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We have culled these pertinent stories from many sources to keep you updated on the Daily News events pertinent to the coming New World Order. Truly, once you know the Plan to establish the Kingdom of Antichrist, you will never look at the news the same way again. For A Cutting Edge Analysis and Recap Of Current Events Being Reported In The News Visit our Headline News Area

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June 30, 2002

Teens Who Read Harry Potter More Interested In The Occult

Complete Coverage of Harry Potter Books, Movie

Koreas Blame Each Other In Naval Clash

U.S. Condemns Korean Clash

Britain's Nuclear Waste "Close To Exploding"

Anthrax Probe Focuses on Scientists

Pentagon To Resume Anthrax Vaccinations

India Seeking Israeli Aid To Bolster Air Power

Daschle Attacks Bush Policies: Most Political President In History?

Accumulating Bad News Might Reach Critical Mass For Bush - GOP

Huge WorldCom Layoffs Spark Bitterness

Bush Urges New Laws To Restore Investor Confidence: New laws always a threat to liberty

Congress Takes Further Action To Support Pledge

Six Stepped Into Loss of Sovereignty

Crowd Recites Pledge At Supreme Court

Comedian Red Skelton Predicted Pledge Battle in 1969 -- [Warning, loads slowly]

87% of Americans Support "In God" In Pledge

AARP Supports Republican Prescription Plan

Gay Catholic Priests Under New Scrutiny

Sex Abuse By Catholic Clergy Traced Back to 1710!

NY Grand Jury Accuses Archdiocese of Covering Up Abuse, Humiliating and Smearing Victims

Pope Will Not Retire

Postage Fees Increase Today: 3rd Increase In 4 Years

Going E-Postal Over Rate Increases

Smart Stamps Proposed To Fight Terrorism


New FBI Alert Warns of Vague Threat On July 4

U.S., Israel Discuss Joint Terror Office

Hizbollah - Al Qaeda Joining Forces

Aides of Britain's Prime Minister Blair Criticize U.S. "Bungling" Of Afghan Terror War

Pakistan Sends 3,000 Troops To Comb Afghan Border Area For Al Qaeda

Palestinian Mother Anguishes Over Loss of Son To Suicide Bombing: Says terrorist commander bullied him

Supreme Court Justices Shifting Alliances

IDF Ends Search For 15 Militants In Hebron HQ

Defense Minister Orders 10 Settlements To Be Uprooted: Dovish Minister Strikes At Conservative Jewish Settlers

"Purely Political Move"?

Palestinian "Baby Picture" Stirs Anger: Confirmed Authentic

Train Bombing Injures Four: Court Slaps Gag Order

Open Letter To Bush: Democratic Jordan The Answer To Palestinian State!!

The Strange Link Between WorldCom and The Oslo Peace Accords

Israel May Deport Families Of Suicide Bombers

33% Of Europeans Anti-Semitic

Man Arrested In Arizona Wild Fire

Public Funds For Saving Homes Debated: Ultimate goal is to not allow human habitation in the West

British Government Forcing Debate Over National ID Card: Deliberately forcing Six Step Debate

More Public School Horror: Teachers Required To Spot Home "Abuse" of Pupils: Teachers with no Christian values will be scrutinizing Christian parents

Schools Conspire Against Boys: Educator

New Aussie Law May Allow Gay Marriages

Bacteria Recruited To Fight Tooth Decay

Blowing The Whistle On "Dirty Bomb" Scares

Perpetual War A Real Threat To U.S. Power




June 29, 2002

Cooking The Books In This Economy

Xerox Admits To Cooking Its Books - $2 Billon Dollar Hole Hidden Until Now

Apple Executives Stock Sales To Be Studied

Angry Bush To Give Speech On Corporate Reforms

Gore Blames Bush For Rash of Corporate Scandals: Must be running for President

Martha Dealing: Will Talk If Given Immunity

WorldCom's Troubles To Widen Beyond $3.8 Billion Original Estimate

Stocks In Deepest Slide In 30 Years

Cheney Warns of Pre-Emptive Anti-Terror Strikes: "Minority Report" Foreign Policy

General Quits Over Iraq Attack Plans

North-South Korean Vessels Trade Fire

GOP To Use Pledge Ruling As Campaign Issue

Analysis of Pledge Ruling

Minister's Sermon Prompted 1954 Inclusion of "God" In Pledge of Allegiance

Bush To Transfer Power To Cheney During Colonoscopy Procedure

7.3 Quake Rocks China, Russia Area

U.S. Teen Appeals Sentence For Having Sex Outside Marriage

New Aqua Satellite Sends Back Stunning Earth Images: Only Creator God Could Produce This Beauty and Complexity

Lying About Global Warming

G-8 To Become Global Government?

Cashless Society "Inevitable: - Will Be Boon to Global Taxation

Friend, Confidant Father Abused Boys For 20 Years

Trail of Sex Abuse By Priests Goes Back to 1710

Boy Scout Leader, Father, Arrested On Molestation Charges

Gay Benefit Plan Introduced

Women Planning To Be Ordained As Catholic Priests: Rome may immediately excommunicate them

25% Of Anglican Clergy May Resign Over Women Bishops

Mid-East Beat Goes On

Palestinian Suicide Baby Picture Authentic, But A Joke

Mid-East: Propaganda War of Images

IDF Blows Up Palestinian Offices In Hebron

Times of Trial For Egyptian - Israeli Peace

Schoolbooks Fan Fires of Hatred Toward Jews

Palestinian Sesame Street Show Teaches Hate

Sharon Angry With Dovish Defence Minister

Palestinian Support For Suicide Bombers

Powell Aims To Freeze Arafat Out of Talks

Muslim World Rallies To Arafat: Possible Replacement For Arafat

U.S. Resumes Anthrax Vaccination Plan

Street Lighting Beats Cameras In Cutting Crime

Britain Has 40,000 Cameras, But They Are Not Effective In Cutting Crime

The Dirty Low Down On Weapons of Mass Destruction Scare

U.S. Needs Osama bin Laden Alive

Finally, Britain May Vaccinate Herds

Drugs Said To Flow Through CIA



June 28, 2002

Breaking News

Xerox Admits To Cooking Its Books - $2 Billon Dollar Hole Hidden Until Now

Bush Refusing To Rule Out Military Action to Oust Arafat

Rudy Giuliani Gives National ID Card His Approval

Palestinian Baby Suicide Bomer: "All they who hate Me love and court death" - Proverbs 8:36b

Israel Steps Up Hebron Seige

Britain's Blair Splits With Bush on Arafat

Israel To Uproot 20 Illegal Settlements

Israeli Citizen Spied For Hezbollah Terrorists: More

Lebanon: Next Flashpoint?

Muslim Leaders Tacitly Rebuff Bush

Private Ambulance Stolen, Possibly To Use In Terrorist Attack

Iraq Steps Up Attacks On Coalition Planes

Arab Leaders Ignoring Arafat: G8 Vision

Mossad Warns of Iran Missile Threat To U.S., Europe

Novel Peace Plan Two-Step: Crushing Military Defeat For Palestinians, Then Peace -- Analysis

Full-Body Scan X-Rays Controversy Erupts

Antichrist Sign To Be Taken Down: Pope cannot be Antichrist, but is False Prophet

Supreme Court Backs School Vouchers

Justices Allow Random Drug Tests

Payoffs To Judges Is Our Largest Corruption

D.C. Firefighters Forced To Fight Fire With Garden Hoses!

G.O.P Prescription Bill Passes

World Court Trouble: U.S. Seeking Immunity For Troops

Firefighers Hold Back Wildfire Blaze

Smoking Bans Temporarily Set Aside

Vatican Bans Smoking

Deadly Hypocrisy On Supreme Court

America Continues To Throw God Out

Pledge of Allegiance Debate Spotlights Civil Liberties

Pledge Ruling Vigorously Attacked! Analysis

Judge Issues Temporary Stay On Ruling

Nation Rallies Around Pledge

Library Excludes Religious Meetings

House Narrowly Passes Debt Limit Increase

General Motors Share Value Falls Amidst Rumors of "Accounting Problems"

Clear Channel Communications Says It Has No Accounting Irregularities

Martha Stewart Calls Cops For Protection: Martha's Trading Reveals Insider Deals

In Accounting Scandal, Where's Bush? Bush Asks Corporations to Clean Up Their Act

House Issues Subpoenas For WorldCom Execs

U.N. Predicts Chinese AIDS Epidemic

Terrorist War Updates

Can Terrorists Use Underground Drainage Tunnels Under Cities?

FBI Now Knocking On Doors Of Indian Activists

Major Explosion in Afghanistan: Al Qaeda Blamed

Major Battle Underway In Philippines

Bush Military Anti-Terror Adviser Resigns

CIA Chief Calls For "Security Safety Net"

Pre-emptive Expulsion Of Iranian Diplomatic Personnel

Biological Warfare Experts Questioned In Anthrax Probe

Pentagon Defense Facilities To Disperse

Complete Coverage of Current Stories

Border Clash Raises Stakes For Pakistan

CIA Turns To Private Satellites For Data

Magnetic Wood Stops Cell Phone Use

Charity Begins At Home; Big Charities Blasted

June 27, 2002

Six-Stepped Into Loss of Sovereignty

Pledge of Allegiance Declared Illegal - More

Politicians of Both Parties Stunned

Time to React! Remove your child from Public Schools

Thank You, 9th Circuit Court, For This Ruling

Gay Agenda Exposed! Targeting your children

Gay Tennis Star Slams U.S., Our Values

Amtrak, Bush Administration Reach Accord

Bush Not Acting To Give Our Troops More Training To Raise Minimum Readiness Levels

Chinese Fighter Buzzing U.S. Spy Planes Again

Middle East Morass

"Arabs Addicted To Illusions" - Libyan Leader

Bush Threatens To Withhold Arafat Funds

P.A. Issues "100-Day Reform" Plan - Coronation of Arafat

Israeli Immigrant Charged With Spying

What Did Bush Mean?

Bush Plan Increases Rift With Saudis

Bush Does About-Face: Opposes labeling Syria as Terrorist State

Jewish Hatred Out of the Mouth of a 3-Year-Old Girl Reveals Systemic Hatred In Muslims

Palestinian School Teaches Tots To Hate Jews

Nazi-Arab-Muslim Connection Revealed!

Afghan Humanitarian Disaster Looming? People are "walking skeletons"

"9-11 The Big Lie" Book About To Hit U.S. - Claims no plane hit pentagon, U.S. Government Behind 9-11 Attacks

Mother Earth Cannot Sustain All These People!

Planet At The Crossroads

"Rewilding" Being Proposed As Long-term Solution

Economists See "Negative Bubble" At Work

"Word War III Is Coming Whether You Like It Or Not" - Key Sharon Aide

World War III - Col. Hackworth Proposes 3 Possibile Scenarios

National Guard Unit Deployed For First Time Since Korean War



Greed, Pride Goeth Before A Fall

Bush Asks Congress To Raise Debt Ceiling

Dollar Moves To Brink of Free Fall

Worldcom's Worldwide Debt Unravelling

Worldcom Disgraced As U.S. Begins Fraud Action: Bankruptcy beckons, Markets shudder

Bush Calls For Investigation of Cooked Books

Judge Declares U.S. Law Unconstitutional That Allowed A Terrorist Designation Without Hearing

Citizen's Rights Sliding Downhill - Fast!

Al Qaeda Cyber Attacks Feared

Illinois To Buy 180,000 Nuke Pills

Arizona Fire Now Bigger Than City of Los Angeles

Forest Service Shuns Help

Environmentalism Frustrates Fire Victims

Fears of A "Big Brother" Microsoft

House Bill Restricts Computer-generated Pornography

G8 Promises Russia Full Membership: Move seen as Bush paying Putin back for his support of Anti-Terrorism

Russia Cooperation With America Fulfillment of Prophecy!

G8 Nations Agree On Transport Anti-Terror Action

Saving Our Forests -- All Pollution, Fires Occur On National Land

Media Bias -- How Can They Still Deny It?

Combatting Priestly Pedophilia: Lifting Statue of Limitations On Rape Cases

More Priests Relieved of Duty Because of Sex Abuse Allegations

Complete Scandal Coverage - Great Resource!

Sex Abuse Scandal: How Mass Media Suppresses Information Not Favorable To Gays

Vatican Has Not Set Time Aside To Review New U.S. Policy By Bishops

Clinton's Use of Commerce Department To Sell Lethal Weapons To China and Arab States Has Sown The Wind - The Whirlwind Is Coming!

Bush Seeking Department That Would Operate Above The Law!

S.A.T. Tests To Be Made Tougher


Capitol To Get 25,000 Gas Masks To Protect Against Chemical or Biological Attack

Both Crowds and Security Expected on July 4


June 26, 2002

Breaking News

Pledge of Allegiance Declared Illegal - More

Bush Asks Congress To Raise Debt Ceiling

Market Watch

Corporate Scandals Taking Toll On Stock Markets of the World

WorldCom Discovers Massive Fraud That Overstated Earnigns by $3.8 Billion

News Corp Battered On News Of WorldCom

Martha Stewart Facing Wider Probe On Stock Sales

Analysis of Markets vs Political Planning

Adelphia Files For Chapter 11: Off-Book Borrowing Again Responsible

Democrats Target Corporate Corruption As Campaign Theme

Montana Governor Rips Feds Forest Management Techniques - Feds Responsible For Wildfires

Bush Declares Arizona Wildfire a "Disaster Zone"

New Website Turns In Web Pornographers

Continued Homosexualization of Culture

Bush Signs Same-Sex Benefits Law: Action continues Clinton Pro-Gay Agenda

160 Homosexual Boys Attend School Prom

Gay Rights Secret Agenda To Target Young Boys Is Exposed!

6,000 Massachusetts Residents Who Have HIV Are Unaware They Are Infected

"Betrayal" Book Examines Preistly Pedophile Disaster: Written by Boston Globe Investigative Staff

Amtrak Still Running: Mineta Says Solution Close

FBI Searches Home of Researcher In Anthrax Probe

Feminist Groups Target Wal-Mart

Rosie O'Donnell Launches Attack On Michael Jackson, Clinton During Standup Comedy Routine

"Supreme Idiots"! Analysis

Bush Is Rewarding Terrorism!

Confidence About War On Terror Decreasing

HIV Horror: 29 Million Africans Infected, Dying

New MEG Energy Source May Transform Society - both for good and evil

How Saddam Staged Fake Baby Funerals


Arafat's New Terrorist Cabinet: These were the "democratic reforms"? U.N. Chief Stands By Arafat

World's Reaction To Bush's Speech On Palestinian State

Palestinian School Teaches Tots To Hate Jews

Bush Faces Up-hill Struggle In Mid-East

Belgian Court Throws Out War Crimes Charges Against Sharon

Bush To Press G-8 Ministers To Back Ouster of Arafat

World Ignoring Iranian Nuclear Threat

Palestinians Said To Target IDF Nuclear Arms Storage Warehouse

Bush Officials Say Arafat Financed Terror

Saudi Arabia Bans "Star of David" Israeli Products

Palestinian State of War

Washington Post Sounds Alarm Over World Court

Post Office Rate Increases Sunday Amidst Lower Demand and Skyrocketing Losses

Mexican Soldiers Crossing U.S. Borders - Governor Calls For U.S. Troops: More

China Proposes Talks With Taiwan

Psychologist Claims Spanking Causes Later Aggression

E.P.A. Says 28% Of All U.S. Lakes Have Contaminated Fish

Six Tons Of Plutonium Starts Trip Across US

Identity Theft On Rise: Government Agencies Weakest Link, Of Course

Ebola Outbreak In Africa Is Spreading

"Bumfights Video" Disgraceful

Muslims Have Been Killing 160,000 Christians Per Year Since 1990

Defending Abe Lincoln

Clinton Leftist Lawmakers Seeking to Make Planned Parenthood, Sierra Club, and Others In Charge of Your Life!

Six Killed in Van Crash; 33 Illegal Immigrants Were on Board



June 25, 2002

Bush Spells Out His Vision For Palestinian Statehood: Get rid of Arafat, Institute Democratic Reforms -- Text of Bush's Speech

Sharon: Killing of Top Hamas Terror Leader Is A Precursor To "Massive" Military Operation: More

Palestinians Angry Over Bush's Call To Ditch Arafat

Jerusalem Delighted - Palestinians Distraught

Bush Plan: An Offer They Can Refuse

Personal Face of Terrorist Victims - How Would You Like Your Home Invaded by Terrorists?

Israel Unveils New Generation Tank

Syrian-Turkey Sign Military Cooperation Pact: Turkey "assures" Israel this pact will not affect her military relationship with Jewish State

Israel Plans To Prevent 9/11 Style Attack

Message To Jews: Embrace Christian Evangelicals

Why Do Leftists So Completely Support Palestinians?

Chartered Church Bus Crashes, Killing 5

Explosive Fire Nears Arizona Town After Destroying 329 Homes In Another Town

"Everything Is Just A Nightmare"

Raging Wildfires As Seen From Outer Space

Environmentalist Extremists Blamed For Wildfires: More

China Plans Big Submarine Purchase From Russia: Could blockade Taiwan with new subs

Fast Food Targeted In Same Way As Big Tobacco

Experts Question Whether French Fries, Potato Chips Cause Cancer!

Cartoonists Complain They Are Under Pressure To Not Criticize Bush and His Policies On Terror

United Airlines Seeks $1.8 Billion In Government Aid

American Airlines Switching To Electronic Tickets

Hindu Group Advocates Smearing Roof and Body With Cow Dung To Protect Against Nuclear Radiation Fallout

Power Producers Facing Credit Crunch That Might Bring Rolling Blackouts

Dollar Continues Slide - Specter of Financial Debt Default Looms

Is U.S. Economy About To Take Plunge?


Judgment Day For Catholic Leadership!

One Catholic Priest Defends His Gay Chat-room Behavior, While Another Apologizes To Church

"Betrayal" - New Book From Boston Globe Highlighting Priestly Pedophilia Scandal

Biblical Answer To Sex Scandal

Judgment Day For Catholic Bishops

Gays Secretly Target Young Children!

Rosie Begins To Feel Sting of Backlash For Her Efforts To Legalize Gay Parenting

Wall Street Journal: Blatantly Liberal, Pro-Gay, Anti-Business, and Leftist!

Online Sperm Bank For Lesbians

Abu Sabaya Specifically Ordered Execution of American Missionary Burnham

Jesus' Love and Grace Shown Through Martyred Missionary Mark Burnham

Al Qaeda: U.S. Is Head of All Evil

Al Qaeda Website Reappears: Gives messages to terrorists around world

Al Qaeda Forming New Terrorist Army In Balkans

Global Ecological Panic To Produce Global Dictatorship

Scientists Claim Human Use Exhausts Earth

Planet At The Crossroads

Quarter of Mammals Face Extinction

U.N. Call To Save Key Forests

Greens Are Toast -- Burned Toast!

"Rewilding" Being Proposed As Long-term Solution

G-8 Really Secret Global Government?

Amtrak Shutdown Said To Be Avoidable

Bush Administration Proposes Reduced Role For Amtrak In Passenger Travel: May open door to competition

FBI Using Its New Powers To Scour Libraries

Col. Hackworth Urges Securing U.S. Ports Against Terrorist Nukes

Experts Sum Up Their Fears of Nuke Attack

Planned Parenthood Turning Into "Attack Arm" of Liberal Democrat Party

Chile Has New Private Social Security Program!



June 24, 2002

Bush Acts To Kill Human Cloning Ban Bill: Hung "Pro-Lifers Out To Dry"

Western States On Fire

Arizona Fires Merge To Form Wall of Flame, 50 Miles Long - Now Largest Fire In Nation

Arizona Town Evacuated, Possibly Doomed: Fire only going to get larger

Almost All California Wildfires Contained

Greens Are Toast -- Burned Toast!

Federal Forest Fires - Never Start On Privately Owned Land

Fires May Result In "Rewilding" Being Proposed As Long-term Solution

Cardinal Apologizes For Not Acting To Prevent Pediophile Priests From Having Access To Children

Americans Talking About End of the World - Rapture, not Gospel Spreading, On Most American's Minds

Bank of Tokyo Intervenes To Stop Dollar Plunge

'Attack of the Drones' May Be U.S. Future

Euro-Police Will Patrol U.K. In 5 Years: National Sovereignty continues to decline

E.U. Plans Border Patrol Against Illegal Immigrants

Saddam's Son Escapes Assassination Plot: Heir To Saddam's Throne

Collapsing Moral Values

Pro-Life Anti-Abortion Web Site Routinely Shut Down

Homosexual Dads To "Have" Quadruplets

Students telling "Sex Lies" To Pay Back Teachers

Old Morality Still Matters- And may be difference between life and death for millions

Zimbabwe Whites Told To Stop Farming: Even though country is starving

Vaccines May Prevent Nicotine Addiction

Pakistan Suddenly Does Flip-Flop On Acting To Prevent Terror Across Border

Pakistan Not Really Interested In Talks: India

Army To Make Sound Designed To Force Enemy Army To Flee -- 2 Kings 7:1-7

Islamic Plot To Destroy Cathedral

Group Aids Gay Candidates

July 4 Terror Address To The World - Osama bin Laden: Americans Afraid

Bin Laden "On TV Soon"

Israel's Tribulation Continues

CNN Admits "Error" IN Mideast Coverage" - Biased Toward Palestinians

Israeli Missile Strikes Kill 6 Militants In Gaza

Israel's Search For Answers

New Tactics To Fight Terror

Arafat's HQ Surrounded Again: "We have unlimited martyrs"

Hamas Leader Placed Under House Arrest

To Fence or Not To Fence

Significance of Fences and Trenches

The Slaughter of Innocents and Entire Families

Arafat's Killers Are Winning The War

Palestinians Believe They Can Get Land With Without Peace

Viagra Taken In Conjunction With Other Pills, Can Be Deadly - Increase In STD's also linked

Pre-Crime Security Bill Bars Protection for Whistle Blowers

Mailed Antrhrax "Newly Made", Probably In USA

Australian Bill Redefines Terms, Could Produce Police State

Is Clinton Connection Political Plus, or "Mark of Cain"?: Hillary Loved By Liberals

U.K. Internet Lawsuit Could Transform Internet

Boycott Chinese Fireworks: How about rest of Chinese made goods?

Bear Markets and Bullfeathers

Is U.S. Economy About To Plunge?

Public Schools Dropping "F" As Grade

U.S. Kids Cannot Find Own State On Map: Brave New Schools Dumbed Down Beyond Belief

Dark Side of Supermarket "Savings Cards"

Privacy and the Surveillance State: You Have Already Lost Your Privacy

Health Risks Prompt Ban On Body Piercing

Body Piercings One Sign Society Is Accepting Satanic Values




June 23, 2002

Reaching Critical Mass In Middle East

The Slaughter of Innocents and Entire Families

Arafat's Killers Are Winning The War

Stopping Terror The Easy, Bloodless Way: Shut Off Financing

Israeli Said To Be Planning "Crushing" Offensive: More

Syria Supports Palestinian Terror Attacks

E.U. Proposes Quick Mid-East Peace Conference: Region has reached dramatic "turning point"

Egypt, Jordan Oppose "Interim" Palestinian State

"We have unlimited numbers of martyrs" - Sheikh

U.S. Army Soldier Being Punished For Exposing Sex Affair

Major Crimes Increase

Senators May Open WACO Investigation

Secretary Mineta Offers Hope To Amtrak

Blunt Preacher Beaten, Dragged From Church After Euology

Columnist Ann Landers Dies at 83

5th Car Bomb Explodes In Spain

Sex Education Urged As Teen Abortions Soar

Mothers Contemplating Abortion Need To See 3-D Pictures of The Baby Within

Safe Sex Classes Said Ineffective

Web May Become Too Controlled

Bush Contines Clinton Agenda

Jews Continue To Attend Synagogues Despite Terror Threat

American Bishops Begin To Implement New Sex Abuse Prevention Policy

Dark Side of Supermarket "Savings Cards"

Privacy and the Surveillance State: You Have Already Lost Your Privacy

E.U. To Establish Border Guards In Each Nation, Including Great Britain

Saddam Urges Iraqis To Ignore U.S. Threats

Saddam Takes Threats Seriously

59% of Americans Support Military Action To Remove Saddam: Our propaganda proves effective

Saddam May Hand Power To Son To Avoid Attack

Al Qaeda, Taliban Guests of Pakistan Army?

Pakistan Suddenly Does Flip-Flop On Acting To Prevent Terror Across Border

Arizona Town Evacuated In Face of Fire

Wildfires Burning With Vengeance

Smallpox Vaccination Plan Raises Ethical Questions: "First Responders" Can Shed Virus

Scientists Sounding Warning Over Risks Of MMR Childhood Vaccine

Homeland Security Bill Will Not Provide Safety For Whistleblowers

Rescuers Search For Quake Survivors: 230 Dead, 25,000 Homeless

Raging Floods In Southern Russia

Effort To Ban Bold Anti-Islam Book Fails In France

"Behind The Veil" Book So Bold Author Is In Hiding: Recommended by Dave Hunt

U.S. Kids Cannot Find Own State On Map: Brave New Schools Dumbed Down Beyond Belief

Health Risks Prompt Ban On Body Piercing

Body Piercings One Sign Society Is Accepting Satanic Values

Anthrax Used In Attacks Was Very Fresh


June 22, 2002

Palestinian Terrorists Invade Home, Killing Mother and Three Children: Head of Emergency Response Also Killed

IDF Mobilizes More Reservists, Expand Operation To Take Control Back of Palestinian Areas

"I'm Crying Enough Tears To Fill An Ocean"

Lebanon Warns of Israeli Reinforcements On Its Border

Student Killed On Her Graduation Day

Arafat Steals $5.1 Million

Jerusalem Fence Continues Construction

HAMAS Vows To Continue Terror

Stopping Terror In Its Tracks: Hold Parents Responsible For Suicide Bombers

Bush Plan For Palestinian State "Evolving"

E.U. Pushes For Palestinian State Based On 1967 Indefensible Borders

Private Property Landowners View Bush Now As Having Switched To Environmentalists

Fierce Gunbattle In Kashmire Kills 17

Heavy Mortar Shelling Across Border

Pakistan Not Really Interested In Talks: India

U.S. Threatens Veto Of U.N. Funds Unless World Court Is Bridled

New Technology To Catch Liars: Not 100% accurate

Government Pre-Crime Division Is Coming!

"Minority Report" Propaganda For Reality That Is Planned For Society

Why Many Chinese Girls Never Are Born

Spectacular Drug War Failure: Visitor from Outer Space might conclude failure is planned!

Bush Continues Clinton Agenda

Deadly Soviet Caeisum Missing: Radioactive Material Could Build Dirty Bombs



Iran Earthquake Kills At Least 400: Toll Now 500

Terror Fear Hangs Over July 4 Plans

Americans Convinced of July 4 Threat

FBI Probes Las Vegas Threat: Now Calls Off Investigation

Terror Threat Helping To Push Down Dow

Expert Warns of Suicide Bombers In West

Truckers To Look For Suspicious Activity On U.S. Roads

Judge Refuses Diocese Request To Seal Documents: Says request is contrary to Bishop's Conference

New Zealand Catholic Church Lifts Secrecy Veil

Police Investigate Saudi Bomb Blast That Killed A British Banker

Attacks In Saudi Arabia Against Foreigners Continues

Bush: Terror Threat Growing

Al Qaeda Terrorists Using Iraq As Escape Route: Another reason to topple Saddam

War On Iraq Is Wrong

Firefighters Maxed-Out, Battling 18 Fires In 7 West States

Environmentalists Likely To Seize The Moment, Claiming Wild Fires Are Sign That Man Is Damaging Environment And Needs To Be Restricted

Four Firefighters Killed In Colorado

Using Goats To Fight Fire Hazard

"Burn, Baby, Burn"! Environmentalists Reason Forests Are Burning So Badly

House Votes Tax Breaks

Fight Looms For Bible Plan In Education

Man Can Wear Dress To Work: Tokyo Court

New Ice Age Coming - Greens Stifle Facts

Global Warming Said To Increase Disease Rates

Nickelodeon's Homosexual Show Blasted As Indoctrination

Teachers Testify Against Union

FBI Warns Jewish Synagogues


June 21, 2002 -- Pagan Summer Solstice Celebrated This Day

Bush Plan For Limited Palestinian State Expected Today!

Terrorists Invade Home - At least 4 dead in one family

New Terrorist Blast In Jerusalem - 20 Injured -- At Least 7 Are Dead -- Combination Bus Station and Hitchiking Post

Islamic Culture: In Love With Death, Straight From Pit of Hell

IDF Widens Operations In Palestinian Territories; But IDF Incursion Won't End Terror

Israel Calls Up More Reservists To Support Broader Campaign

Female Terrorist Thinks Twice, Urges Others To Abandon Suicide Bombing

Orthodox Church Leader Supports Palestinian Suicide Bombing Campaign!

Palestinians Believe They Can Get All Israel Without Peace -- Joel 3 Shows No Peace

Arabs Recognized Israel's Right To Exist in 1919!

Israel Has Moral Right To Exist and Live In Peace

U.S. Accuses Syria Of Supporting Terror

Kurds Demand U.S. Presence To Protect Them Before They Support Iraq Attack

Brazil Authorizes World Court -- 69th Nation

Cardinal Sets Up Review Board To Handle Sex Abuse Complaints

Father Shanley Indicted On Rape Charges - Charged with Raping Four Boys

Pedophilia Has Always Occurred In Catholic Church Going Back Over 800 Years

Proofs That "Goodbye! Good Men" Is Untrue - More Proofs

True Nature of Roman Catholicism Unveiled

Evidence Flow Might Dry Up Because of Accord Reached With Diocese

Possible New U.K. Foot-Mouth Outbreak

Fascism At The Very Doors

C/Edge Warned of Health Powers Act Months Ago

Poor Eat Garbage As Argentina
Descends Into 'Hell'

Thousands of Revelers Celebrate Summer Solstice At Stonehenge

Pakistan Tells India: "So Far, So Good; Now Let's Talk

Pakistan's "Crackdown" On Islamic Militants Is A Sick Joke

Mr. President, PLEASE Listen To This Democrat!

Ashcroft Criticized For Lending Authority of Office To Gay, Lesbian Pride Event

Concerned Women For America Cartoon Shows True Ashcroft: Ashcroft Endorses Homosexuality By His Actions - "Bush Administration is embracing the homosexual agenda"

Complete Coverage On Bush's Pro-Gay Agenda From Concerned Women For America

Bush Continues Clinton Agenda

Thousands Flee Monster Arizona Fire

Trade Deficit Hits Record High - $35.9 Billion For April Alone

Stocks Tumble To New Lows For Year

Is U.S. Economy About To Take Plunge As Many Economic Signs Indicate? Biblical Analysis

Euro Hits 2-Year High Against Dollar

Mobile Phone In Your Mouth: Surveillance State Continuing To Encroach Upon Us

9/11 Baby Boom Hitting Now, 9 Months Later

Muslim Authorities Deny Oxygen Delivery To Christian Serb Hospital: Are they trying to eradicate the Christians?

Is Las Vegas To Be Hit On July 4 In Terror Attack?

Ridge Travels To Capitol Hill To Press For New Agency To Fight Terrorism

British Military Values 15-cent Brass Nuts at $106,000 Each

Bone Marrow Cells May End Need For Embryos

Cloning Research Quietly Building Up Pace At Research Facilities Worldwide

Re-making The World Into Radical Feminist Agenda May Be Closer Than You Think - The dangers of CEDAW

Mysterious School Rash Outbreak Spreads to 27 States

AIDS Activists Outraged by Bush's AIDS Plan

Asteroid Comes Very Close To Earth, But Not Spotted Until It Zoomed Past

Second Car Bomb Explodes In Southern Spain Close To European Summit Meeting

School Ends Game of Tag -- Political Correctness Rules!

Kennedy To Reintroduce Clinton Health Car Plan


June 20, 2002

New Terrorist Blast In Jerusalem - 20 Injured -- At Least 7 Are Dead -- Combination Bus Station and Hitchiking Post

Familiar Signs of Terror in Jerusalem

Palestinian Terrorist Using E.U. Welfare Centers and Medical Facilities As Logistical Jump-off Bases To Carry Out Their Terrorist Strikes

Ted Turner Faces Media Storm Over His Comments That Israel Is Terrorist: Will He Resign CNN Position?

Israel's New Policy: Seize Terrorities Back

Two IDF Soldiers Killed In Intense Fight

Second Terrorist Strike In Two Days Shelves Bush's "Peace Proposal"

Arafat Calls For Halt In Terror, As He Publicly Tries To Distance Himself

Terror Attacks Deepening Hatred On Both Sides

FBI Braces For More Internal Bombshells

White House Briefly Evacuated

U.S. Orders Foreign Airlines To Toughen Cockpit Doors

"Dangerous Order From A Dangerous Judge" - Man jailed over his legal Internet Site

Blood-sucking Fly May Be Spreading HIV

Lawmaker Facing Sex Exposure Charges Kills Himself At Home

Tooth Phones? New Surveillance Technology?

Strong Quake Hits Chile: 6-7 On Magnitude Scale

China To Build First Plant To Turn Coal Into Gasoline: Using American technology of course

Cultural Homicide Bombers: Churches let it happen

Catholic Church: Hypocrites On Homosexuality, Boy Scouts Had Right Idea

Fundamental Understanding of Catholic Pedophilia


Killer Flu Virus Changes Skin -- Ingredients for Worldwide Flu Epidemic Brewing in China

Plaintiffs, Archdiocese To Seek Settlement In Priest Pedophile Cases

New Documents Prove Church Knew Of Priest Sex Abuse Allegations

Arizona Wildfire Reaches 25,000 Acres, Forcing 4,000 People To Flee

Colorado Fire Reaches 135,000 Acres, Still Not Controlled

NSA Heard Message "Tomorrow Is Zero Day" on 9/10, But Did Not Translate Until 9/12

Drooping Dollar, Glistening Gold

Economic Collapse Coming, But Not Until Time Has Come For Political Changes

American Soldiers Authorized To Participate On Patrols In Philippines : This is how Vietnam started

Scholar Warns of Global Muslim Agenda

Evolutionary Scientist Tries New Theory To Fill In Gaps

Project Dinosaur: Startling Proofs Of God

Fresh Fears Over Mobile Phone Usage

More Public School Disgrace

Elementary Teacher Appears In Porn Gay Flick

Teacher Resigns After Revelations She Had Smoked Pot With 14-Year-Old Boy In Her Home

Australia To Join World Court

Australian Experts Caution On Bush's First Strike Terrorism Pledge

Islamic Jihad Is A Genocidal War: Face of Islam Today

True Nature of Islam

"Chronic Wasting Disease" Found In New Mexico Mule Deer Population

Sec/Agriculture Has Already Declared State of National Emergency



June 19, 2002

Breaking News

New Terrorist Blast In Jerusalem - 20 Injured -- At Least 3 Are Dead -- Combination Bus Station and Hitchiking Post

Familiar Signs of Terror in Jerusalem

Killer Flu Virus Changes Skin -- Ingredients for Worldwide Flu Epidemic Brewing in China

Suicide Bomber Explodes Nail Bomb On Bus, Killing 19, Wounding 70: Bombing To Have No Effect On Bush Address

Palestinian Terrorist Bombs Designed To Leave Hundreds of Nails, Screws, Metal Fragments From Head To Toe of Victim

Suicide Bombs Also Laced With Rat Poison To Cause Massive Bleeding

"How Beautiful It Is To Kill And To Be Killed" - Palestinian Homicide Bomber: More on this terror murder

Mrs. Tony Blair Expresses Sympathy With Suicide Bombers, Parroting False Rationale

IDF Re-enters Palestinian Towns, Searching For Terror Suspects

Cabinet Vows To Retain Control Over Palestinian Areas: More Terror Attacks Coming

Fence Absolutely Necessary

Map of Israel's Latest Fence: Individual Towns, Cities Have Already Been Fenced

Bush Should Stop Rewarding Arafat's Terror: More Insight

Does Bush Have License to Assassinate?

Truth And Consequences on Palestinian Beat

Forest Worker Deliberately Started Fire

Alaska Workers Accidentally Started Forest Fire

"Spiritual Warfare" Erupts At University of Wisconsin

Christian Who Was Released From Program Complains To EEOC

Lawmaker Arrested For Indecent Exposure of Himself To Children

Pedophilia In Planned Parenthood

Bush's Withdrawal of Support For World Court Is "Smoke And Mirrors" Deception

Phoenix Bishop Does About-Face, Will Cooperate Fully With Authorities In Sex Allegations Going Back 20 Years

Grand Jury Considering Criminal Charges Against Cardinal Law of Boston For Putting Pedophile Priests In Position To Continue To Molest Kids

After Dallas, Critics Not Convinced Of New Policy

Bishop's Credibility On The Line

Connecticut Courts Hid Priest Sex Abuse

Keating's Legal Challenge to The Bishops

Homosexual Bias In Media Threatening Our Liberties

Parents Outraged Over Public School Sex Survey Given 10-Year-Olds

Teacher Demoted Who Checked Student's Underwear During School Dance

Anti-Radiation Pills Kept From The Public In Arizona

California To Give People Around Nuke Plants The Pill

American Airlines Facing 9-11 Lawsuit

Armed-Pilot Bill Gains In Senate

Moscow Asserts Iran Already Has Nuclear Weapons

Iraq Attack In August?

Bush Commits $500 Million To Global AIDS Fight

CBS/Victoria Secret Join To Produce Soft-Porn Lingerie Show

War On Terror Has Little To Do With Terror

'Uncontrollable' Terror Attack Could Provoke India-Pak War

"Dirty Bomb" From Pakistan? Or "Dirty Trick" From Washington?


June 18, 2002

Another Horrific Palestinian Homicide Bombing of Bus, 19 Dead, Many of Them Pupils On Way To School

"What Kind of Palestinian State Do They Want?" - Sharon After Viewing Carnage

Answer: Young Palestinian Teens Going Wild Over "Martyr Necklaces" As They Look Forward To Being Next Suicide Bomber!

Jerusalem, Haifa On Highest Terror Alert

Hamas Bomb 'Making 101' Video-Tape

Ted Turner Has Gall To Describe Israel As Terrorist: Repeats false mantra that poverty and desperation are at root of terror campaign

16-Year-Old Suicide Bomber Was AIDS Carrier

Israel Plans To Put Nukes On Board Newest Submarines

Map of Israel's Latest Fence: Individual Towns, Cities Have Already Been Fenced

Bush Puts Final Touches On Palestinian Proposal: Why is Bush supporting Arafat's terrorism?

Clinton Advises Bush: Palestinian State Before War Against Iraq

Warning: Arabs Agreed in 1919 To Recognize Sovereignty of Israel In "Land For Peace" Deal: Is Israel about to be deceived again?

Nickelodeon Ignores 100,000 Protests To Air Gay Parent Special Tonight

Nickelodeon Promoting Homosexuality

Lesbian Tennis Star Wants To Adopt

Image of Aborted Baby Dominates Banner Carried By Plane Above Beach

Scientists Conquer Laser Beam Teleportation: Star Trek technology may be possible

Muhammed: Demon-possessed Pedophile?

Muhammed's Child Wife: Why is truth attacked?

"Behind The Veil" States Truth

Greenpeace Co-Founder Accused of "Eco-Treason" For Coming Out of Organization

California Child Protective Agency Removes Child From Home, Calling Spanking 'Child Abuse': After Appellate Court Threw Case Out, Mom Sues

Stowaway Terrorists Steal into America by Sea Container

FBI Searches LA Coast For Al Qaeda Cache, Infiltrators

FBI Makes Spy Catching Priority, Topped Only By Counterterrorism

Al Qaeda Shifts Assets To Gold, Diamonds

Saddam Hussein May Be Preparing Son To Take Power

Pakistan Shifts More Troops To Border In Effort To Stop Muslim Terrorists

Did Fire Suspect Start Fire So She Could Put It Out And Be The Hero?

Three Killed In Fire-Fighting Air Tanker Crash

West's Wild Fires Out Of Control

Atheists Protest Use of Cross As 9-11 Memorial

Highjacked Airliner Could Not Penetrate Nuclear Reactor, Says Study

Senator Proposes Tracking Radioactive Materials

E.U. Proposes Closer Contact With Iran

Colonel Hackworth Backs Bush's M.A.D. Proposal

Bush Gives FBI "Pre-Crime" Capability

"Minority Report" Movie Foresees Time When People Are Arrested For Crimes They "May" Commit In Future: Police State draws nearer

Backroom Deal To Destroy America

Critics Unconvinced Of Catholic Bishop's New Promise of Openness

Lawyers Challenge Church To Open Records To Prove They Are Too Poor To Pay Lawsuit Claims

Bishop's Credibility Gap At Least As High As Those Of Other U.S. Institutions


June 17, 2002

Entire Middle East Trembles

War Rhetoric Heats Up Dramatically in Middle East: Combatants Now "Calmly Discussing" Nuclear War!

Bush Orders CIA To Kill or Capture Iraqi President, Saddam Hussein

This Order Could Be "Preparatory To Attack"

Saddam Prepares For U.S. Nuclear Attack

Bush Making Final Preparations For Attacking Iraq

Palestinian Children, Teens, Going Wild Over "Martyr" Necklaces - Even if Arafat were removed the people would have too much hatred to ever make peace with the Jews

Arafat Blasts Rice Adviser Rice For Comments She Made About Palestinian Authority

Indian Kashmir Fighting Escalates -
23 More Killed

Muhammed: Demon-possessed Pedophile?

U.S. Citizens In Captivity

"Fear of War" Continues

"Dirty-bomber" Trying To Build Nuke Device

Manhattan Would Be Uninhabitable For Decades

Bin Laden Men "Sent To Strike"

Al Qaeda Activity Seen At New Global Levels

Sudan Al Qaeda Member Arrested In U.S. Aircraft Attack Attempt

Forestry Employee Arrested In Colorado Fire

Interest In Fire-Arms Since 9/11 Slowing

Sex Depicted on TV Makes People Forget About Contents of Commercials

"Don't Imbed Chips In Me"!

Mark of the Beast Technology. More info

Soviet Weaponized Smallpox Outbreak of Great Concern To U.S. - May provide justification for forced smallpox vaccination

"Does Your Country Have Blacks Too?" - Bush Blunders Continue To Embarass

Police State, USA?

Chernobyal Collapse Soon, Spraying Radiation Everywhere


Israel Formally Begins Building Security Fence: But, She has been building security fences and trenches since November, 2000! More Analysis

Delaying Fence Would Invite More Terror: Defense Minister

Hamas Threatens Chemical Terror Attack: Israel needs war sooner rather than later

Israeli Capitol Police Continue To Stop Suicide Bombers

E.U. Keeps Hizbollah Off Terror List: Continued pro-Arab slant continues

Global Warming: Alaska - No Longer So Frigid, Starts To Crack, Burn, Sag

California's GOP Simon Veering Left?

Limbaugh: Simon The Next Reagan

100 Trapped In Antarctic Ice

Texans May Lose Water: Water Dispute With Mexico Heats Up

Christians Join Muslims In Fight Against U.N. Gay Policies

"Burial At Sea" For Pedophile Priests: Author Wrong - Catholic Church Never Has Been Pure Church As Her Historic Bad Fruit Proves

Public Education Nightmare

Smarter, Better, and Home Schooled

Dumbing Down Schools To Please Feds

Public Schools Producing "Green Zombies"

Public Schools Have Been Deliberately Dumbed Down!

Upon Return, Bishops Apologize To Parishoners

Examining 1,500 Years of Church History Through Double Lens Provides Real Answers As To How Pedophile Scandal Could Occur

Church Speeds 40% Spending Cuts As Giving Lags

Padre Pio Now A Catholic Saint: Mystic monk said to have wrestled with the Devil, Predicted Future, had Stigmata for 50 years, investigated for sexual abuse

Another Mystery Virus -- In Iran This Time


June 16, 2002

Bush Orders CIA To Kill or Capture Iraqi President, Saddam Hussein

This Order Could Be "Preparatory To Attack"

Muhammed: Demon-possessed Pedophile?

Israel - Palestinians: Peace At Last?

Bush Leaning Toward Establishing Timetable For Negotiations: No Place For Arafat

Two Israeli Soldiers Killed In Terrorist Attack

New Palestinian Security Minister Will Outlaw Gangs, Confiscate Guns: But only after Israel fully withdraws

Arafat Stole $5.1 Million Intended For Needy Palestinians

Evangelical American Christian To Air TV Spots Encouraging Israel

Messiah Tarries: Oslo and the Messianic Dream

Now Going Up: Fences Around Fences. Israeli-Arabs Totally Opposed - Analysis

Dividing Fence No Permanent Solution As It Will Create As Many Problems As It "Solves"

Saudi Kids TV Refers To Jews As 'Apes' and 'Pigs'

Arafat's Pedigree Traced Back To Nazis

Desert Eathquake Hits Near Yucca Mountain, Proposed Site of Nuclear Waste Dump

Indian Army On Alert For Infiltrators

Army Needs More Time To Evaluate Pakistan's Effectiveness In Stopping Terrorist Infiltration

Russia Tears Up Start II Treaty

British Government Reaching For Near Total Civilian Survelliance

John Ashcroft -- Minister of Fear

Anderson Accounting Firm Found Guilty of Obstruction of Justice: Company May Shut Down


Soviet Weaponized Smallpox Outbreak of Great Concern To U.S. - May provide justification for forced smallpox vaccination

Catholic Bishops Dallas Meeting

Bishops Conference Ends: Review Boards Do Not Work and Abusing Priests Can Still Collect Pay

Bishops Approve New Abuser Policy That Is Less Than Zero Tolerance. Pedophile Priests Could Remain Priests

In Kansas Parish, A Shaken Trust

Jurors Seen Rejecting Religious Faith As An Excuse To Abusing or Murdering Children: Religious group was radical offshoot of La Sallette Catholic Group

Despite Stringent Words, Bishops Retain Leeway -- Loopholes remain because of Bishop's reluctance to enforce

Boston Globe Reporters Refused Attendance

Vatican To Review Any New Rules

Catholic Theology Impedes Action On Pedophile Priests: Just As Cutting Edge Reveals Indepth

Pope Issues "Instruction" On Priests Remaining Chaste

Bush Gives FBI "Pre-Crime" Capability

Alledged Terrorist Padilla To Be Held Indefinitely: As his rights are now violated, ours will be soon

Powell May Quit Bush Cabinet

621 Microbiologists Got Smallpox Vaccinations!

New Bush Policy Said To Be: "Let's Just Crush Everybody"

New Space Camera Sees Through Walls, Clothes

Top-Secret Prisoners In USA


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