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We have culled these pertinent stories from many sources to keep you updated on the Daily News events pertinent to the coming New World Order. Truly, once you know the Plan to establish the Kingdom of Antichrist, you will never look at the news the same way again. For A Cutting Edge Analysis and Recap Of Current Events Being Reported In The News Visit our Headline News Area

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Tuesday, July 20, 2004 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Iraq is not improving, it's a disaster: The only sensible objective now is orderly disengagement, and soon

Iraqi senior Sunni cleric calls for holy war against US forces: Threatens to turn the hotspot city of Ramadi into a "graveyard" for American troops

Senior Iraqi official killed in Basra: Co-ordinator of the Basra provincial council

Iraqi police say bombers are killing their own: Senior Iraqi defence ministry official has become the latest government figure to be killed in Baghdad

Iraqi Officials Assassinated: Militants also killed Lt. Col. Nafi al-Kubaisi, the police chief of the town of Heet plus Essam al-Dijaili, head of the military's supply department

Blast kills 9 in attack on young Iraqi regime: Many policemen among dead, wounded

British Soldier Killed in Helicopter Crash

Our lies led us into war: The press must also be held to account for falsehoods we reproduced before the invasion

Strained Army National Guard having tough time recruiting

Filipino Hostage Freed in Iraq After Troops Leave

Muslim Marine Insists: I was kidnapped

Iraqi PM Allawi receives red carpet welcome in Jordan

Iraq PM, Jordan king discuss oil pipeline

Jordanian king says could send troops to Iraq

Iraq calls off campaign against gunmen

Malaysia Ready To Send Medical Team To Iraq, Help In Reconstruction

US Military Prison Scandal

Screaming Kids sodomized at Abu Ghraib, Pentagon has the videos - Journalist Seymor Hersh reports

Fort Huachuca's new leader (Major General Barbara Fast) is an investigated Figure in Abu Ghraib inquiry -- Shouldn't take job yet: Home of the military intelligence school where troops learn interrogation methods and the rules of proper prisoner treatment

Top commanders (Lt. General Sanchez) in Iraq allowed dogs to be used for interrogations at the Abu Ghraib prison: Five months after Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld barred the practice for terrorism suspects at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba (NOTE: Muslims consider dogs to be "unclean" animals)

US Hiding Detainees - Red Cross - Against Geneva Convention

China -Taiwan

Taiwan set for military exercises, coinciding with Chinese, US drills

U.S 'in line of fire' in China-Taiwan war

Chinese hackers attack Taiwan military news agency ahead of drill

China is still facing a relatively large-scale grain deficit this year despite a bumper summer harvest and a possible increased rice yield

Bohemian Grove News

Bohemian Gorve: THE CHOSEN FEW -- S.F.'s exclusive clubs carry on traditions of fellowship, culture -- and discrimination: "George H.W. Bush will be in Hill Billies, along with Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, amidst all the "Kerry For President" signs

The Truth About Bohemian Grove: Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove Video by Alex Jones -- Founded on practice of the deeply Black Magick occult

Terrorism News

Moving Quickly, U.S. Is Readying Military Review Panels for Cuba Base -- Newly created Combatant Status Review Tribunals hardly qualify as "Neutral" as Supreme Court demanded

Clinton Adviser Probed in Terror Memos: Sandy Berger investigated for possibly removing highly classified terrorism documents and handwritten notes from a secure reading room during preparations for the Sept. 11 commission hearings

Governors Run Through Hypothetical Terror Attack With Ridge

2004 Campaign News

Democrat Campaign News

God, gays and guns - not Iraq - dominate US political campaign

Outside View: A new Democratic ticket -- Bush-Cheney campaign must now confront its worst nightmare: a strong New Democrat ticket

Coming of the anti-Bush

Fast Boston city-police accord ordered: Arbitration ruling boosts Menino, but union fights decision

Kerry set to disburse millions, get US funds

Boston's Center Stage: Fleet Center is transformed into convention backdrop

Kerry campaign trail follows path of patriotism

Kerry's concert organizer resigns

Boston faces lawsuits from protesters: Anger stems from closing Causeway St. to marchers

Republican Campaign News

Bush Promises "Regime Change" In Iran If Re-Elected

NYC Cops Rip Judge: 'It's giving an open door to terrorists' -- Protesting Federal judge's ruling aimed at stopping them from searching demonstrators' bags outside the Republican National Convention

NY Daily News Editorial: Judge Sweet, how crazy are you?

GOP courts black voters at Detroit rally

Ralph Nader to accept GOP help to get on ballot

Strange Relations: Look to whom George W. Bush Is Related! Illuminati Bloodlines determines winner of elections - DVD - Video

Charles Sweeney Has Died: Pilot of plane that dropped A-bomb on Nagasaki



Gunman shoots Israeli judge dead: Israeli district court judge gunned down in Tel Aviv

Police won't boost security for judges: Probably shot by a mafia-styled professional killer

Never Before: Judge Murdered -- Arafat’s Fatah organization has claimed responsibility

Now the judiciary also becomes a target

Justice Minister Lapid: No reason to fear attacks on additional judges

Arafat Forced To Give In

Palestinian Leadership Crisis Boils On

Resignations, Kidnappings, Chaos in the Palestinian Authority

Analysis / Arafat's still in charge

Shin Bet Secuirty Chief: Up to 200 Jews 'actively awaiting' PM Sharon's death - Says there is no difference between Jewish terrorism and Palestinian terrorism

Hizbullah Threatens Retaliation For Death of A Senior Hizbullah Official: Cause of explosion still not identified

Former Prime Minister Barak: Move 70 settlements with 70,000 settlers as fence construction continues full time

UN Vote on Israeli Security Barrier Put Off One More Day

Jordan kills three suspects on Israeli border

Indignant France Sees Ulterior Motives In Sharon's Emigration Plea

Presbyterian Jihad: Liberal Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) declared war on Israel at is annual General Assembly meeting

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News


Israel Ready to Strike Iran's Nuclear Facilities

Israel can't just sit and wait for the missiles: Israeli Air force just finished exercises meant to design a way to destroy the Iranian Nuclear reactors

Bush Promises "Regime Change" In Iran If Re-Elected

Israel can't go it alone against Iran in striking Iran's nuclear program: Politicians, analysts

Atomic Weapons Now Obsolete: Debunking The Lie That Terrorists Can Actually Hit American Cities With A Nuclear Device

Washington Propaganda Against Iran Aimed to Cover Up Failures in Iraq -- Tehran responds to drumbeat against her

Bush hits Iran for aid to al Qaeda

Halliburton Subpoenaed Over Iran Work

Iran General Helped 9/11 Plotters' Transit

Other States

Brazil Set to Start Shooting Down Drug Planes

Middle East struggles with water crisis: Jordan to host international water conference, aims to find solution ever-scarcer ‘white gold’

Group claims evidence Sudan aided ethnic killings

Sudanese Victims: Living with the legacy of rape and genocide

UN Pledges $16 Million To Fight Malaria In African Infants

‘Forgotten’ Tragedy Of Uganda's Child Soldiers

Oil News

Oil: Prices climb near US$42, supply fears linger

Iraq PM, Jordan king discuss oil pipeline

Crude prices shrug off Iraqi oil pipeline attack

High oil prices aiding aircraft makers: Fuel-guzzling aircraft are being put in mothballs. Carriers are scurrying to buy planes that are cheaper to operate

Occidental Petroleum still upbeat on Libyan oil deals

Mystery Of Milan's 'Devil Worshippers'

The 'Quiet War' Against Humanity: The Lulling Before the Culling

Microchips implanted in Mexican officials: Attorney general, prosecutors carry security pass under their skin

Arnold's 'girlies' get surly: Outraged California Democrats say Governor behaved like one when he belittled Democratic legislators as "girlie men" for delaying passage of the state's $103 billion budget

Analysis: Arnold's glibness may haunt him

Aladdin Theatre for the Performing Arts expels Ronstadt after political remarks: She expressed support for controversial documentary filmmaker Michael Moore

Ford Motor Company posts $1.2 billion profit

Federal inspection of gun dealers lags

Europe fears threat from its converts to Islam

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

U.S. Arms Control Official Hopes N.K. Follows Example of Libya

U.S. to defer charges against former soldier who defected to North Korea in 1965

U.S. to be flexible in North Korea nuke talks

N. Korea Opens Border to Receive Rice Aid from S. Korea


Monday, July 19, 2004 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Terrorism - "Intelligence Failure

British Prime Minister admits Saddam victim's graves claim a lie: Repeated claims by Tony Blair that '400,000 bodies had been found in Iraqi mass graves' is untrue, and only about 5,000 corpses have so far been uncovered

America's Former Chief Weapons Inspector David Kay: Bush, Blair Should Have Known Intelligence Didn't Show Iraqi Threat

Defense Intelligence scepticism about Iraqi defector's arms data ignored

U.S. leaders owe country, world an apology: Officials should acknowledge errors in path to Iraq war

U.S. spy chief: Al-Qaeda threat strong as ever

Debunking The Lie That Terrorists Can Actually Hit American Cities With A Nuclear Device: "Rumors of Wars" prophecy being fulfilled in your Daily News

Security guru sounding alarm: Our head in the sand - America is still woefully unprepared for a domestic terrorist attack

NOTE: This headline is a major repeating Headline Since 9/11

Beheading outrages Muslims, weakens al-Qaeda support

9/11 shock: Osama, mastermind plotted coast-to-coast terror

Intelligence 'czar' not needed, Acting CIA chief says

Germany to drop 9/11 plot charges: Evidence against only man jailed for terror attack 'weak'

Building Case Against Iran?

September 11 attackers 'passed through Iran'

CIA: Iran allowed hijackers through: But there's no evidence of any link between Tehran and the planners of the attack

Now America accuses Iran of complicity in World Trade Center attack


Arafat Replaces Cousin as Security Chief Amid Protests

Arafat resolves standoff with Gaza gunmen

Arafat Stages Kidnappings In Gaza Strip!

Al Aqsa poses challenge to Arafat

Car Bomb Explosion Kills a Hezbollah Official in Beirut

Dozens of Summer Camps for Arafat's Kids: Where youngsters are taught to hate and kill Jews

French Jews 'must move to Israel': Sharon has urged all French Jews to move to Israel immediately to escape anti-Semitism

Paris Slams Sharon for Urging Jews to Quit France

Two IDF oldiers wounded - One along the Jordanian border

Jordanian Authorities Kill Three Armed Men Sneaking Into Israel, Fourth Arrested

Hamas endorses New Zealand rebuke of Israel

New Zealand still waiting for apology from Israel

Bibi’s (Netanyahu ) ‘Reaganomics’ wins acclaim

The UN and others will stop Aliyah to Israel: Jews can leave Europe for other countries, but not for Israel

Security Fence Crisis

UN witnesses heated debate over draft resolution on security wall ruling

New plan for security fence route nearing completion

In UN, Israel says ICJ values property more than human life

Unilateral Disengagement News

Sharon Appoints Former Agriculture Ministry Head Jonathan Bassi to be Head of Disengagement Authority

Bassi Is A Religious Jew From Kibbutz In Northern Jordan Valley: Will concentrate on "human cost" of disengagement

Rabbinic Delegation Fights "Disengagement" In the U.S.

Coalition-Talks Routine Begins: Objective of Unity Government will be to faciliate Unilateral Disengagement

Sharon mulling cabinet reshuffle: Says “We are at start of negotiations so these changes may be unavoidable”

Population booms at settlements slated for evacuation: Recent population explosion at settlements targeted for evacuation poses big problem for Sharon

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Local Pro-Putin Leader Killed in Chechnya

Testimonies of rape in Sudan: Using mass rape in order to punish, humiliate and control the non-Arab groups

Sudan: Muslim's Hidden Holocaust Against Christians

Rocket kills woman in Afghan capital

Explosion at Kashmir Public Rally Kills Three, Injures More Than 50 Others

Key Serbs evading war-crimes prosecutor

Locust swarms invade Mauritania: Urgent appeal goes out for international aid

West Nile virus spreading among S. California horses

NYC Pays Up: City has paid out nearly $500,000 so far to settle lawsuits by victims of the horrendous gang sex attacks that exploded after the 2000 National Puerto Rican Day Parade

Free speech under attack in Russia

Democrats: Schwarzenegger Comment Sexist - Governor called some lawmakers by the mocking term "girlie men"

Volatile Minister Resigns From Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's Government


Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

US casualty rate high since "transfer of power": Long guerrilla war is feared in Iraq

'Here You Go. Here's Iraq. Take It': `We threw' power at them'; we did not transfer power': U.S. official

Nine Killed in Fuel Truck Bomb Blast in Southwest Baghdad: Four policemen among fatalities

Car bombs targeting police kill two officers in Tikrit

U.S. deadly airstrike in Fallujah authorized by fledgling government

Fallujans Urge: Use oil revenue to rebuild homes

Iraq forms oil and gas council led by Prime Minister Allawi

From Iraq To Ezekiel: Iraq Leads to Russian Invasion of Israel! - Video

Ancient Iraqi Cities Bear the Brunt of US Occupation

Philippines Completes Pullout From Iraq to Meet Insurgents' Demand

Bremer ban on Al Sadr's paper lifted

Al Zarqawi puts bounty of $282,000 (US) on Iraqi Prime Minister: "To whomever gets us Allawi's head"

Iraq Set To Appoint 43 Ambassadors Today

Prime Minister Allawi Poised on Knife's Edge of Deals with Insurgents: Saddam's old Baathist Party trying to assert dominance to most urban areas of Iraq

Viewpoint: 'I was targeted three times': Educated, middle-class Iraqis are being systematically targeted, murdered and kidnapped

Saddam Defense Team Gets Private Protection in Iraq

Jordan unlikely to refuse Baghdad's request for Jordanian troops

Torture, Sexual Degradation Scandal

New abuse allegations surfacing against U.S.: Senate committee wants Bremer to testify publicly

Top commanders (Lt. General Sanchez) in Iraq allowed dogs to be used for interrogations at the Abu Ghraib prison: Five months after Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld barred the practice for terrorism suspects at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba (NOTE: Muslims consider dogs to be "unclean" animals)

US Hiding Detainees - Red Cross - Against Geneva Convention

'Secret film shows Iraq prisoners sodomised'

Congress' Iraq abuse hearings on hold 'til fall

2004 Campaign News

Kerry-Edwards News

Surveillance Targeted to Democrat Convention: Wide network of cameras planned and feeds will go directly to Washington, D.C. -- Watchers will be able to gather details of facial descriptions or read license plates

Democrat Convention to launch grass-roots campaign

Kerry Camp Sets Out Pre-Convention Events

Florida counts this time, Edwards says

Group aims to get out Asian-American vote for Kerry

Playing telephone spreads candidate's message: Kerry Campaign Headquarters

Boston's Mayor Menino urges delegates to ignore "informational" union pickets

Photos of Boston Where Democrat Convention Will Be Held: (NOTE: Notice obelisk in first frame)

Poll sees Boston support strong for convention

Delegates May Bring Boston Less Money: NOTE: More delegates to attend NYC Republican Convention

Kerry Takes Gamble on Economy, Experts Say

General Election News

U.S. is distributing drugs to counter chemical attacks: Convention cities are among first to get packs for terrorism response

Touch To Vote: More Americans to Vote on Electronic, Touch-Screen Systems in November

"Dummies Guide" To 2004 Campaign

Exercising Their Rights: Presidential Election Expected to Attract Young Voters - War expected to be major issue

Bush, Kerry run on 'values'

Nader spot on ballot in doubt

Bush-Cheney News

Bush's legislative agenda stalls amid election year

Bush campaign again sets its sights on Michigan

Public support slips for Iraq policy: Race remains close

Southern Calif. fire spreads out of control: Sudden wind shift fans flames, forcing hundreds to leave

Federal and State Governments Implementing The Draconian Plan To Force People Off Their Land, Forcing Them To Live Only In Certain Areas: Using a false "Crisis"

U.N. Sustainable Development Now Permeates Education: Extreme Environmentalism Is The Tool For Social Change -- Video

Quarter-mile-long fissure in the earth opens north of Willcox, Arizona; Cannot see the bottom, fissure may be expanding

June 30: Fireman reported killed after huge mile-long crevasse opens along fault in western Mexico: Occurred in Zapopan, a suburb of the western city of Guadalajara

NOTE: Two areas less than 1,000 miles apart

Accused U.S. deserter enters hospital in Japan: Deserted to North Korea in 1965

Coal-to-liquid fuel offers answer to world's energy woes: Development spurred by $40 barrel oil prices

CBS Protests: Network Will Resist Super Bowl Fines Levied After Janet Jackson "Equipment Failure" During Half-time Routine


Sunday, July 18, 2004 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Breaking News

America's Former Chief Weapons Inspector David Kay: Bush, Blair Should Have Known Intelligence Didn't Show Iraqi Threat


The Rising Tide of Anti-Americanism: Muslims perceive automatic US support for Israel and for represeive Arab regimes and dictators

American's Decapitation Shown on Internet: Militant web site

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

3 million Iraqis under militant militia rule: Cleric's "Mahdi Army" controls Sadr City, defies government

Attack, suicide bombings kill 8 in Iraq

U.S. launches Fallujah strike on house: 11 reported killed

Iraqi PM Allawi executed prisoners himself: Personally shot seven Iraqi insurgents with a pistol at a Baghdad police station in the week preceding the handover of power from the US last month

Car Bombs Kill Two Iraqi Police Officers

Egyptian Hostage to Be Released Sunday

U.K. used flawed data to justify war, report says

A year after British weapon expert's suicide, Iraq debate still rages

Iraqi justice chief unharmed in bid to assassinate him

WWII guidebook to Iraq has lessons that are relevant today

U.S. holds ex-commander of Iraqi guard

Why Philippines is pulling out: Manila often opts to negotiate with hostage-takers

40 in Pennsylvania GOP See'Fahrenheit 9/11' Free

Retired Army doctor recalled to active duty after serving 41 years: Psychiatrist, 67, might be needed to counsel troops


Arafat facing uprising in Gaza: PM tries to quit -- Militants revolt over corruption

Palestinian gunmen attack Gaza intelligence security office, open fire, smash furniture, burn building

Arafat Stages Kidnappings In Gaza Strip! Anarchy in Gaza

Arafat Rides Three Kidnappings Back to Domination of the Gaza Strip

Last Sunday: Suicide bomber walked away from Jerusalem Cafe, changing his mind at last second -- Israeli security later killed him

Likud, Labor coalition talks to go ahead

PM, Peres spar on terms of unity talks

A Week to Go For the Human Chain: To show nation's strong opposition to a withdrawal/expulsion from Gaza and the northern Shomron.

US is obliged to support its 'old friend' Israel - President Bush

Bush and Kerry seek precarious balance in Israeli-Palestinian policy

Virginia allows possession of weapons in public: Residents exercise new law not requiring permit to carry guns in open

New police unit to counter terrorists outside London

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

North Korea: U.S. Uncertain About Pyonyang’s Nuclear Intentions

North Korean Boat Retreats After Intrusion Into S. Korean Waters

North Korea denies entering South's waters

US deserter ready to face music in Japan

Pakistan bought North Korea missile know-how


Satellites will track 5,000 of the worst criminals in Britain

"Intelligence Failure" Reports

New, Real "Intelligence Failure": Chinese produce new type of submarine: New type of attack submarine that U.S. intelligence did not know was under construction

9/11 Commission Finds Ties Between al-Qaeda and Iran

Iran says Sept 11 plotters may have passed through the country

9/11 Panel Is Said to Urge New Post for Intelligence: Cabinet-level post to oversee the nation's intelligence agencies - Super spy agency

U.K. used flawed data to justify war, report says

Debunking The Lie That Terrorists Can Actually Hit American Cities With A Nuclear Device: "Rumors of Wars" prophecy being fulfilled in your Daily News

'98 intelligence report to Clinton cited suspected bin Laden plot: White House aware of al-Qaida's interest in hijacking U.S. airliners long before the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001

Archives: "Smoking Gun" Proof That Plan To Attack World Trade Center and Pentagon Was Known As Early As 1995

Final report from 9/11 committee coming this week

Pentagon creates new "detainee" office

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Sudan rebels walk out of talks to end attacks

Saudi says 27 terrorist suspects to be tried

Mexico's economy boost

Mongolia going from camels to trucks and a long highway: Nation building cross-country road in hopes of boosting tourism, economy

Armitage remarks make Pakistan regime feel proud

Three civilians killed as Pakistani troops, al-Qaeda militants trade fire

Russian forces kill six militants in Chechnya

2004 Campaign News

Gay Republicans' big-tent revival

Surveillance targeted to convention: Wide network of cameras planned

Boston's Waterfront security to tighten: Courthouse often considered target

Politicians swim against tide of DNC Security `overkill'

Kerry couldn't say no to Hillary Clinton

Volunteers considered key to winning the presidency: Bush, Kerry forces recruit heavily for expected tight race

Odds against 2 Johns on slate: 1st time for presidential mates in same party to have same given name

Teresa Heinz Kerry -- unscripted on the trail: She says what she thinks -- and Seattle will get a taste of that during visit

Edwards sees a hero son in her letter: Before tragedy hit, Edward's boy reached out to save a stranger

Out of Africa: Editorial by Maureen Dowd

On campaign trail, Bush stays close to right wing

Vote by the Book, Catholics urge pols: Voters urged to vote according to Church ethics guidelines

Kerry abortion comment stokes fire on both sides

Democrat Convention panel hides info on minority business contracts

Is NYC silencing protest? YES

Juror summonses for the Kobe Bryant trial are expected to start arriving in mail boxes next week

Kobe Bryant re-signs with Lakers for $136.4 million


Saturday, July 17, 2004 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?


Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Iraqi Leader Expects Tough Weeks Ahead

Car Bomb Targets Iraqi Justice Minister in Baghdad

Pipeline attacks in Iraq halt oil exports to Turkey

Iraqi forces evict Sadr’s militia from illegally occupied building in Najaf

Cavalry Scouts in Iraq Perform Old Mission

Philippines begins immediate pull-out of Iraq troops: Leaving today

Public support slips for US' Iraq policy: Majority of Americans now say the United States should have stayed out of Iraq

'Secret film shows Iraq prisoners sodomised'

Iraq war, as seen from an Arab perspective: Film "Control Room" rated Four Stars for quality and for journalism

Bottom Dollar: In Search for Cheap Labor, ‘Third Country’ Subcontractors in Iraq Uncounted, at Risk - This is why Filipinos, South Koreans are working in Iraq

War unease grows among U.S. allies

British Fallout From Iraq

Blix accuses PM Blair of ignoring UN arms inspectors: UN monitors' work 'discounted'

Setback for Blair in key by-elections

It is time for Blair to leave No 10

Los Alamos Nuclear Lab Work Halts After Another Security Lapse

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

78 children die as fire sweeps school in India - Death toll could rise sharply

What has the HIV conference achieved?

Nelson Mandela calls for more AIDS funds

Three killed in shootout with terrorist suspects in Pakistan

Kerry says U.S. ignores Sudan 'genocide' threat

350 a day could die in Sudan, UN says

Sudan: Muslim's Hidden Holocaust Against Christians - Video

African mediators meet with Sudanese rebel groups

Colombian Brothers Freed By Rebel Forces After 3 Years

Protesters Rush Buenos Aires Legislature

Venezuelan Recall Campaign Softens Tone

Argentina mourns 10th anniversary of Jewish center attack: Killed 85 people, wounding hundreds more

General: Afghan Army Is A Match For Warlords

Zimbabwe consumer inflation at 394.7%

Pope to visit 'most loyal' Irish flock

Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi Moves To Heal Government Rift

Firefighters Block'Ugly' Nevada Wildfire: Blocked the "meanest, ugliest" wildfire from destroying any more homes in Nevada's capital, after it burned 14 upscale homes in two days

Calif. Wildfire Forces Evacuation of 1,000 People: Burning 14,000 acres in Los Angeles National Forest

Guantanamo Inmates Ready to Face Military Tribunals

Pentagon Seeks Better Grip on Detainee Policy

North Korea Is Bigger Threat Than Iraq, Clinton Says

U.S. Moving Weapons Out of South Korea

Father Flim Flam's out: Charismatic pastor of Manhattan's St. John the Martyr Church

Moving Toward Nazi Euthanasia

Hundreds of Patients in Belgium Dead From Euthanasia Since Legalization

The New Genocide of Handicapped And Afflicted People: The only book Dr. Wolfensberger could not get published

Terri Schiavo's Parents File Brief Backing Law Preventing Her Starvation

Statute To Maitreya Being Built

Antichrist To Take Name of Maitreya

Giant Buddha to rise in northern India: 150-metre-high Buddha Maitreya

Cutting Edge Archives: Maitreya Christ (Antichrist) Proclaimed

Cutting Edge Archives: Staged Appearance of Antichrist - The Most Powerful Single Event in World History

Cutting Edge Archives: Trembling Between Two Prophecies

New, Real "Intelligence Failure": Chinese produce new type of submarine: New type of attack submarine that U.S. intelligence did not know was under construction


Gaza state of emergency imposed: After a spate of kidnappings

Gaza Gunmen Seize Four French Citizens, Free Two

Arafat Stages Kidnappings In Gaza Strip!

Palestinian police chief released by kidnappers

Arafat Consolidates Security Forces and Replaces National Police Chief

Arafat rejects Prime Minister Qurei's resignation

Don't Blame Arafat: Camp David failed because Israeli hardliners manipulated intelligence -- Israeli leaders actually wanted the Intifada, "were preparing for it and, when it came, fanned its flames"

Israel must withdraw from Gaza: Sharon

Sharon Encouraging European Involvement In Withdrawal

Gaza´s Killing School - Reported By Skynews

Hamas militant killed in Hebron

Palestinians play down UN 'ban': Plays down claims that the UN envoy to the Middle East is banned from Palestinian territory

Israeli Security Services Foil Terrorists "Almost Daily"

UN vote on Palestinian security fence resolution expected Monday

Terrorism News

Acquitted Saudi Man Remains in Idaho Jail: Five weeks after his acquittal on terrorism support charges, and more than two weeks after his deportation was supposedly set, a Saudi graduate student remains in county jail

Hijackers had ties with Iran: 9/11 panel affirms

Sept. 11 Commission to Release 1998 Report: Warned of possible hijackings of airliners and will discuss al Qaeda links to Iran

Archives: "Smoking Gun" Proof That Plan To Attack World Trade Center and Pentagon Was Known As Early As 1995

Crude oil futures rise as markets remain tight

OPEC Boosts Oil Output By 500,000 Barrels

Boeing to Hire Up to 3,000 Workers by Year's End

Martha Stewart

Martha gets 5 mos. in jail: Desperate diva compares herself to sufferings of Nelson Mandela -- "Martyr Stewart"? Editorial

Martha Stewart gets 5 months: Lifestyle mogul is defiant, says she'll 'be back'

I Didn’t Cheat Anybody’: Martha Stewart tells Barbara Walters she is confident she will be vindicated on appeal

2004 Campaign News

Democrat Campaign News

Kerry backs much of Bush's pre-emption doctrine: If he possessed "adequate intelligence"

Kerry Vows to Double Ranks of Spies, Create Intelligence Czar

Many North End Boston merchants planning to sleep at their businesses during Democrat convention

Massachusetts Officials prepare for arrest of 2,500: Convention protests could crowd jail cells

Kerry to kick off trip to convention in Denver suburb

As expected, AFT backs John Kerry bid: American Federation of Teachers

Kerry promises teachers big spending on sweeping school law

Georgia's Swifty named 'official donkey': Democratic Party's secret weapon

California first lady Maria Shriver to attend Democratic convention

Michigan Democrats may file complaint against Nader

Republican Campaign News

Bush says Castro welcomes sex tourism: Castro accused of exploiting Cuba's children by encouraging a sex-tourism industry designed to draw cash to the impoverished nation - Charges certain to resonate with Cuban-Americans during election, in the swing state of Florida

AP seeks order to release Bush's military record

Poll: Keep veep, that's the ticket

GOP Senator McCain praises Cheney as rumors swirl

Bush campaign again sets its sights on Michigan

Whoopi slams GOP -- Again

Accusations of Voter Intimidation in Florida

Senate Hearing on Adult Stem Cell Research Has Tempers Flaring

Passion's Aftermath: Research Shows Film's Spiritual Impact Falling Short

Cutting Edge "Passion" Section: All C/E articles plus Bookstore Resources


Friday, July 16, 2004 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?


Bookstore New Items: Many new resources to aid you in your Christian walk and in understanding the basis of our faith

Campaign To Discredit Bush Continues

Ozzy Osbourne Joins "Bush Bash" Concert: Film montage compared President to Hitler

Flashback May 4, 2002: Ozzy's White House - "Bush's Headbanger's Ball" - Bush praises Ozzy, mentions six specific (and horrific) songs as his favorites

2004 Campaign News

Kerry Asks Sen. Clinton to Introduce Bill Clinton On First Night of Democrat Convention

Kerry's Remarks To NAACP After Bush Refused To Address Them

NAACP fight with GOP boils hotter

Cameron Kerry: Bush too soft on Saudis

Kerry Didn´t Know, But Signed Anyway: Brother Cameron Visits Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial - Cameron converted to Judaism after marrying Jewish woman

Congress' Iraq abuse hearings on hold 'til fall: Politics having effect

Kerry sets conditions for troop withdrawal from Iraq

Boston to strengthen security at convention: Police take 'meticulous' measures to thwart any possible terrorist attack

Bush to address Urban League: Conference in Detroit next week also features Democratic Sen. Kerry

Edwards, in Louisiana, Says Bush Is Out of Touch


Unity Government?

Sharon and Peres Engage for Disengagement and… Longevity

Cartoon Captures Essence of Planned Sharon-Peres Union

Labor Party suddenly feels scorned by Sharon

Confusion Reigns Over Sharon´s Coalition Plans

PM to meet Peres on unity guidelines Sunday: At Peres' initiative

PM Sharon Spitting in Face of National Religious Party as They Hide Heads in the Sand

Editorial: How low can you go? Sharon losing control of own party, needs Labor badly

Security Fence News

UN General Assembly to debate security fence Friday

Tourism Minister Ezra: Tourists should tour security fence

Israel Not Likely to Tear Down Security Wall

US Congress slams 'misuse' of ICJ (International Court of Justice at The Hague) in dispute over security fence

U.S. Pressuring Israel To Uproot Jewish Neighborhoods

Palestinian boy bomber speaks about suicide mission

Atlas of the Arab-Israeli Conflict - by Sir Martin Gilbert

Other News

Palestinian police chief kidnapped in Gaza Strip: By other Palestinians!

Leaders of the largest Presbyterian denomination have officially equated Israel with apartheid-era South Africa: Voted to divest from Israel

Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial Recognizes Gentile Righteous Among The Nations

Israel´s New Zealand Problem: Court has sentenced two Israelis found guilty of trying to fraudulently obtain passports

New Zealand FM: Israel must admit role in passport affair

Israeli plan sees upheaval following death of Arafat

An unnecessary strike at the ports

Depleted Uranium News

Our Soldiers Are Already Dead: Depleted Uranium Debate

More Problems Ahead: There is D.U. Armor On Our Tanks As Well

Depleted Uranium Section: Cutting Edge articles plus bookstore resources

Officials to rewrite terrorism guidelines criticized by civil rights groups: Plan to teach firefighters, cable installers and others how to look for signs of terrorist activity

U.S. Opposes Permanent German Security Council Seat

Medicare redefines obesity as medical problem: Now removing barriers to covering anti-obesity treatments

2 hours of TV can make kids obese: Study tracks adults from birth; also finds watching tube influences them to smoke

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

North Korea talking, making nukes

US Official Says No Breakthroughs in Talks with North Korea

North Korea Admits Its Nuclear Programs Are Weapons Related: US

Four North Korean Defectors Arrive in South Korea

Ex-U.S. GI Jenkins to Travel to Japan Sunday For Medical Care

U.S. to Request Custody of Army Deserter Jenkins From Japan: Defected to North Korea in 1965

Michigan State University Establishes Scholarship for Black Homosexual Activists

Global currency supporters to meet: Switching to one currency around the world would save hundreds of billions of dollar each year

New Jersey man arrested in online sex betting scheme

Terrorist Nuke Propaganda

Debunking The Propaganda Lie That Terrorists Can Actually Hit The U.S. With A Nuclear Device: "If an internal nuclear attack ever occurs in this country without a major failure of our satellite assets...perhaps we should rethink just who the enemy really is..."

Al Qaeda reportedly has "Suitcase Nukes": Permanently Lost Luggage

Osama's Revenge: His Wish Is To Kill Millions of Americans (NOTE: Sheer propaganda)

Is al Qaeda Preparing a Nuclear Hit? by J. R. Nyquist (NOTE: More propaganda)

Anyone to blame for Iraq intelligence failures? Former British FM wonders why no-one is blamed for 'one of the greatest failures in British intelligence ever.'

Why the media failed Americans in "Intelligence Failure" fiasco: Old adage applies here - "If you want to know about governments, all you have to know is two words: Governments lie."

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Blast Rips Through Iraqi Residential Area On Friday: US military convoy targeted

Iraqi leader vows to 'annihilate' rebels after bombing: After a second massive car bombing in 24 hours

Iraq PM Announces Formation of Internal Spy Agency: To uncover insurgents carrying out daily attacks on U.S.-led troops and Iraqi forces

'An alarm bell is sounding ': The interim government's new security measures worried some observers - Will brutality again rule from Baghdad?

15 killed in raid on infamous Baghdad street by Iraqi Security Forces

Headless Corpse in Orange Jumpsuit Found in Iraq: Floating in the Tigris River

Philippines set for Iraq pull-out - US Struggles With Decision

Iraq Turns to Muslim Nations for Help

Iraq Oil Revenue Finance Audit Shows Lack of Controls

Iraq Oil Pipeline Attacks Halt Turkey Exports

Kurds anxious over Iraq's future

Allawi: Local Al-Qaida operatives captured

British Intelligence: Militant seeded Baghdad with "sleeper cells" before war

Intelligence clearout after Butler criticism: Urgent review of Britain’s intelligence machinery was under way yesterday within 24 hours of the Butler report

UK and U.S. 'Must Learn from Iraq Crisis' - Must never again allow themselves to be divided as they were in the crisis over Iraq

U.S. keeps Halliburton data from U.N. auditors: Hiding information from U.N.-sanctioned auditors examining more than $1 billion in Iraqi contracts awarded without competitive bidding

Terror Prisoner News

Senators want to know more on 'ghost' detainees: Red Cross charges US is illegally holding prisoners without notifying any international authorities, a violation of international law

New abuse allegations surfacing against U.S.: Senate committee wants Bremer to testify publicly

'Secret film shows Iraq prisoners sodomised' by American soldier interrogators

Journalist Seymour Hersch Reports On Prisoner Sodomizing Scandal: "A massive amount of criminal wrongdoing that was covered up at the highest command out there, and higher. Criminal activity by the president and the vice president, by this administration anyway…war crimes."

Rumsfeld less visible in wake of scandal: Relegated to less visible role

Freed Swede Says Was Tortured at Guantanamo

Spanish Guantanamo prisoner tells of beating, torture

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Diplomats: Iran Atomic Shopping Deepens Bomb Fears

U.S. Probes Report of Assault on Afghan Soldier

AIDS reduces African life expectancy to 33

U.N. ranks African nations at bottom: Development rating drops for 13 countries: AIDS is blamed for reversal

AIDS: The Unnecessary Epidemic, by Dr. Stanley Monteith

Emerging Viruses - AIDS and Ebola - Video by Dr. Len Horowitz - Demonstrates how AIDS and Ebola are man-made and how AIDS scientifically jumps the species barrier

More Than 70 Indian Children Die in School Inferno

Farm Ranches the latest threat to Congo's endangered apes

US House rejects effort to cut Egyptian military aid

Judge strikes down violent video-game ban: Violates "Free Speech"!

"Hitman: Contracts" Video Game Encourages Players To Hone Their Skills In Assassination: "New graphics engine showcases your 'work' in brutal detail"

Less-intrusive flier screening: Plan to snoop into the lives of all airline passengers to determine whether they pose a terrorism risk is too intrusive to fly

CDC: West Nile strikes early, hits West harder than rest

Senate OKs $12B Tobacco Buyout, Regulation

Felons' prison terms in jeopardy: U.S. Supreme Court decision may force Michigan to review jail terms for thousands -- "Judges sentencing a convicted criminal can consider several factors that jurors never heard about, including allegations never proven in any court"

Judges begin slashing jail terms: They ask High Court to clarify the rules for sentencing criminals

Text of Supreme Court Decision: Requires Acrobat Reader

No-Nonsense Judge to Reveal Martha Stewart's Fate


Thursday, July 15, 2004 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?


Bookstore New Items: Many new resources to understand Israel-Palestinian conflict and the Jewish Roots of Christianity


Israel fears 'anarchy' after death of Arafat: Fears collapse of Palestinian Authority-- Israel to refuse to bury him in Al-Aqsa mosque compound in Al Quds's Old City, the third holiest site in Islam

UN envoy 'banned' from Palestine after remarks critical of Arafat

Israel deputy PM wants faster Gaza pullout

MK Finkelstein: Who Will Evacuate David Hatuel and the Cohen Children?

Peres: Sharon Is Willing To Compensate Evacuated Residents Now

World Muslim Brotherhood Calls to Arms to Thwart Gaza Evacuation: Israel planning entire army to forcibly remove settlers from outposts

IDF denies firing on UN convoy delivering supplies in Gaza

John Kerry's brother meets Israeli leaders

Foreign Minister Shalom, Shinui Political Party Fears National Unity Government

PM Sharon Threatens Likud MKs: Either Give Me Stronger Coalition - Or New Elections

IDF warns settlers that Palestinians plan kidnappings of West Bank Jewish citizens and soldiers

IDF ombudsman warns that vital army bases are not well protected

Israel Sea Ports on Strike Again

Bomb Detonated against IDF Soldiers

US Jews build new lives in Israel

Two Suspected Israeli Spies Sentenced to Prison in New Zealand

N.Z. Suspends Some Diplomatic Ties With Israel

2004 Campaign News

Bush loses gay marriage ban: Senate dealt an election-year defeat to the President

Gay Rights Proponents Savor Senate Victory: Brace for Long Battle

2004 Campaign News: Bush Has Terribly Flip-Flopped On Gay Rights Issues: In May, 2002, Bush was so pro-Gay that Concerned Women of America complained his policies were IDENTICAL to Clinton!

Bush mocks Kerry for Hollywood celebrity support

Hollywood Unmasked - New Video

Demand for Election Paper Trail Escalates

Kerry Didn't Read Iraq Report Before Vote -- Aides

Mike Ditka Shatters Republican Hopes, Spurns U.S. Senate Campaign

High-tech security gear unveiled for Democrat convention: To prevent terrorist attack

Kerry reduces ads in Missouri, Arizona and the South: Saving monetary resources for campaign after the convention

Edwards Goes Solo, Attacks Bush's Leadership

Kerry promises to always talk to people who disagree with him

'Outrage' Over Sen. Clinton Not Speaking At Democrat Convention

"SlimFast Company" gags and downsizes Whoopi
: Over her X-Rated barbs of Bush

Bush, Kerry Have Different Approaches to Iran

Close-to-shore Oregon earthquake deemed 'extraordinarily rare event

Venezuela Defends Oil Output Figures

Terror Alerts - "Rumors of Wars"

Homeland Security Chief Ridge: Terror Warning Not Political

'US to scrap passenger data plan': Over individual privacy concerns

Make a Killing From Antiterrorism

Freed Swede Says Was Tortured at Guantanamo

Australia Facing Terror Attack Threat

Ashcroft Outlines Patriot Act Successes

Bush set to sign identity theft bill: To prevent the use of fake IDs in terrorist-related crimes

House Approves 'Bioshield' Defense Bill: To counter a bioterror attack by providing treatments, antidotes and vaccines that would otherwise not find a viable commercial niche

South Koreans Begin to Take Terrorism Seriously

China - Taiwan

China Jails Taiwanese Man for Four Years on Spying Charges

China To Show Air Superiority In Taiwan War Games : War games send message that China was now in a position to attack Taiwan

US warned to stop arms sales to Taiwan: Beijing expresses 'grave concern' over US ties with Taiwan, wants military links cut and official exchanges stopped

China Hopes to Fix Gender Imbalance Among Newborns by 2010

Can a parliament of leaders from traditional religions and those with a more New Age flavor save the world from itself? A dispatch from the religious globalization spiritual summit

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Iraqi city governor of Mosul assassinated: Murdered by insurgents as he was driving in a convoy of vehicles toward Baghdad

11 killed in Baghdad blast; Mosul governor shot dead

Blast kills 10 Iraqi policemen: Bomb near the main police station in the Iraqi town of Haditha

Terrorist Leader Zarqawi Claims Responsibility For Attack on Iraqi PM's Home

Iraqi Oil Lines Sabotaged On Thursday

International Board concerned over Iraq oil production

Hong Kong oil tanker will not visit Basra

Saudi firm to quit Iraq to save Egyptian hostage

Philippines 'pulling out' Iraq troops to save Filipino hostage

Filipinos Happy About Iraq Pullout

Iraq: Bulgaria rejects threat to withdraw

Pakistani Ambassador Top UN Envoy to Iraq

Pakistani troops may protect UN staff in Iraq

Hashemite scion wants to reclaim Iraqi throne: Wants to be King, relation of the Iraqi monarch who was overthrown 46 years ago yesterday

Senate Panel to Be Debriefed on Abuse In Iraqi Military Prisons

Postwar Shiite Iraqi Ayatollahs Fighting Clergy-Ruled Iran in Struggle Over World Shiite Leadership

Idaho Soldiers Told to Use Approved 'themes' With Media: When talking about support for war in Iraq and confidence in the superiority of American troops

Documenting Moore's Oscar Chances For "Fahrenheit 9/11"

You Calling Me An Unpatriotic Wimp? When Americans opposed to Bush are called unpatriotic wimps, a disabled Vietnam veteran in a wheelchair goes on the attack [NOTE: Mild bad language typical of many veterans]

"Intelligence Failure" Whitewash Continues

Blair off the hook again but barbs begin to stick

UK Probe Raps Blair's Pre-Iraq War Intelligence: Cleared of deliberate lying but criticized for depending upon "deeply flawed" intelligence -- Blair's "good faith" noted

Iraq: Nobody's To Blame

No-one lied, no-one made up intelligence, says Blair

Lord Butler Report shows need for full inquiry, says Charles Kennedy

The Latest Bush Doctrine: Bush has taken not one ounce of personal responsibility for the "failings" of our intelligence -- utilizes a classic politician’s trick: never answer the question that is asked; answer the question you want to answer

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

New cabinet takes charge in Egypt: Cabinet includes economic-minded reformists close to the president's son

Egyptian Clinic for torture victims 'harassed' by government

Six arrested for planning terrorist attacks in Bahrain

Terrorists attack police station in J&K (Jammu and Kashmir): 2 killed as fighting continues

Foreigners face slavery-like life in Saudi Arabia

Experts Fail to Find Body of Beheaded U.S. Hostage in Saudi Arabia

U.S. Vigilantes Tricked NATO in Afghanistan

Kenya's food 'disaster'

Niger's PM survives chopper crash

AIDS Campaigners Say Africa's "Sugar Daddies" Behind Alarming HIV Rates

Venezuela, Colombia Focus on Security Issues

Canada Recalls Ambassador to Iran in Dispute Over Access to Trial of an Iranian agent charged in the beating death of a Canadian journalist

Mob Hit? Russian Forbes Editor’s Killing Looks Like Latest Strike in War on Journalists

Torrential Deluge cuts a swathe of death, despair in India, Nepal

Wildfires Blacken Thousands of Acres in California

'Healers' left her soiled & crippled: Recounted tale of torture and cruelty in a bizarre church ritual

Ex-U.S. GI to Travel to Japan on Sunday : Accused of desertion to North Korea in 1965

Iran, North Korea Rebuke U.S. Double Standard: America is the only state around the globe which has used nuclear weapons and killed tens of thousand of innocent people

What Form of Oath Is Taken By A Supreme Court Justice? If they did not take the Constitutional oath then NONE of the decisions rendered were worth the paper they were printed on and the American people have been deliberately deceived!

Study Finds “Ratings Creep”: Movie Ratings Categories Contain More Violence, Sex, Profanity than Decade Ago

Senate prepares to vote on tobacco buyout of tobacco farmers


Wednesday, July 14, 2004 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Car bomb rocks centre of Baghdad: At least 10 killed at the main entrance to the heavily guarded area in Baghdad housing government offices and the US and British embassies -- the Green Zone

In Pictures: Green Zone blast

Death Toll Now Up To 11

Iraq 'Race Against Time' Security Plea

Bulgarian hostage killed in Iraq: Was wearing an orange jumpsuit

Iraqi foreign minister urges NATO to launch training programme soon

Philippines to pull out of Iraq - Pakistan not sending troops to Iraq

Nations await fate of captives in Iraq - Iraq militants set 72 hrs to kill Egyptian hostage

U.S. Marine said to be cooperating: Hassoun working fully with authorities at military hospital in Germany, debriefing official says

Female face of Iraq prison abuse appears in court: Pfc Lynndie England was visibly pregnant and dressed in green camouflage fatigues

Red Cross fears U.S. hiding terror detainees in military prisons across the globe

Nations slow to deliver Iraq aid: Little of the $13 billion promised for rebuilding has been donated and countries are hesitant to waive debt

Iraq left with little oil money for rebuilding

Gulf War I syndrome victims are heard at last: Depleted Uranium is suspected to be part of the medical disaster befalling veterans - "Every week you hear of someone else who has died"

Depleted Uranium Section of Articles, Resources

"Intelligence Failure" Review

War by Folly: Republican-controlled Senate reveals that every major pretext for the war against Iraq was seriously flawed

Senators rethink war votes based on "flawed intelligence"

Greasing Up To Power: " Fahrenheit 9/11" documentary asks questions that should have been asked every day for the past four years

Blair Gets Iraq Report: High-level report into British intelligence on Saddam Hussein's weaponry

Breaking News: Iraq intelligence 'seriously flawed' says Butler Report - However, lets Blair off the hook for lying just as did Lord Hutton report

Butler Report: Key Findings

Archives: Bush/Blair Invasion of Iraq Based On Exaggerations and Lies: Smoking Gun evidence that Bush/Rumsfeld deliberately set out to deceive -- Part 1 -- Part 2

China To Show Air Superiority In Taiwan War Games : War games send message that China was now in a position to attack Taiwan

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Iran Threatens the West

President Khatami: No Impediments for Iran to Build Uranium Centrifuge

Mubarak swears in new government: President Hosni Mubarak's son is easing into office, replacing ailing father

U.S. general announces new offensive in Afghanistan

Bin Laden confidant surrenders under Saudi amnesty

Saudi textbooks 'demonise west'

Outlook Remains Positive for Arab Stock Markets

Chechnya leader survives assassin's blast: Bodyguard dies in explosion on motorcade route

Pakistan-Afghan trade to reach $1bn

Peruvian President Prepares for Strikes

Israeli Minister Visits Turkey to Improve Relations

South African government complicit in Zimbabwe abuses, says archbishop

Gay - Lesbian Issues

U.S. debate references European gay-union trends: Critics say Europe's families have been weakened while supporters say small numbers have no effect on traditional marriage

Boston Judge to Decide if Law Discriminates Against Same-Sex Couples

New Book: Biblical Truth About Same-Sex Marriage: The 6 Things You Need To Know About What's Really at Stake

2004 Campaign News: Bush Has Terribly Flip-Flopped On Gay Rights Issues: In May, 2002, Bush was so pro-Gay that Concerned Women of America complained his policies were IDENTICAL to Clinton!

Gay-marriage ban divides Senate Republicans: Trying to salvage a respectable defeat for a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage

Gay lovers go out on limb in NYC -- Gay public sex -- Just like Sodom

Charges Dropped for N.Y. Gay-Nups Ministers

Colin Powell no globe-trotter: He's least traveled secretary of state in 30 years

Denver Police kill wrong man in bed: Suspect's uncle slain after cop apparently mistakes soda can for gun

E.U. News

E.U. President Barroso criticises 'arrogant' America

European Union -- E.U. -- Final World Empire! Revived Roman Empire Has Arisen From The Ashes!

French President Jacques Chirac Says Voters, Not Parliament, Will Decide on Ratification of EU Constitution

Archdiocese Official Demands Resignation of Bishop in Catholic Seminary Porn Scandal

Monsoon Rains Kill More Than 300 People in South Asia

Edmonton cleaning up after huge hailstorm: Torrential rain and gumball-sized hail caused tens of millions in damages


You Calling Me An Unpatriotic Wimp? When Americans opposed to Bush are called unpatriotic wimps, a disabled Vietnam veteran in a wheelchair goes on the attack [NOTE: Mild bad language typical of many veterans]

Terror News

CIA's Acting Chief Says Terror Threat Highest Since 9/11

Al Qaeda reportedly has "Suitcase Nukes": Permanently Lost Luggage

CDC Ships 'Chem-Packs' for Preparation: Stocks of antidotes against chemical weapons used in terror attacks

NYC Police Chief says force "Terror-Ready" for Republican Convention

US Treasury Secretary Snow: Terror Threat Hangs Over Economy

U.S. Terror Warnings Lack Specifics - Congress Report

Study of Repeating Headlines Since 9/11 Attacks: Most were 'non-specific', all were bogus - Fulfillment of "Rumors of Wars" prophecy, in your Daily News!

The "Masters of Terror" -- Video by Alex Jones

Terror 'navy' raises alarm to "fever pitch": Osama's terror ships said to be a fresh threat to ships carrying supplies to American military

Suicide bomb scare in Brooklyn : Showed how supersensitive New Yorkers are to a possible terrorist attack

NYC Bioterror Lab Rehabbed

Ashcroft Defends Patriot Act

Florida Citizens to Help Catch Terrorists: To train cable repairmen, exterminators and apartment managers to report signs of terrorism inside their clients’ homes


Serious Negotiations Now Under Way To Create "Unity Government"

Negotiations with Labor, United Torah Judaism to begin Sunday: Would join coalition only if one member was a Cabinet Minister

Shas prepared to join coalition government including Likud, Labor and United Torah Judaism parties: Despite past opposition to PM Sharon's disengagement plan

Hostage Situation Resolved Quickly In The Northern City of Kiryat Shemona: Two of the hostages overpowered their captor

Egypt's Israel Peacekeeper Plan Draws Ire

Knesset may reinforce ceiling of the main plenum to defend against Qassam Rocket fire

Israel missiles hit Gaza workshop: Weapons-making factory

Palestinian terror thugs are running a kiddie summer camp touting a chilling new feature — Live performances of mock kidnap-slayings of Jews

Saudi textbooks 'demonise west'

Senior Islamic Jihad leader killed in Jenin

Christians, Jews join forces for Israel: World Jewish Congress has teamed up with the Knesset's Christian Allies Caucus

Israel redrawing security barrier route

From The Hague to Khan Yunis: The ICJ Judges never recognized terror war waged by Palestinians when ruling on the Security Fence

France subway hate crime - A total fabrication

President Katzav Reeling From Gush Katif Visit: Town to be forcibly evacuated soon

400 North American Immigrants on Their Way to Israel

US Federal Court: The PLO Must Pay $116 Million In Damages for Terrorism

Police on high terror alert in Jerusalem, Sharon region

UN's Annan: Israel must trust safety to Palestinian Authority headed by Arafat

Arafat orders no talks with Israeli defense officials in the West Bank and Gaza

2004 Campaign News

Democrat Convention - Boston

Edwards pick gives Kerry's campaign a boost

2004 Campaign News: Bush Has Terribly Flip-Flopped On Gay Rights Issues: In May, 2002, Bush was so pro-Gay that Concerned Women of America complained his policies were IDENTICAL to Clinton!

Dems pick Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano to speak at convention

Republican Convention - New York City

Calling All Cops: NYC Commish alarmed by lethal weekend's murder spree

NYC Police Chief says force "Terror-Ready" for Republican Convention

Hillary Clinton: Not ready for prime time?

You know your veep is in trouble, if... He scurries underground, curses in public and, until last month, he got his checkups from a doctor higher than the national deficit

Bush/Chain-ey : Humorous look at Bush/Cheney ticket

Dump Cheney, D'Amato urges

Other Campaign News

Former NFL Coach Mike Ditka considers bid for U.S. Senate: Replacing Republican candidate caught up in sex scandal

Nader to campaign in Hawaii

Bush: Kerry Brags About Abandoning Troops

Japanese Leader Says U.S. Army Deserter Should Be Brought to Japan for Treatment

Virginia Corrects Law Giving Sundays Off: Lawmakers corrected an embarrassing legislative mistake that gave all workers the right to take Sundays off as a day of rest

Conditioning To Number "11"

4,400 - A Big 11 Connection In Your Face

4400- The TV-Series - "As the reappearance of 4,400 missing persons on a single day confounds the global community, federal agents on the case slowly discover the ways in which the victims have been changed

Cutting Edge Archives: Events Continuing To Come Down By The Numbers -- Sacred occult numbers


Tuesday, July 13, 2004 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?


Occultists Knew The Plan For 9/11

Jadakiss Single "Why" Courts Controversy: Lyrics ask, "Why did Bush knock down the Towers?"

"Smoking Gun" Proof That Illuminati Plan For 9/11 Attacks Was Well Known In Occult Circles As Far Back As 1995

9/11 - Road To Tyranny -- DVD -- Video -- Book

Aquarius Rising—The Secret Iluminist Masonic/Illuminati Ritual Initiations of September 11, 2001 - Audio Tape

The Day That Changed America Forever -- New Video Clips, New Revelations

Pre-Emptive Strike Disaster

Bush asserts pre-emptive strikes policy: Despite growing doubts over the adequacy of US intelligence to assess such dangers

America safer now says Bush: Trying to convince American voters he has made them safer since the September 11 attacks and has told them "we were right to go into Iraq"

"Intelligence Failure" Review

Blair and Scarlett told me Iraq had no usable weapons: This is the most extraordinary failure in the history of British intelligence

British Spy chiefs 'withdrew' Saddam arms claim

Blair accused over WMD evidence: "Blair's claims on Iraqi WMD were met by disbelief "

Former Intelligence Agents: Blair Exaggerated Iraq Threat

Foreign Secretary Straw in dock for 'illegal' invasion of Iraq: "Overruled top Foreign Office legal advisers who believed war against Iraq would be unlawful"

Awaiting intelligence report, Blair vows to fight on

War With China Possible Scenario: In little more than 48 hours, China won World War III

NOTE: This scenario propagates the propaganda lie that the US has no missile defense system

Cutting Edge Article: HARRP system provides 100% protection against missile attack


New elections if unity talks fail: Sharon threatens rebellious members of his own Likud Party

Labour sets Israel coalition aims: Peres has stated his conditions for joining the Likud-led government of Sharon

Sharon won agreement from Peres Monday: To try to forge a unity government that could push through a plan to pull out of the Gaza Strip

Background / Israel's three kings and the elusive gift of unity

Editorial: Sharon and Peres Engage for Disengagement and… Longevity

Keep Building, Sharon Tells Wall Architects : Sharon ordered construction of the complex walls, trenches and fences to continue

Fence route to approximate Green Line

Cartographers moving barrier route closer to Israel: Security wall only 25% completed

Arab nations want UN to pressure Israel on barrier

World debates Israel’s right to self-defense

Israel Will Work to Undermine World Court Ruling: And will continue to build the wall

God is shaking Israel, the land and the politics

US Federal Court: PA, PLO guilty of murdering US citizen - May be blow to terrorist financing

Jerusalem News Wire Editorial Gets Tough, Bold: Send IDF to annihilate the terrorist threat from Palestinian groups

Editorial: Withdrawal From Gaza? It's absurd

Human Chain from Gaza to Jerusalem in the Works: Expulsion of Jews said to represent the "ripping of the spinal cord of Israeli society"

Hamas Producing New Improved Missiles For Expected Pullout From Gaza: Tactics switch seen from personal terrorist attacks to rockets

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Entire Egyptian cabinet resigns: Mubarak appoints new PM -- Initial steps of regime transfer from ailing father

Iran: Israel, U.S. behind kidnappings of foreigners in Iraq

Afghan warlords 'bigger threat than Taliban'

Saudi militants return to fight own government: Saudi veterans of Iraq war strengthen insurgents

Turning the tables on Nigeria's e-mail conmen

37 Stranded African Immigrants Allowed Into Italy

'Negligent nurses on increase' in South Africa

African peace will not be cheap: South African President Mbeki

800,000 Nigerian Children Orphaned by AIDS

AIDS robs 15 million children of parents

France accuses U.S. of HIV drug 'blackmail' -- AIDS, The Unnecessary Epidemic

UN Security Council mulling Sudan sanctions: Meanwhile, thousands are dying

US to help Africa fight terror: Pledged Washington's support for African countries in their regional peacekeeping efforts

Zimbabwe unlikely to beat IMF deadline'

SARS Still Casts A Long Shadow

France outraged by racist assault on young mom: Six youths robbed woman with infant on train and assaulted her, thinking she was Jewish. No one came to her rescue

Moral Collapse

17-Year-Old Boy Advertises On Internet To Sell His Virginity

Female British Army recruits 'ran seduction league': Devised point system for the number and rank of instructors with whom they had sex

Money Flowing into Massachusetts from Homosexual Circles “Around the World” Is Staggering -- "Mob" and "Prostitution" may be reasons money is flowing

Fornicators Bible Now Available In Britain: "Good As New" translation encourages sex

EU Hints At Farm Export Deal With U.S.

Roman Catholicism

Priests 'in orgy' at Austrian seminary: Officials discovered a vast cache of photos and videos allegedly depicting young priests having sex at a seminary

Catholicism: White Sepulcher ''Christianity'' - Understanding the spiritual reasons why Catholic priests have been out of control sexually for over 800 years

Laurance S. Rockefeller, conservationist died at 94: Scion of oil fortune, he also was a pioneer of venture capitalism

Navy: Exercise Not Meant to Send Message

Attention, Shoppers: You Can Now Speed Straight Through Checkout Lines! Radio-frequency chips are retail nirvana. They're the end of privacy. They're the mark of the beast. -- Opinion

Interpol makes Seattle deal: Going global in sharing police data on citizens



Gay - Lesbian News

Gay marriage may sway election: Conservatives press the issue

New Book: Biblical Truth About Same-Sex Marriage: The 6 Things You Need To Know About What's Really at Stake

Will Massachusetts Democrats Continue their Suicidal Campaign for “Gay Marriage” in 2004 as They Did in 2002?

Federal Marriage Amendment Will Not Pass: Backers Underestimated Resolve of American People In Opposing Compromise To Allow "Civil Unions" -- This was a "constitutional amendment that simultaneously enshrined traditional marriage and civil unions"

2004 Campaign News: Bush Has Terribly Flip-Flopped On Gay Rights Issues: In May, 2002, Bush was so pro-Gay that Concerned Women of America complained his policies were IDENTICAL to Clinton!

N.J. gay couples get more rights: State law in effect on Saturday gives them benefits

Swedish Pastor Sentenced to Month in Prison for Preaching Against Homosexuality

Ted Kennedy’s “Hate Crimes Bill” Passes U.S. Senate, 65-33: Will lead to persecution of Christians and Jews

Money Flowing into Massachusetts from Homosexual Circles “Around the World” Is Staggering

NJ State law in effect on Saturday gives same-sex couples benefits

Gay atlas reveals key data

Extreme Environmentalism = Global Government

New York Times Warns: Collapse of the Earth's Magnetic Field Accelerates

Earth's magnetic poles on verge of flipping? Physicists say planet's protective field weakening, problems possible with navigation, ozone layer

Cold weather kills eight in Argentina and Chile, thousands of animals in Peru: Southern Brazil even has freezing temperatures

Millions homeless in India after worst floods for a decade

Europe plagued by snow and heatwaves, Romanian death toll climbs

Ultimate Goal of Extreme "Sustainable Plan" Might Be The Coming Global Superstorm

"Day After Tomorrow": Written According To "Global Superstorm" Book and Seems Designed To Foster Support For Disastrous Kyoto Accords

Five EU Nations Ready for Kyoto Accords

Bush plan lifts ban on logging: Proposal would let states decide rules for forests in area

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Ambushes, crash kill 3 US soldiers: One civilian also dies

Philippines to pull out of Iraq: To save a Filipino hostage threatened with death by militants

Kidnappers should not deter foreign workers, Iraq says

Iran: Israel, U.S. behind kidnappings of foreigners in Iraq

Arms suppliers scramble into Iraq

Army targets driver training, safety upgrades: Levin urges Rumsfeld to review 'troubling' number of soldiers killed, hurt in vehicles

Safety issues plague 5-ton truck: Design, training flaws prove to be fatal

Desperate soldiers attach homemade armor: Because of a lack of armor, standard Humvees can't stop bullets or shrapnel

Iraq-bound U.S. Troops Prepare for Deployment From South Korea

Workers Suspected in Iraq Oil Infrastructure Sabotage

Iraq to ask EU aid, reopen embassies

UN's Annan names new UN envoy to Iraq

Iraq appeals for health funding: For international funds to buy medicines

U.S. Marine Hassoun Could Return Home Wednesday: Reports that he had been beheaded were false

Australia Boosts Troop Numbers in Iraq: Sends Message to Coalition and Critics

Iraqi government announces national census for October

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

Iraq-bound U.S. Troops Prepare for Deployment From South Korea

Ex-GI Jenkins Phones Home After 40 Years in North Korea -- Ex-US Soldier May Receive Medical Care in Japan

US troop pullout will hit South Korean economy: Entertainment industry, in particular, fears shutdown of businesses; thousands employed by US military may also lose jobs

E-mail puts South Korea airports on alert: E-mail alert said a figure linked to Al-Qaeda would enter the country

For Young Koreans, U.S. 'Main Enemy'

"Non-Specific" Terror Alerts

US Treasury Secretary Snow: Terror Threat Hangs Over Economy

U.S. Terror Warnings Lack Specifics - Congress Report

Study of Repeating Headlines Since 9/11 Attacks: Most were 'non-specific', all were bogus - Fulfillment of "Rumors of Wars" prophecy, in your Daily News!

The "Masters of Terror" -- Video by Alex Jones

Terror 'navy' raises alarm to "fever pitch": Osama's terror ships said to be a fresh threat to ships carrying supplies to American military

As Revealed In NEWS1888, Iraqi "Terror Ships" Loaded With WMD Were Touted As Major Threat To US Military: Absolutely bogus

Report Questions the Value of Color-Coded Terror Threat Warnings

Britain to spy on urban Muslim groups

Vote Cancel Uproar

U.S. Considers How to Delay November Vote in Case of Terrorist Attack

Ridge Warns of 'Large-Scale Attack' Plan: To disrupt November elections

U.S.: No plan to postpone election: Feds refute Newsweek story of Nov. 2 delay if terrorists strike

A Scheme to Cancel the Elections? Editorial

Could Bush Cancel the Election? Justice Department and Department of Homeland Security started this furor

Why Three Out of Four Experts Predict a Terrorist Attack by November

Helen Thomas Points to Government 'Lies' : Bush Administration lies

2004 Campaign News

Kerry Seeks Gain from Bush Rift with Civil Rights Group

US' Iraq policy needs a clean slate: Kerry -- Also suggests that Bush is the stumbling block to better US ties with Nato allies

Results of AP-Ipsos poll on the personal qualities of the presidential candidates

Advertisements Will Urge Kerry and Edwards to Resign From Senate Seats While Running Campaign

Moves to reform CIA unlikely before election

2004 Campaign News: Bush Has Terribly Flip-Flopped On Gay Rights Issues: In May, 2002, Bush was so pro-Gay that Concerned Women of America complained his policies were IDENTICAL to Clinton!

Space probe tests Einstein theory: Scientists seek answers to gravity's effect on space, time

Vaccine scandal revives cancer fear: Polio vaccine contaminated with a monkey virus linked to cancer



Monday, July 12, 2004 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

2004 Campaign News

Terrorist Attack "Rumors of Wars"

Exclusive: Election Day Terror Worries -- Reviewing a proposal that could allow for the postponement of the November presidential election in the event of a terrorist attack ("no intel about any specific plots")

U.S. Mulling How to Delay November Vote in Case of Attack: Democrat lawmakers skeptical

Daschle concerned about 'sobering' terror briefing: "Most sobering terror report he had heard recently"

What `October Surprise' might be in store for Americans this fall? "Then I'll get on my knees and pray, we don't get fooled again"

Other Campaign News

Ron Reagan to address Democratic convention

Some Key Conservatives Uneasy About Bush : "This war is not going well," said Stefan Halper, a deputy assistant secretary of state under President Reagan

Kerry accuses Bush of losing lives and allies

Lynne, Dick Cheney Differ on Gay Marriage

Edwards to Iraq? Kerry plans to send vice-presidential candidate John Edwards to Iraq as soon as possible

Kerry's choice of Edwards received favorably by public, but doesn't change the race

Boston City curtails late-night carousing for Democrat conventioneers

Massachusetts Governor Romney offers plan on an interim senator to replace Kerry should the Senator win the White House

Report: Touchscreen voting flawed in Florida

News overshadowing Bush, Kerry campaign

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

California man killed in Iraq after losing 150 pounds to enlist

Attacks kill 3 U.S. soldiers in Iraq: Roadside bombing, separate strike proves fatal to troops -- Death toll among foreign nationals in Iraq has now passed the 1,000 mark

Insurgents strengthen their ranks: Analysts say rebel forces involve mostly Iraqis, differing from Bush view

Briton Sues US Giant Over 'Uranium Poison': Nuclear medicine expert suggested that the debilitating, in some cases fatal, illnesses suffered by Gulf veterans were not necessarily caused by a cocktail of vaccines, as some claimed, but by DU poisoning

Iraq war slows US army recruitment

Kidnappers extend execution deadline to execute Filipino hostage

Captive's family begs President Arroyo to pull out of Iraq

"Iraq Effect" Costs Japanese Prime Minister Seats In Parliamentary Election -- Ruling party still won election

Blair to Get Butler Report Tomorrow: Report into the use of intelligence in the Iraq war

Rafsanjani Says Iran Ready To Help Iraq

Ending Occupation of Iraq Would Benefit All Sides: Iranian President Khatami

Iraq, Syria to set up special security to prevent border infiltration

Shell turns down chance for first Iraq oil deal

Condoleezza Rice's trip yields little: The US security agenda does not mesh with those of regional countries

China - Taiwan

Chinese President Hu concerned over US arms sales to Taiwan: Expresses concern to US National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice

U.S. At War With Beijing: Reports Cite China as No. 1 Threat -- "Painted a deadly and growing picture of the Chinese threat with a possible conflict only a year away"

"Chinese build-up of ballistic missiles has changed the balance of power in the Pacific, threatening to start a war over Taiwan"

China to rehearse D-Day style Taiwan 'invasion'

China blasts US for supporting Taiwan

Russia back strongly in world arms market: Moving from laggard to leader

Europe plagued by snow and heatwaves, Romanian death toll climbs





Price Break On Our KJV Soul-Winning Bible: Now only $1.99, was $2.99


Unity Government

World Court Ruling against Israeli Barrier – Green Light for Palestinian Terror

Sharon and Peres Plan "Unity": Both sides are sharpening positions

Shimon Peres: Renewing talks with Palestinian Authority is a condition to enter government: Also wants fixed withdrawal timetable established

Opposition to unity government growing in Likud, Labor

Netanyahu Should Retain Treasury In National Unity Government

Haaretz Editorial: Say "Yes" to Sharon and his Unity Government

Other Israeli News

Israeli teen violence up in Sderot: Rise in drug and alcohol use in the two weeks that followed the first-ever fatal Kassam rocket strike

Palestinians Allege: 75 year old confined to wheelchair crushed to death

U.S. envoys to arrive for talks on PA reform, settler's outposts

Corridors of Power / Dispelling the outpost cloud

Security Fence Fallout

PM Sharon´s Response to Hague Ruling and Today´s Deadly Terrorist Attack -- Young Israeli Woman Soldier Killed In Terror Attack adjacent to bus stop

Special Meeting To Discuss Hague Security Fence Ruling

EU foreign ministers to meet to set stance on Hague security fence ruling

Editorial: A fence that cannot be condemned

UN's Annan urges Israel to respect world court ruling

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Systematic slaughter unfolding in Sudan: With world’s attention elsewhere, Arab attackers have killed thousands

UN Council divided on sanctions in Sudan’s Darfur

Taliban vow more attacks

Afghan president seeks strategy against militias

Rafsanjani Says Iran Ready To Help Iraq

Ending Occupation of Iraq Would Benefit All Sides: Iranian President Khatami

Bush gets look at nuke parts from Libya

Zimbabwean President Mugabe denounces greedy elite who took more than one white farm

African GREAT LAKES: Ministers move to revive economic cooperation

Congo Hotel: Instability slept here

Cambodian King Sihanouk withdraws threat to abdicate

Sri Lanka: US asks Tamil Tigers to end terror

Brazil politicians in child sex row

Castro's crackdown does Cuba no good

Faith meeting takes on global beliefs, religion

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

US Offers New 5-Point Proposal to North Korea

U.S. change of tack on North Korea

Time ripe for two Koreas' second summit

Japanese wife tries to woo US spouse, North Korean kids

World leaders must unite against AIDS, Annan warns



Sunday, July 11, 2004 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?


Price Break On Our KJV Soul-Winning Bible: Now only $1.99, was $2.99

"Intelligence Failure"

British Spy chiefs 'withdrew' Saddam arms claim

Blair accused over WMD evidence: "Blair's claims on Iraqi WMD were met by disbelief "

Former Intelligence Agents: Blair Exaggerated Iraq Threat

Foreign Secretary Straw in dock for 'illegal' invasion of Iraq: "Overruled top Foreign Office legal advisers who believed war against Iraq would be unlawful"

Democrats end swing in Edwards' hometown: Candidates accuse Bush of misleading nation to win support for invasion of Iraq

CIA "Intelligence Failure" Report not likely to alter U.S. Pre-emptive Strike Strategy -- "Can the public trust what U.S. intelligence says about that threat?"


Deadly Terrorist Attack Fuels Fence Controversy

One female soldier killed, at least 20 hurt in south Tel Aviv terror attack : The first terror attack in Tel-Aviv in seven months

Militants in Arafat's Faction Claim Reponsibility For Tel Aviv Attack: al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades

Israeli Arab Who Narrowly Missed Terrorist Bomb: 'I used to be against the fence, now I'm for it'

PM Sharon: Tel-Aviv attack first under The Hague's auspices: "What The Hague judges refused to acknowledge, the Palestinians rushed to demonstrate"

Sharon Criticizes U.N. World Court Finding: "Fences are for protection"

Editorial: Israel follows its own law, not bigoted Hague decision

Palestinians seek Europe backing against wall

Fence battle moves to United Nations

Other News

Opposition to unity government growing in Likud, Labor

The pessimists who must disengage: Sharon's desire to form Unity Government Shows His Serious Intentions To Withdraw

National Religious Party Responds To Sharon´s Unity Plans

UN's El Baradei: Sharon Told Me Israel Will Scrap Nukes As Part of 'Road Map'

4 Palestinians killed in car explosion in Gaza

The [Despicable] Daniel Pipes Plan To "Solve" Problem of Settlers Refusing To Leave Jewish Land

Palestinian arrested after hiding six hand grenades in cucumber jar

2004 Campaign News

Democrats end swing in Edwards' hometown: Candidates accuse Bush of misleading nation to win support for invasion of Iraq

Bush urges passage of gay marriage ban

Kerry says Democrats to keep up intensity

NAACP Head Asks Bush to Rethink Convention Snub

Bush & Bin Laden - George W. Bush Had Ties to Billionaire bin Laden Family

Bush assails Kerry on values: Archives - Ozzy Osbourne: Bush's Headbanger's Ball

China - Taiwn

Third Planned War In World War III

U.S. At War With Beijing: Reports Cite China as No. 1 Threat -- "Painted a deadly and growing picture of the Chinese threat with a possible conflict only a year away"

"Chinese build-up of ballistic missiles has changed the balance of power in the Pacific, threatening to start a war over Taiwan"

China to rehearse D-Day style Taiwan 'invasion'

China blasts US for supporting Taiwan

Stormy weather helps firefighters in Arizona


Terror Alert

Daschle concerned about 'sobering' terror briefing: "Most sobering terror report he had heard recently"

What `October Surprise' might be in store for Americans this fall? "Then I'll get on my knees and pray, we don't get fooled again."

House Refuses to Curb Patriot Act: Bowed to White House threats

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Analysts see shift in Iraq as US exit bid: U.S. deference to U.N., NATO reflects decided strategy change as Bush begins a "Vietnamization process" - A strategy that failed on June 30, 1975

Wartime reignites quandary of draft: Despite opposition from majority, talk of revival continues

Four U.S. Marines Killed in Western Iraq

Fresh Iraq violence leaves five dead, gas pipeline sabotaged

Saturday Blast Damages Gas Pipeline

Under Fire In Iraq

US Marines kill three insurgents in Iraq

Iraqi people, troops share mutual enmity against Americans: Rocks, animosity fly between angry natives, frustrated Americans

For Marines near Fallujah, the war still is very much a reality

Filipino hostage released, gov't says forces will leave Iraq

Iraqi militants deny releasing hostage: Group counters earlier reports that Filipino man had been set free

Things Saddam can learn from O.J: From one tabloid trial to another

Head of Saddam Tribunal to Visit Iran Soon: To discuss Iran's planned charges against former dictator

Heather helps Iraqi amputee: Zeynab Terash, 11, lost 17 members of her family in a cluster bomb attack near Basra

Could your kids be given to 'gay' parents? Children were seized by Massachusetts' Department of Social Services (DSS) with no charge of abuse against either parent and no evidentiary hearing. DSS tried to put the children up for adoption

Archived Article: Posted June, 1996 -- "Child Abuse" : Today's Trojan Horse Designed To Tear Children From Christian Parents

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Afghanistan: The Other War: Seeking an elusive foe among wary "friends"

Afghan Blast Kills 5, Creates Fresh Poll Worries

As a vote nears, Taliban fight on

Fearing sanctions, American students flee Cuba

Kuwait targets 4 million barrels per day crude oil utput by 2020

Experts attack Bush's stance in AIDS battle: US promotes abstinence as global conference opens in Bangkok

Sri Lanka Ruling Party Keeps Control in Local Polls

Two new bird flu outbreaks in Thailand

Bangladesh Floods Maroon 3 Million, Death Toll 13

Demons Attack Primary School Pupils: NOTE: Christian missionaries to Ivory Coast told me years ago that this type of demonic attack is very common in Africa

Six militants, soldier killed in clash in Kasmir area

Finnish soldiers wounded in Kosovo shooting

Vatican blamed for sex abuse: Victim advocates say leadership knew of cover-ups

Leaders of religious right calling for a Christian exodus out of public education: Atheists fighting back

Christian Author Explains Why Christian parents should pull their kids out of Public Schools: Brave New Schools

The Invisible War -- Children Are Targets


Saturday, July 10, 2004 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?


Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

U.S. News obtains all classified annexes to the Taguba report on Abu Ghraib prison scandal

New Sex Charges Against Female U.S. Soldier in Iraq

Explosion Damages Iraq Natural Gas Line: On Saturday July 10

Child dies in Iraq mortar attack near a hotel in central Baghdad

Intelligence declared a disgrace: Justification for war flawed at every level

Butler inquiry to target Blair: On the intelligence the government received about Saddam Hussein's weaponry

Kidnappers Deny Freeing Filipino Hostage- Australia stands by Iraq war

Pentagon: Bush Military Records Destroyed

Freed Pakistani hostage says he saw three captives being beheaded

UN's Kofi Annan calls for release of Iraq hostages

Bulgaria firm over hostage threat: Will not negotiate nor retreat

Don't send troops to Iraq, Arabs are warned by militant Iraqi group

Iraq a magnet to militants in Europe

U.S. Marines Kill Two Iraqis, Wound Six in Ramadi

Zarqawi taunts US with taped exploits

American Editor of Russian Forbes Killed In Moscow

New documentary claiming to show Republican bias at FOX NEWS will debut in New York City on Monday

2004 Campaign News

Bush Launches Broadside Against 'Pessimist' Edwards

Bush snipers target Edwards

Kerry camp on the defensive after celebrities bash Bush

Morticians seek access to transport bodies during Democrat National Convention: Since major Boston-area highways will be closed

Howard Dean appeals to Nader to end bid

Fleet exercise showcases a more nimble Navy

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Rice Caps Asian Tour Focused on Nukes

'So much is possible' for N.Korea, says Rice

US denies reports of spy plane crash in South Korea

US firm among more than 20 companies that supplied rogue nations seeking nuke arms

Korean Thaw / The U.S. moves with its allies to improve relations: Greater conciliation and less confrontation

US 'defector' reunited with his wife on runway




Security Fence News

World Court Condemns Israel Barrier: Says Fence Must Go

Int'l court ruling boosts Palestinians

International Court wrong venue for Israel fence issue: White House declares

Israeli Gov't hopes to minimize damage from ICJ ruling

Powell says Israel proved fence reduces terror

Lebanon welcomes ruling on ME wall

Malaysia - Israel's Racial Separation Wall

Arab nations to ask UN to call for destruction of fence

Other News

PM Sharon invites Peres for talks on unity gov't: Likud hawks opposed

Israel's Intifada Victory: Palestinian intifada is over, and the Palestinians have lost

Complaint: IDF Commander´s Negligence Led To Terrorist Murder

Kassam Rockets Continue To Fall On Israeli Civilian Targets

4 Palestinians killed in explosion in car in Gaza Strip

Israeli Intelligence - A Valuable, And Threatened, Asset

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Taliban Raid Afghan Border, Burn US-Built School

UN Council divided on sanctions in Sudan’s Darfur

China's premier issues AIDS alert: Disease has reached every level of society in China

Crime Rate Drops in Niger-Delta - President Obasanjo declares

King of Cambodia set to abdicate later this year

Classified Information Items Missing Again at Los Alamos National Laboratory

China to rehearse D-Day style Taiwan 'invasion'

China blasts US for supporting Taiwan

U.S. Expands Anti-Mad Cow Restrictions To Cosmetics

Japanese Schoolchildren to be RFID-chipped: Chips will be put onto kids' schoolbags, name tags or clothing

Police Dash Camera Films 'Fireballs In Sky': Bright Lights Seen In Sky Over 5 States, Probably A Meteor Shower


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