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July 8, 2006
Sunday, July 9, 2006

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Spotlight On President Bush

Time Magazine Declares: The End of Bush's Cowboy Diplomacy!

Arms of Flesh or Arms of Steel? Foreign Editorial

It's WWIII, and the U.S. is out of ideas -- Editorial

Key Congressional Ally warned Bush about his illegal spying program: Warned he might have broken the law by failing to inform Congress of some secret intelligence programs

Surprising Jump in Tax Revenues Is Curbing Deficit

Non-Integrating States News - North Korea

New U.S. Guided Missile Destroyer Sails to Japan: As Tensions Mount

N.K. long-range missile flew for 7 minutes, not 42 seconds: Raises questions as to whether long-range test "failed" or succeeded and was simply aborted to keep missile from flying over land

North Korean Envoy Warns: International Pressure Could Trigger War

North Korean Missile launches come as U.S. cuts troops on Korean Peninsula

Japan Won't Compromise on North Korea Resolution

Russia secretly offered North Korea nuclear technology

Security Heavy in South Korea Ahead of Free Trade Talks


India Test-Fires Nuclear-Capable Missile

Israeli - Palestinian War

Hamas Calls For Cease-Fire With Israel: PM Olmert Refuses Call

Israeli Government united on Gaza operation

Israel launches strikes after rebuffing ceasefire

PM Olmert Declares: This is a war, and it doens't have a timetable

Hamas: Kidnapped soldier well-treated

Israeli incursion leaves fear and loathing in Gaza

Israel Has Edge Over U.S. in Urban Combat

IDF denies responsibility for Gaza blast which killed three Palestinians in their home

Kidnapped IDF Soldier Shalit can wait: It's lesson time first

UN's Annan warning about Gaza humanitarian 'disaster'

IDF Responds to Annan: No humanitarian crisis in Gaza - not even close

Jailed Hamas Leaders: We are not Hamasniks, but were elected on different political party

Palestinians depicted as Christ figure: Government media also asserts Jesus was Palestinian

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq

U.S. Seeks to Exhume Iraqi Girl's Remains: Teenager who was allegedly raped and murdered by US Marine

US Marines Getting a New Message

US officials apologize for rape and murder of Iraqi girl

U.S. soldiers beheaded in retribution for rape? Iraqi villagers claim insurgents vowed to exact 10-to-1 revenge against troops

Dozens killed as gunmen savage Baghdad district

3 GIs and Iraqi Woman Translator Killed in Western Iraq Province

Militant Islam grips Baghdad's sectarian ghettos: Islamic militancy is becoming potent weapon of Sunni Arab insurgents

Police Abuses in Iraq Detailed: Brutality, bribery and cooperation with militia fighters are common

Iran 'committed' to stability in Iraq

US military braces over Iraqi killings report

Iraqi, U.S. Officials Free 368 Prisoners

Japan begins withdrawing troops from Iraq

Violence in Basra rooted in oil smuggling

Just Delivering water to Baghdad residents is a snag

Putin gets unanimous green light to send Russian commandos after terrorists anywhere in the world

Plane crashes in Russia, at least 120 dead

European Airbus Company Offers Help in Probing Russian Plane Crash

Boeing riding high on 787 success

Pope stresses family values in Spain: Opposes legalization of gay marriage - PM booed, as his government just legalized gay marriage

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Chavez seeks Russian jets to bolster Venezuela's air power

Gas pipeline begins in Venezuela: Columbia cooperating with Venezuela to bring crude oil to Central America

Congo militia frees Nepalese UN peacekeepers

Afghan blast kills Spanish soldier

Chechen Rebel Leader, Successor to Terror Leader Maskhadov Killed in Police Raid

Indian PM in a spot after U-turn on privatization: Resignation rumours in Delhi

Senior Security Official Killed in Georgia’s Breakaway Province

American Priority Shifts to Foiling Terror Plots

Putin wants businesslike G8 summit to entrench his rule: Marks Russia's re-emergence as a world power

Republican Priorities Stalled in Congress


Non-Integrating States News - North Korea

Bush Determined to Rally Against North Korea: "Bush said that the United States had 'a reasonable chance' of shooting down the long-range missile, if it had not failed"

N.K. long-range missile flew for 7 minutes, not 42 seconds: Raises questions as to whether long-range test "failed" or succeeded and was simply aborted to keep missile from flying over land

North Korea issues new threat

North Korea missile had been aimed at area off Hawaii

North Korea's Menace: Column by Ann McFeatters

South Korea says North might have another long-range missile at launch site

US envoy backs informal N. Korea talks

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israeli Hints at Prisoner Swap for Kidnapped Soldier

West Bank clashes renew amid conflicting signals

Israel kills 7 in Gaza: Hamas says soldier alive

Palestinians' new Hamas leaders vanish as Israelis advance

Israel pulls forces back from north Gaza: But clashes erupted near Gaza City

Dozens of US citizens leaving Gaza

'Israel hopes for new ceasefire'

Iran Warns: IDF strikes will bring Islamic 'explosion'

Report backs organ harvest claim

Seminar One: "America's Leadership of the New World Order" -- Details Organ Harvesting In America

War On Terror = Global Dictatorship

Bomb Holland Tunnel, flood New York City -- Terror plot busted

CIA sent me to be tortured in Afghan prison, says Algerian: Held for 16 months in secret prisons and later released without charge

Illegal renditions in Europe, warrants for CIA officers

Jailed Italy spy chief questioned over CIA kidnap

Bush Declares: U.S. pursuit of bin Laden undiminished

Britain marks London bombings one year later

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq

American attacks on Mehdi Army cause uproar among Shia

Mosque attacks on Day of Prayer claim 17 lives

US Marines 'failed to investigate Haditha killings'

Trident, Iraq, Helmand: All the wrong paths but carry on anyway, chaps, even as you near the edge of the Abyss

Los Angeles Filmmaker Sues U.S. Over Iraq Detention: Cyrus Kar's civil case is said to be the first to test the legality of Pentagon policies on detainees - was imprisoned for 55 days

More than finals to dread at Baghdad University

Budget woes force Army posts nationwide to cut services

Senator Biden says 'jury's still out' on Iraqi PM

Iraq takes center stage in Senator Lieberman debate in Connecticut

Ukraine's government disintegrates on day one: Pro-Western "orange" coalition government that has been three months in the making disintegrated before it could even do one day's work

Afghan leader says coalition fired on his family, killing 1: U.S.-led forces 'saddened' by reports, but deny shooting at car

Spain detects first case of H5N1 bird flu

Avian Flu: Killer of Millions? - DVD

Neo-Nazis infiltrating the US military: Civil rights group

Powerful typhoon nears southern Japan

Calderon to seek unity in Mexico



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