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July 1-15, 2013        


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Zimmerman - Martin Verdict Aftermath

Obama: 'A jury has spoken' in Zimmerman case

Dershowitz Tells Newsmax: 'Prosecutorial Tyrant' Violated Zimmerman's Rights

Famed Lawyer: Zimmerman's Trial Never Should Have Happened

Church owner Grant Henry paints over graffiti calling for 'riot 4 Trayvon'

Zimmerman Acquittal Stirs Protest in Calif. Cities

Zimmerman Could Face Civil Suits, Death Threats, Federal Prosecution

NAACP Calls for Feds to Prosecute Zimmerman

The Case Against Retrying George Zimmerman

Hundreds march on Atlanta streets to demand justice for Trayvon Martin

Zimmerman Verdict: Celebs rally around the late Trayvon Martin

After Zimmerman verdict, can nation heal racial rift?

Lester Chambers attacked on stage after dedicating song to Trayvon Martin: Had to go to hospital

In Zimmerman Case, Self-Defense Was Hard to Topple

The real Trayvon / Zimmerman race war plan unveiled: Foment racial division, ignite violent riots, declare martial law

If George Zimmerman were Monsanto, would any black leaders seek justice for Trayvon?

Trayvon Martin acquittal coincides with release of 'Fruitvale Station': Movie depicted the killing of a black boy by a white cop

Israel: Her Borders Are Burning

Fukushima update - North American food supply poisoned along Pacific Coast

Former head of Fukushima nuclear plant dies of cancer

Snowden documents contain sensitive NSA blueprint

MSNBC a media puppet for the White House: Former Producer

Is Washington (President Obama) backing the Brotherhood?

California High Court Refuses to Revive Gay Marriage Ban

Bangladesh Islamist Ghulam Azam found guilty of war crimes

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8

Supernation #7 - Northern Africa and the Middle East


Create A Desert And Call It Peace

Will Syria’s Baath accomplish its last mission? To hand Syria to Iran!

Free Syrian Army threatens blood feud after senior officer killed by jihadists

Free Syrian army clashes with jihadists in wake of commander's assassination

Pakistan Taliban set up camps in Syria, join anti-Assad war

13 killed in car bomb explosion in Syria

Syrian opposition: 200 civilians trapped in mosque

Shelling, air raids kill 29 in Syria's northwest

Those who say arm Syria's opposition are making a dangerous assumption

Protest urges U.S. to intervene in Syria


Is Washington (President Obama) backing the Brotherhood?

Egypt: Gulf can forge a post-Brotherhood alternative

Egypt: hating the message, shooting the messenger

ElBaradei sworn-in as Egypt's Vice-President

Egyptian army vow to calm situation in Sinai soon

Senior US Diplomat Meets Egypt's Interim Leaders

Divine Intervention? Angel Gabriel ‘spotted’ at pro-Mursi protest


Return to Lebanon: A country fighting someone else's war\

Army dismantles bomb near Shiite council in Beirut

Tourism Minister Abboud backs sheltering refugees in struggling hotels


Rouhani pledges end to bickering with Iran parliament

Iran's Ahmadinejad to visit Iraq

Iran's New President Hints At Easing Internet Controls

Saudi missile sites target Iran, Israel


Coordinated Wave of bombings, shootings leave 38 dead in Iraq: In overwhelmingly Shiite cities

Blasts at Sunni mosques in Baghdad kill 21

Attackers kill 6 in northern Iraq: Including a local government official

Wave of evening bombings kills at least 15


Afghanistan: The War After the War

Child sex abuse rampant in Afghanistan

What Is Left Behind In Afghanistan


Somalia: Terrorists Terminate Each Other

Nigeria: Islamic Terrorists Turn To Killing Children To Get Attention

Pirate Kidnappings Surge in Waters Off Nigeria as Attacks Spread

Fighting in South Sudan Forces Thousands Into Bush

7 U.N. peacekeepers killed in Sudan attack

ASEAN Nations - Supernation #9 In Club of Rome Plan

Radical Buddhism Threatens Myanmar’s Path to Democracy

Asean’s bold new agenda

PHL franchise operators told to go for single-market ASEAN: Spending power continues to rise in the 10-nation bloc

Israeli-Palestinian War

Iran Attack "Not on the Table"

Hamas Has A Very Secret Big Rocket

Iron Dome Fantasy And Reality

Muslim Extremists Force Jews From Temple Mount

Outrage as Culprit in Hevron Massacre to Manage Holy Site

Sinai: Terrorists Open Fire at IDF Position

Israeli UAV Crashes Near Border with Egypt

Syrian Preacher: It's All the Jews' Fault

Hamas has recovered since 'Pillar of Defense' attack of last year: Can produce rockets capable of hitting Tel Aviv

Israel launched air strike on Syrian arms depot from Turkish military base: IAF launched the attack from a Turkish military base

Population Redeuction News

How much arsenic in our food is too much?

FDA sets new limits on arsenic in apple juice

Are you eating bug poison and weed killer daily?

Mmmmm, fresh, organic streptomycin and tetracycline in every bite

Toxic chemicals in personal care products causing 'epidemic' of skin allergies

Farmers begin suing Monsanto over genetic pollution of wheat crops

Austalia: New Shale Oil Find Dwarfs U.S. Supplies, Propels Small Company's Future

Economic News

New World Order: How A China Slowdown Will Benefit the U.S.

Modest rise in retail sales offers cautionary economic note

U.S. Stocks Rise as Citigroup Overshadows Retail Sales

S&P 500 gains for an eighth day: Record closing highs

Weak Retail Sales Means Fed Tapering Later vs. Sooner

Boeing shares rise as preliminary probe finds no evidence of battery fault

Tesla, Ford top 100-week highs as U.S. automakers surge

Bernanke Boom Signaled by Yield Surge as Market Recalculates

To Re-Start Nuclear Power Plants, Japan Must Raze ‘Nuclear Village’

How Republicans Can Exploit Obamacare


July 13-14, 2013

Breaking News

Not Guilty! Did the Zimmerman Jury Make the Right Decision?

Zimmerman Verdict: NOT GUILTY - stay off the streets, everyone, and prepare for riots

Trayvon Martin Shooting: Teen threatens 'mass homicide' on Twitter if Zimmerman is acquitted

Five things that led to Zimmerman's acquittal

Zimmerman Anonymous Jurors Remaining Secret

NFL Stars Feel Heat After Zimmerman Tweets


Army apologizes for helicopters that 'terrorized' Port Angeles: On training exercise

Trayvon Martin’s Dad Is A ‘Grand Master’ Freemason

Texas Senate passes sweeping new abortion restrictions

Over A Dozen Convicted Murderers Released From Prison On Technicality

Israel behind mystery July 5 attack on Syrian port – US sources

Nullification and “A Few Good Men”

California “Nullify NDAA” Bill Keeps Moving Forward

Edward Snowden: Nullifier

Protest prompts China to cancel Jiangmen uranium plant

Jurors start deliberating George Zimmerman case

Police Readying First Amendment Zones To Quell Possible Zimmerman Backlash

Did media bring Zimmerman case to trial?

Witness In Zimmerman Case Testifies By Skype

Big Brother News

Russia Has Received No Asylum Request From Snowden, Officials Say

Obama speaks with Putin amid tensions over Snowden

Obama disappointed with China over Snowden

'My asylee status now formal': Snowden declares 'acceptance' of all offers of asylum

Snowden affair dampens already cool US-Latin America ties

S. American states to recall ambassadors from Europe over Bolivian plane incident

UN human rights chief says whistleblowers need protection

Gun rights activist Adam Kokesh to stay in jail after refusing to speak to judge

Brady Center Gun Control Group Sues Town That Requires Citizens to Own Firearms

Prelate, broker and spy arrested in Vatican Bank probe

The Government Would Never Spy on Your Bank Account, Would It?

Customers Willing to Swap Privacy for Security

Bank To Spy On Customers Via Cellphone Location Tracking: Ostensibly to prevent fraud

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8

Supernation #7 - Northern Africa and the Middle East


Saudi Influence In Egypt

Common Ground: Egypt not ready for democracy? Turmoil exposes major fault lines between secularists and Islamists

Hardening Split in Egypt as Pro-Morsi Islamists Stage Huge Public Demonstrations

Egypt upheaval mars hopes of end to economic woes

American taxpayer is not Egypt's ATM

In Egypt's Sinai, Militants Intensify Attacks


Pakistan Taliban 'sets up a base in Syria'

Syrian rebel fighters' fighting a civil war within a civil war

Iraq cannot stop Iran arms transfer to Syria: FM states

Syria air strike damages crusader castle that sheltered Richard the Lionheart

Syrian Army retakes Damascus neighborhood: Cleared the area of foreign-backed militants


Iraq closes Kirkuk cafes and coffee houses after deadly bombing: Attack kills 39 in northern city

Senior police officer among nine killed in Iraq

Saudi Arabia seeks to destabilize Iraq: Analyst


Iran Denies Building New Nuclear Facility

U.S. to Seek Direct Nuclear Talks With Iran

Pentagon (Propaganda) Report: Iran may develop nukes that could reach US by 2015


Pakistan-China trade corridor called new "Silk Route": Game changing agreement for the entire region

Pakistan's Malala - who was shot by Taliban - takes education plea to U.N

Surprising Pakistan

Israeli-Palestinian War

Former Shin Bet Chief Diskin: Israel nears point of no return on two-state solution

What worries Diskin is that Israel is falling apart

Diskin: Netanyahu unreliable, 'possessed' by Iran

Israel test-fires nuclear-capable ballistic missile

Latest Israeli Missile Test a Success, IDF Says


Hiccups In Earth's Rotation Can Shorten The Day, Or Make It Longer; Can Be Caused By Wind And Ocean Currents



July 12, 2013

Israeli Singer Calls for Messiah

New World Order Currency Imminent

Illinois Lawmaker demands National Guard patrol the streets of Chicago to stop gun violence

New Smart App For ‘Marking Dangerous Gun Owners’ Ready For Abuse By Anti-Gun Crowd

Napolitano Stepping Down as Homeland Security Chief

EU subservient to US – Irish MP calls Obama ‘war criminal’

Obama "wags the dog" over Syria's chemical weapons

Taxes On Recreational Pot Sales Could Top 35 Percent

Northern Colorado wants to secede from Colorado: Reflecting growing urban-rural divide

Female inmates sterilized in California prisons without approval

More Blood On Obama’s Hands

Did the Justice Department incite the 2012 Trayvon Martin protests?

Claim Denied for Man Mistaken for Christopher Dorner in Manhunt: Police shot at him without warning or cause

'Day of Struggle': Protesters block ports, highways across Brazil as unions aim to take control

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8

Supernation #7 - Northern Africa and the Middle East


U.S. Navy Patrolling Nearer Egypt's Coast

Egypt escalates crackdown on Muslim Brotherhood

Syria's Assad celebrates fall of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood

Was There a Conspiracy to Ouster Egypt’s Morsi?

Paul Introduces Bill To Cut Off Billions Of Dollars In Egyptian Aid

US reviews Egypt aid as Arab nations pour $12 billion into post-Morsi regime

Obama’s Egypt Policy: The Israel Factor

Egypt to Investigate Morsi for '11 Jailbreak

Egypt's transition teeters as Interim PM moves to form cabinet

Obama talks to other leaders about Egypt

Egypt welcomes U.S. remarks on Mursi; food stocks dwindle

Egypt unrest sparks brain drain fear

Militants kill Egyptian policeman in Sinai attack


Al-Qaeda militants kill Syrian rebel commander

New front opens in Syria as rebels say al Qaeda attack means war

Obama "wags the dog" over Syria chemical weapons

Congress derails Obama plans to arm Syrian rebels

Money, guns flowing from Kuwait to Syria's most radical rebel factions


Death toll from wave of Iraq violence rises to 51: Attacks targeted security forces and Shiites

Raids kill 16 in Iraq's restive western province

Bomb-Detecting Device That Didn't Work, Except to Make Money

Iraq: Between Drug Dealers and Death Squads

Iraq offers 3 discovered oil blocks to India


Dobbins: Total U.S. troop pullout from Afghanistan unlikely

Experts Fear Afghanistan 'Zero Option' May Have Repercussions

Anti-Taliban Movement Gaining Strength in Afghanistan

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israeli Singer Calls for Messiah in Hevron Appearance

Israeli military prepares for Lebanon and Syria threats despite turmoil in Egypt

Israel attacks possibility of Iran, Syria joining UN Human Rights Council

Latest Israeli Missile Test a Success: IDF

Will the EU finally blacklist Hezbollah?

"Palestinian moderates" in West Bank weakened due to stalled peace process with Israel

Palestinian population in W. Bank, Gaza, about 4.5 million - constitutes 40% of population

Sneak Peak: New Temple Institute's Visitors' Center - "completely ready for use on the Temple Mount"

PA Police In Jerusalem to 'Help Out' With Ramadan Crowds: In areas of Jerusalem under Israeli sovereignty

Threatened with Destruction, Israelis Reveal Faith

Ireland passes controversial law allowing abortions in medical emergencies

North Carolina GOP Attaches Abortion Restrictions To Motorcycle Safety Bill With No Public Notice

Big Brother News

Snowden seeks temporary asylum in Russia

Excuse Me, Are You A Robot In The Surveillance State?

Surveillance Surge on the Border: How to Turn the US-Mexican Border into a War Zone

Obama’s All-out Global War Against an American Asylum Seeker

Kremlin’s order of old-fashioned typewriters sparks media frenzy: Was low-tech equipment purchase prompted by US intelligence leaks surrounding NSA surveillance program?

‘There’s element of panic in US policy towards Edward Snowden’

Moscow-Cuba plane detour sparks Snowden speculation

Brazil to investigate evidence of sweeping NSA surveillance

How Microsoft handed the NSA access to encrypted messages

Latin America no longer ‘US’ backyard’ – Ecuadorian Foreign Minister

Mexican govt struck deal with US to install spy network?

"King of Queens" Star Quits Scientology: After years of interrogations

Former Legacy Emanuel ER nurse accused of sexually assaulting three women

Illinois concealed carry now on the books – but not yet in the holster

Illinois Lawmaker demands National Guard patrol the streets of Chicago to stop gun violence

Chicago Children Share Personal Stories At Program On Gun Violence

Chicago Mayor Rahm Trying to Circumvent New IL Concealed Carry Law with Bogus Gun Free Zones

Fukushima 2013: “Remaining Radioactive Mass”: “Dangerous Leaking Radioactive Water”, All Four Reactors are “Getting Worse”

Former head of Fukushima nuclear plant dies of cancer: Cancer emerged just months after the stricken plant was overrun by a historic tsunami and subsequent earthquake

Pentagon: Growing Threat as China Expands Missile Arsenal Development

Good Economic News

Energy Department Sitting on Billions of Dollars in Natural Gas Projects: Approval could add nearly 500,000 jobs, up to $73.6B in revenue

Economic Growth to Accelerate in Second Half of 2013?

Markets brush off China growth concerns

US Government Records $116.5 Billion Surplus In June

Monsanto News

Roundup toxicity much worse than what Monsanto, government claims

Monsanto Is Losing the Press

Mutant Super-Wheat Spreading By Itself! Alarmed Farmers Sue Monsanto

Monsanto Loses Patent Case On Climate-Resilient Crops

March Against Monsanto: GMO protests in 436 cities worldwide


July 11, 2013

TV Crew Sneaks 3D Printed Gun Within Touching Distance of Israeli PM

Egypt Unrest: US to go ahead with F-16 jets delivery

US seeks to arm Syrian rebels through repeating chemical weapons fairy tale

China, Russia test waters with massive naval drill

Government’s “Secret Interpretation” of Patriot Act: “EVERYTHING” Is Relevant … So Spy on EVERYONE

Chicago Mayor Rahm Trying to Circumvent New I.L. Concealed Carry Law with Bogus Gun Free Zones

Senate Plan to Militarize Border Draws Backlash

Generic drug companies granted total immunity against all lawsuits from patients harmed by side effects

Obama’s Big Problem Is Obama

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8

Anti-Semitism on the rise as Islamists complete 'Arab Spring' takeover

Supernation #7 - Northern Africa and the Middle East


New Egyptian PM Well-Known at Home and Abroad: Hazem el-Beblawi - a liberal and advocate of a free market economy

Egyptian Photographer captures his own death on camera

Is Egypt heading for holy war?

Egypt's free-falling Muslim Brotherhood loses zero-sum game

Egypt’s Government Broadens Its Accusations Against Islamists

US still undetermined on Morsi's removal: White House spokesman

When is a coup not a coup? With $1.5bn on the line

Egypt's 'Salvation Front' withdraws rejection of constitutional declaration

Egypt army kills dozens of Hamas men in Sinai Peninsula


Egypt condemns "unacceptable interference" from Iran

Saudi missile base may be targeting Israel, Iran


MI6 Warning: ‘Catastrophe’ if chemical weapons fall into Al-Qaeda hands

Hard evidence of chemical weapons use ‘does not solve Syrian issue’

US seeks to arm Syrian rebels through repeating chemical weapons fairy tale

Russia urges new Syrian opposition leadership to participate in peace talks

Assad’s narrative is making headway

Syria's al-Nusra Front – ruthless, organised and taking control

No letup in fighting as Ramadan begins


Suicide Bomber Intercepted in Afghanistan

IEDs in Afghanistan: fewer but still deadly

Toxic trash threatens Marines in Afghanistan


Rights Groups Condemn Increasing Executions in Iraq: Methods increasingly cruel

At least 7 policemen killed in series attacks in western Iraq

Gunmen in western Iraq kill 14 at Ramadan meal

Iraq violence could spark civil war: UN official


Hezbollah MP: Fiery rhetoric behind Beirut bombing

UN Security Council Fears for Lebanon's Stability

Lebanon vows to keep borders open to Syria refugees

Israeli-Palestinian War

The IDF of the next war

Ya'alon, Let IDF Win: Policy of restraint in face of Palestinian violence eroding Israel's deterrence

Arafat's Jewish-Palestinian advisor passes away: Harsh Israel critic Ilan Halevi

Women of the Wall: Soon they'll ask to pray naked

Dozens of ultra-Orthodox rioters attack haredi soldier in Jerusalem

Palestinian Official Laments: Egypt turmoil leaves Hamas high and dry

'Cairo seeks green light from J'lem before striking Sinai militants'

Ariel, Katz oppose Palestinian state in West Bank

Hillary Clinton to address auto dealers 2014 convention

Wal-Mart says it will pull out of D.C. plans should city mandate ‘living wage’

Germany's Chancellor Merkel justifies NSA eavesdropping surveillance

Snowden: NSA is ‘in bed with the Germans’

New Snowden Leak: Australia’s place in US spying web

Good Economic News

Bernanke Supports Continuing Stimulus Amid Debate Over QE

Bernanke Calms the Waters

U.S. Posts Widest Budget Surplus Since ’08

Ford announces 3Q dividend of 10 cents per share: Double the amount paid in 2012’s third quarter

Tesla CEO Reports: Model S factory output speeds past 400 a week

GM aims to have 8 cars with 40 mpg on road by 2017

U.S. sells $2B in GM stock in June

Fiat to buy more Chrysler stock

Five new features that could be on your next car

Robot Top Gun: Navy X-47B Drone Rehearses Carrier Landings

Drone Lands Itself at Sea, New Era in Warfare

Two and a Half Men Twist: Charlie's Kid Is Gay



July 10, 2013

Breaking News

Israel Urges Obama: Stop being so naive on Egypt

Israeli Minister: We should rebuild Jerusalem Temple

Archives: "Fervent Masonic Desire To Rebuild Solomon's Temple"

'Nail in coffin' for Arab Spring? Experts predict Egypt's future

Q2 Earnings: Low Expectations, High Hopes

Boston bombing suspect pleads "not guilty"

Zimmerman declines to testify; defense rests

Snowden weighs asylum offers


Israel reportedly mulling deal that would see Russian troops on Golan Heights Buffer Zone

App Store 'full of zombies' as it celebrates fifth birthday

NSA Has Inserted Its Code Into Android OS: Or Three Quarters Of All Smartphones

Obama Orders Federal Employees To Spy On Each Other

"Beyond the imagination of even George Orwell"

llinois becomes last state to allow 'concealed carry'

CFR's John Bolton: Egypt is a Coup, but Keep Aid 'Flowing'

A brand-new U.S. military headquarters in Afghanistan. And nobody to use it

FBI Chief Nominee: Waterboarding IS Torture


Florida Sheriff Taking Riot Threats Seriously As Zimmerman Acquittal Appears Likely

Judge to consider allowing Martin’s texts in Zimmerman case

Michigan Democratic aide brings gun into courthouse, receives ticket

Gun seizures trigger fear of massive police power

Rand Paul 2016: Rand Paul is Running For President, and His Party Might Finally Be Ready For Him

Pro-Hillary Clinton super PAC hires Obama 2012 field organizers

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8

Anti-Semitism on the rise as Islamists complete 'Arab Spring' takeover

Supernation #7 - Northern Africa and the Middle East


Egypt’s interim president names new prime minister, vice president

Egypt unrest: Liberal opposition rejects transition plan

US Encourages Muslim Brotherhood to Join Egyptian Political Transition

Egypt's Brotherhood rejects cabinet offer

Egypt orders arrest of Brotherhood leader: Charges Mohamed Badie of inciting violence in Cairo when 51 died

Muslim Brotherhood decries killing of Morsi supporters in Cairo 'massacre'

With Mohammed Morsi gone, Egypt seems to be returning to 2011


Syria naval base blast points to Israeli raid: Foreign forces destroyed advanced Russian anti-ship missiles in Syria last week

Assad’s forces chip away at Syria rebels’ control of city of Homs

Chemical weapons 'clearly' used in Syria, likely by rebels: Russian experts tell U.N.

Syria's ruling party shakes up leadership

Congress: Stop Arming Syrian Rebels

Syrian rebels say they have given up on U.S. weapons promises

Europe's New 'Time Bomb' Is Ticking in Syria: Hundreds are joining the fight against Assad. Will they return as terrorists?


Is Lebanon Unraveling?

Bomb explodes in Hezbollah stronghold in Beirut, injuring dozens

UN envoy condemns 'cowardly' attack in Beirut suburb


Iraq’s Shiite prime minister seeks alliances with Sunnis

Final report: Iraq reconstruction says fraud, waste cost U.S. $1.5 billion

Different feelings on 10th anniversary of Saddam's downfall

Archives: While People Were Enthralled by Saddam's Capture, Bush Was Quietly Signing Into Law The Most Dictatorial Act In History


Roadside bomb kills 17 villagers in Afghanistan

Obama reportedly ponders 'zero option' in Afghanistan: No troops beyond 2014

Analysis: Is Obama bluffing about Afghanistan pullout?

North Korea

Some Experts See North Korean Nuclear Arms as Here to Stay

No Deal After Koreas Talks on Re-Opening Joint Factory

North Korean video lambastes U.S. ‘plunder wiretap’ surveillance programs

Japan warns of China, North Korea threats

Israeli-Palestinian War

IDF reinforces Golan border with eye on Hezbollah

Liberal Jewish Female Activists Blocked at Western Wall - Were campaigning for equal worship rights

PM Netanyahu Charges: Hamas Committed a 'Double War Crime'

Mossad Nabs Terror Suspect in Egypt

IDF Nabs Arabs With 'Terror Weapons'

Chairman of Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee Lieberman says second 'prisoner x' case 'very serious' - Invisible prisoner

Livni, Aharonovich: There are no 'invisible' prisoners in Israel

Israel reportedly mulling deal that would see Russian troops on Golan Heights Buffer Zone

Million Palestinians to enter Israel during Ramadan

Russian tweet on Snowden asylum decision deleted

Judge Rules: I can’t stop Guantanamo force-feeding, but Obama can

Air Pollution in Northern China Blamed for Drop in Life Span

Republicans’ Orwellian doublespeak on immigration

Migrants Pay Up to $20,000 to Cross US-Mexico Border

2013 US Southwest Border Strategy Calls for More Cooperation with Mexico

Patient Caroline Burns Wakes Up as Doctors Prepare to Remove Organs

Archives: Human Organ Harvesting Is About To Explode In Great Britain - Cannibalization is skyrocketing!

The Barack Obama Teddybear Brigade: "Mommy, there’s a Marxist in my crayon box!”




July 9, 2013


U.S. Government’s Secret Move to Hide Files on the Osama Bin Laden Raid

The Fact that Mass Surveillance Doesn’t Keep Us Safe Goes Mainstream

Government Spying Has Always Focused On Crushing Dissent … Not On Keeping Us Safe

Abortion activists caught on camera, possessed by spooky 'Hail Satan' chant at Texas State Capitol

World Leaders Denounce Monsanto Executive Winning World Food Prize

Obama strongly considering withdrawing all troops from Afghanistan in 2014

Illinois could end last state ban on carrying concealed guns

White House Has Known For Months Obamacare Implementation Wouldn't Work

Edward Snowden's New Lifeline: Bolivia

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8

Supernation #7 - Northern Africa and the Middle East

Poll: Corruption worsened in Arab countries since uprisings

Delaware Governor Declares: Israel a beacon of stability


How Morsi, Brotherhood Lost Egypt

Israel Cautiously Optimistic On Egypt

The Algerian nightmare in Egypt

Coup in Egypt Strategic Loss For Turkey's PM Erdogan

Egypt election timetable issued after deaths

Egypt unrest: Brotherhood rejects Mansour poll decree

Helpless Hamas Watches as Egypt Decimates Muslim Brotherhood

Can true democracy exist in military-dominated Egypt?

Gang rape, the dark side of Egypt's protests: "Women must stay out of the public square"


Deadly blast rocks Hezbollah stronghold in Beirut

Lebanon: Celebration in Tripoli after blast in Hezbollah stronghold

Lebanon sees worst clashes yet from Syria conflict

Lebanon’s Salafists Frustrated By Morsi Ouster


U.S. Congress Holding Up Transfer of Weapons to Syrian Rebels

Syria's ruling party shakes up leadership

Syria rebels in weak position: SNC chief

'Syria’s children are at risk of becoming a lost generation'


Dozens killed in two days of Iraq violence: At least 25 people, including six family members who were returning from a wedding, killed

Gunmen kill 6 people in Iraq ambush

Iraq's Kurdistan Region Chief In Rare Baghdad Visit


U.S. mulls speeding up troop withdrawal from Afghanistan

Afghan Officials Say More Than 20 Taliban Fighters Killed In East

Why Would Anyone Want To Become An Afghan Police Officer?

Africa -- Supernation #8

Warlords Have Made Somalia A Death Chamber For Gays and Lesbians

Somalia's Peace: Running on empty?

Is Kenya birthing a new country named Jubaland?

Kenya’s gay movement seeks stamp of approval

Sudan: New Law Allows Military Trials of Civilians

South Sudan: 'independence is not as beautiful as we thought'

Israeli-Palestinian War

State Dept. urges Kerry to present principles for talks on Palestinian Statehood

Defense Minister Ya'alon on Syria: We keep to red lines

ElBaradei hardly Israel's dream candidate for Egypt PM

Amidst controversy, biometric database is launched

From IDF to hi-tech: Haredim build EW system

Sinai terrorists target Arab-Israelis

Has the Temple Mount become an Islamic Theme Park?

Following Attacks, Jewish Group offers to Protect Local Mosques

Why floating nuclear power plants might actually be a good idea

80% of Processed Foods in US Are Banned In Other Nations

Research: Rats born to mothers under duress show effects of stress on genetic level


July 8, 2013

Breaking News

Phoenix, Arizona Pastor Arrested, Jailed for Holding Bible Study in Home: His Wife Says It 'Defies Logic'

The Honor System!? Admin Admits It Can't Verify Info of ObamaCare Recipients

Wall Street Rises

Alcoa Kicks Off Earnings Season With an Up-Beat

US consumer borrowing up as credit card use rises

Four Reasons J.C. Penney Will Survive & Thrive

Start Taper Now to End Demand-Weakening Uncertainty: CEO tells Fed

Toyota Camry, Honda Civic supply rises as U.S. carmakers gain market share


Violence in Egypt leaves at least 40 dead: Negotiations stalled

Turkey condemns Cairo "massacre"

Snowden Case Highlights Deep Constitutional Erosion

'Train wreck' Obamacare begins to unravel: Massive government boondoggle set to self-destruct by 2015

Russian President Putin Signs Anti-Gay Bill Into Law

WHO calls emergency telephone meetings on new SARS-like virus

Jeb Bush/Sarah Palin 2016 called 'GOP's only chance'

World’s first flying car up for sale for nearly $1M

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8

Supernation #7 - Northern Africa and the Middle East


New Egyptian War: Americans Lose, Again

Analysis: For the Egyptian army, there’s no turning back

Sabbahy has persuaded the Salafis to support ElBaradei as PM

ElBaradei submits proposals to end crisis

MENA: Two soldiers flee after "kidnapped" by Morsy supporters

Death toll in Cairo shooting rises to 42 - state TV

U.S. lawmakers urge calm, cautious approach to Egypt

Muslim Brotherhood Warns: Egypt On Brink Of Police State

Brotherhood denies offer to end protest if Morsy released

Senator McCain: Cut Foreign Aid to Egypt - US law requires cut-off

PLO official calls on Hamas to reassess position post-Morsy


Syria warplanes bombard outskirts of Damascus

Quartet, US Disagree as Syria's Assad Gains on Rebel Forces

New Syria opposition chief veteran is a dissident

New Head of Syrian Opposition Offers Assad a Truce

Opposition in Syria Continues to Fracture

Hardline Islamist rebel groups seek to impose Sharia law in Syria's north

Tony Blair calls for intervention in Syria

Syria's Brotherhood: West must arm rebels


Gunmen kill 6 people in Iraq ambush

Iraq: Attacks Kill Shiites and Sunnis

Iraq violence: why the death toll is rising

Iraq: UN Welcomes Kurdish Regional Leader's Baghdad Visit


Afghanistan’s looming partition: Into Shia, Sunni and Kurdish regions

Last group of local soldiers leave for Afghanistan

Norway threatens to cut aid to Afghanistan

Africa -- Supernation #8

Mali lifts state of emergency ahead of elections

UK terror suspect arrested in Tanzania

Ex-Chad officials charged with torture

Nigeria schools to close after attacks

Israeli-Palestinian War

Kerry - Clueless US mediator

Former Palestinian minister: Netanyahu met secretly with senior PA official

Officials Warn: Sinai Desert not Safe for Israelis

Israeli MK: Why is a Terrorist Being Allowed to Visit the Knesset?

Most Israelis don't believe Netanyahu's apology to Turkey was justified

Gunmen attack Sinai checkpoints close to Israel border

Tank commanders complete ‘super gunner’ course

Tisha B'Av: "When will the Mourning Stop?"

Anti-Semitic awakening in Greek government

Big Brother News

Snowden Case Highlights Deep Constitutional Erosion

AT&T joins Verizon, Facebook in selling customer data: To the highest bidder

EU Parliament votes to scrap US data-sharing deal unless Washington reveals spying practices

Total eavesdropping is essence of US democracy – Russian MP charges

Snowden says Western states 'in bed with NSA': Hypocrisy on display here with E.U. protests

Snowden is a whistleblower, not a spy – but do our leaders care?

Four ways Obama needs to control his spies

Cincinnati judge orders all speed cameras confiscated, manufacturer held in contempt

Banks pushing for repeal of credit unions' federal tax exemption

Chicago: Fireworks For The Fourth – 5 Shot Dead, 27 Wounded, 3 Days To Go In The Gun Free Paradise

Mexican police chief killed with rifle lost in ATF 'Fast and Furious' program

Las Vegas Neighborhood Locked Down After Shots Fired Into Air In Celebration

Senate bill could cut illegal immigration by 50%: Congressional Budget Office now estimates

On immigration, GOP risks natural base with support for the bill

Farmers worry about fate of immigration bills

Democrat Obama Offers Republican Chris Christie Shelter from the Storm

Eighty percent of the packaged foods on our grocers shelves are banned in other countries

Fiji calls for Pacific to be united at global level



July 6-7, 2013


Boeing 777 crash lands, spins, burns at San Francisco airport: No signs of terrorism

Egypt's president backs away from new prime minister announcement

West sends 'terrorists' to Syria for us to kill them, thus being getting rid of them: President Assad boasts

35,000 march in Dublin against pending Irish abortion bill

Three Latin American leftist leaders offer asylum to Snowden

Brightening jobs picture

Week Ahead: For stocks, there's no need to fear good news


Snowden Offered Asylum by Venezuela

Data Mining, Without Big Brother

Egypt's failed democratic experiment

North Carolina National Guard Rapid Reaction Force Civil Unrest Training Photos

Militarized police gone wild across America: Terrorizing citizens, behaving like occupying military force

Partial Delay In Health Law Challenges Obama More Than Foes

Gay marriage ruling already in use in other cases

Information Fatigue Syndrome (IFS): What it is and how it affects you

Top 20 Obama scandals: The List

Disease Without a Cure Spreads Quietly in the West

Immigration Debate In Congress Riles Up Texas Republicans

Big Brother News

U.S. Postal Service logs all mail for law enforcement: Snooping for the government

TSA now maintaining secret 'watch list' of Americans to deny travel privileges

Every picture you take is secretly encoded with your GPS location

U.S. Park Police 'loses' huge cache of weapons, including machine guns


The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8

Supernation #7 - Northern Africa and the Middle East


Egypt's 'dangerous precedent' and Turkey's history of coups

Egypt's interim president meets with army head amid deadly clashes

Egypt's Interim President Dissolves Parliament

Amid post-coup clashes, Egypt's Islamists split

Police arrest top Egyptian Islamists

Egypt Confronts Obama With Yet Another Limit To His Power

Life (in Israel) after Mursi

Gunmen shoot and kill Coptic priest in Egypt

Five Egyptian policemen killed by gunmen in Sinai

Israel Relying on Egyptian Army to Counter Islamists

Many U.S. students in Egypt are leaving amid upheaval


Syria warplanes bombard outskirts of Damascus

Syria's Homs ravaged, UN warns of food shortages

Syrian opposition bloc urges world to protect city of Homs

Syrian opposition fails again in electing new leader

Explosions rock ammunition depots in Syria

Takfiri cannibal militant threatens to commit worse crimes in Syria

Syria: Getting Laid For Allah


The countdown to Lebanon’s destruction begins: Hezbollah is a true occupying force

Syria civil war: Britain increases military aid to Lebanon, to protect border

Israel can now siphon Lebanon’s oil: Lebanese minister


For Iran, Defeat In Syria Is Unacceptable

No evidence Iran is seeking to build nuclear weapon: Former British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw

Archives: Iran Had Nuclear Bomb In 2002!

Iran’s President-elect Rohani pledges to bolster cordial ties with countries


Iraq: Ground Zero For The Sunni-Shia War

Suicide bomber kills 15 north of Baghdad: Shiite mosque attack

Bombings targeting Shiites kill 19 in Iraq: Facing its deadliest outburst of violence since 2008

Market bomb, shooting kill 7 in Iraq


Yemen: ‘Sana’a explosion kills 3 policemen’

Libya: French honorary consul escapes Benghazi gun attack


Supernation #8 - Central and Southern Africa

'Dozens dead' in school attack in Nigeria's Yobe state

Niger Delta Militants Steal Crude Oil to Buy Arms

Mali lifts state of emergency ahead of presidential vote

Malta: Gunshot victims found in boat from Libya

Israeli-Palestinian War

Sinai Jihadist Group Says it Fired Rockets on Eilat

IDF Places Iron Dome Anti-Missile Battery in Carmel Region

The Baker Paper: Kerry's guide to Mideast peacemaking - Document gives a clue to the US plan to solve sticking points

Lieberman: Situation in Egypt 'not over yet'

Google Israel CEO: We'll help Palestinian Authority startups

How Did Israel Become Such a Powerhouse in Drones?

Two Popes Cleared For "Sainthood"

How to become a saint in the modern age: Planned canonization of John XXIII and John Paul II later this year raises questions about the process

What the White House Says About the Westboro Baptist Church

Two Koreas talk at border on stalled industrial park


July 5, 2013


The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8


What REALLY Caused the Coup Against the Egyptian President

Welcome Back to Mubarak's Egypt

Russian Official: Egypt Proves 'Democracy Not Good For Everyone'

Egypt's army denies report of state of emergency in S. Sinai, Suez

'Arab Spring is not over yet': Israel watches Egypt warily

Turkey says ouster of Egypt’s Mohamed Morsi ‘unacceptable’

Egypt's Islamists Call Coup 'Dark Day' For Democracy

US billions prop up military that toppled Egypt's elected president

Egypt launches crackdown on Muslim Brotherhood after Morsi's ouster

'Friday of Rage': Morsi's supporters call for protests after military ousts president

African Union suspends Egypt As A Member

Egyptian Security Forces Arrested Presenters And Shut Down Al Jazeera's Coverage Live On Air

Ted Cruz: Obama’s Egypt policy a ‘stunning diplomatic failure’

International reactions to Morsi's removal

Prominent Egyptian Liberal Says He Sought West’s Support for Uprising

US Egypt Policies Don’t Pass the Laugh Test: Ron Paul

Economic Instability To Cause Further Problems In Egypt


Russia worried by lack of progress in Iran nuclear talks

US quietly invites Iran to talks based on 'mutual respect'

Iran’s Next Leader Advocates a Less Intrusive State

Iran: how 'Ayatollah Ali Khamenei's candidate' lost the election


Iraq 'on the cusp' as spike in brutal sectarian violence threatens civil war

Car bombing near protest camp north of Baghdad kills 4 civilians, wounds 6

Fresh attacks across Iraq leave 14 dead

True cost of Iraq war is not counted in cash


Bomb Blasts Kill 6 Children in Afghanistan

Top Afghanistan female police officer killed

Afghan women see their supposed new 'freedoms' cut down in a hail of bullets

2 Killed in Afghanistan Suicide Blast At Border Crossing

Senator McCain in Afghanistan for 4th of July

Analysis: Time for a new poppy policy in Afghanistan - New Afghan government needs to offer sustainable alternative income sources and livelihood


Syrian President Assad Is Jubilant at Morsi’s Fall

Syria's Assad says only foreign invasion can threaten him

Kerry Says U.S. and Russia Are Working Toward Syria Talks

Face-to-face with Abu Sakkar, Syria's 'heart-eating cannibal'

Syria opposition urges world to save Homs city

Russia Blocks UN Demand for Access to Syrian City of Homs

Syrian rebels prepare against army advance

Syria army kills groups of Takfiri militants across country


Death penalty back in Pakistan

Deadly car bomb hits Pakistan convoy: At least 16 people, including two children, killed and 20 others wounded

9 killed, 19 injured in suicide bombing in Pakistan

Concern rises over Pakistan's plan to combat extremism after deadly month

Israeli-Palestinian War

PM Netanyahu hails Israel as 'island of democracy'

Fatah calls on Palestinians to overthrow Hamas in wake of Morsi's fall

Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski is an Iran-Firster: He is only consistent in his desire to harm Israel

Several explosions heard in southern Israel near Egyptian border: In Eilat city

Explosions in Eilat: Might be Grads Terrorist Rockets

Most People Think Disengagement was a Mistake

Chinese general warns India against 'new trouble'

Big Brother News

Bolivia 'could close' US embassy after Snowden plane incident

European states were told Snowden was on plane carrying Bolivian President, says Spain

Ecuador says it found a hidden microphone at its London embassy

European firms 'could quit US internet providers over NSA scandal'

Vatican to make John Paul II a saint

Sky Deutschland to broadcast advertisements directly into train passengers' heads

Economic News

Strong Jobs Report Is Gold's Nightmare

US Employment Data Beats Forecast

U.S. economy created 195,000 new jobs last month, more than economists had expected

$2 Trillion Shadow Economy Not Counted in Jobs Numbers

Why higher U.S. yields should cheer investors

Dana Holding Corp., a maker of axles for cars and trucks, rises to record on buyback, gets rating boost

Chrysler chief optimistic on sales gains, but summer may be 'challenging'

Man shoots into crowd outside Pontiac party store, killing 1, injuring 6: 35-year-old Pontiac man is in custody



July 3-4, 2013

Breaking News

Egypt army topples president, announces transition

No criticism from US as Egyptian military overthrows freely elected Morsi

Abortion Activists Yell “Hail Satan” as Texas Pro-Lifers Sing Amazing Grace

Edward Snowden and NSA: Worrying Times for Bilderberg Trade Lobbyists

Obamacare Delay Will Prove ‘Jobs-Killer’ Label Was Trumped Up

GOP seizes upon health care delay as law's failing

Foreign Minister Makes ASEAN Debut As Tensions Flare -- ASEAN is Supernation #9


Office of Egypt's ousted leader accuses military of a 'full coup'

The darkly funny joke that sums up Egypt’s crisis

Afghan Army Chief Bombshell: 'Pakistan controls Taliban'

High-Level Government Officials Have Warned for 40 Years that Mass Surveillance Would Lead to Tyranny in America

If George Zimmerman Is Found Not Guilty, Can The American People Handle It?

National Intelligence Director Apologizes for Lying to Congress

North Korea Warns: U.S. has pushed peninsula ‘to the brink of war’

Health-Law Employer Mandate Delayed by U.S. Until 2015

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8


Morsi role at Syria rally seen as tipping point for Egypt army

Egypt tense as army deadline for President Morsi looms

Millions on streets in Egypt as defiant Morsi addresses nation

Morsi's speech equivalent to 'civil war call'

Army ‘plans to suspend constitution, parliament’

Morsi Advisor: Army ultimatum caused Egypt crisis and fear of coup

Defiant Muslim Brotherhood on collision course with army

Mohammad Mursi’s opponents have won the numbers game, but what next?

It's not just Morsi, it's the entire political class


Kerry says Syria peace talks not likely until September

Senior army officers ‘attacked in Damascus’

Government forces in Syria press on with battle to retake rebel-held areas

Vatican confirms Catholic priest was killed in Syria


Afghan Army Chief Bombshell: 'Pakistan controls Taliban'

Suspected US drone kills 17 in north-west Pakistan

Obama won't end the drone war, but Pakistan might

Pakistan’s Sharif Looks to China for Boost on Foreign Debut


Wave of bombings across Iraq kill dozens: Perhaps as many as 60 dead

Triple Attacks In Iraq Kill 25, Including Anti-Al Qaeda Forces In Baghdad

Growing sectarian tension in Iraq claims thousands of civilian lives

Iraq's Booming Economy Lures Western Banks Despite Security Risks


14% of Canadian Afghanistan veterans diagnosed with mental disorder

Kabul, Afghanistan Attack Hits Near NATO Compound

Permanent Occupation: Imperialism in Afghanistan, Past and Present

Suicide bomb attempt thwarted in Afghanistan


Jordanians suspicious about US deployment

Jordan’s King Abdullah warns of regional conflict

Jordan Joins Middle East in Crackdown on Journalists

Gunmen attack Libya’s interior ministry

Two dead in north Lebanon violence

Iran President Hassan Rouhani signals softer line on web censorship

Opposition walks out of Tunisia statute talks

Algerian editor accuses government of censorship

Israeli-Palestinian War

Uproar as Knesset Votes to Alter Israel's Form of Government

Mahmoud Abbas ‘optimistic’ over John Kerry’s peace efforts

US State Dept: Peace talks will be kept private - Evades questions about Kerry's "progress" in restarting Israeli-Palestinian negotiations

Tireless shuttle diplomacy: Whenever Kerry says 'real progress made,' Israelis and Palestinians breathe sigh of relief

Blood Near Baby's Cot: Op-ed: UK ambassador says Israel must believe that when occupation ends it will find a peaceful neighbor in West Bank

Jew Prays by Temple Mount after Court Approval

Men Sentenced for Attempt to Sacrifice Passover Lamb

PA Policeman Admits to Terror Attack: Against 70-year-old Jewish man in Samaria

Big Brother News

Ordinary Americans Targeted in the Government's Anti-Terrorism Crosshairs

Snowden’s Asylum Bid Spurned From Switzerland to India

Snowden Case: Bolivia condemns jet 'aggression'

Bolivian President Evo Morales flies home after Snowden drama

Whistleblower Snowden fears death penalty if returned to US

Why Putin Likes a Long Airport Stay for Snowden

Indonesia Earthquake: Strong 6.1 Temblor In Aceh Province Kills 22 And Destroys 1,500 Buildings

Indonesia imposes week emergency response period in Aceh earthquake

Sarah Palin: I'm Open to Starting New Political Party

Economic News

China services sector expands, but fails to soothe growth worries

Wall St. posts modest gains in short volatile session

U.S. Stock Futures Retreat after a private report showed companies added more jobs than economists forecast last month

Jobs data upbeat

Jobless Claims in U.S. Fall by 5,000 in Week to June 29

Egypt unrest pushes oil prices top $100

Beware dire predictions on Obama's war on coal

June auto sales expected to be at highest levels since crisis

Ford invents new stamping technology: Create low-volume auto parts at essentially no cost

Detroit Seizes Increased Share in First Half With New Car Buyers

GM launches 'huge' Silverado ad blitz

Spark ignites global excitement for Chevrolet brand: Small car exceeds GM's expectations by 35%

Detroit's Masonic Temple files for bankruptcy: Just weeks after it collected $142,000 in a donation to pay off back taxes to Wayne County

Shocking Chart Reveals True Beneficiaries of Obama's Spending

Gay Marriage, Medical Pot Shape New Hampshire Living Free

North American Union Forming: Through Immigration Bill

Rep. Sensenbrenner: Immigration Bill a 'Boondoggle'

House Dems Embracing Boehner/GOP Strategy for Immigration Reform

Jeb Bush: House GOP Should Pass Senate Immigration Bill

“Hoes Before Embryos:” The Pro-Abortion Sign That Says it All

Paula Deen's Accuser: "This Lawsuit Has Never Been About the N-Word"



July 2, 2013


Snowden scraps Russia asylum bid over call to cease ‘anti-US activity’ – Kremlin

Putin: Snowden can stay in Russia if he stops damaging USA -- Snowden Requests Asylum in Austria

Trump Again Suggests Execution for Snowden

How little rights you have

N. Korea deploys improved artillery on border with South

PM Netanyahu: There is no place Israel's long arm can't reach

NFL says it has no plans to promote Obamacare

Rush Limbaugh Warns: GOP 'Authoring Its Demise' With Immigration Reform Bill

Big Brother News

Obama: Pay no attention to that man we can't capture

EU orders global sweep of diplomatic missions after US spying reports

President Obama seeks to soothe relations with EU over NSA spying

Father proposes deal for Snowden's voluntary return

Bush: Snowden ‘damaged the security of the country’

Why we're all stuck in the digital transit zone with Snowden

US Constitution makes no exception for national security

India’s massive new surveillance network will make the NSA green with envy

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8

Understanding the protests in Egypt, Turkey and Brazil—and what comes next—in 10 easy steps


President Morsi tries to ram Sharia constitution down Egyptian people's throats

Egypt's anti-government protesters celebrate army's ultimatum to President Morsi

Egyptian ministers resign in wave as Army deadline nears

Obama Encourages Morsi 'to Show He is Responsive'

Morsi fight-back: President rejects army ultimatum

Egypt army plans to sideline Morsi if no deal reached soon

Biggest protest in Egypt’s history’

Shotguns, petrol bombs and rocks: Scores of protesters storm Muslim Brotherhood HQ in Cairo

Canada Shuts Down Cairo Embassy


Fatwa against make-up: Islamists target women in rebel-controlled Syrian territories

Syrian terrorists publicly behead Catholic priest

Boy killed for an off-hand remark about God - Sharia spreads in Syria

Syrian rebels ‘to target Aleppo Shiite villages’

Syrian government army, Hezbollah pound city of Homs for third straight day



Pakistani terror group poses new threat to U.S.

Death toll in Pakistan attacks climbs to 52

Gunmen kill two policemen in Pakistan's Peshawar city

Two teenage sisters, and their mother, shot dead in Pakistan for dancing in the rain


Iraq attacks kill 41 as unrest surges

Suicide bomber targets Iraq Shia mosque killing 22

Sunni Iraq checkpoint hit by deadly blasts: At least 10 killed

Africa - Supernation #8

Obama's Africa trip bolsters US interests

Kenyans disappointed by Obama absence

Obama for new model of Africa development

Obama heading to Tanzania on last leg of tour

Senegalese president shoots down Obama’s push for gay rights in Africa

Sudan's students drop books for guns

Israeli-Palestinian War

Most MKs Relate Futility of Disengagement in Knesset

Disengagement Opposition was right

New Data Shows 99% Drop in Illegal Entry From Egypt

Egypt moves troops, armored vehicles to Sinai-Gaza border

Arab Killed after He Climbed on IDF Jeep

PM Tells Red Cross: “Freeing Hamas Prisoners Means More Terror’

PM Netanyahu Warns: There is no place Israel's long arm can't reach: Knesset marks 37th anniversary of Entebbe Raid

Is ‘World War Z’ pro-Israel?

Arizona Inferno: 19 firefighters killed, town evacuated, 250 homes feared destroyed

Thousands of pro-choice activists protest anti-abortion law in front of Texas Capitol

Ohio police set up fake drug checkpoint to fool motorists

Colorado gun owners get 1,500 free high-capacity magazines ahead of state ban

Economic News

Ford sales jump 13%, Chrysler up 8%, GM up 6.5% as auto sales soar

Auto Sales Back to Pre-Crisis Levels, Housing Recovery Helps

HYUNDAI has stunned the car industry by topping the sales charts

GM, Honda Launch Fuel Cell Partnership

Volt, Leaf, Fit Electronic Vehicles report strong sales month

GM to invest in $133 million in Missouri plant

After J.D. Power rankings, GM sets sights on global quality

Temps rise, gas prices fall to help fuel Fourth of July fun



July 1, 2013


'US govt benefits most from NSA leak: Because people now know it has surveillance weapon'

Related CE Article: "The Hidden, Deeper Significance of the Snowden NSA Surveillance Crisis"


Desperately Seeking Snowden - ‘No stopping’ more Snowden revelations – Assange

Senior Republican senators urge Obama to intervene in Syria

Egypt to Implode?

New York's Gay Pride March Draws Throngs After Court Rulings

Marriage ruling a 'sign times are changing': President of Stonewall Democratic Caucus of Arkansas

Can Wi-Fi let you see people through walls?

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8


Tiny Qatar defies West on arming Syria rebels: Shoulder-fired missiles already sent

Syria militants down helicopter near Aleppo

Jordan air force captain joins Syria jihadists

Car bomb attack hits Syria’s central city of Hama, casualties feared

Russia urges US to clarify stance on Geneva talks about Syria

Why Is The U.S. Arming Rebels That Eat Human Hearts And Massacre Entire Christian Villages?

Crisis in Syria: This is one war we don’t need to get involved in


Millions flood Egypt's streets to demand President Mursi quit

Egypt protesters storm Muslim Brotherhood headquarters

After protests, what Egypt can learn from Mandela

Ethiopia insists on talks with Egypt to solve Nile controversy

Killed in Egypt: Idealistic Jewish College Student From Maryland


Terrorists are attacking all groups in Iraq to foment civil war

Violence surges in Iraq as battles persist: More than 2,500 people were killed in past three months

Bomb kills 12 soccer players, fans in Iraq: 24 more wounded

Bombs hit Iraq funeral and football stadium, killing 22

Gunmen kill 8 anti-al-Qaida Sunni fighters


As U.S. Pulls Out, Feuds Split Afghanistan's Ruling Family

Hard fight remains in Afghanistan's Nangarhar province

Afghanistan Casualties: Insurgents Kill Nearly 300 Afghan Security Forces In Span Of A Month


Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Shows No Signs of Yielding to Palestinians

PA: Kerry Did Not Achieve any Breakthrough

Kerry: Yesha Building Not to Blame for Lack of Talks With PA

MK Chetboun: Kerry Gave Up on 2 States Concept

Texas Christian Congressman Sends a Message to Israel: Never 'Buy' Peace

EU Slams Gaza for Executions of 'Collaborators'

Border Policewoman Thwarts Stabbing: Arab woman tried to enter the Cave of Machpela with 3 knives

Bill Brewing to Ban Wholesale Terrorist Release


Heat wave scorches Death Valley, America’s hottest of the hot

Death of 19 firefighters in Arizona begs the question: Why do we keep putting out forest fires in the first place?

Big Brother News

German government spokesman: Reports of U.S. surveillance 'unacceptable' if true

Kerry responds to claims US is bugging allies: Spying on allies 'not all that unusual'

Foreign spy agencies complicit with US spy program

Government’s Mass Spying Is An Affront To Democratic Values: Let’s Not Pretend It’s An Effective And Efficient Way Of Keeping Us Safe

‘It can’t happen here’: history of government manipulation of public patriotism

NSA can obtain 1bn cell phone calls a day, store them and listen

EU confronts U.S. over reports it spies on European allies

Snowden 'Marooned' in Russia, Ecuador Backs Off Asylum Offer

Ecuador flower growers in Snowden shock

Flashback 2009: Rubio says Reagan made a mistake with 1986 amnesty

Michael Jackson accuser asks FBI to release damning files revealing 'hush money' payments

Michael Jackson trial: Star allegedly spent $35 million to silence 24 boys, could help Wade Robson's case

Obama reiterates climate change plan

U.S. Just Became a Global Leader in Fighting Climate Change

Obama's climate change plan 'isn't a war on coal': US Energy Secretary

For the frontlines of climate change, a new industry is born

Why are Toyota, Ford and Honda the ‘best green global brands’?

How Obama Could Approve Keystone: President set the stage for moving forward with the controversial pipeline in his landmark speech on climate change

‘Scientists Say Human-Caused Climate Change Is … Creating More Heat Waves, Droughts And Intense Downpours’

Carbon Dioxide Doesn't Cause Climate Change: That's The Claim

Australia: Mark Butler named Climate Change Minister in Kevin Rudd's new Cabinet

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