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July 15, 2006
Thursday, July 20, 2006

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Israeli - Palestinian War


Atlas of the Arab-Israeli Conflict - by Sir Martin Gilbert

Nasrallah's Exact Fate Unknown: Israel Air Force fighter planes dumped 23 tons of explosives on a bunker believed to be housing the senior Hizbullah leaders

Hezbollah claims bunker attack missed top leaders

Israeli troops punched into south Lebanon on Wednesday as warplanes flattened buildings: Intensifying the offensive

IDF Charges: Hizbullah built mass bunker network - Hizbullah has set up an extensive underground bunker network of constructed of poured concrete buried 120 feet underground not far from the Israeli border

IDF Chief Halutz Warns His Soldiers: Fighting may last a long time

Lebanese PM Warns: Israeli operation will backfire --- Lebanon 'torn to shreds'

Lebanese PM Saniora Pleads With International Community: Disarm Hizbullah - but first, we need a ceasefire

Terror Rockets hit Carmiel; false sirens heard in Haifa

Former Defense Minister Mofaz: 50 percent of Hizbullah's capability impaired

Nazareth Mayor: How much blood before you negotiate?

An eerie silence in Kiryat Shmona settlement: There is simply no one here

No sirens in Arabic: Without bomb shelters, sirens or a sympathetic media, Arab settlements are getting hammered

Nazareth terrorist rocket attack underscores threat to Christian community

IDF drops flyers ahead of Gaza strikes

Most US voters support Israel: 68 percent believed Hizbullah had not acted properly

Lebanese civilians fear worst is yet to come

UN working on new deal between Israel and Lebanon

Ukraine, U.S. Cancel Joint Maneuvers Due to Middle East Conflict


Warning to Syria: New Hizbullah tactics forced Israel to make a hidden threat to Syria

End It Now: The government is conducting this war with no peripheral vision

The innocent bystander myth

Where are the Christians? Pat Buchanan - the last pillar of Bush's Middle East policy has just collapsed as Israel pummels pro-American government of Lebanon

Patsy no more, Israel takes its hits and is still standing

"Open War" in the Middle East

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Timing of the Final Events Which Will Produce The Masonic Christ Might Surprise You

The Bible is clearer than you think as to how to recognize when the final events will transpire


Bush Plan To Produce The Masonic “Skull & Bones” Messiah

Entire foreign policy dedicated to this planned Messiah -- the ultimate goal of the New World Order Plan

Cutting Edge New Headline News Articles

THE REAL REASON FOR THIS WAR: Israel Simply Had To Destroy War-Making Capability of Hamas and Palestinian Authority Within Israel, Plus the Hizbullah in Lebanon: Israel could not begin withdrawing from the West Bank until she had destroyed the ability of the terrorists to wage war -- This article provides the REAL reason israel is making war right now, and shows where this war will deliver the world

July 12 Iranian Nuclear Compliance Deadline Has Come And Passed -- Have You Noticed? -- Major World Powers Paying Only Scant Attention -- Again

U.N. powers hit snags on Iran nuclear resolution

Iran to make statement via TV on nuclear issue

Russia to Back UN Deadline for Iran’s Response -- Russia Does Not Want to Hasten UNSC Resolution on Iran

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq

Civil War Disaster Deepening

Sunnis kidnapped in Baghdad: 20 employees of a government agency that looks after Sunni mosques and shrines

Iraq: 38 tortured bodies found strewn across Baghdad -- More hostages released on Baghdad street unharmed

In July, 30,000 more flee their homes as Iraq violence deepens

Iraq says displaced numbers of civilians rise sharply in sectarian conflict -- 100 Iraqis being killed each day

Threatened Iraqi family slain: Two women, three children who had fled from Baghdad to Basra have throats slit -- Accused of cooperating with American forces

Passengers please for Baghdad "ghost train" -- So scared are travellers of insurgent ambushes and bombs that Iraq's sole passenger train, which links Baghdad with Mosul, runs empty

Too much U.S. focus on Iraq?

UN envoy warns that violence threatens Iraqi Govt

Saddam gets counselling to end hunger strike

No exhumation in US troops' rape case - Iraqi mayor declares -- "It is disgraceful to remove a body after burial .. the family is refusing" -- US Army prosecutors may not be able to prove rape without exhuming the victim's body

Japan's Iraq troops arrive home

Middle East: Reaping what Bush sowed -- The Middle East is burning. From Baghdad to Beirut

Where Have All the Architects of War Gone? Look at the hornets' nest we've kicked open throughout the Middle East

Yahoo Stock Falls to Biggest One-Day Drop: Stock Price Tumbles by Nearly 22 Percent, Marking Its Largest One-Day Drop Ever -- Wipeout erased about $10.4 billion in shareholder wealth

Stem Cell Bill Gets Bush's First Veto

Editorial: Bush's veto pen had many better targets

Storm Warning Issued As Tropical Storm Beryl Heads North

Powerful new radio chip unveiled: Faster with bigger capacity than controversial RFID

Wisconsin bans forced human RFID chipping: Groundbreaking law spotlights opposition to VeriChip

Spychips: How Major Corporations and Government Plan To Track Your Every Move With RFID

Russian Airborne Forces Get New Armored Vehicles, Double Combat Power

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Venezuela's Chavez kicks off world tour: Will stop in Iran and Russia

Media group says Chavez silencing critics

U.S. Stance Against Venezuela Has Dangers

NATO chief urges world not to neglect Afghans

Blast hits Kabul as NATO chief visits

Funeral for British teenage paratrooper: Killed by Taleban forces in Southern Afghanistan

Taliban-held districts back in govt control

US waives sanctions on Saudi Arabia over religious rights: Says kingdom has made efforts to improve religious tolerance

\Struggling for peace in Darfur, Sudan

Two reported dead after UN forces and Haiti gangs clash

Former East Timor PM questioned over 'hit squad'

Somali government on alert at Islamist advance

Japan to launch spy satellite after North Korea missiles crisis

New Orleans Hospital Deaths: Are Charges Fair?

US firefighters control California blazes

Villagers prepare to evacuate from rumbling Philippine volcano

IEA Tells Russia to Improve Gas Production Technology

U.S. prepping mass mind for new terrorist "attack"

The Greatest Lie Ever Sold: Preparing Us For The Next Attack!

Bin Laden not suspect in 9/11 attack admits FBI

Owning a hybrid vehicle could pay off: Congress considering more tax breaks, perks to entice buyers to consider the gas-electric option

Bush to make first NAACP appearance today


Breaking News

Israeli Defense Forces Wages Ground-Battles on Three Fronts - Chalking up many operational successes

Two IDF soldiers killed, another nine troops injured in fire exchanges with terrorist forces on northern border

Israel targets Beirut bunker: Where IDF believed senior Hizbullah leaders, including Nasrallah, were thought to be

Tel Aviv Pedestrians Speak in Shadow of Missile Threat

Massive wave of Katyusha rockets strikes northern Israel

Full closure placed on territories: Security forces have 22 warnings on intentions to carry out suicide bombings and kidnappings in Israel

Israel: Hizbullah firing on Christian holy city of Nazareth

Israel quietly threatens to attack Syria: Warns Damascus immediately to halt arms transfers to Hezbollah

FBI Increases Scrutiny of Hezbollah: No credible intelligence pointing to an imminent attack in the United States


Bush uses first-ever veto to kill popular stem cell bill

Cutting Edge New Headline News Articles

THE REAL REASON FOR THIS WAR: Israel Simply Had To Destroy War-Making Capability of Hamas and Palestinian Authority Within Israel, Plus the Hizbullah in Lebanon: Israel could not begin withdrawing from the West Bank until she had destroyed the ability of the terrorists to wage war -- This article provides the REAL reason israel is making war right now, and shows where this war will deliver the world

July 12 Iranian Nuclear Compliance Deadline Has Come And Passed -- Have You Noticed? -- Major World Powers Paying Only Scant Attention -- Again

Israeli - Palestinian War


Atlas of the Arab-Israeli Conflict - by Sir Martin Gilbert

United States to Israel: you have one more week to blast Hizbullah: Bush 'gave green light' for limited attack

Israel's PM Olmert says no time limit to offensive

Israeli Ground Troops Enter Lebanon

IDF ground forces, Hizbullah engage in fierce battle

Israel's Attack Is 3-Pronged: IAF Jets Target Hezbollah's Missiles, Logistics and Symbols

'Intensive fighting will continue': Israel's Security Cabinet

Terror Rocket strikes house in Haifa, Israel

Three Palestinians killed in Nablus

Israeli troops clash with Gaza gunmen, kill 6

5 Soldiers Wounded in Gaza, 3 Terrorists Killed

Olmert: Iran's diversion plan at G-8 Summit worked

Hizbullah Leader Nasrallah Will Give Tel Aviv Residents One Hour to Flee: Before unleashing rocket barrage

Large numbers of anxiety attack victims turning to Israeli hospital emergency rooms for treatment: Overwhelming E.R's

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah emerges as hero among Palestinians

IAF Has Hit More Than 1,000 Targets in Lebanon

IDF Brags: Hizbullah lost half of its rocket capablities

Syria, Iran determined to protect Hizbullah

Bush Declares: Syria trying to get back into Lebanon

High alert in Sharon city center for fear of suicide bombing attack

U.S. picks up pace of evacuations in Lebanon

Same Marine unit hit in '83 headed to Beirut to assist in evacuations of Americans

Hezbollah threat to U.S. 'serious' : Agents seized at Mexico border, while Iranians Identify targets to 'end Anglo-Saxon civilization'

Calls For International "Peacekeeping" Forces

Russia Urges Diplomatic Solution to Middle East Conflict, Ready to Send Peacekeepers

International Stabilization force would give Lebanese Government time to organize – Annan


Editorial: Homefront is strong. What about the government? We citizens don't mind sacrificing when country forced to go to war. But let it not be in vain

Editorial: Never a cease-fire for Mideast hatreds

Special Emphasis: Judgment Day! Book foresees current disaster unfolding in Israel

Fox News analyst compares Israelis to Nazis: Bevelacqua tells O'Reilly Jewish state ruthless in Lebanon

Spotlight On President Bush

Bush’s lack of policy has led to string of disasters: Editorial by Sydney Blummenthal

Bush faces backlash on the right: Conservative anger grows over president's foreign policy

Insensitive Bush does it again

The new language of diplomacy: this bombing thingy is well out of order: I rather warmed to President Bush’s gansta rap summary of the crisis in Lebanon

Senate Approves Embryo Stem Cell Bill: Bush says he will veto

Global Warming Blamed

Power outage grounds Los Angeles area flights: All departing flights of at least 13,000 feet were grounded

Power Returns, Flights Resume At SoCal Airports

Heat Wave Ebbs in Parts of Country -- USA Heat Map

Great Britain braced for record high temperature

Wild Storm Rolls Through The Las Vegas Valley

Lightning Strike Injures 7 Hikers In Colorado

Weather Control - Weather Warfare

Java tsunami toll passes 500

No tsunami alert system in place to guard Indonesia

Wave Rumors Spark Panic in Tsunami Zone

Special Emphasis: World Scientists control both the weather and catastrophic events through Scalar Electromagnetic Waves: Read LTC Beardon explain this incredible technology

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq

Iraqi Death Toll Rises Above 100 Per Day: U.N. Says

In Iraq, Civil War All but Declared: Officials see the latest killings -- 130 lives in two days -- as a slide into a full-scale conflict

Gunmen kill 3 in new market raid near Baghdad

Iraqi suicide bomber kills 59 in Kufa market: After luring day labourers aboard his minivan with an offer of casual work

Favorable Secrecy ruling by judge on Blair-Bush talk: Public must be prevented from learning the contents of a conversation between Tony Blair and President George Bush about the conduct of the war in Iraq

Peace in Iraq? Make the US leave, says Islamic militant cleric

Does Bush know how much war costs?

Special Report: U.S. Government Battles its own Soldiers

Turkish PM raps US attitude to fighting terrorism: rapped the US for tolerating Israel's attacks on its enemies in Lebanon while refusing to allow Ankara to crush Kurdish rebels hiding in northern Iraq

U.S. Energy Secretary Bodman visits Iraq: Offered U.S. help in rebuilding the energy sector

Former Iraqi Elections Officials Arrested - Charges of corruption

Price tag to rebuild Iraq rises by another $50b: Auditor says US to pay most of tab

Why the Left Is Furious at Connecticut Senator Lieberman: It's not just Iraq

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

North Korea on alert ahead of UN vote

Reclusive North Korea halts projects with South

Uganda rejects cease-fire with LRA rebels

Arrests of suspected Taliban mount: In Pakistan

Can The US play an effective role in Kashmir?

Special Analysis: Why India-Pakistan-China struggle over Kashmir Is Prophetically Important - China has built the road which will take her troops to the Middle East, and it passes through Kashmir! - "Should India really take control of the Pakistan-administered area of Kashmir, both China and the Illuminati will suddenly find themselves in great prophetic trouble"

India to Buy 3 Navy Ships from Russia for $1.08Bln

West has lost nerve with Russia's President Putin

An Unsatisfying G-8 Summit: The world's poor come away disappointed yet again

Tropical Storm Beryl expected to stay offshore of N.C.

Hunger strikes, vigils in Mexico election crisis

Big Dig Disaster In Boston

Investigations into Boston's Big Dig failure spread

Probers ask if Big Dig bolts got safety tests: To make sure they could support the tunnel's massive concrete ceiling panels

Workers doubted ceiling method: Field tests by construction workers indicated that bolt-and-epoxy fasteners might not support the multi-ton ceiling panels in the Interstate 90 connector tunnel

Fox News host to guest: 'You're going to hell!' News analyst Julie Banderas attacks anti-homosexual Christian preacher

Beaufort Woman Charged With Killing 8-Month-Old Baby

Bush blocked ethics probe, AG Gonzales testifies before the Senate

Audit finds iPods, dog booties bought by Homeland Security credit cards

Firefighters Contain California Wildfires

Volunteer Firefighters in N.D. Batte Fires

To fight the glut, Massachusetts home sellers push their prices down

Could Toyota's hugs and kisses for GM, Ford be genuine?

GM touts sweeter financing deals: Instead of last year's employee discounts for all, more cash rebates, 0% loans are on tap

Americans Testing Hydrogen Vehicles

Russia’s Health Ministry Lifts Gay Blood Ban: Gay Russians are to be allowed to donate blood

Special Emphasis: AIDS: The Unnecessary Epidemic

Video -- Emerging Viruses - AIDS and Ebola - Video by Dr. Len Horowitz




Marching Toward Armageddon?

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Hurtling Toward Judgment Day?

Raging Wars In Middle East Setting Stage For Prophecy Fulfillment

Joel 3

Zechariah 12


Israel: God's Timepiece


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