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May 16-31, 2007

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President Bush's Emergency detention plan: 'This way to the camps!': Directive from Bush allows president extraordinary powers in national crisis

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel to ready public for 'all-out war': Possibility of a conflict with Syria and Hizbullah in high gear - Tensions also rising over Iran's nuclear program

Sderot takes 310 Qassam missiles from Gaza 16 days in a row

Quartet urges Israel to show restraint

IAF, artillery attack Kassam rocket launchers in Gaza Strip

Strategic Affairs Minister Avigdor Lieberman: Gaza must be cut off

Former Sephardi Chief Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu advocates carpet bombing Gaza: Writes letter to PM Olmert

Israeli High Court Orders: Gov't must reinforce all classrooms in areas surrounding Gaza

EU president vows support for Israel against Iran

Jihadist groups fill a Palestinian power vacuum: Anything made in West is under attack

Palestinian leader Abbas wins credit for seeking Palestinian cease-fire

Top Official: Israel considering renewing Syria peace talks

Fatah men shoot Palestinian 'collaborators' in Nablus

Lebanon Continues Its Turmoil

U.N. tribunal to prosecute assassins of Lebanon's PM Hariri: Security Council OKs panel that will be first of its kind in the Middle East

Syria warns of trouble over Hariri tribunal

Lebanon speaker says U.N. ignores constitution when it voted to set up international tribunal

Shadow of Iraq jihad falls over Lebanon

Brief lull in fighting allows aid into Nahr al-Bared

At least 8 Islamists killed in new bout of Lebanon fighting

Lebanese Internal Security Forces (ISF) beefs up patrols across country, especially Beirut

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Suicide Bombing at Fallujah police recruiting station kills at least 25

5 U.S. soldiers, 2 others killed in Afghan copter crash: Taliban claim Chinook downed by rocket; rescuers ambushed

Turkey seizes 'Iranian' weapons: Bomb attack on the train coinicides with Turkey's military build-up on its border with Iraq

Sunni-Kurdish conflict worsens Iraqi disarray

Mortar Attacks in Fallujah Kill Nine Civilians

Rogue police may have snatched British security guards and analyst in Iraq: Were seized just outside the heavily fortified Green Zone

Warning of security lapses in Iraq as hunt for abducted Britons goes on

Scots soldiers drenched in blood after daring rescue of an ambushed American patrol

Turkish army buildup triggers Iraq tension

South Korean defense chief positive on extending troop dispatch in Iraq

Iraq is Bush's 'new South Korea'

Fall of the war in Iraq: September shaping up as key point

Bush and 'Plan B-H,' meaning it's back to Baker-Hamilton

Doubt cast on US Iraq 'surge' strategy

130 Members of D.C. military police head out for nine-month mission in Iraq

Prince Harry Parties At Bristol Nightclub After Being Banned From Iraq

Oil Continues Slide, Drops Below $68

Gas Prices Drop After Two Record High Weeks

Litvinenko 'spied for Britain': Was poisoned radioactive polonium

Non-Integrating States News - Iran (Ancient Persia)

G8 to back 'further Iran measures'

Russian says U.S. renewing arms race: Over U.S. plans to build a missile defense system in countries formerly under Moscow's influence

The follies of Bush's Iran policy

Guantánamo captive commits suicide in cell: Almost a year after three captives at Guantánamo Bay hanged themselves, a Saudi man was found dead in his cell

Tropical Storm Barbara forms off western Mexico, expected to become season's first hurricane

UN urges US and NATO forces, insurgents to avoid Afghan civilian areas

Is Iran arming Taliban to irk U.S.?

NASA Warns: Earth's Climate Approaching 'Dangerous' Point

Robert Zoellick promises to heal World Bank rifts: Appointed by President Bush as new head of World Bank

Bush insults his most loyal supporters over immigration reform: Wants Congress to approve an immigration compromise bill that will be supported mainly by Democrats

"Big Brother" Surveillance Now Reality

"Google Earth" Clearly Shows Faces On Streets - In Real Time

Can Even Be Caught Exiting Strip Club

Men Can Be Photographed As They Enter An Adult Bookstore

Are 4m CCTV cameras Orwell's vision realised?

Watched over by masters of all they surveille: Britain now has 4.2 million cameras - 20% of the world's total!


S&P 500 Index Closes at Record High: Wall Street Advances as Fed Minutes Fail to Surprise

Florida's Lake Okeechobee ties record for lowest level: Firefighters battled a blaze burning on part of the exposed lake bottom - 12,000-acre (4,856-hectare) fire started Monday in vegetation left dry after lake waters receded from its northwest rim

FBI: Violent Crime Still Increasing

May 30, 2007

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel forces in hot pursuit of Fatah defectors to pro-Hamas militia on West Bank - Israeli army has gone into action to decapitate the new terrorist group

Air Strikes Continue, Progress Seen: Four Kassam rockets were fired from Gaza Tuesday and five Wednesday - striking an apartment building and bringing the number of rockets fired in recent weeks to 275

Qassam hits Sderot flat: Residents treated for shock after rocket hits apartment building in rocket-battered city

Israeli Army to deploy surveillance system near Gaza

Qassam attacks will continue despite IDF strikes: Hamas' Mashaal

Leaders to meet June 7 as Gaza deaths rise

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert was compelled to explain his decision not to resign to the Knesset: Netanyahu Responds

Prime minister intends to approach Gaza's residents explaining they are real victims of Hamas' actions: There is no magic cure for this problem

Israeli air strike kills 2 Hamas gunmen in Gaza: Palestinians claim

Vice Premier Shimon Peres announces presidential bid

Israeli High Court permits torture of Palestinians

An acre here, an acre there: Zionism faces mortal danger as Jewish land rights are being undermined


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Iran and US conclude Iraq talks on the security situation in Iraq: Have concluded "positively", the US ambassador has said

Arabs fear U.S-Iran talks cut them out

Forty gunmen sealed and stormed the Iraqi finance ministry in Baghdad

Dozens dead in Baghdad bombings: More than 32 people have been killed and 90 others wounded in two separate explosions in Baghdad

Rescuers Ambushed At Copter Crash: Killing two soldiers, and insurgents then ambushed a rapid response team that was rushing to rescue them, killing six troops with a barrage of roadside bombs - 2 more soldiers died in other action, bringing May death toll to 113, highest in 2 1/2 years

Cross-border Operation Would Be Made If Necessary: Turkey's PM Erdogan

A Shi'ite storm in the making: With the gradual decomposition of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's national-unity government

Iraq Palestinians taste bitter exile: Escaped the death squads of Iraq only to face an uncertain future on the desert border between Iraq and Syria

Iraq war is Brown's war, a war he could have stopped: Brown showed a distinct lack of courage in failing to stand up to Blair. Now he must quickly summon the courage to withdraw

British Attorney General Goldsmith 'told Army to ignore Rights Act' in Iraq

Iraqi women survive in Damascus by prostituting themselves

Sunni Arabs driving out Kurds in northern Iraq

Marine colonel heads to court in Haditha civilian killings


Losing the 'other war' in Afghanistan?

EU Foreign Policy Chief Solana confirms Iran nuclear talks

Iran's nuclear negotiator Larijani rejects enrichment suspension: Expected to hold talks with EU's Javier Solana on Thursday

Heavy clashes erupt in Lebanese camp, the besieged Nahr el-Bared refugee camp near the city of Tripoli in Lebanon

Russia: New missiles can penetrate any defense system

Bush picks new World Bank chief: Robert Zoellick, a former US trade representative

Islam taking root in Turkey's bureaucracy

Venezuela sees assassination plot by TV station

Global Warming = Global Dictatorship (NEWS2193)

House Speaker Pelosi: Climate Change Is a Reality - led a congressional delegation to Greenland, seeing firsthand evidence that climate change is a reality"

U.S. Rejects EU-Asia Emissions Reduction

Argentina Rations Gas to Companies, Chile Amid Cold Wave

Freak snow storm hits Nepal

Unusual hail storm bruises the Denver metro area

Party Unfaithful - The Republican Implosion. GINGRICH ASSAILS BUSH, ROVE FOR REPUBLICAN 'COLLAPSE'

May 29 2007

"Then And Now" Bible Atlas

Israeli - Palestinian War

Missile count from Gaza climbs Monday to 14

Low attendance as Israeli schools reopen in shell-shocked Sderot

Natalie M. flees Sderot, but warns Israel: “We can’t keep running for ever”

LEBANON: Nahr al-Bared is a ghost town, smelling death

Limited Green Light Given Monday For Expanded IDF Gaza Operations

Hamas to agree to "hudna" ceasefire if Israel stops reprisals

Cutting Edge Archives: Definition of "Hudna" ceasefire -- Popular Joke About "Hudna"

US and Israel eye with concern Russian test-flight of the modernized version of the Iskander-M tactical cruise missile: Russia may sell this most advanced surface-to-surface missile to Syria

Israel Labour party votes to oust party leader, who is the present Defense Minister, Peretz

Former FM Ehud Barak is Israel’s next Defense Minister if June run-off confirms his lead as Labor head

Two Hamas gunmen killed in Gaza

Fatah Militia Chiefs Quitting Amidst Ongoing Gaza Chaos

IDF arrests Palestinian legislator: Jamal Tirawi is the Fatah faction spokesman in the Palestinian parliament

Binyamin Ze'ev Kahane's Murderer Caught: Khaled Shawish

PA Chairman Abbas says he will meet with PM Olmert on June 7

Israeli High Court Bans Muslim Burials Next to Temple Mount

Shimon Peres Is Finally Running for President - In 1992-3, Peres negotiated what became the Oslo Accords with members of the PLO

Obstacles to peace: Borders and settlements - Israel's borders still have not been permanently established, even after 60 years

"Get Me A Mig-21": in 1966, an Iraqi fighter pilot flew a Mig-21 jet to Israel, enabling Israel and the US to study and test the Russian-made aircraft for the first time

Memorial Day News

Bush pays Memorial Day tribute to fallen US troops

Senator Obama Says Memorial Day Not for Politics

Spirits, and temperatures, soar in Washington, D.C., Memorial Day parade

Memorials for area troops bigger these days

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

"Great Satan" sits down with the "Axis of Evil"

U.S., Iran Reach Iraq Policy Consensus

Iran proposes a US-Iran-Iraqi trilateral mechanism to coordinate security matters in Iraq

US warns Iran over arming Iraqis

Iran/America Talks On Iran: A small step in the right direction

Iraq car bomb kills at least 20 - Near one of most revered Sunni mosques

British forces have killed three militants: Troops were attacked with small arms and rocket-propelled grenades in the southern city of Basra

U.S. commander closely watches elite forces

Eroding battlefield ethics

Analysis: The Bush Take on U.S. Opinion

Anti-war mom Cindy Sheehan gives up her protest: "My son did, indeed, die for nothing"

British reservists sent to Iraq 'need more help'

American Army puts out a call for more chaplains: Army Chaplaincy is stretched to the brink

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Taliban: Holy war, suicide bombs will continue until West exits Afghanistan

Iraq-like policy will fail in Afghanistan, too

Taliban ambush turns into a 10-hour battle

Car bomb outside court building in Pakistan injures at least seven

Pakistan confident of continued US support

Bush to Announce New Sanctions for Sudan

Syria's Assad wins second term: Some 97.62 percent of voters reelect President Assad

Senator Obama Calls for Universal Health Care

Legions of ill-trained, low-paid private security guards are protecting tempting terrorist targets across the U.S. - Are a weak link in security

Another suicide reported in Japanese government scandal

Taking liberties with the Constitution: Balance of power was massively tipped toward the federal government by Republican Bush and the GOP majorities that controlled Congress until November 2006

Oil Prices Retreat After Nigeria Labor Strike Ends


May 28, 2007


Israeli - Palestinian War

Why London and Sderot Alike Are Not be Safe from Jihadist Terror: Sunday, May 27, was a red letter day for Hamas

Ten missiles fired from Gaza so far Monday at Sderot

Israel, Hamas trade threats: Thirteen civilians and 33 militants have been killed by Israeli raids in the coastal strip in the past 12 days

Israel to widen ground operations against Gaza Strip militants

Manufacturers hold talks in Sderot: To formulate action to save other businesses under attack from terror rockets

Israeli National Religious leaders launch campaign for Sderot

Israel Goes through the Motions of a Home Front Drill: Public needs some convincing that the various branches of the Olmert government, including the military, are seriously setting in motion preparations for the next war

PM warns of 'long-term conflict': To stop Kassam terror rocket attacks

Self-inflicted wounds bleed the Mideast

Labor primaries: 20 percent turnout: Ballots open Monday morning as Defense Minister Peretz arrives at Sderot branch amid Qassam attack

Winning is the easy part: Labor primaries "walk in the park" compared to challenges to be faced by winner

Lebanon Conflict Continues

Analysis: Lebanese infighting could be dangerous for Israel

Grenade attack at major Beirut crossroads

Lebanese 'defensive shield' - no problem

Gunfire breaks Lebanon lull

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Iran and US hold first time talks: Only Iraqi security issues to be discussed, not Iran's nuclear program - Iraqi PM promised that Iraq would not be used as a launching ground for a US attack on a neighbor, a clear reference to Iran

Iraq: Three killed as insurgents hijack two buses

Car bomb kills at least 12 in Baghdad as Iraqi security forces fight to free Shiite hostages

One of the Muslim world's leading calligraphers has been shot dead by gunmen in Baghdad: Death will be seen as another attack on culture and learning by insurgent groups and militias in Iraq who have targeted scientists, doctors and academics

U.S. and Sadr's militias ratchet up fighting

Two more US soldiers killed in Iraq: Pushing May to the brink of becoming the deadliest month for US forces this year

US troops deaths near grim mark: Americans have opened nearly 1,000 new graves to bury US troops killed in Iraq since Memorial Day a year ago

Troop Cut Expected After September Iraq Report From General David Petraeus, the top U.S. commander in Iraq

Iraq needs a new strategy: Totally new peace initiative

Many civil wars in Iraq: Violence in Iraq has spread so far and gone so deep into society that it is impossible to impose a peace

As Allies Turn To Foes, Disillusion Rises in Some G.I.’s Serving In Iraq

Aircraft carrier reinforces US troops in Iraq: USS John C. Stennis (CVN 74)

Dennis Prager Editorial: Even If Entering Iraq Was a Mistake, Leaving Is Worse

Iraq war CREATING export of terrorists

US forces say they have rescued 42 Iraqi captives after raiding an al-Qaeda prison camp north of Baghdad

Christian Religious Intolerance In Congress

Japan's agricultural minister commits suicide amid scandal: Hung himself just hours before he was to face Parliament's questions

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Venezuela TV station says troops seized equipment

Dozens dead after Taliban clash

Somalia’s problems are compounded by outsiders

A chance to resolve Darfur crisis

Darfur women describe gang-rape horror

Non-Integrating States News - Iran (Ancient Persia)

US, Iran at daggers drawn: Tensions might erupt into war

Talks over Iraq hint at thawing of US-Iran relations

Iran Charges: Western spy networks discovered operating within Iran

Iran sets date for Iran-EU talks on nuclear program

Almost 100,000 Afghan migrant workers have been forced to leave Iran in the past month

Queen Elizabeth has been left "exasperated and frustrated" by the results of Tony Blair's 10 years in power

How political annihilation looks for PM Howard: One of Bush's staunchest allies

Presidential Hopeful Richardson to Stop Using Name of Deceased Marine In His Campaign

Hillary seeking single anxious females: Influential new voting block could deliver victory to Hillary Clinton in the 2008 presidential election

Memorial Day

Melanie Scarborough Editorial: Too much fear this Memorial Day

Celebrate Memorial Day by paying tribute to heroes: Day started in the South with a simple act of love by a young woman widowed by the death of her Confederate soldier husband, killed in battle. She decorated his grave with flowers picked near his tomb

Honoring Our Heroes: Michigan families battle through first Memorial Day since loved ones were killed in Iraq, Afghanistan

Memorial Day: Son seeks ways to honor mother's military service

Markers of a somber boom: War deaths stir business, reverence in Vermont stone industry

May 27, 2007


Israeli - Palestinian War

"AND AT that time of the end Michael shall arise, the great angelic prince who defends and has charge of your [Daniel's] people" - Daniel 12:1

Hamas’s new, extended-range, high-powered missiles go into service against Israeli populations

Five Hamas missile rounds against Sderot early Sunday kill an Israeli motorist, injure two people: Palestinian gunmen also opened fire on Israeli unit deployed to counter missile attacks

Jewish Eyewitness To Kassam Rocket Attacks: 'This Russian roulette has to be stopped'

PM Olmert: No immunity for terrorists - Minister Yishai says every Palestinian village that fires a rocket should be razed

We have to put them all in the crosshairs’: Convinced Gaza is about to implode, Israel issues a death threat against Hamas' leaders

Israel can forget about captured IDF soldier, Gilead Shalit, if Hamas leaders are harmed – Hamas military spokesman warns

Israel Police on high alert Saturday night: Following attack on security forces in East Jerusalem, defense establishment raises alert level in all districts, increase deployment of forces

Israel attacks Hamas facilities: Five killed, five wounded

Seven Palestinians killed in IAF strikes

Gen. Dayton admits US is helping Fatah terror group

Fatah security chief quits: Blow to Abbas and his Fatah group

Border policeman, security guard hurt in East Jerusalem shooting

Syrian opposition head warns against peace with Assad

War Escalation Continues In Lebanon

Gun battles resume in Lebanon - Continued into a fourth day

Lebanese Army Surrounds Palestinian Al-Qaeda Terrorists

U.N. relief convoy hit in battle between Lebanese army, Islamic militant group

Lebanon defends military aid from U.S.

Fatah Islam accuses US of sending cluster bombs to Lebanon - spokesman threatens groups could use non-conventional weapons 'everywhere', in retaliation

Britain’s prime minister-in-waiting Gordon Brown refused on Saturday to rule out military action against Iran over its programme of nuclear enrichment

Clintons' secret deal for power: Bill and Hillary Clinton drew up a secret plan 15 years ago under which each of them would occupy the White House for eight years

Ukraine troops head to capital: More than two thousand troops loyal to Viktor Yushchenko, the Ukrainian president

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

British and US forces in Iraq have clashed with armed supporters of Muqtada al-Sadr, the Shia leader

Violence in Iraq claims eight more US troops

U.S. Security Contractors Open Fire in Baghdad: Blackwater Employees Were Involved in Two Shooting Incidents in Past Week

$100 billion war chest is approved

Castro Links Bush, Apocalypse: Hours after the U.S. president signed a bill that will pay for military operations in Iraq without setting a timetable for troop withdrawal

Baltimore native, a former honor student, killed in Iraq

Torrance students remember soldier killed in Iraq

5 Killed After U.S. Raid in Sadr City

Cheney promises US soldiers will be well-equipped for battle

Women warriors face battle with stress disorder: Road home from combat a nightmarish one

Shiite cleric bides his time: Al-Sadr harbors ambitious plans to turn Iraq into an Islamic state after he is swept into power, filling the power vacuum left from collapse of current government

Iraq's Sadrists follow Hezbollah's path

Bush Envisions Smaller Iraq Force: `Post-Surge' Shift Seen In U.S. Mission

Sen. Dodd Calls for End to Iraq War

Bush to Be Pressed on Troop Withdrawal

Tehran ignores the bluff and bluster from US

Dialogue amid rattling sabers -- Iran, E.U. meet

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

The US ignores Nato advice as to how to proceed in Afghanistan

U.N. peacekeeper in Darfur fatally shot at his residence

Mass grave, memories feed fear in Darfur, Sudan

8 Killed in Market Explosion in India

Doctor convicted in New York of agreeing to treat al-Qaida fighters

Global Warming = Global Dictatorship (NEWS2193)

House Speaker Pelosi Attends European Climate Talks

In snub to Bush, US mayors sign environment accord

Investors recognize imperatives posed by climate change

Climate change to reshape agriculture

Unilever to sell environmentally sustainable tea - company that produces Lipton Tea

Federal judge has ordered a bankrupt company owned by O.J. Simpson's children to turn over any copies of Simpson's canceled book, "If I Did It."

Gays Flock to Florida Panhandle for Holiday


Dr. Kevorkian's Assisted Suicide Back In The News

On eve of Kevorkian's release, only Oregon has assisted suicide law

Kevorkian worked with impunity until finally convicted

Cutting Edge Archives: Posted November, 1998



May 26, 2007


War Signs Continue To Escalate

United Arab Emirates and Jordan air forces take part in US weapons-ammo airlift to Lebanon

Hizballah head warns Lebanon and Arab world not to tangle with al Qaeda on US behalf. BBC reporter’s kidnappers urge jihadists to help Fatah al-Islam in Lebanon

Civilian Exodus from Lebanon camp continues

Lebanon's Prime Minister Saniora vows to uproot militants

Islamist troops in Lebanon vow to fight to the death: Lebanese army tightens circle on militants holed up in refugee camp

Everyone stands to lose in Lebanon blowback

Israel’s Northern Command has placed military units along the Lebanese and Syrians borders on the alert in case of a flare-up

Bush okayed 'soft revolution' in Iran: Bush signs approval for "covert operation" against Iran, designed for "Regime Change"

Concern in Israel: No One is Stopping Iran!

'Al-Qaeda trying to go nuclear': Former top UN weapons inspectorwarns that Jihadis searching for nuclear technology to create massive destruction

Israeli - Palestinian War

War Signs Continue To Escalate

Four Hamas terrorists killed in intensified IAF air strikes

Hamas Declares: Islam Will Rule the World, Destroy Israel and the Jews

Hamas, Fatah mull truce with Israel: "48 hour test period" announced

500 Sderot residents find temporary peace in Jerusalem: Had fled rocket barrage attacks

4 injured by Qassam rocket in Sderot

Friday Morning Kassams Burn Israeli Wheat Field

Hamas victory in Sderot: There is no greater triumph for Hamas than seeing entire town evacuated

Settlers ARE treated differently: Police patient with student protestors, overly violent when it comes to settlers

IDF arrests another Hamas cabinet minister

Hizbullah to rebuild Dahiyeh, Hizbullah stronghold in southern Beirut which was reduced to rubble during Second Lebanon War

Israeli-Arab Who Gave Information to Hizbullah Sentenced

18 militants killed in south Afghan battles


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Bush quickly signs $100b Iraq war funding bill: Contains no timetable for withdrawal from Iraq

Obama, Clinton side with anti-war Democrats in opposing this funding bill: Because it sets no timetable for withdrawal

GOP candidates blast Clinton, Obama on Iraq vote: McCain says voting "no" aids al-Qaeda

Six more US soldiers killed in Iraq

Iraqi Insurgent Suicide Bombers changing target strategy

Bush predicts 'bloody summer'

US Commanders brace for rise in Iraq violence

White House considering big Iraq troop cut for '08

The New, New Strategy for the War in Iraq: Announcement of new plan suggests new "surge" plan is already failing

House Speaker Pelosi: Bush's War Policy Unraveling

PM Maliki picks all Shiites to fill posts: Says new ministers were chosen for their expertise

New Iraq oil law will not allow foreign control

Top Sadr militia commander killed in Basra

US says militant held in Iraq has Iranian ties

McCain and Bush: Making a Mockery of Democracy in Iraq

Intelligence Analysts' cautions before Iraq war mainly came true: Senate releases classified reports with warnings

Memorial Day Observances

Injured vets don't leave his ranks: 3-star general attempts to visit every one of his wounded Marines

Bush visits injured troops at naval medical center: Beginning his Memorial Day activities

Honor our war dead by being accountable on Iraq: Bush policies a mockery of our soldiers' sacrifices

Iran's president vows to push ahead with nuclear program

A worrisome time in Pakistan

Gangs force shutdown of newspaper in northern Mexico

UN expert faults US on human rights in terror laws

Baby boy is born to Mary Cheney, daughter of vice president: First child for her and her female partner of 15 years, Heather Poe

Heavy Storms, Flooding Kill 5 in Central Texas

Climbers get the cold shoulder - Awash in snow, path to Pikes Peak summit proving dangerous - This is the snowiest spring on Pikes Peak in more than a decade

INHOFE OPENING STATEMENT: Senator mocks Democrat's statements on Global Warming


May 25, 2007

US to airlift ammunition and advanced weapons to Lebanese army in response to Beirut’s plea for aid against Islamic radicals - IDF’s northern command has placed Israeli units along the Lebanese and Syrians on the alert in case of a flare-up

US military aid 'lands in Beirut'

Lebanon's new flashpoint

Secretary of State Rice denounces 'extremists' in Lebanon

In pictures: Lebanon refugees flee

Gunfire renewed at embattled north Lebanese Palestinian camp Friday

Israeli Warplanes pound Gaza Strip for ninth day

At least 5 rockets fired at western Negev: Wheat field burns outside Sderot

A dialogue of Qassam rockets and air strikes

IAF attacks Hamas positions; 4 Kassams fired at Israel

Settlers call for 'Operation Defensive Shield' in Gaza: There is no other option but to launch a ground offensive in the northern Strip to reoccupy it

Israel sends Qassams to Europe: Rocket shrapnel from recent attacks sent to Israeli embassies in Britain, France, EU headquarters as part of PR campaign

Syrian overtures stir interest in Jerusalem: To engage Syria in peace, breaking up Syria-Iran alliance, would cost Israel the entire Golan Heights

Barak's killer instinct: Labor party members back Barak because he can beat Netanyahu

49 Jewish settlers arrested during Mt. Hebron march: 100 settlers march along road south of Mt. Hebron, demand that it be opened for Israeli vehicles - road passes through Palestinian territory

Kenyan youth enlists in IDF: Two years after he discovered his late father was Israeli, 22-year-old Arusi Medlia is now Israeli army's first Kenyan soldier

Peres' wife Sonia suffers heart failure: Vice premier's wife, 81, rushed to hospital from Tel Aviv home

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Both houses of the US Congress have passed a bill allocating $100bn of new funding for the Iraq war: Sets no withdrawal date

Clinton and Obama oppose Iraq war funding bill: Courting the anti-war constituency

Why Pelosi never stood a chance with funding bill: Can't unilaterally change policy in Iraq until she can muster two-thirds majorities necessary to override a veto by Bush

Democrats Warn: Fight Over Iraq War Has Just Begun

Senator Robert Byrd Laments: "Bush's war is turning the sands of Iraq blood red"

Opposition to Iraq war highest since it began: 75% think war is going badly

Retired general Sanchez talks about Iraq war: Calling war "bleak", general says the best outcome America can hope for now is to "stave off defeat"

Iraqi cleric back in public eye: Moqtada Sadr, the radical Iraqi Shia cleric, has appeared in public in Iraq for the first time in months

Day's toll: 9 more troops in Iraq die: Also, body pulled from river is reportedly captured soldier

Grieving buddies vow to find two missing soldiers

Iraq: 26 dead as alleged al-Qaida bomber hits Sunni funeral

A Surge Begets a Surge, Begets a Surge: Defense Department quietly plans to prolong the war for a year and three months longer than announced - "Surge" has energized the enemy

Bloody summer will be crucial test for troop surge, says Bush

PM Al-Maliki nominates Shiites to fill Cabinet posts

Spanish Judge keeps charge against U.S. troops: Charged in the death of a Spanish journalist in Iraq

Arizona Border Patrol urged to stop recruiting agents for Iraq duty

Non-Integrating States News - Iran (Ancient Persia)

'Iran issue approaching confrontation': ElBaradei said he agreed with CIA estimates that Iran was three to eight years away from the capability to build a nuclear weapon

Tehran ignores the bluff and bluster

British experts wary of preemptive Iran hit: Preemptive military strike would accelerate and not stop the production of a nuclear weapon

West unable to act against Iran: President Ahmadinejad

US has only itself to blame

Are Iran's missiles a threat to Europe?

Crude oil prices rise as traders watch Nigeria labor strike and worry over Iran

Gunmen kidnap oil workers off Nigeria

Bush wants tougher sanctions on Iran

Living with Iran's terror label: What's it like living in a country which has branded yours a terrorist state?

Kyodo news agency reports North Korea has fired short-range missiles in the direction of the Sea of Japan

North Korea calls U.S., Japan, S. Korea as security threats

Bush Blunders: Bin Laden free because US 'hasn't got him'

Bird flu found in Wales but not deadly

Turkey's PM Erdogan calls Sarkozy to promote better ties between France and Turkey

Bush Unveils Nominee for Surgeon General: Kentucky cardiologist, Dr. James W. Holsinger Jr., professor of preventive medicine at the University of Kentucky

Senator Joe Biden Banking on His Iraq Plan To Promote His Presidency Hopes


May 24, 2007


Israeli - Palestinian War

Israeli forces round up 33 Hamas officials on West Bank: Including Palestinian education minister

Israel could buy Palestinian gas: From the Gaza Marine field, which is controlled by the Palestinian Authority

Push made for cease-fire: Moderate Palestinian President Abbas and Prime Minister Haniyeh of Hamas made a new push Wednesday to restore a cease-fire with Israel

Israeli forces enter small village in south Gaza: Rare move -- Rocket fire was coming from this village

After the Shavuot Holiday, Rockets Rain Down on Western Negev

Rockets create fires which destroy Negev kibbutzim's crops

Don't fear world's wrath: Drastic measures needed in order to curb rocket attacks on Sderot

4 Qassams fired at Israel; no injuries: Rockets land in Sderot area

IDF: Hamas behind drop in Qassam attacks -- Hamas making tactical decisions when to launch 20 or 2 Qassams

Rocket fire on western Negev resumes

Palestinians say civilian killed by IDF fire in northern Gaza Strip town of Beit Lahiya

Israeli Gov't team recommends appointing national staff to overlook Israeli political PR campaigns

Amnesty Int'l Targets Israel More Than Sudan's Genocide

2 IDF Soldiers Lightly Wounded at Dugit Ruins in Gush Katif

War Signs In Lebanon

Innocent victims caught up in a war of endless revenge: Robert Fisk reports from the Nahr el-Bared refugee camp, northern Lebanon - It is a place of Palestinian fury - and almost as much Palestinian blood

Lebanon battles a new demon: Last thing Lebanon needed was an internal war between its armed forces and clandestine cells with links to al-Qaeda

Palestinian Militant leader warns Lebanon: We are ready to fight if army attacks

Lebanese minister warns militants

At least five people have been injured after an explosion in the resort town of Aley, Lebanon, on Wednesday night

Non-Integrating States News - Iran (Ancient Persia)

US, IRAN PREPARE TO TALK: Looking beyond the limits - Tehran wants to ensure the survival of the Shi'ite government in Iraq

US warships in unprecedented show of strength in Gulf waters

In defiance of UN Security Council demands, Iran expands its uranium enrichment program

US, allies selling Iran flawed nuclear components: In effort to sabotage nuclear power program

Israel: Iran not at 'industrial level' of enrichment

US-Israeli Anti-Missile Programs to Be Fully Integrated by 2013

US to push for new Iran sanctions

President Ahmadinejad faces backlash over plans for gas rationing

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Senator Robert Byrd Laments: "Bush's war is turning the sands of Iraq blood red"

US military identifies the body pulled out of Euphrates as one of three widely hunted abducted soldiers

Iraq funeral hit by car bombing: Killed at least 20 people and injured 35 others

Gunmen halt students' bus, massacre 8 on road home: Killers were disguised as soldiers

US troops kill Iraq raid 'leader': Allegedly masterminded ambush which killed five American soldiers

7 US soldiers killed in separate attacks

US officers try edging their way into Sadr City, 2 million people

Sunni resistance warms to Shi'ite cleric Muqtada: On the basis of a common demand for withdrawal of US occupation forces from Iraq

Iraqi students brave the bombs: Imagine if one of London's universities was hit by a double suicide bombing and nearly 90 students and lecturers were killed and another 140 injured

Democrats surrender to Bush over funding for Iraq troops

Angry "MoveOn" calls for Iraq backbone: Angry over Democrat's capitulation to Bush on war funding bill

Iraqi children 'at crisis point'

Catholic Priest tends his flock in war-torn Iraq

A 'surge' in the wrong direction

Fighting overshadows Iraq's oil law

Former Marine Claims Illness From "Mystery Vaccine": "This is the worst cover-up in the history of the military"

Will Republicans Destroy Themselves Before They Destroy America?

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Blast near NATO Afghan base kills soldier

Darfur, Sudan: Forget genocide, there's oil

Lebanese construction worker seized in Nigeria

Kenya's secretive Mungiki sect

Tamil Tigers attack Sri Lankan naval base

Red Cross quits Sri Lankan front lines

Pope makes amends for Brazil comments: Offended indigenous Indians

Pope's remarks called "revisionism"

India braces for skills shortage: Could be short 5 million to 6 million skilled professionals in the next five years

9 Pakistani abducted officials freed by militants

Mystery 'missings' haunt Pakistan

Global Terror = Global Dictatorship (NEWS2193)

‘War on terror’ dividing world: Amnesty International warns

Circular Thinking: Bush policies created opening for al-Qaida in Iraq - Bush's war actually helped terrorists recruit in Iraq

Turkey blast was 'suicide attack': Bomb set off in a shopping area, killing five, wounding 100

Democrat Presidential Candidate Edwards: 'War on terror' has hurt U.S.

Rudy Guliani: Edwards' terror take shows that Democrats are in denial

Great Britain has stopped using the phrase "war on terror"

French President Sarkozy names slimline, cross-party government

Sarkozy in Brussels to make push for EU treaty

Bill Clinton honoured with a statue in Serbia

US stocks push into record territory

Too much at stake to let climate-change sceptics bluff the world

Noose tightens on Bush’s neck with resignation of friend Paul Wolfowitz from World Bank

Politics In The News

Helen Thomas: GOP presidential candidates are murky about torture

Will New Yorker status hurt Hillary Clinton?

Clinton's man in California a pro at digging up political dirt: Averell "Ace" Smith

Clinton Camp Resists Aide’s Advice to Skip Iowa

GOP slams Pelosi in new ad campaign

Democratic Rep. John Murtha of Pennsylvania sent a note of apology to Republican Rep. Mike Rogers of Michigan

Apple CEO Steve Jobs proposes Al Gore for president

Recent headlines threaten Edwards' main campaign theme

House passes gasoline gouging bill: Congress is so desperate to show it feels your pain at the pump that it passed a bill which would make gasoline price gouging a federal offense

Wal-Mart health clinics divide US medics: Together with CVS, Walgreens and Rite Aid, plan to expand "walk-in clinics"

Michael Moore's Documentary "Sicko" offers new talking points on health care

Japan proposes 50 pct emission cuts by 2050: Proposing a successor to the Kyoto Protocol


May 23, 2007


War Signs Escalate

Nine US military ships enter Persian Gulf through Strait of Hormuz Wednesday, assembling off Iran’s coast in largest American naval move since 2003: Includes two aircraft carriers, USS Nimitz and USS Stennis, as well as the USS Bonhomme Richard LHD 6 Group, the world’s biggest amphibious strike force

Radical Palestinian groups backed by Tehran and Damascus aid Islamists battling Lebanese troops for third day

Thousands of Palestinians flee north Lebanon camp

Lebanese Druze leader Walid Junblatt expects more bomb attacks in Lebanon

U.N. relief convoy hit in battle between Lebanese army, Islamic militant group

Mideast headaches for Condoleezza Rice: Fresh violence stricking Lebanon underscores the difficulties facing US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in the Middle East as she finds less and less room to manoeuvre in the region

The road to Jerusalem (via Lebanon): How global war came to Lebanon

Gaza: IAF hits two ammunition depots overnight Tuesday

Qassam rocket lands near Sderot: 8:20am

Qassams hit Sderot Tuesday evening: Several barrages hit Sderot and neighboring areas on eve of Shavuot holiday

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Bush Charges: Bin Laden Ordered Non-Iraq Attacks - Rallying support for the war

Dems, GOP, Both See Win in Iraq Funding Bill

Sectarian Violence Rises in Baghdad: Car bomb exploded Tuesday at an outdoor market in a Shiite area of Baghdad, killing 25 people and wounding at least 60 - the deadliest in a string of attacks

15 Killed in Iraq Coffee Shop Homicide Bombing

Iraqi police say they found a body wearing U.S. military uniform in river near Baghdad

Two Marines Killed In Anbar Province

Iraq attacks kill 9 U.S. troops

Raids in search of missing GIs come up empty

Worsening tragedy for kids in Iraq

Three stars make an improbable War Czar: Three stars make an improbable czar

Iraq terrorists, Tehran plot offensive

Bush may turn to UN in search for Iraq solution: If troop surge fails, strategy is to involve other nations under UN umbrella

Rumsfeld's role in Iraq 'was criminal': Former Australian army lawyer-turned-political hopeful

Next 12 months crucial to Iraq's future

Washington floats ideas for a new approach in Iraq: “Post-surge” strategy

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Suicide bomber kills policeman in Kabul, Afghanistan

Finnish soldier, 3 others killed by bomb

al-Qaida's No. 2 Praises Taliban Chief

Taliban not gaining upper hand in Afghanistan, says Germany

Shopping mall bomb kills six, injures 100 in Turkish capital Ankara

EU nations stand up to Russia

Sarkozy in Brussels to make push for EU treaty: To build the case for a new treaty that will get the European Union back on track

Murder deepens Russia-West split: Moscow refusing to extradite its former KGB agent whom London is accusing of poisoning exile Alexander Litvinenko with the rare radioactive isotope polonium-210

Israeli - Palestinian War

Palestinian Factions consider new truce with Israel

25% of Muslim teens believe that suicide attacks are ok

Billionair Gaydamak moves tent city to Tel Aviv: Set up to house 3,000 Sderot residents driven out of their homes by Kassam rocket attacks

Man who lost wife, 3 kids in terrorist attack goes south to help Sderot residents cope with rocket attacks

Sad holiday in Sderot: Residents of city find it hard to celebrate Shavuot in shadow of Qassam threat

Hamas Warns: We'll attack from W. Bank

Clear Message from Israel, Mixed Messages from Gaza

IDF briefly detains seven Palestinians in south Gaza raid

Winograd as an alibi: War report no excuse for failing to find solution to Gaza attacks

Palestinian President Abbas works for truce in Gaza

Amnesty International Charges: Threefold increase in killings of Palestinians by IDF in 2006

Amnesty International has been accused of bias and a disproportionate focus on Israel by a Jerusalem-based NGO watchdog

Bullets with no address: The trouble is that the Palestinian Authority is not a state

Six days and 40 years: Israeli cried when she heard that the IDF had recaptured the Old City of Jerusalem: "If they return Jerusalem, I'll die"

Messiah mystery follows death of mystical Kabbalist rabbi: Revered Israeli apocalyptic kabbalah leader shocks Jews, Christians with name 'Yeshua'

Nuclear experts arrive in Iran for routine inspection

Iran 'will buy Russian air defence systems via Syria'

US pushes Syria into the arms of Iran

US objects to IAEA concessions on Iran

Teen Arrested in Possible Plan to Bomb Protesters at Rev. Falwell's Funeral in Virginia

Capuchin Monkey Dies of Plague at Denver Zoo


May 22, 2007


Israeli - Palestinian War

War Signs Escalate

Palestinian radical groups warn Israeli locations north of Sderot, including Ashkelon, to prepare for missile attacks: Hamas activates West Bank cells for suicide operations

Hamas Warns: We'll attack from W. Bank - "Hamas has no red lines anymore"

Hamas Extending the Conflict to Judea and Samaria

First missiles from Gaza early Tuesday as Sderot mourns first fatality – Shirel Friedman, 35, whose car was hit Monday night

Israeli, 5 militants die in escalating violence

Israeli defense minister Peretz warns Solana that Israel will not stop its Gaza attacks until Hamas holds its missile fire

Unorthodox tactics needed to rout Gaza-based Palestinian terror and halt Qassam offensive against Israel. Conventional warfare will no longer serve

PM Olmert Acknowledges: No immediate solution to Kassam rocket fire

IDF suggests 'security zone' in north Gaza

Three More Kassams as Sderot Prepares for Funeral

With every crash of a Kassam rocket in the Negev, increasingly more voices are calling for a return to Gaza

When did Israel start arming Abbas' Fatah Terrorist Group?

Deputy Defense Minister Sneh Tells 'Post': Teheran behind violence in Gaza

Rabbi warns against going to Temple Mount: "Next year we will all go up freely to the Temple, which will be built, with the ashes of the red heifer, without disagreement and without questions"

Peretz Urges Solana: Renew EU embargo on PA unity gov't

Jerusalem mulls US-led Mideast parley

Egypt releases more than 100 Islamic extremists

Israeli Police on high alert ahead of Shavuot holiday - policemen to deploy in crowded areas, including markets and parks

Editorial - Send Arab troops to Gaza: Multinational Arab force only way to prevent Israeli reoccupation


Hezbullah Setting Fires of War In Lebanon

Shock Video - Fighting In Tripoli

Radical Palestinian groups backed by Tehran and Damascus aid Islamists battling Lebanese troops for third day

Large blast hits Lebanese capital: Struck in upscale market

Fighting rages in Lebanese camp

Battle raises fears for Lebanon: Al-Qaeda loyalists take advantage of Beirut's instability

New details emerge on Fatah Islam group in Lebanon

In Pictures: Lebanon Fighting

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Iraq’s defense minister says he is planning for quick US military pullout

Iran's secret plan for summer offensive to force US out of Iraq - "Tehran has switched tack as it senses a chance of victory in Iraq"

Bomb devastates market in Baghdad: Car bomb has killed at least 25 people and wounded dozens more

Shells rock Baghdad's Green Zone again

Aussie troops 'a target in Iraq'

Time running out for Iraq reforms: PM accused of failing to seize chances to make painful changes required to stabilise the country

Bush Reaffirms Confidence in Iraqi PM

New Gore book hammers Bush on Iraq

Iraqi Shiite leader says he has tumor - lung cancer: Will get treatment in Iran!

Bush gov't braces for new British PM: U.K. pullout from Iraq feared

House Democrats Have to Sell Iraq Plan

Shock and anger fuel family's grief for GI killed in Iraq: Armored vehicle in which they were riding ran over a roadside bomb near Baqouba, Iraq

A summit that simply went too far: Long-awaited EU-Russia summit

U.S. Sen. Joe Biden said that he would commit U.S. forces immediately to stop militia in Sudan's Darfur region as long as there were reports of genocide

Immigration bill debate begins: Foes of sweeping bipartisan overhaul promise a stiff challenge in the Senate

Senate Puts Off Action on Immigration

Path to national suicide: Editorial by Pat Buchanan

Republican National Committee Chairman Sen. Mel Martinez: Immigration bill could save GOP

Global Warming = Global Dictatorship (NEWS2193)

Scientists report rise in levels of carbon dioxide

Religious leaders urge action on Global Warming - Christian, Jewish and Muslim leaders

Investors recognize imperatives posed by climate change

Devil is in detail of UN climate change talks

Global warming can be reduced, but at what cost?

California Urges Approval of Greenhouse Gases Waiver

American Coasts Brace for a Busy Hurricane Season

Global warming tour: House Speaker Pelosi does Greenland

Defiant Cheney still relishes role of foreign policy `heavy'

The Wolf that shocked and awed the World Bank

Iraq and Afghanistan are not the problem for Great Britain's New Prime Minister Brown

Guns Good - Tax Cuts Bad – or was it the other way round?

Iran 'bigger than Hiroshima'

Idaho Town Shaken by Shooting Spree

John Edwards charges $55,000 to speak to UC Davis students about poverty



May 21, 2007


Israeli - Palestinian War

Four missiles land in W. Negev early Monday, Day Seven of Hamas’s multiple Qassam offensive – 20 in last 24 hours

Hamas Boasts: Jews Must Run From Ashkelon Like From Sderot

Fighting resumes in N. Lebanon Monday after 57 killed in Lebanese army battles with al Qaeda-linked Palestinians: Eight Lebanese soldiers taken hostage

Analysis: Why might Syria wish to sow chaos in Lebanon now?

Hundreds of angry Sderot small business and factory owners head for Jerusalem: Furious over Kassam rocket barrage and government's inability to stop it

Despite Defense Minister Amir Peretz's declaration of a "special situation" in the city: Residents said that this came too little, too late

Israeli airstrikes leave 13 dead in Gaza: Three dozen Palestinians have died in past week

Olmert's second chance: After Lebanon failure, PM has opportunity to show he can do better in Gaza

Israeli Cabinet gives IDF green light on targeted killings

Security Minister Dichter: Hamas' Khaled Mashaal is not immune to targeted killing

Hamas Threatens After Targeted Killing Failed: Israel will be wiped off the map

Speech by PM Olmert to special Knesset session: 40 years since the reunification of Jerusalem: Unbelievable Quotes!

Draft Bill: PA should pay for rocket damages

'We will monitor 'subversive' groups': Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency)

Sharp rise in soldiers' complaints

Prosecutor's Offer to President Katsav: Admit affair, and rape charges will be dropped

The Day the IDF Backed Down and Opened Joseph's Tomb

Rabbi warns against going to Temple Mount: "Next year we will all go up freely to the Temple, which will be built, with the ashes of the red heifer, without disagreement and without questions"

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Seven US soldiers killed in Iraq Sunday, 15 since Friday

Obstacles don't stop search for missing soldiers: Already strained troops detour for missing comrades, but at deadly cost

American military find the beheaded bodies of two American soldiers in city of al-Mahmoudia - Arab Press is reporting

Michigan Soldier Who Was In Iraq Dies After Sudden Illness: Wright was called up in 2002 and spent two tours in Iraq -- NOTE: Depleted Uranium poisoning?

Deadly Dust: Study Suggests Cancer Risk from Depleted Uranium

Brown urged not to pull out of Iraq: Iraq's foreign minister

Blair leaving Bush in lurch: Bush is losing his last best friend in the global arena, the man who explained Bush’s own motives and actions better than he has been able to do

Brown defends Iraq invasion: Despite claims that he will withdraw British troops soon after becoming Prime Minister

U.S. orders more spy towers for Iraq: Army has taken a step toward becoming an all-seeing presence in Iraq with an order for infrared surveillance towers to monitor insurgent movements

Iraqi president arrives in United States for medical checkup: 73-year-old Sunni Kurd

Poll: American satisfaction at new low: Men and women, whites and minorities - all are feeling a war-weary pessimism

Iraq minister asks Australia to stay

Denounce the Bush doctrine: Hillary Clinton recently proposed a congressional vote to un-authorise the Iraq war

The US-Iranian duel enters a new phase: On May 28, American and Iranian envoys are due to meet in Baghdad on May 28 to discuss the security situation in Iraq

Admit failure in Iraq, Iran tells US

Iraq's Oil law mired in dispute over foreign rights

Iraq's Kurdistan opens its arms to Gulf investors: Kurds have achieved stability, peace and a willingness to develop the area

Adding time to Iraq's clock

One building that's been built on time and on budget in Iraq: America's $592 million fortress embassy: Builders in Green Zone already insurgent targets

Pelosi Defends Murtha Against GOP Reprimand

2 US Republican senators allege they have 'evidence' Iran sent weapons, trained militants in Iraq

American Ally Kuwait abandons US dollar currency peg: Raising the prospect that other oil-producing states might abandon long-held dollar pegs

Idaho Sniper sprays courthouse with bullets: 3 Dead, 2 Injured

Blair handover farce, says Cameron: Urges Blair to hand over power now

White House blasts 'irrelevant' Carter: After Carter called Bush worst President in history

Politicians, Ted Kennedy defend new immigration bill amnesty

Immigration hot topic at GOP event: Attendees at S.C. convention vocal over Romney’s, Graham’s stances

Bush Praises Bipartisan Immigration Deal

Torture undermines our nation, strengthens our enemies

Abu Ghraib series portrays crimes at Iraq prison

Beijing to buy Blackstone stake for $3bn: Unprecedented move that underlines China’s desire to tap into the private equity boom

Paris festival celebrating US music and culture has been called off following a series of anti-American threats

Las Vegas has ordered a Hummer dealership to take down an American flag that flies 100 feet above the business -- 30-by-60-foot Stars and Stripes

YEMEN: Country on alert as locust swarms increase

Wildfires spook insurance companies: Complaints echo concerns raised after Hurricane Katrina, when many insurance companies increased rates or dropped policies along the Gulf Coast

US Midwest readies for emergence of 17-year cicadas


May 20, 2007



Israeli - Palestinian War

Palestinian five-missile salvo early Sunday ahead of Israeli cabinet decision debate on scale of the military response to continuing missile blitz from Gaza

'Disband Hamas, or disband the gov't': Strategic Affairs Minister Avigdor Lieberman presents ultimatum to PM Olmert

Defense Minister Amir Peretz declared a state of emergency in Sderot: Residents call action "too little, too late"

More than 6,000 residents leave Sderot : In spite of Mayor's order that the town should not be evacuated

Wisdom of Waiting: Lessons of 1967 Six Day War still applicable in face of current ongoing rocket attacks

'Palestinians can't be wiped off map': Iranian Foreign Minister Mottaki

Four Palestinians killed in overnight Gaza airstrikes

IDF Claims: We Killed Dozens of Hamas Terrorists In Four Days of Israeli reprisals in Gaza

Two IDF soldiers lightly wounded in Gaza

Female suicide bombers 'eagerly await' IDF soldiers: Should Israel attack Gaza Strip

Former Defense Minister Mofaz Urges: Kill Terror Leaders, Fast

Hamas, Fatah Reach New Cease-Fire Deal On Saturday: Want to stop killing each other

Pope denounces Palestinian rocket attacks on Israeli border towns

Labor Party decides to stay in Olmert government for now

Gaza clashes may threaten aid to Palestinian Authority

American pilot leaves everything to serve in IDF

Chief Rabbinate Finalizes Ban on Christian Women's Conference

Lebanon's Security forces battle Islamic militants

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Eight US soldiers killed in separate attacks in Iraq in last two days

Visiting UK PM Tony Blair just escapes two mortar attacks in Iraq visit – at the British embassy in Baghdad AND again UK HQ in Basra: indicates effective inside hostile intelligence in Baghdad’s fortified Green Zone government center and the southern town of Basra

Real signs of change, says Blair: Despite mortar attack inside Green Zone HQ

One of missing soldiers may be dead: US military

In Iraq, Shi'ite Al-Sadr Pointing His Guns Elsewhere: Attempting reconciliation with Sunni groups

Carter attacks Blair for 'blind' support of US in Iraq

Bush gets ready for Iraq U-turn by future PM Brown

Iran says US should quit Iraq to curb 'terror'

Antiwar right takes the Republicans home: Two weeks ago 11 Republican congressmen walked into the White House and gave George W Bush one of the starkest responses yet to his Iraq strategy

Democrats, Republicans, and political fault lines on Iraq

Bush, Blair A Sad Pair: Two wounded warriors stood side by side in the sunshine of the White House Rose Garden

Shiite leader in the US for treatment of lung cancer: Leader of Iraq's biggest Shiite Party -- NOTE: Could this lung cancer possibly result of Depleted Uranium poison?

Baghdad security plan doomed without political unity: Deputy PM Saleh warns

Different clocks on Iraq: Which one will prevail?

Abu Ghraib series portrays crimes at Iraq prison

Former President Carter Blasts Bush on His Global Impact: Says he is ""the worst in history" in international relations

Canada's Airlines may bar 'dangerous' passengers: Canada rule proposal

Global Warming = Global Dictatorship (NEWS2193)

Humans face extinction claims Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio: In his documentary, "The 11th Hour"

"Live Earth": useful only as a green bracelet - Multinational phantasmagoric series of stadium concerts on July 7, with the grand aim of "raising awareness of global warming"

Who c-cares about Live Earth Concert? Roger Daltry has blasted the big Wembley gig Gore is organising to raise awareness of global warming

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Prince Harry may fight in Afghanistan

3 German soldiers killed in Afghanistan

2 blasts in southern Afghanistan kill 7 people

Afghan soldiers mass on border, ready and willing to take on old foe, Pakistan

Nobel Peace Prize winner inaugurated as East Timor's president

EU calls on World Bank to quickly replace Wolfowitz

Decline and Fall of the Neocons: Paul Wolfowitz’s departure from the World Bank signals the end of an ideological era in Washington

American conservatism's last rites — again

$11.45 million judgment in sex abuse suit against Roman Catholic Church: One of the largest judgments in a child sexual abuse suit

RAPE OF THE SOUL DVD - How Subminal Satanic Pornography Has Corrupted The Roman Catholic Church, and has directly led to sex abuse against children and women

Group of 8 maintains optimism on global economy

EU's talks with Russia fail to dispel tensions

Non-Integrating States News - Iran (Ancient Persia)

Why Arabs should engage Iran

Iran rules out US strike: President Ahmadinejad said on Monday he did not see the possibility of a US strike

Commander's veto sank Gulf buildup: Admiral Fallon strongly opposed an administration plan to increase the number of aircraft-carrier strike groups in the Persian Gulf from two to three and vowed privately that there would be no war against Iran as long as he was chief of CENTCOM

Any military action against Iran is least desirable: Brigadier-General Robert Holmes, deputy director of operations for the US Central Command

Tehran will lecture US on war mistakes during talks about Iraq's security situation

British Police Chief's 'Orwellian' Fears: fears the spread of CCTV cameras is leading to "an Orwellian situation" -- Britain has installed 4.2 million surveillance cameras

Essex girl fills White House race with lurve: Elizabeth Kucinich may be the first lady with a tongue stud to have set her sights on the White House


May 19, 2007


Israeli - Palestinian War

Hamas Increasing Terror Capabilities: Al Qaeda Now Joining Fray

Israeli Air Force hits Palestinian squad south of Beit Hanoun which fired two missiles against Sderot Saturday. Palestinians report 8 dead

Barrage Continues: 16 Qassam Rockets hit western Negev

Israel considers giving military aid Abu Mazen’s Fatah in its battle with Hamas: Starting a Palestinian civil war in order to protect Israel

Two Kassam rockets hit Sderot; none hurt

IAF targets Hamas installations in Gaza

IDF vows to operate till Hamas surrenders: Defense establishment source says military to expand activity in Gaza, adding that 'the more Hamas launches, the more they will get back'

Abu Dhabi TV journalist freed in Gaza

Abbas intelligence official attacked in Gaza

Defense Minister Peretz: 'Wide incursion into Gaza not in Israel's interest'

Arab world in despair over Gaza

Winograd Report prompts Gaza paralysis: Israeli failure to act in face of rocket fire directly related to Lebanon war report

Firefighters control explosion in a Nazareth weapons factory

'Israel wants to kill peace': Senior Palestinian official

Jordanian King Abdullah II warns against peace initiative delay

Who’s normal here? IDF violence and lying politicians have become the norm in Israel

US Congress passes $2.9 trillion compromise Democratic budget: Funds President George W Bush's huge defence buildup while also adding money for Democrats' domestic priorities

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Search widened for three US troops kidnapped by al Qaeda a week ago in an attack which left four US soldiers and an Iraqi dead

Blair on last Iraq visit

Former President Carter lambasts Blair over Iraq

5 U.S. Troops, 2 ABC Journalists Die in Iraq

Violence across Iraq, mortars hit Green Zone

Six militants killed in attack on US military base: About 50 suspected insurgents attacked a US base in the centre of a city north of Baghdad

Saboteurs have upper hand in an endless war: Iraq's Oil Minister

Iraqi town struggles under curfew: Food and fuel supplies are reportedly running out in the central Iraqi city of Samarra

New detainees overwhelm Baghdad jails

War-torn Iraq 'facing collapse'

First steps to arming Iraq's soldiers

Iraq's hidden casualties: 13,000 people working for private contractors

British Ministers urge Brown to launch Iraq inquiry: Once he becomes PM

Blair's lies and linguistic manipulations: My Dad used to call people like Blair a 'twerp'. But I fear he is a vicious little man

Iraqi Debt Relief Depends on "Progress"

If US Is to Have a Semblance of Success in Its Iraqi Mission

Four arrested in Iraq 'honor killing': Of a Kurdish teen last week

'We do not seek to destroy Israel': Brother of Iranian nuclear negotiator - President Mohammad Ahmadinejad has been misquoted

Iran's voice at the UN speaks with an American accent

Pakistani President Gen. Pervez Musharraf Warns: Islamic Militancy Rising Across Pakistan

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States

Militants kidnap 3 Indian oil workers in Nigeria

India rattled as bomb attack kills 7 in Hyderabad Islamic mosque

Afghanistan Suicide Attack Kills 8: German soldiers were target and 3 of them died

U.S. willing to make peace with North Korea by September

EU calls on World Bank to quickly replace Wolfowitz as President

Former Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist's name surfaces to replace Wolfowitz

Blair tipped to be World Bank president as disgraced Wolfowitz resigns

No, Blair! America's parting gift to Britain's PM - NO to CO2 emissions targets. NO to a successor to Kyoto. NO to a carbon trading market. As Blair leaves Washington, US hardens stance on climate change

From Russia with Pain: Brown is about to inherit a serious foreign policy problem

NAFTA Taking Shape As A Nation - NEWS1002

No Amnesty for McCain: As Rudy Giuliani's lead over the Arizona senator slipped into the single digits in many national polls, McCain assumed a lower profile on the immigration issue - McCain has handed his opponents for the Republican nomination a mighty club to wield against him

Senator Kennedy Defends Immigration Compromise

Colorado Lawmakers React to Immigration Deal - Republican Representative Tom Tancredo attacked it as "a slap in the face" to working Americans

Mexicans Fear U.S. Immigration Plan

Mexican bloodbath raises fears in U.S.: Arizona towns alarmed by rise in attacks, rumor convoy headed north

McCain, Cornyn Engage in Heated Exchange: Senator McCain drops "F-bomb" on Cornyn

The war that is lost: Mexico has lost the drug war

Michael Moore's new film is Cannes's hottest ticket: "Sicko" takes a scathing look at US Health Care

Outbreak of Violent Crime Unnerves Japan

Global Warming Said May Alter Kansas Area

May 18, 2007



Israeli - Palestinian War

Twelve missiles land in Israel, most in Sderot, early Friday: Day Four of Hamas missile offensive. In first three days, 101 Qassams fired

Rockets Still Raining Down on Western Negev

Israel launches retaliatory raids into Gaza: Deployed tanks and infantry across the border after it vowed a severe response to rocket attacks on its soil

11 Hamas men killed in Gaza strikes

Hamas threatens Israel suicide bombings

Arab peace plan hangs in balance: Israel's escalation of its attack on Gaza yesterday amid a stunning wave of inter-Palestinian bloodshed

Hamas Traps Israel between Two Options: War or War of Attrition

Gas Station, Private House Hit by Rockets in Sderot

Russian-born billionaire Gaydamak vows to help Sderot residents from rocket attacks: "When a state cannot protect its civilians, the prime minister should shut up"

PM Olmert pays surprise visit to Sderot

Former Prime Minister and Current Likud Party Chairman Netanyahu: Shut off Gaza's water

Hamas Blame Game: Everybody But Syria and Iran

Israelis held over 'hate' murder: Brothers held in murder of Palestinian taxi driver

Rabbi Y. M. Lau Will Not Run for State Presidency

Temple Mount Controversy Continues: Record numbers of Jews have ascended the Temple Mount since a large group of religious-Zionist rabbis issued a public call to visit Judaism’s holiest site in accordance with Jewish legal strictures

NAFTA Taking Shape As A Nation - NEWS1002

Congress Passes Amnesty Bill For Illegal Immigrants: Senator DeMint Statement on Immigration Deal

Deal May Legalize Millions of Immigrants

Bush hails Senate immigration deal

Governor Mitt Romney "Stongly Opposes" The Senate Immigration Agreement

Illegal Immigrants Question Senate Deal: Path to citizenship would be too risky and too expensive, and could end up driving him deeper into the shadows

Hundreds of Illegals Have Registered to Vote in Bexar County, Texas: Canceling out the votes of U.S. citizens

Government has overturned its proposed ban on the creation of human-animal embryos

Rapid rise in global warming is forecast

Indonesia counts its islands before it's too late: One minister fears hundreds of islands might vanish because of rising sea levels from global warming

The Assault on Reason: "Persistent and sustained reliance on falsehoods as the basis of policy has reached heights heretofore unimaginable" - American Democracy at great risk

'We'd go to war again' says defiant Bush-Blair double act

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Prince Harry Banned From Nightclubs While His Unit Is Serving In Iraq

Senator Edwards calls Iraq conflict a ‘bleeding sore’

Top US official concedes country had stepped close to 'edge of the abyss'

U.S. Forces Kill 6 Insurgents in Iraq: American officials "cautiously optimistic" about finding three missing soldiers

Two killed in Diyala bridge bomb blast: Second bomb blast in one week

US traps al-Qaeda kidnappers in Iraq's Triangle of Death

Marine NCO Testifies: I killed Iraqi civilians as they tried to surrender

Ethics of Marines a major concern

General Petraeus and Politically Correct -policy-making

OIC (Organisation of Islamic Conference) wants foreign troops out of Iraq: Comprised of 57 countries

US policy on terror breeds new enemies

Iraq 'surge' strategy shows weaknesses

How the US Army's being worn down in Iraq

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Afghan battle lines become blurred

Taliban turn their focus on cities

Bomb kills three at Philippine bus station, 20 hurt

Widening the war in the southern Philippines

Colombian escapee saw rebel-held US hostages

Eight killed in fresh violence in Sri Lanka

South Sudan army refuses to vacate oil-rich province

Protest against online computer game based upon Virginia Tech shooting

Non-Integrating States News - Iran (Ancient Persia)

Commander's veto sank Gulf buildup: Admiral Fallon strongly opposed an administration plan to increase the number of aircraft-carrier strike groups in the Persian Gulf from two to three and vowed privately that there would be no war against Iran as long as he was chief of CENTCOM

U.S., Iran to meet in Baghdad on May 28: To discuss issues involving Iraq

Iran plays down importance of US talks

Top US lawmakers introduce anti-Iran legislation: Calling for divestment from Iran of American assets

Bush Vows: Iran must not have a nuke


Paul Wolfowitz resigns as President of World Bank after scandal over girlfriend's pay rise

Wolfowitz - Controversial, divisive and tainted by Iraq War

Russia draws Europe into its orbit: Chinese People's Daily admitted, "If we look at US-Russian relations closely, it is clear that we are standing at the edge of a new cold war"



May 17, 2007


Israeli - Palestinian War

Two Israelis injured in missile barrage Wednesday. Eleven fired before noon - most in Sderot - on third day of Hamas Qassam assault from Gaza. One hit an empty school - Close to 70 missiles fired in three days

IDF denies claim it targeted Gaza training camp

Constant terror in Sderot: Jewish community

Next target may be Ashkelon, defense officials warn

Israeli Government okays harsh response to Kassam terror rocket attacks

Israel may step up strikes in Gaza: Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni

IDF sends several tanks into Gaza in attempt to battle Qassam attacks: Ending six-month long ceasefire with Palestinians

Israel to start international campaign against Qassam terror rocket attacks: Attempt to rally support for possible incursion in Gaza

Abbas due in Gaza to oversee cease-fire

Fifth Palestinian truce in 5 days breaks down Thursday when Hamas member is gunned down

"Doctors Without Borders" Palestinian staffer plotted to kill PM Olmert

Aid to Palestinian Authority nearly tripled in '06, despite international boycott

Israel makes own anthrax vaccine

Golan Withdrawal Plans Won't Have it Easy

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Prince Harry will not deploy with his regiment to Iraq following "specific threats" to target him by insurgents fighting British and US forces

British General Sir Richard Dannatt's statement

General Dannatt: Media sank Harry's tour

Mortars hit Baghdad Green Zone: Two killed, the second serious attack in two days

War-torn Iraq 'facing collapse'

Senate Democrats Fail to Cut Off War Funds

Iran and US to hold Iraq talks - Iran's spiritual leader supports talks with U.S.

US sets reward for missing troops

As Blair goes, Bush loses best foreign ally

Iraq is ready for Bush: Because this bill was drafted in the Iraqi Parliament, President Bush cannot veto it - By last week, a majority of Iraq's lawmakers had signed their names to the bill

Cancer of torture at Abu Ghraib has metastasized: Army's acceptance of and resort to torture have made combat service in Iraq that much more dangerous for our forces there - We cannot claim Geneva Convention protection for our own troops because we have ourselves abandoned the Geneva protection due the Iraqis

War critic's soldier son killed in Iraq

'Iran could be year from nuke': Ambassador Dore Gold warns


British PM Blair pays farewell visit to Bush: Plans to step down as PM on June 27

Blair issues clarion call against US isolation

Russia accused of unleashing cyberwar to disable Estonia: · Parliament, ministries, banks, media targeted · Nato experts sent in to strengthen defences

Explanation: Warfare in cyberspace

Global Warming = Global Dictatorship - NEWS2193

'Five Years Left To Save The Planet': World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)

Climate Momentum Shifting: Prominent Scientists Reverse Belief in Man-made Global Warming - Now Skeptics -- "Media's climate fear factor seemingly grows louder even as the latest science grows less and less alarming by the day"

Czech president calls for rational debate on global warming, rejects "current hysteria"

Greenpeace Builds Replica of Noah's Ark

Embattled World Bank President Wolfowitz seeks graceful exit from World Bank: Bush nominated him to become bank president in June 2005

Denmark says it is difficult for Wolfowitz to continue

LEBANON: Environmentalists urge quicker clean-up as oil-spill again threatens sea - Oil spill originally caused by Israeli attack during the 2006 Second Lebanon War

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

5 Afghan policemen killed in blasts

Pakistani, Afghan border troops trade fire

NATO troops in gunfight at Pakistan/Afghan border meeting: One NATO soldier killed, 4 wounded

Pakistan's President Musharraf blames suspended Chief Justice Chaudhry for violence in Karachi

Algeria calls rebel attack before elections "sabotage

Sarkozy sworn in as president of France: Already shaking up European politics

Giuliani: Republicans best able to deal with terror threat

French President Sarkozy names Francois Fillon premier: A cool-headed reformer from the governing conservative party's moderate wing

U.S. Attorney General Gonzales under renewed attack over hospital confrontation

The case for imperial liquidation: President Bush has led America into a collapse of "checks-balances" Constitutional government, and no politician of either party addressing the issue meaningfully

Why Nemesis is at the US's door

Massachusetts judge says N.Y. gay marriages between 2004-2006 valid

Falwell's America: The late televangelist was part of a long American tradition of mixing religion and politics


May 16, 2007

Japan says North Korea developing new long-range missile: may be capable of hitting the U.S. territory of Guam - has a range of 3,100 miles

Satellite photos show N.K. once deployed anti-artillery batteries in Yongbyon, around its nuclear facilities

Pamphlet To Keep In Your Bible

Non-Integrating States News - Iran (Ancient Persia)

Talking with Iran, belatedly: Textbook case of better late than never

We must attack Iran before it gets the bomb: John Bolton - Neocon

Bush doesn’t want detente. He wants to attack Iran

Bush may strike Iran near end of his term: Top strategic expert predicted

Iran president's views 'hateful,' says MacKay: Canadian Foreign Minister

French president-elect Sarkozy's roots are worth remembering

Sarkozy Inaugurated As France President

Sarkozy chooses Socialist as Foreign Minister: conciliatory gesture to left-wing voters

What is Sarkozy's foreign policy? Sarkozy is the most pro-American president that France has had under its Fifth Republic that started in 1958

Time to back off: Russian-European relations: Misunderstandings and minor issues take precedence over far deeper shared interests

Global Warming = Global Dictatorship - NEWS2193

'Five Years Left To Save The Planet': World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)

California-Sized Area of Ice Melts in Antarctica

Ocean around Japan warming up fast: Japan's Meteorological Agency

Australian water crisis could be worse than thought

Africa fights climate change but already suffering

Republican candidates clash in South Carolina

"Then And Now" Bible Atlas

Israeli - Palestinian War

'Soviets engineered Six Day War': In order to create the conditions in which Israel's nuclear program could be destroyed

Jerusalem Day Nearly 40 Years Ago: Remembering the Critical Ammunition Hill Battle

Evangelicals blast Jerusalem Day boycott: Celebrating 40th Anniversary of Israel's recapture of the city and the Temple Mount

Hamas missile barrage resumes against Sderot and S. Ashkelon: . Tuesday night 20 missiles hit town, injuring 30 people including mother and three children

IAF fires at Gaza launch sites as 9 rockets land in western Negev

For first time since ceasefire with Palestinians was declared, IDF helicopters strike Hamas headquarters near Rafah: Killing at least seven people and injuring 10

Billionaire Gaydamak evacuates hundreds from Sderot: After nearly 30 Qassam rockets landed in the town in 24 hours

Israeli Hospital struggles to cope with trauma sufferers: Terror rockets traumatizing thousands

Solution for Palestinian Authority Anarchy: Large scale Gaza operation must be preceded by thorough preparation process

Another truce breaks down in Gaza Wednesday: Hamas gunmen kill five Fatah fighters barricaded in residence of Fatah leader

Shimon's Indecisiveness: Peres should drop idea of becoming PM, announce candidacy for presidency

Hizbullah TV Crews Filmed in Israel During Second Lebanon War

How goat skin DNA solved Dead Sea scrolls mystery

Lebanese PM Siniora takes fateful step of okaying International Tribunal to try suspects of Rafiq Hariri assassination

Jerry Falwell Passes Into Eternity

Television Evangelist Falwell Dies at 73

Senator McCain first out of the gate with Falwell condolences

Mitt Romney Reacts to Jerry Falwell's Death


White House: Options Open on World Bank President Wolfowitz

Wolfowitz's career hangs by a thread

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Bush Chooses 'War Czar': Army Lt. Gen. Douglas Lute to coordinate policy for Iraq and Afghanistan

Whatever happened to Ahmed Chalabi? (The man whose lies about WMDs took us to war)

Car Bomb Kills at Least 32 in Iraq

Iraq bans photographers, TV cameras from devastated bombing site: New policy limiting coverage of the devastating explosions that have become a hallmark of Iraq's violence - censorship of war news

Attacks steady so far despite U.S. `surge'

British Ex-Spy Chief: al-Qaida Shifting Tactics -- warning that Iraq has become the new epicenter for terror cells in exporting radical ideology

Lawrence, Massachusetts, soldier among those ambushed in Iraq: Was member of he storied 10th Mountain Division’s 2nd Brigade Combat Team

U.S. troops detain 11 Iraqis, question hundreds in search for 3 soldiers

Mitt Romney recalls former aide killed by IED (improvised explosive device ) in Iraq: War in Iraq hit home for Mitt Romney this week

Sole US officer charged over Abu Ghraib to face trial: Lieutenant Colonel Steven Jordan

Pakistan proposes Muslim peace-keeping force in Iraq

Draining Iraq: Millions of barrels of Iraqi oil, lifeblood of the economy, may have been siphoned away

Britain fights to curb US Afghan onslaught: Concerned that the toll of civilians killed in the war is setting back the coalition’s efforts to win Afghan “hearts and minds”

Blair prepares for last official visit to Washington

Vatican denies hiding the full truth about the end of the world

U.S. terrorism report says more through what is omitted

Pakistani Al-Qaeda terrorism suspect 'tortured until he bit artery in arm'

Parliament shut as Pakistan's president faces pressure to quit

Suicide bombing kills 25 at hotel in northwest Pakistan

Darfur and Congo: Where anti-Arab prejudice and oil make the difference


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