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North Korea Planned Nuclear Confrontation

"The script is now written ... A hair-raising nuclear confrontation in Korea may ... threaten man's very survival." (Peter Lemesurier, 'The Armageddon Script", p. 223, 1981)

Nuclear Weapon Detonating in Los Angeles Would Be Terrible’: Is North Korea War Coming?

Trump Warns China on North Korea: ‘We Will No Longer Allow This to Continue’

South Korea considers a nuclear arsenal to counter the North

U.S. THAAD missile hits test target amid growing pressure from North Korea

President Xi Calls for Strong Army, Tells China Troops 'World Isn't Safe'

US Air Force unleashes supersonic bombers in ‘North Korea nuke drill’ as it’s claimed Donald Trump is ‘poised to launch military strike’ against the rogue state

President Putin shows off Russia's naval might

China reveals its terrifying military weapons with vast parade: Including stealth jets, nuclear missiles, attack helicopters and thousands of elite troops

China shrugs off Trump’s ‘doing nothing’ claims over N. Korea

US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley: No point in talking about North Korea any longer

Key News

Russian President Putin Is Expelling 755 U.S. Diplomats

‘We have passed the line of rationality’ in Russia policy – Former diplomat

Saudi Arabia says that calls for internationalization of holy sites 'a declaration of war'

Mass rally in Istanbul against Israel's Jerusalem measures

Trump: 'Let Obamacare Implode'

Five things Gen. John Kelly must do to right the ship at the White House

1,332 Counties Will Have Only One Health Insurer Option Under Obamacare in 2018

Israeli-Palestinian War - Tensions Escalating

Interesting facts about the 9th of Av

Jews Ascend Largely Arab-Free Temple Mount Before Tisha B’av

After Two Weeks of Temple Mount Stress, PA President Abbas Hospitalized

Five Post-Abbas Possibilities

Netanyahu, Liberman urge pardon for Hebron shooter after sentence upheld

PA payments to prisoners, ‘martyr’ families now equal half its foreign aid

Family of Amman embassy guard said fearing for safety after name leaks: Wants 1994 Jordan/Israel peace treaty cancelled

North Carolina governor signs anti-BDS bill into law

26 Venezuelan Jews flee chaos, immigrate to Israel

Putin signs law to strip convicted terrorists of Russian citizenship

Making America Great Again News

U.S. Companies Post Profit Growth Not Seen in Six Years

Dow hits record high as Wall Street cheers strong earnings season

Dow flirts with a fresh milestone: 22,000


July 29-30, 2017

Breaking News

US Air Force unleashes supersonic bombers in ‘North Korea nuke drill’ as it’s claimed Donald Trump is ‘poised to launch military strike’ against the rogue state

Trump Warns China on North Korea: ‘We Will No Longer Allow This to Continue’

President Putin shows off Russia's naval might

China reveals its terrifying military weapons with vast parade: Including stealth jets, nuclear missiles, attack helicopters and thousands of elite troops



North Korea Planned Nuclear Confrontation

"The script is now written ... A hair-raising nuclear confrontation in Korea may ... threaten man's very survival." (Peter Lemesurier, 'The Armageddon Script", p. 223, 1981)

‘Nuclear Weapon Detonating in Los Angeles Would Be Terrible’: Is North Korea War Coming?

North Korea Missile Test Could Put Denver in Range

N. Korea leader says 'all US' within range after missile test

China, Russia responsible for North Korea threat: Sec/State Rex Tillerson

WAR DRUMS: US & South Korea discuss ‘military response’ to North Korean missile test

China stages high-profile naval drill off Korean peninsula: "Just days ahead of the PLA’s 90th anniversary"

‘It looks like desperation’: Japanese defence minister quits as Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s approval rating plummets

Russia Achieves 'Considerable' Success in Hypersonic Arms Development: "Can penetrate any/all defense systems in the world"

Key News

Senator Marco Rubio: Venezuela Crisis a ‘Personal Priority’ for President Trump

U.S. Orders Family Members of Embassy Personnel Out of Deteriorating Venezuela

Trump names DHS Secretary Kelly as White House Chief of Staff: Priebus out

The Week the Russia Conspiracy Theory Fell Apart

Palestinians Increase Funding for Terrorism to $355M, Rewarding Those Who Kill Jews

Brexit may take much longer to protect UK economy from shock

Pastor Warns: Microchipping Humans Is Straight Out of Book of Revelation

Ousted Priebus vows support for Trump, mum on Scaramucci

Congress wins oversight battle with Trump; White House promises answers to all members

Israeli-Palestinian War - Tensions Escalating

Only recognition of Israel as a Jewish state can lead to peace

Senate Targets PA's 'Pay to Slay': Also called "Martyr Payments"

Palestinians Increase Funding for Terrorism to $355M, Rewarding Those Who Kill Jews

Israel launches initial probe into incident near the Israeli embassy in Jordan: Will share findings with Amman

What kind of society has the Palestinian Authority created? Would any Israeli mother raise her children to become kidnappers and murderers and proudly say so?

Riots break out in Jaffa after police killing of suspect fleeing shooting scene

US imam apologizes for sermon attacking Jews


July 28, 2017

Breaking News

Pentagon detects new North Korean missile launch, lands in sea off Japan

Japan warns that ships and planes may have been hit by intercontinental ballistic missile launched by North Korea

N. Korea throws down gauntlet to Trump with second ICBM test this month

Palestinian UN Envoy Justifies Bloody Murder of Jewish Family

Democrat-Aligned ‘Disinformation Firm’ Fusion GPS Took Money from Senior Russian Officials

Key News

LYING SIGNS AND WONDERS: UFOs Appear Over England and Mexico

I’d launch nukes at China on Trump’s orders: US Pacific Fleet Chief Admiral Swift

Promise Broken: Sens. McCain, Murkowski, and Collins Tank Obamacare Repeal Bill

With Mueller investigation, FBI gets chance to physically inspect ‘hacked’ DNC computers

Why You’re Being Invited to Fewer Weddings: Fewer people are getting married, and they’re inviting fewer guests

Canadian Law Says a Baby Doesn’t Become a Human Being Until She is Outside Her Mother’s Body

Second-Quarter U.S. Growth Rate of 2.6% Underscores Resilience

Israeli-Palestinian War - Tensions Escalating

Catholic Churches Using Replacement Theology to Deny Divinity of Temple Mount: Christian Leader Warns

Palestinians Celebrate Victory By Desecrating Temple Mount With Violent Riots [WATCH]

Temple Mount: What’s the Point in Praying if You Can’t Bring Your Gun?

Jewish Home to Netanyahu: Stop capitulating, start acting like you are talking

Clashes break out in West Bank as tension mounts in Jerusalem

Netanyahu offers major land swap with PA: PM reportedly told Trump envoys he is prepared to surrender large swath of pre-1967 Israel to PA in exchange for 'settlement blocs'

Palestinian shot dead trying to stab soldiers in West Bank

What kind of society has the Palestinian Authority created?

Ichabod: Israel's contempt for the notion of national honor guarantees unrest, not peace.

Major Hollywood Film Set to Tell the Story of Jesus’ Birth Like Never Before: Story told through the eyes of the animals present at the nativity scene

Pro-Life Groups to Show Abortion on Jumbotron Outside Kentucky’s Last Abortion Clinic

Economics First: ‘US Congress clearly targets Nord Stream-2’

‘New anti-Russia sanctions is economic suicide for America’ – Max Keiser

Sanctions Retaliation: Russia tells US to cut embassy staff, stop using storage facilities

Venezuela crisis tips into showdown: US Embassy staff ordered out of the country

Sessions calls Trump criticism over Russia recusal 'kind of hurtful'

Senate Republicans fail to pass 'skinny repeal' of ObamaCare


Another reason China’s adding troops on its border with North Korea

North Korea hacking increasingly focused on making money more than espionage: South Korea study

Pakistan in turmoil as PM Sharif ousted over corruption claims

Don’t expect action against village that ordered ‘revenge rape’

Data suggest Pakistan faces prospect of financial meltdown

Millionaire Gay Activist Declares War on Christians With 3 Awful Words: "Punish The Wicked"


July 27, 2017


Key News

House Judiciary Committee Officially Approves Effort to Launch Investigation of James Comey, Loretta Lynch

Scaramucci Tags Priebus in Tweet Blasting ‘Felony’ Leak of Financial Disclosure Form

VP Pence: Trump open about Sessions, still recognizes good work

Gingrich: Trump Should Not Fire Sessions, But Clintons & Russia Should Be Probed

Canadian Law Says a Baby Doesn’t Become a Human Being Until She is Outside Her Mother’s Body

Krauthammer: A/G Jeff Sessions Is a 'Dead Man Walking'

ICE chief wants to slap smuggling charges on leaders of sanctuary cities

Watters: Democrats 'Never Let the Facts Get in the Way of a Good Scandal'

Speaker Ryan tells Trump to lay off Mueller

D.C. law requiring a ‘good reason’ to carry concealed handguns is ruled unconstitutional

Senate Democrats Delay Witness from Testifying Against Fusion GPS

Transgender Navy SEAL slams Trump

The 'Collusion' Dems Looking For Is In Wasserman Schultz Staffer Probe

Arrested Dem IT staffer's attorney is MAJOR Clinton ally: Awan’s employer in the House Is Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Herman Cain Fired Up: 'You Cannot Fix ObamaCare!'

Planned Parenthood Doctor Caught Breaking Ban on Partial-Birth Abortions: “Laws are Up to Interpretation”

Israeli-Palestinian War - Tensions Escalating

Netanyahu's Party Passes Resolution Permanently Nixing Two-State Solution

PA President Abbas wants to fan the flames

Minister Bennett: Arab MKs Involved in ‘Blood Libel’ Against Israel

PA Officials: We defeated Israel over Al-Aqsa crisis

PM Netanyahu: Al-Jazeera will be gone from Israel

Jerusalem Mufti now permits Muslim prayer on Temple Mount

Muslim leaders call off Temple Mount prayers despite removal of security measures

Jordan says embassy staff can’t return unless guard is tried

PM Netanyahu backs major expansion of Jerusalem to include nearby settlements

Will the End-Times Temple Be Built in a Different Location Than We Think?

North Korea Planned Nuclear Confrontation

"The script is now written ... A hair-raising nuclear confrontation in Korea may ... threaten man's very survival." (Peter Lemesurier, 'The Armageddon Script", p. 223, 1981)

North Korea reveals never-before seen images of missile program

New North Korea Missile Test Could Be Rained Off: Seoul Suggests

North Korea’s Army of Hackers Has a New Target: Bank Accounts

North Korea Celebrates 'Victory' on Korean War Armistice Day: America’s ‘Forgotten War’

US: North Korea could launch nuclear-capable missile by next year

Kid Rock tables US Senate run, stresses voter registration



July 26, 2017

Key News

FBI seized smashed hard drives from Wasserman Schultz IT aide’s home

Stocks Lifted by Earnings, Commodities; Bonds Gain: Markets Wrap

Pentagon: North Korea's missile capability far ahead of schedule

Senate Votes Down Broad Obamacare Repeal

Scientists build DNA from scratch to alter life's blueprint

House Republicans seek to dodge border wall vote

Trump declares ban on transgender people serving in the US military


California Imam Prays for Allah to ‘Annihilate’ Jews in Public Sermon

PROPHECY WATCH: Wisconsin Company Becomes First in US to Begin Implanting Chips In Employees

Sarah Huckabee Sanders unbelievably blasted as ‘butch queen’: "Haters just got to hate"! (Sarah Huckabee Sanders) is daughter of Governor Mike Huckabee

Trump speaks to advisers about firing Attorney General Sessions

Speaker Gingrich on Sessions Rumors: ‘The President’s Expressed His Opinions, It’s Over, Move On’

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis Defends Trump Talking to Putin at G-20 Dinner: "“Jaw-jaw is better than war-war"

Kushner exposed Russia probe as ‘witch hunt,’ ‘hoax,’ White House says

China and India Locked in 'Eyeball-to-Eyeball' Border Standoff

No Go Zones: New Book on Islamic Ghettos In Western World, "Sharia Law Coming Near You"

North Korea Planned Nuclear Confrontation

"The script is now written ... A hair-raising nuclear confrontation in Korea may ... threaten man's very survival." (Peter Lemesurier, 'The Armageddon Script", p. 223, 1981)

China Prepares for a Crisis Along North Korea Border: Beijing bolsters defenses along its 880-mile frontier and realigns forces in surrounding regions

North Korea Threatens To Stike US With 'Powerful Nuclear Hammer'

South Korea looks to double its firepower to counter rising threat from North Korea: Salvo firing is especially difficult to stop

North Korea Mysteriously Shuts Down Its Beer Festival

US sees more signs North Korea is preparing another missile test

New analysis shows North Korea's ICBM is basically useless

Democrats Roll Out ‘A Better Deal’ Economic Agenda as Russia Conspiracy Falls Flat

Study: 8,471 Cases of Double Voting Uncovered in 21 States

Trump’s new Denver lawyer says he has “rocks in his head and steel balls”: Ty Cobb couldn’t say no to White House counsel job

Israeli-Palestinian War - Tensions Escalating


Israeli Guard Stabbed by Jordanian Terrorist Returns Home After Diplomatic Standoff

'There was no question about it - we had to get you out': PM to Diplomatic Security Officer

Israeli Police Dismantle Temple Mount Metal Detectors Overnight

Temple Mount Police Concerned:'we're sitting ducks'

Jews Arrested for honoring Halamish terror victims on Temple Mount

Mother of terrorist who slaughtered 3 in Halamish arrested






July 22-23, 2017

Breaking News

Court allows Trump’s voter fraud commission to proceed

Jared Kushner: He has 'nothing to hide' on Russia

Who paid Bill Clinton's $2.5 million commission and $500,000 speaking fee for brokering the sale of 20% of America's uranium deposits to Russia?

What Hillary Clinton’s $225,000 speaking fee buys you

Disney's Next Movie Could Be Watching You Too

FALLING AWAY: U.K. Gov’t Demands”LGBT Queer Theology” in Bible Seminaries

DAYS OF LOT: Drag Queens read to children in Indianapolis Library


"Convergence" of Prophecy News


Israel refuses to remove metal detectors from mosque despite rising violence

Palestinian leader halts security co-operation with Israel over mosque dispute

Terror attack on Israeli embassy official in Jordan

Jordan Demands: Israel must hand over wounded Embassy officer for interrogation, despite his Diplomatic Immunity Status - Israel so far has refused

Palestinian Terrorist From West Bank Stabs Arab-Israeli In Petah Tikva Town

North Korea: Hawaii Preps For Nuclear Attack, Ballistic Missiles Could Reach Island Within 20 Minutes

US commissions largest-ever warship, aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford: What does it mean for Asia?

Trump Just Resurrected the Ugly Practice Known as Civil Forfeiture for No Reason

Jared Kushner denies collusion in statement ahead of Capitol Hill testimony

Senator Rand Paul: Trump likely has ability to pardon himself

Democrats intentionally used disinformation from Russia to attack Trump, campaign aides

Women Now Serve as Head Spokespersons for Trump White House, Three Key Government Agencies

Senator Schumer predicts that firing Mueller would cause 'cataclysm' in DC

Texas' lieutenant governor blames truck deaths on sanctuary cities that 'enable human smugglers'

Israeli-Palestinian War - Tensions Escalating

Israeli crisis with Jordan deepens over terrorist attack in Israeli Embassy

With embassy attack, Jordan’s ties with Israel go from rancid to toxic

Fuming family of Jordanian stabber demands death penalty for Israeli guard

PM Netanyahu Vows To Bring Amman Embassy Guard Home

Mossad Agent From Past Jordan OP Suggests Solution To Amman Embassy Crisis

Abbas’ Fatah Faction: Campaign For Jerusalem Has Begun, We Won’t Stop Until Palestinian Victory

Israeli Delegation Locked Down In Amman Embassy After Stabbing Attack

Gory Photos From Halamash Terror Attack Raises Eyebrows: "T hree innocent family members slaughtered by this terrorist"

Op-Ed - Israeli sovereignty over the Temple Mount is crucial for peace

Professor calls McCain a 'war criminal,' annoyed at well wishes after senator's brain cancer diagnosis


July 22-23, 2017

Key News

President Trump Blasts Washington Post, New York Times for Leaks and Fake News on Russia

Trump Team Looks to Fight Back Against Mueller’s Overreach in Russia Probe

NAFTA talks slated to begin next month in Washington: Trump "is now focused on comparatively minor tweaks"

Canadian PM Trudeau warns U.S. against ‘shortcuts’ as renegotiation talks get underway

Mexico Murders Increase With Deadliest Month in at Least 20 years

Sanctuary City standoff looms as ICE director vows agent surge

Kay Bailey Hutchison (Republican) Trump's pick for NATO envoy, seems headed for confirmation

Trump taps career ethicist for acting OGE director ( Office of Government Ethics)

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Becomes White House Press Secretary

NEW NORMAL? Teens filmed and mocked drowning man!

The Battle for Venezuela, Through a Lens, Helmet and Gas Mask

Meltdown in Venezuela's Currency Is Deepening

Israeli-Palestinian War - Tensions Escalating

Arab MK Warns “Third Intifada Has Already Begun”

Temple Mount Crisis Intensifies as Palestinian Killed, 190 Wounded’ in East Jerusalem

Fatah says ‘campaign for Jerusalem has begun’

Israeli leaders can still contain Temple Mount crisis, but require political courage

Police video shows how Friday’s terrorists got their guns onto Temple Mount

Terror at Halamish: When a family’s Shabbat celebration turned into a bloody massacre as three innocent civilians murdered with a large knife

Palestinians clash with soldiers near Halamish stabber’s village

IDF raids Halamish terrorist’s home, arrests his brother

PA chairman Abbas freezes contacts with Israel over its new security measures at the Temple Mount

Hamas welcomes Samaria terrorist attack at Al-Aqsa Mosque

Jewish Home chairman Bennett on BBC: Read my lips - Temple Mount is open

INTO THE FRAY: Temple Mount attack-the demise of the “1-state” theory

UPDATE: Earthquake Swarm Continues at Yellowstone, Over 1,200 Quakes Since June 21

Chinese/Russian Naval Drills: Chinese military vessels enter Russia’s Baltic for first time as joint drills kick off

North Korea Planned Nuclear Confrontation

"The script is now written ... A hair-raising nuclear confrontation in Korea may ... threaten man's very survival." (Peter Lemesurier, 'The Armageddon Script", p. 223, 1981)

The CIA director just dropped some heavy hints that the US is looking into regime change in North Korea

North Korean Defectors Are Using Google Earth to Identify Killing Sites and Mass Graves in Kim Jong Un’s Totalitarian State

Why is North Korea giving its neighbor the silent treatment? South Korea awaits a response

President Moon’s N. Korea diplomatic move slammed at home

State Dept.: U.S. to block Americans from traveling to North Korea

Hawaii prepares for ballistic missile threat from North Korea

U.S. presses Myanmar to end Pyongyang (Burma) military ties

Is N. Korea looking for next hostage candidate?

Trump signs orders to bolster American defense industry

July 21, 2017

Breaking News

Arab MK Warns “Third Intifada Has Already Begun”

President Trump to Appoint Financier Anthony Scaramucci as Communications Director

Sean Spicer resigns as White House press secretary

‘I’m scared & shocked’: Eyewitness of Aegean earthquake reveals dramatic aftermath

Kris Kobach: Lawsuits Against Election Committee Seek to Prevent Exposure of Non-Citizens on Voter Rolls

Future of Globalization ‘Shaken’ by Trump Victory, Nationalist ‘Political Earthquakes’

Key News

John Hagee Gives End Times Warning: ‘The Fuse Is Lit, Every Prophetic Player Is on Stage’

Trump supporters fear Mueller’s peek into business dealings will be fatal blow

FBI relies on discredited dossier in Russia investigation

Dodd-Frank Has Held Down the US Economy for Too Long: Commentary

Reuters Poll - One-in-three chance Britain-EU divorce talks end with no deal: economists

STUNNING Photos Show Dignity of Human Life Almost IMMEDIATELY After Fertilization

Voter Fraud Database Tops 1,000 Proven Cases

Food Stamp Use Falls to Lowest Level in Seven Years

Boom: Mining +21.6% in Q1; Construction +5.6%; Manufacturing +4.7%; Bust: Finance and Insurance -2.1%

DEMOCRATS BROKE: New FEC Report Shows DNC Finished June $3.3 Million in Debt

City says steps will cost at least $65,000: Man builds them for $550 - Government Waste!

North Korea Planned Nuclear Confrontation

"The script is now written ... A hair-raising nuclear confrontation in Korea may ... threaten man's very survival." (Peter Lemesurier, 'The Armageddon Script", p. 223, 1981)

CIA chief signals desire for regime change in North Korea

Hawaii starting campaign to help people plan for North Korea attack

Trump administration bans US travel to North Korea following the death of Otto Warmbier

Britain stands shoulder to shoulder with Japan on North Korea - Foreign Secretary Johnson

U.N. Agency Reports Worst Drought in 16 Years in North Korea

Powerful 6.5 earthquake strikes off Greek islands and Turkey sparking tsunami: Deaths and injuries reported

Israeli-Palestinian War - Tensions Escalating

Timeline of Temple Mount Terror and Tensions

Abbas Asks US To Intervene In Temple Mount Clashes

Muslims to flock to Al-Aqsa: As close as possible to carry out their "Day of Rage"

Head of Jordanian Wakf Security Force: "1.7 Billion Muslims Say 'No' To Metal Detectors"

Muslim protesters clash with police in central Jerusalem

Initial Report: Palestinian Shot Dead Amid Jerusalem Clashes

Temple Mount Crisis Intensifies as Palestinian Killed, 190 Wounded’ in East Jerusalem

Police Commissioner: 'We're ready for anything'

Cabinet Decides: Metal detectors will remain on Temple Mount

Jerusalem On Edge As Israel (Sort Of) Flexes Muscles at Temple Mount

Watch: New footage of Temple Mount attack

Arab MKs try to reach Temple Mount amid clashes between protesters, police: 'Riled up' protestors

Tensions Spreading Beyond Israel

Temple Mount Spillover: US Warns of Riots In Jordan

Leading Egyptian Sunni Muslim Center Calls For Intervention To 'Save' Al-Aksa

Turkish Islamists hold anti-Israel rally outside Istanbul synagogue

Far-right millennials set out to sea to 'defend Europe' from migrants

In Rotterdam, posters of Jewish man and Muslim woman kissing spark a scandal: Triggers fierce backlash, vandalism, threats

Trump, Mattis: US winning fight against Islamic State - President says terror group ‘falling fast’

Turkey leaks secret locations of U.S. troops in Syria

Study: Percentage of Adults with Carry Permits Up 190 Percent, Violent Crime Down 18 Percent





July 20, 2017

Key News

C.R. TOP 25 RINOS: Republican In Name Only -- Swamp Dwellers

Christopher Wray, Trump’s new FBI director pick, moves a step closer to confirmation

RUMORS OF WAR: Israel Prepares To Counter Iran and Hezbollah Build-Up In Syria

BIRTH PANGS – Series of Powerful Earthquakes Strike Around the Globe

Armed Girl Who Stopped Alleged Home Intrusion: The Gun Gave Me ‘The Upper Hand’

The Spiritually Sacred In Harry Potter: Led by Harvard Divinity School Alumni

Fake News

Very Fake News Scandal Erupts Again: CNN’s Cillizza’s Latest Attack on Trump Debunked by His Own Network

Our Goal Is the ‘Elimination of the Entire Mainstream Media’

ICE Adding Officers in ‘Uncooperative Jurisdictions’ to Arrest Released Criminal Aliens

‘Game of Thrones’ Creators’ Next Project Explores Alternate America Where Slavery Never Ended

Israeli-Palestinian War - Tensions Escalating


Molotov Cocktails, rocks hurled at Israeli personnel in overnight clashes

New Temple Mount Security Measures Is ‘Responsible Governance’ on Israel’s Part After Terror Attack

New Clashes Erupt Between Israeli Security Forces, Muslim Worshippers Near Temple Mount

Expert Urges Trump to Present Ultimatum to Latin American Governments Over Hezbollah Financing

Knesset Speaker Slams Jordanian Counterpart Over Prayer for Temple Mount Terrorists

Palestinian Authority’s 2017 Budget Shows ‘Huge Increase’ in Funding for Terror Payments

Winning Again: U.S. Adds 222,000 Jobs in June: "Companies are still hiring"

Trump's 'MAGAnomics' Slashes Regulations by the Hundreds: 860 to be exact

North Korea Planned Nuclear Confrontation

"The script is now written ... A hair-raising nuclear confrontation in Korea may ... threaten man's very survival." (Peter Lemesurier, 'The Armageddon Script", p. 223, 1981)

U.S. Navy Chief Asks Chinese Counterpart for Help on North Korea

Less than one U.S. aircraft carrier? The cost of North Korea’s nukes

Three quarters of Americans fear a major war: NBC survey

North Korea’s Next Missile Test Could be Launched From a Submarine

North Korea ‘Crimes Against Humanity’: Damning Report Cites Public Executions And Mass Graves



July 19, 2017

Key News

U.S. Plunges Toward “Occultism And Demons”

Russia Tsunami, Fears of sea surge after 7.8 earthquake near Aleutian Islands: Located on "Ring of Fire"

Trump wants Jon Huntsman as Russia ambassador: Former Governor of Utah, High-ranking Mormon

Republican push to end Obamacare collapses

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) in Command: Paul Charts Pathway Forward to Repealing ‘Undead’ Obamacare

Health plan's fall brings dread for 'Obamacare' recipients

Hillary opposed Russia sanctions, Bill gave $500K Moscow speech

House panel OKs $1.6 billion as down payment for Trump wall construction

Nation's top 10 governors are all Republicans

North Korea Planned Nuclear Confrontation

"The script is now written ... A hair-raising nuclear confrontation in Korea may ... threaten man's very survival." (Peter Lemesurier, 'The Armageddon Script", p. 223, 1981)

North Korea 'clearly' has missiles that can reach US, general says

Japan to issue evacuation alerts in Korean

North Korea conducts public executions for theft, and for watching South Korea media

North Korea Fuel Prices Surge After China Cuts Oil Sales

Clebrity N. Korean defector returns home; lambasts Seoul on propaganda video

North Korea yet to accept talks with South

Disabled in North Korea are killed at birth

As Trump writes new Cuba rules, anti-embargo politicians present a compromise

House approves delay of Obama-era smog reductions

Paul Ryan’s Approval Rating Plummets as Speaker Fails to Deliver for President Trump

NYPD Officers Again Turn Backs to Mayor De Blasio at Slain Cop's Funeral

Fake News

Trump Bashes Fake News for G20 Putin Conspiracy Theories

White House Calls Idea of ‘Second Meeting’ Between Trump and Putin ‘False, Malicious and Absurd’


Israeli-Palestinian War

Minister: Israel Will Now Act to Reestablish Jewish Sovereignty Over Temple Mount

Jews Openly Pray Atop Temple Mount For First Time in Decades

Jordanian Parliament Holds Special Prayer for Temple Mount Terrorists

Palestinian "Day of Rage" Called for Wednesday to Protest Temple Mount Security

Clashes Near Temple Mount as Palestinians Riot

New Bill Takes Jerusalem Off Negotiating Table

Israel negotiating prisoner swap with Hamas




July 18, 2017

Key News

'If there is a war, we will annihilate Lebanon's infrastructure': Former Israeli Defense Minister Ya'alon

As Senate Bill Dies, President Trump, Mitch McConnell Call for Clean Repeal of Obamacare Now, Replacement Later

Trump blames 'Democrats and a few Republicans' after healthcare Bill collapses

President Donald Trump: ‘Let Obamacare Fail’

Trump wants Senate Republicans to change rules to eliminate filibusters

Trump on the Paris Climate Accord: ‘Something Could Happen … We’ll See’

GOP establishment figures Pete Wilson and George Shultz endorse California cap-and-trade plan

Controversial Anti-‘Sharia Law’ Bill Advancing in Montana

Bruce 'Caitlyn' Jenner Says He / She Is Considering a Senate Run


Trump to pull feds out of K-12 education: Orders rollback of 'federal power grab' in education

Trump vows to protect 'Made in America' products

Putting American Steelworkers First: Steelworkers and their families eagerly await a market that’s fair and just

U.S. allows more seasonal workers as Trump pushes 'hire American'

Trump: We Won't Let Other Countries 'Break the Rules, Steal Our Jobs and Drain Our Wealth'

Oil 'stuck in range' as ample supply meets firm demand

Americans Optimistic About Economy, Career, Finances

Is this Kid Rock for Senate or Is He Alexander Hamilton? May be next Senator from Michigan

Flake-out: RINO's feud with Trump could spell conservative win

RNC committeewoman Diana Orrock tweets article calling for John McCain’s death

Israeli-Palestinian War

‘Apocalypse Between Islam and Judaism’ on Temple Mount


Hamas, Islamic Jihad call for escalation of 'intifada' over Temple Mount

'Al-Aqsa must be returned to Palestinian hands'

Who Would Believe the Palestinian Peace Discourse?

VP Pence Vows: The day will come when Trump moves the embassy

Is the Mufti caving in? Jerusalem Mufti denies reports that he had declared the prayers of Muslims who pass through a magnetometer to the Temple Mount null and void

'Israelis are expected to die laughing': Human rights activist accuses UN of giving PA and Hamas a free pass for violence and murder while expecting Israel to let its citizens die

US 'will continue to discuss' Syrian ceasefire with Israel

Hamas asked Algeria to take in its leaders

Left-Wing Haaretz editor declares war on Zionism

Chinese president eyes Belt and Road cooperation with Palestine

VIDEO: The Dead Sea - Like No Place on Earth


Sen. Warner: Congress ‘Going to Have to Address’ Dissemination of ‘Fake News’

How 'Approval Polls' and ‘Junk’ Journalism are Fake Views Pushed by Fake News

With 2018 looming, Democrats divided on their core message

Poll: 52% of Americans Think Democratic Party Stands for Nothing but Opposing Trump

New York Times Omits Clinton State Department Link to Trump Jr. Meeting

North Korea Planned Nuclear Confrontation

"The script is now written ... A hair-raising nuclear confrontation in Korea may ... threaten man's very survival." (Peter Lemesurier, 'The Armageddon Script", p. 223, 1981)

North Korea Warns Trump Attack Would End U.S. 'Empire'




Asia-Pacific power shift doesn’t necessarily mean war: But, a miscalculation could provoke World War III

Vienna Dogwalker Hospitalised After Attack By Somalian Migrant Who Said ‘Dogs are Unclean’

Minneapolis police officer who shot Australian Justine Damond identified as Mohamed Noor: Was Somali-American




July 17, 2017

Key News

Israeli Arab mosque honors Temple Mount terrorists

PA minister accuses Israel of exploiting attack to dig under Temple Mount

US ex-Marine in Iraq speaks about Trump ban in viral video

The Resistance that cried Wolf

Senate GOP’s healthcare problem is not Trump

Former U.S. Diplomats Seek to Save State Department Refugee Office

Facial Recognition Coming to Police Body Cameras

Russia Hacking Row: Moscow demands US return seized mansions - Doubled as spying outpost

Susan Rice set to face Capitol Hill questions on alleged Trump team unmasking

Jane Sanders cries sexism in bank-fraud accusations as GOP hits back

Polls: Donald Trump Earns High Ratings on the Economy

Slovenians Celebrate Trump Presidency:‘Maybe He Can Change the World’

Pro-Trump singer gets death threats: Joy Villa

California Rep. Adam Schiff: Washington Democrats meeting with Ukrainian officials for Trump dirt would have been 'inappropriate'

Russian Weapons Maker To Build AI-Directed Guns

North Korea Planned Nuclear Confrontation

"The script is now written ... A hair-raising nuclear confrontation in Korea may ... threaten man's very survival." (Peter Lemesurier, 'The Armageddon Script", p. 223, 1981)

Spooked by North Korea, Lawmakers Resurrect an Old Missile-Defense Idea

How the U.S. can defend against North Korea in three charts

North Korea fuel prices surge after China reduces oil sales

Why Is SKorea Pushing for Talks With NKorea?

Russia submits North Korea missile data to U.N.

Israeli-Palestinian War

Islamic Waqf Boycott Leads to Prophetic Sightings of Prayer on Temple Mount

Waqf security services may have helped Temple Mount terror attack

'The silence of Arab leaders is outrageous': President Rivlin

Security forces to place magnometers at Temple Mount entrances, cameras outside Temple Mount

Israeli Arab mosque honors Temple Mount terrorists

PM Netanyahu Shuts Down Mourners’ Tent for Terrorists

'If there is a war, we will annihilate Lebanon's infrastructure'

Evangelical Christians: A granite-like block of support for Israel

French President Macron denounces anti-Zionism as a new form of anti-Semitism

Illinois sinks deeper into financial crisis as Medicaid talks fail

Nobody on Medicaid is being thrown off a cliff: Ben Carson

Tax cuts will 'absolutely' be in place by Christmas: Sen. Chuck Grassley

‘Fake News Industrial Complex’: Dr. Seb Gorka Defines the Enemy ‘Opposition Party’ Media

Media Fail: Just 9% of Republicans Think Team Trump Colluded w/ Russia (Down from 18% in April)

Rand Paul: I Don’t Think McConnell Has the Votes to Pass Health Care Bill





July 16, 2017

Key News

Arab Countries Condemn Israel for Closing Temple Mount, Failing to Mention Terrorist Attack that Prompted Closure

Coach Bill Belichick Criticized for T-Shirt with Soldier Facing a Man in a Turban

US Judge Rejects Leftist Female University of Texas Profs' Bizarre Attempt to Block Campus Concealed Carry

Russian-American lobbyist joined Trump’s son’s meeting

Why Republicans Exempted Their Own Insurance From Obamacare Rollback

California Sheriff: California’s ‘Sanctuary State’ Bill Is About ‘Sticking it to Trump'

Poll: 59 Per Cent of French Approve of President Trump Visit

President Trump Affirms U.S. ‘Solidarity with France Against Terror’ on Anniversary of Nice Islamic Terror Attack

VIDEO: Maxine Waters short circuits during live TV interview as she tries to accuse Trump of something

VIDEO: Nancy Pelosi freezes, repeatedly misspeaks during brief remarks

More Than 100 Evangelical Christians Arrested This Month in Eritrea Government Sting --- MAP, Horn of Africa

"Drain The Swamp" News

SWAMP-DRAIN: Trump Efforts to Remake State Dept Have Former Officials Nervous

GOP Spending Panel Invites Illegal Aliens to Get Govt Jobs: "In the Middle of the Night"

‘Angry’ Heartland Voters Think Media Using Russia Stories to ‘Oust’ Trump: Outside the New York-D.C. media bubbles

Chelsea Clinton fires back at Trump over Ivanka G-20 seat-holding controversy

Anti-Trump anger on the left fails at the ballot box

24 Republicans Vote To Preserve Obama's Transgender Ideology in Military

Most of Obama’s Green Policies Persist at Department of Defense

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel outraged by Jordan's reaction to deadly Temple Mount terror attack: "Jordan escalating the situation"

Temple Mount killers aimed to set the Middle East ablaze

Jordan's Waqf protests Israel has completely taken control of Temple Mount

UNESCO gave the green light to kill Israelis on the Temple Mount

'We need to close the Temple Mount to Muslims': Deputy Defense Minister

'Palestinian Authority incites terrorism': Security forces search Temple Mount for additional terrorists, weapons

Families, friends mourn ‘beloved’ officers killed in Temple Mount attack

Israel detains grand mufti of Jerusalem in wake of Temple Mount attack

Unidentified attacker hurles Stun grenade at mosque in slain policeman’s hometown

Hamas calls for attacks on Israelis after Temple Mount closure

Qatari crisis could spell new trouble for embattled Hamas

House approves defense bill with missile aid for Israel: $705 million

Congress bill to ensure Israel's qualitative military edge

North Korea Planned Nuclear Confrontation

"The script is now written ... A hair-raising nuclear confrontation in Korea may ... threaten man's very survival." (Peter Lemesurier, 'The Armageddon Script", p. 223, 1981)

Terrifying glimpse into what war with Kim Jong-un's military would look like: Could kill 64,000 people on the first day

North Korea Ramps Up Plutonium Production

North Korea's nuclear weapons advancements under the 3 Kims

North Korea, US conflict can spark ‘all-out war,’ Gen. Keane says

Hanson: If we don’t stop North Korea now, what’s the worst that could happen? Good-bye, San Francisco

Why UN sanctions fail to tame North Korean menace

Battle for Mosul: City reduced to rubble, not functioning anymore





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