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We have culled these pertinent stories from many sources to keep you updated on the Daily News events pertinent to the coming New World Order. Truly, once you know the Plan to establish the Kingdom of Antichrist, you will never look at the news the same way again. For A Cutting Edge Analysis and Recap Of Current Events Being Reported In The News Visit our Headline News Area

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July 31, 2002

Foundations In Place For Martial Law, Internment Camps As U.S. Prepares Iraq Attack

"Barbed Wire Over America"

Senators Set To Debate U.S. Attack On Iraq

Bush: No Iraq Attack Before U.S. Elections

Bush: Selling Attack On Iraq: Academic makes case for attacking Iraq now

Senator Biden: No Iraq Attack Until 2003

Saddam Says U.S. Weapons Claim Is A "Joke"

Jesus Declared To Not Be Jewish Messiah!

Vatican States That Jesus Is Not The Jewish Messiah and That The Jews Continue To Await Their Messiah!

Pope Canonizes First Guatemalan Saint, Travels On To Mexico

New Pedophile Scandal Hits Pope In Mexico: His top associate, Father Maciel, Lifelong Pedophile: Led double life, displaying religious devotion during day, but leading boys -- 2 at a time -- into his bed at night!

Father Maciel Head of Legionnaires For Christ: Analysis and Indepth Report

Cardinal Law To Hire Lay Person To Oversee Children Protection From Pedophile Priests

Saudi Arabia Blocks 2,000 Web Sites: Internet Filtering -- Censorship -- In Saudi Arabia

Spokesman For Greek Orthodox Church Fired After Expressing Support For Palestinian Terrorism

China Pursues Full Arsenal of High Technology Weapons To Enhance Ability To Fight U.S.

U.S. Developing New "Global Strike" Force That Will Include Both Nuclear and Non-Nuclear Capabilities

Sexy Russian Singer Imitating Al Qaeda?

Ottawa Will Fight Same-Sex Marriage Ruling

High School Student Sues School For Censoring Her Crticism of Gay Lifestyle

God's Commands Against Homosexuality Enabled Western Civilization To Flourish!

"Born Gay" Declared To Be Urban Legend!

Senate To Strenghten Background Checks On Gun Buyers

Hillary Defends Effort To Be Reimbursed For Whitewater Expenses: She has $8 million book deal, Bill $9 million

California Polluter Allowed To Increase Toxic Discharges Into Bay After Cash Donation to Governor Davis

U.S. Border Patrol Exchanges Gunfire In Remote Border Region

Microsoft - AT&T To Announce Wireless Services Program: Fifth such wireless service agreement for Microsoft

L.A. To Track Sex Offenders On Internet


FFresh New Terror In Israel

New Terror Attack Kills 6, Wounds 30 At Hebrew University

Suicide Bomber Strikes At Falafel Eatery Stand: More details

Jewish Brothers Killed Delivering Fuel To Palestinians

Sleeping Couple Attacked In Bed, Overpowers Terrorist Assailant

Arabs Planning At Least 60 Attacks

Arafat Dismantles "Reforms" He Had Just Set In Place

Terror Attacks Increase Amid New Attacks

Egyptian Mufti: Arabs Now No Longer Condemn 9/11

Jordanian King: Arabs Do Not Trust U.S.

Kosher Ban Spreading Across Europe: Evidence of Anti-Semitism

Clinton" Now Is The Time For A Palestinian State

Israel Enraged Over China Banning "Jewish" Einstein Exhibit

Eight People Killed In Beirut, Lebanon By Disgruntled Former State Employee

Justice Joins SEC In Probing AOL-Time Warner Accounting Practices

Bush Signs New Corporate Accounting Bill

Merrill Lynch Executives Clam Up During Senate Investigation Over Enron

Online News Services Will Charge For Content Within Two Years

Executives of Failed Companies Made $3.3 Billion

Corporate Profits Up, But Outlook Remains Sluggish

Does New Cloning Bill Also Outlaw Abortion?

Torricelli Receives Senate Spanking

Traficant Plans To Run For Reelection From Jail

Sex Passion Now Sold In A Bottle: Proof of declining morality

"Fat Police" Are Coming! Lawmakers consider obeisity bill

New Age "Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine" Criticizes "High-fat" Atkins Diet

Houston To Begin Debate Over Slave Reparation Payments

How The Red Cross Kept 9/11 Donation Money

If You Are Anti-Abortion, New ISP Wants You

"Dear Member: You're Deleted"

Space Lasers: Wave of the Future

Sustainable Development In Great Britain

Prince Charles Heading Up Sustainable Development Push

Stem Cell Research May Lead To Blindness Breakthrough

Politicians Redefine "Who Is Rich" By Old Communist Methods



July 30, 2002

U.S. Plans For Small Invasion Force To Take Out Saddam That Might Include Nuclear Weapons!

Iraqi Buildup On Border Prompts Kuwaiti Response

Air Strikes Not Enough To Destroy Iraq's Well Concealed Military Weapons

Congress Likely To Not Oppose Bush Invasion of Iraq

Saudi Arabia Furious With Qatar For Support of U.S. Plans To Attack Iraq

Iraq Stoking Mid-East Conflict

U.S. May Destroy Iranian Nuclear Power Plant During Attack On Iraq: Russia Plans To Build 5 More Nuclear Plants In Iran!

Should Israel Actually Become The Nazis That Palestinians Accuse Them of Being?: One day, prophecy says they will!

God Does Bless Those Who Bless Jews and Curse Those Who Curse Jews: Verifiable from history

Israeli-Palestinian Battles Intrude Upon "Sesame Street"

Thousands of Palestinians Pour Into Street In Violation of 40-Day-Old Curfew : Defiance of Curfew May Spread

Two More Settlers Die In West Bank Ambush: Another Late-Breaking Terror Attack

Itamar Religious West Bank Settlers: Infiltrator Killed In Itamar Last Night

Tuesday Morning War Report

Shededah Was Organizing "Mega-attack" Just Before Being Killed By Missiles: Alan Keyes Says Attack Was Justified

Analysis of Hit On Terror Chief Shededah

CFR Member, Jesse Jackson, Meets Arafat

Israel's Bereaved Are The True Heroes, And Are Nation's Newest Minority

Now Big Brothers - Big Sisters Association Now Demanding Affiliates Accept Gay/Lesbian Mentors For Children!

Connecticut May Now Bar Boy Scouts As Charity Because They Do Not Allow Gay Scoutmasters

Gay Couple to Parent Newborn Quadruplets

Mimicking Maxim: More Magazines Featuring Barely Clad Women Crowd Newsstands

Senate Majority In Peril Because of Torricelli's Ethics Ruling

Shock Rocker Band Slipknot Plans To Throw Pig Hearts and Cattle Intestines Into Crowd During Performance

New Pedophile Scandal Hits Pope In Mexico: His top associate, Father Maciel, Lifelong Pedophile: Led double life, displaying religious devotion during day, but leading boys -- 2 at a time -- into his bed at night!

Father Maciel Head of Legionnaires For Christ: Analysis and Indepth Report

Catholic Church Abuse Commission To Meet With Archdiocese Officials

More Vermont Priests Probed For Sex Abuse

New Church Policy On Sexually Abusive Priests Not Being Followed Uniformly

Cardinal Law Finds An "Oasis" Among Catholic Youth

Feds Arrest Al Qaeda Operatives With Plans To Poison Water Supplies

L.A. Times Bomb Suspect Arrested

Indian Official: Osama bin Laden Alive In Pakistan

Senate Puts Off Vote On Homeland Security

Amtrak Train Derails, Injures 9

West Nile Virus Spreading Fast: List of States

D.C. West Nile Virus Clustered Around Army Research Base

Enviro-Friendly Hell-Car Burns Supermodel's Home While Recharging!

Dow Jones Climbs More Than 400 Points

Congress To Focus On Tax Havens

Nine Beached Whales Die, Many More Stranded, On Cape Cod Beach

Thousands of Jumbo Flying Squid Wash Ashore In California

Judicial Watch Forces IRS To Reveal Smoking Gun: IRS did audit Clinton's Enemies!

Productivity Grows In Spite of Recession, Poised to Power Economic Recovery

Flying The Unfriendly Skies

Homeland Security or Homeland Spying?

Police State Tactic:More Analysis

Putting Sounds and Thoughts Into Your Head From 100 Feet Away

New Archbishop of Canterbury Will Be Inducted As A Druid


July 29, 2002

Possible Police State Tactics: Bush, Ridge Want To Suspend 1878 Posse Comitatus Law That Protects Citizens From Our Own Military

Egypt Joins Saudi Arabia and Syria As Opponents of U.S. Attack On Iraq

Jordan Warns U.S. Not To Attack Iraq: Would open "Pandora's Box"

U.S. Maps Out Iraq Invasion: U.S. Options

U.S. Considers Baghdad First Strike Option

Saddam Knows He Is In U.S. Gunsights

Iraq Prepares For U.S. Strike: "Mother of All Wars" again?

Iraq Will Not Trade With Any Country Supporting U.S. Strike

U.S. Already Battling Iraq Over Oil Sales

Pope Laments Sex Abuse Priest Scandal: Asks youth to keep their faith

Sex Abuse Has Only Been Going On For 900 Years!

New Jersey Priests Caught In Boy Prostitution Ring Sting Operation

Victims of Pedophile Priests Do Not Think Pope Is Doing Enough, Is Siding With Priests

White House Mosquito Alert For West Nile Virus

Tick Disease Poses Threat To Blood Supply

No Evidence Moussaoui Ever Had Any Contact With 9/11 Terrorists

U.S. Ports of Entry Placed On Alert After Radioactive Material Lost In Mexico

U.S. Acts On Terror Threat From Asia

Thousands of Jumbo Flying Squid Wash Ashore In California

Huge Debt Load Fuels Gas, Power Bankruptcy Fears

QWest Admits Booking $1.16 Billion As Sales

GOP Considers Seizing Mansions of Corrupt Executives

Stock Hopes Rise On SEC Order

Pilots Furious As Ground Workers Are Allowed To Carry Knives

China To Manipulate Weather As Part of Olympic Preparations

Weather Control and Warfare Now A Reality: Why then do we still have drought driving farmers and ranchers off their land?

Settler Funeral Sparks Clash With Palestinians

Settlers Who Attacked Israeli Police Will Be Dealt With Harshly: "What Will Happen To Us"?

Hizbullah Opens Fire On IAF Airplanes

Israel Releases Funds To Palestinians In Humanitarian Gesture

War Seen As Part of Human Nature

"Live and Let Live" -- Apart

Minister David Levy Resigns In Protest

Rabbi Condemns Moscow Pipe Bomb Blast

Bush Has Become Clintonized? -- May Be Losing Some of His Teflon Coating

Coal Miners Survive By Staying Together

Rescue Was A Tale of Heroes

9/11 Terrorists Tied To Oklahoma City

Iraq Masterminded OKC Bombing

Analysis of Waco and Oklahoma City

"Signs" Movie Causing Concern In Crop Circle Enthusiasts

Hillary Clinton Now A "Moderate"?

Mugabe Supporters Starving Enemies By Blocking Food Aid

Neighbors Run Down Child Snatcher, Save Her

"What Would Jesus Eat"? Is Latest Blow Struck At Junk and Fatty Foods: Food Police just around the corner!

TV Plays Mixes High Brow, Low Brow To Catch Ratings

Liberal Lunacy

Microchips: New Surrogate Parents?


July 28, 2002

Arms Race Makes Mid-East Powder Keg

U.S. Prepares Diplomatically For Iraq Attack, Labels Palestinian Intifada As Terrorism

Foundations In Place For Martial Law, Internment Camps As U.S. Prepares Iraq Attack

Blair, Bush Agree On Iraq Attack Plans: New option created that could launch attack sooner

U.S. Hosts Conference For Dissident Groups In Planning For Attack On Iraq

Egypt's Mubarak Warns Against Iraq Attack

Some U.S. Military Brass Favor Containment, Not Attack

Iraq Seeks Steel For Nukes

Ukrainian Jet Crashes At Air Show, Killing 78, Wounding 138

Pope Cheered Wildly By 500,000 At Toronto Youth Day

N.H. Diocese Denies Cover-up After Priest's Suspicious Death

Pope Worries About World Without "Spirituality"

Goldmember Will Break Records

Bush Loves All Austin Powers Movies, Including Newest One, Goldmember: Full of sex and sexual innuendos

Powell Trying To Get India, Pakistan To Resolve Kashmir Dispute

AOL-Time Warner Stocks Downgraded To "Negative" From "Stable"

Sexual Orientation Codes Harmful To Schools

Partial-Birth Abortion Bill: Chink in Pro-Abortion Armor

"Kill The Boer, Kill The Farmer": South Africa Is Now Attacking White Farmers: Joining Zimbabwe who is facing disastrous famine because of seizing White Farmer's land

Eyewitness To Zimbabwe's Famine: Interview with White Farmer whose land was seized


Will Saudi Arabia Fall To Al-Qaeda? Could altar all equations in Middle East

Peres Slams Sharon, Says He May Not Be Proper "Peace Partner" : Gaza Bombing 100% Mistake

Parents of 10 Children Killed In Palestinian Terror Ambush, 2 Others In Car Also Killed

U.S. Tells U.N.: No more one-sided Middle East Resolutions

IDF Arrests Suicide Bomber Who Planned Attack At Joseph's Tomb

Palestinian "Hit List" Said Not To Be Serious

Hizbollah Launches Rocket Attack On Lebanese Border

Jesse Jackson In Israel Expressing Support For Arafat

All Nine Miners Rescued In Pennsylvania

Families Rejoice

Prince William Said To Have Told Prince Charles He Never Wants To Be King: Daniel 9:27 says Antichrist will be a Prince. William has the qualifications

GOP May Seize Mansions of Corrupt Executives

Prison Rapes High, Spreading Deadly Disease

Pentagon To Add Fingerprint Identification On ID Cards

Total Surveillance Society: Electronic Control

Deadline Looms For Saudi - Western Oil Firms On Natural Gas Deal Worth $25 Billion

Bush Role In Energy Company Transaction In 1989 Questioned

Enron Ex-CFO May Face Charges

Bush To Hold Pow-Wow On Economy With Key Leaders

Official Rules No Substitute For Character

Special Forces Wives Killed by Husbands: Had recently served in Afghanistan



July 27, 2002

Military Works On High-Tech I.D.'s

Bureaucratic Infighting Said To Stymie Airport Security Effort

Good Folks In Oklahoma City Puzzled and Intrigued Over Ghostly Image Captured On Security Cameras

U.S. Military Jets Scrambled, Chase UFO Over Maryland

UFO's Part of Plan To Produce Masonic Christ

Globalism, Iron Mountain, UFO's

More Radioactive Material Disappears In Mexico: Customs Officials On Alert After Irradium Disappears

White House Security Keeps Lawsuit Papers From Being Served On V.P. Cheney

Race On To Rescue Trapped Miners: Broken drill bit cost 9 hours to remove

Bomb Blast In Crowded Indonesian Market Shatters Hope of Peace Between Muslims, Christians

U.S. Embassies Alerted To Terrorist Threats

Al Qaeda, Hizbollah May Start Cooperating: Action would tightly link Israel to global Islamic jihad

Midway Airlines May Be Forced Into Liquidation

Gary Bauer Expresses Satisfaction With Degree of Influence Conservative Christians Are Having In Shaping Bush Policy: More propaganda as Bush policies are obviously identical to Clinton

Nasty New Engine For Nasty New Fighter Plane

Drug Dog Terrorize School Kids

Stock Market Finishes On High Note After Consumer Confidence Report

Executives From Troubled Firms Continue Mansion Building Spree

Gore's Revenge On SUV Industry, California Style

"Christian Witchcraft" Replaces Harry Potter


Foundations In Place For Martial Law, Internment Camps As U.S. Prepares Iraq Attack

Blair, Bush Agree On Iraq Attack Plans: New option created that could launch attack sooner

Saddam Sending Money Payments To Families of Palestinian Suicide Bombers

House Passes Homeland Security Bill, Giving Bush Broad Authority For Which He Was Seeking

Federal Employees Unhappy With Bush's Authority: Claims worker's rights could be undermined

The "Dark Side" to Hollywood Hacker Bill Now In Congress

Cyberspace: Fear of Lockdown

West Nile Virus Spreading Quickly In Washington, D.C. Area

Bush Given "Fast-Track" Trade Negotiation Authority: Fast-Track means faster globilization in economic sphere

Clintons Ask Court To Reimburse Them For Legal Costs Incurred During Whitewater Probe

Body Of Girl Believed To Be The One Missing In Missouri Found, Suspect Arrested

White Supremacist Couple Convicted In Racial Bomb Plot -- Wanted to start race war

Catholic Youth Concerned About Church's Vitality

Elite Firefighting Crews Fight To Save Sequoias

Environmentalists May Be Responsible For Sequoia Trees Burning In California

Now Environmentalists Endangering Our Military Readiness

Bush Continues Clinton Extremist Environmental Protection Policies: Salamandar latest to get protection threatens private property

Green Anarchists Are "Osama bin Greenie" and They Threaten Liberties, Private Property Rights

S.F. Judges Cut Ties With Boy Scouts Because Scouts Will Not Allow Homosexual Scoutmasters

Gay Ex-Staffer gets $160,000 Settlement In Lawsuit Against Director Who Invoked Christian Values

Parents Protest Gay Agenda In Public School

Get Your Kids Out of Public School!

Hotel For Dogs, Not Gays



July 26, 2002

Iraq Seeks Steel For Nuclear Weapons

Gore Supports Iraq Invasion, But Questions Timing

Japan Considering Naval Role In Iraq Attack: May not want to support U.S.

New World War Began On 9/11: CIA Chief

Australian Government Warns Its Citizens To Leave Iraq As Soon As Possible

Israeli Forces Re-enter Gaza City

Fatah Terrorist Group Targets Prime Minister, 11 Other Israeli Officials

Signs of Increasing Malnutrition In Palestinian Children Alarms U.S.

Terror Chief Killed By Israeli Missiles Was Planning "Mega-Terror" Attack

Regional Councils Scold Israeli Government On Security Fences

U.N. Security Council Severely Critizes Israel For Missile Strike

West Nile Mosquitos Found In Jezreel Valley

Dead Crow Found On White House Lawn Was Infected With West Nile Virus

Tech Stocks Sag After Wednesday's Advance

Microsoft Boosts R&D Spending, To Boost Hiring By 5,000

Qualcomm Boosts Profit

Xerox Posts Surprise Profit: Beats Estimate

Environmentalists Want To Ban Recreational Fishermen

Environmentalists May Be Responsible For Sequoia Trees Burning In California

Now Environmentalists Endangering Our Military Readiness

Moscow Eyes Mediator Role In Korea

English As A Second Language In Texas School



Senate Passes Homeland Security Bill, Bush Threatens Veto

Bush Demands Right To Limit Worker's Rights In Homeland Security Bill

House Votes Billions For Intelligence Bill

Ashcroft Touts Citizen Spy Program -- TIPS

TIPS Is A Police State Program! More Analysis

Operation TIPS Turns Vigilence Into Vigilentism

Federal ID Card: Tool for Police State

Homeland Security Teen Camp?

Pope Urges Youth Pilgrims To Resist Sin

Catholic Church, Lawyers Representing 200 Sex Abuse Victims, Are At Impasse

Catholic Charities Now Says It Will Not Accept Donations From "Voice of the Faithful"

Nine Coal Miners Still Trapped In Pennsylvania

Sex Offenders Missing

"15 Good Reasons To Reject To Oppose Pro-Homosexual School Codes

Court Rules 6-Foot Mojave Cross Must Go

Local Governments Can Now Inspect Inside Your Private Home

U.N. Forces Its Way Into Prisons of Sovereign Countries To Inspect For Torture

Putting Christianity Back Into Democracy

Food Cops Are Closing In: Are you ready?

Ailing, Obese Man Sues Fast Food Industry: Individual responsibility now gone

P.E.T.A. Attacks Hot Dogs!




July 25, 2002

Senate Panel Tones Down Homeland Security -- Still gives Bush nearly all he wanted

Cyber War: Fear and Lockdown In America: Wants government to institute more control!

Blair Now Says Iraq Attack Not Imminent

U.K. To Effect Large Reservist Call-up, Taking Key Armored Vehicles Out of Mothballs

U.S. Reservists Are Being Called Up!

Is The U.S. Ready To Strike Iraq?

Clinton Whines That Republicans Prevented Business Audit Reforms

Deal Reached On Corporate Fraud Plan

GOP Lawmakers Plan Tax Breaks For Individual Investors Who Got Burned On Stock Market Woes

Former Top Adelphia Executives Arrested Charged With Fraud

AOL-Time Warner Joins Ranks of Businesses Under SEC Investigation For Accounting Practices

Partial Birth Abortion Bill Passes House, Goes On To Senate: Clinton vetoed this bill several times

New Code Will Allow Anonymous Web Use, Free From Prying Eyes

Religious Conservatives Seeing Ashcroft InTrue Light, Beginning To Oppose Him

Bush Loves All Austin Powers Movies, Including Newest One, Goldmember: Full of sex and sexual innuendos

World Community Condemns Gaza Missile Attack

Israelies Reassess Gaza Attack: Peres Apologizes For Gaza Missile Attack

Palestinians Demand World Criminal Court Try Israel For War Crimes Over Gaza Attack: No mention of many times Palestinian terrorists have killed as many or more innocent men, women, children in senseless terrorism

Security: Using F-16's to Kill Terrorist Was Foolhardy: Israel braces for counterattack

Suicide Bomber's Lasting Legacy

Rabbi Killed, Another Injured In Terrorist Attack

U.S. Okays Extra Aid To Israel

House Expels Ohio Representative Traficant For Fraud and Accepting Kickbacks

Only Vote For Traficant Was Condit!

California Blaze Now 50,000 Acres

Camper Arrested For Starting Fire

Ailing, Obese Man Sues Fast Food Industry: Individual responsibility now gone

P.E.T.A. Attacks Hot Dogs!

Burger King Sold To U.K. Investors

New Superbug Found In U.S. Hospital

Passenger Planes May Be At Risk For Terrorist Attacks Using Portable Anti-Aircraft Missiles


July 24, 2002

Saddam Seeking Nuclear Weapons: U.K.'s Blair

Iraq Attack May Spark World War III: Analysis of this Story

U.K. To Effect Large Reservist Call-up, Taking Key Armored Vehicles Out of Mothballs

U.S. Reservists Are Being Called Up!

U.K. Not Ready For Huge Terror Attack

U.S. Army To Engage In Largest Battle Simulation Ever

Passenger Planes May Be At Risk For Terrorist Attacks Using Portable Anti-Aircraft Missiles

Space Rock Said To Be On "Collision Course"

Near Earth Object Confirmation Page

Asteroid Impact Could Trigger Nuclear War!

Kidnapped Philadelphia 7-Year Old Shows Spunk In Escaping Captor

"Sin-Free" Hotels Spring Up

Market Continues Downward Trend, Though Losses Yesterday Dwindle: Trading Heavy

Amazon.com narrows losses: Promises change in accounting procedures

Lucent Technology Posts Huge Loss, 9th Straight Quarter

Phone Company's Troubles: Over-capacity plus business pulling back

U.S. Stock Market Fall Causing Trouble Worldwide

Governor Seeks Tax Hike To Offset Companies "Cooking Their Books"

Conquering Fear In Volatile Market

President Mugabe Embraces Famine For His People

San Francisco May Grow Its Own Pot

Arafat To Accuse Sharon of War Crimes In Front of International Criminal Court: Angry over missile strike on apartment house in which Hamas military leader lived

Hamas Vows To Avenge Killing of Leader and His Family: 25,00 attend his funeral

Sharon Meets With Advisers Amidst Storm of Criticism Over Missile Strike On Apartment House

Israel Wants To Sell India High-Tech Weaponry, Awaits U.S. Approval

Egypt's Mubarak Says Arafat Is "Democratically Elected" Leader of Palestinian Authority

Religious Conservatives Seeing Ashcroft InTrue Light, Beginning To Oppose Him

Bush Loves All Austin Powers Movies, Including Newest One, Goldmember: Full of sex and sexual innuendos

Texas Ban On Gay Sex Faces New Legal Fight

Gay Advocate Named Head of Anglican Church: Homophobia and Intolerance To Be Rooted Out

Lawsuit Says Bishop Hid Priest's Porn

Catholic Church Agency Rebuffs Law, Will Accept Donations From "Voice of the Faithful"

The Politics of Giving To Catholic Charities

Frail Pope Arrives In Canada

New Superbug Found In U.S. Hospital

Private Planes Still Cannot Take Off From Reagan Airport

California Fire Threatens Sequoia Trees

Little League Players Say Coaches Asked Them to Deliberately Throw Game

Sea Piracy Rears Its Ugly Head Worldwide


July 23, 2002

Iraq Attack May Spark World War III

Read All Parts of This World War III Plan That Will Produce Antichrist

"World War III Is Coming Whether People Want It Or Not": Top Aide to Israeli Prime Minister

Citigroup Helped Enron Hide Its True Financial Condition

J.P. Morgan, Chase Also Helped "Slew of Other Companies" Hide Their True Financial Condition

New Accounting Bill Will Make Future Bright: Bush

Is U.S. Economy About To Take Plunge?

Investors Dump Stocks For Bonds

Baggage Screening: Illusion of Safety?

U.S. Agencies Cannot Even Agree On Definition of Terror

Many States Reject Bioterrorism Law: Analysis

Ashcroft Adds New Groups To Be Considered Terrorist

Navy Plans Floating Commando Base to Fight Global Terror

Massive Drought Choking America

Weather Control A Reality!

Internet Traffic Safe Even With WorldCom Filing Chapter 11 Reorganization Bankruptcy

Suit Filed Over School's Mandatory Koran Study

Behind The Veil: Honest look at Islam

Brave New Schools

Cardinal Law Rejects Donations Made By Lay Group, "Voice of the Faithful"

Pope Begins 11-Day Trip of North America: Will not actually stop off in USA

Alleged Sex Abuse Victim Receives Communion From Law, Embraces Him

British Elementary Schools Fingerprinting Children! Parents absolutely outraged

Justice Department Forges Ahead With Citizen Spy Plan: Postal Service Drops Opposition!

Your Favorite Community Spies

Bush Forges Ahead With Police State Program: Citizen Spy Network

Israel Kills Hamas Leader In F-16 Strike: Profile of this Hamas terrorist leader

His Wife and Children Also Killed: 14 civilians died, including 8 children

West Bank Pullout Deal Outlined: If Palestinians can guarantee security

Hizbullah Reinforcing Its Positions On Northern Border

Politics Won't Determine Construction of Security Fence

For A Jewish Border

Israeli Economy Has Lost 10% In Last 2 Years: Arafat many win economically what he cannot win militarily

New Chinese Test AimsTo Fool Defense System

Sudan Peace Deal Falls Apart

Sudan: Hidden Christian Holocaust Video

Technology Now Makes Your Bad Tunes Sound Good

Making Computer Games Act Like Films

California Institutes New Auto Emissions Standard That May Drastically Change Autos By 2009

New Wildfires In Southern California: Oregon blaze grows

Bush Backs Gay Congresswoman, Calls For "Tolerance"

Gay Log Cabin Republicans Back Bush Policies As Election Year 2002 Approaches


July 22, 2002

Bush Official Declares: Military Force Should Be Given Enforcement Powers: March continues to a dictatorship

Posse Comitatus Act To Be Repealed: We all could face Waco type action

National Security Agency Badly Mismanaged: What Federal Agency Isn't Badly Mismanaged?

Gore Accuses Bush of Lying

Ultimate In "Easy Believism": Get Ordained As Pastor Over Internet!

India's Children Carry Unique "Moses Gene"!

School Vouchers Are Trojan Horse To Private Schools! Beware and Spread The Message

Court Rules State Cannot Deny Aid To Theology Students

U.S. Education Producing Ignorant Students!

"Freedom Drive" To Rally For Constitution

U.S. Reservists Are Being Called Up!

WorldCom To File For Bankruptcy Sunday

Monday May Be Rough Day For Wall Street

Israel Makes Promise On Deportations

Deportation Debate Rages As Israel Thinks About Withdrawal

Palestinians Trying To Return To Their Real Home In Jordan Are Turned Back By Jordanian Police

Danger of Lull In Diplomacy

Jordanians Pay Price For Escalating Tensions: Tourists Stay Away

Fear of Bread Shortage Causing Panic In Israel

The "Signature" Of A Suicide Bomber

"Sawgrass Rebellion" Launched

"Glades Guru" Joins Rebellion

"Rewilding" Is Ultimate Radical Plan

"Green Movement" Betrays Constitution




July 21, 2002

India's Children Carry Unique "Moses Gene"!

Israeli Train Hit By Blast

U.N. Calls For International Intervention In Israel

Analysis: Internationalization of Jerusalem Final Goal

Arms Scandal Shocks Settlers: How could Jewish reservists sell arms to Palestinians?

Temple Mount: Truly Jewish

A/G Rules That Israel Can Deport Families of Terrorists Under Narrow Conditions

Deportation Will Not Bring Peace or Safety

Arafat Urging Hamas and Islamic Jihad To End Terrorism

Sympathy For The Devil

Wildfires Merging In Oregon To Create 83,000 Acre Mega-Blaze

DNA Evidence Ties Accused Man To Murdered 5-Year-Old Girl In California

Cheney's Job At Risk As Bush Tries To Distance Itself From Corporate Fraud Scandal

Bush Presses Congress To Act Quickly On Corporate Fraud Bill

Second Law of Thermodynamics "Broken"

Sudan Peace Talks Reach Breakthrough

Businessman Accused Of Defrauding Fellow Church Members of $700,000

Transgendered "Woman" has Edge Over Her Female Bike Competitors

Janet Reno Gets In Her Groove At Campaign Dance Party

Roman Sex Orgies Reborn In NYC

Sudden Catastrophic Floods Carved Grand Canyon, Not Erosion Over Millions of Years! Genesis 7:11-12, "Fountains of Deep Broken Up"

Open Borders For Terrorists = Police State

Couple To Try To Have World's First Cloned Baby

British Woman Has Second Baby From Dead Husband

Flaws In U.S. High-Tech Air War Have Caused Hundreds of Afghan Civilian Casualties

Throw The Bums Out!

School Vouchers Are Trojan Horse To Private Schools! Beware and Spread The Message

Court Rules State Cannot Deny Aid To Theology Students

U.S. Education Producing Ignorant Students!

"Freedom Drive" To Rally For Constitution

Miss Oregon Wins Even After Giving Speech On Abortion/Breast Cancer Link!

New Nationwide Catholic Lay Group Seeking Changes In Way Catholic Church Is Governed

Group Vows To Break Bishop's Grip

Accused Priest Sues Miami Archdiocese

No Church Has Ever Had Such Rotten Spiritual Fruit For 1,200 Years As Has Catholic

Congress Passes "Live-Abortion" Bill To Bush For His Signature

Second California Police Officer Placed On Leave In Attack On Black Teen

Satellites To Track Illegal Immigrants

Satellites: No Place To Hide Anymore

Roll-up, Flexible TV Sets A Possibility!

Bush Administration Abandons Scientific Debate



July 20, 2002

Stocks Continue Steep Decline

Stock Averages Fall Below 9/11 Low, and Lowest Since 1998

Is U.S. Economy About To Take Plunge?

Gold Surges In Value

Retail Sales Contine Strong: Wall Street woes have not hit consumers

AOL Boss Sold Millions Before Leaving

New Jobs Expected To Be Created As U.S. Continues Its Economic Recovery

Bush Says Economic Fundamentals Strong

Man Arrested In Runnion Killing

NJ Couple Accused of Murdering Infant Son, Incinerating His Body In Fireplace

Another Firefighting Plane Crashes, Causing All Planes To Be Grounded: Broke apart mid-air

Fox Wants Second "American Idol" Show

Public Schools Training Children To Become "Thought Police", Especially Over Gay Opinions: Micah 7:5-6

Kuwait Insists Iraq Attack Be Under U.N. Auspices

Iraq Says 5 Killed In U.S./U.K. Attack

Saudi Arabia Accused of Funding 7,000 Muslim Extremist Seminaries Creating New Generation of Militants

Bush Replacing Gay Official With Another Gay Official

Live Abortion Horrors Leads Congress To Protect Newborns By Declaring Them To Be "Babies"

Israel Plans To Deport Terrorist Families: U.S. Objects, U.N. Fumes

Israel, Palestinians Discussing Cease-Fire

IDF Eases Restrictions On Palestinians Despite Attacks

Saudi Leader Says Sharon Must Leave Office

ConAgra Recalls 19 Million Pounds of Beef

U.S. Bans Israeli Beef After One Cow Detected With Mad Cow Disease Is Found

Alaska Glaciers Said To Be Melting At Twice Expected Rate: No lasers existed in "mid-1950"!

Eco-Terrorists Should Be Investigated As They Advocate "Destruction of Civilization"

Cutting Edge Called This Goal 12 Years Ago: More -- Debunking Oil Myth

World's Poorest Nations Lash Out At Richest: Redistribution of Assets Plan Continues

Homeland Security Panel Trudges Along: Expect Congress to finally give Bush all he asks for

House Panel Approves Homeland Security Bill

Georgia Court Says Civil Unions Not Marriage: Invalidates Vermont Law

Lay Catholics Offer Solution From Pews

Atheist Clergy To Be Facing Tribunals

PBS Says HIV-Positive Puppet To Stay Out of U.S.

Muppet Characters Coming Next?

Hillary Clinton Blasts Fellow Democrat Senator


July 19, 2002

"What Have They Done To My Children?", Mother Wails At Funeral For Terror Victims

Arafat's Fatah Group Blamed For This Attack

Israelis: Fighting Waves of Hate-Provoked Terrorism For 70 Years

U.N. Security Council Votes For Palestinian State Within Three Years: U.S. supports this vote

Putting An End To It All: This author clearly is in state of denial!

Iran-backed Lebanon Terror Bases Training Fighters How To Shoot Down Aircraft

Immense Power of the "Arab Street" In Protecting Arafat: Why Arafat is so well protected

Jordan Is The Palestinian State Everyone Is Pining For!

Slick Palestinian Propaganda Site Opens

"Land For Peace" Has Been Tried and Never Worked

Jews May Be Facing Armed Palestinian Citizens

Israeli Army Destroys Bomber's Houses

53% Off Israelis Want Third Temple Built

Understanding Fervent Masonic Desire To Rebuild Solomon's Temple

U.S. Banks, Cities Accept Illegal Mexican ID

Bush Shifting Openly Gay AIDS Director To Another Post

Lesbian's Ex-Partner Must Pay Child Support

Catholic Director of Priest Rehab Office Accused of Sexual Abuses of His Own

Cardinal Law Defends Diocese Backing Out of Abuse Payout Agreement

111 Bishops Kept Pedophile Priests On Job

Doomed Crew Relayed Key Information Just Before Crash On 9/11

Con Artists Use Former "Suckers List" In Identifying New Victims

City High Schools Ordered To Change Mascot Names -- Political Correctness Rules

Eco-Terrorists Should Be Investigated As They Advocate "Destruction of Civilization"

Cutting Edge Called This Goal 12 Years Ago: More -- Debunking Oil Myth

House Leader Strips Bush's TIPS Program As Well As National ID Card: Can Bush install TIPS Program Without Congress

America May Not Survive Bush Administration Dictatorial Government In the Making: Chuck Baldwin

Bush's Popularity Remains High

Stocks Sink To 5-Year Low

Is U.S. Economy About To Take Plunge?

Fixed Mortgage Rates Fall To Record Lows

Euro Stocks Open Down As U.S. Stocks Weigh Heavily

WorldCom May File For Bankruptcy Monday

AOL Chief Resigns

While 3 Airlines Post Huge Losses, Southwest Has $102 Million Profit

U.S. Re-stocking Smart Bombs For Iraq Attack

Jordan Opposed To Any Attack On Iraq

Iraq Braces For Attack

Futurist Mock Battle Held In Southern California and Nevada

U.S. Bans Israeli Beef After One Cow Detected With Mad Cow Disease Is Found

Samantha's Killer May Bear Physical Marks of Struggle

Samantha, Mom Discussed Kidnap Scenarios

Bush's Cyber Czar "Assures" Us Our Emails Are Safe From Surveillance

"Tough Cop" Airport Security Chief Forced To Resign

Breast-feeding Can Prevent Breast Cancer

Women Fighting For Right To Breast-feed In Public

Spanish Troops Reclaim Island From Morocco

UK Doctor Killed At Least 215 Patients

Texas Nurse Charged In Two Patient Murders: Such news stories indicative of the New Genocide sweeping nation

"Dr. Death" Kevorkian Appeals To Supreme Court For Reduction of Sentence

Bush Nominates Pro-Abortion Judge -- She is facing huge fight for confirmation




July 18, 2002

Double Suicide Bombing In Tel Aviv Kills 3, Wounds Over 30 Innocents: Pictures tell of the horror

Death Toll Now Up To 5

Israeli Restrictions Against Palestinians To Stay In Effect After Bombings

Massive Israeli Manhunt Under Way For Militants Who Killed Eight Yesterday In Bus Slaughter

IAF F-16's Bomb Mortar Factory In Gaza

"We Knew The Terror Would Come Again"

Palestinian Security Agents Angry By Arafat's Freezing of Salaries For 4,000

Intifada Brings Sufferings To Christians

Christians Forced To Flee Even As Arafat's Officials Build Mansions

Muslims File Lawsuit Against Bush, Led By Jewish Lawyer!

Muslim Schools of Hate: Even preschoolers taught to hate

Police Officer Whose Violent Arrest of Teen Was Captured On Videotape Will Be Arraigned Today

Catholic Church Lawyers Claim Church Should Not Have To Pay The $15-30 Million Settlement For Father Geoghan's Case, Even If Judge Ruled Payment Was Binding

Laity Reform Group At A Crossroads

Nuns Order Secretly Paying Out Hush Money

KISS Bassist Wants To Become Latest Lifestyle Guru: Signs of the times in Western world

Bush Again On Defensive Over Business Practices of Cheney and Himself

Bush Received The Very Loans To Company Officers He Says He Now Opposes

Bush Threatens Jail Time For "Creative Accountants"

Bush's Ten Corporate Reform Measures

Back-Room Deal Between Bush, Democrats Over Ethics

Scientists Say They Have Discovered "Spark" of Life In A Mere Gene: Truly worshipping "god of forces" [Daniel 11:38]

Children of Working Moms Perform Poorly Academically: Children of Stay-At-Home Moms Perform Much Better

"The Wrath of God" -- Wise Have Become Fools



53% Off Israelis Want Third Temple Built

Understanding Fervent Masonic Desire To Rebuild Solomon's Temple

Postal Service Won't Join Bush's Citizen Spy Program Called "TIPS"

U.S. Should Not Be A Nation Of Spies

Bush's Security Plan Lauded: Retinal Scans, National ID Driver's Licenses, High-Tech All Part Of Plan

More Bureaucracy Solves Nothing In Bush's Security Plan

Why Slash Our Forces While We Are At War?

U.S. Tells Turkey That Attack On Iraq Is Inevitable

How Our Military Is In Sad State of Readiness Because of Environmental Regulations

Massachusetts Legislature Kills Ban On Gay Marriage

German Court OK's Gay Marriage

Sex, Torture, Erotic Electricifation In Gay "Christian" Churches

U.S. Will Not Declare Pakistan A Terrorist State

Al Qaeda May Get Powerful Weapons: Pentagon

Al Qaeda Moving To Guerrilla War Phase

Cops Say Killer of 5-Year-Old Samantha Runnion Left Calling Card, May Strike Again

Tips For Parents To Prevent Abductions

Muslim Men In Sudan Raping Boy Slaves

Sudan: The Hidden Holocaust

Tax on Meat Eating May Be Next: Animal Rights Activists Conditioning Is Working!

China Ready To Restore Defense Ties To Israel

Arizona Wildfire Runoff Poisons Roosevelt Lake

HIV Sesame Street Character Not For U.S. Market

IRS Back To Playing Vicious "Name and Shame" Game Against Tax Shelters

U.K. Trying To Abolish 800-Year-Old Law Against Double Jeopardy Rule


July 16-17, 2002

Bus Ambush In Israel Kills Seven: Baby dies, pushing innocent death toll to eight

Egyptian Minister Calls This Bus Attack An "Accident"

Emmanuel: City Under Seige

Iran's "Merchant of Death" Terrorism Comes To Arafat's Aid

CIA Working To Protect Israel From Terrorism

Sharon: Arafat Delivering "Rapsody of Terror"

Arafat's Deal With Hizbollah Cooks His Goose

Powell Seeks Approval of Plan To Aid Palestinians

UN, EU, Russians Split With US On Arafat

Justice Department Organizing Civilian Spy Program

Security Strategy Sees Broad New Government Role: Broad New Powers

Turning Americans Into Spying Snoops

ACLU: Nation of Peeping Toms: Gov Doesn't Trust American Citizens

Homeland Security May Grow To 160,000 Employees!

Enemies, Definitions of Terrorism Not Spelled Out

One Nation "Under The State"?

Army Radar Test A Success: No aircraft got through D.C. Test

Catholic Commission Members Defend Pace of Reforms After State Attorney General Complained Commission Was Dragging Feet

Catholic Church Counselor for Priests Had History of Abuse Himself

Catholic Faithful: "Keep The Faith, Change The Church": Death Knell For Church?

Jordan Reaching Out To Iraqi Opposition

US Launches Campaign To Win Muslims Over

N.Y. County Changes Building Codes To Global Standards

HIV-Postive Sesame Street Puppet Worries Lawmakers

Protestant Clergy Wary of Bush's "Faith-Based" Initiatives: Trojan Horse Plan

Arab Muslims Raping Abducted Boys


Wildfire Raging At California/Nevada Line

Western Governors Urge More Wildfire Funding

West In Worst Drought In A Long Time

Drought Should Be History

Teen Accused Of "Vampire" Ritual Killing, Drinking Blood

Mom Kills Self, Her Three Children, Shoots Husband

Texas Nurse Charged In Two Patient Murders: Such news stories indicative of the New Genocide sweeping nation

Fed Reserve: Economy Wounded But Resilient: Interest Rates to remain low

Poll Shows Bush's Ratings Weathering Corporate Scandal: Dem Senator Tied to Stock Scheme

"Beware of Unintended Consequences"

Motorola Posts Largest Loss Ever

Apple Reports Slide In Earnings: Intel To Cut 4,000 Jobs

Duke Energy Admits To Bogus Energy Trades

GM's Earnings Nearly Triple

Nextel Posts Surprisingly Strong Profits

"First Strike" -- The Truth About Flight TWA 800?

Supreme Court To Hear "Gay Sex" Case

Gays Rally Against Limiting Marriage To Man - Woman

Gay Rights Vote Could Hurt Convention Chances

Family Group Fights For Homosexual Referendum

Was Jesus "Gay"?

Police Discover Girl's Body In California: Could It Be Samatha Runnion

Revolutionary Advance In Bladder Cancer Detection

Air Conditioning Major Society Shaper

Europeans Oppose US So Much, You Have To Ask: Are They From Venus?

U.S. Military Builds New Jumping Off Base In Iraq Attack Plan


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