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"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge" -- Hosea 4:6

May 1- 15, 2009


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Obama embarks on peace in the Middle East

Pope Pleases Palestinian Muslims, Disappoints Christians and Jews

IAEA chief says Mideast a 'ticking bomb'

Obama to revive Guantánamo military tribunals

Thousands flee Pakistan fighting

Combat rages in Sri Lanka, more civilians flee

John Lennon made pact with Satan, says new book

Dobson: 'There's utter evil coming out of Congress': Focus on the Family ministry founder condemns 'Pedophile Protection Act'

'Gay' pundit says 'hate crimes' a scam: 'Admission is both refreshing and stunning at the same time'


Fascist Global Economy Forming

GM near deal with UAW

GM says Chrysler-like deal best bankruptcy option

Some Chrysler dealers to try other ways to stay in business

Chrysler dealers tyring to unload vehicles

Toyota Prius orders mount as massive shake-up looms

California governor sees $15.4 billion gap

Obama chides Congress, citizens on credit cards



Israeli - Palestinian War

Palestinian Representative Says 2-State Solution Is Preferred Because It Will Kill Israel

Yeshiva Town Tells Pope: Jerusalem Is Ours For Eternity

PM 'intent' to hold peace negotiations

'PA Army May Rebel’ if Israel Does not Agree to Peace Demands

Netanyahu Tells Abdullah: Israel to 'Change Facts on the Ground'

Quartet's Middle East Envoy Blair: Chance for peace must be seized now

Jordan's King Warns: Peace now or war next year

Livni warns binational state a 'threat': Wants two-state solution instead

Settlers call on PM to reject two-state solution

Protestors to Netanyahu: 'Resist Obama's Plans'

Fear of revolt causes Abbas to delay new gov't

Egypt finds 266 rockets near Israel border

Pope Benedict News

Palestinians use pope to wage propaganda

Ending Mideast trip, Pope visits Church of Holy Sepulcher

We want only peace, peace: Pope's message moves hearts

Netanyahu Warns Pope: Reject anti-Israel rhetoric

US Blacklists Syria - But Will Send Mitchell Anyway

CIA rebuffs Cheney over interrogation documents

Pelosi accuses CIA of lying in torture timeline



May 14, 2009


Treasury asks for control of derivatives market

Netanyahu makes surprise trip to Jordan to meet King Abdullah: Just before Israeli PM meets Obama

PM Netanyahu: Israel does not intend to surprise the US with an attack on Iran

Gates says Taliban have momentum in Afghanistan

Obama now opposes detainee abuse photo release: Stunning reversal

Ohio confirms 11 cases of Swine Flu

Oil falls below $57 as US recovery hopes fade

2nd congressman: Prove eligibility: Virginia representative signs onto plan to demand evidence


Israeli - Palestinian War

Pope Condemns separation Wall: Christianity's Holiest Figure calls for a Palestinian State

Abbas hosts Pope at presidential palace for closed-door meeting

Pope Celebrates Nazareth Mass: Before meeting with Netanyahu

Pope's own PR team resurrects 'Hitler Youth' uproar

Pope walks out of interfaith meeting: Palestinian Muslim cleric used gathering as a podium to attack Israel

PM Netanyahu Visits Jordan

Right MK's urge PM: Don't give in to Obama

Poll: 58% of Israeli Jews back two-state solution

Egyptian Papers: Enough of Netanyahu's foot-dragging on Palestinian State

General Ashkenazi apologizes for spat with Netanyahu

Bibi Smoothes Obama’s Feathers: No Surprise Attack on Iran

Muslim Clerics Claim Jews Descend from Pigs

Former FBI Agent Says Harsh Interrogation Techniques Not Reliable

Bad morning for Pelosi: Did Pelosi avoid torture briefing to maintain deniability?

Venezuelan President Chavez launches $15 mobile phone with a name to make his mother blush

Congressman: 'Deviancy' protected by 'hate crimes' -- Warns 'anything you imagine' coming under 'Pedophile Protection Act'

Sri Lanka's war grinds on despite U.S., U.N. calls

Heavy Fighting Impeding Red Cross in Sri Lankan Combat Zone


Fascist Global Economy Forming

Paulson Told Bankers to Take U.S. Taxpayer Aid or Be ‘Exposed’

GM to Pay Suppliers Prior to Bankruptcy Deadline

BofA sells $7.3B stake in China Construction Bank

Sony Forecasts Second Straight Loss

Here come the Obamamobiles …Ready to own small, plug-in electric cars?

UAW faces painful transformation

UAW's bargaining committee for Chrysler summoned to Detroit

Ford UAW workers approve contract changes

Wal-Mart 1Q Earnings Flat, Sees 2Q EPS In Line With Views


Women dominate Obama's list for Supreme Court

Obama Court Decision Shaped by Years, Wife’s Advice

US journalists to face trial in North Korea next month


Global Warming = Global Dictatorship

'Global Warming' No Longer Part of President Obama's Agenda?

House Dems scale back plans to curb global warming

'Smoking gun' leaves holes in CO2 debate: EPA criticized for findings based on politics, not science

View From Alaska: Don't use polar bear protection to make global warming policy

Global Warming May Exceed Infections as Health Threat: Global Researchers

Ocean Conference urged to act on global warming: Government representatives from around the world now meeting in Indonesia

Dying oceans 'life and death issue': Indonesia

Scientists: Rising Seas Pose Serious Threat for Island Nations

Bill Clinton urges US to pass 'strong' climate bill

Sticker shock in acting on global warming: Cost of cutting greenhouse gases by 15 percent would cost the average US household about $1,600

White House backs emergency war supplemental legislation

May 13, 2009

Pope calls for 'sovereign Palestinian homeland'

Media Spinning Exaggerations on Netanyahu-Obama Differences’

Recession Is Over

GE CEO says economy stabilized

Protecting spies wasn’t meant to protect torture

Egypt to get boost from Obama's address to Muslim world from Cairo

Swine Flu May Be Human Error; WHO Investigates Claim

Saudis running U.S. policy?


Fascist Global Economy Forming

Social Security, Medicare insolvency dates moved up

Obama's Health Care Plan on Fast Track: Could Be Law by Christmas

Populist Bandwagon Set to Roll Over Credit Card Industry

World markets up modestly ahead of US retail news

Japan Stocks Gain on Olympus, Nissan Forecasts

Fannie and Freddie Will Need Almost $100 Billion in 2010

Foreclosure Filings Level Off: Still Set Monthly Record

Record euro1.06 billion EU fine for Intel

After bankruptcy, Chrysler still faces uncertain future

Mayor Bing works to keep GM in Detroit

Israeli - Palestinian War

Pontiff calls for Palestinian State

Palestinian refugees want Pope as their emissary

Pope laments emigration of Christians

PA Gift to Pope: a Piece of Cement Security Barrier

Analysis: Benedict missed a critical opportunity for reconciliation with Jews over Holocaust

Pat Buchanan Website Hosts Holocaust Deniers

IDF fencing off part of Egyptian border: To cut terrorist infiltration

Egyptian FM: Netanyahu presented positive views

Kadima: Netanyahu's handling of budget proves he's incapable

Islamic Jihad Warns: Don't recognize Israel - Recognizing Israel more dangerous than Palestinian Nakba in 1948

Akko's Arab residents to hold first ever Nakba parade

Non-Integrating States -- Battle For Pakistan

U.S., Pakistan Jointly Carry Out Drone Missions

Al Qaeda Strengthening in Troubled Pakistan

White House Correspondents Ball Controversy

Comedian Wanda Sykes Draws Fire With Cracks About Rush Limbaugh's Health, Patriotism

New Headline News Article: Controversy Strikes Obama's First White House Correspondents Ball As Black Comedian Called For Rush Limbaugh's Kidneys To Fail -- New President Laughs At Joke

What sort of spirit invades these annual Correspondents Balls? Do you remember Laura Bush's jokes in 2005 about her husband committing bestiality with animals on the farm? President Bush laughed at these jokes too!

5 convicted in scheme to blow up Sears Tower

States to Feds: Stay in D.C.! $11 trillion 'micromanaging' price sparks explosion in sovereignty movement


Unhitched! White House scrubs marriage promise: Obama's pledge to homosexuals disappears from official agenda

'Gay' gene claim suddenly vanishes: American Psychological Association revises statement on homosexuality

Why I hate 'hate crimes'

Congressman Warns: 'Deviancy' protected by 'hate crimes'

May 12, 2009


Recession Is Over

GE CEO says economy stabilized

Donald Trump on Miss California: Same as Barack Obama

Russia blocks lesbian marriage

US wins first seat on UN rights council

American kills 5 fellow soldiers at clinic in Iraq

Defense Secretary Replaces Commander in Afghanistan

Afghanistan defies the US battle plan

Iran deploys missiles in Persian Gulf

Pope visits Jerusalem's holiest sites

Muslim cleric slams Israel to Pope, raising anger

Oil above $59 on signs US recession is easing

Ford to Offer 300 Million Shares to Public as Stock Price Rises

Wall Street set for mostly higher opening


Fascist Global Economy Forming

GM exit from the Dow looking more likely

GM says open to moving HQ from Detroit

Citi using most of TARP capital to make loans

U.S. interventions may usher in bond chill effect

California shortfall $21.3 billion if measures fail

US red ink rising even higher, to $1.8T

Bank of America Said to Sell $7.3 Billion CCB Stake

European Stocks, U.S. Futures Climb

Hitachi posts historic loss for Japanese manufacturers

Australia Extends First-Time Home Buyers' Grant for Six Months

Australia Plans to Sell Record A$60 Billion of Bonds To Fund Stimulus Plan

Did Obama Team Abuse Chrysler's Creditors, or Justly Target Evil "Speculators"?

Tea party 'extremists' rock and reload July 4: Independence Day fireworks of protest cover all 50 states

Obama "Deeply Saddened" About Troop Deaths At U.S. Base In Iraq

Slayings spotlight stress on combat

"Not Surprising": U.S. Soldier Kills Five Others in Iraq

Bombings in Afghanistan Kill 18 - including 11 construction workers

Catholic Priest in compromising photos admits two-year affair

War ignited on homosexual 'bonanza': In Washington State


Swine Flu News

New virus could still mutate, spark pandemic: WHO

Swine flu could hit one in three - in next nine months

More Mexican Schools Re-Open: Swine Flu Death Toll Rises

China Confirms First Swine Flu H1N1 Case

Cuba confirms first swine flu case

Obama: Swine Flu Not As Virulent As Feared

Health official warns against homeopathic swine flu cures

Non-Integrating States -- Pakistan

Pakistani Helicopters Drop Troops Into Taliban Stronghold

Exodus from Northwest Pakistan Continues as Fighting Rages

Taliban on the run in Swat Valley

Pakistan Army kills 700 Taliban militants in Swat

General Petraeus confident Pakistan nuclear arms secure

Balochistan is the ultimate prize in Pakistan: Rich in natural resources

13 killed as Maoist rebels ambush Indian police convoy

US 'Heartened' By Iran's Release of Journalist Roxana Saberi


Israeli - Palestinian War

Pope Benedict XVI News

Welcome, Pope Benedict

Pope puts note in Kotel at Western Wall, urges peace

A German Pope at the Holocaust Memorial

Pope Benedict XVI visits holiest sites of Judaism, Islam

Pontiff Calls Interfaith Dialogue the Road to Peace

Holocaust Survivor: Criticism of pope exaggerated

President Peres Greets Pope in Official Residence

Vatican vowed to stop missionary activity on Jews


Other News

Netanyahu: Peace talks to begin 'soon'

Preparing for Bibi's U.S. Visit: Netanyahu under fire to keep his promises

Peres’ Historic Statements: Given his track record, Peres should not be pushing Bibi into making ‘historic moves’

Jerusalem 'not miffed' on Obama's June trip to Egypt

PA jails Hamas activist for coup plot

Netanyahu, Barak resolve defense budget crisis

European Rabbis Boycott Interfaith Event With Muslim Brotherhood

Rush mum on call for his death: 'What was president thinking?' in laughing

Nazi death camp guard arrives at German prison

Gun protections on agenda in Utah: Following Montana's lead in states' rights affirmation

Former Top Rated NRA Senator to Introduce Gun Ban This Week - Numerous gun control bans making their way through Congress

You Tube Free Speech Purge Accelerates, Infowarrior Channel Banned

Global ocean talks under way in Indonesia: Climate Change is key on the agenda


May 11, 2009


Pope in Israel calls for Palestinian homeland

Obama More Popular Among Arabs Than Is The United States

U.S. economic growth seen resuming in third quarter

Obama says healthcare overhaul could save U.S. trillions

Swine flu could boost sales for drugmakers

With swine flu, we're all in this together: Editorial


Swine Flu News

Like flu, conspiracy theories abound in Mexico

AstraZeneca's FluMist producer works on swine flu vaccine

Swine flu kills U.S. man, spreads to Australia, Japan: Could mix with circulating seasonal flu viruses or the H5N1 avian influenza virus to create new strains

China reports first suspected H1N1 flu

14 Mexicans remain quarantined in China

Officials: Probable swine-flu case on Alaska cruise

Panama: More Swine Flu Cases


Fascist Global Economy Forming

Honda Insight first hybrid to rank top in Japan

Chrysler: China Operations Unaffected By US Bankruptcy Filing

GM Hires Search Firm for New Board: Reflecting the Obama administration's increasing influence over the auto maker

Asia shares hit 7-mth high: May pull back some


Israeli - Palestinian War

Pope Benedict XVI News

Pope in Israel calls for "two-state solution"

Pope's remarks on arriving in Israel

Israeli Government Sinks into the Sewer - Welcomes "Nazi" Pope

Pope Protests Shooing Religion From Public Sphere: Urges Muslims, Christians to Fidelity as Believers Face Being Silenced

Pontiff calls for regional peace, vows to fight anti-Semitism

Pope praises Mideast Christians for persevering

Other Israeli News

Blair: We've reached 'moment of truth'

Iran's threat boosts need for 2-state solution

Netanyahu-Obama meeting crucial to ME

PM Netanyahu Promises: Israel to ease life of Palestinians

PM to meet with Mubarak in Sharm e-Sheikh resort today

Iran to free U.S. journalist, father says





May 9-10, 2009


Job Figures Not As Bad As Feared

Obama wants Fed to be financial Supercop

Obama to reach out to Muslims in Egypt speech

Obama Urges Credit Card Reform

Canada reports first flu death as U.S. cases climb

Next step? No guns allowed for right-wing 'extremists'

Pope warns of misuse of religion

When It Comes to Judges, 'Pragmatic' Means Unprincipled

'Hate crimes' fate now up to people: Congressman: 'If you don't raise enough stink, there's not a chance of stopping it'

Christian college suspends student for gay-porn roles: Philly man says he needed cash for tuition


Israeli - Palestinian War

Pope: Catholic Church and Jews share an 'inseparable bond'

Minister urges pope to condemn Holocaust deniers

Obama aide: We won't press for peace at all costs

Lebanon nabs 5 alleged spies for Israel

Hamas denies seeking a ceasefire deal with Israel

7th swine flu case confirmed in Israel


US renews sanctions on Syria


Fascist Global Economy Forming

Obama wants Fed to be financial Supercop

Accounting tricks boost bank profits

US regulators shut down 33rd bank this year

Auto industry set to get $10B in retooling loans

GM plans to shift overseas production: But will keep total import percentage the same

GMAC to get more federal funds by November

GM, workers air concerns to auto recovery czar

Recovery Czar offers state help

Chrysler holdouts drop the fight, clearing way out of bankruptcy

Republicans and ObamaCare: The sound of GOP silence is deafening.

FCC attack on talkers beginning?

CBS Announcer: Any U.S. soldier would shoot Pelosi, strangle Reid

Obama releases Air Force One photo: Accepts Military Office director's resignation for controversial flyover

Freedom for US contractor Don Ayala who shot dead handcuffed Taleban killer


Catholicism In The News

Pope admits Holocaust battle errors

Pope tells of 'respect' for Islam

Day 1 of Pope's Pilgrimage Seen as Success

Stamps Mark Pontiff's Holy Land Trip

Jordan: Top religious adviser thanks pope for 'regret' after speech

8 militants, 2 soldiers killed in clashes in Algeria

Basra residents safer, but looking for work: Fear of militias heavy in the alleys

May 8, 2009


No National Day of Prayer service at White House

Jobless Claims Drop, Suggest Layoffs Are Easing

Banks' 'stress test' lift cloud of uncertainty

Pope heads for risky Holy Land tour

Pakistan air strikes target Swat Taliban

Pakistan's president says nukes "are in safe hands"

North Korea vows to bolster nuclear arsenal

Records suggest Pelosi, others were told of harsh interrogations

Congressman: 'Hate crimes' would 'break' Constitution

Are we ready to say bye to books?


Swine Flu News

U.N. Calls Meeting Of Flu Vaccine Manufacturers

CDC: Swine Flu Outbreak Signs 'Encouraging'

International Frenzy to Control Swine Flu

Some schools and businesses reopen in Mexico

Interactive Map: Swine flu's spread

WHO says flu pandemic remains at level 5 of 6: Flu not yet spreading in a sustained way outside North America

Swine flu numbers still climbing: 46 have died, all but two of them in Mexico

Menacing flu arrived as world was ready

Life under microscope at quarantined Hong Kong hotel


Fascist Global Economy Forming

Slow recovery no help for Obama's plans

Obama to unemployed: More help is on the way

Toyota reports worst annual loss

Jaguar aid talks 'near collapse' : British Government demanding control

Carmakers Porsche and VW to merge

Auto industry suppliers cross over to wind power

Europe's Banks would need 84 bln eur in "stress" capital

Obama touts $17 billion 'lot of money' budget cuts

Europe Bank Shares Show Muted Rise After US Stress Tests

Obama proposes end to oil, gas industry tax breaks

$250 stimulus checks only a loan for many

First Obama Afghan surge troops arrive in Afghanistan

US denies report that 147 died in Afghan violence


Israeli - Palestinian War

Pope heads to Mideast on 'pilgrimage of peace'

Benedict should be a penitent pilgrim in the Holy Land

Palestinians seek papal pressure on Israel

Protesters Prepare for Pope

Papal visit bad for us: Pope enrolled in Hitler Youth and later joined the Wehrmacht

Chief Rabbinate: Holy Land assets cannot be turned over to Vatican

Israeli Stamps Mark Pontiff's Holy Land Trip

Netanyahu can be a peacemaker, says Quartet emissary Blair

Deputy FM: No link between Iran, Palestinians - "We must try to resolve the Palestinian issue as if the Iranian threat does not exist"

FM Lieberman set to head US strategic dialogue

Hamas' successful elections highlight Fatah's failures and incompetence

Egyptian officials: Cairo's ties to Tel Aviv will remain steady in Netanyahu era

US denies Israel access to F-35 computer

May 8, 1945: Day of victory, day of mourning

'Gay'-marriage barrage: 'Follow the money'

Teachers cite 'clergy' privilege to hide lesbian teaching

Muslims in Britain have zero tolerance of homosexuality: Poll

China says 5,335 students died in last year's earthquake

President Obama to visit Buchenwald Nazi extermination camp

Suspect detained over 'extremist' bumper sticker: 'Don't Tread on Me' puts driver in 'watch' category in DHS report

May 7, 2009


Bush torture memos may present a hard case for prosecutors

Decision on Flu Vaccine Looms

Obama's flawed auto logic

Obama Begins Effort to Bridge the Divide on Abortion

Obama does his Bush impression - Truth is Tortured

US not seeking Iranian regime change

Pakistan Launches Air Strikes in Swat Valley

Obama: Afghanistan, Pakistan Committed to Fighting Terrorism

Gay marriage gets blessing from Maine

Fascist Global Economy Forming

FDIC Chief Wants Broader Federal Powers - NOW!

Oil rises to six-month high near $58: Investors bet on global economic recovery

Chrysler lenders agree to deal with Treasury plan

Fiat's CEO Marchionne to head Chrysler

Obama's budget would cut or end 121 government programs

World stocks rise ahead of US stress tests result

Wind turbines generates Michigan job hopes


Swine Flu News

Mexico Reports More Flu Deaths

Sixth case of swine flu confirmed in Israel: Woman had been in Mexico - another woman had been in Spain

Number of Swine Flu Cases Approaches 1,500 Worldwide - 30 have died

US Officials 'Cautiously Optimistic' About Swine Flu Spread

WHO says Swine Flu Virus Unpredictable and Constantly Changing

China Denies Discriminating Against Mexicans in Efforts to Fight Swine Flu

Arab Anti-Israel Cartoonists ‘Pig Out’ Over Swine Flu

Afghanistan's only pig remains in quarantine over swine flu fears

ASEAN Plus Meeting Hopes to Limit Swine Flu's Economic Damage: NOTE: ASEAN forming Nation #9 in 10-Nation Reorganization Plan

Shipping firms asked to get tough on piracy

Somali pirates hijack Dutch ship in Gulf of Aden

Iraq - War Not Over

Why suicide bombers are back in Iraq: War far from over

Iraq on brink of third great mistake

Shi'ite Cleric Muqtada comes in from the cold

Death Toll Rises After Car Bomb Explosions in Baghdad - Toll now up to 11 dead, 30 more wounded


Israeli - Palestinian War

Abbas to form new Palestinian gov't without Hamas

PM Netanyahu: Arab moderates needed for peace

One-sided concessions won't bring peace

White House Official wants Israel to declare her nukes

Israel sees no reason to sign 'ineffective' NPT (Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty)

Gaza: Palestinian Mortars & Missiles in Morning, IDF Strikes in Afternoon

IDF Soldier killed in military operation north of Ramallah

Border Guard kills Palestinian near Tomb of Patriarchs

Israel says 'secret' detention center is empty: No longer used for Palestinian prisoners

US Pressure on Syria May Force Hamas to Move HQ to Sudan

Talks between Russia, Georgia, separatists break off

IAEA Warns: Weapons-grade uranium found in Egypt

Egypt Defends Itself: Uranium traces do not indicate nuclear activity

Hostile bloggers facing fines, jail?

New Headline News Articles

"Montana State Governor Dares President Obama On Gun Control"


The State of Montana is to be congratulated! They have written and passed into law the most broad-minded Gun Control laws imaginable. The Governor and the Legislature have thus thrown a stiff gauntlet down to the White House. The ensuing battle will be more than just interesting; it will have monumental consequences for the Constitutional freedoms of every single American.

Argument Over! Israel's National Symbol Was Never The Hexagram (Star of David)

Modern Jewish scholar confirms Cutting Edge contention that the Star of David is an Illuminati symbol with its roots in the Kabbala. This revelation also proves that God allowed wicked men to found modern Israel, just as prophecy foretold


Video reveals Planned Parenthood's advice to lie: Activist tells abortionists: 'We expect a long-overdue apology'


'Gay' day coming to California public schools?

Levi's Launches Campaign for Harvey Milk High School: New York school is dedicated to helping lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning students

Lesbians look to boot Boy Scouts from own facilities

'Bestiality, pedophilia ... pick your poison': New 'hate-crimes' legislation 'shocks the conscience'

Senate bombarded on 'Pedophile Protection Act': Campaign to stop hate-crimes bill takes off on first day

Stopping Iran's nuclear march is futile

Should the GOP steer right to regain momentum?


May 6, 2009


Bernanke: Recovery likely by late 2009

Asian Shares End Mostly Higher; Boosted By Upbeat Bank Earnings

Holy Cow, We've Found a Bull

Obama's Global Tax Raid

The War for (Nuclear Armed) Pakistan

Obama prepares for talks with presidents of Afghanistan, Pakistan

Deadlier than swine flu... Regular flu kills 36,000 people in U.S. annually

Navy Cancels Ship Deployment Because One Sailor Has Swine Flu

Georgia puts down mutiny in tank battalion

Russia Expels NATO Officials



Fascist Global Economy Forming

Return of "Le Car"

Judge OKs Chrysler's steps toward sale to Fiat

General Motors Canada in Loan Pact of Up to C$3 Billion Loan

Banks returning government bailouts will face conditions

BofA Faces $35 Billion Gap

Oil rises above $54 on economic recovery optimism

Health insurers ask gov't to police their industry

124 congressman demand audit of Federal Reserve

Bilderbergers plan secret meeting in Greece: Source says top agenda item is reconstructing world economy


Swine Flu News

Nearly 1,500 cases of Mexican flu worldwide

Mexicans fly back to home emerging from flu scare

Mexico lowers swine flu death toll

Second U.S. death linked to swine flu: Doctors stopped short of saying the virus killed her

Mild flu could hit harder in the fall

Meet the boy believed to be 'patient zero': Edgar Hernandez

WHO expected to raise flu alert to highest level: Even though new cases are slowing

No, it's not all over: But the epidemic of fear over A/H1N1 virus is subsiding

U.S. May Add Shots for Swine Flu to Fall Flu Regimen

How Close Is Swine Flu Vaccine?

Mexico Plans Stimulus Package to Help Country Rebound from Swine Flu

Non-Integrating States -- War In Pakistan

Swat Valley exodus as ceasefire crumbles

Swat Valley Taleban find Sharia a challenge

Pakistani forces, Taliban clash in Swat Valley: 500,000 civilians are expected to flee the area ahead of an expected military offensive

Topless photo could cost Prejean pageant crown: Could be stripped of her Miss California title

Miss California USA to appear in conservative TV ad

Israeli - Palestinian War

A moment of reckoning in the Mideast

Biden urges Israel to work for a Palestinian state

President Obama hints at tougher line on Israel

PA official complains: Peres to 'launder' Netanyahu for Obama

Arabs drafting 'moderate' peace initiative: To make it acceptable to U.S. and Israel

PM Netanyahu: Recognition of Israel basis for peace

PA, Hamas reject PM's overtures in DC

White House on Peres meeting

Israeli President Peres: US outreach to Iran OK for now

Iran, Syria back Palestinian militancy

Gates promises to keep Arab allies in the loop on Iran front

US signals tough settlement stance

Gaza militants fire 3 mortar shells into S Israel

Israel: Pope to urge universal religious freedom

Pope's Israel trip tense

Pope Seeks Control of Holy Land Sites in Israel

U.S. wants Israel, India in anti-nuclear arms treaty

Banned by U.K., Savage hits back: Radio talk star blocked from visits, along with terrorists, neo-Nazis

Who's hunting Savage? Joseph Farah sees fingerprints of White House on banning of talker in U.K.

Census GPS-tagging your home's front door: Coordinates being taken for every residence in nation


May 5, 2009


Buffett Says Economic Pearl Harbor is Over

Bernanke: Economy should grow again later in 2009: Economy should pull out of a recession and start growing again

Mother protests taking of teen -- Her son, 16, is being held as a terror suspect and held under Patriot Act

High court removes tool for deporting illegals

Ammo a popular purchase at Cow Palace gun show

WHO says Swine Flu Virus Unpredictable and Constantly Changing

Swine Flu A Hoax, But Martial Law All Too Real

Mexico’s Peso Rises Most in Six Months on Bets Swine Flu Peaked

Mexico City waits to reopen as officials calm H1N1 fears

Defense Secretary Gates seeking to reassure Gulf on outreach to Iran

Georgia says coup underway at military base


Current Economic News

Bernanke likely to give less dour take on economy

Wall Street Firms Will Revert to Pre-Crisis Situation

European, Asian Shares Advance: U.S. Index Futures Fluctuate

About 10 U.S. stress test banks to need more capital

Oil lingers above $54 on economic recovery hopes


Fascist Global Economy Forming

Fiat boss tries to transform auto industry

GM-Opel, Fiat marriage would be big culture clash

Fiat May Target GM’s Latin America, China Assets After Chrysler

Chrysler Forecasts Profit -- In 2012

Chrysler bankruptcy has dealers on "razor's edge"

Fiat Would Keep All Opel Plants Open After Purchase

Roger Penske may make play for Saturn

GM's China sales surge 50 pct to monthly record

Obama Vows to Slam Offshore Tax Loophole Shut

Asian Development Bank Wants Balanced Growth

Obama to hold talks on Taliban as deal unravels

Iraq: No Extension of US Withdrawal Date from Cities


Swine Flu News

Mexico gets some bustle back after flu shutdown

Mexicans see swine flu as Mexico City's problem

Poverty, Tendency to Self-Medicate Help Drive Up Flu Deaths in Mexico

Mexico says new flu no more deadly than usual flu

Swine flu: second wave could strike with a vengeance, says WHO

Great Britain: Swine Flu: Inflatable mortuaries and 'express' funerals planned for flu pandemic

Mexico sends plane to pick up quarantined citizens from China

Swine Flu Sickens 1,124 as Answers Sought in Southern Hemisphere

White House, House GOP convene meetings on climate bill

Venezuela’s Chavez Sees ‘Good Signs’ From U.S. Authorities

Israeli - Palestinian War

PM Netanyahu: Ready for peace talks now

Peres backs Arab League peace initiative

AIPAC delegates to lobby for two-state solution

Shock find: Netanyahu dividing Jerusalem

National Union MK: Pope is an anti-Semite

Peace concert to be held in honor of Pope: Theme of reconciliation and coexistence

Mashaal: Hamas wants 10 year cease-fire

UN report condemns IDF, fails to mention Hamas, for Gaza operation

Spain Continues Probe into Killing of Gaza Terrorist

Israeli Officials: Spanish Probe Cynical, Hypocritical

US answers Syria's Assad – 'Stop supporting terror first'

Next on Senate agenda? 'Pedophile Protection Act': 'Hate crimes' law definitions would protect 547 sex 'philias'


May 4, 2009


Buffett Says Economic Pearl Harbor is Over

Obama Supports Treaty Outlawing Gun Possession

No Signs of Sustained Global Spread of Swine Flu

Obama Lays Out Steps Taken to Counter Swine Flu

Iran helicopters strike Iraq Kurd villages

Rice May Have Admitted To Criminal Conspiracy: Former Nixon Counsel

President Obama advised not to replace David Souter with sitting judge

31 horsemen of talk radio's apocalypse? FCC anoints 'diversity' panel with 'Fairness Doctrine' mission

Fascist Global Economy Forming

Obama to roll out international tax proposals

Bank Stress Tests: A P.R. Stunt Devised By The Banking Industry

Asian Shares End Up; China Manufacturing Data Boost Region

Fiat eyes new company with GM Europe, Chrysler: another step toward creating a global automotive powerhouse

Chrysler Ads Promote Confidence: Troubled Auto Maker Seeks to Reassure Customers With Marketing Blitz

Chrysler to Idle Plants, Seek Approval of Fiat Deal

Rep. Wexler Announces Legislation For Select Committee To Investigate Bush Abuses: A Real Investigation or a Waste of Time?


Swine Flu News

Swine flu threat appears to be easing

Pork, Unjustly Fried: Unfounded flu fears hammer the hog trade

Pork Safe To Eat, Says USDA, CDC: Swine Flu viruses are not transmitted by food

Canada Has First Global Case of Flu From Human to Pig : Sick farmworker has infected pigs with the H1N1 virus after returning from Mexico - Pigs are recovering

Pork industry in panic as pigs catch the flu

China denies Swine Flu bigotry

Smithfield Foods reaffirms absence of swine flu

China bans all imports of Alberta pork products because of swine flu

Quick Action by Hong Kong Reflects Experience of SARS

Mexico May Lift Swine Flu Shutdown Today

Israeli Expert warns against swine flu media hype

US Hog, Wholesale Pork Prices Slide This Week On Flu Uncertainty

Obama's grandmother to perform Muslim Hajj: 'Mama Sarah' will go to Mecca for Islamic pilgrimage required by Quran

Pakistan battles Taliban; pact hangs in balance

Pakistani outpost attacked; 18 dead

Taliban's push near border worries U.S.: If it continues could threaten a crucial U.S. supply route to Afghanistan


Israeli - Palestinian War

Peres pushing gov't to yield key Christian sites to the Vatican

Pope visit to Israel fraught with potential minefields

Western Wall to Remain Open During Papal Visit

Obama endangering the Jewish state: Seen as weak on Iran and Palestinians

Rules of Game Changing: Israelis officials can’t keep up with dramatic changes in America’s Mideastern policy

Chief of Staff Emanuel: This is Israel's moment of truth

Deputy Foreign Minister Ayalon: Israel Accepts Two-State Goal

Defense Secretary Gates to reassure ME allies on Iran outreach

Livni: Netanyahu has no two-state plan to present to US

U.S. Jews, Muslims Support Obama Strongly after 100 Days

Mashaal re-elected as Hamas political chief

Guess how DHS defines who is a terrorist now: 2nd 'domestic extremism' report includes 'alternative media,' 'tax resisters' in lexicon

May 2-3, 2009


Swine Flu Skeptic: The Sky Is Not Falling

Swine Flu Hysteria Spreads Faster Than Actual Virus

Bulls take stock market by the horns

Guns bought this year could outfit 2 armies

U.S. Natural Gas Fields Go From Bust to Boom

Analysis: What's ahead for Obama in the next 100 days

Obama embraces dramatic global warming change

Catholic Georgetown University Hid Jesus Symbols at White House Request


Swine Flu News

Obama: Swine Flu No Cause For Alarm

Swine Flu outbreak may be considerably smaller than feared

China suspends Mexico flights over flu

U.S. Airlines Cut Mexico Flights Amid Flu Fears

After his flu warning, Biden takes the train home

Biden kicked out of country after flu remarks?

Biden's loose lips sink airlines

Swine flu death immediately confronts Sebelius: New HHS Secretary

Bush Team Strategy Now Obama's Swine Flu Playbook

Confirmed number of global swine flu cases: 367 and counting

Five foreign troops slain in Taliban attack: Including 3 American soldiers

Pakistan's Nukes No Threat

Critics Say Obama's Torture Ban Undermines Vow to Protect America

Stealth lessons on homosexuality: California public school districts teach, but don't tell parents


Fascist Global Economy Forming

Chrysler files for bankruptcy under Obama's guidance

Canada, US To Provide $15B To Chrysler During Bankruptcy

UAW Says It Won't Control Chrysler

Chrysler Motors On: Bankruptcy process won't halt operations

Key Chrysler car launches at risk

Citigroup may need $10 billion more


Israeli - Palestinian War

Police Bust Arab Terror Cell in Northern Israel

Palestinian Man Sentenced to Death for Selling Land to Israelis

Palestinian President to Meet Obama May 28

Israel bombs smuggling tunnels

Gaza militants fire mortar shells on Israel

Turkey Ends War Crimes Probe of Israel

Israel issues special stamps ahead of pope visit

Protest Letter: 'Israel Going Too Far for Pope'

Ethiopia Denies Coup Plot, Calls 40 Detainees 'Desperadoes'

Sri Lanka Army to Rebel Leader: Surrender or Die

Democratic Congresswoman Admits Obama Health Care Plan Will Destroy Private Health Insurance Industry

European Nations, Turkey Ignore UN Sanctions Against Iran

Doctors face orders to 'kill on demand': New assisted suicide law requires physicians to act

DNA databases prelude to return of eugenics?
Warning issued over 'full genomic scans' on babies


May 1, 2009


Vaccine Promised as U.S. Flu Cases Pass 100

Driver dies after attempted attack on Dutch royal family

Liberal-leaning Justice Souter to retire from Supreme Court

Gates: Persuasion better tactic against Iran's nuclear pursuits

How Obama's America Might Threaten Israel

Help for debt-laden consumers: Credit card reform legislation nears passage

After struggle, Chrysler succumbs to bankruptcy

Greenspan: Immigration reform will help U.S. economy


Swine Flu News

'Patient Zero' in Swine Flu Outbreak Identified as 5-Year-Old Mexican Boy

WHO Calls Emergency Meeting, Eyes Pandemic Level

WHO confirms 331 flu cases and 10 deaths

Mexico shuts down to control flu

Mexican health officials optimistic that flu outbreak has slowed down

WHO stops use of term "swine flu": Now calls it "influenza A (H1N1)"

Egypt's call to kill pigs amid flu scare ridiculed

Israel's Swine Flu Patients Fully Recover

World ready to tackle flu: Never in history was our world better prepared to face pandemic of any kind

As swine flu spreads, travel industry reels

Well, shut his mouth: Blabbering Joe Biden was a swine flu dope

Torture tape central to lawsuit against UAE sheikh

DVD Sale

Fascist Global Economy Forming

Obama confident bankruptcy will save Chrysler: Finalized partnership with Italian automaker Fiat SpA

Chrysler Needs ‘Three Near-Miracles’ to Rival Iacocca’s Rescue

Chrysler bankruptcy puts attention on GM

Reaction: Anger, but no panic: Chrysler workers still feel they are being made the scapegoat

Day 1 for new Chrysler is anything but ordinary

Fiat CEO eyes Opel deal after Chrysler alliance

Bill To Let Judges Rework Mortgages Fails In US Senate

Obama doesn't wield heavy stick on banks

U.S. Bank Stress Test Results Delayed

Sumitomo Mitsui to buy brokerage from Citigroup for $5.6 billion

U.S. Stock Index Futures Gain

Clinton: U.S. has no interest to offer aid to North Korea

Why did Pakistan launch operations against militants?

U.S. Sees Promising Shift in Pakistan's Fight With Taliban

Pakistan meets fierce Taliban resistance

Taliban holds town near capital hostage

Taliban abduct 10 paramilitaries in Pakistan north

British Navy specialists to stay in Basra

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel’s Peres says bombing Iran may not be the “best solution”

Israel warns EU against criticising new govt

Is Israel heading for clash with US?

On Remembrance Day, Netanyahu says Israel will defend itself

Israeli Arabs mourn on Independence Day

Specter's Switch and the GOP's Huge Disadvantage Among American Jews

Israel going all out to honor Pope’s upcoming visit to Israel. Some say it's going too far

Israel-Vatican Meeting: No Mt. Zion Deal

British airline apologizes for deleting Israel from map

Lebanon: Suspected Hariri Killers Freed - Four pro-Syrian generals went free

Poll: Minority of Catholics Oppose Notre Dame's Obama Invitation

Vatican Newspaper Pleasantly Surprised by Obama's First 100 Days

Beauty contestant Carrie Prejean's New Ad Against Same-Sex Marriage



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