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June 26, 2011

UPDATED 11:00 AM 6/27

War Against Syria?


Saturday, June 30, 2012


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US plays down Turkish troop moves near Syria border - Turkey's civilian gov't may want to intervene in Syria, but is afraid to boost Turkey's once-dominant military

EU deal for Spain, Italy buoys markets but details sketchy

Egypt's first Islamist president sworn in

Paraguay suspended from MERCOSUR - Replaced by Venezuela

Never-before-seen footage of US drone strike damage in Pakistan

Congress Passes Student Loans, Highway Jobs Bill

Mormon group plans mass weekend resignation from church

Storms in East leave 2 dead, 2M without power

Your E-Book Is Reading You

Israeli - Palestinian War


UNESCO: Nativity Church heritage site in 'Palestine'

Egypt seizes weapons smuggled from Libya - Surplus en-route to Gaza

Israel Braces for Terror Threats From Syria

US-Israel drill to take place in fall

Tal Law on Military Service Held up in Knesset

Palestinian leader Abbas postpones Israel meeting

Health News

New Study Suggests, ‘A Picture May Be Worth a Thousand Calories’

An Incredible New Way to Breathe During an Emergency - Injectable Oxygen

Mosquitoes test positive for West Nile Virus across country, human cases confirmed: How to stay safe

Online tool helps beachgoers avoid dirty waters - Resource Link

Romaine Lettuce Caused New Brunswick E. coli Outbreak

107 Treated for Gastrointestinal Illness at Notre Dame Sports Camp

2009 swine flu outbreak was 15 times deadlier than reported

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African / Middle East Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernation #7


Syria crisis talks remain deadlocked

Lebanon sucked into Syria crisis

Syria now officially at war, says President Bashar al-Assad

Syrian Groups Say Violent Day Left High Civilian Toll


Iraq attacks kill at least 13

OPEC output steady, Saudi compensates for Iran fall


AP sources: Some at Gitmo could go to Afghanistan

Insurgents kill 10 in attack on government compound in eastern Afghanistan

Prophetic Supernation #8 - Central and Southern Africa

Timbuktu shrines damaged by Mali Ansar Dine Islamists - destroyed mausoleums

Tanzania must stop re-flagging Iran tankers: US lawmaker

Kenya: Why Scott Gration Really Resigned

Kenya: Mombasa Steels Itself for Attacks

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Friday, June 29, 2012


FSA general: Syrian tanks amass near Turkish border

Syria crisis: Assad vows to 'annihilate terrorists' - live updates from the Guardian (UK)

States Face a Challenge to Meet Health Law’s Deadline: A number of largely Republican-led states that gambled on delay now face the unsettling prospect that the federal government could take over their responsibilities

From Copyright to Surveillance to Torture, Supreme Court Term Ends Mixed

Spain wins restructuring deal for banks - French Prez Hollande Wrests Merkel Concessions In Euro Crisis Plan

Worst wildfire ever in Colorado claims first victim

Texas college hacks drone in front of DHS - Civilian drones vulnerable to hackers, can be hijacked, used as missiles

Israeli - Palestinian War


Last families evacuated from Ulpana outpost

IDF ups Syria border defenses, prepares for refugees

Israel persuaded Russia not to sell Syria missiles

Damascus hit 'too cruel for Mossad'

National service proposal riles Israeli Arabs

2012 Election News

Romney's blueprint for Obamacare, July 2009 - Unearthed

Romney to campaign as only hope against "Obamacare"

Dems say Romney’s Mass. legacy will kill his bid to call Obama health law a new tax

Santorum: Romney's health law 'hasn't worked'

Mitt Romney Raises $3 Million After Health Care Ruling

Holder contempt vote ‘a transparently political stunt', says White House

Obama student loan plan nearing end

Health News

A jab that 'vaccinates' people against smoking for life being developed

Mosquitoes in Boston test positive for West Nile Virus

Local drugstore, others offer free HIV tests in D.C. for National HIV Testing Day

Bisphenol A exposure linked to brain tumor diagnosis - Still the FDA will not ban dangerous product

Mainstream media, medical journals pushing ADHD drugs for six-year-olds

Auburn University student tests positive for TB, 70 others being checked

Common crop pesticide is a public health threat causing diabetes

Right diet, not just reduced calories, could help maintain weight loss, study finds

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'

Syria death toll spirals: 170 killed in one day

Assad blames Turkey for escalating crisis in Syria

Clinton: 'Very clear' that Russia is okay with Syria plan


Saudi readies oil line to counter Iran Hormuz threat

Iran expects to equip Gulf ships with missiles soon

Iran grain barter deals crash; considers big buys

China, Singapore Exempted From U.S. Iran Oil Sanctions


Taliban Video Shows 17 Beheaded Pakistani Soldiers

20 militants killed in clashes in eastern Afghanistan


Mursi to address Tahrir Square ahead of swearing-in

In "Islamist" Egypt, generals still have final say

Egypt's defence minister hangs defiantly on to power


Yemen joins Oman hunt for Al Qaida infiltrators

Algerian Qaeda commander believed killed in Mali

Bahrain releases leading activist, pays uprising victims

Prophetic Supernation #8 - Central and Southern Africa

Islamists declare full control of Mali's north

Tanzania doctor strike escalates on torture claims

Sudanese Air Force Drop 10 Bombs in South Kordofan

Supernation #9 - South and Southeast Asia (ASEAN)

India Floods 2012: Raging Waters Swamp Thousands Of Indian Villages, Killing 27

India police kill '17 Maoists' in Chhattisgarh

Nepal: Breaking the political deadlock

Myanmar tells Suu Kyi to stop calling nation Burma

Supernation #10 - China and East Asia

North Korea goes a-schmoozing - North Korea and a number of countries in Southeast Asia are working to rekindle the flames of old alliance

Praise for Dalai Lama snub - Aussie PM Julia Gillard refuses to meet Tibet's Dalai Lama, shows current leadership shrinks under China's shadow

Supernation #6 - Latin America

Party of "perfect dictatorship" set for comeback in Mexico

Guatemala sends dozens of drug traffickers to prison

DEA Honduras raid part of aggressive drug strategy - Extrajudicial killing of drug trafficker part of 'Operation Anvil'

Venezuela court freezes assets of anti-Chavez Globovision

Venezuela poll shows tight race for Chavez

Bolivian police end rebellion after pay deal reached

Chileans Students Protest For-Profit Schools

Argentina Denies Inflation, Subsidizes Loans: Mortgages

Brazil: Paraguay may be suspended from Mercosur

Paraguay's Lugo changes tack ahead of summit

Supernation #1 - North America

Blistering, potentially deadly heat forecast for much of U.S.

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Thursday, June 28, 2012


Battalion commander dead in Fort Bragg shooting

U.S House of Representatives holds Holder in contempt for witholding information on "Fast and Furious" gun-running program

UFOs Exist, Say 36 Percent in National Geographic Survey:

•22% would try to befriend the alien, 15% would run away

•13% would lock their doors

•Only 2% would try to inflict bodily harm.

•Nearly 65% think Barack Obama would be better suited than Mitt Romney to handle an alien invasion.

Drug-Sniffing Drones Are Flying Over Bolivia, the New Cocaine Underdog

Individual Mandate Survives!

Justices rule that power to make citizens buy health insurance is constitutional under Congress's power to tax...

Decision came on a 5-4 vote ... Chief Justice Roberts joins the left of the Court... The Medicaid provision is limited but not invalidated...

Supreme Court upholds key Obama healthcare centerpiece

Hospital stocks jump after health care ruling: Insurance companies were down sharply

With ruling, contraceptive debate goes on

Stolen Valor Act Supreme Court Decision Goes Unnoticed Amid Health Care Ruling

Health News

Supreme Court's Obamacare decision hands federal government unlimited power to force you to spend 100% of your paycheck on things you don't even want

Merck vaccine fraud exposed by two Merck virologists: company faked mumps vaccine efficacy results for over a decade, says lawsuit

AMA backs unlabeled GMO foods -- if they're 'verified'

University of Florida uses grant money to entice more girls to get HPV vaccine

Circumcision ruling condemned by Germany's Muslim and Jewish leaders

Cancer-causing chemical levels in Coke sold abroad remain excessive, U.S. group says

Other Key News

Turkey sends military convoys toward Syrian border

Blast rocks Syrian capital; Turkish troops on the move

Turkey asks Nato about a no-fly zone as Syria makes it clear that it's ready to fight dirty

America On Fire: Why Is The Number Of Wildfires In The United States Increasing?

U.S. Border Patrol Agents Are Being Trained To Run Away And Hide If Someone Starts Shooting

Why Washington and Moscow want to make a backroom deal over Syria

Hamas Member ‘Assassinated’ In Syrian Capital Damascus - Hamas blaims Mossad - Syian rebels blaim Assad - Barak: Many wanted him dead

Syrian Rebels Ransack Christian Churches

Syria's regime is incapable of resisting an attack

Bombings, shootings around Iraq kill 22

Egypt's army, Islamists tussle over Mursi's oath

Bahrain Seeks Suspects After 5 Tons of Explosive Materials Found

Colorado Springs Mayor: Fire Has Destroyed ’346 Homes’

Forecasters warn of 'life-threatening' heat across much of US

'Hell In The Rearview Mirror' As Coloradoans Flee Wildfires

America On Fire: Why Is The Number Of Wildfires In The United States Increasing?

China starts 'combat ready' patrols in disputed South China Sea

The U.S. Army is developing Laser-Induced Plasma Channel: a device that will shoot lightning bolts down laser beams to destroy its target

Russia Preps Mach 7 Missiles — With India’s Help

Top CIA Spy Accused of Being a Mafia Hitman

Oil drops to 8-month low, pump prices fall again

Oil exploration ramps up in US Arctic: Shell is preparing to lead a new ‘oil rush’ in the American north.

Oil prices fall ahead of eurozone meeting: $80 a barrel

Falling oil prices put Iran over U.S. sanctions barrel

Panic: Venezuela to propose OPEC oil price band

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

War In Syria?

Furious Turkey mobilizes tanks, troops to Syrian border

NATO Backs Turkey Against Syria

Other News

Leaders draft federal plan to save the eurozone: Create one supernation

The Euro is a Big Success - No Kidding

Three Ariz. Congressmen Declare: Administration has declared war against Arizona

A rough ruling for immigration hard-liners


Rafsanjani says Iran has never been seeking to produce nuclear weapons:

Secret video proves TSA to be total security fraud

GOP compares Fast and Furious to Watergate


Medical Madness

Stress Vaccines - Big pharma's addition to "brave new world"

Is US government setting stage to outlaw Vitamin D like raw milk? Mainstream media attacks nutrition - government has just crossed the threshold of nutritional insanity

Rand Paul among Senate members who voted AGAINST GMO labeling amendment

Investigating cyanide-producing Tifton grass on cattle ranch in Elgin, Texas

Levels of electromagnetic radiation we are exposed to today are billions of times higher than our ancestors

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'

Syria's Assad ups rhetoric with 'real state of war' declaration

NATO Backs Turkey Against Syria

US intelligence sees protracted conflict in Syria

Syrian government loyalists 'may be responsible' for massacre – UN report

Syrian gunmen attack pro-government TV station

Russia says Iran should be part of Syria summit


Iran VP says Jewish law book to blame for drugs trade: The Talmud

Israel's FM Liberman condemns Iran VP's remarks: Hitler also said crazy things

Rafsanjani says Iran has never been seeking to produce nuclear weapons: Iran purchased Pakistani nukes in 2002

Iran acknowledges oil exports down 20-30%


Egypt court clips army’s power to nab civilians

Saudi Arabia recalls ambassador to Egypt

Morsi's Victory To Strengthen Iran-Egypt Ties


Iraq bombs kill at least 11 - attacks follow a series of blasts this month that have left nearly 180 people dead

Iraq bomb blast kills 9 young football players

Remains of former Marine from Colbert, OK, head home from Iraq: Died earlier this month while working as a private contractor

Saudi Arabia: Joy-rider to be beheaded for hit-and-run accident

The Queen and former IRA commander Martin McGuinness shake hands and make history

Justice Scalia: Obama’s Immigration Stance ‘Boggles the Mind’


Israeli - Palestinian War

Missile defense system installed on tank brigade: rophy active protection system creates hemispheric protected zone around armored vehicles

Archived 2006 Headline News Article: Israel Seems To Be Outfitting Her Tanks With Scalar Tesla Dome Shields!

Israeli official: Egypt likely to preserve peace treaty with Israel

Palestinian Abbas Lauds Putin in Bethlehem with ‘Dead Man’s Honor’

‘Ceasefire War’ Continues with Rocket Attack on Kibbutz

Deputy PM Mofaz to Meet Abbas in Ramallah

Israel fears UN about to announce settlement panel

Romney Would Restore Closer, Warmer U.S.-Israel Ties

Massive Fires Engulf Jerusalem Following 200 Arson Attacks in Past 2 Weeks

2012 Presidential Election News

Romney "willing to risk being one-term president"

Romney may be the best president money can buy

Romney is both non-specific and very specific

Time dwindles for Romney to pick running mate

Condoleezza Rice: ‘No way’ to VP for Mitt Romney

IBOPE Poll: Rubio Leading Choice for Romney V.P.

Romney attacks 'Obamacare' before SCOTUS ruling

Romney: If health reform is stricken, Obama's first term 'wasted'

Romney wins blowout in Utah GOP

Obama and Biden strike at Romney on overseas jobs

Obama Tops Romney in Poll of Three Swing-State Voters

Obama to launch first bus tour of 2012 campaign

Top GOP senator floats idea of impeaching Obama

Despite "boos," Obama re-inspires the faithful in Boston

President Obama Wades Carefully in 2012 Congressional Races

Colorado Waldo Canyon Fire forces 32K to flee homes, partially closes Air Force Academy

Stockton, Calif., to become largest city to declare bankruptcy

Spain Poised for Downgrade to Junk as Swaps Near Records

S.F. gay rights advocate arrested over child porn

Durable goods orders rebound in May


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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ron Paul tells CNN he is not ready to endorse Romney

Romney says immigration law has become a ‘muddle’

Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio: "I'm Not Stopping Anything"

‘Obama Truth Team’ Orders GoDaddy To Shut Down Website

CIA Wanted 'Torture' Cage for Secret Prison Outside Poland

Easy To Follow Primer For This Week's SCOTUS Healthcare Ruling

House bill extends TSA intel sharing to mass transit

EPA drones spying on the livestock activity of Midwest farmers

Antarctic ice shelves not melting at all!

Is 'Fast And Furious' Fiasco Obama's 'Watergate'?

Lawmaker Issa challenges Obama's executive privilege claim on 'Furious'

New home sales race to two-year high in May

Lower Gas Prices: Silver Lining for Wobbly Economy

North American Union - Forming

Governor Jan Brewer: Arizona to enforce 'show me your papers' policy ASAP

In Ariz. law’s wake, other states forge ahead

Supreme Court upholds key part of Arizona’s anti-illegal immigration law

Homeland Security suspends immigration agreements with Arizona police

Krauthammer: Obama Intent On Not Enforcing Immigration Law

Judge Napolitano Explains Supreme Court Decision On AZ's Immigration Law

US Mass Media Promotes Troops On Streets to “Cut Down on Crime”

Austin Man Facing 10 Years in Prison After Photographing Cops Making Arrest

For London Olympics, Britain calls up the military: Ground troops, fighter jets and perhaps missiles will reinforce police

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'

Why Russia is standing by Syria's Assad

US and Israel to hold largest ever joint military exercise: Features simultaneous rocket fire from Syria and Iran


Egypt's army chief says to cooperate with new president

Why Egypt’s new president will have limited powers

Egypt's Next President Doubts al Qaeda Role In 9/11 Attack

Egypt's neighbours watch rise of Muslim Brotherhood's Mursi

Egypt election marks change in US policy: Obama administration is relieved that the candidate representing three decades of close partnership with the United States lost


Russia's Putin Warns Israel: Don't rush to strike Iran

Kofi Annon wants Iran at Syria talks

Iran offers help in Turkey-Syria jet downing row


Israeli - Palestinian War

IDF to deploy radar systems along Egyptian border

Israel goes all out for Russia's Putin, who arrives 90 minutes late

Putin Warns Attack on Iran Will Backfire

At Putin's side, an army of Jewish billionaires

‘Ceasefire War’ Continues with Rocket Attack on Kibbutz

Settlements threaten American Jews' connection with Israel

Israel settlers begin to quit unauthorised outpost

Final steel beam placed on World Trade Center building: Making it the first rebuilt structure at the site of the Sept 11 attacks to be topped off

2012 Presidential Election News

Romney Stresses States’ Rights in Response to Court’s Immigration Ruling

Romney's 'Mormon problem': Republicans are more tolerant, Democrats less so

Man on a wire: Mitt Romney’s delicate Mormon balancing act

Whom Should Romney Pick for Vice President?

Romney Financial Backers Feted, Then Pressed to Do More

Obama Challenges Romney on His Home Turf

Obama hits Romney on jobs in new ads today

Former Obama Aide Joins Re-Election Campaign: \One of the best-known and most well liked aides

Electoral Map If Election Were Held Today: Building Path to Victory


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Monday, June 25, 2012

Muslim Brotherhood man is Egypt's president - Israel Jittery After Brotherhood Victory in Egypt

Vladimir Putin flies to Israel for Iran and Syria talks

Nigeria's Boko Haram free 40 in prison break: police

'Fake government': Paraguay's ousted President Fernando Lugo defiant after 'coup'

U.S. plans more drone flights over Caribbean

EPA drones spying on the livestock activity of Midwest farmers

CIA Documents Confirm that Bush Administration Ignored Repeated Warnings about Osama bin Laden Attack Plans

Oil Trades Below $80 For A Third Day On Economic Outlook - Prices have fallen 23 percent this quarter

Israeli - Palestinian War


Egyptian Pres. Morsi Turns to Tehran as Israel Faces New Iranian-Egyptian Axis

Rocket Attacks Resume on Southern Israel

US-Israel War Games against Iran Planned near Elections

Jerusalem battles all-day arson attacks

Far-right Likud activist: Israeli return to Sinai inevitable

Israel expels 150 more South Sudanese in campaign to reduce number of illegal African migrants

US Concerned About Israeli Strike On Damascus

High court rejects part of Arizona immigration law

Arizona immigration law: A big win for the Obama administration

Health News

Mysterious Mass Cattle Deaths May Be Caused By Random Grass Mutation - GMO grass on Texas Ranch full of cyanide

Should sunscreen be illegal at school?

History shows polio caused by pesticide exposure, then was eradicated by decline in DDT use

The new AIDS - stubborn infection, Chagas, spread by insects

FDA looks the other way while school uses electroshock torture on autistic students

U.S. water fluoridation began in 1945 and continues today, despite the fact that the FDA has never approved it

Supreme Court's health care stance a secret until ruling is released

2012 Election News

One-Note Mitt: Is Romney Too Focused on the Economy?

Man Winning Most Married Women With Kids Poised for White House

Biden, in leaked memo, told Obama war plan flawed

Many Americans Can't Name Obama's Religion

Sen. Orrin Hatch: Will the tea party bring him down in Utah?

Comparing Obama vs. GOP approaches to extending Bush Tax Cuts

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'

Why Russia Is Extremely Protective Of Syria

At least 63 killed as Syria violence hits new heights

Emergency NATO talks set over Syria shoot-down of Turkish jet fighter


Afghanistan Bomb Blast Kills 6 Police Officers

Militants kills 6 Pakistan troops near Afghanistan


Egypt Islamists face new compromises

Egypt's new president: U.S.-educated Islamist - Two of his five children were born in California and are U.S. citizens by birth

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Saturday/Sunday, June 23-24, 2012


Syria Shoots Down Turkish Jet Over Mediterranean Sea - Turkish jet may have been in Syrian airspace when shot down, says Turkish president Abdullah Gul

Paraguay's President Ousted in Impeachment Trial - Latin American leaders reject Paraguay 'coup'

Surprise! Big Asteroid That Flew By Earth Larger Than Thought

Sect claims responsibility for multiple attacks on Nigerian city that killed at least 40 - 138 killed since Sunday

Iran battles Israel, U.S. on cyberwar front

Israeli - Palestinian War


Home Front Defense Minister Vilnai: Israel cannot remain silent in face of escalation - at least 20 rockets fired into southern Israel

Israel bombs Hamas targets in Gaza as truce unravels

IDF: Response to Gaza rocket fire too restrained

Islamic Jihad: We Held Our Fire in the Latest Violence - Hamas takes lead in rocket attacks

Israel cited in Caterpillar’s delisting from influential investment index

Any attack will cause end of Israel, warns Iranian general

Health News

MMR causes autism, proven in Italian court case

Scientists explain how they created bird flu that spreads easily among mammals

Nearly 400 now sick from tainted tuna in sushi

GOP: We'll repeal 'Obamacare' if high court doesn't

Changes in Weather, Red Wine Can Trigger Mild Migraines

Does Your Supplement Contain this Potentially Hazardous Ingredient?

2012 Election News

Obama criticizes Romney's firm over outsourcing

Mitt Romney Donor Retreat Kicks Off with Tote Bags, Ski Jumpers, and a Roast from Ann

Suspended reporter says he's "done" at Politico - Said Romney was only comfortable around white people.

Feds challenge Georgia on military, overseas ballots

Hill Republicans Tight-Lipped On Immigration Change

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'

Turkey weighs response after Syria downs Turkish jet

Saudi Arabia and Qatar funding Syrian rebels

Syria forms new government, retrains three ministers in new cabinet

Syria army shells city near Iraq, kills 28: activists

Iraq Warns on Syria Crisis Spillover


Russia’s FM warns against issuing ultimatums to Iran over its nuclear program

Chavez hosts Ahmadinejad, blasts sanctions on Iran

Iran standoff to slow Saudi's oil slide response - Oil will continue to slide


US mulls new covert raids in Pakistan

Lakeshore resort in Afghanistan shattered by violence

Guard deaths in Afghanistan hit Lexington area hard


Egypt waits for president - Islamist or an army man

Egypt's Brotherhood negotiates 'political deal' with military


Snatched and detained: Libya's "jungle law"

ICC promises to investigate Libya staff if released

Libyan judge who wanted ex-general arrested killed


Yemen says Qaeda-laid mines kill 35 in 10 days

Yemen security forces arrest al Qaeda suspect after major killed

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Friday, June 22, 2012


New Global Money Secretly Planned by Elites

26 Die as Afghan Forces Fight Taliban at Hotel Near Kabul

‘We Don’t Know Who The Good Guys’ in Syria Are, But That Won’t Stop CIA

Bird flu pandemic just "three mutations" away, scientists show

GENEVA: Some U.S. drone attacks may be war crimes - The NWO ignores the Geneva Conventions like it does the U.S. Constitution

'Checkpoint of the future' takes shape at Texas airport - System will rely on facial recognition, iris, fingerprint scans

2012 Election News

Anti-Mormon bias facing Mitt Romney is as strong as what his father faced in 1967, poll shows

Romney vows to ease some immigration rules

Despite Billion-Dollar Boondoggle, Romney Wants High-Tech Border ‘Fence’ - Drug smugglers caught using catapult to fling bails of marijuana over fence

Obama campaign requests outside Republican group disclose donors

Jeb Bush cheered at Latino conference - Still being considered for Romney's VP

Israeli - Palestinian War


2 rockets hit western Negev - Cease-fire broken by Hamas

Detained IDF deserter on hunger strike

Resurgence in Terrorist ‘Phone Bombs’

PM Netanyahu: We'll beat 'militant Islam by end of century'

Mofaz to Obama: Israel's broad coalition will enable renewal of Mideast talks

Health News

New Estimate On Deaths Among Uninsured Is Actually 19 Years Old

Tumour op in womb saves foetus

High intake of cholesterol shown to actually repair damaged brains

Blood Pressure Drug Olmesartan Linked to Celiac Disease Side Effects in a Handful of Patients

UK doctors limit work to protest pension changes - Doctors on strike

Greek healthcare system collapses, hospital workers now working without pay

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'

Syria Army Kills 144 As 54 Soldiers Also Die, Group Says

In Syria, opposition reports 'insane' shelling

UN: 1.5 Million in Syria Need Humanitarian Assistance


Iraq Bomb Rips Through Baghdad Market, At Least 14 Dead

Iraq Parliament Speaker Threatens to Oust Premier

Iraq lawmakers stop work until blast walls put back


AP sources: US mulls new covert raids in Pakistan

Stop keeping poisonous snakes in backyard, US tells Pakistan


Egypt protests ahead of election results - Results expected any minute - Postponed again

Egypt army chides candidates, stands by decree

Military soft 'coup' in Egypt has precedent

Islamists vs. Copts

Prophetic Supernation #8 - Central and Southern Africa

Top Rwandan officials backing Congo rebels: leaked UN findings

Nigeria: Boko Haram - U.S. Lists Shekau, 2 Others As Foreign Terrorists

Sudan-South Sudan - Aid to Refugees 'Race Against Time' - Major famine continues in the Sahel

Supernation #9 - South and Southeast Asia (ASEAN)

India: Monsoon arrives

Suicide may soon be leading cause of death in India, reveals study

Nepal: Maoist Party Splits

Vietnam Law on Contested Islands Draws China’s Ire

Supernation #10 - China and East Asia

Investigators say Bo Xilai's wife admits to killing Briton

China and Brazil in $30bn currency swap agreement

China repeatedly violated economic sanctions against North Korea

N. Korea resorted to ingenious ways to skirt U.N. resolutions

Supernation #6 - Latin America

El Salvador murders drop as gang truce passes 100 days

Army kills 4 FARC rebels, 3 criminals in Colombia

Venezuela: more than 14,000 homicides in 2011

Assange: Ecuador asylum bid may not succeed

Paraguay's President Fernando Lugo faces impeachment - Concerning deadly land clashes last week

Uruguay government aims to legalise marijuana

As Growth Ebbs, Brazil Powers Up Its Bulldozers

Supernation #1 - North America

Sign of the times: Bus monitor bullied by school boys - video goes viral - fund to send her on vacation up to nearly $500,000

Justice Department sues fundamentalist Mormon sect for discrimination

Fast and Furious: Political fallout continues following Eric Holder contempt vote

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Thursday, June 21, 2012


New NSA docs contradict 9/11 claims - Osama was in crosshairs of predator drones a full year before attack

Related: Key French Al Qaeda leader who had links to 9/11 mastermind captured in raid by Pakistani security services

Will the NWO 'Balkanize' Syria? This is what it could look like.

Prescription painkillers overtake car crashes as leading cause of accidental death in America

NY Senator Chuck Schumer Tells Apple and Google To "Curb Your Spy Planes" - 'Military-grade' surveillance can see through windows

Canadian Public Safety Minister orders end to airport eavesdropping pending privacy review

Cities using AI for pre-crime monitoring of surveillance videos

White House Sends ‘Gun-Walking’ Docs Down the Memory Hole

CISPA sponsor: Obama will back down from his veto promise

Washington’s 5 Worst Arguments for Keeping Secrets From You

Israeli - Palestinian War


IDF hits Gaza targets as 55 rockets pound Israel

Hamas Calls Ceasefire After Nearly 100 Rockets - Ceasefire Egyptian-brokered

Ulpana residents agree to voluntary evacuation

Iran: Israel, U.S. attempted cyber attack during nuclear talks in Moscow

Israeli, Palestinian officials hold separate U.S. meetings with Clinton

Palestinian Village Faces Demolition by Israel

Health News

Prevnar 13: US CDC recommends expanded use of Pfizer vaccine - Study shows use of these types of pneumonia vaccines may actually by counterproductive

Allergic to Meat: Lone Star Tick May Make Vegetarians of Some

Health Groups Criticize Allergy Drug Promotion

Chemicals in Baby Shampoos Lead to False Marijuana Positives

In D.C., HIV infection rate nearly doubles for some poor black women - AIDS infection rate remains epidemic in District

Is India headed towards a TB epidemic?

Israel, Palestine Join Forces in Containing MRSA Bacteria Spreading

Whooping cough outbreak prompts warning in N.C.

2012 Election News

Poll: Obama, Romney even amid economic worries

Obama faces growing GOP super PAC financial power

Obama camp claims $146.6 million in cash

Can Romney ace the evangelical Christian base?

‘Joe the Plumber’ links deaths of Jews in Nazi Germany, gun control, in Ohio campaign video - George Mason: [England's efforts] "to disarm the people... was the best and most effectual way to enslave them..." Patrick Henry: "Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are inevitably ruined."

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'

Jordan: Syrian pilot defects in fighter jet

West may offer Syria's Bashar Assad immunity if he gives up power

UK PM David Cameron considered ordering special forces to seize Russian ship

ICRC to attempt Homs evacuation - shelling stalls evacuation

Tunisian radicals travel to Syria


U.S. think-tank sees more "sanitization" work at Iran military site

The Saudi endgame for Iran (it isn't everyone else's)

Israel says clock ticking after Iran talks fail


Turkish Warplanes Bomb Kurdish Rebel Bases In Northern Iraq

Turkish troops and Kurdish rebels clash near Iraq border

Iraq warns France against unsanctioned oil deals

Iraq's Parliament Demands to Question PM


Suicide Bombing On International Military Convoy Kills 21, Including 3 U.S. Soldiers

Afghanistan's Karzai confronts graft, opponents

Pakistan Court Orders Arrest of Presidential Ally


Egypt on edge as results delayed

Egypt won't see "Algerian" war: senior Islamist

Egypt officers get life sentences in torture case


U.S. weighs plan to send military aircraft to aid Yemen

Yemen army says seizes Qaeda bastion in major advance

Al Qaeda says it killed chief of Yemen offensive


Algeria forces kill eight Islamists in Kabylie

Libya's tribal clashes leave 105 dead

Tunisian Plane Destroys 2 Vehicles Near Libya

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Top British doctor's chilling claim: The NHS kills off 130,000 elderly patients every year

U.S., Israel developed Flame computer virus to slow Iranian nuclear efforts, officials say - "Flame was developed at least five years ago as part of a classified effort code-named Olympic Games"

Russian Ship, Loaded With Attack Helos, Turns Away From Syria

House Committee Approves Sweeping, Warrantless Electronic Spy Powers

Secret EU summit document shows first step to banking union

France bank incident: Hostages held in Toulouse

Belief in Hell Predicts a Country's Crime Rates More Accurately Than Other Social or Economic Factors - Read the study

Israeli - Palestinian War


Israel predicts increased Beduin terror activity

Four Border Police officers injured by Kassam

Al Qaeda-linked group claims responsibility for deadly Israel attack

Israel Planes Hit Gaza in Third Day of Violence

Egypt tries to mediate Israel, Hamas truce

Former Hamas man to ‘tell truth’ about Muhammad

Israeli report details Iranian NGO activity in London

Health News

Feds join hepatitis C outbreak investigation in NH

AMA: Trust but Verify Genetically Modified Foods

Extra Month of West Nile? - Warm weather brings early onset of West Nile season

Apples Again Top 'Dirty Dozen' List for Pesticides

U.S. kids getting more ADHD drugs, fewer antibiotics

Politicians, health advocates seek transparency, restrictions in food stamp program - Tens of millions receiving SNAP benefits

2012 Election News

Obama Leads in Poll as Romney Seen Out of Touch

GOP senators won’t say if Obama plan is amnesty

Mitt Romney says Marco Rubio is being vetted

Tim Pawlenty's stock soars in Romney-world

Holder Contempt Vote Nears In House Panel Amid Standoff

Why many Mormons are fleeing their church

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'

Rebels 'kill 20 soldiers' in Latakia

Syria’s sectarian spoils of war at bargain prices

Alawite fortress and Sunni wasteland in Syria's Homs

Fears grow for fate of Syria's chemical weapons


Iran, world powers struggle to end stalemate

Iran nuclear talks: New plan barely masks failure


Car bomb targeting judge kills 2, wounds 16 in northern Iraq city rife with tensions

Gunmen kill 3 police in North Iraq


Afghanistan suicide bomber kills 10 in Khost

Likely insider attack kills US troop in Afghanistan

'Important' al Qaeda leader captured in Pakistan: officials


Mubarak 'coma' deepens Egypt crisis - live updates

Egyptian Opposition Finds Unity Against Military

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Death Summit 2012: A Window Into 21st Century Eugenics - Rio +20 Earth Summit - Brazilian women march in Rio to protest 'green economy'

G20 Summit and debt crisis - mentioned: 26% fall in the price of Brent crude since March - G20 ramps up pressure on Europe over debt crisis - Greek government will be forced to seek third bail-out

NSA: It Would Violate Your Privacy to Say if We Spied on You

US Demands for Google User Data Growing, But Full Picture Remains Murky

White House, Citing Public’s Right to Know, Stonewalls on Yemen War

Iranian Missile Engineer Oversees Chavez’s Drones - Reverse-engineered MQM-107 Streaker could reach Miami

Irish Gov't Minister grilled over Bildeberg attendance

Syria crisis: US and Russia divided on Assad's future

Iran, Russia, China, Syria plan massive war game - In Syria

Health News

Vaccinated children have up to 500% more disease than unvaccinated children

'Locked-in' Tony Nicklinson pleads with High Court for right to die

Tending the Body’s Microbial Garden - the 100 trillion microbes that call us home — collectively known as the microbiome - if each of us is an unique ecosystem, will the gov't treat us better?

Loneliness Linked to Death, Disability

Alcohol abuse up after weight loss surgery

Our Billionaire Philanthropists - the Gates Foundation may actually be making malaria worse, article blaims pride and unintended consequences, but the globalists know their power and effect

Israeli - Palestinian War


Hamas claims responsibility for rocket fire into Israel

IAF strikes again at Gaza Strip terror groups

Egypt-Israel Border Fence a “Supreme National Interest”

Israeli official says priority is peace process, not attack on Iran

Israel deploys tanks along Egyptian frontier

2012 Election News

Bloomberg stays neutral, but presidential preferences overheard

Major GOP Donor May Give $100 Million

Ron Paul: The reason behind why his son, Sen. Rand Paul, endorsed Mitt Romney

New details on Obama’s Hawaii birth

Marco Rubio Not Being Vetted to Be Mitt Romney’s Running Mate

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'

Russian shipment of attack helicopters for Syria effectively halted

Syria says it's ready to evacuate civilians from Homs, blames rebels for obstructing effort

Lebanon diesel import leap points to Syria smuggling


U.S. Plans Major Military Presence in Kuwait

India's BPCL starts rupee payments for Iran oil

Oil below $83 as traders eye Iran nuclear talks


Egyptians march to protest military ‘power grab’

What exactly is Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood?


Afghanistan says Pakistan was involved in sectarian attack

Violence spikes across southern Afghanistan

Taliban offers rare praise for India

Pakistan Supreme Court disqualifies prime minister

Prophetic Supernation #8 - Central and Southern Africa

France wants European solution to Sahel crisis - Mali transforming into an "African Afghanistan"

Nigeria: As JTF, Boko Haram Battle Rages, Blasts, Gunfire Rock Damaturu

Nigeria: Fresh Crisis Erupts in Kaduna As Youths Gun Down Police Helicopter

Sudan: Protests Sudan Grow Despite Speech President Bashir

Somali rebels bruised, but may dodge knockout blow

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Monday, June 18, 2012


Egypt election: Muslim Brotherhood claims victory - Mohammed Morsi wins 51.8% of vote, Brotherhood says

Greece saves Europe - pro-Euro Conservative party wins Greek election

France election: Francois Hollande and Socialists head for absolute majority - a deep shade of pink

Russia sending two warships to Syrian coast - The two ships will carry a "large" group of marines.

Catholic Health Association Rejects Obama's Birth Control Compromise

Chinese spacecraft docks with orbiting module - Assembling a space station similar to the Russian Mir

Google reports 'alarming' rise in censorship by governments

America's X-37B top-secret spaceplane returns to Earth

Health News

Radioactive buckyballs from Fukushima invade California beaches

Biotech Leader Covered Up Animal Deaths From GM Corn

Associated Press caught lying about water fluoridation

Hepatitis C outbreak worries New Hampshire hospital patients

Glucose-powered fuel cell to drive brain implants

Researchers unveil device that harvests energy from human knees - Could power small devices

Israeli - Palestinian War


Israeli, 3 Terrorists Killed in Gunfight Along Egyptian Border

IAF targets Gaza terrorists

Barak: Egypt Must Bring Sinai under Control Now

PA's Abbas: 'Peace process clinically dead, Israel responsible'

Israel considers building artificial islands

2012 Election News

Romney’s Dream Act Response Highlights Political Peril

Romney won't say he'll overturn immigration order

US won't send checks to Europe: Romney

Santorum endorses Hatch's opponent in Utah primary

Senator Lieberman calls for special counsel for leaks probe

Panic sets in at the White House

Does Paul's Iowa delegate sweep indicate brighter days ahead for libertarians?

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'

Syrian forces bombard rebels despite UN warning

Syria begins to break down

Intelligence experts: Nato has options on Assad

McCain Urges U.S. to Start New War in Syria


Iran considers halting high-grade enrichment-Ahmadinejad

Big powers, Iran hold nuclear talks as time runs out

Oil market shrugs at imminent Iran tanker insurance ban


Attack on a U.S. outpost in Afghanistan was bigger than originally reported

Six killed in Afghanistan Kapisa remote-controlled bomb

India does not want to get involved militarily in Afghanistan, says defence expert

Quetta, Pakistan: Blast hits University bus, 5 killed, over 70 injured


Egypt Islamists claim presidency as army tightens grip

Egypt army says to hand over power in ceremony end-June


Suicide bomber kills Yemen southern army commander

US shadow wars rely on drones, computers

Tunisia’s Close Call

Libya government declares volatile west a military zone

Iran threats on Bahrain condemned

Prophetic Supernation #8 - Central and Southern Africa

Nigeria: Dozens dead in church bombings and rioting

Sudan police disperse student protest with teargas

Sudan Confiscates Three Newspapers, Suspends Another

Sudan says Darfur rebels attack town

Ethiopia clamps down on Skype and other internet use on Tor - Applications used to stay under gov't radar (most ISPs in the US block Tor as well, bans use because of its use by pedophiles)

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Saturday/Sunday, June 16-17, 2012

Saudi Crown Prince Nayef, next in line to throne, dies

Obama spares many illegal immigrants deportation - One-Ups Romney

US Outsources Its Africa Spying

Obama Acknowledges U.S. Is Fighting Groups Tied to Al Qaeda in Somalia and Yemen - CIA refuses to confirm or deny

Could US cyberspies have moles inside Microsoft?

New Grad Looking For a Job? Pentagon Contractors Post Openings For Black-Hat Hackers

Australia gov't cracks down on eBay profiteers - asks eBay to reveal top sellers

Health News

Monsanto may lose GM soya royalties throughout Brazil

9-Year-Old Who Changed School Lunches Silenced By Politicians - Gets support from Jamie Oliver, raises $72,000 for charity - Council reverses ban

Plague confirmed in Oregon man bitten by stray cat

FDA urges markets to pull shellfish from SKorea - Fecal contamination

Sanofi Pasteur recalls tuberculosis (BCG) vaccine

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'

Russia Sending Missile Systems to Shield Syria

Syria Dissidents Seek Unity in Istanbul Meet - Leadup to bigger conference by the Arab League

EU bars Syria from getting gas masks, chemicals - and caviar?


10 killed in Iraq pilgrimage blast

Again a power in OPEC, Iraq could shift landscape


Car Bombing Kills 20 in Pakistan Tribal Region

Haqqani Commander In Afghanistan Killed In Joint Operation


Egypt presidential runoffs between Mursi, Shafiq begin

Ahead of Egypt’s Presidential Runoff, Has the Military Junta Already Won?


Tunisia lifts curfew after riots

UN Council concerned over ICC staff held in Libya

Militant Territory Cleared In Yemen, For Now

New battles emerge in Bahrain from wreckage of Shiite mosques

Prophetic Supernation #8 - Central and Southern Africa

Kenya: No Consensus On Way Ahead for World's Biggest Refugee Camp - 500K Somoli refugees, now 4th largest city in Kenya

Congo-Kinshasa: More Refugees Enter Rwanda

Zimbabwe: Bigwigs Defy Mugabe - Ministers Clash Over Policies

Suicide blast hits Somali base outside capital

Supernation #1 - North America

Secret Service misconduct allegations going back to 2004 revealed in 229-page document


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Friday, June 15, 2012


UK’s Web monitoring draft bill revealed: What you need to know

Lone Senator Blocks Renewal of NSA Wiretap Program - Ron Wyden (D-Oregon)

In Japan, National ID Proposal Spurs Privacy Concerns

EPA in huge power grab to control all ditches and gullies on private land

US Needs Another 600 Humans to Fly Its Robot Planes

Black Hills helps soldiers prep for urban warfare - "Military units from six countries and 17 states — 2,200 soldiers overall"

Chinese spy arrested in US may have compromised other agents

Health News

Air Leak Sparks Safety Fears at CDC Bioterror Lab

Antibody cocktail cures monkeys of Ebola

British bioethics group backs controversial fertility treatment - 3 parent children

CDC says fluoride has no evidence of benefit for infants

Californians demand integrative care for cancer treatment - Currently a doctor using any form of alternative treatments liable to felony charges

2012 Election News

The unexpected evangelical silence on Mitt Romney’s Mormonism

Obama holds White House reception to observe LGBT Pride Month, then heads to Chicago

Related: Military to recognize gay troops this month

Related: Congress eyes workplace 'protections for transgenders

Senate confirms nominee to El Salvador - pro-gay, dated alleged Cuban spy

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'


Egypt reels from 'judicial coup' - live updates

Calls to boycott get louder on eve of Egypt vote

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood warn of 'dangerous' days


Who Counts The Days In Afghanistan?

Afghanistan War Death Toll: Operation Enduring Freedom Hits 2,000 U.S. Casualties

Closed Pakistan Routes Costing U.S. $100 Million a Month

Afghanistan suspends political party sparking fears over freedom of speech


Syrian forces use sexual violence against men, women, children: Human Rights Watch

UN visits Haffa but finds it deserted and a 'stench of dead bodies'

Observers chief in Syria warns of violence

Syria says it uncovered Qaeda mosque bomb plot


Iran shrugs off oil sanctions at OPEC meeting

Japan lower house passes bill to insure Iran oil imports

Iran’s Syria options increasingly limited as Assad battles on


Iraq pilgrimage security tight after bombs kill 72

Christians in Iraq forced to flee terror, archbishop says

Prophetic Supernation #8 - Central and Southern Africa

US AFRICOM: New Malaria Task Forces Will Address Top Africa Killer

Clinton Applauds AGOA At 11th Forum Kick-Off - African Growth and Opportunity Act

Al Shabab Attacks Somali, Ethiopians Forces in Yurkud, Gedo Region

S.Africa looks to Nigeria, Angola to replace Iran oil

Zimbabwe: Cash Woes Choke Govt Ministries

Supernation #9 - South and Southeast Asia (ASEAN)

Asean Is a House Divided - on whether to stand up to China on the Spratly Islands

ASEAN rights groups call for Rohingya protection in Burma

Why is Western Burma Burning?

Supernation #10 - China and East Asia

A forced abortion for a mother who failed to sign a form - Chinese authorities have vowed to punish officials

China to Investigate Death of Labor Activist

Oil Rout Has China Hoarding Most Since Olympics: Energy Markets - Reserves are approaching US levels, propping up oil prices

North Korean isolation hides suffering: US

Israeli - Palestinian War


Violence erupts on Gaza border

Olmert bombed Syria despite US diplomacy - September 2007 bombing of the al-Kabir nuclear facility in Syria

Jewish settlers won't go quietly as eviction looms

Settler committee head calls on supporters to come stop court-ordered eviction and demolition of Ulpana outpost

Hamas walks fine line between angering Israel and radical elements in Gaza

Hamas double agent returns to Israel

Film-maker's balanced Israel documentary causes anger in Ireland

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Thursday, June 14, 2012


Fukushima Daiichi: From Nuclear Power Plant to Nuclear Weapon #1

New energy source for future medical implants: sugar - Can power implanted electronic devices

Revealed: 64 Drone Bases on American Soil

Attacks Targeting US Defense Contractors and Universities Tied to China

Let’s Admit It: The US Is at War in Yemen, Too

US coal use falling fast; utilities switch to gas

Shell Investing $300M To Fuel LNG-Powered Trucks

What’s the Deal With Oil Prices?

Health News

MMR vaccine kills another baby in Belgium

UN warns of global collapse due to pesticides; Agenda 21 is pushed as solution

GMO labeling victory! Measure accepted onto California ballot; now the real battle begins

Vein grown from stem cells saves 10-year-old girl

Cold virus hitches a ride to kill cancer: study

Tuberculosis is rearing its head again in Russia

Israeli - Palestinian War


Gaza sniper fires at farmer near border fence

Aid groups, UN bodies urge end to Gaza blockade

Int'l Aid Groups Blame Israel That Gaza Water Unfit to Drink

Eritrean national suspected of aiding Sinai terrorists

'Don’t smoke, shoot!’: UN-funded Palestinian NGO puppet show

2012 Election News

Mitt Romney to business: Help is on the way

Poll: More blame Bush than Obama

President Barack Obama seeking to recalibrate his economic message with Cleveland campaign stop - Expect more Bush bashing

For Romney and social conservatives, an uneasy embrace

Romney keeps secrets — unless law says he can’t

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'

Car bomb explodes in Damascus suburb - damaging one of Shiite Islam's holiest shrines

Daily firefights in north and west shake confidence in Assad forces

Live updates from The Guardian (UK)


Troops ring Egypt court ahead of election ruling

Egyptian army has controversial arrest powers restored


Yemeni army advances on third rebel-held town

Yemeni officials tour towns al-Qaida-linked militants held for a year


US drone kills three militants in Pakistan

Afghanistan's neighbors map strategy beyond 2014

Prophetic Supernation #8 - Central and Southern Africa

Africom Will Maintain 'Light Footprint' in Africa

"Illegal" hiring leaves Zimbabwe army hungry

Ethiopian Forces Ditch Another Town in South-Central Somalia

Supernation #9 - South and Southeast Asia (ASEAN)

ASEAN judges, prosecutors gather in Cambodia for legal, judicial cooperation

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012


US Military Wants Drones in South America, But Why?

Wave of car bombs kills 63 during Iraq pilgrimage

Supreme Court Rejects ‘Dirty Bomber’ Case - Therefore, federal officials cannot be sued for damages for the torture of Americans on U.S. soil.

EU: movement of money, people can be limited

Clinton accuses Russia of arming Syria with attack helicopters

US Ousts Israel From Counterterrorism Forum - Due to fierce objections from Turkey

$1.1 million-plus Gates grants: ‘Galvanic’ bracelets that measure student engagement

Senators Question Monitoring of Calls, Emails

2012 Election News

Obama's ratings sink on economic doubts

Romney championed green energy fund

When Romney wasn't so tough on China

Former Gabrielle Giffords aide Ron Barber wins election to finish her term

ND amendment on religious regulation fails

North Dakota Voters Reject Effort to Abolish Property Tax

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'

NATO chief: Intervention 'not right path' in Syria

U.N. adds Syria to list of countries killing children

Syrian crisis a civil war, U.N. official says, as global war of words continue

Assad retains control of Syria chemical arms: Israel


Iran's parliament softens stance on nuclear talks

China, Singapore face US sanctions on Iran oil exports


Taliban bombs kill eight in Afghanistan

U.S. troops return to Afghanistan's "lost province" - Nuristan

71 confirmed dead in earthquake

US defends purchase of attack helicopters for Afghanistan from Russian arms company supplying Syrian regime


New Egypt constitution body faces fresh challenge

Tomorrow should be a crucial day in the history of Egypt - court rulings expected

Beware foreign spies, Egypt warns, in ridiculous but dangerous ads


Yemen drives al-Qaida from 2 major strongholds

Yemen presses ahead with offensive on militants


Offices and Archives of Tunis II Court of First Instance Set Ablaze

Curfew Decreed in 8 Governorates From 9pm to 5am

162 arrested in riots by ultraconservative Islamists around the country

Prophetic Supernation #8 - Central and Southern Africa

Ivory Coast says it has uncovered coup plot

Four killed in attack on village in Ivory Coast

African Union seeks mandate to send troops to Mali

Nigeria: Gunmen Kill 27, Injure Eight in Zamfara

Zimbabwe: Crumbling Mugabe Power Base Fuelling Zanu-PF Infighting

Supernation #9 - South and Southeast Asia (ASEAN)

Why India's Economy Isn't as Bad as Headlines Suggest

Rights group urges Bangladesh to keep border open

Troops patrol in riot-hit Myanmar town to restore calm

China may fund Cambodia-Vietnam rail

Lao Police Arrest Pastor for Spreading Faith

Vietnam hosts ASEAN regional information conference

US military to help Philippines monitor coastal waters

Supernation #10 - China and East Asia

Eight Chinese arrested in Himachal village, currency seized - Agents?

China government adviser predicts second-quarter growth below 7 percent

China denies exporting North Korean missile launch vehicles

North Korea: Economic System Built on Forced Labor

Supernation #6 - Latin America

Oklahoma, New Mexico horse-racing tracks linked to Mexican drug cartel, Feds say

Honduras Gangs Rethink Tactics - 'The emphasis now is "pocos, pero locos" -- fewer, but crazier.'

Ex-Colombian president's family face US extradition over drugs charges

Venezuela Calls for Gulf OPEC Nations to Cut Crude Oil Output

Ecuador, Libya express concern over OPEC oversupply

Bolivia’s Morales nationalizes zinc and tin mines licensed to Swiss group

Chile’s new Party for Democracy president makes waves - Will Chile move left with him?

Falklands vote will make islanders' voices heard, says David Cameron

Brazil claims successful test of parasite vaccine

Israeli - Palestinian War


Hezbollah may move Syrian arms to Lebanon

Comptroller slams Netanyahu, Barak in 'flotilla report'

Government Begins Fortifying Gaza Belt Schools

Missile Attack on Tel Aviv Might Force Evacuation

Soldiers Warned of Loose Lips on Railway

Obama hosts Israel's Peres for White House talks

Health News

Giant nuclear cover-up? Explosions, military helicopters filmed near elevated radiation zone at border of Indiana and Michigan

Ridiculous Lancet study sets stage for pushing 'pre-diabetes' drugs on entire world

Students now snorting ADHD drugs before taking academic tests

Australian three-year-olds targeted for bogus psychiatric disorders such as sleeping with the light on

Diesel exhaust fumes can cause cancer, WHO says

Do statins drain your energy?

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012


NDAA Banned: Indefinite detention of Americans 'unconstitutional'

Indiana First State to Allow Citizens to Shoot Law Enforcement Officers -- NRA-Backed Law Spells Out When Indianans May Open Fire on Police

Is Russia Backing Away From Its Firm Support of Syria?

More American soldiers die from suicide than combat

The U.N. Seeks to Tax the Internet

Lawsuit: Architect In Diabetic Shock Beaten By Multiple Officers, Pepper Sprayed, and Repeatedly Tasered Before Dying

Beware The Spy In The Sky

United Nations Envisions Transhumanist Future Where Man is Obsolete

Gattaca becomes reality: Scientists start to screen, abort human babies based on 3,500 'genetic faults'

The Bogus Threat from Shariah Law

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African / Middle East Nations

Comprising Prophetic Supernation #7

Syria -- Same Scenario As Libya?

Syria planning new massacre: U.S. Charges

Syria prepares for war, while Muslims murder Christians

Obama Prepares Air Strikes On Syria

UN adds Syria to 'list of shame' for mistreatment of children

U.S. says no military intervention in Syria -- for now

Is Russia Backing Away From Its Firm Support of Syria?

Syria's Opposition: Increasingly Coordinated, Armed

"Activists" Charge: Mortar hits protest in Syria, 10 killed


Peres Tells Panetta: Iran Striving for Islamic Middle East Empire

U.S. exempts 7 economies from Iran oil sanctions

UN official concerned over delay of relocation for Camp New Iraq residents: Home to several thousand Iranian exiles

Iran Agrees to Discuss P5+1 Proposal

Turkey cuts Iranian oil purchases steeply in May


2012 Election News

Obama calls Romney, congratulates him on securing GOP nomination

Rand’s Romney Endorsement Focused Around 2016 Presidential Run

GOP mood toward Romney's fall prospects brightens

Romney’s Fiscal Successes

Romney vs. Obama—en Español

Take Romney seriously: Opinion Column

Jeb Bush Sees Romney Needing ‘Broader’ Immigration Ideas

Romney Blocked Antibullying Guide Over Use Of LGBT Terms

With a Sharp Tongue, Scalia Challenges the White House

Health News

Drug Contaminants, Chemicals in Tap Water Among Possible Causes of Autism

NYT distorts GMO labeling issue: People are tired of being lied to about the ingredients that are present in the foods they eat

100 percent false labeling - and it's legal!

Flame retardants found in common grocery store foods


Rand Paul’s Senate Farm Bill Amendments Liberate Raw Milk, But Condemn Ag Gun Rights


Israeli - Palestinian War

IDF embraces Gay Pride Month

'US commitment to Israel's security rock solid': Defense Secretary Leon Panetta

With New Cameras, IAF Could Peek into the Ground

‘Israel in Shadow of Syria’s Chemical Weapons’: IDF General

UN-Backed PA NGO Urges Children: Replace Cigarettes with Guns - puts on a puppet show, tells kids to see Jews as “enemies” who kill Arab youth

Iran designing nuclear-powered submarine

Google's Spreading Tentacles of Influence: Search giant has ties to important organizations that help sway public opinion



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Saturday-Sunday, June 9-10, 2012


More Americans Killed by Bees and Wasps or Falling Televisions than by Terrorists

Indiana First State to Allow Citizens to Shoot Law Enforcement Officers -- NRA-Backed Law Spells Out When Indianans May Open Fire on Police

The real reason for America's Southeast Asian projection (radiation of northern hemisphere) - Is the NWO planning a near-term Southern refuge in the aftermath of castrophic Fukushima radiation or a limited Nuclear war?

3,000 soldiers to serve in Africa next year

Happy or sad? You might not see that ad, if Microsoft Kinect can figure out your mood - MS filed patent for system of reading users' emotions

The human race is morphing into a species with larger skulls - Nutrition or other environmental causes mulled

NYT distorts GMO labeling issue, tries to make it a debate about crop yields

Ireland wants rescue deal negotiated to match Spain's

Commerce Secretary John Bryson accused in hit-and-run crashes

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'

Human shields used in violent raid of Syrian city, opposition says

Syria's opposition urges mass defections

Syrian rebels aim to use chemical weapons, blame Damascus

Revealed: Syria's steroid-mad 'Ghost' killers who keep Assad in power by swooping down on villages to massacre women and children - Is this a propaganda piece?


Iran feels sanctions pain as oil income slumps

Iran military denies claims that it demolished buildings at suspected nuclear site

Iran starts electricity exports to Iraq


Iraq PM's rivals lack votes to oust him

Iraq pilgrimage security tight after mortar attack

War Study: Troops Had Bad Intel, Worse Spin


NATO says it will refrain from bombing homes in Afghanistan

Afghanistan sacks 5 officials over prison break

Afghans aim to defuse failed suicide bombers with Koran


Official: Egypt's Mubarak in critical condition

Egypt’s liberals walk out of constitution meeting


Yemen retakes ground in push on Islamist rebels

Al Qaeda in Yemen advertises for Western recruits

Turkey steeply cutting Iranian oil purchases

US boosts Jordan’s nuclear security amid concerns over Syria, Iran

Bahrain police forcefully disperse Shiite rally

At least 16 killed in two days of Libya clashes

Tunisia: Closure of Ras Jedir Border Crossing on Libyan Side Following Armed Clashes

Prophetic Supernation #8 - Central and Southern Africa

Nigeria: 11 Killed, 60 Injured in Fresh Jos, Biu Attacks - Christians attacked on Sunday, reprisals against Muslims

Angola: Govt Concludes Withdrawal of Missang Forces in Bissau

Liberia: Gov't Closes Border With Ivory Coast

Somalia: Al-Shebab Fighters Retake Town of Elbur

Supernation #9 - South and Southeast Asia (ASEAN)

Nepal group calls for return of monarchy, Hindu state

Bangladesh turns away Muslims fleeing Myanmar

Bodies Collected in Strife-Torn Burmese Town

Supernation #10 - China and East Asia

Firepower bristles in South China Sea as rivalries harden - China deploys new Type 056 Corvette stealth ship to disputed area

China’s ‘feel-bad’ interest rate cut

Asia soars on Spain deal and China data

S. Korea Closely Watching North’s Air Force

Supernation #6 - Latin America

Chavez foe leads massive march in Venezuela

Venezuela 'tortured Colombians'

Chilean police clash with anti-Pinochet demonstrators

Cristina Fernandez takes fight for Falklands to UN

Consumption-led growth reaches its limits in Brazil

Israeli - Palestinian War


PA denies behind-the-scenes talks with Israel

Police believe haredim spray-painted Yad Vashem

U.S. suspects Israel hid extent of spying: ex-envoy

Vatican, Israel to sign economic agreement; raises eyebrows

Ben-Ari: Jews ‘afraid’ to travel to Mount of Olives

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"Virgin Mary: How The Catholic Church Rejects The Bible"


"Bohemian Grove: Cult of Conspiracy"

448 Pages


Proven: The Final Pope Is Here

New Hoggard DVD

"One Missing Piece To The New World Order"

This DVD may be his most exciting and controversial of all. A real must-see.

1 hour and 43 minutes long, but still only $14.99

New Book

"Babylon Rising: And The First Shall Be Last"

New Book by Rob Skiba

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New Doc Marquis DVD's

"Aliens, Fallen Angels, or Antichrist"

Volume 1 of 2, $24.99

"Aliens, Fallen Angels, or Antichrist"

Volume 2 of 2 - $24.99

"COMBO DVD OFFER: Aliens, Fallen Angels or Antichrist" - by Doc Marquis

Volumes 1 and 2 - Saves You $10.00!


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"Medical Murder"

New DVD by Bill Schnoebelen

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News Story

4 Proofs The FDA Does Not Care About Your Health


"It Could Happen Tomorrow"

"Fervent Hope For The Believer Living In This Sin-Scarred World"


"Armageddon, The Hiding Place and the Mount of Olives Mystery"

New Prophetic DVD by J.D. Grush -- with the "Alexander Scourby" voice

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$4.99 DVD Value Priced Sale!

Regularly $20-$25

"Lies, Deceptions, & Media Coverup"

2 1/2 hour DVD by David Wegener

"9/11 -- The Day That Changed America Forever"

Unbelievable Video Clips, Damaging Revelations -

2 1/2 hour DVD by Dave Wegener




New Books

"The Great Cosmic Chess Match"

New Book by L.A. Marzulla


"Jesus Defiantly Proclaimed Salvation By Grace; We Need to Defiantly Live Our Lives By His Defiant Grace"


NEW Pastor Hoggard DVD's

"The Beast of 9-11"

The public is being subtly conditioned to accept the coming kingdom of the anti-Christ and to willingly take the mark of the beast.

"This DVD teaching reveals from the scriptures why many major denominations, ministries, well-known Christian leaders, and churches are moving rapidly toward the great falling away."

DVD - American Goddess: Serpent Secret Inside The Statute of Liberty -

End Times

Dr. Cuddy conclusively proves that the future New World Order will be just as firmly rooted in Adolf Hitler's Nazism as it was during the reign of Hitler!

''It is my opinion that if the liberties of this country – the United States of America – are destroyed, it will be by the subtlety of the Roman Catholic Jesuit priests …'' – Marquis de LaFayette, Revolutionary War hero

The Great Falling Away

New DVD and Book

Many Christians miss the importance of Biblical feasts, seeing them as merely 'Jewish holidays'

Truly Faith-Building

God's Messianic Redemptive Plan is unveiled through the Feasts of Israel.

Angels in History and Prophecy


"The Hidden Faith of Our Founding Fathers"


Back In-Stock!

"Oblivion: AMERICA At The Brink" -- Scalar Weaponry Explained, Illustrated

"They can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic
waves. (Defense Secretary William Cohen)


by Pastor Hoggard

"Pentacle of Power"

Blockbuster New DVD's On English Bible History

"A Lamp In The Dark: Bold Expose' of Roman Catholicism As The Bloodthirsty Religious Harlot of Revelation 17 - DVD by Chris Pinto, Editor and Filmmaker of the "Secret Mysteries of America's Beginnings" Videos

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"GOD'S Forbidden Practices"

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$3.99 Glossy Pamphlets

Options include Chronological Readings, Old and New Testament read together and Daily Readings from different sections of the Bible

"Jesus Christ In The Old Testament"

Highlights the lives of people who "prefigure" Jesus

"Why Trust The Bible?"

Dr. Timothy Jones shows why you can trust the Bible with your precious, eternal soul.

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Rapture Is The Real Deal!

Buy The 2-DVD, 'Biblical Teachings of the Rapture' and Get Book 'Great Mysteries of the Rapture' FREE

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"Secret Mysteries of America's Beginnings" DVD's

Each 3 Hours Long

"The New Atlantis"

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"Riddles in Stone - Secret Architecture of Washington, D.C."

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"The Eye of the Phoenix: Secrets of the One Dollar Bill"

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