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We have culled these pertinent stories from many sources to keep you updated on the Daily News events pertinent to the coming New World Order. Truly, once you know the Plan to establish the Kingdom of Antichrist, you will never look at the news the same way again. For A Cutting Edge Analysis and Recap Of Current Events Being Reported In The News Visit our Headline News Area

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Tuesday, July 19, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?


Fundamental Baptist Visits Rick Warren's Saddleback Church: "Message ... given is completely man centered ... need to be confronted with their sinfulness ... need to understand their need of a Savior ... God was not in control of what happened in person's past" (NOTE: Richard Stomps is graduate of Bob Jones University)

C/Edge "Purpose Driven Section"

Israeli - Palestinian War

Unilateral Disengagement News

Activist Leaders Call for Thousands More to Join the Struggle

Jews, Christians pray against "disengagement"

Police Pledge to Stop More Than 20,000 Marchers En Route to Gaza Settlements

´March to Gush Katif´ Enters Second Day

Police surround anti-pullout marchers at Kfar Maimon: Colored Map

Mofaz to IDF: Stop marchers

Gaza soldier forced to blockade loved ones

Israel settlers torn between duty, family

'Draconian’ Measures: Association for Civil Rights in Israel blasts police, says protest ban reminiscent of dictatorship

Gov't books hotel rooms for forcibly evacuated settlers: Air conditioning, swimming pools and continental breakfasts await

Chief of Staff, General Halutz, relaxes on hesder yeshivas religous military schools

Sharon, Chirac to meet in Paris July 27

War News

Analysis: IDF seems reluctant to invade Gaza now: Would intervene with IDF's special training of soldiers who will forcibly evict settlers

U.S. troops would enforce peace under Army study: Up to 20,000 US troops would patrol border between Israel and Palestinian State

Hamas, PA security forces clash

[Barn door reopened] IDF set to remove roadblocks splitting Gaza into three zones - Hamas agrees to resume truce, end 'battle' with PA

Jewish man stabbed on Jerusalem promenade

Hamas Brags: Kassam terror rocket attacks forced Israel's pullout

Foreign Worker lightly wounded by mortar attack

The Mashiach (Messiah) Has Been Revealed to Rav Ovadia In A Dream: Spiritual leader of the Jewish Shas party

London Terrorist Attacks

Tough new British anti-terror laws receive cross-party backing

British Public holds Blair accountable for attacks: 66% feel his policies made London more susceptible to terror attacks

‘Iraq war boosted al-Qaeda, made UK vulnerable to attack’

The London bombs and the Iraq connection

Use and abuse of intelligence: Blair takes advice from his security experts when it fits with his foreign policy, and ignores it when it doesn't

Experts yet to determine explosives London bombers used

'Worrying gaps' in defence against further attacks

Palestinian National Council Member Asserts Right to Strike London

Family man named as fourth bomber

June Report Led Britain to Lower Its Terror Alert

Global Terror = Global Dictatorship

Has The Toronto Star Attempted To Tip Off The Public To A Coming Terrorist Attack In Toronto?

Congressman Says He Doesn't Advocate Bombing Mecca: Raised possibility of bombing Mecca if Muslim terrorists set off nuclear weapons in American cities

Some Madaris involved in terrorism: Pakistani President Musharraf urges youth to avoid "extremism" in all forms

Extremists Orbit Around Islam's Rebirth in West

Setback as German court bars al-Qaeda suspect's extradition: E.U. members are scrambling to enact new legislation following the deadly bombings in London

Australian Premier Defends Fight Against Terror

Did CIA undermine Italy’s war on terror?

Retired Gen. William Westmoreland, Who Led Troops in Vietnam: Dead at 91

Expendable Elite: Special Forces Called To Carry Out Government's Assassinations In Vietnam

Will Rice Run for President in 2008

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

Nukes Not Just A Last Resort? A US Global Strike Plan, With a Nuclear Option

North Korea sells weapons to Taiwan: Defector from North - "To all appearances this trade does not involve nuclear arms"

U.S. wants progress from N. Korea in July 25 talks

Seoul's warning to the US on Pyongyang: South Korea shows displeasure over series of hard-line articles issued by US "Think Tank"

Upping the ante in a deadly nuclear game




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Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Gunmen Kill at Least 13 Iraqi Workers on Way to U.S. Airbase in Iraq

Seventy die in suicide strike

The Sunni-Shia religious hate boils over

Iraqi Shi'ite cleric Sadr urges restraint after attacks

Fire at Baghdad Market Damages 10 Shops

Call for civilian militias to defend Baghdad: To prevent civil war

Iraq will reach democratic milestones: US General Myers insists

Iran's President-elect: Iran ready to help Iraq’s reconstruction

Baghdad not safe for Saddam's trial - Lawyer

Iraq donor conference kicks off on Dead Sea coast in Jordan

UN aide targeted in oil-for-food probe loses job

Iraq split on rights of Jewish minority

US military trials for terror suspects to begin soon: Rumsfeld - After a court ruling upheld the legality of trials by special military commissions

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Afghan DU & Recovery Fund: Group asking for donations to pay for Depleted Uranium clean-up of country from US-UK forces

Venezuela Roman Catholic Church tells Chavez act like a president

Iran says it has dismantled Al-Qaeda cell

Children starving to death in Niger

Africa Calls for End to Injustice That Left It Without a Permanent Security Council Seat

TANZANIA: Report warns of corruption, violence ahead of elections

AIDS strikes at some countries' ability to govern

UK court convicts Afghan warlord

Suicide Bomber Kills Self in Western Afghanistan

Lebanese-Syrian Relations Sour After Damascus Loses Its Military Grip on Lebanon

U.S. Alliance With India Extends to Help With Nuclear Energy

India praises 'historic' US deal

EU tells Syria to cooperate with neighbors if it wants aid, trade

Hurricane News

Hurricane Emily bashes Mexico resorts with 135 mph winds , heads for US border after going back out to sea

South Texas Residents Prepare for Emily, Hope for Best

Crude Oil Prices Flat as Concerns Ease About Supply Disruptions From Hurricane Emily

'Very Nervous': Repeat Storms Compounding Florida's Beach Erosion Problems

Hurricane Emily Tracking Map

Bush seems to change criterion for possible dismissal in CIA leak

Bush: Any Criminals in Leak to Be Fired

Parasites' genetic code 'cracked': Scientists have sequenced genomes of three parasites responsible for diseases killing more than 150,000 people a year

Waking up to Congo's sleeping sickness

NASA Puts Launch off Until at Least Next Week, No Closer to Pinpointing Fuel Gauge Failure

Bush Says He Wants to Get Moving on Filling Supreme Court Seat

Conservatives are told it will not be Gonzales

Study Says Ethanol Not Worth the Energy: Burn 29% more energy than they produce

Heat Wave - Drought

Power Blackouts Hit Rome: For 30 minutes

Heat wave in Italy has put the health of one million people at risk: Government warns situation could be worse than in 2003, when 20,000 people died from heat

France faces drought, locusts

Drought Alert: Great Britain's 2005 water crisis

No end to heat wave in sight: Record-breaking 116-degree day scorches Las Vegas Valley

Federal Opposition Leader Beazley says Australian ID card a smokescreen

Phoenix Suspect Dies After Three Taser Hits

Al Gore Assures: New TV Channel Won't Be Partisan

Ice Shelf Collapse Reveals New Undersea World: Thriving ecosystem half a mile below the sea

Senator John McCain remarks about acting in sexy film: 'I work with boobs every day': Republican senator defends role in breast-laden 'Wedding Crashers'



Monday, July 18, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?


Mainstream Media Try to Hide the Impeachment Question - 42 percent said they would favor impeachment proceedings if it is found that the president misled the nation about his reasons for going to war with Iraq

9/11 News

Former Vietnam Combat and Commercial Pilot Firm Believer 9/11 Was Inside Government Job

9/11: The Greatest Lie Ever Sold - Painful Deceptions - Preparing Us For The Next Terror Attack -- DVD - VHS

9/11: DIRECTOR'S CUT In Plane Site - Absolute Proof That 9/11 Was Inside Job and Is Now Being Massively Covered Up - DVD - VHS

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Three policemen, government worker gunned down in Baghdad

A flurry of suicide bombings shakes Iraq

Over 110 dead in Iraqi bombing blitz

Weekend of slaughter propels Iraq towards all-out civil war

Uneasy Calm Settles Between British Forces and Basra Residents

Shia cleric Al-Sadr urges self-restraint from Iraqis: Iraqis should not be provoked by the occupation, resistance to foreign troops is legitimate

Iraqi Interior Minister Says Syria Not Taking Serious Steps to Stop Insurgents

Iran, Iraq to cooperate on security

'Al-Qaeda' Warns: We'll Rule Baghdad By Terror - 'Extremists' step up terrorist campaign

Saddam charged over massacre

Report: US sought to influence Iraq election

UK flags Iraq troop reduction within 12 months

Millions in Iraq vaccinated against polio

Iran assures all help for Iraq reconstruction

TV goes to war in Iraq

Passing the prison abuse buck: Amercia "parsed" the treatment of prisoners from 9/11 and Iraq

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

NATO will cover south Afghanistan in 2006

Egyptian Prosecutor Extends Detention of Four Leading Muslim Brothers

Violence persists in Thailand's south

North Korea Calls for U.S. to Agree on Coexistence at Revived Nuclear Talks

Opposition moves to broaden attack on Philippine President Arroyo

Small California Tsunami Revealed Big Gaps in Readiness Along U.S. Pacific Coast - Created by 7.2 quake

Justice in the dock... Dr James J Zogby, president, Arab American Institute

GOP senator favors moderate on Supreme Court: Sen. Arlen Specter, R-Pa.

A Group Quickly Becoming a Must for Conservative Lawyers: Federalist Society may see next Supreme Court nominee in its ranks

Harry Potter News

New Harry Potter Book Breaks Sales Records Within Day of Release -- 250,000 books sold per hour

Potter sales soaring in Great Britain: Sold more copies in a day than The Da Vinci Code sold in one year

J.K. Rowling Makes $36 Million Profit In One Day!

Zogby Poll Finds Summer Magic: Two-thirds of ‘Potter’ Adult Fans Set to Buy New Book

Even in Potter's world, you can't just wave a magic wand

Author casts her spell on Harry fans: JK Rowling gave one press conference over the weekend - to children

'A tense, unsettling read - and I love it': Action-packed, often frightening - and the best Potter yet -- 10-year-old Rosie Jenkins

Welcome back, Potter: Our reviewer says saga is worth the wait -- "Scenes too strong for young children lead to the death of a beloved character"

Read the FULL JK Rowling interview

Nuclear Terrorist Attack: Rumors of Wars

Al-Qaida's U.S. nuclear targets: Captured documents, terrorists reveal bin Laden's preferred dates, places for 'American Hiroshima'

C/Edge Archives: Debunking Propaganda Lie That Terrorists Could Actually Hit American Cities With Nuclear Devices - Satellites can track every nuclear device on earth, in "Real Time"

CFR's Kissinger: Don't Exclude Military Action Against Iran if Negotiations Fail - What would the world look like if the [terrorist] bombs in London [on July 7] had been nuclear and 100,000 people had been killed





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It's full steam ahead for EU constitution, even after 'No' votes: "EU is carrying on as though the constitution were already in force" -- But, when the laughing stops, the constitution will be in place

Israeli - Palestinian War

Unilateral Disengagement News

Sharon orders IDF to use force against Jews resisting forced evacuation

Clash of Thousands" Feared at Gush Katif March: IDF and police are sending 12,000 soldiers & policemen to guard today's planned march

Five Disengagement Opponents Arrested by Shabak Security Service

Civil Rights Violation: "Public Defender" Threatens Lawyers Who Will Defend Anti-Disengagement Protestors

Soldier Refusers spur IDF to dismantle platoon

Worldwide protests planned against Gaza evacuation: Rallies to coincide with massive Israeli demonstration

Army Fears Massive Opposition Can Stop Expulsion

War News

Israelis mass tanks on border of Gaza

Massive Rocket Attack: 16 wounded, including one child

Abbas pledges to stop Hamas attacks

Analysis: Rice, Abbas shield Hamas killers

Is PA leveraging Hamas terror against Israel?

'It's a miracle': Mortar shell bomb lands on car with two Gaza Strip youngsters inside; bomb leaves gaping hole, but does not blow up

Israel takes off gloves, resumes targeting Hamas leaders in West Bank and Gaza, killing 7

London Terror News

Iraq war support put UK at terror risk

UK's alliance with US puts it at terror risk

British Foreign Secretary Straw rejects Iraq link to London

Iraqis 'forgotten victims of terror': Tragic events of July 7 in London have been happening every day for the last 13 years in Iraq

The violence that lies in every ideology: "Extremists" exist in every religion

Saudis Still Allowed To Fund Al-Qaeda

Rev. Al Sharpton Urges Calm During Probe of Los Angeles Police Shooting of Toddler

Sydney police probe 'hate book' claims

Bookstore Resource: "Hate Laws: Making Criminals of Christians" - VHS

Medical Marijuana on the Way: 'Criminalizing sick' is wrong

Hurricane Emily Roars Ashore Near Cancun, Forcing Thousands Into Makeshift Shelters: Packing 135mph winds

Emily Tracking Map

Strong typhoon pounds Taiwan: Businesses shut

Relations Warming Between Largest Democracies: India and America

Despite New Friendship With U.S., India's U.N. Security Council Wish Will Be Put Off

White House political aide 'first source' on CIA agent: Karl Rove

White House Mum on Disclosure in CIA Leak

Reporter ties Cheney aide to CIA story: Time identifies chief of staff as 2d source

SPOOKED BY THE WHITE HOUSE: CIA veteran says a growing faction of the U.S. intelligence community is furious over the way the administration corrupted the system -- and that the nation's security is at grave risk

FBI Monitored Web Sites for 2004 Convention Protests: Groups Criticize Agency's Surveillance for Terror Unit

FBI's massive files alarm anti-war, other activists

Man Loses Nose In Sin City Fight: "Movie includes scenes depicting castration, murder, torture, decapitation, rape and misogyny"

Thousands to join Minuteman vigil along both U.S. borders: More than 15,000 volunteers will man observation posts and conduct foot and horseback patrols this fall along the Mexican border from Texas to California


Sunday, July 17, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?


Israeli - Palestinian War

War Escalates

Partial Truce Breaks Down, Pullbacks Face Disruption as Palestinian Warfare Escalates

Abbas in TV peace plea as violence puts Israel's Gaza withdrawal at risk

Massive Rocket Attack: Sharon Holds Fire

Israel Preparing Broad Gaza Offensive After More Than 100 Rockets, Mortars Fired on Israeli Towns and Settlements

Sharon vows to hit terrorists: Forces would act limitlessly to stop terrorists

Gaza raid delayed to test Palestinian Authority

Defense Minister Mofaz postpones U.S. trip due to upsurge in local violence

Hamas terrorist killed in Gaza

Sderot cancels summer day camps because of rocket and mortar attacks

Israel releases top terrorist

Disengagement News

Soldiers Forced to Desecrate Sabbath at Gush Katif Checkpoints: With the IDF Chief Rabbi's approval

Settlers, army clash at Gaza checkpoint

Police Brutality in Gush Katif

Refusal phenomenon growing in IDF

Terror won't scuttle pullout

US Aid for the Expulsion May Backfire on Israel

Police vow to stop march to Gaza by thousands of protestors

Biblical Scroll Found in Israel: In Judean Desert

London Terror Attack News

"Extremist" Propaganda Continues

Blair slams 'evil ideology' of terror: "Fanatics who killed 55 people in the bombings were driven by "evil ideology"

Editorial: THE CHRISTIANIST CONSPIRACY: Media lumping Christian "fundamentalists" in with Muslim "fundamentalists" - Other distortions are creating one world religon

The violence that lies in every ideology: Like most beliefs, Islam is a religion of peace that has to accept that it can also breed terror

Book Tells Truth About Islam: Behind The Veil

Video Shows How Islam Is Impacting Modern History: DVD-Destiny 21st Century - Islam Connection As We Head Into 21st Century

Islamic Strategy Against America: Islam: America's Trojan Horse

Other News

Who shorted British pound? Currency fell 6% in 10 days before London terror attacks

First images of bombers together: Each is seen carrying a rucksack packed with the explosives

London blasts - death tolls reach 55

Terror hunt 'to take decades': Senior police officers admit long-term failure to infiltrate Islamist extremists

British MPs to discuss new terror proposals: New anti-terror laws will be discussed on Monday

Bomber 'not considered dangerous' : MI5 checked out one of the suicide bombers, but decided he posed no risk

Anti-Terror Efforts Increase as Italy Braces

Iraq war 'makes UK a terror target'

UK Bombers Have Connection To US

Inside London terrorists' minds: Brit probers find bombers weren't fringe freaks

Joint Task Force Civil Support (JTF-CS) Exercise: To focus on nuclear terror scenario

Senators fight hidden sex in 'Grand Theft Auto'

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Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

'Al Qaeda' attack kills 98 in Baghdad: Suicide bomber blows up fuel truck - Worst attack since new government took office

Fresh car bombings hit Iraqi capital: at least eight people died - in addition to fuel truck bomb earlier

Three Suicide Car Bombers Targeting U.S. and Iraqi Security Forces Kill 16

No 10 blocks envoy's book on Iraq: Office of Prime Minister Blair prevents publication of a "fly-on-the wall" account of the Iraq war by one of Britain's most senior former diplomat

Iraqi Interior Minister: Al-Zarqawi fled Baghdad recently

A Leading Egyptian Government Daily Al-Akhbar Charges: ‘Al-Zarqawi is an American Agent’

Iran and Iraq close to security pact -- More details

Iran says old foe Iraq is now its brother

Iran to attend Apex/Brasil to help with rebuilding Iraq - Brazil wants to recover business role in Iraq

Iraq brings first charges against Saddam Hussein

China getting ready for a military encounter with America?

Dr. Henry Kissinger Invited to Join CNOOC LTD International Advisory Board: Chinese CNOOC forming "World Class" Advisory Board

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

CFR's Kissinger Warns: Don't Exclude Military Action Against Iran if Negotiations Fail

Briton killed in Turkish blast

Iran accuses U.S., Israel of snaring atomic secrets

US won’t back India’s bid for UN Security Council

Indonesian Government and Aceh Rebels Agree on Draft Peace Deal

Russia's Putin to meet with Turkish prime minister

Taliban commander surrenders in Afghanistan: Takes advantage of Amnesty Program

U.S. Frees 20 Afghan Detainees: Karzai Ally Killed

President Arroyo forces to mass in battle of Philippines ralli

Harry Potter News

Welcome back, Potter: Our reviewer says saga is worth the wait -- "Scenes too strong for young children lead to the death of a beloved character"

Harry hits Israel

E-mail errors leave Potter fans fuming

Potter books flying out of stores

Film role casts doubt on McCain judgment: Senator John McCain makes appearance in "raunchiest R-rated movie of the weekend, "Wedding Crashers"

Hurricane News

Weather Control Section

Hurricane Emily roars past Jamiaca: Now packing 155mph winds

Mexico Orders Large-Scale Evacuation of Caribbean Coast, Offshore Oil Platforms as Hurricane Emily Approaches

Emily Track Map -- Satellite Photo

Official: Dennis ruined Fla. cotton crop

Kennedy opposition carries risks for Supreme Court fight

Rape spurs anti-Hispanic backlash in Ohio


Saturday, July 16, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?


THE CHRISTIANIST CONSPIRACY: Media lumping Christian "fundamentalists" in with Muslim "fundamentalists" - Other distortions are creating one world religon

Economy news boosts Wall Street

Terrorism scares consumers - Causes consumer confidence in the future to slip

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Suicide bomb spree kills 20 in Baghdad: Bombers blew themselves up in a series of attacks within hours across the Iraqi capital on Friday

Multiple suicide bombings kill 25, injure 100 in Baghdad: 10 suicide bombings yesterday in Iraq - one targeted the home of President Jalal Talabani

US Command Says 11 American Soldiers Charged With Assault on Suspected Insurgents

Baghdad tense after bombs, 3 UK troops killed

Iraqi Bombers Strike Near Green Zone

Where carnage is fact of life

‘US should pull out of Iraq now’: Former CIA chief John Deutch

Corruption threatens to leave Iraq with a 'ghost army'

Top policy adviser to Defense Secretary Rumsfeld, Douglas Feith admits: Administration Overdid WMD Claims

Pakistani PM urges adopting fresh approach towards Iraq

Geneva Convention not for al-Qaeda, U.S. appeals court says

Hurricane Emily Regains Category 4 Strength as It Threatens Jamaica, Cayman Islands, Yucatan

Mexico Plans Possible Evacuation of Tourists From Cancun as Hurricane Emily Advances

Emily Track Map

Black Illinois State Senator Claims Racial Profiling by Chicago Police Officer

NASA Delays Discovery Launch Indefinitely

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Venezuela uses oil sales, army buildup to defy U.S.: Every time Condoleezza Rice attacks Chavez, his approval rating goes up 2 or 3 percentage points"

Activists hope interest in massive African aid isn't fleeting: 'Live 8' is a start, but where to from there? Evangelical leaders Rick Warren and Billy Graham agree to help

Live 8 Celebrities, Grassroots Activists and One Million Americans Join ONE: The Campaign To Make Poverty History, Emphasis on Africa - Rick Warren supports the Plan

Britons injured in Turkey bus blast: Suicide bomber strikes bus in Turkey, killing at least four

US needs bases in Central Asia: General Myers

China military shipment found in Ecuador

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel launches fresh air strikes, violence surges

IDF Widens Attacks to Samaria: 7 Terrorists Killed

'Prepare to operate in Gaza': Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz

Partial Truce Breaks Down, Pullbacks Face Disruption as Palestinian Warfare Escalates

Swiss press Israel on West Bank fence: Ambassador to U.N. Peter Maurer urges Israel to dismantle security fence, should Palestinian terror attacks ease

Road map will test Sharon’s commitment

Civil War Brewing in Gaza: Between Hamas and the PA

Secretary of State Rice to visit Israel, PA: To attempt to save pullout

Initial protests of blockade squelched, anti-expulsion forces regroup

Prime Minister's Office: Orange is becoming a "stain" on society

Israeli Ministry Hands Out Book Praising Al Aksa Martyrs!!

London Terror Attack News

Egyptian Biochemist has 'no al-Qaeda link'

Bus Bombing Labeled "Suspicious" - Suspicious that the bus cameras were not working; suspicious that bus was re-routed; suspicious that terrorist identified on basis of a grainy picture of a Muslim guy with a rucksack

New York, Other Cities Steaming Over Department of Homeland Security Secretary's Transit Remarks

Americans Belief: U.S. Transit Attack Inevitable

The enemy within: Despite terror attacks, Europeans still have no idea what they are up against

London Death Toll Reaches '55'

Bomber 'must have been brainwashed'

How far will Europe go to stop terror? European Union officials agreed Thursday to begin storing phone and Internet records

Indonesia Says Bird Flu Suspected In Three Deaths

Conflict claims as Arnie muscles in on $10.8m salary: California Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger

Harry Potter News

Lucky Fans Hear J.K. Rowling Read at Edinburgh Castle

At Last: Latest Harry Potter Goes on Sale

Potter’s back and the party is on

Dunes and Runes: Newest attraction lets kids explore a Potter-type fantasy kingdom at the beach

Cutting Edge Harry Potter Section: Book Reviews, Analysis Articles, Bookstore Resources

Bible Belt Beware: Harry Potter isn't so 'controversial' anymore

Thugs busted in slaying at Queens (NYC) party: Gang members murdered female party-goer at drug-laced event, just for the thrill

Jailing the innocent: Getting to be commonplace in America - Some are totally trumped-up crimes

It Appears That Karl Rove Is In Serious Trouble: Editorial by "Find Law's Legal Commentary"


Friday, July 15, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

NOTE: Listen to Kelly McGinley, "Retaking America", Interviewing David Bay, Director, Cutting Edge, On "Occult Signature" of London Attacks - 2pm Central Zone today, plus replayed on the hour through Monday - "Click Here To Listen" under Kelly's picture


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Oil prices drop as supply fears ease: Storm Emily appeared to be easing and levels of US crude inventories were deemed sufficient, soothing supply concerns

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

New Slaughter In Baghdad: Security forces have discovered the bodies of 10 men, handcuffed, blindfolded and shot in the head

Baghdad neighborhood mourns children killed in suicide blast

Zarqawi group denies deadly blast which killed 32 children

South Korean Lawmakers Call for Withdrawal of Troops From Iraq

Iraqi and US Forces capture would-be bomber in Iraq

US command says troops raid targets in western Baghdad

Our troops are part of the problem: Heavy-handed occupation is not a solution to the Iraqi insurgency

U.S. military announces arrest of suspect in kidnap-slaying of Egyptian envoy

Italy not to reduce troop strength in Iraq

No need for Iraq exit plan: Australian PM

Civilian Deaths in Iraq Exceed Military

Bush honesty rating drops to lowest point

Israeli - Palestinian War

Terrorists Kill 22-Year-Old Woman in Mortar Shell Attack

Kassam rocket barrages pound western Negev

IDF Worthless Retaliation: Weapons Storehouse and Office Bombed

Palestinian Police Exchange Fire With Hamas in Some of the Worst Palestinian Fighting in Years

Gaza violence reaches boiling point

PA Chairman Abbas denounces spiralling violence

Discharged IDF Officer: "I am Unable to Throw Out a Jew"

Army Fears Opposition Can Stop Expulsion


Hung up on 'Hooking Up': ABC unfurls new reality series, depicting singles looking for love -- Conspicuously engineered for women

Top Chinese general warns US over attack: China is prepared to use nuclear weapons against the US if it is attacked by Washington during a confrontation over Taiwan

China tilts to Russia to counter Uncle Sam

Birds carry industrial and agricultural pollution to Arctic


London Terror Attack News

British Police hunt bomb team accomplices

U.K. Bomb Probe Focuses on Chemist, Briton

London attacks which killed at least 53 people last week were the work of suicide bombers and bear "every hallmark of al-Qaeda"

Authorities Chasing Tip to Verify Whether Suspect in London Attack Traveled to Pakistan

Pakistan's President Musharraf assures Blair of cooperation in the investigation of July 7 terrorist acts in London

Angered by Iraq War, Bombers Driven to Suicide Attacks, Say Friends

Egyptian Suspected of Being London Blasts Mastermind

US Muslims Issue TV Ad Defending Islam: Muslims must not let extremists hijack their faith

Poll Shows Americans Worried About Terrorism, Disapprove of Bush: Majority of Americans think a terrorist attack on a U.S. mass transit system is inevitable

Guantanamo Detainee Speaks Out After London Bombings

Germany's Candidate For Prime Minister, Merkel, Urges Less Gitmo Secrecy

Legal status for Guantanamo sought

Bush's 'brain' leaked: Did Bush know?

Bush urged to fire top adviser, Karl Rove

Rove Told Grand Jury He Learned of CIA Operative's Identity From Reporters

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Thai PM gets new powers for south: has been granted sweeping new powers to deal with attacks by suspected Muslim militants in the country's south

Bomb explodes at Afghan poll office

US finds Afghan prisoners' jumpsuits: Four Arab militants who escaped from the heavily fortified American headquarters

Nuclear energy tops Indian PM's agenda in the U.S.

Protesters storm Philippine ministry

Nepal King Appoints New Ministers, Expands Cabinet

Italian bishop killed in possible link with violence in northern Kenya

Family Files Lawsuit on Behalf of Pregnant Brain-Damaged Patient

Emily Strengthens to Category 4 Storm: Hits Grenada

Bush Working to Shore Up Lagging Support for Embattled Central American Trade Agreement

Chief Justice Rehnquist Says He's Staying, Leaving President With One Court Pick

Text of Rehnquist Statement



Thursday, July 14, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

London Terror Attack News

"Extremism" - Word Suddenly On Everyone's Lips

Root out extremists: Prince Charles urges

Blair: Uproot this ideology of evil - Urges Muslims to confront the "perverted and poisonous" doctrines of Islamic extremism

Deep-rooted problems, British Muslim MPs warn: Education the key to eradicating extremism

Disbelief and fear in a town written off by Islamist extremists

Other Bombing Aftermath News

Plot to scar London with 'burning cross'

Experts fear 'endless' terror war: Analysts say al-Qaida is mutating into a global insurgency

British Police evacuate Leeds residents

Europe to silently mourn London bomb victims

'Bomb factory' finds not hazardous

London bombs boost U.S. terror insurance

It is an insult to the dead to deny the link with Iraq War: Tony Blair put his own people at risk in the service of a foreign power

Attack's effect on Blair is unclear: Could face more pressure to pull out troops in Iraq; British people may instead rally around him

More lose hope for missing: Eleven bodies have been positively identified

Coroner warns that some families may have to wait weeks for confirmation

As Britons Mark One Week Since London Bombings With Silence, Investigation Continues

Police step up hunt for fifth man -- Raid house

Islamophobia blamed for attack: Muslim man beaten to death in Nottingham

Italy official proposes anti-terror rules: "Terrorism is "knocking on Italy's door" and parliament should adopt tougher measures"

Italy police detain 174 people in anti-terror sweep: Aimed at Islamic militants

House Panel OKs Patriot Act Provisions: Both Republicans and Democrats held up London attacks as reasons for these laws

EU vows to implement anti-terror measures

The Scotsman online debate: Should tougher security measures be enacted in wake of London terrorist attacks?

What we know about the bombings - Recap of the Facts

President Kalam calls for 3-pronged approach to tackling terror: West Bengal

Terrorists' aim is to end western civilisation, says ex-Mossad head

London Terror Attacks Carries Strongest "Occult Signature" Imaginable -- From Numerics To Locations Struck - Fellow Occultists Will Know That The "Plan of the Brotherhood" Is On Track

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Suicide barrage outside Baghdad's Green Zone: Two suicide bombers, dead on the street noticed, at least 2 dead, 13 wounded

Suicide Car Bomb Explodes Near U.S. Troops Handing Out Candy, Killing 18 Children

Pentagon hawk admits Iraq doubts

US dwindling options in Iraq

Why Iraqi Oil Money Has Not Fueled Reconstruction: Smugglers, thieves, insurgent's attacks

War on terror 'a strain on US Army'

Iraqi Sunnis Allege Human Rights Abuse: By Iraq's mostly Shiite security forces

Democrats aim to significantly increase army size

Torture, Sexual Abuse Scandal News

Guantanamo detainee 'degraded and abused, not tortured': US report

Hicks' father outraged as US defends Guantanamo 'dog tricks'

Guantanamo interrogators forced male suspect to wear bra

Anger as US hinders move to investigate Guantanamo abuse

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel and Abbas Are Powerless to Reach the Netanya Shopping Center Bombing Masterminds

Shopping Center Bombing deals blow to "truce" in Mideast

Netanya bombing death toll climbs to 5 as soldier dies of wounds

Top US officials point to Syria, Iran in Israel's shopping center bombing

US Says Syria Gives Safe Harbor to Palestinian Terrorists

Israeli forces kill Palestinian militant in W. Bank

PA blames Israel for Netanya shopping center slaughter

Yesha Council Prepares Three-Day March & Door-to-Door Campaign: Ultimate anti-Disengagement Plan protest

Protests Erupt at Entrance to Gush Katif Settlement: Closed by IDF

IDF Soldiers Refuse Gush Katif Closure Orders

Israel seals off Palestinian territories, suspends talks

Settlers threaten to block Kissufim Junction - Again

'G8 aid to PA will encourage terror'

Shimshon Citrin indicted for attempted lynching murder of Palestinian

Israel's Security Barrier: "The dividing walls must come down" - Editorial

Supreme Court Watch

Rehnquist Hospitalized for Fever in Virginia

Bush Says He Might Consider Newcomers for High Court: Someone who has never sat on the bench before


NOTE: Listen to Kelly McGinley, "Retaking America", Interviewing David Bay, Director, Cutting Edge, On "Occult Signature" of London Attacks - 2pm Central Zone tomorrow, plus replayed on the hour through Monday - "Click Here To Listen" under Kelly's picture


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Poll suggests drop in Bush's personal credibility

Republicans Nervously Eyeing Rove, CIA Probe Amidst Bush's No-Comment

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

U.S. First Lady Spreads Message of Peace and Good Wishes to Muslim School Children: Mrs. Bush was closing out a weeklong trip through Africa with a visit to Rwanda

Laura Bush calls attention to AIDS battle in Africa

Raids, Reprisals Kill 71 in Kenya

War-Divided Ivory Coast Prepares to Disarm - Again

Death Toll in Pakistan Train Crash Rises to 133

Colombian Villages Scarred by Paramilitary Violence Choose Peace Over Justice

Russia to Double Troop Numbers at Kant Airbase in Kyrgyzstan

Hurricane News

C/Edge Weather Control Section

Repeat Hurricanes Have Some Fla. Panhandle Residents Thinking of Leaving for Good

Emily becomes a hurricane

Scientists: Get used to tropical storms - More hurricanes on horizon

Hurricane leaves rural Florida, Georgia reeling: Residents, business owners emerge from the wreckage caused by Dennis' 120 mph winds

Mind Control - In New World Order

Scientists predict brave new world of brain pills: Common use of drugs to improve the mind poses ethical challenge

Mind Control In The Coming Brave New World - DVD - Plus FREE CDROM - by Dr. Nick Begich

Incredible Technologies In The 21st Century - DVD - Plus FREE Interactive CDROM - by Dr. Nick Begich

"The whole earth went after the Beast in amazement and admiration" - Revelation 13:3b

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

Envoys Meet on Strategy Ahead of Revived North Korean Arms Talks

North Korean Leader Kim Jong Il Wants Nuclear-Free Korea

Two California Deputies Die in Helicopter Crash: Third Is Seriously Injured

Unocal May See Richer Offer From CNOOC: But American Opposition to Deal Mounting

Bush Adviser Helped Law Firm Land Job Lobbying for Chinese oil company CNOOC

US Lawmakers Warn Against Unocal Takeover by Chinese CNOOC

Faulty Fuel Gauge Delays Discovery Launch

Harry Potter News

C/Edge Harry Potter Section

Indianapolis Men Say They Have Copies of New Harry Potter Book: Latest breach in what was supposed to be a tightly controlled release

"Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" - Scholastic Website

Record orders for 6th Harry Potter book

Magical night at mall for new Harry launch

From China, Some Relief on Oil Demand: Sudden and mysterious drop in China's oil consumption - After increasing 11% last year, has declined 1% this year

Bill Clinton Defends Wife's Abortion Remarks

Church of England Begins Process to Allow Women Bishops

Nuclear Power Plant News

130 new nuclear power plants to be built throughout the world within 15 years - IAEA forecasts

Russia already has 16,000 tons of spent nuclear fuel

Russia, U.S. to Cooperate in Defending Nuclear Facilities Against Terrorist Attacks

Australia and Chile Sign Nuclear Agreements

Russia sets dates for Iranian Bushehr nuclear plant

Soviet WMDs Possibly Hidden in U.S.: Nuclear and Biological

C/Edge Archives: Debunking Lie That Terrorists Could Actually Detonate Nuclear Device In America - Satellites can detect precise location of every nuclear device in world at any moment of time

Chlamydia Most Common in Teens, Young Adults

Coroner: Toddler killed by LAPD bullet

Opus Dei shuns Da Vinci Code image

Billy Graham declines invitation to hold crusade in London

High security at Bastille Day celebrations in Paris



Wednesday, July 13, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?


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Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Suicide Blast kills four in Baghdad: Near a US checkpoint in the New Baghdad district

Iraq car bomb kills 28, plus one US soldier

Eleven Sunnis shot execution-style in Baghdad

U.S. troops kill 14 insurgents in north, 10 Iraqi soldiers die in attacks in central Iraq

Pentagon says key Zarqawi operative caught in Iraq

Iraq Government Declares: Troops Can Withdraw From Some Cities

Iraqi Prime Minister Al-Jaafari: Exit on Iraq's timetable, not terrorists'

Iraqi PM warns worse to come from insurgents

Egypt vows to avenge ambassador's death

U.S. judge limits use of fraud law against Iraq contractors

Criminal probe for UN oil-for-food head in Iraq: Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau leading investigation

Basra governor calls for fair sharing of oil resources

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Africa's poverty driving global taxation

Australia is to send 150 special forces troops to Afghanistan by September

Seventeen Rebels and a Pro-Government Cleric Killed in Afghanistan

Sunni Muslim group has beheaded an Iranian security agent it abducted last month in officially Shiite Iran

Three Passenger Trains Collide in Southern Pakistan, Killing More Than 110 People

Philippine President will not resign: Adviser declares

Philippines Able to Repay Debt Despite Political Crisis, Credit Warnings, Treasurer Says

Homeland Security Secretary Chertoff Breaking Up Intelligence, FEMA Restored To Original Position, Opening New Policy Unit

Bombs hit Spanish power plan

New Guantanamo commander named: Previous commander was fired for unspecified "inappropriate" practices

Reprimand of Guantanamo Chief Urged, Then Nixed

Massachusetts Tourist Town Toasts the End of Its 150-Year Ban on Alcoho

Great Caesar's Ghost! Gallup finds 1 in 3 Americans Believe Houses Can Be Haunted - 32% of all adults say they believe that “ghosts/spirits of dead people can come back"

Matrix: 2005's 'Big Brother'?

Bush Adviser Helped Law Firm Land Job Lobbying for Chinese oil company CNOOC

Space Shuttle Countdown Enters Final Hours: NASA managers put a brief but embarrassing setback behind them

Asia's highway gets going: Network of highways that links 32 countries spanning Japan at one end and Turkey at the other

EU Official: WTO Meeting in China Making Progress on Proposed Farm Trade Measures

White House: Bush Has Confidence in Rove

Bush urged to look beyond career judge: Senators push for a justice with a broader view

Bush administration is making its case to 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals: Why it's safe to resume Canadian beef imports

The World Of Harry Potter

C/Edge Analysis Articles, Book Reviews

Pope Opposes Harry Potter Novels - Signed Letters from Cardinal Ratzinger Now Online

A Bad Spell: For all his wizardry, it seems that Harry Potter couldn't stop himself falling into the wrong hands

14 Copies of 'Half-Blood Prince' Sold Early

'Harry Potter' Author Tops Amazon "Best-Selling Authors" List

Dumbledore's death in the style of Charles Dickens

Harry Potter in the classroom: Program combines reading and science

Harry Potter and the shrinking stuff: Book sales may set record, but merchandise unwanted



New Cutting Edge Article

London Terror Attacks Carries Strongest "Occult Signature" Imaginable -- From Numerics To Locations Struck - Fellow Occultists Will Know That The "Plan of the Brotherhood" Is On Track

Related Articles Showing Government Complicity

Tony Blair Ordered The London Bombings - Former MI6 operative: The mainstream media ignores vital evidence of an inside job

London Underground Bombing 'Exercises' Took Place at Same Time as Real Attack

London Terror Attack News

Newly Proposed "Anti-Terror" Measures

Majority of the public 'back new terror measures'

EU steps up terror financing fight: After bombs killed more than 50 people in London last week

Body scan machines to be used on Tube passengers: To try to prevent further terrorist attacks - Individual privacy concerns had previously prevented implementation

British Home Secretary Clarke presses for EU fingerprint plan: Speaking at emergency summit called in the wake of the London bombings

Unlawful, Unworkable, Unnecessary: The retention of internet records would not stop terrorist attacks

Aftermath News

Londoners Suspicious Of Station Closures Before Blasts

London still at risk, police warn

Evidence Indicates Four Suicide Attackers Carried Out London Bombings

Security services face worst scenario: Bombers reveal huge gap in intelligence - "Intelligence Failure"?

Police arrest suspect in London bombings investigation: First "breakthrough" - Young, homegrown Muslims accused

London Bombs: The Iraq question

Calls for calm as fear of severe backlash grows: Police pledge to crack down quickly on hate crimes after meetings with Islamic community leaders

Palestinian Gaza mosque welcomes London attacks

Muslim' anguish' over London bombs

British Residents still shut out of homes

CIA-backed technology can instantly spot terrorists in a crowd

Next U.S. Terror Attack — 'Ninety Days at Most'

Israeli - Palestinian War

Palestinian suicide bomber kills 2 in Israel: Outside busy shopping mall - Death toll reaches 4

US condemns Israel suicide bombing at shopping center

Now PA promises crackdown: After suicide bombing at Netanya shopping center

Israel reoccupies West Bank town of Tulkarm: A day after three people were killed by a suicide bomb in an Israeli shopping centre

Israel Closes Gaza Strip Settlements to All Nonresidents to Prevent Anti-Disengagement Protests

Gush Katif Settlement Is Officially Closed

Analysis: Gaza closed, as disengagement gets underway

Disengagement by the Numbers: Statistics - "Zero Israelis, dead or alive, will remain in Gaza"

Protests at the Entrance to Gush Katif

Dummy Bomb A Suspected GSS (General Security Service) Provocation: Said to have been deliberately planted by government to discredit anti-disengagement forces

Knesset to Decide Issue of Egyptian Forces on Philadelphi Route: PM Sharon does abrupt "about-face" on issue

EU offers to serve as Gaza 3rd party presence at the Rafah crossing after Israel leaves the Gaza Strip

PM Sharon Promises Again: No additional pullouts planned after Gaza

Masked gunmen wound senior PA official

South Africa's chief rabbi: Don't compare disengagement to the end of apartheid

Truck infiltrated into the West Bank settlement of Shavei Shomron and exploded in the center of the settlement Tuesday

Coming Home: 400 new immigrants scheduled to land in Israel, largest single-day migration from North America since Israel founded

CFR's Plan to Integrate the U.S., Mexico and Canada

U.S. Senate Approves CAFTA

CAFTA, China and the Carolinas: In the New Deal tradition -- Selling CAFTA to the public

600 From Holy Land to Attend World Youth Day (Aug. 16-21): Almost all of the youths are Palestinians

China to adhere to one-child norm

Second WTC Janitor Comes Forward With Eye-Witness Testimony Of 'Bomb-Like' Explosion in North Tower Basement

Brad Pitt Hospitalized in Los Angeles: Flu-like illness after visiting Ethiopia


Tuesday, July 12, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

New Cutting Edge Article

London Terror Attacks Carries Strongest "Occult Signature" Imaginable -- From Numerics To Locations Struck - Fellow Occultists Will Know That The "Plan of the Brotherhood" Is On Track

Related Articles Showing Government Complicity

Tony Blair Ordered The London Bombings - Former MI6 operative: The mainstream media ignores vital evidence of an inside job

London Underground Bombing 'Exercises' Took Place at Same Time as Real Attack

London Terror Attack News

Majority of the public 'back new terror measures'

Body scan machines to be used on Tube passengers: To try to prevent further terrorist attacks - Individual privacy concerns had previously prevented implementation

Australian Democrat Senator warns on 'cowboy justice': "Respect for international law should underpin the global response to terrorism; should unite nations around the world to combat the threat of terrorism collectively"

Terrorist threats growing: Analysts

Police search homes in bomb probe: U.S. airmen told to stay out of London

US military London ban under review

Terrorist gang 'used military explosives'

Blair faces criticism over delays in manhunt

CCTV Tapes probed in hunt for bomb clues: 2,500 cameras!

Families of Missing Agonize Over Uncertainty: Blair Says Justice Will Be Done

Terror cell 'capable of further attacks'

Police call in foreign terror experts

Mossad tells Brits: Same explosives likely used in Tel Aviv and London blasts

Israeli surgeon hero on bombed London subway

London attacks highlight importance of Iraq war: Bush

Bombs keep shoppers away

BBC edits out the word "terrorist"

Bush says US must 'stay on offense': Cites London attacks to press Iraq course

The Myth of Al-Zarqawi

Officials probe Zarqawi link in London attack

A Leading Egyptian Government Daily Al-Akhbar Charges: ‘Al-Zarqawi is an American Agent’

A fiction as powerful as WMD: It is not withdrawal that threatens Iraq with civil war, but occupation - Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was promoted to replace Saddam as the bogeyman in chief - Iraqis habitually blame the occupation for all acts of terrorism

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Iran says new president won't change nuclear policy

Lebanon bomb kills 2, wounds pro-Syrian minister

Four Who Escaped From U.S. Base in Afghanistan Are a Threat: U.S. Military

Philippine Political Crisis Threatens Fragile Economy

Talks on key South Asia gas link: India and Pakistan have begun talks on a proposed project to pipe gas from Iran to India, through Pakistan

Killer bird flu virus erupts again in Thailand

Hurricane Dennis' Remnants Could Spread Soybean Rust Into the Midwest

Cuban death toll from Dennis raised to 16

Bush Conferring With Senators Over Supreme Court Nomination

US says it backs Japan’s bid for UN council seat

U.S. Lawmakers Say Chinese Support for Unocal Bid Might Violate WTO Rules

White House Won't Comment on Karl Rove, or Leak

NY Times Fights Back: Plans front page splash of Rove, while their reporter sits in jail

House, Senate Chairmen Disagree on Continuing Patriot Act

EU seeks to regulate television on the net

EU Commission targets states over "noise pollution"

U.S. Army struggles to grasp foreign cultures

Employees Waste More Than 2 Hours A Day At Work













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Mysterious 400 Degree Hot Spot Sparks Fire In California: Fissures opened - hottest spot was 11 feet underground, at 584 degrees

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

U.S. troops kill 14 insurgents in north Iraq

32 Iraqis killed in Baghdad, Musil, Karkouk

Iraq Government: Insurgents kill 11 Iraqi soldiers

Saddam's secret police still have long reach: Hunting down those who work for, or even voice support for, the new U.S.-backed government

No decision to withdraw troops from Iraq: UK

Australia considers deployments in Iraq: To decide whether to send more troops

Afghanistan 'needs troops, not Iraq': Australian Labor Party

Iraq suspects suffocate in heat: US troops arrest suspects, then leave them in closed metal container

South Korea's President Roh Opposed to Early Troop Withdrawal From Iraq

More Americans say Iraq War has reduced U.S. safety: Bush's approval rating edges up slightly after London attacks

U.S. May Begin Iraq Troop Drawdown in '06

C/Edge Analysis: IDF Predicts All-Out War in 2006, Following US Withdrawal From Iraq

Wounded troops raising money for veterans: Wounded Warrior Project

Soldier's battle after the battle: Soldiers say military pushes them to discharge before their medical needs are met - Army’s medical system has been overwhelmed by the number of wounded returning

Israeli - Palestinian War

A Forgotten Cabinet Proviso Could Throw Israel’s Gaza Evacuation off Course

Israeli forces can fire on settlers as last resort

Chief of Staff Haltuz: IDF has completed pullout preparations

Platoon commander declares refusal intent

No mercy, no forgiveness: IDF will not forgive soldiers refusing to evict settlers

Gov't accused of planting fake Jerusalem bus station bomb: To incite public opinion against disengagement foes

Gush Katif Settlement Population Swelling: Tent cities are going up to hold anti-disengagement protestors

Letter from Katif: The Expulsion Has Started!

More Reports of Police Brutality

IDF formulating Gaza re-entry option

Palestinian News

Palestinian Authority steps up campaign against security fence

Cabinet OKs Jerusalem barrier plan that "disengages" from 55,000 Arabs

Forecast in Israel: Raining Rockets - Hamas announces new strategy to destroy Israel, replacing suicide bombers with Qassam campaign

'Israel will eventually disappear': Palestine will become a Muslim state

Gunmen assault Palestinian senior interior minister aide - Beaten by masked assailants

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

U.S., Japan agree need progress in North Korea talks

Secretary Rice claims new N. Korea talks showing progress

North Korea agrees to respond to US plan to end nuclear confrontation

US will not attack North Korea - Secretary Rice

Rice: N. Korea must give up nukes

South Korea Agrees on Rice Aid to North Korea

Secretary Rice Doesn't Object to South Korean Food Aid to North Ahead of Negotiations

South Korean Population Density Ranks Third in World

Harry Potter News

Analysis Section - Articles, Book Review, Resources

Keeping Harry under lock and key

New Potter book leaks in Canada


Shuttle risk level acceptable, NASA says: Cites steps taken to improve safety



Monday, July 11, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?


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Beyond Treason DVD: Battlefield Disaster Created by Depleted Uranium, Toxic Vaccinations, plus Chemical and Biological Agents

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Secret Plan To Quit Iraq: Despite warnings of the grave consequences for the region

US, Britain plan to withdraw troops within nine months: Could see British troops coming home by Christmas

British Defense Secretary Reid facing quiz on Iraq withdrawal plans

UK in talks to hand Iraq role in the south to Australia

Australia says no plans to take south Iraq control from Britain

Suicide attacks kill at least 48 in Iraq

Another day of violence rocks Iraq: Family is found slaughtered in eastern Baghdad

Iraqis Divided Over Operation Lightning: Innocent people are being rounded up and arrested

Seven Iraqi soldiers killed in checkpoint battle

Marines target rebels in Fallujah region

Iraq warns neighbors of terror threat spreading across their borders

News Analysis: A partition in Muslim world on Iraq attacks

U.S. military releases LA filmmaker from custody in Iraq: Detained by the U.S. military for nearly two months without being charged

Iraq resumes oil exports to Turkey

Japanese Stocks Rise to 13-Week High, Lifted by Wall Street Gains

Israeli - Palestinian War

American Base In Israel: To be completed 8/31/2005 -- Someone is in a real hurry - New World Order Base for sure

Vice Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to 'Post': Pullout should only take two weeks

Palestinian Chairman Abbas sharply raps Israel’s Jerusalem defense barrier decision

Sharon´s Cabinet: Fence to Divide Jerusalem: Will leave Prime Minister Ariel Sharon open to charges that he has gone back on his promise never to divide the capital

Israel to ask US for $2.2b in aid to fund Gaza withdrawal

IDF plans option of reoccupying parts of Gaza

25 New Homes Near Ofra Slated for Demolition by IDF

Gaza settler paratroopers get time to go home and pack

Israel to be world's largest Jewish community by 2020

Rabbis tell Attorney General Mazuz they can't control protesters

Toyota's New President Says Fuel-Cell Tie-Up With General Motors Is Coming Soon - but Vows to Beat GM

Double duty for power lines: CenterPoint tests high-speed Internet access via wall sockets

Bionic arm 'transformed my life': Special "bionic" arm - a mechanical device directed by his own brain

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton attacks President Bush: Comparing him to Alfred E. Neuman

LAPD Officers Kill Man and Baby He's Holding When He Opens Fire After Coming Out of His House Following Standoff

THE BIRTH OF A CHRISTIAN POLICE-STATE: Written before 9/11 attacks

Evangelist's daughter jailed: Billy Graham's daughter, Virginia Graham Foreman, 59 - accused of physically abusing her husband

Blair Passes G-8 Torch to Russia's Putin: NOTE picture of Putin, Schroeder, and Chirac, the leaderw who declared in April, 2003, that they would not allow the US to force another "Regime Change" - NEWS1802

Terror Attack In London! 7/7/2005

Terror alert highest ever as London police fear new attack

London 'open for business' after bombings

British Home Secretary Clarke wants to track email and phone messages: Will make fresh push to compel internet and phone companies to retain their records of traffic on millions of private emails, text messages and mobile phone calls for up to three years

Bush cites London blasts for war on terror: Ss fresh evidence of the need to aggressively stamp out terrorism

Investors jumped to buy shares of companies that sell biometric technology, video surveillance and other security services: After Thursday's bombings in London

Tony Blair is set to dismiss calls for an inquiry into London terror attacks

Recovery teams battle 'hell on earth' underground: Flowers laid at King's Cross 'garden'

Death toll 'likely to remain at 49'

Clues from million-piece jigsaw point to experienced terrorists

Bombing probers hunt British terror cell: Recruit pattern is emerging

Muslims pray for London bombing victims

Iraq invasion to blame - Arab viewpoint

10 French people missing in London

Police appeal to public for bombings footage which may have been taken in aftermath of bombings

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Body of US commando found in Afghanistan

Bakiyev wins Kyrgyz presidency

Fitch, Standard & Poor's Downgrade Philippine Credit Outlook on Political Turmoil

Indonesian President Calls for Energy-Saving Measures in Face of Fuel Shortages

India: Over 7,200 died of AIDS in two decades

Terrorist camps still operational in Pakistan

Sudan state of emergency lifted: But it will stay in force in Darfur and two eastern states

Rice Tours Reconstruction Efforts at Along Thailand's Tsunami-Battered Southern Coast

Dutch Media Company VNU to Acquire U.S.-Based IMS Health Care Provider for $7 Billion

Hurricane Dennis News

Dennis Pounds Alabama-Florida Coast, Knocks Out Power but Causes Less Damage Than Ivan

Many Residents Along Florida Panhandle Decide to Ride Out Dennis

Developments Regarding Tropical Storm Dennis

Storm quickly weakens after making landfall

Oil Prices Drop Below $59 as Hurricane Dennis Spares Gulf of Mexico Rigs

Supreme Court News

Senators Split on Whether Rehnquist Likely to Step Down

Hispanic Gonzales Seen Likely as a High-Court Nominee

Senator Specter Speculates: O'Connor for Chief Justice?

NASA starts countdown for shuttle launch Wednesday

India beats US in science!




Sunday, July 10, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?


Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Secret Plan To Quit Iraq: Despite warnings of the grave consequences for the region

US, Britain plan to withdraw troops within nine months: Could see British troops coming home by Christmas

UK in talks to hand Iraq role to Australia

Italy: Iraq troop pullout to start in September - But premier leaves room for change in plans

Suicide Bombings Kill at Least 23 in Iraq

Bomb kills 18 Iraq recruits: UK discusses troop cuts

Rebels attack Baghdad's main oil refinery

Attackers Kill Eight Members of a Shiite Family, Father Suspects Sectarian Motive

Marines launch new raid against Iraq insurgents

Iran, Iraq to OK Military Pact, Including Troop Training Help

Pope condemns killing of Egyptian envoy to Iraq

Iraq: An upside-down place

Oilgate: UN Probes Iraq Deals

U.S. Army Ranger on the street interview -- Body count is much higher than reported in Afghanistan

Hurricane News

Category 4 Storm Roars Toward Gulf Coast: Hurricane Dennis closed in on the Gulf Coast early Sunday

Latest Tracking Map

Cuba's deadliest hurricane in 40 years

2005 Sets Mark With 4 Named Storms So Far

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

10 Afghan Soldiers Beheaded by Militants

Downed US Seals may have got too close to Bin Laden

Russia and Asian states welcome USA's sworn enemy, Iran

China, Nigeria sign oil supply pact

'Britain sent me back to Mugabe. Now I'm in hiding' : One man's harrowing story disproves the official British claim that deportees are not at risk

Why Mbeki is still backing Harare: South Africa's President is becoming isolated at home and abroad

Govt fully focused on poverty reduction: Pakistan's President Musharraf

Kyrgyzstan Votes for President to Replace Leader Ousted in Spring Uprising

Russia prioritizes China over Japan for oil

China to go to the Colorado Rockies? To construct and operate oil drilling rigs in the Colorado Rockies - Chinese workers are cheaper and better educated

Chinese car makers gear up to take on western competitors

General Motors Posts Record Sales in China

Potential Flu Outbreak Has Economists Worried



Terror Attack In London! 7/7/2005

The British knew it was coming

Scotland Yard told Israel minutes before explosions it had received warnings of possible terror attacks

London Underground Bombing 'Exercises' Took Place at Same Time as Real Attack: Culpability cover scenario echoes 9/11 wargames

Retrieving bodies is nightmare for London rescuers: Air is absolutely fetid

As Searchers Try to Reach Bodies Below, Investigation Grows: Birmingham Evacuated

Precision timers cause London blasts

Birmingham police carried out controlled explosions Saturday night in the central district, on a bus and in Chinatown following credible intelligence alert.

Prayers for London bomb victims

Pope Urges Prayers for London Attackers, Tells Them: 'Stop in the Name of God!'

Blair Blames London Terror Attack on Arab-Israeli Conflict -- Israel silent on claim

Palestinians condemn London attacks

Islamic centres attacked in Auckland, New Zealand: Walls painted with the message 'Londoners RIP'

Terror: The front line is really our own back yard

Mastermind of Madrid terror attack is seen as key figure in London's attack

Moroccan denies link to London blasts

Israeli - Palestinian War

Vice Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to 'Post': Pullout should only take two weeks

1,000 Anti-disengagement Guests in Gush Katif

Settlers leave illegal Amona homes

More IDF Soldiers Say, "I Cannot Expel Jews"

PA welcomes $3b. aid package from G-8

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

U.S. will never be able to use arms on North Korea- South Korea's President Roh

North Korea agrees to rejoin nuclear talks

North Korea refuses to scrap nuclear weapons first

Rice: Nuke Talks With N.Korea Only a Start

U.S. recognizes North Korea as sovereign state - Rice

Landslides in North Korea leave 88 dead

Dangerous race in space: Japan urged on by the US, which seeks a more heavily armed and militarily active partner in the Asia-Pacific

Wolfowitz offers World Bank help on climate change

G4 bid to break into UN Security Council runs into opposition

Divers Come Up Empty in Aruba Search


Saturday, July 9, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?


New WTC Tower is a giant Obelisk with an eternal torch on top: New tower will also stand 1776 ft high - 1776 is date Masters of the Illuminati was founded, 66 days before Declaration of Independence

C/Edge Article Archives: Posted September 24, 2001

World Trade Center To Be Memorialized With An Eternal Flame! Illuminist Killing Activities -- Most Prominent Killings Carry A "Brotherhood of Death Signature" of An Eternal Flame!

Cuba, Venezuela would fight US attack as one: Venezuela's President Chavez warns

Israeli - Palestinian War

Orange Flag Confiscated: "Orange Sabbath" to Commence

Sharon To Palestinians: OK to attack before and after pullout

In Prison with the Anti-Disengagement Protestors

Court Bars Road Protestor, Age 52, Housewife, From Home

Hundreds of Negev Arab Bedouin have threatened a new intifada if the government tears down 160 illegal shacks

Disarmament not discussed in Lebanon, says PA Chairman Abbas

Palestinian killed in anti-fence protest

G-8 Summit News

Live 8 heroes welcome G8 aid boost

Promises made, "significant" G8 summit now must lead to results

British Government defends G8 aid boost

G-8 leaders pledge $3b. for Palestinians

African head defends G8 agreement

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Iran’s proven oil deposits put at over 132 billion barrels

China and Russia up the ante against USA in Central Asia

Taliban vow to kill American soldier

Taliban Now Claims: We killed missing American commando

Sunni Muslim Cleric killed in Karachi, Pakistan

Bin Laden isn't in Afghanistan

Dutch aid worker shot in Aceh Province

Garang swearing-in seals Sudan peace

Brazil's President Lula names union man to Cabinet amid scandal

Rice Says China Committed to North Korea's Denuclearization

Four More Detainees to be Released From Gitmo Prison

Judge Rules: Pentagon Can't Fund Scout Jamboree Because Scouts Require Members To Affirm Oath of Duty To God

Turkey Considers Russian Defense Offer: Main battle tanks, attack helicopters, combat vehicles and a satellite for Turkey's military

Homosexual malevolence in Notre Dame Cathedral: Judge rules that For the next six days, 49 rainbow flags will flutter on the Bridge of Lions after a three-year battle by gay-rights organizations

Terror Attack In London! 7/7/2005

Police: London blasts were seconds apart, not 26 minutes as first reported - three bombs went off nearly simultaneously at about 8:50 AM

London placed on highest state of alert: Authorities afraid bombers could strike again

British Bombing: Focus on Moroccan cleric

Queen defiant after attacks

London commuters reluctantly descend into Underground

Investigators Search for Clues, While Families Search for Loved Ones in London Bomb Blasts

London Bombs Likely Simple and Homemade

Israeli woman missing in London

Tony Blair Says Leaders Must Faces Terrorism's Root Causes: Cites deprivation, lack of democracy and ongoing conflict in the Middle East

Netanyahu had been on way to London hotel near blasts

U.K. attacks trigger official fears that Japan is next

U.S. Terror Attack — “ Ninety Days at Most ” - Terrorist expert predicts

"Bettor" Days for Gonzales: The money, literally, is moving to Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales as the pick to succeed Justice Sandra Day O'Connor on the Supreme Court

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Fighters set ablaze Iraqi oil refinery: Huge fire reported

US Military Launches Fourth Offensive in Volatile Iraqi Province in Less Than a Month

US: Iraq militants dealt sharp blow in Baghdad

Royal Irish Regiment heading back to Iraq

Kidnapped Egyptian diplomat killed in Iraq

Slain Diplomat's Case Opens Iraq, Egypt Rift

Iraq urges Egypt to come clean on rebel contacts

UN Council condemns Egyptian envoy death in Iraq

Iraq urges foreign diplomats to stay

Egypt to Cut Its Staff in Baghdad

US ‘Embassy in Iraq to remain open’

Italy sets date to pull troops out of Iraq: Speculation over terror fears as 300 to leave in September

Hurricane Dennis pummels Havana, 32 dead

Hurricane Dennis Approaching Florida Keys, Threatening Gulf Coast

Hurricane Dennis Tracking Map

Shell evacuates 555 workers from US Gulf before Dennis

D.C. Wonders When Rehnquist Will Go

Illegal Immigrants Nabbed After Speaking Loudly On Plane: Marshal Overhears Conversation, Alerts Authorities

Muslim prayer to be key in terror trial

"Life Church TV" - Become like the world to reach the world - Prophesied apostasy continues rapidly

Avian Flu Moves Among Wild Geese

Update Archives

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