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We have culled these pertinent stories from many sources to keep you updated on the Daily News events pertinent to the coming New World Order. Truly, once you know the Plan to establish the Kingdom of Antichrist, you will never look at the news the same way again. For A Cutting Edge Analysis and Recap Of Current Events Being Reported In The News Visit our Headline News Area

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June 15, 2003 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For Our Military

Israel - Palestinian State

"Al Aqsa" -- Dome of the Rock -- Is In Danger!

Plan To Create Full-Scale War May Include Destruction of Muslim Holy Places, Blaming The Jews

Pictures of the Temple Mount Bulge

Assassinating peace? - Soldier Killed in Jenin

US committed to Middle East peace plan

Victims of Jerusalem bus bombing - Pictures -- Ordinary People Caught Up In Killing - Pictures with stories

Prime Minister Sharon: Israel will act against 'ticking bombs'

US roadmap monitor starts talks: US envoy John Wolf begins to monitor both sides for compliance to "Road Map"

Blocking Escalation: Week following the Aqaba summit was full of
blood and disappointment

Response to Terorrist Shooting: New Outpost

Powell says United States 'will not waver' in push for peace

Settlers agree to quit outpost set up close to scene of attack

Spanish Prime Minister Aznar: Isolating Arafat is not the solution

Egyptian team to push cease-fire between PA, militants: Hamas' Rantisi - "Ceasefire is not part of Palestinian vocabulary"

Contradictions of Entire Region Seen In Gaza Now

War Raging In Gaza

Palestinian militant said killed by undercover troops in Gaza

Hamas man, wife, young children killed in 5th IDF missile strike in Gaza in 2 days

IDF Withdrawing?

Palestinian Leader Dahlan Says, "Give Us Gaza" as Violence Continues

Israel prepares to withdraw from northern Gaza Strip

PA expected to take control of security in northern Gaza

Volcanoes In California, Idaho, and Pacific Northwest Building Towards Catastrophic Eruptions

Rocket targets TV station in Beirut, Lebanon

Illuminati Hatred Toward Industrial Civilization Reaching New Absurd Heights!

Cow breath heating up atmosphere: Methane gas source -- New Height In Environmental Stupidity!

Flush Toilets Called 'Environmental Disaster'

Occult Basis For Hating Our Industrial Civilization

Whales face new bloodbath if Japan wins hunting vote

Anti-tax crusaders work for big shift: White House "wary"

Saudi Report: Raid in Holy City of Mecca Kills 5

Montana Ranch Hand Kills 1, Wounds 7, Including Cop

Bush adviser: California Davis recall 'appears on track' for ballot

CDC: One-Third of Kids Born in 2000 at Risk for Diabetes because of eating habits, lack of exercise

Rome Mosque Suspends Imam for Praising Militants in Sermon

Mormon Crickets Devour Crops, Turn Roads 'Blood Red' : Plague of insects could be worst in history!

New Hampshire Names Peak for Reagan

U.S. Embarks on Global Shuffle of Military Forces

Ungodly Ways: The Dark Side of the European Union

European Union -- E.U. -- Final World Empire! Revived Roman Empire Has Arisen From The Ashes!

Ziglar: Justice Department power needs limits

National Weather

Soaking Continues Sunday in the Southeast

Ridge Helps Keep West Warm this Week

Drier Air Moves into Northeast

Iraq War News

Syria’s Pivotal Role in Iraqi Resistance Is Glossed over in Washington

If Saddam is half as elusive as the WMDs, he should be pretty safe

U.S. forces launch raids across Iraq early today

US soldiers kill 82 in massive raids

US claim al-Qaeda agents in Iraq

Iraqi oil set to flow

U.S. Hunts for Weapons in Iraq After Amnesty Ends

Gulf War Syndrome ruling upheld

U.S. Forces Seize Saddam's Air Force Chief : #17 on list of 55 most wanted leaders

Half of Iraq's most wanted held

French forces in Congo attacked: Rebels fire on troops; residents worry that patrol won't be able to stabilize town

Protests continue in Iran: US attempting internal overthrow to effect "Regime Change"

Iran 'jams' US-based satellite channels after clashes

Korean Peninsula

Tension amid Koreas summit

Two Koreas reconnect railway line

Captured North Korean spy ship jars Japanese : Japan creating public support to rearm

Asia Security Meet May Be Clouded by Suu Kyi, Korea

Pacific allies vow to stop North Korea's criminal ways

"Dirty Bomb" News

Thai police bust confirms US nuclear fears that terrorists are building "dirty bomb"

Terrorists Had "Dirty Bomb" In October, 2001!!

Wisconsin Prairie Dog Is Blamed for Monkeypox

Mexico's ID card gains more acceptance in US states, cities

One dead as Cambodian police open fire

University of South Florida Draws Criticism for Firing Islamic Professor

Charter Fishing Boat Capsizes Off Oregon Coast, Killing At Least 9 of the 19 On Board

Harry Potter Release Date On Satanic Sabbat Draws Closer

Billionaire status for Harry Potter Author, Rowling -- If she leaves her Scottish home to become a tax exile

Potter poses a weighty worry for postmen

Spellbound - Life has been changed by Harry Potter

False Cults Springing Up

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God: False Cult Church Taking Mexico, Brazil By Storm

"Born Again" Jesus Charismatic Heresy

Kenneth Hagin: The Spirit of the Serpent - Video -- Article Exposing "Spirit of the Serpent" Ministry of Hagin

Benny Hinn: Possessed by Devils - Video

TBN: Temple To The God & Goddess - Video

Pensacola Revival & White Magic -- Video

Moral Values Free-Falling Into Abyss

Pedophiles Seek Online Support, Societal Acceptance

School board bans books showing gay families

Explicit Bisexual role-play in schools condemned

Naked Man Scares Shark to Death?

Witch to Loch Ness Monster: 'Don't Be Shy' As She Performs Ritual Incantation

Protesters Object To Play Depicting Jesus Christ As A Gay Man

Dancing Our Prayers Away? Catholic performing Ecumenical Pagan Dances In Church Sanctuary - Drawing from "Various Cultures"

Busty Babes, Yes Please. Female Viewers, No - Viacom Launching Spike TV

WHO Expert: Proven SARS Cure Unlikely Soon


June 14, 2003 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For Our Military

Israel - Palestinian State

As violence intensifies, Mideast talks to resume

Arafat Refuses To Hand Control of His 20,000 Palestinian Security Policemen Over To Deputy

Israelis strike again at Hamas: US urges both sides to restrain violence

Missiles hit Gaza again despite US efforts to keep lid on crisis

Abbas is Like a Chick who hasn't Grown his Feathers: Sharon insults new Palestinian Prime Minister

Sharon calls PA leaders `crybabies'

Sharon offers three-day ceasefire with Hamas - Rantisi: Hamas rejects all possibilities of a cease-fire with Israel

Powell should knock Arab and Israeli heads together

US Urges Israel to Show "Restraint" in Retaliations

Rage and regret bind Middle East - Diplomacy swings into action

Israeli warplanes break sound barrier over Beirut

US hopes to save Mideast "road map"

No Palestinian Refugee Will Be Allowed into Israel: Sharon

Palestinian economy shattered by Israeli attacks

Saudi official faults Israel

Update On Bus Bombing Casualties

Two Women Seriously Injured By Palestinian Gunfire

PA willing to take security responsibility in areas that IDF quits

Some U.S. Democrats say Bush too hard on Israel

Mixed response to Annan's call for Mideast peacekeepers

UN's Annan to meet Powell on Mideast peace efforts

Powell Tells Syria to Quash Terror Acts

Iran Struggles Internally

Religious Militants Clash With Iranians

Washington take note, the Islamic Republic is not about to crumble

Iranian Protestors Attacked By Militia

Tehran calm after protests

Boston's Logan airport getting weapons upgrade: Police are issued submachine guns!

Nasa gives go-ahead for nuclear mission to outer planets

"Eagle Has Landed" - Video Expose' of Masonic Control Of NASA

Unidentified Object Seen Floating Outside ISS

Kennedy Space Center Director Transferred

Wrigley Chews Over Idea of Viagra Gum

Heatwave Hits Europe

Rome Hottest Since 1782

Balkans sizzle as mercury nudges 40 degrees Celsius

Temperature Map: Takes few seconds to load

Russia helping Chinese to superpower status

Man pulls knife on United Airlines plane out of San Francisco

California guns for gas-guzzling SUVs

Bush Official Vows More Access to Alaska Oil

Restaurateur Tony Roma Dead At 78: Roma's Barbecue Ribs Became International Restaurant Empire

Netscape Settles Software Issue: Agrees to $100,000 fine for tracking what users downloaded online

National Weather

Northeast Dries Out Early Next Week

More Heavy Rain to Soak Gulf Coast

Heat to Continue in the West

Cooler in the Shade!

Storms make for a soggy Saturday


Some SARS travel warnings lifted: WHO to drop advisory against parts of China, but not Beijing

SARS-hit Ontario health system one disaster from collapse

Investigators reveal SARS outbreaks linked through original hospital

Racial Profiling: Will a New DNA Test Shatter Serial Killer Myths?

Mafia boss conned the medical minds: Claimed dementia to avoid prison

Shoplifter Releases Bees As Diversion in K-Mart As Diversion While He Takes CDs, Perfume and Batteries


U.S. Tactics in Iraq: Battle North of Baghdad Gives Glimpse of Evolving U.S. Strategy Against Guerillas

Scattered ambushes show war isn't over

Resistance to occupation is growing: US and British troops are being sucked into an Iraqi quagmire

'Saddam' threatens foreigners in Iraq: Sets deadline of July 17 by which foreign troops must be out of Iraq

US troops kill 97 in Iraq "terror" camp raid

In Arab Countries, Reform Often Difficult

Like father, like son: Bush junior is out of touch

Hillary Clinton calls for inquiry over Iraq

Christian persecution on rise in Iraq: Believing women forced to wear veil, shop owners killed

Iraq export pipeline hit as deadly US offensives draw new tactics

India - Pakistan

Pakistan must stop cross-border terrorism before resumption of any talks between the two countries: No let up in terrorist infiltration

China urges bilateral settlement of Indo-Pak disputes

India, Brazil, South Africa create 'G3' Economic Group

French Troops Come Under Fire in Congo

Flash floods in Assam leave 150,000 homeless

Floods claim 186 lives in China

Korean Peninsula

Koreas Connect Cross-Border Railways: Is this wise with North Korean troops threatening?

China Urges Restraint on Korean Peninsula

North Korea offers nuclear deal but want economic concessions in return

US rejects North Korea offer: Will not reward North Korea for bad behaviour

Trilateral Talks on North Korean Nuke Crisis End

North Korean cargo ship stuck off Japan coast, lacks fuel

Thai police sting leads to arrest over 'nuclear blackmail'

Grasshoppers invade U.S. West

Mormon Crickets Invade the West, Creating Slick, Disgusting Mess

Gays, Lesbians In The News

Gay pride parade first in more than 10 years in Indianapolis

'Gay' Father's Day bill?

Protesters Object To Play Depicting Jesus Christ As A Gay Man

School board bans books showing gay families

Searching for the 'God particle' in a giant underground cavern

Clintons Get Richer

Bill Earned $9.5 million from speeches, Hillary $1.15 for partial memoir advance

How far will good intentions take Hillary? - Total memoir payment to be $8 million!

Massachusetts Government agent, cops confront homeschoolers: Come to family's house demanding children submit to mandated testing

Hollywood-style burglars strike: Tactics straight out of hollywood script!

Ontario legislature debates strip-club dwarf-tossing

Florida now has cure for counterfeit, fake drugs

No permit needed to carry concealed guns in Alaska: IN 90 DAYS: Governor signed bill, praising it as a Second Amendment victory

Movies, porn found on Mids' Naval Academy computers

Overseas troops can vote online in 2004: Secure ballots on Internet may spread soon to general populace

Bill allows some Head Start schools to base hiring on religion

UK Court: Gulf War Syndrome Real

Children ordered by British court to have MMR jab

Girl, 7, is used in shoplifting scheme, then abandoned

Higher (Cost) Education: Dramatic Tuition Increases at State Colleges Have Students Struggling

US Pentagon Moving Swiftly to Become 'GloboCop'


June 13, 2003 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For Our Military

Breaking News

Powell urges Abbas to restrain terrorists

After rejecting ceasefire, Hamas terror leaders 'marked for death'

Hamas: 'Your children and your women, everyone is a target now'

2 women wounded in West Bank shooting attack

Gilad Nachliel, 17, found dead in Judean Desert

Victim #25 Of Post-Aqaba Terrorism - And Two Women Wounded

More Terrorism Since Yesterday

Israel -- Hamas Declare All-Out War

'Total war' engulfs Middle East as road map is torn to shreds

Israel, Hamas declare war: Flee Holy Land, foreigners told

Israel Targeting Hamas Founder - Casualties Mount

Israel: God's Timepiece -- Will Arab, Israeli Conflict Begin WWIII? - Video

Hamas orders immediate attacks by all military cells -- Hamas Threatens More Attacks

Hamas: Every Israeli is now target; 7 killed in Gaza strike

Israel Responds - 'Entire Hamas leadership is target'

Stones of Witness: Images of the Holy Land Book and CDROM: Great maps to keep track of news events

2 Israeli women injured in West Bank roadside ambush

Israelis kill Hamas chieftain : U.S. says terrorists out to ruin road map

Israel Tried To Assassinate Hamas Leader Because he Declared War On Israel In Opposition To The Road Map: Disinformation as Israel is also opposed to Road Map!

Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas will continue cease-fire talks

Hamas vows to 'tear Israel to pieces' after Gaza attack

Truce with terrorists is impossible - Note that Arafat's personally controlled terror group, Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades helped launch attack

Israeli tanks have entered Tulkarem refugee camp in the West Bank

Quartet to meet in bid to save road map

Final Countdown: Everything Is Falling Into Place!

Christian and Jewish Supporters of Israel Confused by White House Stance on Terrorism

Poll: Most Israelis Oppose Military Strikes on Militants

Abbas threatens to resign: Palestinian prime minister blames Arafat for inciting Hamas

UN's Annan: Armed peace force should be sent to territories

Korean Peninsula

U.S. Prods Japan Over Missile Defense Systems Shield

South Korea Threatens to Cut Economic Cooperation With North if Tensions Escalate

U.S. Quietly Presses N.Korea to Resume Nuke Talks -- Last time we pressured North Korea into talks, we insulted them greatly!

Japan dismisses threats by N. Korea over ships

U.S. denies secret North Korea talks

Diplomats work to bring North Korea back to the table even as her war rhetoric harshly escalates

Drumbeat Continues To Disband Our Civilization

Ballyhooed Hydrogen Fuel Cells May Have Environmental Drawback: Notice that environmental extremists not happy about anything but dismantling our Industrial Civilization?

Rich Countries' Greenhouse Gas Emissions Ballooning

Occult -- Illuminati - Basis For Hating Our Industrial Civilization

Global Bycatch Annually Nets Some 308,000 Cetaceans -- whales, dolphins and porpoises

Apocalypse now: Beware of theological error when Armageddon and End of the Age becomes this popular with mainstream book sellers!

Explosive Device Found on Italian Plane

UN Child Rights Committee Calls for Child Access to Contraceptives

Millionaires list growing

AUSTRALIA created 5000 new millionaires last year, due largely to a torrid love affair with the booming property market: Japan's property bubble burst, leaving country in depression status since 1995

Domestic Terrorism

Coal-Mine Canaries on a Chip

Ridge moves to boost port security

Baggage Checkers Breach Security at LAX

Feds investigating Muslim men supected of terrorist ties: Zeroing in on paintball games

Feds Charge Al-Jazeera Computer Hacker

Ten Characteristics of Chinese Corruption

National Weather

East: Above Normal Rainfall Since May 1st

Atlantic Sea Surface Temperatures Depicted On Map

Seasonal Temperature Lag

Another stormy day Central Plains to Northeast

Wet Weather Continues Friday Across the East

Hail, Soaking Rain Possible in Texas T-Storms

Judge Issues Gag Order in Laci Peterson Murder Case

David Brinkley Dies: Veteran Broadcaster Dead at 82

Oscar Winner Gregory Peck Dies at 87

Spectacular rare green meteor lights up morning sky

Saudis fabricate report of Jews teaching hatred: 'Study' made up quotes, facts, to prove Israeli kids want Arabs to 'burn in hell'

Afghan official says suicide bombers being trained to attack foreign troops

Fake cop busts real cop -- uh, oh

Some Kid-Play on the Way to Mars

Give States the Right to Protect Privacy

She Brings Home The Bacon: Yet another effect of the tech industry downturn


US Pentagon Moving Swiftly to Become 'GloboCop'

Iraq War Aftermath

U.S. chopper, jet down in Iraq raid

Resistance to occupation is growing: US and British troops are being sucked into an Iraqi quagmire

Pipeline ablaze in Iraq after bombing

Short conflict, less ammo kept war cost down

US troops say 70 Iraqis killed in raid on terror camp

War is over but the fighting drags on

Halliburton's Iraq Oil Industry Work May Last Longer Than Expected

WMD Controversy Simmers

Uranium reports doubted early on

CIA Says It Cabled Key Data to White House: Officials - Document Lacked Conclusion on Iraqi Uranium Deal

Powell Defends Intelligence on Iraq Weapon

Hawks Now Justify Iraq Strike as War for Democracy

GOP rejects formal probe of Iraq intelligence

Hillary Clinton casts doubt on British and US intelligence

Islam's Hitler: Trying to justify our Iraq attack

Excempting US From War Crimes

Security Council exempts U.S. from criminal court for year for actions taken in Iraq war

Both Parties Are Weighed In Balance And Found Lying: Chuck Baldwin

Paris, Berlin hold back as UN exempts peacekeepers from prosecution

Coalition Forces Are Poisoning Iraq With Depleted Uranium: We are also poisoning our own soldiers

Belgiam Says War Crimes Law Amended So US General Franks Cannot Be Charged With War Crimes


Young Iranians Protest, Want Supreme Leader Dead

Washington 'applauds' protests in Tehran - US trying to achieve "Regime Change" internally

Reform Protests in Iran Enter Third Day: Government hints at impending crackdown

Japan arrests 5 in technology sale to Iran that would enable Iran to manufacture solid rocket fuel

List grows of first time ever emerging diseases in the US

Monkeypox News

Monkeypox good for Smallpox Vaccine Program! Dr. Patricia Doyle

U.S. Urges Smallpox Vaccine for Monkeypox Exposure - End game becoming clearer?

Dr. Doyle Explains Science of Monkey-pox

Wisconsin Health Worker May Have Monkeypox

US Reports Possible Person-Person Monkeypox Case

More diseases jumping from animals to humans


Hong Kong Back On The Edge: Appeal out for those who rode with Sars cabby

US case traced to Canadian patient

HK alerted one month after Guangdong case

Taiwan Investigates Possible Underreporting of SARS Deaths, Canada Braces for WHO Citation

Mad Cow "Chronic Wasting Disease"

Second sick deer 'swept under carpet': Chronic-wasting disease: Canadian Food safety officials knew 2 1/2 months ago illness had spread

HIV's complex family history unravelled: Complete fabrication and disinformation

Moral Collapse

Truth obscured in homosexual tsunami: Homosexuality is taking the world by storm

Massachusetts Bill: ERs must offer rape victims "morning after" pill

Rapist is linked to other assaults: 3 women attacked in same Miami area

Woman's hands severed in attack: Neighbour charged, doctors attempt reattachment

Fish can be turned on by an aquatic equivalent of pornography

Harry Potter News

New Harry Potter Audio Clip Now Online

Pirkei Potter - Boy wizard has Jewish educators under his spell

Complete Truth Of Harry Potter From Christian Perspective

Potter extract of "Order of the Phoenix" appears on web

E.U.'s War In The Congo

Diplomats offer few solutions for Congo war

EU soldiers in Congo find their hands are tied

European Union -- E.U. -- Final World Empire! Revived Roman Empire Has Arisen From The Ashes!

Evolution In The News

Skulls find backs 'out of Africa' theory: Never was a Neanderthal stage in human evolution

Creation CDROM Shattering Evolution

Incredible Creatures That Defy Evolution And Prove It Wrong

God The Master Mathematician

Beijing's Envoy to India: China and India Are Friends

Mormon Crickets Invade the West, Creating Slick, Disgusting Mess

House Lawmakers Extend Child Tax Credits

GOP looks to first lady to win votes

Why Did Laura Bush Send Out Christmas Cards Adorned With Large Satanic Phoenix Bird Inside?

India Launches Cyber Attacks of Deceit & Fraud to Humiliate America -- Possible disinformation

Islamabad Asks India To Resume Unconditional Dialogue

Pakistan is the hotbed of Al-Qaeda: India

Powell to visit Bangladesh


June 12, 2003 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For Our Military

Israel - Fresh Wave of Attacks From Both Sides

26 Killed in Jerusalem, Gaza City Attacks: Wave of New Violence Sweeps Over Jerusalem and Gaza -- 28 still in hospital

Arafat's sudden plea for peace: Again? Arafat always appeals for "peace" after a major terrorist strike! Hamas rejects call

Special Terror Report -- Jerusalem 11 June 2003

Hamas orders immediate attacks by all military cells

Voice of Hamas not silenced yet: 'I swear we will not leave one Jew in Palestine.' - Dr Rantisi, speaking from his hospital bed after escaping an Israeli helicopter missile attack

Terrorist Set off for Jerusalem Bus Attack Before Rantisi was Targeted

Indirect US-Israeli Talks Go on with Hamas - Regardless

But, Israel declares all-out war on Hamas: "Will completely wipe out" Hamas

Qassam rocket fired from Strip; 10 Palestinians killed in Gaza strikes

Middle East peace hopes fade - Peace plan nears collapse

Sharon to cabinet: Israel will continue to act until PA does - Sharon calls Palestinian leaders "crybabies"

Hamas crimes, Sharon sins, Bush mistakes

Israel Is "Deeply Troubled" By Bush's Position

Americans fear Abu Mazen is further weakened: Why did Sharon renege on promises to halt "targeted assassinations"?

Harry Potter - Release Date On Satanic Sabbat

Boy wizard changing teens into witches? Wiccan group says Potter books boost interest in witchcraft -- Not New News

A Christian Who Knows Witchcraft Examines Harry Potter - 6-tape audio set

Harry Potter - Fundamental Understandings -- Reality, Fantasy, Or Both?

Major Discovery: Vivid colors used in novels now understood!

Rowling Understands Her Witchcraft: Uses imagery from most important Black Magick Alchemical book written in 1459

Schwarzenegger, sounding like a candidate, calls for voter revolution against taxes

US calls for united stand against terror while speaking in Germany

Iran Pressure Building

Iran Supreme Religious Leader Orders 'Riots' to End

Iran working on nuclear bomb, says Rumsfeld: Playing same old tune we used in Iraq!

Japan arrests 4 for exporting missile tech to Iran

Iran Denies It Hampered UN Nuclear Team Visit

White House to ask IAEA agency to press Iran on alleged nuclear programs -- IAEA not ready to take Iran to U.N.

US plays aid card to "fix" Balkans war crimes immunity: Sounds like Mob back-room deal

Gay Boy Scout Ousted by Philadelphia Council

Australian spy agency set to gain greater powers

National Weather

Precipitation Mechanics

Weekend Weather Outlook

Front Sparks Thunderstorms over Mid-Atlantic

Soggy Weather Continues Across Southeast Thursday

Thunderstorms Abound Across The Nation

Air Brushing The Clinton Years

'Living History' more like 'Lying History'? Only 1/3 of Americans think Hillary telling truth about Lewinsky affair

Congressman: This is a fictional version of what happened in the Clinton White House for eight years

Two Books About Clinton Years -- Hillary's and Blumenthal's -- True lies

The Deck of Hillary

American Citizen "Thanks" President Clinton For All Those Memories!

BBC to air 'What The World Thinks of America'

Move to Unseat California Governor Gathers Pace

FBI Warns of Cell Phones That Can Trigger Terrorist Attack

Starving Nations Reject U.S. Food Donation

20 illegal immigrants caught after pursuit near San Diego

Two Students Charged in Seton Hall Fire

Newscast to Nowhere: U.S. Taxpayers Pay for a Cuban Broadcast That No One Sees -- $10 million expended

Alabama Senators Block Governor's Liquor Board Appointments Because All Appointment Were White Men

Reparations case lawyers say man was enslaved till 1960s

US lawmakers pass Bill to impose sanctions on Myanmar

FTC: Blame Foreigners for Spam

This Artist Painted With Poison

Largest Overhaul Of Check Processing In 50 Years In Sight

U.S. continues to lose jobs

Chinese Scientist Sentenced in New York State for Stealing Cultures Related to Livestock Feed Supplement

Rhetoric Hardens On Korean Peninsula

U.S. Can't Rule Out N.Korea Strike, Rumsfeld Adviser Says

With little advance warning, the United States has abandoned its early trip-wire strategy in Korea

Australia confirms US plan to confront North Korea

Korean railways to be linked again: Will this new railway link be used by North Korea in her attack?

Australia Discussing Possible Blockade of North Korea - Threat to North Korea's secret navy

South Korea enhances defence budget to counter North

North Korea Watching Sanctions Being Imposed At Tough Economic Times

North Korea Threatens to Abandon Accord With Japan

U.S. Quietly Presses N.Korea to Resume Nuke Talks -- Last time we pressured North Korea into talks, we insulted them greatly!

Iraq War Aftermath

U.S. stages roundup of Saddam loyalists: Raid in response to attacks by Iraqi gunmen that have killed several troops -- Nabbed 400 Saddam loyalists

Exile Leader Says Saddam Is Alive, Angry

Saddam 'alive and putting a price on US soldiers'

U.N.'s Blix accuses Pentagon officials of smear tactics - Blix to write an insider's book!

Saddam or No Saddam, Iraqi Press Will Always Have Censors

Scion of Iraqi royal family returns after 45 years of exile

Civilian death toll in Iraq put at 3,240: Nationwide total doesn't account for some battles, towns -- Seems way low

Safe drinking water among highest concerns in Iraq

Saudi nationals join fighting against U.S. in Iraq

U.S. troops encountering color-coded enemy: Iraqi fighters using flares to signal comrades Americans are approaching

Iraq WMD Disaster

Republicans Limit Probe of Iraq Intelligence

GOP Doesn't Want Iraq Intelligence Probe

CIA Did Not Share Doubt on Iraq Data - CIA taking dive for Bush?

So much for a 'principled' stand on Iraq: Disaffection grows in New Zealand over why we attacked Iraq

Massachusetts reps blast Bush for `false' Iraq info

Bush's popularity slips noticeably: Poll

Monkeypox News

U.S. Urges Smallpox Vaccine for Monkeypox Exposure - End game becoming clearer?

Monkeypox fear spreads to 4 more states Boy in New Jersey might be infected


Hong Kong Sars blow: Virus killed another person in the territory and infected one more

WHO refuses to lift travel advisory to Taiwan

Hospitals Are Spreading SARS

India - Pakistan

War on terror goes awry in Pakistan

Pakistani President Musharraf rejects mass resignations

Russia will take up N-issue with Pakistan

Oil: Price jumps as US stocks fall, Opec sets July meet

Vast Chinese Dam Forces Family to Move

DNA Test Results Clears Three Men of 1985 Rape, Murder

"Smart seats" to detect nervous or dangerous flyers: Another reason to not fly

11 nations to discuss revising law to thwart shipments of weapons of mass destruction

US says sex trafficking rampant in 15 nations

Four die in Brazil airplane crash

We must take action in Congo

Collapsing Moral Values

Ashcroft Reverses Gay-Pride Prohibition: "Half-loaf" allowed

Morning-After HIV Drugs Spread To Prevent HIV Following Consenual Sex

Man faces charges after 'Net broadcast: Broadcasted nude images of a teenage girl on the Internet

"Over-the-Limit Tacky ads trigger debate over edgy campaigns

Woman Fined for Writing Comment on Check: Made anatomical reference in Memo section when writing check to pay fine

Psychiatric Association Debates Lifting Pedophilia Taboo: Could decriminalize sexual contact between adults and children

Sexual 'Preference or Orientation' Clause Upheld at AT&T

Abortion Supporters Plan DC March Before 2004 Elections

Catholic Kentucky Archdiocese to Pay $25.7M Settlement: Represented a "fraction" of cases nationwide

Chances for 'Fat Tax' Approval Look Slim

Liberian president agrees to truce as armies bearing down

Air Canada expects loss of $1 billion this year

Experts: No Proof of Satanic Cults in Laci Petersen Murder -- Establishment says so


June 11, 2003 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For Our Military

Breaking News

Suicide bomber blows up in bus in Central Jerusalem: 16 killed, 93 injured

IDF Retaliation Already: 7 Palestinians killed in IAF missile strike in Gaza

Bush may be 'deeply troubled,' but Israel isn't intimidated by "feeble" US response

Israel - Palestinian State

Bush scolds Israel over attack: Hamas vows bloody revenge as high-profile chief survives missiles

Israel Fends Off U.S. Criticism for Gaza Strike - Angry U.S. asks, 'why the attempt on Rantisi?'

The missile aimed at Hamas hits Abbas and Bush - Is Israel destroying the "Road Map"?

Peace plan is shaky after 6 days - Palestinian State Need Only To Be "Proclaimed" To Fulfill Isaiah 34:12, doesn't need to actually be established

Israel offers U.S. evidence against assassination target

Violent Headlines In Israel - Shells in South; Hamas Threatening; Old Attack Revealed

Sharon: Attempt on Rantisi does not signal policy shift

3 more Qassam Rockets fired at Sderot; numerous terror warnings

Defense Secretary Mofaz: No way to cut NIS 300 million from defense budget

Time-Out in the Dismantling of Outposts - Americans Supervising Uprooting of Outposts

Israeli Arab arrested in Jericho for murder of Jewish girlfriend

Arafat may be expelled soon, Mofaz tells Knesset

Hamas threatens 'earthquake' of revenge

ImClone's Waksal jailed for seven years: Insider trading and sales tax fraud - Martha Stewart ensared in same scandal

'Nudge and wink' attitude to sex is leaving teenagers ignorant, pregnant, diseased

Britain at sex disease crisis point, say MPs: Chlamydia infects 1 in 10 teens

Korean Peninsula

War not a game: N Korea

U.S. May Consider `Other Options' Should N. Korea Talks Fail

North Korea pulls out of ASEAN forum

Korea naval blockade being considered

Soth Korea PM Urges Calm Amid Anti-U.S. Rally Fears

South Korea's military announces new enhancement plans

N Korea ships face more scrutiny: To prevent shipping of drugs, missile parts

Military Officials of Two Koreas Cross DMZ

US Army colonel sentenced to prison for soliciting South Korean bribes

United Air Lines shares worthless: Workers, shareholders will be the big losers

Starbucks loses president of its international unit for health reasons

N.Y. Times 1932 Pulitzer could be revoked: Award to reporter who ignored Stalin's atrocities under review

Department Of Justice Net Surveillance Under Fire

US warns Europe it faces fight over war crimes court

Muslim and Jewish methods of slaughter: Slitting animals' throats and letting them bleed to death, should be banned immediately

Blast outside US consulate in Turkey

Maggots help to fight crime

Man leaves prison after 11 years for crime he did not commit

'Defend your family, go to jail': Dad who saved son from intruder incarcerated for unregistered gun

Lawsuit to stop anti-smoking ads gets court hearing Wednesday

Dog bites police officer: Owner charged with assault

Only In New York City: Two barbers clipped for loitering - at work

Feds to Oversee Detroit Police

National Weather

Stormy in the Northeast Wednesday - No Break for the Northeast!

Dryline to Ignite Texas T-Storms Wednesday

Blinds Keep Out the Heat

Radio ID tags get Microsoft backing: Used by retailers and manufacturers to track goods


Potter Release - Satanic Sabbat of Summer Solstice

Book sellers brace for 'Harry Potter' mania

Potter: Will the spell be broken?

Harry Potter and the sorry supermarket

EBay watch as new Harry book up for grabs

A Christian Who Knows Witchcraft Examines All Harry Potter Books and Movies

'Hillary Potter': Clinton's Memoir Is Magic to Booksellers

Hillary Clinton memoir sells 200,000 copies on day one

Hillary book doing poorly in American heartland: "Fly-over country"

The 'evil' around us: It has become a familiar device in the rhetorical armoury of Washington as Bush justifies preemptive attack policy

Iran - "Next" On US Target List

Thousands take to the streets in Iran to demand reform

Major student demonstrations dispersed in Iranian capital

Khamenei call for student calm, blasts 'satanic' US plot to destabilize Iran from within

Rumsfeld Says Iran May Have Nuclear Weapons Soon - Singing same WMD tune as we sung in Iraq!

Iran nuke experts visited N.Korea

Iraq Scandal Building

Revealed: Operation Rockingham, secret cabal which spun "dirty tricks" intelligence for Blair

British Parliamentary Security watchdog attacks Blair over Iraq intelligence

Republicans resist call for Iraqi intelligence probe

UN's Blix slams 'bastards' in Pentagon

WMD threat not the motive for war, Australian ex-spy says

War Aftermath News

Saddam is alive and offering bounty for US soldiers

Toll grows as attacks on troops get smarter - Lawless Iraqi towns

Al-Qa'ida suspects deny links with Saddam

Rockets fired in Iraq, killing one US paratrooper, wounding another

US Guard, Reserve short on recruits and finding it hard to recruit

Troops hunt for anti-U.S. forces in Iraq

Three APS Teachers Who Opposed War Not Rehired

Syria's Assad Boxed in

U.S. plans to disarm Hezbollah: Washington pressures Syria to defang terrorist army

Fears rise for war-weary Liberians

Monkeypox Investigators Seek Exotic Pets

Monkeypox alert for 33

Scott Peterson lawyers subpoena judge in wiretap dispute

Handyman admits holding women as sex slaves in underground dungeon: Practice occurred over 15-year period

Racing movie blamed for LA high-speed crash death: Copying scene in "2 Fast, 2 Furious", driving 100 mph down residential street

Bible-sharing woman forced off bus: Milwaukeean files suit after being punished for passing out Scripture

Three arrested for vandalizing home after restaurant dispute

Stabbed 14 times over a haircut: Haircut almost cost a hairdresser her life

Trains crash in Germany

Landers to Probe Mars' Waterworks

FTC seeks broad powers to fight spam

Lawyer sues therapist -- Marriage Counselor -- for sex with wife

Catholic Kentucky Church Abuse Suits Settled for $25.7M

Girl with four eyes, two mouths and two noses born in Nepal: Crowds rush to worship baby as incarnation of Goddess Bhagawati

Designer Drug Snuffs Cocaine High

Movie smoking encourages kids to light up

A Night in the Hotel of the Future: PC World tests the gadgets and gizmos of a traveling techie's dreams



June 10, 2003 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For Our Military

Israel - Palestinian State

Hamas leader survives Gaza missile strike: Hamas vows revenge attacks

Rantisi, Enemy of Israel, Targeted

"Declaration of War" Shouts Hamas: Cuts off cease fire talks with Palestinian State officials

Bush likes Dahlan, believes Abbas, and has `a problem with Sharon' - God's judgment falls upon those who "divide land" of Israel and whose policies turn against Israel [Gen 12:3]

Charles Krauthammer Attacks One-Sided Summit -- Full text of "Shades of Oslo" column

Jerry Golden Report: There will be no peace -- "There is an evil spirit driving the White House to destroy Israel and to set up the rule of the anti-Christ"

Implementing Palestinian State Agreements

Hundreds of settlers block IDF path to Gilad Farm outpost after first 10 settlements had been dismantled

Sharon Booed At Likud Convention

Dahlan’s “Security” Scheme for Controlling Borders and Uprooting Settlements -- Sharon gave the nod to a comprehensive plan formulated by Dahlan for "converting terrorists into cops"

Israel Urges Russia to Save Peace 'Map'

Settlers: "This is the last battle for the State of Israel"

Strong Quake Shakes Taiwan, No Reports of Damage - 6.3 magnitude

Iraq War Aftermath

Britain's Blair Could Be Bush's First Fall Guy for Iraq

Death toll of US troops in Iraq rises

Rumsfeld: Failure to Prove Saddam's Fate May Be Spurring Violence: Disinformation -- People hate us and want us out

Bush Insists Banned Weapons Will Be Found - Maybe US will just plant evidence like L.A. cops were shown to do in O.J. Simpson Case

U.S. hunt for Iraqi banned weapons slows: No new targets to investigate!

US Reinventing Its WMD Charges To Fit The Facts: Bush Admin. Now Says Iraqi WMD only a 'Program'

Reservists pay steep price for service

Three Iraqis Killed In Early Morning Explosion

Domestic Terror News

Guantanamo Eyes Possible Execution Chamber Once Terrorist Trials Begin

Barbed Wire On America: God's Final Warning

U.S.: 'High probability' al-Qaeda will use weapons of mass destruction

U.S. Says Stun Guns Viable for Airline Security: One more reason not to fly!

Tougher checks for airport staff

Qantas Airlines employed terrorist leader

Suspect arrested in abduction of 9-year-old girl who was abducted in brutal home invasion: Appears to be case of sexual abuse

Senator Hillary Clinton shares "pain" as she takes story public: She is running for President!

Hillary's New Book Is Flying Off The Shelves

Australian HIV victim awarded $700,000

Mel Gibson to sue religious groups? Groups critical of Gibson's film portrayal of Jewish complicity in the execution of Christ

NPR Poll: Country Heading in 'Right Direction' : Survey Shows Approval for Bush, but Economy a Concern

Survey shows Americans less trusting, more suspicious than ever

Sex offender challenges registration requirement

National Weather

Thunderstorms to Affect Large Area Tuesday

A Nice Tuesday in the East!

Updated 2003 Tornado Tally

Tropical Storm Breeding Grounds in June

Evaporation and Temperature

Teacher Fights for Right to Teach Gospel After School

Mummy of Ancient Egypt's Nefertiti found?

Ex-'JAG' Actor Dies in Apparent Suicide: Trevor Goddard

'Love or Money' man's past may haunt NBC

Zimbabwe government is digging its own grave

FBI to Drain Pond for Anthrax Evidence

Rich Countries' Greenhouse Gas Emissions Ballooning

Occult -- Illuminati - Basis For Hating Our Industrial Civilization

Weird New Diseases

Growing number of diseases jump from exotic animals to humans: Huge disinformation as only Genetic manipulation can jump species barrier


Chinese Scientists Defeated by SARS: China Youth Daily

Survey: 40 per cent of HK, China students believed they had SARS

Toronto Hospital Reports SARS-Like Cases

New SARS outbreak feared at Whitby hospital: Fifteen dialysis patients have respiratory symptoms

Taiwan Reports 4 New SARS Cases, Total Up to 686

Taiwan Hospital chief quits as SARS cases rise: Takes responsibility for outbreak

SARS Maps of Outbreak Patterns

Outsourcing played role in outbreaks: Hospitals had outsourced stripped health facilities

SARS Contains Elements of the "Wild Beasts of the Earth" (Rev 6:8)

China Reports Three More SARS Deaths, No New Cases - WHO to scrutinise plunge in China's cases as they are skeptical

British Scientist Puts Odds for Apocalypse at 50-50 -- Sounds like he is talking about Book of Revelation Seals 2, 3, and 4!

'Hong Kong Spirit' Is More Vibrant in Combating SARS

Temperature checks a must at large worksites in Singapore construction industry

ASEAN ministers finalise plans to combat Sars

U.S. man who visited Toronto has SARS


Alert Issued as U.S. Monkeypox Cases Grow to 37

Vaccines considered in monkeypox scare

Monkeypox cases on rise in Midwest

If disease gets foothold in indigenous North American species, it could become almost impossible to control

Questions and answers on this exotic virus

Health officials track prairie dogs to Pennsylvania in monkeypox probe

Mad Cow

Canada Nears End of Mad Cow Probe, U.S. Keeps Ban

West Nile Virus

West Nile Virus Resurfaces in 24 States, CDC Says

Former Catholic priest accused of impregnating teen, paying for her abortion nearly 25 years ago has pleaded innocent

Korean Peninsula

North Korea threatens to build an arsenal: Disinformation as they already have nuclear warheads with missiles to deliver them!

N. Korea: Nukes a 'deterrent'

Roh cautions Japan against return to militarism

N. Korea Admits to Making Nukes

N.Korea rejects drugs and fake money charges

Iran - U.S. Ratchets Rhetoric Upward

U.S. says Iran harbors al Qaeda 'associate'

Erring on the side of caution: Russia at loggerheads with US again over Iran's proposed "Regime Change"

Official doubts existence of Iran nuke program

Iran Urges U.S. to Tone Down 'Language'

Bush moves to fill judicial vacancies in Colorado, Nevada: Hillary sole "Nay" vote

Gephardt's daughter 'out of the closet,' on the trail: Lesbian seeks 'gay' marriage

Gay "Stonewall Ball" combines party, politics for gays and lesbians

A kiss is still a kiss - Gay couple stole the show at the Tony awards on Sunday night with passionate kiss

New coral reef found in the Gulf of Carpentaria near Queensland, Australia

Former ImClone CEO Sam Waksal faces sentencing following insider trading scandal: Martha Stewart ensnared in same case

Online fans to Martha Stewart: 'Give 'em hell, girl'

India test fires missile: Third time in two weeks

'Dolly' creator to work on human eggs for cloning

Once a rebel symbol, Mohawk haircut enters the mainstream

Booze lowers diabetes risk?

Money-hungry States Skirt Internet Tax Ban: 18 states have found a way to collect taxes on Internet access, despite a federal law that bans the practice

Foreigners evacuated in fight for control of Monrovia

Five drown on Florida Panhandle coast, dozens of others rescued


Evangelical Christian Leaders Tied To Rev. Sun Moon Swing Behind Bush In Promoting This Fraudulent Partial Birth Abortion Bill


June 9, 2003 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For Our Military


Evangelical Christian Leaders Tied To Rev. Sun Moon Swing Behind Bush In Promoting This Fraudulent Partial Birth Abortion Bill

Bush!! Conspiracy Too Monstrous To Conceive

Iraq - WMD Scandal

Missing Weapons Of Mass Destruction: Is Lying About The Reason For War An Impeachable Offense? "Worse than Watergate, worse than Iran-contra"

Powell, Rice Defend U.S. Intelligence on Iraq - Bush's war doctrine questioned

Powell Angrily Denies US Exaggerated Iraqi Weapons Threat

Iraq weapons will be found, U.S. officials still maintain

U.S. Soldier Killed at Checkpoint in Iraq

Iraq’s Identity Crisis: The future of Pan-Arabism - Shiites want to emphasize Islamic Religion instead of Arabism

India considering troops for Iraq: Part of international peacekeeping force

Iraqi 'secret plan' orders mayhem: "Lighting Many Fires" Plan

"Next" Regime Change News


Increasing U.S. pressure provokes fears that Iran might be next on Washington's target list

Powell: U.S. Looks for Change Within Iran

Dangers of an aggressive US approach to Iran

Iran: Failure to tell IAEA of 1991 uranium imports did not 'violate' treaty

Korean Peninsula

North Korea claims U-S wants blockade, warns of immediate retaliation

Despite talk of diplomacy, US-N. Korea standoff hardens

North Korea seeks Russia’s help over N-standoff

N Korea admits it is seeking nuclear weapons: Disinformation! North Korea already possesses nukes with missiles to deliver them

North Korea Demands 'Nuclear Deterrence': Defends need to possess nuclear weapons

U.S. Pullback from DMZ Is Good Tactics, Good Politics

North Korea wants nukes to reduce conventional forces: More disinformation

Look Who’s Rocking the Casbah: Revolutionary implications of Arab music videos - Influx of Western sexual values will further heighten Arab militant traditionalism

New Hampshire Episcopalians Choose Gay Bishop, and Conflict

Afghans need help battling anarchy

European News -- E.U.

Great Britain's Brown signals gear change on euro: Stir up patriotism in effort to gain acceptance for England to adopt Euro

Polish Voters Support Joining EU -- Pope told them to join!

European Union -- E.U. -- Final World Empire! Revived Roman Empire Has Arisen From The Ashes!

Powell Seeks EU Backing for Cuba Policy

Turkish F-16 jets trigger Greek plane crash alert

Monkeypox confirmed in 4 Wis. residents: First time discovered in Western Hemisphere

Missouri Reporter Fired for Plagiarism

National Weather

Cooler Times Ahead in the Northwest

Jetstream Shift Will Bring Changes This Week

Another Steamy Day Along Gulf Coast Monday

Severe Thunderstorms in Plains Monday

High Sun Angle Heats the Atmosphere

Bush re-election team quietly takes an office

U.S. seniors bypass law, cross border to fill prescriptions

Tiny IDs can track almost anything

Israel - Palestinian State

Attacks on Israeli troops thwart militant cease-fire hopes

5 soldiers killed in 2 attacks; IDF to respond -- Five Victims Today: Fatah Takes Part In Murdering Four

Powell: Palestinians Need Revitalizing -- EU and US Re-Arming the PA as Terrorists Offered Jobs

Palestinian State "Proclaimed": U.S., Israel, Palestinian Prime Minister, and Vatican Join To "Proclaim The Kingdom" -- Prophecy fulfilled June 4!

Riding off the road map- Rowdy Likud hears Sharon promise `painful concessions'

Abbas renews call for resumption of cease-fire talks -- Hamas Says: No Cease-Fire

Role of Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades in raid on Israel hints at Arafat OK

Palestinians warned to crack down on terror

IDF removal of outposts could begin Monday night - Settlers vow to create 10 new outposts for each one dismantled

Poll: Rising majority backs removing settlements

Ministers okay bill to outlaw organ trafficking

Prophetic Reality of Palestinian State

How Bush Got Religion: Once disinterested President is now pushing peace in the Middle East. What changed his mind? Complete disinformation - headline has nothing to do with content!

God Promised End Times Judgment For Those Who "Divide The Land" of Israel!

Jews flooding into Germany

Moving Toward Police State

Ashcroft wants death penalty for terrorist acts

Ashcroft asks for extended powers: The Patriot Act is working, but needs additions -- Patriot Act II on its way!

Bush Admininstration Redefined "Terrorist" on 10/3/2001

Barbed Wire On America: God's Final Warning - Video

India - Pakistan

Two Indian troops among eight killed in Kashmir

No change in Pakistan's intention on terror: Indian Prime Minister

Terrorists kill three of 4 abducted Hindu men in Jammu - Kasmir area

US eyeing military bases in India, says Pentagon report


Signs Of SARS - Bay Area Man Quarantined After Violating Voluntary Isolation Order

Germ research gets urgent

Nurse ordered to SARS team: "No job is worth losing life over"

Moral Collapse Continues

More Than 7,000 Gather for Nude Exhibit

Mainstreaming deviancy

Gay baseball show "Take Me Out" wins Tony for best play

Gay Day colors Disney World with signature red T-shirts

Suspect in 2001 killing arrested in San Diego

Brooklyn Woman Charged in Shoe Slaying: Used her size 12 high heels on him

Victim of brazen home invasion abduction found 15 miles from home

Powell in Chile for OAS Meeting

Explosions shake Mauritania capital

Israel considers recalling security officer from Mauritania because of coup

Muslim Charities Sue CBS Over TV Report

Chechen Natural Gas Official Gunned Down

Democrat activists to Clintons: 'Shut up'

Hillary Clinton says she has no intention of making her own bid for US presidency in 2008

Indonesia may ban foreigners from Aceh province\

Cronkite: And that's the way Bush is – arrogant -- To write column advocating U.S. give up sovereignty and accept U.N. Army

Retailers count on hot summer sales


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