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We have culled these pertinent stories from many sources to keep you updated on the Daily News events pertinent to the coming New World Order. Truly, once you know the Plan to establish the Kingdom of Antichrist, you will never look at the news the same way again. For A Cutting Edge Analysis and Recap Of Current Events Being Reported In The News Visit our Headline News Area

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Sunday, July 6, 2003 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For Our Military

Iraq Quagmire -- Saddam Returns

Former Special Forces Soldier Responds to Bush's Invitation for Iraqis to Attack US Troops: "Bring 'Em On?"

Saddam Returns To Iraq!

Analysis: Saddam back to lead resistance?

War Continues, Soldier's Wives So Infuriated That General Had To Be Escorted From Meeting

Blast kills Iraqi recruits to U.S.-backed police

Heat and violence hits US troops

Turkey's PM: Some of the 11 Turkish Soldiers Allegedly Detained by US in Iraq Have Been Freed

U.S. Troops Kill 11 Iraqi Ambushers

Iraqi Governing Council Taking Shape -- Shiites to Dominate

List of Journalists Who Died in Iraq

Palestinian refugees forced from their homes in Baghdad are now living in a tented camp

Blair’s War Speech Wins Over Cook’s Plea for Peace As "Speech of the Year"

Iraq gets 1,000 tonnes of food an hour from UN

Pakistan not committed to send troops to Iraq

Scorecard on the War on Terrorism

North Korean Peninsula

Analysis: North Korea talks in doubt

Defector: Kim Said N. Korea Has Nukes

'N Korea had produced nukes before 1997'

No Nuke ties with N Korea, Iran: Pakistan's Musharraf

European, American Invasion of Africa

Bush sets out "broader" global mission than war against terrorism

US ready to send troops to Liberia

'Hunger, cholera: medically, it's an absolute disaster' in Liberia

Uganda's lost innocents

Twelve Million Hungry People In Ethiopia: "Unprecedented"


Pakistan police hold 17 men in connection with mosque bombing

Karachi could be next, warn intelligence agencies

Talk of Recognising Israel Creates a Furore in Pakistan

Angry Pakistanis mourn dead in mosque attack

Pakistan: America's foul-weather friend

Rotating presidency of EU to be scrapped after Nazi smear

Reference to God in EU constitution unlikley

Liberals Lose in Kuwait Parliament Vote

Latest Afghan Skirmishes Kill 4, Hurt 5

Mild Earthquake Jolts Island of Bali

IAEA: Iran Should Make First Move on Nuclear Issues

CIA's secret war is revealed as Laos jails European journalists

Taste of Hollywood comes to studio: Film buffs and Harry Potter fans alike can experience the magic of the movies first-hand

Mel Gibson's Film 'Theologically Accurate' According To Charismatics and Focus on Family

Wal-Mart Has Rapid International Expansion in Mind - Moving rapidly towards global economy

Church Apostasy = Moral Collapse!

XXX-ceptable: Porn has gone mainstream

Former model who appeared with Pierce Brosnan in Tomorrow Never Dies has been ordained an Anglican vicar

Christian party leader urges marriage rights for cohabiting and gay couples


Israel - Palestinian State

White House Wants Fast Action on Palestinian Prisoner Release and Israeli Withdrawals

Sharon: Prisoners who killed Israelis will not be released -- But -- Palestinian legislator: PA will stop road map if all prisoners not released

Palestinian Terror Groups Say They Recommit to Ceasefire

Palestinians Have No Intention of Disarming Terrorists - In Their Own Words

Terrorist Organizations Using "Cease-Fire" to Best Advantage To Rebuild Shattered Infrastructure

IDF General Mofaz to meet with Dahlan over further withdrawls

Arafat turns down new offer to move

Hizbullah fires 26 anti-aircraft missiles into northern Israel (UPDATE)

Palestinian Aithority, Palestinian armed groups strive to avoid confrontation in order to prevent civil war

Maintaining Temple Mount Quiet

Heritage List UN Trojan Horse

Tel Aviv´s "White City" Added to UNESCO World Heritage List

Jerusalem Is Also World Heritage Site: UN already controls Jerusalem on paper!

Security Groups Warn of Internet Hacking Contest on Sunday

Prairie dogs euthanized amid fears of monkeypox

Skydiver'schute was sabotaged say police

Fears of new craze after pilots fly under bridges

Death Toll in Moscow Suicide Blasts at 15

Supreme Outrage!

European Legal Brief Threatened Trouble for US Over Texas Sodomy Law: US Justices deferred to European Law in making decision! Global Law being imposed on US by our own government institutions!

Text of This Outrageous Decision

Outrage! Supreme Court Justice O'Connor receives Philadelphia Liberty Medal: Medal represents the founding principles of the United States

Beam Collapses, Narrowly Missing Sandra Day O'Connor

Has Supreme Court Pushed America Over That Final Judgment Line With God On Ruling Legalizing Sodomy?

Same-sex 'marriage' draws wide disapproval

Twin Sisters of Hell -- Abortion and Sodomy -- now supreme according to America’s highest court

The Constitution is whatever Sandra Day O'Connor says it is

Sodomy ruling, part 2: A liberal gold mine

Government Information Awareness Website: Open Government

Challenging identification by race: Activist wants Calif. end to identification by race, ethnicity

Petition to Muslims: Stop killing converts who leave Islam

The Sword of the Islamic Prophet: Hard-hitting book that reveals the whole truth about Islam

Destiny 21st Century - Islam Connection As We Head Into 21st Century - Video

Stonehenge was ancient pagan sex symbol

Navy Punishes Chaplains for Sexual Abuse and Fraud: Highest rate of any officer group!

Harry Potter, Christ Figure? Professional Harry watchers on whether J.K. Rowling's hero is meant to resemble Christ

Demonic Spirit of Deception is Rampant Among Christian Leaders

Two More Christian Organizations Recommend Harry Potter Books: Witchcraft in the name of Jesus

Pagans Are Bragging That Luciferic Shows and Harry Potter Are Encouraging Kids To Join Covens!

National Weather

Steamy Weather Continues Along Entire Easterm Seaboard

Midwest: Relief From the Heat Near

The Dog Days of Summer Are Here - July 3 to August 11

Beat the Heat! Get Out of the Sun



Saturday, July 5, 2003 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For Our Military

Iraq Quagmire -- Saddam Returns

Saddam Returns To Iraq!

Saddam tape calls for jihad on invaders -- Coalition vows to pursue hunt for Saddam loyalists regardless of tape

Former Special Forces Soldier Responds to Bush's Invitation for Iraqis to Attack US Troops: "Bring 'Em On?"

Blast at police station kills several Iraqis training to be recruits in US new Iraqi Army

U.S. Forces Hold 11 Special Forces Turkish Troops in Iraq

Dead on the Fourth of July: One US soldier and eleven Iraqis

British MoD accuses BBC of 'skulduggery' over Iraq documentary

U.S. troops, Iraqis step up security at oil pipelines -- Iraqi crude won’t flow fast enough to cut oil prices

Iraq needs ‘old friends’ in charge to feel secure

Saddam: "Jihad (holy war) cells and brigades have been formed"

Trial Without Any Legal Protection

Two Britons at Guantanamo face the death penalty

Guantanamo Eyes Possible Execution Chamber for Terror Suspects Tried Before Military Tribunals

US and Europe set for clash over terrorist trials

Britain voices fears over US military trials for terror suspects

E.U. - European Union

Economic Outlook: Lessons to learn about the euro

Italy's Berlusconi Unrepentant in Nazi Row

US Suspends Military Aid Over Int'l Court: Countries refuse to agree not to try American soliders

Volcanic eruption takes toll on Ecuador health, economy

Pakistan Under Militant Attack

Militants kill 47, wound 65 in Pakistan mosque attack

Mosque Attack enrages Shiite Muslims, sending them on rampage

Pakistan Leader: Mosque Hit Hurts Economy

Peace talks will not progress over Kashmir: Pakistan

Islamists ruining Pakistan's image: President Musharraf -- Calls militant bombers "ignorant", and "wild"

Pakistan Catholic priest killed in his home

China to give Rs 30 billion for Pakistani nuclear plant

World leaders ready to help resume talks: Pakistan's Musharraf hopes for mediation

No one can dictate terms to us: Musharraf

Korean Peninsula

No Nuke ties with North Korea, Iran: Pakistan's Musharraf

Defector: Kim Said N. Korea Has Nukes

Korean Peninsula: The last frontier in the Cold War

'North Korea had produced nukes before 1997'

North Korean showdown a game we must win: 11 Nations forming Proliferation Security Initiative declare

Meeting to decide Australia's role in North Korea naval interdiction

Taiwan relief as mixed signals sorted out: US advice against the holding of referendums was misinterpreted in Taipei as sign of a pro-China tilt

In 1952, Illuminati Planned To Give Taiwan Back To Mainland Communist China!

Relations with US 'remains strong'

Taiwan in full swing as Sars fears subside

No more SARS hotspots


Headed to the Beach This Weekend - East, West Coast, anc Gulf Coast ocean temperatures compared!

The Dog Days of Summer Are Here

Showers, Thunderstorms Soak Gulf Coast

T-Storms Rumble Across Midwest, Northeast

The Danger of a Sealed Car

New Zealand Farmers Threaten Rebellion Over 'Flatulence Tax'

Becky survives holiday horror lightning strike: Tongue piercing attracts lightning strikes! Is there a Divine message here?

Website turns tables on government officials: Annoyed by the prospect of a massive new federal surveillance system

National Campaign To Stop Illegal Internet Porn: Be careful asking the fox guarding the chicken coop to help, as bill may be written to keep you from email you really want. This is happening now with Spam Filters

Test-tube hermaphrodite condemned by scientists: Also known as a "she-male", long featured in pornography

Taking a Quick Swipe at Cancer



Supreme Outrage!

European Legal Brief Threatened Trouble for US Over Texas Sodomy Law: US Justices deferred to European Law in making decision! Global Law being imposed on US by our own government institutions!

Outrage! Supreme Court Justice O'Connor receives Philadelphia Liberty Medal: Medal represents the founding principles of the United States

Beam Collapses, Narrowly Missing Sandra Day O'Connor

Has Supreme Court Pushed America Over That Final Judgment Line With God On Ruling Legalizing Sodomy?

Same-sex 'marriage' draws wide disapproval

Partial Birth Abortion Horror

Republican Congressmen support Partial Birth Abortion!!

Warning! Partial Birth Abortion Ban Just Passed By Congress Contains Same Loophole That Has Allowed Roe vs Wade To Kill 43,000,000 babies!

Another Look At The Horror of the Partial Birth Abortion Ban" -- This bill redefines Partial Birth Abortion right out existence, so this procedure can continue under a different definition! This bill may actually legalize this barbaric procedure

Precious Freedoms At Risk

John Quincy Adams' Words Advises Bush on U.S. Foreign Policy: USA goes not abroad, in search of monsters to destroy

The Indypendent: Civil Liberties Lost - "Some libraries in California now have signs that read: “Records of the books and other materials you borrow from this library may be obtained by federal agents”

Israel - Palestinian State

Terror Continues Even As Israel Continues Making Concessions

Truce - not peace? Ceasefire has rarely been breached faster than the one announced by Palestinian militant groups on Sunday, 6/29

Palestinian killed in Gaza blast: IDF just withdrew from Gaza

Whose Yesha? U.S. State Department does not recognize that the Six Day War ever occurred

Israel Releases 20 Arab Terrorist Prisoners

Cabinet to decide on release of hundreds of Palestinian prisoners -- Palestinians press Israel to release all prisoners

`We didn't win. You didn't win': Mideast foes cling to wafer-thin truce - Region moves into a strange purgatory

Hizbullah, An Unprecedented Threat

Palestinians "arrest" armed renegades

More anti-tank rockets fired in Gaza

Palestinians see elections by as early as October: Believe it when you see it

Shots fired at Abbas, Dahlan homes

Palestinian Fires on Palestinian Police

No peace until Israel gives up nukes: Syria

12 Palestinians arrested by army in West Bank

Iran's successful missile test puts Israel within range

Limited Invasion of Africa?

Bush Hopes Africa Trip Improve U.S. Image

Pentagon will send team to Liberia

Taylor offers to step down in Liberia: Bush orders military to look into U.S. role in restoring order

East African Region Gets Serious About Counter-Terror Cooperation

GOP warns Democrats against 'praying for failure' in Economy, Jobs


MP says arrested student's confessions baseless

"Failure of Iran's recent unrest a disgrace for US" -- Iran to shut down tense Tehran university campus

Washington punishes Iran's arms helpers

Chinese Company Rejects U.S. Allegations on Nuke Cooperation With Iran

Iran, Turkey stress expansion of trade ties: Turky becoming more militant Muslim, less of a US ally

Prince Charles In The News

Is HRH the Prince of Wales considering entering the Orthodox Church?

The Antichrist & A Cup of Tea

American Psychiatric Association (APA) Isn't Thinking Clearly in Its Assessment of Pedophiles

Suicide bombers target Moscow rock concert: 20 killed, 30 injured

U.S. celebrates Independence Day with patriotic blowout

IOC approves global code against drug use in sports

McCain urges quick action on law reforming USOC: With games a year away, pre-recess passage pushed

Kuwait Awakes from Saddam Dream to New Nightmare - Rising tide of Islamic Militant fervor threatening regime

US, Indonesian fighter jets in tense encounter

Durian-flavoured condoms lapped up in Indonesia: strawberry and banana are also available

Gun Culture In Some European Countries Rivals That of US



Friday, July 4, 2003 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Independence Day -- USA 227 Years Old Today

Israel - Palestinian State

Fighting in Mideast threatens road map

Israel, Hamas trade victory claims: Each claims victory in 33-month Intifada

Commentary: Is 'road map' a U.S. setback? Bush reneges on demand Arafat step down before Palestinian State declared

Mideast truce holds despite new acts of Palestinian terrorism

Army reopens central Gaza Strip junction after closing it several hours because of anti-tank fire

Two Cities Nazareth and Bethlehem: They are no longer Christian towns

Palestinian terrorists fire at Israeli workmen working on new security fence

Rice: 'Ariel Sharon has been remarkable'

Tel Aviv a UNESCO World Heritage Site -- Jerusalem is also a World Heritage Site - Implications may be huge

Palestinians say Israel prepared to reopen Orient House that Arafat has always used as base of terror operations

Israel announces halt to evictions of suicide bombers' families

4th of July Celebration News

Security, weather won't dampen D.C. Fourth of July Celebrations

Don't feel guilty about celebrating Fourth of July as an American

Patriotism on their own terms: Everyday Americans celebrate

Red, white, blue only part of S.F. rainbow

Schwarzenegger Pumps Up GIs on July 4 in Iraq

3 missing in warehouse after fireworks blast: Warehouse was full of fireworks

E.U. Arises From Ashes - Prophecy Being Fulfilled!

Europe waits nervously as maverick takes over at EU

Schroeder accepts Berlusconi regret for Nazi jibe

Korean Peninsula

Disinformation Builds: CIA shifts on North Korean nukes: Now believes North Korea is actively working on developing nuclear warheads

Reality: North Korea Has Had At Least 100 Nuclear Warheads on Missiles For Many Months!

North Korea Vows to Fight Any Naval, Air Blockade

UN: No Agreement Reached on North Korea -- China and Russia have blocked Wednesday a second U.S. effort in the Security Council to condemn North Korea's revival of its nuclear program

South Korea's President Seeks Chinese Key to North Crisis

Two North Koreans defect to South Korea aboard a small boat

9/11 News

Autopsy: No Arabs on Flight 77: Thomas R. Olmsted, M.D

9/11 Attacks: Illuminati Leaves Unmistakable "Occult Numeric Signature"

Aquarius Rising—The Secret Iluminist Masonic/Illuminati Ritual Initiations of September 11, 2001

Circle of Intrigue

Illuminazi 9-11 - Video - Perfect parallel path to Nazism down which America is treading today

Polygamists see open door for acceptance: Multiple-wives crowd hopes to capitalize on sodomy decision

Residents shaken by string of 22 fires in D.C., Maryland

Indonesia tropical forests face extinction

Saudi security forces kill top Riyadh bombing suspect

Oil prices roiled by Iraqi blasts, falling stocks of US crude oil

British Petroleum benefits from Iraq oil delays: 35% increase in profits

Man caught on 'Kiss Cam' going back to prison: Caught by our Surveillance Society

Japanese Fire Crews Rush to Decommissioned Japan Nuke Reactor After Explosion There

Proposal to ban smoking in Denver hits rocky resistance

Pakistan mosque bombing kills 10


Iraq Quagmire Updates

US command headquarters in el Ramadi northwest of Baghdad ablaze from a missile attack

Sniper Kills U.S. Soldier, Mortars Wound 20 in Iraq -- More Information

Basra: Ready To Explode

British elite pay tribute to six dead Red Caps

Saddam mystery stokes fears over security in Iraq

US offers $25m for Saddam's capture: Officials in Iraq deny bounty shows desperation as attacks increase -- Iraqs not impressed with size of bounty

Iraqis unsure of US 'democratic' designs

Six US soldiers die following Rumsfeld's declaration that Iraq is no new Vietnam

The Heat Factor in Iraq: Summer Presents Another Danger to U.S. Soldiers

Iraqis Fear Attacks Could Grow As Reconstruction Falters

Japan Passes Landmark Iraq Troop Deployment Law: First time since WW2 that troops will be deployed overseas

The Mystery of the Missing WMDs: We were told lurid tales, supposed "intelligence assessments" filled with apparently irrefutable statistics

Senators see proof of Iraqi arms program

Americans Feel Impact of Constitution, but Murky on the Details: Our ignorance will cost us our freedoms!

Africa -- Slow Invasion Under Way?

Massive force needed in Congo and Liberia

Bush To Visit Africa Next Week: Will miss all the "hotspots"

Despite setbacks, UN peacekeeping will focus on Africa: Continent in perpetual turmoil

Bounty of Riches, Misery: Prospects of oil could bring more violence to Congo

U.S. anti-terror aid to Africa

Pressure builds on Taylor to leave Liberia

Crisis in eastern Congo: Genocide, cannablism real problem

Analysis: Bush to face Mugabe, AIDS

US debates response to Liberia

South Africa: 50+ murders a day in 2002

Zambian Churches Urge End 'immoral' Big Brother Reality TV Show

Trial Without Any Legal Protection

Bush Says 6 Terror Suspects May Be Tried Before Military Tribunals

Guantanamo Eyes Possible Execution Chamber for Terror Suspects Tried Before Military Tribunals

Lightning Strikes Preacher Who Asked For Sign: Bolt Hits Steeple, Travels Through Guest Evangelist's Microphone

Solar System 'twin' found: Astronomers have found a planetary system similar to ours - a Jupiter-like world circling a Sun-like star in roughly the same orbit that Jupiter follows our Sun

Rapist gets life term for spitting on officer: Looking for excuse to keep him behind bars?

Lawmakers: Too early to rate NASA changes

The Eagle Has Landed Video: Illuminized Masonic Control of N.A.S.A.

CDC wants pets exposed to Monkeypox virus killed: Quarantine advised for certain cats, dogs

Big French Fry Sells For $202 On eBay

Bush: Gay Marriage Ban May Not Be Needed

Chileans admit bodies were moved from graves during Pinochet dictatorship of 1973-1990

Illinois man gets 10 years for crash that killed girlfriend while they were having sex

Iran tested long-range missile last week

US government plans TV news broadcasts to Iran to try to overthrow militant regime

Diana, Princess of Wales, is coming back to life to battle the forces of evil as a Marvel Comics superhero

Federal ruling favors Md. plan to shoot swans: U.S. wildlife agency wants to eliminate 11,000 of mute variety in 10 years

'Soft walls' will keep hijacked planes at bay

Why mummy's boys are best: More likely to be considerate, make their wives happy and enjoy a successful, lasting marriage


Thursday, July 3, 2003 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For Our Military

Israel - Palestinian State

Palestinian Terrorists Flooding Into Bethlehem To Prepare For New Attacks: Arafat Forms Second Palestinian State Sponsored By Tehran

Palestinian police march into Bethlehem, terrorist shells hit Jewish settlement in Gaza

A Long Night Of Attacks; IDF Closes Route for "a Few" Hours -- Gush Katif Junction closed following missile fire

Palestinian militant chief of Arafat's Al Aqsa Brigades reported killed

Violence And Threats Continue, Despite Hudna

Understanding Palestinian Incitement

Bush Attempts Another "Regime Change" -- In Israel!

Iran Funding Palestinian Terror Groups! "Lighting Many Fires"?

Old Nemesis Arafat Races Bush-Sharon-Abu Mazen for Palestinan State -- Guess who will be allowed to win?

Israel Releases 20 Arab Terrorist Prisoners

Pakistan links recognition of Israel to "resolution" of Palestinian issue

Suspicion: Arafat Trying to Frame Pro-Israeli Greek Orthodox Priest - For Murder

Abbas calls anti-tank fire an 'act of terror'

Palestinian Foreign Minister, Shaath, promises crackdown on groups opposing cease-fire

Nazareth mosque foundations demolished, raising ire of Muslims and Vatican alike

Harry Potter News

Harry Potter is first English novel to top bestseller list in France

"To Harry or Not to Harry" -- Video by Former Black Magick Witch

Christian Australian college bans Potter for putting "evil" wizardry in a good light

Raging Spiritual Warfare in These Last Days - Seminar Audio Cassette

Satanic Entertainment -- Video - Preparing the peoples of the world to accept Antichrist

America: Rushing Towards Sodom

U.S. Scientists create human ‘she-males’: Researchers combine male and female cells into one embryo

President Bush Wednesday declined to endorse amendment to the U.S. Constitution banning same-sex marriages

Whitewashing the Decalogue: Justices move US off of Biblical basis for laws

What the court betrayals portend: Bush goes mushy whenever a battle for American values is engaged! "He is a conscientious objector in the culture war"

Supreme Court Ruling Puts Hundreds of Molestation Cases in Question

Homosexuality Compatible with Christianity -- or So Says One University -- Detailed look at Sodom's laws -- Seminar 1

Hormone link to lesbianism touted

No Evidence of Ten Commandments in American History, Court Says As It Deliberately Re-writes History!

Congresswoman Fights Against Gay Marriage

Impeach the Supreme Court

Death Penalty Foes Converge on Supreme Court: Seeking to overthrow Biblical Standards in yet one more area

Abortion News

Pro-Life Activists Target California Governor Gray Davis in Protest Over Woman's Death Following Botched Abortion

Another Look At Horrific Partial Birth Abortion Ban: Interview with Christian OB/GYN doctor reveals truth of this bill

Virginia to appeal injunction in partial birth abortion case

Have scientists gone too far? "Aborted foetuses to be harvested to give their eggs to infertile women!"

Pro-life women shift to majority

Zambian baby born with four legs and three hands

Indian newborn buried alive for 16 hours

National Weather

Extreme weather said to be evidence of global warming: More likely, it is evidence of Weather Control

Severe Weather Outlook for Thursday

Scorching Heat Thursday and Friday -- Independence Day Forecast

Drought in the East? NO!

The Nature of Convection in Thunderstorms

Iran "Next"?

Iran: Radio rejects Bush's "claim" of success against terrorism as election ploy

"Iran welcomes signing additional protocol to Non-Proliferation Treaty"

Powell: US Should Avoid Direct Role In Iranian Politics

Pakistan's Musharraf warns US against attacking Iran: Will increase hatred towards America in Middle East

Complaints over nuke power plant in Iran "unfair": Russia

Olympics: Vancouver chosen as site of 2010 Winter Games

Judge relocates Malvo's Beltway Sniper trial

Defense wants Police Chief Moose's book on sniper case blocked

U.S. Cuts Off Military Aid: 35 nations lose $48M in flap over an international court

Public School Morass

Parents file suit over Public School locker room cameras: Children as young as 10 watched as they undressed

Brave New Schools - Why our schools are now cesspools

Dangerous Anti-Christian Public School Conditioning Of Your Children! Audio Tape

Christian Parents Could Lose Custody of Their Children! Audio Tape

Raging Spiritual Warfare in These Last Days - Reflected In Public Schools

Congressional no-shows At Strom Thurmond's funeral raise questions

Glow-in-the-dark camels for desert

African rodents caused monkeypox outbreak: Claim made by CDC




Iraq Quagmire

In Iraq, mine explosion kills one Marine, injures three

Two More U.S. Soldiers Die

Two Iraqis Dead, U.S. Troopers Hurt

'Bomb-making caused Iraq mosque blast'

U.S. overseer in Iraq seeks reinforcements

Errand Boy - God Personally Told Bush To Invade Iraq - Notice Bush never mentions "Jesus Christ"

No Vietnam: Rumsfeld denial while toll rising

In Day of Violence in Iraq, Attacks From All Direction

Action Movie Hero Arnold "Terminator" Schwarzenegger Heading To Iraq: For Independence Day celebrations

$140 million of frozen Iraqi assets from banks in Cayman Islands are 'gifted' to US

US, UK determined to stay the course in Iraq

Foreign Troops Entering Iraq

Foreign troops 'gear up' to enter Iraq

Political consensus necessary for sending Indian troops to Iraq: Indian Official

Two Pakistani brigades for Iraq: Pakistan's Musharraf pledges

Intervening All Across The Globe!

Iraq war opponent Dean seeks Liberia intervention

Bush 'exploring all options' on sending troops to Liberia -- May send 500 to 1,000 troops

Pentagon wants to send army to Liberia: Report

British Army accused of Kenya gang rapes

U.S. to deploy forces in Romania

Italy to Send Soldiers to Libya - To restrain illegal immigrants?

Germany sends soldiers to Congo: Joins French troops already in the country

Bush wants new regimes in Africa: President demands end to governments in Congo, Liberia and Zimbabwe

India, China facing AIDS 'catastrophe': US expert

Solomons villagers beheaded by militants: Australia, New Zealand, France considering sending troops to intervene

US no longer asking India to sign Non-Proliferation Treaty

NASA sacks senior officials over Columbia disaster

Domestic Terror News

Homeland Security chief wanted in line for presidency: Bill quietly passing through Congress!

Brooklyn Bridge Traffic Snarled By Suspicious Package, Vehicle

Subway Scare -- Suspicious Package Incidents Remind New Yorkers City Still On High Alert

Nuclear Terrorist Attack On Chicago Expected: Raelian sources

Border Patrol Expands Along Canada

DHS: Mass Hack Attack To Occur Sunday

Sen. John Edwards, North Carolina Democrat, blocks GIs' loan break

NYC Mayor's Approval Rating Continues Slide: 31% approval

E.U. News

Germany's Schröder demands apology for 'Nazi' taunt by Italian official

EU Parliament May Demand Berlusconi Apology

Regular cannabis users 'at greater risk of mental illness'

Denver Coors Field accident injures at least 20 following end of Rockies baseball game

Suit Against Gun Maker Allowed on 'Hypothetical Facts': Skids are being greased to shut down gun manufacturing

Texas executes ex-policeman for murder-kidnapping

Mel Gibson, Dr. Dobson, Ted Haggard

Mel Gibson brings movie to city's church leaders, to Focus On The Family, and to Apostate Charismatic, Ted Haggard

Ted Haggard Led His Followers Into Global Prayer On Same Numeric Basis As the Satanist Prayer Plan

Urgent Call To Prayer: More Charismatic Chaos

Focus On The Family -- Little Known Facts

Korean Peninsula

UN: No Agreement Reached on North Korea -- China and Russia have blocked Wednesday a second U.S. effort in the Security Council to condemn North Korea's revival of its nuclear program

Pakistan's Musharraf confirms missile purchase from North Korea

Powell: North Korea Failing in its Strategy of 'Rhetorical Excess'

North Korea Accuses US of Aerial Espionage

U.S. presses Seoul to halt nuclear energy assistance to North Korea

China continues aerial intercepts of U.S. jets

US raises human rights concerns with China

More street protests likely in Hong Kong -- Hong Kong's chief executive responds to massive protest

Police stop Maine man with toy gun on I-95

Kraft to go lean, starve appetite for obesity lawsuits

Strong quake jolts northern Japan - 6.0 tremblor

Comedian Buddy Hackett never without a joke

Papers Show Spy Knew of George Washington's Delaware Crossing: Intelligence tip went unheeded

Matthew 1040: Alabama Governor invokes Bible in justifying $1.2 billion tax hike

Lottery winner, Part-time letter carrier to work 'one job instead of four' as she contemplates how to spend her $112 million

FCC Finalizes Media Ownership Rules: Allows few companies to hold monopoly in Media outlets


Wednesday, July 2, 2003 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For Our Military

America Becoming Sodom

New Wal-Mart Policy Protects Gay Workers

Appeals Court Orders Ten Commandments Monument Removed

What the court betrayals portend: Bush goes mushy whenever a battle for American values is engaged! "He is a conscientious objector in the culture war"

Supreme Court Ruling Puts Hundreds of Molestation Cases in Question

Homosexuality Compatible with Christianity -- or So Says One University -- Detailed look at Sodom's laws -- Seminar 1

First proof that polycystic ovarian syndrome is more than twice as common in lesbian women

Poll: 39% of Young adults back gay marriages

Iraq - Quagmire Deepens

Bremer Seeks More Troops for Iraq

In Day of Violence in Iraq, Attacks From All Directions

'Bring Them On,' Bush Says to Iraq Attacks - Coalition 'will not pull out of Iraq'

Iraq Attacks Wound U.S. Troops; Imam Dead in Blast

Iraq cleric condemns US plans

Bush Promises No Return to Tyranny in Iraq

Visiting Coalition Officials Vow to Stay the Course in Iraq; Wounded U.S. Soldier Dies

Bush vows 'force' against Iraqi rebels

UK troops to lead Iraq multinational force

American public wavers over Iraq - Bipartisan legislators say US needs help in Iraq

WMD Controversy

MPs split over 'sexing up' of Iraq weapons dossier

Spooks and spin doctors: Secret services and media are mutating, with each becoming more like the other

Were we misled into war?

Bush and Blair promised justice in Iraq. Another lie

Korean Peninsula - Propaganda Builds Up

Propaganda: US fears North Korea will have nuclear missile in a year

Truth: North Korea Has Had At Least 100 Nuclear Warheads on Missiles For Many Months!

North Korea Asserts Right to Make and Sell Missiles

North Korea threatens to pull out of 1953 war pact

North Korea Agrees to Hold M.I.A. Talks With US

North Korea vows to fight any blockade

U.S. Eyes Global Strike Capability Within 2 Hours

Vatican considers UN membership

Three Killed in Missouri Plant Shooting

Pakistan Detains Man in Christian Deaths

German Teen Shoots Teacher, Kills Self in High School

WHO Removes Toronto From List of Countries With Recent SARS Cases

Missing Baylor Player Feared Threats

UN ship 'carried child prostitutes'

Israel - Palestinian State

Bush Attempts Another "Regime Change" -- In Israel!

Iran Funding Palestinian Terror Groups! "Lighting Many Fires"?

Old Nemesis Arafat Races Bush-Sharon-Abu Mazen for Palestinan State -- Guess who will be allowed to win?

Arafat 'could leave Ramallah'

What's the truth about Mahmoud Abbas? Palestinian PM's involvement in Munich massacre seemingly forgiven

Bethlehem back in Palestinian hands

High terror alert in the Sharon area

Al Qaida suspect says Palestinian group told him to hit Jewish, Israeli targets

Troops in Nablus come under fire; no injuries

Reality: Islamic Jihad: "Hudna won't last long"

Wishful Thinking: IDF officer: Intifada may be over, Israel was Victorious!

IDF arrests 6 wanted Palestinians overnight


American Cuts 3,100 Flight Attendants, Reviews Routes

Stocks Set to Rise on Blue-Chip Upgrades

Firms line up for corporate invasion of Iraq

Europe's Skeletons Turn Up in American Closets

Calif. Begins Fiscal Year With No Budget

Fight Over World Criminal Court Causes U.S. Aid Cutoff to Some 35 Nations

Privacy and Security

U.S. Develops Urban Surveillance System

Mrs. Bush Gives Away Secrets in Web Chat

Microsoft Finds Another Flaw in Passport

Tube smartcard hits London

DOD mulls citywide tracking system - Pentagon system tracks every auto in a city

Privacy and the Surveillance State: How You Have Already Lost Your Privacy! Video

US-based missiles to have global reach

Pro-life women shift to majority

National Disability Groups Outraged About "End of Life" Advocacy

National Weather

Tropical Storm Bill Defies Forecast

National Outlook for Independence Day

Midwest battered by tornadoes

Remains of Bill Soaking Middle Atlantic

National June of 2003-Review

T-Storms Possible Across Northern Plains

Change of Venue Ordered in Sniper Case

Womb transplant baby 'within three years'

Baby Parts For Sale -- Video

Pennsylvania Woman Sentenced Under Unborn Victims Law

Judges dismiss lawsuits against Wall St banks: Investors simply out of luck!

Con's confession recounts role in killing famed atheist, Madalyn Murray O'Hair, and her kin

Harry Potter News

Harry Potter and the Paganization of Children's Culture

ALL The Truth of First Four Novels, Plus Revelations On Many Individual Subjects: From Christian who understands Witchcraft


Tuesday, July 1, 2003 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For Our Military

“Target Iran.”

Global War Looms? Top U.S. Officials Discuss Expanding ‘Terror War’ to Iran, Beyond

Fast Facts On The Middle East - Book explains why this war is going global and what you can now expect - Christian author

Japan Won't Ink Oil Deal If Iran Has Nuke Program - Kyodo

Britain puts pressure on Tehran over weapons - U.N. nuclear chief to travel to Iran next week for talks

"Target Syria"

What is the US military doing on the Iraq-Syria border?

Syria - New Line on Washington’s Iraq War Map

Israel - Palestinian State

Where Hatred Trumps Bread: What does the Palestinian nation offer the world?

Planned Role of Palestinian State In Early Stages of War With Israel

Illuminati Has Planned Three World Wars Since 1870: Arab-Israeli war to start final conflict that will produce Antichrist

Police start to reopen Temple Mount to Jewish and Christian visitors

Cease-Fire Producing Splinter Terror Groups?

Islamists threaten riots over Nazareth mosque razing

EU rejects U.S. demand to halt Hamas funding

Smiles supplant guns in Gaza as Palestinians assume control: But elation is tempered as peace plan takes effect

U.N.'s Annan welcomes Palestinian truce - Palestinians fire on IDF post in Gaza Strip violating ceasefire

Popular Front rejects ceasefire with Israel

Poll: 57% of Palestinians oppose ending armed intifada

Soldiers kill Palestinian at checkpoint

First Sharon, Abbas meeting in month set for today

U.S. Interferes With Israeli Sovereignty!

Rice Plays Musical Chairs with Sharon Government: Bush now controls Sharon Government - Fighting terror with military force has now ended

US Generals to arrive to monitor dismantling of Hamas

U.S. "Allows" Israel To Defend Its Citizens But With "Extreme Sensitivity" -- Palestinians Thumb Nose At U.S., Get Rewarded

Did Bush Sell Israel Out? Evidence piles up that he did!

Korean Peninsula

In Korea, a quiet US weapons buildup

New nuclear test site found in North Korea

North Korean army warns U.S. it will "mercilously" retaliate against any naval blockade

North Korea threatens to withdraw from 1953 Korean War armistice

Future of North Korea Nuclear Project to be Decided

Korea urged to join nuclear treaty

US throws bait at N Korea to abandon nukes

Propaganda Campaign

Propaganda: North Korea Trying to Fit Nuclear Weapons on Missiles, NYT Says


Reality: North Korea Has Had At Least 100 Nuclear Warheads on Missiles For Many Months!

North Korea: We'll put a torch to New York

Lab Grows Harvested Fetus -- Baby - Eggs

Study: Abortion Pill Under Attack

Warning! Partial Birth Abortion Bill Cleverly Written To Actually Legalize Partial Birth Abortion!

Whole new chapter opens for Japan's shoplifters

Malaysian launches counter-terrorism centre

Philippine Government seeking temporary legal immunity for leaders of an Islamic separatist movemen

Comedian Buddy Hackett dies at 78

National Weather

Tropical Storm Bill drenches Gulf

Bill Weakening Over the Southeast - Why storms weaken when over land

Bill Soaking the Southeast with Rain

High Pressure Brings Dry Air to Northeast

National Outlook for Independance Day -- No storms forecast!

Winds push wildfire smoke into Tucson, but no air-quality advisories issued

Dry June helps spread of wildfire in Oregon; other fires burn throughout West

Sensors of the World, Unite! Turning wirelessly interconnected networks of sensors into a ubiquitous reality

Peru's First Female PM Begins New Role

Greeks not given an earthly chance in death

Missing Hoops Player Murdered?

July 1 in history: Interesting historical events on this date

Company E-Mail Habits Are Risky Business: Workplace e-mail now qualifies as a business record

Critical Natural Gas Crisis: Bigger threat than terrorism, SARS


Skull & Bones

Senator Kerry & President Bush Are Both Skull & Bones!

In-depth Examination of Skull & Bones: Most important Satanic Secret Society in Existence

"Puff Piece" On Skull & Bones Contains Significant Revelations!

Illuminazi 9-11-- Secular Video excellently examines Illuminist hand behind the 9/11 attacks

Iraq Quagmire

Four US Soliders Killed Tuesday! Today - Breaking News!

Errand Boy - God Personally Told Bush To Invade Iraq

U.S. Troops Attacked Again in Iraq, Blast Near Mosque

Massive Explosion at Mosque Kills Five Iraqis, Demolishes Mosque

US hits back at Iraqi guerilla attacks

New poll shows U.S. confidence in war slipping

Uncertainty on Hussein unhelpful, Rumsfeld - US admits Saddam may be alive

Defense secretary says Iraq no quagmire for U.S.

Najaf's mayor ousted by U.S.: U.S.-appointed official charged with corruption

Iraqi details harsh treatment as Amnesty criticizes U.S. interrogation methods

British Army joins assault on BBC's war - Blair office scales down attack against BBC over dossier

Archaeologists beseech U.S. to secure ancient Iraqi sites

Cold War Analogy

Like Iraq, CIA Also Exaggerated Soviet Nuclear Threat During Cold War

The Truth About The Cold War and the Two World Wars of the 20th Century

Bush 'Indicted' Over War Crimes For Action In Afghanistan

Report warns U.S. not ready for 9-11 repeat: Local emergency responders underfunded, 'dangerously unprepared'

Some Arizona cities overwhelmed by homeland security demands

Hideous, True Nature of Homeland Security Revealed By Examining One of Its Departments

India - Pakistan

Pakistan asks India to stop arms build-up

US media takes dim view of Bush's aid largesse to Pakistan

Any support to terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir is illegal: US

Don't give military aid to Pakistan: US Lawmaker Pallone

US-based missiles to have global reach: Allies to become less important as new generation of weapons enables America to strike anywhere from its own territory

Quicker and stronger: US Navy's new battle plan

New Emerging Diseases News

Flu could be next terror weapon, warn scientists

Health care workers critically ill

Gays - Lesbians Energized After Court Ruling

Something To Celebrate: Gay Pride Across America

England To Legalize Gay Unions

Gay Pride demonstration celebrates sexual freedom: 400,000 people attended the 34th Annual Gay Pride Parade in Boystown on the North Side of Chicago Sunday

Canada gives gays hope for change

Gay marriage new cultural war front

Other Gay News

Gay Outrage Over Constitutional Amendment On Marriage

Church Fires Gay Choir Leader

Gays, Lesbians Remember Katherine Hepburn

European Intrusion Into Africa

U.S. is pressed to weigh sending troops to Liberia

Some 300 civilians killed in recent fighting in Liberia

Bush calls on Liberia's Taylor to quit


Sunny days ahead for Cuban tourism

Don't question Fidel and enjoy visit to Cuba

Press group tells tourists about repression in Cuba

US admits to 50 secret tests of bio weapons on troops

'Half-man' beast spotted in Central China

Five border-crossers die in Southern Arizona over the weekend

Roman Catholic Sex News

Catholic schools not hurt by scandals, Phoenix diocese officials say

Pope names O'Malley to lead Boston archdiocese, which was rocked by sexual abuse scandal

Complete Boston Globe Coverage of Catholic Priest Sex Abuse Scandal

How Catholic Church Could Sexually Abuse Its Parishoners For Nearly 1,000 years

First 'motion-controlled' smartphone unveiled

Saving Lives with Living Machines



Monday, June 30, 2003 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For Our Military

Breaking News!

Israel to pull forces out of Bethlehem even though Al Aqsa Brigades kills another Israeli

Palestinians want IDF to withdraw from Ramallah next

PM: Israel won't turn blind eye to West Bank shooting attack

U.S. urges PA crackdown, says peace plan 'entering new era': Joel 3 says "No Peace"

Shooting Attack Near Netzarim

Bush Forces Regime Change In -- ISRAEL!

Rice Plays Musical Chairs with Sharon Government: Bush now controls Sharon Government - Fighting terror with military force has now ended

U.S. "Allows" Israel To Defend Its Citizens But With "Extreme Sensitivity" -- Palestinians Thumg Nose At U.S., Get Rewarded

Did Bush Sell Israel Out? Evidence piles up that he did!

Worthless "Hudna" Ceasefire Announced

What Is A "Hudna"?

Jerry Golden: The Plan Is Insane!

Israel begins a pullout; militants call cease-fire -- Al Aksa Brigade terrorist group refused to sign "Hudna" ceasefire

Palestine militants' 3-month ceasefire is a 'ticking bomb': Israel dismisses the "ceasefire"

Hudna: Big Victory for Hamas over U.S., Israel - Arafat's Fatah terrorist group joins Hudna

Text of cease-fire statement issued by Hamas, Islamic Jihad

A Look at 33 Months of Mideast Violence

White House welcomes Mideast cease-fires

Fighting US anti-freedom lobby: US has a long history of opposition to the exercise of the fundamental right to self-determination

Foreign Ministry: 'Cease-fire is poison covered in honey'

Road Map News

Gaza faces peace test - IDF Opens Main Highway in Gaza to Arab Traffic

Gush Katif Residents Resort to Prayers and Protests Against IDF Withdrawal

Withdrawal talks turn to Bethlehem

Israeli Committee To Track Palestinian Incitement

At least four killed in Tel Aviv building collapse

Violence Continues Sunday

Foreign worker killed in West Bank attack (UPDATE)

Al Aqsa shooting mars Mideast truce: 'We do not agree with the ceasefire ... This is the beginning.'

Naval Commando Sgt. Erez Ashkenazi, Killed in Battle, Buried Today

Israeli shot in the head in West Bank ambush

Pakistan's Musharraf: Consider Recognizing Israel

Korean Peninsula

No more UN nuclear talks, N Korea demands -- North Korea warns

U.S. to block North's reactors -- Will act with or without Tokyo or Seoul

North Korea Warns Of War 'Prelude'

North Korea can make nukes by December - Propaganda as North Korea has long had nuclear weapons

North Korea 'may test nuclear bomb'

North/South Korean People: Three days together after 50 years apart

Arnold Schwarzenegger goes where candidates fear to tread

Conan the Barbarian - Schwarzenegger is pro-gay rights, pro-choice on abortion and pro-gun control, and called the impeachment of Bill Clinton a Republican disgrace

China Scores Breakthrough in Advanced Manufacturing Technology

Illinois Bishops' Statement on Left Behind: : "Theology of the End Times in Conflict With Catholic Teachings"

God's Wrath On Left Behind: A Must Read!

National Weather

Tropical Storm Bill Moving Toward Louisiana

Radar Showing Storm Moving Over New Orleans

New Orleans gets ready for Tropical Storm Bill

Storm Tracking Map

July Tropical Storm Breeding Grounds

City vs Country: Which is Hotter?

Heat Building Across West This Week

Do-Not-Call List Logs 735K Phone Numbers: Is someone creating a nationwide list for some reason?

Eleven Charged in Federal Terror Sweep

U.S.A. = Sodom

Latest Supreme Court ruling enlivens Gay Pride parades -- Gay images of Gay Pride Parade in NYC

Has America Crossed That Judgment Line With God?

Commentary: Sodomy -- natural law (God's Law) ignored: "66 percent of all homosexuals die of diseases related to their sexual preference

Angels in America: Barrymore, Liu and Diaz Press the Throttle -- New Angels movie is a "Lucifer story ... Demi Moore’s character is quite androgynous - Radical feminism all throughout

Frist Endorses Idea of Gay Marriage Ban: Propaganda Ploy

Debate on marriage and more looms: Ruling directly points to another clash in nation’s culture war

Black Lesbians Needed

Justices Void Prison Term Given Gay Teenager in Kansas

Sodomy and Sneakers: A Roe v. Wade for gay rights

Anglican Leaders in Australia at Odds Over Homosexuality Issue

Ellen DeGeneres Hits HBO With Hilarious Brand New Special

Religious Ramifications

Baptist church in Nashville standing by lesbian minister: "What does it mean that God's love is for everyone?"

God Is Not (Only) Love -- Part 1

God Is Not (Only) Love -- Part 2

The God Unholy Men Can Love -- "Christian in appearance without being Christian in Biblical Theology"

Calif. Near Financial Disaster: Hours Remain to Solve $38 Billion Shortfall -- Liberal policies do not work!

Is Immigration Destroying California?

Bizarre - Intense HCV And HBV Outbreak In Wyoming - Hepatitis "B"and "C"

Industrial Civilization - Drumbeat to Dismantle

Cheap oil, natural gas gone, says forecaster: United States stands at 'the end of an era,' producers are told

White House jumps on gas 'crisis' quickly

Occult Basis For Hating This Industrial Civilization

Final Countdown To World Government -- 2 1/2 hour Video - Radical Environmentalism Explained

Cancer Cluster Bluster: Eco-Hysteria being whipped up by politicians

E.U. - U.S. Invading Africa?

Italy to Send Soldiers to Libya - To restrain illegal immigrants?

Germany sends soldiers to Congo: Joins French troops already in the country

Bush wants new regimes in Africa: President demands end to governments in Congo, Liberia and Zimbabwe


WMD Controversy Simmers

Crack Developing In Bush's Facade: Growing WMD Scandal Could Lead to Impeachment

Thank you, President Bush -- No way now of silencing the drums of war

Americans No Longer Believe It Important To Be Honest

War Aftermath

Senators: U.S. Needs Help to Rebuild Iraq

U.S. Forces Storm Iraqi Towns in Sweep

US launches operation to crush Iraqi insurgents

Group: U.S. Iraqi Detentions Violate Law

British Airways ready to start Baghdad flights in two weeks

A struggle for Iraqi clergy’s soul

SARS Kills Nurse, Death Toll Reaches 39 in Canada

Moral Collapse

More dead men siring children

Supermarket killer dies of wounds

Edition of Collegiate Dictionary Unveiled

Military Plane Crashes in Algeria

Doctors find Rx for malpractice insurance crisis: More are foregoing for-profit underwriters for physician-run mutual companies

Prescription drug plan faces tests: Insurers’ participation uncertain

Journalists, Pastor to Be Jailed in Laos

Katherine Hepburn: American film icon dies at 96

Harry Potter and the International Order of Copyright: Should Tanya Grotter and the Magic Double Bass be banned?

Crickets wreak havoc in the western United States: Turning roads into moving carpets of insects - Worst infestation in 70 years

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