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Wednesday June 30, 2004 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Iraq handover: World reactions

Iraq awakes as sovereign nation - Iraq's fate now its own

Q&A: The handover in Iraq - We cannot wait until US election to aid Iraq

Allies to back tough Iraq steps

Tough times for US forces in new Iraq

Army Recalling Thousands Who Left Service -- Old Soldiers to Be Called to Action

Who's who in Iraq: Overview

Saddam Turned Over to Iraqi Justice

Iraqis to take custody of Saddam

Bush says Muslims need not fear democracy

Three marines killed in Baghdad

Iraqi insurgents attack U.S. base as violence continues after power transfer : 11 soldiers injured

Attack Iran, US chief ordered British: Had the British attacked Iran, war could have exploded wide open

Basra Airport Opening Delayed

Americans Hurt in Iraq Find Rough Recovery at Home

Iraq captors free Turk hostages

Plot Against President Bush?

The angry author, a literary storm and 'one dead armadillo': Characters in book spend much time discussing how to assassinate President George Bush

A Novel's Plot Against the President: Character Fantasizes Bush Assassination


Portuguese PM accepts presidency of EU Commission

NATO boosts Afghan peacekeeping effort

Bush backs Turkey's EU bid

Nato's happier family?

France's Chirac slams U.S. policy again

Rifts between U.S., allies evident at NATO summit


China, Argentina Sign Co-op Agreements

Hong Kong's democracy champion wants talks with China

China Presses EU on Market Economy Status

Huge Potential in Argentina-China Trade: Argentine President

Microsoft Reaches $34 Million Settlement

Vatican pace on abuse worries O'Malley: Archbishop wants cases expedited

Catholic Priest Arrested in Australia

After a seven-year commute, spacecraft Cassini on track to enter Saturn orbit

Saturn's rotation is a puzzle

U.S., Mexico OK plan to fly illegals home

Meteor Explodes Above New Zealand

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

10 U.S. Stealth F-117A Fighters Deployed to Korea for Training

Bob Koontz Editorial -- Red Skies On the Horizon: War with North Korea is possible by summer's end (Posted June 2, 2004)

Update to Koontz Editorial: U.S. Will Have Gravely Serious Confrontation With North Korea Within 2-4 Months: Israel May Attack Iranian Nuclear Facilities in Same Time Period (Posted June 28, 2004)

South and North Korean Foreign Ministers to Meet Thursday

North Korean Goguryeo Sites to Receive World Heritage Status: UNESCO Officials

Russia launches ballistic missile from N-submarine

9/11 -- Descent Into Tyranny

Is the Rick Gibney Flight 93 Story a Hoax?

Long Debunked "Rumor" Validated by Giuliani

Alex Jones Interviews Col. Donn de Grand-Pre, U.S. Army (ret.): Explosive New 9/11 Revelations and Explanations

Same Sex Marriage News

Committee Approves Ordination for Gays in Presbyterian Church

Gay marriage tests separation of church and state

Atlanta Gay Pride Parades Focus on Same-Sex Marriages

Three state universities to offer full benefits to same-sex partners

Bid to Stop Massachusetts Gay Marriages Rejected


Breaking News

Video said to show soldier's execution

'Fahrenheit 9/11' Stirring People's Passions

Deliberate Campaign To Discredit Bush

'Fahrenheit 9/11' Ignites Box Office Passion

Movie boosts Iraq interest: "Fahrenheit 9/11" raising public concern and awareness of the Iraq war and Bush's part in it

Anti-Bush Film Welcomed by British Celebrities

Bush going crazy, say his aides

Terrorism News

Guantanamo lawyer says may sue for access

Pentagon Names Military Tribunal to Hear Guantanamo Trials

New Article: US Supreme Court Hands Bush Major Victory As President Can Now Arrest American Citizens Without Charges and Without Trial

Ashcroft calls for tougher Patriot Act

Security a Top Concern for Newspapers Covering Olympics

NATO's spy planes, ships and WMD unit to guard Olympics

U.S. Tightens Security for July 4 Holiday

Coast Guard to board every foreign-flagged vessel

U.S. Finds Truckers, Pilots Tied to Terror


Brand New Bookstore Video: Hollywood Unmasked -- How Satanism and New Age Philosophy has and continues to have an influence on today's motion pictures - Learn Hollywood's nasty inside secrets


PM Sharon: "Are You Naive? Of Course Disengagement Plan To Be Carried Out"

UN's Nuclear Chief: Israel Should Disarm, Iran 'Not a Concern'

Shalom: Israel wants diplomatic ties with Iraq

Oslo War death toll tops 1000

Tanks raid Gaza after fresh salvo

General Mofaz: IDF will control area from which Kassams are launched in Gaza

Israel updating U.S. on IDF's push into northern Gaza

Court Orders Israel to Re-Route West Bank Barrier

South Africa: No peace in Israel without Arafat

Taking Orders From Arafat: Leftists and Peace Activists

Mid-East coverage baffles Britons

Shin Bet arrests terror cell suspected of planning murder: Plotted to kill an Israeli and use his body as a bargaining chip to secure the release of Palestinian security prisoners

Hezbollah fires at IAF jets flying along border

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Experts Warn: Iran Ready to Take It to the Brink

Update to Koontz Editorial: U.S. Will Have Gravely Serious Confrontation With North Korea Within 2-4 Months: Israel May Attack Iranian Nuclear Facilities in Same Time Period (Posted June 28, 2004)

Iran Vows to Resume Building Centrifuges

U.S., EU Carrying Out Psyops Against Iran In Nuclear Issue

U.S. expels 2 security guards at Iran's UN mission: For filming New York landmark buildings and parts of the city's transportation system

Karzai: Send NATO troops now

Qatar Court Jails Russians Over Chechen Assassination

Sudan: US Senators Allege Ethnic Cleansing

Powell Heads for Darfur, Annan Arrives in Sudan

'African leaders cannot rule like before'

U.S., 5 Nations Sign Free Trade Agreement

UAE Claims to Iranian Islands Have No Political or Legal Basis

Moral Collapse

Supreme Court Bars Enforcement of Internet Porn Law

ACLU Challenges Nude Teen Camp Ban

Judge approves push for Washington gambling initiative

2004 Campaign News

Bush popularity falls to all-time low: But Kerry fails to capitalise

Kerry takes break as convention nears

San Francisco rolls out the red carpet for the Clintons: Hillary - "We're going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good"

Kerry Rules Out Opening Records of 1988 Divorce

Heinz Kerry recalls death of first husband: Sen. John Heinz killed in a 1991 plane crash

In Boston promotion, campaign ads are 'wicked' funny: DNC wanted ads to "drum up local cheer" during Democratic National Convention

Kerry offers college aid plan

Many see politics in Kerry stepson future

Boston's Mayor Menino, Kerry openly feuding since the senator snubbed the mayor



Tuesday, June 29, 2004 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

US soldier 'shot dead by captors'

Amid Power Transfer, Arab Language Station Says Militants Kill American Soldier

Sovereignty handed to Iraqis early

Iraqis Rejoice on Talk Radio Airwaves

Around the world, relief mixed with skepticism

President is triumphant as Blair hopes for democracy

Poll: Half of Iraqis Want Democracy

Security fears dominate Iraq handover

NATO leaders agree to help train Iraq's security forces

2004 Campaign News

Bush and Kerry Level-Pegging in New Poll

Fahrenheit 9/11 tops N. American box office

They're watching you

Atkins diet 'can stop you getting pregnant'
By Metro

LI company creates cornerstone for Freedom Tower

I'm a street bum, says broke Tyson

Breaking News

Saddam handover deal struck

Asia-Pacific Forum Focuses on North Korean Nuclear Dispute



Israel and Iran chart collision course

Israeli Tanks Seal off Gaza Town

2 dead in Palestinian rocket

Foreign Ministry Urges Christian Group Not to Join March in Israel

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Iran spoils for a fight

Pakistan, India agree to settle Kashmir dispute

Roh Says He Will Not Tolerate Terrorism

US buries Libya hatchet

'Powell must warn Sudanese'

Moral Collapse

Presbyterians Urged to Lift the Ban on Gay Clergy

Man charged with rape of girl, 13




Monday, June 28, 2004 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Iraq Formally Returned to Self-Rule Two Days Early: Trying to forestall guerilla attacks - Bremer now out of the country

World's Leaders Welcome Iraqi Handover

Degree of Real Sovereignty Which Iraqis Will Have Depends on the Level of Violence by Insurgents

United States Welcomes Early Turnover of Power as Proud Day for Iraq

Thumbnails of Key Iraqi Leaders

'Saddam, US had pre-war deal': Charges Former Russian Prime Minister -- also cast doubt on the authenticity of footage of Saddam's reported capture

American Plane Comes Under Fire Outside Baghdad as Militants Threaten to Behead New Pakistani Hostage: One hostage is a US Marine

Militants Threaten to Behead Two Hostages, One a U.S. Marine

Family of Marine Shown in Hostage Video Asks for Prayers From the People of the World

One British Soldier Killed in Basra Bomb Attack

U.S. Military Denies Reports of Zarqawi Capture

Coalition Official Says Saddam to Be Transferred to New Iraqi Government in a Week

'Fahrenheit 9/11' Sets Documentary Record

Timetable for Iraqi Elections

Howard Dean: Most Americans Now Oppose Iraq War

Former White House Counterterrorism Czar Richard Clarke: Iraq Invasion an 'Enormous Mistake'

NATO Summit

NATO Buries Hatchet Over Iraq and Looks to Future

Israel among 7 countries offered NATO 'partnership'

Israel ready to help in NATO security

Protesters Clash with Police During NATO Summit

2004 Campaign News

Kerry Cancels Mayors Meeting Because of Striking Police Officer's Picket Line

Gas Prices Reported Down Another 7 Cents

Bush Persists Through Woes: President, John Kerry tied despite lagging ratings, disastrous year

Kerry's wealth would eclipse other presidents': Democratic candidate, wife are estimated to be worth about $1 billion

Kerry goes coast-to-coast in 36-hour campaign swing

Senior Democrat Discourages Bush From Top CIA Pick

Roman Catholic News

Runaway Priests: Church pays horrific price for clerical indifference - Church cannot continue to coddle clerical child molesters - Disaster could be long-terrm and of historic proportions

Accused Roman Catholic Pedophile London Priest Found Preaching in Italy

Vatican Aware of Abuse for Centuries: Proves 1,700 years of sexual abuse from Catholic Church's own internal records

'Papal successor' moved paedophile priest to protect him

Did US diocese hide priest's sex abuse?

You Can Understand Catholicism's Centuries' Old Sexual Abuse History Only By Understanding The Truth of the REAL Religion Catholicism Actually Practices -- Catholicism: White Sepulcher ''Christianity'' - 2-Tape Video, 4 hours long

Film Attacking Celibacy Riles Catholic Church

Pope Hoping Patriarch's Visit Boosts Ecumenism

Ecumenism Is Crticially Important To Pope Because He Has Been Chosen As Future False Prophet: House of Theosophy Notes - August 18, 1991

New Zealand PM Clark says comments by cardinal 'sad': Likened modern liberal politicians to barbarians

Preference for male children may cause long-term woes

Breaking News

Bush Can Hold Citizens Without Charges: Detainee can challenge his treatment in court

Enemy Combatants Win Right to U.S. Courts

US Supreme Court asserts appeal rights for 'enemy combatants': Ruling said to be "Major Blow" to Bush Administration




Sharon Quoted as Telling Legislators He'll Speed Up Evacuation of Gaza Settlers

Palestinian Militants Kill Two Israelis, Including 3-Year-Old, in Rocket Attack on Border Town Near Gaza

IDF Soldier killed in Gaza outpost: Helicopters hit Gaza foundries

‘Angels saved our lives’: IDF soldiers attacked in Gaza

Militants Blow Up Israeli Army Post, Six Wounded

Sharon Gov't expected to survive three no-confidence motions

The lousy economy according to Labor Leader Peres

Peres: Prepare for elections

Editorial: Keys to Israel's destruction as a nation

Chinks in the security wall: Jerusalem Arabs are scrambling to neighborhoods that will fall on the Israeli side of the fence

Israel: The Hague can shove it’s fence decision

Terrorists reeling from recent IDF raid

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Iran Sticks to Nuclear Plans Despite Pressure - Will resume building centrifuge parts for its nuclear program Tuesday

Peres: Iran fueling Iraqi terror

U.S. Seeks U.N. Response to Iran Nuke Plan: Aircraft carrier groups going in two directions: Korean vicinity and Middle East to set up blockade

Saudi Aramco Chief Vows to Keep Oil Flowing, Make Up for Iraqi Shortfall

Seven Afghan Policemen, Five Taliban Killed

Nuclear-Armed Rivals India, Pakistan Agree on Missiles, Consulates: Aim for Peaceful Settlement of Kashmir

U.N.: Afghanistan fuels opium increase: Poppy cultivation: Greater production expected next year

Serb Vote Halts Feared Slide Back to Nationalism

Latest U.S. Terrorist Warning: 'Beware Exploding Beer Coolers'

EU Suspends Microsoft Sanctions

Supreme Court decision throws sentencing guidelines into question

Magnitude 4.5 earthquake rattles windows as it strikes parts of Midwest : Awakening sleeping residents from Wisconsin south to Missouri and from Indiana west to Iowa, striking at 1:11 a.m.

Moral Collapse

Gays fear Virginia new state law banning civil unions could go much further: Law could be used to invalidate wills, joint bank accounts, insurance benefits, business agreements and even medical directives

US Mayors Conference to Vote on Gay Marriage

Scarsdale teen sex videotape should wake up parents

Australia's sex laws abandon workers

San Francisco Gay Parade Offers Something Unusual: Married Couples


Watch Out! Big Brother's beginning to peek: RFID can make huge negative impact on our privacy

UK License Plates May Get Active RFID Transmitters

RFID Chips Track Conference Visitors

Checkpoint Systems launched an upgrade of its electronic-tracking system for libraries

Mistral Software Eyes Wireless Segment

Congressional Chambers Not So Nice: Latest episode, VP Cheney used obscenity beginning with "F" in an exchange with Sen. Patrick Leahy

Civility drops to a low point in Congress




Sunday, June 27, 2004 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?


Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Loud Blast Sunday in Central Baghdad, Smoke in Green Zone

Peace without honour leaves Iraq in chaos - Bush will be in Iraq June 30 for handover ceremony, never leaving "Green Zone"

Majority in US now call war a mistake: 54% now believe we should not have invaded Iraq

Anti-War Film "FAHRENHEIT 9/11" Rocks The Box Office

'Saddam, US had pre-war deal': Charges Former Russian Prime Minister -- also cast doubt on the authenticity of footage of Saddam's reported capture

Militants threaten to kill Iraq hostages: Three Turks might face beheading -- Turkey rejects demands

Car bomb death toll rises to 40 in attack in Iraq

Allawi: Iraq elections could be postponed

Iraq violence may force state of emergency

Iraqi Interim PM Offers Amnesty Olive Branch

Helping the occupation a deadly risk: Iraqis working for US forces specially targeted, sometimes brutally so

Anti-Islam hatred at new high in America: Recent beheading of two Americans blames

Four British soldiers face trial over 'friendly fire' : Killed tank commander during Iraq war

$10m bounty is put on head of al-Qaeda militant Zarqawi

US planes bomb suspected militants in Zarqawi hunt: Bomb another 'safe house'

US Administrator Bremer leaving Iraq: Goals unmet

U.S. Contractors Still Willing to Work in Danger Zones

Small crowds of war protesters gather in Boston, Connecticut

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

US and North Korea emerge from talks poles apart

US-N. Korea stand-off prolongs nuclear crisis: Nuclear freeze dispute means six nations will go back to drawing board

N.K. Denounces Beheading of South Korean Civilian In Iraq

Taiwan standing firm on opposition to nuclear weapons: Despite North Korea's threat to conduct nuclear weapons tests

North Korea warms to US nuke plan

Moscow does not deny Pyongyang right to develop peaceful nuclear programme

ASEAN Summit

ASEAN Regional security forum to focus on North Korea, terrorism -- 23 countries to meet in Jakarta, Indonesia

ASEAN nations mull regional security pact

USDA: Don't Worry About Safety of Meat - Tests inconclusive

Global Terror = Global Dictatorship

FBI probes terrorist 'sleeper cell' possibility: Investigation of ex-Boston cabdriver extends to 9/11

Singapore deals with 'car bomb' in terrorist exercise: This could have been the real thing...

Middle East: Extremists Opting For Beheading As Weapon Of Choice In Terror War

Terrorism concerns have Europe on edge

CIA Reportedly Halts Use of Harsh Interrogation Methods

The woman who is taking on Wal-Mart: Betty Dukes, a California supermarket worker, is leading the biggest civil rights lawsuit in US history -- $8 billion

Robot's odyssey across space reaches Saturn: Cassini will this week make its final crucial approach to Saturn after a seven-year, two-billion-mile journey across the solar system

British women 'drugged on orgy' cruise: Arrests being carried out

Australian Residents Report Meteor Hit

Breaking News

American Plane Comes Under Fire Outside Baghdad as Militants Threaten to Behead New Pakistani Hostage: One hostage is a US Marine


EU-US Summit In Ireland

Bush Tells Europe: 'Iraq war rift is over'

NATO agrees to train Iraqi troops

NATO head issues warning over Iraq: International community cannot watch with indifference as Iraq goes up in flames

Text of U.S.-EU joint statement on Iraq

NATO Summit In Turkey

Bush arrives in Turkey: Urges EU to allow Turkey to join

Turkey blames deadly blast on wanted radical: Holds 55 ahead of NATO summit

Violent Protests in Turkey Ahead of Bush Visit

Iraqi Militants Might Behead Turk Hostages During Bush's NATO Visit To Istanbul Monday

Bush Praises Muslim Turkey But Faces Protests

Bush Faces Turkish Pressure Over Iraqi Kurds

A superpower is put in its place: UN Security Council refuses one-year extension of current War Crimes Immunity agreement

US Experts Unconvinced by Bush Assurance on Torture: Why did the administration seek legal guidance on torture? Why did they need to discover what they thought they could legally get away with?

US Planning To Return To Military Draft In June, 2005: Women and College Students Will Be Included


Israel Declares: Fence in north has cut terror penetrations to zero

Terror groups to restructure following IDF success: Six senior members of the Islamic Jihad and Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine killed

Seven Palestinian militants shot dead by Israeli troops

‘Palestinians’: Keep killing Jews, don’t negotiate

Arafat Aide: No confiscation of illegal weapons

Arafat announces 'Olympic Truce' with Israel

US envoy Burns meets with PA premier: US to ensure the success of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's disengagement plan

UN's Annan: Disengagement will strengthen ME stability

As some Gaza Israelis seek exit, others dig in

Nuclear reactor neighbors to get radiation pills

Arafat Gets Rehab: Political Left trying to politically resurrect Yasser Arafat

Communications Minister Olmert Buries New "Arutz-7 Law"

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Iran Vows to Resume Building Centrifuges: Will restart building centrifuges for its nuclear program on Tuesday, 6/29

UN concern at Iran nuclear move: Urges Iran not to resume production of centrifuge parts used in uranium enrichment

Egypt's Mubarak recovering after back surgery

India, Pakistan Begin Talks on Kashmir

Pakistani Prime Minister Quits: Dissolves Cabinet

Syria says UN nuclear inspectors welcome

Taliban kill 2 Afghan women election workers

Ten Afghans Slain After Registering to Vote

Chinese vice president visits South Africa

Heavy toll on economy, Kenya’s image abroad

Pro-West Leader Favorite in Crossroads Serb Vote

2004 Campaign News

Cheney Defends Use Of Four-Letter Word: Retort to Leahy 'Long Overdue,' He Says

Bush White House Defends Cheney Obscenity: These Things Happen

Kerry's Campaign Has Soared From Poorhouse to Penthouse: Best-financed challenger in presidential campaign history.

Hitler image used in Bush campaign Web ad: Bush campaign distributing video electronically

Greens reject endorsement for Ralph Nader: Could reduce his chances of being a factor in this year's election

Bush Sees Priority as Popularity at Home, Not Europe



Saturday, June 26, 2004 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?


Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

North Korea talks fail to end impasse

North Korea's test threat confounds nuclear talks

North Korea took a hard line at six-way talks

North Korea may have test-fired missile

Next N. Korean Nuke Talks Set for September

Anti-U.S. Rally of One million North Korean Citizens Held: To mark the 54th anniversary of the beginning of the Korean War

China slams US arms sales to Taiwan

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Pakistani Prime Minister Quits

View From Islamabad: Pakistan's sinking stocks give investors the jitters

Ten villagers killed in Kashmir attack

Expats in S. Arabia allowed to bear arms: Analysts say the move - hot on the heels of an amnesty offer to radicals - serves only to show up the regime's inability to tackle terror

Three Dead, 10 Hurt in Afghan Explosion

Gulf countries need economic reforms despite oil price surge

Oman and Iran to bolster ties

Sept. 11 panel links al-Qaida with Iran

NATO Summit Next Week

Turkey Beefs Up Security Before Bush Visit

Blast Was Gas Explosion Not Bomb: Turkish Officials

U.S. wants Russia to form joint peacekeeping brigade with NATO troops

EU-US Summit This Week

Anti-War Movement Targets Summit

Bush seeks to heal Iraq rift at EU-US summit

EU and US Make Satellite Deal

In Europe, Bush seeks consensus on wider NATO mission in Iraq

Cheney defends use of 'F-word' obscenity: Says retort to Leahy 'long overdue'

Cheney Utters 'F-Word' in Senate - Aides Admit

Crude Language Up on TV Reality Shows

No Charges for Man Beaten by LAPD

Lesbian couple want country club to treat them as spouses

Supreme Court decision throws sentencing guidelines into question

Experts weigh-in on the why's of teen-sex video

Australian jail sex abuse claims spark condemnation: Young and vulnerable inmates at Risdon Prison had to shower with convicted sex offenders

Baby Chase

China: Annual Execution Spree Looms on UN Anti-Drugs Day

Toward a Cashless Society: Futurist Magazine, A magazine of forecasts, trends, and ideas about the future

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

'Saddam, US had pre-war deal': Charges Former Russian Prime Minister -- also cast doubt on the authenticity of footage of Saddam's reported capture

Blasts hit Iraq political offices: Local offices of Iraqi prime minister Iyad Allawi's political party in Baquba

Wave of attacks continuing in north and south Iraq

Al-Zarqawi Terror Group Kidnaps 3 Turks

US stages new Falluja air strike -- Up to 25 people killed

U.S. bombs safe house used by Iraq militants: Interim leader, signaling intent to be tough on insurgents, hints at martial law

Violence won't stop after handover

UN's Annan to appoint new U.N. envoy next week to be based in Baghdad

Iraqi Military Won't Get Tanks

Zarqawi Terror Associate Charged with Lying to FBI

NATO expected to take Iraq role

U.N. Hopes U.S. Won't Pull Peace Forces: Since Bush failed to win another year of immunity from War Crimes

Al-Sadr militia declares ceasefire

Iraq Sermons Attack U.S. but Urge Unity

South Korea's Security Chiefs To Meet Over Iraq Beheading Death of Hostage

Body of S. Korean Hostage Slain in Iraq Arrives Home

Saudis, Muslim leaders denounce beheadings of foreigners by militants

Iraq, Afghan wars may cost $60 billion next year: Congressional analyst

More soldiers likely to face prisoner abuse charges

New Pentagon policy allows families to witness return of war dead

Guantanamo News

Critics Rip U.S. Before Guantanamo Ruling

Blair makes secret plea to Bush on Guantánamo: Court papers reveal PM's effort to persuade US to send back four British prisoners

Britain labels US military trials of Guantanamo Bay detainees
as 'unacceptable'

UN demands access to terrorism suspects

UN Torture Day: No room for complacency - fight against torture must be reinforced

2004 Campaign News

Bush Adviser Rice, CIA Head Interviewed in Leak Probe

Bush's election gamble over Cuba: Tightens curbs on travel to Cuba in a bid to please Cuban-Americans in Florida and bag their votes - but it could backfire

Clinton Book Could Impact 2004 Election

Kerry may heed pickets, skip talk to mayors

Kabul, Afghanistan site of Kerry fund-raiser: "Kabul for Kerry" campaign

Hollywood concert raises $5M for Kerry

Candidate drops out of Illinois Senate race: Sex allegations derail Ryan's election hopes

Illinois GOP scrambles for senate replacement candidate

Anti-Nader groups seek to put him on ballot: To siphon votes from Kerry

Ethics group says Nader violates FEC laws

N.Y. officials outline Republican convention plan

US Senate poised to give New York and Boston $50 million more for convention security

Some Flight Crews Prevented From Entering U.S. : Their names too closely match those on the terrorist watch list


Israeli Troops Kill Palestinian Teen In West Bank

PM Sharon praises US House for resolution: Endorses Bush's promises to Israel contained in his April letter

Tel Aviv celebrates seventh Gay Pride Parade

Convicted Israeli Spy Jonathan Pollard Challenges Bill Clinton

Jewish Agency to Push 'Aliyah-in-Stages' For North American Students

Yeshiva Students Targeted By Arab Kidnappers

World Court to Rule on Israeli Fence on July 9


Friday, June 25, 2004 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Turkey - Host of NATO Summit

Blasts raise fears over summit: Explosions kill 4 outside Turkey hotel where Bush is to stay for NATO talks

Bush Looks to Europe for Help in Iraq

U.S. wants Russia to form joint peacekeeping brigade with NATO troops

NATO considering training role in Iraq: New security forces need help Iraqi PM asks for `technical' aid

Bush Heading to Ireland for Summit - U.S.-European Union Summit this week, NATO Summit in Turkey next week

2004 Campaign News

Iraq and the Election: Poll Shows Bush Losing Ground on Antiterror Policy Amidst Continuing Disaster In Iraq

Reality is unravelling for Bush: Even negative attacks on Kerry no longer seem to be working

Cheney Utters 'F-Word' in Senate - Aides Admit

Republican Ryan Pressured to Drop Out of Senate Race: Stop burgeoning sex scandal

Religious right could be strong pillar for Bush

Bush family money, Afghan pipeline, secret flights are the hot points in Moore's movie, 'Fahrenheit 9/11'

U.S. Readies for Draft: New Selective Service System that could allow for a full-blown draft by next year


Maps and Photos of Israel's Security Fence Which Will Soon Separate Jewish and Palestinian Populations

Prophetic Significance of Separating Populations

Congressional Resolution Backs Israel: Supprted core principles of President George Bush's April 14 letter to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon

Jewish Agency Decides To Help Sharon: Will do what it can to aid Sharon's disengagement plan

King Abdullah: Jordan ready to train Palestinian police force

Egypt Warns Arafat: PA has two months for reforms

Arafat refuses to concede powers

Sharon: Egypt has role in Gaza, but not as mediator

Egyptian Gaza role gets backing from "Quartet"

World Bank advises cautious pullout: Urges Israel to transfer legal ownership of property in Gaza directly to Palestinians, not to third party

UN agency reaches deal to build 400 homes for Palestinians in the Gaza Strip

Arafat: Israel Must Withdraw from Gaza and West Bank

IDF launches "full court press" against Nablus terrorists

US chides Israel settler inaction

No politics in Sharon-Peres meeting: No "National Unity Coalition" discussed

Army probes Hebron 'abuse': Questioning Israeli soldiers who organised an exhibition documenting alleged abuse of Palestinians

A river runs between them: Palestinians still miss the Hashemites of Jordan

More trouble with the Turks: El Al suspends flights to Istanbul

U.S. tackling violent crime in 15 cities: Justice Department dispatching 'Impact Teams'

Global Terror = Global Dictatorship

Inside the Federal Government's 'Star Chamber': 11 Judges Holding Secret Court Without Any Oversight - Abuses against citizens already occurring

Supreme Court of Canada: Forced testimony okay in terror hearings -- "Citizens can be compelled to testify"

Fear and Force are Warping U.S. Perspective: "Terrorism war gone dangerously off track and now at risk of escalation"

P-3 Orion Aircraft Flying High for Security: Flying high above potential terrorist target

Bahrain frees terror suspects

Starbucks Coffee Company Joins United Nations Global Compact: Starbucks Reinforces Commitment to Corporate Citizenship And Creates a Global Call to Action for Others in the Coffee Industry

Attention to social and environmental issues key to business success - UN report

New York Supreme Court: N.Y. Death Penalty Unconstitutional

Athens Olympic Games

NATO approves plans to provide Olympic security cover

Israel playing major role in Athens Olympics security

Athens to hold US-aided Olympic crisis drill

High-Speed Love Connection - "Virtual Sex" Is Here

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Multiple attacks kill 100 in five cities throughout Iraq: Wreaking havoc just days from the handover of power

Mayhem Sweeps Iraq: Insurgents orchestrate strikes in five cities

Adversary's Tactics Leave US Troops Surprised, Exhausted: U.S.-trained Iraqi police were routed or abandoned their posts rather than face a more capable foe

Coordinated Attacks threaten new Iraqi government

U.S. Stuck In Iraq: Military.com

US gives American troops in Iraq legal cover: Taking the action so its forces are not subject to Iraqi courts

U.S. Prepares for More Attacks In Baghdad

Iraqi PM vows to crush militants

US Army Told Not to Use Israeli Bullets in Iraq: Political Correctness

Released Britons return to Iraq: Eight British servicemen who were held in Iran for three days are now back with UK forces in Iraq

Torture, Sexual Degradation Scandal

Congressional Officials: Abuse probe must hit brass

Women in the Dock Accused of Rape: Rape Is Recognized as Crime Against Humanity, But Will Men Be the New Victims?

Wider Iraqi abuse shown: Pentagon memos portray assaults

US Army officers to be charged: Fort Carson-based pair to face 2 counts in alleged suffocation of Iraqi general

UK alarm over Guantanamo trials

U.S. moves to classify Guantanamo abuse suit documents: Action pre-empts judge's expected ruling to unseal papers

Guantanamo man condemns treatment: Prisoner received "horrific" treatment while he was detained by the US government

Campaign To Discredit Bush?

New Article: Deliberate Campaign Seems Underway To Discredit President Bush

New Articles: President Bush Fails To Gain International Criminal Immunity For War Crimes With Which He Has Not Been Charged

Global Support for the International Criminal Court Reaffirmed: Legitimacy of the Security Council preserved (NOTE: Requires Acrobat Reader)

Al Gore Charges In Major Political Speech: Bush Lied About al-Qaida, Iraq Link

Another rationale for war is gone - Iraq had no ties to the Sept. 11 attacks: 9/11 Commission

The White House Papers: Torture and the rule of law - only thing in them worth keeping secret was the degree to which the administration had decided to exempt itself from the Geneva conventions

Bush Interviewed in Gov't CIA Leak Probe

Bush Hires Attorney in CIA Leak Probe

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

North Korea Threatens to Test Nuclear Weapon: Unless Washington accepted Pyongyang's proposal for a freeze on its atomic program

US says North Korea nuclear test comments "not a threat"

Prospect of Talks Murky after Reported North Korean Nuclear Test Threat: Threat could portend failure of the talks

US heeding North Korea threat

China Cancels North Korea Closing Talks Ceremony

North Korea, U.S. still in nuclear dispute, says Japan

No breakthroughs in North Korea nuclear talks: US

North Korea May Have Supplied Libya's Uranium

North Korea being offered energy aid by nine countries, US says

N.K. Population Estimated at 22.69 Million: CIA Data

More US ships and planes heading their way to Asia

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

U.S. and Iran: Beneath the Roiled Surface - US/Iran in period of escalating tensions which could lead to war

Two US marines killed, one injured in northeast Afghanistan

Saudis Offer Foreigners Right to Carry Guns For Own Protection

Saudi Arabia – Beheading capital of the world

Iran renews nuclear effort

South Africa aims to boost trade with China

South Africa: Four-year old girls targets for sex trafficking

Polio Experts Warn Of Largest Epidemic In Recent Years: As Polio Hits Darfur, Sudan

Satellite photos show destruction in nearly 400 villages in western Sudan

U.S., Jordan sign a $119.05 million deal

Global effort to save turtles from extinction

Border Sweeps Move Inland: Agents checking for illegal immigrants far from Mexico border, searching in states like California, Arizona and Texas


Thursday, June 24, 2004 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Torture, Immunity From War Crimes

U.S. scraps international court immunity bid: Lacked support at U.N. for move -- Didn't want troops tried in The Hague

Annan backs US immunity decision: Welcomes US decision to stop trying to obtain immunity from prosecution for its troops

UN Victory as U.S. Drops War Crimes Exemption Demand

UN's Annan urges States to unite in support of international law


Americans to face global-court prosecution: U.S. drops resolution seeking another 1-year exemption

Bush memos show stance on torture: Bush signed secret order Feb/2002 to suspend the Geneva convention on treatment of detainees at any time - Accused of "stonewalling in the prison abuse scandal"

U.S. now puts limits on detainee torture: Justice Department is rewriting its legal advice

House panel to block torture justification: To bar the Justice Department from issuing legal justifications for torture -- US cannot keep condoning torture

Abu Ghraib cannot be torn down, military judge rules: Now declared a "Crime Scene"

Abu Ghraib Prison Abuse Soldiers: 'We Were Following Orders'

Rumsfeld OK'd use of dogs on prisoners

Navy Secretary Gordon England will serve as the senior civilian official with final authority over status of hundreds of terrorism suspects at Guantanamo Bay Prison

US Intelligence Officers Accused over Iraqi General's Death

British Abuse Courts-Martial May Be Held In Iraq: In front of the families of the alleged victims

House Poised to Approve Intelligence Bill: Democrats complain that it doesn't adequately fund counterterrorism

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Britain: Iran Frees Eight Sailors - Six Royal Marines and two sailors

U.S. Device Seen at Supected Iran Atomic Site: Disclosure could prove embarrassing to Washington

Saudi royal family offers amnesty to Islamic insurgents: Frames its offer in religious language

Turks distrust America: Presence in Iraq prompts protests

Philippine President Arroyo finally named election winner: Six-year Term

Philippine budget deficit hits $1.37b

War crimes body to probe bloody Democratic Republic Congo: To investigate rape, torture and the use of child soldiers in the country

Food crisis looms in Zimbabwe

Former Indian PM Vajpayee hints at 'retiring'

Africa's Armed Forces Decimated By HIV: AIDS, Ebola Emerging Viruses, by Dr. Horowitz - Video - Shows how these viruses are man-made

AIDS: The Unnecessary Epidemic - Book

Oil Prices In The News

Crude Rises 48 Cents to $38.11 A Barrel After Key Refinery Shuts Down

Oil Prices Going Up, Up, Up -- Problem is refinery capacity being deliberately manipulated, not crude oil supplies

Eroding security takes toll on Iraq oil

Iraq resumes pumping oil to Turkey

Norwegian oil workers threaten to escalate strike

Nigerian police arrest gang members suspected of killing American oil workers: Nigeria is world's seventh-largest oil exporter and fifth-largest source of U.S. oil imports

U.S. energy oil executive killed by gunmen in Dominican Republic

US Charges AOL Online Worker Sold Customer List To Spam Company: Sold 92 million AOL customer screen names

AOL software engineer was arrested today for stealing the company's entire subscriber list: Illegally accessed highly confidential AOL list by using another employee's identification codes


Israelis must quit West Bank, too, not just Gaza - Arafat

Egypt Tells Arafat To Make Good On His Pledge of Reforms

Palestinian PM Queria agrees to consolidate PA security forces by September

Sharon to Egypt: Back off -- Soft on Egypt for all the wrong reasons

Only IDF can effectively rule Judea, Samaria and Gaza Strip

Yesha Rabbis: No Cooperation With Forced Expulsion

Netanyahu: I Never Agreed To Full Golan Withdrawal - Contradicts assertion by President Clinton

"Cities Of Israel" To Jewish Agency: Don't help Sharon ram disengagement plan down Israel's throat

'Yesha Rabbis are playing with fire': By encouraging soldiers to refuse orders to dismantle settlements

Fired Government Minister Takes 'Exchange of Populations' Plan to Likud Party

Less Support For Withdrawal & Arabs Than Thought: Jews are not very pleased with the presence of a hostile or potentially-hostile Arab minority in its midst - Backs "exchange of populations" proposal

Bulldozers begin Ariel barrier

Gaza attack thwarted, 2 terrorists killed

Major suicide bombing in Jerusalem thwarted: Security forces acting on pinpoint intelligence

IDF forces enter Nablus in large-scale military operation

Buried Menorahs Found At Auschwitz

Americans say religious difference is biggest barrier to global peace

UN Law of the Sea Threatens American Sovereignty: Bush “Administration even helped write the resolution of advice and consent accompanying the treaty

Pro-Life Groups Continue Push for Abortion-Fetal Pain Legislation

Experts Urge to Establish Law on World Heritage Protection

Groups Criticize U.S. Response to Mad Cow



New Article: Messianic Signs Within Our Own U.S. Senate Dirksen Building: Rev. Sun Myung Moon and his wife were crowned in a Messiah-type ceremony at the U.S. Senate Dirksen Building on March 23

2004 Campaign News

Al Gore To Accuse Bush Administration of Intentional Distortion On Iraq/Al-Qaeda Ties In D.C. Speech Thursday

Deliberate Campaign To Discredit Bush Seems To Be Under Way: If he is thoroughly discredited, he will take Fundamental Christianity down with him

Associated Press Sues for Access to Bush Guard Records

Kerry finds gold, slams Bush in Bay Area visit

Statement of John Kerry on Building International Support for Our Mission in Iraq

Bill Clinton: The man who sucks up all the available oxygen

Massachusetts Senate bill would require special election to fill Kerry's seat

No Easy Fix for Politicians in Sex Scandal

Results of air exercise with India a "wake-up call" for US air force: American general -- Russian-made SU-30s are reported to have bested the F-15s in a majority of their engagements

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

U.S. Stuck In Iraq: Military.com

Insurgents Kill 23 People in Iraq on Thursday: Against police and government buildings across Sunni Muslim-dominated areas of Iraq

50 dead, 170 hurt in Iraq blasts in Mosul

Insurgents in Iraq Launch Series of Attacks: Three US soldiers also killed

Iraq Attacks 'Will Not Stop Power Handover'

Marines dig in for Iraqi takeover: Troops race to ready police, civil defense to provide security

West Pennsylvania troops will head for Iraq

Radical Cleric Sadr spurns Iraq council invitation

Iraqis to take over final 11 ministries as PM dismisses terrorist death threat

Iraq PM vows to hunt militants behind death threat against him

Singapore warning on Iraq travel

Saddam reassures family in letter

US General: Saddam 'Has the Gall' to Complain

Problem of North Korea lies behind South Korean troop dispatch to Iraq

NATO Summit News

Turkey on high alert ahead of NATO summit

Bomb in Istanbul Kills Two, Injures Seven

Bush to push NATO role in Iraq at NATO summit next week

Bush to continue charm offensive in Europe

The war in Iraq continues to divide NATO

News Cameras Catch LAPD Beating Suspect: Black man had surrendered

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

Nuclear Disarmament Talks

U.S. Plan Would Give North Korea Energy Aid: North Korea must agree to series of nuclear disarmament measures over three-month period

Aid and verify, in ditzy North Korea: Offering a no-invasion pledge but demanding complete irreversible verifiable disarmament

U.S. ready to assist in dismantling North Korean nuclear sites

US waiting for North Korean response to nuclear offer

North Korea Proposes Verifiable Freeze of Nuclear Program

Important consensus just reached at nuclear talks in Beijing

Second day of talks on Korea starts in Beijing

Sharp differences remain as US, NKorea hold rare bilateral meeting

South Korea Determined to Solve Korean Nuclear Issue

South Korean Public Pressure Grows Against Troop Deployment: Beheading causing public to change its mind

North Korea Calls Beheading Consequence of Seoul's Pro-U.S. Policy

"Christian" Apostasy Hits New High

Radical new Bible translation "Good As New": Instead of condemning fornicators, adulterers and 'abusers of themselves with mankind', Paul is shown advising Christians not to go without sex for too long in case they get 'frustrated' -- Demon possession described as "mental illness"

New Testament scholar defends radical translation of Bible

Home Page of "ONE For Christian Renewal": Radical organization who wrote "Good As New" translation

Faiths unite for service in support of gay rights

Accused Roman Catholic Pedophile London Priest Found Preaching in Italy

New mosquito virus puts U.S. on guard: Rift Valley fever, which originated in Africa

Moral Collapse

Cyprus Police Investigate Ferry Orgy: 50 to 100 British tourists involved in acts of total debauchery

Homosexual Porn to Run as AIDS Prevention Campaign Across Canada: Funded by Health Canada

'White Chicks,' a big drag, lays a big egg: Two brothers dress as white girls, comedy routine chock-full of little dog jokes, flatulence jokes, thong wisecracks and guys-in-bras hilarity

Pimp My Bride

Berkeley residents to vote on legalizing prostitution

Mean girls are everywhere

Congressional Budget Office Affirms Marriage Equality Good for Economy: Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) is pleased

Summer's hot toys spin off 3 kid-friendly flicks: ‘Shrek 2,’ ‘Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban’ and ‘Spider-Man 2

Japan Govt Panel OKs Some Human Embryo Cloning

Alan Keyes Warns: 'Republic is dying' -- Wants judges impeached for high crime of 'stealing your right to include God'



Wednesday, June 23, 2004 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq


South Korean hostage beheaded in Iraq

Korean Hostage Was Reportedly Evangelizing in Iraq: Was a devout Evangelical Christian!

South Korea Confirms Hostage Killed: Nation in shock and mourning

South Korea Leader: 'Deal Sternly' With Terror

South Korean President Roh Says No Change in Dispatch Plan

50 South Korean Lawmakers Submit Resolution to Annul Troop Dispatch

Resisting Terror: 33-Year-Old South Korean was 3rd victim of beheading in recent weeks

Angered Citizens Threaten Mosque in Seoul

Beheading Shows World Must Unite Against Terror - UN Security Council Declares

War News

Two US troops killed in Iraq on Tuesday: North of Baghdad

Ambush Leaves 4 US Soldiers Dead in Iraq: West of the Iraqi capital

Airstrike Launched after South Korean Hostage Beheaded: Second strike on an alleged safehouse

Two dead in latest Baghdad blast

Three more die in Baghdad attacks

Roadside bomb kills Iraqi newlywed

Wolfowitz: US Troops May Be in Iraq for Years

Heard on the horizon: Calls to get all U.S. troops out of Iraq - Anti-war voices joined by some in the establishment

US vs Iraq: Improvisation Instead of Strategy

Saddam's handover 'within days'

'Al-Qaeda tape' threatens Iraq PM

Iraq Leader Says Army Will Target Insurgents

Abuse News

Rumsfeld OK'd tough interrogation methods for 6 weeks

Patriot Act Abuses Plain: People now being held without charges, without access to attorneys, without trials

US losing war of wills for democratic Iraq

Judge Declares Abu Ghraib a Crime Scene

U.S. Considers Compromise on Immunity for U.S. Troops

Iraq News In US Politics

Al Gore To Accuse Bush Administration of Intentional Distortion On Iraq/Al-Qaeda Ties In D.C. Speech Thursday

Deliberate Campaign To Discredit Bush Seems To Be Under Way: If he is thoroughly discredited, he will take Fundamental Christianity down with him

Archives: Bush/Blair Invasion of Iraq Based On Lies, Exaggerations - Part 1 of 2 -- CIA said Saddam Hussein posed 'no imminent threat' in the months before last year’s invasion [George Tenet, Director of the Central Intelligence Agency]

Archives: Bush/Blair Invasion of Iraq Based On Lies, Exaggerations - Part 2 of 2 -- CIA said Saddam Hussein posed 'no imminent threat' in the months before last year’s invasion [George Tenet, Director of the Central Intelligence Agency]

2004 Campaign News

DNC Chairman Favors Edwards For Kerry's V.P.

Kerry Has Secretive Meeting With Edwards

Improving Impressions: Bill Clinton's public approval rising

Religion's role at the polls: Growing bond between conservative Christians and the nation's born-again president

Deliberate Campaign To Discredit Bush Seems To Be Under Way: If he is thoroughly discredited, he will take Fundamental Christianity down with him

President Bush's Spiritual Fruits

Massachusetts Bill aims to deny appointee Kerry post for four months until special election can be held

Boston's T-riders face more random security checks: Searches planned during convention

Egg-size hail stones injure 32 in northern China, cause serious damage

Baseball size hail pounds Texas

Earthquake sparks panic but no casualties in Indonesia's Papua

Small earthquake strikes French-Swiss border area

Madonna's support for Kabbalah concerns Vatican

Fallen Angel: The Untold Story of Jimmy Page and Led Zeppelin -- Explains the Kabbalah very well, including its impact on our current society

Brits reject Blair's EU constitution

Military tests computer networks in global exercise

Ugly bias underlies Europe's 'Swedenized' attitude: Anti-Semitism, anti-Zionism and anti-Americanism are becoming linked and ever more rabid in today's Europe

Terrorist nuclear threat 'real and imminent'

Terrorist Nuclear Threat Is One of Repeating Headlines Since The 9/11 Attacks

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

U.S.-trained Afghan troops behead four suspected Taliban, official says

Afghan detainees routinely tortured and humiliated by US troops

U.N. to NATO: Stabilize Afghanistan

Doubts over Saudi al-Qaeda blow: Swirl of mystery and rumour continues to flow around events of Johnson's beheading and killing of "senior" Al Qaeda leader

Putin to add troops in Ingushetia: Where fierce assaults by militants left at least 57 people dead

Syria's President Assad Purges Armed Forces, Keeps up Anti-US Terror Front

Pakistan not off the hook yet over black market nuclear network: US

UN states told: 'Don't hide behind secretary-general' regarding disaster in Sudan

Senior UN refugee official visits Sudan in anticipation of 600,000 returns

UN: South Africa In State Of Crisis: Because of AIDS, hunger, weakened capacity to govern

Number of Congolese fleeing to Burundi jumps to 31,000, UN reports

War crimes investigator says al Qaeda spawned from Third Reich: Nazis who were wanted for WW2 war crimes were on the CIA payroll


Fired Government Minister Takes 'Exchange of Populations' Plan to Likud Party

Creative Resolution: How many dead Jews does it take to change a government?

Poll: 55% of Israeli Jews think Israeli Arabs are a threat

Labor Party seeks government policy takeover: In return for the political unity that would save Sharon's government from collapse

Peres says no room for religious parties in Israel

Lieberman: Sharon gov't to collapse by year end

Two no-confidence motions defeated in Knesset

High Court puts Givat Haroeh outpost settlement evacuation on hold

Jewish Agency may aid resettlement

Disengagement Plan Offers No Guarantee: Senior Israeli Official

Arafat: We welcome Egypt's disengagement road map plan

Palestinian factions criticize Egypts role in Gaza Strip

Sharon: I don't intend to allow Egypt to act as mediator

Egyptian Plan: International force to be deployed in Gaza after pullout

Kurdish leader denies report that Israeli agents operate in northern Iraq

U.N.'s Annan: 'Jews everywhere must feel that the UN is their home'

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

New Round of Talks Begins on North Korean Nuke

North Korea says prepared to freeze nuke programme

U.S. Vows New Plan to End Korean Nuke Dispute

N. Korea, U.S. Edge Toward Deal: North Korea demanded that Washington withdraw its call for a complete and irreversible dismantling of its atomic program, casting doubt on hopes for a breakthrough

Blinking at North Korea: Are North Korea and the US playing a game of diplomatic chicken over their nuclear standoff?

Russian Foreign Minister to Visit Two Koreas in July

New South Korean Economic Crisis? No, But Risks Are Rising

Bomb squad linked to government in Spanish terror blasts: Terrorist was in possession of the private telephone number of the head of Spain’s Civil Guard bomb squad

SEC moving to require independent chairmen

Moral Collapse

Sex Merit Badge: Young Norwegians can earn a merit badge in sex this summer

Live babies being born after abortions - Must make sure babies are killed!

Drug, Alcohol Abuse Higher Following Abortion

STD scourge an epidemic among teens

Republican Senate Candidate Ryan denies sex club claim -- GOP mostly silent on Ryan

Gay romance novels: How big is the market?

Roman Catholic Sexual Abuse News

Vatican Aware of Abuse for Centuries: Proves 1,700 years of sexual abuse from Catholic Church's own internal records

Breaking News: 'Papal successor' moved paedophile priest to protect him

Did US diocese hide priest's sex abuse?

The Priest, the Woman, In The Confessional: 19th Century book by former Father Charles Chiniquy

You Can Understand Catholicism's Centuries' Old Sexual Abuse History Only By Understanding The Truth of the REAL Religion Catholicism Actually Practices -- Catholicism: White Sepulcher ''Christianity'' - 2-Tape Video, 4 hours long

Pope criticizes Spain for gay marriages



Tuesday, June 22, 2004 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Breaking News

South Korea Confirms Hostage Killed: Was beheaded

Militants in Iraq Kill South Korean Hostage: Arab TV Says He Was Beheaded

Bush Condemns Beheading of South Korean

U.S., Allies Will Not Negotiate With Terrorists

U.S. threatens to abandon Saudis and their oil

Car Bomb Explodes in Baghdad: At least three people killed, including a 3-year-old girl, and 6 others wounded

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Castro warns Bush not to launch invasion: Cuban president rebukes new U.S. sanctions during demonstration in Havana

Colombian army denies coup plot link against Venezuela

Is A US Invasion of Venezuela Possible? Must "Shrink the Gap"

Iran seizes three British naval boats, arrests crew

Iran 'to charge British sailors' -- Patrolling the border waterways

Delicate UK-Iran ties under strain

Serious New Military Actions of the Administration: Another War or Just Bluff? Two main targets -- Iran and North Korea

US Wants Iran Reported As Being In Violation Of Its Commitments In Nuclear Program

Zoroastrians make Iran pilgrimage: Iran tolerates this religion

Zoroasterian Tradition Is Reason Pope Wears White, Visitors Wear Black: Illuminati closely follows principles of Zoroaster

Heavily-armed Militants Kill Dozens Near Chechnya

46 killed in attacks on Russia government

Terror taking toll on Americans in Saudi Arabia: Some companies sending workers and families back to U.S.

When police ask your name, you must give it, Supreme Court says: Even if you have done nothing wrong -- NOTE: Sliding towards ability of police in dictatorial states to demand papers of ordinary citizens


Survey: Most Israeli Jews want Arabs out of Israel: Palestinians should be "encouraged" to leave Israel

Israel-bashing threatens ties, Shalom warns Turkey: True nature of Turkey's militant, funamental Islamic government starting to show in official policies

Labor's Peres: Likud divisiveness blocking national unity government from forming

Labor Will Once Again Prop Up Sharon's Likud Government

Labor´s Security Net for Sharon is Full of Holes

General Mofaz: Drop in terror attacks signals new trend, so IDF pressure must continue

A chance for the Egyptian initiative: Aiding Israel out of Gaza has been accepted by Egypt's President Mubarak

Jordan: We'll wait until conclusion of PA-Egypt talks - To figure out how to assist Israel's disengagement

High Court rejects petitions on Sharon's firing of National Union ministers

Thai worker killed in Gaza attack: Attack was on an Israeli settlement in the Gaza Strip

Thailand may stop sending workers to Israel

Israeli financial markets nearing all-time highs

Bill Clinton Back In News

Clinton rages against Dimbleby in TV confrontation over Lewinsky: Clinton becomes "unhinged"

Clinton banished to couch after Lewinsky affair disclosure: In memoir, former president reveals 'darkest part of inner life'

Clinton autobiography sets off media blitz: Former president begins with full hour on '60 Minutes'

Clinton blames Arafat for peace talks collapse

Fans Line Up to Buy Bill Clinton's Book

Florida Woman Dies From Mad Cow Disease - Contracted disease several years ago in England

Gas prices fall to $1.89: Cost in Michigan down 24 cents from May peak as oil prices stabilize, shortage fears ebb

Same-Sex Marriage

Massachusetss Governor Romney to speak before US Senate committee: Hearing to target same-sex marriage

US Senate to take up gay marriage amendment next month

New Hampshire Bipartisan leaders oppose gay marriage amendment

Bush pushes marriage plan, raises cash

Same-Sex Marriage Is Satan's Blasphemous Counterfeit To Jesus' Marriage Supper of the Lamb - Video

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

Serious New Military Actions of the Administration: Another War or Just Bluff? Two main targets -- Iran and North Korea

North Korea Defector says Pyongyang Had Nuclear Weapons Before 1994 Agreement With US

North Korea Crisis Talks: Delegates to Discuss Freeze

6-Party Nuke Talks Resume Wednesday

Experts Wary of Optimism on Six-Way Talks

Six Countries Agree to Make 'Nuclear Dismantlement' Their Ultimate Goal

North Korea, US still poles apart on eve of talks

South Korean Lawmakers to Submit Anti-Troop Dispatch Bill: Want to invalidate the government plan to send additional ROK troops to Iraq

Al-Jazeera Draws All Eyes Over Abduction of South Korean In Iraq: Crucial communication channel for both the hostage and captors

Jesus in ‘South Park': Battling Satan head-to-head in a boxing ring




New Article: President Bush Wants To Screen Entire Population For "Mental Illness"

Serious New Military Actions of the Administration: Another War or Just Bluff? Two main targets -- Iran and North Korea

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

5 American soldiers dead, 7 wounded in Iraq attacks: No let-up in attacks against Americans as the June 30 transfer of sovereignty draws near

One GI Killed, Nine Wounded in Iraq

Four U.S. Servicemen Killed in Ramadi

Another Top Iraqi Murdered: Husband's throat fatally cut

How to Become a Senior Iraqi Leader: US turning to former Saddam thugs to run country

Israel Training Kurdish Commandos in Iraq

Israelis 'using Kurds to build power base' -- Could destablize entire region!

Powell gave U.N. 'ambiguous' data on Iraqi weapons: NSA chief -- General says in new book that audiotapes offered as evidence are inconclusive

Israeli Army can't handle criticism: Questions of Israel's wrong pre-Iraq war intelligence assessments

Democracy isn't working: It is the west's calling card, but its global applicability is now in doubt

Dark Humor: Laughing Instead of Crying in Iraq

South Korean hostage 'alive' in Iraq: Deadline to prevent beheading expired Monday night, has been extended

South Korean Mother pleads for 33-year-old kidnapped son

South Korean troops to head for Iraq, despite abduction

UN auditors slams US over spending Iraq oil funds: Trying to finish auditing work before June 30, because Coalition Provisional Authority staff is going home

Iraqi oil flowing again

U.S. Top Commanders to Be Questioned in Iraq Prison Abuse Cases

Judge Declares Abu Ghraib Prison A Crime Scene: Prevents President Bush from destroying the prison

New Abuse Charges: Male prisoner forced to have sex with American female soldiers plus other charges of sexual mistreatment of female prisoners

Pfc. Lynndie England's Hearing Delayed

Hearing to Be Held in Iraq Prison Case For Staff Sgt. Ivan L. "Chip" Frederick II

Lawyer says traveling to Iraq for abuse hearing too costly

Interim Prime Minister Allawi plans to revamp Iraq security forces: To bring all under central command

Iraq Leader Plays Down Martial Law Talk

War On Terror = Loss of Rights, Freedoms

Nuclear terror 'matter of time': "Race against time" to stop terrorists procuring nuclear materials

Value of Guantanamo detentions challenged

Amnesty slams Gulf rights record: "War on Terror" has had a "profound and far-reaching impact" on human rights in the Gulf region

'Special methods' at Guantanamo

Flurry of Suicide Attempts at Guantanamo: After "Special Methods" general took charge

Rights plea over Guantanamo Bay

Bahrain raids net 'six militants'

Saudi Arabia

Saudis show slain al-Qaeda chief

Ex-officer 'to lead Saudi al-Qaeda'

9/11 probe clears Saudi Arabia: Has found no evidence the Saudi government funded al-Qaeda

New Al Qaeda Cell Leader Trained by Saudi Military

2004 Campaign News

Iraq worries cut Bush's lead over Kerry: President losing support for key platform of handling threat of terrorism, poll finds

Nobel Pirze Winners Back Kerry, Say Bush Ignores Science

Arnold's star may be too bright: Some fear he may steal spotlight from Bush at the GOP convention

Bush woos people of faith: Rules against churches' candidate endorsements present complications

Whose side is God on this time? Almighty always a running mate in American politics -- Praying for votes hits new heights in Bush's campaign

Image woes beset Bush: Wrapping himself in images of Patriotism

Senator McCain joins Bush at rally for troops

Kerry embracing Clinton's economic record

Bush Tries Compassion as He Courts Ohio Voters

Independent Nader Taps Green Party Activist for VP


Senator Ted Kennedy speech to rip Bush over nuclear attack risk

Divorce papers for Republican Senate candidate contain allegations he pressured wife for public sex while others watched

Connecticut Governor Announces Resignation: Cascade of graft allegations

AP Poll: Most rate Reagan over Clinton

Doctors Find SARS in Patients' Tears

Doctor jailed for billing State of Oregon for sex

Highfalutin Harry: Scholars Rev Up for Latest Potter Book

Cutting Edge Analysis: Harry Potter articles



Monday, June 21, 2004 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?


The Jesus Landing Pad: Bush White House checked with Rapture Christians before latest Israel move

9/11 Panel - Coverup Whitewash

33 Months After Attacks

The Zelikow Report: 9/11 Panel was supposedly high-jacked by "runaway staff"!

Sept. 11 chair defines Iraq, Qaeda contact: Says Pakistan, Iran had more interaction

Bush stands tall despite findings

9/11 Panel: U.S. Must Focus Intelligence

Attempts To Plant WMD In Iraq?

U.S. Trucks Carrying Radioactive Materials Intercepted In Iraq-Kuwait Border

Kuwait sends back truck carrying radioactive material

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Saudi Arabia

Militants claim Saudi security helped killers of Paul Johnson

U.S. Told Saudis to Let Al-Qaida Gunmen Escape

Worldwide disgust over American's beheading in Saudi Arabia

Beheaded body of killed hostage missing

Al-Qaida Head Justifies Targeting Johnson

Americans brace for more attacks after beheading

Why Osama Backs Bush: Saudi power struggles are holding back attempts to defeat terrorism

Repent or die, Saudi Arabia tells terrorists

Other Non-Integrating States News

Iran has reportedly seized three Royal Navy vessels that entered its territorial waters

Philippines' Arroyo wins marathon vote count

Egypt: Atef in charge. Surgery on Mubarak today

Sudanese president orders disarmament of militia in embattled Darfur region

UN must restore Aristide to power in Haiti

Algerian Military Says Terror Leader Killed

Afghan, Pakistani leaders to meet for talks on combating terrorism, drugs

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

Talks over North Korea nuclear ambitions begin

China warns nuclear crisis talks will get more difficult

South Korea Party Asks U.S. to Avoid Intelligence Errors: Wants no mistakes regarding North Korea's WMD capability since US was so wrong on Iraq

North Korea train explosion meant for Dictator Kim Jong Il: Was assassination attempt

Working-level Nuclear Talks Open With Mixed Prospects

Delegates seek way forward at North Korea crisis talks

Japanese Government wants IAEA probe of N. Korea

North Korea says US fabricated human trafficking claim

Japan set to offer energy to North Korea

South Korea Hit by Downpours Under Indirect Influence of Typhoon Dianmu

82% of American Public Supports Pull-out of Troops From South Korea

2004 Campaign News

Kerry Took Money From Arrested Korean: $2,000 check cashed

Kerry took questionable donation: Arrested S. Korean gave $2,000 check

As e-voting grows, calls for paper trail delay cards' demise

Democratic rival says Bush puts ideology ahead of science

Democrat Convention in Boston may hurt business

Kerry Outspends Bush in May by $10 Million

Bush Support for Extreme Liberal Specter Shows President Puts Party over Principle: Constitution Party Candidate

Russia bans Brazilian meat imports: Foot-and-Mouth disease

Conservatives React: 'Hate Crimes' Amendment Discriminatory

More Than 20,000 Revelers Gather at Stonehenge for Summer Solstice

China - Taiwan

Taiwan, China gear up for arms race

U.S. at War With Beijing: Reports Cite China as No. 1 Threat

China told to use nukes if Taiwan hits dam

U.S. Pacific Fleet Commander Admiral Thomas B. Fargo worried about Taiwan Strait war



Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Torture, Sexual Degradation News

American Generals face Abu Ghraib abuse and torture hearings

U.S. Troops Face Prisoner Abuse Hearing

Judge Declares Abu Ghraib Prison A Crime Scene: Prevents President Bush from destroying the prison

New Abuse Charges: Male prisoner forced to have sex with American female soldiers plus other charges of sexual mistreatment of female prisoners

UK troops accused of mutilating Iraqi bodies: Death certificates by Iraqi doctor claim evidence of torture

U.S. Said to Overstate Value of Guantánamo Detainees

War News

Iraq: The Greatest Ever Failure in US Foreign Policy: Arab viewpoint

Four U.S. Servicemen Killed in Ramadi

35 killed in Iraq clashes on Sunday alone! Includes 1 Marine

41 killed in strikes on Iraqi forces: Army volunteers are targeted

Iraq Group: We'll Behead S. Korean Hostage Unless South Korea cancels plan to send 3,000 troops to Iraq

South Korea vows to send Iraq troops despite kidnapping and beheading threat

Korean Gov't Stands Firm As Another Hostage Threatened With Death

Iraqi prime minister Allawi announces tough policy against insurgents

New Iraqi army will fight insurgency

PM: Parts of Iraq May Get Martial Law

Iraq resumes southern oil exports

Saddam may face death penalty: Director of the country's War Crimes Tribunal System

Suicide army recruited in attempt to wreck Iraqi power transfer

U.S. Senators Press for More Iraq Help

Clinton: Timing of Iraq Attack Was Wrong

U.S. Envoy Pressures Australian Party Over Iraq

Radical Cleric Sadr invited to Iraqi conference

Civilians Killed

Missile strike by US kills 22 civilians in Iraqi city of Fallujah

US air strike on Fallujah poses new threat to Iraqi handover

Fallujah Mystery Deepens: Militant group targeted by a US air strike that killed 22 people in Fallujah does not operate in the town, Iraqi security admits - "This was a family" living in destroyed house

Shooting death of civilian angers Iraqi family: US tactics in raid raise concerns

Roman Catholic Sexual Abuse News

Vatican Aware of Abuse for Centuries: Proves 1,700 years of sexual abuse from Catholic Church's own internal records

The Priest, the Woman, In The Confessional: 19th Century book by former Father Charles Chiniquy

You Can Understand Catholicism's Centuries' Old Sexual Abuse History Only By Understanding The Truth of the REAL Religion Catholicism Actually Practices -- Catholicism: White Sepulcher ''Christianity'' Video, 4 hours long

Priests just moved from country to country following sexual abuse allegations


Silence on Israel’s WMDs Dooms G-8 Disarmament Plan: Arab viewpoint

"A Matter of Zionism": Chief of Staff is Asked to Refuse Orders To Dismantle Settlements As Part of Gaza Retreat

Egypt Demands: No Israeli Anti-Terror Activity In Gaza After Withdrawal

Labor undecided on Monday no-confidence vote against Sharon

Israel Attacks Suspected Hezbollah Outpost

MKs petition court against A.G. decision to close Sharon case

High Court justices to discuss decision not to indict PM

Attorney General Mazuz skips Knesset meeting regarding PM's case

Clinton in memoir calls Arafat confused: Blames him for failure of Camp David Summit of 2000

Archives: Arafat Is Egyptian Controlled By Illuminati Through Russian KGB

Breaking bread with Arafat at the Muqata: Is Arafat making a comeback? With help of Haaretz News?

Al Aksa Martyrs Brigades to be integrated into Arafat's Fatah "institutions"

UN representative complains: Israel providing asylum for war-torn refugees

French Official: Israel’s establishment a mistake - 1917 Balfour Declaration was monumental error

Peres blasts Netanyahu's `greedy capitalism'

Israel Ranked 4th Among World's Emerging Markets

Israel Aircraft Industries Showcase New Airborne Drones

Hizbullah fires AA shells over northern border on Sunday


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