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June 16-30, 2010
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Israeli official rules out Palestinian state before 2012

Rough seas halt oil skimming operations off Gulf Coast

Hurricanes: A knockout blow to Gulf production

Dollar should be replaced as international standard: U.N. report

ECB Lends Less Than Forecast in Three-Month Tender: A sign that the Europe’s financial industry may be stronger than investors estimated

Taliban attacks airfield, while U.S. attorney general is in Kabul

PROOF! Private health insurance targeted for annihilation

Supremes in contempt of 1st Amendment: Guts Free Speech guarantees

Handgun ban no more? Big Supreme Court victory for gun owners

Oil Spill News

Need home insurance? Hard to buy now - New policies usually not sold until after major storm leaves

BP cuts checks to U.S., as Biden visits Gulf

Hurricane Alex threatens border towns

Alex Becomes First June Atlantic Hurricane Since 1995

Oil price falls from seven-week high as hurricane fears ease

US accepts international assistance for Gulf spill

Goodbye MMS: Oil regulating agency gets makeover

Widows to go to Washington to talk about oil disaster

White House to let General McChrystal retire with 4 stars

U.S. Charges 11 in Russian Spy Case

‘Deep Cover’ Spies Worked Day Jobs to Glean Data for Russia

White House: Spy Arrests Will Not Harm US-Russian Ties

Russia Says US Spy Allegations 'Groundless'


Fascist Global Economy Forming

Stocks, U.S. Futures Rebound From Rout as Euro Strengthens

on ECB Lending

Prepare for 'monster' money-printing by the Federal Reserve

Senate combines jobless benefits, homebuyer credit

EU Blocks Lawmakers’ Proposal to Curb Bank Bonuses

IMF Board May Meet to Discuss Debt Relief for Congo Today

Democrats, making patches to secure Senate votes, move banking overhaul bill closer to passage

State's 'emergency' gun ban in lawsuit bull's-eye: Lawsuit has been filed over a practice in North Carolina of banning guns during "emergencies"


Obama Citizenship Furor

Not even 4 in 10 believe Obama birth story: Magazine boasts 63% disbelieves Obama's story that he was born in Hawaii

Appeals panel considers whether Obama is even American

Hawaii elections official victim of vicious smears: Honolulu clerk alleging cover-up: 'They have failed quite miserably'

New strategy unveiled to force Obama on eligibility: Petition calls on state election officials to verify qualifications in 2012

How Kagan plotted for partial-birth abortion: As Clinton counsel, she rewrote findings of Ob-Gyn association

Kagan in her own words: Wrote how she wanted 'more leftist left'

Day 3: Nominee Kagan won't criticize Roberts court

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israeli official rules out Palestinian state before 2012

Barak to meet Palestinian PM; the objective - direct peace talks

Saudi king assures Obama of commitment to two-state Mideast solution

Analysis: Cyber jihadis circumvent borders

Turkey: Apology From Israel Is Sought Before Envoy Post Is Filled

Israel 'to expand' powers of Gaza flotilla inquiry

Kassam terror rocket destroys factory in Negev

Anti-Israel "Lawfare" in Europe: Pro-Palestinian activists are launching a new round of anti-Israel lawsuits in European courts

Palestinian Authority Continues to Promote the Denial of Israel's Existence: All of Israel is "Palestine"

Attempt to delegitimize Israel hurts efforts for lasting peace

Lebanon to probe top government officials in Israel spy ring case

Is captured IDF soldier, Gilad Shalit ,a prisoner of war?


Gripping Account of Terror, Betrayal, Political Intrigue, Unthinkable Choices and Love of Jesus Christ

Hamas spy finds home in California, seeks asylum

Why deport a friend to Middle East peace?


Michael Ross Editorial: A real Palestinian hero needs U.S. help

Flying Car -- just like the Jetsons -- gets green light from FAA

Iraq War Not Over Yet

Byrd's legacy: He showed courage on Iraq -- when other Dems punted

Was Byrd Right on Iraq?

13 killed in Iraq attacks, including Brigidier Army General

Funeral Saturday for killed soldier Ouachita soldier killed in Iraq is Saturday

Great Britain's Iraq War Inquiry Resumes

Diplomat questions Blair's handling of Bush in runup to Iraq war

US military deaths in Iraq war officially at 4,409 on Tuesday

War Crimes Trial Defendant Back on Duty: Four years after he was imprisoned on a murder conviction

Iraqi Kurds woo Turkish investment amid border tensions

Where's 'Plan B'? Renewed violence by Kurdish separatists leaves Turkey's leaders at a loss

Lawmakers ask for Afghanistan exit strategy



June 29, 2010


CNN: Almost All Exxon Valdez Cleanup Crew Now Dead!!!

FEMA Plans to Evacuate Tampa Bay Area In Place?

Gulf Oil Spill's Silent Victims -- The Children

2009 Senate Testimony claims Global Warming Research Grants diverted from scientist that disagree.

Kagan Called Judicial Activist in Supreme Court Hearing, Democrats Cite Lack of Record

Supreme Court today upheld a California law school’s denial of official recognition of a Christian student group

Oil washes onto Mississippi coast for first time

Clinton says Blow up the Well

Sen. Robert Byrd of West Virginia dead at 92

CIA's Panetta: Iran has enough uranium for 2 bombs

U.S. arrests 10 for spying for Russia

In 5-4 Decision, Supremes Spread Gun Rights Nationwide; Local Laws in Doubt

Supreme Court to hear Arizona immigration law challenge

How many Americans are targeted for assassination?

Supreme Court says you can 'keep and bear arms'

Court lets Vatican-sex abuse lawsuit move forward

Witness: Blagojevich considered Winfrey for Senate

GOP Raises Concern Over Kagan's 'Liberal Activism'


Alex, first named Atlantic storm, heads for Gulf

Legitimizing -- Stabilizing -- Hamas rule

Israel-US relations rocked by 'tectonic rift'

Supreme court nominee faces fierce US Senate battle

G-20 Agrees to Tackle Deficits Once Their Recoveries Are Cemented

Toronto Police Prepare to Deploy Sonic Cannons Against Violent G20 Protesters

CIA's Panetta: Afghan war has 'serious problems,' but progress being made

Financial Reform: Who's happy, who isn't and why

Oil Spill News

Gulf storm on course to avoid oil-spill area

Next Hurricane Scare, BP May Be More Ready

BP, Shell Evacuate Non-Essential Gulf Crews Because of Tropical Storm Alex

Hurricane season triggers planning to evacuate oil spill site

Alex and oil response concerns

Little spent on oil spill cleanup technology

Boatmakers: Oil officials ignoring bird-saving boats

Deepwater Drilling Ban Lifted ... for Now: The White House says it will appeal a Louisiana judge's ruling

Drilling foes unite on Gulf's shores

Oil Statism, Obama-style

BP Bankruptcy in U.K. Is Obama’s Worst Nightmare

Gulf Coast residents just can't get a break

BP Victims' $20 Billion Fund to Fight Bogus Claims

New Orleans Chef Sues BP Over Losses to Restaurants Selling Gulf Seafood

Pakistan officials: Suspected U.S. missiles kill 3

Poll: Afghanistan War Hurting Obama's Support at Home

British bill of rights plan a 'bad idea', warns head of European court: Repealing the current human rights act would be a "bad idea" ... project of returning the court to British rule is a bad idea"

US Supreme Court: Nonviolent aid to banned groups tantamount to 'terrorism'

Kyrgyzstan approves new constitution

Israeli - Palestinian War

Legitimizing -- Stabilizing -- Hamas rule

Hamas warns Palestinians against collaborating with Israel

Iran says plan to send ship to Gaza still on

Israel stands firm: We won't free 'mega-terrorists’ in prionser swap

'Genocidal' Israel will be put in its place - Chavez

Admiral Mullen makes unscheduled stop in Israel: Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Israel Offers Misdirection on Gaza: Easing the import blockade won’t help Gaza. What it needs is a free pass on exports

An epic pre-messianic battle between good and evil

CIA chief warns Iran could have 2 nukes ready by 2012

Archives: Nuclear-armed Iran vs Nuclear Armed America - Whom Should The World Really Fear?

U.S., Israel Differ on Iran Nuke Intelligence

Greece starts putting island land up for sale to save economy


Fascist Global Economy Forming

President Obama Attends G20 in Canada

G-20 Leaders Agree to Tackle Deficits Once Economic Recoveries Are Assured

Toronto police rough up journalists, arrest peaceful protesters at G20 Summit

Japan's Companies May Forecast First Boost to Capital Spending Since 2007

Boeing Machinists Accept Contract Offer, Won't Strike at St. Louis Plant

U.S, South Korea Postpone Wartime Control Transfer to 2015 Amid Tensions With North Korea

June 25-26, 2010

Storm may slam Gulf and the BP cleanup sites

6 Reasons Why the Market WON'T Crash

Federal regulations set to restrain Wall Street risk

Who had the worst week in Washington? Gen. David Petraeus

Judge in oil spill case sells energy stocks

Senate bogs down on tax extenders and unemployment benefits

Lawmakers guide Dodd-Frank bill for Wall Street reform into homestretch

Oil Spill News

Gale force winds could leave Gulf oil gushing for 2 weeks

Tighter regulations to follow Gulf oil spill: U.S. government is set to flood the offshore drilling industry with new laws and regulations

British PM fears BP's "destruction"

In Louisiana, hopes swell for quick drilling return

Retrieval Rate Holds Steady After Rebound From Cap Crash

BP Amasses Cash for Oil-Spill Costs

BP shares at 14-year low on funding woes, storm fears

Gulf Oil Disaster: Not War but Cancer - Liberal Viewpoint

Raining oil in Louisiana? Not likely - YouTube video cannot be true

Gulf oil spill's wildlife toll: sharks near shore, turtles incinerated

Tropical storm Alex not on track for Gulf

BP oil spill could make Gulf hurricane season 'devastating'

The Real Truth About BP and What is Happening in the Gulf: BP only pretends to clean-up its mess when government officials arrive for photo-ops

Adolf Hitler documents discovered: Reveal he received special treatment in prison

Israeli - Palestinian War

ISRAEL 'PLOTS TEHRAN RAID' - Iran has cancelled plans to send an aid ship to Gaza

Defense Secretary Barak: US wants Israel to take risks

U.S.-Israel mend fences amid threat of looming U.N. action

Defense chief criticizes Jerusalem demolition plan

Israel, Palestinian Must Find Solution By End Of This Year - Palestinian's Chief Negotiator

Right-wing Israeli Deputy PM Lieberman Urges: give Arabs part of Israel

Mossad chief's request to extend term denied: Meir Dagan to step down as intelligence agency director

Homeschoolers alarmed by Kagan nomination: Push for international law worries parents-rights group

Disgraced Fannie Mae deep in carbon scheme: Mortgage giant set to collect millions marketing homeowners' energy savings

State 'child-napping' escalates to international court: Swedish parents have been fighting 1 year for custody of son

Death In The News

Portland doctor plans house where terminally ill can kill themselves

German Court Rules: Ending life support not criminal - Landmark decision says euthanasia is legal if dying patient wills it

Fetus can't feel pain before 24 weeks: Nerve connections not sufficiently formed, say British health experts

Obama Can Shut Down Internet For 4 Months Under New Emergency Powers

Kyrgyzstan: Picking Up the Pieces - Kill the victim and go to his funeral

Financial Overhaul Gives Government Broad New Powers To Seize Financial Firms

G20 law gives police sweeping powers to arrest people

Man arrested and left in wire cage under new G20 law

Thousands expected Saturday in biggest G20 summit protest


June 24, 2010

Breaking News

Consumer sentiment highest since Jan 2008

Stocks fluctuate on bank overhaul, higher Euro

6 Reasons Why the Market WON'T Crash

House, Senate leaders finalize details of sweeping financial overhaul: Government would have broad new powers to seize

Jewish Clergy Group: Elena Kagan Isn't ‘Kosher’ to Serve on Supreme Court

Oil spill clean-up at key stage: But approaching storm may stop clean-up

Today's News

Lawmakers Agree on Wall Street’s Biggest Overhaul Since 1930s

Oil Industry Insider and CFR Member Predicts Gulf Evacuation

Trial Delayed in New Fake Terror Case: FBI still working the handler

Streets quiet as Toronto braces for G20 summit weekend

World can't depend as much on US': US Treasury Secretary Geithner

Gates: U.S. not 'bogged down' in Afghanistan

Is U.S. Supreme Court nominee Kagan an activist?

Why innovation will elude Russia


Fascist Global Economy Forming

G20 leaders flying into a storm as sovereign debt fears grow again

G8 set to start in Huntsville, Ont.

G8/G20 summits security map

Police state in, power suits out as Toronto goes into security shock

Canada police arrest many ahead of G-20 meet

China draws world's attention ahead of G20 summit

Yuan at post-revaluation closing high prior to G20 summit

Consensus key to G20

Time for G20 to seize its potential


Federal Reserve cautions on US economic growth

Congress Reaches Deal on Financial Regulatory Reform

Wall Street reform: What's in the bill

The Difference Between Economic Policy and Monetary Policy

Stocks set for shaky start

Stymied by GOP, Democrats at loss on jobs agenda

China's currency rises to new high

McChrystal 'sacked for intelligence leak'

U.S., Afghan leaders try to mend fences amid lingering hurdles over possible peace with Taliban

Pakistan willing to train Afghan army, police: FM

Obama says change in Afghanistan command doesn't change policy

McChrystal's exit not to reduce pressure on Pakistan in fighting militancy: experts

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel Escalating Terror in Turkey? Through training the PKK (Kurds)

Turkey's Policies Shaken Up by Anger Against Israel

Turkish military officers still training in Israel

Barak Tells Clinton: Israel fully committed to peace process

Syria's Assad, Jordanian king discuss bilateral relations

Syria, Jordan slam Israel over blocked peace efforts

Israeli Police Tell Hamas Leader to Get Out of Jerusalem

Israel marks four years of 'cruel' Shalit captivity

Israel has missed every opportunity to free Shalit

Israel faces new war crime headache

Gaza mortars fired into Israel

Lebanon arrests Palestinian for 'spying for Israel'

Dutch May Use "Decoy Jews" To Fight Racism

House OKs campaign-spending disclosure bill

Corrupting an election reform plan

Oil Spill News

Oil Industry Insider and CFR Member Predicts Gulf Evacuation

Methane and Martial Law in the Gulf of Mexico

BP has blown-out well in its sights

Methane in Gulf "astonishingly high": U.S. scientist

Gulf Oil Fouls Up Beachgoers' Plans This Summer

BP share slide as oil spill bill climbs to $2.35bn

BP oil spill: Suicide of fisherman 'distraught at spill'

Greece selling islands to pay debt

US promoting 'Iranophobia'

Fidel Castro warns of possible clash between Israel, Iran

Obama, Medvedev vow to broaden bilateral cooperation

Stalin statue removed in Georgia

CIA gives Blackwater firm new $100 million contract

1 confirmed dead in terrorist attack at Greece ministry building

Nine Killed in Iraq Attacks

Bitterness Grows Amid U.S.-Backed Sons Of Iraq: Recently targets of assassination and attack because of their pro-US stance

Iran captured 3 U.S. hikers on Iraq side of border

Turkish troops hunt down Kurdish rebels

Porn Sites Closer To .xxx Web Address

South Korea Marks 60 Years Since Start of Korean War


June 23, 2010

McChrystal out, strategy remains

How Obama got left holding the bag

GOP Lawmakers Warn of Administration Plan to Grant Amnesty to Illegal Immigrants

Obama Administration to Appeal Overturn of Deepwater Drilling Ban

Rattling the Cage: Let the flotillas through - Jerusalem Post Editorial

Put pressure on Hamas, not Israel

Obama's Leftist Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan is a terrible choice

McChrystal's Exit Comes at Key Point in War

Obama Urged to Demand 'Unity' on Civilian Side After Afghan Command Shake-Up

Can General Petraeus deliver in Afghanistan? He delivered only a exit from Iraq

Obama shines in McChrystal debacle: Canadian Editorial

Obama's inner circle really is clueless about the military: British Editorial

McChrystal and Petraeus: The Late-Night Jokes, Vol. I: Wall Street Journal Editorial

5.0 Earthquake shakes Ontario and Quebec

N.E. jolted from afar: Canadian 5.0 earthquake prompts local evacuations

Woman Claims 'Unwanted Sexual Contact' With Al Gore

Rudd Dumped as Julia Gillard Becomes Australia's First Female PM

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israeli Defense Minister Reiterates Commitment To Ease Gaza Sufferings

President Peres Tells Austrian Chancellor: Terrorist groups overtook Gaza flotillas

Hizbollah is playing a dirty game with Israel over the Gaza blockade

Malaysia seeks emergency UN session on Gaza flotilla deaths

33 Greeks to sue Israeli officials over Gaza flotilla raid

Flotilla, chaos and how technology fits in: Turkish Editorial

Hamas warns against Schalit rescue

Passengers Held On Plane For Hours In Connecticut

Oil Spill News

Robot nudge foils Gulf oil collection for a day

Key decision on deepwater drilling could come Thursday

Despite Spill, Louisiana Remains Wedded To Oil

U.S. Appeals Order Lifting Deepwater Drilling Ban

7 unlikely beneficiaries of the BP oil spill

Three Things the Oil Spill Can Teach Us About Disaster Recovery: Editorial

Don’t believe every advertisement campaign: Editorial



June 22, 2010


Judge who nixed drilling ban has extensive oil investments

McChrystal likely to resign over magazine comments

Gulf War Three - Editorial

America, 2010: Christians hauled to jail for preaching Jesus

Mexico challenges Arizona's immigration law

Will Obama really legalize illegals with stroke of pen?

Obama warns insurance companies not to unnecessarily raise costs

Obama and the War against Israel


General alarm as Presidential Obama summons Stanley McChrystal to the White House

Obama 'angry' at McChrystal's criticism

General McChrystal’s Burning Contempt for President Obama

As McChrystal Stumbles, the U.S. Campaign in Marjah Struggles

U.S. indirectly funding Afghan warlords to provide security for truck shipments!

WikiLeaks Preparing to Release Video of Alleged U.S. 'Massacre' in Afghanistan

Justice Department to File Lawsuit Against Arizona Immigration Law

Midwest Town Mandates Immigration Check for Renters

Jon Voight Warns: Obama brings 'civil war' to Arizona

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel launches new military spy satellite

Israel to block Iran aid ships to Gaza

Israel humane in easing Gaza blockade

'Israel has unfairly shouldered blame': French human rights envoy

Israel 'fully responsible for any attack': Lebanon warns

Israel opposition attacks PM Netanyahu for easing blockade

Israel's easing Gaza blockade steps come into force, says PM spokesman

Arab minority in Israel gets more radical: Report also indicates growing hostility among Jews

Thousands demonstrate in Paris for captured Israeli soldier: Gilad Shalit

US bid to cut Iran-Iraq border trade

Iran's envoy: IAEA inspections ongoing

A Russian Silicon Valley? Maybe

Schwarzenegger toasts, celebrates -- and announces new trade mission with Russian President Medvedev

Belarusian president orders shutdown of gas transit to Europe

Oil Spill News

BP Oil and the Political Agenda

Health Risks Face Oil Spill Volunteers: Inevitable exposure to the chemical soup polluting the shores

BP Hurricane Plan For Oil Spill Under Scrutiny

Gulf oil spill: Legislators react to lifting of drilling moratorium

Each day, another way to define worst-case for oil spill

Oil spill expected to boost seafood costs

BP's Hayward Steps Back From Oil Spill Role

BP's Dudley Formally Takes Over Oil Cleanup

Far from Gulf, a cloudy picture for oil fund czar

Gulf States Give National Guard Minimal Role in Fighting Oil Spill

Buy Larry King's Suspenders, Clean Up the Gulf Oil Spill

BP donates revenue from oil spill to clean the wildlife

Egypt: 80% of oil slick cleared off Red Sea coast

Fascist Global Economy/Government Forming

Lord Rothschild fund joins World Gold Council to put £12.5m into BullionVault

When will the SEC prosecute for market rigging?

Global Financial Market Tensions Ease, Helping Business

Fed to keep rates low to support weak recovery

Business Confidence Up in Germany

Euro Climb Follows Yuan Rise

Oil drops below $78 in Europe after report shows unexpected US crude supply jump

Calif., Fla., other states to get more housing aid: Treasury Dept. approves plans to provide $1.5B in housing aid to Calif., Fla., 3 other states

Stocks Decline on Economy Concern; U.S. Futures Rebound

G20 Protesters Will Face Water Cannon




June 22, 2010


Why this obsession with Israel and the Palestinians?

Call the politburo, America is in trouble

Gulf rig owner criticizes Obama's undersea drilling halt

Judge may rule on deepwater drilling moratorium Tuesday

Oil in the Gulf, two months later: Many Pictures

Kick ass - or buy gas: Pentagon filling BP's coffers

Top Afghan commander summoned to Washington

Guilty plea in failed N.Y.C. Times Square car bombing

Giving peace advice to terrorist can be illegal: Supreme Court

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel could lose a major Muslim ally in Turkey

Israel's feeling of isolation is becoming more pronounced

Israel seeks to suspend U.N. flotilla inquiry

Another aid ship set to sail for Gaza

Iran Backs Down again, ‘Indefinite’ Postponement of Ship to Gaza

Iranian Gaza flotilla to set sail on Sunday

Hizbullah Called Off Plot to Kill Israeli Official: Did not want to distract from the flotilla crisis

Who Wins, Who Loses if Israel Ends Its Gaza Siege?

Obama and Netanyahu to meet July 6

Der Spiegel describes Mossad agent's operations in Germany

Israel sets big rail plans, dreams of regional hub

Kyrgyzstan Jews make aliyah - immigrate to Israel

Congress advances toughest Iran sanctions bill ever: Would close business loopholes

US, Israel Warships in Suez May Be Prelude to Faceoff with Iran

Iran's new revolutionary politics: Iran's recent mission to expand its influence in Latin America and the Caribbean

Radiation gas detected near Korean border

Oil Spill News

Just how big a mess is the gulf oil spill? Breakdown makes it easier to understand

BP: 23,290 barrels of leaking oil captured Sunday

BP getting close to cap switch: Coast Guard

Gulf Coast beaches update

Don't cry for investors burned by BP. They were warned loud and clear

British investors keen to snap up beleaguered BP shares

BP shares touch 13-year low as cost concerns weigh

Gulf oil spill: Five numbers that could sink BP CEO Hayward

Obama Seeks More Than $100 Million for Laid-Off Oil Rig Workers

BP Oil Change: Hayward Being Sidelined After Shoddy Performance at Gulf Spill

Dems look to capitalize on 'best stretch' for Obama on spill with new ad

2012 Republicans largely absent from oil spill areas

Iowa Republican: Barton was right to say BP suffered 'shakedown' at White House

BP oil spill: Larry King rides to the rescue: Robert Redford and Cameron Diaz bring star power to a decidedly B-list lineup for CNN stalwart's two-hour telethon

Gulf oil spill: A hole in the world - "it is a violent wound inflicted on the Earth itself" - Editoral

Environmentalists say Red Sea oil spill continuing

Sessions says White House 'misleading public' on Kagan recruitment record

Robert Bork to Oppose Pro-Abortion Supreme Court Nominee Elena Kagan

Both Conservatives, liberals wary of Kagan on abortion

Senate Minority Leader McConnell leaves Kagan filibuster on table

Fascist Global Economy/Government Forming

Inside the Dire Financial State of the States

China loosens currency grip as G20 summit looms

Analysis: Corporate America has reason to be wary on yuan

Yuan Gain May Alter Global Growth More Than Its Velocity

Central Banks Show Euro Losing Appeal

Japan raises growth forecast to 2.6 percent in fiscal year on robust exports to Asia

British PM Cameron Bets on Prosperity From Austerity While Obama Pushes More Stimulus

Nader blasts Obama, won't rule out 2012 run

Gallup poll shows just how pumped Republicans are for midterms

White House budget chief stepping down

'Allahu Akbar!' shouted as Christians cuffed at an Arab festival in Michigan

Feds bash reliability of birth documents - Inspector general: Even certificates in doubt because of fraud potential

Nebraska city votes to restrict illegal immigration

NATO setbacks blight Afghan mission

Wikileaks plans to release files about deadly U.S. airstrike on Afghan civilians

Iraq War Not Over Yet

Bombs targeting Iraqi government, allies kill 3

Suicide Blast in Baghdad Killed 30 People - Baghdad was intimidated with a couple of bomb blasts today

Car Bombs in Northern Iraq Kill 5, Wounds 79

Iraq police shoot dead protester over power cuts

Iraq gunmen kill Sunni Arab leader who fought insurgents: slaying of a key member of the Awakening movement, his wife and two sons

Mass set for Iowa soldier killed in Iraq

As U.S. Troops Depart, Some Iraqis Fear Their Own Security Forces

Turkey uses Israeli-made drones against Kurdish rebels in Iraq

Turkey Sends Troops To Iraq Border


June 21, 2010


Breaking News

Best Stocks Were Liked Least by Analysts Who Failed to See Economy Rebound

China Backs Obama With Debt Holdings to $900 Billion

U.S., Partners Seek ‘Fundamental’ Gaza Policy Change

As oil hits more white beaches, politicians scramble for cover

Egypt allowed at least one Israeli and 11 American warships to pass through Suez Canal as Iranian flotilla approaches Gaza

Today's News

BP estimates of Gulf oil spill range up to 100,000 barrels/per/day

States Need To Launch Criminal Investigation Into BP, Federal Government’s Role In Oil Spill

BP Softens Political Hit

Oil spill stirs study, debate over health impacts

White House praises Israeli decision to ease Gaza military blockade

Elections official turns to TV to affirm no Hawaii birth

White House Chief of Staff Emanuel Expected to Quit

2 UN Inspectors Barred from Entering Iran

Oil Spill News

Obama oil spill panel big on policy, not engineering: Is short on technical expertise

BP'S increased capacity to handle oil, next steps

BP oil disaster: How much oil is left?

How a relief well works

UPDATE: BP Says Gulf Oil Spill Response Costs Up To $2 Billion

BP Softens Political Hit

BP oil spill: most Americans are dumbstruck by British complaints

LCG Election Monitor: Will the oil spill lead to a disaster at the polls?

Obama committed on carbon emissions

Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Steele demands Obama stop golfing until oil spill is resolved

Jones Act: Maritime politics strain Gulf oil spill cleanup

Gulf oil spill plumes: what is known so far

With No Gulf Solution in Sight, Louisiana Turns to Prayer

Egypt oil spill threatens Red Sea marine life: Has prompted environmental agencies to demand tighter regulation of offshore oil platforms


If a cataclysmic event like a Category 5 hurricane or a massive tsunami triggered by a huge earthquake now hits the region, a storm surge of frightening proportions could sweep over enormous sections of the Gulf Coast, pouring crude oil and toxic dispersants over beaches, farmlands and cities.

National Guard troops are already on site, ready to react to such a catastrophe. Could the region be "Rewilded"?

New Headline News article -- https://www.cuttingedge.org/news/n2420.cfm

Kremlin reduces gas to Belarus over payment dispute

Montana National Guard and local police guard zone damaged by tornado

Facing Federal Lawsuit, Arizona Governor Stands Her Ground on Immigration Law

Israeli - Palestinian War

Lebanon gives Gaza-bound aid flotilla ships green light to set sail

Government approves plan to dramatically ease Gaza blockade

Turkey can take credit for ending Israel's blockade of Gaza: Editorial

Easing of Gaza blockade helps Hamas: Israel minister

Israel Surrenders - Blockade Eased Without Shalit Being Released

Israel Warns Lebanese, Iranian Activists against Sending Ships to Gaza to Break Blockade

Obama and Netanyahu to meet July 6

Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran to discuss 'possible Israeli attack'

PM: I'm forbidden to travel on Route 443 - recently opened to Palestinian traffic

Colombia’s Santos Hails Uribe in Landslide Presidential Victory

Conservative Santos, Columbia's New President

Columbia: The FARC side of the story

300th British soldier killed in Afghanistan

Six NATO troops were killed in a helicopter crash and two roadside bombs in southern Afghanistan

Voting Ends in Polish Presidential Election, Race Too Close to Call

Fascist Global Economy Forming

BEFORE THE BELL: US Stock Futures Rally On China Currency News

China Currency 2.0: Yes, Change Really Is Coming

Is the media bringing down the Euro?

Factories Grapple With How Fast to Ramp Up For Recovery

Twin Suicide Blasts Kill More Than Two Dozen in Baghdad

DISCLOSE Act shields Democrat-leaning groups from disclosure requirements

Did Democrats' deal with the NRA kill campaign finance reform? Derailing this week of the House Disclose Act

'Ground Zero' imam makes stunning terror comments: Claims to support peace but refuses to condemn violent jihad groups

Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano Advocates Government Surveillance of Internet to Fight Homegrown Terrorism

Reason.tv: 3 Reasons The FCC Shouldn't "Touch" The Internets!

TSA, Homeland Security, Police Stage Drill in Ohio Valley - ooking at domestic planning for terrorist issues

'Kyrgyzstan Is On the Brink of Collapse'


June 18, 2010

Medvedev Showed Off Sample Coin of New ‘World Currency’ at 2009 G-8 Summit: Bore words “unity in diversity” on front of coin

BP Used Cheaper, Riskier Oil Wells Than Did Its Competitors

Israel has the right to search Gaza vessels

New wave of attacks leave 98 casualties in Iraq

20 Killed in Turkis/Kurdish Clashes: Turkey's Planes Bomb Iraq

Dems' speech-limit plan hits rocky road in House: Pelosi delays floor vote amidst fracas over carve-out for NRA

Obama tells G-20 nations to seal global economic recovery

Obamacare and its Impact on Doctors

Supernation #5 Is Forming

Russia yet to decide whether to send troops to Kyrgyzstan

Senior U.S. official arrives in Kyrgyzstan for talks on unrest

China offers humanitarian aid to Kyrgyzstan

Third Chinese chartered plane arrives in southern Kyrgyzstan to pick up Chinese nationals

Kyrgyzstan reinforces turmoil-hit south as death toll rises to 82

Kyrgyz interim government accuses former president's son of instigating riots

Oil Spill News

"Is The BP Oil Spill Planned To Be The Greatest Single 'Rewilding' Event Yet?"

If a cataclysmic event like a Category 5 hurricane or a massive tsunami triggered by a huge earthquake now hits the region, a storm surge of frightening proportions could sweep over enormous sections of the Gulf Coast, pouring crude oil and toxic dispersants over beaches, farmlands and cities.

National Guard troops are already on site, ready to react to such a catastrophe. Could the region be "Rewilded"?

New Headline News article -- https://www.cuttingedge.org/news/n2420.cfm


Can Congress Break America's Addiction to Oil? Time Mag Editorial

BP and the Gulf Week That Was: Video

Hydrogen Cars Closer to Reality: Clean, abundant energy soon available

Questions about who's in charge of BP oil response

BP ousting Hayward from key role as point man

BP chairman says oil giant remains strong

Partner puts blame on BP as spill costs grow

BP deploys Costner's clean-up oil machine in Gulf cleanup

Oil-suckers running at full tilt

Lessons From the Gulf: Too Many 'Black Swans' to Handle

BP Team Will Tie $20 Billion of U.S. Assets to Fund (Update1)

Texas Congressman’s Apology to BP Denounced by Party

Sarah Palin: Smoking Pot Is No Big Deal

Calif. university will allow media at Palin event

Obama Hopes ‘Recovery Summer’ Will Warm Voters to the Stimulus

Congressman says Obama birthplace 'not in Hawaii'

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel has the right to search Gaza vessels

New Middle East hinges on Turkey: New Middle East is emerging

Turkey's PM Erdogan: Our problem is with Israel's gov't, not its people

The Tragic Fraying of the Turkey-Israel Relationship

Turkey set to freeze ties with Israel

Palestine envoy: Israeli decision to "ease siege" is make-up (Fake)

The ties that drowned: Main goal of the flotilla’s Turkish organizers was to deepen the wedge between Turkey and Israel - The navy sailed blindly into the trap, and Erdogan seized his moment

Turkey might not send Israel envoy back

Israel Says It May Block Gaza Aid Ships From Lebanon

The Territories belong to Israel

Does Israel suffer from 'Iranophobia'?

Canceled West Bank vote affirms Fatah decline


Fascist Global Economy Forming

Russia to Help Found ‘New World Economic Order’: President Medvedev

Obama tells G-20 nations to seal global economic recovery

Unemployment falls in 37 states in May

Michigan loses top jobless rank

Obama says GOP efforts to pay for spending bills are ‘dreary'

Europe's market blues ease: Week of good news eases debt crisis fear weighing on euro

Caterpillar Sales Report Helps Lift Dow

GM gives free home charger to first 4,400 buyers of electric Chevrolet Volt

Revamped Ford Explorer is test of company's strategy: SUV to share Taurus platform, cutting automaker's costs

GM scraps summer shutdown, will hire thousands of temp workers

UAW's King: Organizing more workers key to reversing givebacks

Canadian Border surveillance system gets upgrade: Similar networks are in place in states along the country's southern border with Mexico

Bill aims to limit use of credit scores by insurance firms



June 18, 2010

Russia to Help Found ‘New World Economic Order’: President Medvedev

BP chief evades questions at Capitol Hill grilling

Congressional Apology to BP's Hayward triggers uproar

Kyrgyz violence likely kills 2,000

Obama Administration's plans to sue Arizona over immigration bill

Easing of Gaza blockade marks victory for flotilla activists

FDA advisers back 5-day "morning after" pill

Putin boasts new jet fighter better than U.S. plane

Israeli - Palestinian War

UN welcomes blockade decision

Dr. Erakat: Decision on Easing Gaza Blockade Insufficient: In reality, the siege of the Gaza Strip, illegally imposed on Palestinians continues unabated.’’

Egypt: Israel wants to 'dump' Gaza on us

Eased Gaza blockade means less pressure on Hamas

Israel army may charge soldier over Gaza War killings: 22-day war in December, 2008

U.S., Europe target Iran investment, trade

NASA Warns: Cosmic 'superstorm' more crippling than Katrina

FCC to toughen internet rules

High-Speed Internet Rules Might Prove Costly

Fascist Global Economy Forming

Russia to Help Found ‘New World Economic Order’: President Medvedev

Banks Lead European Markets Higher: Taking their cue from a positive close on Wall Street

Euro Set for Largest Weekly Gain in Year as Debt Concerns Ease

Fed's No. 2 Man Says Rules 'Didn't Keep Up': Says Europe Will Recover

Toyota to restart US auto plant, draws UAW ire: A much-needed piece of good news

Obama dashing to Ohio to keep economy out front: To visit Ohio to celebrate 10,000 road projects -- and to show economy's on his mind

Dai Says China’s Economic Growth to Exceed 9% in 2010

Supreme Court Calls Employer Search of Sexy Texts 'Reasonable'

Secretary Clinton says DOJ will Challenge Arizona Immigration Law

Gov. Brewer Very Disappointed in Obama Snub, Vows to Beat Feds in Court Over Illegal Immigration Law

Prince William's Corey Stewart wants Virginia to emulate Arizona

Arizona law won’t hold up in court: Editorial

Oil Spill News

BP chief says he wasn't in loop, enraging Congress

Analysis: Congress vents anger but gets little on spill

BP’s U.S. Future Teeters

BP head says exact size of Gulf oil leak unknown

BP’s $20 Billion Fund May Not Stop Spill Lawsuits: Judge

Relief well is ahead of schedule

BP Gulf Spill Fuels Australian Opponents to Drilling

Australia Needs to ‘Revisit’ Regulatory System After Oil Spill

Gulf oil spill puts industry-friendly Republicans in tight spot

Against Gov. Jindal's Wishes, Crude-Sucking Barges Stopped by Coast Guard

Guess who holds patent for carbon trading plan? Disgraced Fannie Mae CEO set to cash in for millions

Gulf oil spill an excuse to socialize economy? 'Climategate' author: President to use disaster to push cap-and-trade

Why the Transocean Deep Horizon BP Oil Rig had to drill for oil at 5000 feet

Prescription Drugs Match Heroin, Cocaine in Overdoses in U.S.

Alert Issued for 17 Afghan Military Members AWOL From U.S. Air Force Base in Texas

Is Boise banning the Bible? Appeal to challenge state's censorship of 'religious' books

Court Rules that Christian tracts allowed at Arab-fest - City police had threatened arrest for handing out information




June 17, 2010


Israel cabinet votes to ease Gaza Strip blockade

Turkey to downgrade diplomatic ties with Israel

9/11 payout czar Kenneth Feinberg to dole out gulf oil disaster funds

Wetlands restoration plan is huge undertaking for White House: Implementing "Re-Wilding"

Obama Adds To Iran Sanctions

California 'Gay' judge decides future of homosexual 'marriage'

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel approves plan to ease Gaza blockade

After Israel's Gaza flotilla raid, is Turkey rejecting Europe?

Turkey freezes defense deals with Israel in wake of Gaza flotilla raid

Turkey might not send its envoy Israel back

Turkish flotilla organisers to send more Gaza ships

Israel fears Lebanese 'fast flotilla'

Syria's President Assad warns of Middle East conflict

Red Cross says Israel's Gaza blockade breaks international law

Organizer of German Jewish flotilla: We aren't betraying Israel

US Congressmen express ire toward Turkey: "Turkey is responsible for the deaths" in Gaza flotilla incident

Erdogan fans anti-Israeli, Anti-American sentiments for political gain

UN: Israel dismantles some West Bank checkpoints

Israel braces for mass protests by Ultra-Orthodox

Tension in S.F. over anti-Israel resolution

Fascist Global Economy Forming

Euro Soars as Spain Fears Ease

EU leaders work on ways to prevent new debt crises

EU to propose punishment for deficit sinners: Will propose sanctions for governments that break rules on debt and deficits

Bill To Help Unemployed Fails In Senate

Oil Spill News

BP agrees to $20 billion fund for spill claims

BP CEO telling Congress he's 'devastated' by spill

BP chief's gaffe adds fuel to the fire ahead of congressional hearing: Svanberg calls affected Gulf residents 'small people'

Slippery Start: U.S. Response to Spill Falters

BP shares rise on US oil spill compensation deal

President Obama's Oval Office oil spill disaster speech draws fire from Robert Reich, other allies

Taliban 'seizes Pakistani troops'

US troops charged with premeditated murder in civilian Afghan deaths

Afghanistan: A shaky war plan

Kyrgyz city still tense after ethnic fighting subsides

Uzbek men: 'We need peacekeepers, otherwise there will be a sea of blood'

US, SKorea express solidarity over ship sinking

Council of Europe slams WHO handling of swine flu

Hawaiian elections clerk has eligibility 'solution': Official who says Obama has no birth certificate thinks idea would 'solve the entire controversy'

Senate Republican Accuses Kagan of Staying Silent On $20 Million Saudi Gift to Harvard

Kagan had role in Clinton White House's big fights



June 16, 2010


Obama: BP agrees to $20B fund; chairman apologizes

BP agrees to suspend dividend payments because of oil spill

U.S. double-dip recession very unlikely say economists

New Bill Gives Obama ‘Kill Switch’ To Shut Down The Internet

Elite Turkish troops cross into northern Iraq

Abbas wants Israel to open all Gaza crossings

President focuses on Federal role in Oval Office speech

Obama, BP set for Gulf oil showdown

North Korea rejects torpedo findings, threatens war

The West is Tiptoeing to the Exit in Afghanistan

Obamacare's control plan? 'Behavior modification

White House moves to keep employers from dropping insurance'

Report: WHO overstated H1N1 threat

Wholesale prices fall 0.3 percent in May

Industrial production rises 1.2 pct. in May: "Factories remain a key engine of recovery "

Oil Spill News

President Obama's speech in full

Obama: Time To Embrace Clean Energy Is Now

Will oil spill reinvigorate talk on cap-and-trade?

BP was founding member of 'cap-and-trade'

With oil still gushing, Obama has to deliver: Until spill is stopped, administration will be on defensive

Oil Spill: President Obama to appoint BP 'oil tsar'

Obama: I Promise Gulf Coast Will Recover

Liberal allies pressure Obama on oil spill

MSNBC Trashes Obama's Address: Compared To Carter, "I Don't Sense Executive Command"

Obama's uncertain 'battle plan': Too bad so many of his troops are still waiting for a clear battle plan

BP's oil spill grows ever more ominous: Even the alarmists got it wrong

BP resumes oil containment efforts after short outage caused by lightning strike

GOP Leader: “President Obama should not exploit this crisis to impose a job-killing national energy tax on struggling families and small businesses

Majority of Louisianavoters think George W. Bush did a better job with Katrina than Obama's done dealing with the spill

BP Well Gushing as Much as 60,000 Barrels Oil a Day

BP Dividend ‘Off the Table’ as Obama Demands Gulf Spill Fund

BP Oil Spill - Insider Information: Deepwater Oil Spill - A Longer Term Problem

Powerful earthquakes shake Indonesian coast, kill 2 people


Fascist Global Economy Forming

Bank of England Governor wants 'bomb-proof' bank accounts

Spain fights rescue rumors ahead of visit from IMF chief

U.S. stock futures climb as deals, data in view; BP gets downgraded

Amid deficit worries, Dems trim unemployment bill

US Lawmakers Weigh Changes to Financial Legislation

Lawmakers delay credit ratings change, seek study

Fed Officials May Trim U.S. Growth Outlook on Europe Risks

China Sees No Signs of Stagflation

Russia to Buy Canadian, Aussie Dollars for First Time

Federal Reserve OKs credit card fee rules: Restrictions prevent companies from levying hefty charges

Automotive News

Auto suppliers leap roadblocks: CEOs at two powerful firms say worst over

Electric-car maker Tesla to set up IPO

Lear ready for electric vehicles: Auto supplier successfully predicted growth, invested in new power lab in 2008

Michigan OKs tax credits to keep, create 11,000 jobs

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel expected to agree to ease Gaza blockade

PNA urges Israel to lift Gaza blockade fully

Egyptian, Palestinian presidents meet to end Gaza siege

Defense Minister Barak: Israel needs 'daring initiative' to thwart international isolation

Israel Facing More Flotillas

Israel warns it will block Lebanese Gaza aid boats

Israeli tourists head to Bulgaria following Turkey-Israel diplomatic rupture

Europe targets Israel over passport misuse in Dubai assassination

Gaza conflict: an Israeli's view -- blocking Palestinian rocket fire is the key to the average Israeli citizen

World Is On Fire In "Non-Integrating Gap"

UN urges Kyrgyzstan to stamp out ethnic bloodletting

Kyrgyz violence level 'alarming'

UN says violence in Kyrgyzstan was orchestrated

19 people wounded in Iraq's violence

14 killed, 57 wounded in Iraq's violence

Three US troops among eight killed in Iraq

2 NATO soldiers killed, 3 injured in northern Afghan province

5 police killed in southern Afghan province

Afghan, NATO forces kill 12 Taliban militants in N Afghanistan

General David Petraeus faints during grilling over US in Afghanistan

Pakistani ISI backs Taliban -- Intelligence Service maintains direct link to terrorists

Iran to build another nuke research reactor: Atomic Head reveals

Iran says it is undeterred by EU sanctions plan

Mexico Army Fights Gang in Tourist Town, Killing as Many as 15

Dems face backlash from liberal groups over NRA deal

Florida Gov. Crist Vetoes Bill That Would Have Prohibited Abortion Funding Under Obamacare and Said Individuals Could Not Be Forced to Buy Insurance

Top White House reporter joins leftist group: Leaving to 'do Lord's work' after oil spill, 'combat climate change'

Bloody Sunday killings unjustified: PM Cameron - killings of 13 civilians by British troops on so-called Bloody Sunday, in Northern Ireland in 1972

Bloody Sunday Inquiry: 'We always knew the dead were innocent'

Bloody Sunday paratroopers defend senior officer


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