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We have culled these pertinent stories from many sources to keep you updated on the Daily News events pertinent to the coming New World Order. Truly, once you know the Plan to establish the Kingdom of Antichrist, you will never look at the news the same way again. For A Cutting Edge Analysis and Recap Of Current Events Being Reported In The News Visit our Headline News Area

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June 8, 2003 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For Our Military

Israel - Palestinian State

Four Israelis, Three Palestinians Killed in Gaza Battle

Palestinian Authority Says Rift With Hamas Can Be Healed: Nonsense! Islamic Jihad and Arafat's groups firmly allied with Hamas

PA official: Abbas won't meet with Hamas

Bush's determination surprised Israel - President Bush displayed "a messianic passion"

Palestinian State "Proclaimed": Prophecy has been fulfilled in your Daily News

Tension in Likud over anti-road map resolution

Mofaz to try persuading settlers to evacuate outposts

Video Game Mounts Simulated Attacks Against Israeli Targets

U.S. observers due in Israel Sunday

Two killed near Jerusalem believed to be terror victims

What Prophetic Time Is It?

Britain is likely to stick with pound vs. euro

Domestic Terrorism

Mystery surrounds Pakistani who will be sentenced for carrying 32 double-edged razor blades at Dallas/Fort Worth Airport

'Lone wolves' pose explosive terror threat

Ashcroft asks for extended powers: The Patriot Act is working, but needs additions -- Patriot Act II on its way!

Bush Admininstration Redefined "Terrorist" on 10/3/2001

Smartcams Take Aim at Terrorists: Can detect and identify an individual in a crowded train station and track him wherever he goes, notify authorities when they "think" the individual engages in suspicious activity or meets with questionable cohorts

Al-Qaeda's Limits: "Incident points to a routine overemphasis on shadowy international networks"

'Terrorists are right here': Our Immigration policy has let them in!

Korean Peninsula

North Korea denounces U.S. "arms buildup" in South

‘North Korea nukes won't’ be tolerated’: Fighting words repeated yesterday

N. Korea: U.S. Trying to Isolate Nation: Warns of immediate retaliation

North Korean Ferry Visit to Japan Thrown Into Doubt

Kim Jong-Il seeks Putin's help over nuclear crisis

Famine-struck North Koreans 'eating children'

Dispute Over Condom Distrubution May Hinder Funding for AIDS Prevention Tool: Disinformation - Condoms do not protect against AIDS

UN Nuclear experts inspect Iran

Iran to resist pressure to give up nuke technology

UN finds fault with Iran on nuke obligations

Bomb Kills 4 Peacekeepers in Kabul: German Soldiers Heading Home Die in Apparent Suicide Attack

'Shopaholic' who stole $241,000 gets prison term

Prairie Dog Sickness May Be Monkeypox

French students 'not welcome' in US

National Weather

Warm Air Spreads North Sunday

A Slice of Nice Sunday in Parts of the East

Still Warm Sunday in the West

High Sun Angle Heats the Atmosphere

Guns aren't welcome on city sites: Duluth Mayor

Ransom Sought for U.N. Officials Held In Georgia: In area contested by Georgian forces and Abkhazian separatists

Hillary Stays On Cover of Time Magazine: New Revelations

Iraq War Aftermath

Disinformation Campaign

Iraq: Mass poisoning feared - Disinformation story

Truth About Source of Nuclear Poisoning

U.S. Army's Depleted Uranium (DU) Project Training Manuals and Videos - Army's refuses to show this video anymore

U.S. Poisoning Entire Land of Iraq By Depleted Uranium: Fulfilling Bible prophecy of Isaiah 13

Some birth defect rates higher in Gulf War vets’ kids: DU poisoning?

Bush's Serious Problem Developing

Iraqi arms hunt: were they weapons of self-delusion?

Saddam ran chemical labs, but they made no weapons

Is lying about the reason for a war an impeachable offense?

Blair misled us all, says widow of commando

Pentagon's intelligence arm had no reliable evidence of Iraqi weapons last September

New Reasons War Was Waged: For first time in history, America is searching for the reason we went to war after the war is over

Spies threaten Blair with 'smoking gun' over Iraq

Wheels fall off the 'mobile labs' as doubts grow over 'evidence'

Other Iraqi News

1 U.S. soldier killed, 5 injured in Iraq attacks

Ancient Iraqi gems found

International inspectors return to Iraq

Basra protest against British presence

Iraqi "Peacock worshippers" return to the fold

"Left Behind" News

Catholic Bishops Warn Parishoners: "We don't believe in Rapture" - Series depicts Catholics being Raptured!

God's Wrath On "Left Behind" - Revealing Book Showing Un-biblical nature of this series

Christian Church Apostasy News

N.H. Episcopalians Elect Gay Bishop

Has Rev Sun Moon Purchased The Entire Evangelical Christian Leadership "Lock-Stock_Barrel"?

French grapple with banning Muslim veils: Fear of fundamentalism sparks controversy

Bush 'killing women' with pro-life aid: Disinformation story, repeating tired old arguments that abortion is needed to "protect the life of the mother"

Suspect Arrested After 3 Slain at Ala. Police Station

Wars & Rumors of Wars - Africa

Thousands flee Monrovia as rebels advance

Child Soldiers: They are good and obedient killers -- will U.N. force in Africa fight them?

U.N. to host global gun-control event: Conference backs measures to track, confiscate, destroy various weapons

Alleged Islamic terrorists threaten to kill Pope in Croatia

Six accused in bone-breaking insurance scam

Girl, 9, kidnapped from S.J. home: Victim's Mom and Brother Injured as Intruder Drives Off

Ad campaign warns of possible Roe v. Wade overturn

Supreme Court hears arguments against spanking

NASA readies robots to land on Mars

Seeing red: Alliant Techsystems plays big role in latest Mars mission

Boston Grandma escapes jail time over anthrax hoax

Anthrax Serial Killer Has Been Found - Audio Tape

Mexico Resort Caters To 'Big' Tourists


June 7, 2003 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For Our Military

Israel - Palestinian State

Analysis: Palestinian State Proclaimed! U.S., Israel, Palestinian Prime Minister, and Vatican Join Forces To Proclaim Palestinian State To Be Firm Goal: Was Isaiah 34:12 fulfilled?

What Prophetic Time Is It?

Hamas break off disarmament talks - Throwing future of a US-backed peace plan into doubt

Palestinian officials upset with Hamas

Egypt: Israeli attacks on Palestinians hampering truce efforts

U.S. road map team due in region Sunday -- Remember the futility of General Zinni?

For Sharon, it all depends on Palestinian's war on terror

Palestinian P.M. Abu Mazen Rushes To Save Stalled Aqaba Accord!

Convicted terrorists should be executed

U.S. Says Hamas Is an 'Enemy of Peace'

Only 20,000 answer settlers' battle cry

Terrorism Warnings - And Attacks - Continue

Terror Attack Thwarted

The Bankrupting of America - USA is officially bankrupt! But --

European Union Rises From Ashes

Final deal is settled with full-time EU president -- Progess has been slow but steady

European Union -- E.U. -- Final World Empire! Revived Roman Empire Has Arisen From The Ashes! -- Book

'Basis found' for EU constitution

Moral Collapse Accelerating

Cops: Teens used sex to draw pal into deadly trap, all for $500 -- Influenced by killer Charles Manson's song "Helter Skelter."

Canadian Homosexual Activist MP Introduces "Total Abortion On Demand" Motion in Parliament

Report Stage Amendments Introduced in Homosexual Hate Crimes Bill

Wal-Mart Will Cover Up Cosmo, Other Magazines in Checkout Lanes

Federal agencies celebrate 'gay pride': Only Justice bars event, and they supported it last year

Child dies of malnutrition: 4-year-old quadruplet found dead, his siblings, all apparently malnourished, removed, put in foster care

Ex-school worker, 37, says she loves teen: Teen lost virginity at 13

Dogfight over Iran inside Bush administration: Defense pushing for overthrow of Islamic regime using 'terrorists'

UN Finds Fault with Iran on Nuclear Obligations

Rumblings in Azerbaijan -- Bush's Hawks Eye Northern Iran

Plants Prospering From Climate Change -- Thought Mother Earth was in deep trouble!

Sen. Hillary Clinton Nixes 2004 White House Run: Beware the weaving, bobbing and feinting

Intimate Details: Hillary Clinton Reveals How Bill Admitted He Cheated On Her

Mainline Protestant denominations will move toward one another: Not out of strength, but out of weakness - Lack of Renewal cited

Asia must be prepared for a new order in the 21st century

Hospital sues to release man: Undocumented Guatemalan has run up $1 million in medical bills

Murphy mayor wants $1 million award for officer who found Rudolph

Unsealed Documents Link Rudolph to 1996 Olympic Attacks

Prince Charles Showing His New Age Proclivities

Prince asks scientists to look into 'grey goo'

"Grey goo" - Encyclopedia Definition

The Antichrist & A Cup of Tea: Prince Charles "calculated" as probable future Antichrist

Court Rules Muslim Women Cannot Wear Veil In Driver's License Photo

Jury: Texas Man Must Forfeit $12M Lottery Winnings: Money for lottery ticket purchased with drug profit money

National Weather

A Windswept Soaker for Saturday!

Southeast Rainfall Potential Saturday

Pattern Change Next Week?

Check Out Sunday in the East!

Wet weekend start East - Flood Watches For Gulf Coast To Southern New England

Big Brother Surveillance

Ashcroft asks for extended powers: The Patriot Act is working, but needs additions -- Patriot Act II on its way!

Bush Admininstration Redefined "Terrorist" on 10/3/2001

Smartcams Take Aim at Terrorists: Can detect and identify an individual in a crowded train station and track him wherever he goes, notify authorities when they "think" the individual engages in suspicious activity or meets with questionable cohorts

Big Brother’s not watching you - you’re wearing him

Nowhere To Hide: Iridium Satellites -- Video

Mark of the Beast: Final Connections -- Video

Privacy and the Surveillance State: How You Have Already Lost Your Privacy! Video

Homeland Security Unveils Cybersecurity Agency

Spanish Flu of 1918 - Vaccinations The Culprit

Vaccine -- not virus -- responsible for Spanish flu

Spanish Flu Was Caused By Vaccinations: Practically entire population had been injected "seeded" with a dozen or more diseases — or toxic serums

Iraq War Aftermath - Clouds Forming

Congress suddenly questioning Bush's Pre-emptive Strike Doctrine

Fresh doubts over Iraq's pre-war WMD arsenal

No proof Iraq had chemicals

Cleric Tells Iraqis to Wait Before They Strike US - War now would be suicidal

Tough Talking for Marines in Iraq - Hit by Information Overload

Small Plane Hits L.A. Apartment Building

SWAT Teams Raiding Church - Again

SWAT Teams, Detectives Raid Local Church: Police Investigate Child Abuse Allegations - "Johnny Cochrane is on the way"!

Bush Administration Has Crossed This Constitutional Red Line Before: Indianapolis Baptist Church!

Top UNICEF Official Calls For Legalized And Unionized Prostitution

Partial Birth Abortion Ban - Fatal Flaw

U.S. House Joins Senate in Approving Ban on Partial-Birth Abortion: Bush will have opportunity to seemingly produce first Biblical "Good Fruits" of his Presidency

However ---------------

Pro-lifers Warn: Partial-birth ban 'a waste': "Will not save one baby's life" -- "shell game" being played - Operation Rescue supports this contention that this bill will not stop one abortion

Partial Birth Abortion Contains a Fatal Flaw: Allows procedure to be carried out if mother's life is threatened! The same loophole that allowed abortion to grow in the first place!

Horror of Partial Birth Abortion Described


Resident who worked in Toronto maternity ward investigated for SARS symptoms

Animals, Urban Prosperity Mean SARS-Like Pandemics Will Remain: Enviro disinformation?

SARS behind Canada's increasing unemployment

SARS leads to crackdown on wild animal sales: Disinformation as viruses do not naturally cross species barrier (Dr. Patricia Doyle)

India - Pakistan

US voices concern over Indo-Pak nukes, quiet on Pak-N Korean ties

Indian Prime Minister urges Pakistan to stop sponsoring terrorism before talks

Pakistan Islamists' posters threat: Deface or cover up photos of women without veils: Militants gaining much power

Thou shalt not play on the Sabbath? Court: Religious beliefs must be accommodated in sports schedules

Six die in Kabul bus bombing

More Than 13,000 Arab and Muslim May Face Deportation

Police Believe Laci Was Drugged And Strangled

State Court Upholds Removal Of Terri Schiavo's Feeding Tube

Teens learn 'fine art' of income tax penalties: Girl fails to file for $3.16, gets threat, then $77 fine, plus jail threat

Court: Take the Number and Run - Mobile-phone customers can take their numbers with them when they switch carrier

Cloned Mule May Help Kick Cancer


June 6, 2003 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For Our Military

Israel - Palestinian State

Hamas breaking off truce talks with Palestinian PM Abbas: No end of terror! Obstacles to end of terror noted

Violence Flares As Terrorists Attempt To Destroy Palestinian State Commitment

Unmentioned in Aqaba, Arafat Set to Destroy Peace - Arafat the boss despite global view

The unilateral surrender of Israel continues: Bush put prestige on line and Arabs gave him NOTHING!

100,000 Protest Road Map And Palestinian State

Bush plays biggest role since Truman in Middle East dispute: First U.S. president to grant unequivocal support to Palestinian statehood

IDF troops kill two Hamas men: PA claims this killing proof Israel not sincere in wanting peace

The map must show a way home: The Middle East plan will fail unless it allows the right of return - Impossible, for Palestinians would immediately become majority population

Israelis Keep Stakes Planted at Outposts As Sharon Pledges to Close Sites, Settlers Are Resolute in Opposition

Mass Media Lying In The News

Solving The Enigma Of Media Manipulation: Beware the Gatekeepers who distract from discovering true facts

Top N.Y. Times editors resign: Latest fallout from scandal involving reporter who falsified stories and later bragged about it

Newspaper has tough task ahead: New editors must work to restore credibility lost in Blair scandal

Scandals within that brought down the biggest name in US newspapers

Big Brother Surveillance

Big Brother’s not watching you - you’re wearing him

Nowhere To Hide: Iridium Satellites -- Video

Mark of the Beast: Final Connections -- Video

Privacy and the Surveillance State: How You Have Already Lost Your Privacy! Video

Ashcroft asks for extended powers: The Patriot Act is working, but needs additions -- Patriot Act II on its way!

Rock-n-Roll News

Led Zeppelin tops US charts: Has gone to number one in the US album chart for the first time since 1979.

Fallen Angel: Untold Story of Jimmy Page and Led Zeppelin

They Sold Their Souls For Rock-n-Roll -- Video

SARS - Peaks and Valleys

Chinese Expert Warns of Possible Renewed SARS Outbreak

New SARS disaster looms in Beijing: Huge New Outbreak! "In new 'Peak' right now

SARS in Beijing Residential Area Unlike that of Amoy Gardens

SARS Virus Found In Pigs And Snakes: Note - This confirms Dr. Patricia Doyle's predictions

SARS May Be Biblical Plague of Seal #4: Note this virus is comprised of "Wild Beasts of the Earth" [Rev 6:8]

Experts say spacesuit-like gear only way to safely intubate SARS patients

Intervention In The Congo

French Troops Arrive in Troubled Congo

French Peacekeepers Arrive in Troubled Democratic Republic of Congo Region

Zambian troops to Congo border

UN Security Council Backs French-Led Force

Zimbabwe Govt. Vows to Crush Protests Against Regime of President Robert Mugabe

Miss Universe is 'immature': Was contest rigged in favor of Latin American audience?

Has Rev. Sun Moon Bought Key Evangelical Leadership Lock, Stock, and Barrel? Falwell, LaHaye prominent

God's Wrath On Left Behind!

Even Before Birth, Boys Demand More Than Girls

Former Xerox Officials Settle Case: $22 Million Deal With SEC Stems From Accounting Charges

U.S. extends probe of News Corp. bid for DirecTV in $6.6 billion deal

National Weather

The One-Two Punch for the East

A Tale of Two Coasts

Weekend Weather Outlook

Where Lightning Kills

How Hot Air Masses Form

GOP plan shears working taxpayers

The True Face of Islam

Saudi executioner 'proud to do God's work': 'Contented' father of 7 also specializes in amputations

Destiny 21st Century - Islam Connection As We Head Into 21st Century - Video

The Sword of the Islamic Prophet -- Book

Rebuilt Afghan girls' school burned down: Militants objected to women getting an education

Is the United States flat-out broke? Feds deny report citing obligations '10 times larger' than stated public debt

Saudi scraps $15 billion Exxon-led gas deal

Pennsylvania Town Won't Let Amish Men Keep Horses" Stinketh to high heaven!

Sixteen bodies recovered in Spain rail crash

Could Cloning Be in Funny Cide's Future?

World's vegetation is cleaning more carbon from skies: Twenty-year study finds trend is strongest in Amazon region


Iraq Discontent

Bush's deceptions on Iraq intelligence: President is losing battle to preserve his honor - May be biggest presidential scandal in history

Admit your lies: Former UN inspector tells Bush, Blair

You can fool some of the people: Tony Blair under greatest pressure over no WMD found in Iraq

Big surprise: The world hates us

Iraqis agog at Saddam family home video: Saddam is Iraq's Rambo!

U.S. troops attacked again in central Iraq

Rumors trigger discontent in Iraq: Street talk sparks riots, leads to deaths

Korean Peninsula

US to eliminate WMDs in all states by force - North Korea tops list: Planned to spark World War III

America warns rogue states - Achieving a nuclear-free Northeast Asia

Fear alters missile defense plan: Joint research project won't stop an incoming nuke missile.

South Korean president visits Japan, to focus on North Korea

U.S. to leave zone between Koreas: American troops will be relocated to bases well to the south of border

S.Korea pullback has "no defence impact"

North Korea suspected of training computer hackers

‘Mini-nukes’ and the paradox of US nuclear policy

John Paul II marks 100th foreign trip in Croatia

Martha Stewart's newly revised 'crimes'

California Lawmakers Grease 'Slippery Slope' Toward Same-Sex Marriage

Invisible One-Party System in U.S.A.

Democrats court liberal activists by criticizing Bush: Use of the "Dialectic Principle" - Controlled Conflict Brings About Controlled Change

Progressives' Conference Highlights Democrats' Split: Resurgent liberal wing of the Democratic Party


India - Pakistan Kashmir Dispute

Pakistan says whole of Jammu and Kashmir Region is disputed

Real Reason Kashmir Region Is Important To India, Pakistan, and China: Prophecy is about to be fulfilled!

Pakistan proposes UN-controlled peacekeeping force in Kashmir

Heat wave kills 100 people in Pakistan

Pakiston new 'epicentre of terrorism', says US diplomat

Water, Drought Driving Global Government

UN Urges World to Get Serious About Water Issues - Another excuse for a World Government

Birth of World Government Through Deception, Intrigue, War

Final Countdown To World Government -- 2 1/2 hour Video

Western Water Shortages Draw Federal Help - Coming Great Thirst—That Astonishing Day

World Marks Environment Day 'Dying for Water'

Four Large Blazes Open Fire Season

Roadless Conservation Act Introduced in Congress: Will codify the Clinton era Roadless Area Conservation Rule

Charismatic Popularity and Power

Southern Baptist Charismatic Network Gaining Acceptance

Kenneth Hagin: The Spirit of the Serpent - Video

Benny Hinn: Possessed by Devils - Video

TBN: Trinity Broadcast Network -- Temple To The God & Goddess - Video

Pensacola: Impartations and Apparitions - Video

Political Resuscitation Of Hillary Clinton

Hillary: More Clinton lies?

A-&-E plans TV movie about Hillary Clinton

Psychic Hillary Channels Spirit of Eleanor Roosevelt For Advice -- Both Bill & Hillary turn to mediums for advice

Hillary and Her "Global Village" A Threat To Your Child

Laura Bush Following Hillary's Footsteps

New Yorkers to Hillary: Don't Run for President

Hillary Clinton roars back into political spotlight

In 'brutal' times, hard work comforted Hillary

Tammy Wynette's "Man" Stands Up: Hillary Clinton-mocked ballad has been hailed as the all-time greatest cowpoke song

Mars in their eyes

Rudolph distorts Christian, U.S. values

Pediatricians Call for More Action on Phthalates - Chemicals used to make fragrances last longer and soften plastic in toys and medical tubes

Cosmetic Surgery Catching on with Men: Love of self

Analysis: Jews flooding into Germany

AOL gives up trying to sell off publishers

Australian field manual tells novice prostitutes how to keep clients

Newspaper editor charged with pimping

Request to lift Disney no-fly zone denied

Missouri Ex-jailer found guilty of urinating on inmates

Deadly spread of cancer halted

Terror and Survival: Shot, Raped — And Turning the Tables on Her Nightmare



June 5, 2003 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For Our Military

Israel - Palestinians

Summit News

Palestinian State Declared! Isaiah 34:12 is fulfilled

Bush's Remarks -- Actual Text

Israeli Prime Minister Sharon -- Actual Text

Palestinian PM Abbas -- Actual Text

Bush says plans to 'ride herd' in Mideast, like a cowboy

Summit ends with upbeat vows from all - Summit ends with hope but within minutes Hamas is vowing to continue terror

If Sharon makes peace, is his life in danger?

Arafat Complains: Sharon offered 'nothing tangible' at Aqaba summit

Aqaba Summit Ends: "Today may very well be registered in history as the 'naqba' - the day of catastrophe - for Israel"

Palestinian Authority: "Bush is the Head of the Snake"

In and Around the Summit: "Attitude of Islam is not to accept a foreign state in this area."

Can Arafat torpedo the peace? Note this article uses term "occupation" to refer to Israel controlling her Biblical land

U.S. to send a team to monitor Israeli-Palestinian progress

Israelis, Palestinians Take First Steps

Terror Continues

Palestinian Violence Continues

IDF discovers bomb in Gaza, lifts curfew in Jenin

Battered bodies of man and woman found near Jerusalem

Shekel plunges against the dollar: Fears of post-summit terror attacks

High price of peace - more terror

Bombers-In-Waiting Threaten Mideast Peace Hopes

Australian Jewish businessman says was Al-Qaida target

Church Apostasy Opening Door To Antichrist

Has Rev Sun Moon Purchased The Entire Evangelical Christian Leadership "Lock-Stock_Barrel"?

Pro-Life Coalition Under Attack Over 2004 Voter Drive

Charismatic Pastor: Satan will go to Heaven - No confession in Jesus as Savior is needed to go to Heaven - Everyone will go to Heaven no matter what they do! ICCC Bishop's council endorses this pastor!!

Appeals Court Controls Fate of Ten Commandments Display


Bush vows defense of Taipei: If China invades Taiwan

Remembering Tiananmen Square

Water Level at China's Three Gorges Reservoir Reaches 117 Meters

Taiwan now world's No. 2 supplier of DRAM chips

Taiwan's own economic hari-kiri

Clinton News

Hill cool to Clinton's president-term idea that would allow him to be President again

In 'brutal' times, hard work comforted Hillary: "Eleanor Roosevelt once said, `If I feel depressed, I go to work"

Hillary Regularly Channeled Eleanor Roosevelt In Occult Seances!

Bulls Sold in Montana Linked to Mad Cow

Moral Collapse Continues

'Virtual gay marriage' bill passes in California

Hate Crimes Charges Sought Against Homosexual Protestors

Orlando Mayor welcomes Gay Days visitors: Walt Disney opens doors

Anti-gay group wants no-fly zone over Disney lifted

Homosexual Politician Defects From GOP

NY Governor Pataki's Support for Lesbian Seeking Jobless Benefits Riles Conservatives

Man confesses to string of Florida murders

Images of Death: Pushing the boundaries

Age Limit For Violent Video Games Struck Down by Court

Martha Stewart pleads innocent to fraud, conspiracy charges:
Maven steps down as CEO so she can defend herself

National Weather

Nasty Storms for the Southern Plains! - Stormy Plains

A Tale of Two Coasts

Eastern U.S. endures unusually cold, rainy spring

Trouble in the East this Weekend!

What is Meteorological Summer?

Updated 2003 Atlantic Hurricane Outlook

Wife's Fortune Out for Senator Kerry's Presidential Campaign

'Guru of Ganja' free after day in jail: Token sentence for Marijuna possession

Record producer Phil Spector denies that he killed actress: She "kissed the gun" before shooting herself

Middle class tax burden set to rise

Music industry hopes mobile phones will be new revenue source

EU ratifies U.N. biosafety protocol

SARS Outbreak!

New SARS disaster looms in Beijing: Huge New Outbreak! "In new 'Peak' right now

Sars: No new cases in Taiwan: "In 'Valley' right now

WHO: Chinese Government at All Levels Have Taken Seriously SARS Threat

SARS haze obscures China's economic future

Canada Nurses Rally Outside SARS Hospital

SARS Virus Sensitive to High Temperatures, UV Rays

Airlines say demand is recovering

Iran Regime Change News

US dusts off nuclear card; US has bought Israel's alarming analysis of Iran "lock, stock, and barrel"

US to eliminate WMDs in all rogue states, by force if necessary

Pakistan - India

Pakistan new 'epicentre of terrorism', says US diplomat

India-Pakistan crisis may erupt any time: Expert

Constitution change urged: Beware of a Constituional Convention!


House OKs ban on partial-birth abortion: Why has it taken over 3 years of the Bush Administration?

Iraq News

Iraq war 'was about oil' - Debunking myth that war was fought over oil

U.S. soldier killed in Iraq attack

UN Nuclear inspectors head to Iraq

U.S. forces nab Iraqi militia commander

U.S. forces sift rubble of Saddam hideout

Bush to Reveal Truth About Iraq Weapons

Woman Suicide Bomber Kills 13 Near Chechnya

Study links depression, suicide rates to teen sex

Taleban 'suffer heavy casualties' in Afghanistan battle

Afghan Bomb Explodes Near U.S. Convoy

Afghan leader set for Blair talks

Korean Peninsula

North Korea slams US troops plan

Japan reveals military might

US Congress Increasingly Concerned About N. Korea's Nuclear Program

Crab Season Peaks, So Does Korean Clash

Lawmaker: North Korea hints at move on resolving Japanese abductions

GAO criticizes missile defense approach: Government's rush to field system may cause waste

Senate nears deal on tax-credit checks: Bipartisan plan may send $400 a child to 6.5 million families with low incomes

Taco Bell Loses $30 Mil. Lawsuit: May have stolen the "talking Chihuahua" concept

Homeschooling victory covered on radio show

Teachers whining: We feel like educational scapegoats

Sexual abuse more widespread than Catholic Church admits, victims say

Florida baseball team to spoof Sosa with cork giveaway

Sosa's 76 confiscated bats show no signs of cork

Probing the Power of Corked Bats

Pew Report Finds U.S. Oceans in Crisis

U.S. needs a new 'ocean ethic'

Moussaoui Lawyers Claim Misleading Info Provided by Feds

NYC Mayor Bloomberg has signed executive order allowing city employees to report illegal aliens to the feds

Surgeon general backs ban on tobacco

Police across Denver search for missing baby

Teens tutor FBI in cyber-slang: Agents brush up on pop knowledge to catch online predators

Cash Offered to Lure Folk Off Vesuvius Slopes

Woman finds bank bag with $1,700, returns it: "'God can send us a check in the mail"

Big business exploits internet loophole to produce advertisements with subversive messages


June 4, 2003 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For Our Military

Breaking News!

Palestinian State Declared! Isaiah 34:12 is fulfilled

Sharon promises 'immediate' removal of outposts: Palestinian state to be established in the West Bank

Bush's Remarks -- Actual Text

Israeli Prime Minister Sharon -- Actual Text

Palestinian PM Abbas -- Actual Text

Middle East Summit

Palestinian State To Be Announced At Summit!!! -- Other Headlines

Prophecy For Palestinians: "They shall call its nobles to proclaim the kingdom, but nothing shall be there..." [Isaiah 34:12]

A final pledge emerges after heavy negotiation: Arabs not ready to recognize Israel

Say "Yes" To Eretz Israel - Say "No" To "Gog" Bush's Road Map

Pope's Role In Israel

Pope Meets with Colin Powell-- Calls for a Palestinian State

Colin Powell and Pope Meet: Note Pope wearing white, while Powell is wearing black, Illuminati Zoroasterian message

On 2/15/2000, Pope Signed Declaration With Arafat Internationalisation of Jerusalem and Establishment of a Palestinian State

John Paul II Says Peace in Holy Land Requires 2 Independent States - Israelis and Palestinians "Are Called to Live Side by Side"

Catholic Pope Declared To Be False Prophet - Doctrines support False Prophet designation

More News

Muslims lament Israel's existence: Palestinian State cannot exist as long as Israel exists!

Poison Pens: Kids spew toxic venom: Angriest hate-letters by Palestinian schoolchildren win contest

High hopes for summit must be coupled with action on the ground

Bush living 'important moment': Real conference begins in Aqaba, Jordan

A bold stride along the road to peace - or a footnote in history?

Sharon to offer contiguity for Palestinian interim state -- Analysis: No empty chair for Arafat

IT'S ABOUT TERRORISM! The Theater of the Absurd

The Aqaba Summit In The Arab Press

Suburbs watch Middle East talks Area -- Eyes on Mideast

Sharon's Peace: A change of heart? No, Illuminati plan coming to fruition

Jerry Golden Report: Do I have some anti's, you bet I do!

Bush statement following meeting with Arabs: Full text

Bush: My vision for the Mideast: U.S. president gives 'Texan talk' to Arab leaders

Yesha Council Rally Tonight; Arab Violence Continues

Moral Collapse Accelerates

Playboy & The (Homo) Sexual Revolution: The Triumph of Arrested Development

76 U.S. Representatives and Senators have signed a GenderPac "Diversity Statement" in support of so-called "transgender" rights

Globe-Trotting Pope Making 100th Trip: To Croatia

Film sheds light on `vampire cult'

More Canadian Cattle Being Slaughtered for Testing as DNA Tests Fail to Prove Origin of Infected Cow


Major Asian air carriers optimistic that worst of SARS impact is over

SARS(?) Death Rates Rise In N. California

New SARS Still Fooling Doctors

HEALTH REPORT - SARS in Animals eaten as food! Humans can get SARS by eating infected animals

Massachusetts State seminar: How to get sex fiends off hook

29 migrants found held in East End shack

Badly decomposed bodies of three men -- thought to be Mexican citizens -- were pulled from a sun-pummeled rail car

Christian Church Apostasy

Has Rev Sun Moon Purchased The Entire Evangelical Christian Leadership "Lock-Stock_Barrel"?

Charismatic Pastor: Satan will go to Heaven - No confession in Jesus as Savior is needed to go to Heaven - Everyone will go to Heaven no matter what they do! ICCC Bishop's council endorses this pastor!!

Gay canon who left wife is favourite to be Anglican bishop

'New' Jim Bakker Returns to Christian Television: Would never happen in Fundamental Baptist circles! The Blind & Dead

Church Offers Drive-In Worship

New World Order Religion: The Apostate Church 2-Tape Series

Lutheran Minister: God doesn't exist

Korean Peninsula - Nuclear Crisis Building

N Korea assails US plans to reinforce troops in South: Preparation for war amid a nuclear crisis

N. Korea developing more nukes: Rep. Joe Wilson returns from trip with troubling news

US sets new plan of attack for North Korea -- Military build-up

U.S. Seeks Ability to 'Take Down' N. Korea Quickly: First hour of war

U.S. Plans a Major Shift of Its Troops in the Korean DMZ Area

Philippines to file resolution on denuclearization of North Korea

South Korea Investigates North Drug Link

Manila, Seoul to further expand ties

India - Pakistan

India-Pakistan crisis may erupt any time: Expert

Bush, Pakistan's Musharraf meeting on June 24

US rejects Pakistani objection to Israel's Phalcon deal with India


U.S. Army's Depleted Uranium (DU) Project Training Manuals and Videos - Army's refuses to show this video anymore

U.S. Poisoning Entire Land of Iraq By Depleted Uranium: Fulfilling Bible prophecy of Isaiah 13

Iraq war rubbishes US image across globe: Survey

Crafting a constitution for Iraq: People will never accept a pro-Western Constitutional government - Militant Islam rules

Wolfowitz Bombshell: Suspects Saddam Behind 9/11 Attacks and OKC Bombing

Rep. Kucinich seeks videotape of Lynch rescue: "Nothing the administration has said about Private Lynch has been verified by private news reports"

British Lawmaker Panel to Probe Iraq War: Lack of Discovery of WMD Infuriating Lawmakers

U.S. Attack on Iran Would Be Suicide, Khamenei Warns

U.S. soldiers taken captive by Iranians

Domestic Terror

CIA says al Qaeda ready to use nukes


Freedom of Speech Is About to Vanish! Both USA and Russia

Barbed Wire On America: God's Final Warning

Sudanese Islamists burn to death Christian pastor, family: 2 million died so far in this Jihad, 5 million refugees

Sudan: Hidden Holocaust - Revealing Video

U.S. Set to Indict Martha Stewart

National Weather

Drenching Rain in the Southeast Wednesday

East Locked into a Wet Pattern

Greenland Block Hanging Tough!

June Hurricanes are Rare


June 3, 2003 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For Our Military

Israel - Palestinian Summit

Road Map Gestures and Speculations - Bush meets today only with Arab leaders

IT'S ABOUT TERRORISM! The Theater of the Absurd

God's Judgment Falls Upon Those Who "Divide The Land"

Bush in Egypt for peace summit: Warns about settlements

Even Sharon Said So: Condemnation of release of 100 Palestinian terror operatives

Settlement dispute persists: Israel and Palestinians at odds over how many outposts to dismantle

Israel releases prominent Palestinian

Bush to Assure Arab Leaders at Middle East Summit

Deep rifts remain on basics of 'road map'

Abbas to call for end of intifada: Draft of PM's speech says Palestinians 'will turn to peaceful measures'

Bush's bold venture: 32-month old conflict to end in Palestinian Statehood?

No peace without president's pressure: Bible says no peace at all

Arafat Urges Children To Celebrate International Children’s Day With Suicide - Teaching hatred in citizens is real reason there will be no peace with Israel

France's Chirac Tries To Elbow In On Mideast

Tattoos - Body Piercings

Tattoos Source of Hepatitis Without Symptoms

Popularity Surge of Multiple Body Piercings and Tattoos Sure Sign Our Society Has Slipped Down the Slippery Slope of Satanism

Catholic Sex Abuse News

Bishop Avoids Charges: Phoenix Prelate Gives Up Power To Civil Authorities In Sex Abuse Cases

How Can Catholic Church Be Guilty of Sex Abuse For 800 Years? -- Video

Vatican Assassins: True Nature of Vatican Revealed!

Drought - Rewilding Agent

U.S. Drought Monitor

Rewilding Plan Continues To Be In Effect!

Days of Hunger, Days of Chaos -- Food Shortages Coming!

The Coming Great Thirst—That Astonishing Day

Forest Thinning Rules Fuel Wildfire Controversy

The New Tolerance vs. Christian Convictions

'Bust-Enhancing' Pills Are Bogus: Researcher

IBM Says SEC Probing Its Accounting

'Curse of Mars' Casts Shadow Over New Space Mission

European Union to Monitor American Pro-life Groups

Crowds For Queen On Coronation Jubilee

Remembering Glory of Coronation Day 50 Years Ago

50th anniversary of Queen's coronation marked by solemn ceremony, tea party

U.S. Soldiers, Civilians Taken Captive by Iranians, Later Released

US post-9/11 detentions criticised

Peterson case judge is asked to punish prosecutors: Unhappy about tapped phone calls between lawyer and Scott

Suspect in Daniel Pearl's murder brought to court

Beagle to hunt for life on Red Planet

Olympic bomber may be "Christian terrorist"

Glue gave way on mirror that crushed boy: Police

Clinton-Masked Suspect Sought In Attempted Kidnapping: Suspect Last Seen On Interstate 70

'Rent-A-Dread' Contributes to Caribbean AIDS Crisis

Bill setting up identity card system passes California Senate

Korean Peninsula

North Korea: We Not Only Have Nukes, But Have More Where That Came From! More News

U.S. Seeks Ability to 'Take Down' N. Korea Quickly

Washington to increase military presence in South Korea: Wolfowitz

South Korea fires warning shots again in fishing waters: 2nd time in 3 days -- North Korea blames the South

U.S. changes won't weaken Asian deterrence - Wolfowitz

N. Korea threat is cited in shift of U.S. troops

North Korean Threat To Japan Is Overblown: Or is it?

SARS Developments

Sars patients 'suffer brain damage' from steroid cocktail: Up to 50% of surviving patients may have suffered permanent brain damage!

SARS Coronavirus Appears to be an FcgammaR Agent, Causing an Hyperimmune Response via a CD13 pathway - Implication for Therapeutic Interventions

Surgical masks no protection against SARS, hygienic expert warns

Toronto issues steep quarantine fines

SARS death toll climbs; Ontario cases increase to 62

SARS Virus Dies Earlier When Heat's On: Can live for up to 15 days without the human body

Canada accused of ignoring new SARS warnings

Deadly Cold Virus Strikes Disabled in N.Y.: Outbreak blamed for as many as 3 deaths in special home

G-8 = Global Government, Economy

G-8 warns Iran, N. Korea to end nuclear projects

G8 Confident of Recovery, Protests Flare

Global tax on guns? G-8 hears proposal to "End Hunger"

G8 leaders pledge to rebuild Iraq

Bush, Chirac 'in agreement,' seem to patch up discord over Iraq

Final stretch for G8 leaders

Alternative summit challenges G8

Iraq War Aftermath

Ex-U.S. Army Chief: U.S. in Iraq for Long Stay

Proof of Iraqi WMD is Bush trailer trash

Iraqi Troops, Tribes Warn U.S.: Leave or Face War

Blair Faces Growing Pressure over Iraq Weapons Claims

U.S. to Screen Troops Who Served in Iraq

First post-Saddam elections cancelled by British

Canadian Mad Cow Probe Enters Make-Or-Break Phase

Bush's Pro-Gay Policies

Falwell's Paper Headlines Threat to Abandon Bush -- Too Cozy With Gays

Concerned Women Of America Warns: Bush's Gay Policy Is As Radical As Clinton's!

Gays, Lesbians All "A-Glow" Over Bush's Policies

President Bush Is Helping Gay Republicans Raise Money!

Bush Administration Files Brief Opposing Anti-Abortion Activists

Majority believes life begins at conception: Poll: 56% back separate murder charge for unborn baby

Pakistan region adopts Islamic law: Militant Islam a threat to stability of Pakistan's Pro-West Nuclear Armed Government!

India test fires surface-to-air missile

California homeschool advocates celebrate 'victory': Education department reverses stance practice 'illegal'

CIA says al Qaeda ready to use nukes

Judge: Disabled rape victim is incapacitated - Same judge last week refused to appoint guardian

Man who was shot by Border Agents after chase was a Mexican

Man late for flight tries bomb threat

'Schoolgirl look' makes students uneasy: Opens them up to sexual attention by perverts who like the "schoolgirl look"

Cigarrette Butts ban in New York City sparks a boon in Jersey

Democrats try to wean lawmakers from SUVs: California Senate panel set to cut off legislators from gas-guzzlers


June 2, 2003 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For Our Military


Is Terrorism Tied To Christian Sect? Is Olympic bomber Eric Robert Rudolph a "Christian terrorist"?

How Rudolph eluded capture so long remains a mystery

Did Fugitive Get Help? Locals resent idea they aided suspect

G8 Summit

Iraq dispute casts shadow over G8 summit

G8 to focus on global growth: Always emphasis is on Global Economy as foretold of End of the Age

Finger of blame points at Blair: Blair was last night engaged in a desperate behind-the-scenes fight at the G8 summit

G-8 Summit in France by the Numbers

G8 Summit Grapples with Dollar Drop

Leaders set aside Iraq rancor to focus on N. Korea and Iran: Bush plunged into a whirl of postwar diplomacy Sunday

Spotlight on China's new leader in grand debut on world stage

Violent Anti-G8 Protests Hit Swiss Cities

SARS In The News

Hong Kong Health Worker Dies From SARS: Eighth front-line Hong Kong health care worker died of SARS

Number of new cases shows SARS retreating in Asia: Or is SARS simply entering "valleys stage"?

China's HK tours held up by spat over sick visitors

Beijing hospitals hit hard financially

SARS Isolation extended to land and sea travellers

SARS Still Fooling Doctors

Korean Peninsula

North Korea, US move to boost their fighting power

U.S. takes North Korea nuclear claims seriously: Admits US has "imperfect intelligence"

North Korea a topic for U.S., China

South Korean Navy fires on intruders

United States and Russia yesterday called on North Korea to abandon its nuclear ambitions

North Korea 'repeats' nuclear claim: Intends to build more

Moral Collapse Continues

Boy accused in fatal shooting was angry over chores

Locked up in land of the free: US now has more prison inmates than Russia! Now has highest percentage of citizens behind bars

Americans Demand Personal Pampering

Democrat Senator Kerry woos gay, lesbian voters in Chicago in his presidential bid

Canada's 'national costume' was rented from drag queen

3 Killed in Shooting at Miami Beach Birthday Party

National Weather

2003 Hurricane Season Outlook

Looking Back: May Temperature Extremes

T-Storms Soak the Southern Plains

Heat Expanding Across Southwest, California

Recent Rains Means Pest Problem

Flooding Forces Evacuations and Road Closures

Death toll in Indian heat wave reaches nearly 1,000

June 2 in history

Fake Boston police cruiser carried desperados, guns, $100G

Diabetes 'catastrophe' looms - "Lifestyle" habits to blame

Mad Cow In Canada

Mad cow vaccine possible in a year, says neurologist

Ontario looks at beef ban: Western Canada complains

Cattle slaughter to be expanded

Ninth Circuit Says Alleged Cold War Spies May Sue CIA for Pay


Mugabe arrests Zimbabwe opposition leader

Torture, murder and cannibalism: How two UN men died in Congo

Congo militia says rivals killed 352

Pretoria Cop's mystery parcel causes anthrax anxiety

US threatens to sink French plan to stop the West undercutting African farmers

'Finding Nemo' sets animated opening record: $70.6 million in 3 days

Disney flick to hook people on Politically Correct fish? Political message in 'Finding Nemo' has some in pet industry unnerved

FCC Vote Could Reshape Media Landscape: expected to allow companies to buy more television stations and, in some cases, own both a newspaper and a broadcast station in the same city - Media Monopoly to increase!

Breakthrough in tailor-made medicines

Wonder drug hope for cancer victims

Israel - Palestinian State

Poll: Israelis Back "Temporary" Palestinian State

Two Indigestible Pills Await Sharon at Aqaba: "Palestinians agree to halt 'routine' shootings and attacks and to "space out" major terrorist attacks!

Sharon's sudden dovishness troubles West Bank settlers - Israel in shock as Sharon reversed position totally

Israeli PM Prepares to Address Issue of Illegal Jewish Settlements

U.S. says Sharon sees occupation as "unsustainable" so is ready to deal away land to Palestinian State

God's Judgment Falls Upon Those Who "Divide The Land"

Slippery Roads: Will Jews be able to live in Palestinian State? NOT!!

Israel Lifts Closure of Palestinian Territories -- Palestinians deny closure lifted

Sharon urges less talk of Israel poverty - Intifada is killing Israel's economy

Spotlight Leaves Arafat, but He's Still in the Show: He is firmly in charge behind the scenes

Sharon stuns Israel on brink of Middle East summit - Ten Outposts - Not with "Security Importance" - to be Dismantled

NYC Mayor leads parade for Israel: Bloomberg stresses need for Jewish state's security ahead of peace summit

Few actual signs of Israel's goodwill gesture

Greek Orthodox Church: "We Won´t Give in to American-Zionist Empire

Protecting Passenger Planes from Shoulder Missiles

IDF goes on high alert in Jerusalem: Few Palestinians cross into Israel

U.S. ambassador in India touted as special road map envoy


Iran countdown begins toward "more drastic action"

Russia urges Iran to agree to tougher inspections -- Iran refuses

Game of Billiards deemed too wicked for Iran's holy city

Iran's reaction to Iraq concerns Washington

Ninth American Dies from Saudi Arabia Blasts

Terrorist plan to bomb Aussie school in Jakarta -- Plan abandoned, terrorists uncomfortable that victims would be children

Tobacco declared a 'weapon of mass destruction'


Reported Attack Kills 2 Iraqis in Baghdad

Iraq's oil flowing again is a dubious balm for ailments

Blair to reveal new Iraq weapons dossier - Controversy Mounting Over Australian Participation in US-led Attack on Iraq

Iraqi Chemist Claims Iraq Abandoned WMD Program in 1991

U.S. to forgive Sudan for 2 million deaths?

A media explosion in Iraq

Inquiry widens into soldier's 'torture photos'

Amid armed Iraqis, US struggles to protect

Saddam daughters' plea for asylum in England

Mexican Factory Town Murders: At least 93 women killed in 10 years -- Are they dying as occult ritual sacrifices?

New tumor center pinpoints radiation in brain surgery

New cancer drugs show extended survival rate

Laci Peterson News

Defense Team Seeking Man Named 'Donnie' as Laci Peterson Murder Suspect

The O.J.-ification of Laci: Laci's body had reportedly been "carved up" and "there were internal parts missing" - Signs of ritual killing!

12,000 Bees make nest near beekeeping equipment company

Water levels rise in China's Three Gorges dam, cracks reappear

City officials compete in 'best beard' contest for charity

Microsoft, AOL to forge alliance

Panel overturns obscenity conviction: Court: Jury should see film evidence

Journalist jailed over deadly 'souvenir' bomb: Jordanian airport security guard killed by cluster bomb

China launches a 24-hour news channel -- To be glitzy and colorful

US bombards Europe with spam

Great Britain's Monarchy

Queen celebrates 50 years

Prince of Wales (Charles) set to reveal blueprint for monarchy -- Has been Prince of Wales 33 years!

The Antichrist & A Cup of Tea: Prince Charles Strong Candidate to be Antichrist, based upon "Counting", "Calculation" - Rev 13:18

Australian Prime Minister Won't Sign Kyoto Accords

British ministers prepare for crucial week ahead of euro announcement: Should Britain join the euro?

New Homeland Security VISIT border security system raises cost-benefit concerns

End of the Boy Scouts in Philadelphia: executive board voted unanimously to include "sexual orientation" in its nondiscrimination code


June 1, 2003 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For Our Military

Prince Charles Making His Move?

After 50 years, Charles gets a job and a life

Prince of Wales (Charles) set to reveal blueprint for monarchy -- Has been Prince of Wales 33 years!

Queen invites Camilla to Royal event of the year

The Antichrist & A Cup of Tea: Prince Charles Strong Candidate to be Antichrist, based upon "Counting", "Calculation" - Rev 13:18

Russia - G8 Summit

Summit Caps Off St. Pete's Party: Military planes were on standby to clear away any clouds

Bush arrives in Russia Saturday afternoon

Bush goes own way on summits - Will stay only one day at G8

Bush spells out agenda ahead of G8 meeting - France to press own agenda

Tearful Bush, Wife Visit Nazi Death Camps

France Invites 80 Percent of World to G-8

G-8 Heads Tackle Various Global Issues: Emphasis on "global" as G8 exists only to further globalization to New World Order

Bush, Putin Urge N. Korea, Iran on Nukes


Canada investigating four more deaths as possible SARS victims

Singapore 'free of Sars'

Two new China SARS cases -- Figures prove progress; China mainland reports 4 new SARS deaths, 1 case

SARS exposes China's health care: Poor conditions are magnified in rural provinces

Seventh health care worker dies of SARS in Hong Kong

China butchers Taiwan's feelings

China blasts US President George Bush for supporting Taiwan's bid to WHO

More SARS cases in Hong Kong & Taiwan

SARS will have lasting impact

SARS claims 30th victim in Toronto: Has disease spread to Ottowa?

US warns Indonesia to show restraint in Aceh Insurgency War

China begins to block the mighty Yangtze: Environmentalists fear massive damage will be done

Bob Hope's 100th is no laughing matter

National Weather

Storm Batters Northeast with Rain, Wind - Rare June Nor'easter

Atlantic Hurricane Season Starts Today

Heat Expanding Across Southwest, California

New radio transmitters improve weather coverage

The arrival of June

Terrorism In The News

Everyone checked for guns – except known terrorists! Database used on law-abiding Americans while al-Qaida, other enemies get free ride

Authorities investigating suspicious divers seen near power plant

Arizona may ignore next orange alert - Cheney: Terror threat still looms

9/11 Lawsuits for the Justice Department? Roundup of terror suspects could mean legal action against some officials

1996 Olympic bombing suspect captured

Canada 'gay' marriage to spark border rush? Northern neighbor's move toward legalization watched in U.S

27 arrested in smuggling crackdown: Mexican agents nab suspects in 2 states

Suspect in Louisiana serial killings -- Derrick Todd Lee -- recalled as suave, violent

L.A. Law One More Tool for Slavery Reparations

U.S. Farmers go international: Family finds opportunity in the fields of Brazil

Gay Days return for 13th year: 135,000 gays and lesbians are expected to visit Disney World's Central Florida theme parks

"Dr. Kildare" Comes Out of the Closet


U.S. Failure to Find Arms a Hot Issue: Without WMD, war against Iraq was illegal

Two-thirds say Blair misled public over Iraqi weapons

Blair: I have secret proof of weapons

Weapons Hunt Will Shift to New Sites, Head of New Search Group Says: US could just plant evidence

Iraq Nuclear Looters Leave Trail of Anguish: Disinformation designed to cover real story of Depleted Uranium

Army to face new torture claims

Israel - Palestinian State

Israel eases closures in West Bank, Gaza

God's Judgment Falls Upon Those Who "Divide The Land"

Long road to Middle East peace - Israel in shock as Sharon reversed position totally

Terrorism and Israeli Concessions Continue

Cabinet in Regular Session Prior To Bush's Arrival At Aqaba

Israel rejects U.S. call to declare an `end of occupation'

Sharon to cabinet: Israel might have to evacuate some outposts

Bush looks toward Mideast peace talks

To Bridge Mideast Abyss Will Take a Push by Bush: Could this be the "Dance For Peace"?

Learn Oslo's lessons or peace try is doomed: Prophecy sees no peace in mid-East after Israel becomes nation again - Joel 3

Computer game lets Hezbollah kill Israelis: Hatred will prevent peace

Mideast cease-fire idea advances

Environment Ministry warns of West Nile Fever outbreak

Washington Engages Three Masters of Terror

Korean Peninsula

South Korea ships fire warning shots against North Korean fishing boats in disputed waters

North Korean crisis dominates Asia security conference

North Korea slams US 'spy planes'

Asian Regional anti-terror meet starts in Singapore: 3-day meeting

US points to China as a model for North Korea to copy

US army to spend $16.9 bn in Seoul

Wolfowitz calls for economic pressure on North Korea

Increased airport security may paralyse industry: Qantas Airlines

Iran's Kharrazi Rejects Likelihood of U.S. Attack

Bush Team Opts for More Diplomacy with Iran

Teacher sues over 'kindergartner from hell'

Specter of Rwanda looms over slaughter in Congo

When do our troops leave for Congo?

Bangladesh heatwave toll rises to 42

Dutch Public TV to students: Become hookers! Program advises graduates to consider prostitution as career option

More detained in Saudi bombings

Harvard land deal finalized: $75m purchase gives university rights over turnpike area, even to moving turnpike

Scientists Regenerate Cell for Hearing

Former Cheney-led company -- Halliburton -- settles lawsuits on cooked books

Calif. Gov. Says Power Regulation Needed

`Scarlet Letter' law is rescinded: Required mothers who put a child up for adoption to publish their sexual histories when necessary to locate the father in Florida

Judge Allows Lawyer to Add Shell Oil as Nightclub Fire defendant

New Suicide 'death machine' is unveiled

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