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May 16-31, 2008

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Coming to grips with same-sex marriage ruling
Liberal and conservative congregations alike discuss whether gays and lesbians will be allowed to wed in their churches, synagogues and temples.
Coming to grips with same-sex marriage ruling
Liberal and conservative congregations alike discuss whether gays and lesbians will be allowed to wed in their churches, synagogues and temples.
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NY same-sex marriage foes appear to have few options

111 nations, but not US, adopt cluster bomb treaty

Ford Motor to open new plant in Mexico

Yuma, Az, decides booze is better than church

Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter Eliminates state's Gender-Specific Restrooms

Oil News

Brazilian state oil company Petrobras makes new, "important" light oil find

Analysts say oil is the new "dotcom" bubble

Oil will fall to $60 a barrel: BDT Invest founder Henry Thornton

Oil prices ease further after sharp falls

John Hancock's Malloy Pares Commodity Bets: Taking profits out of commodity sectors like energy

As oil prices soar, restaurant grease theft rises: Fryer grease has become gold, popular as a form of biodiesel to fuel cars and trucks

Fishermen in Europe protest high fuel costs

Presidential Politics

Tuesday May Not End Democratic Fight

Clinton Strategist: Obama Isn’t Entitled to Michigan Delegates

Clinton's advisers are confident all disputed delegates will be seated

Obama angles for showcase win in Montana

Clinton already looking beyond Florida, Michigan: Think Saturday's DNC meeting will end primary season? Think again

Hillary Hints At Obama/McCain Iraq Spat

Clinton’s Latest Claim: She’s The Most “Fiscally Responsible” Candidate

Survey: Europeans love Obama

Obama's goal? 'Jeopardize U.S. battlefield superiority'

Rejecting Obama's Radical Friends

Barack Obama turns his fire on John McCain ahead of final primaries

Has McClellan Handed Victory to Obama?


Israeli - Palestinian War

Egyptian police uncover Palestinian weapons cache inside a Sinai mountain

Tzipi's race to the top: Foreign Minister Livni cautiously moves towards ultimate goal: Israel's premiership

Olmert accuses police: You misled me

Rivals circle as Olmert bleeds support in face of scandal

Shas sages considering leaving Olmert's coalition

More rockets hit south: Islamic Jihad claims responsibility

Olmert, ministers to decide on Sunday on Gaza ceasefire

Hamas: Israel uninterested in truce

Great Britain looked to Israel when seeking masters of military deception

Palestinian industry of lies: Media manipulation has become strategic Arab weapon against Israel

Secretary of State Rice to investigate grant cancellation to Gaza students

Mother of kidnapped IDF soldier: No proof kidnapped soldiers are dead

Kuntar's Brother: Deal expected within 30 days

Dozens of Israelis Trapped in Army Mutiny in Conakry-Guinea: Western African nation

County clerks urged to ignore same-sex marriage ruling: Opponents argue issuing licenses to same-sex couples unconstitutional

US slams Burmese Military Junta

'Unimaginable tragedy' if Burma continues to delay aid

In desperate times, Burmese turn to their monks

"Iraq - Mystery Babylon"

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Marine handing out coins promoting Christianity removed from duty

Thousands of Iraqis rally against US troop agreement

PM Maliki faces uphill fight over security pact with US

Iraqi prime minister: National reconciliation nearly complete

More Sunnis join Iraqi police

Hizbollah's Nasrallah earns rebuke from Iraqi president - but praise from Iranian speaker

Obama, McCain Spar Over Troops Comment

A Female Security Force in Iraq

Condoleezza Rice Enlists in "Kiss" Army Fan Club

Explosion kills soldier in northern Lebanon

Lebanon's Siniora starts talks with MPs over Cabinet formation: Hezbollah-led minority factions will wield veto power

US terror drive stalled in Pakistan's political quagmire

Situation in Sudan turning tense as talks falter

How the Pentagon shapes the world


May 30, 2008


McCain Proposes A Global "League of Democracies"!

Is the government compiling a secret list of citizens to detain under martial law?

'North American Parliament' under way

"Plan Mexico" Tied to SPP - North American Union

California Plan transforms doctors from healers to killers

Parents say 8th classroom sex education went too far: Masturbation tutorial slammed

Presidential Politics

Rupert Murdoch predicts landslide for Democrats

Obama’s Favorability Ratings Take a Hit

Texas party chairman, wife back Obama

State surprise: Superdelegate goes to Clinton

Clinton continues fight in South Dakota

Rain fails to dampen Huron's enthusiasm for Clinton

Dems' rules committee to take stage: It may hold keys to the kingdom for Hillary Clinton

Obama has said he is "deeply disappointed" at a supporter's sermon that mocked rival Hillary Clinton

Wikipedia watchdog an unofficial guardian of Clinton page

Kennedy curse hits Clinton as her race nears end

Ailing Ted Kennedy fading as top target for right wing

Billionaire Soros linked to hate-Bush McClellan book

Phony McClellan Controversy Hyped To Cast Suspicion On Iraq Propaganda

Economic News

Workers shifting to 4-day week to save gasoline

U.S. regulators unveil probe of oil market: Commodity Futures Trading Commission says large investors may have skewed the market and contributed to rising prices at the pump

Oil dips below $126 after U.S. market probe

Oil Was Priced Too Low in the Past! Arab Viewpoint

The effective response to global poverty: Economic Growth

Africa, Japan pledge to tackle food crisis

World Bank approves $1.2 bln funding for food crisis

"Iraq - Mystery Babylon"

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Soldier suicides hit highest rate - 115 last year

Obama cites this military suicide report

More Sunnis join Iraqi police

Suicide bombers kill at least 20 with pair of attacks in northern Iraq

At least 33 killed in Iraq, 4,000 US troops to return home

Iraqi troops kill 11 suspected Qaeda fighters

UN conference supports Iraq, but does little regarding debt relief

Saudi Arabia 'is willing to write off Iraq debt'

US marines in hot water over Christian coins in Iraq: Handed out coins to Muslims inscribed with Bible verses

CIA chief sees ‘near strategic defeat of Al Qaeda in Iraq’

"Earthquakes In Divers Places"

Chinese Soldiers, experts work overtime to drain "quake-lake"

1.3 million ordered evacuated in China for fear "quake-lake" dam may break

6.2 Earthquake strikes Iceland

In Paris, Putin details new role as Russia's Prime Minister

Stonehenge seen as monument to dead from the start: Probably a cemetery for the ruling dynasty responsible for erecting Stonehenge

Retired Marine general picked as Inspector General for Afghan rebuilding

Israeli - Palestinian War

PM Olmert, Abbas due to meet next week

Olmert's days as PM now numbered

PM mulls primary as 'graceful exit'

Kadima poll: 39% support Livni, 25% back Mofaz to replace Olmert as PM

Likud Party Gains Strength in Latest Voter Poll

Words Can Kill: Melamed slams MK Eldad’s call to investigate PM Olmert on treason charges

Analysis: What Does Barak’s Ultimatum Mean for the Government?

Defense Minister Barak: The Die Has Been Cast, Prepare for Elections

'Olmert will trade Golan to save his skin'

Israelis to receive new non-conventional warfare kits

'Israel has not yet asked Damascus to break Iran alliance'

Palestinian students slam Hamas leader for failing to check feud with Fatah

Israel's interest in peace is questioned

50 Israelis stranded in Guinean capital

Yemen grapples with revolt and secessionism

Helicopter crash kills Chile official

11 killed as chopper crashes into Panama: Victims including Chile's chief of police were killed

Texas children roped into Islamic training: Class by CAIR teaches: 'There is one god, Allah'

A republic is born in Nepal

'Gay' marriage ruling to spark lawsuits nationwide: Will spark a flood of lawsuits across the nation by homosexuals demanding recognition in their home cities and states

May 29, 2008


A declining oil price

Gay rights advocates score wins in NY, Calif.

In 'Sex and the City,' number of sex partners true to actual New York life

Israeli Defense Chief Asks PM Olmert to Quit

Bush used propaganda to invade Iraq: McClellan

Barack Gaffes: The Obama Machine

British turnabout key to cluster bomb ban

China angry over Stone's quake karma remark

FDA takes another look at prescription warnings

Israeli - Palestinian War

Labor ministers back Barak: Olmert must go

PM Olmert meets southern community heads, says adamant not to resign

Kadima Ministers: Olmert Just Wants a Dignified Exit

PM Olmert: The man who wanted to be king

A/G Mazuz to speed up decision on Olmert investigation

Political arena braces for decision on nearing elections - "general elections by end of 2008"

Hamas fears Olmert probe will lead to escalation in Gaza

Six Hundred More US-Trained Armed Fatah Men Deployed On Northern Samaria

Public Security Minister Dichter: Syria peace could change entire area

Iran expects Syria peace move to fail

Mortar shell hits Sha'ar Hanegev home

Mammoth Jerusalem Day Parade/Concert in New York on Sunday

Presidential Politics

Obama expects to clinch nod next week

McCain Tells Obama: Go back to Iraq and see the facts

On Policy, Obama Breaks Little New Ground

New Clinton appeal to superdelegates I'm best for the West

Hillary Clinton tries to wrest Michigan & Florida delegates from party panel

Democrat Party Leaders May Throw Hillary A Lifeline

Conservative-Catholic Voters May Be in Play

Obama, McCain court vets; Clinton stops in Puerto Rico

Obama vows to fix 'broken promises' in No Child Left Behind

Obama admits uncle didn't liberate Auschwitz

Is Bush a drain on McCain?

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Suicide bomber kills 16 people in remote area in northwestern Iraq

Maliki's Midas Touch: How the Iraqi P.M. Turned His and Sadr City's Fortunes Around

Sadr supporters threaten ceasefires

Iraqi Sunni bloc suspends talks with Maliki government

Iraqi witnesses testify on Baghdad shooting on Sept 16: Blackwater Worldwide contractors involved

UN conference on Iraq set to begin in Sweden: To discuss progress

Former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan: Bush was not open on Iraq

An Obama conversion on the road to Baghdad?

Phone home: Purported UFO video to be shown Friday - first video purporting to show a live, breathing alien

NY Governor Paterson moving to recognize same-sex marriages

Pakistani President 'Musharraf may announce decision to quit very soon': In order to have a safe passage and preempt moves, if any, from the federal government to impeach him

Political world abuzz over Scott McClellan's tell-all book against President Bush

Lebanon president asks Siniora to form new cabinet

Nepal's monarchy abolished

UN to investigate peacekeepers sexually abusing children


May 28. 2008


Twenty-five former U.S. military officers severely criticize official account of 9/11: Calling for a new investigation

Oil crisis rage spreads

Wartime Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder cases jumped roughly 50 pct. in 2007

White House 'culture of deception'

Amnesty International Report Criticizes U.S.


Health News

Sodium benzoate removed from Diet Coke

"The preservative spurred an increase in production of oxygen radicals, or free radicals, which several studies have linked to serious illnesses and ageing in general."

"Our decision is based on emerging consumer trends for natural."

Lead Exposure Puts Child At Risk Of Criminal Behavior As Adults

Secret plans under way to tear down Christian symbols: U.S. Army says chapel crosses violate policy

Presidential Politics

Communist band opens for Obama in Oregon campaign stop

Obama, Clinton campaigning in different races

Questions of how much Obama can redo the map

Watch for Obama in Omaha in fall campaign: Nebraska and Maine each split their electoral votes

Ku Klux Klan Won't Endorse Obama: Editorial

Obama says he will fight McCain for western states

Obama corrects gaffe on kin's participation in freeing Auschwitz

Should Jews be paranoid of Barack Hussein Obama?

Hillary claims, 'I never give up!' But question remains whether she's 'Rocky' or 'Terminator'

Fiorina Buttresses McCain on Economy, Touting Tax Cuts, Trade

Bush Money People Helping McCain

Bush hits '08 trail; do Republicans want his help?

Lake threatens China quake zone: More than 150,000 evacuated

Nepal set to abolish monarchy

Messianic Music

Israeli - Palestinian War

Haaretz poll: 70 percent of Israelis don't believe Olmert

Defense Minister Barak Calls on Olmert to Step Aside

Religious Zionist Halachic Decree: Olmert must quit

U.S. Businessman Testifies He Gave Olmert $150,000 Over 13 Years

Olmert's Attorney: Talansky deposition refutes bribery claims

Syrian President Assad dismisses Israel demands over Iran

Army forgot its job: Paradoxically, In Israel civilians are at the front while army keeps on withdrawing

IDF Strike Kills Two Rocket-Launching Hamas Terrorists

PA Official: New Palestinian State Step Towards Destroying Israel

New Palestinian Authority battalion to deploy in W. Bank

'Prisoner exchange would strengthen Hizbullah'

Saying 'I don't' to gay marriage: Public employees shouldn't be allowed to opt out of performing same-sex marriages

Iran's President Ahmadinejad requests meeting with pope

Iran warns it won't cooperate with IAEA

Nato convoy targeted in Afghanistan

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Billions in defense spending unchecked

Ex-aide Scott McClellan rips Bush's Iraq 'propaganda'

US 'close' to Iraq military deal

Militant cleric urges protests on US-Iraq deal

Baghdad's critical al-Sarafiyah Bridge Reopens

Suicide Bomber in Iraq Kills 6 in Attack on US-Backed Fighters

November Election Favors Withdrawal From Iraq

Blackwater Grand Jury Hears From Iraqi Witnesses

Putin Appointment To Belarus Post Concerns US


May 27, 2008


South America to Have Single Currency in the Future

Government Green Lights Gulf Dollar Abandonment

Russia: Giant of A New Economic World Order

World Crisis talks on global food prices

George W Bush for Mass Murder and War Crimes and Torture

New rules for the Middle East

Oil News

George Soros: rocketing oil price is a bubble - Prices will tumble only after demand is significantly reduced

Germany call for ban on oil speculation

IEA inquiry into whether oil supplies will run dry by 2012

Headline News Article: "What If Crude Oil Is Likely NOT Fossil Fuel! Not Created From Dead Dinosaurs and Plant Life? Likely Is Available Continuously And In Almost Limitless Supply?"

UN says Russia downed drone over Georgia


Presidential Politics

Women's combat roles are likely to be on next president's agenda

Michelle Obama is fair game: Candidates who send their wives out on the campaign trail shouldn't lash out when their spouses face criticism

Obama, McCain are dueling out West

McCain slams Obama 'backtracking' on Iran

Mythmaking for the next war

U.S. candidates ponder Iraq strategy

Democrats distort McCain's words

The Running Mate Choice

Bad News for GOP Can Be Good News for McCain

In Puerto Rico, Clinton speaks of persistence

Obama Defends Himself On McCain's Military Service Charges


Fox News Guest Openly Calls For Obama Assassination

The Truth Behind Hillary’s Faux Pas: Crime Families Kill the Competition

"Keith Olbermann, obvious Obama partisan, is shocked, just shocked Hillary Clinton would suggest “the inspirational leader” Obama might be assassinated, as RFK was assassinated before him, the Democrat nomination within his reach. "

'Barrier lake' in China threatens up to 1.2 million in earthquake zone


Israeli - Palestinian War

U.S. businessman says he gave cash-stuffed envelopes to Israeli PM Olmert

MK Eldad: He who gives up Israeli land should be given the death penalty

MKs from Right and Left: We Are Staying on the Golan

Most Kadima Party Ministers Oppose Golan Giveaway

PM Olmert: Only delusional fantasists believe in 'Greater Israel' gives away lands will be sentenced to death

Lebanese spy to be released on Sunday

Can a woman lead Israel? FM Livni’s rivals seem to imply that a woman cannot lead a state facing war threat

A deal for the two IDF soldiers taken captive by Hizbullah nearly two years ago is closer than ever

Israeli Economy Leaps, Dollar Plunges

IAEA suggests Iran may be withholding evidence

Iran says IAEA report shows nuclear work peaceful

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

How Bush Sold the War

Bombs kill two U.S. soldiers

US uses bullets ill-suited for new ways of war

Feeling safer, Iraqis come home - but only a few

McCain "sick at heart" over mistakes in Iraq war

McCain says he and Obama should visit Iraq together

Iraq PM rides high on successes

One killed in Iraq's Kirkuk, explosion in Fallujah

Australian troops want to see real action in Iraq

U.S., Iran and Arab neighbours to meet on Iraq

May 26, 2008

Bush, Democrats Honor US War Dead

Memorial Day Cartoon: Shows High Human Cost of Illuminati Wars

Today's News

New Global Hunt for Tax Cheats

'Iran's nuke program may spur arms race'

OPEC unhappy with oil price surge

UAE ready to boost oil output: To tame prices


The Truth Behind Hillary’s Faux Pas: Crime Families Kill the Competition

"Keith Olbermann, obvious Obama partisan, is shocked, just shocked Hillary Clinton would suggest “the inspirational leader” Obama might be assassinated, as RFK was assassinated before him, the Democrat nomination within his reach. "


"Earthquakes In Divers Places"

China's Aftershock Destroys 71,000 Homes

China fears final quake toll of 80,000 - latest toll is 62,664

China fears quake lakes bursting in devastated Sichuan: Preparing to dynamite parts of the massive rock, rubble and earth wall to release water

Colombia quake victims huddle in shelters

Man Convicted of Hedge Fund Fraud Commits Suicide In Jail


'Days of Lot" Are Upon Us

California ruling renews gay marriage debate

Gay-marriage ruling brings flood of donations to groups on both sides

Gay Ruling Could Boost Bay Area Tourism

California gay marriage ruling isn't seen as trend

Editorial: Same-sex marriage strengthens society

Catholic Editorial: It leers towards totalitarianism - The effects of the legalization of homosexual “marriage”

Phoenix spacecraft lands safely on Mars

Phoenix sends back spectacular photos

Powerful storms kill 8 in Iowa, Minnesota: Tornadoes level homes, injuring at least 50 people

Presidential Politics

Clinton struggles to quell Kennedy assassination furore

Editorial: Hillary lacks Bill's way with words

Clinton seeks boost in Puerto Rico

To Claim Popular Vote, Clinton Is Seeking Wins in Last 3 Primaries

Return to Senate could be uneasy if Clinton loses bid

Bill Clinton Says Hillary Is Winning: It's a little secret no one wants to report

Obama Speaks At Wesleyan In Ted Kennedy's Place

Obama Campaign Redoubles Efforts to Reach Hispanic Voters

Obama: Florida, Michigan are Clinton's 'last slender hope'

Jimmy Carter says Clinton should abandon battle

Ex-GOP congressman Barr wins Libertarian presidential nomination

New questions about McCain's melanoma

Obama, McCain take off the gloves - already

Top-ranking officer warns U.S. military members to stay out of politics

New Indiana Jones movie to hit $101M - Focuses on Mayan Civilization, Alien connection

The Hezbollah coup in Lebanon

New Lebanon president calls for unity

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel blasted as 'paper tiger' after latest retreat of troops

PM Olmert: Only delusional fantasists believe in 'Greater Israel'

Israel offers 91% of W. Bank in new map

Olmert denies Syrian claim that Israel offered Golan Heights

Jimmy Carter: Israel has 150 nuclear weapons

Iran hails 'strategic' Syria ties

French President Sarkozy: Livni talks with Hamas a 'blunder'

Freedom of unilateral expression: Gilad Sharon reminds Netanyahu that sometimes unilateral measures are only way to ensure Israel's upper hand

Gaza Rockets Can Reach Israel's 5th Largest City and Port: port of Ashdod and Kiryat Gat - "threat to the State of Israel is growing exponentially"

Ministers Ramon, Sheetrit to Vote "No" on Agreement with Hamas

Israeli shekel eligible for international transactions: Israeli currency makes significant leap

Second Temple Period Quarry Discovered

Egypt seeks to extend emergency law

Possible US airstrike in southern Somalia


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Suicide bomber kills 6 in Iraq: Victims were members of a US supported neighbourhood patrol

US soldier killed in north Iraq

Coalition Forces Kill 3 Suspected Terrorists in Iraq

Iraq summit to assess development plans

Iraqi governor survives assassination attempt: Governor of Babylon

The Return of Iraq's Ayatollah: Ali Husseini Al-Sistani, most venerated Shi'ite religious leader in the country

Japan may end Iraq military mission in 2009

Iraq violence falls to four-year low: U.S.

Amid calm, 2 sides in Iraq call each other weak

Iraqi military claims: al-Qaida fleeing Mosul

Iraqi troops race to free British hostages before anniversary

Kurdish PM Warns Against Hasty Withdrawal of US Forces From Iraq

Iran 'paid Iraq insurgents to kill UK soldiers'

Iraq holy city tells US it wants alms, not arms

Pentagon Praises Performance of Iraqi Troops

Nigerian army denies oil pipeline attack claim

Winds of change blow king away in Nepal

US warms up to Gulf regional currency reforms

G8 calls for 2050 greenhouse gas emissions goal

The Value of a Human Life: $129,000 - Insurance companies calculate that to make a treatment worth its cost, it must guarantee one year of "quality life" for $50,000 or less

Subway sandwich contest: Homeschoolers not wanted: Spelling-challenged promotion offers gift 'bastket' to winners


May 24-25, 2008


Hillary Mentions Kennedy Assassination: Press Freaks Out -- Hillary Apologizes

Depleted Uranium Shells Used by U.S. Military Worse Than Nuclear Weapons

Pentagon ‘loses’ 15 billion dollars in Iraq

Mideast talks skirt U.S.: Deals are cut, leaving Bush out of the action

China earthquake toll reaches 60,000

Poll Finds Californians Still Oppose Gay Marriage

Economic News

Shell CEO says record oil not due to shortage

28 million barrels of sour crude parked in tankers in the gulf: Shortage of refinery capacity

Dollar's drop fuels oil rise

Despite Gas Prices, Americans Hit The Road

Congresswoman threatens to nationalize oil industry

Merrill Suspends Trader, Finds Overvalued Derivatives

StatoilHydro Shuts North Sea Statfjord Platform After Oil Spill

Home sales slip, stock of unsold homes rises

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Lebanon: Army chief set to become president

Afghanistan: Ban on Sex for Soldiers in Afghanistan Lifted ... Sort Of

Myanmar: Burma agrees to let in foreign aid workers

South Africa: Hunted by gangs, migrants flee the flames

Pakistan: Two bomb attacks have killed local police chief, two civilians

Mogadishu: Somali hijackers free Jordanian cargo ship

Sudan: Armed men ambush Darfur peacekeepers

Russian President Medvedev Says China, Russia to Play Key Role in World Security

Presidential Politics

Florida-Michigan monkey wrench

Brady prods superdelegates in House to voice a choice soon after last primary

Will Clintons try to buck odds one more time?

What role has gender played in Clinton’s campaign?

What Would Make a Clinton Popular Vote Lead Legitimate?

Obama And McCain Turn Attention To Running Mates

Democrat Strategist Sees Challenges For Obama: Illinois Senator Has A Problem With Working Class Voters

Obama woos Cuban Americans in Florida

President Chelsea?

McCain deemed fit to serve: Senator's health cleared for rigors of possible tenure in Oval Office

Pastor Hagee says parting with McCain best for both

"McCain Hagee

Sen. McCain’s Agents of Intolerance

Names of those opposing oil drilling plan 'interesting': 'Certain United States senators from Illinois and New York' on list

Israeli - Palestinian War

The Hezbollah coup in Lebanon

Hello, Damascus? This is Israel calling

Syria rejects FM Livni's call to cut ties with Iran, terror groups

Iranian President Ahmadinejad 'displeased' by talks between Israel and Syria

Netanyahu denies saying he wouldn't abide by Syria deal

'World's biggest Palestinian Authority flag' displayed in Syria

'Peace partner' attempts massive border explosion

Israeli police quiz Olmert on bribery case

Qassam rocket alert system awakens western Negev residents: Two rockets hit

Israeli Editorial - Losing our credibility: Arab credibility has always been questionable, but what about us?

Israeli Editorial - Beware the spinologists: With every initiative interpreted as spin, Israel en route to complete paralysis

3.3-magnitude earthquake rattles northern Israel

Investors pledge $1.4b for Palestinians


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

US and Iraq set to seal security accord

US, Iraq troops arrest hundreds of Shiites in Baghdad

Islamic Preachers criticize Quran shooting by US sniper

US helicopter strike kills eight civilians

Iraqi PM meets with top Shiite cleric: Seeks support for his government

Pentagon ‘loses’ 15 billion dollars in Iraq

Iraqi troops roll into Sadr City to clear mines

Iraq shooting strains truce between government, militia

19-year-old Army private who jumped on grenade in Iraq is to receive Medal of Honor

Editorial: The Mosul Riddle

Rep. Kanjorski Caught On Tape Saying Dems Oversold Ability To End Iraq War

War On Terror: A powerful infatuation

Islamic Suicide school for kids! Al-Qaida camp trained children to plant IEDs

2 arrested in Norway for talking about Jesus


May 23, 2008


Unmarked Surveillance Chopper Patrols NYC

McCain Blasts Obama for Never Having Served in Uniform

Olmert, Assad stage peace stunt to stave off political woes

Republicans In Disarray

Afghanistan: How the “good war” could fail

Doha Accord swings Lebanon’s balance of power to Shiite Hizballah

Hybrid sales are zooming

Sen. Kennedy fights for his life


Your drinking water causing depression?

Other impacts of fluoridation: 'Thyroid imbalances including cardiac disease, depression, constipation, fuzzy thinking and fluid retention

U.S. unveils plan to track safety of drugs and devices

Presidential Politics

McCain talks issues as his troubles pile up

John McCain repudiates support from Pastor Hagee

McCain also refuses support of Ohio Pastor Rod Parsley: Pastor criticized Islam

McCain restricts access to his medical records

McCain misses vote on a new GI Bill, scorns criticism from Obama

McCain says Obama can't relate to veterans

McCain and the black vote

McCain has nationwide edge over Obama, poll shows

Endgame hints at trouble for Obama: Losses to Clinton show weaknesses for the general election

Obama mentored by Communist Party figure: Investigations show ties to radicals who shaped him, helped launch his political career

For at least one Clinton, eyes turn to No. 2 spot

Obama courts Jewish voters with commitment to Israel

Obama begins VP search

Obama: A Phenom With Flaws

Florida Governor: Hamas nod dooms Obama in Florida

Florida protesters warn Obama: 'Count our votes!'

Economic News

Analysts foresee 'new world energy order': Headline News Article Reports - "Declare War On Energy! Completely Change Our Way of Living!"

Gas prices force many to change holiday plans: More people staying home or planning short day trips

Stocks tumble on $133 oil, Fed meeting minutes

Oil Declines More Than $2 a Barrel on Signs Rally Unjustified

They're wrong about oil, by George: If high prices last much longer, could reverse the trend toward globalization of the world's economy

Hybrid sales are zooming

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Optimistic, Bush Talks Victory in Iraq

Senate packs billions in add-ons to war bill: Stunning act which illustrates Bush's diminished stature

On Capitol Hill, much said, little changed on Iraq

The True Shame of the Iraq War

U.S. attack kills 8 - police say they were all civilians

Democrats seek Iraq embezzlement probe

All-American Week returns as 82nd Airborne mourns to Ft. Bragg

Bush tours infamous Ft. Bragg barracks

Californians narrowly reject gay marriage: Poll

Afghanistan: 1 NATO soldier killed in Quran protest

Israeli - Palestinian War

Jewish Academia looks seriously at Kabbalah

How Israeli fighter pilots threatened to blast Tony Blair’s private jet out of sky

PM Olmert undergoes second round of police questioning

'Nothing justifies settlement expansion'

Olmert promised in 2006: Golan Heights Will Remain in Our Hands Forever

TIME Magazine: Israel, Syria Spent 'Great Deal of Time' Discussing Golan

Protestors interrupt Olmert speech over Golan Heights

Israel Released Hizbullah Spy as Good-Will Measure to Syria Prior To Golan Talks

MK Eitam Charges: Olmert is an Escaped Criminal on the Run

Obama Tells 'Post': I'll back Syria talks

Hamas fumes at Egypt as truce talks collapse

IDF Soldier moderately wounded by anti-tank missile in Gaza

Microsoft as much Israeli firm as US one

Gore receives Israeli prize for "social awareness"

Crisis In Lebanon

Doha Accord swings Lebanon’s balance of power to Shiite Hizballah

Hizbullah gets veto power in unity Lebanese government

UN Security Council backs Lebanon peace deal

British PM Brown facing meltdown as Labour Party crashes in Crewe

Uninsured Legal Immigrants Forcibly Sent Home For Treatment

Secretary Rice Reveals: Talks with Iran at 'advanced stage': Secretary of state announces new package of incentives

New Headline News Article


"R.F.I.D. Use Is Exploding Throughout Western Society!"

Since R.F.I.D. is a precursor to the 'Mark of the Beast', we should expect that its would usage increase dramatically in the years before Antichrist and his False Prophet arise. When the False Prophet forces all to take the 'Mark', people will have been pre-conditioned to accept it because they are used to a similar device.

That broad usage is now occurring, setting the stage for the 'Mark of the Beast'.




May 22, 2008

Israel sets demands in new Syrian peace track

52 per cent of Israelis oppose giving up Golan Heights

General Petraeus: Diplomacy, Not Force, With Iran

Liberals work to change McCain's image

McCain has few words on gay marriage

China quake death toll passes 50,000

UN to send 220,000 condoms to aid Burma cyclone victims


Economic News

AAA projects less travel this Memorial Day weekend: Rising gas prices to keep many home

Blame Wall Street for $135 Oil on Wrong-Way Betting - OPEC again declared that the rally is led by investors, rather than a shortage of supply - U.S. oil executives told Congress yesterday that prices should be between $35 and $90 a barrel



Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Top Iraq generals defend pause in troop reductions

General Petraeus: Troops in Iraq help blunt Iran threat

Why US must pull out of Iraq

Bush stops short of apologising for Quran desecration

Tareq Aziz back in the dock but without lawyers

Global Terrorism statistics are skewed by Iraq attacks

Presidential Politics

How McCain Can Win Hillary’s Voters, and Defeat Jimmy Obama

D.C. meeting could bring compromise on Michigan, Florida delegates

Hillary Clinton: I'm willing to fight all the way through to the convention

Obama inching ever closer to nomination: Both candidates campaign in Florida rather than upcoming primary states

Hillary Threatens Democrat National Committee of Dire Consequences

House Speaker Pelosi Says Women Won't Suffer a `Step Back' If Clinton Loses

Hillary Clinton poised to make tax returns public

Republican Hogs Keep Feeding At The Trough

Obama’s Iran overtures reckless, says McCain

Tying Obama's Hands?

Reagan's would-be assassin aided by top Obama adviser

Christians copy Christ killers, says Obama pastor's magazine: White Christians are "make pretend" believers and conservative Christians emulate the people who killed Jesus

McCain uses Hamas in new fundraising drive aimed against Obama

Israeli - Palestinian War

Syrian Officials Insist: Talks focused on timetable for Golan withdrawal

Turkey discusses peace while IDF prepares for war

Golan safe for now

Likud MK likens peace with Syria to agreement with Iran's Ahmadinejad

Bill proposal to require two-third MK majority for ceding Golan

FM Livni: Syria must sever ties with Hizbullah, Iran

Hamas: Israel-Syria talks won't affect our ties with Damascus

Is Israeli leader using Syria talks to divert criminal probe? Under 'very serious' investigation, Olmert negotiating retreat from Golan Heights

Will US back Syria talks? Syria represents everything Bush opposes; America sitting on fence for now

Fatah Involved in Truck Bomb at Gaza Humanitarian Crossing

Abbas: 'East Jerusalem must be returned'

Islamic national suicide, the path to national salvation

Iranian Conference to Focus on 'Israel's End'

Is Turkey's gov't starting a Muslim Reformation?

US puts positive spin on Lebanon deal



May 21, 2008


Clinton takes Kentucky as Obama claims Oregon

Gay marriage ruling put California churches in quandary

Court Rejects Virginia Abortion Ban

Senator Ted Kennedy's brain tumor stuns Senate

Myanmar (Burma) Must Allow Aid Access After Storm: US demands

Senate panel offers mortgage bailout plan

FBI agents' torture warnings ignored

Feuding Factions in Lebanon Reach Deal in Crisis Talks: Hezbollah won its key demand - veto power within the government

Presidential Politics

Obama 'within reach' of nomination after big win in Oregon: Now within 100 votes of the total he needs

Finishing line in sight for Obama: Growing sense of inevitability

Obama claims major milestone, Clinton says "not so fast"

Barack hits milestone, but his weakness is revealed

After Oregon, Look Out: Ideology Ahead

Obama's strategy now faces a bigger test

In Iowa, Obama sets course to unify Democrats

Clinton calls victory in Kentucky a vote of confidence

Clinton's persistence earns applause

California ruling on gay marriage could impact election

13 birds with West Nile found in Orange County in May

Messianic Music

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel, Syria holding direct peace talks in Turkey

Don’t rush to Damascus

Israel: Russia may be selling Syria arms

Hizbullah gets veto power in Lebanon's unity government

Egypt: Israel has accepted Gaza cease-fire

Israel prepares for Gaza military operation

Orthodox Jewish youths burn hundreds of New Testaments in Israel

Deputy Mayor: I'm sorry about burning New Testaments

Assemblyman Hikind says he saw Olmert take cash

Abbas's US-Trained Police Proving Helpless Against Terror

50,000 Arabs Left Gaza Since 2006, Many More on the Way: Since Hamas took over

Palestinian Authority Daily Confirms: Arabs Fled in '48 Hoping For Israel's Destruction

PM Olmert proposes naval blockade on Iran

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Bush apologizes to Iraqi PM over Quran shooting incident

Iraq: Whose war is it anyway?

War Funding Would Break Democrat Promises

U.S. very careful with al-Sadr: Washington rarely mentions the Madhi Army or its leader, but militia's guns still blazing

Operation in Sadr city is an Iraqi success, so far

Iraqi forces find weapons cache in Baghdad mosque: amid signs that Shiite militants had stepped up their attacks outside Sadr City

Tough penalty urged in Aziz trial

Pelosi Gets Quiet Reaction in Iraq

Faster climate change curbs needed: EU report

Efforts to close Guantanamo Prison stalled

India, Pakistan peace talks resume

Google offers online personal health records - Google has begun offering online personal health records to the public


May 20, 2008


America Is Tired

Pope's chief astronomer: Life on Mars cannot be ruled out

Chinese Quake zone braces for aftershocks

Myanmar (Burma) mourns for 78,000 cyclone victims

U.S. plane strays into Venezuelan airspace

Clinton fights on, Obama returns to Iowa

Obama's unique appeasement style

Oil - Economy

Iraq could have largest oil reserves in the world

Gas Price Manipulation And Gull Island Oil

The Energy Non-Crisis


Billionaire oilman backs wind power


Presidential Politics

As 2 more states vote, Obama to reach a milestone but not the nomination

Obama seeks to extend poll lead

Obama on verge of claiming victory

Barack Obama expects big day in Oregon and Kentucky primaries

Clinton pledges contest is 'nowhere near over'

Obama warns critics against taking jabs at his wife, family

Democrats Observe A Fragile Cease-Fire

What if Hillary Clinton had treated Iowa like Barack Obama has Ky. and W. Va.?

McCain's lobbyist ties pose threat to reformer image

I call this hypocrisy on Hamas: McCain is the last politician who should be attacking Obama

Coming to grips with same-sex marriage ruling: Liberal and conservative congregations alike discuss whether gays and lesbians will be allowed to wed in their churches, synagogues and temples

China Seeks to Relocate 12 Million Quake Survivors

China tells commercial banks to support quake-hit areas

As China opens up, it keeps a wary eye on the former U.S.S.R.

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israeli Gov't Minister: Israel IS Negotiating With Hamas

Say yes to a lull: Major op in Gaza would not solve rocket issue, put Shalit’s life in danger

Olmert skeptical of cease-fire: Therefore, IDF is preparing for a large-scale military operation in the Gaza Strip

'PM says ceasefire must include Schalit'

Quiet inauguration for Israeli West Bank police HQ

Bush pledged funding for Arrow 3: Ballistic missile defense system

Gazans use cooking oil as fuel alternative

IAF strikes Kassam launch squad in Gaza

IDF kills terrorist at West Bank checkpoint

Fraud Police to question Olmert on Friday

Bush speech sparks US-Egypt tension

Egyptian FM: US, Israeli tanks make Mideast unstable

Samaria Jews Furious Over New Checkpoints for Israelis

'Bush intends to attack Iran before the end of his term': Being held back by Secretary of State Rice and Defense Secretary Gates

22 killed in South Africa anti-foreigner violence

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Iraq to execute al Qaeda leader in bishop murder

Bomb under bed kills local Iraqi police chief

Iraqi security forces begin crackdown on Sadr City

Iraqi Forces Find Weapons Cache in Baghdad Mosque

Al-Sadr militia deserters hold fast to terror

Iraq's Oil Exports Decrease in April

Soldier's desecration of Koran sparks swift response

Pentagon announces Iraq, Afghanistan troop deployments

British ‘Big Brother’ database for phones and e-mails


May 19, 2008


How to rule the world after Bush

Big money on Barack Obama as Hillary Clinton's donors defect

Mike Huckabee says he would like to be McCain's V.P.

Debate this: GOP keeps us safe

Abbas to declare negotiations failed

Texas Baptist megachurch minister caught in Internet sex sting - Thought he was going to meet 13-year old girl for sex

Global Warming may cut number of storms

Presidential Politics

Obama hijacked phrase from pro-Palestinian friend?

Oregon divide parallels that of Democrats: Rural, blue-collar east, urban west of state to offer a primary lesson

Obama warns senior citizens against privatizing of Social Security

Obama os swept away by sea of supporters 2 days before Oregon vote

Thousands in Portland greet "Rock-star candidate" Obama

Clintons offer 1-2 punch in Ashland, Oregon

Hillary Clinton to Oregonians: Don't count me out

Clinton Ad Casts Pundits As Out of Touch

Clinton Looks for a Kentucky Triumph

Rival Camps Plan Inevitable Merger: Clinton, Obama Supporters Discuss Combined Effort to Win in November

Huckabee Apologizes For Obama Gun Quip

McCain Accused of Hypocrisy Over Hamas, Obama

Obama's Big Cross Kentucky Flier: Mailed flyer emphasizes Obama's christianity

Obama May Find It Hard To Govern as Free Trader

Saudi Lobbyist Quits McCain Campaign

Mike Huckabee says he would like to be McCain's No. 2

Bush’s Speech Prods Middle East Leaders


Israeli - Palestinian War

Mideast peace possible by year end: Bush

Abbas to declare negotiations failed

Olmert Suspected of Taking Bribes

The Olmert investigation is Bush's salvation

Olmert received cash envelopes from Morris Talansky, in person

Olmert Asks Court to Postpone Talansky Investigation

Palestinians demand regular army for new state

Kassam Rocket Attack Narrowly Misses Strategic Target in Ashkelon

Jerusalem-area Arabs Accused of Selling Weapons to Palestinian Authority

Nancy Pelosi led a bipartisan congressional delegation to Israel to mark its 60th birthday

US Congressional leader Pelosi says she and US President Bush agree over backing Israel

Palestinian Authority meets in Israel's capital: Plans specifics of expected takeover of country's seat of power

Bin Laden: Arab leaders sacrificing Palestinians

Settlers quietly build permanent structure on hill near community of Neguhot


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Pelosi ends Iraq visit after talks on vote, security

US soldier sent home from Iraq after using Qur'an (Koran) for target practice

Apology soothes outrage in Iraq

Guess who realized the surge is working?

US Holding 10 Juveniles in Afghanistan and 500 in Iraq: Human rights groups denounce the practice

1,000 arrested in Iraq in crackdown against al-Qaeda



US House Speaker Pelosi: Nothing should be ruled out in order to stop Iran

City clerk suing not to wed 'gays'

China declares 3 days of nat'l mourning for quake victims

Quake helps mend China's image

6,000 people have fled a wave of attacks on foreigners in South Africa

Relief as war in Myanmar (Burma)

Nissan says moving into higher gear on electric cars


May 17-18, 2008



Los Angeles County gearing up for same-sex marriage licenses

DeGeneres: Yep, I'm engaged - To her longtime girlfriend

What the California Gay Ruling Won't Do

Saudis Rebuff Bush, Politely, on Pumping More Oil

Lebanese Leaders to meet with Hezbollah to talk unity

So just where does the madness end?

Senate poised to take up sweeping global warming bill

New Headline News Articles

"Declare War On Energy! Completely Change Our Way of Living!"

Is this goal the ultimate agenda for the Illuminati? Is this the reason oil prices are being driven skyhigh? Doubt it not!!


"Three Peas In A Pod" - Political Editorial by Pastor Chuck Baldwin

Albert Einstein - "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result"


Presidential Politics

Bush-Obama: A little rock hits a noisy target

Obama, McCain exchange heated words over foreign policy

How to Enrage a Democrat: One word,"appeasement."

Bush's Words Start Fight Among Presidential Candidates

Obama Admires Bush

Senator Dodd rips Bush 'Nazi' comments

Obama's next challenge: Countering poisonous ads in the Fall

Primary Race would be Clinton's in winner-take-all format

Hillary Clinton Suggests Race May Go to 'Overtime'

Economic woes bedevil Kentucky

Clinton steps up fundraising effort after West Virginia win

Clinton to Oregonians: Don't count me out

Clinton Maintains She Holds Popular Vote

Why not both? The dubious case for a Democratic dream team

New Ads From McCain, Clinton

Ethics Concerns Claim Another McCain Adviser

Courting N.R.A., McCain Criticizes Obama and Clinton on Gun Control

Congress plows past critics to pass farm bill: Aid to sugar farmers wins fans in Louisiana

What You Need To Know: Vitamin D And Cancer


Israeli - Palestinian War

Egyptian intelligence chief Suleiman warns: Major IDF operation expected if captured IDF soldier Shalit isn't released

Hamas' Al-Zahar: Israeli military not beyond defeat

The Female Option: Instead of electing failed former PMs Barak and Bibi, we should give FM Livni a chance

Police want to interrogate Olmert within 48 hours

Foreign Minister Livni to head to Egypt, may discuss lull with Mubarak

'During war, home front will absorb thousands of rockets'

'Holy war until Palestine liberated': Osama bin Laden

President Continues His Middle East Tour

Bush focuses on Arab side of Mideast stalemate

US to help Saudis with nuclear reactor

New Electronic Passport Cards Called Security Vulnerability: Easy to counterfeit


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Afghanistan, Iraq Expose Limits of US Military Power

Iran blames United States after at least 3 diplomats wounded in Baghdad shooting

PM Al-Maliki offers amnesty in Mosul

This is a good time to ask if the news blackout is working

Historians, Not History, Will Judge The U.S.-Iraqi War

Democracy funding for Iraq under more scrutiny

Chalabi's Short-Lived Comeback

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Many dangers for child survivors of cyclone in Myanmar

Myanmar (Burma) cyclone death toll rises to 77,738

Pakistani's Qazi asks coalition to go for impeachment of President Musharraf

Zimbabwe's Tsvangirai postpones return after assassination threat

Zimbabwean police unleashed on Anglicans

In China, experts on alert for quake damage to nuclear facilities

Aid pours in, but time runs for China quake survivors

President Bush: Trust me or fool me again?



May 16, 2008

Today's News

California's top court overturns gay marriage ban

Gay marriage opponents vow to fight Calif. ruling

Multinationals make billions in profit out of growing global food crisis

Rice Slumps on Supply, Heads for Biggest Weekly Drop Since 2004

Tehran ponders the spoils of victory against U.S.

Arab League Announces Truce In Lebanon

AAA predicts drop in plane and car travel for Memorial Day


Other California Supreme Court Ruling News

California's 'judicial fiat' condemned – by judge: 'Undeterred by state, federal law, new constitutional right invented'

Black Robes Trash Traditional Marriage: Now California statutes limiting institution to opposite-sex couples 'unconstitutional'

Gay couples 'ecstatic' over ruling

Former Chief Justice Earl Warren paved way for same-sex marriage ruling

On Same-Sex Marriage Ruling: Biggest shift in gay culture since Stonewall

Ellen DeGeneres announces she'll marry her girlfriend

State falsely accuses 3,000 of child abuse: Investigators have 'power of God,'can ruin life with stroke of pen

Not-So-Safe-Deposit Boxes: States Seize Citizens' Property to Balance Their Budgets

Fed, BOE Foreshadow End of Rate Cuts as Prices Rise: World's Central Banks signal end of interest-rate cuts


Presidential Politics

California Same-sex marriage decision may help Republicans: Gives GOP candidate rallying call to galvanize Conservative voters

Will 'rust and redneck' belt put an end to Obama's progress?

Obama-Clinton is no match made in heaven

John McCain and Barack Obama tilt toward the center on Iraq plans

McCain sees troops out of Iraq by 2013

Democrats spurn Bush's remarks; was Obama the target?

Obama: Bush speech a 'political attack'

McCain predicts first term utopia

Clinton: 'Thank You, West Virginia'!

Clinton campaigns on amid clamour to drop out

In final contests, it's all about momentum

Bush May Have Lost Wealth During Presidency

Bush urged to address Muslim 'hate' in books: Republican leader wants president to take on Saudi anti-West lessons

An FBI Terrorism Conference in the Heartland: Big Brother Close Up


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

U.S. House blocks Iraq war money and sets pullout plan

Iraq: Iranian Embassy convoy ambushed

McCain's Iraq Fantasy

Al-Sadr shift: away from politics and favoring fight

America’s divide and rule strategy called short-sighted

Defense contractors, insurance firms make millions off loose Iraq insurance rules

US military deaths in Iraq war officially at 4,078

Land mine explosion in southeast Turkey kills soldier

Israeli - Palestinian War

New Bin Laden tape: Palestinian cause fuels holy war

IDF to escalate Gaza operations

"No coup against PM Olmert"

Negev residents 'abandoned' due to Bush visit

Mortar shells rain on Negev, IDF expands range of alert system

Palestine is ours, cry children on 'Nakba Day'

Israel's UN missionurges Arabs: Ban use of 'Nakba'

Gaza: Bomb explodes at Christian school

Bush: Masada will never fall again

Bush at end of Israel visit: 'What's on my mind is peace'

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

US president set to talk oil as Saudis eye Mideast peace

Saudis, US grapple with Iran challenge

Venezuela stops open-pits and gold mines: Leftist President Chavez tightening control of mineral resources

Pakistan defies U.S. on curbing attacks

Suspected suicide blast kills 10 in Sri Lanka

German economy leads Euro area to surprisingly robust quarter

US Oil industry beefing up storm plans: Rules designed to keep offshore facilities in place during hurricanes

House sends veto-proof farm measure to Senate

Aftershocks spark landslides at China quake epicenter

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