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We have culled these pertinent stories from many sources to keep you updated on the Daily News events pertinent to the coming New World Order. Truly, once you know the Plan to establish the Kingdom of Antichrist, you will never look at the news the same way again. For A Cutting Edge Analysis and Recap Of Current Events Being Reported In The News Visit our Headline News Area

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Saturday, June 21, 2003 -- Summer Solstice - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For Our Military

Israel - Palestinian State

Speed is of the essence for road map, says Powell

Palestinian words since Aqaba more telling than deeds: This is real reason no peace will ever be possible!

'Gaza and Bethlehem first' deal in the works: Palestinians responsibility for security in the entire Gaza Strip and the city of Bethlehem

Powell demands Palestinians take steps against Hamas: Rantissi calls US secretary of state ‘a little slave to the Zionists’

PA Incorporating Terrorism, Not Fighting It

Israel happy with Powell's visit

Deadly ambush: N.Y. family's car attacked in Israel - Mortally wounded son drove elderly parents out of ambush area

"Hilltop Battles" Continue

Mideast peace plan stalled: Powell's mission failed

The rocky, bloody road from the Aqaba summit

Rocket Hits House, And More Palestinian Attacks

Jewish doves gain inspiration from Bush: U.S. groups that favor Middle East compromise step up their efforts

New Israeli Campaign For Christian Tourism

Moral Collapse Accelerates

Assistant fire chief charged with secretly taping naked woman

Judge calls slaying 'out of the Dark Ages': Philadelphia teen lured by girlfriend to his death; the motive was robbery

Remains found in Mammoth Lakes may be abused mail-order bride

Thousands attend Gay Pride parages in Jerusalem, Haifa

Gays Go North To Canada To Tie The Knot

Cloning the future for same sex marriages!: Do not agree with all conclusions

Alleged drunken driver plows into work zone: Pickup rips through concrete and totals a $200,000 machine

'Exorcist' writer, director file suit

Churches Slipping Into Abyss

Charges Against Assembly of God Pastor Dropped: Pastor still may lose his church credentials

Faith & Reason: Where a penis belongs: a biology lesson by the Bishop of Carlisle -- Church's obsession with gays

World's church leaders warn of schism over gay bishop

How one man's 'gift from God' is splitting the Anglican Church into crisis

Abortion - Highest Human Sacrifice

Dutch floating abortion clinic was due to dock in Poland on Friday to offer onboard abortions

State faults clinic in death: Mother of 2 died after an abortion allegedly done by a Sacramento doctor

Korean Peninsula

North Korea has nuclear ballistic missiles: US finally admits

US Pushing for UN Security Council Condemnation against North Korea

N Korea warns US not to take nuclear dispute to the UN

U.S. May Move Pacific Navy Spy Base to Japan

US Wants Participation of South Korea, Japan in N. Korea Nuclear Talks

Terror Threat prompts US to shut embassy in Kenya

Oil prices soar as Opec pledges to cut supplies

European Union Forming Real Nation

Big powers back more European Union muscular foreign policy

European Union -- E.U. -- Final World Empire! Revived Roman Empire Has Arisen From The Ashes!

Thessaloniki Summit: EU leaders adopt blueprint for constitution

A new start for Europe

Peterson lawyers want to link case to other killing of pregnant woman also found in San Francisco Bay

US warns on Canada marijuana proposal

Moscow looking East to counter US power

China, Russia, India aim to counter growing US muscle in SE Asia

Britain seeks radical Security Council shake-up

Super-tough nanotube threads created: Applications may be endless

Oakland calling on Big Brother to watch workers

Dancing 'wards off dementia'

Rumors Of Male Chromosome’s Demise Greatly Exaggerated

Harry Potter - "Order of the Phoenix"

Druids Gather at Stonehenge for Solstice Party

Mail Carrier Says She Was Fired For Delivering Harry Potter Book Early

Harry Potter author: 'He's a lot, lot, lot angrier in this book' -- A Darker Turn With Much Less Humor

Potter fever bewitches Australia: New coven of witches, wizards, wands and warlocks has been unleashed onto the world

Long wait finally over for Potter enthusiasts

Publisher rushes out Braille version of new Harry Potter book

Internet magic hooks Harry Potter fans

Bookstores prepare for Potter-mania: First publisher run was 8.5 million copies

Potter publisher predicts profits of at least £15m

Iraq Quagmire

U.S. Troops Frustrated and disillusioned in Iraq: Soldiers Say They Are Ill-Prepared For Peacekeeping

Attacks on U.S. forces persist - Mosque imam accuses US of opening Iraq to Jews

Thousands lose electricity in Iraq after anti-U.S. strike

Saddam, sons are alive, aide claims

Key UN role urged in Iraq regime formation

U.N. experts say they've traced tons of missing Iraqi uranium

U.S. soldiers grieve for sniper victim in Iraq

Three Iraqis die in US raid on village

WMD Controversy

Questions about war's motives must be resolved

Comment: Hold invaders accountable for illegal war -- 86% of world view US as greatest threat to world peace

Politics Coloring Protest of Bush War Policies

Iran "Regime Change"

Iran is entering the ‘danger zone’ as calls for change mount - Internal dissent threatening regime

Russia's International Credibility At Stake For Russia Warned Bush That She Would Allow No More "Regime Changes"

Putin says Iran has no N-arms plan: Foreign policy vision outlined

L.A.-based satellite TV is crucial link for protesters in Iran

Iran to continue to limit the work of U.N. inspectors: United States fears the Islamic republic is developing nuclear arms

US warns Iran force is an option in nuclear standoff

Israeli Finance Minister Netanyahu: Iraqi oil will flow to Haifa

McClellan named White House press secretary: Texan said to balance needs of Bush, reporters

Roman Catholic Sex News

Bishops ponder rare plenary council: Last such meeting in U.S. on challenges for church was in Baltimore in 1884

Resignation has not ended Cardinal Law's role in church

Emerging Diseases

Year's first case of West Nile found

SARS declared under control: Could return with advent of cold weather

Worrisome SARS developments

First probable SARS case reported in U.S.

Holy Kool Aid, Spiritual Poison In Christian Churches Today

Bobblehead business brings Bible stories to life

Sex -- To Whom Are Teens Listening?

National Weather

A Nasty Saturday for the Northeast!

June Rainfall for the Northeast Corridor

National Spring Rainfall Summary

National Spring Temperature Summary

The Summer Season Scientifically Explained

Aliens Part of Antichrist Rising

Bush backs alien evidence: Budget document to declare that there may be "space aliens" to be discovered

Real-life aliens would have us for breakfast

The Spirit Behind Aliens and UFO's Now Shown To Be Demon Possession

Globalism, Iron Mountain, and UFO's Video

Unexpected message delays Mars Lander Beagle 2 boot-up

By royal decree: Portrait of an 'ordinary' prince at 21 yeas of age

Prince William to Continue Diana's Work

The Antichrist & A Cup of Tea

Ozzy Osbourne wishes Prince William happy birthday: "Have as much fun as you can, play Black Sabbath on record and have a blast"

OZZY'S WHITE HOUSE -- "Bush's Headbanger's Ball"



Friday, June 20, 2003 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For Our Military

Israel - Palestinian State

Powell in Israel for peace rescue bid - Cautions Against Expecting Breakthroughs in Mideast Peace

Palestinians, Seeking to Tame Hamas, May Win Powell's Backing

Israel Presses Palestinians on Militants -- No Deal Before Powell Arrives

Swap Gaza for truce? Israel willing if militants OK ceasefire

Terrorism Continues In Israel

Bicycle explodes near Gaza pass for Palestinian workers

Jewish settlers fight with Israeli troops

Peres elected to lead Israel's opposition Labor party

In Syria, officials are preparing contingency plans: Sharon fighting Palestinian State imposed upon Israel

Hamas Directs Foreign Muslims To Israeli Targets

Jew Against Jew In Israel

International Intervention?

The Real Quagmire: Senators Suggest American troops should be inserted to separate the Israelis and Palestinians?

Confusion Reigns In Jerusalem: Are We Seeing Beginning of Effort To Internationalize Jerusalem?

Iran - "Next" Pressure

Bush draws the line on nuclear Iran

U.S. National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice Stokes Up U.S. Pressure on Iran

EU to warn North Korea and Iran

Saudis looking to go nuclear? Intel analysts say royal family wants to keep up with Tehran

A nuclear Iran - Iran assures Putin over nuclear weapons

Iran told to prove it's not making nuclear arms

IAEA asks Iran to accept stricter N-inspections

SARS Mutating!?

WHO warns that SARS is mutating

Beijing Reports 11 billion yuan Losses in Tourism: $1.33 billion US dollars, hotel occupancy rates down 66%

WHO Announces New Policies in Fight Against SARS

Dr. Patricia Doyle's Heroic Fight Against Death From SARS

Pakistani President plays the nuke card: Threatens nuclear war if India allowed to attain clear military superiority

Church Apostasy News

Gay bishops - so what?

The God Unholy Men Love To Worship

Gay bishop calls for tolerance from Church

Gay bishop has support of half his clergy

Fox-huting bill reappears after rallying call from theologian: New Age idea that humans are just animals further up the evolution ladder. Churches now promoting this concept

Cardinal’s Truth Is Too Powerful for Georgetown: "family is mocked by homosexuality"

Episcopalians Elect Divorced, ‘Gay’ Bishop in New Hampshire

Monkeypox - Smallpox

Expanding smallpox vaccination called 'unwise': CDC panel contradicts Bush's stance, citing vaccine's side effects

Experts urge hold on smallpox shots

Monkeypox Outbreak Leads to Changes in US Health Policy

US Bars Imports of African Rodents Due to Monkeypox Outbreak

Fighting Emerging Infectious Diseases Now the Norm, says US Health Official

US Now At Risk Of Suffering Defeat In Afghanistan

Warning over drug-resistant HIV

Belgium moves to stop war crimes cases: Lawsuits targeted Bush, Blair, other U.S. officials

U.S. trips terror plot on Brooklyn Bridge

About that gun crimes unit

America's Corporate Most Wanted

State Department Lies About Giveaway to Russians: America Gives Russia a Fortune in Oil and Fish

Catholic review board denounces former chairman's statement: Keating said, "To act like La Cosa Nostra and hide and suppress, I think, is very unhealthy"

Catholic Bishops: Reforms Said To Be on Track

Harry Potter - "Order of the Phoenix"

Harry Potter author: 'He's a lot, lot, lot angrier in this book'

Rowling Already Working on Harry Potter Six

Rowling wrote in death into book, wept over it

Wild about Harry: A runaway marketing phenomenon

SPELLBOUND: Portland Wiccans try to unhex nation's leaders on Friday the 13th

Wizard’s hour: Forget the hype, there may be some good in the spell Harry Potter has cast

Fans plan dawn vigil for Potter adventure

Satanic Conditioning of Young Minds

Paganism, witchcraft on rise in UK: TV shows, Internet, Harry Potter boost membership

Satanic Entertainment: Details Mixing of Witchcraft, Christian Ideals Throughout Entertainment Industry: Antichrist will offer just such a mixture

Fallen Angel Book: The Untold Story of Led Zeppelin Preparing Hearts Through Rock for Antichrist

They Sold Their Souls For Rock-n-Roll Video: Actual Footage in 2-Tape Video Shows Techniques Used To Teach Satanism To Youth

Korean Peninsula

North Korea has nuclear ballistic missiles: Cutting Edge Reported This Months Ago!

US asks UN to condemn Pyongyang -- North Korea

North Korea Vows Retaliation if Censured by U.N.

Air Force: U-2 Engine Failed Over South Korea

EU to warn North Korea and Iran

Russia Opposes Possible Sanctions against North Korea

Okinawa's Strategic Value to Grow -Top U.S. Marine

Let Others Carry Nuclear Ball In North Korea

Iraq War

Key US Lawmakers to Tour Mideast

US Forces Attacked in Iraqi Town, Residents Say

US Worried About Mounting Losses In Iraq

Old Religion Survives on Banks of Tigris

European Union Taking Final Shape

EU gathers to finalise constitution, discuss Iraq

EU Leaders Turn to Constitution at Greek Summit

Britain's Blair: 'EU talks not finalised'

Moral Collapse Accelerating

Massachusetts Supreme Court is expected to rule this summer that homosexual marriage is legal

Former Celebrity Hairdresser Caushun: Say it loud: I'm gay... and I'm proud

British Sex Shop Chain Wins Fight Over Job Ads

New York 'Gay' Schools Bill Threatens Freedoms of Religion and Speech

One Love? 8-Minute-Dating events, which the organizers promise are "fast, fun and guaranteed."

Ang Lee Takes 'Hulk' Beyond Comics: Themes - genetic engineering, military-industrial skulduggery, deep childhood traumas and adult repression, the love-hate connections between fathers and their children

All of Y mapped: Gene sequence may help determine causes of sex-linked diseases and provide insight into male infertility

'Designer' baby to cure brother

Japan Weighs Radical Deflation Therapy: Considering taxing all cash and savings in an effort to force its people to spend their money or lose it!!

Surveillance State News

Shocking Menace of Satellite Surveillance: Takes just three satellites to blanket the world, no place to hide on the face of the earth

Nowhere To Hide: Iridium Satellites -- Video

Privacy and the Surveillance State: How You Have Already Lost Your Privacy! Video

Mark of the Beast: Final Connections -- Video

Hideous, Satanic Face On Surveillance Department, Homeland Security

New radar sees through walls

Bicycle stolen? Trace it with GPS

Rage Against the (Green) Machine - Scientists start manipulating matter at the nano -- billionth of a meter -- level

India Condemns Pope Over Conversion Statement: Notice Satanic Twisted Cross Crucifix in Picture!

Russia to Launch 35 Military Satellites in 2003


Thursday, June 19, 2003 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For Our Military

CONFUSION REIGNS IN JERUSALEM AND THROUGHOUT ISRAEL: Are Illuminized Freemasons about to get International control of Jerusalem as they have wanted for 300 years?

Israel - Palestinian State

Suicide Attack Kills Israeli, Bomber: Strike on Grocery Store Dims Mideast Truce Talks - Murdered grocer was father of 6

Palestinians Reject Israeli Plan for Gaza: Partial Troop Pullback Would Not Constitute 'a Real Withdrawal'

Israeli army begins dismantling outpost -- Evacuation of Mitzpeh Yitzhar is not Going Peacefully

A Palestinian civil war? Israel must be dreaming

France Resists Campaign To Isolate Hamas, Arafat

Jerusalem road reopened to 'kohanim' - Jews of the priestly class (kohanim) traveling on a major Jerusalem thoroughfare can now move back to the right lane

Hamas considers a pragmatic cease-fire -- Hamas, Islamic Jihad Won't Agree to Halt Attacks on Israelis

Mideast talks show no progress: Abbas' endeavor to reach a deal with Islamic militants is yielding little fruit

Attorney-General Against Release Of Arafat's Arch-Terrorist Barghouti

Rocket Hits Israeli House, And More Palestinian Attacks

Hamas Agrees To Partial Cease-Fire As Powell Touches Down

Surviving Hamas leader Rantisi reaches hour of decision:
Sustain war effort or go underground

Will Pakistan Recognize Israel? Pakistan's Israel Gamble

Terrorists Crawled Under Partition Fence

US Gives 300 Million To PA Security Services Even Though Dahlan Reports To Arafat

Microsoft sues the spammers

U.S. could be hit hard if world loses faith in dollar

Harry Potter News

Potter appears early in Indy: Area Osco stores that sold new book before release Saturday may face penalty

Frenzy Over 'Phoenix'

Wal-Mart Canada probes premature Harry Potter sale

Harry Potter publisher sues New York's Daily News

Religious attacks muted as new Potter arrives

Harry Potter Conditioning Kids To Accept Values and Attitudes of the Coming "Great One"

Former Satanist Examines Harry Potter

Bookcovers of Two Books Depict Symbol of Antichrist!


SARS Epidemic May Reemerge, CDC Director Warns

Taiwan reports one Sars death - WHO warns world against SARS complacency

New antibiotics 'could prove deadly'

National lab finds an extra 120 people may have had SARS; experts concerned

Afghanistan still largest opium producer

Virgin Mary - Goddess Worship

To Catholic faithful, Madonna image grows clearer 'every day'

Such Appearances Also Occur Regularly In Hinduism and Buddhism: Powered by the spirit of "rangjung"

Estate Tax Repeal Faces Fight in Senate: "No taxation without respiration; once you die, government should leave you alone"

Another Campus 'Free-Speech' Policy Bites the Dust

U.S. Policing of Biotech Crops Denounced

Pesticides Tied To Underperforming Sperm

Domestic Terrorism = Dictatorship In The Wings

Court: Bush administration acted legally in withholding the identities of at least 762 persons detained after the September 11 attacks

Bush Administration Has Already Redefined "Terrorist" -- Could be you and me!

CIA, Bin Laden, Surveillance and the Coming Global Police State

Govt may appeal ruling against child detention

DARPA Continues Freedom Threat

Brain Machine Interfaces - DARPA Research Continues

Hideous Occult Face of DARPA

State of Emergency Declared After Riots in Michigan

Mysterious Decline-Where Are the Men on Campus?

Newspapers shoot down gun classifieds

Islamists regain foothold in Jordan parliament

Indian navy takes possession of new Russian-built warship: Uses "stealth technology"

Donkeys marry in India to please rain god: Paganism sinks quickly into idiocy

Sarah and the Saudis: Despite Prince Bandar's assurances, another American woman is trapped in the kingdom

China Arrests Eight Underground Christians

Canada's gay Muslims unite to celebrate their faith and their sexuality

Police Chief Moose Who Led Sniper Probe Quits

THE GOD ALL UNHOLY MEN CAN WORSHIP: Christian in appearance without being Christian in Biblical Theology

Korean Peninsula

N. Korea's Nuclear Ambitions Are Urgent Issue, Powell Says

U.S. options for North Korea run from bad to worse - North Korea hardens its position

Pyongyang insists (again) on its need for a nuclear deterrent

Japan rethinks its aversion to building nuclear weapons: NOTE: Once a country admits they are planning a weapons system, they already possess it!

Chinese foreign minister sees Beijing talks on North Korea

Powell, N. Korea envoy talk briefly on nuclear standoff

N Korea dismiss talks

Russia-N. Korea-S. Korea railway ready for through traffic - Just in time for N. Korea to move its military supplies along it

Continuing Myth of No Missile Defense

U.S. Sea-Based Missile Defense Fails Test

HAARP Technology Puts Up Impenetrable Shield Against Missiles

Typhoon Soudelor to develop into extratropical cyclone

Tropical Storm Blanca showing signs of weakening off Coast of Mexico


Missing weapons have Blair disarmed: Loss of trust over Iraq leaves him open to attacks

Congressional panels look at reports of Iraqi weapons: Democrats want to go further than Republicans

Senator Kerry Charges: Bush misled every one of us

Bush challenged over Iraq weapons: Fresh charges that he exaggerated the threat of Iraq's alleged weapons of mass destruction

Is The Conflict About To Be Ignited Beyond Iraq?

US forces threatened in power vacuum: "Iraq is still a combat zone - that's why we're still taking some casualties."

Guerrilla War In Iraq Could Turn Deadly

U.S. Marines get urban warfare lessons from IDF commander

US seizes Saddam's right-hand man

In volatile Iraq, US curbs the Press

Australian troops back but war of words rages

Iraqi Regional Leaders Directing Attacks: Anti-US sentiment runs high among population

U.S. Did Target Media Outlets In Gulf War II

US clouds Iraqi civilian deaths


Iran Denies U.S. Allegations on Nuke Arms

International Atomic Energy Report: Tehran's violations of its commitments far greater than hitherto published

Nuclear weapons won't be allowed, Bush warns Iran

US/UK Special forces 'prepare for Iran attack' - Would use special tactics, unlike conventional attack in Iraq

Turkey strengthens ties with Iran during strains in relations with U.S.

Russia is training hundreds of Iranian technicians and scientists in complex nuclear processes

US Accumulates Evidence of Iran’s Nuclear Violations

Phoenix bishop's move felt in Indianapolis: Priests who knew him greet resignation of Indianapolis native with sad surprise

Moral Collapse

Pub rape filmed on mobile phone, say police

Bush's Department of Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta: Orders 'Gay Pride' Event

Disabled woman's rapist sentenced to 40 years

Judicial Fiat Legalizes Homosexual Marriage in Canada

Sears' Money Goes to Assist Already Affluent Homosexual Community

Youth Nude Camp In Florida: "I'd rather get all the clothes off, and keep all the clothes off." -- 14-year-old girl

Many Divorced Fathers Struggle Desperately to Remain in Their Children's Lives

The Betrayal of the Military Father

Many Women Don't Discuss STDs with Partners, Docs

Cheating Women Catching Up with Men?

One in three adults needs drugs to cope

Max Factor heir, fugitive rapist Andrew Luster captured in Mexico

Filthy Rich: As Online Porn Sales Rise, A Few (Little-Known) Banks Make It Happen

Your Inner Hulk: Why Is the Hulk the Rage? Look Toward the Green Monster Within - New Age trash

Florida Cabbie Arrested in 6 Women's Deaths

Evangelical Bishops issue letter against appointment of gay theologian

Annapolis lawmaker puts toy guns in cross hairs

EU leaders to stress trade ties, not Iraq

National Weather

Northeast Weekend Hopes Fading Away!

National Weekend Weather Outlook

Fewer Violent Storms and Tornadoes

Relative Humidity Explained

Kansas doctors required to report abortions for girls under 16

Hide in Plane Sight: Family of Possible 727 Pilot: ‘He Is Not a Terrorist’

Sky-High Odds: Experts Say It’s Extremely Rare for a Jetliner to Disappear

Arizona Homes Evacuated Near Tucson Fire


Wednesday, June 18, 2003 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For Our Military

Breaking News

Hamas Agrees To Partial Cease-Fire As Powell Touches Down

Israel - Palestinian State

Mideast violence threatens peace plan: Israeli girl killed in car

Abbas ceasefire plea fails -- NO Deal!

Washington focuses on securing Hamas truce

There can be no right of return in a Mideast peace

Ariel Sharon must be smiling

British Family of shot Gaza peace activist see Britian's Straw, Foreign Secretary

U.S. must boost its foreign policy: All three of Bush's Initiatives are dramatically losing ground

'Pakistan will not recognize Israel'

Israel may release arch-terrorist Barghouti: To "facilitate" a worthless peace process?

Palestinians Face Severe Shortage of Water Supplies

Shot forced on newborn over parents' objections: Orwellian nightmare for 'persecuted' couple as armed guards ensure infant's vaccination

Moral Collapse

Americans No Longer Believe It Important To Be Honest: The Lies Of Our Leaders

More Americans Seeking Help for Depression - Isaiah 26:3 ignored at our great spiritual peril

University of Virginia Researchers Work to "Harvest" Human Organs

More babies have unmarried parents

Girls' Wild School Brawl Caught On Tape: Students Say Female Fistfight Is Last-Day Ritual

Sex While Driving Results In Fatal Car Crash

Mother Admits To Using Teen Daughters To Rob Bank

Playboy’s bunny now a hot seller: Sexist symbol of ’60s hops its way into teens’ closets

Man admits to decapitating a corpse, taking head home

Mother brain damaged in amateur boxing match will die: America needs her Roman circuses and sports events!

Ritalin use may worsen cocaine abuse

Will porn kick-start the video phone revolution? Porn is the handmaiden of new technology

Gay Culture Contines To Explode

In Key West, 1.3 mile rainbow stretches from sea to sea: Symbol of gay, lesbian and bisexual pride

Gay leader Racicot takes Bush campaign helm: Bringing homosexuals into the Bush Re-election Campaign

European Union News

Norway's Hagen wants Clinton to head NATO

Major European e-government programme unveiled

Stamp to celebrate William's 21st Birthday -- Antichrist and a Cup of Tea

European Union -- E.U. -- Final World Empire! Revived Roman Empire Has Arisen From The Ashes!

Russians want to join EU: poll -- Czechs say yes to EU


Texas universities watching for SARS

SARS cure unlikely 'soon'

Hillary's book in fantasy-fiction section: Display at Borders store reclassified memoir of White House years

Bush Revs Up Re-Election Fund Raising

American Woman Leaves Saudi Arabia Jeddah Consulate

Uninsured Cost U.S. Up to $130 Billion a Year

Jury rules for tobacco companies in smoker's suit

Impotence Drug Takes on Viagra

Bridges TV to cater to American Muslims: Attempt to show not all Muslims are terrorists

Presidential Catfight: Hillary vs. Condoleezza Rice in 2008? Our political system continues to reward incompetance

7-year-old raises $80,000 for cancer

E-merchants Turn Fraud-busters

Korean Peninsula - Rhetoric Escalates

North Korea warns that blockade would lead to war, Japan would not be safe: Powell praises international unity on North Korea

Blockade of real concern to North Korea: Warns US again not to impose one

Japan could 'go nuclear' in months

N. Korea will not give up nukes without US concessions

Chinese people back North Korea over US in nuclear standoff

China - Taiwan Crisis

Asia's overlooked missile crisis: Both sides arming mightily

US-China-Taiwan: Missile diplomacy


US/UK Special forces 'prepare for Iran attack' - Would use special tactics, unlike conventional attack in Iraq

Iranians detained in Paris raids: 1,300 police officers raided 13 addresses, $1.3m and large quantities of "ultra-sophisticated" communications equipment were seized

UK seeks EU ultimatum on Iran arms

Bush pressed to pursue 'regime change' in Iran

Thousands demonstrate outside Tehran university

Iran's regime take aim at its defenders to restore order

Iraq War

Trailers not WMD labs: British report

U.S. Troops Open Fire, Protesters Say Two Killed

Australia's Defense Secretary Hoon: 'Intelligence not doctored to justify war'

No 10 clique left cabinet in dark over case for war, accuses Blair of "Honorable Deception"

Sniper adds to US toll in Iraq

WMD controversy continue to fuel transatlantic spoofs

Harry Potter

Rowling's tears at killing off a "significant" character in Potter book

Potter bigger than the Bible?

Harry Potter vs the Bible

Is Harry corrupting our kids?

Understanding How Potter Novels Portray "Reality"

What About Those Vivid Colors Used In Potter?

Potter and the vanishing books

Massachusetts: No reason to remove homeschoolers - Social services backtracks, says action would be 'traumatic' for kids

National Weather

Locally Drenching Thunderstorms Wed

Late-Week Hope for the Northeast!

Fewer Violent Storms and Tornadoes

Hurricane Frequency

Will the wet weather end?

Global Management & the Constitution: War Plan very clear in 1997 book by Zbigniew Brzezinski

James ossuary - "Jesus Box" - determined to have been "fake"

Pope Accepts Resignation of Arizona Bishop Arrested For Fatal Hit-Run Accident

Gun maker wants widow to pay legal fees from her effort to sue

Rising Hispanic population causes friction in S. Florida retiree strongholds

Dirty bomb attack 'a matter of time'

Seven killed as Saudis 'foil attack' in Mecca

Two planes collide off Florida's Deerfield Beach

Conan the Barbarian - Schwarzenegger is pro-gay rights, pro-choice on abortion and pro-gun control, and called the impeachment of Bill Clinton a Republican disgrace

Umpires to Tech: You're Out! Proposal to install camera behind home plate to monitor umpires severely critized -- A Lousy Call


Tuesday, June 17, 2003 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For Our Military

Israel - Palestinian State

Israel intent on hunting terrorists, Sharon says: Stand could hinder road map for peace; Hamas cease-fire talks unproductive

Powell Holds Talks With Sharon Aide

U.S. steps up mediation efforts

Jerry Golden Reminds Us: 2 + 2 Really is 4

Hamas, Hezbollah at focus of mounting blacklist bids

Two workers lightly wounded by mortar shell fire

Dahlan said demanding firebrand militant Barghouti be freed as condition of truce

Attention On Hamas Takes Heat Off Fatah And Abu Mazen - Propaganda ploy makes Hamas the terrorist group everyone suddenly "loves to hate"

Unanswered Questions: What Type of Cease-fire, and With Whom

PM Abbas first wants truce with Arafat's terror groups Fatah

Government to Discuss Illegal Bedouin and Arab Construction

Statistics bureau: Israeli Jews outnumber Jews in the U.S.

Chabad vs. Sharon: Lubavitch movement declares the Sharon government no longer has "the political right to exist."

Israel and the Palestinians: Separate goals makes peace impossible - Editorial

Jews and Anti-Jews: Hatred of Israel is a crutch Arab states have to give up -- You cannot turn off programmed hatred

God speaks through a little girl. But all we listening?

Truth serum on the tip of a missile

Peace plan gets second wind: After violent week, Israel and Palestinians try for a ceasefire and a power shift in Gaza. (No one ever learns from history, as this will not work)

A Fundamentalist Fatwa as Tool of US Mideast Diplomacy

Moral Collapse Continues

US Crime Statistics: Land of violence, bloodshed

FBI Crime Reports By City Size: Requires Acrobat Reader

Family Groups Call for Recognition of 'Ex-Gays' at Pride Events

Debate stirs about Episcopal Church's gay bishop

Pro-Lifers Push Boston Globe to Change Policy on Abortion Stories

Fighting Back!

Teens may need parent's OK to get The Pill: Time to end insanity where kids can get contraceptives and abortion without parental consent!

Missouri County Works to Pass Adult Ordinance: Pray this effort succeeds!

Pro-Life 'Chefs' Exiting the Pampered Life: New owner supports abortion

Presbyterians Oust Minister Over Gay Marriages

Pro-lifers Urge SC Governor to Veto All Abortion Funding

Harry Potter News

Kids can barely wait for new Potter book

Security tight at Amazon.com for Harry Potter book deliveries

Harry Potter goes to college

Websites hope to be fully booked for Harry Potter

Rowling: In the eye of the storm

Booksellers gearing up, staying open late for 'Harry'

A Christian Who Knows Witchcraft Examines All Books and Movies

'Potter' wait is almost over

Bush tax cuts face biblical test

France Rushes to Contain Oil Slick Off Cannes

Two quakes shake Taiwan, no reports of damage

Patent Pending for Smallpox Inhibitor

Giveaway of Islands to Russia Risks U.S. Security

Court Backs Limits to Drugging Defendants

Whaling Commission Authorizes Global Conservation

Romania insists 'there was no Holocaust' on its soil in WWII


Iraqi War News

'Scorpion' strikes; 59 Iraqis detained

Sniper Kills U.S. Soldier in North Baghdad

Officers Describe Kuwait Grenade Attack During Iraq Attack

Many Iraqis say they've had enough of America's help

Tension rises as U.S. raids Iraqi homes

WMD Controversy

U.K. Lawmakers Start Iraq Weapons Inquiry

World Opposed to Bush and Iraq War, BBC Poll Says

EU Backs Possible Use of Force Against WMD Threats

Senator Levin Seeks Release of WMD Intelligence: Will prove US withheld information from UN investigators

Well-Placed Democrats Insisted Saddam Had WMD

Evidence of biological weapons found, says Australian PM

Iran - "Regime Change" Next Target

U.N. nuclear agency worries about Iran's intentions

US Accumulates Evidence of Iran’s Nuclear Violations

A stirring in Iran

Islamic militants entering Iraq from Iran and Syria, U.S. says

International Court -- US Seeking Exemptions

Five countries make secret deal with US

War crimes court on trial as EU, US square up

Revived Roman Empire -- EU

Some Believe EU Constitution Signals Coming of Antichrist

European Union -- E.U. -- Final World Empire! Revived Roman Empire Has Arisen From The Ashes!

"Ethnic Cleansing" In Congo

French still unable to stop DRC abductions and killings in Congo

100 die in brutal ethnic war in DRC

Ethnic terror stalks Congo town at night: The executioners always come at night

National Weather

A Cool Start to June for Much of the Nation

West Bakes Under Ridge

More Rain Soaks the Southeast Tuesday

Localized flooding

Nations Flock to Sign U.N. Anti-Tobacco Treaty

Beleaguered Catholic Phoenix Bishop Arrested in Hit-And-Run -- Victim died!

Congress aims SODA at DoJ snooping: We have already become a surveillance society

Nowhere To Hide: Iridium Satellites Video

Mark of the Beast: Final Connections Video

Startup to launch homeschooling magazine in late summer

Tell Bureaucrats to Stop Harassing Parents

Nicotine By-product Reduces Alzheimer's Telltale Plaques


Most Greater Toronto SARS Cases Acquired In Hospitals During The Initial Outbreak

Eighth SARS-Associated Coronavirus Infection Reported in the US

Second Wave of SARS Still Affecting Toronto

Wall Street Rally Expected to Continue: Fresh evidence of improving economy

Jailed Scott Peterson Gets Stacks of Mail, Many From Women

Queen should be stripped of her title as Supreme Governor of the Church of England and not committed to any particular religion

Mel Gibson's Film About Christ Still Stirring Passions

June 16, 2003 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For Our Military

Israel - Palestinian State

"Al Aqsa" -- Dome of the Rock -- Is In Danger!

Israel, Palestine heading for war

Local Palestinian Authority mutiny enabled Qassams

EU should blacklist Hamas: Is now the time to expell Arafat, the true terror leader of all Palestinian terrorist groups?

High Court allows IDF to evacuate Givat Yitzhar outpost

Separation Fence In Gaza Enables Security: Prophetic implications of building security fences

Sharon security beefed up -- Possible Disinformation - IDF playing games with evacuating settler's outposts

Cousin of U.S. Ambassador to Israel, Daniel Kurtzer, was among the 17 people murdered in the Jerusalem bus bombing last Thursday

U.S. Troops May Have to Go After Hamas, Lawmaker

Bush Says Hamas Must Face Harsh Treatment

France mulls Mid-East EU peace force

Ceasefire Disaster Illustrates Impossibility of Peace

Israel offers withdrawal if militant groups thwarted : But Hamas rejected Egyptian ceasefire plan - Late night news: Hamas "accepts in principle" a ceasefire

Israel Rejects Egyptian Ceasefire Plan!

Palestianian Shaath: Hamas truce deal may come as early as Tuesday: But Israel rejects such a temporary truce!

The Palestinians are a bit optimistic: Too optimistic -- While Abu Mazen went to Jordan - Arafat is back!

Despite Violence, Mideast Peace Talks Continue

Sharon hints at halting assassinations

US marines diverted to Liberia: US forces getting overstretched!

Italy swelters under deadly heatwave: No letup in sight for heat that has killed 10 people

Harry Potter Novels Full of Witchcraft

The JK Rowling story: a little girl who liked to play witches and wizards, six years old, first encountered a wizard called Potter

New Sign on Harry Potter's Forehead: For Sale, as sales of all sorts of merchandising tricks explodes

Complete, Thorough Expose' of the Witchcraft In Harry Potter

Harry Potter makes sun shine on Raincoast Books: Sales so great they are making up for unprecedented book returns

Little magic in Potter for small independent retailers

Hogwarts High -- Public Libraries Now Teaching Potter Witchcraft To Children

Isle of spirits and dark arts

The Hulk Aims for Young and Mature Audiences: Reputed to be darker than other recent superhero movies, playing up the Hulk's monstrous nature and psychological rage and torment, Hulk must wrestle with his own inner demons

Monkeypox News

Monkeypox shows gap in bioterror readiness

US Using Monkeypox As Surrogate/Model For Smallpox


New SARS blow: Toronto is getting another punch from SARS

Missed Singapore fever checks: Students fined $10,000

Taiwan's SARS team ready for WHO meet

CETRA to kick off post-SARS exhibitions, trade missions

Officials gather in Malaysia for WHO conference on SARS

WHO praises HK's role in global anti-virus fight

Focus switches to tracking source

Southern Baptists Launch Faith Plan: Emphasizes overcoming differences among individuals to focus more on spreading the word of God

National Weather

Soggy Southeast: Another 1 to 2 Inches of Rain

More Rain Soaks the Southeast Monday

Ridge Helps Keep West Warm this Week

Strong T-Storms Rumble Across N. Plains

War crimes court on trial as EU, US square up

To Gain Interview With Former P.O.W., Jessica Lynch, CBS Dangles Stardom

Airbus is set to overtake US rival Boeing

Freedom likely for 13 convicted in Texas drug sting: Almost four years later, arresting officer accused of perjury

Texas Sodomy Law To Haunt Bush's Re-election Campaign?

Catholic Sex Abuse Panel Head to Resign


Korean Peninsula

US Is Attempting To Persuade Russia, Israel, and Other Nations To Participate In US-led pre-emptive Strike Against North Korea!!

Nuclear strike threat grows: Rogue nations could have ICBMs
sooner than U.S. planners thought -- Disinformation! North Korea has nukes now with missiles to deliver them

North Korea exports missiles to Iran by air

N. Korea facing more pressure over nukes

Eleven (11) Nations Seek to Stop N.Korea Ships Through Naval Blockade -Australia

South Korea: Pressure Could Work on North
- Nonsense, economic and diplomatic "pressure" never, ever works

Iraq War

WMD Scandal Growing

A Peek Inside Bush's Post-War Diary: "F*** Impeachment!" - Great information but language is not good

Dishonest Salesmen Don't Apologize: Must Bush's Rationale For Attacking A Nation Be Real, Not Imaginary?

If Bush Is Lying, He's Not the First: Article admits Bush lied but is trying to excuse it

Americans More Skeptical On WMD

Depleted Munitions News

Depleted Uranium Arms May Pose Risks: Health experts warn

Depleted Uranium Fulfilling Isaiah 13 prophecy against Ancient Babylon (Iraq)

Why Has Our Military Refused to Show This Depleted Uranium Training Video To Our Troops Now Serving In Iraq?

Soldiers should be tested for uranium, scientists say

Experts concerned about use of depleted uranium weapons: Estimates of usage are way off!

More News

Oil fire continues to burn in Iraq: Turkey says sabotage

U.S. raids in Iraq focus on 4 cities

Several U.S. Troops Wounded In An Attack In Iraq

Bilateral issues to dominate Powell talks: Post-war Iraq and Israeli - Palestinian State

Homecoming sweet, but shift to normalcy not so easy


Iran to toe line on weapons?

Bush praises Iranian student protests - Trying to use internal terrorism to effect next "regime change"

Bush enrages Tehran by backing 'freedom' protests

Tough crackdown dampens anti-regime protests in Iran

U.N. Nuclear Agency Tackles Iran Weapons Amid Fears That Global Nuclear Treaty Is Unraveling

CDC threatens to cut funding for risque AIDS workshops: Promoting sexual activity in guise of fighting AIDS

Hitler's "Positive Christianity"

Christian Nazis wanted a new version of the Bible: Nazis exploited Protestant resources to develop an extremist faith

Hitler Professed Jesus Christ As His Savior: Offered convincing testimony but history records his words were worthless

Saudi Police Say Raid Foiled An Imminent Terror Attack

Ranch Hand Kills 1, Wounds 7, Including Cop

Ennis, Montana killing suspect caught after chase

Killing shocks Ennis

Senator Graham: Give gay couples a tax break

California Lawmakers Grease 'Slippery Slope' Toward Same-Sex Marriage

California Public Education: Chorus of praise for Jim Sweeney has a notable holdout, half the students are still below the 50th percentile

Yankton School Board bars home-schoolers from activities

Big Brother Comes To Wal-Mart: RFID chips in clothing just first step in total surveillance of population

Spam cure could be worse than ailment: Could render legitimate emails useless

Taiwan's Government considers legalizing sex trade

Risque Cirque shows Las Vegas' switch to vice: Family fare pushed aside in favor of more adult entertainment -- Features: sadomasochistic prison scenario, a drag queen who channels Billie Holiday, and couplings in configurations across the sexual range

Lebanon Finance Minister Banned From U.S. because of money support of Hizbullah

Russia's Duman Votes to End Sales Tax, Lower VAT, In Order To Stimulate Economy

Sabbath Sales: Cash-Strapped States Tap Taxes from Sunday Liquor Buyers -- ABC doesn't understand what "Sabbath" is

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