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June 1-15, 2010
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Obama continues Gulf visit, prepares to address nation

Arizona bill would deny citizenship to children of illegal immigrants

Dems see gulf oil crisis as chance for change

Was Obamacare designed for 'distribution of wealth'?

EU Tells Israel: Lift Gaza Blockade

Israel Tells EU: Stop your citizens from joining flotillas

Iran to send aid ships to Gaza next week

Near-Record 49% Say Democratic Party "Too Liberal"

Oil Spill News

Obama BP Speech

Obama plans fourth tour of Gulf oil spill

Gulf Coasters skeptical of Obama, BP promises

BP faces demand for $20bn pay-out

Obama will show he has bigger target in mind

BP spill gives Obama an opportunity to reform oil

Obama Promises Revival of Gulf Environment, Economy After Spill

Gulf Oil Spill's Impact on the Politics of "Sustainability"

Obama Compares Gulf Oil Spill To 9/11 Tragedy

President Obama turns oil spill into his poor man's 9/11 to revive Cap-and-Trade climate legislation

The Gulf oil spill is not 9/11: the Obama administration plumbs new depths of stupidity

Gulf Coast Evacuation Scenario Summer/Fall 2010

White House Threatens: Obama poised to take claims processing away from BP unless it changes system

U.S. human trafficking report includes American cases for first time

Swarm of quakes rattles Los Angeles County


Fascist Global Economy Forming

Fed's Bullard says U.S. economy won't double dip

California's economy to see sluggish recovery this year: UCLA economists

Credit raters could catch a break in Wall St regulation bill

Senate tries to restore Medicaid to jobs bill: States said they are counting on the $24 billion in additional support

Federal regulators approve investment vehicle to allow box-office futures trading

Seeking economic growth, Japan central bank to start new $33 billion lending scheme

World stock markets mixed amid European anxiety after Greek downgraded to "junk" bond rating

New York Fed’s Enhanced Powers May Come With Reduced Autonomy

Iraq parliament holds first meeting

Iraqi Kurds seek written guarantees

British soldier dies of Afghan war wounds

Israeli - Palestinian War

Riyadh Categorically Denies Deal with Israel on Air Strike against Iran

Gaza Aid Ship Departs Iranian Port

Why Iran's Revolutionary Guard wants to escort new Gaza flotilla

Shin Bet Chief: Lifting Gaza naval blockade dangerous

Turkey: No confidence in Turkel flotilla probe committee

Iran slams UNSC on Israel aid attack

Castro likens Israel to Nazis

Jordan: Israel undermining her nuclear procurement efforts

Jordanian official speaks of 'State of two banks': Amman is sensitive to claims that 'Jordan is the Palestinian state'

Obama doctrine failing: Effort to appease Islam does not seem to be working for America

Delek Energy Systems Says Israel Has Significant Additional Gas Potential

Iran: US nearing nuclear 'checkmate'

Iran Demands Russian S-300s to Make It ‘Invincible’ to Israel

Gates Says U.S., Iran Aren’t Close to Nuclear Accord

Kyrgyz Refugees Find Uzbek Border Closed

Kyrgyzstan begs Russia’s help to quell ethnic violence

Russian-led Security Group Considers Intervention in Kyrgyzstan

Nickelodeon promotes 'naughty' games to kids: Players peek up teacher's skirt, ogle buxom women in public places

The IPCC consensus on climate change was phoney

Egypt Official: U.S. president claims to be Muslim

Chris Matthews Defends Domestic Terrorists While Smearing Americans As Dangerous Radicals




June 14, 2010

Oil spill 'will shape how US thinks about environment': Obama

Stocks, Oil Rally on Economic Optimism

Obama to address nation on oil disaster Tuesday night

Obama steps up push for added economic stimulus

PM Netanyahu: Gaza flotilla probe will show the world Israel acted lawfully

Saudi Arabia Denies Media Reports It Has Allowed Israel To Use Its Airspace

Kyrgyz ethnic clashes spread, Russia sends troops

S.Korea vows stern response to N.Korea threats

Obama Issues Executive Order Mandating “Lifestyle Behavior Modification”

Mark of the Beast Conditioning

U.S. School District to Begin Microchipping Students

Microchipping of Alzheimer's patients begins in Florida

British government to Begin Microchipping Prisoners

RFID Implants Found to Cause Cancer Tumors



House of Windsor In The News

Prince Charles blames world’s ills on ‘soulless consumerism’ and Galileo

Prince Charles Praises Islamic Principles on Environment

Prince William Sets a Date! Will marry Kate Middleton

Oil Spill News

Map: Impact of the oil disaster

Obama and BP set for oil-spill showdown

BP Submits Capture Plan, Obama Seeks Escrow Account

BP Bigwigs: Men Behind the Oil Spill Under Pressure

BP Outlines Plan to Speed Up Oil Containment

Whither the dead bird, tar ball and oily boom? It's a long road from Gulf to grave for refuse from the BP oil spill

Why Obama Needs a Healthy BP: Editorial

Grateful Obama Gets Help On Oil Spill From ‘Old Li’ in China

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel vs Iran: The Risk of War

Israel announces creation of Gaza flotilla inquiry committee

Israeli minister cancels France trip amid Gaza probe

Israel's Barak calls off Paris visit amid arrest threats

Turkey's strategic shift spurs concern on Capitol Hill

Israel, Poland mum on ‘Mossad arrest'

Germany may have intentionally leaked alleged Mossad man's arrest

Israel Against Extradition of Suspected Mossad Agent to Germany


Fascist Global Economy Forming

Stocks extend gains on signs of European growth: Signs that Europe's economy might not be badly hurt by its debt crisis

Investors keep up world rally from year low

Jobless claims fall slightly

Jobs key to housing recovery

Business travelers are moving again, but frugally

BP shares dive again as board considers dividend delay

France Wows Skeptics With A 100 Billion Euro Austerity Plan

Free Markets Show U.S. Has Tamed the Bond Vigilantes

U.S. discovers $1 trillion Afghan mineral deposits




June 12-13, 2010


Kyrgyz leader asking for Russian peacekeepers to help quell violence

Spill oil to seep into supply chain as BP sells it

Global protest planned over BP's handling of oil disaster

Germany Probes Russian Nuclear Shipments to Iran

Pope Seeks Forgiveness Over Priestly Sex Abuse

Italy's corruption police tape the Pope's phone calls

Florida Governor Charlie Crist Vetoes Abortion Bill: Sides with abortion rights supporters

Iraq Car Bomb Kills Two Americans, Three Iraqis

At least 18 killed in Iraq blasts amid political uncertainty

Suicide attack hits U.S. convoy, 3 policemen wounded in Iraq's Anbar province

US Investigates Alleged Leak of Diplomatic Cables

Iraq's Shi'ite coalition, still searching for a PM

Blix to testify in British Iraq war inquiry


Fascist Global Economy Forming

European Central Bank Champions the Euro's Calm Days and Defends Its Bond Strategy

Consumer confidence is up, but spending is slow to follow

Dow posts first weekly gain in nearly a month

World Stocks, dollar gain on hopeful recovery propects

China May inflation rises, industrial growth slows

Cramer Solves BP’s Dividend Problem?

Banks line up to handle General Motors stock: Automaker's initial public offering could raise $12 billion

Chrysler CEO Marchionne: Chrysler is on right track

Michigan Electric Vehicle Rally & Show

Mustang cleanly adds kick: Fuel-efficient performance sets '11 pony apart

Obama and GOP bicker over doctors' Medicare pay


Oil Spill News

The oil spill -- Friday

U.S. experts want severe penalty, strict regulations to prevent future oil spill

Obama, Cameron to discuss BP spill

British PM Cameron seeks to avoid US rift over BP

BP Sees $3-$6 Billion Oil Spill Cleanup Bill

Political Wisdom: Presidential Anger and the Oil Spill

Obama: “I Can’t Suck it Up With a Straw”

BP's "Burn Box" Ignites Oil Collecting on Gulf

Costner's Dream Machine Separates Oil from Water

BP Builds City For Oil Spill Workers

BP announces second 25-million-dollar grant to Florida

Spill Not Obama’s Fault, More Cleanup Help Needed: Senator Graham

Is BP Stock a 'Buy' Now? Investors Review the Scenarios

Oil Spill May Cost $4.3 Billion in Property Values

'Saudis to allow airspace for Iran war': Will "look the other way" if Israeli jets use its airspace to attack Iran

When it comes to Iraq, Iran loves a power vacuum

Russian PM Putin says no missile sale to Iran

Iran to hit back at shipping sanctions

White House works to weaken Iran proposal in Congress

US military sees no sign of Iranian incursion in Iraqi north

Hariri's first visit to Washington as Lebanese Prime Minister: Scuds, Hizballah and Iran

Russia wants Afghan drug summit

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel and Turkey: Always The Impossible Alliance

Opinion: Victor Davis Hanson: U.S. must be ready asTurkey shifts away secularism

50 ships may join Freedom Flotilla II

'We didn't endorse UN flotilla probe': US official

Obama Says Gaza ‘Unsustainable,’ Pledges $400 Million

Saudis air corridor is open, US, Israel self-immobilized on Iran - The rise of the Turkish-Iranian alliance

Mossad Chief: Obama's perceived military "softness" weakens Israel

Helen Thomas goes from dean to dunce

Before Helen Thomas, other career-changing gaffes

Alan Keyes joins 'Tea Party at Sea' lineup: Ambassador, author, orator to cruise Caribbean WND-style

Poll: Obama leads 2012 rivals

Vets ask Obama to restore memorial cross: Knocked down by vandals after Supreme Court affirms symbol

Republicans Boost Attack on Kagan Memos she wrote while working for Justice Marshall

Kagan role in Clinton sex harassment suit withheld

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June 11, 2010

Ban on Homosexual Blood Donations Could be Lifted

Obama Administration to Support Anti-Israel Resolution at UN Next Week

Boris Johnson tells Barack Obama: Stop bashing Britain

Pope begs forgiveness, promises action on sex abuse

Stocks pare losses as consumer sentiment climbs

Today's News

Ahmadinejad says Israel is 'doomed'

Turkey’s Strategic U-Turn

Worst Crisis Since Israel’s Creation

Feds double estimate of oil gushing into gulf

BP oil crisis will transform the oil industry: Editorial

Senate Rejects Ban on Greenhouse-Gas Rules

Crude Oil Declines From Four-Week High as Dollar Strengthens

More News

Oil Spill News

With each look at oil flow, the numbers get worse

Is the Jones Act Slowing Oil Spill Cleanup?

British PM Cameron pledges help in BP oil spill

BP British Backlash

The oil spill -- Thursday

Anyone have Tony Hayward's BP number? Why Obama couldn't be bothered calling the CEO

Taking environmental responsibility

Obama's BP gambit could fall short

BP shares bounce back

BP Weighs Dividend Cut

BP: will donate oil spill revenue to Gulf wildlife fund

Dispute Rages Over BP Liability For Wages, as Obama Pushes


Fascist Global Economy Forming

Iran President: US Dollars Are Worthless Paper

U.S. Firms Build Up Record Cash Piles

U.S. asset managers worried Obama could confiscate gold: President might follow the path set by Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1933

Congress Considers Tax-Credit Extension for Some Home Buyers

Oil hovers near $75 amid improving economic news

Stock futures creep higher ahead of another round of data expected to show domestic growth

Japan PM warns of Greece-like debt crisis

Measuring the Impact of a Nod From Sarah Palin

Israeli - Palestinian War

The choice is Israel or insanity

A once cosmopolitan city is now bitter and divided as Jerusalem is taken over

At IAEA, Iran slams Israel nukes

Israel should join NPT as non-nuclear-weapon state: Chinese official declares

Israel to form committee to probe flotilla raid

Israel freed top terrorists caught on flotilla: Intelligence community enraged by decision

EU to raise pressure on Israel over Gaza blockade

Ordinary Gazans hurt most by 3-year blockade

Time to seal Gaza border: Israel has much to gain from freeing itself of any responsibility for Gaza Strip

Israel police on alert in Jerusalem

Rabbi who filmed Helen Thomas anti-Israel rant says flooded by hate mail

Why Helen Thomas's Israel rant is irrelevant

What if instead of North Korea sinking a South Korean ship, Iran sank an Israeli ship?

China, Russia seek to further bilateral ties

World Is On Fire In The "Non-Intgegrating Gaps"

British PM Cameron abandoned Afghan base visit after assassination plot

2 U.S. troops, 11 Afghan civilians killed in south

At least 17 people have been killed in riots in the central Asian state of Kyrgyzstan

More US missiles kill 18 in Pakistan

Pakistan harboring Mullah Omar: Fugitive Taliban Leader

Baghdad violence kills three people

US cannot garner support for Iran war: Former Chief UN Weapons Inspector Blix

'Israel may strike Iran next month': Egypt secures border, places troops on alert

Blago Trial: Obama Wanted Ethics Bill Passed


Obama's Eligibility To Serve?

White House Press Secretary Gibbs sidesteps Social Security question: Asked about affidavits that Obama's ID was assigned to Connecticut address

Officer to Army: See you in court - Waives initial hearing on charges of failing to obey chain of command

Uncovered: Obama's mystery college years: Tied to Ayers' group, extremist groups operating on campus


The Tea Party: A phony grassroots movement headed for political oblivion?

'Bush hater' punches GOP official at Tea Party: 'Union organizer' attacks after blaming former president for 'mess we're in'

A real admiral at helm of 'Tea Party at Sea': War hero, Admiral Jeremiah Denton

Tea Party becomes Democrat Senator Harry Reid’s new best friend

N.J. Incumbents Beat Back Tea-Party Challenges

Blanche Lincoln held on in Arkansas, but hears 'tea party' footsteps

Carbon Tax Bill May Be Dead After Shock Graham Reversal On Climate Change


June 10, 2010


The new oil risk: Peak Regulation

Guard readies as Gulf Coast braces for oil spill

Gulf oil leak may be bigger than BP says

Oil spill forecasts: Take them with a grain of salt water

Israel faces the same dilemma as the Brits once faced with the Jews

Analysis: Iran sanctions good for Obama, won't stop Iran

Turkey - New face of power in the Middle East

Oil Spill News

BP: The End of Cap & Trade?

U.S. and BP slow to accept Dutch expertise

Journalist dives into Gulf, can see only oil: Takes 30 minutes to clean off after diving into ocean 40 miles from shore

BP faces a new nightmare as oil causes Florida swimming ban

Scientist Awed by Size, Density of Undersea Oil Plume in Gulf - 'I've never seen methane concentration this high anywhere in the water'

BP shares plunge on oil spill fallout fears

Obama to meet families of 11 killed in oil spill explosion

Deepwater Horizon: The oil plume is real

BP says it has financial strength to deal with spill

BP eyes showdown with US govt on liability

BP Shares Remain Low After Initial 11% Dip

Deep-water oil drilling: banned in America, allowed in Great Britain

IEA Raises Oil Demand Outlook, But Warns on U.S. Drill Ban

Democrat consultants profited from BP ties: 'Cold-blooded' campaign favoring oil giant directed by Carville, others


Fascist Global Economy Forming

Europe shares up ahead of ECB, BoE rate decisions

World markets up slightly as strong Fed economic report offset by BP plunge

BP Should Resist Slashing Dividend - Wall Street Journal

WORLD FOREX: Global Optimism; Spanish Auction Helps Euro

Dollar Trades Near Four-Year High Versus Euro

May foreclosure rate steadies as banks hold back: Giving borrowers more time

Japan 1Q growth stronger than first estimated

Iran (Ancient Persia) News

U.N. council hits defiant Iran with new sanctions: Targets uranium enrichment plans

UN resolution "incorrect", "illegal": Iranian spokesman

Ahmadinejad Says New UN Sanctions Merit ‘Trash Bin’

Analysis: Iran sanctions good for Obama, won't stop Iran

Turkey's PM Erdogan says sanctions against Iran 'mistake'

Iran hails Turkey, Brazil, Lebanon's stance on UN resolution

Congress seeks additional Iran sanctions

Iran to Consider Downgrading Ties With UN Nuclear Agency

New UN Iran resolution leaves room for diplomacy

Russia freezes Iran missile contract: New UN sanctions resolution causes Russian arms industry to renege on sale of S-300 defense system

Iran Cyber Army Hacks Major Opposition Web Sites

Suicide Blast Kills 40 at Afghan Wedding

Resurgent Taliban threatens U.S. win in Marja -- a key Afghan town

Attacks Leave 11 Dead in Pakistan, Afghanistan

Pentagon Acknowledges Downing of US Helicopter in Afghanistan

Israeli - Palestinian War

Lebanese Threaten Mass Civilian March on Israeli Border

Arab lawmaker joining flotilla sparks outrage in Israel

US Senator unveils pro-Israel resolution in flotilla feud

Poll: Half of Americans blame flotilla activists

Israel Signals Easing of Gaza Blockade

78 pct of Israelis view Turkey as enemy: Poll

No lifting of Gaza blockade without soldier visits: Israel

Arab league chief accuses Israel of atrocities

Israel accuses critics of 'lies, incitement and hatred'

Gaza Activists dare Congressman to arrest them

PM Netanyahu: Inquiry Must Investigate Flotilla Organizers

Russian PM: Gas pipeline may not be extended to Israel

President Obama pledges $400 million for Palestinians


More Active Sun Means Nasty Solar Storms Ahead

Hawaii elections clerk: Obama birth not here

Michael Savage: Obama may be foreign 'usurper' - Radio host decries 'extreme dangers' of president with 'dual allegiances'

North Korea reaching out to new technology source: Brazil



June 9, 2010


Today's News

Turkey is calling for a jihad against Israel

Turkey: EUs cold shoulder forced to Ankara’s to turn to Iran

Gulf oil hearings continue on Capitol Hill

BP Captures More Oil, Underwater Plumes Revealed

Obama to meet with Palestinian leader at tense time

U.N. rebukes of Israel permitted in U.S. policy shift

Russia and China leaders to meet at regional security summit

Beijing thinks US is strategically encircling China

Oil Spill News

Rig survivors charge: BP ordered shortcut on day of blast

BP To Put Revenue From Sale Of Recovered Oil Into Wildlife Fund

Oil from Gulf of Mexico disaster will long be able to spill its identity

Day 51: Latest oil disaster developments

Manpower needed to oversee Gulf drilling

Oil well cap now siphoning 20,000 barrels a day

Looking Beyond The Oil Spill: Reflection of a broader energy and climate change crisis

As Missteps Mount, So Does the Backlash

The Gulf Coast oil spill's "Dr. Doom"

Chrysler Ads Aim To Rebuild Image

With Billions On the Line, Banks Push To Dilute Financial Overhaul Bill

Worst may be over for commercial real estate

U.S debt to rise to $19.6 trillion by 2015

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel agrees to ease Gaza blockade

Israel's blockade of Gaza on Obama-Abbas agenda

Israel PM to meet Obama later this month

Israel faces the same dilemma as the Brits once faced

Israel 'isolated' as Mideast-Asia forum condemns ship raid

Helen Thomas: A troubling end to a distinguished career

Dramatic escalation of China India tension over Beijing missiles & Naval base

Militants attack NATO convoy in Pakistan; 7 killed

Chinese AWACs added to Pakistan’s AEW&C inventory

Obama pitches health care overhaul to skeptical seniors





June 8, 2010

I would have fired BP chief by now: Obama

Obama vows to push energy bill: Using oil spill as catalyst

Ahmadinejad Stresses Need for New World Order

Int'l inquiry over flotilla episode in debate in Israel

World shares rise after Fed chief reassures markets of global recovery

Oil rises above $72 a barrel in Asia as Bernanke gives vote of confidence in US recovery

U.S. puts bull's-eye on Iran: Directive allows certain military actions

Iran not to talk over its nuclear program if sanctioned: President Ahmadinejad

U.S. official: 11,000 barrels of oil captured in last 24 hours

Oil Spill News

Day 50: Latest oil spill developments

Nation's frustration grows as oil continues to flow from sea floor

Poll: BP Oil Spill Response Rated Worse than Katrina

Florida Officials Want to Run Cleanup With BP’s Funds

GOP Senator Tells Obama -- Time to Travel to Florida

Florida Governor Crist announces loans for oil-affected businesses

Florida beaches being cleaned

Gulf's Fishing-for-Fun Culture Also Takes Hit

Haley Barbour: Oil? What Oil? Press Should Stop Scaring Tourists

Economist: Oil disaster could cost Florida economy 39,000 jobs, $2.2 billion

North Sea oil rigs will face tougher environmental scrutiny after BP spill

US Reopens Part Of Gulf For Fishing: Closed Area Now 32% Of US Waters

Canada assists U.S. in oil spill cleanup in Mexico Gulf

Obama to Reopen Oil Drilling: New regulations to be in effect in shallow water drilling

Obama pledges spill 'compensation for all affected'

Extremely Active’ Hurricanes Set to Test Catastrophic Bonds

Israeli - Palestinian War

Flotilla clash still making waves in Middle East politics: Tensions showing no signs of easing

Israel military investigating deadly flotilla raid

Turkey pressures Israel, seeks regional support

Turkish-Israeli base for monitoring Iran may close

Countries line up to slam Israel at Asian security summit

Israel’s Gaza Blockade Is Justified: India's Wall Street Journal Debate Forum

Israel's Gaza blockade: It works

'Syria, Turkey to cooperate to remove Gaza siege'

More than 5,000 Palestinians cross newly opened Gaza-Egypt border: Egyptian President Mubarak opened Rafah in response to Israel's raid on Gaza flotilla

U.S., U.K., Afghan Forces Drive to Oust Taliban From Stronghold

NATO suffers deadliest day this year in Afghanistan: 12 soldiers die

U.S. Takes Greater Command Role in Afghanistan

Afghan War Now Country's Longest

Australian Defence Minister Faulkner warns of further Afghan bloodshed

10,000 throng to stop Ground Zero mosque: Group vows to sue federal government: '3,000 good Americans didn't die in vain'

Glenn Beck under fire for touting Nazi author's book

Helen Thomas quits over anti-Israel rant: Veteran reporter, columnist said Jews should go back to Poland, Germany

Helen Thomas retires in flap over Israel remarks

Strange find on Titan sparks chatter about life: Studies may suggest methane-based organic processes - some news reports have further hyped up as hints of extraterrestrials


Fascist Global Economy Forming

I would have fired BP chief by now: Obama - Controlling "hire and fire" is key tenant of Fascism

Bernanke see recovery gaining traction: But it won't feel `terrific'

More factory jobs ease economic pain: Job gains in Midwest ease economic stress to lowest level in 5 months

Ford to focus on paying down debt

Ford's debt rating improves

Ford invests $135 million in 2 Michigan plants

European Stocks, Pound Decline on Deficit Woes

U.S.’s $13 Trillion Debt Poised to Overtake GDP: Chart of Day

US Senate Nears Deal On Fund-Manager Tax Hike

FTC floats Drudge tax: Agency thinks government should be at the center of a media overhaul

Outrage in India over lenient Bhopal disaster verdicts

North American Airline Passenger Satisfaction Improves

Scarlett Johansson a great kisser says Sandra Bullock: Staged lesbian kiss at MTV Movie Awards was all Sandra's idea

Obama pitching seniors on health bill

Two New Jersey men appear in court on terrorism charges




June 7, 2010


Crisis not 'wasted': Obama to nationalize oil companies?

Coast Guard commander expects oil slick to persist into fall

How the gushing oil in the Gulf will ripple around the world

Turkey's Emergence as a 'Center Power' in Mid-East Is a Game-Changer

Israel kills 4 militants diving off Gaza

Obama loses the Left: Suddenly, it's cool to bash Barack

State to license journalists?

Local Police to get semiautomatic patrol rifles

Four women slain in Fla. restaurant rampage: Gunman then kills self

Mexico: 6 bodies discovered in cave, 3 with hearts cut out

Debt worries drag European shares down; BP gains

Hungary attempts to soothe default worries

Oil Spill News

Oil spill siphoning picks up speed

Containment cap on oil well a small victory

Gulf oil crisis could stretch into the fall

Gulf Coast oil spill disaster: It's time for President Obama to drop the hammer on BP

Obama's double bind: Oil and the economy

BP oil spill clean-up costs rise to $1.25bn

Why speak to Obama? BP boss Tony Hayward risks more anger over oil spill

Oil spill tests President Obama's management style: 'This may be the best education Obama may get on the ineffectiveness of government

Gulf Coast Churches Seek God to Stop Oil Flow

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel still balking at external Gaza flotilla probe Gaza flotilla probe, despite growing world pressure

Turkey PM may bring forward election to exploit voters' anti-Israel rage

Turkey Curtails Ties With Israel Over Gaza Flotilla Raid

Two Iranian ships to sail to Gaza

Shot Australian says Israelis left him to bleed

The 'activists' wanted violence: Wiesel says we must honestly assess who is to blame

Israel sorry for spoof video: Israeli government has apologised for sending journalists a spoof video mocking activists aboard the Gaza flotilla

Gaza blockade untenable, U.S. believes: White House shifts its policy on Palestinian area

Jewish Group: Dismiss Helen Thomas For Her Anti-Semitic Remarks

Thomas apologizes for saying Jews don't belong in Israel

Top U.S. journalist loses agent, friends after saying 'Jews should get the hell out of Palestine'

Afghan President Karzai Replaces Top Officials Following Taliban Attack

Lawmakers uneasy with DNI (Director of National Intelligence pick

Two N.J. men arrested at JFK airport before boarding plane to join Islamist terrorist group, authorities say

Founder of Ground Zero mosque part of group that helped fund Gaza flotilla

New Mexico's medical pot law, similar to N.J.'s, is too restrictive for some





Saturday-Sunday, June 5-6, 2010


Rabbis: Flotilla Clash Similar to Gog and Magog Prophecy - "Where the world is against us, but which ends with the third and final redemption"

New Headline News Article

Warning To All Islamic Leadership: You Will Be Destroyed If You Persist In Plotting The Annihilation of Israel!

God's Omen of Protection is hovering over Israel today just as it did in Ancient Israel. No weapon can destroy God's nation, or God's promises will be proven to be impotent and He a liar -- both of which are utterly impossible

Israeli forces board Gaza-bound aid vessel: Seize it without resistance

Turkish PM wants to visit Gaza: Wants his navy to escort another flotilla

Israel against the world - yet again

Crude still flows in Gulf despite cap on oil gusher

Obama: I'll stand with the Gulf

Does Kagan Support Assisted Suicide?

SKorea's Lee sees no possibility of war with North

G-20 finance chiefs agree on global need to curb deficits

Dollar surges to 4-year high against the euro

Oil Spill News

'Top cap' on BP oil spill not tight enough as crude keeps spewing

Gooey tar balls seen near Pensacola Beach on Florida's Gulf coast

Oil spill is tainting national confidence

Obama Talks to Locals About Oil Spill

Obama Warns BP: ‘No Nickel and Diming’

Laura Bush draws Gulf Coast parallel: To Katrina

Gulf oil spill threatens to tar Obama presidency

Gulf of Mexico oil spill: way too early to be optimistic, says Barack Obama

The British backlash has begun: Could the US backlash against BP extend to other British companies?

Gay Couples Get Equal Tax Treatment

Obama to Name Pentagon Official to Intelligence Post: James Clapper

U.S. Jobs Report Compounds Europe's Woes

10 Big Companies That Are Adding Jobs: After two years of layoffs, the U.S. job market is recovering -- albeit more slowly than economists had hoped

Crude oil and retail gasoline end the week lower


Israeli - Palestinian War

'Leviathan' Find May Spur Israel Gas Export

Israeli Navy takes over Rachel Corrie aid vessel

Ships of fools: Israel has duty and obligation to stop Gaza blockade runners

Turkey launches criminal probe against Israeli leaders

Today we are all Palestinians: Arab viewpoint

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan: Hamas is not a terror group

Turkey Curtails Ties With Israel Over Gaza Flotilla Raid

Turkish PM wants to visit Gaza: Wants his navy to escort another flotilla

UN must investigate Turkey: Turkey appears to be involved in criminal activities in respect to Gaza flotilla

President Ahmadinejad says Israel has lost control of its mind

Israeli commando who shot six passengers in aid convoy in line for medal: "I could see the murderous rage in their eyes and that they were coming to kill us.”

White House linked to flotilla organizers: Israel official ties president's adviser to controversial 'Free Gaza Movement'

'Guns may have been thrown overboard': Gun-sights, cartridges and coded plans found on 'Marmara'

Senior White House Correspondent Helen Thomas Tells Jews — ‘Get the Hell Out of Palestine’ and Go Back to Germany & Poland

Jews Around the World Linked by Common Genetic Ancestry: Traits date back several millennia and may help trace inherited links to many diseases

Myanmar seeking nuclear weapons, getting help from North Korea: Army defector

Pyongyang Claims: Cheonan was false-flag sinking

China, U.S. Spar Over Cut in Military Ties Amid Korean Tensions

US and China can't calm South China Sea

Iraq War Not Over Yet

General Odierno: Iraq Moves Toward Stability, US Drawdown on Track

Pro-Allawi election candidate gunned down in northern Iraq

US considers new F-16 fighters for Iraq




June 4, 2010

New cargo ship heads to Gaza: Israel vows to stop it

A Flotilla Smokescreen? REAL threat is radical Islam

Reclusive Turkish Imam Criticizes Gaza Flotilla

North Korean official says war possible at 'any moment'

Cheonan warship sinking credibility gap widens: Is it possible entire event was fabricated?

Iran accuses international nuclear agency of false reporting

'Top cap' on BP oil spill not tight enough as crude keeps spewing

U.K. Mulls Tighter Gun-Control Laws After Shootings

Kan Elected to Head Japan's Ruling Party: Former Finance Chief

Nikkei holds firm as new Japan PM chosen


Gaza Flotilla News

Turkish Autopsies reveal 9 men on Gaza aid boat shot, 5 in head

A Flotilla Smokescreen? REAL threat is radical Islam

3 IDF Soldiers Were Briefly Kidnapped in Ship Takeover

Israel kidnapped people off flotilla': Turkish FM charges

Turkey suspends all infrastructure projects with Israel

We have nothing to be sorry for, Israel tells Turkey

VP Biden defends Israel on flotilla raid

Israel heightens Jerusalem security after ship raid

Israel deports flotilla activists after world outcry

Gaza flotilla passenger: Ship became lake of blood - 'extremely bad and brutal' IDF raid

US declines to apportion blame after Israeli raid

Israeli raid on flotilla sinks U.S. hope for sanctions against Iran

Turkish Charity Group Discovers Victory In Martyrdom

Israeli PM: Gaza blockade prevents missile attacks against Israel's cities

Rabbis: Flotilla Clash Similar to Gog and Magog Prophecy - "Where the world is against us, but which ends with the third and final redemption"


Israeli - Palestinian War

Beating Up on Israel

Groups want stronger U.S. defense of Israel: Obama not obliging

Obama and Netanyahu: a few unfortunate incidents, or a clash of worldviews?

Gaza Terrorists Fire Rockets on Ashkelon

'S. African official bought nuclear trigger from Israel in 70s': Johannesburg paper

Israeli Driver is Attacked, Fires Back

Oil Spill News

'Top cap' on BP oil spill not tight enough as crude keeps spewing

Cap placed over Gulf leak; oil flow still raging

'Furious' Obama heading to Gulf for spill update

Over a third of Gulf of Mexico waters closed to fishing

Send military to fight oil spill, Florida senator urges Obama

Just how much oil is spilling into the Gulf?

CEO admits BP wasn't prepared for blowout

Obama: Oil spill another reason for 'a clean energy future'

Supercomputer Simulation: Gulf of Mexico oil spill may move up East Coast (Great Map Picture)

Obama Plans November India Trip

Army slams door on Obama details - Lt. Col. Lakin hearing: 'Items pertaining to president's credentials are not relevant'


Fascist Global Economy Forming

U.S. to Push for Bank Rules in Large World Economies

G20 starts meeting to shore up fragile global recovery

Can G-20 fix world economy?

G-20 gives up on universal bank levy

Europe must fix its banks to ensure recovery-Canada

Finance Minister Mukherjee: Wider European Crisis Would Hurt India

Brazil's Currency "Real" Gains for First Time in 4 Days on Postiive U.S. Housing Data

US Jobs data likely to show burst of temporary hiring

Powerful Cyclone Phet barrels toward Gulf Arab state of Oman

Speaking at a tea party? You're fired! 'I shouldn't have to trade my constitutional rights for a paycheck'

White House political team stumbles, bumbles - It is baffling 'how one group of people can be so good at campaigning and so bad at politics


June 3, 2010

Israel rejects international investigation of flotilla raid

Israeli Labor Minister Ben-Eliezer says Israeli PR 'disgrace'

Obama using flotilla fiasco to blackmail Israel?

President Obama to rescind billions of dollars in 'Big Oil' tax breaks: End "Cozy" relationship with Big Oil

BP's Alaskan Crown Jewel May Be Sold to Finance Cleanup of Gulf Oil Spill

China urges region to step back from Korea clash

President Obama, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer to Face Off Over Immigration at White House

Obama reaffirms to build new foundation for U.S. economy


Israeli - Palestinian War

Flotilla Aftermath

Turks quickly released in exchange for Iran sanctions

Barak Aide: Israel can't avoid Gaza flotilla probe

Israeli FM Lieberman backs supervised probe of Gaza flotilla

Ecuador recalls envoy; Chavez calls Israel a murderer

Report: 9 flotilla activists killed by gunshots

Israeli High Court rejects flotilla suits: Soldiers defended their lives

Confirmed Hamas Leader Among Flotilla 'Activists'

Raed Salah released to house arrest: Head of Islamic Movement's northern branch said "IDF soldiers tried to kill me"

PM Netanyahu: This was No Love Boat

Israeli Labor Minister Ben-Eliezer says Israeli PR 'disgrace'

Czech Republic Supports Israel - Again - Says the Turkish flotilla was a planned provocation designed to entrap Israel

The ship of horrors: Instead of goodwill, Gaza-bound flotilla featured knives, terror connections

UN's Ban: Gaza Blockade 'Must be Lifted'

British police seek answers after shooting rampage: 12 people killed

China delays Gates trip in apparent snub for Taiwan

White House 'explanation' suggests criminal 'evasion': Congressmen: Sestak job document 'appears to catalog' illegal tampering

Oil Spill News

BP disaster called 'Cheney's Katrina': Bush administration blamed for Gulf oil spill

Obama and BP at Risk Over Oil Spill: Threatens to sink BP and damage a Presidency

BP inches ahead in latest bid to control oil spill

BP frees stuck saw blade as fix attempt continues

Oil spill within 7 miles of Pensacola Florida

Criminal Investigation Under Way in BP Gulf Spill

A built-in incentive for oil spills

Gulf Coast oil spill could wreck region's tourism and fishing industries

BP Chief Hayward to Address Investors as Resignation Pressure Increases

Sarah Palin Says "Drill, Baby, Drill" Slogan Was Right, Backs Alaska Senate Challenger

Hijacking the Tea Party: Editorial

Obamacare Inch by Inch

UN Criticizes US Use of Drones in Killing Al Qaeda's No. 3


Fascist Global Economy Forming

G-20 finance officials begin global economy talks

Obama reaffirms to build new foundation for U.S. economy

Stocks, Commodities Rally on U.S. Economic Optimism

World markets up amid positive US employment hopes

Mercury Falling: Ford eliminates mid-range brand

Chrysler Revival? Revisiting past hits can only move sales so far

Retailers' reports show tepid May for shoppers

Buffett Expects ‘Terrible Problem’ for Municipal Debt

Fed’s Lockhart Says Rates May Rise With Unemployment Still High


Iraq War Not Over Yet

Iranian troops enter Iraq's Kurdish region - 5 km penetration

Ayad Allawi Warns: sectarianism could lead to 'severe violence' in Iraq

U.S. Commander in Iraq gives positive assessments to Obama

US Military Says US Soldier Dies In Baghdad: Non-combat accident

US military deaths in Iraq war at 4,400

On Memorial Day in Iraq, reflections on a war winding down

June 2, 2010


Gaza peace ship shoot-out is a win-win for Hamas

With a blunder at sea, Israel has given its foes a propaganda victory

Israel commits national terrorism: Palestinian President Abbas

Condemned for unmistakably defensive actions: Israel

Supreme Court Loosens Miranda Rule

China refuses to criticise N Korea

Oil closes in on Florida as BP tries risky cap move

The Trial of Pope Benedict XVI: For the pedophile sins of Catholic priests


Israeli - Palestinian War

Gaza peace ship shoot-out is a win-win for Hamas

With a blunder at sea, Israel has given its foes a propaganda victory

Israel sees no need to apologize for raid

Gaza flotilla attack: There are shades of grey on both sides

All the blame falls on 'peace flotilla'

More aid ships headed to Gaza

Israel's ambassador to stay in Turkey

Turkey's PM Erdogan Warns Israel: Don't test our patience

Israel releases more than 400 foreign activists: Were on board the Gaza aid flotilla

Arab Knesset MK Zoabi: Israel wanted highest number of fatalities

Gaza flotilla attack: Israeli ambassador compares raid to Second World War

The price of Arab lies

Gaza aid flotilla attack: Israel is always shooting... and fast losing friends

U.S. Stocks Drop on Report Lebanon Fired on Israeli Warplanes

Groups want FCC to police hate speech on talk radio, cable news networks

Japan prime minister resigns: After just 8 months in office

Iran rejects US accusation it is training Afghan Taliban

Oscar-award winning James Cameron joins oil slick task force

Oil Spill News

BP Oil Leak May Last Until Christmas in Worst Case Scenario

Hurricane Would Halt BP Effort to Seal Leak, Leave Oil Flowing

Criminal probe of oil slick launched: Obama's vow of justice drove down the Dow

BP Tries A Different Fix To Stop Gulf Leak

Sickness, lawsuits surge as BP workers fall ill while cleaning up Gulf oil spill

Dying, dead marine wildlife paint dark, morbid picture of Gulf Coast following oil spill

View from the Gulf: The Dangers of Hidden Oil

BP at Risk as Share Plunge Fuels Takeover Speculation

Thai prime minister survives no-confidence motion


Fascist Global Economy Forming

Euro up on central banks comments

Oil Falls as Equities Decline, Euro Trades Near Three-Year Low

Stocks slump amid global economic concerns

New Chrysler jobs to build Cherokee could signal turnaround

India's Tata Motors opens new factory for Nano car

GM boosts investment in Ontario plant

General Motors to invest $386 million in Brazilian plant

Foxconn Workers Say ‘Meaningless’ Life Spurs Suicides

Blagojevich corruption trial may touch Obama

'These people want empire': European Lawmakers finally get earful about global government



June 1, 2010


'Israeli commandos are wild dogs': Iran's Ahmadinejad

Flotilla activists 'tried to lynch Israeli soldiers'

Israeli Deputy FM: 'What peace activists carry knives?'

BP Oil Spill Threatens Wider Coastline as Storm Season Starts

Afghanistan head of al-Qaida 'killed in Pakistan drone strike'

China and Japan 'back North Korea financial sanctions'

Poll shocker! Majority wants Obama records

How Congress spent your money last year


Israeli - Palestinian War

Bloody Israeli Raid: 'Operation Sea Breeze' went very wrong, very fast

Israeli attack on Gaza flotilla sparks international outrage

Flotilla raid in foreign media: This incident may push Turkey closer to the Islamic world

UN formally condemns Israel's deadly assault on Gaza aid flotilla

Gaza "Freedom flotilla" carried world-renowned names and veteran activists

A day after fatal raid, information scant on Gaza flotilla

Turkey to pick up citizens from Israel to bring back 20 citizens injured in the raid on a flotilla carrying humanitarian goods to Gaza

The Truth About Israel and the Palestinian Blockade Runners

Gaza flotilla activists to be deported

U.S. Jewish left-wing groups condemn Gaza deaths

'Next time we'll use more force' - Israeli naval commander

All aboard! Obama pals back violent Gaza flotilla

The Gaza Flotilla: Israel's leaders are lost at sea - Editorial

Oil Spill News

BP Shares Plunge 13% On ‘Top-kill’ Failure

Obama to meet Gulf oil spill panel chairmen

BP announces enhancements to oil cleanup plan

Will BP's Latest Plan Make Oil Spill Worse?

Scientists warn of unseen deepwater oil disaster

Obama administration moves to distance itself from BP on oil spill response

BP Gulf of Mexico oil leak disaster: Experts say it may gush till August

Oil slick to spread along coastline

Louisiana residents add hurricane fears to oil woes

Obama cites 'nobility, majesty' in commemorating nation's war dead

Obama's disrespect for fallen heroes: Editorial


Fascist Global Economy Forming

ECB’s Noyer Says Rating Firms Aggravating Crisis

British manufacturing maintains fast pace in May

Asia Manufacturing Expands

European shares drop again as ECB warns over banks

U.S. to Push Europe To Reveal Bank Stress Tests

Stock futures fall after Euro hits new 4-year low

Apple Sells Two Million iPads in Two Months

Three American cities on the brink of broke

Yikes! China paying U.S. unemployment checks


American Automakers News

Warranty claims fall for Big 3 Automakers: 40% decline in rate of repair work highlights quality improvements

Ford battery, transmission work returns to U.S.: Ford Motor Co. today announced that it is investing $135 million in two Michigan parts plants

Chrysler Financial parent repays $1.9B in government loans

Chrysler to unveil Jeep Grand Cherokee, and renovated Detroit plant

U.S. public demanding probe of Obama in Sestak-gate

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