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We have culled these pertinent stories from many sources to keep you updated on the Daily News events pertinent to the coming New World Order. Truly, once you know the Plan to establish the Kingdom of Antichrist, you will never look at the news the same way again. For A Cutting Edge Analysis and Recap Of Current Events Being Reported In The News Visit our Headline News Area

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Tuesday, June 7, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?


William T. Still's Second Book Is Out! "New World Order 2" -- Updated To Include Recent Developments - Confirms that three world wars were planned to stage the Masonic Christ

European Union (E.U.) News

Brussels breathes sigh of relief that E.U. 'treaty is not dead'

Blair raises fears of EU constitution resurrection

EU crisis averted by British Foreign Secretary Straw

EU defence integration must go on, says NATO chief

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

With focus on Baghdad, other cities open to insurgent attack: Mosul residents say fear is growing without the troops

Four Bombings Kill at Least 18

Four Bombings in Seven Minutes Kill Six in Northern Iraq

US Soldier Killed by Iraq Roadside Bomb

Iraq nabs nearly 900 suspected militants

Baghdad car bomber slips through security

Six Iraqis die in Mosul raids

Cleric to Avoid Iraqi Politics for Now

Iraq's stability depends upon Iraqi leaders

Saddam faces trial for gassing Kurds, executing political, religious leaders

To Fill Ranks, Army Acts To Retain Even Problem Enlistees

"War On Terror" News

Pentagon takes aim at rank and file of al Qaeda

Al Qaeda suspect Al Libbi handed over to the US: Pakistan claims

Myanmar beefs up security, raises alarm over terror threats

Australian Muslims Decry Detention, Questioning Powers of Australian Government

Parcel closes Indonesia embassy in Australia

Parcel at Indonesia embassy in Australia ruled harmless

Yale grades portray Kerry as a lackluster student: His 4-year average on par with Bush's - Both were 'lackluster' students

Both Men Were -- And Still Are -- Skull & Bones Adepts

Scientists Join G8 Campaign - Calling on their governments to act over climate change and Africa

G8 Nations Should Spend More to Dismantle Russia's Nuclear Arsenals: Experts declare

First Day of Deliberations Closes Without Verdict in Jackson Child Molestation Trial

Michael Jackson Says He Just Wanted To Help Accuser Have Childhood

Personal Data for 3.9 Million Lost by UPS in Transit by CitiBank

Shanghai Cracks Down on Pirated Movies Ahead of International Film Festival

Senator Hilary Clinton Assails Bush and G.O.P. For "Abuse of Power" -- Decries effort to undermine our checks and balances and constitutional system of government

Seeking re-election, Sen. Clinton critizes Bush agenda: "I stay awake at night thinking about all the mistakes and the wrong direction and all the bad decisions being made in Washington" (Hilary)

Senators Set to Confirm a Few More Judicial Nominees

Chip change could mean cheaper Apple Macs: Switching to Intel from IBM

Flu pandemic may hit Australia: Health Minister warns

Taiwan Convention Adopts Constitutional Changes That Will Boost Top Two Parties

Illegals shocked as judge actually puts them in jail

Rebuilding Germany's Temple of the Sun: Ancient farmers may have used the observatory to check the seasons 7,000 years ago

Seeing both sides to the "chip with everything": RFID being aggressively pushed in business circles




Israeli - Palestinian War

Incredibly Beautiful Pictures Of Israel - Ancient and Modern On CDROM

Animals of the Bible -- 498 Pictures of Animals in the Holy Land

Christian Jerusalem - Beautiful Colored Pictures of the Holy Land of Israel

Pictures of New Testament Israel - 500 Colored Pictures

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"This Is Israel" - CDROM - 500 Colored Pictures

News From Israel

Bush Policy Switch: Hamas Need Not Dismantle to Gain Recognition

Washington legitimizes terrorist Palestinian Authority election candidates

Palestinian terrorists fire rockets at Southern Israel

Israeli Soldiers Kill Top Islamic Jihad Militant

Defense Minister Mofaz: Keep Children Out of Disengagement

Arab Mobs Stone Jews on Temple Mount: Two Jews Injured

Arab and Leftist Demonstrators Take Out Soldier’s Eye

Muslim intolerance marks Jerusalem Day

Tens of Thousands Flood Jerusalem to Celebrate Jerusalem Day

Celebrating Jerusalem: Capital marks 38 years of reunification - Arabs mourn, hang black flags

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Forget China, India is where "IT" is at: With well-educated, highly skilled workforce, superior English-speaking capabilities and low wages

Humanitarian crisis in Congo

Khartoum faces trial for Darfur genocide: International court draws up list of suspect Sudan officials

Bolivian president resigns

Deposed Ecuadorean President Renounces Asylum Granted by Brazil

Syrian vice-president steps down

Taliban, Al-Qaida May Have Launched Plot to Destabilize Afghan Elections

Two Yemenis Beheaded for Killing Saudi Woman

U.S.-Philippines Troop Exercises to Weed Out Jemaah Islamiyah Militants: U.S. Admiral

Indonesia confirms more polio cases

North Korean and US officials meet in NYC

South Korean Official Says Seoul Should Help Ease Food Shortage in North

Blair - Bush Meeting

Blair adopts 'softly softly' approach with Bush

Bush 'to pledge famine aid cash': For Africa

Bush offers Blair face-saver on Africa

Push Bush on climate, Blair urged

9/11 Attacks -- The Truth

World Trade Center (WTC) 1: There Was No Inferno

9/11: DIRECTOR'S CUT In Plane Site - Absolute Proof That 9/11 Was Inside Job and Is Now Being Massively Covered Up -- DVD - VHS

9/11: The Greatest Lie Ever Sold - Painful Deceptions - Preparing Us For The Next Terror Attack -- DVD -- VHS

Illuminati Card Game: "Smoking Gun" Proof That The Plan To Attack WTC Was Known As Far Back As 1995

Pope: Unions of same sex are 'anarchic': Pontiff also reaffirms stance against abortion

Greenspan and Other Central Bankers Give U.S. Campaign to Change China Currency Less Than Rave Reviews

Greenspan finds no easy explanation for unusual divergence of interest rates: Why long-term interest rates are falling at time when he and his Fed colleagues are raising short-term rates

Coast leaving scientists with a sinking feeling: Controversial NOAA report says Louisiana's shores plunging fast into Gulf of Mexico — are Texas' next?

Cloned humans a “dangerous” fantasy: Cloning Expert

Moral Collapse

Big Brother 'sewage TV'

Actor Russell Crowe arrested for assault and possession of weapon

'Rape Club' pulled from Ninemsn website


Monday, June 6, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?


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This Date In Modern History

June 6, 1944 -- D-Day Invasion of Normandy -- Rain at Normandy cancels annual D-Day parachute demonstration

June 6, 1967 -- Israeli Victory In 6-Day War Gains Control Over Jerusalem -- Jerusalem Day: Temple Mount Violence, Singing, Dancing - 38th anniversary of Jerusalem's reunification

June 6, 2005 -- Kerry Touts Bush Impeachment Memo: Will present document Monday (6/6/2005) proving that Bush falsified evidence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq -- Another News Bulletin

Swiss Vote to Scrap Passport Checks on Border in Vote of Confidence for Europe: Country will join the E.U. passport 'free zone'

Britain expected to shelve EU vote

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

International Criminal Court to launch investigation into Darfur, Sudan, war crimes

OPEC may raise output, Iran against it

Syrian Baath party meets on reform proposals: Trying to relieve US pressure on President Assad

Under Pressure to Quit, Lebanon's Staunchly Pro-Syrian President Says He'll Stay

Hizbullah and allies declares clean sweep in southern Lebanon vote

Iran Extends Temporary Freeze on Nuclear Enrichment Until End of July

Tributes paid to Khomeini on death anniversary: Iran radical cleric who challenged US, playing a leading role in the Islamic revolution

Kuwait appoints women to municipal council

Ivory Coast: 70 killed in clashes

Separatists in Indonesia’s Aceh province warned today that Indonesia’s powerful military may try to destroy an emerging peace deal

Dispute Erupts Over Tape Purportedly Showing Arroyo Tried to Fix Philipines Election

Bush to Urge Steps to "Defend Democracy" in Latin America

25 Killed, Dozens Injured After Bus Hits Land Mine in Nepal

Several wounded during slum raids in Haiti: Police conducting sweep against armed gangs

Colombia Scrambles to Manage Sharp Rise in Demobilized Fighters

Michael Jackson Taken to Emergency Room for Back Problems

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

Singapore to host region's first exercise to stop shipment of nuclear weapons by sea: To be held in August

Rumsfeld defends nuclear 'bunker busters': Even as US is asking other nations to give up their nuclear arms

Pressure Mounts on North Korea over Nuclear Threat

'North Korea's Nukes Program is a Great Danger for Global Security'

N-Korean atomic weapon could force Japan to go nuclear

U.S warns of Asian nuclear arms race

U.S. official: North Korea may be ready to restart nuclear talks

Same Lie Being Told Again?

2002 Iraq

2005 North Korea

North Korea imports key nuclear materials from Russia: North Korea allegedly has bought alumimum for nuclear centrifuges

Remembering Lies About Iraq:

Top Bush officials push case against Saddam: VP Cheney alleges Saddam bought alumunim tubes for his nuclear weapons program - CNN News, September 8, 2002)

Evidence on Iraq Challenged - Experts Question if Aluminum Tubes Were Meant for Weapons Program (September 19, 2002)

UN Agency Challenges Evidence Against Iraq Cited by Bush: IAEA challenges key piece of evidence that President Bush has cited as proof that Saddam Hussein has sought to revive his program to make nuclear weapons -- Truth Out News, January 10, 2003

Church of Laodicea - End Times Church Is With Us

Christian George Barna Reveals: Christians No Different From The World

C/Edge Book/Video Utilizes Above Poll In Revealing Truth About "Purpose Driven Church" -- Outcome-Based Religion: Apostasy, Purpose, and the Paradigm Shift - Book - DVD - VHS

Ken Blanchard Shares Speaking Platform With Globalist Leaders: Chosen by Rick Warren of Saddleback to push Purpose Driven "Global Peace Plan"





Shadow Government

Nixon's Watergate and JFK's Murder: Connecting the Dots! "Shadow Government" brought both Presidents down

Inside The Shadow Government: Riveting, Frightening Story of Presidential Power, National Emergencies and the Power of Executive Orders

Regicide: (Murder of the King) The OFFICIAL Assassination of President Kennedy - The Book That Had To Wait Until The Author Died!

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Marines find weapons, huge bunker in Iraq: Bunkder just as C/Edge reported in early days of war

Dismissals, short sentences highlight difficulty of wartime murder prosecutions

Soldier Killed by Iraq Roadside Bomb

Sunnis to help write Iraq constitution

Kurdish parliament opens: Iraqi insurgents tracked in Baghdad

Iraq to bring 12 charges against Saddam

US blamed for Aussie hostage delay

Iraq too dependent on oil, must diversify

Torture, Sexual Humiliation Scandal

Prisoner treatment embarrassing: Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld have made me ashamed of my country (Tom Teepen, Editorial)

Judge orders Pentagon to release 100 new photos of Abu Ghraib prison abuse

Top US Democrat urges Guantanamo closure

Texas Governor Signs Anti-Abortion Bill at Church School as Protesters Gather Outside

Senator Biden: Bolton confirmation likely as US Ambassador to UN

The Era of Super-Sized Government: Republicans under Bush Identical To Democrats

Religious Zeal in U.S. Surpasses Levels of Faith in Many Other Nations

Israeli - Palestinian War

Ruling Fatah delays party conference

Jihad Group Leaves Trail Of Violence Against Jewish Civilians

Police Fire Stun Grenades in Clash With Palestinian Stone Throwers at Jerusalem Shrine: Were pelting Jewish worshippers and police with stones

IDF Commander of Yesha: "We must remain brothers"

IDF begins drafting reserve soldiers for pullout: Plans to provide PA with paperwork detailing the location of settlements and settlement infrastructure in Gush Katif

'Citizens of Israel, you have been warned' of consequences of disengagement

Jewish Settlers ask PA for asylum: Prepared to accept Palestinian sovereignty to stay in their homes

Washington legitimizes terrorist Palestinian Authority candidates

US shifting its attitude towards Hamas: Response to group's rising political clout in Palestinian territories and European appeals for flexibility

Israel pressures PA to stay execution of alleged collaborators

Palestinians in Gaza face land dilemma

Mystery submarine that Israel detected snooping off its shores last November belonged to the American navy and was on a spy mission

Monkey vaccine said to be a step toward Ebola prevention in humans: Marburg virus also effectively blocked in testing

US is clearly worried about a rising China

Beijing never stops bullying Taiwan

The Open Embrace of Prisoner Torture: Australia follows US lead

New Bible Shows Christ as a Woman, God as Female

TV's 'Queer Eye' guys throw Fenway a curve: Stars of gay TV show throw out first ball at Red Sox game

New Deadly "Bug" Hits NHS Hospitals In Great Britain







Sunday, June 5, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?


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White House Plays Down New Quran (Koran) Reports: New Pentagon report is creating new public relations difficulty for President Bush

U.S. Confirms Gitmo Soldier Kicked Quran: Another soldier stepped on it while another splashed it with urine

Israeli - Palestinian War

PA President Abbas delays polls as Hamas fumes

Police Overloaded With "Disengagement"

Government Offices Sealed Shut: Another anti-disengagement protest gimmick

Dozen hurt as 300 police seize condemned Haifa house: Arab family refused to leave

Islamic Jihad tries to attack W. Bank settlements with rockets

Cabinet mulls police plea to declare war on crime

MK Eitan: I Hope Police Will Use it Wisely: Bill allows police to extract physical identifying characteristics from suspects and to establish a national ID data bank

Pakistan and the Israel-Palestine dispute: Pakistani viewpoint

N.Y.C. anti-pullout rally to follow 'Salute to Israel' parade Sunday

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Bush urged to engage Iran, N. Korea: Richard Haass, president of the influential Council on Foreign Relations

U.S., Russian, Chinese interests may clash in Kyrgyzstan

NATO urged to send more troops to Afghanistan: Following a marked deterioration of the security situation throughout May

Bomb kills two US troops in Kabul: Near Afghan-Pakistan border

British to man front line in war against Afghanistan heroin trade

Evidence of terrorists hiding in Iran grows

Ethiopia poised for election backlash

Journalist's slaying invigorates calls for Lebanese president's resignation

Impatient for Assad to Go, Washington Made Much of Routine Syrian Scud Test

US cautions EU over Syria trade deal

Filipino Defense Secretary: Peace Deal With Rebel MILF Group Possible by Year's End

The Netherlands Votes NO To European Superstate: Future Wars By US/NATO/EU Army Without UN Mandate

Rumsfeld attacks China over military threat

U.S. Manufacturers Set Record for Overseas Investments in 2004: Up 90 Percent After Three Stagnant Years

Deep Throat's story set to speak volumes

Senior Chinese Diplomat in Australia Who Wants to Defect Addresses Pro-Democracy Rally

16th Tiananmen anniversary: China's new leaders keeping tight grip on dissent

Jackson's Trial turned into weirdness contest: Strategy of Jackson's lawyers was to make the accuser's mom look stranger than pop star

From 'Neverland' to a California dungeon?

20th case of Mad Cow Disease found in Japan

U.S. accuses 14 nations of human trafficking

Senator Feinstein says China must stop piracy, revalue yuan




Environmental Crisis = Global Government

Environment Day (June 5) spotlights cities: "We need to get cities right, because they suck in resources and they pump out waste"

Al Gore Urges World Mayors to Take Action to Fight Global Warming

Greenhouse gases 'do warm oceans'

Antarctica Conference In Sweden To Focus On Environment, Climate Change

Blair Bids For Bush's Support For G8 plans: Will discuss Britain's proposals on climate change and Africa

Kyoto Protocol comes into force

Environmental "Crisis" Contrived: "Taking Liberty - Private Property Rights - From You" (Interactive CDROM - shows by US region how private property seizure is occurring)

DVD - Liberty? Or Sustainable Development? - 6 Hours of Presentation!

Weather Control Is Making All The Dire Predictions Come True

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Kerry Touts Bush Impeachment Memo: Will present document proving that Bush falsified evidence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq

Dozens arrested in Iraq operation: 108 arrested thus far

Sporadic attacks in Iraq kill eight as Sunni cleric condemns counterinsurgency operation

At least 38 killed in series of deadly attacks in Iraq

May death toll among reservists in Iraq was highest of entire war

Iraqi, U.S. Troops Search for Insurgent Hideouts: Find Insurgent Lair

Marines Find Weapons, Huge Bunker in Iraq

Top terror leader arrested in northern Iraq

Rumsfeld's Baghdad Fiasco: The magnitude of the failure exceeds our wildest expectations

Al Jazeera TV channel denies Rumsfeld charge it airs killings

Iraq’s Kurdish parliament holds first session

Saddam's morale 'collapses' ahead of Iraq war crimes trial

Iraq appeals for greater U.S. role

Iraqi Airways Offers Baghdad-Basra Flights

Iraq resumes oil exports to Turkey

US senator to review detention rules: Arlen Spector

After 30 Years, Draft Fears Rise: Some Youths and Parents Worry Despite Government's Assurances

To Fill Ranks, Army Acts: To Retain Even Problem Enlistees

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

Bush urged to engage Iran, N. Korea: Richard Haass, president of the influential Council on Foreign Relations

North Korea's hackers 'as good as CIA's'

U.S. could decide soon on taking North Korea to U.N.

Pyongyang Repeats Criticism of "hostile" U.S. Policy in Nuclear Talks

North Korea again faults U.S. nuclear policy

US and allies again issue warnings about North Korea's nuclear development

North Korea calls for U.S. pullout of stealth fighters from South Korea

Come Clean, Kofi: continuing suspicions about Kofi Annan in this ever-widening oil-for-food scandal

The global paradox of American power: Former Secretary of State James A. Baker

Satellite toll plan to make drivers pay by the mile: Darling orders nationwide road pricing. Charge of £1.34 a mile on busiest roads

British PM Blair gives up on his EU dream

Authorities Stage Terror Drill in Boston

Report Presses Easy Ways to Fix Airline Security

Rush Limbaugh's Records Sealed, For Now



Saturday, June 4, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?


U.S. Confirms Gitmo Soldier Kicked Quran: Another soldier stepped on it while another splashed it with urine

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Pakistani Militant Sentenced to Death for Mosque Attacks That Killed 45 Shiite Muslims

As Changes Sweep Arab Countries, State-Controlled Media Is Struggling to Cope

North Korea and diplomacy: Events are apparently warming up on the North Korean front, and a fresh round of name-calling is on

Al-Qaeda Clashes Caught On Tape

Israeli - Palestinian War

Abbas to appoint vice-president

Syria Denies Israeli Accusations It Test-Fired Scud Missiles Last Week

PA Refused to Stop Suicide Bombers: Two Were Just Freed by Israel

Hamas condemns Abbas' decision to postpone parliamentary poll

Fatah gunmen detain Palestinian diplomat near Gaza-Egypt border

IDF to use mammoth trencher to expose Gaza smuggling tunnels

FM Shalom broaches possibility of Israeli seat on UN Sec. Council

UK judge denies bail for couple at center of 'Trojan horse' affair

Michael Jackson Trial News

Jury Out in Jackson Child Sex Case

'We are praying for Michael'

Gun Gang's "Potter Plot": Potter phenomenon has earned author JK Rowling over £500million

Two Arrested in Alleged Harry Potter Theft

Radiation Detectors to Scan Calif. Ports





Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Two Large Explosions Rock Central Baghdad

Motorcycle-rigged bombs kill five Iraqis in northern city of Mosul: Bombs exploded near a downtown Mosul coffee shop frequented by policemen

Al-Arabiya TV reporter wounded in shooting attack in Mosul

Sunnis demand end to US counterinsurgency operation in Iraq

Sporadic attacks in Iraq kill eight

Judge Says Saddam's "Morale" Collapses Due to Charges Against Him

US admits it has no leads in hunt for 'wounded' Zarqawi

US sees little significance in UN report on missing Iraqi weapons

US Army ordered to release all Abu Ghraib torture evidence: Sensitive material is missing

Specter to Push for Congress to Establish Foreign Detainee Regulations

Wolfowitz seeks to defuse Iraq doubts

Chirac and Schroeder meet to survey wreckage of EU constitution

Chirac vows to emphasize French commitment to EU

Europe’s secure, well-paid leaders responsible for crisis

EU leaders forced to calm jitters over euro

Airlines Hope to Save Millions with Luggage 'Transmitters'

Graduation controversy at Petaluma High: Marine uniform must be worn under traditional robe

Rumsfeld: China's Military Buildup a Threat -- Positioning of hundreds of missiles facing Taiwan, is a threat to Asian security

Chinese diplomat asks Australia for protection

President Nixon suspected Felt was 'Deep Throat'

Scientists to Breed 'Test Tube' Sharks


Friday, June 3, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

New Cutting Edge Articles

History's Longest Running Conspiracy? Information newly available to us demonstrates that the secret society plan to "discover" the Ark of the Covenant and rebuild Solomon's Temple dates back to The Knights Templar, 1118 A.D.!

Is An Official Government Whitewash Investigation About Depleted Uranium Getting Under Way In Congress? Taking a page from the "Clinton Handbook"

Israeli - Palestinian War

Palestinians are reunited: Hundreds of Palestinian prisoners were released yesterday

Support for Evacuation Drops to 50 Per Cent

Netanyahu Warns Against PA Terror State, Leaving Jordan Valley

The Orange Wave: T-Shirts Distributed, and More

Half of Gush Katif farmers reach deal on pullout relocation

Mofaz wants to transfer three more cities to PA before pullout

Rightists blast AG decision to prevent detainees from taking exam: Students protesting forced evacuation now being refused final exams

Hundreds Enter Shechem to Pray at Joseph's Tomb

Arabs Now the Plurality in Peres' Labor Party

Temple Mount leaders planning Jewish protest: Group seeking to reclaim Israeli control ignores police, threat of Muslim backlash

Israeli troops admit 'eye for eye' killings

Catholic Publisher Designs 666 on Music Missal: Distributes Them to U.S. Churches

News From The E.U. (European Union)

The road from here: Four possible scenarios

EU's Constitution Crisis Has Aspiring Members Fearful They Won't Get In

Italy minister says should study leaving euro

National Spelling Bee Winner Feels 'happiness' and 'ecstatic-Ness': Tied for second place were 11-year-old Samir Patel, who is home-schooled

As red tide intensifies, so do Cape's concerns: New England's worst red tide outbreak in decades has expanded into the waters south of Cape Cod

Judge Rules That Gillette Ads Are False: Gillette Co. ads claiming its M3Power razor raises hair up and away from the skin are "unsubstantiated and inaccurate"

Adviser says Massachusetts governor faked stance on abortion: Asserts Romney not 'pro-choice'

China Dissatisfied With New Trade Limits

Two Plead Guilty to Voting Twice in 2004

Gambling, GOP politics intertwine: Casino payments seen as influential -- As president, Bush has not spoken out against gambling

Hundreds back home after California landslide

Ex-Pentagon arms buyer rejects Boeing tanker blame

WCC (World Council of Churches) Anticipates "New Phase" In Interreligious Dialogue

U.S. Navy chaplain accused of child sexual abuse who won reinstatement to the active priesthood through an appeal to the Vatican began work this week

Bush Alters Pentagon Line of Succession

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Suicide Bombing North of Baghdad Kills 10, Wounds 12

At least 38 killed in series of deadly attacks in Iraq

Iraqi militants strike at will

Iraqi Shi'ite cleric assassinated in Basra

Tigris Tales: Make no mistake - in today's Iraq, it's all too easy to find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time

Iraq Suicide Bombings Surged to 90 in May --- Suicide bombers are Iraqis, not foreign infiltrators and their targets are other Iraqs

New 'Deep Throat' needed for Iraq - Former presidential contender George McGovern

Banned Weapons Equipment 'Missing from 109 Iraq Sites': Equipment and materiel could be used for commercial purposes

$1B Spent On Baghdad Embassy, $1.3B To Go

World Bank's Wolfowitz seeks to defuse Iraq doubts

‘Baghdad Bob’ Was Not Wide of the Mark, Was He? No one is laughing now at his original proclamations that Iraqis could defeat the Americans

The failed American siege of Fallujah

Postwar Iraq paying heavy environmental price

Marine Wants Discharge Since Being Cleared in Iraq Slaying Case

New Book slams Bush's global crusade

Finding work hard for troops back from war

Pentagon Delays Figures On Recruits

Torture, Sexual Humiliation Scandal

Army told to release abuse videos: ACLU prevails in lawsuit over Abu Ghraib images

`Anti-terror' Outrages: Reports of torture and abuse of prisoners in American-run military camps cause shock and revulsion everywhere except in the Bush administration

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Lebanese opposition blames Syria for killing of prominent journalist

Israeli embassy staff in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, evacuated due to terror threats

North Korea says US Stealth bomber move signals nuclear war

North Korea Praises Bush for Using 'Mr'

Pakistan's President Musharraf seeks greater access to US market

U.S. Embassy Warns Citizens of Possible Attacks on Hotels in Indonesian Capital

Israeli firms to train Equatorial Guinea presidential guard

Syria test-fires three Scud missiles, Israelis say

Base Closing Commissioners Visit Groton, Otis: Local Leaders Hope To Stop Base Closures

Hundreds feared dead as China floods raze villages

Michael Jackson Trial News

Guilty or not, Michael Jackson's image taking a big hit: As his case winds down, star may not be able to overcome tawdry revelations

Jackson Lawyer Says Prosecutors Trying to 'dirty' Singer's Name

D.A. Plays "Vaseline" Card In Closing Arguments In Jackson Trial

Lawyer: Jackson Targeted Vulnerable Boy

Feds seek system to track migrant students

President Bush chose California Rep. Christopher Cox yesterday to run the Securities and Exchange Commission

Seven-year-old boy kills seven month old baby sister on May 22: Florida authorities are trying to figure out how to charge him

Rare Disease Targeting Gay Men: Being called the "New AIDS" -- Doctors in Canada have reported 22 cases of lymphogranuloma venereum (LGV) in recent months, all in homosexual and bisexual men with high-risk sexual practices


Thursday, June 2, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?


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Bush's 3 little words, 1 big betrayal: "This statement is the greatest betrayal of Israel committed by any American president in history"

President Bush's Evil vs Good Fruits Table - Updated 6/2/2005

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Iraq Car Bombs Leave at Least 15 Dead: Targeted a restaurant where bodyguards of Iraq’s Kurdish deputy prime minister were eating

Three Suicide Bombings North of Baghdad Kill 17, Including Top Council Official

Iraqi attack kills three children as deadly violence rages on

Explosion rocks checkpoint to Baghdad airport: US soldiers capture Saddam spy

Suicide car bomb kills five Iraqis in Baquba: Targeted a convoy of local government vehicles

Iraq's wild west a constant thorn for U.S. troops

Body of Iraq official found: Governor's remains discovered after firefight on Syrian border

U.S. warns countries not to aid Zarqawi

Iraq Concerned U.S. May Leave Too Soon

US military in a twilight zone: Between Heaven and Hell -- "Army recruiting is in a death spiral"

Syria denies helping insurgents cross into Iraq

Anbar University now known as one of Iraq's most dangerous places

Depleted Uranium News

U.N. Training Iraqis in Jordan to Measure Radiation from Depleted Uranium

Is An Official Government Whitewash Investigation About Depleted Uranium Getting Under Way In Congress? Taking a page from the "Clinton Handbook"

Amnesty International rejects Bush’s criticism: Annual report on human rights abuses, compared US prison camps in Cuba with gulags of the former Soviet Union

News From The E.U. (European Union)

Dutch say 'No' to EU constitution: Overwhelming rejection

EU struggles to save constitution: After it was rejected by French and Dutch voters

The Euro`s Dive Enhances Dollar

CALIFORNIA Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has declared war on global warming by imposing bold new greenhouse gas targets emissions

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

North Korea Says Cheney Remarks Compel It to Stay Away From Nuclear Talks

North Korea claims new US deployment signals invasion

Fear Of US Attack, Brinkmanship Drive North Korea's Nuclear Program

Amid North Korea Tensions, Rumsfeld Travels to Meet Asian Officials

US Should Meet Halfway With North Korea

Cheney encourages China to step up its pressure on North Korea

North Korea's Nuclear Odyssey Aided By Soviets, China And Pakistan

Apocalypse sooner or later?

Russian Defense Minister Threatens Retaliatory Steps if Any Country Deploys Space Weapons

Hunan, China, Mountain Torrents Kill 47: 50 Still Missing

Calif. Landslide Sends 18 Luxury Homes Crashing Down A Hill

Paul Wolfowitz takes World Bank helm

China and India fall into step: Will for the first time ever hold joint military maneuvers

Global Terrorism = Global Dictatorship

Holes in UK terror defences exposed

Europe: UN anti-terror organs 'too stiff' to be really effective

Gulf nations team up against terror

Russia, U.S. to fight terror together

Intelligence Report: U.S. to Spend $500m to Secure Nigeria's Oil, Gas

TERRORISM: Events You Don't Hear Much About

Terrorism Detainees Say They Were Sold to U.S.: Ex-CIA Official Tells of Rewards Paid to Catch Fighters


New Cutting Edge Articles

History's Longest Running Conspiracy? Information newly available to us demonstrates that the secret society plan to "discover" the Ark of the Covenant and rebuild Solomon's Temple dates back to The Knights Templar, 1118 A.D.!

Is An Official Government Whitewash Investigation About Depleted Uranium Getting Under Way In Congress? Taking a page from the "Clinton Handbook"

Holocaust Survivor Leaving US - Sees What's Coming -- Has Seen It Before In Hitler's Germany

Annihilating Terry Schiavo

M iscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

AIDS In Developing World

UN urges new focus for India AIDS

Fight Against AIDS Seeing First Signs of Success in Africa, but Epidemic Is Expanding

Bookstore Resource To Understand AIDS:

AIDS: The Unnecessary Epidemic

Emerging Viruses - AIDS and Ebola - Video - man-made viruses sweeping our earth

Other News

NATO forces take over west Afghan duty from US: Took command of security and reconstruction efforts

Khmer girls' trafficking ordeal: A human trafficking hotspot

Anti-Syrian journalist killed in Beirut car bomb blast

Powder Sent to Indonesian Embassy 'Probably Harmless'

U.S. Congressman Expresses Concern Over Venezuelan Democracy Under Chavez

Indo-US ties to evolve into binary partnership: India's Commerce and Industry Minister

Iran missile test fuels nuclear warhead fears: Afraid Iran could arm missile with nuclear warhead

Iran makes ballistic missile breakthrough: Successfully tested a new solid fuel missile motor for its arsenal of medium-range ballistic missiles

How to make violence inevitable in Saudi Arabia

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel’s new army chief warned of pullout ‘eruption'

Editorial: Prophesying the state's destruction

Palestinian Leader Leaves Hospital, Saying He Feels 'just Fine' After Heart Procedure

Sharon, Abbas to hold new summit

Israel frees 400 prisoners despite suicide bomb bid

Anger, Fear, Criticism Greet Release of 400 Terrorists

Terrorism is on the Upswing

Mutilated body of young woman found in Ashdod business district

Israeli Police Discover Ring of Neo-Nazi Immigrants From FSU (Former Soviet Union)

Police, IDF to hold final drill three weeks before pullout date

Anti-pullout teens treated worse than terrorists

Israeli Army wants to practice evicting settlers in Negev

Temple Mount leaders planning Jewish protest: Group seeking to reclaim Israeli control ignores police, threat of Muslim backlash

U.N. fires first staffer over oil-for-food role: Annan is under attack

Annan failed to disclose key contacts

United Nations Secretary General Bill Clinton

NOTE: C/Edge first acknowledged that Bill Clinton may replace Kofi Annan in our article NEWS1995

OPEC may not increase oil output ceiling

Michael Jackson Described as Nervous as Trial Nears End

Jurors Get Instructions in Jackson Case

Jackson Clan on Their Way To Provide Support

Obesity must be treated as disease -Expert

Former Prosecutors: 'Deep Throat' Broke Rules

New York City Episcopal church holds 'Clown Eucharist'

"Clowning" Church Order of Service Bulletin: Notice how the Episcopal theology is nearly identical to that of Roman Catholicism

EU executive wants phone logs kept for up to a year

Protests mark beginning of animal rights group trial

Evidence: British MP Galloway Says Blair and Bush Should Be Prosecuted: Determine whether President Bush has committed impeachable offenses in connection with the Iraq war



Wednesday, June 1, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

New Cutting Edge Article: Is An Official Government Whitewash Investigation About Depleted Uranium Getting Under Way In Congress? Taking a page from the "Clinton Handbook"

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Middle East: Battle for Baghdad has just begun

Bomb hits Baghdad airport checkpoint: At least three Iraqis have been injured after a bomber targeted US forces

Kidnapped Governor found dead after fierce battle in western Iraq

Saddam trial in 2 months

Two British soldiers convicted over the abuse of Iraqi civilians have had their sentences reduced

Prime Minister Al-Jaafari unveils Iraqi political agenda: Aimed at building a federal system in the country

Iraq wants multinational force to stay on

Four Italians die in Iraq helicopter crash

Nine killed in two aircraft crashes in Iraq

US mistaken arrest and subsequent release of Iraqi Islamic party leader denounced

World Bank Chief: Combat stymies Iraq rebuilding

Cheney: Iraqi insurgents gone by 2009

U.N. renews Iraq security mandate

Report Raises Prospect of 'whitewash' in Border Patrol Kickback Investigation

France's Chirac names Iraq invasion critic as new P.M.: In wake of "No" vote for E.U. Constitution

Bush Offers Brief Glimpse at His Process for Selecting Supreme Court Nominee

FBI's No. 2 Was 'Deep Throat': Mark Felt Ends 30-Year Mystery of The Post's Watergate Source

Murder - Suicide Pattern Continues

California Gunman Kills Three, Then Self

Teen Kills Five in Shootings at Neighboring Ohio Farmhouses, Then Kills Himself: Shot his grandparents, mother, teenage sister, friend

Court Overturns Arthur Andersen Conviction: Convicted for destroying Enron Corp.-related documents

FEC treads into sticky web of Internet political blogs

Federal Appeals Court overturns 'Dr. Chaos' conviction

One-fifth of Earth's bird species in danger - Environmental Study

Police say man plotted to kill unborn baby in the womb: Faces charges he hired assailant to hurt girlfriend

New Zealand Teens ignore safe-sex drive: Less than 50% use condoms

American Networks OK TV Condom Ads on Prime Time

Stem cell bill override turns talk to research support: Massachusetts Legislative leaders hope to lure Stem Cell industry

Connecticut lawmakers approve stem cell research

Adult Stem Cell Breakthrough Ignored by US Media: Adult olfactory stem cells more promising than embryonic stem cells and don't require killing of babies

Death of a Pope: Foreign, Domestic Leaders Hail Most Ecumenical Pope In History

World’s First Floating Nuclear Power Plant to Be Constructed in Russia

United Nations Secretary General Bill Clinton

NOTE: C/Edge first acknowledged that Bill Clinton may replace Kofi Annan in our article NEWS1995


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Bush's Mental Health Screening in Schools Signals the End of Parental Rights: One of the state-of-the-art treatments, and most expensive, is an implanted capsule -- Bill also calls for enforced treatment

Dutch Vote on European Union Constitution: A "No" vote expected

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Bombing Strikes Afghan Mosque: At Least 20 Killed, Dozens Wounded

Bush says diplomatic options remain on North Korea

Indonesian Embassy in Australia Closed: Unidentified Biological Agent Found

Bolivian protesters demand oil trade nationalization: Two weeks of unrest: Police use tear gas and water cannons to break up demonstrations blocking lawmakers

YUKOS Oil Conviction: Impact to hit Russia for some time

Iran successfuly tests 2000-km range ballistic missile

Pakistani President Musharraf trying to create problems for Iran

Wanted for War Crimes, Liberia's Ex-President Hunkers Down in Nigerian Exile

"Regime Change" News

Crowd storms Kyrgyz high court

New Cutting Edge Article: President Bush's Planned 'Regime Changes' Are Occurring In Strategic Former Russian Republics -- Have You Noticed?

Russia, U.S. concerned about outside forces involvement in Uzbek events

Israeli - Palestinian War

Jerusalem 'to raze 88 Arab homes'

MKs to hold urgent debate on demolition of East Jerusalem homes: Arab MK declares: "plan is a "declaration of war" on the Palestinians of East Jerusalem

Aqsa foundation condemns Israeli decision to demolish Jerusalem mosque

Sharon-Abbas meeting possible in very short time

Violence Flares in Gaza Despite "Truce"

Palestinians warn that Israeli m ilitary strike threatens "truce"

Israel can defend itself if Golan returned to Syria: Outgoing army chief of staff Yaalon

Jerusalem, Kfar Saba & Tel Aviv Will be Targeted by Terrorists

General Ya'alon: Israel to face terror war after pullout

Changing of the Guard at the IDF Helm: Maj.-Gen. Dan Halutz is 18th IDF Chief of Staff

IDF: Defense of towns along W. Bank border not our first priority

Israel likely to hand over two West Bank cities soon: Senior Palestinian official

India, Israel set up joint industrial R&D fund

Pakistan will have to recognise Israel: UK High Commissioner

Palestinians say Israeli plan to free 400 prisoners 'not enough'

Prisoner Release to Include 170 Bombers and Shooters

Israel nets 18 suspects in industrial-spying probe

Bezeq International CEO under house arrest in industrial espionage case

First Holocaust museum geared to Arabs opens in Israel

Israeli police baffled by local neo-Nazi ring

Supreme Court upholds law on prisoners' religious rights: Upheld a law requiring prisons to provide worship time and ceremonial materials for a wide range of inmate religious practices, including Satanism

Global Terror = Global Dictatorship

U.S.-Bound Korean Air Flight Diverted: US authorities worried passenger on plane may be a terrorist

U.S. begins high-seas anti-terror games with Southeast Asia countries

In tucked-away corner, war on terror takes off: American private contractor provides airplanes when CIA wants to grab terror suspect

China Warns: U.N. Council resolution to expand Security Council dangerous


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