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We have culled these pertinent stories from many sources to keep you updated on the Daily News events pertinent to the coming New World Order. Truly, once you know the Plan to establish the Kingdom of Antichrist, you will never look at the news the same way again. For A Cutting Edge Analysis and Recap Of Current Events Being Reported In The News Visit our Headline News Area

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July 15, 2002

Bush Establishes Police State Informant Network:1 in 24 Americans will be recruited to spy on their neighbors

Study: Bush Security Plan Too Risky: Will create department too huge

Al Qaeda Said To Have Investigated Ways To Poison Our Water Supply

Neo-Nazi Said To Have Tried To Assassinate French President Chirac

CEO Says Cheney Knew About Accounting Practices

Boston Logan Airport To Be Test For New Surveillance Technologies

Huge Money In Drugs: Pfizer To buy Rival Pharmacia for $60 Billion

Coca Cola To Tighten Stock Option Accounting Practices

Banks Put WorldCom On The Brink

WorldCom Was Cooking Books In Year 2000, One Year Earlier Than Thought

Euro Crosses Benchmark Figure, Reaches Parity With U.S. Dollar

U.S. Defense Secretary Says Our Forces Were Justified In Afghan Wedding Attack

God's Love Includes Gays, Lesbians

Human Anti-HIV Gene May Possess Defence Against AIDS


Bush, Blair Plan Iraqi War Summit

Iraqi Military Officers Set Up Tribunal To Oust Saddam: U.S. will 'deal' with Saddam

India Blames Pakistan, Weighing Response

Indian Prime Minister Stops Just Short of Slamming Pakistan

Islamic Terrorist Attack Meant To Intimidate Hindus

Pakistani Judge Sentences To Death Prime Suspect In Killing Of WSJ Reporter Dany Pearl

Diplomats To Start New Offensive Monday To Produce Palestinian Directorate That Will Lead To Full Statehood

Israelis Display Another Militant Palestinian Baby Photo

Israel Destroys Gaza Bomb Factory

Arafat Accused Of Stashing Millions of Dollars Overseas as Government Nears Collapse

Catholic Church Scandal Updates

Cardinal Law Returns Amidst Protests, Turmoil

Serial Pedophile Priest Asks For Second Chance: Now engaged to be married to former nun

Catholic Bishops Finding In "Difficult" To Implement New Sex Abuse Policy

Biblical/Occult Basis For Catholic Sex Scandals

NJ Priest On Leave After Sex Abuse Allegations

Archdiocese of Louisville Said To Have Been Aware of Alleged Sex Abuse

Catholic Judges Advise Cardinal Law To Cooperate With The Law



July 14, 2002

Bush Establishes Police State Informant Network: 1 in 24 Amnericans will be recruited to spy on their neighbors


Trusted Family Doctor Killed At Least 166 Patients

New Genocide Is Now Occurring!! Attitudes among medical personnel today is like Germans prior to Hitler

Hades fades from the pulpit as U.S. churches put a gentler spin on the afterlife

Stock Slide Playing Havoc With Dreams of Older Americans: Another Example

Bankruptcies Could Hit 5% of GNP

Is U.S. Economy About To Take Plunge? Economic Political, Religious factors have to be exactly in sync

Is 1 Timothy 6:10 Ruling Your Life? Or, Is Jesus The #1 Love of Your Heart?

Bush Urges Corporate Integrity

Bush Aide Led Company Accused Of Fraud

Russia Loses Track of New Space Vehicle

U.S. Shows Off Futuristic Robot Plane

The Rise of the Drone Aircraft In Warfare

Boeing's Unmarried Combat Aircraft (X-45)

Banks Suing WorldCom For $2.5 Billion In Fraud

Bush, Lawmakers Argue Over Anti-Terror Bill

Osama bin Laden Said To Be Alive: U.S. Policy Needs Him To Be Alive

Britain Now Crime Center of West: How can this be? They have outlawed guns!

Nasdaq De-lists Implantable Chip Maker: Now government can pick up rights to chip for next to nothing

A Satellite Baby-sitting Service: Irridium Satellites Nowhere to hide satellite system video

7-Million-Year Old Skull Discovered To Be Just Old Gorilla: Nothing human nor Evolutionary About It

Four Palestinians Die As Israel Tightens Grip

Lab's Polio Virus Discovery Leads To Question About What Is Life?

Pledge Alliegance To The Fraud

Fearing The New "Bushtapo": Police State Arising


Bush, Blair Plan Iraqi War Summit

Does Iraq Have Nukes? Blix Knows

AIDS Epidemic Exceeding Estimates

Serial Pedophile Priest Asks For Second Chance: Now engaged to be married to former nun

"Betrayal" - Boston Globe Investigative Team: Excellent book, must read book on Catholic scandal

Catholic Bishops Finding In "Difficult" To Implement New Sex Abuse Policy

Big Dig Overrun Is Really Big

China's Leader May Not Step Down

China Moves Threaten Taiwan: More missiles


China Raising So Much Money In U.S., Security Concerns Are Mounting

100,000 Christians To Rally For Israel

Terror Spurs U.S. Jews To Leave For Israel: Want to face terror in their ancestral homeland

Wahhabi Creed Insists On Extreme Intolerance

Wahhabi Islamic Offensive Targets U.S. Using Old Soviet "Active Measures" Techniques

Farrakhan Backs Mugabe's Drastic Land Seizure From White Farmers

Islamic Terrorists Kill At Least 27 In Kashmir

Tourists Injured In Separate Attack In Pakistan

Iraqi Natives Sentenced In Fake Driver's License Operation

Anglican Archbishop Will Bless Charles' Wedding To Camilla In Church

Prince Charles Declared To Be Savior of the World

Maitreya The Christ Proclaimed

Yank Your Kids Out Of School: Brave New Schools

U.N. Government Is Anti-U.S.


July 13, 2002

China Moves Threaten Taiwan: More missiles

Illuminati Planned 150 Years Ago To Arm China To Be Equal To U.S.

Spain Rattles Sabers At Morocco: Stakes Raised

Moroccons Celebrate Their King's Marriage

Republicans Stall Bush's $30 Billion Anti-Terrorism Bill

U.N. Exempts U.S. Troops From War Crimes Charges For One Year: Bush still allows U.N. sovereigny to be exalted over U.S.

Bush Caves In On World Court

Hebrew Sesame Street To Add Character With AIDS

Sesame Street To Introduce HIV-Positive Puppet

Lawmakers Consider Expanding Prison Rent Program

Ex-Officers Call For Saddam's Removal

U.S. Assumes Operational Control of Air Base At Qatar In Iraq Attack Preparations

British Pull Out Troops From Kosovo To Prepare For Iraq Attack

Plan to Blow Up Saddam's Germ Warfare Sites Is Part of Iraq Plans: Defector Reveals Bio-War Sites

British Spies In Iraq To Incite Revolt

Environmentalist Scientist Switches Sides, Reveals Government Deliberately Flooding Tens of Thousands of Acres To Provide "Safe Habitat" For Sparrow

7-Million Year "Human like" Skull Found: Belief in Evolution The Goal: Does picture look like "superglue" masterpiece to you?





SEC Chairman - Regulator of Markets -- Will Not Resign, Has Full Support of Bush

Stocks Drop Sharply Again

Democrat Gephardt Received Unsecured Loan

Retail Sales Up Surprising 1.1%

Media Says to Be Overstating Economy's Doom

Arafat Vows To Stay On -- For Now

Palestinian Support For Bombers

Arafat Misses African Dubin Summit
Fearing Exile

Another Tunnel Discovered On Egypt-Israel Border

Top Israeli Army Officers Warn Palestinian Cities Could Erupt Like Volcano

Another Christian Fundamentalist Family Under Legal Probe For Spanking Child

"Child Abuse" -- Today's Trojan Horse Threatening Christian Families

Split Developing Between Jews and Democrats?

Catholic Diocese Reaching Out In Affirmation, Support To Gays - Lesbians

Catholic H.S. Honor Student Suing Diocese -- Not Allowed to Criticize Homosexuality

Citizen Who Videotaped Cops Beating Black Is Arrested

Vatican Supports International Court: Future False Prophet Continues To Align With Future Antichrist



July 12, 2002

Hades fades from the pulpit as U.S. churches put a gentler spin on the afterlife

Catholic Diocese Reaching Out In Affirmation, Support To Gays - Lesbians

Catholic H.S. Honor Student Suing Diocese -- Not Allowed to Criticize Homosexuality

Transsexual Wins Right To Marry

Capitol Hill Priest Suspended For Sex Allegations With Young Boys

Sexual Sins Have Always Plagued Catholic Church

Celibacy Is Moral and Biblical Disaster

Gorbachev: Bush and His Plan To Topple Iraq Scare Him and Are Threat To World Peace

U.S. Assumes Operational Control of Air Base At Qatar In Iraq Attack Preparations

British Pull Out Troops From Kosovo To Prepare For Iraq Attack

Plan to Blow Up Saddam's Germ Warfare Sites Is Part of Iraq Plans: Defector Reveals Bio-War Sites

British Spies In Iraq To Incite Revolt

First Hispanic Judge Picked For Florida Supreme Court

U.K. Street Robberies Increase 28%

Violent Crime Increasing In U.K., Police Officer Retention Is A Problem

Environmentalist Scientist Switches Sides, Reveals Government Deliberately Flooding Tens of Thousands of Acres To Provide "Safe Habitat" For Sparrow

"Rewilding" Is Ultimate Goal - Bush Taking Us There Just Like Clinton Did

"Green Movement" Violating Constitution

Greens Adopt "Big Lie" Technique

Children Pick Dates For Single Moms On New "Reality-Based" TV Show

Citizen Who Videotaped Cops Beating Black Is Arrested

NBA Star Charged With Gun Rage

Lack Of Toilets Taking Toll On Women In Armed Forces

Dead Jews Walking



Top Israeli Army Officers Warn Palestinian Cities Could Erupt Like Volcano

Bomb Blast Aimed At Bus

Egyptian Mubarak Denies Discussion With Bush On Palestinian State: Arafat is only one U.S. Can Negotiate

Sharon Concedes Not To Oust Arafat

Arafat Rearranging Deck Chairs On His Sinking Ship

IDF Reservist Callups Force Companies To Adapt

Split Developing Between Jews and Democrats?

New York Boy Killed For One Dollar -- 13 Years Old

Sesame Street To Introduce HIV-Positive Puppet

Another Pilot Caught Drunk At Miami

Easy For Terrorists To Make Biological Weapons

Al Qaeda Active In America

Photographer Threatened With Treason Charge After Taking Pictures Of Nuclear Plant

9/11 Prisoners Now Freed, Most Deported

GOP Surpasses Bush In Demanding Corporate Reform

Anderson Allowed Enron To "Fix" Shady Deals

Cheney Praised Anderson Firm In 1996

NPR Apologizes To Christian Coalition For Slanderous Report

NPR and PBS "Too Conservative" Says Liberal Lawmakers

State House Votes To Loosen Gun Controls

U.N. Chief Says Sudan Peace Deal Close

Sudan: Hidden Holocaust Against Christians

Ross Perot Questioned By Lawmakers Over His Role In Energy Crisis



July 11, 2002

War Rhetoric Heats Up Against Iraq

Bush Planning On Massive Invasion of Iraq

Jordan Now Agrees To Let U.S. Forces Use Its Bases

Exiled Iraqi Generals Eager To Participate On March To Baghdad

Defectors Say Iraq Building Deadly Arsenal

U.S. Elections May Be Key To Timing of Attack

West Sees Glittering Oil Fields Falling Under Their Control

U.S. Seeking Ways To Try Saddam For War Crimes

NATO Allies Aid Iraq's Biological Weapons Program

Saddam May See Himself As King Nebuchadnezzar: Prophecy of Isaiah 14 may be about to be fulfilled, as Iraq is physically Ancient Babylon

Al Qaeda Has 5,000 Terrorists Throughout U.S.

LAX Terrorist In U.S. On Visa Exemption: Should have been deported

House Panel Finds No Single Issue That Would Have Prevented 9/11: Government takes itself off the hook!

Basball Commissioner Says Teams Are So Broke They Might Not Meet Payroll

All-Star Game Ratings Worst Ever

"Lovers of Vain Amusements More Than and Rather Than God" - 2 Timothy 3:4

U.S. Army Testing Humvee That Can Blast Landmines With Laser Beam

Wall Street Now Worried About Rekindling of Inflation, Plus Corporate "Book Cooking"

Eyes On Wall Street

Gold Stocks The Place To Be Now, Until Coming Depression Is Over

Analysis of U.S. Economy Reveals Some Surprising Information!

Multi-Faith School Planned In Britain: Christianity, Islam, Jewish, Hindu Faiths Promoted

Crystal Ball Imaging In 3-D: High technology continues to abound that could produce Talking Image of Antichrist

Federal Outlays For Homeland Security and Defense Zoom To New Highs

Hillary Fund Raiser Jailed For Fraud

Public School Teachers Gets 80 Years For Sex Abuse of Students

Junior High Students Share Needles In Science Class

Is American Moral Outrage Reaching Critical Mass?

Abortion Clinic Pictures Posted On Web



Jewish-Only City, Town Population Proposed

Obadiah Prophecy Fulfillment Will Require Jewish - Palestinian Population Separation

Israel Building "Buffer Zones" To Physically Separate Jews - Palestinians

Gunmen Kill Israeli Officer

American Airlines Designates Jerusalem, "Held Territories" In Mailing

Amnesty International Condemns Palestinian Suicide Attacks

European, British Academics Debate Boycott of Israel

German Foreign Minister Planning Renewed Peace Talks

New Christian Pro-Israel Alliance Formed

Pictures of Western Wall "Weeping": Orthodox Jews Take This As Messianic Sign

Jewish False Messiah may Be About To Arise: Maitryea The Christ Proclaimed!

Palestinian People Do Not Exist!

Atheism, Evolution Building Momentum

7-Million Year "Human like" Skull Found: Belief in Evolution The Goal: Does picture look like "superglue" masterpiece to you?

When Christian Roamed The Earth: Evolution Lie

Pledge Mom Fights To Retain "Under God":

Pledge Atheist May Have Committed Perjury

Analysis of Pledge Ruling

Heat Sears West, California On Stage 2 Power Emergency: Might Top 134 Degrees

"Green Lawsuits" Result In Uncontrollable Wildfires

New Evidence In Flight 800 Disaster Prompts Investigator To Call For Case To Reopen

Ex-Homosexual -- Now Christian -- Tells His Story -- "No one is born homosexual"

Topeka Gay/Lesbian Group Wants New Laws Passed To Combat Christian Pastor

Drag Queen Fights For Visibility

Bush Caves In On World Court

Teen Beaten By Police To Sue

Smoke Bombs Force Evacuation In Downtown Seattle

Internet Companies Moving Toward Online ID Card



July 10, 2002

WorldCom Warns Financial World: Next 3 Weeks Critical To Avert Largest Bankruptcy In History

Bush Signs Executive Order Creating "Corporate Fraud Task Force" To Combat Fraudulent Bookkeeping

Bush Calls This Task Force His "Financial SWAT Team": Did Big Government just grab new powers?

Bush Defends 1990 Stock Sale: Cannot explain disclosure delay in selling stock just weeks before stock fell: Group Runs Ads Showing Bush's Involvement In Questionable, But Profitable, Stock Sale

V.P. Cheney Accused By Judicial Watch of Accounting Fraud

Capitalist Crooks: Could Not Happen If U.S. Were On Gold Standard

FBI Admits: No Evidence Links 'Hijackers' to 9-11

Terrorism Knocking On Our Door

Fake U.S. Visas For Sale At American Embassy

Al Qaeda Claims New Attacks, Assassinations Planned: Air Cargo Big Hole In Security

Arab "Ankle Biters" -- Civilization Continues Its 400-Year Decline - California School Sued Over Forced Promotion Of Islam

The Real War -- And Danger -- Is At Home, And With Our Own Leaders

One Way Or Another, bin Laden Is Dead

Farmers In Fight Over Water: "Cui-ui" Suckerfish More Deserving Of Water Than Farmers!

World To Die By 2050: U.S. Biggest Offender

Wind Power Not "Sustainable"

"Rewilding" Is The Ultimate Plan

Water Deal With Mexico Stirs Texas Protest

Are Bill and Hillary Going To Divorce?

Police Bullet-proof Vests Aren't Bullet-proof!

The Idiots Are In Charge!

Whatever You Do, Don't Accuse Arabs of Hate Crimes Against Jews

Terror And Denial At LAX

Firefighting: U.S. Government Style

Saudi Money Pipeline Ignored


Iraq Says Farrakhan and American Muslims Praying For Iraqi Victory Over U.S.

Iraq Defiant, Says She Is Ready For War With U.S.

Saddam's "Rusting Arsenal"

British Foreign Secretary Suggests "Interim" Palestinian State : Planning For New Regime

Study Shows Palestinians Spinning Casualty Figures In Order To Cast Israel As Villain

Mortar Shells, Gunfire Continues Overnight

U.S. Senate Intel Committee Warns Syria: Dismantle Terror Bases Or We Will

Jordan Says It Will Not Allow U.S. To Use Its Territory From Which To Launch Iraq Attack

New IDF General Takes Over "In Midst of War"

Christian Evangelicals Supporting American Jews To Move To Israel: Biblical Prophecy being fulfilled 'right in front of my eyes'

Israeli "Sunday-Off" Bill Advances

Janet Reno Campaigns At "Gay Luncheon": Courting Gay Vote In Florida

Gore Lacks Tennessee Backing For New Presidential Race

Wife-Swapping Coming Out of the Closet: 5-Star Hotels Planned To Accomodate The Demand!

Senate Passes Nevada Nuclear Waste Site

Baptist Pastor Accused Of Beating 11-Year-Old Boy For 90 Minutes With 1"-Thick Tree Branch, Nearly Killing Him

FBI Probes Cop Beating of Black Teen

Participating With Pagans In Name of Inter-Faith: Actual News Story

Equip Our Soldiers To Come Back Alive!

Fatal Attraction: Earth's Magnetic Poles Said Ready To Reverse: Could be end of life as we know it

Turkey Said Ready For Christian Revival

Vatican Supports International Court: Future False Prophet Continues To Align With Future Antichrist

Six Step Attitudinal Change Plan Beginning to Form Over Vouchers

Voucher System Will Dumb Down Private Schools

Break Power of Public Schools

Six Step Attitudinal Change Plan Explained


July 9, 2002

U.S. Decides Turkey and the Turks In Iraq Are Most Important Asset In War With Iraq

Turkish Government Teeters On Verge of Collapse

Bush Steps Up War Rhetoric Against Iraq: Raises expectations of war sooner rather than later

Cheney Threatens Iraq With New U.S. Policy of "Pre-emptive Strikes" -- "Minority Report Doctrine"

Bush: Oust Saddam By All Means

Iraq Seeks Military Technology With Ukraine

Israel Kills Top Islamic Jihad Leader: Analysis of Islamic Jihad

Israel Has New Military Chief

Centrist Jewish Leader Condemns Immigration of Religiously Observant Jews - Orthodox Jews viewed as a real problem

Bush Supporting Current IDF Military Action

Hizbollah Goes Back On Its Word, Raising Prospects of New Attacks

Israel Reopens Talks With Palestinians

IDF Troops Nab Palestinians Dressed As Israeli Cops, With Grenades and Guns Hidden

Terror Victim's Spouses To Wed Each Other To Raise 12 Children Left Behind

U.S. - Taiwan Sub Deal Still On Track: China is rapidly modernizing her naval forces

Wife of LAX Gunman Said Her Husband Did Not Shoot Anyone!

Overreaction After LAX Shooting

U.S. Government Confused, Bewildered After Attack

Number of Texas Counties Under Water Continues To Increase

World To Die By 2050: U.S. Biggest Offender

Hillsides In Colorado Damaged By Fire Could Turn Into Flooding Disaster

Quebec Forest Fires Send Smoke To U.S.

Arizona Wildfires Fully Contained

Flash Flood Severs I-80 In Nebraska

"Rewilding" Is The Ultimate Plan


Israeli Government Elusive As To Smallpox Vaccinations Even Though Many Experts Want Population Vaccinated Now

Israel Is Stockpiling Smallpox Vaccinations

Bubonic Plague Reported In Kazazhstan

U.S. Plans To Vaccinate For Smallpox, Even Holding People Against Their Will

Pregnant Women Need Smallpox Vaccination

200 Catholic Priests Investigated For Sex Abuses In The Philippines

N.H. Bishop Admitted To Court He Did Not Report Pedophile Sex Abuse To Authorities

Cardinal Law Apologizes To California Bishop For Lying About Father Shanley

Biblical Answer To Catholic Pedophile Scandal

Boston Globe Complete Coverage of Pedophile Priest Scandal

Online "Safe Sex Game" Attracts 125,000

Pledge Case To Be Re-heard: Girl's Christianity To Be An Issue

86% Of N.Y. Voters Give Senator Hillary An "F"

Bush To Crack Down On Corporate Scandals

Bush Defends His Texas Oil Accounting

WorldCom CEO Tried To Delay Probe

Panel May Seek More Martha Stewart Records

FBI Planted Tracking Device

Device Now Links You To Your Luggage

Washington, D.C. Launches New "Gay Partners" Program: Bush instrumental in getting it passed

Return of the IRS "Audits From Hell"




July 8, 2002

Arab LAX Gunman Was Well Known To Airport Security!

Intelligence Confirms: LAX Arab Egyptian Gunman Was An Islamic Jihad

Is FBI Fumbling Yet Another Terror Probe?

Expert: LAX Attack WAS Terror

Friends Mourn Loss Due To LAX Attack: Pictures

London's Arab Press Inciting Hatred, Terror

Britain May Use "Dirty Bomb" Detectors

Muslim Murder: Call It What It Is

New Terrorist Attacks Planned To Coincide With 9/11 Anniversary

Al Qaeda Spiritual Leader Said To Be In British Safe House, Protected by British Intelligence!

Bond Opens NAACP Convention With Attack on Bush and Ashcrost as "Right Wing Conspiracy"

Lake Tahoe Wildfire Not Causing Harm To Ecosystem

Bush Recites Pledge of Alliegance In Church

Floods Devastate Texas: New Storm Forming In Gulf of Mexico

Weather Control A Reality

Trouble Brewing In Florida's Swamps: "Rewilding Project" drawing fire from citizens, property owners

More Federal Land Grab Seen As Bill Works Through Congress

Bride-To-Be Uses Gun, Shovel To Thwart Robber, Then Got Married As Scheduled!

Bush Under Political Pressure On Corporate Fraud Scandals

Homeland Security Chief My Be Bush's V.P. Candidate In 2004 Race

Florida State University Meterology Professor Dogged By Sex Scandal Allegations

New Bible Translation Stirs Debate: TNIV

TNIV Is Really New International Perversion

Abortion Foes Get Liberal Help

Flesh-eating Disease Said Caused By Tattoo



Bush Worse Than Clinton In Transferring Arms Technology To China!

Illuminati Planned To Arm China To Be Equal With U.S. 150 Years Ago!

Bush Capitulates To World Court!

War Crimes Tribunal Now Coming After Clinton?

Quebec Forest Fires Blanket Eastern U.S. With Smoke

Wildfires Prompt Health Alerts

Many Gay, Bisexual Men In U.S. Not Aware They Have AIDS

Mutant HIV Strains Drug Resistant

U.S. Leftist Gays Worried About Rise of Right-wing Gays Allied To Bush

Would Bush Arrest "Mom & Pop America" For "Hate Crimes"?

Terrorist Camps In Syria, Lebanon Larger Terror Threat Than Iraq

Farrakhan In Iraq, "Out To Save The World"

"Surprise" Proposal To Internationalize Jerusalem's Old City

Plan To Produce Antichrist Envisions Jerusalem To Be Controlled Internationally

New Constitution For Palestinian State: Arafat Signs

Arafat May Be Displaced In 6 Months

Arafat Brings Corruption

Egyptian Spy Chief On Mission, Metting Both Israeli and Palestinian Chiefs

Protests Continue Over Arafat's Firing of Security Service Head

Iraq May Use Weapons of Mass Destruction

Iraq Vows To Foil U.S. Plans

Will Britain Supply Troops For Iraq Attack?

Why Fear Stalks Israel

University Requires Book On Quran (Koran) To Be Read by All Freshmen

Experts Urge Smallpox Vaccinations

Camp Teaches Kids Atheism

"Guns Save Lives" Recounts Americans Being Saved By Guns

The Crooks In The White House

WorldCom Faces Congress

Palestinian "Baby Suicide Bomber" Backs Bush Plan



July 7, 2002

Earth Said To Be Out of Resources By 2050

Hundreds Flee Texas Floods: 40 Inches of Rain

Rain Running Amok: Moving West

Weather Control A Reality

Trouble Brewing In Florida's Swamps: "Rewilding Project" drawing fire from citizens, property owners

Rental Car Satellite Tracking Results In Lawsuit

Satellite Tracking Technology Makes This Kind of Tracking Easy

U.S. Bombing of Afghan Wedding Party Kills 48, Wounds 117

Afghans Outraged - Charge US Troops With Inhuman Cruelty

Afghan Vice-President Slain, US Probes Wedding Raid

School Vouchers and Government Control

Influential Pakistani Muslim Rapes Christian Teen, Getting Away With It

Men Seen Videotaping Ferrys, Activity Suspicious

Powell Angrily Says Pentagon Enemies Won't Drive Him Out of Office

Judge Upholds Muslim Marriage Contract

Families Sue Public School For Indoctrinating Students In Islam

Thefts of Pilots Uniforms, ID Cards, From Hotel Rooms Raises Terror Alert

Are We Doomed To Be A Police State?

Liberalism Is Dooming This Once Great Nation


Israel Plans Massive Military Operation In Gaza Strip and Simultaneous Diplomatic Initiative

Egyptian Diplomatic Initiative In Israel, Palestinian Areas

Israel, FBI Differ On Motive Of LAX Egyptian Gunman: Egypt Putting Diplomatic Pressure on U.S. To Avoid Condemnation

Doomed Ticket Agent Was Planning Wedding: Pictures of Victoria Hen, 25, and Ya'akov Aminov, 46, Victims

Government To Step Up Airport Controls After LAX Attack

Hizbullah Rocket Attack Is 15th In 4 Months: Hamas Agrees To Ceasefire If Israel Withdraws to 1967 Borders

Arafat Under Fire For Firing Security Chief

Al Qaeda Forms New Front In Jordan

Fury Erupts As British Academic Fires Two Respected Journalists For Being Israeli

Government Expands Plans For Smallpox Vaccinations

Iraq Refuses U.N. Arms Inspectors

U.S. Maps Out Iraqi Invasion: Farrakhan In Iraq

Farrakhan - 'American Muslim People Pray For The Victory Of Iraq'

Blair Pressured Over His Support of Iraq Attack

Dispute Arises Over Disposal of Ted William's Body

Man Sues Former L.A. Bishop For 19 Years of Alledged Sexual Abuse: Bishop said to have paid man for sex; Diocese admits facts, but says sex was "consensual"

Priest of Sacred Heart Resigns After Allegations He Sexually Abused Minors

Vatican Supports Global Court; Record of First Inquisition

U.S. Said "Asleep" As China Builds Up Military

Purging Christianity




July 6, 2002

Pedophile Priest Appealed To Vatican On Basis of Canon Law, Was Reinstated, Where He Sexually Abused Again!

U.S. Priests Appealing Under Canon Law!

Church Canon Law Operated Inquisition

Dallas Bishop Finally Removes Gay Priest

Finally, The Whole Truth About Pedophile Scandal

Catholic Church Clout Diminished As State Houses Pass Laws Allowing Investigation To Go Forth

Intelligence Confirms: LAX Arab Egyptian Gunman Was An Islamic Jihad - Went to airport with intent to kill

Arab LAX Killer Held Grudge Over U.S. Flag

LAX Killer Was On FBI Watch List

EL AL Airline Probing Russian Attack On July 4 As Also Terrorist -- More

Man Arrested On Weapons Charges At Small Airport Just Before Bush's Arrival

Two Small Planes Flew In NYC Restricted Air Space On July 4

Texas Flood Forcing Thousands To Flee Homes

Homes Washed Away, Dams Threatened

Preventing Mushroom Shaped Clouds

Pakistanis Ridicule President Musharaff As "Busharaff", Opposing His Cooperation With U.S.

Pakistani Police Arrest One In Tribal Gang Rape

Facial Recognition Spy Cameras At Virginia Beach

Facial Recognition Technology Explained - Video

"Minority Report" Shows Ultimate Society Controlled By Such Technology

Are We Doomed To Become A Police State?

Neo-Occult "Burning Man Festival" Goes Modern

Get Ready For "Exploding Man"

Earth Said To Be Out of Resources By 2050

Iraq Refuses Return of U.N. Weapons Investigators

White House Refuses To Confirm Iraq Attack Plans -- Louis Farrakhan Arrives In Iraq

Sharon Reveals Joint Peace Plan

Israel Winning War Against Militants

Palestinians Continue Media War Against U.S.

Woman And Child Killed In Gaza -- Terrorists Killed As Well

Signs of Arafat's Downfall Increasing

Jenin Death Video May Implicate Israeli Army

"Leaking" Wailing Wall Attracts Jewish Mystics, Tourists, Sightseers

Palestinians Fear "Gentle" Incursion

Muslim Terror Bomb Kills 35 on Algerian Independence Day

Planned Parenthood Director Faces Arrest

Arkansas State Supreme Court Strikes Down Law Forbidding Gay Sex

Fake Harry Potter "Conjured Up" In China

Complete Analysis of Harry Potter

Church of England Rapidly Becoming Invisible!

Russian Orthodox Church Accuses Vatican of Forced Conversions

Family's Open Sex Lifestyle Focus of Murder Trial

Vacationers Bedeviled By Spam Cramming Email Boxes Causing Many Real Messages To Not Be Delivered

Why Echelon Did Not Prevent 9/11 Attacks

Echelon Technology Real Threat To Liberties

Russia Offers Hunters Chance To Bag Killer Whales For $1 Million - Animal Rights Groups Angry



July 5, 2002

Iraq Attack Said To Plan To Strike From Three Directions Simultaneously

Attack Would Be Massive, And Mounted From At Least 8 Countries: Why were planning documents deliberately leaked?

British Correspondent Smashes U.S. Anti-Terror War, and Britain's Role As U.S. "Mercenaries"

Patriot Act Backlash? Efforts underway to repeal more dangerous provisions

Bush Following Route To Re-election Victory

More Selling Foreseen On Wall Street

WorldCom To Go On Trial For Securities Fraud

Other Companies Engaged In Fraudulent Accouting Practices

European Parliament Votes A "Fundamental Right" To Abortion, Morning-After Pills

Face of New World Order Dictatorship: CFR Board of Directors

School Vouchers: Another Name For Welfare

Pentagon To Release Study On China's Threat To Taiwan

China's New Missile Brings Parity In Region

Return of the IRS "Audits From Hell"

Forest Service More Concerned Over Endangered Species In Water Than Fire: 4 Fire Fighers Died

World Summit On Sustainable Development Planned For Johannesburg -- Plan is to tie every topic to Israel, blaming all world's ills on her

Iran's Next Revolution

Iran, Russia Argue Over Nuclear Warheads

Documentary of U.S. War Crimes Shocks Europe

European Intrusion Into U.S. - Insisting on New Reaches of Political Correctness

Boston Boy Scouts Allowing Homosexual Values Into Their Organization

Three Dead In LAX Shooting: Egyptian gunman has no apparent ties to terror: Peres says attack was terrorist

Israel Calls Killing A Terror Attack: More

Egyptian Identified As LAX Gunman

Country Celebrates In Burst of Pride

California Issues Bubonic Plague Warning

Four Killed, 12 Injured In Small Plane Crash In Los Angeles

U.S. Air Force: Israel Has 400 Nukes, Building Naval Nuclear Force: Hydrogen bombs included in arsenal for first time

Arafat Fires, Removes Security Chief

Security Fence Going Up, Illegal Settlements Coming Down: Buffer Zones Being Created

Israel Agrees With Bush Peace Plan

Water Flowing From Temple Mount Rock Seen As Sign of Messianic Redemption

Western Wall Is "Weeping"

Disarray In Palestinian Ranks

Palestinian People Support Suicide Bombers

It's "Curtains" For Global Warming

Global Warming Would Be Good For Plants

Were British The True Rebels In War of Independence?

Pledge Debate: Is "One Nation" Under Attack As Well As "Under God"?

Analysis of Pledge Ruling And Its Impact

Maitreya (Antichrist) At The Door?

Partial List of Priestly Pedophilia Cases

Catholic Church Has Always Been This Way

Inquisition Study Provides Clearest View of the Truth of the Catholic Church: "Rome Never Changes"

"Visa Express" Opens Door To Terrorists

Mexicans Think Southwest Belongs To Them



July 4, 2002 -- Independence Day

Breaking News

Shooting At LAX Airport: Shooter Killed, Airport In Complete Lockdown: More

Two Dead Now Reported In LAX Shooting

LAX Shooter Breached Unprecedented Security

Small Plane Crashes Right After Take-off East of Los Angeles

Palestinian Car Explodes, 2 Dead

Why July 4 Is Significant To Islamists -- Hot News!

White House Urges Americans To Celebrate on this 4th of July: Celebrate What's Right!

Military Jets To Patrol Skies This 4th

FBI: Very Vague Threat To Stadiums

Cameras To Oversee Fourth Festivities

Terrorists Stealing Airline Uniforms, ID's

Launching 2nd Independence Fight To Regain Sovereignty and Self-government

"Big Brother" Contestant Sues CBS: Bizarre shows parallel Roman Empire Just Before Her Fall. Details

U.N. Extends Peacekeeping Mission In Bosnia until July 15: U.S. Withholds Threat To Pull Forces

Wal-Mart New Gun Policy Exceeds U.S. Guidelines For Background Checks

Europeans Blast U.S. Over World Court Stance

Homosexualization of Culture

Woman Dressed As Boy To Seduce 15-Year-Old Girl

Austrian Court Rules Gay Sex With Boys Under Age 18 Is Constitutional

Bush Calls For Gay "Tolerance"

Homosexual Unions Threatening Rift In Anglican Church: This Church's Stance On Sexual Morality

Gay Republicans Rally Behind Bush

Bush's Oil Practices Parallel Corporate Scandal

Corrupt CEO's and Their Companies Just A Mirror of Clinton Morality

U.N. Says AIDS Death Could Top 70 Million

AIDS In Africa Defined Differently

Trauma Center Closes As Doctors Quit Over Rising Malpractice Rates

Firms Fined For "Trading With Enemy"

Doctors Urge: Don't Procrastinate - Vaccinate!

Health Powers Act To Force Vaccinations A Real Threat To Life and Liberty


U.S. May Transfer Missiles To Taiwan

China Buys 8 Missile Submarines

"Bioethicist" Argues Christianity Hurts Animals!: Yet he says some newborn human babies may be killed!

Israel Now Has Achieved ICBM Capability

Wailing Wall Weeping For Jewish Messiah?

Uncertainty Surrounds Arafat's Firings Of Key Cabinet Ministers

Hamas - Palestinian Security Forces, Clash In Gaza Strip -- Hamas Hatred For Americans, Plans To Kill Individual Americans

Palestinian Gunmen Murder 11 "Collaborators"

History of Suicide Bombings Against Israel

Sharon: IDF To Remain In Palestinian Areas "A Very Long Time"

Hizbollah Continues Shelling Over Galilee

Hizbollah Spreading Its Dark Wings

Are U.S. Special Forces In Iraq?

Farewell To Arms For IDF General

Israel Belongs To The Jews! - Arabs Fighting Impossible War

Blood In Our Streets

Mom Slays Two Children, Then Killed By Cops

Father Said His Son Was the Devil, Kills Him

Mother Throws Infant Out Window, Jumps After Him In Murder-Suicide Attempt

Gang Member Convicted In Killing

Drunk Babysitter Throws Infant Out Window

Global Police State Forming

U.K. Proposes Compulsory National ID Card

Privacy Fears Over U.K. Card Plan

National ID Card Key To Future Surveillance

Virginia Beach Installs Face Recognition Cameras

Satellite Surveillance Now A Reality

O'Reilly Exposes Huge Holes In Atheist Doctor's Effort To Eradicate God In America

School Vouchers: Another Name For Welfare

Muslims: Time For "Show And Tell"

"Righteous Gentile" Saved Thousands of Jews From Hitler's Death Camps



July 3, 2002

Saddam Sends Crack Army Units To Fight Kurds, U.S. Special Forces In Northern Regions

Mt. Hood Hit With 4.5 Magnitude Quake: Means magma is flowing upward

Chart Shows Quake

Pledge Battle All About Dad? Girl is said to be Christian: Pick Right Judges!

Pledge Judge Protested Outside His Home

Analysis Of Pledge Decision

Pledge Decision and the Fourth of July

Planned Parenthood Finally In Legal Trouble

AIDS Epidemic Reaching "Worst Case Scenario" Levels, U.N. Report Says: Facts, Figures

U.S. Has Given 50,000 Visas To Mid-Easterners Since 9/11

Boss Pays For Lesbian Kiss Comment

45 Children Die In Russian Airliner Crash

Vatican Has Received Copy Of U.S. Bishop's New Policy On Handling Pedophile Priest Crisis

It's "Curtains" For Global Warming

Reno Gutted Witness Protection Program, Bush Has Not Restored It: Might have huge impact on Terror War

Why July 4 Is Significant To Islamists -- Hot News!

America On Track To Fall Just As Did Roman Empire

America's Leadership of New World Order Demonstrates Biblical Reality of Our Coming Fall

Government Warns Of "Imminent" Terror Attack

Security Stepped Up Over July 4 Festivities

Bush Says We Will Not Join World Court

U.S., Russia, China, Israel Refuse To Ratify World Court

Congress Unites Against Global Government

South Africa Implementing "Smart Card"

80-Year-Old Great Grandmother Stripped, Searched At Ford International Airport

Was Clinton Wrong In Banning Fire Roads In National Forests?

Arafat Fires Leaders Not Loyal To Him

Jews Climb Wailing Wall Thinking Messiah Was Near; Shows current expectations

Hawkish Sharon Woos Dovish Peres

Hizbollah Terrorists Trying To Abduct Israelis

What's Next In IDF Anti-Terror Campaign?

Arafat's Fatah Group Urges Terror Attacks on U.S., Israeli Interests "Everywhere"

Animal Rights Activist: Bestiality, Infanticide OK, While Christianity Is A "Problem"



July 2, 2002

U.S., Russia, China, Israel Refuse To Ratify World Court: Yanks pulled out of U.N. Peacekeeping Force

Congress Unites Against Global Government

World Court Monstrosities Already Apparent

Congress To Postpone Revamping of FBI, CIA Until It Establishes Homeland Security Office

Homeland Security: Security Blanket or New Police State?

Tom Cruise: America Is Terrifying and No Place For My Children

Tom Cruise Stumps For Scientology In Germany

Bush Celebrates School Voucher Win

Homosexual Agenda Targets Kids

Majority of Floridians Oppose Gay Adoption

Gays, Lesbians Fight Russian Re-criminalizing Homosexual Acts

Deviant Sex At Penn State University

Gay Cartoon Abomination

It's "Curtains" For Global Warming

Broker's Note Appears To Back Martha Stewart's ImClone Explanation

Black Protestors Take Over USDA Office To Protest Lack of Funding For Crops

FBI Probes Sale of Body Parts At Medical Facility

Animal Rights Activist: Bestiality, Infanticide OK, While Christianity Is A "Problem"

Reno Gutted Witness Protection Program, Bush Has Not Restored It: Might have huge impact on Terror War


Government Warns Of "Imminent" Terror Attack

Security Stepped Up Over July 4 Festivities

Arafat's Fatah Group Urges Terror Attacks on U.S., Israeli Interests "Everywhere"

Israel Planning New Diplomatic Initiative

Hizbollah Anti-Aircraft Guns Rattle Galilee

Israeli Army Running Low On TOW Missiles

CNN Anti-Israeli Bias Flap Playing Out In Israel

Syria Flouts U.S., Will Continue Backing Hizbollah

Jetliners Collide Over Germany

Russian Jet Had 44 Children On Board

Police Arrest Two American West Pilots For Showing Up For Work Drunk

Parents Sue School Over Having Kids Pray To Allah, Learning Islam

Stocks Fall Despite Manufacturing Rise

China Deploys Israeli-made Drones Opposite Taiwan

West To Re-Colonize Africa? Western scheme brings infusion of cash to continent

Russia Backs Out of Iran Nuke Deal

Politically Correct: Word "Oriental" Outlawed, Must Use "Asian" Now

After 3-Year Affair, Woman Decides She Had Been Raped. Fire Marshal Charged: Extramarital Affair Gone Bad?

Pledge Opponent Plans Other Significant Changes

Banks Attack Terror Money Campaign


July 1, 2002

Mid-East Quagmire

No Turning Back From Bush's Mid-East Speech

Hamas Vows Revenge For Israeli Killing Of Suicide Bomb Maker

Hizbullah Gunners Open Anti-Aircraft Fire Into Northern Israel

Prime Minister Nixes Peres' Negotiating Ploy

U.S. Officially Cuts Ties With Arafat

E.U. President Now Agrees: Arafat Must Go

Jewish Residents Peacefully Dismantle 11 Settlements

Iraqi Kurds Gritting Teeth, Preparing For U.S. Strike Against Saddam

U.S. Plots Iraqi Strike -- Assassination, Strike From Other Countries Possible

U.S. Military Quietly Stocking Up On Anti-Nuclear Radiation Pills: Anthrax vaccine readied for civilians

China Duplicates Russian Top Secret Fire-Control Codes For SU-27 Fighter

China Alters Balance of Power Against Taiwan By Successfully Testing Russian Air-To_Air Missile

Three Aircraft Overfly Camp David Retreat While Bush Is There

Teens Who Read Harry Potter More Interested In The Occult

Complete Analysis of Harry Potter Books, Movie

Fed Firefighter Charged In Setting Arizona Fire

Residents of S.D. Town Told To Evacuate As Fire Approaches

Show Low Residents Allowed To Return

Map of U.S. Wildfires

"Rewilding" Being Proposed As Long-term Solution

Atheist Leader Objects to Post 9/11 Fervor

Pope John Paul II Stresses Need For Religious Cooperation Between Islam, Christianity

Stopping Web Pop-up Ads Before They Pop

Soviet Sub Commanders Had Fire Orders in 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis

Eased Gun Controls Equals More Permits

Dawning of the World Court

New Reality: Global Criminal Court -- "A Page is being turned in the history of mankind", global tyranny now assurred

Walter Cronkite Calls For Approval of World Court and For Standing U.N. Army!

U.N. Runs Into Deadline In Fight Against U.S. Over World Court

Israel Will Not Join International Court

Rights Groups Attack U.S. Policy Against World Court

General Downing's Resignation Bad News For U.S. Anti-Terror Effort

New FBI Alert Warns of Vague Threat On July 4

U.S., Israel Discuss Joint Terror Office

Fascism Real Threat To Our Liberties

Global Conditioning For Fascism

CNN Producer Reveals We Are "One Step Away From Secret Police" of Planned Fascist State

Relentless Mergers Brought WorldCom Down

Bill Would Forbid P2P Transfers That Infringe On Copyrights

Wall Street Really On Edge As New Week Starts

Mexican Army Running Illegal Drugs Across Border?

Half-million Turn Out For Gay, Lesbian Pride Parade In San Francisco

Cheers, Hungs Greet Lesbian Parade In Toronto "Dyke Parade"

45,000 Turn Out For Tel Aviv's Gay Pride Parade

Gay Rights Agenda Targets Young Children

Blood Tests In Elizabeth Smart Kidnapping

Looking For Love: Why men are not seeking marriage

Woman Who Was Secretly Taped By Episcopal Priest Now Suing Him, Diocese, Church

No Record of ImClone Arrangement Between Martha Steward and Broker


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