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Saudi Crown Prince Nayef, next in line to throne, dies

Obama spares many illegal immigrants deportation - One-Ups Romney

US Outsources Its Africa Spying

Obama Acknowledges U.S. Is Fighting Groups Tied to Al Qaeda in Somalia and Yemen - CIA refuses to confirm or deny

Could US cyberspies have moles inside Microsoft?

New Grad Looking For a Job? Pentagon Contractors Post Openings For Black-Hat Hackers

Australia gov't cracks down on eBay profiteers - asks eBay to reveal top sellers

Health News

Monsanto may lose GM soya royalties throughout Brazil

9-Year-Old Who Changed School Lunches Silenced By Politicians - Gets support from Jamie Oliver, raises $72,000 for charity - Council reverses ban

Plague confirmed in Oregon man bitten by stray cat

FDA urges markets to pull shellfish from SKorea - Fecal contamination

Sanofi Pasteur recalls tuberculosis (BCG) vaccine

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'

Russia Sending Missile Systems to Shield Syria

Syria Dissidents Seek Unity in Istanbul Meet - Leadup to bigger conference by the Arab League

EU bars Syria from getting gas masks, chemicals - and caviar?


10 killed in Iraq pilgrimage blast

Again a power in OPEC, Iraq could shift landscape


Car Bombing Kills 20 in Pakistan Tribal Region

Haqqani Commander In Afghanistan Killed In Joint Operation


Egypt presidential runoffs between Mursi, Shafiq begin

Ahead of Egypt’s Presidential Runoff, Has the Military Junta Already Won?


Tunisia lifts curfew after riots

UN Council concerned over ICC staff held in Libya

Militant Territory Cleared In Yemen, For Now

New battles emerge in Bahrain from wreckage of Shiite mosques

Prophetic Supernation #8 - Central and Southern Africa

Kenya: No Consensus On Way Ahead for World's Biggest Refugee Camp - 500K Somoli refugees, now 4th largest city in Kenya

Congo-Kinshasa: More Refugees Enter Rwanda

Zimbabwe: Bigwigs Defy Mugabe - Ministers Clash Over Policies

Suicide blast hits Somali base outside capital

Supernation #1 - North America

Secret Service misconduct allegations going back to 2004 revealed in 229-page document


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Friday, June 15, 2012


UK’s Web monitoring draft bill revealed: What you need to know

Lone Senator Blocks Renewal of NSA Wiretap Program - Ron Wyden (D-Oregon)

In Japan, National ID Proposal Spurs Privacy Concerns

EPA in huge power grab to control all ditches and gullies on private land

US Needs Another 600 Humans to Fly Its Robot Planes

Black Hills helps soldiers prep for urban warfare - "Military units from six countries and 17 states — 2,200 soldiers overall"

Chinese spy arrested in US may have compromised other agents

Health News

Air Leak Sparks Safety Fears at CDC Bioterror Lab

Antibody cocktail cures monkeys of Ebola

British bioethics group backs controversial fertility treatment - 3 parent children

CDC says fluoride has no evidence of benefit for infants

Californians demand integrative care for cancer treatment - Currently a doctor using any form of alternative treatments liable to felony charges

2012 Election News

The unexpected evangelical silence on Mitt Romney’s Mormonism

Obama holds White House reception to observe LGBT Pride Month, then heads to Chicago

Related: Military to recognize gay troops this month

Related: Congress eyes workplace 'protections for transgenders

Senate confirms nominee to El Salvador - pro-gay, dated alleged Cuban spy

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'


Egypt reels from 'judicial coup' - live updates

Calls to boycott get louder on eve of Egypt vote

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood warn of 'dangerous' days


Who Counts The Days In Afghanistan?

Afghanistan War Death Toll: Operation Enduring Freedom Hits 2,000 U.S. Casualties

Closed Pakistan Routes Costing U.S. $100 Million a Month

Afghanistan suspends political party sparking fears over freedom of speech


Syrian forces use sexual violence against men, women, children: Human Rights Watch

UN visits Haffa but finds it deserted and a 'stench of dead bodies'

Observers chief in Syria warns of violence

Syria says it uncovered Qaeda mosque bomb plot


Iran shrugs off oil sanctions at OPEC meeting

Japan lower house passes bill to insure Iran oil imports

Iran’s Syria options increasingly limited as Assad battles on


Iraq pilgrimage security tight after bombs kill 72

Christians in Iraq forced to flee terror, archbishop says

Prophetic Supernation #8 - Central and Southern Africa

US AFRICOM: New Malaria Task Forces Will Address Top Africa Killer

Clinton Applauds AGOA At 11th Forum Kick-Off - African Growth and Opportunity Act

Al Shabab Attacks Somali, Ethiopians Forces in Yurkud, Gedo Region

S.Africa looks to Nigeria, Angola to replace Iran oil

Zimbabwe: Cash Woes Choke Govt Ministries

Supernation #9 - South and Southeast Asia (ASEAN)

Asean Is a House Divided - on whether to stand up to China on the Spratly Islands

ASEAN rights groups call for Rohingya protection in Burma

Why is Western Burma Burning?

Supernation #10 - China and East Asia

A forced abortion for a mother who failed to sign a form - Chinese authorities have vowed to punish officials

China to Investigate Death of Labor Activist

Oil Rout Has China Hoarding Most Since Olympics: Energy Markets - Reserves are approaching US levels, propping up oil prices

North Korean isolation hides suffering: US

Israeli - Palestinian War


Violence erupts on Gaza border

Olmert bombed Syria despite US diplomacy - September 2007 bombing of the al-Kabir nuclear facility in Syria

Jewish settlers won't go quietly as eviction looms

Settler committee head calls on supporters to come stop court-ordered eviction and demolition of Ulpana outpost

Hamas walks fine line between angering Israel and radical elements in Gaza

Hamas double agent returns to Israel

Film-maker's balanced Israel documentary causes anger in Ireland

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Thursday, June 14, 2012


Fukushima Daiichi: From Nuclear Power Plant to Nuclear Weapon #1

New energy source for future medical implants: sugar - Can power implanted electronic devices

Revealed: 64 Drone Bases on American Soil

Attacks Targeting US Defense Contractors and Universities Tied to China

Let’s Admit It: The US Is at War in Yemen, Too

US coal use falling fast; utilities switch to gas

Shell Investing $300M To Fuel LNG-Powered Trucks

What’s the Deal With Oil Prices?

Health News

MMR vaccine kills another baby in Belgium

UN warns of global collapse due to pesticides; Agenda 21 is pushed as solution

GMO labeling victory! Measure accepted onto California ballot; now the real battle begins

Vein grown from stem cells saves 10-year-old girl

Cold virus hitches a ride to kill cancer: study

Tuberculosis is rearing its head again in Russia

Israeli - Palestinian War


Gaza sniper fires at farmer near border fence

Aid groups, UN bodies urge end to Gaza blockade

Int'l Aid Groups Blame Israel That Gaza Water Unfit to Drink

Eritrean national suspected of aiding Sinai terrorists

'Don’t smoke, shoot!’: UN-funded Palestinian NGO puppet show

2012 Election News

Mitt Romney to business: Help is on the way

Poll: More blame Bush than Obama

President Barack Obama seeking to recalibrate his economic message with Cleveland campaign stop - Expect more Bush bashing

For Romney and social conservatives, an uneasy embrace

Romney keeps secrets — unless law says he can’t

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'

Car bomb explodes in Damascus suburb - damaging one of Shiite Islam's holiest shrines

Daily firefights in north and west shake confidence in Assad forces

Live updates from The Guardian (UK)


Troops ring Egypt court ahead of election ruling

Egyptian army has controversial arrest powers restored


Yemeni army advances on third rebel-held town

Yemeni officials tour towns al-Qaida-linked militants held for a year


US drone kills three militants in Pakistan

Afghanistan's neighbors map strategy beyond 2014

Prophetic Supernation #8 - Central and Southern Africa

Africom Will Maintain 'Light Footprint' in Africa

"Illegal" hiring leaves Zimbabwe army hungry

Ethiopian Forces Ditch Another Town in South-Central Somalia

Supernation #9 - South and Southeast Asia (ASEAN)

ASEAN judges, prosecutors gather in Cambodia for legal, judicial cooperation

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012


US Military Wants Drones in South America, But Why?

Wave of car bombs kills 63 during Iraq pilgrimage

Supreme Court Rejects ‘Dirty Bomber’ Case - Therefore, federal officials cannot be sued for damages for the torture of Americans on U.S. soil.

EU: movement of money, people can be limited

Clinton accuses Russia of arming Syria with attack helicopters

US Ousts Israel From Counterterrorism Forum - Due to fierce objections from Turkey

$1.1 million-plus Gates grants: ‘Galvanic’ bracelets that measure student engagement

Senators Question Monitoring of Calls, Emails

2012 Election News

Obama's ratings sink on economic doubts

Romney championed green energy fund

When Romney wasn't so tough on China

Former Gabrielle Giffords aide Ron Barber wins election to finish her term

ND amendment on religious regulation fails

North Dakota Voters Reject Effort to Abolish Property Tax

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'

NATO chief: Intervention 'not right path' in Syria

U.N. adds Syria to list of countries killing children

Syrian crisis a civil war, U.N. official says, as global war of words continue

Assad retains control of Syria chemical arms: Israel


Iran's parliament softens stance on nuclear talks

China, Singapore face US sanctions on Iran oil exports


Taliban bombs kill eight in Afghanistan

U.S. troops return to Afghanistan's "lost province" - Nuristan

71 confirmed dead in earthquake

US defends purchase of attack helicopters for Afghanistan from Russian arms company supplying Syrian regime


New Egypt constitution body faces fresh challenge

Tomorrow should be a crucial day in the history of Egypt - court rulings expected

Beware foreign spies, Egypt warns, in ridiculous but dangerous ads


Yemen drives al-Qaida from 2 major strongholds

Yemen presses ahead with offensive on militants


Offices and Archives of Tunis II Court of First Instance Set Ablaze

Curfew Decreed in 8 Governorates From 9pm to 5am

162 arrested in riots by ultraconservative Islamists around the country

Prophetic Supernation #8 - Central and Southern Africa

Ivory Coast says it has uncovered coup plot

Four killed in attack on village in Ivory Coast

African Union seeks mandate to send troops to Mali

Nigeria: Gunmen Kill 27, Injure Eight in Zamfara

Zimbabwe: Crumbling Mugabe Power Base Fuelling Zanu-PF Infighting

Supernation #9 - South and Southeast Asia (ASEAN)

Why India's Economy Isn't as Bad as Headlines Suggest

Rights group urges Bangladesh to keep border open

Troops patrol in riot-hit Myanmar town to restore calm

China may fund Cambodia-Vietnam rail

Lao Police Arrest Pastor for Spreading Faith

Vietnam hosts ASEAN regional information conference

US military to help Philippines monitor coastal waters

Supernation #10 - China and East Asia

Eight Chinese arrested in Himachal village, currency seized - Agents?

China government adviser predicts second-quarter growth below 7 percent

China denies exporting North Korean missile launch vehicles

North Korea: Economic System Built on Forced Labor

Supernation #6 - Latin America

Oklahoma, New Mexico horse-racing tracks linked to Mexican drug cartel, Feds say

Honduras Gangs Rethink Tactics - 'The emphasis now is "pocos, pero locos" -- fewer, but crazier.'

Ex-Colombian president's family face US extradition over drugs charges

Venezuela Calls for Gulf OPEC Nations to Cut Crude Oil Output

Ecuador, Libya express concern over OPEC oversupply

Bolivia’s Morales nationalizes zinc and tin mines licensed to Swiss group

Chile’s new Party for Democracy president makes waves - Will Chile move left with him?

Falklands vote will make islanders' voices heard, says David Cameron

Brazil claims successful test of parasite vaccine

Israeli - Palestinian War


Hezbollah may move Syrian arms to Lebanon

Comptroller slams Netanyahu, Barak in 'flotilla report'

Government Begins Fortifying Gaza Belt Schools

Missile Attack on Tel Aviv Might Force Evacuation

Soldiers Warned of Loose Lips on Railway

Obama hosts Israel's Peres for White House talks

Health News

Giant nuclear cover-up? Explosions, military helicopters filmed near elevated radiation zone at border of Indiana and Michigan

Ridiculous Lancet study sets stage for pushing 'pre-diabetes' drugs on entire world

Students now snorting ADHD drugs before taking academic tests

Australian three-year-olds targeted for bogus psychiatric disorders such as sleeping with the light on

Diesel exhaust fumes can cause cancer, WHO says

Do statins drain your energy?

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012


NDAA Banned: Indefinite detention of Americans 'unconstitutional'

Indiana First State to Allow Citizens to Shoot Law Enforcement Officers -- NRA-Backed Law Spells Out When Indianans May Open Fire on Police

Is Russia Backing Away From Its Firm Support of Syria?

More American soldiers die from suicide than combat

The U.N. Seeks to Tax the Internet

Lawsuit: Architect In Diabetic Shock Beaten By Multiple Officers, Pepper Sprayed, and Repeatedly Tasered Before Dying

Beware The Spy In The Sky

United Nations Envisions Transhumanist Future Where Man is Obsolete

Gattaca becomes reality: Scientists start to screen, abort human babies based on 3,500 'genetic faults'

The Bogus Threat from Shariah Law

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African / Middle East Nations

Comprising Prophetic Supernation #7

Syria -- Same Scenario As Libya?

Syria planning new massacre: U.S. Charges

Syria prepares for war, while Muslims murder Christians

Obama Prepares Air Strikes On Syria

UN adds Syria to 'list of shame' for mistreatment of children

U.S. says no military intervention in Syria -- for now

Is Russia Backing Away From Its Firm Support of Syria?

Syria's Opposition: Increasingly Coordinated, Armed

"Activists" Charge: Mortar hits protest in Syria, 10 killed


Peres Tells Panetta: Iran Striving for Islamic Middle East Empire

U.S. exempts 7 economies from Iran oil sanctions

UN official concerned over delay of relocation for Camp New Iraq residents: Home to several thousand Iranian exiles

Iran Agrees to Discuss P5+1 Proposal

Turkey cuts Iranian oil purchases steeply in May


2012 Election News

Obama calls Romney, congratulates him on securing GOP nomination

Rand’s Romney Endorsement Focused Around 2016 Presidential Run

GOP mood toward Romney's fall prospects brightens

Romney’s Fiscal Successes

Romney vs. Obama—en Español

Take Romney seriously: Opinion Column

Jeb Bush Sees Romney Needing ‘Broader’ Immigration Ideas

Romney Blocked Antibullying Guide Over Use Of LGBT Terms

With a Sharp Tongue, Scalia Challenges the White House

Health News

Drug Contaminants, Chemicals in Tap Water Among Possible Causes of Autism

NYT distorts GMO labeling issue: People are tired of being lied to about the ingredients that are present in the foods they eat

100 percent false labeling - and it's legal!

Flame retardants found in common grocery store foods


Rand Paul’s Senate Farm Bill Amendments Liberate Raw Milk, But Condemn Ag Gun Rights


Israeli - Palestinian War

IDF embraces Gay Pride Month

'US commitment to Israel's security rock solid': Defense Secretary Leon Panetta

With New Cameras, IAF Could Peek into the Ground

‘Israel in Shadow of Syria’s Chemical Weapons’: IDF General

UN-Backed PA NGO Urges Children: Replace Cigarettes with Guns - puts on a puppet show, tells kids to see Jews as “enemies” who kill Arab youth

Iran designing nuclear-powered submarine

Google's Spreading Tentacles of Influence: Search giant has ties to important organizations that help sway public opinion



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Saturday-Sunday, June 9-10, 2012


More Americans Killed by Bees and Wasps or Falling Televisions than by Terrorists

Indiana First State to Allow Citizens to Shoot Law Enforcement Officers -- NRA-Backed Law Spells Out When Indianans May Open Fire on Police

The real reason for America's Southeast Asian projection (radiation of northern hemisphere) - Is the NWO planning a near-term Southern refuge in the aftermath of castrophic Fukushima radiation or a limited Nuclear war?

3,000 soldiers to serve in Africa next year

Happy or sad? You might not see that ad, if Microsoft Kinect can figure out your mood - MS filed patent for system of reading users' emotions

The human race is morphing into a species with larger skulls - Nutrition or other environmental causes mulled

NYT distorts GMO labeling issue, tries to make it a debate about crop yields

Ireland wants rescue deal negotiated to match Spain's

Commerce Secretary John Bryson accused in hit-and-run crashes

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'

Human shields used in violent raid of Syrian city, opposition says

Syria's opposition urges mass defections

Syrian rebels aim to use chemical weapons, blame Damascus

Revealed: Syria's steroid-mad 'Ghost' killers who keep Assad in power by swooping down on villages to massacre women and children - Is this a propaganda piece?


Iran feels sanctions pain as oil income slumps

Iran military denies claims that it demolished buildings at suspected nuclear site

Iran starts electricity exports to Iraq


Iraq PM's rivals lack votes to oust him

Iraq pilgrimage security tight after mortar attack

War Study: Troops Had Bad Intel, Worse Spin


NATO says it will refrain from bombing homes in Afghanistan

Afghanistan sacks 5 officials over prison break

Afghans aim to defuse failed suicide bombers with Koran


Official: Egypt's Mubarak in critical condition

Egypt’s liberals walk out of constitution meeting


Yemen retakes ground in push on Islamist rebels

Al Qaeda in Yemen advertises for Western recruits

Turkey steeply cutting Iranian oil purchases

US boosts Jordan’s nuclear security amid concerns over Syria, Iran

Bahrain police forcefully disperse Shiite rally

At least 16 killed in two days of Libya clashes

Tunisia: Closure of Ras Jedir Border Crossing on Libyan Side Following Armed Clashes

Prophetic Supernation #8 - Central and Southern Africa

Nigeria: 11 Killed, 60 Injured in Fresh Jos, Biu Attacks - Christians attacked on Sunday, reprisals against Muslims

Angola: Govt Concludes Withdrawal of Missang Forces in Bissau

Liberia: Gov't Closes Border With Ivory Coast

Somalia: Al-Shebab Fighters Retake Town of Elbur

Supernation #9 - South and Southeast Asia (ASEAN)

Nepal group calls for return of monarchy, Hindu state

Bangladesh turns away Muslims fleeing Myanmar

Bodies Collected in Strife-Torn Burmese Town

Supernation #10 - China and East Asia

Firepower bristles in South China Sea as rivalries harden - China deploys new Type 056 Corvette stealth ship to disputed area

China’s ‘feel-bad’ interest rate cut

Asia soars on Spain deal and China data

S. Korea Closely Watching North’s Air Force

Supernation #6 - Latin America

Chavez foe leads massive march in Venezuela

Venezuela 'tortured Colombians'

Chilean police clash with anti-Pinochet demonstrators

Cristina Fernandez takes fight for Falklands to UN

Consumption-led growth reaches its limits in Brazil

Israeli - Palestinian War


PA denies behind-the-scenes talks with Israel

Police believe haredim spray-painted Yad Vashem

U.S. suspects Israel hid extent of spying: ex-envoy

Vatican, Israel to sign economic agreement; raises eyebrows

Ben-Ari: Jews ‘afraid’ to travel to Mount of Olives

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Saturday-Sunday, June 9-10, 2012


GOA: Recoverable Oil In Green River Formation Equal to Entire World’s Oil Reserves

The Arsenic Diet

Cyberweapons: Bold steps in a digital darkness?

Air Force Set to Be Deployed Inside U.S. to Collect Data and Search Citizens

Tiffany Rent, Pregnant Chicago Woman, Tasered By Police During Parking Dispute

FirstEnergy Says It’s Fixing a Leak at Ohio Nuclear Plant

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'

'Battle is in Damascus' as Syrian tanks fire in 12-hour exchange

Russia says is not against Assad's departure

U.N. observers in Syria see gruesome evidence of a new massacre

'Deadly shelling' hits Deraa

Arming of Syria rebels gains momentum

The crisis in Syria is reopening Lebanon's old war divisions


Iran nuclear talks collapse

Hubris from Ahmadinejad: prelude to compromise on Iran nuclear program?

Iran: Syrian intervention 'will be defeated'


Bombs hit Iraq pipelines, exports unhurt

Attacks in Iraq kill four: officials


Bomb Kills 4 French Troops In Afghanistan

Unexploded munitions a dangerous legacy of war in Afghanistan - How much of it contains Depleted Uranium, poisoning Afghans for generations?


Egypt's Islamists give secular parties equal role in constitution writing

Egypt to get $430 million in aid from Saudi Arabia


Yemen air strikes target Al Qaida

Yemen clashes leave 11 dead

Libya: Islamists, Gaddafi regime diehards mar transition

Libya tribe clashes with armed forces in south

No taste for an uprising in Algeria

Prophetic Supernation #8 - Central and Southern Africa

UN says 7 peacekeepers killed in Ivory Coast

Violence in eastern Congo

Rwanda: Number of Congolese Refugees Transit Camp Passes 10,000

Nigeria: Suicide Bomber Kills 6 At Borno Police Headquarters

Mali: With More Than Three Million at Risk, IFRC Appeals for Funding as Food Crisis Worsens

Supernation #9 - South and Southeast Asia (ASEAN)

Bangladesh alert along Myanmar border

Backsliding in Burma?

The slaves who serve us - Human trafficking of the young on the Cambodia-Thai border

Malaysia: Bersih leader blames police for bloody mugging - Bersih 2.0 rally

Indonesia arrests two Papuan pro-independence activists

US to boost Philippines defense

Supernation #10 - China and East Asia

China to carry out manned space flight

China punishes 12 police officers over 11 murders

China economy weak in May, inflation at 2-yr low

Two North Koreans convicted over attempted theft of Ukraine rocket technology

Chinese firms aiding North Korea: report

Supernation #6 - Latin America

Mexico students plan protests as second presidential debate nears

Cuba loosens restrictions on private commerce

After Failed Demobilization, ERPAC Factions Join Colombia's Larger War

Venezuela court decisions shake up 2 small parties

4 Latin America nations pull out of defense treaty

Brazil grants asylum to Bolivian senator

Argentina loses a third of its dollar deposits

UK FM Browne turns down Argentina invite

Supernation #1 - North America

Flashlight bombs puzzle Phoenix authorities

Police, FBI Investigate SUV Crash Into DC Building

Barack Obama: ‘Leaker-in-chief?’

Local Scouting council backs national policy on gay leaders

Masses protest in Detroit, say health care law's change in birth control mandate not enough

Hundreds rally in Chicago to protest birth control mandate

US arrests 190 in child pornography crackdown

2012 Election News

Obama’s data advantage - massive data mining operation in election campaign

Obama and Romney locked in tight race with 150 days to go

Romney: Is Obama "really that out of touch?"

'Anti-business' label could hurt Obama's chances

Obama warns on teacher layoffs

Santorum rallies conservatives to beat Obama

Boehner floats 6-month US transport funding extension

Supernation #2 - Europe

Spain Seeks $125 Billion Bailout As Bank Crisis Worsens

Greece scrambles for bank loans to avert energy meltdown

Expert says Norway gunman has Asperger's, Tourette's

EU states prepare rules for suspending visa-free travel

Supernation #3 - Japan

Japan PM says 2 nuke reactors must be restarted

Japan team creates liver from stem cells

India, Japan to hold first naval exercise from today

Supernation #4 - Australia, New Zealand, & South Africa

Australia trade deficit shrinks, adding to upbeat news

Australia to go ahead with A$450 million solar energy project

New Zealand and NATO to boost cooperation

South Africa's post-apartheid gains in peril - ANC growing more autocratic

South African campaigners unite against secrecy bill

Supernation #5 - Russia and Former Soviet Satellites

Russia, Kazakhstan extend Friendship Treaty for 10 years

Putin approves harsh fines for protesters - Putin says Russia Easier on Protests Than West Europe

Ukraine ruling party wins first round over Russian

Israeli - Palestinian War


Abbas offers dialogue for prisoners, arming police

Palestinians mull non-member state status at UN

Hague, Ashton Condemn Israeli Expansion in Judea and Samaria

Iranian textbook depicts Jews as apes

Beit El: Soldiers throw stun grenade at rightists

The Haredi Spring - many ultra-Orthodox Israelis are integrating into Israeli society

Health News

More teens smoke pot than cigarettes, says CDC survey

Food allergies affect more city kids than rural ones

So far, E. coli outbreak stumps health officials

Skin Cells May Offer New Hope For Alzheimer's

US delays decision on first drug to prevent HIV

Cluster of Influenza A cases in Kowloon Hospital

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Friday, June 8, 2012


Court Halts Law Allowing Indefinite Detention of Americans

ACLU Phone App Lets You Shoot the Cops

New mobile phone app allows travelers to easily report TSA abuses directly to appropriate agencies

How to Prevent Drone Pilot PTSD: Blame the ‘Bot

Could Cops Use Google To Prevent Murder?

Germany readying offensive cyberwarfare unit, parliament told

Flame authors order infected computers to remove all traces of the malware

Drug-Resistant Gonorrhea: WHO Agrees It’s An Emergency

Suicides are surging among US troops, Pentagon statistics show - the grim cost of endless war, lack of support

Health News

Man catches fire after applying sunscreen; toxic chemicals are flammable

Breaking news on Whistleblower lawsuit - coverups, deadly cancers and more linked to the drug Actos

Dr. Oz caves to Big Pharma, pimps vaccines on public after admitting he does not necessarily even vaccinate his own children

Type of stem cell may contribute to heart disease

Former players combine concussion-related lawsuits to form 'master complaint' against NFL - The real danger to NFL's future isn't the danger of the concussions but the decades long cover-up by NFL officials

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'

Russia prepares for war in Syria, army units

Unidentified gas used in Syria

Civil war 'imminent' in Syria, U.N. warns

Rebels carve out a safe haven in northern and central Syria


France plans Friends of Syria meet, rejects Iran

Iran opens new talks with UN nuclear watchdog

China urges Iran to show flexibility, pragmatism


Iraq executes Saddam’s chief guard and top aide

Syria conflict is destabilizing Iraq


Bus bombing kills at least 18 in northwestern Pakistan

Obama Increases Pakistan Drone Strikes As Relations Sour

Iran and the US vie in Afghanistan

Afghan official: Taliban, criminals escape from jail in northern Afghanistan

Russia ready to broaden cooperation with Afghanistan


Egypt headed for an explosion

Accord reached on Egypt constituent assembly

Egyptian judges, stung by criticism, assert powers

Prophetic Supernation #8 - Central and Southern Africa

Locusts menace already hunger-stricken Mali and Niger

Blast at Nigeria police station kills many

Niger says Afghan, Pakistani jihadis in N. Mali

No Final Decision on Boko Haram Yet, Says US

Africa bloc ready to move summit over Bashir row: Malawi

E.Congo mutiny rakes over regional, ethnic wounds

Arrested Ivorian was plotting from exile: gov't

Supernation #9 - South and Southeast Asia (ASEAN)

North Korea set to attend regional ASEAN meeting

Burmese police 'open fire' - attempt to quell religious tensions in a town dominated by the Rohingya Muslim minority group

Australia to lift Myanmar sanctions and double aid

Cambodia: Malaria gains fragile

Laos clears WTO entry hurdle, Yemen still trying

Indonesia to send peacekeeping battalion to Darfur

Philippine leader seeks US assurance on defense

Supernation #10 - China and East Asia

China restricts foreigners from visiting Tibet

China cuts rates, fuel price in new stimulus moves

China Tightens Internet Controls, Real-name System to Expand

N.Korea Misses 1st Loan Repayment Deadline

Israeli - Palestinian War


Was UFO a Russian ballistic missile?

Lebanese Author: Jews Will Be Punished With Second Holocaust

Israel’s interior minister says it will take months to expel illegal African migrants

Jewish memorial vandalized in Ukraine

Palestinian court sentences Arafat aide in absentia


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Thursday, June 7, 2012


Pentagon Chief Admits U.S. Is at War in Pakistan - Losing patience with Pakistan

India's identity scheme is groundbreaking - By 2014 half of India's population will have an identity tagged to a random, unique 12-digit number - Biometric data being taken - System will be able ID anyone, anywhere

TIME Magazine pushes death agenda: Remove feeding tubes from the dying elderly (and get a cash bonus!)

Study: Being 'Born-Again' Linked to More Brain Atrophy - What's the next step, declaring faith in Christ a mental illness? It's happened before. Article from 1989

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'

Activists: Dozens dead in new Syria massacre

US calls for broader international sanctions on Syria

Clashes rock Damascus, regime pounds Latakia: NGO

Annan: Iran could help remove Assad

Barbara Walters apologizes for helping Assad aide


Iran Threatens Delays in Nuclear Talks

Iran attack 'wrong move': Obama allies

India cuts May Iran oil imports 38 pct


The great game of unseating a premier

Is a Kurdish State on the Horizon?

More suicides reported in Iraq where arranged marriage is common


Leon Panetta in Afghanistan as Karzai says NATO strike killed 18 civilians

Central Asia group admits Afghanistan as observer - Shanghai Cooperation Organisation

U.S. sidesteps Pakistani shakedown try

Pakistan and Taliban acused of poisoning Afghan schoolchildren


Egypt legal panel sides against Islamists before poll

Tahrir Square - Round Two?

In 'new Egypt', mobs sexually assault women with impunity

Egypt Seizes Land Valued at $10.6 Billion From Investors

Mubarak likely to be moved to hospital: agency


Thousands of Yemenis caught up in fighting: ICRC

Yemen donors running out of time to stem crisis

Malnutrition at ‘crisis levels’ in Yemen

Prophetic Supernation #8 - Central and Southern Africa

Angolan troops begin withdrawal from Guinea-Bissau

US offers millions in bounty for top Somali militants

Nigeria: 16 Persons Killed, Several Houses Burnt in Borno Fire Fight

Nigeria: Boko Haram Is Negotiating With Gov't

Zimbabwe: Another Military Chief Declares Loyalty to Zanu-PF

Supernation #9 - South and Southeast Asia (ASEAN)

Maldives to investigate February coup

Sri Lanka expels British Channel 4 employee for 'harming nation's reputation'

India govt targets transport and power to revive economy

Nepal leaders start considering constituent assembly rebirth

Thailand: Harsh Internet Laws Silence Thai Netizens

Gunmen in Philippines strafe bus, killing 4 people

Supernation #10 - China and East Asia

In China, 1 In 10 TB Cases Are Drug-Resistant

Online petitioners seek probe into China dissident death

12 children hurt in clash in China’s Xinjiang

North Korea’s class warfare: Social rhetoric, caste-system a reality under Kim dynasty

Supernation #6 - Latin America

Mexico's Lopez Obrador rules out Venezuelan model

Guatemalan Cops Break Up Student Protest

Costa Rica complains about alleged Nicaraguan aggression during OAS General Assembly

Chile, Peru, Colombia and Mexico form 'Pacific Alliance'

Guyana oil exploration stirs up Venezuela border dispute

Argentina president says to ditch her dollars

Israeli - Palestinian War


Israel court clears deporting South Sudan migrants

US: Settlement activity undermines peace efforts

Israel to build 850 homes in West Bank

Palestinian Contractors Union Refuses Use of Much Needed Israeli Water Technology

IDF moves forward on second JSF squadron

Gaza power plant shuts down as fuel crisis worsens

Israel to partially open Gaza border crossing as power shortage bites

2012 Election News

Romney faces scrutiny over Vietnam

Wisconsin a big setback to unions in benefits battles

E-mails show Romney backed health mandate

Romney plans to use federal blind trust if elected

Supreme Court ruling bumps more SC candidates from the ballot

Jeb Bush on being VP: "Under no circumstances"

Health News

Vaccine madness: New mumps jab cultured from dog kidneys linked to canine allergies

Cheap calcium supplements can raise risk of a heart attack twofold: Are you at risk?

Child CT scans could raise cancer risk slightly

Waist Size Alone May Predict Diabetes Risk

Vaccines for U.S. children may not be properly stored-study

Unborn babies could be tested for 3,500 genetic faults

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Eyewitnesses: Mitt Romney Attended Bilderberg 2012

Over Half of All Terrorist Plots Orchestrated by the F.B.I.

Al-Qaida No. 2 dies in US drone strike in Pakistan

U.S. Cozies Up to Pakistan’s Archrival for Afghan War

Google to Warn Possible Victims of State-Sponsored Spying

Russia's Putin says to push military ties with China

2012 Election News

WI: Walker, Republicans win big in recalls

Analysis: Wisconsin now less easy for Obama, but still not easy for Romney

Romney wins Republican primaries in 5 states

President Obama, Bill Clinton team up for trio of fundraisers

2 California cities voters approve pension cuts

N. Dakota 'Religious Liberty' Measure Sparks Debate

New Jersey Election Results

South Dakota Election Results

Montana Election Results

New Mexico Election Results

California Election Results

Israeli - Palestinian War


IAF Hits Weapons Storage Sites in Gaza

Obama worries that Palestinians no longer interested in advancing peace

Druze professor appointed ambassador to Norway; Christian-Arab diplomat will serve as his deputy

Germany's contribution to Israel's security imperative

Ulpana: Netanyahu seeks to relocate illegal outpost

Habayit Hayehudi could leave gov't over Ulpana

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'

Syria bars diplomats, gunships in action

Syria's Assad names new PM after parliamentary vote

Syria 'to admit aid workers'


Iranian Decision to Convert 20% Uranium May Be Good News

Iran hopeful on atomic talks if "rights" respected

Ahmadinejad Political Rival Re-Elected As Parliament Speaker


Iraq Kurds indefinitely postpone provincial elections

Blackwater guards lose bid to appeal charges in Iraqi civilian shooting case


At least 23 killed in Kandahar suicide attack

27 insurgents killed in Logar

Central Asia group seeks bigger Afghanistan role


Egypt rulers demand constitution panel in 48 hours

Egypt's Tahrir protesters take on Mubarak's man


Yemen pushes offensive, killing 26 fighters

Northern Houthi rebels agree to join talks on Yemen’s political crises

Bahrain activists recount abuse claims in retrial

Bahrain says police torture not government policy

Prophetic Supernation #8 - Central and Southern Africa

Nigeria forces say kill 16 Islamists in fire fight

Dozens dying each day along Sudan's border: rebel

UN is asked to push for arrest of Sudan's Bashir

Kenya: Maize Disease a Disaster

Central African Republic: Security Hopes Improve After Main Rebel Groups Disband

Malawi: Bingu's Repressive Media Law Repealed

Supernation #9 - South and Southeast Asia (ASEAN)

India will not ally with US against China

Nepal, on the Brink of Collapse

Bangladesh launches Islamic interbank money market

Sri Lankan president cancels speech in London over protest fears

Sri Lanka's Chinese-built port opens for business

Distrust fuels anti-Muslim violence in Myanmar

Thailand: Long-overdue political harmony takes back seat with rumours that exiled leader plans to return

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Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Attack of the drones: 27 killed in just three days as U.S. increase strikes in Pakistan

Wisconsin recall election is today: Nail-biting finish

Special Ops Wants Weapons to Stop Ships, Paralyze People

First Test Flight for Military’s Mega-Drone

Flame Hijacks Microsoft Update to Spread Malware Disguised As Legit Code

A Massive Web of Fake Identities and Websites Controlled Flame Malware

5 Florida TSA workers fired, 38 others suspended

2012 Election News

Fear factors: What worries Romney backers

Wisconsin recall highlights elections in 6 states as voters choose Senate, House candidates

Colo. pot question could affect Obama-Romney race

Obama, Bill Clinton united despite rift in New Jersey Democratic House primary

Feds to monitor Calif elections for discrimination

S.C. high court justices scold GOP lawyer for ignoring order

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'

Syrian rebels kill 100 government soldiers as they repudiate UN ceasefire

Syria rebels no longer respect truce, blame Assad

China, Russia on same page regarding Syria, Beijing says


Mystery virus sought 'designs from Iran'

Iranian cell-phone carrier obtained banned US tech

Buildings razed at suspected Iranian nuclear test site ahead of possible IAEA visit


Iraq leaders call for calm after bombing kills 25

CIA Prepares Iraq Pullback

Iraq’s crisis gets murkier


Nato strikes exit deal with Central Asian states

NZ signs new NATO partnership

As Afghan exit looms, U.S. debate rages over Haqqani militants


Egypt’s presidential candidates unite against Mubarak’s former PM

Egyptian-American charged in NGO funding case arrested on return to Cairo


Yemen: Clashes in south kill 23 al-Qaida militants

Fighting at Tripoli airport, gunmen surround planes

Libya military court jails accused foreign mercenaries

Prophetic Supernation #8 - Central and Southern Africa

Mali: the world's next jihadi launchpad?

Sudan fighting drives 35,000 refugees into S.Sudan

South Sudan officials have stolen $4 bln: president

Congo-Kinshasa: IDPs Weigh Options As Fighting Rages in North Kivu

Uganda: Amnesty Act Without Amnesty

Supernation #9 - South and Southeast Asia (ASEAN)

Asean projects: focus on infrastructure

Pentagon chief heads to India amid US focus on Asia

Nepal PM refuses to ‘turn tail’

Sri Lanka seeks defense training from US, India

Liberal blogger stabbed in the Maldives

Burma: Suu Kyi's investor comments strain ties

Quake sways tall buildings in Indonesia's capital

Two Chinese kidnapped in Philippines

Supernation #10 - China and East Asia

Tiananmen crackdown

Tiananmen Date Match Bars Searches For China Stock Index

China state papers warn U.S. strategy risks rifts

True faith missing from China's growth boost

American General in South Korea Replaced After Spy Report

Politician tells N. Korean defector he betrayed his country

Supernation #6 - Latin America

Farmworkers agree to vacate disputed Honduras land

Honduras Arrests 20 Gang Leaders At Funeral

Dow Chemical Co. sued by banana plantation workers claiming banned pesticide injury

Panama shaken by 6.6 quake

FARC rebels kill 5 in Colombia

Mass grave discovered in southern Colombia

Venezuela prison bullet-pocked after shutdown - authorities find dozens of weapons stashed in prison after end of standoff

Bolivia's leader wants OAS to scrap rights body

Argentina 'suing' British oil companies over Falklands

Brazil: another bank, another “accounting irregularity”

Brazil Gets Boring

Israeli - Palestinian War


Syria: America versus Israel

Israel airport security demands access to tourists' private email accounts

Border Police Officer Stabbed at Cave of Patriarchs

Jewish Tourists Stoned in Jordan over 'Provocative Hats'

US: Israel "supportive" on future Iran sanctions

Israel and U.S. Admit Joint Cyber War Effort

Health News

FDA urged to rethink on antibiotics in animal feed

New research reveals breathing pattern of smokers deepens the addiction

Coke bottles may require cancer warning label if drink ingredients not changed

High fructose corn syrup can't disguise itself as 'corn sugar,' FDA decides

Foggers, "bug bombs" are no match for bedbugs, scientists say

Poll: Half of NYers oppose drink restrictions

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Monday, June 4, 2012


Bilderberg 2012, the End?

'Legitimate' cyberwar to make culture wars uglier

TSA is not tracking security breach patterns, new report reveals

No-Fly List Maintained By FBI Includes Double The U.S. Citizens Since 2009

Cameras being installed across north country (State of New York)

President Obama Proclaims June LGBT Pride Month

Cops gun down man for legally carrying firearm

Israeli - Palestinian War


Israel Discovers New Giant Off-Shore Oil and Gas Field

Israel arms its German subs with Nuclear-tipped cruise missiles

Mounting evidence that influx of Africans is part of a leftist plan to flood Israel with Muslims

IDF engages in cyber warfare - New normal for all governments

Qassam hits western Negev; none injured

IAF strikes back again at 5 terror targets in Gaza

Israel to Unveil World’s Smallest Missile

Settlers plan 2-day march to J’lem over Ulpana

Islamic Jihad Threatens Judea and Samaria

Supernation #2 - Europe

Destitution and Hunger In Greek Prisons: “Not Even One Grain of Rice Left In Warehouses”

Greek Power Regulator Calls Emergency Meeting to Avert Collapse of Power Grid and Natural Gas System

Republicans stage protest at Queen's diamond jubilee

Health News

Modern-day vaccines have their roots in Nazi medical experiments

Flu shots to be pushed onto all children in public schools

Biowarfare alert: Is a mass bio-terror pandemic planned for 2012?

Cambodia reports an outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza in chicken and ducks

Is Arsenic the Worst Chemical in the World?

ADHD: Misdiagnosed and overmedicated

75% of physicians in the world refuse chemotherapy for themselves

Vitamin D Outperforms Pharmaceuticals at Treating Cancer

Spy cams installed in NY hospital bathrooms to monitor handwashing

Global organ harvesting a booming black market business; a kidney harvested every hour

Top Ten GMO Foods to Avoid Eating

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'

China warns of full-scale war in Syria as Lebanon army restores calm after clashes

Assad compares Syria crackdown to surgeons saving patients' lives

Syria army kills 15 in shelling near Turkey border


US Claims of Iran's nuclear program suffers credibility problems

Iranophobia and Obama the cyber-warrior

India insists will not reduce oil import from Iran


Iraq’s political crisis escalates with calls for Maliki to go

Religious Edict Seen as Aiding Embattled Iraq PM

Police: Suicide attack kills 15 in Iraq


China steps up Afghan role as Western pullout nears

151 insurgent camps in Balochistan, Afghanistan creating unrest: Pak Frontier Corps chief

Intrigue in Karzai family clouds Afghanistan's fate

U.S. drone strike kills 15 in northwest Pakistan: officials


Victims of Egypt’s old regime still await justice

Egypt riled by aid

Egypt's Shafiq: Islamist rival heralds "dark ages"


Suicide bomber kills 4 pro-army fighters

Suicide bomber kills 4 army-allied militiamen as government continues offensive

U.S. drone targets in Yemen raise questions

Prophetic Supernation #8 - Central and Southern Africa

Suicide car bomber kills 12 in Nigeria church

Rwanda army officials supporting Congo rebels: HRW

Somalia: Al Shabaab's Reign Weakening in Southern Somalia

Plane crash in Nigeria's Lagos kills all 147 on board

Crashed cargo jet landed in a pool of water: Ghana

Supernation #9 - South and Southeast Asia (ASEAN)

Leaders indicate possibility of a larger ASEAN

Nepal’s Gurkhas battle to stay in British military

Indian Ambassador Jayant meets Nepal former King, secret meet held

Bangladesh student faces sedition charges over Facebook post

Sectarian unrest spreads in west Myanmar: residents

Hints of a Rift Between Myanmar’s Political Reformers

Pentagon seeks return to long-abandoned military port in Vietnam - Cam Ranh Bay

Top US general talks military aid to Philippines

Supernation #10 - China and East Asia

China blocks Tiananmen talk on crackdown anniversary - China's censors blocked internet access to the terms "six four", "23", "candle" and "never forget"

Robots lift China's factories to new heights

China says to step up vigilance after US navy shift

North Korea threatens to attack South Korean media

Supernation #6 - Latin America

Thousands flee Mexico's epicenter of marijuana and poppy production

Attack on Mexican drug rehab center leaves 11 dead

Mexico, not Brazil, is a winner market

Bomb wounds 3 in Colombia

Venezuela arrests "sinister" Colombian cocaine boss

Venezuela's Chavez Appears Energetic On TV

Ecuador Seeks Renewed U.S. Trade Accord Amid Iran Negotiations

Argentina Farmers Strike, Tensions Rise on FX Cntrls

Brazil farmers in feud with Monsanto over GM soy

2012 Election News

New Obama ad continues assault on Romney's Massachusetts record

Mitt Romney picks former Utah governor Mike Leavitt to lead transition team - also LDS member, formed EPA admin, and Sec. of Health under George W. Bush (during Avian flu scare)

Republicans rooting for failure in economy, Obama campaign says

Drone wars and state secrecy – how Barack Obama became a hardliner

Democratic faith scholars see waning support for Obama - even the "religious left" see problems with Obama's policies and direction

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June 2-3, 2012


‘Human barcode’ could make society more organized, but invades privacy, civil liberties

Solar geoengineering could lead to whiter, brighter skies

In U.S., 46% Hold Creationist View of Human Origins

Jobs Report Weakens Obama's Election Argument

Why Mitt Romney had a good month

Stuxnet virus origin confirmed: USA and Isreali governments

Obama Ordered Stuxnet to Continue After Bug Caused It to Spread Wildly

Why Antivirus Companies Like Mine Failed to Catch Flame and Stuxnet

Court Wary of Overturning Warrantless Spy Case Victory, But Might Have To

Facebook suffers downtime; Anonymous mocks

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'

Pro and anti-Syrian groups clash in north Lebanon

U.S. publishes satellite images of Syria - View the images here

Annan frustrated over Syria, Russia gives no ground

Obama's atrocities board keeps low profile on Syria crisis


Iran commander’s trip to disputed islands frays UAE nerves

Cyber-attacks "bought us time" on Iran: U.S. sources

Iran's use of death penalty criticised by Foreign Office


Iraq deaths increase for second straight month

U.S. asks Iraq to extradite Hezbollah suspect

Iraq attacks kill four: officials


NATO: 4 aid workers rescued from Afghan insurgents

US drone strike kills four people in South Waziristan

Taliban Attacks Coalition Base

Situation Normal: Afghanistan Fouled Up

Army adds charges against Afghan shooting suspect - including Steroid use


Egypt's ex-leader Mubarak gets life in prison

Court in turmoil, others celebrate after Mubarak jailed

Egyptian presidential candidate: Mohamed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood

Prophetic Supernation #8 - Central and Southern Africa

Sudan says it pulls police from disputed region

South Sudan: UN Agency Working to Relocate 20,000 Refugees At South Sudan Border

Sudan orders aid groups out of poor eastern region

Britain sends aid to help Malawi rebuild economy

Zimbabwe: SADC to Reject Mugabe Election Demands

Mali: Regulatory Risk - a Junta-Ecowas Agreement Is Likely, Lowering Sanctions Risks, but Fiscal Pressures Raise Risks of State Intervention for Gold Miners

Kenya: Al-Shabaab Warns It Will Hit Kenyan Skyscrapers

Uganda: Deadly Terrorist Sneaks Into K'la

Supernation #9 - South and Southeast Asia (ASEAN)

Thai woes hit Asean, Surin says - ASEAN integration planned by 2015

Upper-Caste Militia Chief Murdered in Wild, Lawless Bihar, India

India monsoon misses arrival date

Ruling Maoist party of Nepal on verge of split?

Nepal: The King is gone, long live the King

Protesters bring Thailand’s parliament to a halt

Cambodia killing of anti-logging crusader stirs up suspicions

Third witness to 2009 Philippines massacre killed

Myanmar abandons nuclear research - North Korea running out of friends

Supernation #10 - China and East Asia

China border towns hope for boom, face backlash

Asian Currencies Drop for Fifth Week on China Slowdown, Europe

Panetta: Majority of US warships moving to Asia

S. Korea, U.S., Japan agree to expand cooperation to deter N. Korean threat

Supernation #6 - Latin America

PepsiCo's Mexico snack subsidiary attacked again

What 'For Greater Glory' can teach us about Mexican history and the 2012 Hispanic vote

DEA investigating Honduras drug raid shooting

Clashes in Nicaragua - photo gallery

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez rewards his three millionth follower on Twitter with a new house

Ecuador ruling is a product of bribery - Chevron

Bolivia seizes 249 mobile drug factories: official

Argentine official denies devaluation planned

Exposing Drug Secrets, From a Well-Guarded Bunker

UN panel blasts Cuba on human rights abuses

Four confess killing Swiss aid worker in Haiti

Israeli - Palestinian War


Could Cyprus pull Turkey and Israel into war?

Iran threatens to target US bases if attacked

Arab League pledges ‘safety net’ if Israel blocks tax fund transfers to Palestinians

Why Uri Blau's Indictment Should Worry Every Journalist in Israel

Lebanese action film takes on Israel-Hezbollah war

Israel's Arabic crisis

Supernation #2 - Europe

Prophet cartoons haunt Denmark as verdict nears

Ireland's fiscal stability referendum: a yes for recovery

Over 80% of Greeks reject Greek exit from euro: polls

Spain capital flight doubles as risk of European bailout rises - 100 billion Euros have left Spanish banks

Supernation #4 - Australia, New Zealand, & South Africa

EU cautions S.Africa's ANC on "Look East" policy

Rand hits fresh 3-yr low after weak U.S jobs data

Miners 'don't own' the minerals: Australia's PM

Australia's secret plan for war with China uncovered

Health News

Hong Kong H5 (Avian Flu) infection raises alert level

Medical marijuana legalized in Connecticut

Stubborn Infection, Spread by Insects, Is Called ‘The New AIDS of the Americas’

Low-Carb diet OK for the kidneys of obese individuals without kidney disease

Study: Dark Chocolate May Lower Heart Disease and Stroke Risks

Soldier acquitted in AIDS assault case after HIV tests shown to be completely bogus

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Friday, June 1, 2012


U.N. takeover of the Internet must be stopped, U.S. warns

Feds Want Warrantless Spying Loss Overturned, Saying the Law Can’t Touch Them - the Rule of Law only applies to the peons

Congress Looking Happy to Reauthorize Broad, Secret Spying Powers

Big Brother Bloomberg: Soda Ban May Hit The Big Apple

Is Prince Charles Headed to Israel? - Will he lay claim to the throne of David?

After 15 Months in Orbit, Secret Space Plane Finally Returning to Earth

Bilderberg 2012: Global Leaders Gather For Shadowy Conference At Virginia Hotel

Bilderberg 2012: The Official List of Participants

Israeli - Palestinian War


Israeli soldier killed by Palestinian gunman on Gaza border

Hizbullah Wants to Move Far-Reaching Scuds from Syria

Security and Defense: Israel's Cyber Ambiguity

Turkey: Anti-Israel protest on flotilla raid's anniversary

Israeli gov’t decision to fund Reform, Conservative rabbis sets precedent for equality with Orthodox

NY Times Article Accuses Israel of Often Killing ‘Tunnel Workers’

Netanyahu hosts possible Romney running mate Sen. Portman

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'

New Syria 'mass killing' reported ahead of UN meeting

Leon Panetta: 'Military action in Syria needs backing from UN' - That can be arranged, W pulled it off with Iraq

Syria armed group says holding Lebanon Shiites - Conflict now a mushrooming into a Sunni-Shia civil war

US senators call for arming of Syrian opposition - McCain & Lieberman, of course


Obama order set off wave of cyberattacks against Iran

Iran/P5+1 talks could 'end in tears': Diplomat

Iran engaged in "malignant behavior" in Syria: White House


Ignoring Critics, Iraq's Leader Consolidates Power

Bomb attacks in Iraq kill 18 people, wound 53


NATO member, 11 police killed in Afghanistan

Blast heard in Afghanistan's Khost

Russia wary of permanent US military bases in Afghanistan


Egypt's 31-year emergency law ends

US tourists freed unharmed in Sinai-security source

Egypt on edge before verdict in Mubarak trial

Prophetic Supernation #8 - Central and Southern Africa

Mali Tuareg leaders call off Islamist pact

Sudan to keep police in disputed Abyei region

Zambia ex-president's son arrested for corruption

Nigeria: Kidnapped German Killed in JTF Raid

US national kidnapped in Benin is freed

Supernation #9 - South and Southeast Asia (ASEAN)

India's weak GDP growth rate of 5.3% sparks slew of downgrades; interest rate cut expected

India snubs US sanctions on Tehran

Nepal Supreme Court judge killed, 2 people wounded

Aung San Suu Kyi urges "healthy skepticism" over Burma's reforms

Supernation #10 - China and East Asia

Slowdown worsens as China cools, Europe sinks

China arrests security official on suspicion of spying for U.S.

Tibetan woman dies after setting herself on fire

China Prods Pakistan To Crack Down On Uighur Separatist Militants

North Korea, Eco State? - Real-life "Hunger Games" nation makes money off Kyoto protocal carbon trading

Supernation #6 - Latin America

Venezuela bans private gun ownership

Mexico drug gang accuses snack company of spying

Honduras: The Bloodiest Nation In The World

Official: El Salvador ‘not falling apart’

Nicaragua's 'revolutionary' drug war

Europe approves Colombia, Peru trade pact

Venezuela Rids 36 Drug Air Strips

Peru's Humala Proves He's No Chávez

Bolivia: Senator's asylum bid embarrasses Morales

Pot-banging protesters rail against Argentina govt

Brazil economy underperforms again in 1st quarter

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Thursday, May 31, 2012


Free Syrian Army sets Friday deadline for Assad to abide by UN Truce or else - live updates

Polls point to Irish "yes" in Europe's only treaty vote

Development timeline key to linking Stuxnet, Flame malware - Flame stole lots of data, could only be sifted through by a gov't operation

Google Thinks You’re Stupid—and Works to Keep You in the Dark

Chemists Outrun Laws in War on Synthetic Drugs

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'

Boy played dead to survive Syrian massacre

Activists: Syrian troops shell Houla, site of last week's civilian massacre

Iran warns: Syria military intervention would engulf Israel


ISIS: Iran destroying evidence of atom work

Iran cancels $2 bln dam deal with China - report

EU says alarmed by rise in death sentences in Iran


Baghdad bomb kills at least nine in market blast

U.N.: Iraq rights situation troubling


Suicide attack kills 5 in southern Afghanistan

India fears for Afghanistan after NATO pullout

No. 2 U.S. Commander In Afghanistan Would Like 68,000 Troops Into Next Year

Australia takes lead in Afghanistan's Uruzgan


Bedouin seize two U.S. tourists in Egypt's Sinai

Egypt election outcome makes economic challenge tougher

Prophetic Supernation #8 - Central and Southern Africa

AU to take Mali to UN Security Council

Lesotho: PM Resigns in Wake of Election

South Sudan: Juba Refutes Khartoum and UN Claims On Sudanese Withdrawal From Abyei

Somalia: Warships Shell on Militant-Held Port Town

American kidnapped in West Africa's Benin

Supernation #9 - South and Southeast Asia (ASEAN)

Asean trading link to be launched in June

China's Liang stresses respect at ASEAN talks

India’s struggling GDP growth story: 10 things the numbers say

Parallel Battles for Burma and Asean’s Human Rights Commission

Supernation #10 - China and East Asia

China stimulus unnecessary, risks long-term damage

China gives nod to strategic industries to aid growth

'China detains hundreds in Tibet over self-immolation protests'

North Korea proclaims itself a nuclear state in new constitution

S. Korea police arrest two for spying for North

Amnesty Releases Report of North Korea Killing 30 Officials

Supernation #6 - Latin America

Mexico cartel drops aerial leaflets against gov't

Violence-Wracked Honduras - School of the Americas casts long violent shadow on Latin America

Panama toll charge increase row

Colombian rebels free French reporter after month in captivity

Colombia acid victims seek justice as attacks spread

Chavez's cancer has 'entered the end stage'

Iranian vice president visits Ecuador - proud of non-aligned status

Peru Mine Protests Cause Rift In Ruling Party

Israeli - Palestinian War


Flame: Israel rejects link to malware cyber-attack

Israel to try reporter over leaked army documents

Israeli Official Weighs an Imposed Palestinian Border

Israel urges tougher action against Assad

IDF may act to stop Syria weapons smuggling - fear WMD transfer to Hezbollah

Israel increasing imports from Palestinian areas

Supernation #1 - North America

Bilderberg 2012: the technocrats are rising at this year's annual conference

New Mexico's record-size wildfire could be preview of vicious fires to come - a preview of what's to come after months of drought

NY Sikh, Muslim workers allowed religious headwear

2012 Election News

NBC-Marist polls: Obama, Romney deadlocked in three key states

For Obama and Romney, Syria is no-win situation

Florida purges war-hero voter - "analysis shows that the list of names targeted for possible removal is dominated by Hispanics, Democrats and independents"

Condoleezza Rice to endorse Romney

SC Gov. Haley: Bobby Jindal or Condi Rice should be VP

Planned Parenthood rolls out anti-Romney campaign - but is Romney really pro-life?

Supernation #2 - Europe

U.K. Consumer Confidence Increases for First Time in Four Months

Spain Cries for Help: is Berlin Listening?

Hollande’s Justice: France’s Leftist Leaders Seek to Cut Public Sector CEO Salaries

German jobless rate falls below 7 percent as economy continues to grow, but momentum slows

Italian quake toll rises to 17, last victim found - Italians count human, economic cost of earthquake

Assange Loses Appeal, But Granted Stay to Apply to Re-Open Case on Technicality

Supernation #5 - Russia and Former Soviet Satellites

Stadiums of Hate – a Polish fan’s response from the stands - Ukraine's FM urges BBC to apologize for "Stadiums of Hate"

Russia computer experts who detected Flame malware issue warning - we have entered the age of cyber-warfare

Sec. Clinton says Russia contributing to potential Syria civil war

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Obama changes definition of 'civilian' in drone wars

Audio Surveillance, Intended to Detect Gunshots, Can Pick Up Much More

Protesters to confront Bilderberg Group meeting in Virginia

Virginia Governor: Drones over Va. 'great'; cites battlefield success

Mitt Romney passes delegate milestone

Romney clinches Republican 2012 nomination in Texas

Donald Trump overshadows Romney nomination - Birtherism is alive

Romney's birth certificate evokes his father's controversy - Obama and Romney both have foreign-born fathers

Obama Camp Mounts New Assault on Romney’s Record as Governor - Obama has up to this has not wanted to mention Romney's time in Massachusetts since it might reassure independents that Romney is really a centrist - change in tactics could be a sign that the Obama campaign is worried about the recent Romney surge in the polls


Fukushima radiation now detected in the U.S. food supply

Poland beekeepers kick Monsanto out of the hive, successfully ban bee-killing GM corn

Teenage diabetes more than doubles

Disturbing trend: family doctors giving out anti-depressants like candy

Why 'bath salts' are dangerous

Pro-life group’s hidden camera footage shows complicity in ‘sex-selective’ abortions

Israeli - Palestinian War


Iran Thinks US and Israel Unable to Attack, Says Barak

Did Syria's Rebels Pass Israel Assad’s Secrets?

Shin Bet head: Rise in terror plots against Israelis, Jews

Palestinian woman: I'll be killed if deported to territories

Poll: Majority of Palestinians think PA is corrupt

IDF dispersing spare parts kits in north - What are they preparing for?

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'

Breaking: Ankara asks all Syrian diplomats to leave Turkey within 72 hours

The Salvador Option For Syria

US intervention unlikely in Syria

Iran sends troops to Syria

Activists: New shelling in central Syria


Coded messages for Iran

Iran To Sign $2 Billion Venezuela Oil Deal, Tehran Times Says

Iran lashes out at Saudi over oil increase

German President Warns Iran Threatens 'New Shoah'


Iraq auctions 12 new oil, gas blocks

Iraq: A satellite state of Iran?


Bomb kills NATO service member

For U.S. Troops, One More Big Push In Afghanistan

Another mass poisoning in Afghanistan, as women flee fearing Taliban


Egypt Islamist candidate vows break with old ways

In Egypt, Security Agencies Still Major Barriers to Change


Tunisia judges start indefinite strike over purge

Yemen: Airstrike, shelling kills 10 militants in south

Prophetic Supernation #8 - Central and Southern Africa

Judges Sentence Charles Taylor to 50 Years

Somali President escapes rebel ambush on convoy

Congo-Kinshasa: Tens of Thousands Displaced by the Latest Violence in North Kivu - UN

Burkina Faso's Dual Crisis

Mali: Tuareg-Islamist Unity Talks in North Collapse

Supernation #9 - South and Southeast Asia (ASEAN)

Asean mulls energy path - Imports too much oil for regional security

India’s Economy Slows, With Global Implications

Nepal's opposition vows protests to topple PM

On Thailand trip, Suu Kyi visits Myanmar migrants

Indonesia president warns of Europe impact on Asia

Supernation #6 - Latin America

Mexican police patrol PepsiCo warehouses after arson fires

Mexico: Zetas rewrite drug war in blood

Quiet Guatemalan prosecutor takes on dictator, drug gangs

U.S. military takes on Honduras

Colombia Reports Anthrax Killed Livestock and Infected a Person

New poll has Venezuela’s Chávez still in lead

Bolivia rolls back on Pan American stake takeover

Brazil readies 7th straight interest rate cut - Brazilian juggernaut slowing

Supernation #2 - Europe

Irish referendum puts Sinn Fein in the spotlight - Old Mission: Fight Britain, Unite Ireland - New Mission: Fight EU, Save Ireland

EU Proposes 'Banking Union'

EU Commission calls on Spain to raise taxes

If you have a lead or an idea for Daily News Updates, please contact us.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Wisconsin pastor gets 2 years in prison in child abuse case - for preaching on spanking children - "I really do feel like I've stepped into the Spanish Inquisition."

Secret ‘Kill List’ Proves a Test of Obama’s Principles and Will

US special forces 'parachuted into North Korea'

Italy hit by 5.8-magnitude earthquake - death toll up to 10

Powerful "Flame" cyber weapon found in Iran - Massive Spy Malware - Older and larger than Stuxnet virus - Israel acknowledging?

Security backdoor found in China-made US military chip

This Rock Could Spy on You for Decades

United States Continuing to Overspend on Police, Despite Decreasing Crime Rates

'Eco-Anarchists' Targeting Nuclear and Nanotech Workers - "A loose coalition of eco-anarchist groups is increasingly launching violent attacks on scientists. A group calling itself the Olga Cell of the Informal Anarchist Federation International Revolutionary Front has claimed responsibility for the non-fatal shooting of a nuclear-engineering executive on 7 May in Genoa. The same group sent a letter bomb to a Swiss pro-nuclear lobby group in 2011; attempted to bomb IBM's nanotechnology laboratory in Switzerland in 2010; and has ties with a group responsible for at least four bomb attacks on nanotechnology facilities in Mexico. Another branch of the group attacked railway signals in Bristol, UK, last week in an attempt to disrupt employees of nearby defense technology firms (no word on whether anyone noticed the difference between an anarchist attack and a normal Wednesday on the UK's railways). A report by Swiss intelligence says such loosely affiliated groups are increasingly working together."

Israeli - Palestinian War


Israeli official: Nuclear negotiations with Iran are not working

IDF Reserves on verge of collapse

IDF revives bridge-crossing exercises - Preparing to cross the Suez Canal again?

UN official: Israel slow to relax Gaza blockade

Israel gas finds launch navy into troubled waters

2012 Election News

Wall Street ditches Obama, backs Romney

Romney tells vets dangerous world demands powerful military

Romney’s run evokes pride, fear in Mormons

Trump Fundraiser Tonight Carries Political Risk for Mitt Romney

Would Chris Christie's 'ramrod' approach help or hurt Mitt Romney in swing states?


Health News

Fukushima radiation seen in tuna off California

Common painkillers tied to lower skin cancer risk

The GM Food Scientists’ Risky Strategy That Won Public Support - Public bought the lie that the FDA would protect them

Anonymous forces plant research website offline

Whopping cough outbreak continues

Even Head Lice is Getting Drug-Resistant

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'

West Expels Syria Diplomats as Annan Meets on Houla Massacre - NATO's next mission?

Most of 108 killed in Syria were executed - Not by artillery or tank shells - Gov't denies involvement

Syria using rape as weapon against opposition women and men

Live updates


Iran repairs and launches "Tareq" submarine - Soviet Kilo-Class shallow water diesel-electric hunter killer

Iran Says Kuwaiti Verdict For Alleged Iranian Spies Unacceptable - Jailed for life

Oil edges above $91 amid Iran nuclear concerns - With economies shrinking around the world, it was time to raise the spectre of Iran's nukes


BBC News uses 'Iraq photo to illustrate Syrian massacre' - proof of propaganda

Iraq Kurd politician warns of ‘ethnic cleansing’


NATO kills senior al-Qaida leader in Afghanistan

Afghan insurgents target safest province Bamiyan

France's Afghanistan pull-out signals war fatigue driving European defense cuts


Egyptian runoff candidate's HQ torched in Cairo

Islamist candidate reassures women, Copts - Leave before it's too late

Egypt cabinet to meet as election turns violent

Prophetic Supernation #8 - Central and Southern Africa

Mali rebel groups join forces, vowing an Islamic state

Congo probes alleged Rwandan support for rebels

Congo-Kinshasa: A Growing Humanitarian Crisis in East

Zimbabwe drops charges against BBC's Petroc Trelawny - Arm broken in custody, BBC reporters have been banned since 2001

Sudan: SPLA Accuses Country of Fresh Attacks in South Sudan Border States

Supernation #9 - South and Southeast Asia (ASEAN)

Autobahn for ASEAN (Superhighway for supernation): India to open super highway to Burma and Thailand (and eventually Cambodia and Vietnam)

India extends olive branch to Myanmar's Suu Kyi

Australian woman arrested in Thailand 'fears for safety'

Moody's revises Philippines' ratings outlook to positive from stable

Supernation #10 - China and East Asia

Japan, China to begin direct currency trading on June 1

China paying billions for oil deals in the Americas

US denies reports it parachuted soldiers into North Korea

Supernation #6 - Latin America

Mexico suspects cartel in Pepsi subsidiary attacks

Drug war victims' families blast Mexican candidates

Colombian rebels release video of French reporter

Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa takes another public jab at the private press

Peru declares emergency after 2 killed in protest

Anti-tank mine in Chile/Peru border blows up taxi; the two countries pledge closer cooperation

Argentina: More controls for buying US dollars

Brazil readies 15,000 security forces for Rio summit

If you have a lead or an idea for Daily News Updates, please contact us.

Monday, May 28, 2012


'Atrocities' could trigger military intervention in Syria, Joint Chiefs chairman warns - UN envoy 'horrified' by Syria massacre, 108 dead

Pakistan: 7 killed in US drone strike

Revealed: Hundreds of words to avoid using online if you don't want the government spying on you (and they include 'pork', 'cloud' and 'Mexico')

30 North Korean officials involved in South talks die 'in traffic accidents'

2 Tibetans set selves on fire outside Lhasa temple

Sinister truth about Google spies: Street View cars stole information from British households but executives 'covered it up' for years

Vatican faces widening of leaks scandal - In chaos

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'

33 killed in Hama Sunday: Syrian observer group

Syria faces mounting condemnation after Houla massacre

Arab League to hold emergency meeting on Syria massacre

Obama to seek Russia's help to ease out Syria's Assad: Report

Lebanese weapons alarm: Syrian rebels ‘major clients’


Obama Needs Pact with Iran for Reelection, Says Tehran MP

Iran won’t halt high-grade enrichment

Iran state TV: We'll build second nuclear plant

Iran rejects link to alleged coup plots in Bahrain

Iran tried to kill Israeli, US diplomats


Pilgrims Wounded In Iraq Bombing

Four killed in Iraq attacks


Afghanistan, NATO order inquiry into airstrike that killed family

Three NATO service members killed in eastern Afghanistan

The shocking cost of war: Afghanistan and Iraq veterans are 'the most damaged generation ever' with almost HALF seeking disability benefits

Australia denies mishandling dead soldiers' bodies


Egypt candidates file appeals, charge vote fraud

Egypt's Brotherhood urges foreign action in Syria

Egypt’s Brotherhood would keep Israel treaty — Carter

Egypt's pro-democracy activists fear run-off vote - a good lesson in unleasing unintended consequences


Yemen: Army retakes most of al-Qaida stronghold

Qaeda-held Saudi diplomat in Yemen appeals for his release

No need for boots on Yemeni ground: U.S. - Just drones

Prophetic Supernation #8 - Central and Southern Africa

Witness in Kenya blast blames bearded man - "an explosion ripped through a building full of small shops in downtown Nairobi on Monday, wounding at least 28 people"

Sudan's Bashir ready to pull troops from Abyei: Carter

African Union troops secure Somali aid corridor

Zanzibar Islamists burn churches, riot: police

No strict sharia in Mali's independent north: rebels

Kenya: Grenades Hurt 8 in Wajir, Dadaab

Zimbabwe: Politicians Hijack Drought Relief Grain

Zimbabwe: Officials Loot Diamonds to Buy Private Jets

Supernation #9 - South and Southeast Asia (ASEAN)

Asean Defence Ministers' Meeting gets underway

ASEAN-India officials meet in Cambodia

India to provide $500mn line of credit to Myanmar

Supernation #10 - China and East Asia

China tightens grip on social media with new rules

Chinese general calls for international cyber space rules - this from a country that most likely employs the largest army of hackers

North Korea reports serious drought

Supernation #6 - Latin America

Mexico’s Pena Nieto Has 17 Point Lead Ahead Of Presidential Vote

Student Protests in Mexico Mirror Arab Spring Demonstrations, Uprisings

Colombia's FARC rebels to release French journalist, statement says

Venezuela outlaws taking guns into public places

6.4-magnitude quake strikes northern Argentina: USGS

Chile orders evacuation of pig processing plant

Israeli - Palestinian War


Turkish court charges Israeli military officials over raid on Gaza-bound aid ship

Egypt border: IDF opens fire on smugglers, infiltrators hurt

IDF documents Palestinian using human shield

1,000 Visit Ruth's Tomb in Hevron

Attempts to revive language spoken in Jesus' time

Palestinian electoral officials in Gaza

Supernation #2 - Europe

Airbus A380 wing flaw undetected for a decade

Assange set for UK extradition verdict

2012 Election News

Rudy Giuliani, Newt Gingrich, John McCain & More Sunday Talk

Gallup: Romney tops Obama with veterans

A state-by-state look at the road to 270

At Latino small-biz event, Romney ties unemployment with ‘crisis in education’

Former Romney aide breaks his silence

Democratic leaders back Obama’s Bain strategy vs. Romney, acknowledge risks

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