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June 17, 2009

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Israeli PM Netanyahu endorses creation of Palestinian State

Christians Are Domestic Terrorists!

Christians, here come the lions

Bill Clinton: U.S. no longer dominated by Christians and Jews

North Korea in 'early phase of all-out confrontation with US'

China Warns Against Force in Carrying Out North Korea Sanctions

Kurds lay claim to oil riches in Iraq as old hatreds flare

CIA chief believes Cheney almost wants US attacked

Peak Soil Investment: This Quiet Land Grab is Just Beginning

Staged Nuclear Crisis In Korea

North Korea warns Seoul of nuclear war

N.K.: Searching ships would be 'act of war'

N.Korea may have more nuclear test sites

Less activity at N.Korea nuclear sites: Russian agency

North Korea U.N. Resolution: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

Turkey defends cross-border raids on Kurdish guerrillas

'Chemical Ali' to be executed within 30 days

U.S. secret operations leader takes Afghan command

U.S. air base in Kyrgyzstan starts to close: Was a vital hub for Afghanistan War support

Israeli - Palestinian Peace Accord?

Netanyahu endorses Palestinian state without an army

Barak: Netanyahu speech enables progress towards deal in 2 years

Obama welcomes Netanyahu's two-state speech

President Peres praises Netanyahu's speech, calling it "brave and real"

Abbas aide urges world shun Netanyahu over speech

E.U. Praises Netanyahu's Speech: "Step In Right Direction"

A light earthquake: Numerous reservations in Netanyahu’s speech may blur deep policy shift

Likud members say PM gave in to US pressure

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu defies President Obama on settlements

Most Israelis could live with a nuclear Iran: poll - Only one in five Israeli Jews believes a nuclear-armed Iran would try to destroy Israel

Israel's aircraft attack smuggling tunnels on Egypt-Gaza border

Ahmadinejad declared winner in Iran election

US refuses to acknowledge Iranian President Ahmadinejad's re-election

The Obama Effect? Iran's election result proves the US formula in the Middle East is not working

Sotomayor embracing affirmative action, then and now

Republicans Push Back Against Sotomayor

Sonia Sotomayor's 'empathy' isn't all it's cracked up to be

Financially 'Outed' - Supreme Court Style

Obama Will Make His Case for Health-Care Reform Before AMA in Chicago

Co-op compromise gives White House a health option

Votes seen lacking for Obama healthcare program

Fascist Global Economy Forming

Obama eyes tighter controls on banks, Wall Street

Oil falls to near $71 as US dollar strengthens

Ron Paul's "Fed Transparency" Bill Gets Majority House Support

Higher gas mileage standards at expense of safety advances

National Summit may hold hope for Detroit: "Creative Destruction" of Detroit continues

Right-wing radio hosts Hewitt and Limbaugh back GM boycott: Protestiong government take-over of General Motors

Orion Township bids $44M for GM jobs: To build small cars at Oakland County plant

GM nears deal to sell Saab division

Obama fires watchdog who barked at his crony: Rush Limbaugh calls action illegal, 'bigger' than Alberto Gonzales fray

'Huffington Post spreading anti-Semitic hate': Report finds site being used for propaganda, wild conspiracies

Big Brother stole my TV

June 13-14, 2009


Netanyahu to Sketch Out Peace Plans in Response to Obama

G-8 Starts Planning Stimulus Exit Strategies Amidst Recovery Signs

Obama wants tighter control on banks, Wall Street

United States to Engage with Iran: Despite Ahmadinejad’s questionable re-election victory

North Korea makes new threats of war

U.S. Drug Czar Calls For An END To Drug War

Gods Come Cheap These Days - First Bush, Now Obama

'Hate crimes' bill called a reason 'to rumble'

Obama pledges to quickly sign anti-smoking bill

Suicide bombings strike Lahore and Nowshera, Pakistan

Staged Nuclear Crisis In Korea

U.N. Panel Adopts Wider Sanctions on North Korea

North Korea UN resolution lacks teeth

N.Korea to build more nuclear bombs after UN vote

More North Korea Nuke Tests: China Warns U.N. Not to Use Force

North Korea declares all-out push for nuclear weapons

Value of N. Korea Sanctions Disputed

North Korea's Nuclear Program: Timeline

Kids attend prom from gay 'sexual hell': You won't believe how children as young as 12 years old partied

4 planes emergency land on 3 continents in 24 hours

Israel Prepared as WHO Declares Swine Flu Pandemic

Swine flu keeps cruise ship off Australia coast

Singapore confirms first case of swine flu

Mexico City lifts swine flu alert

Fascist Global Economy Forming

Dow Erases 2009 Loss, Treasuries Rally

Expect more gains in the next few weeks: Fund Manager

Rising Treasury Yields a Sign of "Healing," Not Inflation Fears

U.S. Economy: Consumer Sentiment Rises

GOP slams Democrats' climate bill as an energy tax

Ron Paul's "Fed Transparency" Bill Gets Majority House Support

Digital TV conversion isn't creating a lot of waves

U.S. battlefield superiority for sale to America's enemies

Israeli - Palestinian Peace Accord?

Palestinian state as soon as possible: Envoy Mitchell

PM feels he can go left, keep coalition

Waiting for Bibi’s speech

Officials: Reports about PM speech 'baseless', false

Should Bibi Give in to Obama? Israelis Say 'No'

The Great Obama Shoe Photo Debate: What Was He Trying to Say?

U.S.-trained officer caught helping terrorists: Issue highlights jihadist infiltration of American-backed forces

Palestinian Authority police arrest 36 Hamas supporters

Gay Pride Parade kicks off om Tel Aviv

Holocaust Museum shooter charges: Obama created, used by Jews

Museum shooter hates Bible, Christians but loves Darwin

Pushback sought against talk radio censorship

Obama's Presidential Eligibilty

Obama: Where have all his records gone? Footprints of president's own history either vanish or remain covered up

Is Obama constitutionally eligible to serve?

Appeal promised in eligibility lawsuit: Accuses Obama of fraudulently serving as senator

3rd media outfit bans Obama eligibility ads

Grassroots sign onto eligibility billboard campaign: Washington state 'Where's The Birth Certificate' sign appears

China adds brick to censors' firewall: Move could give the government unprecedented control over how its citizens use the Internet

June 12, 2009


U.S. consumers' mood strongest in 9 months

Global Confidence Climbs for Third Month on Signs Worst Is Over

WHO: Swine flu ‘unstoppable’: Declares Phase 6 pandemic

NYT's Pentagon Propaganda: Misleading report on Guantánamo and terrorism

SCENARIOS: Retaliation North Korea may take against UN

NATO agrees to US plan to shake up Afghan command

Path Clears for Passage of War-Spending Bill

Obama Stumps for a Public Insurance Option: Would compete with private insurers and inject government control

Does Iran's vote matter?

Fascist Global Economy Forming

Yosano Says Japan’s Trust in U.S. Treasuries ‘Unshakable’

Asia Stocks Rise on Retail Sales

US Stocks Add To Gains After Treasury Auction

Hopes For Economic Recovery Without Inflation Helps Stocks Post Gains

GM nears deal to sell Saab division

Meddling with GM? Not us, feds say - with straight face

Higher gas mileage standards at expense of safety advances

Global Auto Industry Realigns - Interactive Map

BlackRock snares BGI in blockbuster $13.5 billion deal: Takeover will create world's biggest asset manager

California nears financial "meltdown" as revenues tumble

Military Hush-Up: Incoming Space Rocks Now Classified

Israeli - Palestinian Peace Accord?

Netanyahu meets MKs before Sunday's policy address

Poll: Netanyahu Should Not Give in to U.S.

The Great Obama Shoe Photo Debate: Was President showing disrespect to PM Netanyahu?

Can Obama save Israel from itself?

Envoy Mitchell urges Arab 'steps' for peace

Palestinian family kills 15-yr-old son: After accusing him of being a "collaborator" with Israel

Israelis still unconvinced: Unsure about Obama for now, have much to lose if he fails

Israel Prepared as WHO Declares Swine Flu Pandemic

Lebanon releases Israeli sisters: Concludes that their visit to Beirut was not politically motivated

Iranian Elections Underway: Islamic clerics have the final say in issues such as Iran's nuclear program and international ties

Holocaust Museum Killer a Neo-Nazi

Security a constant worry for US Holocaust museum

Prominent Anti-Taliban cleric killed in Pakistan suicide blast

Two bomb blasts rock Pakistani towns

JUne 11, 2009

Fascist Global Economy Forming

White House had long planned GM and Chrysler bankruptcies

Paulson’s Secret Talking Points Reveal Banks Were Forced to Surrender Ownership Stakes to Government

Treasury Secretary Geithner Announces 'Pay Czar'

Emails show Fed's Benanke strong-armed BofA

Stocks, U.S. Futures, Oil Climb on Economy Rebound

China Seeks Currency Debate, Says No One Wants to Dump Dollar

Dollar May Gain on Widest U.S.-German Yield Spread Since 2007

Fed Would Be Shut Down If Audited

Fed Unveils Lending Details After Lawmaker Pressure

Russia May Swap Some U.S. Treasuries for IMF Debt

May foreclosures fall - but still high

Stocks poised for gains

Mitchell Offers Swap of Israeli and Arab Population Centers

Hate Crimes Bill to be Smuggled through Senate as a Legislative Amendment

CFR's BOLTON: Obama continues Bush's 2nd term -- badly

WHO likely to declare first flu pandemic in 41 years

Gates: No sign N. Korea is prepared to retaliate

Iran's President Ahmadinejad fights for survival as late surge gives rival hope

4 reasons why Obama's health plan is no bargain and will increase costs

Rev. Jeremiah Wright Complains: 'Them Jews keep me away from Obama'

World War II raised U.S., Russia, China as world powers

Canada frosts the most widespread in recent memory

Little Ice Age II, The Sequel?


Holocaust Museum Shooting News

White supremacist James W Von Brunn kills guard at Holocaust museum

Obama 'shocked' by museum attack

Massachusetts students describe scene at Holocaust Museum shooting

Suspect in museum shooting was on anti-hate groups' radar: Was a member of the high-IQ club, Mensa

Shooting suspect's history of seething anger

Death at the Holocaust Museum and the Degradation of the American Dialogue

Holocaust Museum shooting: global trend

South Carolina Gov. Sanford: 'Probably Isn't' Good for Cheney To Be Voice Of The GOP


Israeli - Palestinian Peace Accord?

Mitchell Offers Swap of Israeli and Arab Population Centers

Peres' Offer: State with temporary borders

Mitchell pushes for prompt peace talks

Hamas 'will not obstruct' 1967 borders deal

Ahmadinejad Victory May Help Netanyahu in Speech on Sunday

Likud MKs Warn PM: Leave 2 states out of speech

Mashaal: Why is Obama setting preconditions only for Hamas?

Evacuated Jewish Gaza settlers still living in rented apartments

Israelis 'thwarted Gaza horse bomb attack'

Hizbullah: 2 Israeli sisters arrested in Beirut

Defense Minister Barak: Next War will be Tougher than Cast Lead

Iraq - Ancient Babylon - War Not Over!

Is Iraq sliding back into chaos?

Popular emotions blur U.S. perceptions of national interest in Iraq

Deadly car blast hits southern Iraq: In Bathaa, killing at least 28 people

Iraq arrests two over market bombing in Bathaa

Will it be Dec 2011 or Aug 2010 - Combat Troops Leave Iraq?

Controversial Video Game Mimics One of the Deadliest Battles in Iraq: "Six Days in Fallujah"

Iraq releases three of five US contractors

Contracting in Iraq, Afghanistan lacks oversight

Lebanon cleric praises Obama's speech, but calls for action

China ready to build its first aircraft carrier






June 10, 2009


White supremacist accused in fatal Holocaust Museum shooting

Chrysler, Fiat finalize deal after Supreme Court steps aside

Carrie Prejean stripped of the Miss California crown: After racy photos continued to spread across the Internet

Fed survey sees signs recession is easing

Adam Lambert Didn't Surprise 'American Idol' Fans By Coming Out

Key figures in global battle against illegal arms trade lost in Air France crash

WHO on verge of declaring Swince Flu H1N1 flu pandemic

Gender test spurs abortion fears

North Korea Warns Again: "We'll strike back mercilessly" with nuclear arms

Russia source:North Korea readying new missile launches

US: No intention to invade North Korea

"Hypocrite Brzezinski Slams 'Conspiratorial View' Of History While Highlighting 50’s Iran Overthrow"

Obama and Eisenhower: Some parallels

Fascist Global Economy Forming

Deal Clears Path for U.S. to Take Large Citi Stake

House committee subpoenas Federal Reserve: Investigating the takeover of Merrill Lynch by the Bank of America

Obama seeks fiscal responsibility mantle

GM, Amtrak and an Increasingly Fascist America

Fiat to close Chrysler deal, shares rise

Fiat Forms Sixth-Largest Carmaker With Takeover of Chrysler

Oil soars above $71, hitting 2009 high

Home Depot raises full-year earnings forecast

What Obama Needs to Do to Get the U.S. Off Oil -- for Good

Former White House Lawyer Reveals: Indefinite Detention Without Trial Is Occurring In Afghanistan, Iraq and Guantanmo Prisons

Iraq - Ancient Babylon - War Not Over!

Car bomb in Iraq's south kills 29 people

Car bomb kills 15 in southern Shiite area in Iraq

Iraq releases Shiite insurgent: Suspected in deaths of 5 US soldiers in 2007

Iraq prisoner release brings hope for British hostages

Iraq gov't agrees on date for security pact vote: Election to be held six months later than earlier agreement specified

UN chief urges Iraqis not to revert to revenge

First Iraq Oil Bidding Round June 29

US Army holding 11,000 prisoners in Iraq

Iraq's Sectarian Rhetoric Fuels Election Concerns

Wartime Contracting Report: We Have Big, Costly Problems

Turkey, Iraq sign military cooperation deal

New Iraq Headline News Article

"Iraq War - Not Over By Any Means"
"U.S. Still Headed For Planned Defeat"

Peshawar luxury hotel attack exposes Pakistan's insecurity


Israeli - Palestinian Peace Accord?

Defense Minister Barak calls on Netanyahu to endorse two-state solution

Mitchell: US won't turn its back on Palestinians - says 'two-state solution' is still the best plan

The regional approach might get us there faster

Mitchell told natural growth won't stop

Rights group warns of growing settler violence

Lebanon's Hariri rules out peace talks with Israel

Lebanon accuses Israel of election tampering


June 9, 2009


N. Korea threatens nuclear offensive

North Korean labor camps a ghastly prospect for U.S. journalists

Obama confronts doubts on stimulus, vows faster spending

Obama - $1 Trillion Health-Care Revamp Is Affordable

FEMA Web Page Shows Martial Law Exercise With Foreign Troops

Sotomayor is remembered as a zealous prosecutor\

Gingrich at Republican Fundraiser Says Obama’s ‘Already Failed’

'Gay' family kids 7 times more likely to be homosexual

Worldwide spread of Swine Flu outbreak

U.S. to allow 10 banks to repay TARP money


Fascist Global Economy Forming

President seeks ways to save jobs

Obama wants to speed outflow of stimulus funds

Obama's summer jobs plan: work for 600,000 people

High court puts Chrysler sale on hold: Indiana pension funds the sticking point

Chrysler ruling could be just a bump in road: Experts

Obama lawyer: Chrysler-Fiat must be allowed

Fiat lists members on Chrysler board

Obama: New market awaits automakers

House Democrats to Advance Health-Care Plan as Republicans Balk

America looks to government for daily bread: $1 of every $6 of U.S. income is taxpayer funded check or voucher

China airs fears on US debt, dollar: They were not looking to themselves to lead the global economic recovery

Oil rises to near $69 a barrel as investors mull economy, US dollar

CIA asks Federal court to keep interrogation records secret: Release could cause "exceptionally grave" damage to national security

Governor Palin center of attention at big GOP dinner

Supreme Court rejects challenge to 'don't ask, don't tell': Repeal of the policy barring homosexuals from serving openly in the military is now up to the Obama administration and Congress

Israeli - Palestinian Peace Accord?

Mitchell: US and Israel 'remain close allies and friends'

Obama awaiting PM's reply on new plan

Endorsing two states won't topple PM

Barak, Ya'alon to give major policy speeches before PM

Hamas leader 'Mashaal to unveil new Hamas strategy'

Israel wary of possible Hizbullah attack

UN: Prosecutions unlikely in Gaza War probe

Defense Source: Lebanese voters punished Hizbullah for war

FM Lieberman: Sunni-Shiite Regional Nuclear Arms Race Possible

Hamas Using Ambulances to Terrorize Civilians

Anti-Islam Parties Big Winners in European Union

Obama speech quoted jihad verse from Quran: Address to Muslims used Islamic text urging war against nonbelievers

2nd major billboard provider rejects eligibility campaign: Lamar Outdoor says 'it's misleading to indicate there's question about president's birth certificate'

Door slams on Hawaiian hospital records: Is Obama eligible? 'We cannot respond to your inquiries'

Is questioning Obama 'offensive'?

Why 'hate crimes' bill is stalled in Senate: Activists mystified as to why approval is taking so long

CHAOS IN ALBANY: GOP Coup Upsets Balance In New York Senate - Dems Turn Off Lights, Cut Internet Power In Attempt To Stop Coup

Iraq - Ancient Babylon - War Not Over!

7 civilians killed in bomb attack in Baghdad

U.S. soldier killed in Baghdad roadside bomb attack

U.S. soldier killed in grenade attack in Iraq

Police chief escapes suicide car bombing in W Iraq

Suicide car bomb kills civilian in Iraq's Mosul - Bomber struck a convoy of sport utility vehicles

Suicide car bomb kills Iraqi policeman in NE Baghdad

Bomb explosion kills 4 at Baghdad wholesale market

UN envoy decries deadly bombings in Iraq

UN Security Council slams terrorist attacks in Iraq

China calls for substantial co-operation with U.S. on climate change

More political strife in Lebanon expected after victory of U.S.-backed coalition

June 8, 2009=


Obama admits US role in 1953 Iran coup

U.S. Violated Geneva Conventions: General Petraeus Admits - Bush Continues To Be Discredited

North Korea Sentences 2 US Journalists to 12 Years of Hard Labor

Israel's Netanyahu to Give 'Major' Speech on Mideast Peace Plan

Pro-Western Coalition Claims Victory in Lebanon's Parliamentary Election

China is now world No. 2 arms spender: U.S. is #1

Chrysler-Fiat deal could close today if Ginsburg shuns appeal

Obama promises more than 600,000 stimulus jobs

The cloud with no name: Meteorologists campaign to classify unique 'Asperatus' clouds seen across the world

Fascist Global Economy Forming

Obama's man called shots on bankruptcy: Proceedings show he planned auto Chapter 11 in advance

Nasty Implications of the UAW Owning Too Much of the Auto Industry

New Emails Reveal Chrysler-Fiat Forced Marriage

Mourdock: Chrysler is a "Gift" to Fiat

Chrysler dealers scramble to unload vehicles

China influence to grow faster than most expect: Soros

AP analysis shows recession's impact moderating

Wall Street futures point to lower open

Ireland Debt Rating Downgraded Again

Iraq - Ancient Babylon - War Not Over!

Minibus bomb 'kills seven' in southern Baghdad

Iraq carries on preparations for US pull out

US deaths in Iraq rise sharply in May

Stephen Colbert Shaves Head for U.S. Troops in Iraq: Mock pundit Stephen Colbert has declared victory in the war in Iraq. But the top U.S. commander in the country says not so fast

Colbert Has Baghdad on the Brain: Colbert thought that the Iraq War was ancient history, but discovered otherwise

5 U.S. contractors held in Iraq in American's slaying

Insurgents using teens to stage Iraq attacks

Turkish planes bomb Kurdish miitants in Iraq

Israeli - Palestinian Peace Accord?

Israel's Netanyahu to Give 'Major' Speech on Mideast Peace Plan

Israel will have no option but to accept a two-state solution

Obama Wants Palestinian State

Saudi King: US should impose solution in Mideast

Netanyahu wants "maximum understanding" with U.S

Mitchell Tells Abbas and Netanyahu: Talk Now; Abbas Refuses

No Need To Panic: Obama cannot break Israel’s back, sever special US-Israel ties

Israeli Poll: Obama's policies bad for Israel

Hillary Clinton Soft-Pedals on Fighting Iranian Attack on Israel

4 gunmen killed as Palestinian terror attack averted

936 lawsuits filed in wake of Operation Cast Lead

Gay pride being used to promote Israel abroad


June 7, 2009


Sotomayor found friends in elite group, Belizean Grove: Female equivalent to Bohemian Grove

Slower U.S. Job Losses Signal Recession Is Starting to Ease

Obama Says Current U.S. Health-Care System Is ‘Unsustainable’

Climate Bill to Cut U.S. Deficit: Federal Budget Office

Obama: North Korea must engage in diplomacy

Obama and Sarkozy agree on tough Iran diplomacy, West Bank settlements

Iran announces missile defense system

Fascist Global Economy Forming

Penske could give Saturn the life that General Motors couldn't

Chrysler Appeals Court Won’t Block Asset Sale to Fiat

Ford gives model for recovery

Sharing cool music and creative ideas is what keeps Ford designers fueled

Foreign brands gain US entry with GM's dismantling

GM to spend $2 billion to facilitate Delphi sale: in exchange for equity of a newly restructured Delphi Automotive Parts company

Bernanke: start work now to curb budget deficit

Deficits Matter But "Premature Tightening" Will Kill the Recovery

Jobs Market "Close to a Bottom," But Unemployment Heading Above 10%

Russia's fiscal hawk reins in currency ambitions: China will lead new global reserve currency, Russian minister says

Uganda: Oil Reserves Rival Saudi Arabia's

Israeli - Palestinian Peace Accord?

Israel will have no option but to accept a two-state solution

Obama Wants Palestinian State

Obama, Sarkozy agree on Middle East strategy

US President Obama Visits Buchenwald

Right shocked by Obama's comparison of Palestinians' plight to Holocaust

Why Holocaust shocked Obama's uncle: Ordinary G.I.'s not told that Nazis were systematically murdering Jews

Labor rebels may establish new party

Obama postpones US embassy move to Jerusalem

IDF Removes Two More Roadblocks in Shomron

New Outpost Named “Obama Hilltop”

More undeclared uranium discovered in Syria

Russia: 'Nyet' to U.S. leaving Afghanistan - Wants America to fail slowly

Iraq - Ancient Babylon - War Not Over!

Foreign Forces to withdraw from Iraq on time

Iraq carries on preparations for US pull out

Two U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq

US deaths in Iraq rise sharply in May

Obama meets wounded US troops in Germany

US Military: insurgents using teens in attacks in Iraq

Explosion in Diyala kills Iraqi soldier

Iraq: Bomb in Baghdad cafe kills nine

3 security workers killed by car bomb in Iraq

Iraq resumes diplomatic relations with Kabul

US military deaths in Iraq war officially at 4,311

Kurds start oil exports from northern Iraq

Ike's vision now key to US military thinking

Iran - Ancient Persia

Obama confronts Bush's Axis of Evil - can he do better?

U.S.-Iranian Engagement: The View from Tehran

Iran's Regional Power Rooted in Shi'ite Ties: Transformation of Iraq from mortal enemy of the Islamic Republic of Iran to a friendly state represents an epochal shift in Iran's security position in the region

Iran has become an extra-regional power

"Iran's Bid for Regional Power: Assets and Liabilities"

Obama Calls North Korea ‘Extraordinarily Provocative’

All topics open to discuss – except Obama eligibility: 100% of posts scrubbed from White House transparency site ask about birth certificate

Next frontier? Polygamists demand multi-sex marriage - Activists: New Hampshire plan embeds bigotry into state law

Gay groups grow impatient with Barack Obama

Busted! 2nd teacher arrested after predator principal - New case reveals school epidemic of instructors sexually abusing students

UCLA student told she can't say 'Jesus': Adviser edits senior's statement, cites, 'This is department policy'



June 5, 2009


Bonds sell off amid better-than-expected jobs data

Analyst: 13-week surge points to new bull run

Surge in Labor Force Shows U.S. Workers Gaining Confidence

Stocks end mixed as unemployment rate checks gains


Israeli - Palestinian Peace Accord?

Obama Addresses Islamic World

Obama: 'Moment is Now' to Press for Mideast Peace

Obama hopeful of Mideast peace progress this year

World Reaction Mixed On Obama's Cairo Speech

Palestinians, Israelis Have Mixed Reactions to Obama Speech

Analysts See Growing US-Israeli Rift Over Settlements Issue

Obama to Iran: Let Us 'Move Forward'

Bin Laden attacks Obama policies

View From Israel

Jerusalem warily applauds Obama's speech

Obama's give-and-take deal: American president turned complex Middle Eastern reality into simple truth

US reassured Jews prior to speech

Palestinians pleased with Obama's Koran quotes - did not mention 'terror' even once

Speech Aftermath - Great expectations

What Obama failed to understand, or refused to publicly identify

Analysis: Mideast dream needs more than eloquence

US official: Settlement deal possible

President Obama Now In Europe

Barack Obama arrives in Dresden to meet Angela Merkel

Obama to visit Buchenwald death/concentration camp: 56,000 people perished. Most were Jews – worked to death, shot or hanged by Nazi guards

'Obama in the Historic Steps of His Family'

Are Buchenwald and Dresden The Next Stops On The Apology Tour?

OBAMA IN GERMANY: Symbols of the Past Amid Talk of the Future

Senator threatens filibuster of 'Pedophile Protection Act'

What was Tiller doing in church?

U.S. Committed to New Approach for Organization of American States: Nation #6 In 10-Nation Reorganization Plan - NEWS2363

British PM Brown Moves Cabinet Ministers to Stave Off Leadership Challenge

Swine Flu Causes Serious Complications in 2% of Chilean Cases

Russia assembling rival to NATO: Organization to utilize 'rapid deployment' force of thousands

Man charged with threats against President Obama

San Diego withdraws Bible study warning: 'The weekly activity is within the scope of the residential use'


Staged Nuclear Crisis In Korea

North Korea 'ready to launch missile'

Alaska in range of North Korea missile

N.K. completes new missile site

Two Koreas To Discuss Industrial Zone As North Sustains Nuclear Threat

U.S. to impose own financial sanctions on North Korea

U.S. will not relist N.K. as 'terror state'

North Korea silent about US journalists' trial: Issue threatens to raise tensions with the U.S.

Assessing Obama’s ‘Smart Power’ Approach to Foreign Policy Making

Pakistan mosque suicide bomb blast kills scores

Pakistan Swat leader 'arrested'

Earthquake shakes Hokkaido, Sapporo in Northern Japan


Fascist Global Economy Forming

America's Future Not So Bad After All: Canadian Money Manager

German debts set to blow 'like a grenade': Unless they take advantage of the government's bad bank plans to prepare for the next phase of the crisis

Countrywide Ex-CEO Angelo Mozilo Charged With Fraud

Ford shows off Wall St. savvy

Auto woes rock black work force

Experts say auto show still important to automakers, Michigan

GOP falls flat with its auto arguments

Penske, GM near deal on Saturn

World stock markets are up on mining stocks before jobs data

US stock futures up ahead of May unemployment data

Oil steady after approaching $70

S.C. high court orders governor to take federal stimulus cash

'Birthers' take eligibility battle to next level: White House can't hide from swarm of citizenship posts in 'open government dialogue'

Writings Reveal Sotomayor's Controversial 'Wise Latina' Remark Not Isolated

White House Contacted Sotomayor Before Souter Quit


June 4, 2009


Obama Calls for New Beginning With World's Muslims

US president defends Iran's right to peaceful nuclear energy

Big Brother HAS gone too far ... and that's an ex-spy chief talking

Census GPS: A Missile at Your Door

N.H. ties gay-marriage knot

Obama plan would provide health care for all

Cheney: Death only option for some detainees if Gitmo closed

North Korea puts two U.S. journalists on trial

Obama Reaches Out To Islamic World

Obama speech to Muslims key to new U.S. strategy

President Obama reaches out to Muslim world

Full text of Obama's Cairo address

Obama not a messiah: Arab expectations are messianic

Will Obama address the Muslim world or the Arab world?

Analysis: Arabs expect an Obama apology

Iran: Obama's speech can't fix US image

For Obama’s Speech, Cairo Streets Empty

Israeli eyes on Cairo

Obama to engage Muslims with social-networking tools

U.S. Defends Key Obama Speech in 'Authoritarian' Egyptian State

Obama’s Mideast Speech Won’t Challenge Harsh Regimes, Dangerous Foes

Arab World Rolling Out Red Carpet to President Obama

Obama's Trip Begins In Saudi Arabia

Cover-up: CBS bans Obama eligibility billboards

Fascist Global Economy Forming

Pending Home Sales Rise 6.7 Percent in April

Bernanke Says US Economy Slowly Improving

Obama puts GM in repair shop

GM bailout fuels fears of Europeanization

Commentary: Obama won't let GM fail

Detroit Workers Struggle as General Motors Restructures

GM CEO pay off government charts

Obama official tries to quell auto fears

GM makes tentative deal to sell Hummer to China's Tengzhong: Deal would protect 3,000 jobs across nation

Five times ugly equals GM's automotive failures

Dealership has less than a week to sell all its cars


Global Terrorism = Global Dictatorship

Al Qaeda eyes bio attack from Mexico: Seeks white militias as allies - NOTE: This is sheer propaganda!

Egyptian Dissident: Obama's Speech Should Address Terrorism

Teller Murder: Domestic Terrorism by Any Standard

Scott Roeder Called a Terrorist

3 Reasons Why Murdering an Abortion Doctor Isn’t Being Called “Terrorism”

Bomb Kills 9 at Baghdad Cafe

OAS - Organization of American States Superstate Is Forming

OAS Offers Path for Cuba to Rejoin, after 47 Years

Clinton: No Consensus on Cuba at OAS Meeting

Israeli - Palestinian War

President Peres: Time is ripe to end Israeli-Arab conflict - Obama's journey to the region could be a unique opportunity

Minister Edelstein: US must pressure Palestinians, not Israel

Interior Minister Eli Yishai vows to help expand settlements

Settlers Threaten IDF General

World Bank: Aid won't spark PA economic growth

PA officer killed in clashes with Hamas

'DON'T TREAD ON ME': Rebellion in America’s Heartland


June 3, 2009


The Emergence of President Obama's Muslim Roots

Obama to reach out to Muslim world with Mideast trip

Obama says Iran's energy concerns legitimate

Discounts, not efficiency, drive US auto sales up

Kim Jong-un: a profile of North Korea's next leader

Judges: No Bible At Pa. Kindergarten Show And Tell

Drug gang allegedly runs Mexican state of Michoacan


Abortion In Spotlight

New Headline News Article

Preeminent Abortionist Doctor George Tiller Murdered

Why would a medical doctor like Tiller so adamantly kill babies? We shall reveal that abortion doctors WANT to kill babies! Why? The answer will shock you to your inner heart, as we examine how Satan looks at Abortion!

More Religious and Devout Young Women Have Abortions: Despite being educated in religious schools

Doctor's slaying a setback for common ground on abortion

Sotomayor Has Respect for Abortion Precedent: Senator Diane Feinstein

Slaying hinders abortion foes' focus on Sotomayor pick

Is Bill O'Reilly responsible for the murder of an abortion doctor?

Does the Supreme Court bear some responsibility for abortion doctor's murder?

The Tiller Murder And Its Ramifications: Liberal viewpoint


Fascist Global Economy Forming

World auto industry reshuffles amid crisis

Cabinet officials head to hard-hit auto states: Getting funds from the federal recovery act

Workers, towns cast adrift by GM bankruptcy

Bankrupt GM changes its tone with consumers

GM's Hummer brand may be sold to Chinese company: Could save 3,000 jobs

Hummer's Chinese buyer a newcomer to auto industry

Judge to rule on Chrysler franchise terminations

World markets mixed as caution tempers optimism

Big Investors Sticking Around For Global Rally: Are convinced the worst is now over

Obama said to be open to taxing health benefits

U.S. Army web servers breached by Turkish hackers

US Government Mistakenly Publishes "Confidential" Nuke Info

Israeli - Palestinian War

FM: Israel does not intend to bomb Iran

Obama sets 2-year deadline for Mideast breakthrough

Palestinian Authority optimistic about hard-line US stance

Obama unexpectedly joins Barak meeting at the White House

Illegal West Bank outpost, roadblocks removed

It’s not the settlements, stupid: Name of the game is 'survival'

No law, but plenty of government: All that is needed is simply that government agencies - including the defense establishment - discontinue their assistance to these illegal outposts


French President Sarkozy to meet Iranian FM on nuclear standoff

Hizbullah No. 2 wants Lebanon unity government

Obama names new Army Secretary: Republican Congressman John McHugh


June 2, 2009


Marines Train “Civilians” to Accept Coming Martial Law

GM Bankruptcy Judge Approves Asset Sale on First Day

Abortion doctor refused to quit: `I know they need me'

Is the Muslim world ready to respond to Obama's peace overture?

North Korea readying several missile tests: Including intercontinental missile

South Korea Deploys Warship as North Readies Missiles

Congress’s Health-Care Push Gains Momentum From Exploding Costs

Swine flu more active than seasonal flu

Dick Cheney on gay marriage: 'Freedom for everyone'


Abortion In Spotlight

Suspect jailed in Kansas abortion doctor's killing

Suspect in George Tiller murder is crazy: Ex-wife

Details of suspect in abortion slaying emerge

Obama outrage as doctor gunned down

Activist calls abortion doctor's killing 'overdue'

Tiller's Murder: How Will It Impact the Abortion Fight?

Homeland Security Demand: Root out pro-life 'terrorists'

San Francisco vigil tonight to honor life of slain Kansas abortion doctor

Operation Rescue Statement Regarding Suspect In Tiller Killing

Obama’s Own Words Indicate Sotomayor Is Radically Pro-abortion

Obama Administration Is Out Of Step With New Pro-Life Majority

New Headline News Article

Preeminent Abortionist Doctor George Tiller Murdered

Why would a medical doctor like Tiller so adamantly kill babies? We shall reveal that abortion doctors WANT to kill babies! Why? The answer will shock you to your inner heart, as we examine how Satan looks at Abortion!

Fascist Global Economy Forming

Health reform can boost economy - Obama aide

JPMorgan, American Express Will Tap Stock Markets to Repay TARP

GM Has Been Bankrupt For Years

Rasmussen: 67% of voters oppose GM bailout

Don't expect a GM "fire sale"

GM rescue fraught with political risks for Obama

GM wins access to $15B in financing

'Cash for clunkers' rolling in Senate: Congress may subsidize car sales

Stocks set for bumpy ride

Geithner Says China Has Confidence in U.S. Economy

Former Vice President Dick Cheney 'a strong believer' in waterboarding

Pakistan's Victories Over the Taliban: Less Than Meets the Eye

Connecticut moves to restrict Catholics in politics: Official contends church must register as 'lobbyist' to speak out

Israeli - Palestinian War

Sirens sound across Israel as home front drill reaches peak

Turning Point 3: Nation Practices Bomb Shelter Drill

Malfunctions reported during nationwide Home Front drill

Obama: US must be 'honest' with Israel

Obama is right: American president utters axioms we don’t like but must understand

Obama Tour to Include Germany, Egypt, Not Israel

US: We will continue to support Israel at UN

Palestinian youth stabs IDF soldier

Analysis: Settlers Preparing for 'worst case scenarios'

10 activists arrested in outpost protest

UN War Crimes Team Welcomed by Hamas, Ignored by Israel, In Gaza

Survey: Israeli Jews Overwhelmingly Connected to Torah: Jews less secular than many thought

Obama proclaimed June "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Month"

Cheney Comes Out for Gay Marriage, State-by-State

Thousands rally in support of gay marriage ban

Gay Marriage Pressure Increases In New York

Maryland AG considers recognizing gay marriages

If you are opposed to same-sex unions, should your name be posted on the internet?

Justice-to-be Sonia Sotomayor and the menora

American 'Lone-Wolf' Muslim Terrorist Arrested: Shot and killed one U.S. soldier and wounding another

Obama administration supports Saudi immunity in 9/11 lawsuit

Prez wants queen at D-Day ceremonies: This week when D-Day ceremonies are held in France


June 1, 2009


Abortion doctor shot dead at church: George Tiller

Operation Rescue Denounces The Killing of Abortionist Tiller

Obama promises Arabs Jerusalem will be theirs

GM to reorganize in government-led bankruptcy

Israel Begins its Biggest Ever Civil Defense Drill

GOP senators bring race issue to forefront of Sotomayor nomination

White House: Obama's Thursday Speech in Cairo to Engage Muslim Community

Wrong venue for Obama's Muslim speech

Southern Baptists say no to 'hate crimes' bill


Fascist Global Economy Forming

GM Bankruptcy to Bring Majority Taxpayer Ownership - After 77 years, $88 billion in losses

US Stock Futures Up Sharply Ahead Of GM News - Investor confidence that the worst of the financial crisis and recession is over

Majority of GM bondholders accept exchange offer

Questions about GM's future cloud car-shopping

Judge OKs sale of most Chrysler assets to Fiat

US Judge Ruling Paves Way For Marchionne As Chrylser CEO

Chrysler Could Exit Bankruptcy Reorganization as Soon as Monday

Ford Seeks to Gain Amid Rivals' Pain

World markets gain on strong manufacturing reports

Treasury Secretary Geithner Tells China U.S. Will Tackle Budget Deficit

'Clean-tech' start-ups are pushing the green button


Abortion News

Whoever Killed George Tiller Was Not A Christian

Shooting could alter debate over abortion

Violence: The real danger of right-wing extremists

Late-term abortion doctor decries Tiller killing: ‘This is a fascist movement’

U.S. Attorney general directs U.S. marshals to protect abortion clinics, providers

Man charged in slaying of Kansas abortion doctor

Abortion provider had guards at work, 'rigorous' security at home

Slain abortion doctor George Tiller's work made him a target for years

President Obama shocked by abortion doctor shooting

Another abortion-war casualty: Operation Rescue shocked by murder

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel Prepares for War: 5-Day 'Turning Point 3' Exercise Begins

Will a Palestinian state fix everything?

Obama Confident of Progress on Mideast Peace

58% of the Jewish Public in Israel Supports 2-State Solution: Opposition says poll data is flawed

Egypt: Peace more important than Iran

Military Intelligence: Iran could have bomb by year's end

Prominent Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz: Obama Has Iran Linkage Backwards

Abbas in Egypt Following White House Talks

Israel Rejects US Call for Total Settlement Freeze

US may reduce Israel support in UN

Obama tells Jews where they can live

2nd Lebanese colonel held over spying for Israel

Six Palestinians Killed in Clash Between Rival Factions

Bloodshed becomes focus of PA-Hamas relations

Christians down to 2% of Jerusalem's population

He's back! Ten Commandments judge takes on Obama: Roy Moore runs for Alabama governor, promotes 'So Help Me God'

Red Cross Alarmed by Situation in Pakistan's Swat Valley

Obama asks which public records you want to see: On White House site, 30% answer establishing his eligibility to serve

North Korea puts long-range missile on launch pad

North Korea's intentions unclear: Gates

North Korea shakes up pacifist Japan

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