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June 16-30, 2015        

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Officials discussing Fourth of July terror threats

Obama Issues 19 Classified Directives Changing Laws Passed by Congress

Kabul Suicide Bomb Blast Hits NATO Convoy

Coal industry scores a High Court win but fate of plants still in air

It's Official -- Bernie Sanders Has Overtaken Hillary Clinton In the Hearts and Minds of Democrats

The Emergence of Orwellian Newspeak and the Death of Free Speech

Man shot near San Francisco gay pride event

Oil Continues To Fall

Oklahoma, Florida move quickly to resume lethal injections

World Reorganizing Into 10 Supernations

Supernation #2 - European Union

Greece Debt Crisis: 'Last-minute talks after new offer'

Few signs of market panic as Greece nears default

Anti-austerity protests in Greece as bank shutdown bites

The biggest danger of a Greek default could be political instability

British support to stay in EU at highest level in 24 years


Supernation #7 - Northern Africa / Middle East

Dr. Kevin Clarkson, of Prophecy In The News, and David Bay of Cutting Edge Ministries, discuss in depth the process of over throwing Saudi Arabia's brutal dictatorship in the new Cutting Edge Films DVD - 'BRINGING SAUDI ARABIA DOWN'

Saudi Arabia

Yemeni forces launch Scud missile at Saudi Arabia - Yemen military spokesman

Saudi denies Yemen rebel claims of Scud strike

Iran and Saudi Arabia edge towards cyber war

Yemen Is Another Nice Mess the Saudis Got Us Into

Saudi Arabia had high-level contacts with one of America’s deadliest adversaries in Afghanistan

Kuwait mosque bomber slipped security watch in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain

Saudi fixation with Iran is damaging


Car bomb in Yemeni capital hits mourners, dozens wounded

ISIS claims car bombing in Yemen's capital

Yemen: Ban deplores attack on UN compound


Jordan will set up buffer zone inside Syria

Israel says Syria's Assad may be left with rump state

Islamic State beheads female civilians for first time in Syria: For sorcery

Turkey Uneasy as U.S. Support of Syrian Kurds Grows

Air Force: Lost Predator was shot down in Syria


Congress Voted Against Directly Arming Iraq's Kurds

OPEC oil output hits 3-year high in June on Iraq

Islamic State Celebrates Its First Birthday

Fighting for the ruins of Christian Iraq

Iraq PM ‘retires’ army chief of staff

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Geographically Located In Supernation #7

Israel's new kamikaze drone

A year after Gaza war, Hamas entrenched

Israel seizes activist flotilla headed to Gaza

Anti Gaza blockade flotilla ends with a whimper

Terror attacks increase during Ramadan

4 Israelis Injured in Drive-By Terror Shooting in Samaria

After 15 Years, Israel & Jordan in Talks to Reopen Temple Mount to Non-Muslims

For the First Time, Israel Acknowledges Aiding Syrian Rebels

Queen meets survivors, liberators of former Nazi extermination camp

Could Armenia Be The Next Ukraine?

Burning Man now attracts CEOs and billionaires

The Pope's 10 commandments on climate change


June 29, 2015


Divided U.S. Supreme Court upholds Oklahoma lethal injection process

Texas attorney general says county clerks can refuse gay couples



Bible Study Resumes at Charleston AME Church One Week After Massacre: Unconditional Love Reigns

String of arson fires destroy black churches in Southern US

White Americans bigger terror threat than Islamic extremists – Study reveals

Decisions in Last 3 Supreme Court Cases Expected Monday

Orthodox Christians Must Now Learn To Live as Exiles in Our Own Country

Now’s the Time To End Tax Exemptions for Religious Institutions

Answering Pope Francis’s Question About Auschwitz

Why the TSA May Stop Accepting Your Driver's License

The Pentagon goes nuclear on Russia

Global stocks sink after Greece closes banks

From menu of crises, Greece risks eating Europe's dinner

Russia appears to extend aid hand to Greece

Nuke talks to miss target: Iran foreign minister heads home

US says system reached to give UN access to suspect Iran sites

The Iranian-American Nuclear Project

Return To Sodom

"[The Constitution] Has Nothing to Do with It"

"Not the Time to Retreat": Southern Baptist Convention Stands Tall on Marriage

Supreme Court justices stop playing nice

Supreme Court Just Did Republicans a Big Favor

New York City Pride march celebrates Supreme Court marriage equality meeting

Days after U.S. Supreme Court decision a jubilant SF Gay Pride parade marches with sense of unprecedented, historic joy

Boston Gay pride events celebrate ruling

Supreme Court to rule in lethal injection, redistricting and mercury emission cases Monday

Ted Cruz: ‘Tragic’ Supreme Court Decisions Are ‘Judicial Activism’

Is Supreme Court's Ruling Upholding Obamacare an Attack on U.S. Rule of Law?

Russian Orthodox Church Spokesman Lashes Out Over U.S. Gay Marriage Ruling

A Former Baltimore Cop Just Tweeted All the Horrid Corruption He Saw on the Job

Officers Fire 19 Shots In Baltimore Co.: Unarmed Suspect Killed

Fearing a ‘Catastrophic Incident,’ 400 Federal Officers Descended on the Baltimore Protests

World Reorganizing Into 10 Supernations

Supernation #7 - Northern Africa / Middle East


Dark Friday as terror attacks hit worldwide: France, Tunisia, Kuwait

Tunisia beach resort massacre kills 39

Tunisia Attack: thousands of UK tourists begin arriving home

Tunisia to boost security, arm tourist police after attack

Saudi Arabia

Yemeni forces launch missiles at Saudi military bases

15 civilians dead as Saudi warplanes hit Yemen again

In Saudi Arabia, An Uphill Fight To Out-Shout The Extremists

Kuwait mosque suicide bomber not known to Saudi authorities


Yemen water crisis may be ‘bigger problem than war’

Yemen’s Houthis shell Aden oil refinery for second time

Arab Coalition intensifies Yemen raids

586 die of dengue fever in Yemen

One killed in Saba news agency bombing

UN chief deplores coalition airstrike on UN compound in Yemen


US training of Syria militants falls short of target

Syrian army retakes key quarter in Hasakah

Putin Reiterates Russian Support for Assad's Syria, Promises Aid

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Geographically Located In Supernation #7

Terrorist Throws Shoes at Jewish Family on Temple Mount

Terrorists are not Barbarians: They are Enemies at War with the West

IDF Intercepts Flotilla as Netanyahu Tells Activists to Go to Syria

The PLO's Ten Point Plan is Alive and Well: Disgusting, Infamous, and Deadly

ISIS in Jerusalem: Threatens "slaughter" of all Christian Arabs

Ukraine May Suspend Debt Payments If Creditors Don't Take Haircut


June 27-28, 2015


Unencumbered Obama enjoys a week that changes America

Liberals Win Big

Authorities warn of possible terrorist threats around July 4

Terror On Three Continents

The Confederacy's Legacy: Should any of it stand?

Greek PM Alexis Tsipras calls referendum on bailout terms

Tunisia attack: Tourists flee country after gunman kills 3

Return To Sodom

High court finds gay couples have fundamental right to marry

Ben & Jerry’s Just Renamed This Ice Cream Flavor in Honor of Gay Marriage

Hillary Clinton Praises Gay Marriage Decision and Hounds GOP

Same-sex marriage ruling's ripple effect – historic celebrations of love

Cruz: SCOTUS twin rulings cause one of 'darkest' periods in US history

See White House Light Up as a Rainbow to Celebrate Gay Marriage

Texas State officials blast Supreme Court ruling

Why gay marriage victory anthem was 'Star Spangled Banner'

Charleston Shooting News

President Obama eulogizes pastor in Charleston shooting: Sings ‘Amazing Grace’

Opinion: Charleston shooter is a terrorist: Federal Government should charge him as one

Georgia Stops Issuing Confederate Plates

Charleston shooting a 'sign of the times'

World Reorganizing Into 10 Supernations

Supernation #7 - Northern Africa / Middle East


Tunisia Attack: Gunman Kills at Least 39 at Beach Resort, ISIS Claims Responsibility

Terrifying, up-close footage of Tunisia beach shooting emerges online, as ISIS claims responsibility

Most Tunisia hotel attack victims were British: Tunisia Premier

British dad shielded fiancée from Tunisia gunman, told her to tell their kids ‘daddy loves them’

Saudi Arabia

Saudis fail to achieve aims in Yemen aggression:

Iran says she should prepare new methods to fight Saudi Arabia back

Saudi-led jets strike Houthis in heavy raids

Saudi guards stop Houthi infiltrators near border

Israel, Saudi Arabia Have World’s Largest Military Budgets as Percentage of GDP

Saudi Arabia, Iran Condemn Mosque Attack

What's The Real Motive Behind Saudi Arabia's Interest In Solar Power?

Theft of Saudi documents suggests an Iranian hack


No need for second Geneva conference on Yemen, says FM

U.N. mediator to visit Kuwait, Riyadh in search of Yemen deal

Yemen Foes Square Off as Fears of War, Saudi-Iran Rivalry Grow


Kurds secure Syria's Kobani as Islamic State targets northeast

Iraq Launches Offensive on Islamic State North of Baghdad

Fresh bombings in Iraqi capital kill 10, injure 3

Coalition Aircraft Strike ISIL Targets in Syria, Iraq

Iraq forces made 'unauthorised' withdrawal from Ramadi

Hillary Avoiding Iraq


Turkey will 'never allow' Kurdish state in Syria warns Erdogan

Syrian Kurds Cut IS Supply Line Near Iraq; Fears for Christians Mount

ISIS sells 42 Yazidi women to fighters in Syria

Eight Iranian 'Volunteers' Killed Fighting ISIS in Syria


Iran's Khamenei tries to force generals back into line

Diplomat: Major Differences with Iran Remain

Iran holds world’s largest gas reserves

Fake Iran Deal a Cover-up for Obama's Shallow Legacy

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Geographically Located In Supernation #7

Vatican Signs Historic First Accord with 'Palestine'

Freedom Flotilla III leaves Greece for Gaza

Israeli Minister Urges French Aliyah Following Beheading Attack

Pending Iran Deal, Israel Freezes Defense Talks with U.S.

Temple Mount Turning into “Wild West”



June 26, 2015



Supreme Court saves Obamacare

SCOTUS Upholds Obamacare Subsidies 6-3

Supreme Court Caves on Obamacare Again: Chief Justice John Roberts takes the nation across a constitutional "Rubicon"

Ted Cruz slams 'rogue justices'

Full opinion from Supreme Court on Obamacare

Has the Supreme Court really moved leftward this term?

Obamacare Victory Shows Failure of Scalia’s Conservative Revolution

Five signs the fight over Obamacare isn't finished

Gay Marriage - America New Sodom

"Supreme Court Legalizes Gay Marriage Nationwide"

Same Sex Marriage will be Roe v. Wade Two

Justice Scalia delivers scathing dissent of gay marriage decision

How gay marriage ruling affects local churches

Obama's Maternal Acestors Owned Slaves: A new twist to an intriguing family history

Obama set to eulogize pastor in Charleston shooting

Confederate Frenzy: NY Film Critic Targets ‘Gone With the Wind’

Guns Used 199X More Often to Stop Crime Than to Kill

Man Decapitated in Suspected Islamist Attack on French Factory

California Assembly approves one of the toughest mandatory vaccination laws in the nation

World Reorganizing Into 10 Supernations

Supernation #7 - Northern Africa / Middle East

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Geographically Located In Supernation #7

Vatican signs first treaty with 'State of Palestine'

Poll finds fading support for two-state solution between Israelis, Palestinians

The key to averting another Gaza war? Egypt

Jewish worldwide population in 2015 is nearly 16 million

What war crimes did Israel commit in Gaza?

Former PM Ehud Barak: We could defeat ISIS in a matter of two days

Palestinian shot dead after opening fire on soldiers at Jordan Valley

Drone from Gaza penetrates into Israeli territory, crashing near border fence

Palestinians submit first case material against Israel to ICC (International Criminal Court)

Israel seeks to contain Hamas and al-Qaeda through diplomacy with Sunni states

Terror Friday: 41 killed in France, Kuwait and Tunisia attacks

Bloodbath in Tunisia: At least 27 reported dead in terror attack at resort hotel

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s War on Yemen Comes Home: To Her own soil

Deprived of ‘checkbook diplomacy’ in Yemen and Syria, Saudi Arabia flounders

Oddball Pakistani commentator Zaid Hamid arrested in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia vulnerable to Islamic State as militant group seeks to exacerbate civil divisions

Saudi Arabia loses spot as top crude supplier to India, China


The deadlock in Yemen

Saudi-led jets bomb Yemen as Hadi government rejects new talks

Saudi, Emirati soldiers killed on Yemen border

Yemenis hit Saudi military bases, destroy tank: Video

Yemeni Heritage, Saudi Vandalism

Here's life in Yemen: 'It's about 5:30 p.m. There are jets flying over us.'


Pentagon Paying ISIS-Linked “Rebels” $400 Per Month to “Eventually” Fight Assad

Islamic State kills at least 145 civilians in Syria's Kobani

Why many Kurds in Turkey are willing to die in Syria’s border towns

Israel’s Druse Minority Shows Unity With Its Syrian Kin


Kurds Expel Some Suspected Islamic State Supporters From Villages

Five things that won’t work in Iraq; When at first you don’t succeed, fail, fail again

Iran linking Iraq with Silk Road

Iraq F-16 pilot killed in crash on U.S. training mission


Egypt's Death Sentences Further Radicalize Muslim Brotherhood Youths

How Egyptian media has become a mouthpiece for the military state

Did U.S. Demand Muslim Brotherhood Candidate Be Declared Winner in Egypt in 2012?

Egypt condemns 'vile terrorist attacks' in Tunisia, Kuwait and France

Egyptian foreign minister says Brotherhood is source of extremist ideology

Egypt recloses Rafah crossing



June 25, 2015

Breaking NEWS


Supreme Court saves Obamacare

SCOTUS Upholds Obamacare Subsidies 6-3

Supreme Court Caves on Obamacare Again: Chief Justice John Roberts takes the nation across a constitutional "Rubicon"

Full opinion from Supreme Court on Obamacare

Has the Supreme Court really moved leftward this term?

Obamacare Victory Shows Failure of Scalia’s Conservative Revolution

Now On To The Court Ruling On Gay Marriage

SC Lawmaker: Charleston Shooting Victims 'Waited Their Turn To Be Shot' -- "Why didn't somebody just do something?" Chumley added. "You've got one skinny person shooting a gun" - stopping five times to reload


'This is my house' - Obama puts heckler to shame at White House LGBT event

Republican-led Congress hands Obama major win on trade -- TPP

Here’s how much corporations paid US senators to fast-track the TPP bill

China rebuffs Donald Trump's comments on stealing US jobs

Obama's Popularity Tanks In Israel

Germans don’t think America stands for freedom anymore

Sec/State Kerry Unfazed by Khamenei's Comments on Nuclear Deal

Boston bomber apologizes, gets death sentence

Greece bankruptcy looms amid deadlock

Greece bailout talks underway in bid for last-minute deal

British Queen calls for unity in Europe

Confederate Flag News

Despite mourning, SC statehouse Confederate battle flag remains at full staff

States with Confederate flag license plates could lose funding under Sen. Sherrod Brown proposal

Will banishing the Confederate flag actually increase its power?

As South Carolina honors victims, Alabama removes its flags

President Obama to deliver eulogy for SC minister-senator Clementa Pinckney in Charleston, SC

World Reorganizing Into 10 Supernations

Supernation #7 - Northern Africa / Middle East

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Geographically Located In Supernation #7

The Blooming Desert: Agriculture in the middle of nowhereThe blooming desert: Agriculture in the middle of nowhere

Anti-Semitism Infects Mostly Democracies

Obama's Popularity Tanks In Israel

Millions Watch Testimony of Jewish Believer in Yeshua

Cause for Concern: Israel's Rigorous Compliance With International Law

Family Certain Farmer Was Murdered by Palestinian Illegals

Op-Ed: Sink the Flotilla

Activists: Israel 'Messing' With Flotilla Ships' Engines

Likud MK Calls for Targeted Killings of Gaza Terrorists

Israel Freezes Defense Aid Talks with US Pending Iran Deal

Former Ambassador Bolton (CFR): UN Report on Gaza 'Completely Predictable'

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia next ISIL target if Syria falls: Russia warns

Shelling by Yemeni group kills four soldiers on Saudi Arabia border

Saudi Bombing Only Fans Yemen’s Flames

Saudi Arabia, France Sign Billions in Ship, Plane Deals

Saudi Arabia sends convicted terrorists to a cushy rehab center

Russia overtakes Saudi Arabia as largest supplier of oil to China

In WikiLeaks, how Saudi Arabia wanted to match Iranian influence over India


Yemen forces retake Houthi-held border crossing

39 killed, dozens wounded in south Yemen clashes

Urgently needed aid shipment arrives in Yemen

Yemen 'one step away from famine' amid stalled ceasefire talks: UN envoy warns

Snowden Documents Suggest UK Intelligence Support For US Drone Strikes In Yemen

Thousands die in Yemen in fights over water


Turkey let ISIL militants into Syria's Kobani: Syria charges

Islamic State attacks Kobani and pro-regime troops in Syria's north

ISIS blows up 2 mausoleums in Syria's Palmyra, raising fears that Roman ruins could be next

Family of Journalist Held in Syria Heralds New Ransom Policy

Former senior army official: The IDF cannot intervene in Syria's war

ISIS jihadists behead 12 Syria rebels

Jordanian killed by stray mortar from fighting in southern Syria


Iran bullies region, broadens influence outside Persian Gulf

Iran holds funerals for 8 men killed fighting ISIS in Syria

Big Oil getting cozy with Iran as talks near end

Iran's FM Zarif to join Vienna nuclear talks

U.S. lawmakers step up warnings against 'weak' Iran deal


Iran's Forces and U.S. Share a Base in Iraq

This 2006 Iraq report provides a way to refocus US strategy for Iraq and Syria

2007: New Middle East Map Showed The Elite Was Planning To Partition Iraq

To Many Iraqis, U.S. Isn’t Really Seeking to Defeat Islamic State

Iraq's Sunni tribes face lonely battle against Islamic State

Kenya warns of foreign fighter threat across Horn of Africa


June 24, 2015


China's Military Practices Invading Taiwan

Why America Can't Stop Russia's Hybrid Warfare

Ultimate Nightmare: North Korea Could Sell Saudi Arabia Nuclear Weapons

Iran Nuclear Talks: Khamenei rejects key US demands

UN Wants "Urgent Measures" to Control Guns After Charleston Killings "mandates forcible disarmament"

Take it Down: Chorus to Remove Confederate Flag Grows Louder

You’re being secretly tracked with facial recognition, even in church

Hillary Clinton on course to win 2016 presidential election: Poll

Russia Urges Texas To Secede

Guns cast shadow over Obama Presidency

UN Wants "Urgent Measures" to Control Guns After Charleston Killings - "mandates forcible disarmament"

Is Obama correct that mass killings don't happen in other countries?

Mother Emanuel and the Power of Prayer

Pastor walks line between leading, comforting Emanuel AME

Charleston's Dylann Roof Manifesto: Blogger mentioned by Dylann denies violence

Oldest Manufacturer Stops Production of Confederate Flag

The town in Brazil that embraces the Confederate flag: Santa Barbara D'Oeste

France calls in US envoy to protest spying

World Reorganizing Into 10 Supernations

Supernation #7 - Northern Africa / Middle East

How Obama Opened His Heart to the ‘Muslim World’: And got it stomped on


Saudi Arabia

Doomed: Saudi Arabia Will Fail in Yemen

Saudi Yemen bombing a message to Iran as damage mounts

Saudi Arabia, Kuwait in talks to resolve oil dispute

Murder in the Kingdom? Famed coroner says American's death was homicide

Wikileaks: Saudi Arabia has bailed out failing Middle East media organizations in exchange for pro-Saudi coverage

Secret Document Reveals US to Give Iran Nuclear Equipment

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Geographically Located In Supernation #7

Israeli Islamist Cleric Says Israel May 'End' Within 6 Months

Turkey Acknowledges Reconciliation Talks With Israel

Lynching of Syrians on IDF Ambulance May Have Been Premeditated

Hamas Claims Captured IDF Soldier Still Alive

UNHRC Report Ignores the Implications of the Gaza War

Launcher Used to Attack Israel destroyed by IAF

Greece Handed New Terms as Tsipras Approaches Decision Time

U.S. Index Signal Stocks to Fall After Greek Plans Said Rejected

Christian groups return to Cal State but can’t block non-Christian leaders

Obama extending amnesty to illegals in prisons, jails

Rough-and-Tumble Cockroach Bots Barrel Over Obstacles


June 23, 2015


How Israel Defies Drought: Has become an "Agricultural Eden"

Americans Have Lost Confidence ... in Everything

Last Chance to Stop Fast Track: Sen. Sessions Blasts Ugly Facts

China's Military Practices Invading Taiwan

Encyclical a lot of Papal hot air

Greek offer to creditors stirs angry backlash at home

Why Ted Cruz Can't Quit the Gay Marriage Fight

NSA has been targeting one of the largest antivirus companies in the world

Two New Mexico cops to be charged with murder in shooting of homeless man

"Independence Day 2" reveals first look, plot details: "Globe will come together to unite against a common extraterrestrial enemy"

Archives: 'Independence Day', Aliens, UFO's - Truth Stranger Than Fiction - Globe united against an Alien invasion

World Reorganizing Into 10 Supernations

Supernation #7 - Northern Africa / Middle East

How Obama Opened His Heart to the ‘Muslim World’: And got it stomped on

Comparing Daesh and Al-Qaeda

Saudi Arabia

A Saudi-Russia emerging alliance

France and Saudi Arabia strengthen ties

Saudi Arabia tells citizens to ignore latest WikiLeaks release

Yemeni Forces Launch Rocket Attack on Saudi Base

What a Yemeni Missile Teaches Us About the Iran Deal

Death threats for Saudi satire star who fights IS with laughs

Saudi Arabia to raise production to maximum levels, escalating oil market share battle


In Yemen, Iran is the problem

Yemen’s Peace Process Is Doomed

More than 3,000 dengue cases in Yemen since March: WHO - Saudi-led air strikes launched in late March have crippled an already weak health infrastructure


Reconsider international military force pullback from Afghanistan: India

Witness the Taliban Attack on Afghanistan’s Parliament

Taliban strikes Afghanistan again

Extremists' Activities in Afghanistan Threaten Entire Region: Iran's UN Envoy Warns

Terror outfits in Afghanistan continue to operate out of Pakistan: US

Dutch female aid worker kidnapped in Afghanistan


The US Contemplates Partitioning Iraq

2007: New Middle East Map Showed The Elite Was Planning To Partition Iraq

Iran's Forces and U.S. Share a Base in Iraq

Australian 'severed head' militants reportedly killed in Iraq

Iran-Iraq-Syria to discuss closing ranks in fight against terrorism, Israel

ISIS defeat could give coalition blueprint for success

Blair Ally Admits: Invasion of Iraq was a mistake


Syria Kurds seize town from Islamic State, near its 'capital'

Suicide attack hit Kurdish security center in Syria’s Qamishli

ISIS militants hang two Syrian boys for eating during Ramadan

Syrian Kurds are not carrying out ethnic cleansing

Egypt -- Civil War Developing

The West opens up to Egypt’s President Sisi: Diplomacy can only go so far if he continues to crush his opponents

Egypt to remove Brotherhood books from mosque libraries

Egypt army digs trench along Gaza border to prevent smuggling

Egypt Reopens Rafah Crossing for Humanitarian Aid

Egypt takes delivery of two US missile ships

New Israel envoy shows Egypt wants to improve relations

Five Blasts in Egypt's Alexandria Wound 10: Interior Ministry

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Geographically Located In Supernation #7

White House Reaffirms Israel's Right to Self-Defense

Netanyahu: Israel Can Lead the Battle against Cyber-Terror

Former Ambassador: Israel Doesn't Need to Apologize All the Time

Druze Residents of Israel Beat to Death an Injured Syrian Fighter

Netanyahu: We Will Bring Druze Lynchers to Justice

Scathing reactions over Arab MK's participation in Gaza flotilla

NFL Hall of Famers Arrive in Israel on Solidarity Blitz with Jewish State


Euro Economy Picks Up With Business Index at Four-Year High

Major Money Manager Braces for Bond-Market Collapse

Mexico to Overtake Russia by 2050 as U.S. Slides

Mexico is facing a deadly Central American migrants crisis

Obama Wonders If Dylann Roof, Who Passed a Background Check, Could Have Been Stopped by a Background Check: Why "common-sense gun safety reforms" would not have "prevented what happened in Charleston"

Down, but not out: Message from a united Charleston

Dylann Roof’s Arrest: How small-town police foiled the accused Charleston killer’s getaway

New Jama Study Confirms Nurse Whistleblowing: Routine Hospital Vacine Damage Happening To Infants

June 22, 2015


Charleston church talks healing and defiance in wake of shooting

Hillary Clinton Calls for 'Common Sense' Gun Control After Charleston Shooting

Bill And Hillary Clinton Have Been Okay With Confederate Flag Staying Up In Their Past

Obama’s ancestral homeland in Kenya had lots of hope, but got little change

Prescription Drugs Now the Leading Cause Of Death By Overdose

Over 300,000 Rally in Rome Against Gay Marriage

Herbicide-Resistant Insects Are Destroying GMO Crops Like Never Before

Charleston Shooting - Healing, Forgiveness

‘No Obama. No Sharpton.’ Charleston rejects racial hatemongers with #GoHomeDeray campaign - "God’s love triumphing over evil"

Charleston Shooting Suspect Tried Killing Self After Shooting: Victim's Son

Authorities Investigating Website, Purported Manifesto Connected to Dylann Roof: Spews Blacks, Hispanics, and Jews

Charleston Shooting Suspect: A Symptom, Not an Anomaly

Dylann Roof Manifesto Reveals Racist, Neo-Nazi, Anti-American Beliefs

Roof: Jews wouldn't be a problem if we could destroy their identity

Gun Control News

Survivor of 1993 Church Massacre: ‘By God’s Grace I Managed To Return Fire’

Hillary Clinton Calls for 'Common Sense' Gun Control After Charleston Shooting

Karl Rove May Have Just Called For Gun Control Following The Charleston Church Shooting

Number of Guns Owned In Each State Shows That Patriots Love Their Second Amendment Rights

Every Mass Shooting Shares ONE Common Factor: And It's NOT Weapons

Mitt Romney Dodging Questions About His Attack On SC’s Right To Fly Confederate Battle Flag

Summer Solstice, June 21: Crowds gather to see summer solstice sunrise at Stonehenge

World Reorganizing Into 10 Supernations

Supernation #7 - Northern Africa / Middle East

Saudi Arabia

WikiLeaks spills ‘Saudi secrets’

Latest WikiLeaks release chronicles Saudi Arabia's lavish spending, political intrigue

How leaked Saudi documents might really matter

Ansarullah fires tens of rockets on Saudi Arabia‘s Jizan ---- Seize control of base from Saudi forces

Fresh Saudi airstrikes kill 8 in Yemen's Hajjah

Pakistan again under pressure to join Saudi coalition

The war in Yemen must not be lost: Saudi viewpoint


Yemeni rebels persist even as their heartland is destroyed in war

Islamic State claims responsibility for deadly car bombing in Yemen's capital

Saudi accused Qatar of stirring up trouble in Yemen


Iran buys ‘most advanced’ oil vessel

Iran, Russia finalizing oil-for-power deal

Good nuclear deal more important than meeting deadline: Zarif


Taliban attack Afghan parliament as lawmakers meet

Taliban claim responsibility of attack on Afghan Parliament


US contemplates partitioning Iraq

2007: New Middle East Map Showed The Elite Was Planning To Partition Iraq

Two of Australia's most wanted terrorists reportedly killed in Iraq

Attacks in Baghdad, elsewhere in Iraq kill at least 8 people

How ISIS Is Spreading Terror Far Beyond Iraq and Syria

Terrorists May Find an Unexpected New Enemy in Iraq

Iraq tops ‘most dangerous’ place in world list


Egypt -- Civil War Developing

Egypt’s Mursi seen in ‘execution’ uniform

Germany arrests Egyptian journalist: At Egypt's request

Blasts in Egypt's North Sinai wound police and civilians

Egypt must lift Gaza blockade

Egypt appoints new ambassador to Israel

The west’s betrayal of Egypt will reap a bitter harvest

Egypt Reveals: Expanded Suez Canal to Open in August

Sisi expects Assad regime in Syria to fall 'at any moment'

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Geographically Located In Supernation #7

Palestinian Terrorists Kill Israeli, Stab Policeman

Have Ariel U. Students Found the Way to Map Out Terror Tunnels?

Abbas: 'No Place' for Hamas in New Government

Security stepped up in India as terror threats made against Israelis

Pope: Why didn't the allies bomb the railway lines to Auschwitz?

Druze Attack IDF Ambulance Carrying Syrians

After 52 Attacks, Jerusalem Councilman Starts Private Patrol: "Being 'abandoned' by police"

Last minute bid to break Greek deadlock

ECB agrees more backup for Greek banks

June 20-21, 2015


Gun Control News

Every Mass Shooting Shares ONE Common Factor: And It's NOT Weapons

What Drugs Was Dylann Roof On? Suboxone, A Powerful Narcotic

Charleston shooting prompts gun-rights supporters to call for more concealed-carry at churches

US Justice Department will investigate the Charleston shooting as an act of domestic terrorism

Night of S.C. killings started with prayers and a plot against humanity

From victims’ families, FORGIVENESS for accused Charleston gunman Dylann Roof

Dylann Roof's Uncle Would 'Push Button' Himself If Nephew Receives Death Penalty

Race War

The War on Black People in South Carolina: the First Casualty is Truth

Police kill more whites than blacks, but minority deaths generate more outrage

Dylann Roof reportedly wanted a race war: How many Americans sympathize?

Woman Calls For Race War At Scene of Church Shooting

Black Churches Targeted Because of Importance to Community

Obama Calls For Gun Control In Light of Charleston Shooting

Confederate flag at heart of growing political storm: Roof's car bore the Confederate icon

S.C. residents say focus should not be placed on Confederate flag

Obama believes Confederate flag belongs in museum

18 Facts That Prove That Piers Morgan Is Flat Out Lying About Gun Control

For 2016ers, Charleston massacre is treacherous terrain

White House Open to Lifting Transgender Military Ban

Devil in a Deep Blue Pantsuit

Why Pope Francis wants you to turn off the lights

Greece may offer more in debt talks as clock ticks

ECB boosts emergency funding as Greek banks bleed: PM Tsipras calm

World Reorganizing Into 10 Supernations

Supernation #7 - Northern Africa / Middle East

Iran Brags It is Capable Of Destroying ISIS: Russia Agrees

Saudi Arabia

WikiLeaks 'Saudi Cables' reveal secret Saudi government influence in Australia

WikiLeaks reveals Saudi intrigue and unpaid limo bills

The Russians are coming to Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia Pumps Oil To Maximim Level in Citi, Goldman’s New Oil Order

Iran Accused of Backing Bomb Plot to Attack Bahrain and Saudi Arabia


Yemen talks end without ceasefire, air strikes hit Republican Guards

Saudi bid to impose will behind failure of Yemen peace talks

Car bomb explodes in Yemen capital near mosque used by Houthis, two dead

Hamas rejects unilateral dissolution of Palestinian gov't

Five Libyan troops killed by mortar in Benghazi

Afghanistan denies record rise in military casualties

British support to stay in EU at highest level in 24 years

Ukraine security chief dismissed

June 19, 2015


Gun Control News

Obama calls for gun control in wake of ‘senseless’ S.C. church murders

Charleston Church Shooting Took Place in a Gun-Free Zone

Shaken Charleston Mayor: ‘Far too many guns out there’

What Drugs Was Dylann Roof On? Suboxone, A Powerful Narcotic

The legal loophole that allowed Dylann Roof to get a gun

Charleston: Dylann Roof felt black people ‘taking over world’

Liberals on Twitter Want to Take Guns Away From White People

Black activists fear ‘race war’ amid Charleston shooting

Salon: 'White America Must Answer for the Charleston Church Massacre'

Daily Show's Jon Stewart on Charleston shooting: 'This was a terrorist attack'

Dylann Roof Could Not Legally Carry a Firearm in S.C.

'Churches are bull's-eyes'

Charleston shooting suspect Dylann Roof 'wanted to ignite civil war'

There’s Just ONE Meaningful Comment on Dylann Roof’s Facebook Photo

Rand Paul Tells GOP: It's Time to Move Beyond the Second Amendment

Rand Paul wants to put guns in the hands of all airline pilots

45 U.S. Military Veterans Sign Letter Urging Drone Operators to “Refuse to Fly”

First US High School Installs Gunshot-Sensing Microphones

Imbedding A Bad Idea: NY Senator off base with plan to track prisoners with microchips

Russia Could Come to Greece’s Rescue: That’s Bad News for the United States and NATO

NATO shows its teeth to Russia with elaborate Baltic training exercise close to Russian Naval Hub

Rand Paul and the VAT That Dare Not Speak Its Name: VAT is a proven "Money Machine"

FCC to fine AT&T $100M for slowing speeds

Donald Trump Campaign Paid Actors $50 To Cheer On His Announcement

'Dead people' would be banned from driving in N.J. under proposed law

World Reorganizing Into 10 Supernations

Supernation #7 - Northern Africa / Middle East

Iran Brags It is Capable Of Destroying ISIS: Russia Agrees

Saudi Arabia

After al-Qaeda, ISIS wants more bloodshed in Saudi Arabia

Saudi officer killed in landmine blast on Yemen border

100 Beheadings, 6 Months: Why the Saudi Kingdom Is on an Execution Spre

Saudi Arabia’s Unpaid Debt

Bahrain Foiled Iranian Terror Plot Against Saudi Arabia

Is Saudi Arabia bringing anything other than chaos to Yemen?

Sand storm Looms: Continuing Saudi air strikes against civil-war ravaged Yemen can only further undermine the region's stability

US to ban prosecution of Saudis on Yemen war: Academic

UK ministers have started to defend Saudi Arabia's flogging of Raif Badawi – it's breathtaking

Saudi Arabia Warns Israel: Don't 'Judaize' Jerusalem


Yemen peace talks descend into fistfight in Geneva

Yemen belligerants seek ground advances before humanitarian pause

Oman’s Diplomatic Bridge in Yemen


AIPAC Dubs Kerry’s Apparent Concession On Iran’s Past Nuclear Work “Disturbing”

First Silk Road rail cargo enters Iran

US drone strikes kill 14 in eastern Afghanistan

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Geographically Located In Supernation #7

Netanyahu: Attack on Galilee Church is Attack on All Israel

Suspected terror attack: Two seriously wounded in West Bank shooting

Palestinians flock to Jerusalem to attend first Friday prayer of Ramadan

'If conflict not resolved, ISIS will make the Palestinian cause its own'

US Catholics ready to follow Pope's 'marching orders' on climate change


June 18, 2015

Breaking News

'All Churches in America Have Muslim Spies in Them' Who Are 'Cataloging' Every Jew and Christian in Preparation for Jihad: Warns Author Avi Lipkin

There’s Just ONE Meaningful Comment on Dylann Roof’s Facebook Photo

Charleston Church Shooting Took Place in a Gun-Free Zone

Liberals on Twitter Want to Take Guns Away From White People



9 dead in ‘hate crime’ shooting at historic African American church in Charleston

"Life Worth Living"? - Mom outraged after daughter's photo used in ad for genetic screening

Pope’s deep dive into climate "science"

India to sign free trade agreement with "Eurasian Economic Union" ------- Supernation #5

Putin's confrontation with West 'artificial': Oil Tycoon Khodorkovsky ------- Supernation #5

British PM Cameron’s extremism orders ‘could criminalise traditional Christian teaching’

Hillary can’t hide from ObamaCare

That Weird Guy At Your Anarchist Meeting Might Be An Informant

Angel Soft Wishes Single Moms a 'Happy Father's Day' in Unique Take on the Holiday - "serves to denigrate the importance of fathers"

For Charleston’s Emanuel A.M.E. Church, shooting is another painful chapter in rich history

Charleston shooting suspect image released

Police in manhunt for killer of nine in South Carolina church

Merkel says Greek deal still possible if Athens shows the will

Debt Truth Committee: Greece's debt 'illegal, illegitimate and odious'

World Reorganizing Into 10 Supernations

Supernation #7 - Northern Africa / Middle East

Iran Brags Its Capable Of Destroying ISIS: Russia Agrees

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia Reluctantly Finds Common Cause With Israel in Suspicions About Iran

Bahrain says seized explosives intended for use in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia Supports All Legitimate Efforts to End Yemen Conflict

50,000 tribals ‘ready to fight against Houthis’

Saudi Arabia must cut oil output if Iran’s exports reach level before sanctions

How do Saudi and Daesh (ISIS) punishments compare? This chart says it all


UN extends snarled Yemen peace talks as blasts kill dozens

Peace Talks Fail To Stop Destruction In Yemen

Islamic State car bombs kill or injure 50 in Yemeni capital

Yemen Car Bombings Hit Mosques, Houthi Rebels' Headquarters

Al-Qaida kills two alleged spies after Yemen leader killed

Seeds of Destruction: Yemen civil war ripping society apart

Nigeria evacuates her citizens from Yemen


Syria's state news agency tweets about weekend pool parties in Damascus

U.S. considers near-term Assad military retrenchment in Syria

Lebanon tests new anti-armor missiles provided by the U.S.

We share responsibility for Syria's murderous stalemate


DIA Director sees Iraq as 'quagmire'

White House: Iraq Is ‘Chaotic’ but No ‘Quagmire’

Why Obama’s Plan to Send Advisers to Iraq Will Fail

House rejects bid to force troop withdrawal in Iraq, Syria unless use of force authorized

Iran’s Support Can Eliminate ISIS From Middle East: Iraq: Iraqi PM

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Geographically Located In Supernation #7

President Nixon Saved Israel - During Yom Kippur War

British Christians Repent for Broken Vows to Israel

Hollywood "Who’s Who" Stand Up Against Hamas

US Infuriated Over “Absolutely Inaccurate and False” Claims that Obama Abandoned Israel

UN Admits Hamas Rockets in its Schools, Still Condemns Israel

Israel accuses UN children's rights envoy of 'improper conduct'

Absorption Ministry Braces for Influx of French Jews

Greek official slammed for saying ‘victims become bullies’ in Holocaust speech

While Jews Still Restricted, IDF Widens Access for Muslims to Temple Mount During Ramadan

Suspected arson on Church of the Multiplication in the Galilee: Where Jesus performed Miracle of the Multiplication of the Loaves and the Fishes


June 17, 2015


Prisons Without Walls: We’re All Inmates in the American Police State

Call Me Caitlyn "Or Else": The rise of Authoritarian Transgender Politics

Trump Jumps In

Pope, GOP collide on Climate Change

Russia to increase nuclear arsenal: U.S. plans more firepower in Europe

After School Supervisor Fired For Explaining Sandy Hook Shooting To Kids During Lockdown Drill

British Teachers Forced To Use Classroom Software To Identify Possible Student Terrorists

Biometric classroom’ monitors students’ eye movements and conversations


What happens when an entire country becomes infested with demons?

C/E 2008 Archives: Is National Demonic Possession Possible?

World Reorganizing Into 10 Supernations

Supernation #7 - Northern Africa / Middle East

Saudi Arabia

Thursday first day of Ramadan: Saudi Arabia

Video of tailor measuring girl causes outrage in Saudi Arabia -- Tailer Arrested

Saudi Arabia is teaching ISIS a lesson in cruelty

Britain should treat Saudi Arabia as a pariah state

‘Iran spying on Israel, Saudi Arabia with major cyberattacks’

The fabulous life of Saudi billionaire Prince Alwaleed


Arab air strikes hit Yemen as "peace talks" enter second day

Medics say Saudi-led airstrikes kill at least 31 civilians fleeing war in southern Yemen

Al Qaeda kills two Yemeni Saudis accused of spying for America

Yemeni rebels seek talks with Saudi Arabia

UN Chief Ban Ki-moon calls for Ramadan truce in Yemen


Syrian Druze join battle to push back rebels in south

Missing Bradford family 'may already be in Syria': Police say after one of sisters contacted

U.S. Allies in Syria Cut Islamic State Supply Line

Syrian air force strikes kill 16 in southern province

Syrian rebels advance near Golan; Damascus shelling kills 33

YPG dominance across Syria border rattles Turkey’s nerves: Kurds successfully carving out an enclave in northern Syria


ISIS kills five policemen near Iraq's Baiji refinery

Obama's window dressing in Iraq

To Defeat ISIS in Iraq, Obama Must Treble Our Forces

The ‘misplaced priorities’ in Iraq are not the Obama administration’s


Libya says 'uncatchable' veteran militant killed in U.S. strike

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Geographically Located In Supernation #7

Persecutors of Jews Queue Up to Say "Sorry"!

The Cost of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

To 'Hurt' Israeli Economy, Palestinian Authority May Boycott Al-Aqsa Mosque

MK Bennett Demands PM Convene Security Cabinet Urgently

Israeli Source Confirms 'Indirect Contacts' with Hamas

Israeli President Celebrates 'Beauty, Kindness and Mercy' of Islam

PM Netanyahu on plight of Syria's Druse: I've ordered to do what is necessary

Israeli companies bring jobs to American cities

Bitcoin surges as Grexit worries mount, posts best run in 18 months





June 16, 2015


US Lawmakers Call on Obama to Recognize Jerusalem as True Capital of Israel

London is like Mosul: Christians have Vanished

What NAFTA can teach us about the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal

Why Jeb Bush’s Online Campaign Was Quiet

Quest for Separate State in South Yemen May Wreck Saudi Plan

US may send F-22 fighter jets to Europe to counter Russian ‘threat’

School-to-Jail Pipeline for Disabled Kids?

Strong Dollar and weak oil prices deal a major blow to the PC market

Cigarettes linked to half of deaths from 12 common cancers

Pacific trade deal hangs in balance as US Congress prepares for another vote

Pelosi engages in brinkmanship with her ally, Obama

House Republicans and White House Try to Revive Trade Bill Stalled by Democrats

2016 Election News

Jeb Bush Makes It Official: He's Running

Jeb Bush runs away from his family name

No, Jeb Bush Is Not the Wiser Bush Brother

Pols And Polls Say The Same Thing: Jeb Bush Is A Weak Front-Runner

"Minority Report Movie" - Becoming Reality

Minority Report is being turned into a TV series on Fox

Precrime creeps closer to reality, with predictive smartphone location tracking

Not Fiction: Miami looking to adapt 'pre-crime' fighting system

US government is developing a pre-crime prediction system for cyber-attacks

121 murders attributed to illegals released by Obama administration

World Reorganizing Into 10 Supernations


Supernation #5 - Russia / Eastern Europe (Eurasian Economic Union)

Kyrgyzstan Joins Eurasian Economic Union Accession

Moldovans Choose Between Europe, Russia In Local Elections

Vietnam Signs FTA with Eurasian Economic Union

Eurasian Economic Union ready for FTAs with Asia-Pacific: Dmitry Medvedev

Will EEU Bloc Members Adopt a Single Currency?


Ukraine abandoned by European and at mercy of Russia

Ukraine's border service receives new vehicles and equipment donated by the EU

Ukrainian Soldier Killed, 21 Wounded As Attacks Intensify In Eastern Ukraine

Volunteer says Ukraine's military suffers from corruption, poor training

Supernation #7 - Northern Africa / Middle East

Saudi Arabia

The World Is Facing Its Longest Oil Glut in at Least Three Decades

Quest for Separate State in South Yemen May Wreck Saudi Plan

'Gay Parties' Raided In Saudi Arabia: Religious Police Arrest Several People On Suspicion Of Homosexuality

Sikorsky says Saudi Arabia looking at bigger helicopter order

Saudi Arabia orders four Airbus C295W transport and patrol military aircraft


UN talks begin without Houthi rebels

U.N. chief opens Yemen talks, Saudi-led planes bomb capital

US drone strike kills Yemen al-Qaida leader Nasir al-Wuhayshi

Yemen 'Hangs In The Balance' As War Rages

Saudi-led bombing of Yemen breeding hatred of U.S.


What is Iran's game plan in Iraq?

Back to Iraq: No really, these troops are just here to advise

The Road to Mosul: Kurdish Peshmerga fighting Islamic State in Iraq

Shell: Oil companies have not been influenced by the security and political situation in Iraq

Networks must improve for Iraq to be Internet transit hub


ISIS routed by Kurdish fighters in Syrian border town

Turkish deputy PM says sees signs of ethnic cleansing in north Syria

More than 23,000 refugees flee to Turkey to escape Syria fighting

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Geographically Located In Supernation #7

Top World Generals Conclude: No Israeli War Crimes in Gaza

Israel sends message to Nusra Front: Cease attacks on Syria's Druse

US Lawmakers Call on Obama to Recognize Jerusalem as True Capital of Israel

MKs want security beefed up for Jewish visitors to Jerusalem's mount of olives cemetery

Hamas officials arrive in Qatar to discuss potential long-term truce with Israel

IDF Thwarts Infiltration Attempt in Gaza Belt

India’s Young Jews Eye Israel

Israel and Egypt Grow Closer, but Anti-Semitism Remains Part of the Equation

IDF to Establish New Cyber Command


Michigan Police Seize Kids from Family For ''Camping''

Greek standoff saps Europe, dollar swings ahead of Fed


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