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June 16 - 30, 2007


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Non-Integrating States News - Iran (Ancient Persia)

Iran Establishes Missile Defense Shield in Syria: In preparation for military action if it is attacked over its nuclear program -- Syria agreed to the deployment of sophisticated weaponry on its territory

Most of the missiles can be fired from mobile launchers and are capable of hitting targets right across Israel

"Preparing Us For The Next Attack"

Global Terrorism = Global Dictatorship

A blazing car has crashed into the terminal building at Glasgow Airport: incident happened just a day after a car bomb attack on central London was foiled - too early to say whether today's incident was terrorist related.

Incident happened at about 3.15pm. (1515 hours)

Car bombs come to London: 'Iraqi-style' device defused outside club - Second device located

Favoured tool of Iraqi insurgents, Kashmir separatists - and al-Qaida

Map Showing Where Bomb Was Discovered

LONDON: TERROR IN THEATRELAND - Iraq-style car bombs planted to slaughter hundreds

Police press conference: 'The threat from terrorism is real and enduring' - Deputy Assistant Commissioner Peter Clarke

Nightclub bomb alert issued two weeks ago

A wisp of smoke - and lethal device was spotted - Bombs primed to explode as night clubbers headed home

Leading Analysis Article: A bomb, a war and a government signalling a change of course

Brown's first day as PM: New faces and plans to heal old wounds

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Turkey warns of plans to invade northern Iraq

5 US soldiers killed in Baghdad ambush: Deaths cap end of the deadliest 3-month period

UN disbands Iraq weapons inspection unit: Four years after the US-led invasion of Iraq failed to turn up weapons of mass destruction, the UNSC has officially disbanded its weapons inspections unit for Iraq

US troops brought up on Iraq murder charges

US-led raids 'kill 26' in Baghdad

US says report of 20 beheaded bodies in Iraq false

Status of American soldiers changed to 'missing'

‘Arabs conniving against Baghdad’

Iraq Sunnis to boycott government

Half of Baghdad Now Under Control: American commander

Downer's Iraq Pledge: Australian troops will remain in Iraq for the foreseeable future

Iraqi Arabs enjoy life in Kurdish north

The old spirit still stirs but the people of Baghdad have one wish: to get out - Capital has fallen into rack and ruin and residents have become prisoners in their own homes

Marines drop case against Iraq veteran: Made anti-war statements in a speech and wore part of his uniform at a protest

Will it have to get worse? Iraq's prospects look increasingly bleak, but dividing the country on ethnic and sectarian lines will cause more problems than it solves


Israeli - Palestinian War

Hamas Warns: We will receive int'l forces 'with shells, rockets'

West Bank family who lost 3 members in 2002 terror attack is attacked again

Qassam terror rocket hits elderly couple's home: Islamic Jihad cell fires two rockets at western Negev

Egyptian President Mubarak: PM Olmert should 'forget about' talks with Saudi officials

President Abbas seeks help to isolate Hamas: Also backs Lebanon against extremists

Jordan, Egypt worried over Gaza revolt

Regretting the Gaza pullout: Do words of regret over disengagement signal a change or are they a mere fad?

IDF may stop hunting "reformed" terrorists

Blair plans Middle East visit in July: First visit as special Middle East peace envoy

Israeli President 'a rapist and a pervert': Former secretary charges

Hamas' Farfour Mouse dies in last episode: Propaganda mouse dies when Israeli state kills him - weekly showed aimed at Palestinian children

Will pope reintroduce anti-Semitic mass? Pope Benedict XVI plans to publish new version of 400-year-old prayer which calls Jews 'perfidious'

UN urges Syria, Iran to respect Lebanon arms ban

US bans entry for people undermining Lebanese gov't

Robert Fisk: 'Abu Henry' and the mysterious silence - "we may have to remain in Afghanistan for decades to protect Afghans from the Taliban"

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Ivory Coast prime minister survives attack on plane - Plane hit by three rockets

Columbian hostages killed 'in cold blood'

Chavez talk of becoming a nuclear power aimed at US: Remarks aimed at antagonizing US

Bush, Putin to Share Break From Tensions: Meeting at the Bush family's oceanfront estate in Maine

Bush Losing 'Fast Track' Trade Powers



June 29, 2007


Israeli - Palestinian War

Hezbollah preparing for the next war

Another summer war loomed on the horizon yesterday as Israeli forces killed at least 12 Palestinians: In The Gaza Strip

Dismay in Washington and Jerusalem over Tony Blair’s first steps as Middle East Quartet’s envoy - Said he deos not mean to adhere to the US-Israeli boycott of Hamas

Arabs sceptical about Blair’s chances: Too unpopular and too close to Israel and the United States

Lebanon holding up IDF Ghajar pullout: Town straddles Lebanon/Israeli border

Israel fights Fatah militants in West Bank city

In sudden burst of violence, 12 Palestinians die in Gaza

IDF kills Aksa gunman in Nablus taxi

British police to probe Yom Kippur spy death: Was the Mossad agent who tipped Israel off on the eve of the Yom Kippur War about the coming surprise attack

PM Olmert: Full Kassam protection impossible

IDF exposes bomb lab in Nablus

Saudi king snubs Abbas

Katzav to Resign: Charges Significantly Downgraded - Charges go from rape to only sexual harrassment

President Katsav submits letter of resignation - Dalia Itzik to serve as acting president until Peres takes office

Palestinian Civil War

Fatah, in disarray, torn by mutual recriminations

Ex-Abbas adviser calls for new Hamas-Fatah gov't

Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Fayad warns clerics he will not tolerate inciteful sermons

Iran says she is not favoring Hamas

Kidnappers Propose Prisoner Swap Deal: IDF Shalit for Johnston

Was there ever a Palestinian 'nation'? Palestinians lack true national identity as their identity mostly characterized by hatred towards Israel

Crisis In Lebanon

UNIFIL 'committed more than ever' - Graziano, commander of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL)

Lebanon's government asks U.N. peacekeepers to stay

Lebanon's PM Siniora vows to find 'terrorists' who killed Spanish UN troops

More Islamists killed as Lebanon unrest spreads: The 40th day of a deadly showdown

PLO in Lebanon: Fatah al-Islam must disarm

Hariri assassination case frozen pending request to remove judge

Israel sees hope in Iranian unrest: Over fuel restrictions

Car bomb found in London: Police defused the crude device

Iraq War sceptic Miliband offers chance of clean slate on Iraq: PM Brown appointed him as the youngest Foreign Secretary in three decades

Brown must seize the day - and break with Bush now

Brown Cabinet fits nicely, but muddling mix of old and new: Assembles impressive new Cabinet

White House Asserts Executive Privilege: Defying Congressional probe on the firings of federal prosecutors

White House, Cheney's Office Subpoenaed by The Senate: Elevating the confrontation with President Bush over the administration's warrant-free eavesdropping on Americans

Chávez hints at nuclear future for Venezuela

Dust from Sahara just a sneeze away: The first immense cloud of Saharan dust of the season is en route to South Florida

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Four Iraqi journalists killed in past three weeks

Documenting the Slaughter in Iraq

Dozens die as Iraqi bombers strike

5 U.S. Soldiers Killed in Iraq: In a coordinated attack in southern Baghdad involving a roadside bomb and rocket-propelled grenades

Bomb kills three British soldiers on patrol in Basra

Iranian influence in Iraq undimmed despite talks

Shiite bloc's support for PM Al Maliki are rife with discord

'Chemical Ali' didn't act alone: The slaughter of Kurds under Saddam Hussein was official government policy, not the act of a rogue general

Iraq's Shi'ite cleric Al-Sadr vows march to a devastated shrine in central Iraq will proceed

Ivorians mourn royal killed in Iraq - 33 year old was a close cousin of Nanan Boa Kouassi III, king of the Agni ethnic group

Bush cites Israel as a model for Iraq: President says U.S. goal in Iraq isn't to end attacks but to enable a democracy that can function despite violence

Australia assures US on Iraq commitment

Tears, fears as US family sees son off to war

Turkey plans to move against Iraq Kurds: Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul

Blood on the streets as drug gang and Brazilian police fight for control of Rio favelas: It's like Baghdad, says media, with up to 24 dead in one day of shootouts

Immigration News

Senate hands Bush major immigration defeat

Mitt Romney hails defeat of immigration bill

Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala: Immigration calls crashed Capitol phone system

Post-Cold War chill hangs over Bush-Putin summit: Two leaders will meet Sunday and Monday at the Bush family estate in Kennebunkport, Maine

Putin's Arctic Invasion: Russia lays claim to the North Pole - and all its gas, oil, and diamonds

Poll of Democrats reveals Gore could still steal the show: Hillary Clinton would be big loser if ex-vice president ran

US, Russia nearing nuclear cooperation accord: But, Moscow's ties with Iran continue to loom as a potential complication

Bush may make fleeting visit to New Zealand: Visit would follow his attendance at the annual APEC summit in Sydney on September 8 and 9

IMF faces loss of influence in world

Somali Leader Wants U.N. to Send Troops

Gitmo detainees forgotten

Costs Skyrocket As DHS (Department of Homeland Security) Runs Up No-Bid Contracts

Higher Food, Energy Prices Raise Fresh National Security Questions

Supreme Court on Thursday abandoned a 96-year-old ban on manufacturers and retailers setting price floors for products: Agreements to maintain minimum retail prices are legal if they "promote competition"

June 28, 2007


Palestinian Child killed in Israeli raid as army tries to halt militants' rocket attacks: Most lethal Israeli raids into Gaza since Hamas seized internal control

Heavy fighting took place overnight in Judea and Samaria, with IDF forces searching parts of Shechem: IDF waged anti-terror battles in Gaza as well

Saudi and Jordanian monarchs call for end to Palestinian infighting:
Israeli incursion into gaza leaves 13 dead

IDF officer seriously wounded in Nablus operation

Israel rejects Hamas crossing request: Israel had no intention of strenghtening Hamas in West Bank

Palestinian Hamas movement has criticised the appointment of former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair as an international Middle East peace envoy - His "absolute priority" would be to bring about a two-state solution to the Israel-Palestinian conflict

Palestinians have a tough choice: Struggle for the soul of the Palestinian nation is underway

Former Mossad Spy Ashraf Marwan Dies Mysteriously: Died by falling from the balcony of his home - Scotland Yard examining the possibility of murder

Related Story: Egyptian billionaire ‘who spied for Mossad’ found dead

Major General Amos Yadlin, Chief of Military Intelligence Warns: What Happened In Gaza Will Happen in Judea, Samaria

Prime Minister Olmert is planning to initiate the evacuation of illegal outposts in the West Bank in the coming months

Former Fatah security chief Dahlan: Iran, Qatar backed Hamas 'coup'

4,000 Gazan Arabs Have Fled to Egypt

Israel's President Katsave to quit but won't face rape charges: Must resign office Thursday

Katsav plea bargain outrageous, complainant says

Salman Rushdie gets knighted - now watch out - 1) Pakistani trade union offered a $160,000 reward to anyone who beheads Rushdie. 2) Iran "will not leave this imprudent and shameless act without response." 3) Reactions amounts to a declaration of war

Related New Cutting Edge Analysis Article

Deliberately Enraging Muslims To Trigger World War III:

In accordance with the "Blood In The Streets" strategy, two explosive events last week will trigger such anger that pro-Western moderate Arab governments could fall and spark all-out war.

1) Knighting of Salman Rushdie

2) Allowing hundreds of thousands of sensitive CIA and Mossad intelligence documents to fall into Hamas hands

Crisis In Lebanon

Syria arming Palestinian refugee camps: Lebanese Prime Minister Fuad Saniora charges

The dismantling of Resolution 1701 through suicide bombing of UNIFIL troops: Spaniards had the reputation for most forcefully implementing their mandate

Lebanese Army resumes shelling of Nahr al-Bared Palestinian refugee camp

Spain to speed up special equipment for its peacekeepers in southern Lebanon

PM Siniora's allies at home can learn a lesson from his friends abroad


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Insurgent attacks kill at least 17 people in Iraq: Bombings and shootings take their toll

Bombing near Shiite shrine kills 20

Bombs kill 25 and three British troops in Iraq: Bomb went off at an intersection in Baghdad

3 British soldiers killed by roadside bomb in Basra

Iraqi Official Charges: US 'behind Baghdad hotel blast' which killed six pro-West sheiks

$19bn spent on Iraq troops: But Iraqi troops still not ready

U.S. forces turning to ‘indirect’ war tactics: Support grows for uprooting terror havens rather than relying on firefights

Iranian Revolutionary Guards deployment of suicide units into Southern Iraq is another step in undeclared war: Iran getting ready for an American attack - "Iranian military incursion of Iraq is the fourth military invasion of foreign territory underway in the Middle East at this very moment - None are officially admitted

Iranian delegation in Iraq to enhance parliamentary ties

Iran helping to plan attacks in Iraq - US charges again

Republicans break ranks with Bush over Iraq

Iran, Iraq working to end instability

When to leave Iraq, not whether: Luckily, at least a few Americans have begun to hash out ways the country can -- inevitably -- extract itself

Police Ammo In Short Supply: Police departments across the state to cancel training sessions, borrow from other departments, and even settle for less-powerful rounds - ammunition is going to the military in Iraq and Afghanistan

Iraqis deploying more lobbyists to influence Congress

Senator Lugar shakes Capitol, calls Bush Iraq strategy a failure: Leaves President Bush little "wiggle room" - Remarks set off a political earthquake whose aftershocks rippled Tuesday across the Capitol

Iran to study Iraq request for talks with U.S. positively: FM Mottaki

Tehran awaits Washington's response to resume talks over security in Iraq

Tehran is sending wrong signals

Poland Charges: Russia intends to freeze Polish-US missile plan to defend against Iranian nuclear missiles

Miscellanous Non-Integrating States News

Libyan leader Gaddafi calls for two million strong African army: To fulfill his plan for a United States of Africa

Suicide bomber attacks contractors' convoy in Kabul

US 'deeply troubled' by North Korea missile launch: Launched several missiles just before UN inspectors prepared to visit a nuclear reactor

Seoul optimistic on closure of North Korea nuclear reactor

Strong earthquake packing a magnitude of 6.7 hit the Bougainville region of Papua New Guinea today

White House, Cheney's Office Subpoenaed by The Senate: Elevating the confrontation with President Bush over the administration's warrant-free eavesdropping on Americans

Nearly 250,000 Open Wallets for Senator Obama

US-India Relations Hit Rough Patch - Over the nuclear cooperation deal

German Chancellor Angela Merkel hailed the landmark treaty agreed by EU leaders last week, saying it shows the way forward for the 27-nation bloc

New British Prime Minister

Brown pledges change as British prime minister

PM Brown picks cabinet for 'new priorities'

From London to Iraq, who are you Gordon Brown?

Distrust of US, Russia and China growing around world

UAE won't rule out dropping dollar peg: Would only do so with the support of other GCC nation

June 27, 2007


Non-Integrating States News - Iran (Ancient Persia)

Iranian Revolutionary Guards deployment of suicide units into Southern Iraq is another step in undeclared war: Iran getting ready for an American attack - "Iranian military incursion of Iraq is the fourth military invasion of foreign territory underway in the Middle East at this very moment - None are officially admitted

Fuel ration sparks Iranian protest: Protestors have set fire to gasoline stations

Now the Saudis tool up for war: White House line that Iraq’s extremists are all backed by Iran is a myth

Spain seeks Iran’s help about the death of soldiers in Lebanon: Iranian officials denounced the suicide bombing

UK proposal to target Iran's national shipping lines under a draft United Nations sanctions resolution could temporarily curb Tehran's ability to export oil to world markets

Iran seizes three UAE boats in Gulf waters


Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel braces for July war with up to five enemies: Iran, Syria, Hizbullah, Hamas and Al Qaida

Renewed Israeli attacks strike Gaza: Israeli spokesman reports"activity in the northern Gaza Strip and the southern Gaza Strip, in the area of Gaza City and the area of Khan Yunis"

IDF kills 11 Palestinians in Gaza

General Amos Yadlin, Chief of Military Intelligence Warns That The Violence Which Has Occurred In Gaza Will Happen in Judea, Samaria

PM Olmert's Proposal to Release Terrorists is Harshly Criticized

MK Levy Warns: If Terrorists are Freed, They Must be Expelled

Fatah-Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades chiefs defy President Abbas’ ban on unauthorized persons bearing arms on West Bank

PA Terrorists Continue to Bombard Western Negev

In the Palestinian Authority 'Children Learn That Death is Preferable to Life': Palestinians have developed a "Death Culture"

The Hamas Blitzkrieg: Was "ordered" by the Tehran-Damascus "axis"

Lithuanian Torah Dedicated on U.S. Naval Ship: This Torah was the only remaining religious item that survived the World War II destruction of the Jewish community of Lithuania

Crisis In Lebanon

UN says Lebanon-Syria border open to arms smuggling

Is Nahr al-Bared camp fighting just a small taste of even worse to come?

Lebanese Troops blow up more buildings in Nahr al-Bared, hoist flags over others

Lebanese Defense Minister: 300 militants killed or wounded in fighting in Palestinian camp

Attack on UN force ‘linked to militants’: Two more Lebanese soldiers killed yesterday

Spanish judge launches probe into UNIFIL attack

Lebanon's PM Siniora meets French president

Secretary Rice Seeks to Bolster Lebanon Government

Turkey bombards Kurdish border villages


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Ayatollah Khamenei has told Jalal Talabani - visiting Iraqi president -- that the United States is the main source of insecurity in Iraq

Iraqi Security 'Troops raid' Iraq Sunni minister's house

US military bets all on current summer Iraq campaign

White House predicted Tuesday that due to growing sectarian violence and attacks on U.S. troops, Iraq's situation in coming weeks will be "very difficult"

Documenting the Slaughter in Iraq

Imams put fatwa on carp caught in Tigris: So many bodies have been dumped in the river during the sectarian bloodletting that residents will not eat any fish which feed off the river bed

Talabani visit to China a 'success'

Republican support for Iraq war dwindles: Two GOP senators announce they want Bush to begin bringing troops home

Iraqi checkpoints no obstacle for insurgents flush with cash

Even more doubt cast on key part of 'surge' -- Iraqi forces

Where is Iraq Heading? Lessons from Basra -- Iraq is in the midst of a civil war

Iraqi Minister Sought in Assassination Attempt

Iraq's September diagnosis: From Gen. David Petraeus, but many other designated experts, will deliver their report cards on Iraqi progress — or lack of it

Israeli actor playing Saddam in TV miniseries

Former US Army Reserve officer sentenced for kickbacks: Helped steer millions of dollars in Iraq-reconstruction contracts in exchange for jewelry, computers, cigars and sexual favors

The Rise and Rise of Defense Secretary Robert Gates

Former Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta Confirms That Dick Cheney Ordered Stand Down on 9/11

9/11 Sicknesses consistent with environmental radiation contamination

Brown prepares to succeed Blair as prime minister on Wednesday

Russians withhold approval of Blair Middle East envoy role - During Quartet meeting

Blair was not my poodle, Bush says

New economic tigers Brazil, Russia, India and China overtake U.S. in dominating global energy industry

California wildfire in new surge: After the blaze jumped a defence line forcing hundreds to flee

Bolivia reclaims oil refineries

Istanbul hosts Black Sea summit: leaders of a dozen nations in the Black Sea region, including Russian President Vladimir Putin, pledged to increase cooperation in energy and trade

Johannesburg, South Africa, wakes up to first snow in over 20 years

Billionaire Buffett Helps Put on Hillary Clinton Fundraiser

Besieged immigration reform bill stays alive


June 26, 2007


Israel braces for July war with up to five enemies: Iran, Syria, Hizbullah, Hamas and Al Qaida

PA Terrorists Continue to Bombard Western Negev: Rockets continue to fall upon western Negev communities - "attacks have been coming at "the start of almost every day for the past week"

The CIA and Fatah: Spies, Quislings and the Palestinian Authority - Captured intelligence files convince Fatah critics that Abbas, Arafat, were secretly working with Western Intelligence in order to crush Palestinians

In change of course, Al Qaeda’s No. 2 Zuwahiri voices support for Hamas takeover of Gaza - "America is being defeated now in Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia, and it will be defeated in Palestine”

Palestinian President Abbas has asked Israel for permission to bring Fatah forces based in Jordan to the West Bank: To shore up his control after Hamas’s Gaza takeover

Hamas wants to close deal: Timing of captured IDF soldier Shalit audiotape's release shows Hamas eager to finalize prisoner swap

Hamas was free to cause sensation with audio tape of Israeli soldier Shalit’s voice - but not to release him without al Qaeda’s assent

Security Officials Confirm Authenticity of Shalit Tape

'We've turned Fatah's downfall into opportunity for peace': Olmert pledges release of 250 Fatah prisoners at Sharm el-Sheik summit, calls on regional leaders to strengthen Abbas

Releasing prisoners a mistake, says Netanyahu: Olmert's proposal to free 250 Palestinian prisoners would harm PA and weaken Abbas

Olmert's summit gesture to Abbas was more insult than overture

Hamas ready for Palestinian dialogue: Hamas' former PM Haniya

Arab leaders at the four-way Sharm El-Sheikh summit reiterated their support for Palestinian Authority Chairman Abbas: To combat Hamas

Mideast negotiators meet in Jerusalem for first time since Hamas took Gaza: Day after summit at Sharm el-Sheik

Israel targets car in Gaza city: Targeting Islamic militants

Crisis In Lebanon

Robert Fisk Editorial: After the Spaniards, who will be next to die in Lebanon? "The UN - and thousands of Western troops - are now in the firing line in another Arab country"

Spain voices resolve to fulfill UNIFIL mission: Defense minister arrives in Lebanon to collect remains of fallen peacekeepers

Fatah al-Islam snipers claim two Lebanese soldiers as fighting rages on: At the Nahr al-Bared refugee camp

Akkar township backs army despite losses at Nahr al-Bared: 'We have to send our children off' to be soldiers

The world that Bob made: Devastating assassination attempt against fiery cleric has earmarks of "Made In USA" - Cleric unhurt but 81 people died

French President Sarkozy blocks key part of EU entry talks on Turkey

Former Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia Anwar Ibrahim Warns: An EU ‘no’ to Turkey will be perceived as ‘no’ to Islam


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Iraq bomber kills sheiks allied to U.S. : Suicide attack foils security; 13 die in blast at Baghdad hotel lobby

Baghdad attack against sheiks strains new ties: Bombing seen as message to Sunnis who would work with government

Iraqi President Talabani to visit Iran on Tuesday: For talks with senior officials

One-third of Iraq police units now led by Sunnis: Shiites with sectarian bias purged, U.S. general says

Saddam aides to hang: "Chemical Ali," two others found guilty in slaughter of Kurds

Al Qaida 'execution den' found in Iraq: Labyrinth of booby traps, buried bombs and bodies greeted US and Iraqi forces

Stressed Army weighs options: Longer combat tours are a possibility if Bush continues build-up in Iraq

U.S. forces step up Baghdad efforts: Gunbattles against militants reported in city near Iraqi capital

Despite offensives elsewhere, Baghdad still deadliest for U.S. troops

GOP Senator Says Iraq Plan Not Working: Sen. Richard Lugar, a senior Republican and a reliable vote for President Bush on the war

U.S. mayors urge plan for Iraq pullout after chaotic debate

Arrest warrant issued for Sunni culture minister

Iraq revives Saddam oil deal with China: Allowing a state-owned Chinese oil company to develop an Iraqi oil field

The tortured world of US intelligence

North Korea, IAEA to discuss nuclear reactor shutdown

Cyclone Yemyin hits Pakistan, thousands flee: Winds only 57 mph

Former PM Blair: I will do whatever I can for Middle East peace - after leaving No 10 Downing Street

Odds stacked against Blair Middle East peace mission

British PM Blair: A man who helped push the Middle East into chaos

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Blast kills five women in Mogadishu: Outside a busy market in the Somali capital

Secretary of State Rice faults world for failing on stopping killings in Darfur

Two Indian hostages freed in Nigerian oil delta

Hackers breach security at the Pentagon: US Defence Department has been forced to shut down parts of its network after a cyber attack - 1,500 computers were taken offline

How America Went Gay

Flight 77 Black Box Data Shows Major Flaws in the Official Story: DATA DECODING SHOWS 911 TRUTH IS UNYEILDING!

Does confirm that the flight path does NOT match up to the damage leading up to the Pentagon, but data does match eyewitness testimony which reported seeing 2 planes

June 25, 2007


Israeli - Palestinian War

Sudden Egyptian makes decision to lift anti-Hamas blockade of Gaza: Only one day after condemning Hamas Gaza takeover as illegal coup -- astonishing U-Turn in policy by "Pro-American" government - Makes Sharm el-Sheikh conference a sham

Sharm el-Sheikh Summit being held to show support for Abbas

Olmert, don't go: PM humiliated during previous Sharm summit, should reconsider this one

The Sharm Curse: Past experience shows regional summits in Sharm el-Sheikh destined to fail

PM Olmert: No alternative to Israeli-Palestinian talks

Jordanian King Pre-empts 4-Way Summit With Direct Call to Olmert

Israel adopts US decision to switch backing from President Abbas to Palestinian PM Fayyad

Hamas to release files showing Palestinian intelligence collaboration with the US CIA, UK’s MI5 and Shin Ben Security Service

Hamas Warns Informants: We Know Who You Are - From captured intelligence documents

Iran played 'big role' in Gaza takeover: Palestinian Intelligence charges

‘Fatah officers cooperated with Hamas in Gaza’

PM Olmert considering transfer of military equipment to Fatah

Israeli Gov't OKs $562 Million Transfer to Fatah Terrorists

Bombardment on Sderot Sunday Wounds Three and Causes Damages

IAF Kills Gaza Terrorist Who Launched Rocket on Sunday

Terrorists Say IDF soldier Shalit and BBC Correspondent Johnston Still Alive

New video has Johnston in suicide bomb belt

Israel seen avoiding Gaza war with Hamas - for now: Israel likely to try to avoid confrontation

Crisis In Lebanon

Spain's defense minister says two Spanish and three Colombian peacekeepers, all serving in the Spanish army’s UN contingent, were killed in a powerful blast in S. Lebanon: Attacks on peacekeepers has begun!

Six peacekeepers killed in Lebanon: Was the first deadly attack on the 13,000-strong United Nations force since last year's Israel-Hezbollah war

10 killed in clashes between Lebanese troops and militants: In the northern port city of Tripoli early Sunday

Lebanon's DM Announces Victory, Fatah al-Islam Still Fighting: But fighting was renewed Saturday, and the terror chiefs remain at large

Opposition warns of 'disaster' if unity government not formed

Turkey puts hold on military leaves - Continues to prepare for all-out offensive against Kurdish Iraq

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Suicide blasts hits Baghdad hotel: At least 12 people have been killed and 15 injured in a suicide attack on a hotel in central Baghdad

Suicide bombers kill 26 in Iraq

US daily toll rises to eight in Iraq

'Chemical Ali' sentenced to hang: for the murder of some 180,000 Kurds in 1988

Profile: 'Chemical Ali' - was an important powerbroker in Saddam Hussein's Iraq

Verdicts in Iraq do little healing

US troops 'tighten' Baquba grip: Now control about 60% of the city's western side

Despite offensives elsewhere, Baghdad still deadliest for U.S. troops

China eyes Iraq's oil

Generals question Iraq troop strength: Iraqi Military cannot hold gains U.S. has made

Thinktank berates Iraq policy and warns of country's collapse - International Crisis Group

Iran says 'zero chance' of US attack

Iran accelerates crackdown on dissent

British Soldier killed in Afghanistan roadside blast

A bold march for gays: Colorful Manhatten parade pushes for marriage

Religious groups lead New York gay pride parade: including Christians, Jews and Buddhists lend credibility to march!

White House of Mirrors: They get to see everything Americans do: our telephone calls, e-mail, and all manner of personal information. And we get to see nothing about what they do

Prime Minister Tony Blair of Britain yesterday handed over leadership of the Labor Party to his finance minister, Gordon Brown - Blair had held post for 13 years -- Blair will formally step down as prime minister on Wednesday, and Brown will hold the position at least until the next general election takes place

Brown pledges a ‘new government with new priorities’

Where can Tony Blair go now? There's really only one possible destination - peace envoy in the Middle East

Russian diplomat shot dead in Burundi

North Korea funds transfer complete: RUSSIA'S foreign ministry today confirmed



June 24, 2007


Hamas to release files showing Palestinian intelligence collaboration with the US CIA, UK’s MI5 and Shin Be

Hamas threatens suicide attack, reveals Egyptian and Palestinian intelligence knew all about the 22 arms smuggling tunnels -- And did nothing!

Israel to appeal to Egypt to crack down on smuggling

PA intel chief reveals: Hamas takeover was coordinated with Iran

Three Israelis lightly wounded in Kassam rocket attack

Hamas will go after "Israeli spies" in Gaza and might use bombs in its struggle with Fatah in the West Bank

Israeli Cabinet Releases Funds to Abbas

'NYT,' 'Washington Post' slammed over Hamas op-ed columns

PA to merge Aksa Brigades into its security forces

'Fatah blocking Johnston's release': The captured BBC journalist 104 days ago

Kidnappers of BBC journalist are now scared: Hamas claims

Israel seizes top Hamas leader in West Bank

Robert Fisk: How can Blair possibly be given this job a top Middle East Envoy? Here is a politician who has failed in everything he has ever tried to do trying to bring peace in the Middle East

10 killed in clashes between Lebanese troops and militants: In the northern port city of Tripoli early Sunday

Several Australian men have been detained in Lebanon: Suspected links with Hizbollah

Lebanon pulls back from brink despite violence and persistent political crisis

Iran, EU pledge to continue nuclear talks: Iran-EU talks were necessary to "keep the lines of communication open"

Crackdown on dissent is under way in Iran

Gordon Brown readies to take over leadership of Britain's ruling Labour party: Just days before he assumes office of Prime Minister

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Eight U.S. soldiers are killed in Iraq violence: Insurgents continued to use huge roadside bombs to rip through combat vehicles

Ten U.S. Deaths in Iraq Bring June Toll to 80: An average of about 3.5 fatalities per day

British soldier has died after a roadside bomb attack on his patrol in Iraq's southern city of Basra

Two Kurdish separatists rammed an oil-filled truck into a police station in eastern Turkey in suicide attack: Then the station was attacked by other members of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK)

Lords of misrule still in charge at the Baghdad bubble: The unreal atmosphere of the Green Zone HQ in Iraq’s capital continues to drag down the nation

Critique of US life in Green Zone wins prize: If Imperial Life in the Emerald City were a novel it would be hailed as a wartime black comedy to rival Catch 22 and M*A*S*H

US ambassador demands a 'diplomatic surge': Staffing the new, huge American embassy not getting top priority from Secretary of State Rice

A welcome dose of realism: The latest Iraq strategy might just meet our downsized military goals - Gen. David Petraeus knows there are far too few "U.S. boots on the ground"

Time's Running Out: Bush needs new strategies to cope with lack of progress in Iraq

First phase of major Iraq campaign almost over, U.S. claims

Sunni Blocs Boycott Iraq Parliament

PM Howard 'undermines finish Iraq job' mantra - Reveals he initially agreed only to support troops for the initial invasion stage

No date for Iraq troop pullout - PM Howard of Australia

'Chemical Ali' Sentenced to Hang in Iraq: Three Senior Aides to Saddam Hussein Also Get Death Penalty

Tony Blair and the Pope discussed Iraq and global poverty in the final foreign engagement of the Prime Minister's "farewell tour"

Military Sees Drop in Black Recruits - 33% drop noted since invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan

North Africa Reluctant to Host U.S. Command: Algeria and Libya Reject Pentagon's AFRICOM Proposal; Morocco Signals Its Lack of Enthusiasm

Volatile and impoverished East Timor to vote for new parliament

Anglican Church of Canada defers vote on blessing same-sex unions

Yemeni guard kills Indian, wounds American, two Britons, others at international oil company

'North Korea could shut down reactor within 3 weeks'

Could Mike Bloomberg become the first Jew to win the White House?

June 23, 2007

Israeli - Palestinian War

Abbas' Fatah group helped Israel assassinate Hamas leaders!

Strategic Affairs Minister Lieberman slams PM's plan to aid Abbas: "Even if we provide Abu Mazen [Abbas] with F16s, he isn't capable, and doesn't have a chance to control Hamas"

US trying its old tricks again: When Palestinians elected Hamas in free and fair elections, Washington imposed severe punitive sanctions on the new government, creating the conditions that resulted in the dreadful clashes in Gaza

Hamas Claims: IDF arrested 'Kassam' founder

Hamas' Haniyeh calls for talks with Fatah

Fatah cuts off ties with Hamas: Abbas' organization decides not to hold any dialog or meeting with Hamas due to its violent takeover of Gaza

Last chance for Abbas to resolve crisis

PM Olmert Declares: We'll recognize Abbas' PA government

Egypt's President Mubarak: Hamas' Takeover a 'Coup'

Hamas' shock and awe... recent overrunning of Gaza by Hamas militants was the equivalent to the United States' Shock and Awe campaign in Iraq

Palestinian killed by IDF fire: Troops shoot at Palestinian trying to approach IDF pillbox

Silence of the hypocrites: Leftists, Arab MKs quick to condemn IDF but say nothing about Hamas killings

Former PM Netanyahu Surprise Proposal: Bring Jordanian Troops into Yesha

Israel will ask Egypt to up efforts to stop smuggling

US allies exploring compromise with Iran: Iranian chief nuclear negotiator agrees to draw up 'action plan' with IAEA head

Three old men still reflect on the game of nations

When foreign-policy gurus Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski and Brent Scowcroft all start saying the same thing, it's time to pay attention


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Al-Qaida leaders fled prior to offensive: Military official says fighters knew attack was coming

U.S. says al Qaeda fighting hard in Iraq bastion

2 al-Qaida Leaders Captured in Iraq

Deadly Day for U.S. Military; 14 Killed

Draft Iraq oil law makes headway

Japanese Iraq mission needs clarification

PM's Iraq war 'helped drive Catholics out of Downing Street'

Iraq Again! Bush's surge offensive just means there are more human targets for insurgents to attack -- Iraq has simply mutated into a situation beyond all control and remedy

Partition of Iraq may be the only solution - NOTE - partition of Iraq was original plan, as "President Bush's New Middle East Map" proves

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Pakistan radicals kidnap Chinese workers -- "foreign women were involved in prostitution in a massage centre" - incident is another embarrassment for Pakistan's embattled military leader President Pervez Musharraf

Talibans regrouping in Pakistan: "Talibanisation" of Pakistan threatens

Afghanistan beginning to mirror Iraq

President Karzai whistling in the dark: Fear is now that the Taliban will keep good their promise to capture Kabul. It is something that could easily happen

Around 80 Taliban killed near Pakistan's border in Afghanistan

25 Afghan civilians killed in airstrike after attack on British

Afghan President Karzai Blasts NATO for Civilian Deaths

Soldier dies in Lebanon camp battle

North Korea reactor closure said to be imminent

EU leaders reach treaty deal

Deal paves way for EU to move on toward unity

Indian Navy acquires US warship: First ever American vessel

Moderate 5.1 earthquake strikes northern Japan, no tsunami threat

President Bush set to close Guantanamo Bay Prison as pressure grows

TONY BLAIR is to announce he will convert to Catholicism soon after a planned meeting with the Pope at the Vatican today: Currently is Anglican

Rudy Giuliani's law firm drops Citgo: Ties to oil company led by Venezuela's president had raised eyebrows

Gunman kills Indian engineer in Yemeni oil field

June 22, 2007

DVD - Ezekiel 38-39

Non-Integrating States News -- Iran (Ancient Persia)

IAF (Israeli Air Force) training for possible strike against Iran

US, Israel finalise Iran strike plan: During White House meeting between Israeli PM Olmert and President Bush

A third US carrier, the nuclear-powered USS Enterprise Strike Group is speeding towards the Persian Gulf - largest sea, air, marine concentration the United States has ever deployed opposite Iran

Deter a nuclear Iran, because an attack would be disastrous

US House of Representatives urged the UN Security Council Wednesday to charge Iran's president under genocide conventions: Because he urged that Israel "be wiped off the map"

Top Iranian negotiator Ali Larijani is due to hold to talks in Vienna with the head of the UN nuclear watchdog agency, Mohamed ElBaradei

Turkey Also Foretold To Be In Ezekiel 38 Invasion

Turkey Turns Eastward: Turkey is now emerging as an important diplomatic actor in the Middle East" - has established close ties with Iran and Syria" - Turning against the West


Israeli - Palestinian War

Chairman of Iran's Supreme National Security Council, Larijani, admits Iran financing Hamas: Denies arming them, but admits funding them - also admits to funding Hezbullah

No money, no shelters: Civilian shelters are NOT ready for the next war

Gaza clan chief holds onto captured BBC journalist, Johnston: Refusing to release the journalist for fear that Hamas will kill him and most of his clan members

Gazans with dual nationality rush to flee isolated strip

Abbas orders closure of West Bank to Gaza refugees, including his own Fatah and presidential guard members

Calm returns to Gaza: Gazans enjoy calm after weeks of fighting, but many fear bleak future

IDF may have to parachute food to Gaza

Israel to transfer $400 million to Abbas' new PA emergency government

Few Gazans turn in weapons as Hamas deadline for arms collection expires

Fatah tries to whip up public support: Urges people to support President Abbas

Rival Palestinians take battle to TV screens: Al-Aqsa describes Fatah leaders as ‘treacherous current,’ state TV brands Hamas fighters ‘putschist militias.’

Former PM Netanyahu Shocks: Deploy Jordanian troops in West Bank as Palestinians are not capable of keeping order by themselves

Another Shocking Proposal - Let Egypt into Gaza - Egypt, rather than Israel, should become increasingly involved in Gaza Strip

Syria Rules out Peace Pact with Israel

Peace Talks In Egypt Monday

Israel wants Saudis in on peace summit to be held in Sharm e-Sheikh on Monday

Israel agrees to participate in Sharem el-Sheikh summit

PM Olmert Sees 4-Way Summit in Sharem el-Sheikh as 'New Start'

Moral Collapse

Gay marchers, haredi protesters pan for emotional gold

Gays hail symbolic victory in Gay Pride Parade

Lebanese dread rumored closure of Syrian border: Hundreds of trucks already lining up at crossing points

Lebanon declares refugee camp militants 'crushed': The 33-day war against Qaeda-inspired militants in Nahr al-Bared refugee camp ends

France postpones Paris talks on Lebanese crisis until mid-July

Bush eyes Blair for Mideast peace role

Torture, USA

Enforced Disappearance: The Ghost Prisoners of the CIA

Retired US two-star Army general accused the Pentagon of concealing the abuse and torture perpetrated in Iraqi Abu Ghraib Prison

Islamic Preacher seized by CIA tells of torture in Egypt

US to discuss closure of Guantanamo Bay Prison: To move terror suspects from there to military prisons on US soil

Indian Army gets supersonic fire power: Takes delivery of BrahMos supersonic cruise missile India and Russia jointly developed - scientists to work towards its second generation hypersonic version

France bans BlackBerrys over fears of US intelligence snooping: "The risks of interception are real. It is economic war," Alain Juillet, who is in charge of economic intelligence for the French government

U.S. agency is target in Cheney fight on secrecy data: When The Information Security Oversight Office objected to his office's handling of classified information, Cheney abolished the office

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Nigerian troops kill 12 at Italian oil facility

North Korea nuke disarmament moves uncertain: visit by the UN atomic watchdog to Pyongyang set for next week is on hold - even after the top US nuclear envoy made a surprise trip to the North

Sri Lankan Tamil rebel boat explodes, three dead

Pakistan said building third nuclear reactor

Violence erupts again in Karachi

Costly "collateral damage" in Afghanistan: Seven Afghan children perished Sunday in a U.S.-led bombing attack on Al Qaeda fighters hiding in a mosque and a madrassa

NATO fights on all fronts in Afghanistan

African nations excluded from global discourse

Kenya's secret society sows dread: Mungiki, a secret society that is part Sicilian mafia, part

Chicago street gang, with a little local cultism sprinkled in - "These guys are devil worshipers", whispers Kihara Mwangi, a member of Kenya's Parliament

CIA to release details on decades of secrets: "This is about telling the American people what we have done in their name."


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

US, UK seek shut down of the UN weapons inspection unit for Iraq, once the stuff of front-page news: The "Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission (UNMOVIC) - Now that it has been proven that no WMD existed in Iraq, there is little need to keep the unit

14 More U.S. Troops Killed: Iraq's Green Zone HQ Shelled

US troops set trap for militants

Fears of clashes between Sunni and Shi'ite percolate in an Iraqi town of Baquba

Misery in desert for Iraq's dispossessed: More than 2 million Iraqis seek refuge among their own religious, ethnic communities

Defense Secretary Gates: Longer Iraq deployments unlikely

China agrees to cancel Iraqi debt: China and Iraq on Thursday signed four agreements in Beijing

House Wants Iraq Study Group Revived - The bipartisan panel of prominent former U.S. officials who last year said President Bush should change course on the war - Headed by James Baker

Baghdad Embassy for lonely US: Location of the new US embassy in Iraq is no secret, but its mission certainly is a well-kept secret

Conditioning For Dictatorial Government In America

Presidential directive gives Bush dictatorial power: National Security & Homeland Security Presidential Directive establishes "National Continuity Policy"

Cheney Warns: Nuclear terrorist attack inside the U.S. "a very real threat''

Contingencies for nuclear terrorist attack: Government working up plan to prevent chaos in wake of bombing of major city

When America Suffers Nuclear Terror Attack, Remember: "Debunking The Propaganda Lie That Terrorists Can Actually Hit The US With A Nuclear Terrorist Weapon"

New Headline News Articles - Updated June 20

Massive "Intelligence Failure" - Hundreds of Thousands of CIA/Israeli Super Secret Intelligence Files Fall Into Hamas Hands In Gaza! May Be Worst Intelligence Failure In History of Western Intelligence

June 13 - The Day All Three Middle East Hotspots Exploded -- "The Middle East Is On Fire"

Related News Article: For U.S. and Key Allies in Region, Mideast Morass Just Gets Deeper: "The Middle East is in flames"
Related News Article: "Condi's creative chaos" - "creative chaos" of Ms Condoleeza Rice; this is the birthing pangs of her "new" Middle East


June 21, 2007


A third US carrier, the nuclear-powered USS Enterprise Strike Group is speeding towards the Persian Gulf - largest sea, air, marine concentration the United States has ever deployed opposite Iran

US, Israel finalise Iran strike plan: During White House meeting between Israeli PM Olmert and President Bush

New Headline News Articles - Updated June 20

Massive "Intelligence Failure" - Hundreds of Thousands of CIA/Israeli Super Secret Intelligence Files Fall Into Hamas Hands In Gaza! May Be Worst Intelligence Failure In History of Western Intelligence

June 13 - The Day All Three Middle East Hotspots Exploded -- "The Middle East Is On Fire"

Related News Article: For U.S. and Key Allies in Region, Mideast Morass Just Gets Deeper: "The Middle East is in flames"
Related News Article: "Condi's creative chaos" - "creative chaos" of Ms Condoleeza Rice; this is the birthing pangs of her "new" Middle East

Israel Has Lost The First Battle of This New Arab-Israeli War!

Israeli - Palestinian War

Five Qassam missiles explode Wednesday night in Sderot and Kibbutz Nir Am: Earlier, rocket hit the Ashkelon national park

Sderot Under Fire, Synagogue Hit, Two Injured

Israel forces strike as Gaza Strip heats up

Wheel of Misfortune: Israel is now boxed in between three pro-Iran entities (Syria, Hezbollah and Hamas)

Syrian foreign minister says Damascus is ready to renew peace talks with Israel without preconditions: NOTE: "Peace" talks flourish before all-out war begins

UN Mideast Envoy: Israeli attitude towards Syria changed

UN renews observer force on Golan Heights

Egypt to host Israeli-Palestinian summit: Talks aimed at bolstering Palestinian emergency government ---- PM to attend 4-way summit in Sharm e-Sheikh, Egypt

Hamas' quandary makes the people of Gaza more vulnerable than ever

New blog presents plight of Israelis in Sderot: Latest PR venture of Israel's diplomatic mission in New York attracts large Arab audience - project designed to publicize the reality of life under rocket fire

Barak's Hot Summer: New defense minister faces profound strategic, tactical dilemmas

Egypt boosts alert along Philadelphi Corridor: Supposedly, to prevent large-scale arms smuggling and Palestinians from infiltrating into the Sinai

Calling Egypt's bluff on Gaza: Egypt has always turned a blind eye towards Palestinian smuggling

Something is rotten in State of Israel: Rewarding failure is becoming the prevailing norm in Israel

Israel Transfers Busloads of Gaza Arabs to Egypt: Escaping Hamas rule

'From Gaza with tears': At least 160 foreigners left Gaza on Wednesday, including some 90 originally from Ukraine

Arabs Fear Spread of Gaza Conflict: Further destabilize Middle East region

PA Chairman Abbas: Hamas tried to kill me

Analysis: Bush, Olmert look to bolster Abbas in the West Bank

Former President Carter: Stop favoring Fatah over Hamas

The west has created fertile ground for al-Qaida's growth: Occupation and obstruction of peace has helped to pave the way for this terrifying new presence in Palestine

7,000 police officers to secure gay parade: Police will also oversee Orthodox protest against parade

Police sowing horror, haredim say - Protestors are just as angry toward police for allowing the Gay Pride Parade to occur

Lebanon In Crisis

Syria closes border crossing with Lebanon: Did not give any reason

Secretary of State Rice to discuss Lebanese crisis during Paris visit

Lebanese Army traps militants in south end of Nahr al-Bared refugee camp

Arab League Secretary General Moussa warns Lebanese to make a deal before time runs out

US lawmakers increase pressure on EU to label Hizbullah a terror group: European officials warn change of policy may further destabilize Lebanon

Bush In Trouble: West Bank on the Potomac - His administration said to "be in irons"

Scientist Leuren Moret and International Lawyer Alfred Webre Call For International Citizen’s 9/11 War Crimes Tribunal: Depleted Uranium genocide is the focus

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Heavy fighting as U.S. troops squeeze insurgents in Iraq city

Iraqi politicians agree deal on sharing oil: Kurd minister

The Ghosts of Samarra: Attack on the Shi'ite-revered al-Askari Mosque raising fears that it could touch off a new wave of sectarian violence

2 Sunni mosques attacked south of Baghdad Wednesday as death toll rises in Shiite shrine bombing: "War of the mosques" now underway?

18 dead in attack on Iraqi civic HQ: Suicide blast partially knocked government building down and demolished nearby homes

U.S. effort to arm Sunnis is criticized: It undercuts Iraqi forces

GOP getting antsy on Iraq war

Jarring photos of orphans set off debate: Iraqi minister intensified war of words by criticing US for "their alleged kindness"

Liberal audience boos Clinton on Iraq stance: But they applaud her criticism of other Bush policies

Rudy Giuliani: Joining Iraq Study Group a mistake: He failed to show for any official meetings

New think tank details US withdrawal from Iraq: Withdrawal to begin next month and end in 2012

Real Death Toll In Iraq/Aghanistan Wars Is 20K Plus: Best-kept secret of the war

Protests spread to Malaysia over British knighthood for Salman Rushdie: Author of "The Satanic Verses" - outraged Muslims, spread from Pakistan, Iran and the Taliban movement to Malaysia

Iran summons British envoy: To protest against the knighting of author Salman Rushdie - called knighthood a "provocative act"

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

US envoy makes rare trip to North Korea: Assistant US Secretary of State Christopher Hill to press the communist government to abandon its nuclear weapons program

Vietnam to test homegrown bird flu vaccine

Saudi court sentences Sri Lankan to death

Bush again nixes stem cell funds: In vetoing the legislation, he says he takes heart in research showing new possibilities

NYC Mayor Bloomberg says he'll finish mayor's job: But if he does run for president, aides say he won't play spoiler's role

The Bush Court: Supreme Injustices - Bush is president because of the United States Supreme Court

Non-Integrating States News -- Iran (Ancient Persia)

Caspian Sea meeting opens in Tehran

Libyan PM, Russian FM in Tehran To Attend

Russian President Putin due in Turkey on June 25

Iran, Libya say no limits on boosting ties

Iran’s ex-president Khatami denies touching women

Beaten-up Kuwaiti envoy to fly home: Was beaten as he left his country's embassy in Tehran

June 20, 2007

Israeli Planes, Tanks Hit Gaza - fired missiles and sent tanks on a foray into Gaza on Wednesday, killing four Palestinians in the deadliest military action since Hamas militants took control of the coastal strip

Hamas leader wants calm restored to Gaza: But only if the IDF army halts its activities in Gaza and the West Bank

Foreigners begin leaving Gaza Strip: Israel is allowing all foreign nationals to leave Hamas-controlled Gaza and enter Israel

IAF targets Kassam launchers in Gaza

Hamas Anticipates Inheriting Fatah Arms in Judea and Samaria

Oil market jitters as strike grips Nigeria: NOTE: With oil and gas prices going down lately, now is the time for another market shock

West chooses Fatah, but Palestinians don't: They prefer Hamas, which represents a radical alternative to Fatah's acceptance of the Israeli occupation

Middle East Crises: Little impact, short attention span in American Mass Media -- Soap Opera type stories dominate news in America

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel Launches Major Attacks on Gaza: Israel carried out air strikes against rocket launch sites in northern Gaza after militants fired at least one makeshift rocket into southern Israel


Bush and Olmert reaffirm two themes: All options are on the table for dealing with nuclear Iran and their joint commitment to Israeli-Palestinian two-state solution

Bush, PM Olmert downplay hope of Syria talks

'New PA situation makes two-state solution possible': Olmert, Bush meet in private, discuss ongoing strife in Palestinian Authority - Olmert pledges that IDF will stay out of Gaza, but Israel likely to intervene if situation deteriorates

Looking to Uncle Sam: Any prime minister's visit to Washington underscores Israeli dependency on America

Minister Dichter: 'Kadima ready to replace PM' Olmert

Something is rotten in State of Israel: Rewarding failure is becoming the prevailing norm in Israel

IDF to forbid Palestinians' passage from Gaza to West Bank: Senior army official says dire situation in Strip will continue to deteriorate

PA President Abbas Wants Israeli Concessions to Buy Reconciliation with Hamas

Egypt moves its embassy from Gaza to West Bank: Announcement stark sign of Cairo’s rejection of Hamas’ bloody takeover of Strip

Al Qaeda orders chief of its Palestinian wing not to free BBC reporter Alan Johnston or negotiate release of Israeli soldier Gilead Shalit

Defense Minister Barak orders evacuation of injured Palestinians to hospitals - move is meant as a goodwill gesture and a humanitarian act

IDF kills 5 Palestinian gunmen in Gaza, 2 near Jenin

President Abbas: Time is ripe for resumption of Middle East peace talks

Hamas takeover of Gaza Strip inflicts new blow on badly battered economy

400 Tel Aviv policemen train Wednesday for Thursday's pride parade in Jerusalem: Prepare for violence by protestors

Two Israeli fighter jets violate Lebanese airspace

Lebanese Army takes control of most militant positions: Two more Lebanese soldiers killed

Two Al-Qaeda Jund al-Sham jihadists blow themselves up making a bomb in S. Lebanese Ain Hilwa Palestinian camp

The Coming War with Iran: 6 Days in Hell! Many American assets are already “in position” for an attack

U.S. reverses position and is now willing to negotiate an international cluster bomb treaty


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Toll rises in Baghdad mosque blast: Tuesday's suicide truck bombing near a Shia mosque in central Baghdad killed 87 people and wounded more than 200 others

U.S. seeks to block exits for Iraq insurgents

US launches major Iraq offensive: Offensive started early on Tuesday with 10,000 men with a ground and air assault to secure the city of Baquba in Diyala Province

For Operation Arrowhead Ripper in Diyala, US troops in Iraq “made a deal with the devil”

Sadr movement condemned on Tuesday the recent aggression of British troops to Amara which left a high scores of dead and wounded

Iraq rises up "failed states" index: Iraq ranks as the world's second most unstable country

Map of "Failed States Index": NOTE: This is the same area of the world designated "Non-Functioning Gap" countries which are designated for "Regime Change"

As many as 20 people have been killed in clashes between coalition forces and Shia militia in southern Iraq

Basra Police Chief Replaced: Over his force's failure to stop weekend attacks on Sunni mosques

US Army considers longer combat tours again

Iraq conflict pushes global refugee total to nearly 10 million - UN report

A Clean Sweep: Marine General Pace Sacked - "If you know how the war started, if you know anything about [Ahmad] Chalabi or Cheney or anything like that, you're gone. Peter Pace is being sacrificed to the White House failure in Iraq."

Home's where troops belong, say top Democrats

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

North Korea fired a short-range missile toward waters between the Korean Peninsula and Japan: South Korean intelligence official

US asks North Korea to shut down nuclear reactor

UK needs to be 'in Afghanistan for decades' : Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles

Gunmen open fire in Afghan mosque

Pakistani Army claims blasts at militant hideout near Afghan border inflicted big toll

Come share our rusty, resented radar: Putin's provocation to President Bush

Global Oil Prices Ease

NYC Mayor Bloomberg Tells GOP: We're through - Mike would rather be unaffiliated as speculation builds on Presidential run

Space Shuttle Continues Journey to Earth

Sierra Leone to judge war crimes

Malaysian party protests Rushdie knighthood title - His novel "The Satanic Verses" outraged Muslims worldwide

Pakistan summons UK envoy over Rushdie knighthood: To officially protest

'Signing Statements' Study Finds Bush Administration Has Ignored Laws

Debate over illegal immigration is a "diversion" to distract Americans from government efforts to enter into a North American Union with Canada and Mexico

Immigration Bill Hides $1 Trillion Time Bomb

English Freemasons begin university recruitment drive


June 19, 2007


Saudi King Abdullah says Mideast crisis will engulf world: Fires from wars in Israel, Iran, and Lebanon will fan out to the entire globe


Israeli - Palestinian War

Syrian official says war with Israel will NOT be conventional

Qassam rocket lands in factory with hazardous materials: Rocket fired from north Gaza lands in Sderot industrial zone, damages factory where hazardous chemicals are stored and causes poisonous gas leak

Security Council condemns Katyusha attack on Israel

Time To Destroy Hamas: Islamic movement morally corrupt, a cancer in Palestinian dream

Declaration of War: Israel should issue ultimatum to Lebanon in wake of Sunday's rocket attack

Lebanon, UN peacekeeping force on alert: After militants fired rockets into Israel for the first time in 10 months

Abbas gets nowhere in bid for Syria’s Assad to condemn Hamas coup d’etat in Gaza

Ehud Barak takes up office as Defense Minister

Olmert to ask Bush to neutralize Hamas: Prime minister in Washington to meet with US president Tuesday

Fresh Guns for Fatah: Bush administration wants to send more guns to Fatah, to replace those they surrendered to Hamas after losing the PA civil war in Gaza

PA Terrorists Attack at Gaza's Erez Crossing

Israel to deny funds access to Hamas in Gaza

US resumes aid to Palestinian Authority (PA) government

Israel blocks goods bound for Gaza

Egyptian smuggling is fueling crisis in Gaza

Hamas pledges to free BBC reporter by force

'Christians must accept Islamic rule': Militant leader in Gaza says missionaries will be 'dealt with harshly'

Catholic compound ransacked in Gaza: School, convent belonging to Strip's tiny Roman Catholic community burned and looted

'Don't worry, mom, I'm going to heaven': Teen suicide bomber bades farwell to his family

Jerusalem Police Stand Firm on Gay Parade for Thursday: Protestors have not convinced police to cancel the parade

Crisis In Lebanon Continues

Lebanon in annual index of 'Failed States': Divided elites steer country on path toward collapse

Lebanon may be next domino to collapse: Fall of Gaza emboldens jihadists

Two Lebanese Troops killed at N Lebanon camp: Battle with militants now in fifth week

BEIRUT: Arab League chief aims to 'reconcile' feuding Lebanese leaders

Lebanon seeks UN help in Eido killing probe

General Pace fired to clear way for “national emergency,” Iran nuclear strike?


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

22 insurgents killed in new US offensive in Iraq

Iraq violence leaves 110 dead - 33 tortured bodies showed up in Baghdad alone

36 Killed in Clashes South of Baghdad: Battle between Shiite militiamen and British forces doing house-to-house searches

2 dead in Iraqi police clash with Shiite militia

Bush and Rumsfeld 'knew about Abu Ghraib': Two-star general who led the first military investigation into human rights abuses at Abu Ghraib prison - has bluntly questioned the integrity of Rumsfeld

US forces in major Diyala offensive: Against Sunni fighter positions in Baquba

Journalists face unprecedented wave of violence: Iraq is currently the most dangerous place for journalists to work - May was deadliest month ever

Iraq No. 2 among nations most likely to implode: Occupies second place in an index of "failed states"

Iraq war drives global refugee rise

Iraq 'has ruined case for liberal interventionism'

Bush has video teleconference with Iraqi leaders

Iraqi Orphanage Nightmare: U.S. Troops Discover And Rescue Orphan Boys Left Starving, Chained To Beds

Islamic Suicide Bomb Teams Sent to U.S., Europe: "These Americans, Canadians, British and Germans come here to Afghanistan from faraway places," Dadullah says on the tape. "Why shouldn't we go after them?"

Congressional Study Says Executive Branch Strays from Laws' Intent After 'Signing Statements' Give Him A Loophole To Disobey The Very Law He Is Signing

"Signing Statements" Explained -- Bush has quietly claimed the authority to disobey more than 750 laws enacted since he took office, asserting that he has the power to set aside any statute passed by Congress when it conflicts with his interpretation of the Constitution

Rare Senate Tactic May Allow Immigration Votes: Called "clay pigeon" and might make the difference between passage of an important immigration measure and its death at the hands of opponents

Vietnamese appeal 'agent orange' case to a Federal Appeals Court: On behalf of more than three million Vietnamese people against the chemical companies - US warplanes dumped about 70 million litres of the defoliant on Vietnamese forests between 1962 and 1971

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Somalia presidential spokesman shot: Latest assassination attempt on government officials in the Horn of Africa nation

Australian PM considers sending troops to Darfur

'Climate change root of Darfur strife': UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

Parliamentary Panel arrives to supervise Yemen ceasefire

Sudan accepts hybrid Darfur force

North Korea plans to shut nuclear reactor in July

Iran will resort to 'oil as weapon if needed': If America attacks

Iran is still liable to a military strike

Putin rallies Third World to go it alone: Attacks World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the World Trade Organisation -- all American institutions - Putin's speech could be a turning point in history - marking the end of multilateralism, a half-century experiment wrecked by bull-headed Western politicians

Dalai Lama says little progress made with China's 'hard line' on autonomy for Tibet

The world will end in 2060, according to Sir Isaac Newton: Based his prediction on the Book of Daniel - Also correctly predicted that Israel would return to its land before the End of the Age


Russian Ambassador Ivanovsky warns Turkey prior to Putin's visit: Putin is expected to visit Turkey on June 25th to participate in the Black Sea Economical Partnership Summit - wants to focus only in energy issues

Turkey’s military to military ties with Russia growing

The Earth today stands in imminent peril - "nothing short of a planetary rescue will save it from the environmental cataclysm of dangerous climate change"

June 18, 2007


Israeli - Palestinian War

Damascus ordered Sunday's Katyusha attack on N. Israeli town of Kiryat Shemona, causing no casualties. But there is more to come - three 107mm rockets fired were ordered by Syrian military intelligence as the first in a series -- More details of this attack

Up to No Good : Iran and Syria's sinister Mideast offensive strikes Gaza and Lebanon

After Hamas’s bloody triumph, showdown with Israel looms: The Palestinian civil war is about to become a wider conflict

West Bank men shaving beards to avoid Fatah arrests: Merchants have decided to shave their beards to avoid religious appearance associated with Hamas

Lebanese Army Forces claims it prevented a rocket strike on Israel

Justice minister: Let refugees move from Gaza to West Bank - Palestinians wishing to leave 'Hamastan' to do so

‘We have to put them all in the crosshairs’: Convinced Gaza is about to implode, Israel issues a death threat against Hamas

Israel plans attack on Gaza: Within weeks, 20,000 IDF soldiers are going to invade Gaza Strip to crush Hamas

Outgoing Defense Minister Amir Peretz bids farewell to IDF top brass: Resigned Monday so Labor Leader Barak can assume his office

Peretz Vows On His Last Day In Office: Hamas will pay if they attack from Gaza

New Defense Minister Barak Faces Difficult Choices in Gaza

EU to resume direct aid to new PA government in West Bank

PM Olmert : I'll release tax funds to Palestinian Authority - His words came on the eve of his visit to Washington

Top US diplomat says Washington will fully support Abbas' new government

Abbas' Emergency government is rejected by Hamas

Former PM Netanyahu: Where We Unilaterally Withdraw, Terrorists Take Over

Fatah To Israel: Help us get Hamas out of W. Bank

Disconnect Hamas-Tehran axis: Israel must do its utmost to prevent emergence of 'Sunni Hizbullah'

Shadowy group holding a British correspondent for three months threatened on Sunday to kill him in a video broadcast by the Al-Jazeera satellite TV channel

Analysis: Everything's coming up roses for Olmert

PM Olmert sees 'dramatic' West Bank improvements: PA government now free of Hamas

The Holocaust's defrauded survivors

Hatred of Israel seems eternal: For decades, Arabs reject peace

Sunday Night: Giant Anti Gay Pride Protest in Jerusalem

Tastes Like Burning: What’s a little depleted uranium in the yard if it helps defeat them terrorists? Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory will conduct tests which will release 450 pounds of Depleted Uranium poisoning in the air over Tracy, California!

Depleted-uranium blasts conducted where millions live, yet nary a peep from established news organizations?

Tehran's Tentacles: Throughout Entire Middle East

Lebanon's prime minister asks U.N. to assist in investigation of anti-Syrian lawmaker's killing

The Arab League can help, but not if the Lebanese don't get serious

Lebanese lurch into new brawl over August by-elections: Opposition lawmakers continue to insist that current government is illegal and illegitimate

Lebanese army heavily shell Nahr Al Bared camp

Bush offers help to Lebanon's Siniora

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

World Bank designated head, Robert Zoellick, says Venezuela is heading for trouble

US air strike kills 7 Afghan children

In Ethiopian desert, horrors of a hidden war

Study: Security worsens in African nations

Indonesia redefines itself by 'rolling up' terrorists

Vietnam president heads for US: Will discuss investment and education with his US counterpart, George Bush

Bomb injures 13 in Thailand

Bangladesh coup plotter likely to be deported from US

Turkey removed its brigade of special forces from EU International Forces: Shock in Brussels

France to block further talks between Turkey and EU

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Three US soldiers killed in Iraq: Over the weekend

Iraqi fighters killed in raids: Iraqi special forces, backed by British troops, killed 20 insurgents

Air Force Reports F-16 Crash in Iraq: Crashed Friday during a close air support mission for ground forces in Iraq

Top U.S. Brass Admits: Securing Iraq could take 10 years

Iraq Surge Won't Be Done By This Fall: Top General David Petraeus reveals

Republican senators may change tune to support Iraq exit: American mission in Iraq was like pasting feathers together and hoping for a duck

The region is mute amid Iraqi violence

Iraq on verge of genocidal war, warns ex-US official

US 'prepares for a coup by arming Iraqi factions'

US Deputy Secretary of State reportedly planned the attack on the holy Shia shrines in Samarra to help topple the Iraqi government: John Negroponte was staunch supporter of right-wing death squads in Central America during the 1980's

Bush's Twin Pillars Crumble: Losing both War In Iraq and War On Terror

British Lords to look at legality of Iraq war

British Army surgeon tells of delay in flying wounded to hospital

PM Maliki insists Iraq can handle PKK

Father-son war trauma: New generation's battle rekindles earlier horrors of post-traumatic stress disorder

Levitate the Pentagon: History does repeat itself - as farce

French President Sarkozy's conservative party wins parliamentary majority

Revealed: Secret meeting where French President offered Blair EU President job after he leaves British Prime Minister's office -- Would be first ever President of the European Union

US Military looks at synthetic fuel for bombers and fighters: Could eventually end military dependence on foreign sources of oil

The wars that oil the Pentagon's engine

US stocks up on inflation data: Lower than expected inflation data cooled inflation fears and a broker upgrade for Intel led tech stocks higher

Oil Industry Scales Back Refinery Plans: Could keep gasoline prices high, possibly for years to come

Florida Immigrants Take Concerns To White House

Fears for Rushdie's safety after knighthood angers Iran: Novelist wrote "The Satanic Verses", viewed as being blasphmous against Islam

Pakistani parliament protests knighthood honor for Rushdie

Bush goes extra mile on North Korea nuclear deal

North Korea invites UN atomic inspectors to discuss shutdown of nuclear weapons program

U.S. welcomes North's invitation of IAEA nuclear investigation team

Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney says many answers to nation's problems found in the home

Italian judge suspends trial of the CIA's extraordinary rendition program - Capturing terrorist suspects on foreign soil and flying them out of the country for imprisonment

Clintons Sell Possibly Troublesome Stock: Contained investments of $5 million to $25 million that could pose conflicts of interest or prove to be embarrassing to her presidential campaign

Woman wins $29,000 for topless stroll: Arrested despite NYC appeals court ruling that concluded women should have the same right as men to take off their shirts



June 17, 2007


Israeli - Palestinian War

Recapture of the Philadelphi Route Is Proposed to stop the Hamas Horror Show from Moving forward: Real danger of Hamas importing reinforcements from Syria and Lebanon for its next offensive

Fatah activists are settling scores with Hamas in Lebanon as well as West Bank. Hamas threatens a wave of terror

Abbas outlaws Hamas after swearing in emergency gov't

Israel will recognise a Palestinian gov't without Hamas: PM Olmert

US stresses its support for Abbas

Fatah declares all-out war on Hamas in West Bank

Two Fatah loyalists killed by Hamas gunmen: More than 100 people were killed a week of clashes

Hamas wakes up to grim reality

'Barak planning to crush Hamas in Gaza': Is planning an attack on Gaza within weeks to crush Hamas - Attack would be triggered by Hamas rocket attacks or a resumption of suicide bombings

Israel threatens to seal Gaza border

Thousands Flee Palestinian Violence

Hamas – and its Syrian and Iranian sponsors - capture priceless Palestinian Authority intelligence archives in Gaza takeover - US, British and Israeli intelligence services may have suffered their greatest debacle in the war on Islamist terror

Israel offered deal for Schalit: Captured IDF soldier

PM Olmert, UN Secretary Ban to discuss Gaza, Lebanon

300 fleeing Palestinians gather at Erez

Israel's ongoing Gaza connection: Israel could cut off electricity, water, to force Hamas defeat

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Gulf Arabs won't be launch pad for attack on Iran: A powerful Saudi royal warns - Saudi Interior Minister Prince Nayef bin Abdul-Aziz calls Iranians "brothers"

The case for not bombing Iran: Bush can only compound the blunder in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan

Suicide bomber blows up Kabul police bus, kills dozens - 35 people in one of Kabul’s deadliest explosions in recent months amid rising nationwide violence

Afghans angered by US 'friendly fire' against civilians: After a suicide car bomber attacked a convoy of US contract workers and military personnel

Injured British troops in Iraq and Afghanistan are dying needlessly due to hours of delay before receiving treatment

Kidnappers release hostages in restive southern Nigeria: In oil-rich region

North Korea invited UN nuclear inspectors yesterday in the first concrete sign of a breakthrough in a stalemate over its nuclear programme

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

US finds IDs of 2 GIs missing in Iraq

US launches new offensive in Iraq

Retaliatory Destruction Of Sunni Mosques Continues

Car bomb kills two near Iraqi Kurdish party office: In the northern Iraqi oil hub of Kirkuk

Rushing past warning signs: NOTE - This is establishment propaganda trying to explain why no WMD was discovered in Iraq

Struggling on two different fronts: War against Iraq and War against Terror - losing both and running out of time on both

US Admits: 60 Pct. of Baghdad Not Controlled - Despite repeated "surge" offensives

U.S. Attack Helicopters Kill 4 suspects in Iraq: Wounded three more

July, August could be deadliest months ever for U.S. troops in Iraq

US says it is not happy with Iraqi leaders

Lesson one from Gaza debacle – get out of Iraq fast

Turkey's PM Invites Iraq's PM Maliki to Discuss PKK Issue

Iraq Private Security Contractors Face Growing Parallel War

Seymour Hersh Reveals New Information Regarding Detainee Abuse... How Army Major General Antonio Taguba, who investigated the Abu Ghraib scandal, became one of its casualties

Crisis In Lebanon News

Political Battle Looms in Lebanon

Bush offers help to Lebanon's PM Siniora

Battle Looms as Beirut Calls August 5 By-Elections: To fill the parliamentary seats of two assassinated anti-Syrian legislators

Radical Group Pulls In Sunnis As Lebanon's Muslims Polarize

Pope, Cypriot Orthodox leader explore ways to reunite

Google's personal data hoarding compromise: Is scaling back how long it keeps personally identifiable data accumulated from its Web users - Google has been accused of being the Internet company most hostile to data protection

EU lauds Google's calmer privacy stance

eBay pulls advertisements away from Google

MySpace data nabs seven registered sex offenders

District Attorney Mike Nifong was disbarred Saturday for his "selfish" rape prosecution of three Duke University lacrosse players - Acted out of political agenda

Bush Says He Will Veto 'Excessive Spending'

Vietnam bird flu death a call for action, say experts

New Jersey joins eight other states in making it illegal for employers and landlords to discriminate against transgendered people

Next Battle Ready for Massachusetts Gay Marriage

Sentencing can get out of hand in American courts

Pending Doom: Global warming crisis - A group of fourth-graders in Portland creates a list of priorities to stop global warming

June 16, 2007


Israeli - Palestinian War

War News

Hamas – and its Syrian and Iranian sponsors - capture priceless Palestinian Authority intelligence archives in Gaza takeover

'Hamas coup is a serious blow': Threatens the creation of a Palestinian State - Terje Roed-Larsen, now the president of the International Peace Academy and a UN envoy for Lebanon-Syria issues

Hamas victory - A 'nail in Palestinian coffin' -- Saudi Foreign Minister

Egypt withdraws diplomats from Gaza

Fugitive Palestinians flee to Egypt

'Things were better when Israel ruled Gaza’: Gaza resident laments

Arab League express support for PA President Abbas

Salam Fayyad to announce new PA emergency gov't

Fayyad served as PA finance minister

Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh (Hamas) calls for Palestinian unity

Captured BBC Journalist 'Johnston may be freed in 24 hours'

The implosion of Palestinian hopes

Crowd loots Gaza home of Arafat

Are Israel's armed forces destined for more decline?

Multinational forces in Gaza won't help Israel: Experience of UNIFIL in southern Lebanon shows multinational forces seek to appease the party that threatens them more

Middle East War or Peace this Summer? Last months in office of Bush and Dick Cheney present what might be a last opportunity for Israel to defeat all its enemies in an extended war

Domestic News

Israeli Defense Minister Amir Peretz on Friday resigned from his position: So newly-elected Labor Party chief, Barak, can ascend to the post

Ehud Barak to get Defense portfolio Monday

PM Olmert expected to leave for US talks

'Multinational force must fight Hamas': Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni

Four haredi rioters arrested in Jerusalem: Were throwing rocks to protest Gay Pride Parade

Crisis In Lebanon

Six Lebanese soldiers die in Nahr Al Bared refugee camp blast

Political battle looms in Lebanon: Syria trying to establish its rule by killing ruling politicians one-by-one

Terror Stalks Lebanon

Belgian Prosecutor Serge Brammertz inspects site of latest assassination: Heading up UN investigation

Ukraine rules out sending peacekeepers to Lebanon

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Shanty towns mushroom in Iraq: Caused by war between Sunni and Shi'ite

Bodies of 13 martial arts experts found in desert: All had been shot

Attackers posing as film crew destroy Sunni shrine near Basra

2nd Sunni Mosque Destroyed in Basra: In apparent retaliation for the toppling of minarets at a prized Shiite shrine in Samarra

Problems deepen for Iraqi prime minister: In far more political trouble now that shrines have been destroyed on both sides

US Defence Secretary Robert Gates met top US military commanders in Iraq: To assess a troop build-up

U.S. says buildup complete as 5 GIs die, fighter crashes

Marine General Peter Pace, chairman of the US joint chiefs of staff, refused to quit: Forced Gates and Bush to fire him

US Marine Claims: Haditha Iraqis had guns - Among the 24 killed in Haditha were the elderly,
women and children who were killed in bed

Defense Department Iraq report is grim

Wall Street, Iraq and the Declining Dollar

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Iran promises to come clean on past suspicious nuclear activities, say officials

Four dead in suicide attack in Kabul, Afghanistan

Strong 6.1 earthquake hits northeast Indonesia

Four killed in militant grenade attack on packed cinema in Somalia

French President Sarkozy firm on recognition of Armenian genocide: Will further anger current Turkish government

Dalai Lama to meet Australian PM John Howard on Friday in Melbourne

US moves to tighten gun laws: Result of Virginia Tech campus massacre


June 15, 2007

DVD - Book

Israeli - Palestinian War

War News

Hamas completes conquest of Gaza Strip: Will convert Mahmoud Abbas’ Presidential compound into mosque for victory prayer Friday

'Only Hamas gunmen walk the deserted streets' of Gaza City: Eyewitness account of the hardship and danger in a city gripped by chaos

Mahmoud Abbas fires Hamas PM Haniyeh, dissolves Palestinian unity government, declares Gaza and West Bank emergency

Hamas overruns rival Fatah's key posts: Victors dragged vanquished gunmen into the street and shot them to death execution-style

Hamas to pardon senior Fatah commanders arrested in Gaza : Had also seized from Fatah weapons and armor, including 100 Kalashnikov rifles, rocket propelled grenades and mortar shells

Fatah's collapse in Gaza rocks its West Bank status

Fatah gunmen kill Hamas man in Nablus, West Bank: Jollowed a decision by Fatah security commanders to crack down on Hamas in the West Bank to prevent it from taking any positions in that territory

IDF kills terror suspect in West Bank

Police on high alert near Temple Mount due to Gaza chaos

Palestinian Terrorists claim CIA files seized: Documents said to provide details of U.S. intel networks in Mideast, support for Abbas' Fatah group

Arab Media Reports Syria Making Preparations for War with Israel: Has removed the Government Archives and the State Archives from the Damascus area, a sure sign of war

Domestic News

Israeli leaders change travel plans due to Gaza situation: But, PM Olmert is still expected to leave for US next week

Barak vows to oust Olmert from within

US, Israel reach smart bomb deal to Saudi Arabia

US Charges: 'Hamas terrorizing the people'

Israel watches as crisis remakes reality

Rooting out rebels who eased Peres's path to presidency: "Number of lawmakers who were not predicted to support the perennial loser suddenly voting in his favor"

New report warns against linking Gaza to West Bank with a transportation system

Arguing For a Torah-Observant Prime Minister

Hareidi religious neighborhoods in City of Bnei Brak Joins Violent Protests in Jerusalem Against Gay March

Israel fears bee-killing disease heading her way: Has already killed 10 billion bees in North America

Crisis In Lebanon Continues

Arab foreign ministers will hold an extraordinary meeting in Cairo Friday: To discuss the violence in Lebanon and the Gaza Strip

Syria Must End Interference in Lebanon, U.S. Says After Assassination Bombing

Day of mourning in Lebanon after bombing assassination of a prominent anti-Syrian legislator - new blow to the stability of Lebanon

Lebanese PM Siniora appeals UN for cooperation

Robert Fisk Editorial: Assassination brings Lebanon closer to brink

Ferocious camp war exposes weakness of Lebanese army: failure to defeat militants quickly has exposed its lack of equipment and combat experience

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Al Qaeda claims execution of 14 Iraqi soldiers and police held hostage

Iraq's Dueling Spy Agencies: Iraq's internal conflict is on the verge of claiming a new victim - the country's fledging intelligence service

Sunni mosques attacked and bombed after Shia shrine bombing

Mosques, Green Zone attacked despite Iraq curfew

Iraq arrests 13 policemen over mosque bombing

Shrine bombing to test political skills of Shi'ite cleric al-Sadr: Can he maintain control over his feared "Mahdi Army Militia"?

Military report says violence actually rose during `surge'

Partitioning Iraq: Saving Afghanistan

Recent oil discoveries made in Iraq: Central oil rich provinces in Iraq are mainly in Kurdish Kirkuk and southern Basrah and Basrah possesses Iraq's largest oil reserves

Iraq's Draft Hydrocarbons Law Faces Growing Opposition: Negotiators haven't yet reached agreement on the distribution of revenues

US Presence in Iraq Driven by Oil Interest - Arab viewpoint

Our Iraq Defeat Will Sting

Poll: Iraq war is Texans' top concern

China overtaking US for fast internet access as Africa gets left behind: One in five people in the world has high-speed lines - There are more than 1.1 billion of the world's estimated 6.6 billion people online

Republicans abandoning Bush: President's approval ratings dip below 30%

Unpopular Bush still a hit with Southern Baptists

U.S. Baptists to stay in political arena

Cheney ouster gains backers

World oil supplies are set to run out faster than expected, warn scientists: Scientists challenge major review of global reserves and warn that supplies will start to run out in four years' time

FBI Finds It Frequently Overstepped The Law in Collecting Personal Data: domestic phone calls, e-mails and financial transactions - far more than was documented in a Justice Department report in March that ignited bipartisan congressional criticism

FBI Terror Watch List 'Out of Control': Terrorist watch list compiled by the FBI has apparently swelled to include more than half a million names

Moral Collapse

Honduran Mom accused of prostituting her 2 daughters: Police say she passed out cards that offered the teen girls for sex - "I have never dealt with a case where biological children were being prostituted out by their own mother" - District Attorney Wood laments

Out of Bounds: Sexual misconduct by educators in Texas - Investigation reveals relationship of coaches and students rife with abuse

Right of Massachusetts gays to marry set for years to come

All Hillary, all positive, all the time - Sets up own Internet site, comparable to Drudge Report

Bill Clinton made $10 million for paid speeches

Ruth Graham has gone Home to Jesus: Surrounded by her family and husband, who had earlier in the day been "huddled at her bedside"

Billy Graham Evangelistic Association Memorial

Teen facing felony for taping Pennsylvania cop: State's wiretapping ban prohibits recording officer's voice

June 14, 2007





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