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July 1-15, 2015        

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Iran Nuclear Deal’s Biggest Skeptics: GOP Primary Voters

Israeli leaders condemn Iran deal, ‘one of the darkest days in world history’

Greece debates tough bailout package even as IMF casts doubt on the deal

Greek PM Tsipras could find a new world order built on Moscow-Beijing axis

Trump pulls slightly ahead of GOP pack in poll

Video released shows police killing unarmed Latino man in LA suburb

Man Filed $70M Lawsuit Against Bible Publishers Over ‘Homosexual’ Verses


Dem Candidates Silent On Alleged Planned Parenthood Felonies: Selling baby body parts

Planned Parenthood targeted by undercover video

Racist, Pro-Nazi Roots of Planned Parenthood Revealed

Planned Parenthood Sells Dead Baby Parts, And That Shouldn’t Shock You At All

Planned Parenthood tries to spin stomach-turning sale of baby body parts: Is anyone buying it?

Actress Patricia Heaton Blasts Planned Parenthood for Selling Aborted Baby Body Parts

Ted Cruz calls for investigation after Planned Parenthood 'body parts' video

238,000 US veterans died waiting for health care

Presidential election already fueled by $377 million

Trump campaign to reveal wealth details: 'I'm really rich' - Reportedly worth $9 Billion

Huckabee raises $8 million for White House bid

Honda to pay out $24 million for overcharging minorities

Peter Cheney drives from San Diego to Whistler, B.C., without a drop of gas in the Tesla Model S

High-speed 'Hyperloop' could carry passengers at 1,200 km/h in just a few years

World Reorganizing Into 10 Supernations

Supernation #7-- Northern Africa - Middle East


Iran Nuclear Deal: America has taken Iran's side – to the fury of Israel and Saudi Arabia

Kerry, Iran's Zarif Recommended for Nobel Peace Prize

Iran nuclear deal shifts tectonic plates in the Middle East

Iran to add 500,000 bpd to oil exports: Goal is 1 million bpd more

The chart that shows what the world thinks of Iran

Nuke Deal Helps Qasem Soleimani: The Top Iranian General With ‘American Blood on His Hands’

Why Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Neocons Hate the Iran Deal: Hint, It has nothing to do with the deal

Iranians dance in streets, thank Rouhani for nuclear deal

Dr. Kevin Clarkson, of Prophecy In The News, and David Bay of Cutting Edge Ministries, discuss in depth the process of over throwing Saudi Arabia's brutal dictatorship in the new Cutting Edge Films DVD - 'BRINGING SAUDI ARABIA DOWN'

Saudi Arabia

Yemen’s Houthi rebels in worst defeat since Saudi campaign began

US, Saudi Arabia discuss 'urgent' need to end Yemen fighting

After nuclear deal, Israel and Saudi Arabia brace for resurgent Iran

Saudi Arabia hikes oil production to record high

Saudi Arabia Warns Iran Against Inciting Turmoil


Failed State: The US counterinsurgency strategy in Yemen

Crucial medical supplies arrive in Yemen’s Aden

Fire rages at bombed Yemeni oil refinery

US turning blind eye to Saudi crimes in Yemen


Iraqi forces kill ISIL commander in Anbar

U.S. Wants Drones in North Africa to Combat Islamic State in Libya

Iraq’s Kurds Bypass State for Oil Exports to Tighten Control

Iraq forces pounding ISIS around Ramadi

Iraq Calls Turkey Brotherly Country, Seeks ‘Uninterrupted’ Military Support Against ISIS

Emirates to resume flights to Arbil in northern Iraq

ISIS in Iraq: 34 Yazidi sex slaves filmed escaping from Islamic State


Documenting Death Inside Syria's Secret Prisons

Muslim Mothers Told: Help stop daughters going to Syria or face losing them forever

Suicide Bombing in Syria Kills Hard-line Rebel Leader

Dr. Kevin Clarkson and guest David Bay of Cutting Edge Ministries discuss the prophetic tsunami unfolding involving the Nile River and the dam that is being built by Ethiopia in her waters. More details from our DVD "Egypt's Prophetic Tsunami".


Egypt renews call for a WMD-free Middle East following Iran deal

Bedouins drawn into Egypt's Islamist fight

Family pleads for mother and daughter caught in Egyptian custody dispute

Suspected suicide bomber killed near military base: Egyptian Army

Egypt's military court acquits 23 Morsi supporters

Five (5) alleged Muslim Brotherhood members arrested

Amnesty International Warns: Egyptian terrorism bill a 'deadly blow to human rights'


Pre-mature bomb blast kills man near Bahrain capital

Libya’s New Peace Deal Has a Serious Flaw

Kuwait Charges 29 in Mosque Attack

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Geographically Located In Supernation #7

British FM 'Confident' Israel Will Change Mind on Iran Deal

US Iran Negotiators Same as in North Korea Deal

Israel warns of Iran's continued nuclear R&D, problematic inspection

Haaretz's Journalist Amira Hass: Terror 'Legitimate' in Judea-Samaria

Watch: New Israelis Arrive in Israel From North America

Knesset votes down death penalty for terrorists 94-6

North Korea Flouts UN Sanctions by Arming Angola

Russia’s Secret Hypersonic Nuclear Missile Yu-71 Can Breach Existing Missile Defense Systems


July 14, 2015


Iran, world powers agree to nuclear deal: Accord reached Tuesday, 7/13/2015 (7+1+3 = 11)

Bailout deal that might save Greek leader’s nation may cost him his job

Clinton vows to raise taxes, reform Wall Street

Son of Boston Police Captain Charged in Extremist Bomb Plot

Why Donald Trump Is Surging in the Polls

UK freezes bank account of Russian news agency: Gives no reason

Internet expands to three billion users

Your gun laws are a mistake: National Rifle Association Tells Australia

Rapid-fire Adler shotgun on its way to Australia threatens safety

World Reorganizing Into 10 Supernations

Supernation #2 -- European Union

What Assets Did Greece Just Hand Over To Europe: "Airports, Airplanes, Infrastructure And Most Certainly Banks"

Greek PM faces 'Gordian Knot' to pass reforms for deal

Greek PM Tspiras faces party revolt over bailout deal

It’s Not Just Debt: Government Spending and Easy Money Fuel the Greek Crisis

Spain Officially Becomes a Police State


Supernation #7 -- Northern Africa / Middle East

Islamic State: Experts call for strategic rethink one year after declaration of caliphate

US considering drones in North Africa to monitor ISIS


Kerry Admits He 'Can't Vouch For' Iran's Compliance with Deal

What happens if Congress rejects a nuclear deal with Iran?

Obama says he will veto any legislation that prevents implementation of Iran deal

Congress will damage U.S. ties with other 5+1 states if it rejects nuclear deal: Expert

Israeli PM Netanyahu Slams 'Bitter Mistake of Historic Proportions'

Historic deal on Iran’s nuclear program (Iranian viewpoint)

Obama Insists: Iran deal has stopped spread of nuclear weapons in Middle East

World leaders welcome Iran nuclear deal

Russia says arms deliveries to Iran possible if approved by UN

What the Iran deal will do to global crude supply and prices

In Full: Key Elements of Iran Deal

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia faces falling foreign reserves as oil prices still lackluster

Iran Nuclear Deal Could Upset Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabian-led air strikes in Yemen leave 21 dead: Two days into UN-brokered 'humanitarian truce'

Jihadis likely winners of Saudi Arabia's futile war on Yemen's Houthi rebels

Saudi Arabia increases security at mosques, malls

Congresswomen Ask US Government to Probe Saudi Arabia Death of US Citizen


Saudi-led coalition flouts Yemen truce, hinders aid delivery

Yemen fuel shortages could kill more than ‘bullets or bombs’ as truce ignored

Al Qaeda is winning the war in Yemen

Yemen pro-govt forces seize Aden airport from rebels


Syria's Assad congratulates Iran on nuclear deal

ISIS gains ground against Syria army in Hassakeh

Two Islamic State leaders killed in Syria air strike

ISIS' chief singer and songwriter killed in Syria


First F-16s arrive in Iraq under US contract

Iraq launches offensive to drive Islamic State from biggest province: Anbar

Iraq's Shi'ite militias target Falluja in Anbar campaign

Anbar tribal chief: Fallujah would be Iraq's hardest battle

Islamic State Squeezes Iraq’s Food Supply

Iraq Conflict: 15,000 Civilians Killed Over Last 16 Months

Dr. Kevin Clarkson and guest David Bay of Cutting Edge Ministries discuss the prophetic tsunami unfolding involving the Nile River and the dam that is being built by Ethiopia in her waters. More details from our DVD "Egypt's Prophetic Tsunami".


Islamic State steps up North African expansion campaign with Egypt-Italian consulate bombing

Italy vows to help Egypt fight 'terrorism' after blast

Egypt takes over 1,300 NGOs for alleged Brotherhood links

Egypt’s Urban Expansion Depletes Nile Farmland

U.S. Military Relax Defense Ties With Egypt After Years Of Restrictions On Arms Sales And Operations

Egypt, Yemen sign counterterror agreement

Egypt: Renaissance Dam Talks to Be Resumed in Khartoum in 2 Weeks

International firms to conduct studies on Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Geographically Located In Supernation #7

Israel's Diplomatic Strategy: Attack the Iran Deal, Not Obama

Israeli Officials Livid Over Final Iran Nuclear Deal

Iran deal could lead to improved covert Arab-Israel cooperation

Rearrested Terrorist Released a Second Time

Defense minister rules out 'deal' with Hamas for return of Israelis in Gaza

PM angers settlement officials with construction freeze comment

Hezbollah threatens Islamic State in Syria: Surrender or die

Ukrainian Soldiers Refuse To Take Orders From Kiev: Desertion And Lawlessness Take Hold

The telegram that drove Hitler to suicide

Cartel leader "El Chapo" Guzmán's prison break is even worse than it seems

Mexico hunts drug kingpin, probes prison guards

After 'El Chapo' escape, Mexico offers reward for fugitive drug lord's capture

Presidential candidate Trump received threat from Mexican drug lord: Aide

David Letterman briefly unretires to roast Donald Trump

Bernie Sanders Supporter: "I think Jesus was a socialist"

Armed robbers flee after holding hostages in Paris Primark store

Confederate flag rally draws thousands, sparks gunfire in Florida


July 13, 2015


Euro zone strikes deal with Greece after all-night struggle

Markets rally amid hopes for Greece deal

Greek Crisis: Surrender fiscal sovereignty in return for bailout

Oil price tumbles as Iran nuclear deal looms

First Batch Of U.S. F-16 Delivered To Iraq

Eighteen people flee French store targeted by armed robbers

Islamic State reportedly claims it fired rockets into Israel

Top Mexican drug lord Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzman escapes from prison using tunnels, officials say

Google asked to remove one million links under 'right to be forgotten'

Kenyan Politician: If Obama Brings 'Gay Agenda, We Will Tell Him to Shut Up and Go Home'

Who’s Godless Now? Putin Says Obama Has Turned USA Into Godless Sewer

Despite Threats, President Obama Will Raise Gay Rights Issues On African Trip

Couple Wins $50M in Biggest “Wrongful Birth” Suit, Would Have Aborted Disabled Baby

Episcopal Church Embraces Full-Blown Apostasy as Great Falling Away Gains Momentum

Scott Walker jumps into the 2016 presidential race

Amid rebel flag controversy, Tenn. to honor Democrat KKK leader

Iran Talks Hit Final Stage but Deal Remains Elusive

Iraq begins offensive to retake Anbar province from ISIS

Attack near U.S. base in Afghanistan kills 33

Srebrenica Ceremony: Crowd chases Serbian PM

UNESCO backs Jordan as Jesus' baptism site as debate goes on

Typhoon Nangka Sets Its Sights on Japan (FORECAST)

Texans organize 'Operation Counter Jade Helm' to keep an eye on the federal troops

Human rights lawyers, staffers detained in widespread crackdown across China

In Fiery Speeches, Francis Excoriates Global Capitalism

Revealed: 276 'sanctuary cities' let 8,145 illegal offenders free in just 8 months, 17,000 total

Planned Parenthood Running Scared as States Limit Abortions

Pro-abortion group plans more drone attacks on pro-life countries - remotely piloted aircraft carried abortion drugs across the border

Satanic Temple Sues for ‘Religious Exemption’ to Keep Immediate Abortion in Missouri - Their lawsuit identifies abortion as an essential religious duty for Satanists

Saudi-led air raids in Yemen kill 21 two days into truce

Saudi king shuffles government again

Saudi oil production at new high

Saudi Arabia-led air raids in Yemen kill 21 two days into truce

Saudi Aggression Disrupts Medical Services in 11 Yemeni Provinces


July 11-12, 2015


It's about to get unspeakably messy in Iraq

Psychologists reportedly collaborated with officials on torture interrogations

In Greece, defiance dissipates into capitulation

Our "Death-to-America" Nuclear Negotiating Partners

UNSTOPPABLE TRUMP: The Donald is rocketing upward in the polls and dominating the 2016 race

Pope Francis stunned when Bolivia's president hands him Communist crucifix

Life-Saving Drones Could Be Headed To A Beach Near You

OPM director Katherine Archuleta resigns in wake of data breach

World Reorganizing Into 10 Supernations

Supernation #7 - Northern Africa / Middle East

Dr. Kevin Clarkson, of Prophecy In The News, and David Bay of Cutting Edge Ministries, discuss in depth the process of over throwing Saudi Arabia's brutal dictatorship in the new Cutting Edge Films DVD - 'BRINGING SAUDI ARABIA DOWN'

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia Joins Israel as Target of Jerusalem Day Protests

WikiLeaks: Saudi Arabia Has Growing Concerns over Shiites In Egypt

Saudi Arabia draws hordes of Indian pilgrims during Ramadan

Christopher Cramer found dead in Saudi Arabia: New Hampshire congress members want death investigation


Saudi Bombing and heavy fighting break Yemen truce

Saudi-led coalition says Yemen govt did not request truce

Drone strikes kill 10 Qaeda suspects in Yemen

Egypt rebuffs reports on Yemen diplomatic initiative


It's about to get unspeakably messy in Iraq: Genocide

Watch a British Reaper drone destroy an ISIS armored column

Attacks around Iraq's capital, Baghdad, kill at least 11

Iraqi troops, militias repel IS attack on town in Anbar

At war with ISIS, Iraq is pumping more oil than ever before


A Turkish buffer zone in Syria?

Assad’s War for Survival in Syria Is Now Iran’s War

US-led warplanes are pummeling the de facto ISIS capital like never before: Raqqa, Syria

Turkey arrests 21 suspected IS members in major operation

Dr. Kevin Clarkson and guest David Bay of Cutting Edge Ministries discuss the prophetic tsunami unfolding involving the Nile River and the dam that is being built by Ethiopia in her waters. More details from our DVD "Egypt's Prophetic Tsunami".


1 dead, 9 hurt in car bomb blast at Italian Consulate in Egypt

Italy supports Egypt's war against terrorism: Egyptian FM

Italy not 'intimidated' by Cairo consulate attack: Minister

Egyptian PM 'admitted that media restrictions in anti-terror law were a mistake'

Egypt vs. ISIS: Is Sinai now an official battlefield?

Egypt and Israel may look to Hamas as a Bulwark against ISIS in Gaza

Egypt Fights Back as Muslim Brotherhood Escalates Terrorist Activity

Egypt stresses importance of embargo lift on Libya

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Geographically Located In Supernation #7

Israel: No Hamas prisoner release for two missing Israelis

'Anti-Semitic' dolls sold in Polish souvenir shops

Surge in French aliyah spurred by more attractive economic factors in Israel

France jails Islamic group leader after raids reveal plans targeting Jews

US briefs Israel on final Iran nuclear negotiations

NFL hopeful causes stir after tweeting Jews killed Jesus

Tel Aviv declares water war

Confederate flag lowered at the SC State House for last time

On Confederate Flag Issue, Governor Nikki Haley Shows Republicans a Way Forward

Walmart to ‘melt’ class rings bearing Confederate flag rather than complete orders

Georgia law requires Confederate flags to fly at Stone Mountain Park

Could a 2012 Rule Change Upend the GOP’s 2016 Nomination Process?

July 10, 2015



Famous 1861 'Cornerstone Speech' that aimed for hard truths about the Confederate battle flag

Experts Warn: 'Terrorism is part of our everyday life

Optimism Continues to Surge as Greece Moves Toward Deal

Oil price could fall further

Ethiopia Should Leave Africa

Document Shows CIA Reaction to Finding No WMD in Iraq

George W. Bush (over) charges vets group $100,000 for speech

Are The E.U. And Asia Turning A Blind Eye To Russian Sanctions?

Encryption Is As American As Apple Pie: Founding Fathers Frequently Used It … And It Helped Win the Revolutionary War

Kenya: Obama Security Team Lands At JKIA, Three US Marine Choppers At Wilson

Kenya: MPs Predict Terror Attack During Obama Visit

Obama Won't Steer Clear of Gay Rights During Kenya Trip

Suspect Held After 2 Killed in Bavaria, Germany, Shooting Spree: (Obama says public shootings don't occur in other modern countries!)

Why are Greeks so sure that a deal will get done?

Greek Bailout Assessment Could Come Friday: Official

Greek Debt Crisis: PM Tsipras urges MPs to back bailout plan

World Reorganizing Into 10 Supernations

Supernation #7 - Northern Africa / Middle East

Pope calls for end to “genocide” of Christians in the Middle East

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia's longest serving foreign minister has died: Prince Saud al-Faisal

Saudi citizens try to break free from poverty

Ugandan Graduates to Get Jobs As Maids in Saudi Arabia

Pakistan under pressure from US, China and Saudi Arabia to improve relations with India


Ceasefire called in Yemen to let in humanitarian aid until end of Ramadan

A Mounting Humanitarian Catastrophe in Yemen: War Death Toll Tops 3,000, Fear of Famine Grows

New Yemen al-Qaida leader says US is his group's only enemy


Air Force intel uses ISIS 'moron' post to track/kill fighters

Inside Syria: Militia aids Syrian army near Jordanian border

After Backing Regime, Syrian Minorities Face Peril

US airstrikes kill Nusra Front commanders in Syria

Syria crisis reaches bleak new heights as number of fleeing refugees passes 4 million

Turkey warns next wave of Syrian refugees may end up in Europe



At least 16 Iraqis killed in bombings around Baghdad

Military Analysts: Donald Trump's plan to bomb Iraq's oil fields not a good one

Iraq's top Shi'ite cleric urges neighbors to curb militants

More than 2200 Russian jihadists active in Syria, Iraq

15 senior militants of ISIS killed in a U.S.-led strike north Iraq

Iraq court sentences 24 to death over Tikrit massacre


Sisi’s iron fist adds to volatility in Egypt

Egypt broadcasts reasons for Morsi's execution

Egypt president signs off on election law, removing last hurdle for setting vote date

Egypt to buy border surveillance system from Pentagon for $100M

Israeli Analyst: Support Sisi regime to preserve regional stability

Roadside bomb wounds 20 policemen in Egypt's Sinai


Iran Talks Extend 'Over Weekend' Amid 'Death to Israel' Chants

Former Saudi FM Who Opposed Iran Deal Passes Away

Iran Claims West Has Toughened its Stance

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Geographically Located In Supernation #7

Netanyahu is slated as the PM who holds four ministries

Hamas working to stabilise ceasefire and lift siege

The End for Gaza?

Mismatched Alliance: Hamas's Double Game with ISIS

Ten Months Later, Netanyahu to Meet Family of Israeli Captive

Gov't Shuts Down Palestinian Authority's Incitement TV Channel

Hillary Clinton Cozying Up to Zionist Supporters

U.S. intercepts Russian bombers off coast of Alaska, California

Gov. Haley signs bill furling (taking down) flag on Capitol grounds

Editorial: Confederate flag removal marks a new era for South Carolina

Poll: Majority sees Confederate flag as Southern pride symbol, not racist

Pope begs forgiveness for sins and 'offences' of church against indigenous of America

Spain Government Goes Full Police State; Enacts Law Forbidding Dissent, 'Unauthorized' Photography Of Law Enforcement

Donald Trump: I didn't expect business backlash to be "quite this severe"


News Analysis Articles

"Incredible End Times Prophecy Unfolding In Israel!"

Prominent Jewish Rabbi Declares Appearance of Jewish Messiah Is So Close That Jews Around The World Must Come Home!

Modern Israel has always enjoyed a strong stream of Jews returning to the Promised Land.

But, God promised that one of the signs that the End of the Age was near was when He would send His Holy Spirit throughout the world, calling them to come home! Listen:

"Like a "bee-keeper hissing for his bees", God is drawing His people back to His land.

"The Rabbi told him that he should not leave Israel because the Messiah would be arriving very soon. As the Islamic threat mounts ever higher against Israel, Orthodox priests believe even more strongly that these threats are a major sign that the Messiah is very close to intervening on behalf of the Jews."

"U.S. Supreme Court Ruling Declaring Same-Sex Marriage to Be Legal Has Officially Forced America To Cross That Dreaded 'Sodom Judgment Line'."

America's new god is Baphomet, the Transgendered Demon of Hell

Baphomet's human symbol is now Caitlyn/Bruce Jenner!

July 9, 2015


China relief fuels Wall St gains

Greece Debt Crisis: Athens accepts harsh austerity

Vatican bewildered by Bolivia's 'communist crucifix' gift to Pope Francis

OPM Announces More Than 21 Million Affected by Second Data Breach


Jade Helm 15, heavily scrutinized military exercise, to open without media access

Jade Helm, Terrorist Attacks, Surveillance and Other Fairy Tales for a Gullible Nation

C/Edge Analysis On Jade Helm

SC House votes to remove Confederate flag from State House grounds

Medicare's end-of-life counseling policy may find acceptance: "Death Panels"

Greek government finalizes details on last-ditch request for bailout

Stocks Revived by China Rebound

Jeb Bush: People Need to Work Longer Hours

Whataburger fast-food chain asks customers not to open carry firearms

Donald Trump top contender in NC poll

Trump's immigration comments hurting GOP: Romney

Donald Trump says the darndest things

Baltimore's Police Chief Who Pledged Reforms Fired Amid Crime Spike

VA Denies Iraq War Vet Medical Care Because They "Aren't Taking New Patients"

Former CNN Anchor: The Second Amendment Saved My Life

Bernie Sanders: 99.9 Percent of Gun Owners 'Obey The Law'

World Reorganizing Into 10 Supernations

Supernation #7 - Northern Africa / Middle East


WH Keeping Israel in the Dark on Iran Talks, May Extend Negotiations Indefinitely

Keep It Quiet, Aide Tells Shouting Kerry and Iran Minister

Iran asks Lavrov to bless nuclear deal: Obama says 'chances less than 50-50'

Russia says Iran nuclear deal "within reach"

Saudi Arabia

Al Saud regime on verge of collapse

Saudi Arabia and delusions of power

Pakistan's PM to celebrate Eid in Saudi Arabia

WikiLeaks Hypes Giant Saudi-Vatican Conspiracy: Zero evidence

Fire at Grand Mosque Injures 5 as 14 Million Visit Mecca During Ramadan


As Yemen Collapses

The world is silent while Yemen burns

No end in sight to Saudi deadly airstrikes on Yemen

Yemen rocked by deadly car bombs


American Airstrikes Kill Commanders of Syria's Nusra Front

Syria Refugee Crisis Worsens as Four Million Flee Overseas

Lindsey Graham Wants 10,000 Troops in Syria

Syria accepts $1 billion in credit from Iran

Bomb, rockets kill 19 civilians in Syria's Aleppo

Egypt -- Prophetic Civil War Developing

Islamic State Offshoot Entrenches in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula

Facing new militant threat, Sisi crackdown risks more instability in Egypt

Egypt anti-terror bill speeds trials, tightens hand on media

At least 20 Egyptian officers injured in Sinai bomb attack

Egypt, facing terrorism, wants high-tech American border security system

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Geographically Located In Supernation #7

Hamas Displays New Missiles at Gaza Rally

Two Israeli Citizens Kidnapped by Hamas

President Rivlin: Israel Making 'Every Effort' to Bring Mengistu Home From Hamas' Grip

Hamas official Tells Israel: Prisoner swap talks only after Schalit prisoners released

How the Failed Iran Agreement Will Threaten Israel's Nuclear Strategy

Ten Years On, Israelis Highly Pessimistic Over Disengagement

Coalition of (Liberal) Churches Calls on Obama to End Israeli “Occupation”

Israel discussing easing Gaza conditions

Pope drinks tea mix including coca leaf on flight to Bolivia: "Coca is the main ingredient for cocaine

July 8, 2015


Trading resumes on NYSE after 'technical' issue hits Big Board

Greece seeks three-year loan, pledges to enact reforms next week

Fed Officials Tempered Economy Optimism With Greece Concern

Wall St. falls 1 percent on China fears



Jade Helm, Terrorist Attacks, Surveillance and Other Fairy Tales for a Gullible Nation

C/Edge Analysis On Jade Helm

California right-to-die bill stalls in blow to movement

Woman who died of measles WAS vaccinated

Judicial Watch - New Documents Reveal: DOJ, IRS, and FBI Plan to Seek Criminal Charges of Obama's Non-Profit Opponents

Greece submits rescue deal request

Greek PM Tsipras ‘confident’ of meeting debt deal deadline

Gun sales spike in June

Oil Price Tumble Not Over

Obama's Day: Waiting on the Iran talks


Iran says makes new proposal in nuclear talks: West unimpressed

Three dead in quadruple shooting near UMB campus

America = New Sodom

Jimmy Carter: Jesus Would OK Gay Marriage, Some Abortion

Benham Bros. on Gay Marriage: ‘We Are Not Bowing to an Agenda’

U.S. Catholic Bishops on Same-Sex Marriage Ruling: ‘Profoundly Immoral and Unjust’

Levin on Bruce ‘Caitlyn’ Jenner, America: ‘We Are Losing the Culture’

Christian College Denying Married Housing to Same-Sex Couples ‘Would be on the Edge of Indefensible’

After Massive Market Losses, Beijing Tries More Tricks

Wall Street eyed sharply lower amid China fears, Fed minutes eyed

Turmoil in China markets roils Asia, but Yen rallies

How far would China go to stop a Grexit?

Clinton, California lawmakers condemn San Francisco's 'sanctuary' policy

Body cameras making their way into Iowa schools

US Army plans to cut 40,000 troops

World Reorganizing Into 10 Supernations

Supernation #7 - Northern Africa / Middle East

Time for a new deal for Middle East's displaced?

C/Edge Archives: Pentagon's 2007 New Middle East Map - Soon to be implemented

Why Does Ramadan Inspire More Terror?

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia cannot conquer Yemen: Analyst

Jihadis likely winners of Saudi Arabia's futile war on Yemen's Houthi rebels

Three Saudi Arabian brothers arrested over Kuwait mosque bombing

Saudi Arabia fueling insecurity in Mideast: Iran

Saudi Arabia puts big money in Russian economy


Deadly car bombs hit Yemen, day after almost 200 killed

Life under siege in Yemen

From grooms to body bags: the story of Yemen's fighters

Seeker UAV crashes in Yemen


Conflict Watch: From Syria to Afghanistan

Russia policy on Syria president unchanged: Kremlin

Islamic State attack puts Kobani reconstruction at risk

Syrian Kurds retake northern villages from Islamic State

Suspected US drone kills another senior ISIS figure in Syria

Fearing new Syria exodus Turkey readies new refugee camp


Obama's New Iraq Strategy: Don't Lose

Iraq's deepening divides

Iraq court sentences 24 to hang over Tikrit massacre

Iraq and Kurdistan oil deal close to collapse

Most combat sorties in Iraq end without striking ISIS

Can Bosnia be a role model for Iraq?

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Geographically Located In Supernation #7

Answering Pope Francis’s Question About Auschwitz

Jews Banned from Temple Mount Until End of Ramadan

Is Proposal to Admit 100,000 Gazans a Path to Peace or Danger for Israel?

Will Israel Suffer Another Holocaust?

The journey of Ukraine’s embattled Jews to Israel

PLO ambassador endorses Protocols of the Elders of Zion: In speech he gave to “Gran Logia” Masonic Lodge

For Ugandan children born of war, the struggle continues

Two troops, one civilian killed after failed Ukraine talks



July 7, 2015


Ground WAR in SAUDI ARABIA Has BEGUN - Rebels on Saudi Soil

Why you really shouldn't worry about terrorism

82 Shot, 15 Dead in City with the Strictest Gun Laws in the United States: Chicago

Iran optimistic of leap in growth once out from under sanctions

Iran talks could get new deadline extension says Washington

Oregon Is First State to Charge Drivers for Each Mile They Drive

Ben Carson: People Should Tithe To The Government

Sorry, Donald Trump Has A Point

Euro's resiliency seen fleeting as US rates poised to rise later this year

Greece debt crisis: China is the real elephant in the room

Greece prepares new bailout bid before E.U. summit

Kennedy’s Former Clerk Calls Him ‘First Gay Justice’

How Does Gay 'Marriage' Hurt Us? Here's How

Only 19% Know 1st Amendment Guarantees Freedom of Religion

Hungary’s parliament approves ‘anti-migrant’ border fence

World Reorganizing Into 10 Supernations

Supernation #7 - Northern Africa / Middle East


Saudi Arabia

Ground WAR in SAUDI ARABIA Has BEGUN - Rebels on Saudi Soil

Iran could soon shake things up for Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia again denies Hajj visas to pilgrims from Ebola-hit countries

Air strikes kill nearly 100 in Yemen, cast shadow on truce talks

Saudi's Multi-Billion Dollar Military & a Messy Yemen War

Inside the Saudi prison that's home to new wave of jihadis


Deadly air strike hits market in Yemen: 45 killed

Saudi-led strikes on Yemen hit party headquarters of former president

Saudi Bombing Only Fans Yemen’s Flames


Turkey reinforces Syria border with more troops

Turkey's military commanders recalled to discuss possible Syria intervention

Islamic State takes ground from Syrian Kurds after air strikes

Kurdish militia proving to be reliable partner against Islamic State in Syria

Al-Nusra suicide bombing kills 25 government soldiers in Syria's Aleppo

War encircles popular summer vacation spot in Syria


Iraq launches assault on jihadi stronghold Fallujah

ISIS is 'acting like the permanent government' in the capital of Iraq's largest province

30 Dead in suicide attacks, combat near dam in western Iraq

Egypt -- Prophetic Civil War Developing

Experts: Egypt in life-and-death struggle, though regime is stable

Israel and Egypt: The next ISIS conquests?

Egypt set to approve anti-terror law

Egypt warns of legal action against journalist reporting 'false' death tolls

Egypt's currency devalued in attempt to encourage investment

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Geographically Located In Supernation #7

Iron Dome Gets Mystery Upgrade as Israel Prepares for Future War

CNN: Dome of the Rock Top Site on "Verge of Extinction

Expert: Israel 'On Its Own' When It Comes to Obama

Greece, deep in crisis, is keen on axis of ‘security’ with Israel and Cyprus

Al-Quds Brigade builds watch tower directly across IDF structure on Gaza border

Hamas, Fatah exchange threats after wave of arrests

Netanyahu in message to Israel's enemies: Those who seek to hurt us, beware


July 6, 2015


Obama Leaves Out ‘God’ From 4th of July Weekly Address

Obamacare’s Best Allies: The Courts and the Republicans

Kerry: If Iran is intransigent, US ready to walk away from nuclear talks

Ron Paul: Why Are US Special Forces in 81 Countries?

Poll: 70 percent of Americans believe news media is intentionally biased

Greek referendum "no vote" signals huge challenge to Eurozone leaders

Greece teetering on the edge of collapse - but how did it get there?

Merkel, Hollande call for EU summit amid Greece ‘No’ vote

Movie Review: “The Immortalists” Tackle Human Aging

Arriving in Ecuador, Pope Francis hopes to expand his 'church for the poor'

Weed blaster shows promise as alternative to herbicides: Might replace chemicals to protect crops

Newly Discovered Danger of High Fructose Corn Syrup is Alarming: How your heart is put at risk

Plan to curtail public records laws sparks uproar

World Reorganizing Into 10 Supernations

Supernation #7 - Northern Africa / Middle East


Saudi Arabia

While Saudi Arabia Goes to War Abroad, It’s Simmering at Home

Saudis conducting war of genocide in Yemen: Analyst

Saudi soldier killed in Yemen retaliatory attack

Saudi Arabia: ISIS Responsible for Twin Mosque Bombings & Killing of Sergeant Shot Dead Near Mecca

Saudi fugitive killed in shootout with police

ISIS, Saudi Arabia, and A New Wave of Terrorist Violence

Saudi-led strikes kill 30 in northern Yemen

Yemen attacks Saudi military base

Iran to dispatch third aid consignment to Yemen

Yemen: 858 civilians in Aden killed in 102 days of clashes


Iraqi forces free bridge, areas in Anbar

Iraq falls apart as Iran-backed forces keep Islamic State at bay

Bombs strike public areas of Shiite districts in and around Baghdad, 15 people killed

MP says US wants Iraq to fly its F-16 jets from Jordan


More successful Iran will calm the region: Colin Powell aide

Deputies of IAEA director general due in Tehran

Outlook of Iran N-talks positive

Egypt -- Prophetic Civil War Developing

* Israeli analysts say Sisi has failed as ISIS gets closer to Israel

Will Egypt Ask for IAF Assistance in Sinai?

Nasserist politicians concerned over security turbulence in Egypt

Egypt detains 63 Muslim Brotherhood members

Amnesty 'concerned' about death sentences in Egypt

Egypt Plans To Arrest Journalists For Unapproved Terror Attack Accounts

ISIS affiliate in Egypt claims rocket fire toward Israel

New Suez Canal boosts Egypt-UAE ties


Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Geographically Located In Supernation #7

Rise in Gun Sales: Jews Are Arming

IDF Appoints Special Team to Plan Iran Strike: "If Needed"

US only country to stand with Israel as UNHRC approves Gaza resolution

Palestinian Authority Warns Hamas: Don't carry out terror attacks on Palestinian security forces in West Bank

French Gov't Will Continue Funding Radical Gaza Flotilla NGO

The Palestinian Leadership’s Regression in the Peace Process

US Expert: Hamas, not Israel, Killed Boys on Beach in Gaza War

CNN lists Dome of the Rock among 'magnificent structures on the verge of extinction'

Jordan's Shameful Record

United States’ Episcopal Church Rejects Boycott of Israeli Goods from Judea and Samaria

Shootings leave three dead, 27 wounded in eight hours in Chicago





July 4-5, 2015


* Leading Israeli Rabbi Says the Arrival of the Messiah is Imminent

Fewer people in US proud to be American: Poll

How Putin Ignited a Civil War in Ukraine

Negotiators make headway on Iran sanctions, her past nuclear activity

Iran's FM: We've Never Been Closer to a Deal

What Does A Changing Culture Mean For Christian Conservatives?

New York governor orders more July Fourth security after alert

President Obama Wants To End Independence Day As We Know It

John Roberts Lets Conservatives Down: Again

Greek economy close to collapse

Desperate Greek Banks May Raid Customer's Accounts

The Latest: Greek finance minister says nation will not raid bank deposits like Cyprus in 2013

China launches military exercises in Yellow Sea

Ron Paul says Trump troubles him

World Reorganizing Into 10 Supernations

Supernation #7 - Northern Africa / Middle East

India Sounds Alert as Isis Spreads its Territory to Afghanistan, Pakistan

Egypt -- Prophetic Civil War Developing

Egypt’s Self-Inflicted Slaughter

Dressed in military uniform, General/President Sisi pays discreet visit to Sinai after attacks

Egypt, Stunned by Sinai Assault, Vows to Erase ‘Terrorist Dens’

ISIS affiliate in Egypt claims rocket fire toward Israel

Senior Hamas Member Condemns Sinai Terrorism

Egyptian airstrikes kill 12 militants in northern Sinai

Attacks kill 3 kids, woman in Egypt’s Sinai

How Egypt lost Sinai long before the ISIS attacks

ISIS wants to destroy Egypt's Sphinx and pyramids


Is Turkey Really Going to Invade Syria?

Assad forces, Hezbollah launch major assault on Lebanon border city

Mosque bombing in northern Syria kills 15 members of al-Qaida's affiliate

Syrian Christians Face New Threat From Rebel Alliance

Inside Israel’s Secret War in Syria


Iraq falls apart as Iran-backed forces keep Islamic State at bay

Airstrikes Continue in Syria, Iraq

Islamic State Destroys More Artifacts in Syria and Iraq

UK knew Iraq was using chemical weapons on Iran duirng war in the 1980's


Saudi Arabia

While Saudi Arabia Goes to War Abroad, It’s Simmering at Home

Officer killed in police raid in Saudi Arabia

Security Personnel Killed in Gunfight with Isis Militants Near Mecca

Saudis jail Pakistani who allegedly criticized Yemen airstrikes

Executing Justice: WikiLeaks Unmasks Saudi Arabia


Yemen's Houthis say Ramadan humanitarian pause under discussion

UN Declares Highest Humanitarian Emergency Level in Yemen

Conflict in Yemen Blocks Humanitarian Aid

Yemen: 858 civilians in Aden killed in 102 days of clashes

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Geographically Located In Supernation #7

Israel Salutes America on the Fourth of July

Clinton Hints to Donors: I'll be Better for Israel than Obama

Hamas Claims it Has Achieved 'Deterrent Balance' With IDF

Why all this Christian anti-Israel Hatred?

Cruz: Sad We'll Have an Embassy in Cuba Before Jerusalem

Arabs Sexually Abuse Jewish Women on TA Beach on Ramadan

Donald Trump Says He is No Apprentice when it Comes to Israel

Leading Israeli Rabbi Says the Arrival of the Messiah is Imminent


July 3, 2015


How America is quietly becoming a climate change leader

Iran takes hard stance on key provisions in nuke deal

Iran hints at way around nuke talks roadblock

Why Facebook wants to get inside your brain

California vaccine bill battle erupts into all-out political war

Soros helps pro-Clinton Super PACs to $24 million haul

White Professor Informs White People They Are All Currently ‘COMPLICIT IN’ Slavery

It’s Time to Legalize Polygamy: Opinion

Oil Prices Fall on Strong Shale Supply

Best states for concealed carry — ranked worst to first

Donald Trump’s comments spark poll surge, put 2016 Republican hopefuls on the spot

Hispanic leaders say Republican Party must condemn Donald Trump

America Ferrera: "Thank You, Donald Trump!"

Mexican army ordered troops to 'kill criminals'

Rick Perry: Republicans must reach out to black voters

Greece to run out of essential food and medicine within days and banks down to last €500m

Greece Officially In Default: Eurozone Stability Fund

Greece’s finance minister says debt deal ‘in the offing’

Poll shows tight race ahead of Greece referendum

How to jump Greece’s next debt hurdle

A look at what comes next for Greece

Ending Greek tragedy with a Grexit doesn't mean the European dream dies

F-35 Fighter: Makers leap to its defence after it loses dogfight to olf F-16 jet

Obamacare cash gusher fuels healthcare merger mania

Aetna to buy Humana for $37 billion, creating nation's No. 2 health insurer

Russian parliament votes to adopt controversial privacy law

World Reorganizing Into 10 Supernations

Supernation #7 - Northern Africa / Middle East


Saudi Arabia

The Iran nuclear deal is brewing, Saudi Arabia is boiling

Police station comes under attack in western Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia presses on with air strikes against Shi'ite Houthi rebels in Yemen

Saudi funding of Canadian schools raises concerns

Goodbye Washington, hello Moscow? Saudi Arabia finds friendly face in Putin

Power Transitions in Saudi Arabia Spell Changes in the Middle East


Yemeni man lost 27 family members in Saudi-led air strike

Saudi-led planes attack Yemen capital, six reported killed

Car bomb explodes near Yemeni mosque in downtown Sanaa, injures two

Saudis To Announce Yemen Ceasefire For Ramadan


Kurds plan to carve state out of Iraq after fighting stops

Iraq, Kurdistan Oil Deal Close to Collapse

About 130 ISIL Takfiris slain in Iraqi army mop-up operations

Airstrikes Hit ISIL in Syria, Iraq


Pentagon: Air strike kills ISIL leader in Syria

US to send first group of trained militants into Syria

Erdogan’s Syria policy aimed at deceiving Turks: Ex-Syrian offical

New Syrian opposition coalition kills 9 in advances in Aleppo


Sanctions-hit Iran ports come back to life

The dramatic rise of the Islamic State in Tunisia

Four Years Later, Tunisia Remains the Arab Spring’s Lone Success Story


Body of Brotherhood leader found in Cairo's Zeinhom morgue

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Geographically Located In Supernation #7

Saudi Arabia warns Israel: Don't 'Judaize' Jerusalem

Cuban embassy a 'slap in the face' of Israel: GOP Senator Cruz

UNHRC 'Doesn't Care About Israeli Human Rights'

230,000 Muslims pray third Ramadan Friday prayer at Al-Aqsa

'Bookkeeper of Auschwitz' Admits Guilt -- 300,000 Jews Died

Defense Secretary's Chief of Staff Praises Department's LGBT Support




July 2, 2015


China and Russia Are Forging an Inseparable Bond

Russia and China Dance Across Latin America

Why Egypt's crackdown on Islamists will lead to bloodshed

ISIS threatens to 'uproot the Jewish state'

On Twitter, Jim Carrey blasts anyone and anything connected to California's new vaccination law

Girl Scouts Chapter Raises $250K After Rejecting Anti-Transgender Gift

Episcopalians Vote to Allow Gay Marriage in Churches

Global stocks gain as US data surpass Greek risk

E.U. slams the door on talks with Greece before Sunday referendum

World Reorganizing Into 10 Supernations

Supernation #7 - Northern Africa / Middle East


Egypt -- Prophetic Civil War Developing

Why Egypt's crackdown on Islamists will lead to bloodshed

64 soldiers killed in ISIS attack on Egyptian Army's Sinai checkpoints

Egypt Stocks Drop to Lowest in Six Weeks After Islamist Attacks

Israel closes crossings with Egypt, Gaza, following ISIS Sinai terror attacks

Israel's PM Netanyahu: We are partners with Egypt in the fight against ISIS that has reached our borders

Egyptian army counters major attack by IS militants in North Sinai

UN chief Ban condemns deadly terrorist attacks in Egypt's North Sinai


Saudi Arabia

Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Iran and the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

Family denounce mosque bomber

Is Saudi Arabia Leaving The U.S. Behind For Russia?

As Saudis Keep Pumping, Thirst for Domestic Oil Swells


18 civilians killed as Yemen war rages

Iran wages media onslaught against Saudis over Yemen war

Saudi airstrikes in Yemen violate laws of war

Yemen: UN declares emergency

‘Yemeni jailbreak will contribute to bloodshed, suffering’


Israeli Official - Syria is dying: Funeral will be declared in due time

Free Syrian Army: Our struggle is increasingly against Iran

Video shows Syria rebel group executing 18 IS fighters

Islamic State Expands in Damascus, Al Qaeda Vows Sharia for City

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Geographically Located In Supernation #7

Israel Sees Boycotts as Existential Threat

United Church of Christ urges boycott of Israeli companies

ISIS in Egypt: More Than Meets the Eye

IDF Says Hamas Helped ISIS Sinai Strike

Boston U Makes Pro-Hamas Workshop a Requirement

Ukraine: Member of Kiev's top brass ‘defects’ to anti-govt forces, predicts more like him


July 1, 2015


The Ideological Gutting of American Foreign Policy

The Eurozone has become a murder-suicide pact

Opinion - Gay marriage won. Now comes the hard part: Protecting religious freedom

Millennials in Shock Over Hillary's Cribs (Mansions)

Jim Carrey denounces new Calif. vaccine law: Has autistic child

Why this black defender of the Confederate flag says slavery was ‘a choice’

Survey Shows Enough Votes to Remove Confederate Flag in S.C.

Major counter-terrorism exercise underway in London

Fluoridation May Not Prevent Cavities: Scientific Review Shows

Caitlyn Jenner Shops Manhattan: Results Said To Be "Stunning'

Caitlyn Jenner will receive Arthur Ashe Courage Award at ESPYs in July

Pioneering lawmakers praise Caitlyn Jenner: 'You look gorgeous'

Girl Scouts choose transgender girls over $100,000 donation

After Gay Marriage Decision, Mississippi May Stop Issuing ALL Marriage Licenses

Gay Activists Demand Churches Lose Their Tax Exempt Status… Already?!

Court temporarily brings back NSA surveillance program: For five months

World Reorganizing Into 10 Supernations

Supernation #5 - Russia / Eastern Europe (Eurasian Economic Union)

Eurasian Economic Union: Russia's new USSR?

Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) and Pakistan

Upper chamber of Belarusian parliament approves treaty of Kyrgyzstan’s accession to Eurasian Economic Union

Call for harmonizing legislation due to Belarus' membership in Eurasian Economic Union

Armenians do not feel benefits of their country’s membership in EEU, ex defense minister

Will Egypt Join the Eurasian Economic Union?

Saudi Arabia

Yemeni military claims to have fired another 'Scud' into Saudi Arabia

Yemen rebels kill Saudi soldier in strike near border

Saudi Arabia to install surveillance cameras in all major mosques

Pressure Mounting on Saudis’ Coalition in Yemen

Zaid Hamid Latest: Sentenced for 8-years with 1,000 lashes in Saudi Arabia

Why does Saudi Arabia fund ISIS?

Saudi ambassador to Lebanon responds to WikiLeaks: 'We are not ashamed of anything'


ISIS car bomb kills Yemen Shiites, as rebels open prison doors

Manhunt launched in Yemen for 1,200 escaped prisoners

Heavy Saudi-led Air Strikes, Ground Combat Shake Southern Yemen

Amid Warnings of Famine, Yemeni Civilians Trapped Inside Conflict with No End in Sight


ISIS crucifies five people for not fasting during Ramadan

Short of cash, U.N. cuts Syria refugees' rations again


Top IS leader killed in coalition airstrikes in Iraq

VA tells Iraq War Vet: 'We're not accepting any new patients'

OPEC Crude Production Surges as Iraq Pumps at Record Pace

Security situation weighs on Iraq's economy

Year of sustained violence across Iraq has hit children hardest, UN says


Iran Nuke Deadline Extended, Obama Vows to 'Walk Away' From Bad Deal

US: Iran blocked website educating on Holocaust, criticized FM for calling it 'tragedy'



Sisi is Pushing Egypt to the Brink

Egypt slams Amnesty over claims of 'all-out repression'

Egypt attacks, blamed on Islamic militants, leave 50 soldiers dead

Israel closes crossings with Egypt, Gaza, following ISIS Sinai terror attacks

ISIS Egypt affiliate claims responsibility for North Sinai attacks

Egypt's top public prosecutor fatally wounded in bomb attack

Egypt's Sisi pledges stricter laws after murder of top prosecutor

Egypt police arrest 20 alleged Brotherhood members

Why Egypt’s crackdown on Islamists will lead to bloodshed

Egyptian policeman killed in drive-by shooting outside Helwan's Wax Museum


Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Geographically Located In Supernation #7

Hamas: New Terror Tunnel Reaches Inside Israel

Israel’s President: “Month of Ramadan a Month of Terror”

Obama Signs into Law Anti-BDS Measures

Shin Bet arrests 40 Hamas members in West Bank

ISIS Threatens Hamas, Fatah and 'State of the Jews' in Video

Hamas Claims Responsibility for Shvut Rachel area Shooting

'Don't Catch Them, Kill Them'

Palestinians Uninterested in Support From Gays

From Captivity in Ukraine to a New Home in Israel

U.S. and Cuba reach a deal to open embassies, renew diplomatic ties



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