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News Updates From Cutting Edge Ministries

We have culled these pertinent stories from many sources to keep you updated on the Daily News events pertinent to the coming New World Order. Truly, once you know the Plan to establish the Kingdom of Antichrist, you will never look at the news the same way again. For A Cutting Edge Analysis and Recap Of Current Events Being Reported In The News Visit our Headline News Area

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Thursday, June 30, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?


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Bill Clinton's affair with Voodoo -- C/Edge Reported Clinton's Practice of Voodoo

Cutting Edge Archives Section: Understanding Clinton's Fatal Leadership


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Depleted Uranium Raising Its Ugly Head?

Veterans Administration Faces $2.6 Billion Shortfall in Medical Care: Revised projection of 103,000 new enrollees this year

VA Confirms 103,000 Iraq and Afghan Veterans Seek Healthcare

Beyond Treason DVD: The Battlefield Disaster Created by Depleted Uranium, Toxic Vaccinations, plus Chemical and Biological Agents With FREE CDROM Providing Written Documentation

US Radiation In Iraq Equals 250,000 Nagasaki Bombs

"CAFTA Is NAFTA On Steroids!" Would join North America with Central and South America - Not "Free Trade", but for global "Managed Trade"

China activates bomb shelters: Intelligence sources suspect reopening to public is part of strategic deception, possibly leading to invasion of Taiwan

Bush Speech Aftermath

Bush's Iraq speech draws lowest audience

Last throes of credibility

Bush 'exploited 9/11' in Iraq plea: Doubts cast on success of speech in halting slide against conflict

The Sobering of America: US foreign policy is getting better - and that's partly because Iraq has got worse

Bush critics call for more troops in Iraq

Stray Plane Sets Off Evacuation Of Capitol: Small plane flying at a rapid clip entered Washington's restricted air, fighter planes scrambled

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

12 die in Iraq as Bush says troops will stay

Marines launch 'Operation Sword': 1,000 troops against suspected insurgents in the western Euphrates River Valley

'Iraq war could last a decade': Six members of an Iraqi commando unit and a deputy police chief were gunned down in separate incidents

Baghdad to Basra, driving Iraq's train of fear

Fort Hood officer killed in Baghdad: In convoy attack in Baghdad

Coalition forces fight an invisible enemy

Army’s divorce rate drastically increases

Baghdad urges OIC backing in war on insurgents: Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC)

Japan may extend Iraq mission: PM Koizumi

Hopes for Iraq security handover: In six months to a year

Renovation of Iraq's oil and gas industry will take US$25B

Iraq's oil-rich south seeks autonomy: Dominated by Shi'ite

Torture, Sexual Humiliation Scandal

Abuses at Abu Ghraib exhibited in Rome Show: Colombian artist Botero flays abuses at Abu Ghraib in portraits, sculptures

Guantanamo Chief: Inmates still useful

Officers: Gitmo Detainees Abuse Guards

Democrats see 'whitewash' of Guantanamo problems

Judge Warns Reporters They Face Jail in a Week: If they did not agree to testify before a grand jury about their confidential sources in CIA Valerie Plame affair

Brazilians Streaming Into U.S. Through Mexican Border: More than 12,000 Brazilians have been apprehended trying to cross the United States-Mexican border this year

ABC Pulls 'Neighborhood' Reality Series: Pushes hot buttons of racism and anti-homosexuality

Rhode Island State Assembly approves medical marijuana: Defies US Supreme Court decision

'War of the Worlds' Gets So-So Reviews

We're not alone in universe, says Tom Cruise

Israeli - Palestinian War

Forced Evacuation News

Sharon orders security crackdown on far-right Jews

Fanatics steal the show: Security forces are content with that

Gush Katif Closed to Non-Residents: IDF may be seeking a way to prevent the hundreds of activists streaming to the site

Police detain 148 protesters after traffic stop-go on Israeli highways

AG warns of 'zero tolerance' after pullout foes halt rush hour traffic

IDF Soldier Refuses Expulsion Orders: Twelve Comrades Join Him

Israeli Minister Ezra: We will catch those behind attempted lynching in Gaza

Other Israel News

10% of N. American Jews would live in Israel

Israel, Egypt to clear way for $2.5b. gas deal

Fight grows over Jerusalem development

Terrorist Attacks News

In second day of Hizballah attacks, third band of terrorists exchange fire with Israeli Golani troops in Mt. Dov border area June 30

IDF clashes with Hezbollah guerillas who crossed northern border

IAF Forces Respond to Hizbullah Attack: One Soldier Killed

PA Civil Affairs Minister Dahlan: Israeli pullout is victory for Palestinian terrorists

Dahlan Claims: Jewish Settlers poisoning land

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Taliban say 'new weapon' downed Chinook Helicopter with 17 soldiers on board: Afghan officials said it was hit by an insurgent rocket

Rising Taliban violence making Afghans nervous: .S. helicopter shot down with 17 aboard could be deadliest blow yet

Taliban commanders 'slip the net' in Afghanistan

Russia rebuffs criticism on nuclear mullahs of Iran

Russia, Chile sign nuclear cooperation agreement

Saudi Arabia's envoy to the US resigns after serving 22 years: Resignation seen as crucial at time when King Fahd's health is failing

Iran's new President linked to 1979 hostage crisis

Pentagon authorises air defense missiles for Egypt

UN panel blasts Indonesia on East Timor trials

Darfur war crimes to be tried by the International Criminal Court (ICC)

Debate on allowing women to drive rages in Saudi Arabia: Stirs "wasp's nest" in ultra-conservative kingdom

Al-Hariri ally set to be Lebanon PM: Was close friend to slain Al-Hariri

One in six countries facing food shortage - Condition could become semi-permanent under climate change

America's Religious Right: You ain't seen nothing yet - President Bush seen as leader

White House endorses U.S. intelligence changes

Bush issues WMD order on North Korea, Iran, Syria: New powers on Wednesday to block assets of companies

Mad cow traced to Waco: The animal, born and raised in Texas, was sent to a pet food plant

Storm Expert: Hurricane Danger on the Rise

Area professors to visit, research 'super volcano': Yellowstone National Park in Montana

Shelved Jacko Special Ready for TV: Is the world ready for a "nice" Michael Jackson TV special?

Death penalty for US family-killer father: For killing nine of his children, many of whom he had fathered through incest

Flu outbreak hits China's wild birds

New Roles For Robots - Manufacturing robots, that is

Fire breaks out at Dallas' Biblical Arts Center

Report Warns of Threat to Milk Supply: Release of Study Citing Vulnerability to Bioterrorism Attack Was Opposed by U.S. Officials

C/Edge Archives: Study of False Headlines Issued Repeatedly Following 9/11



Wednesday, June 29, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?


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Pentagon, CIA Oppose Transferring Covert Paramilitary Operations to Defense Department

US running secret prison camps on naval ships: UN official

White House to Endorse Most of WMD Commission's Changes

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Oldest lawmaker assassinated: Attacks also kill 2 U.S. soldiers on anniversary of Iraq's sovereignty

Car bomb rips through Baghdad market: Four killed, 33 wounded

Iraqis say U.S. presence helps, hinders problems

Syrian delegation is in Baghdad today: To pave the way for reopening the Syrian embassy in Iraq

Family appeals for body of slain UK Iraq hostage

Iraqi President: "I'm in Favor of Reducing the Number of American Troops"

Whistle-blower faults Halliburton subsidiary’s Iraq contract

Saddam 'gave massacre order'

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

U.S. copter crashes, likely shot down in Afghanistan: 17 soldiers on board likely died - Taliban claiming responsibility

Israeli Foreign Minister Shalom calls for international action against Iran

Oil Accord Supported by Chavez, Castro to Bring Cheaper Fuel to Caribbean

Philippine President Arroyo's husband flees as President admits election telephone call which may have influenced election result

Russia will cancel $2.2 bln debt to African states

African Water Project Gets Million Dollar Backing

Uzbek asylum seekers fear trap

Belgium finds two guilty in Rwanda genocide case

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

North Korea Reportedly Cuts International Phone Lines

U.S. Says It Could Repel Any North Korean Attack

North Korea rebuffs date for nuclear talks

Koreas agree to seek a peaceful resolution of nuclear standoff

Rice visit to Asia eyed over N. Korea issue

North Korea Changes Negotiation Tactics Toward South

France chosen as site for international experimental nuclear fusion reactor: Will try to generate cheap, endless energy using Sun's power source

Canada Parliament approves same sex marriage

China's Bird Flu tests to cover more species

Britain's Prince Harry had blood test to prove Charles was father: To prove he was not the offspring of an affair with an army officer

Australia conducts more anti-terror raids

Political bloggers urged federal regulators to keep the Internet as free as possible from campaign finance laws

Ex-Presidents Bush, Clinton Play Golf

For Russia's Putin, it's a gem of a cultural exchange: NE Patriot owner, Bob Kraft hands over Super Bowl ring



President Bush's Speech

Text of President Bush's Speech

What Makes Bush Upbeat about a US Victory in Iraq? "Experts support the US defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld’s gloomy assessment as more realistic than the president’s optimism"

Bush cites 9/11 in Iraq plea: President rejects major changes to Iraq strategy

Iraqis Mixed on Bush's Pledge to Keep U.S. Forces in the Country

Comments on President Bush's Speech

Bush says Iraq war worth it, cites bin Laden: "No connection between Saddam Hussein and the Sept. 11 attacks was ever established"

Conflict recast as line in sand to terrorists

Democrats Hit Bush for Repeatedly Raising Sept. 11 in Speech Justifying Iraqi War

Israeli - Palestinian War

Palestinian Authority Arabs Readying for Combat: At height of general preparations for battles widely expected to follow planned expulsion/abandonment of Gaza

Palestinian Authority offers Jew-free Gaza as terror HQ

Despite More Killings, IDF to Hand Bethlehem Over to PA

Israel jails soldier for disobeying order

Finance Minister Netanyahu vs. Expulsion, But Not at Expense of Cabinet Position

EU President Riterates: Gaza pullout is only first step - West Bank to follow

IDF to deploy legal advisers during forced evacuation

Palestinians won’t clear settler home rubble: Dahlan: Israel must return area as it was before occupation

USAID Subsidizes Arab Terror in Judea and Samaria

Right, Left slam roadblock with oil, spikes on Tel Aviv -Jerusalem road

Likud Party Rebels start new effort to oust Sharon

Islamic Jihad Smuggling Tunnel Uncovered In Gaza

President Abbas giving PA economic boom

"War Of The Worlds" News

War of the Worlds: Intense, gritty depiction of Alien invasion of Earth

Aliens impress, but 'War of Worlds' lacks human pathos

'War of the Worlds': Steven Spielberg's latest is sci-fi at its best — riveting and relevant

Another Terror Attack, but Not by Humans

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Test Faults Processing of US Passports

Insurers sound the alarm on climate change: Cost worldwide of storms expected to rise 66%

Massachusetts Governor Romney creates office for faith-based groups

Scientists back new US nuclear weapons

‘China leads the world in executions’

N.Y. to unveil redesigned "Freedom Tower" at former World Trade Center site

Bush Administration Blocked Release of Reports on Central America Trade Agreement



Tuesday, June 28, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?


President Bush - Iraq War

In speech, Bush to get specific on Iraq strategy to achieve success: Difficulties will be acknowledged

Americans’ support for Iraq war dipping

Iraq: A bloody mess

Twelve more years: If only those "axis of evil" fellas were a little more ... cooperative

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Can security in Iraq be established in two years? Iraqi PM says two years 'more than enough' to establish security

Suicide Car Bomb Kills Iraqi Shiite Legislator, Three Others

Car bomb rips through Baghdad market: 4 killed, at least 33 wounded

Wave of attacks hits Iraqi forces in Mosul: 4 suicide bombings in 16 hours, killing at least 38

US ’copter crashes, four soldiers killed in violence

U.S.-Led Forces Launch New Offensive in Volatile Western Iraqi Province

US military to expand prisons in Iraq: Plans capacity of 16,000 prisoners

Anniversary of sovereignty is far from happy for many in Baghdad

Iraqi tribunal questions Saddam aide Tareq Aziz

Rebel talks cited as attacks go on in Iraq: U.S. won't confirm reported meetings with Sunni insurgent commanders

Audit questions $1.4b in Halliburton bills: Expenses at issue from Iraq contracts

U.S. House agrees to spend more for Iraq war

Depleted Uranium Update

NUCLEAR WAR IN IRAQ: Depleted Uranium, A Stealth Killer of All - "The perfect weapon for killing lots of people” -- War Crimes committed by using this weapon - US is using the real WMD!

New DVD Exposing D.U. -- Beyond Treason: The Battlefield Disaster Created by Depleted Uranium, Toxic Vaccinations, plus Chemical and Biological Agents With FREE CDROM Providing Written Documentation

World faces 50% chance of WMD attack: According to US national-security analysts surveyed for a congressional study

C/Edge Archives: "Wars and Rumors of Wars" - Study of News Headlines Since October, 2001, Reveals Repeating Scary Headlines

American Army Recruits Quickly Abused in Basic Training

Supreme Court News

High Court Rules: Some Ten Commandments Displays OK

'It's Just Wrong' - Some Residents React Angrily With High Court's Ruling on Ten Commandments

No Retirement Announcements at High Court

The Press Battles to Protect Its Sources

Supreme Court Won't Hear CIA Leak Case

Court Rules on File-Sharing: Copying digital music and movie files "threatens copyright holders as never before

Despite Supreme Court Ruling on Restraining Orders, One Activist Says 'Nothing's Changed': Police cannot be sued over the way they enforce them

Can Police Be Liable for Restraining Order?

Japanese Stocks Rebound, Lifted by Construction, Steel Issues

Philanthropist and Entrepreneur John Walton Killed in Airplane Crash: Member of the Wal-Mart Board of Directors - Second son of founder, Sam Walton

WHO Says 5,000 Birds Dead of Avian Flu in China's Northwest - Five Times Previous Toll

Experts Alarmed At How H5N1 Bird Flu Is Evolving


Heat wave alert as southern Europe bakes

One million people at risk in Italy's heat wave: 20,000 people died in the 2003 heat wave, more than double the original official estimate

Pakistan heatwave death toll rises

Space Ring Could Shade Earth and Stop Global Warming

China, Denmark to bring bilateral ties to higher level




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Israeli - Palestinian War

Sharon asks Egypt's Mubarak for helping hand over Philadelphi Corridor deployment

Palestinians Hit the West Bank as Foretaste of Pre-Disengagement Terror Campaign

Sharon on Record: Sinai Precedent Was a Mistake - Led to talk of withdrawals in other areas

EU President: Pullout is first step, leading to full implementation in West Bank

´Stop a Moment and Think Again´: Protest Lines Highways

Soldiers Destroy Beachside Buildings in Gush Katif settlement

600 flock to Gush Katif hotel overnight

US weighs $1 billion in post-withdrawal aid to Israel

Chief of General Staff Halutz receives threatening letter

Palestinian groups plan to move to Gaza: After Israel withdraws

Jewish nationalists in defiant last stand at site of demolition

Israeli soldier guilty of Briton's death: Peace activist Tom Hurndall

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News -- Iran

US skeptical of EU diplomacy with Iran

UN Arms Inspector Blix: Iran Years Away From Nuke Weapons

Confirmation of Cutting Edge Teaching On Iran -- Paragraph I - A State Department spokesman confirms Iran is 5-6 years away from building her own nukes!

EU urges Iran to continue nuclear talks

Bush, Schroeder united on Iran nuke policy

EU Foreign Policy Chief Solana sees no change in EU nuclear policy on Iran

Russia to continue nuclear cooperation with Iran

Iranian president's election sparks nuclear fears

Pakistan's Musharraf, Aziz greet new Iranian president

Iran's 'street sweeper' sweeps into power as President

Japan suspects Iran-N.Korea cruise missile link

Man sentenced to have eyes gouged out in Iran: For crimes committed when he was 16 years old

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

US to supply Egypt air defence units: 25 Avenger air defence systems plus related equipment valued at up to $126 million

Lebanon's New Legislature Elects Pro-Syrian as Parliament Speaker

Afghan Elections to Go Ahead Despite Widespread Violence

Impossible to Seal Border, Pakistan Tells Afghanistan

Indian PM concerned over decline in farm growth

Former Guantanamo Inmates Freed in Pakistan Claim Quran (Koran) Was Desecrated

Grieving town mourns its fallen hero: Was among first in Afghanistan

Militiamen use kids as shields in clash with peacekeepers in Congo

Investigation Into Links Between MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) Vaccination and Autism in Denmark

Some Ranchers Shy on First Day of Cattle Auction Since Mad Cow Announcement

China's Oil Company CNOOC: Unocal Bid Not About Politics

Sainthood bid opens for John Paul II

Pope aide 'has not burned papers' as Pope John Paul II had requested

Antilles Immigrants Feel Pressure From Focus on Aruba Due to Missing Alabama Teen

Bloggers Use Mainstream Methods to Fight Government Regulation

Scientists have created eerie zombie dogs, reanimating the canines after several hours of clinical death: Trying to develop suspended animation for humans

UK Fleet Took Nuclear Arms to Falklands: During 1982 war with Argentina

California National Guard forms anti-terror intelligence unit



Monday, June 27, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Breaking News

High Court Rules: Some Ten Commandments Displays OK

No Retirement Announcements at High Court

The Press Battles to Protect Its Sources

Supreme Court Won't Hear CIA Leak Case

Court Rules on File-Sharing: Copying digital music and movie files "threatens copyright holders as never before


Discontent over war threatens Bush agenda: He has to try to rally Americans behind him at a time when most say Iraq conflict is pointless

Non-Integrating States News -- Iran

UN Arms Inspector Blix: Iran Years Away From Nuke Weapons

Confirmation of Cutting Edge Teaching On Iran -- Paragraph I - A State Department spokesman confirms Iran is 5-6 years away from building her own nukes!

West braced for harder stance from Iran

Iran's Analysts Say Rafsanjani Suffered Because He Was Seen as "Elite"

We won't give up nuclear effort, says Iranian leader: Newly elected President

Islamist regime in total control

EU urged to develop new Iran strategy

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

American Forces Reassert Control in a Taliban Stronghold in Afghanistan

Fighting in Afghanistan leaves 76 more rebels dead

US targets assets of suspected WMD firms doing business with "Rogue Regimes": North Korea, Iran and Syria

Colombian troops target rebels

Bulgarian Ex-communists win with 31 per cent of votes

Seven killed in Aceh Province violence

Rebels Abduct Students From Remote Village in Nepal: Their Condition Unknown

Father of Dutch Suspect Released in Case of Alabama Teen Missing in Aruba

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel concerned over growth of 'very modern air forces' nearby: Arab states building air fleets based on American aircraft

New outpost in Gush Katif rubble -- Difficult Scenes

Popularity of ´Orange Wave´ Upsets Sharon, Bush and Police

IDF knows chances of surprising barricaded Gaza extremists are slim

Islamic Jihad Challenges Israel Amid Growing Anarchy: Warns that if Israel assassinates any of their leaders, they will end the "calm" and strike Tel Aviv

Hamas leader encourages members to step up terror against Israel: "All of Palestine, from the river to the sea, will be liberated"

Teen shot by terrorists loses battle for his life

Terrorists kill teen hitchhiker in Judea

West Bank Death Puts Strain On Truce

Hamas Demands: We want piece of Gaza pie

Palestinian Authority hasn’t given up on Jihad

Bethlehem handover to Palestinian Authority scheduled for next week

Security Fence along its current route jeopardizes Israel's long-term security needs and must be moved east: Think Tank

Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) Criticizes President Bush for Again Refusing to Move US Embassy to Jerusalem

'My dream was to be a suicide bomber. I wanted to kill 20, 50 Jews. Yes, even babies'

Israeli Court Orders Jerusalem Mayor Not To Interfere With Gay Pride Celebration

Free Speech and Hate Speech: French Ruling Roils the Waters

New Video: Hate Laws - Making Criminals Out of Christians

Chinese Dragon Awakens: Pentagon fears Beijing will attack Taiwan in the next two years

Thefts of U.S. technology boost China's weaponry

C/Edge Archives: China Surges Toward All-Out War With Taiwan -- Chinese invasion of Taiwan is planned 3rd war in World War III

Beijing devoted to weakening 'enemy' U.S.: Defector declares

CEOs Use Magic, Psychics: Corporate Australia is turning to the occult in a bid to boost its bottom line, employing psychics and witches as alternative business consultants

False alarms plague port anti-nuke system

TV Network for Gays, Lesbians to Debut: "Logo"

Plane with knife on board turns around, returns to Chicago's O'Hare International Airport

Toronto's Pride parade draws huge crowd: 125,000 attended

Six-month quarantine plan to fight deadly flu



Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Depleted Uranium Update

NUCLEAR WAR IN IRAQ: Depleted Uranium, A Stealth Killer of All - "The perfect weapon for killing lots of people” -- War Crimes committed by using this weapon - US is using the real WMD!

New DVD Exposing D.U. -- Beyond Treason: The Battlefield Disaster Created by Depleted Uranium, Toxic Vaccinations, plus Chemical and Biological Agents With FREE CDROM Providing Written Documentation

Battlefield News

Mosul bomb attacks kill dozens

Two pilots killed in U.S. copter crash in Iraq

Abu Ghraib Prison expanded as violence sweeps Iraq: US is building new detention areas at Iraqi prisons

VIPs in Iraq get safer vehicles than soldiers

Baghdad's airport reopens amid dispute between a British security firm and the Iraqi government

US knows Zarqawi whereabouts: Top US general

Leading Egyptian Government Daily Al-Akhbar: "Al-Zarqawi is an American Agent"

Iraq Insurgency 'Could Last 12 Years' Says Rumsfeld

US officials held secret talks with militants in Iraq -- Three militant groups deny any such meeting ever occurred

A new "Marshall Plan" for Iraq

From Insurgent Attacks to Internet Connections, a Look at Iraq by the Numbers: Official government statistics

Saddam aides grilled about Kurds’ killing

Rumsfeld Nixes Independent Panel on Gitmo Prison Scandal

California wife says she kept her mouth shut to protect her hostage husband

Web displays Congress' reports: Civil liberties group's site reveals government studies, hopes lawmakers will make more available to the public -- operated by the Center for 'Democracy and Technology'

Japan Says Latest U.S. Mad Cow Case Will Not Affect Deliberations on Import Ban


U.S. Has Plans to Again Make Own Plutonium For First Time Since Cold War: Will be used for "Secret Missions" -- 330 pounds planned over next 30 years

Timing of Next Indonesian Tsunami Is a Mystery to Scientists

Supreme Court News

High Court to End Term With Big Decisions: Ends its work Monday

Supreme Court Retirements Unpredictable

Justices Allow Smaller Claims in Courts: Makes it easier to file lawsuits

Chicago pairing surveillance cameras with gunshot recognition systems: Police can now watch and listen

Crime-busting cameras: Tied in to Homeland Security

As Blair and Chirac Fight Over Europe's Soul, Many Britons Opting for Life in France

Sustainable Development = Loss of Private Property Rights

10,000 Homes To Be Abolished In U.K. -- To create "sustainable communities"

Taking Liberty - Private Property Rights - From You - Interactive CDROM

U.N. Sustainable Development Now Permeates Education: Extreme Environmentalism Is The Tool For Social Change - Video DVD

The Smart Growth Fraud - VHS

Deep Throat's former FBI boss breaks public silence: Patrick Gray was "shocked" when it was revealed that Mark Felt was insider

Italians Detail Lavish CIA Operation: 13 Charged in '03 Abduction Allegedly Stayed in Finest Hotels

Italians hunt covert international CIA "snatch squad"




Sunday, June 26, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?


Battered Bush watches as support ebbs away: Backing for the Iraq war has collapsed and his domestic agenda is in disarray. Even his party is rebelling

US public opinion turns against Iraq war: Turning into "intractable quagmire"?

Bill Clinton blames Bush for making error in Iraq war

"Neo-Con" Hardliner Karl Rove Taking a More Public Role: Bush Adviser Playing Messenger for Second-Term Agenda

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Iraqi police colonel killed in Baghdad: Police station attacked in Mosul, killing 3, wounding 14

Eight Iraqi police killed west of Baghdad, in Ramadi: Police and other members of Iraq's security forces are frequently targeted by insurgents

Suicide militants kill 9 in Baghdad: Bomb exploded outside home of an Iraqi special forces police officer

Suicide Bomber Slams Pickup Truck Full of Watermelons Into Police Headquarters, Killing Five: Explosives hidden in watermelon load

Suicide attack on Iraq army kills 16 -US military confirms

Women Marines Attacked by Iraq Suicide Bomber

Bush acknowledges 'grim' images from Iraq

US not losing in Iraq, Rumsfeld insists

Iraqi Insurgent War: In the first, not the last throes

Iraq violence overshadows diplomatic offensive

New Iraqi PM seeks to reassure worried Americans

NATO chief to Ukraine for talks on reforms

Italians hunt covert international CIA "snatch squad"

Russia to increase energy production, export - Putin declares

Chinese Catholic Official Says Vatican and China Will Establish Ties

High Court to End Term With Big Decisions

Illinois State Trooper Accused Again Of Making Suspects Strip

Live 8 concerts could be world's largest broadcast: By Bob Geldof to raise awareness of African poverty

£220bn stolen by Nigeria's corrupt rulers: £220bn is amount of Western aid given Nigeria in last four decades

U.S. Seeks Source of Mad Cow Infection

C/Edge Archives

US Secretary of Agricultures Declares A National Emergency Because of the "Threat" of Mad Cow Disease: September, 2001

Are State and Federal Governments Paying Farmers To Spread 'Bio-solids' That Are Known To Cause Mad Cow Disease In Humans? Mind Control May Be The Objective

ACLU Now Defends Polygamy, Further Eroding Traditional Marriage

Could Blair shift to foreign minister? Six months is a very short time -- so what can can the British leader do to achieve his goals?

China, Vatican Will Establish Ties

Breakthrough Scientific Study Reveals That Adult Stem Cells Have The Same Ability To Multiply As Do Embryionic Cells



Taiwanese Military Analyst Worries Over China's Use of Israeli Drone: Could play pivotal role in China's invasion of Taiwan

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News


New Hardline Iranian President Declares: My victory is the “the heaviest psychological blow to Iran’s enemies”

People's votes showed that they are looking for change in political and managerial fields: Iranian MP declares

Banner Headlines Hail New Hard-Line Iranian President: Defeated Rafsanjani Criticizes Polls

Ankara, Turkey. seeks stronger ties with Iran

Russia, Indonesia hail democratic poll of Iran

Russia to continue nuclear cooperation with Iran

Other Nations

Pakistan's President Musharraf seeks clues to Bin Laden hideouts

Partial Preliminary Results Put Opposition Socialists Ahead in Bulgaria's Elections

Five Afghans Killed and Two German Soldiers Missing and Presumed Dead in Afghan Explosion

Smokescreens in Afghanistan: "War on Terror" now spilling over into other Central Asian nations

Venezuela dimisses jitters over nuclear program: Wants to develop nuclear technology for its medical, industrial and oil sectors

US admits torture at Guantanamo, Iraq, Afghanistan: But insists torture was only carried out by low-level soldiers

"World Tribunal" accuses U.S., Britain of war crimes in Iraq: Former UN officials, legal experts and human rights activists

Israeli - Palestinian War

Criticism in and outside Anglican Church for anti-Israel resolution: Anglicans seeking "solidarity" with Palestinian Christians

Palestinian stabs police officer in Jerusalem's Old City

Easing of Restrictions Led to Friday´s Terrorist Murders

Bowing to U.S. pressure, Israel to curb arms deals: Especially to China

Unilateral Disengagement News

Cabinet okays settlers' Nitzanim relocation plan

Anti-Disengagement Hotel Residents: Truce Deal with Police

Police draft rules for scenario of evacuees opening fire on them

Condoleezza Rice warns settlement expansion will be a problem

Prepare for Provocation and Blood Libel

Gaza settlers to be questioned over attack on Palestinians

South Korea says biggest threat on Korean Peninsula is North's nuclear aims

North Korea Still Won't Commit to Nuke Talks

China takes oil war to America

Billy Graham Winds Up Six Decades of Revival Meetings

Over 2,200 Come To Christ On First Night Of New York Crusade

Billy Graham and His Friends: The Hidden Agenda

Is Rev Billy Graham A Secret Mason?

Al-Jazeera to look at open U.S. border: Arab news network will document lack of security and how easy it is to enter the US illegally

Justices 'erase' key clause from Constitution: O'Connor declares "Any property may now be taken for the benefit of another private party"


Saturday, June 25, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?


Israeli - Palestinian War

Drive-by shooting kills Israeli teen: Palestinians are blamed for attack as the continuing violence threatens a fragile truce

One Dead, Four Injured in Arab Terror Attack

Three Palestinian terrorist masterminds based in Damascus will find new haven in the Gaza Strip after Israel’s withdrawal

IDF Will Pay Top Rates to Disengagement Soldiers

Defense Minister Mofaz: Bethlehem may be turned over to PA next week

Fraud Rocks Labor Party: Thousands of fraudulent membership forms

Five evacuation nightmare scenarios

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Ultra-Conservative Tehran mayor wins Iranian presidential runoff: Reformers worry moderate cleric's loss to hard-liner will lead to fewer social freedoms

Indonesia's Radical Fringe Welcomes Hardliner's Victory in Iran

U.N. wants former employee tried in '94 Rwanda genocide

Report says tsunami hit the poor harder

£220bn stolen by Nigeria's corrupt rulers: £220bn is amount of Western aid given Nigeria in last four decades

Bulgarians vote, seen ending reign of ex-king PM

The Militarization of the Police

C/Edge Archives, 1998: Secret Army, Secret Police Revealed!

Leviathan Begins To Stir: Other cities quickly move to exercise their new, almost unlimited power to seize private property

Kennedy's Vast Domain: The Supreme Court's reverse Robin Hoods -- Obtaining property will become more diffcult because both banks and insurance companies will become more skittish, having to take yet another risk variable into account

Moral Collapse

Three missing N.J. boys found dead in trunk of car: Ages 5, 6, 11

Woman, 78, killed beau, 85: Victim had a new girlfriend

Ashcroft Gone, Justice Statues Disrobe: Now partially nude again

IRS probing possible data security breaches


Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

US Pressures Foreign Countries To Censor Iraq News

Eight Iraqi policemen shot dead in Ramadi

Al-Qaida ambushes female U.S. troops: 4 servicewomen killed, 11 wounded in an attack that shows the conflict has no front lines

Rhode Island woman killed by suicide bomber in Iraq

Iraqi police find bodies of eight beheaded men

Privations in Baghdad fuel popular resentment

Bush says no timetable for Iraq withdrawal

US not losing in Iraq, Rumsfeld insists

Iraq to restore ties with four countries: Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait

U.S. urges longer role for Japanese Self-Defense Forces in Iraq

US admits torture at Guantanamo, Iraq, Afghanistan

Interrogators Cite Doctors' Aid at Guantánamo Prison Camp "Interrogations"

Los Angeles County Deputy Shot to Death During Street Gang Investigation

Italy judge seeks arrest of alleged CIA agents: 13 charged with kidnap of cleric

Tests Confirm Second Mad Cow Case in U.S.

Taiwan Reimposes Ban on U.S. Beef Imports

Pandemic flu could kill half million in U.S.

Correction: US Supreme Court Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist Did Not Die, Nor Did He Retire

Romania stunned by Orthodox nun's death in exorcism

China Nuke Missile Launch Is Major Technological Leap: An unexpected advance in technical capability

C/Edge Analysis: China Is Closing Military Gap With The US -- Arming China to be equal to U.S. has been planned for 150 years!

Weather Modification Research and Technology Transfer Authorization Act of 2005 -- Introduced In US Senate to establish a Weather Modication Operations and Research Board

Weather Modication and Weather Warfare - Entire Section of Cutting Edge Articles and Bookstore Resources




Friday, June 24, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Breaking News

6 U.S. Dead In Iraq Convoy Attack in Fallujah: Killing five U.S. Marines and a sailor, including three female Marines

Bush to address Americans Tuesday from Fort Bragg on Iraq: "This is a critical moment in Iraq ... a real time of testing"

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Mind Control In The Coming Brave New World - DVD - by Dr. Nick Begich

Incredible Technologies In The 21st Century - DVD - by Dr. Nick Begich

Combination Offer! Mind Control DVD PLUS 21st Century Technologies DVD - 3 hours - Save $5.00

New Bookstore Item: Hate Crimes

Hate Crimes: Making A Criminal Out of A Christian - VHS

Supreme Court rules against property owners: Local governments may seize individuals' businesses and homes to promote economic development - "The specter of condemnation hangs over all property" O'Connor wrote

New London, Conn., Residents Could Lose Neighborhood After High Court Ruling Favoring Town Hall

Rumsfeld roughed up in Congress: Defense Secretary sticks to his guns, insists U.S. isn't losing in Iraq

Rumsfeld Brushes Aside Call for Resignation

Making the case vs fixing it: "March to war was well underway even before the illegal "spikes" or air attacks on Iraq started in the summer of 2002"

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

40 killed in Iraq car bombings: In 12-hour span

US General Abizaid Admits: Insurgency not weakening

Iraq insurgents snatch victory from defeat

Zarqawi says top Saudi terrorist killed in Iraq in battle with US forces

Iraq Troops Battle Insurgents in Devastating Escalation

Roadside Bomb Targets U.S. Military Convoy in Iraq, Police Say: No Casualties Reported

Iraqi PM Al-Jaafari meets Cheney, lawmakers

Withdrawal on the agenda

Democrat calls for Iraq shift: Top Democrat on the Senate Armed Services Committee, Carl Levin

Survey Highlights Recruiters' Tough Job

Poll on Attitudes About the Military Draft

U.N. Asks to Check Conditions at Gitmo: Citing "persistent and credible" reports of torture at the U.S. base

Pentagon sued by U.S. soldier over Gitmo beating: Seeking $15 million in damages for severe brain trauma during a drill

Blair Bounces Back, Reclaiming His Place on World Stage

UN peacekeeping may cost record $5 bln within year

FEMA nixes red-tide bailout for Massachusetts shell-fish industry

House Rescinds Proposed Cut in Federal Support of Public Broadcasting

Russian Veterans March for Victory Parade Anniversary

Tax Activist Wins In Federal Court: Believes Congress has no power to collect levy on income

Greenpeace Activists interrupt joint military exercise between US and Australia

Bionic Man Moves Artificial Arm With Brain: Breakthrough Could Change Lives Of Amputees, Patients With Spinal Cord Injuries

Shelters Upset PETA Killed Animals Instead Of Adopting Them Out: No longer sending animals to the "People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals"

Secret Data From Japan Nuke Plants Posted On The Web

Two Florida Abortion Facilities to Close

Abortion Death Mystery: Was the Death Intentional in George Tiller’s Down Syndrome Patient?

Yahoo Chat Room Crackdown Affects Non-Sex Rooms: Users Irate At Loss Of Innocent Chat Rooms

Navy, Marine Officials Support Recommendations For Base Closures and Realignments

Tiny 'Digital plaster' monitors health : Digitial electronics getting smaller and smaller




New Cutting Edge Articles

Is Someone In The G.O.P. Using An Old Propaganda Trick In Order To Falsely Discredit Critics of The President?

If Iran Is Truly The Nuclear Threat In Middle East, Why Are Israel and The United States Ignoring The Third Atomic Threat In The Region?

Lies, Lies, and More Lies! Terri Schiavo’s grave-marker falsely indicates she was dead for 15 years

Israeli - Palestinian War

Disengagement News

Washington Stabs Israel Again: Will grant Saudi Arabia and Egypt equal status in Roadmap Quartet, supposed to be an impartial panel interested in Israel's welfare

Sharon spurns Egypt’s demands, tells Washington: Israel will not entrust its national security to Egypt

Yesha Council Begins Four-Stage Campaign: Against disengagement

Security forces preparing to raid Gush Katif hotel now rather than wait until the disengagement plan is under way

'Orange' Summer Camps Sprouting Up to Oppose Disengagement

G8 foreign ministers call for orderly withdrawal

Children's Petting Zoo Termed ´Illegal Outpost´, Destroyed by 100 Elite Police

Other News

More than 1,000 Palestinians stranded at Gaza-Egypt border

Islamic Jihad threatens to end period of calm if Israel targets leaders

U.S. breaks diplomatic boycott with visit to Gaza Strip

Jerusalem to Ban Annual Gay Pride Parade

The U.S. image abroad: Even China's is better

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Polls Open in Iran's Presidential Showdown

Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei sure of clean Iran vote, urges high turnout

Pakistan’s largest city on high alert after Sunni cleric shot dead

US officials: Syrian agents still operate in Lebanon

U.S. claiming international consensus on Syria

Afghans Claim: 102 Taliban Killed in Battle

Hunger has reached unprecedented level in Africa

Lions Rescue, Guard A Beaten 12-Year-Old Ethiopian Girl

US urges Sudan to end Darfur killings

Brazil's President Lula fights scandal probes

Tsunami-battered Asia slow to prepare for new disaster

Migrant Workers From Myanmar, Forgotten Victims of Tsunami, Now Rebuild Thai Resorts

Elections Likely to End Fairy Tale for Bulgaria's 'Comeback King'

West Point Gets First Cadet From Afghanistan Four Years After U.S. Toppled Taliban

White House Stands Behind Rove Over Comments on Liberals and Terrorism

Chinese state-owned oil company CNOOC Tries to Ease U.S. Security Worries Over Unocal Bid

Unocal says gets Chevron's OK to talk to CNOOC

Chinese Bidder for Unocal Faces US Security Risk Obstacles

China flood season toll 536, but worse yet to come

Aruba "Judge-in-Training" Arrested over Missing Alabama Girl

California Wildfires May Signal a Difficult Season: Past Year's Heavy Rain and Snow Nurtured Vegetation That Became Summer Tinder

Wildfires Threaten Homes Near Phoenix

Reverend Billy Graham

Billy Graham Holding Last Event in the U.S.: Says he "awaits death with "great anticipation"

Billy Graham and His Friends: The Hidden Agenda

Is Rev Billy Graham A Secret Mason?

Rev Graham's Speech At Antichrist Conference of August, 2000


Thursday, June 23, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?


New Bookstore Items: Mind Control

Mind Control In The Coming Brave New World - DVD - by Dr. Nick Begich

Incredible Technologies In The 21st Century - DVD - by Dr. Nick Begich

Combination Offer! Mind Control DVD PLUS 21st Century Technologies DVD - 3 hours - Save $5.00

New Bookstore Item: Hate Crimes

Hate Crimes: Making A Criminal Out of A Christian - VHS

Christian Pastors reject apology order over Koran comments: Willing to go to jail to protest Hate Crimes law

Hate Case Judge 'showed irredeemable bias'

Smoking Signposts: Creating the right political preconditions for moving populations toward a war - Downing Street and other memos reveal

Excellent Downing Street Memo Cartoon

There will be attempts to stage a coup in Russia but they will fail: High-ranking Kremlin official

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Baghdad Car Bombs Kill 38 - Over a 12-hour span, including two co-ordinated blasts

Former Sunni judge gunned down

'New militant threat' from Iraq

3 dead after attack on amoured US patrol in Iraq

UN pledges a 'new Iraq' as the carnage continues

Redesigned bombs pushing U.S. casualty toll higher: Insurgents deploying devices that leave armored vehicles increasingly vulnerable

Withdrawal on the agenda

Iraq expects US withdrawal

Iraq is now a terrorist training ground: CIA admits

The deadly trail of a mystery bomber

Iraqi Militants Release Filipino Accountant After 7 Months in Captivity

Casualties after war: Many troops are being killed in accidents after coming home

Iraq urged to ensure Sunni representation

Blinded by the light at the end of the tunnel: American public is increasingly disillusioned by the Iraq war, and Bush's triumphalism only makes things worse

Bush becoming casualty of a war he's not winning: Problems in Iraq are even weakening the US president's grip on his domestic and trade agenda

Lawmakers to Question Rumsfeld on Future of U.S. Troops in Iraq

Pentagon is criticized over Iraq billing: Over Halliburton's disputed billing under a $2.5 billion contract

Rice: Iraq Must Improve Security

Armed group claims kidnapping Turkish contractor in Iraq: Al Jazeera

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Pledges $1bn for Iraq Reconstruction

Torture, Sexual Humiliation Scandal News

Systematic violations of medical secrets at Guantanamo Bay Prison: In order to exploit prisoner's weaknesses

U.N. Expert Says U.S. Stalling on Request to Visit Guantanamo Detainees

US Democrats demand inquiry into Iraq, Guantanamo abuse

G-8 Meeting In The News

G8 Foreign Ministers Focus on Afghanistan, Iran, Middle East Peace at London Meeting

Afghanistan Tops Agenda for G8 Ministers

British Foreign Secretary Straw chairing G8 ministers' summit

China Denies Reports of Misused Bird Flu Drug

Senate Nears Completion of Energy Bill: Unlikely to Address Auto Fuel Economy

Chinese Oil Company Offers $18.5 Billion for Unocal: Trumping Chevron Offer

China's Haier Company launches bold bid for US appliance maker Maytag

New York Legislature Passes Bill to Provide Morning-After Pill Without Prescription

US poised to rule on cloned livestock: About to declare cloned meat safe for human consumption by the US Food and Drug Administration

U.S. to Give 50,000 Tons of Food to North Korea

New Data Confirms Strong Earthquake Risk to Central U.S.

New Proposal Hardens Social Security Battle Lines

Senate Rejects Greenhouse Gas Limits: Restrictions would cost jobs, drive industry overseas and run up consumers' energy bills

Invitations for "The Passion of the Christ" Symphony are now going out

C/Edge Section of Articles, Bookstore Resources On "The Passion of the Christ"

'Shox News' mocks Fox News Channel: Los Angeles artist posts billboard, website suggesting network puppet of Bush administration

Rain Doesn't Stop 50,000 People From Walking In "Jesus March" In Ukraine, Praying and Worshipping God




Breaking News

Supreme Court rules against property owners: Local governments may seize individuals' businesses and homes to promote economic development

Rumsfeld Brushes Aside Call for Resignation

US General Abizaid Admits: Insurgency not weakening

New Cutting Edge Articles

Is Someone In The G.O.P. Using An Old Propaganda Trick In Order To Falsely Discredit Critics of The President?

If Iran Is Truly The Nuclear Threat In Middle East, Why Are Israel and The United States Ignoring The Third Atomic Threat In The Region?

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel is about to accept the posting of 3,500 Egyptian troops, 45 helicopters, along the 240 km of Egyptian-Israeli border

Israel Expects Full-Scale Mideastern War In 2006

Pentagon cuts back on weapons to Israel: Because of military ties with China

China, Israel discuss expanding defense ties

What Really Deadlocked the Sharon-Abbas Talks

Israel prepares to disengage under fire

IDF starts dismantling outposts in central Hebron

Police Issue Warning: Pullout foes to increase disruptions, harm infrastructure

IAF fires missiles at Palestinian rocket launchers in Gaza

Israel Revives Assassination Policy

Gunfire and explosions aimed at Palestinian PM Ahmed Qureia on West Bank visit

Driver in train collision had a history of road violations

Trust between Israelis and Palestinians at a 10-year low

U.S. breaks diplomatic boycott with visit to Gaza Strip

Non-Integrating States News

U.S. Policy Toward Venezuela Backfires: Increasingly obvious foreign policy failure

US officials confused by Iran's turnout in election

Arrests Made for Suspected Election Violations in Iran

Iran uncovers network behind smear campaigns in Presidential election

Flight over Afghanistan ends in fatal crash of U-2 spy plane

US pilot killed in spy plane crash over Middle East: US authorities were deliberately cagey to conceal the spy plane’s flight path on its way from mission

More Russian Advanced Anti-Air Hardware for Syria

Syria helping to destabilize Lebanon - Rice charges

Afghan-U.S. Troops Continue Assault on Taliban: Death Toll Rises to 102

Tension rises as embattled Afghans blame Pakistan: For failing to stop insurgents coming in, or even encouraging them on their way

Azerbaijan Briton Is Freed

Philippine Court Sentences 7 Abu Sayyaf Men to Death: Terrorist group said to be linked to al-Qaeda

Temporary Schools Open in Aceh Six Months After Tsunami

Red Cross Worker Shot and Wounded in Indonesia's Aceh Province

E.U. In The News

EU, US rally world backing to stabilise Iraq

Blair hails EU expansion as ‘historic opportunity’

Blair warns that EU will fail if it does not modernize

Ukraine keeps eye on EU membership

EU Crisis Presents Former Communist Members With a Tough Dilemma

President, EU Commission, Barroso casts doubt on Turks' chances

Support the Ron Paul Amendment Against Mental Health Screening

C/Edge Analysis: President Bush's Mental Health Screening Initiative: Educational and Societal Control - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

Southern Baptists End Disney Boycott Over Benefits to Gay Workers: After 8 years

China's growth sums just don't add up for the planet

C/Edge Analysis: 150-Year-Old Plan To Make China Equal To U.S.

Crackdown Targets Marijuana Dispensaries in Northern California

Death Toll Hits 390 as Indian Subcontinent Sizzles in Heat Wave

Wildfires Break Out Around the West, Burning Homes in Calif., Forcing Evacuations in Arizona

House Approves Flag-Burning Constitutional Amendment: Possibly violating free-speech protections, as Supreme Court has ruled

Democrats find 2004 voting problems in Ohio

American Dictators: Documenting The Staged Election of 2004 -- by Alex Jones - DVD - VHS

Ex-Employee With AIDS Sues McDonald's

Al-Qaeda creates suicide squad

Church sex ring allegedly involved children, animal sacrifice: Hosanna Church

Air Force Academy failed religious cadets


Wednesday, June 22, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

New Cutting Edge Articles

Is Someone In The G.O.P. Using An Old Propaganda Trick In Order To Falsely Discredit Critics of The President?

Related Story: Rush Limbaugh baselessly suggested Downing Street memo "may be a fake"

If Iran Is Truly The Nuclear Threat In Middle East, Why Are Israel and The United States Ignoring The Third Atomic Threat In The Region?

Israeli - Palestinian War

Rail Disaster! At least 10 dead, 100 injured in Israel’s worst ever rail disaster - Truck on the tracks

Mideast talks bring little but reproach: Sharon, Abbas make no progress during their first meeting in months

Just Hours Before Summit, Abbas Releases His List of Demands

Abbas-Sharon Summit Marred by Arrests, Hunger Strike

Israel Offers PA Control of Two More Towns If Violence Controlled

Sharon: Nothing will stop disengagement -- Abandoned Jewish homes to be demolished, while Palestinians will be paid to remove the rubble

IDF removes the gloves against Islamic Jihad terror group

Female bomber nabbed: Palestinian woman tells interrogators she intended to blow up southern hospital

Israeli killed in West Bank ambush

Cocaine Ring Busted in Ecuador Suspected of Financing Hezbollah

Gunfire and Explosions Rattle Refugee Camp During Palestinian Prime Minister's Visit

'Palestinians' abuse goodwill to attack Israel

Where Banks Don’t Tread, the Public Lends Millions to Gush Katif settlement: For crop planting next year

'Road Map won't work cause PA are liars': Newt Gingrich declares

Arab MK Dahamshe accused of inciting attack: Jewish motorist was killed

Poll of Israeli Arabs: Israel has no right to exist as Zionist state

Terrorists may hit U.S interests in Israel

Israeli Invention Enables Diving Without Oxygen Tank

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

U.S. U-2 spy plane crashes in southwest Asia: Was it over Iran?

Map of Southwest Asia

Rumsfeld considers striking Hizbullah to provoke Syria

Drug war in Colombia: Is there any progress?

Lebanese politician assassinated: Car bomb kills communist faction's former leader, who had criticized Syria

Opposition Steps Up Calls for Lebanese Pro-Syrian President to Resign Following Another Assassination

Afghanistan investigates alleged assassination bid on U.S. envoy

Three Months of Violence Has Shaken Afghanistan, Shattered Alliance With Pakistan

Bush moves to defuse tension: Pakistan-Afghan row over terror war

U.S. commander predicts more violence against civilians: Gen. Abizaid expects Iraqi and Afghan insurgents to try to disrupt elections

About 40 Rebels and a Policeman Killed and Five U.S. Troops Wounded in Afghanistan

Arms Sales From G-8 Nations Fueling Poverty, Abuses: Human Rights Groups

Sudan rebels claim to hold 20 soldiers after army base attacks

Sudan drops charges against British aid worker

Rebels Fear of Revenge Keeps Them in Congo

Business Summit Aimed at Boosting U.S. Investment in Africa

Graft scam now a crisis for Brazil’s president

Laura Bush to visit Africa

Massachusetts Democrat calls for Public Broadcasting Head, Tomlinson, to quit

Heat, drought back haunting Europe on first day of summer

Senate allows U.S. to sue OPEC for oil price-fixing

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

North Korea nuclear programme on top of agenda: As South Korean leader visits China

North Korea 'would give up missiles' for US recognition: Washington looks unlikely to respond favourably

North Korean delegation in South for talks after breakthrough meeting with Kim Jong Il: North to focus on aid request

North Korea making ‘excuses’ for not returning to talks: Rice charges

South Korean Conscript's Rampage Raises Concern About Military Discipline and Security Lapses

South Korean Defense Minister Offers to Resign: Over Sunday’s shooting spree that claimed the lives of eight frontline soldiers

US-Russia agreement on nuclear fuel likely at international summit: Goal is to keep nuclear fuel out of hands of terrorists

U.N. Presses China on Bird Flu Drug: Concerned drug would violate international guidelines

Pope Benedict XVI Chastises Europe in Book Over Abortion

Catholic Bishop restores Latin Mass In Phoenix, Arizona

Alexandria seminary official to defend gay clergy

U.S. Episcopals Defend Openly Gay Bishop: "God has been opening our eyes to acts of God that we had not known how to see before"

Mexican drug commandos expand ops in 6 U.S. states: Feds say violent, elite paramilitary units establish narcotics routes north of border





New Bookstore Item: Hate Crimes: Making A Criminal Out of A Christian - VHS

Christian Pastors reject apology order over Koran comments: Willing to go to jail to protest Hate Crimes law

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Yes, they did lie to us: In the US the latest leaked memos are seen as a smoking gun on Iraq -- Six more documents have surfaced

Senator Biden Accuses Bush of Misleading on Iraq

U.S. Troops Press Offensive as Baghdad Diner Bombed

U.S. was big spender in days before Iraq handover

US troops to stay in Iraq despite 'progress'

'Horrified' US Ambassador Warns of Iraq Civil War

US Marines using 'old school' tactics in Iraq

Panicked Iraqis Abandon Condolence Tents: Fear attacks by Iraqi, US troops

Coalition military intelligence officials estimate: 70% to 90% of prisoners detained in Iraq since the war began last year "had been arrested by mistake"

Iraqi: US delaying Saddam interrogations

Egypt Will Become First Arab Nation to Send Ambassador to Post-Saddam Iraq

Foreign Ministers Meet for Conference on Rebuilding Iraq

Iraq seeks support to move out of ‘critical’ phase

82 Iraqi MPs Demand Occupation Pullout

CIA describes Iraq as "terror laboratory"

US Democrats demand inquiry into Iraq, Guantanamo abuse

Bill Clinton Joins Calls to Close Guantanamo

White House Rejects Creation of Commission to Probe Detainee Abuses at Guantanamo, Elsewhere

Senator Durbin Apologizes for Comparing Prison Treatment to Nazi Actions

Rice Predicts No Breakthrough on Iraq Debt

Iraq Oil Sales Concern UN Security Council

FBI is now getting Social Security data on thousands of people: Terrorist concerns cited

Rhetoric Takes Nasty Turn in Congress

Federal Panel to Release Final Recommendations for Evacuating Skyscrapers

Free trade talks with Singapore, US under way

China won't revalue yuan under pressure

Sugar firms at risk as EU subsidies shrink

Florida Democratic Party Faces IRS Lien: $900,000 Shortage

Ex-Klansman convicted of killing civil rights workers: 41 years later

Republicans Offer Social Security Bill Without Bush-Style Private Investment Accounts

Vietnam Premier, U.S. Senator's Message of Friendship Interrupted by Vietnam Vet

Senate Endorses Bush Policy on Climate Change: Emphasis is on voluntary emissions control

Focus On Terrorism

Postal Service unveils anti-terrorism device: Biohazard Detection System

FBI counterterrorism conceit

FBI warns of possible threat to power plants

WAR: Illegal Immigrants Accessed Nuclear Weapons Grade Facility: Knoxville, Tennessee

New US terror attack unlikely - US poll

9/11: The Greatest Lie Ever Sold - Painful Deceptions - Preparing Us For The Next Terror Attack -- DVD - VHS

Clinton, McCain Are '800-Pound Gorillas' of 2008 Presidential Race

Thousands Pay Respects to Philippine Cardinal Jaime Sin: Key figure in the “people power” revolts that ousted two Philippine presidents

Terri Schiavo Was Aware and Not Blind When Killed: Doctor

Petition Urged To Prevent The Department of Commerce From Approving Permanent Home On Internet For Hard-Core Pornography

Don't legitimize Web porn by honoring it with .XXX!

Russia to supply gas to Mexico

Summer Moon Illusion: The lowest-hanging full moon in 18 years is going to play tricks on you this week

Map of Ring of Fire -- Now you can see why Earthquakes and Volcanos are so active in this region, including the Indonesian quake which produced the massive tsunami



Tuesday, June 21, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?


Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Two Iraqi Policeman Wounded in Baghdad Gunbattle

Car bombs hit Baghdad and north Iraq, 29 dead

Suicide bomber kills 20 traffic policemen in Kurdish city

Iraq insurgents claim to have killed 7: A foreign contractor and 6 Iraqi guards

Iraq announces arrest of terror suspect: Suspected member of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's al-Qaida in Iraq

Leading Egyptian Government Daily Al-Akhbar: "Al-Zarqawi is an American Agent"

UK arrest over Iraq suicide attacks on Coalition Forces

Bush Vows to Press on in Iraq

EU, US to push for wider debt relief for Iraq

New US envoy to Iraq vows to crush insurgency

Al Qaeda linked group claims killing of Japanese contractor in Iraq

But Japan says Iraq militants’ victim not Japanese

Saddam insists he's still Iraq president

Sunni Arab role may snag Iraq constitution

New president of Iraq's autonomous Kurdish region wants Kurdish recognition

Marine units found to lack equipment

Rush Limbaugh Plumbs New Depth Of Perversion: Releases Gitmo T-shirt Line

C/Edge Archives: Has Rush Limbaugh Begun The 'Unofficial - Offical' Bush Administration's Domestic Line of Defense Against The Torture and Sexual Degradation Scandal?

Families of Some Sept. 11 Victims Call for Cancellation of Freedom Museum

FBI chief won't mandate terror expertise

Government Collected Personal Data on Airline Passengers: Even though it made pledge not to do so and Congress ordered them not to do so

Dollar retains strength despite euro slide

President Faces Decision on Dropping Bolton Nomination After Second Senate Rebuff

New power outage hits Moscow

US Bookstore Chain Expects Record Sales for New Harry Potter Book

Cutting Edge "Harry Potter Section" -- Articles of Analysis plus Bookstore Resources

Did David Boren Install a Homosexual Network in the CIA?

The Minutemen are Back




See our Huge Bookstore Selection of DVD and VHS Videos

Israeli - Palestinian War

Rice’s Twin Middle East Missions Impossible: Egypt demanding right to bring tanks up to border and to overfly the border with military helicopters

Sharon, Abbas to hold historic talks in Jerusalem on Tuesday

Palestinian terrorists kill two Israelis in 24 hours

Fatah Terrorist Caught Before Israeli Hospital Suicide Attack

Anti-Disengagement Activists Plan Massive Road Blocking Protests

Israel Arrests 52 Islamic Jihad Militants in Apparent Policy Shift

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Victory for Lebanon’s anti-Syrian Opposition Was Predetermined

Former communist leader killed in Beirut blast: Anti-Syrian critic

Saudi forces shoot dead policeman’s killers

Army Deserter Charles Jenkins Apologizes for Deserting Army for North Korea

Iran ministry warns of fraud in presidential run-off

Bush credited with motivating hard-line turnout in Iran vote: Reformers may support ex-president in runoff

The US war with Iran has already begun: Scott Ritter

China's new missile 'warning to U.S.': Taiwan military experts say America should take notice of new submarine-launched Ju Lang-2 missile, a more lethal weapon and it is a weapon for invasion

Terri Schiavo's remains buried in Florida

Blair told, act now on climate: G8 countdown Poll shows public fears on global warming

Revealed: How oil giant influenced Bush on climate control treaty: White House sought advice from Exxon on Kyoto stance

Bookstore Combo Offer: Antichrist & A Cup of Tea PLUS Prince Charles: Sustainable Prince

Ex-Klansman's murder case goes to jurors: Accused of 1964 murders

Thousands celebrate Summer Solstice at Stonehenge

Romanian Orthodox Monk Is Indicted in Nun's Death On Cross During "Exorcism"

Avian Flu: A Nightmare Scenario?

Charges Against Teen Upgraded After Dog He Allegedly Raped Dies: Also accused of molesting 3-year-old girl and raping a 13-year old girl

Border violence spreads north to Dallas


Monday, June 20, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?


12 Must-Read Articles From The Cutting Edge: Writer to Rumor Mill News says, "Cutting Edge is always a few years ahead of time in their prounouncements of world events. They have a track record that speaks for itself. If you see it on the Cutting Edge, you can believe it."

Israeli - Palestinian War

Arab Terrorists Murder Young Jewish Man: Attack marks the beginning of "retreat under fire"

Unilateral Withdrawal From Gaza Strip: Interactive Map

Sharon supports home demolitions -- Rice agrees

Three IDF soldiers wounded in Palestinian anti-tank missile attack: One soldier later died

Rice Asks Arab Countries for Help With Israeli-Palestinian Peace

Where Oslo failed, retreat will succeed -- Secretary Rice assures

Unemployment Drops, Demand for Workers Rises 40%

Hamas won't drop goal of destroying Israel

Israeli navy builds anti-terror barrier off Gaza coast: To keep potential attackers from swimming to targets after Israel's planned retreat from the coastal strip

Gingrich: U.S. should abandon roadmap in the quest for peace

Elite Golani Brigade Says "No" to Expelling Jews

Druse soldier: Don't make me evacuate settlers

4 Palestinians wounded in alleged settler attack

Israel apologizes to U.S. over China arms sale

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Victory for Lebanon’s anti-Syrian Opposition Was Predetermined

Three killed in Afghanistan ambush

Eighteen Taliban, Three Others Killed in Fierce Fighting in Southern Afghanistan

Vietnam Reports Two New Human Cases of Bird Flu, New Poultry Outbreak

As Egypt Ponders Elections, Rice Makes Case for Democracy

Vietnam Prime Minister Launches U.S. Tour, Protesters Call for End to Persecution There

Bin Laden in Afghan-Pak border: Pakistani President Musharraf

West Africa plays anti-terror war games with United States

More than 1,200 who had anthrax vaccine now sick

Crude Oil Futures Hit All-Time High, Nears $60

North Charleston could get $500 million Airbus plant

Tennessee plant to make first Nissan hybrid

Romanian Orthodox priest who crucified nun unrepentant

Sen. Robert C. Byrd's Memoir Laments Early Fling With Klan as 'foolish Mistake'

United States has asked Japan to contribute 58 billion yen toward a joint missile defense development project

Sen. Durbin's Regret for Remarks Not Enough for GOP

War On Terror News

Bill Clinton adds voice to criticism of Guantánamo

Prison issues: Close Guanatanamo? If United States does, it can't stop there

Professor: Terror war 'not going very well'

FBI managers admit they didn't seek to hire or promote terror experts for top jobs after 9/11

U.S. Allies Resist Secret Deportations: Bush administration has transferred dozens of suspects to third countries without court approval, subjecting them to possible torture

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Attack on Baghdad Police Station: Killing at least four officers

Suicide bomber kills 23 in popular Baghdad restaurant

Suicide Car Bomber in Northern Kurdish City Kills at Least 20 Policemen

30 dead in Baghdad cloud the "positive note" that Coalition arrests of over 1,200 insurgents has crippled their ability to launch further attacks

Warplanes bomb Iraqi insurgents near Syrian border

Engineer dramatically freed from Iraq returns to Australia

50 insurgents killed in US crackdown

Iraq: Unending health disaster

Pressure Mounting On Bush

US losing in Iraq: Republican Senator Chuck Hagel

Saddam's ouster set stage for Iraq invasion: UK memos - 'US bid to establish Iraq-Al-Qaeda link so far unconvincing'

British pre-war bombing raids were illegal: Foreign Office

Memos show British fretting over Iraq war

Bush says troops to stay despite criticism

Did Lucy Ramirez Find The Downing Street Memos? Deja Vu with President Bush's National Guard records all over again?

Army rolls out new approach to address recruiting shortfall

Army Standards relaxed for officer candidates

Bird flu drug for humans rendered useless: China’s use on chickens has led to resistance in virus

Major quake hits California: 5 magnitude quake struck off Northern California's coast - 5th significant tremor within one week

5.6 quake shakes Tokyo

Publicity From Missing Teen Case a Concern in Tourism-Focused Aruba

North Korea 'willing to rejoin nukes treaty' - Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT)

Rice Leaves Open Possibility Bush Will Bypass Senate on Bolton

Possible Bush court nominees pose quandary: A conservative anchor vs. an ethnic first

EU summit collapses

Human embryonic stem cells have the potential to develop into eggs and sperm

Global Warming Gains Higher Profile in Senate

If High Court Vacancy Opens, Activists Are Poised for Battle

Woman might head Church of England, says Williams

Nuclear power plant option 'not very realistic' for Australia

The Baku-Ceyhan Pipeline: British Petroleum’s Time Bomb

VATICAN SUMMIT: NO TURNING BACK ON ECUMENICAL JOURNEY: Pope Meets General Secretary of World Council of Churches

Aborted-fetus shots used to stop aging: 'I had lots of wrinkles ... but now the skin is as smooth as a baby's'

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