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Wednesday, May 1 - 15, 2011

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What Saith Rome

Teachings from the Catechism


Meet the Staff

Weather Control

School Shootings

Understanding Clinton


Obama to open Alaska petroleum reserve to new drilling

'I am still alive,' Kadafi declares a day after NATO strike

Bin Laden out, Gaddafi next

At Reactor, Damage Worse Than Feared

Russia and China challenge NATO

Tea Party godfather Ron Paul running for president in GOP

Scientists Create Chip to Screen Water For Biological Pathogens

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8

"Pentagon's New Map Strategy Working!

Map of Africa and Middle East

Supernation #7 Forming


Pakistan Parliament Condemns US Raid

Inter-Services Intelligence chief calls US’ unjustified Osama raid “sting operation” against Pakistan

Pakistan’s inability to locate bin Laden is an “intelligence failure”

Three killed in US drone attack in Pakistan's North Waziristan district

Pakistan Tests Nuke-Ready Cruise Missile


'I am still alive,' Kadafi declares a day after NATO strike

Libya buries 11 dead Imams killed in NATO strike

With War Powers Act Deadline Looming, Libya Stalemate Continues

Qaddafi and NATO agree on need for negotiations, but on what terms?

US stops short of recognising Libya rebels


Anti-Government Protesters Wounded in Yemen

Yemen's Crisis Mounts Amid Protests, Killings

Yemeni opposition say GCC plan is 'dead'

Oil minister warns: Yemen 'on the brink' of economic collapse

Yemen Protesters Welcome Qatar's Withdrawal From GCC Mediation Effort


Iran vs. Saudi Arabia in Bahrain?

Mass firings in Bahrain crackdown

Bahrain: The black hole of Arab uprisings?

Bahraini women are paying dearly for expressing their views


Syrians continue to defy regime: Protestors not being intimidated

6 Killed in Syria's Anti-Government Protests

Troops Fire on Protesters in Syria, Yemen; 12 Die in Egypt

Jordan Protests: Rise of the Salafist Jihadist movement

Morocco and Jordan ask to join GCC

UN report says Iran is bypassing sanctions

Supernation #8 Forming

SPLM pulls out of 'rigged' vote in Sudan oil state

International Court reports Djibouti to Security Council for not arresting Sudan president

Crisis Group: Sudan at 'Tipping Point' Over Abyei Clashes

New Ivory Coast President: ‘No One is Above the Law’

Two Nigeria police 'killed by gunmen'

Briton and Italian Kidnapped in Northern Nigeria

Nigerian Army Raids Militant Camps in Southern Oil Region

Zimbabwe's political elite eyes control of foreign-owned mines

Supernation #9 Forming - ASEAN

Towards An ASEAN Vision Beyond 2015: Outcome Of Jakarta Summit

ASEAN Bloc Tackles Trade Obstacles

As the Garuda Welcomes the Dragon, The Asian Century Feels More Real

Israeli - Palestinian War

CFR's George Mitchell Resigns As Peace Negotiator

Abbas may step down if statehood achieved

Germany Won’t Recognize Unilateral Palestinian Statehood

Third Intifada Launched in Tahrir Square While US Peace Envoy Quits: Arab Viewpoint

Destroying Hamas is the Only Goal that Makes Sense

Israel May Rush Deployment of Advanced Antimissile System: Long-range and high-altitude Arrow 3

Safely under Israel’s protective Iron Dome: Designed to defend against short-range rockets that can travel up to 45 miles

Israelis, Palestinians Clash During Funeral for Youth

Thousands protest for Palestinian right of return

Turkey demands names of IDF soldiers involved in flotilla raid

Japan Nuclear Crisis: Worker At Damaged Power Plant Dies

Outlook for Medicare, Social Security worsens


2012 Election News

Republican Party News

Romney, Huntsman Show Mormons Gaining in Importance for 2012

Fast Fix: A Mormon President?

Utah politicians torn over Romney, Huntsman

Massachusetts Governor Patrick says Romney plays both sides on health care

Romney a hapless scapegoat for right’s anger

Huckabee decision coming Saturday

Huckabee: Obama will only get short-term benefit from bin Laden death

Democrat Party News

‘Obsessed’ bin Laden was plotting to assassinate Obama during 2012 US elections: NOTE: Propaganda Continues

Cooked AP polls, bin Laden won't help Obama in 2012

Obama 2012: 'Respect. Empower. Include. Win'


May 13, 2011

Bush didn’t want to get bin Laden

House Dems protest GOP's plans for permanent war against terror: Detainee Security Act

The Patriot Act Is at War with the Constitution

Interior drilling chief calls GOP oil bill a ‘suicide pact’

DARPA's Automated Video Surveillance Will End Public Anonymity

Some states want TSA airport screeners to ease up

Is this really a ‘Mormon moment’?

Covering Rome's holy gay scene

Cyberwarfare rules included in Defense bill

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8

"Pentagon's New Map Strategy Working!

Map of Africa and Middle East

Supernation #7 Forming

Qaeda warns US of bloodier jihadist struggle: Obama to address Muslim world


Britain condemns 'cowardly' Pakistan revenge attack for bin Laden's death: Double suicide bombing killed 80 at paramilitary police training centre

Pakistan: timeline of suicide bomb attacks 2007-2011

Sharif`s proposal: Pakistan to investigate attack on compound

Pakistani intelligence: friend or foe?


'Gaddafi arrest warrant to be issued soon': International Criminal Court

NATO boss sees role in ‘post-Kadhafi’ Libya

Libyan Rebel Leader Jibril: ‘Tripoli Is Boiling’

Libya: Obama Approves Covert Aid to Opposition

Libyan Rebel Delegation to Visit White House on Friday

NATO chief: Libya operation exposing technological gap within alliance


World powers push stalled Yemen transition plan

Qatar withdraws from Yemen mediation bid

Five Yemen soldiers killed in suspected Qaeda ambush

Yemen on verge of economic disaster: Minister


Bahrain medics claim confession under torture

Kuwaitis protest crackdown in Bahrain: ‘Kuwait will not send forces’

Tunisia sets up electoral body ahead of vote

Syrian troops 'will not shoot' protesters: At rallies expected after Friday prayers

Fearing Assad demise, Hezbollah may move assets

Saudi Arabia under siege

GCC Throws Economic Lifeline to Jordan, Morocco

Supernation #8 Forming

Uganda police and opposition supporters clash

48 Women Raped Every Hour in Congo: Establishment claim

Getting ready for the birth of a new country: South Sudan

South Sudan: Messy Divorce Or Amicable Split?

Right path for multi-party democracy in South Sudan

UN Team Holds Priority Talks With New Ivory Coast President

Israeli - Palestinian War

Who cares if Hamas recognises Israel?

Obama likely to give ME address ahead of PM’s speech

Israelis train to shoot down missiles as warfare focuses increasingly on home front defense

Israel police on high alert as 'Nakba' events begin

Israel opens its gates to the world, shuts them to Palestinians

Palestinians: Prepare for 3rd intifada

Italy won’t recognize PA gov't that doesn’t accept Israel

Egypt turmoil helping arms smuggling to Gaza-Israel

Facebook Hires PR Firm to Plant Negative News About Google

Facebook says no 'smear' campaign intended

Facebook’s Stealth Attack on Google Exposes Its Own Privacy Problem


2012 Election News

Republican Party News

Did Mitt Romney help his candidacy with yesterday’s speech?

Romney’s defense of Massachusetts health law may ease flip-flopper image

Romney: His health-care plan was unlike Obama's

In Mitt Romney's Defense Of Health Plan, Echoes Of Obama

Gingrich joins race to take on Obama

Democrat Party News

Obama's Latino Strategy Takes Shape

Obama jumping the gun on 2012 politicking

"Respect. Empower. Include. Win" is motto at Obama campaign

Osama, Obama and 2012

Obama Seen Stronger Against Terrorism Than Bush in Global Poll

Poll Reveals 90% Mistrust Bin Laden Assassination Story

Despite Approval Rating Spike, No Boost For Obama In 2012 Hypotheticals


Catholic Sex Abuse News

Covering Rome's holy gay scene

Top academic warns of Irish Catholic sex abuse scandal aftermath

US sex abuse victim sues Vatican for cover-up

Former Vancouver Catholic priest and sex criminal discovered working in Ottawa church

Eliminate Statutes of Limitation in Childhood Sexual Abuse Cases: A Litmus Test for the Vatican

Vatican’s reach helped by ‘temple police’ secret spies

The great government fire sale is on: Towns and cities with ravaged revenues are selling municipal treasures to pay the bills

Oil rises to near $100 as European economy grows

U.S. Transportation Secretary LaHood Says Amtrak Is ‘Very, Very Safe’ Amid Terror Threat


May 12, 2011

Navy researcher links toxins in war-zone dust to ailments: Depleted Uranium - in Iraq, Afghanistan and Kuwait

The 2012 Race: A Tale of Two Mormons - Growing acceptance of the Church of Latter-day Saints

What Mitt Romney’s health-care speech needs to say

Google wants to control your home

Your bank is profiling you!

Slumping oil, commodity prices halt stock rally: Oil below $100 / barrel

Federal Spychips To Hijack Your Phone

Obama to Renew Outreach to Middle East

Antibiotic-Resistant Staph Bacteria Is Found In U.S. Meat For The First Time

Southern US Cities Brace for Historic Flooding

Obama White House invitation to rapper who praised convicted killer of N.J. state trooper outrages police officials

Palin: White House's Decision to Invite Common Lacked 'Class and Decency and All That's Good About America'

Terror Worries Ride Rails : Propaganda preceding clampdown on rail road commuter traffic

Senator Schumer: Nation needs to increase rail security funding, make Amtrak more secure

Al-Qaida Warns of More Attacks

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8

"Pentagon's New Map Strategy Working!

Map of Africa and Middle East

Supernation #7 Forming


PM Cameron invites rebels to open formal office in London

Libyan Rebels Claim Control of Misrata Airport

Rockets Strike Libyan Capital

Geography thwarts Gaddafi on Libya's western front

Senator John Kerry seeks fund transfer to Libya opposition


19 Reported Killed in Anti-Government Protests in Syria

SYRIA: Videos show large student protest in Aleppo, the second largest city

Ban urges Syria to stop arrests, allow UN to assess situation

China calls on world not to interfere in Syria

Jordan voices supports for Syrian president


Bahrain military chief says Gulf reinforcements to remain after emergency rule lifted

In Bahrain, a candlelight vigil can land you in jail

Bahrain oil company fires almost 300 over anti-government protests


Iraqi leader hints at longer US role: PM Maliki says choice needs consensus

Iraq FM: US should leave by end of 2011

Iraqi lawmaker escapes assasination attempt

Navy researcher links toxins in war-zone dust to ailments: Depleted Uranium - in Iraq, Afghanistan and Kuwait


British PM Cameron: begin troop withdrawal from Afghanistan now

NATO, Afghan Operation Kills Girl, Policeman

US Drone Strike in Pakistan Kills 5 Militants

Yemeni forces kill 10, hurt hundreds

Supernation #8 Forming

Ugandan Opposition Leader Returns Home

Ugandan president sworn in as thousands welcome rival

UN Security Council Urges Somalia To Resolve Political Crisis

Zimbabwes's constitution reform program in disarray as president's party demands 2011 poll

Supernation #9 Forming - ASEAN

ASEAN Summit Highlights Economic Gains, Political Growing Pains

Burma Rocks Asean's Boat

'Geopolitics' and its new meaning in ASEAN

Thai Defence Minister to join ASEAN Defence Ministers' Meeting in Indonesia

ASEAN members agree on manpower management cooperation

Israeli - Palestinian War

Who Cares If Hamas Recognizes Israel?

Celebrating interdependence on Israel's Independence Day

Schwarzenegger: I love Israel

Center-right MEPs come out against new Gaza flotilla

Israel’s Security Elite Joins the Opposition

Israeli rights group says Israel exploiting Jordan Valley

Israel's Arab Spring Dilemma: Arab Viewpoint

Thousands Sleep Outside After Deadly Earthquakes in Spain

Italians evacuate Rome over 'big one' fears

Liberals in southern Arizona seek to form new state

In Texas schools, a picture's worth 1,000 calories: Smile, schoolchildren. You're on calorie camera


2012 Election News

The 2012 Race: A Tale of Two Mormons - Growing acceptance of the Church of Latter-day Saints

2012: Romney's jujitsu

GOP 2012 Field Taking Shape With Gingrich Bid

GOP Donors Practice Patience Before Committing To Candidates

President Obama way up over Mike Huckabee, Mitt Romney

Obama, Romney and Texas

Obama Gets Massive 13 Point Bounce From Contrived Bin Laden Raid



May 11, 2011

Activist: Syrian tanks shell homes

Senator John Kerry heads for Pakistan to soothe fury

British Police buy software to map suspects' digital movements

Navy Reverses Stance Allowing Gay Marriage

Amtrak Backs Schumer Proposal For “No Ride List”

Obama’s broken immigration promises

Kenya investigated Obama 'African birth'

NOTE: News continues after Rapture advertisement

Is The End Nigh? We'll Know Soon Enough - May 21, 2011

"Preacher Harold Camping Sets His Rapture Date of May 21, 2011"

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Rapture! Are Your Lamps Full of Oil?

"The Departure"

"God's Next Catastrophic Intervention Into Earth's History"

As the world races toward its momentous end-times encounter with God, cascading fulfillment of Bible Prophecy clearly points to the catching away of the saints -- an event popularly known as the Rapture of the Church. Specific circumstances, which were prophesied to occur in the days just before this Departure, would appear as signs of the nearing moment.

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Pastor Hoggard DVD

"Biblical Teachings About The Rapture"

At long last! Rapture teaching that is squarely based upon the Bible.

Did you know that the Rapture is not just New Testament doctrine, but is visible in the Old Testament?

Some say the Rapture is the first event on God's prophetic calendar, but do the Scriptures foretell that an extremely significant event will occur BEFORE the Rapture?

Finally, discover why God used the symbolism of a whirlwind when He translated the Prophet Elijah!

This study of the Rapture is the most interesting and decidedly unique you have ever seen Now you can Biblically answer critics of the glorious Rapture of the Christian Church -

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8

"Pentagon's New Map Strategy Working!

Map of Africa and Middle East

Supernation #7 Forming

Egypt's trial by fire: Arab leaders will be watching Hosni Mubarak's trial closely

Syrian tanks 'shell district of Homs'

Why Has the U.S. Been So Soft on Syria Assad?

UN chief calls for ceasefire in Libya

Schoolgirls targeted in Bahrain raids

GCC leaders urge Yemenis to sign reconciliation pact

Yemeni security forces fire on protesters; 2 dead

West ‘will not abandon Afghanistan’: British Commander

Iraqi PM seeks political support to keep US troops

Supernation #8 Forming

Uganda’s “Kill the Gays” Bill On Track for Passage

Ivory Coast: Pro-Gbagbo militia 'massacred civilians'

Lessons from Libya and Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast ports get back to business, but slowly

Nigeria’s Government Condemns CPC’s Justification of Post Elections Riots

Nigeria: Yuguda Sacks Cabinet

Nigeria's Central Banker Wants Spending Restrained

Zimbabwe: How to Turn 100 Trillion Dollars Into Five and Feel Good About It

Zimbabwe Constitutional Process Stalls

Supernation #9 Forming

ASEAN Summit Highlights Economic Gains, Political Growing Pains

Conflict and Controversy Overshadow Unity at ASEAN Summit

ASEAN summit fails to resolve Thai-Cambodia conflict

Indonesia Seeks Larger Role in ASEAN

Thai lawmaker shot, fueling election violence fear

More than 2,000 jailed by Bangladesh mutiny courts

Obama dismayed as India rejects $10 billion U.S. arms deal

22 quakes hit Italy, but none in Rome despite myth

Senate Dems seek to end tax breaks for Big Oil

China eases trade rules, allows US fund sales

Volkswagen to make electric cars in China

Takeover deals support sentiment in world markets

Greece to conduct bold sell-offs in return for aid

Oil Trades Near One-Week High as Mississippi Floods Counter China Concerns

Japan emperor visits nuclear evacuees

Japan nuclear power expansion plans abandoned: Renewables will become a key part of energy policy

Japan to Oversee TEPCO After Nuclear Crisis

Israeli - Palestinian War

Hamas accepts 1967 borders, but will never recognize Israel

Israel braces for 'Nakba Day'

World Jews Celebrate Israel’s Birthday

Two million Israelis hit the trails for Independence Day

Israel at 63: An ‘Export Superpower’

Glenn Beck Visits Temple Mount: “Israel is being set up”

EU Lawmakers Pledge to Violate Israeli Law, Join Gaza Flotilla

Why Should Israel Make Peace With Failed States?

Netanyahu waited too long to strike Iran: PM makes 'hollow threats'

Ex Mossad Chief: Israel Attacking Iran Would Be Absolute Stupidity

Memphis Spared Mississippi Flood Waters as Defenses Hold

Did Republicans Drink the Ryan Kool-Aid? Debate Settled

The Big Republican Budget Lie


2012 Election News

Defending Romneycare (Because Romney Won't Do It)

Romney's First Big 2012 Moment: A Health Care Speech

Romney shifts campaign into high gear

Will Mormon on Mormon, Hunstman v. Romney Primary Save the GOP from the Religious Right?

Conservatives' plea: Let's all support Pawlenty now

Sarah Palin still in third place in potential 2012 GOP match-up

Palin's Lack Of Expertise Slowly Dawns On Her Defenders



May 10, 2011

Reality Check: The President's Power To Execute Citizens

Internal Passport: Terror Alert Overload Leads To Call For “No Ride List”

Get Ready: The Last Pleasant Way To Travel Is About To Be Hell

Investigation: Search and Seizure - Family found out the hard way "what" federal officers are allowed to do

Cheney: Obama should reinstate waterboarding torture program

New High Tech Taser being used in Polk County, Florida

Florida Legislature Refuses to Limit Mercury in Vaccines

While Sunni Bahrain demolishes Shi'ite mosques, U.S. stays silent

US-Pakistan marriage on the rocks?

Poll Reveals 90% Mistrust Bin Laden Assassination Story

The Osama Deception: James Corbett breaks down the Osama raid hoax

Hasidic Jewish Newspaper Photoshops Hillary Clinton from Situation Room Photo

10 Facts That Prove The Bin Laden Fable Is a Contrived Hoax

Best iFixit teardown ever: FBI tracking bug

TSA agents patting down little baby in airport!

Four detained after videotaping Denver Iinternational Airport security checkpoint

Northrop secretly develops small spy plane in San Diego

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8

"Pentagon's New Map Strategy Working!

Map of Africa and Middle East

Supernation #7 Forming


NATO Bombs Tripoli, Combat Stirs Libyan East Front

Shortages in Tripoli, Misurata as Stalemate Drags On

With Help From NATO, Libyan Rebels Gain Ground

NATO whittles down Qaddafi's strength but displays European weakness

Who's in charge? Sorting out Libya's rebel armies

Labour peer Lord Ahmed on 'peace mission' to Gaddafi


Syria Proclaims It Now Has Upper Hand Over Uprising

Syria arrests hundreds more in crackdown on dissidents

Iran's Ahmadinejad says Syria needs no foreign intervention

U.S. ambassador warns Syria: stop aid to Hezbollah


Bahrain, a kingdom of ominous silence

As Bahrain’s Abuses Grow, U.S. Stays on Sidelines

Bahrain's King Announces End To 'State of National Safety' In June

Govt offices vandalised by saboteurs in Oman

Six killed in Yemen protests

Supernation #9 Forming

EU companies advised to use ASEAN as a production base

Rapid capital market development in ASEAN

ASEAN Transformation A Continuing Process

US may shift attention to Asia in security matters

Thailand, Cambodia Seek Roadmap To Withdraw Troops From Disputed Border

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel will be the great loser in a democratic Arab world

Arab League Chief: Hamas not a terror group

Egyptians making Israel nervous

Iran says talks to reestablish diplomatic ties with Egypt underway

Egyptians Plan March to Gaza: Anti Israel Actions

Obama sends Israel Independence Day greetings

Israel's leaders praise troops on Independence Day: Country's 63rd Independence Day

Israel Commits $1 Billion To Its "Iron Dome" Missile Defense System

France Adds Funds for Palestinian Authority Unity Gov't

Gaza flotilla scheduled for late June

Iran's Bushehr Nuke Plant in Action

Tea partiers issue warning to House 'RINOs': 'We're deeply disappointed ... Boehner has been a surrenderist'

Tea Party favorite breaks with GOP on healthcare repeal votes

Wait for doctors visit as long as 48 days in Massachusetts

Fight Over Obama Health-Care Law Reaches U.S. Appeals Court

Key arguments set on Washington takeover of your life: Affirmation of Obamacare means 'federal power is unlimited'

Bombshell: U.S. government questioned Obama citizenship

Stocks, U.S. Futures Rise; Greek Bonds Gain on Debt Optimism

Bernanke’s QE2 Averts Deflation, Spurs Rally, Expands Credit

Oil falls below $102

U.S. ‘Underwater’ Homeowners Rise to 28 Percent

Mississippi Flooding Threatens Crops, Oil Refineries and Homes


2012 Election News

2012: Raising Cain - Mitt Romney will speak at the Faith and Freedom Conference and Strategy Briefing on June 3 in DC.

Wealthier Republicans prefer Mitt Romney in 2012

Romney, Huntsman Show Mormons Gaining in Importance for 2012

Republicans Rule Out Tax Increases in Debate Over Debt Cap

Republicans still yearning for white knight

Tea partiers issue warning to House 'RINOs': 'We're deeply disappointed ... Boehner has been a surrenderist'

Don't count the Tea Party out of 2012


May 9, 2011

Osama Bin Laden Pronounced Dead…For the Ninth Time

Show us the shooter

US-Pakistan relations: Dead and buried?

Bin Laden Photo's Released: Why Does He Look Better Than He Did In 2001?

Summer war in the Middle East?

Japan's Chubu Agrees to Idle Nuclear Plant

Barak: We can't have it both ways with Palestinian unity

Ahmadinejad allies charged with sorcery

British protester to sue police over secret surveillance

U.S. Adds 244,000 Jobs in April, but Unemployment Rises

Obama Administration floats draft plan to tax cars by the mile


Bin Laden In The News

Osama Bin Laden Pronounced Dead…For the Ninth Time

Show us the shooter

Evidence at bin Laden’s home raises nuclear concerns

Desperately seeking the CIA's secret house

Bin Laden Hoax….The Rest Of The Story

Pakistan PM to address bin Laden debacle

Pakistani Media Reportedly Reveals CIA Chief


2012 Election News

Being Mormon: Does it matter in public eye?

Huntsman Touts Exceptionalism, And A Different Approach

Jon Huntsman Positions Himself As 2012's 'Cool' Candidate, Defends Obama Administration Role

Huntsman Kicks 2012 Campaign Into High Gear

Jon Huntsman - The Arrogant Media's Favorite Presidential Candidate

2 New Polls Show Romney Leading in New Hampshire

Indecision for the GOP's Deep-Pocketed Donors

Big-name candidates absent from first Republican debate

What if the 2012 Republican field is set?

Gay donors fuel Obama's 2012 campaign

Mass Arrests, Tear Gas, Sound Weapons used Against Western Illinois University Students

Is Your Cell Phone Violating Your Rights?

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8

"Pentagon's New Map Strategy Working!

'Least developed countries' pose the next big globalisation challenge

Map of Africa and Middle East

Supernation #7 Forming


NATO chief urges political solution as fighting rages in Libya

Inegma chief warns of consequences of NATO failure in Libya

Supplies running low in besieged Libyan rebel city

Libya Tribal Appeal to Rebels Falls Flat


The Battle for Syria: Making Sense of the Syrian Crisis

Unholy Alliance: How Syria is Bringing Israel, Iran, and Saudi Arabia Together

Syria blames 'armed gangs' for bus ambush

More deaths on Syria's 'day of defiance'


Yemen security forces fire on protesters again

Tunisian PM hints at election delay

Bahraini King Orders June Lifting of State of Emergency

Ruling Sunnis detain Shiite schoolgirls, teachers in Bahrain


Israeli - Palestinian War

Unholy Alliance: How Syria is Bringing Israel, Iran, and Saudi Arabia Together

Peres: Abbas still a peace partner with Israel

Israel and the Bin Laden assassination

The Jewish Palate: The miracle of Israel

Israel to invest $1 billion in Iron Dome anti-missile defense system

Israel's former spy chief says Iran strike would be 'stupid'

Israel's population reaches 7.7 million

Outgoing Arab League chief Moussa vows tough Israel policy if elected Egyptian president


May 7, 2011

Jordan to Soon Sever Ties with Israel

Taliban: Bin Laden's death reinvigorates war against U.S.

Obama Tells Bin Laden assault team: 'Job well done'

Why Obama should not have killed Osama or buried his body at sea: African viewpoint

Obama silences critics

Thai, Cambodian PMs agree to meet at ASEAN summit --- Nation #9

Syrian tanks enter coastal town in new crackdown

Residents brace for more flooding as Mississippi River swells

Memphis Residents Warned: Flee the Flood

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8

"Pentagon's New Map Strategy Working!

'Least developed countries' pose the next big globalisation challenge

Map of Africa and Middle East

Supernation #7 Forming


U.K., France vow to increase pressure on Qadhafi

Gaddafi forces, rebels clash near Tunisia border

Libya rebels want Qadhafi ‘propaganda’ TV silenced

Obstacles Loom on Path to Funding Libyans

Libyan rebels reject Turkey's revised road map


Taliban gunmen attack government buildings in key southern city in Afghanistan

Taliban claim responsibility for all-out Kandahar assault on government buildings

Afghan Taliban Launches Coordinated Attacks in Kandahar

Advantage Taliban?

Suicide Bomber rams Iraq police station, kills 20

Iraqis Protest outside MKO's Training Camp in Iraq - anti-Iran terrorist Camp Ashraf, called for the expulsion of the terrorist group

Six dead in attack on Iraq foreign exchange shops

Why Kirkuk is so important to Kurds and Kurdistan


Gunmen kill eight people at Pakistan cricket match

Prove your commitment, show concrete actions, U.S. tells Pakistan

ISI chief on ‘critical’ U.S. mission to explain Pakistani position on death of bin Laden


Now bin Laden's dead, does that make Yemen the key al Qaeda hub?

'Qaeda' cleric Awlaqi escapes Yemen drone attack

Yemen's President Saleh vows to resist 'outlaw' protesters

Concerns About Food Security Grow In Yemen Amid Escalating Protests

In Syria and Yemen tens of thousands of people hold rallies for democratic rights

Syrian Forces Re-Enter City of Banias

Supernation #8 Forming

One in three Africans is now middle class

Ivory Coast's Ouattara sworn in as new President at tense ceremony

Ivory Coast Banks Face Money Issues as Branches Stay Closed

Randgold Optimistic on Ivory Coast Prospects

Will bandages mend broken ties in the Democratic Republic of the Congo?

16 killed in Christian village in northern Nigeria

Nigeria's Christians fear backlash after bin Laden's death

U.N. warns about standoff in oil-rich Sudan region: North/South governments gearing up for permanent separation in July

Uganda protests 'only the beginning,' leader says

Protection fees, stolen ammo extend Somalia's war

Five more feared dead in Turkana as Kenya protests to Ethiopia

Supernation #9 Forming

ASEAN Summit Opens in Indonesia : 7-8 May 2011

ASEAN Can Shape Global Developments

Southeast Asian Countries Promise Integration at Asean Summit

Asean+3 Studying Possible Common Currency For Region

Philipine Government calls for peace, stability, and economic competitiveness in ASEAN meeting

Thai-Cambodian border conflict clouds ASEAN summit

Indonesia Trade Minister Wants EU Expertise For Certification In Asean

Vietnam Signs Pact For $1.38 Billion Loans From Asian Development Bank

Israeli - Palestinian War

Hamas signed unity pact from position of weakness: Minister Ya'alon

Hamas Leader Nods to New Partners

Prominent Israelis Criticize Netanyahu

Clinton refuses to rule out talks with PA unity government

Netanyahu: Sarkozy Wants PA to Recognize Israel as Jewish

Protest at Cairo embassy calls for intifada against Israel

Jordan's Abdullah II Backs Fatah-Hamas Unity Deal

Jordan to Soon Sever Ties with Israel

Qatar offering Israel gas "for an unlimited period of time and below market prices"


2012 Election News

2012 GOP Rivals Slam Obama In First Debate

Analyzing the 2012 GOP Field – Palin, Trump, Romney, Huckabee on top

When it comes to Romney, Pawlenty still using kid gloves

Waiting for Mitch Daniels

Democrat Party

Bin Laden Death Bolsters Obama, Highlights 2012 GOP Field's Scant Foreign Policy Experience

Largest US labor union poised to back Obama 2012: National Education Association

Jobs Crisis a Trap for Obama in 2012

Time to hold Obama accountable in 2012

Obama’s 2012 Bid Depends on GOP Platform: If the 2012 election is about domestic issues, Obama loses. If it is about foreign affairs, Obama will win

Republican leaders blast disclosure order as 'blatant' assault on free speech


Catholic Sex Abuse News

Ottawa priest served jail time for abusing young girls

Roman Catholic Diocese of La Crosse wants sex abuse case dismissed

Sex abuse claims bankrupt Catholic order

Breaking “The Silence” of Catholic Sex Abuse in Alaska Villages

Cleats for sex offer alleged: Archbishop John Carroll Catholic High School athletic director

Roman Catholic Bishop Raymond Lahey pleads guilty to child-porn charge

Powerful new legal tool for clergy sex abuse victims

Thousands rally in Japan against nuclear power


May 6, 2011

Jordan to Soon Sever Ties with Israel

Frontline Taliban promise revenge attacks after bin Laden

'Deathers' take over where 'birthers' left off

White House alters narrative of bin Laden raid

ASEAN Summit To Begin: Nation #9

U.S. oil dips below $97 barrel

Obama visits Ground Zero to honor 9/11 victims

Workers Enter Fukushima Nuclear Reactor For 1st Time Since Crisis

Brazil’s high court orders same-sex civil unions recognized

Pakistan threatens U.S. to end cooperation if more unilateral attack like the killing of Osama bin Laden

Bin Laden killing highlights perils deep inside Pakistan

Feds Issue Terror Advisory Based on Info Allegedly Found at Osama’s House

Obama reserves right to act again in Pakistan

What Is The Agenda Behind The Bin Laden Fable? Government’s bin Laden story was so poorly crafted that it did not last 48 hours before being fundamentally altered

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8

Map of Africa and Middle East

Supernation #7 Forming

Arab summit postponed to March 2012


Israel, Iran on Guard in Case Syria Falls

Is This the End of the Assad Dynasty?

Clinton Urges World Reaction to Syria's 'Brutal' Crackdown

Syrian forces prepare for 'day of defiance'

Syria: Revolution on campus?

Iran Charges: U.S. plots to divide Syrians


NATO discusses ground operation, Libya promises hell

Opposition outline post-Gaddafi 'road map'

Rome Libya talks end with unity show, but limited progress on key issues

France expels 14 Libyan diplomats loyal to Gadhafi

Migrants risk lives to reach, escape Libya

Men search shattered Libyan city for unburied dead

686,000 Libya refugees flee to Egypt, Tunisia

US Seeks to Unlock Frozen Assets for Libyan Rebels


President Saleh refuses to sign exit deal

GCC-backed Yemen deal 'postponed'

Yemeni opposition rejects Saleh stance on handover


Bahrain On The Brink

Iraq: The Age Of The Assassin

Iran Has Another Warship

Supernation #8 Forming -- Tropical Africa

Ivory Coast: Bloody Peace

Ivory Coast New President Swearing In Friday

Travelling down Ivory Coast's "road of death"

Ivory Coast: Cocoa Price Set to Fall


Gabon seeks to try 'false president' for treason

Bin Laden's death provokes caution over French hostages in Niger

Canada frustrated by Niger during search for kidnapped diplomats Fowler and Guay

Nigeria's Ruling Party Still Strong in Oil-Rich Niger Delta

If Guinea can pull off free and fair elections this weekend ...

25 Killed In Ethnic Violence in Guinea

US Sees Dangerous Standoff in Sudan’s Border Region

Rwandan Genocide Suspect Arrested in Norway

Zimbabwe: Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake

Zimbabwe Unity Gov't, Election Talks Resume in Cape Town, South Africa

Supernation #9 Forming - ASEAN

ASEAN integration process

Process Needed to Decide Myanmar's Chair of ASEAN by 2014

ASEAN adrift in Thai-Cambodian conflict

Thai FM to Discuss Border Row with Cambodia at ASEAN Summit

Thai PM to Request King to Dissolve Parliament

ASEAN, WHO gear up for region-wide dengue action

Thailand's Exhibitions Industry opens the door to ASEAN business opportunities

Israeli - Palestinian War

Egypt's new diplomacy worries Washington

Netanyahu's Israel is fleeing the peace it once pursued

Hamas must reform if US to talk with Palestinian gov’t: Hillary Clinton

Worldwide just-peace action on Israel and Palestine announced

Israel’s PM Wraps Up Talks in Europe on Peace Process

Garmany's Merkel calls for quick restart of Middle East peace process

Republicans discuss Israel in 1st debate

Commentary: Why retraction of the Goldstone Report is important

New Israeli ID cards to commemorate Holocaust dead

Israel moving forward with sixth German submarine: Nuclear cruise missile capable


2012 Election News

Romney has commanding lead in new 2012 N.H. poll

N.H. - Scammans back Romney; Obama sheds 'Jimmy Carter' label

2012: Romney debates debating

Huntsman edges closer to 2012 White House run

Obama adviser skeptical of Huntsman candidacy

Does Jon Huntsman Stand A Snowball's Chance In Hell?

What to watch for in the GOP 2012 presidential debate: Held in Greenville, S.C.

Liberals and David Koch Agree: Trump's Presidential Bid Is a Stunt

Obama's Teleprompter Coach Earns $100,000 - Outsider hired for Obama speeches

Big Brother Gov’t Seeks to Tax and Track All Drivers



May 5, 2011

Britain's PM Cameron Warns Israel: Join talks or I may support Palestinian independence declaration

Clinton calls on Gadhafi to 'leave power'

Obama rejects releasing bin Laden death photo

Fears bin Laden killing may spark reprisals

Police State Expands On Bin Laden Death Hype

Workers enter Japan's stricken nuclear reactor building

Israel's PM Netanyahu rejects Palestinian unity deal

Israeli Defense Minister Barak: Iran won't use nuclear bomb against Israel

Apple corrects location tracking 'bug'

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8

Map of Africa and Middle East

Supernation #7 Forming


International Criminal Court To Charge Three With War Crimes In Libya

Italy hosts Libya coalition talks

Rome: International group discusses funding for rebels

Foreign medics face siege in Libyan town

Qaddafi’s Forces Bombard Rebel Cities as Allies Seek Next Steps

NATO fighter jets continue bombing of Tripoli

Turkey Urges Gadhafi To Leave Libya


Eight Years, One New President Later, Mission Still Not Accomplished in Iraq

What was Really Accomplished with the War in Iraq?

21 Policemen killed in Iraq suicide bombing

Pakistan's Musharraf argued against ‘premature' withdrawal of U.S. troops in Iraq

Boehner says small US military force should remain in Iraq beyond end of year


Syrian troops 'begin withdrawal' from Deraa

Syria: Raid in Damascus suburb as crackdown defied

Pakistanis have been shocked into silence by the killing of Osama Bin Laden

Get out of Iraq, and get Afghanistan right: Former Indian High Commissioner in Pakistan told U.S. counter-terrorism official

Yemeni officials say suspected US drone missile attack kills 2 al-Qaida militants in south province

Stifling Yemen's Revolution

Yemen's Qaeda vows to avenge bin Laden

UN rights chief slams Bahrain military trials

Bahrain: Arbitrary Arrests Escalate

Bahrain limping back to normal after unrest

GM's Q1 profit to more than double

Oil hovers above $109 in Asia as traders eye signs US economic growth slowing

Forget About Wind & Solar – Natural Gas Is Our Energy Future: Policy Expert

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israeli Defense Minister Barak: Iran won't use nuclear bomb against Israel

Britain's PM Cameron Warns Israel: Join talks or I may support Palestinian independence declaration

French President Sarkozy to seek recognition of Palestinian state if peace talks don’t restart by September

Shin Bet Intelligence Director Diskin Plays Down PA Unity, Unilateral Moves

Hamas and Fatah may have reunited, but their work is just beginning

Jerusalem's mayor says the holy city cannot be divided and will stay Israeli

Killing Terror Leaders: Israel's Experience

White House alters narrative of bin Laden raid: Factual errors over bin Laden operation forces White House to double back and fix their story


2012 Election News

Huckabee, Huntsman Edge Closer to Entering the 2012 Race

GOP Hopefuls Get Ready to Rumble in First 2012 Presidential Debate

Marquee 2012 Republicans skipping Thursday's S.C debate

Poll shows bad signs for Trump, Palin, other potential 2012 GOP candidates: Romney emerged as the leading candidate among them all

Poll: Mitt Romney tops the field in New Hampshire

Romney the choice for GOP in 2012

Does Osama bin Laden's death make President Obama invincible?


May 4, 2011

Palestinian leaders in Cairo for unity deal

Israel’s increasing vulnerability: CFR's John Bolton

Osama bin Laden killing gives Obama quick but limited ratings boost

Israel Ponders Obama-Style Assassin Missions

Can you spell "cover-up"? Osama Bin Laden Has Been (Quickly) Buried At Sea

Fears General Petraeus will 'militarise' CIA

U.S. leverage to crimp Iranian oil exports fades

Indiana sets stage for clash with Obama administration over abortion


Terrorism Key To Imposing Dictatorship

CIA Employs Theatrics to Heighten Drama in Osama Murder Photo Release

Obama Drew Big TV Crowd

Forget Pakistan, US Knew Bin Laden’s Location All Along: And let him escape everytime

Widely distributed death photo of Osama bin Laden is fake

White House holds off on releasing Osama bin Laden death photos

C.Edge Archives: "Did US Intelligence 'Resurrect A Dead Terrorist So They Could Claim A 'Major Victory'?

Bin Laden Raid Revives Debate on Value of Torture

Dalai Lama suggests Osama bin Laden's death was justified

New York City Tightens Security After bin Laden Death

Israeli - Palestinian War

Abbas Aide: Hamas doesn't have to recognize Israel

Zahar: Hamas will never recognize Israel

Minister Edelstein Charges: Arab MKs are in favor of Israel's destruction

Egypt forms committee to help implement Palestinian deal

Israel Keeps Eye on Rising Egyptian Threat

Fayyad Tells Europeans Israel Should Release Withheld PA Money

IDF General Galant: ME revolutions not a positive development for Israel

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8

Map of Africa and Middle East

Supernation #7 Forming


Turks Plan to Unveil in Rome Cease-Fire Plan to End Libya Strife

Rome meeting seeks to plan Libya's transition: A political transition plan to be implemented after the departure or ousting of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddaf

Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court to report findings in Libya war crimes probe

Libya Intervention Not Aimed at Killing Qaddafi: France

UN: Libyan refugee crisis worsening

Doubt cast on Gaddafi son death claim


GCC awaits Saleh signal from President Saleh to revive Yemen plan

Russian Delegation Attempts Intervention in Yemen Crisis

Yemen women rally in support of President Saleh


Bahrain arrests doctors, nurses: Medical personnel to be tried after treating protesters

U.S. "on track" to withdraw from Afghanistan: White House

6 militants killed, 10 civilians injured in Afghanistan

Syria Widens Crackdown, Arresting Hundreds

Leaders of Libya, Syria, Yemen, Bahrain criticized as 'press predators'

Oman to decentralise power, implement reforms

Supernation #8 Forming

Nigerian parliament to check political violence

Nigeria's Access Bank remodels Ivory Coast business

Fighting erupts in Ivory Coast over last pocket of resistance

North, south Sudan forces clash in Abyei

Mozambican president invited to independence celebrations of southern Sudan

Oil-Rich Sudan State of Southern Kordofan Votes Amid Violence

South Sudan Renegade Gabriel Tanginye under house arrest

Supernation #9 - ASEAN - Forming

Asean+3 Studying Possible Common Currency For Region

ASEAN begins accepting rule of law despite conflicts

Indonesia actively preparing for the 18th ASEAN summit

Japan's Noda: Want Next ASEAN+3 Deputies Meet In Quake-Hit Sendai

Activists criticize ASEAN’s industrial, nuclear ambitions

Central bankers to join ASEAN-plus-3 from next year

Thai-Cambodian border clash an ‘embarrassment for ASEAN’

Thai troops station at Thai-Cambodia border: Thai Army chief


World population expected to reach 10.1 billion in 2100

Harper's Conservatives win first majority government in Canada

Oil prices stable, close to $124

Chrysler April sale jumps 22% on strong truck, car sales

U.S. planned layoffs ease in April

Mortgage applications rose last week

Bush declines Obama invitation to attend an observance at Ground Zero



May 3, 2011

Hamas to honor truce with Israel in new government

Global Press Freedom at Lowest Level in More Than Decade

Libyan Rebel: Osama bin Laden's death won't stop jihadist flow

Iran: Foreign troops should leave region after Bin Laden's death

Japan's nuclear energy debate: Some see spur for a renewable revolution

Police State Gone Wild

Iran says Israeli jets preparing to strike

Is Wall Street Ripe For Profit Taking?

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8

Map of Africa and Middle East

Supernation #7 Forming


After Bin Laden's Death, Libyans Press For Gaddafi Assassination

Libyan mourners bury 'Gaddafi's son'

Bulgaria's Libya Embassy Evacuated to Tunisian Resort

Turkey Closes Embassy In Libyan Capital

Libyan opposition rejects Gaddafi truce offer


Protests spread in Yemen after president balks at signing deal to end spiraling crisis

UAE president, GCC chief meet on Yemen's crisis

One Dead in Yemen; GCC Deal Unravels

Yemen Jews rally in support of President Saleh


Red Cross Presses for Access to Syria Victims

Syria demands that protesters surrender

Rights Group: Syria arrested 1,000 since Saturday

Hamas Refuses to Take Sides in Syria

Iran FM condemns outsiders' meddling in Syria

Syrian regime could fall but what would it mean?


NATO Airstrike Kills 5 Afghan Security Guards

Bahrain arrests 2 former Shiite MPs

Bahrain's only opposition daily to be shut down

U.S. Construction Spending Rises More Than Expected In March

ISM Manufacturing Index Indicates Modestly Slower Growth In April

Chrysler Reports First Quarterly Profit Since Emerging From Bankruptcy

Deadly Tornado Strikes New Zealand's Largest City

Japan suspects radiation leak from fuel rods at plant in Fukui prefecture



May 2, 2011


Government Finally Declares Bin Laden Dead

Osama bin Laden reportedly dead

Body of bin Laden buried at sea: U.S. media

Across New York City, joy that 'Obama got Osama'

With bin Laden's Death, a Triumph for Obama

How markets around world are reacting to Osama bin Laden news

Moscow welcomes U.S. achievements in fighting terrorism

Egypt's al-Zawahri likely to succeed bin Laden

Bin Laden's death site open to media soon

Osama Bin Laden's Death Key Topic on Internet

US Stocks set for higher open after death of Osama bin Laden

White House briefing on Bin Laden death

RFK assassin claims woman in polka-dot dress controlled his mind

Public Approval of Congress Just 9%

Libya: NATO's dirty war - Stike reportedly killed one of Gaddafi's sons and three of his grandchildren

Netanyahu, Peres stress Iranian threat at Holocaust memorial ceremony

Marine Prepare For Implementation of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"


Pope John Paul II Has Been Beatified

On May 1, Beltaine - 2nd Most Sacred Day On Satanic Calendar

Pope John Paul II's beatification moves him closer to sainthood

Politics of saint-making

Pope Vies With Prince for Public Eye

Joyous Catholics celebrate beatification of John Paul II: "To whom miracles have been attributed"

OMG! Touched by Blessed JP II: "Late Pope’s beatification yesterday gave us Filipino Catholics one more ally in heaven"

Sex Abuse Issues

Fast-Track Saint: Persistent questions about John Paul’s handling of the sexual-abuse crisis

The Shame of John Paul II: How the Sex Abuse Scandal Stained His Papacy

Clergy sex abuse survivor says no sainthood for Pope John Paul II

Sex Abuse Lawsuit against Vatican will be long and hard battle

Archived Headline News Articles

Pope John Paul II Received A Mark In His Forehead By Pagan Shiva Priestess -- Part I -- Part II

Pope John Paul Carries Catholic Symbol of Antichrist Into Israel On March 21, 2000

Pope John Paul II -- 25 Years of Continuing The Tradition of the Pagan Sun God

Pope John Paul II - Spiritual and Political Legacy -- Part 1 -- Current Evidences of Paganism In His Death, Burial - Revised April 6, 2005

How Many Mourners In St. Peter's Basciliaca For The Pope's Funeral Realized They Were Milling On and Around The World's Largest Symbol of the "Great Sex Act"?

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8

Map of Africa and Middle East

Supernation #7 Forming

Regional armies on alert as Libya crisis deepens


Libya: NATO's dirty war - Stike reportedly killed one of Gaddafi's sons and three of his grandchildren

Strike on Libya came after West intercepted high-level communications

NATO Charges: Gadhafi Forces Mining Misrata Port

Lingering stalemate bodes ill for Libya crisis

UN Humanitarian spokeswoman says UN staff is leaving Tripoli



GCC chief to renew Yemen's power-transition mediation: After Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh refused to sign a deal

Blackouts hit Yemen after armed tribesmen attack key power station

Suspected Qaida gunmen kill 3 soldiers in southeast Yemen

Defiant Al-Qaeda suspects go on trial in Yemen


Muslim Brotherhood will run for half of Egypt's parliament

Syrian army kills ten "terrorists", arrests 499

Syrian military intensifies its assault on besieged city

Army helicopter feared shot down in north Pakistan

Supernation #8 Forming

Tankers could be used for terror attacks: Somali Prime Minister

Uganda: Interior ministers clash over violent Besigye arrest

Ivory Coast's former President Gbagbo urges security, economic revival

IMF: Funding For Ivory Coast Possible, But Only After Recovery Plan

Twists, Turns Of Nigeria's Gubernatorial Elections

Al-Qaeda suspects planned bomb attack in Germany: authorities

Chrysler to repay $7 billion loans from the US and Canadian governments by the end of June

Microsoft quarterly revenue and earnings results beat estimates

Israeli - Palestinian War

Is Israel facing legal peril? If Palestinian State is recognized by U.N

Palestinian reconciliation may lead to Israel's Palestinian separation

Palestinians: Our freedom is now closer

Israel: bin Laden killing triumph for democracies

Billionaire Mubarak made fortune in arms deals with Israel

Seattle: Anti-Israel billboard ads to be removed

Hamas' Mashaal visited Turkey in 2006 at Israel's behest

Turkey warns Israel against repeating 'flotilla mistake'


2012 Election News

Huntsman and Romney on a collision course: Both from influential Mormon families

Fox News Poll: Romney, Huckabee Top GOP 2012 Contenders

Romney Quiet, Waits for His Moment

Mitt Romney Makes 'Hang' Obama Gaffe During Unofficial 2012 Debut

How Governor Haley Barbour's withdrawal shakes up 2012

Republicans Are Pursuing a Wider Field for 2012 Race

U.S. Economy Gives Obama’s Potential Rivals Opening With Voters


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