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July 1, 2006
July 4, 2006

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North Korea Reportedly Launches 4 Missiles: State Department official said the North appeared ready to launch the long- range Taepodong-2

North Korea fired Taepodong-2 missile which failed

New World Order Plan: "A hair-raising nuclear confrontation in Korea may, towards the end of the period, threaten man's very survival." [Peter Lemesurier, "The Armageddon Script", p. 223]


PM Olmert vows far-reaching ramifications for Hamas: Despite an IDF incursion into northern Gaza, a Kassam rocket landed Tuesday night for the first time in the heart of Ashkelon


Space Shuttle Discovery Blasts Off on Fourth of July Launch

Israeli - Palestinian War

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Deadline passes with no word on fate of IDF soldier

Soldier's captors sever links with Egyptian mediators

Palestinian militants say 'discussion closed' on fate of kidnapped soldier after ultimatum expires: Israel rejects militants' ultimatum on prisoner exchange

Israel said to be drawing agreement for soldier's release: PM Olmert earlier claimed no negotiations or prisoner exchanges

PM Olmert pays surprise visit to Sderot: Said the IDF would cease hitting infrastructure in Gaza only after the Palestinians stop the firing of Kassam rockets at southern Israel

Palestinian poll: Faith in Hamas government is on the rise

Standoff with Israel brings Fatah closer to Hamas

U.K. Academic Charges: Israel obsessed with screening for healthy babies - "Israel is one of the most eugenic countries in the world ... This is ironic, considering Jewish history"

Palestinians fear the worst

Syria's President Bashar vows support to Palestinians

IDF kills Al-Aksa terrorist commander in Jenin

Asheri killers surrender to IDF troops: had kidnapped young Israeli boy and murdered him

White House tells rabbis U.S. won't pressure Israel: Assures Jewish leaders any unilateral withdrawal is PM Olmert's idea

NAFTA Taking Shape As A Super-Nation

Mexico's conservative presidential candidate creeps toward slim victory: Felipe Calderon declared victory on Monday

Bets on Calderon win ignite Mexican stocks: Market forecasts defeat for left-leaning rival Lopez Obrador

Mexican left's anger simmers after contested vote

Immigration agents seeing increasing violent assaults in western Arizona

Schwarzenegger ripped as 'part of the problem': Rep. Tom Tancredo attacks California governor for encouraging illegals, not securing border

Bush's foreign friends fading fast

City state of emergency to continue: Jackson, Mississippi -- Most effective way to fight crime

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News


Iran Has Until July 12 to Stop Enrichment

Top Pentagon officers have told the Bush administration that bombing Iranian nuclear facilities would probably fail to destroy that country's nuclear program

LTC Beardon Reveals How Russia Has A 100% Missile Shield In Place Through Her Scalar Electromagnetic Wave Weapons System: Oblivion: AMERICA At The Brink -- Scalar Weaponry Explained, Illustrated Book

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North Korea

North Korea Warns of Nuclear War if Attacked

Bush administration responded sternly Monday to an annihilation threat from North Korea

America Has 100% Effective Missile Shield In Place Through Her HAARP Electromagnetic Weapons System: Incredible Technologies In The 21st Century - DVD

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Ex-Soldier Charged in Rape of Iraqi Woman and Killing of Her Family

Iraqi Justice Minister calls for international oversight of rape-slaying case

Anti-war protesters begin July 4 hunger strike

US stars align in anti-Iraq war hunger strike: Star Hollywood actor-activists

Two US soldiers killed in Iraq

Blasts Target Iraqi Market: Five people are killed in attacks near Baghdad

Four killed, 18 bodies found across Iraq

Iraqi PM visits Abu Dhabi: To push his peace plan

Iraqi parliament speaker seeks to promote ties with Iran - "During the visit, he will be trying to put an end to the conspiracies to create a chasm between the two countries"

UAE vows to support Iraq till it achieves stability, security

Shiite Insurgent Group Makes Iraq Debut: Pledging to fight U.S., British and other coalition forces but to spare Iraqi civilians and soldiers

Sectarian divisions change Baghdad’s image as a city of religious coexistence

Saddam’s wife and daughter, plus new al-Qaida leader on Iraq’s most wanted

Jordan Declares: Saddam's daughter is a royal guest

Zarqawi buried at secret site inside Iraq, says security chief

Iraqi intellectuals targeted by assassins

Oil Rivalry Rocks Basra: The Iraqi city has turned into a deadly arena for clashes over the smuggling of millions of dollars in petroleum products

Non-Integrating States News - Afghanistan

5 Afghan laborers killed: Bombs rock Kabul

U.S. beefing up Afghan forces: Suicide attacker also kills police officer; 30 Afghans released from U.S. base

Britain plans extra troops to fight Taliban: Review of tactics as British soldiers are killed

Washington is losing 'war on terror': Experts say world has not become safer place five years after US launched its hunt for plotters of 9/11 attacks -- By Michel Moutot - PARIS

America in the eyes of the world: Unpopular and discredited

Exodus of New Orleans' musicians put city on cultural `life support': Look past the glittering facade that a battered New Orleans presents to tourists and this city is expiring -- The destruction of distinctly African-American neighborhoods

Clinton, Democrats can't afford to waffle on Conservative issues

Shuttle is 'ready to go fly,' says NASA -- Will attempt 4th of July launch, despite potentially dangerous cracking and flaking in fuel line insulation

Supreme Court justice saves cross – for now: Justice Kennedy steps in as 'national treasure' weeks from removal by judge's order

Christian film's PG rating troubles Congress

Oh Say, You Can't Sing: Most Americans do not know the words to our National Anthem



Israeli - Palestinian War

Talks on soldier's release stall: Both sides talking tough

PM Olmert Puts More Pressure on Palestinians

Israel given until 6:00 a.m. Tuesday to release prisoners: Or "pay the full future consequences"

Israeli military told 'do all it can' to free soldier

Report: Egyptians saw Shalit alive -- IDF soldier kidnapped

Bordering on chaos

ANALYSIS: Kidnapping is no longer just a 'local problem'

Iran's Foreign Ministry Spokesman: Zionist regime will burn in the fire started by itself

Hamas threatens to hit Israel's infrastructure: Including schools, hospitals and universities

Hamas member killed in IAF strike

IDF tanks, bulldozers enter N. Gaza: Operation "Spearhead" is meant to conduct "pinpoint" operations against Kassam launchers, uproot terror infrastructure, find tunnels, and prevent the laying of explosives along the border fence

Thousands in Indonesia protest Israel Gaza actions

Living in a fool's paradise: Promoting democracy in the "Arab world" is all the rage in the US these days

Top Pentagon officers have told the Bush administration that bombing Iranian nuclear facilities would probably fail to destroy that country's nuclear program

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq

Several dead in Mosul attack: At least five people have died after a car bomb directed at a police patrol exploded

Iraq PM in Saudi Arabia to discuss his peace plan

Iraqi armed groups reject PM Maliki's plan

An Official Look at U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq

Startup looks to keep cool with Iraq test: BioCool equipment could ward off ills of desert heat

Ramadi: On western edge of Iraq’s most violent city, a new approach and cautious words of hope

Lawyer says charges against Saddam family 'baseless'

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Africa invites top anti-Americans to Regional Summit: Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

US must apologise for slavery: Venezuela's President Chavez

Generals think again in Taliban onslaught: 'Spent force' has now killed five British soldiers -- Insurgents' suicidal tactics in face of west's firepower

African Union extends Darfur peacekeeping role

Nicaraguan Presidential Candidate Dies: Heart Attack

Bolivians Vote on Assembly, Autonomy

The Power of Hillary: "Hillary can win" -- James Carvelle, dean of Republican strategists -- "68 percent of Americans describe Hillary Clinton as a strong leader"

Avian Bird flu most deadly in teens and young adults, eerie echo of Spanish flu

Avian Bird Flu: Planned killer of hundreds of millions in fulfillment of Rev 6:8?

Planned Population Reduction -- DVD

Bio-Tech: The Sorcerer's New Apprentice!-- DVD

NAFTA Taking Shape As A Super-Nation

Mexico's election too close to call

Mexico stumbles toward crisis in chaotic election

Mexico's new leader will need to smooth relations with US

Del Rio border influx drops: National Guard presence cited for dramatic drop in illegals crossing border here

Cochise County warns ranchers about border fence: Any Israeli-style fence must comply with zoning ordinances

Town targets businesses hiring illegal immigrants: Cape Cod council approves $1,000 fines, revocation of license for repeat offenders

Airline passengers in France face new tax to help world's poor

Thunderstorms halt shuttle launch again

NASA Now Hopes for July 4th Discovery Launch

Global Terror = Global Dictatorship

Guantanamo inmates 'no longer any use'

Congress Faces Dilemma on Terror Trials: They could back Bush and risk the court's rebuke. Or they could alter rules and lose cases

Guantanamo Frenchmen go on trial

Second-ranking Republican focuses on Geneva Accords' application to Bush's war on terror: Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky.

California Governor Schwarzenegger Orders Release of Reports: Intelligence reports prepared for the state Office of Homeland Security

New York Times: Bank Program Not News to Terrorists

Bush originally trumpeted anti-terror plan's details: Thirteen days after Sept. 11, Bush boldly and publicly trumpeted plans to monitor financial transactions

N.Y. Times editor: I'd publish it again - Keller insists 'It's useful for us to discuss, to know about how our government is waging this war'

U.S. officially authenticates bin Laden's voice: In Saturday's taped message

Florida-made microchip to be used in volunteers with memory loss: Like Alzheimer's disease

Asteroid to narrowly miss Earth

Earth safe from asteroid, for now: The end of the world is not nigh

Britons see US as vulgar empire builder: Only 12% view US as capable of acting responsibly on world's stage

China is world's fourth-largest economy: World Bank reports

Bush urged to intervene after Castro's death

NORAD air base on heightened alert: No reason given for 'Bravo-Plus' security level

Early Supreme Court consensus gives way to fractured rulings

President Bush: Fighting fit and shocked to be 60: Turns 60 on July 6

Atlantic City Casinos Ordered to Close: Latest casualty of a state government shutdown - ordered gaming in Atlantic City to cease at 8 a.m. Wednesday - the day after the July Fourth holiday

Weekenders ignore post-holiday casino closing

Australian FM Downer backs push for Federal Government to take powers from states

Renault, General Motors weigh risk-laden mega-deal

Renault-Nissan alliance among most successful: 1999 investment in Japanese firm was criticized, but stake is now worth $21B

Chrysler trims top management: Automaker profitable, but is reorganizing to become a leaner operatio

Massachusetts Nursing homes seen deficient on basic care: Movement grows to cut unneeded hospitalizations

Experts Debate Labeling Children Obese

Moral Collapse

British sex shame teacher jailed: Had sex with boy while on jury duty, in school, for 4 months

Case of slain N.D. student goes to trial - For abduction of 22-year-old Dru Sjodin from a shopping center parking lot and the discovery of her body five months later

Record 40 Million to Travel Over July 4th Weekend

In times of high gas prices: "Greasel" cars fill up where you do

Bush Address Pays Tribute to Armed Forces

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel Hits Palestinian PM's Gaza Office: Building set on fire - no reports of casualties

Gaza crisis escalates

PM Olmert Reasurres His Cabinet: 'These are difficult days, but we won't give in to terror'

Shin Bet and IDF thwart another kidnapping of IDF soldiers

Abbas confident soldier can be freed

Militants demand end to Israeli offensive

Thousands of Palestinians Stuck at Border

Crisis in Gaza may set off another conflict: UN official warns

Palestinians impeded but resolute: Israeli attacks on Gaza have left the region with little electricity, fuel and food

State Department website ignores Palestinian terror: Program fails to identify perpetrators of suicide bombings, attacks in Israel

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US Navy ships dock in Vietnam for July 4th

Unclassified advice for the new CIA chief: A former case officer outlines the care and handling of spooks

Nuke programme 'will continue': Iranian President

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq

Unknown Sunni group claims market bombing which killed at least 66 people: 'Supporters of the Sunni People'

Shiite lawmaker survives bombing attack: A day after a female Sunni legislator was kidnapped by gunmen from her car

Russia Offers $10 Million Reward for Information on Killers of Embassy Workers in Iraq

Muslim group condemns reports of U.S. rape, cover-up murder

Ex-Army spokesman says U.S. committed to long war in Iraq - Brig. Gen. Mark Kimmitt

Iraqi parliament speaker due in Iran Monday

Foreign Investors See Northern Iraq as Gateway to Rest of Country

Iraq PM tour Persian Gulf states to push peace plan

Iraqis try not to lose cool amid summer blackouts

Oregon governor mourns GI killed in Iraq

U.S. undermining Nepal peace process - Maoist chief warns

Global Terrorism = Global Dictatorship

"Bin Laden" Endorses al-Zarqawi's Successor

White House says bin Laden offers only war

British Security forces warn terrorists may strike on 7/7 anniversary

Mexicans vote for new president: On Sunday

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Insurgents Kill 2 British Soldiers, Interpreter in Southern Afghanistan

Military 'wants more Afghan planes' to bolster UK forces

Afghan suicide attacks, bombings increase: Violence rises as Taliban follows Iraq’s lead

Rocket explodes in Afgahanistan base

NATO General Says Taleban Gaining Strength as World Focuses on Iraq

China-Tibet train makes tracks on world's highest railroad

US High Court Decision on Guantanamo Receives International Praise

GOP, Democrats make push for values voters: Both parties focus on moral issues in upcoming elections

Presbyterians expanding on typical view of Trinity: "Compassionate Mother, Beloved Child and Life-giving Womb," or perhaps "Lover, Beloved, and Love That Binds Lover and Beloved Together"

War hero, ex-senator asks Bush to save cross: San Diego landmark to be removed by judge's order next month

NASA to try again for space shuttle launch: Electrically-charged clouds forced NASA to call off Saturday's launch of Discovery

Global Automotive Stunner: Link General Motors, Renault-Nissan

Massachusetts Troopers had relied on illegal workers: Yet they may be called upon to enforce immigration laws

Up to 61 million immigrants might flow into U.S. under proposed reform

U.S. invited Korea missile threat: Reports say bargaining with Iran led to Pyongyang's intercontinental missile test

Israeli - Palestinian War

Crisis Deepening

Israel Warns: Free soldier or Palestinian PM dies - Hamas's Gaza-based political leaders, including Mr Haniyeh, had already gone into hiding

Palestinian PM Haniyeh: PA will not cave in to demands

Hamas refuses to trade arrested ministers for soldier

Israeli Foreign Ministry satisfied with world response to Gaza operation

US: Israel has right to defend itself

Palestinian Kidnappers demand prisoner release: Israel rejects ultimatum

Al-Aqsa Brigades publish details of ‘kidnapped soldier’

Hizbullah Urges Palestinians: Don't give up soldier for nothing

Soldier's father: Give us sign of life

Olmert, Enough! Disengagement was glorious tactical success – and glowing strategic failure

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq

Baghdad market bombing kills 60: Wounds at least 76 more

GIs May Have Planned Iraq Rape, Slayings: Group of U.S. soldiers suspected of raping an Iraqi woman, then killing her and three members of her family plotted the attack for nearly a week

Sunni Legislator Kidnapped in Baghdad

Listen to the Vietnam Veterans: Just as they did in Vietnam, Americans have already lost sight of what it is fighting for in Iraq

Bush's fate lies in the hands of Iraqis

Only 483 Guard Working on Mexican Border

The missing troops on the border: Editorial

Outside Graceland, protesters and fans mingle while world leaders tour Elvis’ home: President Bush, Japanese PM Koizumi tour Graceland - Koizumi a big fan of Elvis

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Northeast Residents Weary After Floods

California Governor Schwarzenegger signs $131.4 billion budget

Guantanamo ruling heralds political showdown: Republicans say it shows how tough President George W. Bush is on terrorists and voters will eat it up

"Bin Laden" Planning Somalia, Iraq Message

US brushes off new "Bin Laden" warning

A war on the press amidst the war on terror

NASA readies crucial shuttle flight from Florida

Rocket Attack Wounds 10 in Afghanistan

Afghan Taliban Following Lead of Militant Iraqis

World underestimated resurgent Taliban, NATO says



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