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July 8, 2006
Tuesday, July 11, 2006

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Breaking News Indian rail blasts kill at least 40

Up to 100 Die in Mumbai Train Blasts

Depleted Uranium Poisoning Polluting Europe

Diabetes and Depleted Uranium - Linkage Confirmed

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Non-Integrating States News - Iraq

Group Claims 3 GIs Killed Over Rape-Murders of Iraqi Civilians

Video 'shows tortured US troops'

Gunmen ambush bus in Baghdad, kill 10

Iraq seeks end to US soldiers’ immunity in light of murder/rape case

Sunni Bloc in Parliament to End Boycott

The End Of Democracy Promotion In Iraq? President Bush's actions belie his flowery rhetoric

Stubborn Man Trying to Govern in Iraq

Venezuela’s Energy Wealth: Chavez using it to fund growing anti-American movement in Central, South America

Rumsfeld arrives in Afghanistan: 30 Taliban killed

Rumsfeld Seeks to Curb Afghan Drug Trade

US to apply Geneva Conventions to all military prisoners held around the world: Major policy shift

Non-Integrating States News - North Korea

China says Japan over-reacts with UN resolution

Satellite photos detect activity at North Korea missile bases

UN Security Council split on N Korea

Two Koreas to hold first talks since missile crisis

N. Korea Missile Crisis Stirs Up Discord - Between South Korea and Japan over Japan's plan to launch military strike

Who Stimulated North Korea To Become A Nuclear Power? Editorial

White House Blasts Clinton N.Korea Policy

Oil prices fall as N. Korea worries ease

Oil slips further from peak ahead of Iran talks

'Six weeks is long enough,' US tells Iran over nuclear offer

New York City unveils bird flu emergency plan

Britain Unveils Terrorism Alert System

New terror warning system rates threat as severe

Judge Rules: FBI Raid on Lawmaker's Office Legal

Rove predicts Bush's 1st veto: Stem-cell bill to be rejected

Moral Collapse

NYC building collapses after 'gas' blast: May have been caused by a failed suicide attempt

Probe focuses on doctor in building explosion

Dr. Nicholas Bartha -- E-Mail: 'I Will Leave The House Only If I Am Dead'

'As The World Turns' Actor Commits Suicide - Gunshot to the head

Two Fresno college athletes arrested in rape of 11-year-old girl

Israeli - Palestinian War

PM Olmert defends Gaza onslaught as toll hits 50

Hamas Chief Terrorist: Kidnapped Soldier is a ‘Prisoner of War’

Japan PM leaves for Mideast to call for peace

PA Sources Brag: We Fired Rockets at Afula Area

IDF: We foiled rocket launching attempt to fire Qassam rockets at the southern town of Sderot.

Kadima minister: Sharon himself opposed West Bank withdrawal: Official also says internal government opposition to PM Olmert's plan mounting

Palestinian Prime Minister Haniyeh: "We're yet again besieged by our occupiers" -- Wants all of 1967 lands

Iran's President Ahmadinejad: Conditions for Removal of Israel Are at Hand

Who controls Hamas - Haniya or Mashaal?

Russia Urges Palestinians to Stop Violence That Threatens All-Out Civil War

Bush to Herald Improved Deficit Figures - as a validation of his pro-growth tax cuts and his clampdown on domestic agencies funded by Congress

NAFTA Moving Toward Superstate

Fraud video claim in Mexico presidential election

Mexico Moving Toward Two-Party System

Illegal Immigration Bills Passed in Colorado

Two Veteran Border Patrol agents plead guilty to helping smugglers: They acknowledged receiving a total of 186,000 dollars in bribes

'United Nations killed my son': Terror victims' families blame global body for kickbacks that funded suicide attacks

50 nations to tackle migration of illegal immigrants to European Union

Blast kills Chechen leader behind Beslan school siege

Beslan terrorist mastermind was plotting new attack

Russia's Putin limbers up to flex new muscles at G8 Meeting - Overriding aim is to confirm post-Soviet Russia's re-emergence as a global player deserving of a place at the top table

127 Confirmed Dead in Siberia Plane Crash, Tragedy Blamed on Faulty Brakes: Russia’s second deadly commercial airline crash in nearly as many months

Russia Warns Against NATO Taking in Former Soviet Ukraine and Georgia

Brokaw brings home global warming fight: Newsman says ‘world will be a drastically different place’ in documentary

Non-Integrating States News - North Korea

West mounts 'secret war' to keep nuclear North Korea in check: Western Intelligence from 13 countries cooperating

Japan Mulling Military Action Over North Korea Missiles: Trying to determine if a preemptive strike would violate her Constitution

Headline News Analysis: North Korea Begins Final Phase of Conditioning To Make People Believe She Can Hit Targets In 10,000-Mile Radius

New push for nuke talks: North Korea's missile tests are seen as evidence of the urgent need for strong diplomatic action

Harsh Reality Collides With North Korea’s Carefully Cultivated Self-Image

U.S. Urges China and Russia to Step Up Pressure on N.Korea

India tests nuclear-capable missile: Able to hit China, but missile failed to hit its target

Voters run hot, cold for Hillary

'Condistas' Push Rice for President in '08

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

An imploding dust bowl: Afghanistan has never been a 'successful' state, and we can't create a new civil society at gunpoint

Optimism Gives Way to Despair in Afghanistan

Afghanistan: A war Democrats can win

Afghanistan Is No One’s War: John Chuckman Editorial

Canadian soldier dies in Afghan raid

Confidence lags in Afghanistan as violence rises

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice En Route to Islamabad, Pakistan

Pakistan plane crash kills all 45 aboard

Aircraft Carrying Russian Navy Chief Crashes in Crimea, Casualties Reported: Top Naval Chief not injured

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq

Iraq "on the edge of civil war"

Shiite-Sunni Violence Kills Dozens in Iraq - Masked Shiite gunmen roamed through west Baghdad's Jihad neighborhood Sunday, dragging Sunnis from their cars, picking them out on the street and killing them in a rampage

Sunnis may withdraw from government posts

Car and Truck Bombs Kill 12 in Iraq: Two car bombs exploded nearly simultaneously in a Shiite area of Baghdad

What's an Iraqi life worth?

Four more U.S. soldiers charged in rape, killings

US army atrocities anger Iraq

Iraq’s police force is riddled with corruption and its officers have been involved in abductions, murders and prisoner rape: NOTE: Another parallel with Vietnam War

Arab League Secretary General Moussa stressed the role of Iran in promoting security and stability in Iraq

Tehran conference announces all-out support for Iraq

Iran 'committed' to stability in Iraq

U.S. troops defy insurgency in Ramadi one neighborhood at a time

US 'too wary of Iraq casualties': United States will not win in Iraq unless it is prepared to accept heavy losses on both sides - leading former Central Intelligence Agency officer

Jordanian prosecutor demands death penalty for Iraqi woman charged in hotel blasts

Saddam trial enters final phase

Arnold favored for re-election: California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger holds a wide lead over state Treasurer Phil Angelides

Demand for fuel-efficient cars puts pressure on Congress

Israeli - Palestinian War

Iran's President Ahmadinejad: Conditions for Removal of Israel Are at Hand

Israel Vows to Press Gaza Offensive

Photo Essay: IDF Soldiers Awaiting Gaza Ground Operation

Israel Radio Legal Commentator: Palestinian Authority Has Declared War on Israel

Gaza fighting pauses for funerals

PM Olmert Rules Out Prisoner Swap With Hamas

Hamas Leader Mashaal: IDF soldier Shalit will be kept alive and be treated as POW

Arab MK Admits: 'I Advised PA to Kidnap Soldier'

PM 'determined' to implement West Bank pullout: IDF Declares - Gaza incursion to intensify, continue for months

Hamas Vows to Escalate Fighting

Analysis Article: Between cease-fire and flame-fanning

Likud Party may OK 'demilitarized PA entity'

Palestinian rockets attack only 25 miles from Tel Aviv: Israel reluctant to release information highlighting northern Samaria missile threat

Two Dozen Weekend Kassam Rockets: Four Hurt on Sunday

Ashkelon Kassam Rocket Warnings are Two Years Old

Former Chief of Staff Declares: Sharon´s Disengagement a Disaster

Israeli Research Paves the Way to Grow Crops in Saline Land

Discovery's shields OK'd for re-entry

Focus On President Bush

A World of Crises for a Driven President: By Michael Abramowitz and Robin Wright, The Washington Post

Time Magazine Declares: The End of Bush's Cowboy Diplomacy!

Intelligence panel warns Bush on secrets

West’s Diplomacy: Extension of Israeli Wars by Other Means: Arab Viewpoint

NAFTA Taking Shape As Super Nation

U.S.-Mexico merger opposition intensifies: Some see secret efforts to scrap dollar, end U.S. sovereignty, combine nations

Officer Hurt, Several Arrested During Anti-Immigration Rally

Dallas hospital plans to bill Mexico

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500-Year-Old Plan To Rule The World Exposed: "Circle of Intrigue" reveals the terrible truth

US Naval Intelligence Officer Reveals Insider Documents! The truth is more frightening than fiction in "Behold A Pale Horse"

U.N. gun confab ends in frustration: International small arms conference fails to agree on final document

Russia's Putin to play energy card at G8 talks

Despite reforms, Putin is still the G-8’s "odd man out"

US Business Groups Ask Bush to Delay Russia’s WTO Accession

Singapore Company Wins $260M Contract to Build 2 Icebreakers for Russia’s Major Oil Producer, Lukoil

Russia Mourns Plane Crash Victims, Probe Underway: At least 122 people killed - Russian Airbus A-310, on a domestic flight from Moscow


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