Average Gasoline Price Tops $2 a Gallon

OPEC urged to boost output, not just target, as oil ministers prepare for emergency talks

Gas Price, Inflation Unlikely to Transform Consumer Habits: Confidence in growth of economy, job market remains strong

Why oil prices are so strong

Gay - Lesbian News

Wedding Day in Massachusetts: First gays marry; many seek licenses

Massachusetts puts U.S. on map by allowing gays to wed: State joins Begium, Netherlands as areas where gays can marry

First Gay Couple To Be Married Has No Intention of Being Monogamous

Editorials: Civilization in ruins -- Legal at last

R.I., Conn. may grant recognition of same-sex marriages performed in Massachusetts

Opponents of Gay Marriage: Counting on a backlash to legalization of same-sex marriages in Massachusetts to help them marshal public support

Gov. Romney Invites Gay "Teenagers" to Copley Square: Will continue the Republican tradition of “Gay Youth Pride” day

Rush of reporters worldwide attracts some limelight, too

Two-thirds of the gays who applied for marriage licenses yesterday were women

Bush renews his call for banning gay marriage

Why Not Implant a Microchip? Why bother with national ID cards?

World Council and Catholic Church Draw Up 3 Documents Aimed To Unify - Ecumenism accelerates

Western Moral Collapse

Cannes screening for most sexually explicit British film

British High Class Sex Shop -- Exotic Ladies' Underwear -- Coming to Madison Avenue

Oraganism "D.J. Is Too Much": Host spent two minutes imitating sexual noises made by actresses in movies

International Olympic Committee approves consensus with regard to athletes who have changed sex: Rule allow such athletes to compete

Booming Death Cult Draws Mexican Gangsters, Police

U.S. Faults Chinese Over Threat to Taiwan

Religion: The Pop Prophets - Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins are an unlikely team with a shared evangelical fervor—and America's best-selling writers


Monday, May 17, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Breaking News

Sarin, Mustard Gas Discovered Separately in Iraq: Experts believe both the sarin and mustard gas weapons date back to the 1991 Persian Gulf War

America's military coup: Donald Rumsfeld has a new war on his hands - the US officer corps has turned on the government -- Retired U.S. General: "the rationale for the Iraq war (finding WMD) is phoney"


We are in a WORLD WAR and yet we do not notice it

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Iraq On Fire! Headlines

Torture, Sexual Degradation Scandal

Rumsfeld accused on abuse: US defence secretary 'authorised tough intelligence programme'

The Gray Zone: Roots of scandal lay at Rumsfeld's feet - Operation "Copper Green" encouraged physical coercion and sexual humiliation of Iraqi prisoners

Actions of a few, or a policy from the top? Expect court-martialed servicemen to parrot official Pentagon line - Abuse "a policy sanctioned by those higher up the chain of command"

Commentary: It's Bush who is in the dock

Memo might have laid groundwork for abuse: Counsel reportedly told Bush 9/11 made Geneva Convention obsolete - Senator Biden: "abuse scandal goes 'much higher' than the young American guards watching over Iraqi detainees"

Lawmakers commit to pursuing scandal: As far up the ladder as responsibility goes

Evidence of more widespread abuse

Britain accused on Guantánamo: British government knew about the inhumane treatment of its citizens at Guantánamo Bay as early as June 2002

US lawmakers told of POW abuse months ago

Report: Iraq prison program got 'out of control': Even CIA pulled their people out

Homosexuality and Sadomasicism at Core of Iraq Prison Scandal: Growing influence of homosexuals in our culture

US soldiers in Iraq fear retribution for prison scandal from Iraqi people

Silence From Iraqi People Indicts U.S. Occupiers: Experience of the American occupation was already one of degradation, disappointment and discomfort

Military Interrogators: Abuse Yields Shaky Info

EU to condemn Iraq abuse

Editorial: Brutality starts at home: Domestic prison abuse by American guards against Americans has been skyrocketing for some years

War News

There is one way to preserve Iraq - and give us a way out: "News from Iraq is so bad that even President Bush no longer describes successive disasters as evidence of progress. Bush administration is now moving to increase troop levels in Iraq, and is asking the British government to do the same"

US moving American troops now stationed in South Korea to Iraq

Baghdad blast kills Iraq leader: Current Head of Iraq's US-appointed Governing Council

Dollar, Stocks Fall After Crude Surges, and Iraqi Leader Is Killed, and Explosions Damaged British Banks in Turkey

Four Iraqis killed in Iraq mortar attack - U.S. soldier killed in Iraq firefight

Attacks Drive Italian Troops From Base

Clashes in Kerbala: Powell Says U.S. Troops to Stay

U.S. soldiers wearing down in Iraq

Intra-Shia conflict looms which could plunge Iraqi into full-scale civil war

Coalition troops 'may quit Iraq': If asked by a new Iraqi government

Powell: U.S. to Command Post-July 1 Iraqi Troops

Japan may participate in U.N. force in Iraq: "Under a new U.N. resolution"

UN officials continue talks on Iraq's transition, elections

For GIs, idealism fades amid gunfire

Al-Jazeera Shows Russian Hostages in Iraq

Australia's hired guns operating in Iraq

2004 Campaign News

Pictures of abuse spell bad news for Bush

Kerry pledges to enforce trade deals in favor of workers

Is Barbra Streisand Getting Sleepy? - Barbra Streisand to perform for Kerry fund-raiser

Kerry Marks Desegregation Anniversary with Warning - "Need to renew our commitment to one America"

Kerry Shifts Campaign Focus from Iraq to Economy

U.S. Athletes Warned to Tone It Down in Athens: Not to wave American flags

Extreme Environmental Disaster Conditioning

Globe Grows Darker as Sunshine Diminishes 10% to 37%

UN-backed International treaty banning most dangerous pollutants comes into force Monday

UN agency helps launch campaign to clean up world's seas

Ultimate Goal In "Sustainability" Might Be Coming Global Superstorm

Archives: Weather Control and Weather Warfare

War - Israel, Palestinians

No plans to kill Arafat, says Israel

Israel Readies Military Solution for Rafah Terror and Tunnels

Israeli forces mount major incursion into southern Gaza Strip

Hundreds of Rafah homes slated for demolition - First time a division-level force enters area

Fighting breaks out in southern Gaza Strip

US urged to stop Israel: From destroying homes in Gaza

'Palestinian' Foreign Minister: Retreat and we'll behave sanely

Israel, Egypt discussing Gaza deployment

Background: Tunnels keep Gaza terrorists awash in arms

Chief of General Staff Ya'alon escapes 'political ambush' in Knesset

Al-Aqsa Brigades kill two Israeli soldiers in new Gaza attack: Public movement in favour of withdrawing from flashpoint territory gaining momentum

'Israelis want security, not wild retreat'

Responding To The Public Tide: To hasten the withdrawal from Gaza

State Rejects Compromise, Jewish Outpost Mitzpeh Yitzhar In Danger of Demolition

Gays Attacked At Palestinian Protest

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Israel plan to attack Iran nuke sites

Israel urged to attack Iran nuke plant: Strategic report calls for second-strike capability

Israel watching India -- India at a crossroads

Stock Markets Fall All Over The World: India falls so greatly, trading is halted; Taiwan warned by China to "accept Chinese sovereignty or face destruction by playing with fire''

Related Story: US Stocks Likely to Remain Calm After RollerCoaster Week

Jordan Plans To "Transfer" Arab Refugees To No-Man´s Land

Man tried for attempt to blow up Israeli embassy in Canberra, Australia

Former president takes lead in elections in Dominican Republic

Annan urges agreement on participation in Myanmar's constitutional convention

Security Council condemns incursions into Rwanda and DR of Congo

Security Council condemns human rights violations in Côte d'Ivoire

Colombia has biggest humanitarian crisis in Western Hemisphere, UN says

Bombs Jangle Nerves Hours Before Blair Turkey Trip

Massachusetts - Gay Marriages To Begin

Free to marry: Historic date arrives for same-sex couples in Massachusetts

Cambridge plays host to a giant celebration

Tears Of Joy At First Gay Marriage Licenses

Town Clerks in tight spot politically: Changing times exert pressure on low-profile staff

R.I., Conn. attorneys general expected to decide on Mass. nuptials

Municipalities say residency won't be an issue: "Status of gay marriage is far more fluid than the governor has declared"

Most Gay Couples Planning To Marry In Hometowns

Suspicious Package Found At Gay Marriage Rally

China orders TV stars to stop 'queer' western behaviour

Global Terrorism

Gulf leaders close ranks against terror threat

Getting Naked for Big Brother

Data Scant for Terrorist Screening Center Watchlist Usage
: 120,000 people now on the "terror" list - Many of them are ordinary people

Pope canonises mother who refused abortion

Trade negotiators haggle over agriculture at WTO talks

G20, farming nations to cooperate on market access at WTO talks

HIV/AIDS, Obesity to top agenda for UN health agency's governing body

Hy-Wire Driving Is a Gas - General Motors' hydrogen-powered concept car

Peek Into the Future at NextFest

Italian Ministery of Health Approves Clinical Study Evaluating Verichip Healthcare Application In Rome



Sunday, May 16, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Torture, Sexual Degradation Scandal

The Gray Zone: Roots of scandal lay at Rumsfeld's feet - Operation "Copper Green" encouraged physical coercion and sexual humiliation of Iraqi prisoners

Officials admit Iraq interrogations violated Geneva Conventions

When coercive interrogation becomes torture: Systematic application of modern torture methods - "Show conscious attempts by psychologists to make the techniques culturally relative to a Muslim population"

US guards 'filmed beatings' at Guantanamo Bay terror camp: Senator urges action as Briton reveals Guantanamo abuse

U.S. holds huge global network of secret terror prisons: Suspects hidden from public, courts -- Set up to avoid the scrutiny of U.S. or international court systems

Military Interrogators: Abuse Yields Shaky Info

US military launches another investigation into prisoner abuse in Afghanistan

Take A Look At The Chair Nick Berg Sat In: Looks like standard issue from Abu Graib Prison

Beheading Update: Numerous Mysteries and Coincidences Have Now Come To Light Concerning The Beheading of American Nick Berg: Tie-in to Arabic Black Magick Freemasonry

Satanic degradation: Taking a look at the most recent allegations against the Bush regime

Start cooperating or we will hand you over to Iraqi interrogators, US interrogators tell Saddam

Accused U.S. Soldier Gives Graphic Account of Prisoner Abuse

2 more GIs facing trial over abuse of Iraqis

Bush Says Won't Let Iraq Prison Abuses Happen Again

America's military coup: Donald Rumsfeld has a new war on his hands - the US officer corps has turned on the government

Bremer Unplugged: We'll Leave Iraq if Asked

Lynndie England Is A Disgrace To All Humanity

Foreign Reaction

More countries condemn US abuse of prisoners

British Former Foreign Secretary Cook calls for Iraq pullout plan

France decries the 'black hole' of Iraq: Hand genuine sovereignty to the new Iraqi transitional government on June 30, giving them as many powers as possible

Practical compromises mark U.S. plans for Iraq's future

Iraq erodes Blair standing: His support for Bush fuels talk about future of British leader

U.S. request to send more troops gets lukewarm response from allies

Rice and Russia's Putin Meet to Discuss Iraq

Donors pump $1bn into Iraq reconstruction fund

War News

Preparing for long stay, US steps up reservist call-up

Coalition Staff Flees Nasiriyah: Three Staffers Gunned Down

US battles Shiites in Iraq: 5 GIs die

U.S. tanks enter Najaf cemetery to pursue insurgents

US tanks, heavy machine guns make inroads at Najaf

Over 40 killed in fighting around flashpoint towns

Three Iraqi civilians killed Basra rocket attack

How to plan a clash of civilisations: General Richard Myers admitted that America and its allies are checkmated in Iraq

2004 Campaign News

Newsview: Iraq may be main election issue

Poll: Bush Job Approval Hits New Low -- 42%

Election storm clouds gather over war leaders: Blair and Bush

Kerry: Administration's 'Laxity' Led to Iraq Abuse

Bush resolute; GOP fracturing

Cities Brace for Upcoming Political Conventions

Spain’s ex-prime minister warns of terrorist threats during US election

Bush to Visit Rome, Paris, Normandy for WW II Anniversary Events: June visit will mark 60th anniversary of Italy's liberation, D-Day




Two soldiers killed in Rafah on Friday are identified

Arafat calls on Palestinians to terrorize enemy

Israel 'to step up demolitions' of Palestinian homes: Israel's Supreme Court said demolitions could go ahead

100,000 Israelis call for Gaza withdrawal -- Withdraw now, Israelis urge their government

Blast Heard After Huge Israeli Peace Rally

Israel hits Gaza targets

Israel vows to step up military action

Gunmen ambush Israeli soldiers at heavy cost to both

Powell to encourage Palestinian leaders to accept Sharon Plan

Turkey cancels multi-billion defense tenders with Israel: New Conservative Islamic government beginning to show true colors

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

U.S. Soldier Killed on Patrol in Afghanistan: Two others wounded

Libya defends Syria against WMD accusation

Machine-read smart cards being issued to public sector expat workers in Oman

Jamaicans Angry Over U.S. Treasure Hunt: Pirate treasures in the sea

India's Gandhi to take office on Wednesday

Giuliani Prepares Testimony to Sept. 11 Panel

Sept. 11 Hearing to Probe Police, Fire Dept. Flaws

Gay - Lesbian News

Massachusetts preps for gay nuptials: Cape Cod town expects rush Monday as same-sex marriage becomes legal

Same-sex marriage has legal disparities: Recognition ends beyond state, so Social Security won't transfer to spouse

Gay Marriage's Minefield for Businesses

Hesitant at first, a movement raced to 'we do'

Two District Attorneys say they won't charge clerks who defy 1913 law

Same-sex couples heading to Bay State to marry

Wedding option energizes teenagers at 10th annual Gay-Straight Youth Pride rally

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

US demands `basic hurdle' in North Korea nuclear arms talks

North Korea lashes out at US after talks

Noth Korea Must Address Non-economic Issues Before Chance to Join ADB (Asian Development Bank)

Aroma of Espresso Begins to Waft In North Korea

Gas Price, Inflation Unlikely to Transform Consumer Habits: Confidence in growth of economy, job market remains strong

American military is pursuing new types of exotic weapons

Moscow 'has most billionaires' in the entire world

Wal-Mart Tries New RFID PR Spin: To Accompany Item-Level RFID Tagging

Parents of Columbine killer say they feel no need to be forgiven

How to Promote a Video Game With Flare: The line between video games and reality was temporarily erased



Saturday, May 15, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?


Beheading Update: Numerous Mysteries and Coincidences Have Now Come To Light Concerning The Beheading of American Nick Berg: Tie-in to Arabic Black Magick Freemasonry

Coalition Forces Logo: Notice they use the same type of Masonic knife shown in beheading symbol of Arabic Black Magick Freemasonry

How to plan a clash of civilisations: General Richard Myers admitted that America and its allies are checkmated in Iraq

Three S. Florida mosques vandalized as Iraq events fuel backlash on Muslims

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Torture, Sexual Degradation News

America's military coup: Donald Rumsfeld has a new war on his hands - the US officer corps has turned on the government -- Retired General: "the rationale for the Iraq war (finding WMD) is phoney"

Our moral Waterloo: The claims of superior western values are mocked by Iraq and the rise of Asia

Evidence of more widespread abuse: No "just a few bad apples"

US troops tell of prison sex shows: "Whispers that some soldiers had sex with Iraqi inmates"

New case of prisoner abuse: In Afghanistan

Pictures of abuse spell bad news for Bush - Bush to Conservatives: Tough Times Ahead

Sick Romps At "Porny" Prison

Major Baghdad Newspaper Calls on Rumsfeld to Resign Over Abu Ghraib

Kerry floats McCain to replace Rumsfeld

New claims of maltreatment: From the 300 prisoners just released

US military bans use of extreme interrogation methods

Answers sought as Britons allege Guantanamo torture

'Army boss wanted to Gitmo-ise Iraq prison'

The cynical evasions of Bush and Rumsfeld: I.H.T. Editorial

The man responsible for Abu Ghraib: The shock and outrage at the White House and the Pentagon are as phony as a 17-dollar bill

Abuse scandal rocks US army

Nick Berg Disaster

Angry family buries beheaded American

Beheading Update: Numerous Mysteries and Coincidences Have Now Come To Light Concerning The Beheading of American Nick Berg: Tie-in to Arabic Black Magick Freemasonry

The Sacred Muslim Practice of Beheading

Berg Decapitation Video Declared A Fraud By Doctor

15 Anomalies Surrounding Death Of Nick Berg

Berg Story Debunked - Statement Did NOT Say 'al Qaeda'

All Islam is evil and Allah is the Devil -- Jerry Golden Editorial

Dismemberment: The New Terror Campaign - Administration viewpoint

Israel - Palestinian War

Israel fails in bid to kill Jihad chief: Helicopter missile strike in Gaza

Islamic Jihad vows revenge

Sharon and Mofaz Face Extreme Options in Gaza

Two IDF soldiers killed by sniper in Rafah

Analysis: Dangers of internal combustion

Philadelphia Route To Be Widened

"I Want to be Buried in Jerusalem, the Holy City"

Palestinian Terrorists in UN ambulances steal soldiers' bodies

Powell Arrives in Jordan for Meeting With Palestinian Leaders

US's Zoellick insists world trade talks can be rescued

Seafood alert in China's Shanghai region: huge red tide is floating off the coast China’s eastern Yangtze River Delta

Taipei writer's democracy call draws barbs from all

Feds make 65 arrests in Net child porn inquiry

USGS Recent Earthquake Activity in the USA: NOTE clusters of quakes in L.A.

Silent Earthquake Shakes Clyde The Region

2004 Campaign News

Pollsters: Kerry aside, Bush is in trouble: Approval rating keeps falling

Presidential race may not be as close as you think

Bonesman Kerry vs Bonesman Bush: Has list of all Bonesmen of all times in the back of the book

Kerry floats McCain to replace Rumsfeld

Democrats Court Gay Delegates

Kerry’s Defiance the Best Thing to Happen to Catholic Church in North America? Pro-Life Leader Says Kerry is attempting to make his abortionism and his Catholicism one

Returning to the catechism could stir Democrats' souls: Catholic viewpoint

US porn films roll again, minus condoms

World Bank Corruption May Top $100 Billion



Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

War News

American Forces Push Deeper Into Najaf: Sacred Shrine suffers bullet damage, prompting calls for revenge and even suicide attacks

Battle rages for control of Najaf

Five U.S. Soldiers Die in Separate Incidents, Military Says

Insurgents Target Military Recruitment Center in Northern Iraq, Killing Four

Rebel cleric ready to disband militia

Marines Walk Softly and Carry a Big Stack (Of Cash)

Bush should 'ask Pope's pardon for Iraq war'

Contradictory Signals?

US does not stay where not welcome: Paul Bremer

U.S. will leave Iraq if asked: Lt. General Walter L. Sharp of the Joint Chiefs of Staff challenged this statement

New Iraqi Gov't Can't Expel U.S. Troops -- State Department quickly states

Rice: It is up to Iraqis to defend their democracy

Powell: Iraq Pullout Request Not Likely - but would leave if asked

Coalition unlikely to get withdrawal request: Australian Defense Agency

U.S. tipped off early to Nazi Holocaust

Hitler's Cross: Revealing Story As To How The Cross of Christ Was Used As The Symbol of the Nazi Genocidal Agenda

The Pink Swastika - Historical Record of How Rampant Homosexuality Plus Satanism Shaped The Nazi Party

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Venezuela News

Venezuela's Chavez Suspects 'Pinocchio' U.S. Lying Over Plot

Dispute clouds observers' role in Venezuela

Chávez rhetoric raises fears of Colombia clash

U.S. `Disappointed' by Venezuelan Request to Leave Military Bases

Other Nations

Cuba goes on war footing, plans anti-US protest today

India's Congress chooses Gandhi for PM

Israel's Foreign Minister Shalom Lauds Bush´s Syrian Sanctions

Syria's Assad says no to expelling militants

Syria: Damascus Attackers Were Syrian Religious Extremists

U.S. Soldier Wounded in Southeastern Afghanistan

Investigators: Suicide Bomber at Karachi Mosque Suspected to Be Policeman

Terror, Chaos Reigns Supreme In Great Britain's Test To An Urban Terror Attack

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

'Major divide' at N Korea talks

South Korean Reportedly Stabbed by Drunk U.S. Soldier

Japan's Koizumi hopes for breakthrough in Pyongyang

South Korea's Roh back in Presidential office

Roh apologises for impeachment row

N Korea says US engineered Roh impeachment

N. Korea Talks Center on Dismantling Nukes

Porous China border tempts N. Korean refugees

UN calls for new nuclear controls: Called for a new global system to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons

Gay - Lesbian News

Supreme Court Won't Block Massachusetts Gay Marriages

Massachusetts' gays excited, nervous as marriage deadline nears

Homosexual Agenda Exposed! Book

Same-sex marriages legal ion Massachusetts starting Monday

Boston Nixes Out-Of-State Gay Marriages: 3 Other Cities Say OK

Longwood Detectives Return From N.C. With New Evidence That Mom Killed Her Three Children

"The Passion" News

Gibson's Film Stirs Passions in German-Speaking Areas: A Range of Responses to Movie About Christ's Suffering - Vatican view

Roman Catholics are crowing about the manner in which "The Passion" is bringing Evangelicals closer to Catholicism!

The Poison In The Passion - by Dr. Terry Watkins, Th.D.

Who Put Jesus On The Cross? by A.W. Tozer

Other Catholic News

Review board: Bishops ignore audits of sex-abuse reform

Catholicism: White Sepulcher ''Christianity'' - Video

Schuylkill Catholic priest faces 110 counts of child sex abuse: Police say they found a large collection of explicit photos

Rice Likens Terrorists to Klansmen

Teen Pregnancy Fact Sheet: Dads Make a Difference






Friday, May 14, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Beheading Aftermath

Beheading Update: Numerous Mysteries and Coincidences Have Now Come To Light Concerning The Beheading of American Nick Berg: Tie-in to Arabic Black Magick Freemasonry

Family: E-Mail Shows Berg Was in U.S. Custody

Berg Died for Bush, Rumsfeld 'Sins' - Father

Slain man 'held because of Jewish name'?

Al-Zarqawi Murdered Berg, CIA Concludes

Hezbollah, Hamas condemn American's beheading

Prisoner abuse takes on a new meaning with beheading

Torture, Sexual Degradation Scandal Continues

Harsh interrogation methods approved at top: Rumsfeld approved

Guantánamo abuse same as Abu Ghraib, say Britons - Humiliation especially severe for Muslim prisoners whose religious sensibilities were the most strict! "Their religion was used against them"

Confirmation of "Blood In The Streets" - Part 2

Guantanamo -- A Holding Cell In War on Terror - New $31 million addition

Leash Gal's Sex Pics: PFC England shown having multiple American sex partners, in front of naked Muslim prisoners! (NOTE: No pictures actually shown)

Iraq 'power play' behind leaking of jail abuse report: Leak came from Americans, either from Bremer's office or from General Sanchez' office!

Where Was Press When 1st Iraq Prison Allegations Arose?
November 2003 AP report got little play or followup

I was only following orders: England

Photos show dead Iraqis, torture and rape

Hundreds being released from abuse scandal jail

I'm a survivor, insists Rumsfeld: Baghdad trip Defence secretary tries to bounce back with snap visit to abuse jail

Growing chorus speaks out about "mistakes" in Iraq

US mutual fund plans to dump two contractor companies because of Iraq prison scandal: No longer met the standards on weapons and human rights to be included in the "Calvert Social Index"

War News

Depleted Uranium News: Rise in birth deformities blamed on Allies' deadly weaponry

The Truth About Depleted Uranium Weaponry: The Only Thing Depleting is Human Life - "DU is a prolonged latent kiss of death that genetically keeps on embracing for generations to come"

U.S. Tanks Thrust Into Iraq Cemetery at Holy City: U.S. troops as close as half a mile from Kerbala's most sacred buildings

Related Story: Desecration of Mosques and Holy Places Is #1 Thing That Enrages Muslims - "Blood In The Streets" Strategy - Part 2

U.S. Continues Battles in Najaf, Karbala

Two Marines Killed in Separate Iraq Incidents

UK Army accused of killing 30 civilians

Marines Practice Iraq Urban Warfare Tactics: In California

War Takes Toll on Military Kids

Wars' cost estimated at $50 billion next year

'Qaeda' Statement Says Helping Militants in Iraq

Pull-Out Rumors

Would a pullout from Iraq be more chaotic than this? Can the American occupation of Iraq be sustained any longer?

U.S. will leave Iraq if asked: Lt. General Walter L. Sharp of the Joint Chiefs of Staff challenged this statement

New Iraqi Gov't Can't Expel U.S. Troops -- State Department quickly states

Rice: It is up to Iraqis to defend their democracy

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

As Terrorists Strike Arab Targets, Escalation Fears Arise

Sonia Gandhi Sweeps To Power In India

Sonia Gandhi works to seal government: Husband was Prime Minister felled by assassination

India's Vajpayee wanted powerful India and a place in history

Syria's Al Assad willing to stand up to US

Jakarta downgrades Aceh to civil emergency status: Will return the conflict-torn province to civilian rule by next Monday, but Indonesian soldiers will stay

Indonesia invaded Aceh Province In Order To "Shrink The Gap"

‘Libya to halt military trade with North Korea, Syria and Iran’

Venezuela's Chavez attacks 'invasion plot' from Columbian forces

Chávez rhetoric raises fears of Colombia clash: Venezuela may be heading towards an armed clash with Colombia

Chavez foils 'assassination plot'

Analysis: Ecuador awaits FARC invasion?

Nicaragua destroys SAM-7s

Peru promises to defeat any terrorist resurgence

Detailed Map of Region

Moral Collapse

Phone Becomes Alibi for Liars: SounderCover lets mobile phone users download prerecorded sounds in order to deceive

Related Story: SounderCover - hide behind sound, make it your alibi

Hold the Phone on Mobile Gambling

US to ban up-skirt voyeur photos: Video Voyeurism Prevention Act

Israel - Palestinians

Search for two soldiers' remains to continue through Shabbat

Tunnel busters die keeping weapons from terrorists

Yasser Arafat - The Forgotten Terrorist

12 Palestinians killed in IAF attacks on Rafah

IDF to widen Philadelphia Corridor

Attacks spur Gaza debate

God doesn't make mistakes, Mr. Mofaz

Poll shows Israeli support for Gaza pull-out

More violence in Gaza stirs pullout debate

Oslo War death toll tops 1000: More than 6,000 wounded for life

'Three Fathers': Stop tying IDF's hands

Hamas inspired by Hezbollah

Powell, Rice to meet with Palestinian leader

Australian Priest who had sex with boy resigns

Psychologist will help monitor reinstated priest: Arrested for soliciting sex from an undercover male police officer

2004 Campaign News

Bush's cavalry joins the Indians: Support among Republicans is slipping

Senator Kerry: Administration's 'Laxity' Led to Iraq Abuse

Kerry says many others, including Levin, could replace Rumsfeld

Iraq Continues To Dominate US Presidential Election Campaign

Kerry's poll results divide Democrats: Some buoyed he is even, others chafe at his failure to break away from Bush

The Election Is Senator Kerry's To Lose: Zogby Poll Results

Approval of Bush below 50 percent

US House votes to make bottom bracket's tax cuts permanent

Bush Appeals to Conservative Voters with Focus on Tax Cuts, National Security

Nader wins Reform Party endorsement, ballot access in Michigan

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

South Korea

South Korea's Constitutional Court rejects impeachment: Roh back as president

Calls to Mount for Revision of South Korean Impeachment Laws

Home Crowd Celebrates Roh's Reinstatement

Last Line of Defense Saves Roh

Roh to regain upper hand, now to prove himself

Seoul probe takes on 'untouchable' generals: General's corruption case highlights rampant financial irregularities in the military - more heads are expected to roll

North Korea

CFR Publications: Harrison Faults Bush Administration for Rejecting Step-by-Step Accords to Halt North Korea's Nuclear Program

North Korea pushes for peace treaty

North Korea proposes high-level military talks

North Korea Says U.S. Demand on Nukes Unacceptable

‘Libya to halt military trade with North Korea, Syria and Iran’

North Korean nuclear crisis expected to feature at G8 talks

Aliens, UFO's

Men in Suits See Aliens as Part of Solution, Not Problem: Did Fox News just announce existence of Aliens, UFO's?

Mexican Air Force Films UFOs

"When UFO's Arrive: Popular Mechanics Conditions Its Readers To Accept As Reality UFO's and the Aliens They Will Be Carrying

C/Edge Archives: 'Independence Day' Movie, Aliens, UFO's - Truth Stranger Than Fiction

New World Order Plan: Aliens, UFO's part of plan to produce Antichrist -- Paragraph VI

Michigan House approves ban on sale of fetal tissue

Two Chinese officers to die for spying for Taiwan

300m Chinese at risk as glaciers melt faster

Polygraphs Don't Give True Story

California county to defy e-voting ban

Global Terrorism: 'The worst is yet to come'

US missile shield won't work says scientist group

Lesbian Grandmas in Search of Marriage Equality Visit Salt Lake City


Thursday, May 13, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Breaking New Article

Beheading Update: Numerous Mysteries and Coincidences Have Now Come To Light Concerning The Beheading of American Nick Berg: Tie-in to Arabic Black Magick Freemasonry


Losses Mount In New Warfare

Eleven Israeli Soldiers Killed in Two Gaza Strip Attacks

Sharon and Mofaz Face Extreme Options in Gaza: Country is at war

5 more soldiers killed as Gaza heats up: IDF Commander - "This is war and we are taking the gloves off. The rules of the game have just changed"

Harsh reactions to Rafah attack - Analysis: 'Someone needs to lose his job'

'They still don't comprehend their loss'

Hi-tech causes battle problems

IDF deaths sharpen debate over Israeli presence in Gaza

Israeli Helicopter Fires Missile at Gaza Crowd

Sharon: Islamic terror 'a cruel, inhumane enemy': Palestinians cut out body entrails of slain soldiers and used them as bargaining chips

The stories behind the faces: Fallen soldiers are real people with real lives now shattered by war

Four military funerals today

Woman lightly hurt after Palestinian rocket lands in Gaza settlement

P.A. Praises Terrorist Murderers Who Murdered Jewish Father and His Two Young Daughters

Annan 'disturbed' by latest cycle of deadly violence in Gaza

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Iran's Stirrings in Iraq -- Has Iran "Ignited Many Fires"?

Israel welcomes US trade sanctions on Syria

Syrian president refuses to expel Palestinian militants

Cancellation of UN food assessment mission jeopardizes future aid to Zimbabwe

Thousands of Sudanese driven from homes by renewed clashes in south - UN

UN Warns of Humanitarian 'Catastrophe' in Colombia: Anti-Drug War Forcing People To Flee Homes

A looming disaster: AIDS in The Philippines

India's government concedes defeat

Coup Attempt News From Venezuela

Venezuelan billionaire raided: arrested three people who officials say were involved in an alleged paramilitary plot to topple President Hugo Chavez - Government now holds 100 suspected plotters

C/Edge Analysis: Is A US Attack On Venezuela Imminent In Order To "Shrink The Gap"?

Venezuela seeks US 'plot' links -- Chavez attacks 'invasion plot'

Is A USA-backed Colombian invasion of Venezuela imminent?

Venezuela's President Chavez: Colombian coup plot foiled

Venezuela Says It Has Evidence of Plot to Assassinate Leaders

Venezuela evicts US military

2004 Campaign News

Kerry calls Iraq war a failure, pushes for replacing Rumsfeld

Bush keeps playing politics with Iraq war

Kerry accused of politicizing war

Incendiary device was found outside the office of a British-owned bank near Athens today

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

North Korea proposes high-level military talks

Delicate N.Korea talks open in Beijing: Prospects for breakthrough seem slim

Russia Says No Chance of Breakthrough at Korea Talks

North Korea, US toughen stand

Dictator Kim ordered U-turn on talks, says Seoul

North Korea Ups Anti-U.S. Rhetoric amid Six-Nation Talks

Surplus Males: The dangers of Asia's preference for sons

Get chipped, then charge without plastic — you are the card


Designer Virus Stalks HIV

Film Raises Ire Over HIV Origins

Emerging Viruses - AIDS and Ebola - Video by Dr. Len Horowitz - Demonstrates the science behind the truth, that AIDS was created in US Weapons Lab and spread to Africa and Gay Community through vaccine

AIDS: The Unnecessary Epidemic, by Dr. Stanley Monteith - Book

'It's OK, I'm on the AIDS Pill'

Dutch Patients Start Using Online Nursing

The Language of Pattern Recognition: Scientists and businesspeople may inhabit different cultures, but they're looking for the same thing: patterns

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Torture and Degradation In The News

Harsh C.I.A. Methods Cited in Top Qaeda Interrogations: "Restrictions on procedures would not apply if the detainee could be deemed to be in the custody of a different country" NOTE: Could legally torture prisoner if he was shipped to different country!

Detainees suffer terror at U.S. hands: Red Cross reports abuse widespread - Says torture part of deliberate tactic

Forget The Trial Get The Rope: Bush Approved The Torture!!!

Lawmakers outraged at new Iraq prison photos: Fresh photographs showing US soldiers abusing Iraqi prisoners with forced sex and snarling dogs, forced homosexual sex -- More Torture

Abuse 'was for Jessica Lynch' -- But Lynch had 'no signs of rape'

US Sergeants Face Trial on Iraq Prison Sex Torment

Interrogation, Torture, the Constitution, and the Courts: Torture of US citizens a very real possibility from this Administration -- government is claiming power to block judicial review of even the most repugnant physical abuse of its captives

The Dark Art of Interrogation - Warning issued in October 2003

C/E Archives: FBI began talking torture on 10/22/2001

Rumsfeld Backs Iraq Interrogation Methods

CIA interrogations 'too brutal': New York Times

How Digital Photography is Unmasking the Banality of Evil: Pentagon cannot control images of torture and abuse taken by digital camera and distributed

Vatican calls prison abuse a bigger blow to U.S. than Sept. 11

Top Iraqi Politician Wants US To Quit Jails

Updates On Beheading of Nick Berg

U.S. says it urged Berg to leave Iraq: Details of final weeks of man killed by militants remain a mystery

The President Said He Wanted "Heads To Roll": Following murder of four American contractors

Nick Berg -- Beheaded American -- Was Still In Iraq Because US "Wrongfully Detained" Him For 11 Days

Berg family points finger at FBI

Muslim Anger Over Coalition Abuse And Degradation Explodes: Iraqi Insurgents Behead American Contractor -- "Blood In The Streets" Strategy, Provoking Inferior Army To Attack - Part 4

Terrorist Group Hizbollah Slams Beheading of American as Un-Islamic

The story of Nick Berg - A tale that haunts America

Nick Berg Was Coming Closer To Judaism

Other News

A Time for Truth -- by Patrick J. Buchanan

Rumsfeld makes surprise visit to Iraq

Rumsfeld Preserves Bearing, but Weighs Ability to Serve

Accountability: Time for Rumsfeldto leave his post

Bush vows to complete 'our mission'

Iraq: Time for exit strategy?

Has Rush Limbaugh Begun The "Unofficial/Official" Bush Administration Domestic Line of Defense Against Torture and Sexual Degradation Scandal? "Blood In The Streets" Strategy of Provoking An Inferior Army To All-Out War - Part 3

Blair tensions mount over Bush support

US Senate to probe military on Iraq abuse

US military sets up Iraq abuse court

'It is time to be more candid'

The Crimes at Abu Ghraib Are Not the Worst: Confirmation of "Blood In The Streets" - Part 2

War News

U.S. forces pursue militia into heart of two holy cities

U.S. soldier dies as bomb hits convoy near Baghdad

US troops battle Karbala militia

First Dutch soldier killed in Iraq

Russian Hostage Went to Iraq for $1,000

UN electoral team arrives in Baghdad as Brahimi continues consultations

Oil - Gas Prices Going Higher

Global growth boosts oil prices

OPEC Powerless to Stem Oil Price Surge: Prices hit 13-year highs

Gasoline data send oil to new highs

How soaring gas prices affect everyday life

Moral Collapse

75% Chinese students learn sex through porn

HIV outbreak in Calif. porn films contained: Production of XXX Films To Resume

'It's OK, I'm on the AIDS Pill'

Legal Battle Over Chat-Room STDs

U.S. Officials Sport Fake Degrees

Put on Your PJs and Run Playboy: "You can create your own Playboy magazine and throw your own parties"

Aliens, UFO's

Mexican Air Force Films UFOs

"When UFO's Arrive: Popular Mechanics Conditions Its Readers To Accept As Reality UFO's and the Aliens They Will Be Carrying

C/Edge Archives: 'Independence Day' Movie, Aliens, UFO's - Truth Stranger Than Fiction

New World Order Plan: Aliens, UFO's part of plan to produce Antichrist -- Paragraph VI




Wednesday, May 12, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Breaking Cutting Edge Articles

Muslim Anger Over Coalition Abuse And Degradation Explodes: Iraqi Insurgents Behead American Contractor -- "Blood In The Streets" Strategy, Provoking Inferior Army To Attack - Part 4

Has Rush Limbaugh Begun The "Unofficial/Official" Bush Administration Domestic Line of Defense Against Torture and Sexual Degradation Scandal? "Blood In The Streets" Strategy of Provoking An Inferior Army To All-Out War - Part 3

Related Article: America-hatred among the Arabs

Related Article: Farrakhan Warns President Bush Risks Worldwide Jihad Unless He Abandons War Course

Related Article: Militant Islam on the rise in secular Syria - Islamic revival partly fuelled by anger at the occupation of Iraq

Related Article: All going according to plan? Radicalization of Arab politics has received a tremendous boost from the Iraq war

Israel - Palestinian Wars and Rumors of Wars

Aftermath of Six Soldiers Killed

Palestinians Parade Israeli Soldiers’ Mutilated Remains: Six soldiers killed during Gaza incursion

We Should Not Forget: Pictures depicting obsession with "body parts" of killed Israeli soldiers reveals occult basis of Islam

General Mofaz orders army to retrieve soldiers' remains

Sharon: We are fighting a cruel enemy

Opposing moral imperatives clash in soldiers' recovery efforts

Agreement reached for return of body remains

Other News

Israeli Helicopter Fires Missile in Gaza

Shalom: Israel must bring about new Palestinian leadership - By Removing Arafat

US seeks to reassure Palestinians

Gaza raids 'leave 1,000 homeless'

Rabbis criticize evangelical support for Israel

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Israel plan to attack Iran nuke sites

Iran Warns Israel of Nuclear Retaliation

US imposes economic sanctions on Syria: Sanctions were weaker than expected

US sanctions on Syria hit exports, airspace

Opposition Warns of Revolt in Philippines

Cuba halts most sales in U.S. dollars

Cubans race to buy necessities

More Arrests in Venezuela Over Alleged Plot to Topple Government

Venezuelan Forces Capture At Least 80 Suspected Colombian Paramilitaries

C/Edge Analysis: Is A US Attack On Venezuela Imminent In Order To "Shrink The Gap"?

Al-Qaeda names Australians as top targets in Indonesia

US proposes maritime security cooperation for Asia-Pacific: To combat sea piracy and terrorism threats in Asia-Pacific water

US warns travel to Yemen risky

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

South Korea: Roh impeachment ruling expected Friday

Japan: Officials say Koizumi's North Korea visit must wait

Beijing hosts 'working-level' talks on NKorea nuclear standoff

North Korea in 'Meaningful' Progress to Market Economy

Japan ignored invitiations to collect abductees: North Korea

North Korea accuses Japan of secret nuclear weapons program

Aliens, UFO's

Mexico Air Force Video Creates UFO Stir

Mexican DoD Acknowledges UFOs In Mexico

"When UFO's Arrive: Popular Mechanics Conditions Its Readers To Accept As Reality UFO's and the Aliens They Will Be Carrying

C/Edge Archives: 'Independence Day' Movie, Aliens, UFO's - Truth Stranger Than Fiction

New World Order Plan: Aliens, UFO's part of plan to produce Antichrist -- Paragraph VI

UFO is spotted over UK Kingsgate Retail Park during morning rush-hour

Seven killed in Glasgow factory blast

Why the EU will be no US

Skull & Bones

The Secrets of Bush and Kerry: What Are They Hiding from Us? "The death mantra”—the three-line Skull and Bones initiation-theme that has bound three U.S. presidents (including George W. Bush) to their secret society

Rush Limbaugh Revelation: Sexual pictures in Iraq prison is just what Skull & Bones does during Initiation night!

Bonesman Kerry vs Bonesman Bush: Does not matter who "wins election"

President Bush Also Belongs To Satanic Bohemian Grove: Video captures unique images

Roman Catholicism - Sex Abuse Scandal

Nuns accused of raping deaf children at Boston School for the Deaf

Lay Sex abuse panel says US Catholic bishops manipulated it

Understanding Why Roman Catholic Priests Have Sexually Abused Their People For Over 800 Years: Catholicism: White Sepulcher ''Christianity'' Video

Other Catholic News

Crying Cardboard Christ Draws Faithful

Slip in percentage of Catholics world population

U.S. government moves to build world's fastest civilian computer

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Prison Abuse Stories Continue

Al Qaeda Leader Beheads U.S. Civilian in Iraq -Web Site

American beheaded in revenge for torture : Revenge for abuse of Iraqi prisoners -- "Satanic degradation" of Iraqi prisoners

Nick Berg -- Beheaded American -- Was Still In Iraq Because US "Wrongfully Detained" Him For 11 Days

Family demand US answers over beheaded son: Why was he held by Iraqi police without charges?

Killers: Beheading Avenges Prison Abuse

Drudge Report Carries Images of Beheading: Warning -- They are graphic!!

U.S. Promises to Track Down and Punish Killers Who Beheaded American in Iraq

Focus shifts to jail abuse of women: Focus on US rape and threats to rape Iraqi civilian women - Pattern of Intimidation? Warning: some graphic language - "Senior US military officers who escorted journalists around Abu Ghraib on Monday admitted that rape had taken place"

Confirmation of Rape by US Soldiers: A Double Ordeal for Female Prisoners

CBS to Air U.S. Soldier's Video Diary of Iraq Abuse: "60 Minutes II" to show absolute disdain this American soldier had for Iraqi prisoners who died in her charge

Red Cross told Iraq abuse "part of process"

Senator 'Outraged at Outrage' in Iraq Prison Abuse Case: Mad at "humanitarian do-gooders" - Leading Conservative

Cheney Questions Release of More Photos

Fox News Timeline: Iraq Prison Abuse Scandal - Rumsfeld informed Bush in January, 2004

Senators to See More Iraqi Abuse Photos

Focus Falling On Guantanamo Bay Prison?

General Karpinski: Ghraib was out of my control, Military Intelligence overruled her wishes - "General Miller told her he wanted to make the prison like the one in Cuba or 'Gitmo-ize' it

Rumsfeld and the 'beastly' Boykin: Christian Fundamentalist sets up world-wide military detention system, hidden from public view and from any judicial oversight, in which detainees were denied normal legal protections - Abu Graib prison set up like Guantanamo Bay Prison! System based upon ruthlessness - To these people, "democracy", "freedom" and "reconstruction" are convenient words to cover up the real murk underneath

Australian Govt not asking right questions about David Hicks being held at Guantanamo: Lawyer

Pentagon approved harsh Guantanamo interrogations

Now Afghanistan?

U.S. probes Afghan abuse claim

Alleged abuse of prisoners — including three deaths — at U.S. jails in Afghanistan has prompted "very significant changes" in how the military treats detainees

Iraq War News

U.S. attacks Karbala mosque in campaign vs. rebel cleric

UK troops 'shot harmless Iraqis': Including 8-year-old girl

Iraqi militia offers to quit holy city of Najaf

C/Edge Analysis: Desecration of Mosques and Killing of Civilians Anger Muslims More Than Torture and Sexual Degradation!

Straw condemns US abuse as pressure grows on Blair: Heavy-handed tactics of American forces in Iraq

4 Filipino Workers Killed in Iraq Attack

U.S. Soldiers Fight Cleric's Militia

Missouri Governor Holden Tells Bush: Missouri soldiers shouldn't drive civilian contractors

US Military Convoy Enters Fallujah

Tennessee's largest Army National Guard unit to mobilize

Miscellaneous Iraq News

South Korean New Assembly Set to Reconsider Iraq Dispatch: May not send troops after all

U.S. denies Saddam claim by Iraqi leader

Only Pullout of Foreign Forces and Establishment of Democracy Can Save Iraq: Iran's Khatami

Military might and moral failure

Graham's expertise key to abuse probe: Senator’s stint as military prosecutor invaluable to Armed Services Committee

Real Truth Behind President Bush's Declaration of Support For Rumsfeld

Mandela fires parting shot at Britain and US over Iraq

Moral Disintegration

New Swatch Ad Features Rabbits In Sexual Positions: Billboard Kicks Off New 'Bunnysutra' Swatch Watch Line -- New York's Times Square

Bewitching Wicked gets 10 Tony nominations

Terri Schiavo's Husband May Remove Feeding Tube Despite Appeal

Tennessee bill sparked by lottery would fight gambling addictions: "Playing the state lottery can lead to bankruptcies, divorce, even suicide"

Gas Price Hits Record $1.941/Gallon-Govt

Crude oil closes above 40 dollars in New York

Rushing Toward Sodom

Whose God does Bush serve? Editorial by Gay Pastor

Clerks handle hectic agenda: Pending elections, gay-marriage licensing leave town offices on Cape Cod in a whirlwind

Gay-friendly town in Mass. votes to issue marriage licenses to gay out-of-staters

Sunny days in Provincetown, Massachusetts: Restaurants are busy, bookings are up as impending gay weddings boost business

Cape Cod's gay mecca says 'c'mon and get hitched'

Kansas Rejects Anti-Gay "Bigotry" In State Constitution

WHAT WOULD JESUS DO? New play at the Suncoast Theatre tackles the idea of a gay Christ

Canada: Gay refugee claimant told to go back home tp Mexico because he's not gay enough

Gay 'Divorce' Moves To Iowa Supreme Court

Church serves gay community, performs same sex 'holy unions': Pastor says, "Love is love, whatever face it wears"

God's Word Warns: "Do not call holy all that this people will call holy" (Isaiah 8:12)

Oregon State Official Sorry For "Mistakes", But Not For Issuing Gay Marriage Licenses

Gay-Friendly Companies Told Stay Out Of Oklahoma

Group starts ad campaign fight against proposed gay marriage amendment: Oklahoma said to be "going out of business" because of its gay opposition

U. S. Christians Arrested For Witness To The Cross: Were too close to a "homosexual lifestyle cheering section"




Tuesday, May 11, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Breaking Cutting Edge Article

Has Rush Limbaugh Begun The "Unofficial/Official" Bush Administration Domestic Line of Defense Against Torture and Sexual Degradation Scandal? "Blood In The Streets" Strategy of Provoking An Inferior Army To All-Out War - Part 3

Arab Anger Rising

Breaking News! Video Shows Beheading of American in Iraq: Revenge for abuse of Iraqi prisoners

Breaking News! U.S. Promises to Track Down and Punish Killers Who Beheaded American in Iraq

Palestinians vandalise UK war graves: Palestinian public has been angered by the photos of the abuse in Iraq

Analysis: "Blood In The Streets" Strategy - Provoking inferior enemy to attack

Analysis: Torture and Sexual Degradation - "Blood In The Streets"

Iran says it has evidence of worse abuse of Iraqi prisoners: Torture of prisoners in US-run jails was sytematic and not just the work of a few rogue soldiers

Arab Editorial: And They Ask, “Why Do They Hate Us?” -- "Silent rage is spreading among us like a dangerous plague ... When I saw pictures of my brothers in Iraq stripped naked I literally felt my blood boiling in a way it hasn’t for a very long time ... fight to the very last drop of their boiling blood"

Male humiliation, Muslim rage

Iraqi prisoner abuse raises Afghan fears


Sex Scandal Deepens, Widens

New Photos Are Unbelievable! Pentagon gains temporary hold in releasing latest batch of photos and videos

Red Cross: Iraq Abuse Widespread, Routine

US powerless to halt Iraq net images: Pentagon humbled by the personal digital camera of individual soldiers

An inmate’s terror in Abu Ghraib threatened with snarling attack dogs being held by US soldiers: Many Muslims regard dogs as unclean

'It is time to be more candid' : Government knew a year ago!

Blame could reach highest levels of US military

Rumsfeld accused of keeping quiet: Red Cross said on Sunday that its president, Jakob Kellenberger, personally told Secretary of State Colin Powell, Deputy Defence Secretary Paul Wolfowitz and National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice about abuses at the prison during a meeting in Washington in January

Fox News Timeline: Iraq Prison Abuse Scandal - Rumsfeld informed Bush in January, 2004

To Bush, the Arab is always the villain: Prosecution should begin with President Bush

Bush 'disgust' over new photos -- Outside the law

Church Group Wants U.N. to Take Over Iraq: National Council of Churches - national religious group representing 36 Protestant and Orthodox denominations

Bush Stands by Rumsfeld

Scandal provokes disgust among America’s allies

Senate Condemns Iraqi Prisoner Abuse

General Taguba to Meet With Senate Committee Again: Bush administration works to calm the firestorm over U.S. soldiers' abuse of Iraqi prisoners

Reservists followed orders, defenders say

Greater Crimes

The Crimes at Abu Ghraib Are Not the Worst: Wanton killing of civilians is far greater war crime

Analysis: Killing of Civilians and Destruction of Mosques Makes Muslims More Angry Than Stories of Torture and Sexual Degradation

Amnesty: British Troops Shot Iraqi Civilians: Troops were under no apparent threat

War News

US destroys cleric's Baghdad HQ - Cleric al-Sadr orders new resistance as 16 die in Baghdad HQ attack

Gunmen Attack U.S.-Run Civilian Convoy in Iraq

Pipe attack 'slows Iraq oil flow': Suspected sabotage attack on an Iraqi oil pipeline has caused a significant drop in exports

European Military Might Lacks Numbers: Cannot send troops to form International Force in Iraq because they lack the numbers

New Zealand engineer has been gunned down in Iraq

One Russian Killed, Two Taken Hostage in Iraq

Three killed in Kirkuk bombing

Six Britons injured in Baghdad bomb blast

Abuse will make U.S. job in Iraq harder: 30% of American reconstruction workers have left

U.S. general escorted safely into Fallujah

Oil prices high enough, Saudi minister says

OPEC soon may increase output: Saudis recommend change, citing fears demand may shrink

Crude Oil Falls a Second Day as Saudis Seek Higher OPEC Output

Global stocks tumble amid rate hike fears

Environmental Disaster Scenario

Climate: Global warming's latest hot topic

Scientists warm up to 'Day After Tomorrow": NASA issues statement

The Eagle Has Landed Video: Illuminized Masonic Control of N.A.S.A. - Video

Earth gets wetter to fight global warming



Population Separation Now On The Table!

Lieberman's political plan: Separate the two nations and conduct a population exchange

Archives: Prime Minster Sharon Announces Israel Will Create "Buffer Zones" To Physically Separate From Palestinians -- Prophetic Fulfillment?

Archives: The Coming Annihilation of the Palestinians - Today's "House of Esau"

Archives: Jewish Professor Accuses Sharon Government of Planning "Ethnic Cleansing" of Arabs In Israel

War News

Gaza Blast Kills Six Israeli Soldiers

Troops pour into Gaza City as IDF splits Strip into three

Security forces thwart suicide attack in Tel Aviv

Arms smuggling tunnel network found in Rafah

Number of Israeli poor increases

PA daily calls murderer 'a beacon of light'

Sharon's house of cards falls down

PA: EU working to resume talks between Israel, Palestinians

Attorney-General: "I Understand those Who Refuse to Serve"

Israeli diplomat alleges humiliation at Auckland airport

Home-Purchases In Israel On The Upswing

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Shrinking The Gap -- Venezuela

77 Colombian paramilitary soldiers caught in Venezuela

Is A USA-backed Colombian invasion of Venezuela imminent?

Venezuela soldiers raid U.S. Embassy warehouse: Detain more suspects in alleged paramilitary plot -- NOTE: Embassy is US property, so Venezuela has just officially attacked US soil

Chavez Again Vows to Defend Venezuela Against US Intervention

Current C/E Analysis: After Invading Haiti Again, Is US Invasion of Venezuela Possible?

Detailed Map of Region

Full Text: Columbian Senate's blast against Venezuela -- April 13

Syria Next?

U.S. to impose sanctions on Syria this week

Syria ready to 'defend' itself against U.S.

Syria agrees to reopen terrorist Fatah office in Damascus

Syria rejects Iraq's US-backed constitution

News From Other Nations

U.S., Experts Try to Sort Out What Role Iran Is Playing in Iraq

Iran grants equal inheritance rights to women

Quake shakes devastated city of Bam

Rocket Hits Main Peacekeepers Base in Afghan Capital, Injuring One Soldier

India Concludes Parliamentary Elections

Violence fails to dampen voting in Kashmir: Ten people were killed in an explosion and gunfights

Haiti's Aristide set to receive asylum in South Africa

Philippine Presidential Candidate Lashes Out at Voting Irregularities

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

North Korea, U.S. Disagree on Compensation Before Talks Resume

U.S. May Hold Nuclear Talks With North Korea

Japan's PM wants to visit North Korea

N. Korea demands U.S. drop 'hostile' policy ahead of nuclear talks

2004 Campaign News

Bush approval below 50% in 3 surveys

The Election Is Senator Kerry's To Lose: Zogby Poll Results

Iraq casts darkening shadow over Bush

Bonesman Kerry vs Bonesman Bush: Does not matter who "wins election"

Chaos Theory: A terrorist attack on presidential candidates could throw the US into unprecedented political turmoil

Bush plan to make election-year visit to pope

Great Britain's Annual summit with China announced


Monday, May 10, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

More Abuse, More Pictures Reported

Officials Grapple With How and When to Release More Images

Photos hit core beliefs of Muslims: Scholars say (Cutting Edge has been pointing this out since scandal broke)

Iraq abuse allegations multiply: Cleric forced to wear women's clothing and kept in women's prison -- More abuse specifically aimed at Islam

Many Arabs too angry to listen to America

Photos show dog attacking a naked Iraqi detainee: New Yorker Magazine

New photos show abuse of Iraqi prisoners: Scandal widening

Abuse shots hit Pentagon: Senators call for all pictures to be released

More 'proof' of British abuse in Iraq: Pictures show abuse in back of armored personnel carrier

‘U.S. Soldiers Abused Young Girl at Iraqi Prison’

British Government admits it knew of prisoner abuse claims in February

Breaking News! President Bush was told of Iraqi prison abuses by Rumsfeld on approximately January 15, 2004!

Bush fights to shore up Rumsfeld

New pictures increase pressure on Bush -- Rumsfeld insists
‘everyone knew’ about charges

British Secretary Hoon to face Commons as disquiet grows: Red Cross says concerns raised over a year ago

The War is Lost: Basic moral fabric of the United States of America has been torn bitterly asunder, world shown dark, scabrous underbelly of our definition of freedom - Every reason to go to Iraq has failed to retain even a semblance of credibility

Losing the moral high ground: So much for winning the hearts and minds of the Muslim world

Accused Soldier's Dad Blames Leadership

Accused Military Police Brigade won't get Bronze Stars

Reservists followed orders, defenders say

Blair apologizes for prisoner abuse

Turks protest US abuse in Iraq

Pentagon approved harsh style at Guantanamo

Military Abuse Court Established

US military sets up Iraq abuse court

Amnesty calls for Independent Tribunal -- Open Letter To Bush detailing "War Crimes" stretching back over the past two years

First court martial on Iraq abuse: Trial starts 19 May

U.S. Muslims Say Congress Must Probe Iraq Torture: CAIR -- Inspect Prisons in Iraq, Afghanistan, Guantanamo Bay

Red Cross Report Describes Systematic U.S. Abuse in Iraq: Report issued after October, 2003, visit to prison

Warner Says Congress to Get Iraq Prison Abuse Photos

War News

US Military Said to Have Lost War In Iraq: Center for Strategic and International Studies

18 die as coalition targets cleric's militias: US troops hit back after police stations seized

Chinks in Our Armor: Army's chief weapons tester said Strykers were not safe against RPGs. Then the Army shipped them to Iraq

Iraq Oil Exports Cut Sharply by Pipeline Sabotage

U.S. tanks breach militia's stronghold

Shia Muqtada al-Sadr's Baghdad office bombed

Bomb hits Baghdad hotel: An explosion has ripped through the Four Seasons hotel in Baghdad

Seven Iraqis killed in Baghdad market blast

Shi'ite fighters take on British Basra troops

U.S. Marines begin Fallujah patrols with Iraqi security forces

Previously Unknown Group Warns Foreigners in Basra They Are Targets of Abduction

Halliburton worker from S.C. killed in Iraq on Friday

2004 Election News

The Election Is Senator Kerry's To Lose: Zogby Poll Results

Iraq casts darkening shadow over Bush

Bonesman Kerry vs Bonesman Bush: Does not matter who "wins election"

Chaos Theory: A terrorist attack on presidential candidates could throw the US into unprecedented political turmoil

Kerry has usual Communion: Democrat is upbeat at church as critics fail to alter his ritual

Big breaks in corporate tax bill

Bush-Kerry ad wars commence: Campaigns employ dueling strategies in rush to reach voters

Nader faces an important test in Texas

Kerry Releases Health Care Study: Criticizes steep increase in premiums

Gun Control Advocates Hold Rally in D.C.

Gay - Lesbian News

We need to protect gays, but not call it 'marriage'

Hundreds energized to mark Gay Day: Crowd was provoked to turn out in the Tennessee county by an attempted gay ban

Texas High School changes policy on same-sex prom dates

Gay couples dream of equal housing for seniors

Lesbian moms celebrating first Mother's Day

Gay marriage vote galvanizes ministers: Pastors plan 'family values' political rallies

Gay Couple Denied Communion In Northern Minnesota Church

More Bush Bad Fruit

Please keep us in your prayers: Bush to Sri Sri Ravishankar: In Washington on Friday, invited to join a prayer meeting followed by a reception in the White House, held as part of the National Prayer Day of America

President Bush: Table showing Bad Fruit vs Good Fruit

Bush leads invocation on national prayer day: Appealed to evangelical Christians - recognized Rabbi Tzvi Hersh Weinreb of the Orthodox Union of Jews



Shrinking The Gap Continues

Is A USA-backed Colombian invasion of Venezuela imminent?

Chavez Again Vows to Defend Venezuela Against US Intervention

Current C/E Analysis: After Invading Haiti Again, Is US Invasion of Venezuela Possible?

Detailed Map of Region

Full Text: Columbian Senate's blast against Venezuela -- April 13


Gaza Withdrawal Plan Going Forward?

Defense Minister Mofaz: Gaza is not the land of our forefathers

Israeli National Security Advisor Eiland gets it - 'Palestinians' don't want peace

Sharon to Present Amended Disengagement Plan from Some Palestinian Areas

Bush: No Palestinian Authority State In 2005

Netanyahu: We must respect Likud vote rejecting unilateral withdrawal plan

Arafat's National Security Adviser Rajoub: Israel, Egypt, US talking Gaza withdrawal

Ten quick observations on retreat plan's defeat: More informed Israeli rejects withdrawal plan after learning of facts

Needed: A New Roadmap

Sharon cancels trip to U.S., directs focus to Gaza plan

Domestic News

The Homefront: Baby And Adult Injured In Terrorist Attack

Terrorists Attack Memorial Ceremony: Honoring slain mother and her four daughters

Israeli Defense Minister Warns Hezbollah Attacks Will be 'Catastrophic for Syria and Lebanon'

IDF catches Palestinian hermaphrodite with 15-kg bomb

Israeli minister wants 1.3 million Arabs expelled

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

'War on Terror' hurting world's poorest nations the most

Russia's Putin faces long battle to tame Chechnya

Kadyrov Death Creates Power Vacuum in Chechnya

Chechens bury assassinated leader

Putin 'to avenge' Chechen killing

U.N. jeep hit, driver hurt, by blast in Afghanistan

Powerful Afghan Governor Slams Disarmament Plan

Filipino unrest mars presidential race

Nepali Maoists kill 13 in terrorist bus attack

Saudi Arabia and Yemen exchange security suspects

Oil Prices In The News

U.S. gas prices up 10 cents in 2 weeks, no end in sight

Saudi Arabia Urges OPEC to Increase Oil Production by 1.5 million barrels per day

UAE Says OPEC Not Responsible for Hike in Prices

Oil prices spiral on terrorism fears

Tornadoes, Hail, Funnel Clouds Hit Minnesota

Invasive African Clawed Frogs in San Francisco: Resist pond eradication efforts

Venus to give stargazers once-in-a-lifetime treat as it crosses sun

Mrs. Reagan speaks out for stem cell research

Unasked questions: 9/11 commission should ask who authorized the evacuation of Saudi nationals in the days following the attacks

Terrorism - Surveillance

Threat of 'Dirty Bomb' Growing: Officials Say

"Dirty Bomb" Threat One of Many Repeated Headlines Since 9/11: Has been repeated at least 15 times since 9/11

When Old Convictions Won't Die

Police stops soaring as critics cry harassment: Police practice helps stop crime before it starts

Passport Safety, Privacy Face Off

Wisconsin, New York Unplug Anti-Terrorist "Matrix"

Jordanian Military Court Convicts Three Muslim Militants of Anti-American Terror Conspiracy

As Denmark, Spain Ready for Royal Weddings, Concerns About Security, Terror Mount

Climate Change Out of the Blue: NASA says man's activities are causing climate change, just what Environmental Activists have been claiming for years

Collapsing Values

Teacher who made reference to her Christian beliefs may return to work: Incident occurred in "Bible Belt"!

British Government: Encouraging schoolchildren to experiment with oral sex could prove the most effective way of curbing teenage pregnancy rates

Kansas University prof revisits sex-class controversy at public forum

Kansas, neighbors compete for gambling dollars

'Mom, Dad, guess what? ' K.U. student tells parents she is part of Playboy "Girls of the Big 12" pictorial

Las Vegas has new crime element: Israeli mob

The Devil is All Around Us: Casual desecration of Christian iconography is becoming all too pervasive


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