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We have culled these pertinent stories from many sources to keep you updated on the Daily News events pertinent to the coming New World Order. Truly, once you know the Plan to establish the Kingdom of Antichrist, you will never look at the news the same way again. For A Cutting Edge Analysis and Recap Of Current Events Being Reported In The News Visit our Headline News Area

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Monday, July 21, 2003 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For Our Military

Israel - Palestinian State

Sharon Will Find the Chips Stacked against Him in Washington: Arafat seizes total control over Palestinian P.M.

EU wants action on Middle East road map

Sharon, Abbas meet: positions reiterated on terror, prisoners

Hamas And Islamic Jihad Terrorists To Be Released

Israel to build new towns inside ‘Green Line’: Some will be set up in Arab areas

Canadian MPs urge Mideast policy shift: To be less pro-Palestinian, more balanced

Fighting And Negotiating With Terror

IDF patrol ambushed in West Bank, 1 terrorist dead

IDF arrests 6 Palestinians with bomb belt in West Bank

Slow rate of progress angers Palestinians

Israeli stabbed in Jerusalem terror attack

Israel frees Irish journalist

Jordan's cabinet resigns

Powell looks forward to end of Syrian presence: Washington has noted concessions but wants even more

U.S. Marines Fly to Liberia to Guard Embassy

Korean Peninsula

New U.S. Military Policy Toward N. Korea So Aggressive It Could Spark The War We Say We Are Trying To Prevent: Russia, China, S. Korea all making preparations for nuclear war

Russia Urges N.Korea Talks to Avert 'Hot' Conflict - Warns that conflict is "boiling over"

New fears on Korean nuclear weapons

South Koreans doubt North has two plutonium plants

Three-Way N.Korea Talks Likely in September

Last time China hosted 3-way talks, US deliberately insulted North Korea!

Gay, Lesbian News

Court's opinion on gay rights reflects trends in U.S. society

Showtime - cable network behind "Queer As Folk" - is readying its new lesbian themed drama series "The L Word

Has Supreme Court Decision Crossed God's Judgment Line?

Supreme Court Decision On Sodomy Places U.S. At Risk of Subservience To World Court

Argentine Gays Legalize Union, 1st in Latin America

Episcopal rift widens over blessing gay unions

Dozens of Convicts Want Sex Swap

Australian PM Howard warns of terror risk in Solomons

Exotic pets' popularity brings trouble

Sharp rise in children's Ritalin use

Hundreds of thousands of children prescribed Ritalin for hyperactivity might simply be victims of lax parenting: Researcher casts doubt on existence of ADD

Celebrities blamed for promoting irresponsible and gimmicky diets

Home-Schooled Student Could Be Denied College Diploma: States finding new ways to attack Home Schooling

Idi Amin asks to be buried back in Uganda where his forces slaughtered at least 400,000 people

Egypt demands England return the Rosetta Stone

Tehran disputes report of enriched uranium discovery

Iran's new secret Net police: Tehran launches 'ayatollah bugs,' say student groups

Clinton leads stars in Mandela's 85th birthday bash

National Weather News

Most Lightning Fatalities Occur in July

Strong T-Storms Rumble Across East

Temperature Trends: West Hot, East Cool

Tropical Depression "Six" Moving Westward, Better Organized

Lawmaker Seeks Greater FBI Role in Online Piracy War



Iraqi News

US is admitting only a fraction of the attacks against its forces

Iraqi armed militia to be set up as American death toll mounts: Two more Americans killed Sunday

U.S. Soldier, Iraqi Interpreter Killed Monday

US Intelligence Did Not Believe It Likely Saddam Would Use WMD Against Western Targets, But Might Give Them To Al Qaeda

Iraqis apathetic to Palestinian plight

Quelling Iraqi Terror

Thousands of Iraqi Shiites rally against U.S. -- Leave Holy City of Najaf -- U.S. Troops Fix Bayonets

Wolfowitz in talks with Iraqi Kurds

U.S. Soldiers Bemoan Lies Being Told In American Press

U.S. debating need to build up military to supply manpower needs for global mission

CBS May Have Erred in Pursuit of Lynch Interview

Pentagon may punish GIs who spoke out on TV

Bush Iraq policy risks terminal strain in NATO

WMD Controversy

BBC says dead scientist was source in Iraq report - No explanation as to how Dr. Kelley could be killed when he was being protected by British police in "safe house"

Blair on brink as Kelly family point finger: Kelley afraid of "many dark actors playing games’

Calls to widen scope of Kelly inquiry: To look into the question of how Britain went to war in Iraq

Screws turn on Blair after suicide: Resists calls to resign or recall Parliament

Blair ready to testify over suicide

Blair Talks Trade in China, WMD Crisis Swirls at Home

White House Didn't Gain CIA Nod for Claim On Iraqi Strikes

FBI probing forged papers on Niger uranium

White House buttresses Iraq claim: Trying to explain how erroneous material ended up in the State of the Union address

Total Disinformation

Crude Politics: How Bush's Oil Cronies Hijacked the War on Terrorism

Debunking The Lie That Illuminist Governments Are In Middle East Because of "Big Oil" Interests

Roman Catholicism News

Pope Wants New International Laws to Stop War

Pope Wants Church to Contribute to EU Constitution

Vatican issues new rules for taking communion

Secret Service Concerned About Los Angeles Cartoon Depicting Bush Political Assassination

Dr. Dennis Cuddy Challenges Senators To Answer Key Questions About The 9/11 Attacks

Italy leader spends night at Bush ranch

U.S. still leads in technology, but China picking up speed


Elderly Santa Monica driver voices sorrow over deaths

Drug-resistant HIV strain grows

America To Test Electromagnetic Gun (EM gun) Supergun In Scotland: 7500mph shell can kill five miles away

'God wants you to love me': Women reporting rape by Anglican priests who practice "sexual healing"

Sixth E.U. Adjustment Package Comes Into Force

Akbar Ahmed: Islam Under Siege

UPI Investigates: The vaccine conflict

Corsican separatists suspected as bombs explode in Nice, France, injuring 16

BRITISH suspects held in Guantanamo Bay could still be tried by an American military commission

'Chat room cheats' breaking up marriages even though partners may never actually meet


Sunday, July 20, 2002 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For Our Military

Korean Peninsula

New U.S. Military Policy Toward N. Korea So Aggressive It Could Spark The War We Say We Are Trying To Prevent: Russia, China, S. Korea all making preparations for nuclear war

New N Korea nuclear plant suspected: Secret facility for producing weapons-grade plutonium

The intelligence 'black hole' over N Korea
: How much confidence can anyone have about intelligence estimates regarding North Korea's nuclear programme, in light of the row over Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction?

North redeploys artillery closer to border: South Korea

North Korea beefs up border

Those who got us into mess making it worse: 50%+ of U.S. Army's combat strength now bogged down in Iraq, making it difficult to deal with real threats -- N. Korea

Anti-U.S. themes in South Korea schools: 'Supplemental materials' from teachers group focus on American wars

50 years after Korean armistice, fear of conflict still simmers

U.S. Renews Accusations Against Syria

Israel - Palestinian State

The "Road Map" appears to be a roadmap to terror!

Israel's "Entangling Alliance" With European Union: Jews should never trust Europe again to protect them

Sharon, Abbas to Meet for Peace Process

Sharon to offer Abbas release of Hamas, Jihad prisoners: Wants to "show support" for former Palestinian terrorist, now "Prime Minister"

Civilian car and IDF patrol unit attacked Saturday night

Defense official: Palestinians collecting illegal weapons in Gaza -- Just for propaganda

Kidnappers release Jenin governor under orders from Arafat

Palestinians: Berlusconi to return soon to meet Arafat

Church Apostasy = Moral Collapse

Unbelievable Apostasy! Presbyterians Are Asked About Jesus, Being Saved -- 30% of all pastors don't believe in Biblical Jesus

'Diversity' at General Motors Excludes Christians

Fox thinks pornography angle will get under viewers' 'Skin'

End of the Line for Penthouse? Content had gotten "too raunchy"

Moving Toward a World Central Bank

EU receives draft constitution: Any attempt to alter the draft European Union constitution will "tear Europe apart"

Woman charged with terrorism, murder in Moscow bomb blast

Record vomit virus cases predicted: "Winter Vomiting Bug"

Rampaging teens shut down mall in Toronto

China Backs Hong Kong's Tung in Civil-Liberties Crisis

Deadly Market accident may not constitute a crime

National Weather

"Hurricane Jim" is enlightening but lets nature provide thunder

Tropical Depression "Six" Moving Toward Lesser Antilles

Severe Storms Rumble Across Midwest

Temperature Trends: West Hot, East Cool

Beautiful Mid-Atlantic, Northeast Sunday

Thunderstorms Diminish in Southwest

"Beyond the Wall": Infrared surveillance cams. Seismic field sensors. Real-time data maps. Welcome to the new US Border Patrol


Dr. Dennis Cuddy Challenges Senators To Answer Key Questions About The 9/11 Attacks

U.S. Soldiers Bemoan Lies Being Told In American Press

Iraq Becoming Like Vietnam?

Depleted Uranium Killing U.S. Soldiers

Mysterious Diseases Haunt U.S. Troops In Iraq: Depleted Uranium mentioned in story as cause

We Are "Nuking" Our Own Precious Soldiers With Depleted Uranium

U.N. Asks U.S.-UK Forces To Pinpoint “DU Targets” In Iraq

US forces hit in northern Iraq: Two US soldiers have been killed and another injured -- Pictures

Latest death leads Washington to consider UN help -- UN chief 'seeks Iraqi handover'

Cooperating Iraqi Officials Targeted by Professional Assassins

Thousands of Angry Shiites march on US headquarters in Iraq

American-backed Iraq council fails to choose president

US military chiefs prepare for 'classic guerrilla war'

Baghdad Back To Stone Age

Sky News Journalist Resigns Over 'Fake' Iraq War Report

U.S. struggling to find replacement troops

U.N. Says One of Its Convoys Attacked in Iraq

Missile attack on C-130 transport plane adds to worries

With U.S. Operations, Iraqi Resistance Gains Momentum

Peace Dominoes Begin To Fall: Propaganda! Arabs just waiting for Iraq hook to sink firmly and deeply into American jaw

N.J. judge tackles a tough docket in Iraq: Army reservist to reform the battered Iraqi justice system -- Forcing Western Justice values on Muslim nation will not work

WMD Controversy Turns Deadly

Dr. Kelley Warned: Many Dark Actors Playing Games

Weapons expert had slashed wrist - U.K. Police: David Kelly Death Apparent Suicide

BBC Says Dead Scientist Was Iraq Source

Blair Says He Won't Recall Parliament To Deal With Death of Dr. Kelley

Kelly's family: 'Events made David's life intolerable'

Blair sets out his view of the new world order to Congress

Pre-War WMD Claims News

White House Didn't Gain CIA Nod for Claim On Iraqi Strikes:
Gist Was Hussein Could Launch in 45 Minutes

FBI probing forged papers on Niger uranium: Bush chastised senior advisers

Japan's PM Koizumi backs Blair's decision to attack Iraq as 'courageous'

"Controlled Conflicts" In Non-Integrating States


Taylor Vows to Fight on in Liberia - Blasts rock Liberian capital

Clinton Urges World to Do More for Africa: Wants us to continue pouring money down drain

A Kenyan family's culture shock: 12,000 Somali Bantus re-settled in U.S.

Bill to change status of unborn babies gains support

Animals recruited to fight West Nile Virus

U.S. awaiting court ruling on gay marriage in Massachusetts

ATF Probes Thefts of Explosive Chemicals

120 or 180 Yrs Old? Experts Debate Limit of Aging - God says "three score and ten"(Psalm 90:10)

High fat diet linked to breast cancer



Saturday, July 19, 2003 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For Our Military

Dr. Dennis Cuddy Challenges Senators To Answer Key Questions About The 9/11 Attacks

Iraq Quagmire News

WMD Controversy Draws Blood

Iraq WMD Whistleblower, British Scientist David Kelley, Dead Just Days After Making Disclosure - Was living in a "safe house"

Blair: Kelly's Death 'Terrible Tragedy' -- Chronology of British Weapons Dispute

Blair calls for calm over Kelly - Blair Should Resign over Kelly Death

WMD Scientist's Death Rocks British Government

BUSH BRAVADO, IRAQI RESPONSE: Will CIA "Plant" Weapons of Mass Destruction To Offer "Evidence"?

On March 19, 2003, Asia Times Wondered If U.S. Would "Plant" WMD "Evidence"!

Blair faces 'no way out' dilemma over U-turned comments: Now says that finding weapons of mass destruction was not vital to justify the war

Yellowcake Remix : What the National Intelligence Estimate said about Iraq's hunt for uranium

How Blair's 7,000-mile journey to Japan turned into a flight of despair


U.S. soldier killed as Wolfowitz tours Iraq

Saddam tape broadcast on Baathist revolution anniversary

New Tape Likely Contains Saddam's Voice: Further evidence Saddam survived the war

Iraqi envoy, holed up in embassy, won't leave

Pentagon seeking private security firm to police Iraq

Paris doesn't foresee troops in Iraq

Pentagon may punish GIs who spoke out on TV

U.S. struggling to find replacement troops

Inside Iraq's National Museum: How it got looted--and how most of its treasures were saved

U.N.'s Annan for rapid return of sovereignty to Iraqis

Prince of Wales visits the Solovky Islands in Russia

The Antichrist And A Cup of Tea

Mexifornia: A State of Becoming - Massive illegal immigration from Mexico is radically changing the face of California

New Chip Can Be Implanted in Humans: Launched Mexican sales of microchips that can be implanted under a person's skin

West Nile Virus 2003: As West Nile virus season progresses, experts hope for the best while preparing for severe epidemic

Best Insect Repellent for Mosquitoes: Good insect repellent can literally be a lifesaver

ACLU filed lawsuit against Honolulu officials: Accusing them of sponsoring an event for "Fundamentalist Christians"

Mel's "Passion" A Bloodbath

Oil: Prices rise as Hurricane Claudette shuts in US Gulf production

"Hooked on Phonics" renting their list of buyers to other marketers: Despite privacy policy that said they would not do this

Microsoft And Dell Win $90M Homeland Security Contract

National Weather

Northwest Flow Cooling Northeast

Ridge, Trough Dominate Weather Next Week

The Heat is On Across the West

More Thunderstorms Wet Southeast

Another Hot Day in the Central Plains

Greens lying again! Using lying propaganda to seize private property

Off-leash debate turns toxic? Herbicide is identified as the agent that has killed or sickened at least 16 dogs in Portland, Oregon

Arizona Wildfire Evacuees Return Home

Canada acts to prevent 'mad-cow'


"Controlled Conflicts" In Non-Integrating States

Korean Peninsula

North Korea deploys more long-range missiles: Capable of hitting Japan, plus reinforcing bombarding capability against the South

More: North Korean new missile artillery has been brought closer to Seoul

Russia tightens security measures in case of nuke conflict on Korean peninsula

North Korea accuses US of repositioning troops in preparation for attack

Russia, North Korea to hold first joint navy exercises

U.N. official stresses North Korea threat

North Korea “Most Immediate and Serious” Nuclear Threat

North Korea snubs US at ceremony marking 50th anniversary of the end of the Korean War

Chinese envoy briefs Powell, Cheney on North Korea

North Korean Spokesman Warns That Naval Interdiction Will Be "Act of War": "North Korea put the torch to New York, Washington, Los Angeles, San Francisco" using her nukes

Israel - Palestinian State

The "Road Map" appears to be a roadmap to terror!

West Bank Palestinian Governor Kidnapped: Accused of being an Israeli collaborator who "has been involved in many crimes against our people."

Bush to meet Abbas, Sharon for peace talks

Russian oil destined for India flows across Negev

IDF Chief of Staff, Ya'alon, to tell Powell not to let terror groups use truce to rearm

Noah's Ark To Be Found on Mount Ararat

KJV Noah's Ark Children's Bible

The House That Roared: In 'Ways and Means' Brawl, Name-Calling Causes Police and Sergeant at Arms To Be Summoned

Bush Job Performance Approval Slips

700 to be tried for Casablanca, Morocco suicide bombings

Iran admits Canadian photojournalist beaten to death

Arkansas School District, Gay Student Settle Lawsuit

Too Much Fluids as Bad as Too Little: Drink Wisely During Exercise, Athletes Warned

'04 Dems Lukewarm To Gay Marriage

Harry Potter: Evil that seems good

Complete Reports On First Four Harry Potter Books, The Movies and Specific Subjects

Surveillance Society

RFID Nightmare - Leading to "Mark of the Beast"?

Technology automatically IDs consumers: 'Smart shelf' innovation tracks customers as well as product sales

Is Big Brother In YOUR Shopping Cart?

Auto-ID: Tracking everything, everywhere - Ultimate goal is for Auto-ID to create a "physically linked world" in which every item on the planet is numbered, identified, catalogued, and tracked

Mark of the Beast: Final Connections -- Video

Court halts 'aggressive social workers': Child services tried to enter home after toddler seen naked outside

NBA Star Kobe Bryant Charged With Sexual Assault: Admits "only" to adultery as wife looks on

California Court Upholds Davis Recall Effort

Florida Scientists Try to Trap Giant Lizards

Was Killer Driver Fleeing Prior To Deadly Crash?

U.S. Suspends Military Trial of British Terror Suspects - Pending talks with London authorities

Blair wins break for 2 Brits at Gitmo - Guantanamo Bay Prison

Food Fight: Suits Against Fast Food May Mean Fat Payouts for Lawyers



Friday, July 18, 2003 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For Our Military

Surveillance State

Is It Time For Courts To Invalidate Photography As "Proof" of A Crime? "Photos are very easily manipulated."

Ulterior motives behind ID tags exposed: Plans to swamp the world in invisible tracking devices -- RFID

Wal-Mart Pulls RFID, Or Does It?

Stage Being Set For Ezekiel 38-39?

Russian-Israeli Cooperation: A Threat to Saudi Oil? Possible Prophetic "Hook In The Jaw"?

Video Explains How Russian Oil Could Be The "Hook in the Jaw" That Drags Russia Into Invasion of Israel - Fulfillment of Ezekiel 38-39

Iraqi Quagmire

BUSH BRAVADO, IRAQI RESPONSE: Will CIA "Plant" Weapons of Mass Destruction To Offer "Evidence"?

On March 19, 2003, Asia Times Wondered If U.S. Would "Plant" WMD "Evidence"!

Bomb Kills U.S. Soldier in Fallujah -- Breaking News

CFR Wolfowitz in Baghdad on mystery visit

Rumsfeld's panel recommends supercharging Iraqi reconstruction

Blair justifies war as another "Saddam tape" urges jihad

Democrat Eyes Potential Grounds for Bush Impeachment

Blair delivers "light of liberty" message to US Congress

US forces in Iraq put on high alert on eve of Baath Party anniversary

The US needs allies - but is too proud to pay the price

U.S. Intelligence Believes Saddam Has Hidden WMD In Desert Enclaves Well Protected: If U.S. forces attack, they may face the very WMD for which they are looking

Russia seeks new UN resolution on Iraq

After Blair Is Called "psychopath", his political friends defend him

Bush had hands-on role in revising speech about Iraq's alleged nuclear-weapons program: Tenet does not bear ALL responsibilty

Iraqi Ambassador Refuses to Leave China

Depleted Uranium Is Killing

Mysterious Diseases Haunt US Troops In Iraq: Possibility of suffering from Depleted Uranium

Mystery illness kills Missouri soldier: Fell sick in Baghdad and Organs Shut Down Without Adequate Explanation

America Is "Nuking" Our Own Precious Soldiers With Depleted Uranium!

Depleted Uranium Lawsits Invited!

Former US Army Major says use of Depleted Uranium Munitions at Lancelin Likely

More Bush Bad Spiritual Fruit

Carlyle Business Group Reports George W. Bush Telling Lots of Dirty Jokes in 1990-1991

George W. Reports He Was Born Again in 1985!

Bush Told Crude Sexual Inuendo Joke At White House Correspondents Ball in May, 2002

Israel - Palestinian State

Worldwide Protest Against The Road Map

Two deaths shift Palestinian anger to each other

Israeli, Palestinian PMs Slated to Meet on Sunday

'Without malice', Israel nonetheless creates 'catastrophic humanitarian situation' -- Fruits of 33 months of Intifada?

Blair: We must never compromise Israel's security

Erekat: Sharon must act to dismantle terrorist infrastructure now that terror is down 99%

Pakistan inching toward recognition of Israel?

RELENTLESS: Explaining to the World How Israel and Palestinians Reached Deplorable State of Today Through Oslo Peace Process

"Energizing" Support For Israel In America

Body matches description of missing British Ministry of Defense weapons adviser: Was person who stated that the Iraqi WMD documentation was "sexed-up" to justify war - Lesson? Expose the government and you die?

Neo-Nazis, Extremist Jews Unite To Fight Muslims

Most powerful Atlas rocket carries Cablevision satellite into space

Interpol: Private Law Enforcement Arm Accountable To No One! Past leaders former Nazis

Porn Sites May Stream No More - Court orders stop

Drinking too much water endangers body's salt levels

NATO chief warns of tough mission in Afghanistan

Videocams Record Airline Flights

Big brother in South Africa better back off

"Controlled Conflicts" In Non-Integrating States

Korean Peninsula

North Korean Spokesman Warns That Naval Interdiction Will Be "Act of War": "North Korea put the torch to New York, Washington, Los Angeles, San Francisco" using her nukes

NOTE: World War III Plan calls for Korean Peninsula nuclear crisis so powerful that mankind's very existence is threatened

Australia and South Korea agree to pursue talks with North Korea

U.S. eyes talks with North Korea; official advocates five-way gathering

South Korean Aid to North Goes on After Shooting

Border gunfight adds to Korean urgency

Blair to tackle North Korea crisis on Asia trip

China fears North Korea has enough plutonium for bomb

Commentary: US Dreams of Asian NATO

Russian nuclear subs never stopped patrolling world ocean: Will begin large-scale naval exercises in Far East on 8/27

"Controlled Conflicts" In Non-Integrating States

S African 'Complete Economic Collapse' From AIDS?

Toppled Sao Tome President Appeals for Int'l Help -- African Leaders Condemn Coup in Sao Tome

African Development Fund (ADF) has given Ethiopia nearly US $50 million to enable impoverished rural farmers

Malawi praised for al-Qaeda suspect handover

TAC -- Treatment Action Campaign -- to provide Aids drugs in W. Cape and KwaZulu-Natal

Contrite Democrats make amends with NAACP

Gay, Lesbian News

'Gay' Republicans hail Bush White House access: Log Cabin Club leader says group consulted weekly

Concerned Women of America Complains: Bush gay policy more radical than Clinton's policies

TV Show 'Queer Eye' Smash Ratings Hit for Bravo

Lance Armstrong Foundation Funds Lesbian Cancer Survivorship Program

Internet gay cannibalism net widens

Gay Marriage Strengthens All Families Canada Says

Antichrist Conditioning

Why Is An Occult Revival Sweeping the Globe?

Pagans Are Bragging: Luciferic Shows Are Causing An Explosion of Young People Seeking To Become Witches and Wizards

Harry Potter Encouraging Youngsters To Adopt Values and Attitudes of Coming Great One

Implantable human tracking chip launched in Mexico

"Mark of the Beast": Final Connections -- Video

Judge Rules 15-year-old girl cannot get college associates degree even though she has 3.8 grade average and has enough credits

Scientists "explain" the burning bushes in the Bible

No sex charges against former US marine

National Weather

T-Storms Cross Tennessee Valley Friday

Updated Weekend Outlook

The Heat is On Across the West

Cool, Comfy Start to Weekend in Northeast

Factors in Tropical Development

Weather World-Wide

Bangladesh monsoon floods leave 73 dead, five million affected

Thousands of houses collapse, 11 more die as floods continue in China

Search on for bodies, survivors of flash-flood in India: 11 more die overnight

Strong quake rocks north Taiwan

Minor earthquake hits eastern Japan

Thousands evacuated as fires rage near French Riviera

Explosion in Russia's Islamic Dagestan region kills 4

Deadly California Crash Sparks New Debate Over Elderly Drivers

Red alert on the e-war front

Religious Divide Cited for US, European Political Differences

Study Warning of Obesity-Cancer Link Fuels Fast Food Lawsuits

Handicapped parking law confusing: Disabled legislator vows to offer bill to bring clarity

Recording Industry Association of America -- Flurry of Subpoenas To Stop Illegal Music Pirating


Thursday, July 17, 2003 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For Our Military

Iraqi Quagmire Now Has Title: Guerilla War

New U.S. Commander Makes It Official Now: Guerilla War In Iraq!

Suspected insurgents escalate attacks in Iraq: Surface-to-air missile fired at transport plane; soldier, mayor killed in 2 assaults

US soldier killed in Iraq truck explosion

U.S. troops face yearlong duty in insurgency fight: Commander concedes guerrillas well-coordinated - Force level to hold at 148,000

Pro-American mayor, son killed in Iraq: "Traitors" to Iraqi cause now target of assassination?

Wisconsin town awakens to reality of Iraq Loss: Amid deep sadness, hard questions, rural town mourns death of a friend and neighbor

Poll: Many Baghdadis believe Iraq was invaded 'to help Israel'

Baath Party Anniversary Boosts Tension in Iraq

Repeated hit-and-run mortar attacks demoralizing US soldiers in Iraq

Mystery illness kills Missouri soldier

US heads for $1.9 trillion deficit as Iraq war costs $48bn

Iraq Authority Invites Interest in Mobile Networks

Iraq's history already written

Former Iraqi Official Unveils U.S.-Iraq Pre-War Secret Ties

WMD Controversy

BUSH BRAVADO, IRAQI RESPONSE: Will CIA "Plant" WMD To Offer "Evidence"?

Senate rejects independent probe of Bush claims to justify Iraq war: Panel grills Tenet about discredited data on N-arms program

Bush's opponents set to pounce

Obvious Flaws: Forged Documents Detailing Uranium Sale Were Full of Errors

Is Weapons Case Against Iraq Disintegrating?

Israel - Palestinian State

Why does George Bush keep supporting Arafat but says he isn’t?

Israeli Cab Driver Rescue Reveals Arafat Outplayed Abu Mazen: Also reveals superiority of Israeli Military Intelligence -- Cabbie Reunited With Family

Businessman kidnapped by Hizbullah in October, 2000, alive but unwell

Israeli-Arabs Wished To Abduct Soldier

Sharon, Abbas to visit Washington a few days apart

Palestinian Violence Continues

Are Palestinians Winning War Of Images?

Palestinians seek to extend "truce"

Another Terrorist Victim Stabbed To Death

Hizbullah continues cross-border harassment; fires anti-aircraft shells over Galilee

Court gives two Palestinian terrorists 15 consecutive life sentences

Sharon returns from Britain and Norway

Russian-Israeli Cooperation: A Threat to Saudi Oil? Possible Prophetic "Hook In The Jaw"?

News From Middle East Non-Integrating Nations

Syria pulls some troops out of Lebanon

Female journalist 'beaten to death' in Iranian jail: Iran denies responsibility

European Union News

Blair attempts to bridge transatlantic gap between E.U. and U.S.

Religious Divide Cited for US, European Political Differences

Uncertainty over father's return to New Hampshire: Two children are missing and presumed dead

Surveillance State

Ulterior motives behind ID tags exposed: Plans to swamp the world in invisible tracking devices -- RFID

Wal-Mart Pulls RFID, Or Does It?

Privacy and the Surveillance State: How You Have Already Lost Your Privacy! -- Nowhere to hide!

Mark of the Beast: Final Connections

Southern by the grace of God: What Bush and America's largest religious denomination don't say about Southern religious experience

Indian woman was made to dance before an official for her United States visa

Schwarzenegger moves beyond his father's Nazi past

Child Sacrifice in the New Age: Salem's Witch Cult and America's Abortion Industry

Abortion Is Satan's Highest Valued Form of Sacrifice

Killer to get sex change at taxpayer expense?

Scientists hunt for evidence of Noah's flood, examine ancient ships in Black Sea

Fears as government DNA database passes 2m mark

Spa Kids: Stress knows no age, so relaxing massages and facials are now in vogue with the younger set

Sars 'could re-appear' later this year

Christian Leaders Urge Civil Protest Around Ten Commandments in Alabama

"Controlled Conflicts" In Non-Integrating States

Korean Peninsula

Crisis over North Korea's N-plans heats up - "We are losing control" of the situation - Former Defense Secretary

US Warned Of 'Imminent' Nuclear Peril: "Imminent danger" of nuclear explosions in American cities - "We are losing control of situation"

Upping the ante for Kim Jong Il: Pentagon Plan 5030, a new blueprint for facing down North Korea

North Korean official warns Australia could face nuclear strike

Interdicting North Korea With Naval Blockade Will Cause Nuclear Strike

'US may go to war with North Korea this year': Plan foresees "A hair-raising confrontation in Korea may, towards the end of the period, threaten man's very survival"

U.S. under fire over N. Korea: Wxperts warn policy towards North Korea is a failure and could lead to war

South Korea exchanged machine gun fire with communist North Korea today in the Demilitarised Zone -- UPDATE

US Still Seeks UN Condemnation of North Korea on Nuclear Issue

Australia won't appease North Korea

Signs 'positive' for talks on Korea crisis says US

US Still Hopeful of Diplomatic Solution to North Korea Nuclear Issue: Powell

"Out of Africa"

Soldiers seize power in military coup in Sao Tome and Principe off West Africa

Economic Outlook: Africa is sliding deeper into poverty

Genocide court sets sights on Congo conflict: International criminal court's first foray is to centre on a civil war

South Africa's Mandela delighted with HIV-positive TV

Pacific Region

US plans more active Pacific role

Russian nuclear subs never stopped patrolling world ocean

Charismatic Confusion

Believers tout the healing powers of evangelist Binny Hinn, critics dispel them

Benny Hinn: Possessed by Devils? - Video

Beatle's Music In The Church - Video

Kenneth Hagin: The Spirit of the Serpent - Video

TBN: Temple To The God & Goddess - Video

There's no stopping them now: Sodomy legal throughout the land

America Likely Has Crossed Judgment Line With God

U.S. blocks Cuban boat, weighs migrants' return

Former Marine arrested over 12-year-old girl's abduction

AIDS alarm over resistant strains

Reports of HIV 'Superinfection' Increase

Epidemic alert as sex disease cases double

National Weather

Mosquitoes and possible floods follow Claudette

Doppler Estimated Rainfall from Claudette

Cool, Dry Air Moves into Northeast

Atlantic Waters are Heating Up!

Moisture on the Increase Across Southwest

Nine killed as car plows through Santa Monica farmers market

Quotes from witnesses to the deadly Santa Monica crash

Trial to decide if ex-priest to be committed as predator

Are Evangelicals Fueling Teen Fascination with the Powers of Darkness? Premise totally unbiblical: Ezekiel 33:2-9

Patriot Act defiance mulled: DEFENDING LIBERTIES: Anchorage Assembly votes tonight on issue

British Royalty In News

British Monarchy at risk unless it reforms

Queen should not head Church: Reform of the monarchy

The Antichrist & A Cup of Tea: Antichrist will be a "Prince" - Daniel 9:26

Gadget that makes water from air rolls off production line - Could be boon to famine areas

Take three: marriage, sex, adultery

Republican Senator Wants to Scrap DC Gun Ban: Wants to allow citizen's to carry guns for self-defense

Fast-food companies face the prospect of an onslaught of lawsuits

Mad cow hits Canadian bison, elk sector

Secretary of Agriculture Has Already Declared A National Emergency On "Possibility" Of Mad Cow

Show us the mad cow plan, Japan says





Wednesday, July 16, 2003 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For Our Military

WMD Controversy Simmers

CIA: Assessment of Syria's WMD exaggerated: Playing same old tune as against Iraq?

Over dinner, Sharon may have persuaded Blair of Iranian danger

Tenet Expects Tough Questions from Senate Panel: Faulty intelligence about Iraq's weapons program

Powell Defends Justification of Iraq War

Bush Expresses Satisfaction with Information from Intelligence Agencies

No proof on Iraq, say pols

Intelligence Scam: Flawed Uranium Intelligence Came From Forged Documents Sold to Italians

Questionable Evidence: Is Weapons Case Against Iraq Disintegrating?

Senate Demsocrats Use Bill to Criticize Bush On Iraq and War on Terrorism

Iraq Quagmire Deepens

One soldier killed, two injured in attack on U.S. military convoy

Still Fighting Saddam

France rules out sending troops to Iraq

Pentagon Says Key US Army Unit to Leave Iraq in Fall

US combat toll in Iraq equals Gulf War I dead

Iraq Council to Set Up Court to Try Saddam: Better be careful, they just may be assassinated as traitors

Homecoming has to wait: US needs 160,000 troops in Iraq

China - Taiwan

US Steps up Relations with Taiwan: Chinese Commentary

Taipei's Refusal of One-China Principle Sabotages Talks

China Slams Taiwan for Issuing New 'Passport'

China develops world's fastest automatic sedan

'Gay' Repubs hail White House access: Log Cabin Club leader says group consulted weekly by Bush White House

Harry Potter ... the new gay icon?

Trainee wizard works his magic for new author


Roger Rocket storms in, out - Beats Storm Claudette

Hurricane Claudette Kills at Least Two

What is Claudette's Future?

The Rockies and Plains Broil This Week!

Power and Transmission Outages Strain California Power Supply

Full Scale Water Emergency in CaliforniaCity

Federal Court Blocks Ban on Road Building in National Forests

The Destructive Power of a Hurricane

Southwest Monsoon Will Get a Boost

Hurricane Central Worldwide: Click on section of the world in which you are interested

Much of Europe Blisters Under Heat Wave

U.S. OKs Remarks on Turkey Troop Incident

Absent Democrats lose 'legitimacy' in NAACP

Pentagon to dig into marketing data on citizens: "Now opens the door to wholesale involvement by the Defense Department in domestic evidence gathering on U.S. citizens, and it should be a very frightening prospect to Americans

The Smart Growth Fraud in American Urban Planning

Government discriminating against U.S. citizens

Upper-Ear Piercing: Is piercing your upper ear a safe thing to do?

Popularity Surge of Body Piercings Show Our Culture Has Slipped Into Satanism

Latest Popular Body Mutilation: Serpent's Tongue

"Storm Front" written to debunk Global Warming Nonsense

Taxing and Chilling Speech: Attacking Food Industry Through Lawsuits

Crude Politics: How Bush's Oil Cronies Hijacked the War on Terrorism -- Propaganda -- Policies On Terror and War Are NOT Driven by Oil

NASA Checks Store Sex Tape

NAACP: Retail industry doesn't hire and promote enough blacks

Israel - Palestinian State

The Hudna is Endangering Israel

Kidnapped taxi driver rescued by soldiers in Ramallah raid

Sharon Office Source: Palestinian Authority Failed in aiding kidnap release victim

Former Prime Minister Ehud Barak: Now´s Not The Time To Talk Of Evacuating Gaza

UK intelligence confident Israel holding the right Irishman

Saudis provide most of Hamas funding

Al-Aqsa denies connection to fatal Tel Aviv attack

Prisoners hold key to peace in Middle East - Propaganda nonsense!

Zionist Christianity: Israel's Best Weapon?

7.6 Magnitude Quake Hits Indian Ocean! Data

"Controlled Conflicts" In Non-Integrating States


Jailed Cabinet deputies killed in Liberia: Arrested last month when a coup plot was announced

Powell to Meet with US Senators on Liberia: Discuss the possibility of sending American troops to Liberia

Ex-President Jimmy Carter Urges US Peacekeepers for Liberia

Liberia Expected to Top Agenda of Bush-Annan Meeting Monday

Korean Peninsula

'US may go to war with North Korea this year'

US Warned Of 'Imminent' Nuclear Peril: "Imminent danger" of nuclear explosions in American cities - "We are losing control of situation"

U.S. Unsure if N. Korea Bluffing on Nukes

Bush Defiant On North Korea "Blackmail"

China, Britain to discuss N.K. nuclear weapons

North Korea May Agree to Multilateral Talks, Tokyo Shimbun Newspaper Says

North Korean Leader Meets Chinese Leader's Envoy Amid Nuclear Standoff


Troops scour eastern Afghanistan for Taliban suspects

Five Afghan police killed in Taliban raid


Pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi's plight prompts US sanctions against Burma

Missing schoolgirl Shevaun Pennington has told her parents to say she is safe and with US marine - Lied about her age

British girl returns home alone, French police say

Liberal Forces At Work In Catholic Church: Dissenters' Secret Meeting

Fossil of 'Nessie monster' trips up pensioner

Anti-Terror War Being Used Against Us

Terror War? What Terror War? An antiterror agency into a general purpose federal police force, something that Americans have traditionally rejected

Cutting Edge was warning of this development in October, 2001 - Re-defining "Terrorist" - Rush Toward Dictatorship - Use of Civil War Seditious Law against Americans - "Domestic Terrorist" - "Most Trusted President"

U.S. defies judge; Moussaoui case jeopardized

Occult Face of Homeland Security

British Girl, 11, searched by police at protest against war in Iraq by police using Anti-Terrorism laws

US yet to consolidate terrorist watch lists

"Bordering" on Insanity: Bush Republicans and Clinton Democrats are united in supporting immigration policies giving thugs and terrorists easy access into America

More Embryo Meddling Sparks Anger - US scientists deliberately created hybrid human "she-males

No Subs for Subs

Is the United States Going for Broke? Remember, economic collapse is planned but will not occur until political plan is ready to go into action

West Nile Virus on the March

U.N. seeking global gun control? Conference moving toward plan that would regulate U.S. arms

Vote to leave U.N. fails in House: Ron Paul amendment goes down 350-74

Clergy in British Columbia say they and their houses of worship are available for homosexual weddings


Tuesday, July 15, 2003 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For Our Military

"Controlled Conflicts" In Non-Integrating States

Global Punch: Pentagon Dreams of Super-Fast Bomber: ‘Two Hours to Any Target’

Fresh water shortage kills children in Non-Integrating states

Korean Peninsula

Iraq Claims/Counter-claims Being Replayed?

North Korea says it's ready to produce nuclear weapons

No proof of N. Korea's nuclear claim: Seoul

No Evidence North Korea Has Nuclear Bomb: Russian Minister

'US IS`Mulling NK Regime Change'

Amid Nuclear Crisis, China Sends N.Korea Letter multlateral

U.S. warned on N. Korea: America losing control in nuclear standoff with the country, ex-defense secretary

North Korean Envoy Accuses US of Hostile Acts

North Korea Warns to Retaliate against Any US Blockade

Australian PM rejects N Korea nuclear threats

No risk of Korea N-attack on Australia: Expert

One Million North Korean People Join Anti-US Rally in Pyongyang


Zimbabwe President Mugabe 'set to quit'

Fresh Fighting Claims at Least 10 Lives in Southern Nigeria

"Limited" Role for US Troops to Stabilize Liberia


US rejects Iran's offer for talks on nuclear programme

News Analysis: Is War on Iran Imminent?

Iran makes giant oil field discovery - 38 billion barrels


Bali Bomb Suspect Says Blast May Have Been 'Nuclear': Suspect made bomb, but not nearly big enough to create blast effects

Was A "Micro-Nuke" Bomb Used In Bali Blast?

From Kali to Bali: How Events A World Apart May Spark New Emphasis On Fighting World Wide Terror

National Weather

Tropical Storm Claudette moves toward land

Claudette Upgraded to a Hurricane

The Strike Probability for Claudette

What is Steering Claudette Toward Texas?

Front Sparks T-Storms Over Ohio Valley

How Wind Shear Affects Tropical Systems

Top clerics attack evangelicals as gay bishop row reignites

U.N. Wants to Spread Its Tentacles to Churches: Bush "deeply interested" in co-sponsoring this bill

Abortion News

Child Sacrifice in the New Age: Salem's Witch Cult and America's Abortion Industry

"America's Leadership of the New World Order": Cutting Edge has stated for years that abortion is Satan's highest form of human sacrifice

NOW Conference Heats up Abortion Debate

New York Catholic Conference Endorses Abortifacients at Catholic Hospitals: Can now kill babies under certain conditions

Russia's Putin: Master of the Universe?

Dolly creators begin mass slaughter

Moral Collapse Accelerates

Kinsey's Kooky, Kinky Shrinks: Psychiatrists and professors are lobbying to normalize and decriminalize pedophilia (child rape and molestation)

Bizarre Game Targets Women: Hunting for Bambi: Parts 1 & 2 - Warning - this article may be offensive to some as this article demonstrates new evidence of our Moral Collapse

Nudity bonus clinched in Australia

NBA Star Chris Webber Pleads Guilty to Criminal Contempt, Expected to Avoid Prison: Moral collapse continues

Global police hunt underway for 12-year-old missing girl and Internet friend, a former US Marine

Gambling on Rise in U.S. Teens

National Park Service: Plaques with Biblical psalms at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon violate the Constitution: Hindu gods can remain, however!


History lesson: US Technological Wizardry is tremendously over touted

Two Huge US Intelligence Centers Go up in Iraq: Targeting Syria and Iran

Saddam’s WMD in Samarra Tunnels - US intelligence Estimates

Rumsfeld warns of more attacks on U.S. forces in Iraq: Could be a long, hot and deadly summer

Iraqis Convene First Post-Saddam Council -- Council embraces new power: Group's launch is small step on a long road toward self-rule

Arab League chief cool toward new Iraqi council

Muslim call to thwart capitalism

U.S. Troops Seem Safe in Southern Iraq

Al-Qaeda cell takes credit for string of Iraq attacks

Slow returns from Iraq anger Army wives

WMD Controversy

Remark plagues White House: Much of alleged Iraq-Africa uranium connection remains a mystery

Is the United States a Rogue Nation?: Doubts of U.S. Conservative as he examines Bush's "unilateralism"

Rumsfeld, Rice defend use of UK reports

Bush pleased with U.S. intelligence

The straw men in the debate over Iraq

Israel - Palestinian State

Man dies in Tel Aviv terror stabbing: Palestinian terrorists strike -- More on this story

Four Arab Israelis charged with attempted kidnapping of IDF soldier

Arafat and Abbas reach agreement to end internal PA crisis

Incitement In The Palestinian Authority

Former Prime Minister Ehud Barak: Ridiculous to Talk Now About Evacuating Gaza

Israel to bar BBC from Sharon London briefing: Why so many foreign leaders visit London on way to Washington, DC

Palestinians confirm no massacre in Jenin

Israel's Top General Visits U.S.

Straw to Sharon: Britian to continue dealing with Arafat

Syria withdraws forces from Lebanese coast

Brutal Police Raid

Narragansett Indian Tax-Free Smoke-shop Raided: State Police use Police-State tactics!

Narragansett chief sachem, others arrested at tax-free tobacco shop

Violent raid shuts tribe's tobacco shop: Victims may sue police for brutality

Britain seeks new powers to attack rogue states: Wants a new world order that would justify the war in Iraq

Justice won't produce al-Qaida witness in Moussaoui case; Could lead to dismissal

Talk show host Springer files for Senate race: Show spotlights strippers and skinheads and lots of foul language

Weakened Smallpox Vaccine Is Safer, Research (Supposedly) Shows

White House to Project Record Deficits

Mosquito spraying spurred by severe West Nile infection

Creationism vs Evolution

Press Release: CNN Fabricates Texas Textbook Story depicting the textbook controversy as a battle between extremist Bible-thumpers and the defenders of evolution

Clarifying the Issues in the Texas Textbook Controversy

Incredible Creatures That Defy Evolution And Prove It Wrong

Creationism Defender's Bible: KJV, by Dr. Henry Morris, Ph.D - Absolute must resource if you are to Biblically defend Creationism

Gay 'marriages' ahead

Massachusetts High Court Mum on Homosexual Marriage -- For Now


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