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Analysis: Obama takes possession of economy

Google blocks blog exposing homosexual agenda: 'Actions represent trial balloon for government censorship of 'hate' speech'

WHO says new flu "unstoppable", calls for vaccine

Swine Flu panic rises after death of six-year-old girl and a Doctor

Israeli troops reveal 'shoot first' policy in Gaza War

12 slain in Mexico were federal police officers

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African Media Gloats: Obama Returned To “Continent Of His Birth”

Voodoo became a fatal obsession

Supreme leader Khamenei diminished in Iranians' eyes

Episcopal leaders vote to lift ban on gay bishops

Fascist Global Economy Forming

Obama Announces Community College Plan: $12 Billion Will Fund New Web Courses, Construction and Innovation Grants

Democrats slam stimulus' plan inefficiency

Stock futures point to Wall Street rising: Investor's confidence boosted

Asian markets rise after Goldman, Intel earnings reports

Buoyant techs propel Europe stocks to 2-wk high

Goldman Sachs Insiders Dump $700 Million in Company Stock

Oil rises above $60, confidence up for now

China’s Foreign-Exchange Reserves Surge, Exceeding $2 Trillion

Obama considers rental option for some homeowners

House bill to hit millionaires with 5.4 pct surtax

Goldman Sachs' massive profit creates a stir

Credit Swaps Investigated by U.S. Justice Department

British Unemployment Claims Increase the Least in a Year

Non-Aligned summit opens in Egypt: With a call from Cuban President Raul Castro for a new international financial system to shield developing nations from the global recession

FACT CHECK: Sotomayor tied abortion ban, slavery?

Israeli - Palestinian War

Palestinian leader Abbas helped Israel kill Arafat

Palestinian Authority Acts Like Boss in Jerusalem

Obama: Pressure on Israel to Continue

President Obama still worries some Jewish leaders

Britain Punishes Israel for Gaza Operation, Blocks Sale of Ship Parts

Defense Minister Barak: 'Any criticism of IDF operations should be directed to me'

IMF: PA economy showing positive signs

Israel to test Arrow anti-missile system off US coast

Israeli Warships Sail Through Suez Canal

Israeli Gay spouses urged to file benefit claims

Egypt's foreign minister meets Iranian counterpart

California's legislative leaders say budget agreement is near

Tsunami May Reach New Zealand Cities After 7.8 Quake

Behind the mind games in the Gulf: Israel certainly has the hardware to make a serious attack on Iran's nuclear facilities

China, please invade North Korea

U.S. and China launch clean vehicle, building project: To produce more fuel-efficient vehicles and buildings

House Democrats vow healthcare plan by August

House bill would make health care a right


July 15, 2009


U.S. Red Ink Tops $1T for First Time Ever

US Economy Is Likely To Start Growing Again Soon

AP settles case over copying of news stories

Russia's President Medvedev Shows Off Future World Money

Swine flu resembles feared 1918 flu

67 Air Force cadets stricken with swine flu

1918 and 2009 H1N1 Similarities Confirm Recombination

French workers threaten to blow up factory

Lawmaker won’t deny secret CIA program was ‘Cheney assassination ring’

The Greater Evil: Coups or Foreign Intervention?

El Niño is back, bringing droughts, floods, crop failures and social unrest

Massive tea party storms D.C.

Obama confident of passing healthcare reform

How Obama's stimulus violates your constitutional rights: Lawsuit challenges government 'guidance' to doctors

Fascist Global Economy Forming

Palin calls Obama energy plan a threat to economy

MOUNTAIN OF DEBT: Americans' debt stress is easing

Yen Declines for a Second Day Against Euro as Stocks Advance

Global Economy Faces Setbacks on Recovery Path

German Investor Confidence Unexpectedly Fell in July

Trade deficit narrows as exports rise

Oil Settles Below $60 a Barrel on Demand Worries

Nigeria: Country's 40 Billion Barrels Reserve Target Threatened

Federal deficit passes $1 trillion landmark

Israeli - Palestinian War

Obama meets with Jewish leaders on Israel, Iran

Alleged U.S. white supremacist arrested in Israel

Britain revokes 5 arms export licenses to Israel

Brazil to extradite Elior Chen to Israel

'Yerushalayim' or 'Jerusalem'?

When Zionism is portrayed as fascism

Israel closer to F-35 fighter jets' purchase

'US, Israel plotting to weaken Iran'

Iraq War Not Over Yet - Current News

TV Journalist Wounded in Iraq Returns to the War

Iraq authorities boost security after church bombs

US military deaths in Iraq war at 4,324

Pope Prays for Conversion of Hearts in Iraq

Britain to send 140 more troops to Afghanistan

Car bomb kills at least 4 in northern Iraq

July 13, 2009

Children and Pregnant Women Targeted in U.S. Swine Flu Mass Vaccination Program

Canadian Doctor: H1N1 Vaccination a Eugenics Weapon for Mass Extermination

Dick Cheney ordered the CIA to conceal counter-terrorism plan from Congress

Some Chinese drywall may be radioactive, reports indicate

Sotomayor's a slam dunk, say Obama, Schumer on eve of congressional hearings

North Korean Leader Kim Jong-il 'has pancreatic cancer'

Afghanistan conflict making Britain safer

'Palisitinian 2010 elections likely to be delayed'

Syria won't redraw border with Lebanon

Japan to Hold Elections Next Month

Fascist Global Economy Forming

U.S. government case against UBS delayed

The Committee of Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors (Committee of Ten)

Obama staff's latest idea to protect our finances: Will it work?

The Case For Unavoidable Increases In The Stimulus Package

Critique of capitalism

Japan Govt: Economy Showing Signs Of Picking Up

US Treasury's Geithner To Discuss Finance Rules With UK Leaders

Nuclear Iran: A Headache or a Heal?

5 Iranian officials released by US return to Iran

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel FM queries Abbas authority

No Negotiations With Israel Until a Total Freeze Of Settlements

Britain revokes 5 arms export licenses to Israel

Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle against the separation fence, transfer and occupation

U.K. hits Israel with partial arms sanctions over Cast Lead

Arab Activists Demand Israel Boot 'Insensitive' TV Ad

Europe gas pipeline deal agreed

'Global governance' coming with carbon tax

Iraq War Not Over Yet - Current News

Churches in Iraq targeted in bombings; 4 killed

6 Are Killed and 67 Hurt in Bombings in Iraq Cities

Iraq lashed by sandstorms and battling drought

Iraq lacks surplus gas for Nabucco gas pipeline project

Iraq PM Hopes To Give 15 Billion Cubic Meters Of Gas To Nabucco IHA

Iraq and Egypt sign a Memorandum of Understanding

Iraq beefs up security after attacks on Christians


July 11-12, 2009


Lessons of the G-8 Summit: Eight Isn't Enough

Over 40 Iraqis killed in spate of deadly explosions

Obama, Pope to Hold 'Frank' Vatican Discussions

Two more British soldiers killed in Afghanistan

Florida, U.S. brace for marathon fight against swine flu

Goldman Sachs: "Engineering Every Major Market Manipulation Since The Great Depression"

Goldman Sachs Loses Grip on Its Doomsday Machine

Fascist Global Economy Forming

"New GM" ready to exit bankruptcy

GM set to exit bankruptcy in US government hands

Compromise could follow storm over banking rules

Banks' 'courtesy' loans (Overdraft Fees) at soaring rates irk consumers

Oil resumes fall towards $60

IEA Oil-Demand Forecast Improves

US jobs and German news cheer

Blood Money on Wall Street: U.S. Fund Companies Need to Take a Stronger Stand for Human Rights

G-8 World leaders agree to reform IFIs, boost development

AIG Seeks Clearance to Release Huge Bonuses

LAPD not ruling out homicide in death of Michael Jackson

Why GOP Is Nowhere on Health Care

Conservative Democrats break ranks on health care

Israeli - Palestinian War

French President Sarkozy urges Israel not to attack Iran

Israel may agree on establishment of Palestinian counter-terror force

Netanyahu aide: No Golan pullout for peace

Israel backers must support a settlement freeze

The financial fallout from a settlement freeze

Insurgency strikes down since Gaza War

American Support For Israel Must Remain Bipartisan

Israel orders 1st stealth F-35 squadron

IDF training civilian response teams

Security wall barely built in past 15 months

Iran could, but probably won't, build a bomb within a year

U.S. frees Iranians: 5 seized in Iraq in 2007 are released

Iraq War Not Over Yet - Current News

Iraq's worst violence since withdrawal

Bombs kill 50 in Iraq as violence flares

War in Iraq damaged ancient Babylon site

Dutch gov't returns stolen antiquities to Iraq

Iraq Seeking Japan Invest For New Reconstruction Phase

Iraq Me, Dave Petraeus

Japan Aims To Benefit From Iraqi Oil Field Development

General Petraeus: Tough fight still ahead in Afghanistan

Tremors near San Andreas earthquake fault signal increased stress



July 10, 2009


Ginsburg: I thought Roe vs Wade was to rid undesirables

Bomb blasts kill 43 as violence surges in Iraq

Iran won't back down "one step" in atom conflict

G-8 gives Iran till September on nukes

FDIC Insurance Fund - It Doesn't Actually Exist

Swine Flu Summit: Govt checks on state readiness

Human sperm created from stem cells in world first

The hospitals want a deal? Let’s make it a law

Obama broadens push for climate change pact

Massachusetts Sues Government Over Anti-Gay Marriage Law

Iraq War Not Over Yet - Current News

Suicide Bombings in Mosul, Baghdad kill at least 41

Iraq group calls for further attacks on US troops

North Iraq town suicide attacks kill 34

Good-bye, finally, to Iraq's cities: Editorial by CFR's Daniel Pipes

As US Troops Begin To Leave Iraq, What About Phase 2 and Beyond?

Soldier could face death penalty over Iraq slaying

Desert storm: Satellite spots dust storm that choked Iraq

US to resettle 1,350 Iraqi-Palestinian refugees to America

Massive Bomb Blast Kills 25 in Central Afghanistan

Internet Attacks on U.S., South Korea May Continue

Fascist Global Economy Forming

World leaders in Italy for G8, G5 summit

G8 leaders say world economy faces significant risks

Crude-oil futures climb above $61 per barrel

OPEC: World will need less oil in 2013 than last year

Natural-Gas Vehicles Gain Senate Backing

Treasury Taps Nine Managers for Toxic-Debt Program

Treasury, firms investing in loans to rescue banks

Restoring GM's luxury luster: Cadillac's success is key to automaker's revival

New GM may lean on Latin America lessons

Luxury car sales slip less: Rich are buying again

Israeli - Palestinian War

Is Israel Already at Cyber War With Iran?

They (Palestinians) don’t want a state: Editorial

U.S. dismisses Israel's report of deal on settlements

EU apologizes for statements against settlements

Netanyahu: 'Ours is not a zigzag policy'

Peace is no kiss, Israeli aide says

Despite splits, U.S. still arms Israel

U.S.-trained forces in 'greatest' terrorist attacks: Palestinian Jihadist boasts 1 week after transfer of American assault rifles

UN: Israel must tear down West Bank fence

Minister: Barak-Mitchell talks 'huge flop'

Jordan-West Bank crossing to be open 24 hours

NAACP Urges Pennsylvania Governor: Declare martial law

Pakistan finishes Swat Valley operation, facing sore challenges

IRS tells pro-lifers to give up 1st Amendment

News sites swap Obama's birthplace like magic: UPI, Snopes change location within hours of WND report

IRS loosens grip on Christian church: 2-year inquiry dropped against pastor for 'engaging in political activities' - Church had tax-exempt status

Current Headline News Article: Warning To All Pastors of Tax Deduction (501C)-3Churches! The Federal Government Is Moving To Control You and Your Church




July 8, 2009

Retired General / American Intelligence Official Says 911 was an Inside Job

British Police fear Massive Neo-Nazi Terrorist Attack

U.S.-Russia talks yield no breakthroughs

Obama: US, Russia share burden of reducing nukes

Obama joins fellow world leaders at G8 summit

Clinton: Will call for 'even stricter' sanctions against Iran

Sotomayor picks up key endorsements

Record low temperatures in 46 states during June

Nurses use maggots and Manuka honey to fend off hospital superbugs

Fascist Global Economy Forming

European Central Banksters seek World Currency, Total Control

Senate Blocks Bill To Audit The Fed As Government Prepares For Second Round Of Looting

Obama in Italy as Global Economy Takes Center Stage at G8 Summit

G-8 leaders look for signals of economic recovery

China's President Hu leaves G8 as new protests erupt in China

U.S. mortgage fraud "rampant" and growing: FBI warns

White House: Don't end stimulus efforts yet

Obama Advisor Urges Another Economic Stimulus Plan

US apartment vacancy rate nears record high: Highest in 22 years

Judge denies motion to fast-track GM sale appeal

Michael Jackson: A requiem for a king

Governments hit by cyber attack

Official: NKorea believed behind cyber attacks

Israeli - Palestinian War

Obama: U.S. has 'absolutely not' given OK for Israeli strike on Iran

State Department: No 'Green Light' for Israel to Attack Iran

Israel takes war on Iran underground: Launching cyber attacks to try to halt Iran's nuclear development

Israel 'strikes deal with US on settlements'

Don’t count on civil war: Refutes notion that settlement evacuation may prompt civil war in Israel

Obama will not give in: Israel should offer ‘Compensation Law’ alternative to settlement freeze

Israel summons EU envoy

Israeli, Egyptian Presidents Hold Talks in Cairo

Tamar gas reserve bigger than expected

UN Secretary-General Ban: Israel, Lebanon cease-fire fragile

Israeli Economy a Draw for North American Immigrants

WHO's advice: Just assume it's swine flu

New H1N1 Flu Strain From Pig Farm Found in Canada

Top Palestinian cleric issues swine flu marriage 'fatwa'

Embryonic Stem Cell Research Expands With U.S. Funds

Small Businesses Irate Over Climate Change Bill

Al Gore: Climate-Change Fight Like Battle Against Nazis

G8 fails to get emerging powers to agree on climate change goals

Honduran Rivals Agree to Mediation Talks

Secretary of State Clinton Says Costa Rican President will Mediate Honduran Crisis

Obama birth mystery: More than 1 hospital - Myth-busting website, news articles say president not born in location he claims

Obama calls Jakarta his 'old hometown': Was president citizen of world's most populous Muslim nation?



July 7, 2009


Obama Reaches Out to Russians in Moscow Speech

White House mum on North America summit: 5th Annual Summit

Pope Calls for New World Financial Order

Sarah Palin, Preparing To Run

7 US Troops, 2 Afghans Killed in Afghanistan

Violent Attacks Kill Five in Iraq

Clinton to meet ousted Honduran President

UN Security Council: North Korea Missile Launches Violate Resolutions

North Korea could have tested new, improved 'Scud missile' capable of hitting Japan

Israeli - Palestinian War

Biden says Israel has the right to attack Iran

Israel fears U.S. would foil Iran strike

Obama: 'Absolutely' no green light for Israel to attack Iran

Iran military option sharpened

Defense Minister Barak: Israel will dismantle outposts within months

Israel FM cites 'conflict of interest': Had sidelined him in talks with the United States over West Bank settlements

US, Israel looking for a way to resolve settlements dispute

Why a two-state solution? Editorial

Likud rebellion against Netanyahu emerges

What countermissionaries believe

Obama calls on Russia to work with U.S. on terrorism, nuclear curbs

'Europe missile defense only for Iran': Obama

Saudi Arabia appoints ambassador to Syria

Analysis: Syria's way out of the 'Shi'ite Axis of Evil'


Fascist Global Economy Forming

White House says it won't 'micromanage' GM

New GM has hard road to revival

GM plans to exit bankruptcy this week

Appeals loom in GM plan to sell assets

Auto-parts supplier Lear Files for Bankruptcy Protection

Russian power play stalls Opel talks

Beijing Auto makes GM offer on Opel

Stocks set for a flat open

U.S. stocks rise amid speculation that global credit conditions are improving

Senate torpedoes Fed Reserve audit

Government tightening food safety standards: New food safety standards for eggs, meat, vegetables being adopted by Obama administration

Italy's Earthquake Zone to Host G-8 Summit

Obama Adviser Says U.S. Should Consider Second Stimulus

Stocks Close Mixed Despite Big Drop in Oil

Hospitals, Democrats near deal on health care

Steve McNair's famous face becomes just another victim of American gun culture: Editorial - Blames Second Amendment for McNair's death

Iraq - Ancient Babylon

Biden: No additional American soldier will die for Iraq

Iraq's rebuff of US has element of posturing

Iraq now entering a precarious period

Biden Sends Right Message on Iraq

Sandstorms plague Iraq and are getting worse

Archives: "Blinding Sandstorms - How Depleted Uranium Kills An Entire Population"

Pope calls for a UN 'with teeth'

Hospital won't back Obama birth claim: Honolulu's Kapi'olani Medical Center refuses to confirm White House letter

Is Obama constitutionally eligible to serve?

Vietnam war architect Robert McNamara dies at 93

Suspected US missile attack kills 12 Taliban militants in northwest Pakistan

Suicide bomb outside Nato base in Afghanistan kills 1 civilian, wounding 8







July 6, 2009


Defensive stocks lift Dow and S&P

U.S. Stocks Gain on Speculation Credit Conditions Are Improving

Biden comments drive metal manufacturers lower

Crude oil tumbles

Obama Resets Russian Ties With Arms Cuts, Afghan Deal

US, Russia deal would cut nukes to post-cold-war lows

7 American troops killed in Afghan incidents

Talk Show Hosts May Be Accomplices Under Hate Bill

Obama Calls on Americans to 'Summon Spirit' of Founding Fathers 233 Years Ago

V.P. Biden says Israel has the right to attack Iran

Honduras Refuses Plane with Ousted President Zelaya

Obama En Route to Russia Summit: Nuclear arms deal foreseen

CIA's 'Black Sites' Won't Be Dismantled

Western Governments Funding Taliban & Al-Qaeda To Kill U.S. Troops, Destabilize Countries

Steve McNair's famous face becomes just another victim of American gun culture

Fascist Global Economy Forming

GM Wins Approval to Sell Most Assets to U.S. Treasury

Hybrids boost Toyota and Honda car sales

Even Bank of International Settlements Slams Concept "Too Big To Fail"

Sweden Central Bank Cuts Interest Rates To Negative 0.25%

Small U.S. banks fear new regulations may be costly

Hotels Feel The Pain: Glut of Empty Rooms, Lower Rates

Report blames Shell over 'cover-up' of Nigeria's oil spills

Auditing the Fed will Audit the State

Biden Sees Job Creation as More Fiscal Stimulus Put to Work

China reassures pre-eminence of dollar in debate before G8 Summit begins

Right Wing wins Bulgaria vote on anti-corruption ticket


Israeli - Palestinian War

Netanyahu Calls for 'Two States for Two Peoples'

Likud Party to Netanyahu: Start Building Settlements

Poll Gives Netanyahu Positive Marks Despite Rift with US

U.S. Palestinian 'partner' warns Mideast: Don't deal with Israel - Believes Obama will push Jewish state to give in without Arab concessions

IAF to train overseas for Iran strike operation: After VP Biden said US could not prevent an Israeli strike

Iran ready for Israel attack on nuclear facilities

Russian President Medvedev: Iran nuclear sanctions 'counter-productive'

Peres Reassures: Syrian President Assad won't get Golan if he keeps ties with Iran, Hizbullah

More anxiety in South than North during Palestinian terror rocket attacks

Ultra-Orthodox Jews Riot in Jerusalem

Solution may be at hand for Israeli-Lebanese conflict

US pressures Israel Aerospace Industries to drop bid on fighter jets to India: Israeli withdrawal leaves American companies in line to win the bid

Alaska Governor Palin Abruptly Resigns

Sarah Palin not under FBI investigation: Agency spokesman

McCain says Palin to play leadership role as ex-Governor

Two British Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan

Afghanistan Fighting Kills 2 US Soldiers, 30 Militants

New US Offensive in Southern Afghanistan Puts Pakistani Military on Alert

Tea partiers counterattack 'bad guys on bad mission': 'We're gonna be in a state of socialism here if we don't stop this nonsense'

Tea parties from sea to shining sea: More than 2,000 tax, Big Government protests in all 50 states

"A republic, if you can keep it." - Editorial

China says 140 dead in Xinjiang rioting unrest

Islam investigator ejected from D.C. Muslim conference: Illegally detained: 'CAIR and ISNA essentially tried to get me killed'

Will 'legal jihad' silence online critics of Islam? Court wades into brewing battle over rights of Internet journalists

North Korean Nuclear Confrontation News

North Korea fires seven short-range missiles into East Sea: On Saturday, July 4

North Korean Missiles Defy U.N. Resolution

Suspected North Korea weapons ship heads home

Second Thoughts on North Korea’s Inscrutable Ship: North Korea may have set a trap for Obama

N. Korea scorned S. Korean president 1,700 times this year

Pariah states collaborating on nukes? North Korea suspected of helping Burma

A Carter déjà vu? Examination of policy of President Carter vs Obama

Iraq - Ancient Babylon

Kirkuk Bomb Kills Iraq Peace Hopes After U.S. Pullout

Worse yet to come?

Iraq PM due in US for complete pullout talks

Child, senior police officer killed in Mosul attacks

6 killed in Iraq attacks

Has Obama taken his eye off Iraq?

Sandstorm blankets Iraq, sends hundreds to hospital

Archives: "Blinding Sandstorms - How Depleted Uranium Kills An Entire Population"

Iran's Ahmadinejad renews call for live debate with Obama


July 3-5, 2009


Today in History - July 4

North Korea Test-Fires Seven Short-Range Missiles, Drawing Condemnation

North Korea’s July 4th fireworks show

Iranian 'Nuke could wipe Israel out in seconds'

Barak, Mitchell to meet again on settlements

Four more flu A/H1N1 deaths reported in Asia-Pacific region

Obama, McCain give dueling holiday addresses

Honduran court defiant on Zelaya

China moves on Opel with BAIC bid

Obesity in the U.S. -- A perfect storm

North Korea’s Terror

Marines suffer first casualties in assault on Afghanistan's Taliban region

Top-ranking British soldier killed in Afghanistan

Iranian Cleric: British Embassy staff to be tried

Attorney General Holder: 'Gays' protected, Christian ministers not

6.0-Magnitude Quake in Gulf of California

Swine Flu may not spread like regular flu: Less transmissible

Could Israel be a model for American health-care reform?

Islam Ascending Worldwide

Michael Jackson's farewell will be like few others before

President Obama praises King of Pop Michael Jackson: "I grew up on his music, Still have all his stuff on my iPod"

Poll: Majority of Americans are Michael Jackson fans

Talk of drug use continues to dog Jackson's death

Jackson was 'healthy, vibrant' at last rehearsal

NYC forced to honor Islam Sept. 11?

Rick Warren does it, again: Keynote speaker for a Saudi-backed Muslim group that promotes a radical strain of Wahhabi Islam in about 80 percent of U.S. mosques

Iraq War - Not Over By Any Means

2 killed, 17 injured in Iraq bomb attacks

U.S. Vice President Biden arrives in Iraq on surprise visit

Iraq: Operation Over?

As U.S. presence ebbs, Iraq takes charge of its future

US puts sanctions on Iraq Shiite group, Iran adviser

Britain’s War Costs in Iraq and Afghanistan Triple

BP Steals a March on Oil Competitors in Iraq

The Declaration of Independence of these United Statef of America: The most cited yet least read or understood document in American history

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel must protect its independence

Israel Says Settlement Deal with US Closer Israel Says Settlement Deal with US Closer

Obama won't bend to Israeli 'tricks' regarding settlements

Israel must not give in

Settlers hope PM won't yield to US

Israel PM misses passing grade in first 100 days: Poll reveals

Rights Group: Israeli Drone Strikes Killed Gaza Civilians

Hamas fears a swap: Chances of securing release of abducted soldier Shalit at this time are slim

Plan: Ease of restrictions in return for Shalit

How Close Is The Rapture?

Part 1 - Does The Mandatory HDTV Switchover, HAARP and GWEN Towers = Global Mind Control?

Part 2 - Global Mind Control And The Rapture of the Church

Part 3 - Will God Use His Rapture of the Church As The Means By Which He Will Protect Us From The Global Mind Control? - Imminency of the Rapture Doctrine Examined

Fascist Global Economy Forming

Cap-and-trade bill not likely to deliver promised jobs

European markets take breather with US on holiday

IOUs spell uncertainty for Calif. small businesses

U.S. regulators close seven banks

Emerging Markets Gain Record Share of World Equity

Bankruptcy may be best option for reviving Detroit Public Schools

Treasury’s Distressed Debt Plan Said to Begin With $20 Billion

GM Plans ‘Garage Sale’ for Toxic Plants, Golf Course

Britons Paid Back Home Loans at Record Pace

HSBC’s Swiss Bank Asked Clients to Surrender Secrecy Last September

Deposed President Zelaya Seeks Support Abroad as OAS Backs His Return to Honduras

Honduras' UN ambassador does not recognize new gov't

US House panel approves bill to triple Pakistan aid

Swine Flu News

Swine flu 'shows drug resistance' to Tamiflu

Warning over fake Tamiflu sales

U.S. to Donate Drug Tamiflu to Combat Swine Flu

Swine Flu Is More Severe Than Seasonal Flu

Troubling signs on swine flu in Britain and Mexico

Argentina´s capital declares Swine Flu emergency

North Korean Nuclear Confrontation News

Pentagon Sees No Particular Indication North Korea to Test Missile on US Holiday

North Korea Fires Four More Test Missiles: Should U.S. Be Worried?

North Korea's missile launches "not helpful," says U.S

North Korea Blinks When Confronted by the USS John McCain

U.S. Blacklists Companies Suspected of Aiding North Korean Nuclear, Missile Projects

Who Holds Captured U.S. Soldier in Afghanistan? Hard to Say

Obama Still Undecided on Church To Attend With His Family

Eligibility bill wins more co-sponsors: Proposed law would require proof of future presidential candidates

Texas trying to save 'NAFTA Superhighway'?

Preventing a Honduran Bloodbath

Oil hovers above $66 after weak jobs data

Obama not fully informed on Russia: Putin spokesman

New IAEA chief elected: Japanese Ambassador Yukiya Amano

Defeated Mousavi to disclose "tell-all documents" on Iran's election


July 2, 2009


North Korea Fires 2 Short-Range Missiles

In Pyongyang's crosshairs: Hawaii and US West Coast

CDC: U.S. may need 600 million swine flu vaccine doses

British swine flu can no longer be contained: Government moves to 'treatment phase' as health secretary says infection rate could reach 100,000 a day by end of August

U.S. Marines launch major Afghanistan assault

At Summit, US Moves on Strategic Priority: 'Reset' with Russia

Honduras resists pressure to allow Zelaya's return

California rolls out $3.36 billion in IOUs today

Confirmed: God is slightly gay - LGBT propaganda reaches new lows

Marching out of step in the US military: Refusal to deploy, search-and-avoid missions, absence without leave, desertions, even suicides

How Close Is The Rapture?

Part 1 - Does The Mandatory HDTV Switchover, HAARP and GWEN Towers = Global Mind Control?

Part 2 - Global Mind Control And The Rapture of the Church

Part 3 - Will God Use His Rapture of the Church As The Means By Which He Will Protect Us From The Global Mind Control? - Imminency of the Rapture Doctrine Examined

FDA Suicide Warning on Stop-Smoking Drugs


Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel will say 'yes' to settlement freeze

Germany's Merkel: Settlements endanger two-state deal

The one-state solution: Editorial

Israeli PM says ties with U.S. unbreakable

Amnesty: Operation Cast Lead: 22 days of death and destruction

Amnesty International Accuses Israel, Hamas of 'War Crimes' During Gaza War

Israel rejects 'unbalanced' Amnesty report on Gaza war

Fatah, Hamas trade accusations - again

Israelis intercept Gaza aid ship -- Gaza residents 'live in despair'

Agreements must be honored: Slams Obama Administration’s denial of Israeli agreement with Bush

News agencies gagging 'gay' factor in boy's rape: But coverage beyond bonkers for fake Duke lacrosse assault

India Court Rules Gay Sex Legal, Rejects Colonial Law

Fascist Global Economy Forming

IOUs loom as foes' battle lines harden: California governor declares a state of fiscal emergency

June jobless rate seen rising to 9.6 percent: Expected to keep climbing after recession ends

US firms cut 473,000 jobs in June: Less than number of jobs lost in May

Ruble Bonds Exceed Dollar Sales as Russia’s Currency Stabilizes

Exxon, Valero Face New Curbs on Carcinogenic Gases Under Obama

Obama All Talk, No Action on Wall Street Compensation

Obama tossing middle income earners to tax wolves

Detroit gets chance to rise from ashes

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration may impose more safety features: Advanced safety systems

Toyota's down, but not out

GM urges quick approval of sale plan

SEC lawyer suspicious of Madoff five years ago

Cheating still beats real work

White House Reporters Grill Gibbs Over ‘Prepackaged’ Questions for Obama

Islam Rising Throughout The World

Jackson to get Muslim burial, public memorial

Muslim world grieves for Michael Jackson

Pastor Rick Warren to address American Muslims

CoE school bans girl from wearing crucifix - but allows Sikh pupils to wear bangles

Al-Qaeda warns France of revenge for burka stance

Muslim NHS dentist 'tried to force patients to wear traditional Islamic dress'

Al-Qaida-linked thugs now executing children: Mother watches sons being dragged away

Turks increasingly turn to Islamic extremism

Did Michael Jackson repent, accept Christ? Pop idol reached out to Gospel star Andrae Crouch before death

Drug Enforcement Agency joins Michael Jackson death probe

The case against Sotomayor

Jobs may determine climate bill's fate: Critics rip economic impact

UN Chief, Japanese PM talk on climate change and North Korea

US marines launch massive assault in Afghan valley

American soldier captured by insurgents in Afghanistan

Pakistan army deploys troops along Afghan border

Swat Valley Taliban commander badly injured

Roadside bomb kills 2 officers in Pakistan


Iraq War - Not Over By Any Means

First Iraqi soldier killed in Baghdad after U.S. troops pullout

Bombings kill at least 3 people in Baghdad area

Bombing in Kirkuk as Iraqi Security Forces Assume Control of Cities

Saddam Hussein namesake gunned down in Kirkuk

Bombing in Kirkuk may indicate further problems to come

Iraq civilian death toll soars : 447 Iraqi civilians were killed last month, double the toll from May

Iraq’s government: Monumental problems

Shi'ite Cleric Al-Sadr insists on complete U.S. troop withdrawal from Iraq

Latest Iraqi Bombing Another Attempt to Incite Violence: UN Mission

Iran Reduces Role in Iraq, But Still Having Impact

As Biden Takes Lead on Iraq Policy, Kurds Seek More From U.S.


New Headline News Articles

"Iraq War - Not Over By Any Means" - Part 1
"U.S. Still Headed For Planned Defeat"

Can you believe that most Americans actually believe that the Iraq War is over and that we have won it? Because people cannot find any news on Iraq anywhere on Mass Media, they feel that the Iraq War was over and that President Bush had won it.

We have lost the war in Iraq, a fact which will become more and more apparent as the next 12 months unfold. One day, people will wake up to realize that Iran does have firm hegemony over Iraq!! -

"Iraq War - Not Over By Any Means" - Part 2"Why Did Skull & Bones Bush Invade?"

The answer as to "Why" Bush set out to invade Iraq will shock you, as it is part fulfilled prophecy and part Satanic doctrine.

New Honduran Government Defies OAS Ultimatum

US Warns Honduras of Cascade of Consequences if Coup is Not Reversed

President Zelaya should be returned to power ? and face impeachment

1 dead, 4 hurt in California dental office shooting


July 1, 2009


Suspected North Korea arms ship changes course

Iran shuts newspaper challenging Ahmadinejad

GOP's Coleman concedes, sending Democrat Franken to Senate

OAS delivers 72-hour ultimatum to Honduras

G8 Ministers Condemn Actions of Iran, North Korea

Stocks ready to advance


How Close Is The Rapture?

Part 1 - Does The Mandatory HDTV Switchover, HAARP and GWEN Towers = Global Mind Control?

Part 2 - Global Mind Control And The Rapture of the Church

Part 3 - Will God Use His Rapture of the Church As The Means By Which He Will Protect Us From The Global Mind Control? - Imminency of the Rapture Doctrine Examined

Fascist Global Economy Forming

Cash-strapped states up against budget deadlines

11th-hour votes on California state budget fail

World stocks begin new quarter on upbeat note

Chinese industry on more solid ground

Obama Presents Bill to Create Consumer-Finance Watchdog

Cities Grow at Suburbs' Expense During Recession

Iran - Ancient Persia News

Iran's election authority: Partial recount shows election valid

Iran's president says enemies' 'soft overthrow' failed

Iran's Karroubi rejects Ahmadinejad vote

Iranian Mullahs Warn: We’ll assume protests will be violent from now on

President Obama Opposes New Sanctions on Iran?

G-8 to Discuss New Iran Penalties

Lebanon's president congratulates Ahmadinejad on re-election

Obama: US Pullback From Iraq 'Important Milestone'

Top US General says Withdrawal Complete from Iraqi Cities

Iraq's 'Milestone' Day Marred by Fatal Blast: Car Bombing Kills at Least 34 in Kirkuk As U.S. Combat Troops Pull Out of Cities

Iraq Fails to Award Most Oil Contracts in Bid Round


Swine Flu News

Do not party 'til swine flu comes home

New Zealand influenza A/H1N1 confirmed cases rise to 711

More than 360 new A/H1N1 flu cases reported in Asia-Pacific region

Thailand records fourth and fifth swine-flu deaths

Israeli - Palestinian War

"Jeremiah to today's Israel: No 2-state solution!" by Bill Salus, "Isralestine" Book

Israel, U.S. inch closer to compromise on West Bank settlement construction

Barak: Too early to declare Israel settlement freeze

Israel defies Obama with settlement expansion

Israel Rejects Fresh International Demands for Settlement Freeze

Israel says France advised firing top diplomat

Israel land expropriation plan angers Palestinians


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