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July 1-15, 2008


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'New Yorker' says cover was meant to mock attacks on Obama

UN Evacuates Staffers from Sudan's Darfur

'First Guantanamo video' released

Bush drops moratorium on offshore drilling

Fannie, Freddie Lure Debt Investors as Shares Plunge (Update2)

FDIC chair: deposits in nation's banks are safe

Blair Postpones Gaza Visit Due to `Specific Security Threat'

Global Expansion of H274Y Tamiflu Resistance

Terrorism expert downplays shock bracelets for airline passengers

Power brokers due at Bohemian Grove

Bank chiefs in Europe face the ax

Divide And Conquer
The Anglo-American Imperial Project

PROOF! Bush is a felon! FISA and more.....

Torture and the rule of law

The Pyrrhic Victory Of
The Great Decider

President George W Bush backs Israeli plan for strike on Iran

Monsanto patent fight ensnares Missouri farm town

Kucinich: Demand that Congress Issue Subpoenas for Continuity of Government Plans

Paulson Seeks Authority to Shore Up Fannie, Freddie

Fed offers to lend to mortgage companies, Treasury plans possible equity investment

Analysts Say More Banks Will Fail

SEC to Probe Manipulation Through False Information (Update2)

Feds cite Schumer in collapse of IndyMac

Dollar Gains as Paulson Seeks Equity Stakes in Freddie, Fannie

Bernanke Embrace by Democrats May Turn as Fed Seeks More Powers

Bernanke Embrace by Democrats May Turn as Fed Seeks More Powers

U.S. Soldiers No Longer Find Haven in Canada

Boho go loco!
Masters of the Universe have a gay old time at the Bohemian Grove

Report: Bush administration milked untruths about Tillman, Lynch during sour times

Treasuries Gain as Stocks Fall on Concern Bank Losses to Worsen

Mortgage Giants’ Collapse Could Herald 1930’s Style Depression

Iran discovers billion-barrel oil field

Bill Clinton ‘problem’ rules out Hillary as Barack Obama’s running mate

U.S. terrorism watch list tops 1 million

I-Team: Injection Used To Subdue Prisoners

Get a Grip, America

Ahmadinejad says he met 'occupying commander' in Iraq

July 14, 2008


Bush lifts executive ban on offshore drilling

Power brokers due at Bohemian Grove

Olmert says Mideast peace deal closer than ever

Terrorism expert downplays shock bracelets for airline passengers

Torture and the rule of law

President Bush backs Israeli plan for strike on Iran

Iran and Russia sign major oil deal

Credit Crisis

Bernanke's Embrace By Democrats Most Helpful As He Seeks The Greatest expansion of his office's powers since the Great Depression

Treasury Secretary Paulson Seeks More Authority to Shore Up Fannie, Freddie

Dollar Gains

US spells out Fannie-Freddie backstop plan

Rescue of Fannie, Freddie calms markets for now

Analysts Say More Banks Will Fail

SEC to Probe Manipulation Through False Information - Was rumor- mongering used to manipulate stocks?

Anheuser-Busch accepts $52 billion InBev offer

Office supply sector may see more consolidation

Presidential Politics

Is the New Yorker's Muslim Obama cover incendiary or satire?

Why Jesse Jackson attacked Barack Obama

Obama says he'll make immigration reform a priority: Candidate pledges to find a way for illegal immigrants to gain citizenship

McCain: I've earned Hispanics' trust - By championing immigration reform which would lead to citizenship

Obama invites Latinos to 'walk together' into White House

Obama Borrows Page From Hillary: Providing tax breaks to small businesses

Editorial - Enough of taco politics

For some, Republican John McCain is 'too old'

Troops in Afghanistan Need Help, Obama Says

Nine US troops, dozens of rebels dead in Afghan attack

Pope rests ahead of World Youth Day: Spiritual leader of the world's 1.1 billion Catholics

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Bush to hasten Iraq troop withdrawal in bid to help McCain win White House

2 Army vets, senators travel with Obama to war zones

Obama mourns US troop deaths, swipes at McCain

Do Visits to Iraq Equal Perspective? Obama Says No

Obama plots 2010 Iraq troop withdrawal

US weighs sending Iraq troops to Afghanistan by pulling them from Iraq

Baghdad denies end of talks on troop deal with Washington

US pleased, worried, by newfound Iraqi confidence

British Troops accused of Iraq boy abuse

Iraq handing out cash to people on the streets

Kabbalah is only thing saving Madonna's marriage: Madonna and her husband Guy Ritchie are treated as the "uncrowned king and queen" of Kabbalah, the mystical form of Judaism

North Korea to sign ASEAN treaty: Non-aggression treaty with its Southeast Asian neighbours


Israeli - Palestinian War

Why the Gaza cease-fire might hold

Beirut-Damascus deal as first Mid-East success

Israel transfers Lebanese prisoners ahead of exchange deal with Hizbullah

Israeli Government Releases Names of Hizbullah Terrorists to be Freed

Israel fears post-prisoner swap attack

Paris summit: Leaders pledge to work for WMD-free Middle East: Including Israel and Arab states

FM Livni steers clear of PM Olmert in Paris

Surgical strike on Olmert: Slew of investigations faced by prime minister irreversibly damaged his image

New suspicions stun politicians: Political establishment shocked by new charges against PM

Obama Gives Final Burial to "Undivided Jerusalem" Statement

A battle far from Iraq, but just as hot: California fire-fighters battling wildfire blaze


July 12-13, 2008


Olmert says Mideast peace deal closer than ever

Hizbullah gets veto power in Lebanon

North Korea pledges fully disabled nuclear plant by Oct

Middle East war dance is mostly for show but not entirely without risk

Russian FM: Iran missile tests prove U.S. missile shield unnecessary

Iran says US, Israel not in a position to attack

White House puts warming threats on back burner: Passes issue to next President

Obama doesn't rule out Hillary Clinton for vice president

Regulators Seize Mortgage Lender

Non-Integrating States News - Afghanistan

Kabul Attack Shakes Confidence in Karzai Police Plan

US to investigate air strike that killed 47 Afghan civilians in a wedding party

Nine British soldiers injured in 'friendly fire'

Reinforcements on way to help 'exhausted' California firefighters battling 320 wildfires

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

In Media Obscurity, A Way Out of Iraq

For families of two slain soldiers, at last, closure

HBO's drama of Marines in Iraq has gritty edge

The US Army and its rigorous self-critique on Iraq

Iraq, Turkey agree to boost ties: To mutually fight Kurdish rebels

'Lob bombs' biggest worry for US in Baghdad

US military deaths in Iraq war officially at 4,116 Thursday

Behold A Pale Horse

Non-Integrating States News - Iran (Ancient Persia)

"Rumors of Wars" Continues

Iran-EU nuclear talks to resume on July 19 in Geneva

No concessions in nuclear talks with EU: Iran

Official: Iran missile tests used 'old equipment' - No new capabilities revealed

Iranian rockets too short-range to justify missile shield: Russia

IDF: Air Force jets aren't training in Iraq - part of rehearsal for possible bombing of Iranian nuclear facilities; IDF: Reports are unfounded

Iraq denies reports of IAF using its airspace for preparation for Iran attack

'Israeli war drill' report originated in Iran? Media hysteria follows uncredited claim Jewish state practicing nuke site attack in Iraq

US Navy recently held missile defense test of the communications network supporting its Aegis missile defense system across the Middle East

Editor's Notes: No repeat of Osirak - Destroying Saddam's nuclear reactor was "incredibly risk" bombing run - Iran will be waiting this time and facilities are scattered underground


Israeli - Palestinian War

Nobody thinks we won: Recent cabinet session on Hizbullah proves we lost Second Lebanon War

Israeli generals urge 'diplomatic disarmament'

IDF prepares as truce 'could be in final stages': Could fail anytime

Internal Security Minister Dichter: Jerusalem attacks not an intifada

MKs slam Olmert, urge him to quit

'PM invented, oversaw fraud mechanism'

Non-profit groups 'feel cheated' by Olmert

Palestinians complain to US about Israeli raids

Rice: US will stand by Israel on Iranian threat

Are Turkey's generals more faithful democrats than Lebanon's politicians? The country's notoriously assertive generals are watching some of their own be brought before the courts on suspicion of plotting a coup against an elected civilian government - and the brass has not reverted to its old ways

Audio CD

Roman Catholic News

Pope Benedict leaves for pilgrimage to Australia

Picture In Article, Above, Shows Zoroasterian Tradition Still Being Followed: Pope Wears White, Others Wear Black or Dark Blue

"Illuminist Symbolism Dating Back 4,000 Years Ago! White/Black Dress Symbolism Shouts That The Pope Is God! When any Illuminist leader anywhere in the world, visits the Pope, he or she wears almost always wears black, while the Pope wears white. This symbolism dates back to Zarathustra and Zoroasterism . Its use today is pure Illuminism!"

Fury as Zimbabwe sanctions vetoed by UN Security Council

EU Parliament calls for sanctions against Zimbabwe's President Mugabe

Moderate 5.9 earthquake rocks southern New Zealand; no injuries or damage

Presidential Politics

Backlash: 2 million angry Democrats reject Obama? Raise $10 million for Clinton campaign debt, urge her return

Obama Camp Disputes Accounts of Sagging Donations

Glow Fading? Latest NEWSWEEK Poll shows Barack Obama leading John McCain by only 3 points - Statistical Deadheat

Rev. Jackson Owes God, Not Obama, an Apology

Obama's hairy struggle to shake off hippies

Obama's Iraq Withdrawal Plan May Prove Difficult: U.S. Commanders in Iraq Warn of Security Dangers, See Logistical Nightmare

Controversy precedes Obama Germany visit

Obama wants Bin Laden executed

McCain Adviser Attempts to Clarify Viagra vs. Birth Control Comments

California Judge dismisses juvenile case prompting homeschool ban: Advocate calls decision 'significant favorable development' for families



July 11, 2008


Iran Attack plans spiked?

OPEC warns against military conflict with Iran

Oil prices expected to come down to earth


Rev. Jesse Jackson apologizes for his wanting to cut off Obama's testicles

Rush Limbaugh Says Hillary Will Get Democratic Nomination

Kucinich to bring single article of impeachment for misleading US into war

High food prices may cut opposition to genetically modified food


Non-Integrating States News - Iran (Ancient Persia)

Iran says Solana nuclear talks set for July 19 in Geneva

Why the US won't attack Iran

Iran's missiles are just for show: Propaganda rather than Peril

Is Iran getting ready to negotiate on nukes?

Iranian missile photo altered

News Analysis: Tensions mount in Mideast as Iran test-fires missiles

Iran General Warns: Our finger is always on the trigger

U.S. source disputes Iran missile tests

Israeli jets flying over Iraqi territory in preparation for strike on Iran

Jewish Editorial - What Iran really wants - "The entire story about Iran and a possible strike is foolish"

Airlines blame speculators for fuel prices: 'Some estimate prices reflect $30 to $60 per barrel in unnecessary costs'

U.S. analyst's case hints at breadth of Chinese espionage

U.S. officials rush to reassure markets about loan agencies

Emerging nations join G-8 in climate declaration

Presidential Politics

Jackson's Obama comments almost went unnoticed

Thank you, Jesse: Because of Jackson's crude comment, candy seller's site getting a lot more hits

Jackson Incident Revives Some Blacks' Concerns About Obama

A Gift from Jesse: Reverend Jackson's slam helps Obama's centrist credentials

Barack Obama forgets one detail for Hillary Rodham Clinton

McCain's broken marriage fractured Reagan friendship

AFL-CIO Falsely Attacks McCain

Poll: Obama extends national lead over McCain

Gramm Remark Adds to McCain's Difficulty Addressing the Economy: Sen. Gramm said America had become a "nation of whiners"

McCain Takes Issue With 'Whiners' View

McCain camp raises $22 million in June

More Government Power!

Fed chief: Gov't needs more power when firms fail

Foreclosure rescue to pass Senate; House next - Struggling homeowners who can't afford their mortgages and banks facing big losses would get government help under a foreclosure rescue that has broad bipartisan support

Housing bailout includes new fingerprint demand: Hundreds of thousands of individuals, never suspected of crime, are targeted

Fannie, Freddie Too Critical to Fail: Lawmakers

Bank of Israel Announcement Slams Down Shekel: Bank will buy $100 million per day

N. Korean soldier kills S. Korean tourist

What Could be a Big Surprise for the US Dollar?

Bush signs spy bill and draws lawsuit


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Bush outfoxed in the Iraqi sands

US Senate OKs promotions of 2 Iraq war generals

Sen. Robert Byrd - "Why I Voted Against Promoting Petraeus"

Two U.S. Soldiers Kidnapped in Iraq in 2007 Found Dead

Hizbullah said to train Shiite militiamen in Iraq as part of Iranian proxy war

U.N. scheme to make Christians criminals: Sharia-following Islamic nations demanding anti-'defamation' law

Audio CD

Israeli - Palestinian War

'Peace partner' officially rejects truce with Israel: While Hamas terrorists use time-out to rearm, produce advanced rockets

Hamas Preparing to Pounce: IDF sources warn

Two Years Later: Waiting for Dead Bodies While Hizbullah Re-Arms

Suspicion: 2 IDF soldiers bribed by Palestinians at checkpoint

Poll: Most Kadima voters want Olmert out of primary race

Police Determine: Victims of bulldozer attack killed before first police shot fired

PA-Sponsored Blood Libels Continue

Signs that Olmert is Backing Off from Fight to Remain PM

Afghanistan's 'sons of the soil' rise up


July 10, 2008


Warrantless-search Legislation Moves Forward

Senate easily passes wiretap bill

Top Democrat may back new offshore drilling

Oil adds a penny on US data, tension from Iran missile tests

Turkey consulate attack act of 'terrorism': U.S. envoy

U.S. aircraft carrier shifted to Afghanistan from Iraq

Developing nations: reject G-8 climate plan

Electromagnetic Warfare

The weapons of World War III

"It will 'be fought in the electromagnetic spectrum' "

"Others (foreign scientists) are engaging even in an
eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off
earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves."

Defense Secretary William Cohen, "COHEN ADDRESS 4/28 AT CONFERENCE ON TERRORISM"

April 28, 1997 University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia

Presidential Politics

Jesse Jackson apologizes for crude remark about Obama - "See Barack, been um, talking down to black people on this faith based ... I want to cut his n_ts off"

Obama’s ‘Sister Souljah Moment’ on the Surveillance Bill

Was the Obama family interview with Access Hollywood a mistake?

Obama Addresses the League of United Latin American Citizens

What to do about Iraq? Obama's getting a lot of advice

McCain's camp highlights differences with Bush

McCain and Obama call for new pressure on Iran

McCain goes after female vote with town hall event

Obama Targets Woman Voters

Centrist Shifts Threaten Obama's Support Among Liberals

Clinton donors hesitant to show love for Obama

Jesse Ventura may again climb into the political ring

Pentagon to Rebid $40 Billion Air Force Contract

Hurricane Bertha set to regain strength in Atlantic

UN says 7 Darfur peacekeepers killed, 22 wounded

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Bombs kill 14 in Iraq and dozens wounded

Electoral pressure seen driving Iraq pullout timetable demands

General: Iraq needs long-term U.S. military help

Iraqi forces estimated to become proficient in ‘09

Republican National Committee: Obama Running in Place on Iraq

US Iraq war hero Medic Joseph Dwyer dies of apparent drugs overdose

Israeli - Palestinian War

US warns Iran on missile threat

Israel Signs Prisoner Exchange with Hezbollah

Israel and U.S. Condemn Iranian Missile Test, Call for Halt

Israel, Hamas trade cows for calm as part of truce

Israel says 2 Arab citizens helped al-Qaeda

Israel's separation barrier unchanged

Israel Cracks Down on Hamas in the West Bank

Israel 'soft' on settler attacks

Cancer-stricken Kennedy gets ovation on Senate return

Erratic winds prompt new evacuations in California

Much of U.S. West Coast Under `Explosive' Fire Threat

'Gay' man sues Bible publishers: $70 million for emotional distress because homosexuality cast as sin


July 9, 2008


Six Killed in Shootout at U.S. Consulate in Istanbul

Opposition to Iraq War Hits 68% in U.S.

G-8 leaders to declare oil, food costs a major threat

U.S. stocks solidly higher as oil drops, Fed talk calms worries

Google developing eavesdropping software

Army Yanks Their 'Voice-To-Skull Devices' Web Site

G-8's Climate Demands Set Up Showdown With Emerging Economies

Platts review bars Lehman from key oil trade window

Japan Machine Orders Rise at 10 Times Estimated Pace


Non-Integrating States News - Iran (Ancient Persia)

War Games: Iran tests missiles in Persian Gulf, Straits of Hormouz -- "I assure you that there won't be any war in the future," President Ahmadinejad

Defiant Iran angers US with missile test

Secret US-Iranian Dialogue Brings Oil Prices down, Shakes up Mid East Alliances

President Ahmadinejad in Malaysia for D8 summit (Group of Eight Developing Islamic Countries)

Former EPA Official Says Cheney's Office Deleted Warming Testimony

Presidential Politics

McCain shifts his message toward Latino immigrants

Obama vows immigration 'priority' to Hispanics

Analyzing the Youth Vote: Will students turn out to vote this fall?

Obama Grants First Family Interview To "Access Hollywood"

'Science fiction like' weapons on tap for political conventions

Barack Obama heads to London for European tour

Fed ready to aid investment banks with emergency cash

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israeli troops raid city hall and mosques in West Bank

Israel has agreed to an unusual request from Egypt to reopen border crossings with Gaza

Palestinian Towns: 'It's like living at the end of the world'

Hamas chemical bomb makers arrested

G8remains committed to helping Palestinians

National Security Cabinet to discuss Hizbullah armament

Iran Test-Fires Missile It Claims Can Reach Israel

Israeli High Court Won't Give Time of Day to Appeal Against Kuntar Deal

Bush pushes India nuclear deal

Clashes erupt in Tripoli, Lebanon - 4 killed

Crude falls over $5 as commodities sell off - Crude oil drops $9 in two days

US Marines Claim: 400 Afghan insurgents killed

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Iraq bomb kills 3 police officers, civilian

McCain, Obama at odds over Iraqi withdrawal demand

Iraq to reject US deal without pullout

McCain downplays talk of hard timelines for troop withdrawals from Iraq

The story of Mosul: Few jobs, lots of trouble

Pentagon putting more air power on Afghanistan - As situation in Iraq improves

Russia threatens military response to US missile defence deal with the Czech Republic


July 8, 2008


Oil prices drop on signs that Iran nuclear tensions are easing

Commodities Slump, Led by Grains, as U.S. Crop Outlook Improves

US regulator requires stricter Dubai oil trade rule

G-8 endorses halving global emissions by 2050

A region in flames whose leaders seem not to notice

Hezbollah and Israel sign prisoner swap deal

Brazil to Buy Dozens of Fighter Jets to Defend Amazon and Offshore Oil



Non-Integrating States News - Iran (Ancient Persia)

EU foreign policy chief Solana hopes to meet Iran negotiator

Iranian minister sees new positive environment for EU talks

Iran's Revolutionary Guards hold war games

Iran to hit Tel Aviv, if attacked

Israeli threats to Iran are 'bluff for now'

'US won't let Israel attack Iran'

Iran urges UN to help free kidnapped diplomats captured in Lebanon in 1982

Tehran looks beyond Bush

GM, Ford say China sales rise sharply

Non-Integrating States News - Afghanistan

Huge blast at Indian Embassy in Kabul kills 41: Deadliest suicide car bombing since the American-led invasion of Afghanistan in 2001

Afghan official suggests Pakistan linked to Indian Embassy bomb

Suicide blast in Kabul stokes regional tensions

Bodies of Kabul attack victims arrive in India

Now it's war against India in Afghanistan

Serbia approves pro-Western government

Viacom-YouTube Ruling Triggers Far-Reaching Privacy Concerns

Moral Collapse

Sex acts on Provincetown beaches prompt outrage

Mama mia! Teen births haunt Beverly, Massachusetts

Undercover ‘john’ takes on trannies, pimps

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Iraq Wants US Troops Withdrawal Timetable

White House says no "hard date" for withdrawal in Iraq talks

US may cut troops in Iraq no matter who is president

US military says 4 contractors killed in blast

Female suicide bomber kills two in Baquba market

The sad saga of a soldier from Long Island

Iraqi parliament set to vote on elections law


Feds target children with live flu vaccine: The Formula planned for possibly millions, contains live virus that can spread on contact

North Korea nuclear talks to resume: Six-nation talks

North Korea rejects any possibility of summit with South Korea

New Russian President Medvedev holds first meetings with Western leaders: At G-8 summit

Presidential Campaign

Can Bush's Iraq policy rescue Obama?

Obama's Nixon Reprise: Nixon came to office with a rumored secret plan to end the war in Vietnam. Maybe Barack Obama's plan to end the war in Iraq is going to wind up being a secret, too

Can Obama be trusted? Obama’s promises of change can’t hide manipulations, political flip-flops

Obama, McCain join battle over economy

Budget analysts skeptical of Obama's promises

Obama’s Campaign Shifts to a Bigger Stage for His Big Night - Bronco Football Stadium

Obama Holds Fundraisers in Atlanta After Long Day Getting There

McCain campaign, Act II

Israeli - Palestinian War

Future Temple Jewish Priests Get Fitted For Holy Garments

Ransom Agreement With Hizbullah Signed, Implementation Begins

Terror Victim's Father Against Olmert's Mass Terrorist Release

Israel to pick up report on missing airman Ron Arad

Israeli soldiers fire tear gas and grenades during West Bank protest

Israel to reopen Gaza crossings at Egypt's request

Gaza: Blast at Hamas training camp kills 2

Police to Question Olmert Yet Again

Israeli Arab Terrorists Threaten 'Unprecedented Attacks'

Syria sees no Israel peace before Bush quits

'Current water crisis is unprecedented'

Israelis sue banks who fund terror

MKs debate effectiveness of demolishing terrorists' homes

Islamism shakes Kashmir

Anglicans vote in favour of women bishops



July 8, 2008


'Obama will immediately birth Palestinian state'

Afghanistan war grows hotter than Iraq

40 dead in Indian embassy blast in Afghan capital

Suicide Bomber Near Pakistani Mosque Kills at Least 11

15 die in Iraq bomb blasts

2 ex-generals arrested in alleged Turkey coup plot against Islamic-rooted government

Crumbling Dollar Resonates Through Economy

Bertha Builds Into 1st Atlantic Hurricane

Presidential Politics

Skull & Bones Kerrry: McCain's Judgment Is Dangerous

Obama struggles to thread needle on Iraq

McCain promises to balance budget: By end of his first term

US candidates practise their U-turns: Both John McCain and Barack Obama have engaged in some nifty repositioning

Obama's cash, spin piling up

McCain urges more border security with Mexico

Obama backs faith in public life

McCain, Obama or 'none of the above'? 2008 could be historic election of non-participation

New Group Linked to G.O.P. Unveils Ad Attacking Obama

GOP's suburban advantage fading with time?

Viacom takes hold of Google's YouTube database - Database Is evidence to prove the point that YouTube is allowing copyrighted material to be uploaded in order to draw more traffic to its site - Could end an online era

Trumpet blasts to Jesus: 'We're awake' on Earth - is organizing the global "Day of Shouting" for the evening of Sept. 29, marking the annual biblical holiday known as the Feast of Trumpets, the Feast which most closely parallels the Rapture of the Church

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

US removes low-grade 'yellowcake' uranium from Iraq

Iraq city has brittle calm and war scars

Iraq 'saved from terrorist siege': Prime Minister

UAE scraps Iraq debt, names Baghdad envoy

Booze back in Baghdad -- but it costs

City seeks new rules after D.C. gun ban ruling: Buyers line up after Supreme Court decision on nation's strictest law

Anti-Taliban offensive a 'charade'? Pakistan seen as conducting 'make-believe' raids to placate U.S.

Al Qaeda not in Iraq but in Pakistan, says lawmaker

British Boys punished with detention for refusing to pray to Allah

Bush: Russia's new president is 'smart guy'

Non-Integrating States News - Iran (Ancient Persia)

Iran has resumed A-bomb project, says West

U.S. Expert: No Rush To Strike Iran

'Israel, US wouldn't dare attack Iran': President Ahmadinejad

Iran leaks reflect internal US debate: IAF can't attack without US backing

'US doubts IAF can destroy Iran sites'

Bush, Medvedev agree N. Korea, Iran must give up nuke

Archives: Nuclear Armed Iran vs Nuclear Armed U.S. - Whom Should The World Fear?

Drug war may suffer under EU's Iran sanctions

Another Democrat chief arrested in satanic torture: Victims allegedly shackled to beds, raped, locked in cages without food

G-8 summit gives Japan a "green" spotlight

Quietly, Brazil eclipses an ally, Venezuela - Brazilian president is discreetly outflanking Chávez at almost every turn in the struggle for leadership in South America

Anglican bishops in secret Vatican summit


Israeli - Palestinian War

Gaza terrorists fire mortar shell at Karni border crossing

Israel Warns Hamas: Ceasefire in Jeopardy

Brothers of terror victim appeal against Kuntar's release: Terrorist killed police officer in 1979

Israel extends curfew in Palestinian town

India should turn 'oil speculator'

July 5-6, 2008


Tablet Ignites Debate on Messiah and Resurrection: Re-evaluation of Jesus?

Obama now wears his patriotism on his lapel

Bush booed at citizenship ceremony

Tropical Storm Bertha speeding over Atlantic

‘Anti-China’ groups threaten Olympics: Terrorism during Olympics?

Jefferson Bible reveals Founding Father's view of God, faith

Nation's third president compiled the four Gospels into a single text without miracles that ends with Jesus' burial rather than the resurrection

Thomas Jefferson set to work with scissors, snipping out every miracle and inconsistency he could find in the New Testament Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John

Reduced the entire Bible to only 46 pages!

Presidential Politics

Obama "puzzled" by Iraq comment frenzy

Barack Obama. Strategy: What Day Is It?

Cashing In on Obama and McCain

Linday Graham soars as McCain’s wingman: S.C. senator could be a contender for a Cabinet post

In Montana on the Fourth, a Barometer of Obama's Chances

Bad time to question McCain's qualifications

McCain to Obama: Cut Ties With Clark

Obama Slaps Down Clark - Gently

Is his campaign dishonest or disorganized? Obama's flip-flopping Jun

McCain, In Relaunch, Refocuses Message

Analysis: McCain struggles to regain footing

Poland rejects U.S. missile shield offer

Economic News

Economists say US June payroll drop makes Fed rate hike more unlikely

U.S. stock futures turn higher after jobs report - Jobless rate holds steady at 5.5 percent

Dollar spikes after European Central Bank meeting, jobs data

How To Tap Lenders When Credit Is Tight

Initial jobless claims top 400,000 last week

Paulson says US economy set to strengthen

GM shifting tiny Chevy Beat car to U.S.

U.S. is in no financial shape to give advice: Russian President Medvedev

Gas Prices $8 per gallon in Israel, Only 9 cents per gallon in Iran

U.S. Crude Oil Supply Increases After Five Weeks of Declines

Madge Kabbalah'd A-Rod into Submission

Old-fashioned fake-out results in freedom for hostages in Columbia

Viacom Will Know What You've Watched on YouTube: In Viacom's ongoing $1 billion copyright infringement lawsuit against the video Web site

Viacom is GoogTube's Waterloo

Weather Control - Weather Warfare

Tropical Storm Bertha forms in the Atlantic

Tropical Storm Douglas weakens to depression off Mexico's Pacific coast

NASA MODIS Image of the Day: July 3, 2008 - Tropical Storms Boris and Christina



Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Kurdish oil deal with Texas company is questioned

Waxman: White House Knew Of Iraqi Oil Deal

Iraq says Jordan king to visit next week

Accused of manslaughter, Marine says he's eager to return to Iraq

Will There Be Another Colonization of Iraq?

We Need More Troops: Admiral Mullen

The Idiocy of the Iraq War

Libertarian Party says 'Iran should not be the new Iraq'

IRAQ: Wounded Marine's death a 'probable' suicide

Obama Iraq policy to stay pat, McCain takes umbrage

Behind the reluctance of China and Africa to criticize Zimbabwe's Mugabe

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel closes Gaza crossings for third time after rocket attack

3 killed as Palestinian bulldozer driver goes on killing spree in Jerusalem

Family lawyer: Bulldozer Terrorist shouldn’t have been killed

Shocked Residents: 'One terrorist does not prove extremism'

Bulldozer Driver's Dad: 'Son Not Terrorist, Don't Destroy House'

PM Olmert: We have to be tough on terror

Israeli Police arrest fugitive Border Guard officer

Hamas Warns No Signs of Life of Shalit and No Progress in Talks

Kinneret Water Line Just Days Away From Red Line

Will Smith tries to stay in front of the Scientology curve

Bush urges Congress to pass AIDS funds

Presidential Politics

McCain Backs Off Message, Says Obama is ‘Trustworthy’

Schmidt, in Memo, Consolidates Control Over McCain Campaign

Analysis: Lack of message led to McCain staff shake-up

Starting Gate: Bottling McCain?

McCain denies roughing up Sandinista

Flag Pin Just One Symbol Embraced By Obama

Obama Calls for National Service

Montana Presidential Election: Obama Leads McCain By Five

Caroline Kennedy: Obama's VP Expert

Iran detains Saudi fishing boats near nuclear plant

Was rocket moments from striking Continental flight? Probe of launch near Bush airport has stalled, FAA records indicate

Anti-terror rules could ground model rocket enthusiasts



July 3, 2008



Military strike on Iran would be 'catastrophic': Russian ministry warns

Risk to U.S. troops if Israel strikes Iran: Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

U.S. outgunned in Afghanistan

Osama on death bed: CIA

U.S. Economy: Factory Orders Increase - For third straight month

Democrats in Congress mull new US economic stimulus


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

U.S. didn't balk at Hunt Oil's Iraq plans until after deal

Iraq no-bid oil deals could be in doubt -lawmakers

The Imprecise Meaning of War

Bush signs $162 billion war bill

Bush signs plan to keep troops in Iraq until end of his term

U.S. Sen. Bob Casey, D-Pa.: Leaving Iraq won't be easy

Marine defends actions in civilian killings in Anbar province

Iraq official cites progress on U.S. security pact

Iraq undercuts Republican support among military

Still time for Iraq local elections this year -- UN

'Tough' time in Afghanistan, Bush acknowledges

Military Death Toll Rises in Afghanistan


Non-Integrating States News - Iran (Ancient Persia)

Top Military chief warns against striking Iran: Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

US army would find 'third front' hard if Israel attacks Iran

Iran attack will draw fierce reaction: Oil Minister warns

Iran: Nuclear compromise can be reached

Iranian Nobel laureate calls for peaceful resolution of nuclear standoff

Iran warms to freeze-for-freeze plan

Presidential Politics

The road to the White House is now mapped: Websites and blogs show where Obama and McCain have been, where they are going and where they are getting money from

The Coming Together Of McCain And Obama On Iraq

McCain juggles key advisers

John McCain advisor likes running a tight ship

McCain Uses Swift Boat Vet To Rebut Wesley Clark

GOP takes aim at Obama's character in new attack

Obama talks of sacrifice and national service

Franklin Graham peppered Obama about ties to Islam: Candidate confronted on Christian faith, asked whether he accepts Jesus as savior

Obama spending resources in 'red' Indiana

Military see presidential race through own lens

Anti-Obama messages targeted by Google?

Congress sends Bush expanded jobless benefits


Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel's Soft Spot

Olmert: We can't fence-off east Jerusalem Arabs

Terrorist plows bulldozer into vehicles: Killing three people and wounding at least 45 others

'He cried Allah Akhbar and hit the gas'

Bulldozer Terror: Pictures and Reactions from the Scene

The Three Victims of Bulldozer Terror Attack

Peres praises soldier, who killed bulldozer driver, rewards volunteers

Israel reopens crossings into Gaza

Hamas arrests merchants planning to thwart truce: Hamas is reportedly working to maintain the ceasefire in the Gaza Strip

British gov't to ban military wing of Hizbullah in the UK

Washington Watch: Can the Korea nuke deal help Israel?

Three rescued US hostages arrive safely in Texas: Had been held in Columbia

4 killed, 11 wounded in grenade attack in Philippines

Another Democrat chief arrested in satanic torture: Victims allegedly shackled to beds, raped, locked in cages without food



July 2, 2008

Obama courting evangelicals once loyal to Bush

Turkey Detains Ex-Generals in Anti-Government Probe

Cops lie in court to frame suspect

Billions Upon Billions Upon Billions of Barrels of Oil In The Dakotas!

Mortgage ruling could shock U.S. banking industry

U.S. court ruling on Arar enables gov't to send foreigners to torture


Non-Integrating States News - Iran (Ancient Persia)

Iran dismisses reports of Israeli strike

Former Mossad Chief: Israel must attack Iran

Military strike on Iran would be ‘catastrophic': Russia warns

Israeli threats to Iran are 'bluff for now'

US Navy commander: US won't let Iran close Gulf oil passageway

Intel Expert: ‘World Expects Israel to Bomb Iran’

Market Turmoil Tied To ABC News Story That Attack On Iran Is Possible By End of This Year

'CIA ignored facts on nuclear weapon plans': Former CIA operative now contends that CIA officials also ignored evidence that Iran had suspended work on a nuclear bomb

Iran says new diplomatic process underway in nuclear crisis: Tehran considering new proposals from world powers

Nuclear Iran is world's biggest threat: Obama advisor

Presidential Politics

Rulings Thrust U.S. High Court Into Presidential Race

The campaign comment that will not die: Retired Gen. Wesley Clark's dismissive remark about McCain's military experience has taken on a life of its own

McCain Reflects on His POW Experience: Pressed Sen. Barack Obama to remove retired Gen. Wesley Clark from any role in his campaign

Courage Under Fire: General Clark misses the point

Barack Obama slaps down Wesley Clark -- gently

Obama Proposes Expanding Aid to Faith-Based Programs

McCain Says Obama's Word `Cannot Be Trusted'

NRA aims big-budget blitz at Obama: 'We look forward to showing him bitter'

Obama site urges: 'Revolution' against U.S. 'oppressive' regime - Marxists, socialists, communists form group to plot on official campaign blog

Obama Met Privately With Powell At His Office

Google tool lets you track John McCain and Barack Obama

Democrat National Convention protests will be behind fence

FBI to descend on Denver for Democrat national convention

McCain to tour Colombian drug interdiction efforts

Automakers post major drops in sales: Ford down 29.5%; GM holds off Toyota

Gulf Arab producers consider feasible single currency schedule

Mongolia clamps down after five killed in unrest

Colorado Legislator: New Law allows banishment of Bible - 'This is written so anybody can take any part and grow it into monstrosity'

Israeli - Palestinian War

Hamas stalls talks on trade for Israeli soldier, raises stakes

PM Siniora hails prisoner swap as win for Hizbullah, Lebanon

4 killed as bulldozer driven by terrorist tramples over pedestrians in Jerusalem

Kadima probe could keep PM Olmert in power

UN report ignores Hizbullah violations

The identity of Israel’s post-Olmert prime minister will determine its war options on Iran

Olmert visits Israeli nuclear site: Setting off a round of commentaries in Israeli media about Israel's intentions toward Iran and its nuclear program

West Bank in 'grave' water crisis - largely because Israel's "discriminatory" policies

Palestinians storm Egyptian border crossing, attack troops with rocks


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

New Iraq report: 15 of 18 benchmarks satisfactory

'Hizbullah instructors trained Shi'ite militiamen in Iraq'

Iraq's main Sunni Arab bloc may rejoin government

US postpones handover of control of Iraq's Diwaniya province to Iraq's security forces

Insurers Raise Rates Over 'Climate Change' Hurricane Fears

"Black national anthem" causes stir at Denver Mayor's speech: Meeting then proceeded without the normal National Anthem ever being sung

US helicopter shot down in Afghanistan; no deaths


July 1, 2008


Whistleblower: FISA ‘compromise’ advances police state agenda

Pentagon will buy satellites to do more spying

Newsweek Blames Midwest Floods on Global Warming

Hamas posts 1,000 sentries to block Gaza missile fire on Israel

Is White House Blocking Search for Bin Laden?

Commodities Signal Bubble Bursting as First-Half Ends

Headline News Analysis

Sky High Oil Prices

Certain Signs By Which You Can Know WHEN Prices Will Be Coming Down



Non-Integrating States News - Iran (Ancient Persia)

Oil hits record on Israel-Iran tensions

U.S. escalating covert operations against Iran

U.S. denies covert operations story

War drums becoming deafening

Are American forces secretly inside Iran?

Tehran puts on a show of strength: Senior Iranian general, Mir-Faisal Bagherzadeh, said his country was digging 320,000 graves for American soldiers scheduled to fight in Iran

US officials worried Israel will attack Iran before year's end

Western diplomat: I Don’t think Israel will feel pressure to attack Iran

Does Iran have Bush over a barrel?

Bush could do himself a favor by heeding Iran's warnings

U.N. Warns: Bomb Iran and face Mideast 'ball of fire'

Iranian President Ahmadinejad target of 'Rome X-ray plot', diplomat say

A flawed delivery from North Korea: Destruction of nuclear cooling tower more show than substance

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Abu Ghraib inmates sue US firms for torture

Renton, Washington, man an Abu Ghraib torturer, suit says

Iraqi government opens 8 oil and gas fields for bidding from international firms

Oiling Iraq's Revival: Money essential for reconstruction may at last begin to flow

Senator Schumer Calls For Probe Of Iraqi Oil Deal: "This is a head fake by the Iraqi government"

US military deaths in Iraq war officially at 4,113

U.S. deaths in Afghanistan near those in Iraq: Reflecting a shifting balance in the two wars the United States is fighting

Coalition Claims: 33 militants killed in Afghanistan

Presidential Politics

Obama to expand Bush's faith-based programs

Obama disowns critique of McCain's military record

Obama decries attacks on his love of country

Kerry defends Obama in Israel

McCain to talk free trade in Latin America

McCain: Pennsylvani tough, but winnable

Bush base yet to rush to donate to McCain --- Graphic = McCain's Money Woes

Barack Obama has collected nearly twice as much money as John McCain

Obama-Clinton contest revealed limits of racism, sexism

Barack Obama speaks with Bill Clinton: Barack and Bubba finally hooked up - on the phone

McCain, Obama court Hispanics voters

Poland delivers new blow to EU treaty

Turkish ruling party put on trial: Calls for government to be shut down, because it is trying to impose Islamic Sharia law on the secular state

High Court's majority gun opinion didn't address suicides

Calif. Death Penalty "Close To Collapse"


Israeli - Palestinian War

Hamas posts 1,000 sentries to block Gaza missile fire on Israel

Ceasefire Violator: Gaza merchant fearing his livelihood - Hamas has taken him into custody

UN report ignores Hizbullah violations

Hamas: Gaza border closure unjustified

Police Fraud Unit to Investigate Kadima Party Membership Rolls

Golan referendum bill passes first hurdle: Purpose is to make it difficult to return the Golan Heights to Syria

Israel: Hizbullah deal may toughen Hamas demands for Schalit - captured IDF soldier

EU Official: Rafah won't be permanently opened any time soon

Abbas: Little progress made in negotiations

Obama plans visit to Israel this summer



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