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July 1, 2006
Thursday, July 6, 2006

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Double Crises -- North Korea and Israel

Non-Integrating States News - North Korea

New World Order Plan: Exposed in our newest Headline News Article: "North Korea Begins Final Phase of Conditioning To Make People Believe She Can Hit Targets In 10,000-Mile Radius"

More North Korea rockets ready: North Korea has three or four more missiles on launch pads

Defiant North Korea vows to continue missile tests

Korean missile launch: Swift action needed - UN urges

Split over North Korea missile test response in the UN: Russia and China resisting calls by the US and Japan for tough action

China to send talks envoy to North Korea

Best for all concerned if China brought North Korea to heel

North Korea Warns U.N. Against Sanctions

North Korea: Another headache for Bush

Venezuela's Chavez planning arms-for-oil trip to N. Korea - Aiming to expand anti-American alliances

Roh, Bush Stress Diplomatic Solution To North Korean Missile Tests

Israeli - Palestinian War

Kidnapped Israeli soldier kept in Gaza bunker

Kidnappers relax their demand: Hamas possibly trying to smuggle kidnapped soldier out of Gaza

For Israelis, soldier's abduction opens old wounds

Israelis Create Buffer Zone in North Gaza: Designed to prevent Kassam terror rocket attacks

Israel approves stepped up attacks on Hamas

Israeli forces, Gaza gunmen in fierce clash

IAF strike in southern Gaza town leaves at least 10 wounded

11 Months Later, IDF Re-enters Former Jewish Towns in Gaza

EU Tones Down Criticism of Israel

Five top Hamas leaders will continue to pass their time behind bars in an Israeli prison: Palestinians consider their arrest and imprisonment to be a slap in the face

IDF operation tracks Hamas money trail

Gay leader not daunted by Muslim threat

Prepare For The War To Come: Wars tend to widen in location and intensity

Pakistani army led by General Pervez Musharraf had moved nuclear warheads during the Kargil war so that they could be used against India: President Clinton knew of the move, even though no politician other than Musharraf knew

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq

Suicide car bomber blasted two coaches carrying Iranian pilgrims outside a Shiite Muslim shrine in Iraq: 12 dead

Angry stand-off with medics after US marines raid Iraqi hospital

Iraqi PM slams immunity of US troops: Has called for an independent inquiry into the alleged rape and murder of a teenager and killing of her family by US soldiers and a review of foreign troops' immunity from Iraqi law

Occupation Is Wanton Murder: Editorial by Gary Younge - Numbers of atrocity cases increasing rapidly

Ex-GI Accused in Iraq Rape Had Rocky Past

Iran certain Iraq will overcome problems: With the backing of the people, wisdom, vigilance, unity, and trust in God

Congressional Panel orders Abu Ghraib papers from Pentagon

Arab states urged to cancel Saddam-era debt

Iraq will never allow outlawed groups to acarry out attacks against Iran: Parliament Speaker Mahmoud al-Mashhadani

Iraq considers arming insurgents

War As A Political Strategy: Time for another of President Bush's Photo-ops?

US army charges Iraq war objector: First Lieutenant Ehren Watada believes war is illegal

Former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright today harshly criticized the Iraq war: Calling it the "biggest mistake in US history

A happy birthday, Mr President? 66 per cent of American voters now believe the country is heading in the wrong direction, while a poll revealed Bush to be the worst president since the Second World War

Iran's Nuke Talks: Hit-squad fears - assassin squads said to be targeting Iran's delegation

'Bombing Iran won't help' -- Top Pentagon officers have told President Bush

The military’s problem with the President’s Iran policy: "American and European intelligence agencies have not found specific evidence of clandestine activities or hidden facilities; the war planners are not sure what to hit"

Minute inspection to check for damage on space shuttle's hull

Two-minute silence to mark London 7/7 attacks

Lay's death complicates efforts to seize assets: Another bizarre twist to the Enron saga

Skepticism over GM megadeal mounts: Analysts raise questions about viability of global alliance with Renault-Nissan

Gambler Kerkorian holding GM's fate is creepy thought: Editorial

NAFTA Taking Shape As A Nation

In Mexico, 2.5 Million Missing Votes Reappear: IFE's Claim that 98.5 Percent of Votes Had Been Counted Was False

NYC Mayor Says U.S. Depends on Immigrants

Documents reveal plan for Mexican trucks in U.S.: Internal e-mails belie public statement, suggest aim to expand quietly

Mexico conservative looks headed for election win

Better than soaps, Mexico gripped by vote thriller

Immigration the Hot Campaign Issue Across America

Prosecutors go soft on Limbaugh Viagra: Officials decide against charges for prescription in doctor's name


Double Crises -- North Korea and Israel

Non-Integrating States News - North Korea

New World Order Plan: "A hair-raising nuclear confrontation in Korea may, towards the end of the period, threaten man's very survival." [Peter Lemesurier, "The Armageddon Script", p. 223]

North Korea tests long-range missile -- At least 6 missiles test-fired, including a long-range Taepodong-2, despite repeated warnings from the international community

North Korea launches seventh missile Wednesday afternoon: S.Korean military

Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Which Could Reach US Failed

US: 'Provocative' North Korea launches not a threat

N. Korea's missile test jeopardizes regional stability

UN Security Council to meet over North Korea missiles -- Japan To Introduce Resolution

Yen weakens on reports of N Korea missile launches

NORAD monitored launch of N. Korean missiles

Australia condemns North Korean missile tests

Israeli - Palestinian War


Security Cabinet approves deeper incursion into Gaza

IAF Intensifies Attacks After Rocket Hits Heart of Ashkelon - Fact That Ashkelon Could Come Under Attack Intensifies Security Concerns

Declaration of War: Qassam rocket attack on Ashkelon is part of overall Hamas battleplan. Israel must drop the gloves and respond in kind

Terror attack in heart of Israel thwarted

Israel warns of "long war" over kidnapped soldier

PM Olmert Issues Veiled Threat Against Syria

IDF raises alert on Syrian border

IAF strikes school building in Gaza

Hamas cabinet detainees get first lawyer visit

Arab MKs fume at terror support bill: New bill that would suspend Knesset members who support or identify with terror organizations

US$100 million transferred to Palestinian Chairman Abbas

Arab League transfers USD 50 million to Palestinian Authority: Saudi Arabia also provides USD 50 million

Egyptian TV Promoting Anti-Semitism and Child "Martyrdom": Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak portraying himself as honest broker in Middle East

Bush's foreign friends fading fast

July 4 News

Patriotic Fervor Leaps High For Troops, Fourth of July Holiday

Bush spends 4th with troops: The president celebrates nation's 230th birthday and his 60th

Flags burn in celebration of July 4 holiday: Declared that flag burning was not a protest, but a celebration of the Constitution's First Amendment

Discovery Shuttle's tank 'performed well'

Up to six pieces of debris fell off Discovery: NASA declares

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq

Only a UN-led peace process can halt the Iraq catastrophe: Iraq War disaster leading to Global Government!

Iraqi justice minister calls for international oversight of rape-slaying case

Rape-killing case elicits ire in Iraq: Female legislators demand justice after American soldiers are accused of killing family

In Texas Town, Few Knew Ex-Soldier Charged In Iraq Rape-Murder Case

Iraqis demand own inquiry in US soldier rape case

Withdrawal date to dishonour troops: Bush’s independence day speech

Gunmen free kidnapped Iraqi deputy minister

Oil smugglers leaving Basra in disarray

Former regime elements form the core of Iraq insurgents

Man serves year of duty in Iraq because of clerical error

Circling the wagons in an Iraqi city of Ramadi: Marines start running the moment they step outside in 120-degree heat

RAF doctor who refused Iraq under home detention

Homelessness a Threat for Returning Iraq Vets

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

EU to pressure Iran over nuclear program: "Iran holds all the cards"

Iran Rejects Quick Answer to Nuke Incentives Package

China urges Iran to respond to nuclear package

Bomb in Kabul wounds six: 12 Taliban insurgents were killed in a clash in the south where NATO forces are set to take control

British Soldiers who went to build bridges in Afghanistan fight for their lives

59 Afghans to return soon from Guantanamo Bay Prison

Real-life film on Gitmo Bay prisoners to be released next week

Venezuela has joined the South American trade bloc Mercosur

East Timor rebels hand in weapons

UN will stand by Liberia as it consolidates peace

Bali bombers seek review as executions loom

EU to investigate Italy measures over bird flu

CIA Reportedly Disbands Bin Laden Hunting Unit

Canada confirms mad cow disease in a Manitoba pure-bred beef cow

NAFTA Taking Shape As A Super-Nation

Leftist Demands Full Recount in Mexico's presidential election -- Closest presidential race ever

Mexico leftist presidential candidate threatens street protests over vote

Illegal Status Hinders Mexican Voting Bloc

Kansas City customs port considered Mexican soil? Investigation finds new evidence U.S. facility to be on foreign territory

Hiring Only Legal Workers Grower's Dilemma

Hillary Clinton Draws Line on Backing Lieberman

Governors, senators -- they're all humming 'Hail to the chief': Seems like anyone who can run for president in 2008 is considering it

Brain rewired itself in coma miracle: New study of man who spent 19 years in 'vegetative state'

Catholic Priest serves four parishes in Maine and Canada: As numbers of priests continue to decline

China to take 2007 auto show by storm: Three carmakers have big plans for Detroit displays

DaimlerChrysler Chief: Unafraid of GM tie-up with Renault-Nissan



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