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We have culled these pertinent stories from many sources to keep you updated on the Daily News events pertinent to the coming New World Order. Truly, once you know the Plan to establish the Kingdom of Antichrist, you will never look at the news the same way again. For A Cutting Edge Analysis and Recap Of Current Events Being Reported In The News Visit our Headline News Area

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Monday, July 14, 2003 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For Our Military

Breaking News

Bali Bomb Suspect Says Blast May Have Been 'Nuclear': Suspect made bomb, but not nearly big enough to create blast effects

Was A "Micro-Nuke" Bomb Used In Bali Blast?

From Kali to Bali: How Events A World Apart May Spark New Emphasis On Fighting World Wide Terror

Bizarre Game Targets Women: Hunting for Bambi: Parts 1 & 2 - Warning - this article may be offensive to some as this article demonstrates new evidence of our Moral Collapse

Iraq Govt To Be Chosen By Council On Foreign Relations



Saddam’s WMD in Samarra Tunnels - US intelligence Estimates

Iraqis Convene First Post-Saddam Council -- Arab League chief cool toward new Iraqi council

Killing of American soldier mars first governing council meeting

Saddam Hussein in Iraq – More than a Taped Voice -- US troop withdrawal from the Iraqi town of Falluja only 50 km west of Baghdad on Friday, July 1, is the first major American military retreat since going to war against Iraq

Full-scale flare-up of the Iraq War may be imminent!! Saddam may finally use his WMD UPDATED July 13, 2003

U.S. launches operation 'Ivy Serpent' against insurgents ahead of big holidays

Heat forces residents to stay indoors - Region very, very hot

More troops may be needed

Back from 'Ambush Alley': Soldiers now being attacked by civilians, killing them in return -- Vietnam again?

India finally says 'no' to troops for Iraq

Day of Saddam’s fall is now holiday in Iraq

Red flag flying over Baghdad? One more thing to worry about in Iraq – Communists

Osama, Saddam still a double trouble for US

Bush's popularity slips amid concerns over US casualties in Iraq

Soldier who wasn't supposed to be in "harm's way" dies in convoy attack: Army not telling widow all details

WMD Controversy

Uranium phrase 'technically correct': "Depends upon what 'is' is?

CIA Tenet taking the hit on Iraq - Someone has to be the "fall guy" to protect the President

Two-thirds of British feel Blair misled them over Iraq war

'Mr Blair, I hold you personally responsible for my son's death. You should stand down'

Bush Aides Seek to Put Out Credibility Firestorm

New hope for WMD evidence: US has discovered what it believes is decisive proof of Iraq's weapons of mass destruction programs

Disney/Miramax Set To Release Film Depicting America Military As Drug Dealers, Criminals: Timing seen as fueling Iraq War controversy

16 Russian soldiers killed, 13 wounded in Chechnya rebel ambushes

Mars -- The Red Planet never closer than now

Rare Black Sun Eclipse Of May 31: Spectacular pictures make you think of Revelation 13:1 and Joel 2:30-31

Indian conjoined twins to stay joined together forever: Death of Iranian twins seen as warning as same type of surgery

Iranian Twins were duped claims grieving dad

French spinal cord discovery offers promise

After a tough 15 years, still a long way to go in deciphering the human genetic code

'Junk' DNA pioneer defends patents

Microsoft Options Shock Adds To Jitters

US is sliding into major energy crisis

It's "We're Sorry!" time at the NEW YORK TIMES -- again! Wrong story making news one more time

Unity is default option, Archbishop tells synod gripped by gay debate

Church coalition pushes for gay marriage: Liberal Protestant and Jewish leaders from Colorado

National Weather

Tropical Storm Claudette Now Moving Toward the Northwest

Strong T-Storms Rumble Across Upper Midwest

More Thunderstorms Soak Southeast

Ridge Remains Strong Over West

Rain Traveling Up East Coast - Moisture pulled northward

Outcry forces Canadian prisons to pull plug on TV satellite porn

Little League Baseball sued for allegedly not guarding against child sex abuse



Israel - Palestinian State

Sharon wants European pressure on Arafat

Sharon arrives in London for peace talks with Blair - Why leaders generally visit London first or last on a trip to Washington

Sharon and Bush meeting moved forward to July 29

Arafat May Attempt To Stage Mega-Terror Attacks In Synch With Stage Two of Iraq War!

Terrorist Warnings And Search For Irish Bomb-Maker: Israel Captures Irish Bomb Expert!

Terror groups threaten to end cease-fire if Palestinian Authority tries to disarm them

IDF post in Gaza attacked

"First-Degree Terror Architect" Barghouti on Trial

Israel's economic depression overshadows terror: Arafat's Intifada is wrecking Israeli economy

IDF arrests 2 in West Bank, comes under attack in Gaza

Mulim mob attacks pollsters who found few Palestinians want their old homes in what is now Israel

"Controlled Conflicts" In Non-Integrating States

Global Punch: Pentagon Dreams of Super-Fast Bomber: ‘Two Hours to Any Target’


Bush: Terrorists will not use Africa as base: Beating same old propaganda drum!

Liberia Not Another Somalia, Citizens Stress: Despite U.S. Worries, 'We Are Tired of War'

African countries spurn free Aids drug

Genetically Modified food fight centers on Africa

West's position on HIV 'morally indefensible'

South Africa to get slice of huge US Aids pledge

Couple held over door-to-door baby trade, trying to sell 4-month-old baby

Pakistan - India

Pakistan's nukes are not "Islamic" bombs: Saudi Arabia

Low farm productivity bedeviling Pakistani economy

US Senate okays bill that cuts aid to India, others that owe New York City back property taxes on consulates

FBI probes ‘Indian’ Muslim missionary-terror link

Pakistan MPs plans India visit to promote peace

Korean Peninsula

Australia's Howard calls for global pressure on North Korea -- Will go to war if necessary

High stakes on the high seas in Korean blockade: A legal and logistical nightmare

Koreas closer to resolving nuclear dispute: Don't you believe it!

Seoul downplays Pyongyang's nuclear claim

South Korea has "no scientific evidence" North Korea has reprocessed all its spent nuclear fuel rods

North Korea has told the United States it has completed reprocessing spent fuel rods to extract plutonium for nuclear weapons

Japan warns N.Korea not to escalate nuke row

South Korea's Roh awed by China's potential

The Philippines

Australian PM, Philippine's Arroyo announce $5m anti-terror pact

Several terrorists escape from Philippines jail

'Abu Sayyaf' claims responsibility for bombing

The Solomon Islands

Australian-led Force to be allowed for Solomons Islands to restore order in the Pacific island and be immune from prosecution


Bomb Explodes at Indonesia's Parliament Building

America Sliding Into Dictatorship As Succession Bill Silently Passing Through Congress

Thousands evacuated as flood waters rise in Eastern China

HIV hideaway revealed: How HIV manages to avoid being eradicated by the latest antiretroviral drugs

Groups Blast Beyonce's Grant's Tomb Dance - Dead presidents and Las Vegas show girls


Sunday, July 13, 2003 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For Our Military

Dictatorship Draws Closer

Rules for Terror Tribunals May Deter Some Defense Lawyers: National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers says tribunals lack such legitimacy that its 11,000 members cannot participate!

Coming Bush Dictatorship Becoming So Obvious Even Secular Mainstream Commentator Can See It

Hitler's Cross: How Cross of Jesus Was Used To Kill Jews

Local FBI agent leaves wary about changes since 9/11 - "What is the quickest way to tyranny and the best way to prevent terrorism? The answer is the same: consolidate law-enforcement agencies"

Iraq - Stage Two About To Begin?

Full-scale flare-up of the Iraq War may be imminent!! Saddam may finally use his WMD UPDATED July 13, 2003

Saddam Hussein in Iraq – More than a Taped Voice -- US troop withdrawal from the Iraqi town of Falluja only 50 km west of Baghdad on Friday, July 1, is the first major American military retreat since going to war against Iraq

U.S. Forces Girding for Raids by Iraqis On Anniversary Dates Next Week

From Iraq To Ezekiel: Iraq Leads to Russian Invasion of Israel! - Video

Seeking refuge from heat in Iraq

No. 1 nation walks lonely road

US, 'friend of all Iraqi people', reopens dreaded prison

New Belgian government agrees to replace war crimes law: War crimes tribunal first set aside any action against General Franks and then President Bush - Now Sharon and Blair

Iraq cost could hit $100 billion

Baghdad's Palestinians homeless again: Refugees find themselves on streets since overthrow of their biggest supporter

Iraqi exiles, women get governing council seats: "Too little, too late" for Iraqi self-governance?

WMD Controversy

Blair seeks new powers to attack rogue states: Wants nations to agree a new world order that would justify the war in Iraq

CIA stopped Iraq nuclear mention in earlier speech

Bush overplayed Saddam, Al Qaeda ties, analysts say: Note occult "Infinity Symbol" above Bush's head

CIA Director Tenet backed by Bush

False Iraq claims hamper Australian leader's visit to Asia

More NATO Bases To Be Deployed Around Russia: Georgia is ready to render its airspace to AWAC surveillance planes

Wall St. Journal's Bartley Has Synarchist Plan for World Currency and Super-Bank - Financial Institution Is Said To Be On Last Legs

Cutting Edge NOTE: Financial Collapse is planned, but will only occur in conjunction with World War III, and not before

Globalization is pushing coffee prices to historic lows and "brewing" poverty

The high-flying Scots oilman who landed up in a Texas jail

Berlin "Love Parade" a party to rave about: Totally Pagan and Hedonistic

Floods wreak havoc across Asia

National Weather

Claudette: Under the Ridge and Moving West

Claudette: Shear Hampering Development

Drier Weather Returns to Midwest

Trough Keeps Weekend Cool Over Northeast

Ridge Remains Strong Over West

SARS affected countries urged to remain vigilant

After seven years in the lab, this cancer-killing doc deserves a drink

Mayor Willie Brown's fund-raiser and mother of his 2-year-old daughter, has been paid at least $2.33 million over the past five years

He's Not Ready To Become GI Joe

Constitution Has Been Under Attack Since Lincoln

Nevada Supreme Court orders violation of Nevada Constitution: Possible precedent for US Constitution?

Israel - Palestinian State

Arafat May Attempt To Stage Mega-Terror Attacks In Synch With Stage Two of Iraq War!

Arafat calls upon children to become 'martyrs' - Video Shows TV film clips demonstrating this "Culture of Hate, Martyrdom"

Israel Threatens To Deport Arafat as Prisoner Issue Simmers

Release of Palestinian prisoners a delicate balancing act

Americans defy terror, emigrate to Israel: Organized effort to prevent Arabs from outnumbering Jews

In latest ceasefire move, Hamas threatens kidnappings -- Palestinian Terrorism Feared in Missing-Driver Case, Feared Kidnapped

Palestinian Authority (supposedly) confronts Hamas in Gaza

Where Is The Priceless Ark of the Covenant So Vital To Establishment of Temple Worship In Israel?

Terrorist Warnings and Search for Irish Bomb-Maker

Palestinian Guards Shoot Hamas Man - By Accident

ADL: Truman's attitude may explain Holocaust inaction

"Controlled Conflicts" In Non-Integrating States


Bush pledges anti-terror aid for Africa: $100 million, larger role for U.S. in ending conflicts vowed during Nigeria stop

Taylor says he'll leave Liberia but hints he may cling to power: Foes say president's allies ponder how he could stay

Pressure grows on US to send peacekeepers to end crisis in Liberia

Kenyans disappointed that Bush skips visit

AIDS initiative, economic plans overshadowed by Tenet, Liberia

Children pressed into Congo's latest battles

South African President Mandela should quit, say friends


Iranian twins buried side by side, in two graves

Neurosurgeon Rethinks tragic twins operation

Sixth earthquake hits Fars province

Three more journalists arrested in Iran

Korean Peninsula

North Korea 'reprocesses' nuclear rods: Could produce enough plutonium for several atom bombs

Propaganda!!: North Korea already has nukes, ballistic missiles to deliver them

US warns 200 N Korean missiles aimed at Japan

Australian Prime Minister John Howard today left open the option of going to war against North Korea

Aussie PM: Pressure on North Korea needed to prevent war

Koreas fail to agree on talks over nuke crisis


Syria At Crossroads


Armitage Confirms Sanctions Planned for Burma

Nuclear weapons 'option' for Australia: May buy them "off the shelf" from U.S.

Uncle Sam To Control Russian Nuclear Arsenal

Playing with guns is 'good for boys'

Thai women in protective care in Australia after sex slavery arrests

Australian Labor Party wants sex-slave inquiry

Church Apostasy = Moral Collapse

Uniting Church: Australia's third largest denomination, is poised to become the first mainstream church to allow practising homosexuals to be ordained

Behind closed doors, evangelicals decide how to oust gays

A Good Book: A Jewish rabbi believes the Bible should be seen as a great work of fiction—and a racy read

Celebration of Legalized Sodomy in San Francisco

Navy launches nuclear carrier USS Reagan: Former first lady dedicates 1st ship that was named for a living former president

Reuters has sued rival firm Bloomberg for patent infringement in the highly competitive trading technology market

Can parents be too involved? Pressure driving out high school coaches

PETA-Fried: The animal-liberationists catch their prey



July 12, 2003 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For Our Military


Full-scale flare-up of the Iraq War may be imminent!! Saddam may finally use his WMD

U.S. Forces Girding for Raids by Iraqis On Anniversary Dates Next Week

Spain will send 1,300 soldiers to Iraq

What Israel does to Palestine, we are doing to Iraq: Robert Fisk

All We Are Here Is Sitting Ducks -- Picture of a Humvee after attack by Rocket Propelled Grenada

The struggle for Iraqi hearts, minds: U.S. set to announce national governors, who will pave way for future election

No Date Set for Iraqi Governing Council

How 'liberation' has brought anarchy to Kabul, and now history is repeated in Baghdad

US forces leave Fallujah mayor's office

Bush vows to stay course as soldiers die in Iraq

Hit man stalks U.S. soldiers in Iraq

U.S., UK oil giants get bulk of Iraqi crude

WMD Controversy

CIA director takes blame for fake Iraq claim

White House Welcomes Tenet Taking Blame

Revealed: First Iraqi weapons dossier also dodgy

Did CIA warn UK to drop Niger claim?

Blair Receives Impassioned Support From Old Friend Clinton

Blair Cancels Plans To Receive Congressional Gold Medal From President bush

Israel - Palestinian State

Palestinian War Against Israel Is Escalating

Sharon Heading to Britain and U.S. for Talks on 'Road Map'

Sharon: Europe Undermining Mideast Peace

Sharon Wants To Help Abbas, So He Will Release More Prisoners

Syria Says It's Ready to Talk With Israel

Sharon addresses North American Jewish leadership

Palestinians warn Israel on peace plan

Arafat: Abu Mazen has betrayed the Palestinian people

IDF post in Gaza comes under grenade attack

US leans on Belgians to spare Sharon from atrocities trial

President Truman On the Jews: Nationally, he supported Israel's return to statehood, but personally felt very unkind to Jews

Security: Too Early To Be Complacent

U.S. Military Tribunal News

Al-Qaida suspect to be tried by US military tribunal was pupil at Birmingham Jewish day school

Blair to challenge Bush over Britons held at Camp Delta

Guantanamo Eyes Possible Execution Chamber: Bush "considers" death without legal protections for "enemy combatants"

Bush Already Has Redefined "Terrorist": Could be you!

"You Are A Suspect" - William Safire warned

21 die in Hong Kong bridge plunge - Double-decker bus packed with children and commuters, truck driver arrested for dangerous driving

Goddess movement looks to Stonehenge's feminine side

Al-Qaida targeted Western forests, memo says

Wal-Mart Pulls RFID Identification System, Or Does It?

Federal Gods: Draconian Rules Imperil all of us

Pro-infanticide prof awarded ethics prize: Princeton's Peter Singer advocates killing disabled after birth

Jesuit priest: Former chief of psychiatry, Massachusetts General Hospital criticizes Archdiocese of Boston for withholding key information of sexual misconduct against priests he evaluated for the church

"Controlled Conflicts" In Non-Integrating States


US adds combat power in pursuit of terrorists in Africa

African leaders back new peace council: Will be able to send peacekeeping troops to quash genocidal wars on the continent

U.N. Secretary-General Annan Urges End to Africa Violence

Polisario accepts U.N.'s Sahara peace plan

Moroccan Islamists sentenced to death

Stowaway unarmed man leaves South Africa with Bush tour

Bush Visits With AIDS Patients in Nigeria

Bush bash angers neighbours in Pretoria

Korean Peninsula

Defector to Bush officials: Strike N. Korea before it's too late

Koreas' war of words heats up

US gets first evidence on N Korea's nukes: Says N.K. has begun processing spent fuel rods

Koreas Disagree Over Nuke Talks Format

North Korea Ready For War or Dialogue: "If your fists are weak, you can use them only to wipe your tears"

Japan, North Korea Held Talks In New York Last Month

US claims it has evidence of North Korea's nuclear programme

U.S. Wants U.N. to Condemn N. Korea Nukes


Iran president offers to quit

"Iran would continue cooperation with the IAEA"

Iran deserves to use atomic technology peacefully

Fifth earthquake hits Fars province, Iran

Quakes in Fars inflict Rls 150 billion in losses

India - Pakistan

Can India and Pakistan seize the moment for peace? Next 3 months considered crucial to achieving peace

Pakistan says Delhi, Kabul are supporting terrorism

India carries baggage of exporting terrorism to Sri Lanka: Pakistan

UN tells Pakistan to arrest Al-Qaeda suspects

Pakistan declines UN mediation offer to reduce tension with Afghanistan

Pakistan minister quits over Quetta mosque attack

Uruguay extradites terror suspect to Egypt

Indonesia finds weapons cache, arrests more Bali suspects

Former Air Force official demoted

E.U. News

Giscard calls for EU motto, anthem and public holiday

"Buy American" plan for Pentagon clears hurdle despite warnings of igniting trade war with Europe

US and Europe on brink of trade war

Distant giant planet is oldest yet discovered - Using space discoveries to promote Evolution!

U.S. report on 9/11 to be 'explosive': Government errors, Saudi ties to terrorists among highlights - NOTE: This CFR-filled committee will blame 9/11 on errors, stupidy, Muslims, to deflect attention from reality that Illuminati staged 9/11 to be first blow for Antichrist

Strong Occult On 9/11 Demonstrates That Illuminati Planned Attack

High-tech help for checking on seniors

Analysis: Hydrogen economy needs nukes?

Baylor basketball mystery deepens

July 11, 2003 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For Our Military


Full-scale flare-up of the Iraq War may be imminent!! Saddam may finally use his WMD

General Franks: 10-25 Attacks a Day on U.S. Troops in Iraq

The Baghdad blues: Troops are edgy and angry as ambushes, casualties rise

Senator Kerry Raps Bush Policy on Postwar Iraq: Failure to Win Peace Could Undercut War on Terrorism -- Two Skull & Bonesmen in "Controlled Conflict"

Power cuts and lost jobs stir anti-US anger

Franks: U.S. May Stay in Iraq for Years

Two Iraqis Wounded After Attack on U.S. Troops

Iraq on verge of being governed - Local elite in Iraq losing faith in U.S.

Troops struggle to tell friend from foe in Iraq - Just as in Vietnam!

Saudis behind attacks on U.S. troops in Iraq?

British officer was 'human canary' in Iraqi attack

Depleted Uranium News

Former US Army Major says use of Depleted Uranium Munitions at Lancelin, Australia, Likely

Depleted Uranium Injury Board Lawsuits: Increases the risk of several cancers, including lung cancer and leukemia

U.S. May Have Fulfilled Bible Prophecy In Its Use of Depleted Uranium Munitions In Iraq

WMD Controversy - Placing Blame On Bush

Iraq weapons 'no threat before war'

Bush Knew Iraq Info Was Dubious -- Rice: CIA Approved Bush Claim On Iraq

CIA Asked Britain To Drop Iraq Claim: Advice on Alleged Uranium Buy Was Refused

Australia's Howard: I Didn't Mislead Australia on Iraq - Remains unrepentant over information he gave to Parliament

Advancing Dictatorship

Blair tells Bush: Send the British al-Qaeda suspects back from Gauntanamo Prison for trial -- Terror suspects hope for UK trial

Guantanamo Eyes Possible Execution Chamber: Bush "considers" death without legal protections for "enemy combatants"

Britain Demands: 'No death penalty' for Guantanamo Britons

Bush Already Has Redefined "Terrorist": Could be you!

"You Are A Suspect" - William Safire warned

Bilderberg Globalization Agenda: The Next Phase

Earthquake jolts West Java

Earthquakes and Mega Cities: Factoid

1 person killed, 20 injured as two quakes strike southern Iran

Death toll in China floods hits 569

Rumsfeld opposes expanding military health-care benefit to inactive National Guard members and reservists

House backs Bush, OKs rules on overtime: Will work against the working man!

National Weather

Relief Predicted for Rain-Weary Midwest

Claudette Crossing the Yucatan Peninsula

Claudette: Moving to the Warmer Waters of the Gulf of Mexico

Mexico declares state of emergency, evacuates residents in path of Claudette

Claudette could become first Atlantic hurricane of 2003

Strong Storms Possible in Middle Atlantic

Ridge, Heat Remain over West

Storm Surge a Deadly Part of a Hurricane

The Weekend Outlook-Updated

Arab oil, gas reserves surge: Qatar leads the chart

No Easy Fix to Natural Gas Woes, Greenspan Warns

British Columbia police doubt tourists beaten because they're American

Federal airport screeners: Stop asking passengers to take their shoes off to be X-rayed at the nation's airports

Republican group seeking to recall Democratic Gov. Gray Davis sued to ensure there is no slow-down in signature counting

Cops Say Train Robbery Ring Was Biggest in U.S. History

'Kill the president' e-mail prompts probe: Santa Rosa teacher gave assignment to students

Hunting rabbits: Shooters to visit Miami International Airport this week

European Union

"Ode to Joy" heralds EU's final convention draft text

European Union -- E.U. -- Rising From Ashes of Dead Roman Empire

Europe Grows Hostage to Its Muslims - E.U. terrified of exploding Muslim population

TONY Blair poised to sign away centuries of democracy without the consent of the British people in accepting E.U. Constitution

Bill Clinton as NATO Chief?

Moscow Police and FSB Listen In on Citizen's Mobile Phone Calls: Encryption devices ordered turned off

Mexican lawmaker sees voting in U.S. - Nation of NAFTA slowing taking place

Place of NAFTA In End of the Age Prophecy

Woman marries prisoner who gave her his kidney

"Perfect" Second Amendment Case Headed To Supreme Court: Will Court Rule We Have No Right To Bear Arms? Will Justices defer to European Law as they did in Sodomy case?

European Legal Brief Threatened Trouble for US Over Texas Sodomy Law: US Justices deferred to European Law in making decision! Global Law being imposed on US by our own government institutions!

Our greatest quest -- Searching for alien life mankind's greatest need

The Face on Mars: Evidence of ET Intelligence?


Israel - Palestinian State

General Mofaz: No more pullouts until action against terror

Arafat accuses Abbas of betraying Palestinian people

Pollard: What Is Sharon Waiting For? Illuminist Sharon will never allow Pollard to be released

Sharon's US trip brought forward: Trying to maintain momentum behind Israeli-Palestinian "peace" moves

Harry Truman's Forgotten Diary: 1947 Writings Show That President Who Oversaw US Efforts To Establish Israel Had Dim View of Jews

IDF arrests 7 Palestinians in West Bank anti-terror sweep

Palestinian Abbas Warns Israel: Iran's agents are out of control

Vicky Meets Finance Minister Netanyahu To Protest Sharp Cuts In Her Welfare Support

Supreme Court Rejects "Oslo Criminals to Trial"

Islamic Movement Leaders Charged With Fund-Raising For Hamas

Elon Moreh Settler's Outpost - Down But Not Out

"Controlled Conflicts" In Non-Integrating States


Two Killed in Pakistan's Karachi Office Building Blast

Afghan-Pakistani Tensions and the Impact on the War on Terrorism

China has welcomed the friendly gestures recently shown by Pakistan and India to reduce tension

Indonesia - Philippines

Bomb explosion injures three in restive Poso

3 rebels, 1 soldier killed in restive Aceh Province, Indonesia

Indonesia Arrests Two Terror Suspects

Abu Sayyaf Says It Bombed Philippines Market


Tanzania's bullet-carrying minister

African leaders discuss wars

Bush Visits Uganda While Deciding on U.S. Action in Liberia

Pat Robertson Hammered for Stance Toward Liberia

Despite promise to leave, Taylor has plans for Liberia

African Countries Urged to Take More Care of People with HIV/AIDS

Powell Press Briefing - Pretoria, South Africa

Zimbabweans Tell of Government Torture

Bush, Mbeki Express Agreement In Pretoria


International Atomic Energy Agency Chief Urges Iran to Improve Transparency

Thousands of protestors converge around Tehran University to celebrate fourth anniversary of bloody student riots

Islamic Scholars Seek Dialogue With West

Korean Peninsula -- Another Non-Integrating State

North Korea Ready For War or Dialogue: "If your fists are weak, you can use them only to wipe your tears"

Fear US will push N Korea into fight - Plenty of intelligence but few facts on North Korea's weapons

South Korea hopes for talks on North: Seoul's intelligence agency said that North Korea had reprocessed "a small number" of its spent nuclear fuel rods -- This was supposed to be trigger for US action

North Korea urges Security Council members to stay out of nuclear dispute

US, 10 other states plan arms trade interdiction: Land, air, sea blockade planned -- Note 11 nations plannning blockade

Moral Collapse In Western Society

Marriage Rights Planned for Transsexuals

God Bless America: Why Should He?

Christians 'must lose sex fixation' says gay "Christian" leader

Court Says Connecticut Can Bar Boy Scouts From Charity List Because They Oppose Homosexuals Being Scout Leaders

Give sex lessons to 5-year-olds, ministers urged

Shocking Hulk Doll Is Anatomically Correct! Maker is Spanish, "Play By Play"

Porn Purveyors Getting Squeezed: Hacker attempting blackmail

Ex-Stripper Sues "Stripperella" Racy Cartoon

Scam Bride Marries 27 Men

Embryos screened for deafness - "Screening" babies will lead to abortion if baby is not perfect

Is your computer a porn site host?

Canada set to sell medical marijuana in world first

Reality Reloaded: Experts: Violent Movies Can Influence Already Troubled Teens: Wrong! Movies can help make teens troubled

Massachusetts Court Ruling on Homosexual Marriage Expected Soon

Bush Administration Secretly Surrendering National Sovereignty: GATS is the latest outrage

Catholic Church Sex Scandals

Catholic Bishops seek out opinions, in private: Conference focus is church future in light of priest sexual scandals

Friar's garb signals change, but is it enough? Vatican learning fine points of handling media

Complete Boston Globe Coverage of Preist's Sex Scandal

How Can Catholic Priests Sexually Prey Upon Children and Women For Over 1,000 Years?

Switzerland becomes 111th state to ratify Kyoto Protocol

Surveillance Society Skyrocketing

Big Brother Gets a Brain: Pentagon Plan For Keeping Track of Everything That Moves

Wal-Mart Wants Its Top 100 Suppliers To Install RFID

Goodbye UPC bar codes: Pinpoint-sized computer chips and tiny antennae

Commentary: Media vs. Christian worldview: Less than ten percent of America's teenagers have a biblical worldview

Malaria drug warning follows problems: Serious mental problems and reports of suicide linked to a common anti-malaria drug called Lariam

USDA urged to employ mad cow rapid test

Religious Correspondent Links Church Acceptance of Contraception to Acceptance of Homosexuality!

Suit alleges government created AIDS: Contends blacks were targeted -- Must have read Dr. Horowitz' book, "AIDS, Ebola and Other Emerging Diseases"


Thursday, July 10, 2003 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For Our Military

America Passing Towards Dictatorship As Homeland Security Director Being Quietly Added to Presidential Succession List

Iraq Quicksand

Ancient City of Babylon On 33 Parallel

Middle East Surprises for America: Risking a rapid descent into hell

Two U.S. Soldiers Killed, One Injured in Slew of Attacks in Iraq

Baghdad still a mess 3 months after fall: Coalition forces face steady stream of guerrilla attacks

The war is far from over, claims British officer - Extended guerilla war in future

Soldiers recall Australian's death on a routine patrol

Rumsfeld favours French, German troops for Iraq

Third Infantry Division pulls out of Iraq, heading home: Raises concern in Congress that Bush did not prepare for long war

Iraqi resistance starts killing lone targets

Iraq situation: US troops may face Somalia-like chaos

U.S. Seizes Two on Iraq Most-Wanted List

US backs down on representative council for Iraq

Babylonian dreamer - Rebuilding Iraq a Pipe Dream

WMD Turning Into Disaster?

Row over weapons allegations threatens to turn the Iraq conflict into liability for Bush

British officials: Iraq weapons 'unlikely to be found'

Bush "confident" Iraq war was right

Blair faces calls for judicial inquiry over Iraq intelligence

Why I believe intelligence was twisted to justify war: Former US chargé d’affaires in Baghdad

Experts Accuse U.S. of Misrepresentation: Arms Control, Intelligence Experts Accuse U.S. of Misrepresenting Information on Iraq

Bush ducks questions on false Iraq intelligence

Only Actual Weapons Will Vindicate War Decision, Blair Told

The Niger connection: what we know, what we don't know, and what we may never be told

9/11 spurred Iraq war, Rumsfeld says

Iran - "Regime Change" From Within?

Iran: Forcing "Middle Ground" Government? Not pro-West, just Islamic democracy -- United States is now surrounding Iran on all four sides

China, North Korea jointly backing Iran's WMD - Iran Uses North Korean Engine For Her 13,000 Km Missile

Iranian students scrap protest to avoid violence: Security, vigilantes force cancellation

Tehran Police Drive Wedge between Islamic Vigilantes and Students

No Major Benefits for UK from GM Crops

Bush Administration Secretly Surrendering National Sovereignty: GATS is the latest outrage

Morals Free-Falling Now

4-H Camp Counselors Accused of Organizing Fights Between Children

PLANS for an all-gay cable network on hold because of "poor media economy"

Fury, God and the Pastor's Disbelief: "Jesus A Nice Guy Who Figured Out What Man Wanted"

Mother of four had sex with boy, 14

Black-widow spiders may improve sex life - Sex industry so huge industry always trying to make new products for it

Actor Jones Pleads No Contest in hiring a 14-year-old boy to pose for sexually explicit photos

Authorities: Man Killed His Ex-Girlfriend, Two of His Children and Himself in Philadelphia suburb

Latest diaster brings Bangladesh ferry toll to 3000

Bangladesh: Rescue Operations Continue in Ferry Sinking

White House threat calms Republicans: Bill would allow union members more information on finances of their union

'He Was Her Total Hope': Disbelief as Long Island native is held as suspect in killing of five family members in California

California man freed after shooting arrest

Nuns Seek to Copyright Mother Teresa's Name

Is There an Evil Gene? New Agers constantly trying to avoid personal responsibility - This is a New Age site!

Marine Helicopter Pilot Dismissed, Jailed for Refusing Anthrax Vaccine -- 84% suffered minor reactions [to the anthrax vaccine] and at least 24 percent major multiple "systemic" reactions, the latter more than 100 times higher than the estimate by the manufacturer -- Good reasons to refuse vaccine

Rocketing Toward Cashless Economy

Goodbye UPC bar codes: Pinpoint-sized computer chips and tiny antennae

Eye scan to be used for students to order school dinners: How ridiculous! To order school lunches? Preparing kids for '666'

Speedpass-enabled Timex Watch Now Available Online!

Harry Potter News

Flaming Potter: 21-year-old woman set fire to her Madrid home as she tried to imitate fictional wizard Harry Potter by concocting a brew

Impatient Potter Fans Do Own Translation

The Order of the Phoenix: “It's only fantasy” and other deceptions

Harry Potter House Up for Sale


Rare Black Sun Eclipse May 31: "Appearance was exactly like two sharp horns of light rising out of the sea" - Rev 13:1?

Korean Peninsula -- Another Non-Integrating State

Capitol City Pyongyang On 39 Parallel

North Korea nuclear-weapons fears escalate - "Black clouds of a nuclear war" are approaching

Korean Peninsula: U.S. Initiative Sets Stage for Miscalculations, Clashes?

Downer predicts naval counter to Korean ships - North Korea 'prepared for war'

China, North Korea jointly backing Iran's WMD - Iran Uses North Korean Engine For Her 13,000 Km Missile

North Korea suspected of making nuclear weapons: Propaganda! N. Korea has had nuclear weapons for years!

War talk from North Korea over South's nuclear claims

Pre-nuclear blasts in North Korea

We're ready for war or talk, says North Korea

Vladimir Putin Approves Pacific Ocean Manoeuvres Scheduled for August

Kim Jong-il's appetites are ingredients of book

Bush In Africa - "Shrinking The Gap"

U.S. - E.U. Invading Africa -- And All Other "Non-Integrating Gap" Countries!

President Bush In Pretoria, South Africa Since 7/8: Picture

Fighting for the Future: African Communities Cope With Orphan Crisis, But Strain Under the Pressure

Dark side of peacekeeping: Kofi Annan is calling for UN troops to be sent to Liberia

AIDS as a Weapon: Congo Civil War, Rapes By Soldiers, Leave AIDS Largely Unchecked

Bush Backs Cheaper AIDS Drugs

Bush won't 'overextend' U.S. troops

Bush Visits Botswana, Hard-Hit by AIDS

Kidnappers have killed pilot of jet that disappeared over Africa, says brother -- Missing plane turns up in Guinea

Israel - In Midst of "Non-Integrating" Nations

Bush still doesn't get it -- It is a Spiritual War

E.U. and U.S. Are Directly Funding Palestinian Terror In Name of "Road Map"

A bluff in the struggle for power - Fatah divided over Abbas resignation

US rebuffs Israeli request for $30m. missile upgrade

US approves $20m. in direct aid to Palestinian State

Watchdog group: Palestinian incitement to Jewish hatred still a problem

Egypt tries to save truce as Abbas threatens to quit

Analysis: Israel and the 'road map' - Propaganda piece against Israel

Hamas says it remains committed to ceasefire - "Hudna" type of ceasefire gives advantage to Muslims

Jerry Golden: Iran Greater Threat; Palestinians "Revolving Door" Arrest Policy, Jews In India

Pace of road map frustrates Palestinians

Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) explores IT market in Israel

Bali bomber regrets his foul deeds: Region part of "Non-Integrating" Nations

Was A Micro-Nuke Bomb Used To Create Bali Blast?

From Kali To Bali: Two events a world apart may provide reignition of terror war just as US prepares Iraq attack

Missing Predators: Government Moves to Track And Deport Illegal Aliens Convicted of Sex Offenses

Blair may let US try British terror suspects

National Weather

UPDATED: Inch of rain brings minor flooding to sections of San Antonio

Claudette Moving Toward the Yucatan

More Storms Cross the Ohio Valley

Lower Humidity on the Way for the East

Blazing Heat Continues Across West

The Weekend Outlook

That's What Christians Do Now: Inactivity now the hallmark of today's Christian

GOP Renews Push for Fetal Homicide Law - Threat to legal abortion

Anti-obesity drive spurs food label change: Warning labels did not save Tobacco!

Being Invisible: Next-gen optical camouflage is busting out of defense labs and into the street. This is technology you have to see to believe

Experts: U.S. Needs International Image Makeover: Propaganda campaign to start soon

Many U.S. Industry Giants Ignoring Global Warming

Rutgers Gets "F" For Putting Anti-Semitism "101" on Schedule

US Senate votes to repeal Bush's family planning policy

Vatican in Red for Second Consecutive Year



Wednesday, July 9, 2003 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For Our Military

Israel - Palestinian State-

Arafat’s New Enclave -- Terror is his expertise

Palestinian PM Abbas may quit: Undermined at every juncture by Arafat -- Bush supports Abbas

Abbas bluff stuns Mideast: Arafat refuses resignation as he does not want to lose the one man with whom Israel, US want to deal

Palestinian leadership crisis could mean more pressure on Israel

U.S. Plans To Provide Direct Aid to Palestinians: Policy Shift Aims to Bolster Abbas and Counter Hamas

U.S. Plans to Seek Prisoners' Release: To help Abbas

Saudi royals funding Palestinian jihad: Riyadh reportedly has spent more than $4 billion on intifada

Violence Continues

Palestinian shot dead by Israelis in West Bank -- IDF special ops attacked in Jenin, 1 terrorist killed

Road Map peace process to continue despite Monday's suicide attack

Iraq Mess

WMD Controversy Continues

White House 'warned over Iraq claim': Bush knew months before war that Iraq possessed no WMD

Bush under fire over Iraq claims

Australia was aware of suspect CIA intellegence on Iraq

US rejects British claim over uranium: Admits claim based upon forged documents!

Bush dealt double setback over Iraq: 1) Another Saddam tape pops up in Baghdad; 2) Blair forced to defend himself in Parliament WMD claims

Post-War News

U.S. might ask NATO to take over control of Iraq occupation:
Administration seeking to cut American presence

U.S. Army Baits Ambushers With Own Troops

U.S. Forces Capture 2 Ex-Iraqi Officials

Lawmakers on both sides committed to mission in Iraq

Democrats urge investigation of prewar intelligence efforts: Bush wrong in saying Iraq tried to get uranium in Africa, White House admits

Vehicle Crash caused Lynch's 'horrific injuries', not fight with Iraq troops

Seven US soldiers wounded in attacks around Baghdad

Morning radio co-host sues station that fired her for her opposition to Iraq war

Number of Americans killed in Iraq approaching death count from 1991 Gulf War

Two US soldiers killed overnight in Iraq

E.U. -- European Union News

Tougher stance urged on struggle with EU over trade

Israel wants full EU membership

European Union -- E.U. -- Final World Empire! Revived Roman Empire Has Prophetically Arisen From The Ashes!


Iran: Forcing "Middle Ground" Government? Not pro-West, just Islamic democracy -- United States is now surrounding Iran on all four sides

Farsi broadcasters at Israel Radio expect popular uprising in Iran

Iran expected to OK tighter inspections

N.A.S.A. News

NASA launched its latest mission to Mars today after a series of last-minute hitches

The Eagle Has Landed Video: Illuminized Masonic Control of N.A.S.A.

Search for Life Out There Gains Respect, Bit by Bit: NASA Jumps Back Into The Search

Plans for '£40 ID cards': Britian forcing National ID Card: Each card will contain biometric data, such as an image of a person’s iris or fingerprint

Privacy and the Surveillance State: How You Have Already Lost Your Privacy! National ID Card -- Facial Recognition Technology are on their way! -- Video explains technology

Mark of the Beast: Final Connections Video

Weapons of Mass Compliance: "Non-Lethal" Weapons are required items in arsenal of New World Order police

Intervening Unilaterally To Force Integration Into Global System - New World Order

U.S. - E.U. Invading Africa -- And All Other "Non-Integrating Gap" Countries!

Putin warns of 'catastrophe' from unilateralism intervention

Russia Draws Line Against Any More US Invasions -- Russia's credibility is on the line if America invades any more countries

National Weather

Tropical Storm Claudette -- Great Map!

Will Claudette Strengthen?

Severe T-Storms Erupt again on Wednesday

Severe Weather Outlook for Thursday - Potentially damaging storms

Why Does Thunder Rumble?


Bush In Africa - "Shrinking The Gap"

U.S. - E.U. Invading Africa -- And All Other "Non-Integrating Gap" Countries!

US military wants to increase its presence in Africa

Mbeki, Bush meet in Pretoria as protests start

Bush decries 'sin' of slavery: In Africa, he recalls pain of past, urges closer future

'Strong case' sought for U.S. role in Liberia -- Liberia troops stop US military team

Women challenge African traditions

Indonesia -- Another Non-Integrating State

Indonesian terror funds linked to overseas workers

Fifteen killed in Aceh violence

800 feared dead in Bangladesh ferry capsize

Pakistan - India

Non-Integrating States

Three suspects arrested in connection with Pakistan mosque bombing

Pakistan delegation leader says India isn't secular

Korean Peninsula

Another Non-Integrating State

Iranian cargo ship in North Korea: Probably picking up weapons

South and North Korea to discuss nuclear standoff

Japan PM puts off North Korea visit for now

Australia open to plans for anti-nuclear action: Naval Blockade to interdict North Korean ships

US plans Hawaii advanced strike force base to deal with North Korea

Beijing considers its Korean options

US, North Korea to discuss missing soliders from 1950-53 war

Congressman unveils 10-point peace plan for N. Korea

U.S. Must Stand Its Ground on the Korea Peninsula: "Insight" has turned into Establishment news source, parroting latest propaganda!

Killer of five in Mississippi was 'hothead': Opened fire at Lockheed Martin plant before committing suicide

US 'most armed' nation on Earth

Supreme Court - Pushing America Over Edge

Supreme Court citing more foreign cases: Scalia warns that only U.S. views are relevant

Has Supreme Court Pushed America Over That Final Judgment Line With God On Ruling Legalizing Sodomy?

European Legal Brief Threatened Trouble for US Over Texas Sodomy Law: US Justices deferred to European Law in making decision! Global Law being imposed on US by our own government institutions!

Text of This Outrageous Decision

Californians claim enough signatures for governor recall vote

Vietnam Veteran Files Constitutional Challenge to 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' and Federal Sodomy Statute

Schoolboy gunman studied Satanic Bible: Wounded a teacher before killing himself last week

Florida Man drives home from bar with legless body stuck in his windshield before calling police

13 Chinese dead, millions stranded in floods

U.S. Rate of Hypertension Rises in 1990s

Rival Publishers Pray for Potter 'Halo' Effect

Moral Collapse Continues

British grammar school teachers pose nude for students to sell calendars -- where are the screams of pedophilia?

Celebrities Insist They Are Talking To Their Dead Loved Ones

Nudists Ask Congressman To Stop "Harassment" Over Kids' Camp

Sex Slavery Scandal Rattles Montenegro, The Balkans

309 Licenses Issued For Toronto Gay-Lesbian Unions

No 'safe' time to avoid pregnancy: 'Flabbergasted' scientists find they've been all wrong on ovulation - We place far too much emphasis on medical profession

Churches Worship in the High-Tech World: Is too much emphasis being placed on pleasing the sensation of sight?

2002 Federal Register Is Longest Ever: Page Count of Regulations Grows Under GOP, Study Finds - Same thing happened under Reagan!

Fairfax County, Virginia police enforcing 0.08 INSIDE bars -- Marching toward system of Gulag quickly

Barbed Wire On America: God's Final Warning Before Judgment


Tuesday, July 8, 2003 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For Our Military

Breaking News

6 Die in Shooting at Miss. Lockheed Plant

Supreme Court citing more foreign cases: Scalia warns -- Only U.S. views are relevant

New Saddam Audio Tape: Similar to Old One

Iraq - Sinking Deeper

Soldiers Speak Out

[WAR] Dead Pool Now At 46 Thousand Dollars: Memories From Soldier Just Returned From Iraq

Former Special Forces Soldier Responds to Bush's Invitation for Iraqis to Attack US Troops: "Bring 'Em On?"

Current News

Bush must produce a road map showing the way out of Iraq: 13 attacks per day against Coalition Forces

Voice on tape likely Saddam's, CIA says: He's b-a-a-a-c-k!!

Mortars fired at U.S. troops for first time since war's end - Mortars for the insurgency attacks were believed to have been acquired from secret Iraqi Army arsenals

Many Iraqis Fear Hussein Is Plotting Return to Power

Iraq: Sniper Wounds British Soldier

Attacks kill 2 more US soldiers in Iraq

Sabotage Rising in Iraq - Reconstruction Official

U.S. troops in Iraq stressed by heat, danger

Iraq-Turkey Oil Pipeline Hit by Sabotage -- Again!

Guerilla attacks spreading to Western civilian targets

Few Japanese support sending troops to Iraq

WMD Controversy Continues To Simmer

White House Acknowledges Error In Strong Claim That Iraq Had Sought To Buy Uranium -- Blair: I Was Right to Go to War

Beyond Bush: No longer any serious doubt that Bush administration officials deceived us into war

U.S. - Russian Confrontation?

Putin warns of 'catastrophe' from unilateralism: As in US invasion of Iraq, threatened invasion of Iran, Syria, North Korea

Russia's Putin warns U.S. not to try to change any more regimes, as Russia will not allow it!

Putin Vows To Crush Militant Terrorists

America Moving To Dictatorship As New Presidential Succession Bill Quietly Passes Through Congress: Homeland Security Director now in line of succession

Mimicking A Violent Movie

"Matrix" teenagers 'caught moments before rampage': Intended to kill "as many people as possible" - Psalm 10:8; 101:3

Failed Carjacking Led To Arrests: Ages 14, 15, 18

Teen arrested with cache of guns often "teased"

Pakistan - India

India's Muslim group dismisses Hindu plan to end row over temple

Pakistan asked India to end repression and human rights abuse in held Kashmir

Pakistan leader says nuclear arsenal is safe

Whisper it - KKK roots are Scottish Freemasonry "devil worship"

Can Constitution make it in global age? On TV, Justice Breyer wonders whether it will 'fit into governing documents of other nations' -- Justice lets "cat out of the bag" to reveal global plan to end US sovereignty

Food Control Is Here!

Genetically Modified Foods: A Biological Apocalypse Barely Averted. What About Next Time?

Eat Frankenfood Or Go Hungry: Government absolute control over food is here!

Days of Hunger, Days of Chaos -- Food Shortages Coming!

Water Control Too - The Coming Great Thirst—That Astonishing Day

Russia, Israel, Turkey should join EU, says Berlusconi

Berlusconi: Nazi slur was an ironic joke

MSNBC fires Michael Savage on anti-gay remarks

Plane crash kills 115 in Sudan: radio

Scientists under pressure to rein in mavericks whose experiments push ethical boundaries and caused public revulsion

What Did He Know and When Did He Know It? Clinton and Bush to appear before 9/11 investigative panel

Nixon rates Bush's presidential performance: Interview by cell phone from Purgatory

National Weather

Heat Index Soars in East Tuesday

Cooler Air Moving South Toward Midwest

More Tropical Downpours in Texas Tuesday

AccuWeather.com Weekly Rainfall Forecast

What are Training Thunderstorms

Secrets of Dungeons and Dreamers

Study: Gamers Not Reclusive Nerds

Portals hit pay dirt: 3 Net companies set up lucrative deals in China

It's A New Laptop World

Who's Watching You Surf? Citizen-rights groups turn to courts, Congress to keep tabs on legal surveillance



Israel - Palestinian State

Police: Tel Aviv blast caused by suicide bomber -- Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the attack

Israel to release Palestinians but sets conditions: Palestinians want all the murderers released as well - Hamas, Islamic Jihad members possibly will be released

Syria Departs Lebanon: Sets up Syrian Influence Over Terror Operations In Israel - Wants multi-casualty terror attacks

Did Palestinian Police Arrange Assassination of Israeli Agent?

A Shot At Peace? But, matters could go awry instantly - Prophecy sees no peace after Israel comes back to her land

'Israel can never be accorded recognition': Proof peace never possible

Israeli Fury That Female "Bomber" Is Quickly Released

Determined Gaza Residents Win Again

Preparing For The Worst

UN working to involve Syria, Lebanon in road map

Missile chief: Arrow missile can defend Israel from Iran's Shihab-3

Israel terms Iran biggest threat

Israeli foreign minister's envoy arrives in India with message

National I.D. Card

British To Be Forced To Buy ID Cards: Each card will contain biometric data, such as an image of a person’s iris or fingerprint

Privacy and the Surveillance State: How You Have Already Lost Your Privacy! National ID Card -- Facial Recognition Technology are on their way! -- Video explains technology

Mark of the Beast: Final Connections Video

Satellite Emergency Beacons Ready for Hikers, Skiiers

Taiwan - China

Taipei's referendum Bill 'unlikely to pass'

Taiwan building new armoured vehicle

Twins die after separation surgery

Bush In Africa

Bush in Senegal as Africa trip begins

Stretched Out: Liberia Prompts Question: Is the U.S. Military Overextended?

Africa's AID's Crisis High on Bush's Agenda

Bush Names AIDS Coordinator for Africa and Caribbean

French-led UN force says it's fully deployed in Congo

Liberia's Taylor Waiting for Peacekeepers

Violent Weather News

Floods leave one million homeless in India's northeast

Floods worsen in China, killing 13 and stranding a million people

Fairly powerful quake shakes western Turkey: 5.3 quake

Quake rocks Batanes isles area in Philippines

Landslides, rains kill 12 in West Bengal

Korean Peninsula

Beijing, Seoul push for end to N. Korea nuclear crisis as US increases pressure

Australia to host talks on N Korean weapons sales

Dear Leader feasts while North Koreans suffer famine

North Korean security fears must be tackled: China: US to sign a non-aggression pact in return for Pyongyang abandoning its nuclear ambitions.

Japan to Use More Satellites to Spy on North Korea

Britain Strongly Opposes American Military Trials

Confess or die, US tells jailed Britons

America = Sodom

The Blatant Bias of the Media: CBS' Pro-"Gay" Bias:
Marketing Homosexuality to America

Episcopal Shield.org: Call For Members To Fight Gay Agenda

Massachusetts SJC set to rule on gay marriage

Gay marriage issue heads for top Canadian court: Rulings expected to clear legal route to same-sex unions

FBI Guide To Concealable Weapons: Good reason to never fly again! (Acrobat Reader file)

Companies remain on alert for SARS

SARS and West Nile Virus Threaten Blood Supply: New Restrictions May Affect Availability of Blood

Faith-Based Protestant Leaders Question Administration's Commitment To Eradicating Poor

Faith-Based Initiative Is A Dangerous Trojan Horse Ploy

Chretien calls Bush, urges him to reopen border to Canadian beef

Osama Bin Laden: Cult of personality

Gays News

Anglican Evangelicals call for vetting of new bishops

United Methodists Split Over Supreme Court Ruling on Sodomy Law

New Orleans Taxpayers Stand Against City’s Domestic Partner Benefits Plan

Nude Protest In Spain Against Running of the Bulls




Monday, July 7, 2003 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For Our Military

Iraq Quicksand

Attacks Kill 3 U.S. Soldiers in Baghdad

US soldier shot in Baghdad dies from wounds

Troop morale in Iraq hits 'rock bottom': Soldiers stress is a key concern as the Army ponders whether to send more forces

War Continues, Soldier's Wives So Infuriated That Colonel Had To Be Escorted From Meeting

U.S. returns freed Turkish soldiers detained in Iraq

Grounding Planes the Wrong Way: Coalition troops looted and vandalized the Iraqi airport that now must be rebuilt

Allies Detain 282 Iraqis During Security Operation (Update3)

Trying To Build market democracy in Iraq

General plays down resistance in Iraq

Top Russian General Warns Of 'Second Vietnam' In Iraq

U.S. underestimated the Iraqi will

Grisly death enrages town in Iraq against Americans

WMD Controversy Continues

MI6 chief briefed BBC over Iraq arms fears: Blair stakes reputation on row over weapons dossier

BBC has stood by its report that Downing Street "sexed-up" its dossier on Iraq's weapons

Australia was aware of suspect CIA intellegence on Iraq

Time will prove us right, say Bush and Blair

Bush In Africa

Dangerous 'Hotspots' off the Bush safari

Is Bush safe on Africa trip? President's tour preceded by
major anti-terror operation

Bush sets out "broader" global mission than war against terrorism

Bush's Africa Trip May Address Conflict as Well as AIDS, Growth

Liberian president accepts exile, but no date set for exit

U.S. Military Experts Arrive in Liberia

Zimbabwe's President Mugabe tells Bush: Don't interfere

Oil and terrorism drive the presidential tour in Africa

President Bush's Africa Trip

AIDS as a Weapon: Congo Civil War, Rapes By Soldiers, Leave AIDS Largely Unchecked


News Analysis: Why Does Pakistan Turn to West Again?

United States has not asked Pakistan to rollback its nuclear programme

West endorses Musharraf's policies

Strong Earthquake Shakes Western Turkey

Computer Game Sparks Bad Behavior Online: Shaking down enemies, website advertises extortion, hits and prostitution for a hefty fee

Exactly As Satanic Entertainment Video Reveals!

Death By Entertainment: How The Media Manipulates

Bush pushes for next generation of nukes

Passengers on Phoenix flight fall ill: About 28 affected

Greedy Attorneys zero in on fatty fast food as health threat

Activists push farm industry for changes at slaughterhouses

Group to address concerns about nanotechnology

200 homes evacuated as Arizona's 'Aspen' fire rages on

Safety rules drain blood banks

Surgeons Reroute Vein in Conjoined Twins

President turns 57, receives greetings

Exotic Politics: Has Vermont Become a Left-Leaning Commune?

Man, Twins Injured When Oregon Bridge Falls

New World Order Just Around The Corner: It's Later Than You Think as Globalization Gains Daily

National Weather

Steamy Weather Continues Along Entire Easterm Seaboard

Midwest: Relief From the Heat Near

The Dog Days of Summer Are Here - July 3 to August 11

'Red flag' fire alert in place for Southern California

Beat the Heat! Get Out of the Sun

727 Plane in terrorism scare turns up sporting a repainting job

New Jersey Teens arrested with guns, swords, sacks of ammo

Skydiver killed by sabotage

Ancient Tomb References John the Baptist's Father

Airport investigates security incident

Money woes threaten to close Shriners hospitals

What You Need To Get Married In Canada When You Are Gay or Lesbian

Spams, scams and how to beat them: Without getting the government involved

Israel - Palestinian State News

Arafat’s New Terrorist Enclave: Set up while world's attention was focused on prisoner exchange issue - Note Sharon's plan to replace conservative cabinet members with more "complaint" ones that will support Bush's "Road Map"

Yasser Arafat is taking more control: Claims Palestinian Mayors are now under his authority

355 "Light" Prisoners to be Released: More Expected As Sharon again promises that no "murderers" will be set free

P.A. Official Threatens: No Negotiations If Murderers Aren't Released

Palestinians report arrest of 18-year-old woman on way to suicide attack: IDF pleased if report is true - Palestinian Forces Then Release Woman Suicide Bomb Suspect

13 Palestinians arrested by IDF in West Bank anti-terror sweep

IDF Withdraws From Most Of Hevron - Mofaz And Dahlan Meet

Palestinian church leaders declared American Christians who support Israel's right to the Holy Land based on biblical grounds have no connection to true Christianity

The Blood of Iranians: Fighting our way to regime change - Plea written by Iranian student

Hard-liners want Iran to develop nuclear weapons

Korean Peninsula

South Korean military authorities recently designated once again North Korea as its "principal enemy": North Korea complains

Time to board terror ships? Bush plan would force down planes
of rogue nations for arms inspections - North Korea has warned this naval blockade would be prelude to war

South Korea's Roh in Beijing for Talks on North Korea

Japan PM puts off N Korea visit for now

Koreans unite behind flag

'Even with troop relocation, U.S. can deter North Korea', South Koreans reassurred

A Korean War hero honors the truce he hates

Saudi money - and strict brand of Islam - flows into Indonesia

Domestic Terror News

President Determines Enemy Combatants Subject to His Military Order

Homeland Security Chief Already Has Redefined "Terrorists" In Such A Way As To Include American Citizens!

Homeland-Security Technologies Need Dual Purpose

Gay priest turns down bishop post

SARS Update

Don't let down SARS guard, experts advise

Doctors, nurses fight for lives in 'SARS-free' city: 21 still in hospital -- 11 critical -- as WHO clears Toronto

Officials Expect Outbreak of SARS: U.S. Seeks Plan For D.C. Region

Hospital tackles surgical backlog created by SARS

Sars-free Taiwan goes all out to celebrate - Bad habits return after all-clear on Sars

Big picture of SARS obscures tragedies, strange twists of 4-month outbreak

Japan still on lookout for SARS

Water: Growing demand, dwindling supply

Days of Hunger, Days of Chaos -- Food Shortages Coming!

The Coming Great Thirst—That Astonishing Day

Mexico's voters deal Fox setback, deny him a majority in Congress

Putin Cancels Plans for Trip After Bombing at Rock Concert

When Monsters Marry! Britians 5000 Transgenders To Marry

Mexico's Transvestite Candidate May Win Congressional Election

Crop circles produce business boom in small California town

Human skin exhibited to curb its trade in Witchcraft

"Christianity Today" Defends Novelist John Updike As "Most Theological" Even Though His Books Contain Explicit Sex

Secret papers tell how RAF hunted aliens

Who knew that Harry Potter, "The X-Files" and "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" would be changing the spiritual culture of teens in America?

Turkey angry over US arrests: Arrest of Turkish troops by US forces in northern Iraq has caused a "crisis in relations" between the two Nato armed forces

Satanic priesthood (The Innocents) of Nebraska: Official Website - Note head of Satan

Russian Oil To Surpass Saudi Supplies

U.S. must wrest control of its major landmarks from contemptuous U.N. officials

Adversaries on Gay Rights Vow State-by-State Fight

Wal-Mart To Ban Gay Discrimination

California Ponders Privacy Laws

Catholic church asked to give rewards for information about priest's sexual abuse

Nurse expects charges, claims to aid Rudolph, the Atlanta abortion clinic shooter

Last 'Adieu' to French as World Language?

Please, Mr. Postman: I like e-billing

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