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Security Chief Urges 'Collective Fight' Against Terrorism

Swine flu: cases may be peaking

Obamacare called 'euthanasia bill'

In Japan, getting ready for the Big One


Fascist Global Economy Forming

U.S. Economy Probably Shrank Least In 2nd Qtr As Obama's Program Began To Take Hold

‘Cash for Clunkers’ a hit with buyers

'Cash for Clunkers' Runs Out of Gas

Bailed-out banks paid over #32 billion in bonuses last year

U.S. Limits on Bank Pay, Bonuses Face Senate, Obama Skepticism

Mitsubishi UFJ Returns to Profit

Nigeria riot city 'under control'

Obama cheers a 'teachable moment' over beer with Gates, Crowley

2 new moms in Bay Area die from swine flu; concern raised about risk for pregnant women

Lull in swine flu cases – but 'big surge' to follow

Half of children taking Tamiflu have side-effects: Nausea, insomnia and nightmares reported after taking antiviral drug for swine flu

Iraq health ministry confirms 4 cases of swine flu

Bahrain school closed after girl tests positive for swine flu

The latest on 'Certification of Live Birth': Officials confirm 'Obama document' not necessarily accurate

Will Hawaii destroy Obama's birth certificate? Investigator cites procedural changes that could allow it

IRS investigation of church 'closed': Pastor addressed 'moral' qualifications of political candidates

Israeli - Palestinian War

Madonna: Spiritual puzzle pieces fell into place with her discovery of Kabbalah

Obama's evenhanded Mideast policy

Israel says Gaza war was 'necessary'

Hamas foreign policy: Acceptance versus recognition

Gaza's smuggling tunnels feel impact of Israel-Egypt crackdown

Dispute with Hamas may derail Fatah summit in West Bank

Gates reassures Israel on U.S.-Iran strategy


July 30, 2009


Obama defends stimulus package: 'We have stopped the freefall'

Support Slips for Obama's Health Plan - Text House Version

Two out of three swine flu deaths are in Latin America

Senate Democrats Urge Republicans to Support Sotomayor

Fox's Glenn Beck says he believes Obama is racist

Obama's to Blame for the Birther Movement

Dutch 'Abortion ship' sails into Christian storm

Health Care to Dominate Lawmakers' Summer Recess After Quick Deal Eludes Congress

Dem leaders, 'Blue Dogs' compromise on Health Care Plan

House Democrats Use New Estimate to Refute GOP Health Care Claims

Deputy leader killed as Nigerian military raids Islamic sect


Iraq War Not Over Yet - Current News

Bomb in Iraq's Baquba kills 4 at party office

Iraq: 6 Iranian exiles killed in clashes at Camp Ashraf

Clashes resurge at Ashraf Camp

Iraq says raid on militant group's camp wasn't Iran's idea

Deadly raid against Iranian exiles raises questions about Iraq’s relations with US, Tehran

Who are the MKO and why did Iraqi forces storm their camp?

British Iraq war inquiry to be launched

Britain to Withdraw Remaining Forces from Iraq

Gates says U.S. may accelerate Iraq withdrawal

Gates Spends Final Day in Iraq Meeting Kurds

Iraq in throes of environmental catastrophe:
Sandstorms are merely the symptom

"Blinding Sandstorms In Iraq: How Depleted Uranium Kills An Entire Popultion"

Germany's pro-Hitler party plans 'training centre'

Cash-for-clunker program: Is your car eligible?

Who will survive the solar energy shakeout?

Bill Cosby ’shocked’ at Obama’s statement on Harvard prof’s arrest

Professor Gates, Police Sgt. Crowley set for Obama's 'beer summit'

Arabs losing hope in Obama's ability to broker Mideast peace

U.S. shifting drones' focus to Taliban

Escalating Afghanistan war tests US, British voters

India prime minister pushes for dialogue with Pakistan

S. Korea Demands Return of Crew From Fishing Boat Seized By North

Israeli - Palestinian War

Survey: 64% want Temple rebuilt

Analysis: U.S. gives Israel 'big hug'

Mideast peace talks: Saudis stymie Obama plan

Palestinian finance minister: Economic peace failed

Hizbullah turns up the temperature in the North

US says can't expand UNIFIL authority in Lebanon

Diplomats: Hezbollah 'embarrassed' by arms cache blast

Israel to allow cement into Gaza for first time since war

Netanyahu: 'Crossings shut until Schalit freed'

The holocaust of Jerusalem: Editorial

US Enters Debt-for-Nature Swap With Indonesia

Organic food is no healthier: London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine Study

British Religious leaders move to halt swine flu

Regional summit pushes for Honduras peace plan: Latin America, Nation #6, is forming and beginning to act as a nation

Vanished: Obama exposer disappears off Net

Guess how many ways to get Hawaii 'birth certificate': Some required nothing more than assertion from an adult - Easy to get a birth certificate in 1961 when Obama was born

No. 11 signs onto demand for eligibility proof for future Presidential candidates

$100,000 offered for proof of eligibility: Businessman asks how president can issue orders 'if he is not qualified'

Sotomayor masters Bill Clinton word games

Traces of Aramaic on Shroud of Turin: Probably says, "King of the Jews"

July 29, 2009


Oil Falls the Most in Three Months

U.S. Durable Goods Orders Unexpectedly Rise Excluding Cars, Planes

U.S. Military planning for possible H1N1 outbreak

2010 - Peter Hyams - The Jupiter Birth Scene

Current Picture of the Black Hole On Jupiter 6,000 Miles Wide - "Not only is it growing larger, but also it seems to be developing two lobes" - 7/28/09

MSNBC Implies That People Concerned About Obama, Gun Control, 9/11, and Power of Secret Societies In Government Are Psychologically Insane

Global warming is the new religion of First World urban elites

'Tough Love' For Fat People: Tax Their Food To Pay For Health Care

Swine flu striking pregnant women hard: CDC study

Senate committee endorses Sotomayor

American Army pounds it into your head: Kill everybody'

Founding Fathers' thoughts on 'hate crimes'

Talk show host Hal Turner has admitted in court that he is an FBI informant


Fascist Global Economy Forming

Honda, Nissan Earnings Beat Estimates on Government Sales Incentives

Dow 15,000, Here We Come: Stocks Going to New Highs

U.S., China vow closer ties to lead global recovery

Templeton may invest up to $10 bln in Russia

Gallup Poll: Americans Turning Against Federal Reserve - Efforts to audit Fed gaining strength

Asian Stocks Fall on Valuation Concerns

European stocks up after solid earnings

BMW pulling out Formula One Racing

Old US Industrial Town Looking Forward to a Green Future - Jobs shifting

Treasury Secretary Geithner: US to address deficits after recovery

No Easy Solution But Obama's Foreclosure Plan "Doesn't Touch the Surface

Cadbury first half profit nearly triples: People eating more chocolate during recession

Car Bomb Targets Northern Spain

Unveiled! Hawaii's 1961 long-form birth certificates - Real documents include name of doctor, hospital

New doubts revealed in Obama's nativity story

Lou Dobbs: Just produce birth certificate: CNN anchor says Obama's presidential actions could be 'illegal'

Congressional support for proof of eligibility grows: 10th congressman now supports election law change


Iraq War Not Over Yet - Current News

Iraq strikes at Iranian camp: Bloody raid on group US has long sheltered - latest sign that U.S. influence is waning as Iranian clout rises

Iran dissidents condemn Iraq raid

US 'monitoring' Iraqi actions at Iranian camp

Five killed in Baghdad motorbike bombing

British troops in Iraq move to Kuwait

Iraq says to help Turkey, U.S. drive out Kurdish rebels

Incumbents ahead in Iraq Kurd vote, but challenged

British Media Say 2 Iraq Hostages Are Likely Dead

Gates, in Iraq, seeks to ease Kurd-Arab tensions

US remains in Iraq, as 'coalition' prepares for home

Gates To Review Role of US Troops

US to leave weapons in Iraq after withdrawal

What does Iraq owe Kuwait for 1990 invasion?

Iraq cabinet approves bill on national oil company

Governor Schwarzenegger cuts $500 million more as he signs budget

Obama Urges US Seniors to Support Health Care Reform

Israeli - Palestinian War

Netanyahu: Palestinians will eventually topple Hamas

Saudi will not recognise Israel until it withdraws from occupied Arab land

PM, Mitchell say deal on settlement construction near

Obama begins pressuring Arab leaders to reach deal with Israel

Palestinian negotiator urges U.S. to push Israel in peace talks

No peace; no Israel

Israel dismantles illegal West Bank outpost

Israel might talk with Lebanon by reviving 1949 armistice commission

Israel angry at UNIFIL-Hizbullah contact

Israeli Deputy Health Minister Litzman downplays swine flu concerns

Israel wrestles with Iran problem

Russia and Iran to hold joint naval exercise in Caspian Sea: First time ever

Iran to put 20 election 'rioters' on trial: IRNA reports

Iran set to free prominent reformist

Most British people against sending more troops to Afghanistan, want immediate withdrawal

North Korea Sees An Opening

Police: Taser use on disabled man justified because he had umbrella

Big Brother Is Watching Your Blackberry



July 28, 2009


Pregnancy likely to be swine flu shot priority

Mitchell: U.S. wants to achieve comprehensive peace in the region

Obama unlikely to present peace plan

Obama IS a U.S. citizen, says exasperated White House

Dollar Falls on Signs Recession Slump Is Easing

Panel vote on Sotomayor likely to reflect divide

Puzzling X-Rays from Jupiter

Nancy Pelosi Remarks About Her Unpopularity: "I don't care"

House Democratic leaders: No health vote before August recess

Israeli - Palestinian War

General Ashkenazi: There is no imminent threat of war on Lebanon border

Hizbullah training Lebanese Armed Forces

Israeli bill may help Netanyahu meet U.S. demands

Netanyahu-Mitchell meeting 'positive'

Obama Gives Unsettling Tough Love to Israel

Obama Termed 'Racist' in Jerusalem Rally

Jewish Settlers completing 11 new outposts

US calls for Arab world to normalise Israel ties

Arab League: Will not make any sacrifice for Israel

US and Israel differ on strategy if Iran talks fail

US: Father, sons plotted Tel Aviv terror bombing

As Tisha B'Av Approaches, Knesset Focuses on the Temple Mount

Defense Chief Gates Lands in Iraq to Review U.S. Role

8 killed in $7-million Baghdad bank robbery

In Nigeria, an Islamist Expansion - at least 50 people died during fighting

Roadside bombing kills 8 private security guards in S Afghanistan

Britain ends major operation in Afghanistan

Professor Gates arrest a delicate matter to hash out over beer


Fascist Global Economy Forming

Round 3: More help for homeowners - Administration meets with loan servicers on Tuesday to find out why mortgage modifications are delayed

Central Bank: Chinese entrepreneurs confidence up in 2Q

California's budget process as sausage-making

Late Session Rally Propels Stocks To Modest Gains

New Gallup Poll Reveals Dissatisfaction With Fed

Earnings Fever Continues

Is Ford's Profit for Real? No, not quite

Honda's Insight hybrid stalls in sales race with Toyota's Prius

Delphi auto supplier deal may end bankruptcy

Michigan aims to lure green energy jobs

Global warming played a role in Incas' rise and prosperity: Report

Iran president dealt fresh blow: Industry Minister has been found guilty of fraud

H1N1 (Swine Flu) prompts hajj restrictions

July 27, 2009


Vaccinations: Deadly Immunity

What a shock: Your e-passport isn’t secure after all

ISP Pulls Plug On File Sharing Customers

US urges Iran reply by September

Clinton says Israel should be patient on Iran

Secrets of CIA 'ghost flights' to be revealed

Clinton calls Russia a 'great power' after Biden's earlier, harsher remarks

North Korea: We're ready to discuss nukes

Democrats Lack Votes to Pass Health Care Bill

Let's Fix Health Care -- Just Not This Way

Swine Flu Panic and Propaganda

Swine Flu: What I Believe: "I believe one of the goals of the swine flu vaccine is depopulation" - Former Bush official in 1991

Squalene: The Swine Flu Vaccine’s Dirty Little (Fatal) Secret Exposed

Readying Americans for Dangerous, MANDATORY Vaccinations

Sarkozy’s Secret Plan for Mandatory Swine Flu Vaccination

WHO Plays with Pandemic Fire: The Continuing Saga of the Flying Pigs Pandemic Flu

Europe fast-tracking swine flu vaccine: Raising concerns among some experts

Health Ministry: First swine flu death confirmed in Israel

Infectious diseases study site challenged: Tornado alley may not be safe, the Government Accountability Office says - "DHS greatly underestimated the chance of accidental release and major contamination"


Iraq War Not Over Yet - Current News

Deadly blast hits Iraqi party HQ in Falluj

‘Poison in the air’ plagues Iraqi-Kurd relations: Disputed boundary in Iraq's north becomes most combustible fault-line

Iraq awaits Kurdistan poll result

Kurdish Election Turnout High Amid Charges of Irregularities

Iraq PM hints at longer US role

'Billions lost' to corruption in Iraq


Fascist Global Economy Forming

U.S. Pay Czar to Rework Contracts Deemed High

Mortgage Companies to Meet With White House

Bernanke: Fed didn't act quickly enough to stop reckless mortgage lending

Fed's Bernanke launches charm offensive

Nikkei gains for 9th day, longest run in 21 years

Rally in Asia stocks builds; eyes on earnings

China tightening control over steel industry

Ron Paul’s HR 1207 transcends partisan politics and upsets Congressional leadership: Plan to audit Federal Reserve

54% Still Blame Bush for Nation’s Economic Woes

Sarah Palin hands over power in Alaska


Israeli - Palestinian War

Top US official in Israel to push Mideast peace: Defense Secretary Gates

How settlements became 'illegal'

U.S., Israel inch closer to deal on settlement freeze

Settlement population in West Bank exceeds 300,000

Important week in Israel/US relations ahead

Clinton: U.S. committed to Israel’s security

Israeli defense minister: ‘No option’ off the table on Iran, a reference to possible strike

Iran: Israel should dismantle its nukes

Hezbollah Leader Threatens Tel Aviv Missile Strike From Lebanon

Lebanon Claims: Explosion in south caused by IDF arms

Senior IDF officers warn of Hezbollah move on Lebanon border

British Lawmakers: Government Should Engage Hamas

Hamas launches Islamic virtue campaign in Gaza

Editorial - Obama's calculations were wrong

Editorial: Can Cyprus be a model for Middle East peace?

Iran's Ahmadinejad only sacks intelligence minister

Obama administration eases restrictions on lobbyists for stimulus money

Afghanistan Secures First Local Taliban Cease-Fire

Police Stop Suicide Bombers Before they Strike in Afghanistan

US Vice President Says Afghan War 'Worth the Sacrifice'

Afghan Vice Presidential Candidate Escapes Assassination Attempt

Pakistan Arrests Cleric Who Brokered Swat Peace Deal

India widens climate rift with west

Weed killer kills human cells. Study intensifies debate over 'inert' ingredients

Shock Video: Harvard Professor Professor Gates goes on N-word rant

Professor Gates held fundraiser for Obama: More connections to 'radical' Harvard man at center of race row

Six killed in suicide blast in Russia's Chechnya

White House stonewalling on 'birth letter': Ignores repeated requests to authenticate Obama message declaring exact hospital

Eligibility story is dead?

Obama's unpopularity hits record low


Saturday-Sunday July 25-26, 2009


British public supports assisted suicide for terminally ill people

Cheney Pushed To Use Military To Carry Out Arrest On American Soil

Iran vows to hit Israel's atomic sites if attacked

Texas Sen. John Cornyn to vote against Sotomayor's confirmation

Common Sense May Sink ObamaCare

Biden: Withering Russia will bend to West

'Cash for clunkers' rules are released, sparking a rush

Oil rises above $68 on economic optimism

Swine Flu Panic and Propaganda

Swine flu could hit up to 40 percent in US: Several hundred thousand could die without successful vaccination program - Propaganda

US: 160M doses of swine flu vaccine due in October

Catacombs may be used to store bodies of swine flu victims

Swine flu screening at British airports amid fear that NHS could be overwhelmed

Fort Gordon Army Base in Augusta Reports 11 Swine Flu Cases

Texas Health Officials Making Preparations For Virus’ Return

Seasonal Flu shot isn't for H1N1 Swine Flu

How many people have swine flu? No one knows

Obama calls Campridge cop to mend fences

Police unions don't get apology from Obama, but happy with reversal

Arrest of Gates also shines a light on 'disorderly conduct' laws

Sgt. James Crowley, cop who arrested Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr., denies he's racist

Which 'ism' is on display at Harvard arrest?

Guantánamo Bay: the inside story - Six months after President Obama promised to shut the prison down

Lawmakers: Calif. budget crisis resolved, for now


Fascist Global Economy Forming

Investors dump brokers to go it alone online

The Housing Market Is Getting Less Bad!

Happy Days Are Here Again! But Caution Still Warranted

Geithner, Bernanke at odds on consumer protection

Citi Taps Directors With Fix-It Expertise

Toyota to end Calif. joint venture with GM

GM aims to cut 21,000 workers: Hourly workers faced a deadline Friday to accept buyout and early retirement offers

General Motors grants ex-CEO Wagoner $8.2M severance package

IMF approves controversial $2.5bn Sri Lanka loan


Iraq War Not Over Yet - Current News

Bomb blast kills 4 in Iraq's Falujah

US troop can stay beyond 2011 - PM Maliki

Iraqi Kurds flock to polls in key election

Baghdad-Kurds escalating tension endangers security in Iraq

Turkey, Iraq, U.S. to dicuss fight against Kurdish rebels

Iraq criticises U.S. talks with armed groups considered terrorists

What PM Maliki’s power means for US

Biden, Maliki meet at White House as US pushes Iraq reconciliation

Obama:US Committed To Helping Iraq Out Of UN Chapter 7 Sanctions

4,000 Fort Lewis soldiers to head to Iraq

US GI killed in Iraq, total deaths officially at 4327

Iran president caves in, dismisses his top deputy: Had made friendly comments about Israel

Son of defeated Iran candidate ally killed in prison

Obama administration still optimistic about passage of healthcare reform by yearend

Abortion is 'health care'?

Is there a co-pay with forced abortion?

Horrors In Obama's Health Care

Ousted Honduran president Zelaya returns to Nicaragua

Extra British troops to deployed in Afghanistan

Obama, UK's Brown urge Afghan burden-sharing

Italy underlines Iran's role in Afghanistan

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israeli PM: West Bank Barrier Will Remain

US: Parade of officials to Israel coincidental

Netanyahu calls for 'warm peace' with Arab neighbors

Despite Obama's appeal, Saudis unlikely to push Mideast talks

Poll Shows Israelis Suspicious of US-Sponsored Peace Process

US transfers $200 million in aid to Palestinian Authority

Turkey's PM Erdogan presses Israel to return Golan

UN warns Hezbollah over Lebanon arms cache

The President Takes a Hard Line on Israel: Yet he doesn’t want to be seen as ‘meddling’ in Iran

Zionist in the White House: “A Safe Haven,” the story of Truman’s integral role in the birth of Israel

US Corruption Arrests Shock Jewish Community

'Shut up Lou Dobbs' campaign hits stride: CNN anchor simply wants birth certificate revealed

AOL poll: 82% want Obama to release birth certificate

Twitter Is Blocked On White House Computers


Global Warming = Global Dictatorship

Worry about global cooling, not warming

Record cooling trend in Al Gore's hometown

Earthtalk: Do sunspots and solar flares affect climate change?

Global Warming or Global Cooling? A New Trend in Climate Alarmism

Chills of Global Cooling: As global cooling accelerates, global-warmists kick, scream, and push their pet theory just like little kids who cover their ears and stomp their feet

See Jupiter's Great Expanding Black Spot

July 24, 2009


You're (Probably) a Federal Criminal

In 1933, the American Press Was Proud that Hitler Adopted Its Propaganda Methods. Nothing Has Changed

Darts fly as N. Korea rejects talks

Daniel Radcliffe slams 'stupid' homophobes: Harry Potter actor admits to gay experience

World opinion of U.S. improves since Obama's election

Can Obama Save His Presidency?

Obama's Health-Care Push Comes Up Short: "Don't Count Him Out Yet"

National Highway Safety Administration Called for Complete Ban of Cell Phones on Roads


Global Warming = Global Dictatorship

Global Warming or Global Cooling? A New Trend in Climate Alarmism

Government monopsony distorts climate science: The climate industry is costing taxpayers $79 billion and counting

Senator Kerry Panel Looks At Climate Change And Calls It A Matter of National Security

Swine Flu Panic

Swine Flu May Cause Seizures in Children: New York Times

Additive to stretch supply of flu vaccine

Swine Flu Prevention Takes on New Urgency: U.S. Officials Call for FDA to Approve Vaccine Without Data from Clinical Trials

Swine flu has spread to almost every country: WHO

Swine Flu Vaccine by October, Say Makers

All Hands on Deck For Anticipated Swine Flu Surge

Britain, major travel hub, hard hit by flu pandemic

Does Obama regret saying the police acted stupidly? Nope

Black Harvard Professor's Arrest Continues to Generate Controversy

Both Were Wrong, But One Was Wronger

Obama stirs racial passions in Harvard case

Bill Cosby ’shocked’ at Obama’s statement on Harvard prof’s arrest

Minimum hourly wage rises to $7.25 today

Mayors, rabbis arrested in NJ corruption probe

Fascist Global Economy Forming

US stocks look to add on to prior day's big gains: Now over 9,000

Oil holds above $67 amid improving US economy

Euro zone surveys point to easing recession

German Bonds Fall as Confidence Rises, Manufacturing Dip Slows

Schwarzenegger reaches California budget deal

Taxpayers simply cannot afford Obama's programs

World markets brush off soft Microsoft earnings

Insiders at new GM same as they ever were

Asia-Pacific sales spike fuels GM's focus on China

GM picks Downriver for battery factory: To make power packs for electric vehicles

GM dumps sponsorships: Judge lets automaker drop 54 contracts in move to slash costs in advertising

Feds want auto task force data: Raising questions about dealership closings and about how decisions are made in General Motors

Israeli - Palestinian War

Did Obama lie to Christians, Jews? Reverses campaign position against dividing Jerusalem

Clinton warns Iran and worries Israel

Aborted rocket test: A chink in Israel’s anti-Iran armor?

U.S. warns Israel: Don't build up West Bank corridor

US not considering sanctions against Israel

Monetary assistance to Israel must continue

Evacuated settlers sue IDF commanders

New service lets Jews tweet a prayer to God -- Traffic rockets to Twitter site

Iranian vice president pressed to quit: Had voiced a moderate stance toward Israel

US Middle East envoy Mitchell heading to Syria

Israel asked to resume Syria talks

Israeli Public Defender's Office joins fight against biometric database

Afghan president vows to regulate foreign troops

Loophole for illegals in 'Obamacare'? No clear plan to stop aliens from enrolling in government health plan

The criminal case against ACORN: Congressional report demands probe, block of $8.5 billion in stimulus funds

Jupiter collision a warning call to Earth: The list of cosmic objects that could hit Earth is growing

Obama czar pick: 'Raving animal rights nut' - Cass Sunstein, the Harvard Law professor nominated by the president to become the administrator of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, is a "raving animal rights nut" and devout disciple of Peter Singer


Obama says Senate's delay in health care bill 'OK'

Obama shifts focus in health care debate

Did Michelle Obama start a patient-dumping program?


July 23, 2009


Manufacturers brewing new swine flu vaccine

Legal immunity set for swine flu vaccine makers

Sec/State Clinton: N. Korea Must Commit to 'Irreversible' Disarmament

N. Korea Responds: Clinton 'funny lady, by no means intelligent'

US to Boost Relationship With ASEAN - Nation #9 In 10-Nation Reorganization

Sotomayor gains one GOP vote; loses one

Honduran regime rejects plan for president's return

Senate kills concealed-weapons bill

Total Solar Eclipse: Pictures

Swine Flu Panic

Roche sales of Tamiflu soar 200%

Sinovac Testing Swine Flu Vaccine

FDA Approves Seasonal Flu Vaccine Which Does Not Include H1N1

Global swine flu deaths top 700

Aggressive U.S. tests set for new flu vaccines

Canada lagging on vaccine trials

India: Six more H1N1 cases in city

Thailand's H1N1 death toll jumps to 44

Teen pregnancy and disease rates rose sharply during Bush years


Fascist Global Economy Forming

Jet turbine could power hybrid electric car

Credit Suisse beats forecasts with 29% profit growth

Sales Off 15%, But GM Sees A Turnaround In Car Market

Porsche CEO, Finance Chief Resign: Paving way for Volkswagen

GM Says Opel Sale Talks Will Continue

European Shares Gain; MSCI World Posts Longest Rally Since 2003

New Breed of Real Estate Professionals Helps Clients Buy Green Homes

Oil easier but hangs above $65

Israeli - Palestinian War

Envoy: No U.S.-Israel crisis; 'Not yet,' says think tank

Obama-Likud Staredown: Who's Going to Blink?

Obama Boomerang: Demand for Building Freeze Spurs Rush to Buy

IDF considers possible US aid halt effects

Settlements depend heavily on Israel funds

Clinton warns Iran and worries Israel

Israel: A Belief In Coexistence - Interview With Activist Ibn Ezra

Muslim activists blocked Jews from moving in: Newfound boldness follows Obama's demand to halt Jewish construction

Israel: Brazil can help halt Iran's nuke program

Iran can rejoice at failure of Israel's missile defense NOTE: Real Israeli missile defense system is Scalar Wave Military System

Israel circulates Hitler photo to battle critics: Shows former Palestinian religious leader meeting Adolf Hitler - he lobbied Hitler for the extermination of Jews in North Africa and Palestine

Hundreds of rightists to attempt Tisha Be'Av Temple Mount ascent

'Peace partner' boasts: We never recognized Israel - Abbas' Fatah Party

Christian Right Crusades for Israel: John Hagee

Canadian Soldier's warning shot kills Afghan girl

A failure of state and military in Afghanistan

Obama's Socialized Health Care News

Why won't Congress enroll in gov't health care? Democrats exempt themselves from own 'reform'

Obamacare for old folks: Just 'cut your life short': Health plan provision demands 'end-of-life' counseling

Exclusive: Obama's 'Kill Grandma Bill' - Will Americans tolerate the denial of healthcare to those 65 and older?

Obama says economic recovery depends on healthcare

Obama turns health care focus to families, voters

Obama to hit airwaves as health care plan fades

Slipping in polls, Obama tries to shore up health overhaul

Iraq War Not Over Yet - Current News

Obama: Iraq Will See "Tough Days Ahead," But Pullout On Schedule

Obama applauds improved security in Iraq

Iraq bombings across the country kill 19

Five Iranian pilgrims killed in Iraq ambush

Helicopter pilot from S. Indiana killed in Iraq crash

Three Iraqis killed after US convoy comes under attack

Report calls for major cuts at Baghdad embassy

Iraq's PM urges U.N. to end forced war reparations

Basra officials give tentative backing to BP Iraq oil deal

IMF, Iraq to meet next week on financing needs

Pakistan-US stabilization plan falls into place

Jihadi confession rocks India, Pakistan

'US killed bin Laden's son in Pakistan: During drone attack

U.S.-born militant who fought for Al Qaeda is in custod

The right-wing -- now plus Lou Dobbs -- still doubts Obama's birth certificate

Hawaiian newspapers don't prove birthplace

Mr. President, we have a problem: Obama recalls Apollo 11 splashdown in Hawaii – while he lived in Indonesia


July 22, 2009


Bohemian Grove: Illuminati Meet This Week for Satanic Rituals

First Human Trials of Swine Flu Vaccine Begin in Australia

Democrats irked by Obama signing statement: Identical to Bush's stance

AP-GfK Poll: Great hopes for Obama fade to reality - Majority believes country now on wrong track

Century's longest solar eclipse will plunge millions in Asia into darkness tomorrow: Six-minute solar eclipse

Obama may have to wait for health care passage

Health bill a boon to doctors

Bomb kills 4 U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan

'Incredible' new scar is spreading on Jupiter: Asteroid or comet plunged into the solar system's largest planet and left a mark that was first spotted Sunday

Senate to vote on concealed weapons measure

Global Warming = Global Dictatorship

UN climate expert warns against carbon tariffs

Selling carbon allotments won't cut global warming: Great hoax

2 out of 3 Americans oppose carbon taxes: Survey shows huge majority resists opening wallets for Cap-and-Trade

Governors say climate policy could create jobs

Second generation look at global warming

Thank you, Global Warming! Editorial

Hillary Clinton Apologizes for US Pollution, India Refuses to Reduce Emissions

IPCC Chief Raps G-8, Calls for Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions Cuts After 2015

Paul Holdren - insane fanatic - Sterilization - Forced Abortions - Planetary Regime - "Global Warming Advocate"

Senate sides with Obama, removes F-22 Fighter Jet money

Swine Flu Panic

Swine flu: Urban myths

H1N1's oink is proving to be far worse than its bite

Australia starts 1st human swine flu vaccine trials

Think H1N1 is Bad Now? Wait Till Flu Season

Great Britain: Swine flu work absences 'triple in a week'

Fascist Global Economy Forming

Worst is over, Ford exec says

US Federal Reserve Chief Sees Signs of Economic Recovery

Top US Advisor: 'US Economy Back from the Brink'

Clouds lift over Canadian economy

Made in India: The $12,000 Electric Car

Oil slips as US crude supplies rise

California Finally Grows Up

European stocks slip as investors take breather

Apple 3Q beats forecasts despite recession

Yahoo to spend more after cost cuts lift 2Q profit

Ben Bernanke's High-Wire Act Before Congress: Slowly He Turned, Step by Step, Inch by Inch

California city taxes weed to escape deficit

Iraq War Not Over Yet - Current News

18 Killed, 100 Wounded in Iraq Bombings

Obama to Press Iraqi PM on Reconciliation

Iraqi Military: No Need for US Troops' Help in Security Mission

Iraq 'will definitely' emerge as an independent state

Bomb Kills Son of Anti-al-Qaida Leader in Iraq

Baghdad Tightens Security Ahead of Shi'ite Pilgrimage

5 Iranian Shi'ite Pilgrims Killed by Gunmen in Iraq

Pakistan Military: 56 Militants Killed in Northwest

Pakistan's Former President Musharraf to stand trial over 2007 order to dismiss judges and his imposition of emergency rule


Israeli - Palestinian War

Mitchell, Gates, Jones to visit Jerusalem next week

Indian Peace-keepers Helping Hezbollah: Israel charges

Hezbollah says UNIFIL overstepped its authority

Bibi signs off on plan to evacuate outposts

US Policy: Jews in Eastern Jerusalem are Unwanted ‘Settlers’

Worldwide Coalition, Media Putting Israel in Corner Over Settlements

Knesset Speaker: PA State, Nothing More than Autonomy - No full sovereignty

Israel bans "catastrophe" term from Arab schools

Europe raises pressure on Israel to stop settlements

Iran veep explains controversial positive remark about Israel

Iran: Israel Plotted to Assassinate Ahmadinejad

Israeli PM's son joins army

A Jerusalem response to Obama: PM must learn from past leaders, defy US Administration

GOP Delays Sotomayor Confirmation Vote

Washington drops hammer on state gun plan: 'As you may know, federal law … supersedes the act'

YouTube pulls plug on shocking abortion video: Exposes Planned Parenthood attempts to hide statutory rape


July 21, 2009


Drug groups to reap swine-flu billions

CBS 60 Minutes: 300 death claims from 1976 swine flu vaccine, only one death from flu

Deaths of U.S. troops exceed 5,000 in Bush's wars

India is right to rebuff the US on global warming

FLASH** Goldman Code Theft BOMBSHELL?

No real change in US foreign policy

US failed to detect strategic Russian submarines that launched missiles

Up to 6 dead as suicide bombers attack Afghan cities

Huge China dust cloud circled globe in 13 days

Gun Control

ATF Tells Tennessee: We're above your law

ATF Tells Montana: 'You will respect our authoritah!'

Nationwide right-to-carry bill prompts anti-defense hysteria

Jersey City police chief blames pump-action shotguns

Major Cities' Plummeting Crime Rates Mystifying

Civil war fears in Honduras as political crisis talks fail

Fascist Global Economy Forming

Bailouts could cost U.S. $23 trillion

Bernanke Heads to Congress Battling Calls to Tame the Fed

World markets look towards Bernanke as rally in Europe continues

U.S. Index Futures Are Little Changed Before Earnings Reports

Caterpillar Profit Exceeds Estimates; Shares Rise

California Budget Deal Closes $26 Billion Gap

Private rescue of CIT marks shift in crisis

Volvo posts $718 million loss on falling sales: Says markets stabilizing

Obama hits out at Wall Street banks


Swine Flu Panic

Drug groups to reap swine-flu billions

School closure 'could cut pandemic peak' by 40%

Swine flu: autumn school closures 'too disruptive'

Northern Ireland 'needs extra swine flu funds'

Pregnant women may be advised to stay at home in the autumn

British National flu service to be launched this week

Israeli - Palestinian War

Jordan revoking Palestinians' citizenship

Israel's war with itself

Skirmish in south Lebanon reignites tension

Israel to Lebanon: stop border violations

Intelligence Affairs Minister Dan Meridor: US must honor its deal with Israel on settlements

The painful cost to Israel of its settler adventure

Israel to evacuate all 23 unauthorized settler outposts in a single day

New era as British hostility against Israel reaches crescendo

Hamas sets up conditions to hold general elections

Abbas faces a crisis of credibility

Obama Signs Executive Order Barring Release Of His Birth Certificate

Limbaugh: 'Obama has yet to prove he's a citizen'

'Birth certificate' seller vanishes into thin air

Obama's online 'birth cert' misses 'proving' eligibility

Other side of planet: What's deal with birth certificate? Shocking Bible facts

Obama Defends August Deadline for Health Bill

Iraq War Not Over Yet - Current News

Deadly bomb blasts hit Iraq: At least 13 killed

Emergency declared in Iraq's Ramadi after bombings

Civilian killed by car bomb in Baghdad

Three construction workers killed in Sadr City bomb attack

News Analysis: Hope for Iraqis rests on security forces after U.S. pullout

Iraqi forces limit US operations in cities, but Americans still operate in outlying areas

Soldier due in court on Iraq Army slaying charges

Iraq PM flies to US to meet Obama, seek investment

Poverty drives Iraq organ trade

As Iraq winds down, Afghanistan heats up

10 Filipinos killed in Afghanistan helicopter crash

Gates: US Army to add 22,000 soldiers in Afghanistan

Trouble brewing in Tajikistan - Map of Tajikistan

New Iran internet law sparks suspicion



July 20, 2009


Depleted Uranium Creates Problems for Years After Initial Impact

Oil Shares at Deepest Discount Signal Recession’s End

The U.S. Steers Left on Honduras

The Obama Agenda Bogs Down

PM Netanyahu defies U.S. on East Jerusalem settlement

Fiji jails Freemasons over 'magic rituals'

FDA approves ordinary seasonal flu vaccine

Alarming Africa male gay HIV rate


Fascist Global Economy Forming

CIT clinches $3 billion deal to stave off bankruptcy

Economic indicators up more than expected in June

Stocks, Oil Rise on Earnings Optimism

Asian Stocks Climb on Commodity Prices, U.S. Housing Starts

The real price of Goldman’s giganto-profits

Exxon Oil Well Field Sabotage May Merit $1 Billion Fine

Analysis Shows Health Care Reform May Increase Deficit

India resists hard limits on emissions during Clinton visit


War In Afghanistan

July is On Pace to Be the Deadliest Month for Afghan Coalition Forces

Military Denounces Video of Captured Soldier

NATO helicopter crashes in S Afghanistan, wounding 2

Russian reports say helicopter crash at Afghan base kills 15

Roadside Blast kills 12 civilians in west Afghanistan

Fighter jet crashes in Afghanistan: Fourth wreck in three days


ASEAN - Nation #9 On 10-Nation Reorganization

ASEAN opens first FM meeting after Charter takes effect

Thailand calls for ASEAN Single Visa (Passport)

ASEAN moving toward achieving goal: Thai PM claims

Economy, rights on agenda for ASEAN ministers

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel attack on Iran could profoundly hurt US: American Defense official

Jewish Temple Will Never be Rebuilt: Islamist Movement Says

Russian Mideast envoy calls on Israel to stop settlements

US dollars funding Israeli settlements

Palestinian Authority, Iran Hold Historic First Official Meeting

Palestinian FM insists on holding elections in January

Palestinian Authority Drifting into Two States: Fatah and Hamas

Former Bureua Chief Weissglas dismisses charge that Sharon plotted Arafat murder

IDF, Gaza Palestinians exchange fire

IDF may remove 100 W. Bank roadblocks

Israel pushing to get UNIFIL more search powers in S. Lebanon

Swiss FM: Hamas 'major player' in Middle East

Qatar Sheikh Funds Hamas to Buy Jerusalem Buildings

A pause for serious self-reflection: Democrats need to put Obama administration on notice

The legal assault on Israel is gathering speed: The political war to delegitimize Israel is accelerating

The Same Old Netanyahu: Prime minister’s lack of credibility may bring about his downfall

Civil war fear spreads as Honduras crisis talks remain deadlocked

Indonesian President observes blast sites

Sotomayor and gun rights

Iraq War Not Over Yet - Current News

American Marine Is Killed in Western Iraq

US saddened by death of two contractors in Iraq

Violence kills 4 in western, northern Iraq: Including two police officers

Militia leader killed in blast: Was the leader of a 'Awakening Council' Sunni militia

One civilian killed in Baghdad explosion

Security developments in Iraq, July 20

Iraqi Government faces claims of prisoner abuse

'No compromise' over Kirkuk, Iraq Kurd leader vows

After withdrawal, Iraq moves to restrict US forces


Saturday-Sunday July 18-19, 2009


Obama Defends Health Care Plan as Opposition Grows

Iraq Restricts U.S. Forces

Obama Administration May Create New Team of Terrorism Interrogators

US fighter jet crashes in Afghanistan; 2 crew dead

House Panel to Investigate Canceled CIA Assassination Program

US State Department under cyberattack for fourth day

Rep. Frank: Federal Government Needs To Do More To Help States

Walter Cronkite, longtime CBS anchorman, dies at 92: NOTE - Ultimate New World Order spokesman

White House wants more power to set Medicare rates


Fascist Global Economy Forming

Russian President Medvedev sees single currency dream in G8 coin gift

Regulators shut banks in Calif., Ga. and SD

Another Plan To Fix The Housing Market: Rent-To-Own

Number of people searching for the term “economic depression” on Google is down to normal levels

Jobless Rate Rising: Unemployment 10% in 16 States

Rescued Banks Post Big Profits, Drawing Ire

Same-sex couples seek immigration benefit

California sprouts marijuana 'green rush'

Baghdad's antique shops tell city's sad story


Swine Flu Panic

Legal immunity set for swine flu vaccine makers

Swine flu vaccine fears as first jabs available before full details of clinical safety trials are known

Swine flu is spreading even in summer

Argentina declares alert as pigs found with swine flu

Iran daily slams Rafsanjani querying poll result

July 17, 2009

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton: ‘CFR Tells Government What It Should Be Doing’

Senate votes big expansion of federal hate crimes: Attached to a "must-pass" military appropriations bill

Gasoline Price Manipulation Before the Elections

BofA Operating Under Secret Regulatory Sanctions

Ritz, Marriott Hotels in Jakarta Hit by Bombings: Killing eight, wounding 42

Obama tells NAACP more yet to do on civil rights

Sotomayor nomination moves onto fast track

British General Sir Richard Dannatt: 'more troops needed in Afghanistan'

Israeli warships rehearse for Iran attack in Red Sea

US spy chief holds secret talks to stop Israel bombing Iran

House health care bill 'outlaws private insurance': Passage means death to Private Insurance companies


Fascist Global Economy Forming

Worst behind us but more stimulus needed: Roubini

Stocks Stay Red Hot on Earnings, Roubini

Asian Stocks Post Best Week Since May

China’s Rebound Carries U.S., Asia Toward Recovery

First-time Jobless Claims Lowest Since January

CIT Seeks Lenders as U.S. Balks at Bailout

Saying no to CIT a big gamble for Team Obama

Porsche CEO Says Sale Imminent

Opel Sale Decision Likely ‘Early Next Week,’ GM Says

US Geithner:US Must Save More, Others Must Boost Demand - called for cooperation on global imbalances

Treasury's Geithner more optimistic on economy

Geithner Says US Dlr Remains World Reserve Currency

Free speech plan rejected by House committee: Freedom of Speech, though enshrined in the Constitution, is not a right Democrats were willing to afford their colleagues in the House

Israeli - Palestinian War

Is Israel ratting its sabres at Iran?

Why Is a Liberal Israel Analyst Echoing Neocon Fearmongering on Iran?

Iran greatest global security threat: Defense Secretary Gates

President Ahmadinejad: Iran will "bring down" Western foes

Iran worried over Israel's F-35 plans

Israel warships move within cruise-missile range of Iran

Israel demands tougher UN action against Hezbollah arms

First Gaza rocket for a month hits Israel

Palestinian's Abbas meets Turkish PM Erdogan over ME peace talks

Abbas rejects accusations over his role in Arafat's death

Israeli and Palestinian religious teachers to meet in Tel Hai

Transport Minister Explains Why He Ordered Israeli Road Signs Changed To Hebrew: : Arabic Signs are Like 'Right of Return' slipping in through a 'back door'

Syria: No Golan Return, No Peace Talks

North Korea edges toward a power struggle


Harry Potter - REAL Witchcraft!

Potter makes $104m on first day

Movie Review: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Wizards More Awesome Than Harry Potter

Great Recession Escape: In tough times, we go to the movies

A half-baked ‘Half-Blood Prince’

Why the GOP elite despises Sarah Palin

California swine flu deaths reach 55, up by 23 in the last week

Swine Flu Strikes Jewish Camps in France and Canada

US-led forces lose 4 more troops in Afghanistan

U.S. General Mullen cannot see end of Afghan war

Bomb claims Iraqi police officer's 2 children

2 pilgrims killed in Baghdad roadside bomb

Killings of Russia's Human-Rights Activists Continue

Hawaii 'Birth hospital': Obama Letter for real

Lib talker, Lou Dobbs now asking eligibility questions: Radio, television, newspapers taking note of long-running dispute

What Obama meant by 'change': Editorial by Joe Farah

Obama's 'noble truth' is a lie: Editorial by Alan Keyes

July 16, 2009


New Swine Flu Study Raises Alarming Historical Parallels To 1918

Swine flu will be biggest pandemic ever, warns world health chief

Did Swine Flu Begin Life In A Lab? Vaccine may not be safe!

Dems sneaking 'hate crimes' through on soldiers' bill?

President Blair? Former PM in frame to become first head of EU

Will Cheney walk away scot-free?

Obama to address NAACP on its 100th birthday

President Obama: The Economy Is All His Now

Homosexuality to Heterosexuality: Can the Transition Be Made? Yes!

Michael Jackson 'kept suicide note': "“Michael always talked about dying young ... He wanted everyone to know how sad he was

Nigerian rebels threaten to end cease-fire


Swine Flu Panic

Massachusetts expands stock of flu drugs: Federal funds used to prepare for Fall strains

Swine Flu? Don't Ask: Doctors Usually Can't Tell for Sure

Q&A: is swine flu mutating? "Yes, Flu viruses are constantly changing"

WHO chief doubts speedy swine flu vaccinations

Australia's "worst case scenario" 6,000 H1N1 deaths

Iran detects three more cases of influenza A/H1N1

China cheers, but not too loudly, after bubbly Q2 GDP

Talks fail to break California budget impasse


Afghan Taliban says they are holding missing U.S. soldier

How Teenagers Consume Media: the report that shook the City

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"2012: Is This The End?"

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Homosexclamation! Christian student fights prof, wins big: Judge rules college can't censor religious speech for being 'offensive'

Israeli - Palestinian War

World may back Iran attack as part of peace deal

Israeli navy in Suez Canal prepares for potential attack on Iran

Obama to set binding timetable for Israel-PA talks

Clinton Warns Iran: Talk Now or Face New Penalties

Israel says Lebanon blast a secret Hezbollah cache

Shameless hypocrisy watch: rejecting Israel as a Jewish state

How West Bank Jews are defying Obama! Names a new housing project in Biblical territory after the president

Hamas charges Israel dumping aphrodisiac gum on Gaza

Israel successfully tests anti-rocket system

Why Palestinian leaders have banned Al Jazeera

PLO official stands by Abbas claim

Jordan regrets anti-Abbas remarks by Fatah leader

PM Netanyahu will not attend Polish ceremony marking start of WWII

Olmert aide indicted in double-billing affair

UN, US move to increase pressure on N. Korea

Obama's Supreme Court pick treads careful line

U.S. has no plan to meet with North Korean officials at ASEAN meetings

NOTE: ASEAN is Supernation #9 In Illuminati 10-Nation Reorganization Plan

Fascist Global Economy Forming

JPMorgan Chase posts 2Q profit, surpasses Street

Fed Sees Economy Improving, but Unemployment Getting Worse

Oil holds above $61 on positive US Fed news

Obama to Change His Tune: Get Ready For A Second Stimulus

Foreclosures rise 15 percent in first half of 2009

Toyota unveils new hybrid-only Lexus

Federal loans prompt automakers to freeze political contributions

Several key GM executives step down

GM aims for 'superb' cars

Bill to stop car dealer closings gets boost

Non-Aligned nations focus on financial meltdown in Egypt

Pentagon orders soldier fired for challenging prez: Army warrior terminated from job after questioning Obama eligibility

How little we know about Obama: Editorial

Obama's birthday is 18 days away: Send him a postcard to remind him why that date is important to all of us

Congressman warns of 'Big Brother dossier'


Harry Potter - REAL Witchcraft!

'Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince' spins magic: Brings in $22.2 million in British midnight theater sales

Harry Potter, Forever!

Nobody can rock like these Harry Potter-inspired bands

Review: Sixth Harry Potter All Dating and Darkness!

Harry Potter - Chick Magnet?

Harry Potter casts his spell over film fans

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe loves people thinking he's gay


Cutting Edge "Harry Potter" Article Archives


20 In-depth Articles From A Christian Who Understands Black Magick Witchcraft


Move to legalize marijuana takes root: Support is growing to bring sanctioned control and regulation to a market where none exists now

California Education Board: Pot tax could bring in $1.4 billion

Iraq War Not Over Yet - Current News

Iraq prime minister visiting Obama July 22

Bombs kill 11 in Iraq, highlight security fears

Roadside bomb kills Iraqi mourners

Iraq: Suicide bomber kills 7 at checkpoint in Anbar province

U.S. has new brigades with advisory mission in Iraq

US diplomacy leaves Kurds adrift

Army: Soldiers in slayings faced intense combat

Why do some soldiers commit violent crime? Army seeks answers

Iraq increases security in Christian areas after church attacks

Iraq cannot afford to lose its Christians

Pro-Con | Should the withdrawal of U.S. fighting forces in Iraq have occurred?

Afghanistan: A war that cannot be won

In the Heat of Afghanistan, Shades of Iraq

July is deadliest for US-led forces in Afghanistan

Suicide bomber kills 3 policemen in Afghanistan

India and Pakistan leaders discuss resuming talks

Deposed Zelaya calls for insurrection in Honduras

Doctors dispute suicide ruling on scientist's death: Dr. David Kelley may have been killed because he knew of germ warfare plans


July 15, 2009


Analysis: Obama takes possession of economy

Google blocks blog exposing homosexual agenda: 'Actions represent trial balloon for government censorship of 'hate' speech'

WHO says new flu "unstoppable", calls for vaccine

Swine Flu panic rises after death of six-year-old girl and a Doctor

Israeli troops reveal 'shoot first' policy in Gaza War

12 slain in Mexico were federal police officers

New Prophetic Book

"2012: Is This The End?"

Countdown To Midnight Has Begun!

Will the world come to an end on December 21, 2012, as so many people of so many religions are now saying? Hang on to your hats, for it is possible that Satan has been preparing his people for this date for a very long time

Hildebrand examines the most intriguing fact, that a wide variety of ancient religions teach that the world will end in cataclysm on 12/21/2012!

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As you can see, a lot of people over a lot of centuries have predicted cataclysmic, end of the age events in 2012

What does the Bible say? What should Christians do to prepare? This book shall intrigue you, inspire you and possibly frighten you. 259 pages -

African Media Gloats: Obama Returned To “Continent Of His Birth”

Voodoo became a fatal obsession

Supreme leader Khamenei diminished in Iranians' eyes

Episcopal leaders vote to lift ban on gay bishops

Fascist Global Economy Forming

Obama Announces Community College Plan: $12 Billion Will Fund New Web Courses, Construction and Innovation Grants

Democrats slam stimulus' plan inefficiency

Stock futures point to Wall Street rising: Investor's confidence boosted

Asian markets rise after Goldman, Intel earnings reports

Buoyant techs propel Europe stocks to 2-wk high

Goldman Sachs Insiders Dump $700 Million in Company Stock

Oil rises above $60, confidence up for now

China’s Foreign-Exchange Reserves Surge, Exceeding $2 Trillion

Obama considers rental option for some homeowners

House bill to hit millionaires with 5.4 pct surtax

Goldman Sachs' massive profit creates a stir

Credit Swaps Investigated by U.S. Justice Department

British Unemployment Claims Increase the Least in a Year

Non-Aligned summit opens in Egypt: With a call from Cuban President Raul Castro for a new international financial system to shield developing nations from the global recession

FACT CHECK: Sotomayor tied abortion ban, slavery?

Israeli - Palestinian War

Palestinian leader Abbas helped Israel kill Arafat

Palestinian Authority Acts Like Boss in Jerusalem

Obama: Pressure on Israel to Continue

President Obama still worries some Jewish leaders

Britain Punishes Israel for Gaza Operation, Blocks Sale of Ship Parts

Defense Minister Barak: 'Any criticism of IDF operations should be directed to me'

IMF: PA economy showing positive signs

Israel to test Arrow anti-missile system off US coast

Israeli Warships Sail Through Suez Canal

Israeli Gay spouses urged to file benefit claims

Egypt's foreign minister meets Iranian counterpart

California's legislative leaders say budget agreement is near

Tsunami May Reach New Zealand Cities After 7.8 Quake

Behind the mind games in the Gulf: Israel certainly has the hardware to make a serious attack on Iran's nuclear facilities

China, please invade North Korea

U.S. and China launch clean vehicle, building project: To produce more fuel-efficient vehicles and buildings

House Democrats vow healthcare plan by August

House bill would make health care a right


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