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July, 2020

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Key News

The Only Way to Punish the Left: Elections

Biden Campaign Is SINKING As 75% of Swing Voters TURN THEIR BACKS On Joe!

Democratic Leaders Choose Anti-Semitic Candidates Over Pro-Israel Progressives

Democrat Dianne Feinstein Praises China

Herman Cain hospitalized after testing positive for coronavirus: Has also been fighting Stage 4 Colon Cancer that metastasized to his liver

Rep. Gohmert (R-TX) Says He Will Use Hydroxychloroquine to Treat Coronavirus

Yale Epidemiologist: Dr. Fauci running 'misinformation campaign' against hydroxychloroquine

Dr. Fauci: ‘I Don’t Think We Need to Go to Lockdown Again’

California's spike in cases, deaths challenges conventional wisdom on COVID-19 lockdowns

Fauci’s Gulag Goggle Gimmick

The Misery Compact: Agree to the Democrats’ terms . . . or else

Democrat Party: Worst Brand Name in American History

Victory: Missouri AG Intervenes to Drop Charges Against St. Louis Couple Who Fended off Mob With AR-15

Trump floats – then rescinds – proposal to postpone election

Trump Administration Submits Petition To FCC In Bid To Prevent Online Censorship: Social Media giants the target

Court Unseals Documents: Bill Clinton Alleged to Have Appeared on Epstein’s Island

Epstein Documents Were Unsealed: FBI Knew About Creepy Allegations…And Did Nothing

FNC’s Carlson Rips Obama for ‘Desecrating’ John Lewis Funeral with Campaign Slogans — ‘Political Power Is Their Religion’

Rep. Ilhan Omar Pays Husband’s Firm Another $600,000 In Just Three Weeks: Bringing Total Over $1.7 Million

Local Reporter Absolutely Shreds Local Seattle Leaders For Their Gross Hypocrisy as City Descends into Chaos

Armed Citizens Set Up PATROLS as Law Enforcement in Far Left Cities COLLAPSES

Sheriff Refuses to Respond to Library's 911 Calls

Every Player and Coach Takes a Knee During National Anthem Before NBA Restart

Local and state Democrat (and some Republican) politicians are being arrested in droves

China's Naval Power Might Be Overblown- Just like the Soviet Navy's During the Cold War

Israel/Palestinian War

Israeli Flag Flown On Temple Mount: First Since 1967

Israeli Foreign Minister: Sovereignty not being talked about now

European states denounce ‘illegal’ Israeli building plans in Jerusalem area

Israel Outraged After Twitter OKs Iranian Calls to Annihilate Jewish State

Ariel Sharon planned more withdrawals: Former PM Olmert

Gaza Disengagement was 'absolute mistake': Withdrawal Commander

Senior Official: 'If Hezbollah attacks, we'll see unusual action from IDF against Lebanon'

How J Street is attempting to desecrate Tisha B’Av

Second coronavirus wave under control: Israeli researchers

So Many Jews Are Returning to Israel That The Government is Worried They Won't Be Able to Absorb Them

Moshe Gafni: 'Left-wing demonstrations don't affect Netanyahu'

Iran launches first underground ballistic missiles in a drill

Iran’s supreme leader rules out negotiations with US

What does Iran’s pivot to China mean for Israel?

Health of Ruth Bader Ginsburg fuels anxiety, preparations

The House speaker’s troubling endorsements

GOP Lawmaker Says DOJ Could Pursue Treason Charges Over Russia Probe Misconduct


Key News

Gun Control Is Dead

Even If They’re Acquitted, Charging The McCloskeys Endangers Self-Defense

GDP Suffered Horribly Under Pandemic Lockdowns: But Not as Bad as Headlines Will Suggest

Media Hysteria Convinced Americans 30 Million Died of Coronavirus

Patriots Break Down Social Media Barrier!

2020: The Year That Boiled the Frog

Tyler Perry on ‘Defund Police’ Push: ‘I Think We Need More Police’

Federal Agents Deploying To Milwaukee, Detroit

From Alinsky to AOC: Will Communism Finally Win in America?

Wall To Wall: Tensions Mounting Between The U.S. And China

The NFL Just Declared War On Church

NFL To Transform Fields, Player Helmets Into Black Lives Matter Billboards

Democrats Introduce Bill to Repeal Amendment Barring U.S. Funds to Provide Abortion Overseas

U.S. Catholics Dismayed that All Biden’s VP Choices Are Pro-Abortion

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Back in Hospital for ‘Minimally Invasive Non-Surgical Procedure’

Republicans Mull Ethics Charges Against Schiff Ally as Democrats Turn Back to Failed Russia Strategy

Democrats Refused To Let Barr Speak Because They Know He’s Right

Barr Scorches Media Lies: ‘Peaceful Protesters Do Not Throw Explosives Into Federal Courthouses’

California Sues Trump to Inflate Its Power in Congress via Illegal Migration

VP Pence receives physician's delegation on hydroxychloroquine censorship

President Trump: Texas Cases Begin To Decline, Vaccine Expected Soon

Fauci urges Americans to wear goggles for added COVID-19 protection

‘Effectiveness Unproven’: Dutch Lawmaker Advises Against Wearing Masks

Face Mask—Don’t Leave Home Without It On Election Day

Clinton Judge Blocks President Trump’s Public Charge Rule, Again

Israel/Palestinian War

'People are awakening to the Temple Mount'

The Jewish People Will Win the Temple Mount Battle

Captured terrorist was told to shoot down Israeli helicopter

Israel will liberate Tehran before Iran liberates Jerusalem

I won't only be mourning for Jerusalem this Tisha B’Av

Several Israelis Detained on Tisha B’Av for Praying on Temple Mount

Arabs Set Fire to Ancient Susya Archaeological Site on Tisha B’Av: Ancient Synagogue Barely Saved

Tisha B’Av Night Procession in Jerusalem Held Despite the Pandemic: Statement of Sovereignty

IDF Neutralizes Explosive Attached to Balloons Near Gaza Border

As Jews Mourn Destruction of Temple, Abbas Lies About Jerusalem’s History

Twitter Under Fire for Flagging Trump Posts but Not Iran Ayatollah Demanding Israel’s Genocide

Hebrew U report signals Israel has gained control over second wave of virus

Sierra Club, New York Times Have Decided That Camping And Parks Are Racist

NBA Coaches Expose Dealings in China: ‘We Were Basically Working For The Chinese Government’

Oregon Officials Agree to Surge State Police in Portland to Quell Civil Unrest

Dr. Kelli Ward: ‘Sickening’ that Big Tech Is Trying to ‘Tip the Scales of the 2020 Election’


Key News

Tom Fitton predicts Durham will issue a ‘zinger of a report’: But, maybe no indictments

CDC Director Says There are More Suicides and Overdoses than COVID Deaths

Liberal Christians Worship Not Christ but Caesar, Or Something Worse

Patriots Break Down Social Media Barrier! Truth about COVID-19 REVEALED

Election Interference: Google Purges Breitbart from Search Results

Dr. Robert Epstein: Google Will Shift 10% of Voters to Make Trump a ‘Blip in History’

Barr at House Hearing: Portland Riots Are ‘an Assault on the Government of the United States’

Seattle Mayor: Looks Like Trump Is Rehearsing For Martial Law

The Bridge Is OUT! Stand up and be noticed for the One who died for you

The Left's Willingness to Tolerate Violence Should Frighten All Americans

BLM TERRORISTS Are DESTROYING The Democrat Party As We Know it

Time for Christian Patriot Civil Disobedience is NOW!

New York Supreme Court Orders Release of NYC Gun Owners’ Private Info

Big Three Censor NABE Survey Predicting ‘Sharp Rebound’ in Economy

Home is where the job is: How COVID-19 is changing the workplace

2020 Election News

Black Lives Matter Co-Founder Has These Demands of the Democratic Party: Admitted Marxist

BLM Founder: DNC Platform Not Nearly Radical Enough

Seattle Democrats plan to abolish entire criminal justice system: Leaked docs show

The Democrat Party is IMPLODING: BLM and Bernie Activists REVOLT Against Biden!

More Than 100 Law Enforcement Agencies Refuse to Guard the DNC

One Phrase That Must Be Banned Immediately After House Democrats' Shameful Hearing with AG Barr: "Bolshevik Theater"

Bill Barr Just OBLITERATED Democrat And Media Lies About Antifa And Leftist Riots

It's Kamala Harris? Has the Biden Camp Botched Their VP Rollout?

Jordan Stunned Congress with actual footage of the peaceful protests

Deceptive Polls In The 2020 Election?

Kanye West files to appear on New Jersey's 2020 presidential ballot

Doctor Dispels Coronavirus Fears: ‘99.8 Percent of People Get Through this with Little to No Progressive or Significant Disease’

Cuomo adds new states, Puerto Rico to NY’s quarantine travel list

Kodak to Produce Drug Ingredients in U.S. Thanks to Defense Production Act: Rebuilding US supply chain

Shocking: AP Reporter Embedded with Federal Officers in Portland Describes Rioters' Violent Attacks

Riots destroy new $30M affordable housing project in Minneapolis

Nick Sandmann Wasn’t Supposed to Survive. He Was Meant to End Up Like Mike Adams

Chicago mayor mounts police raid on church's Sunday service

Israel/Palestinian War

Israel's Iron Beam: The Laser That Could Destroy Iranian Missiles

This Is How Israel Would Fight a War with Iran

Hezbollah plays by tit-for-tat – and it wants blood

Female IDF recruit, 19, speaks out after stopping infiltration on Lebanon border

IDF discovers ‘suspects’ near security fence day after Lebanese border attack

Speaker of Knesset Calls On Israel To Reconquer Gaza From Hamas

South African chief justice stands by call to pray for Jerusalem

Terrorist On Temple Mount Shoots Israeli Twice: Victim In Good Condition

Jews set to mark Tisha B’Av, annual mourning of Temple’s destruction: Observed 7/29-30

CA Senators Expected to Give Final Approval to Fund Bill to Sterilize Children!


Breaking News

IDF adds elite units to border buildup, braces for Hizballah strike in days

Israel posts Iron Dome batteries on its northern borders

AG Barr Calls Out Democrats for Not Condemning Mob Violence

Twitter Censors Videos of Doctors’ Capitol Hill Coronavirus Press Conference, Locks Breitbart Account

Virginia Commonwealth U. Suffers $100K in Campus Damage During Riot

Rep. Jim Jordan Plays Clip Debunking ‘Peaceful’ Protests, Shows Scenes of Violence in the Streets

Breaking News

Murders Continue to Surge in Democrat-Controlled Cities

Trump Sending More Federal Agents to Portland

Rep. Dan Crenshaw: ‘My suggestion to the American people is start listening to the Democrats’


Democrats Start to Worry Support for Portland Riots Will Help Trump

Democrats seek provision in coronavirus aid bill to limit federal agents from patrolling cities

Doctor Dispels Coronavirus Fears: ‘99.8 Percent of People Get Through this with Little to No Progressive or Significant Disease’

Yale epidemiologist says hydroxychloroquine is 'the key to defeating COVID-19'

Revelation of Steele’s primary source triggers focus on think tank tied to Clinton, Biden

Planned Parenthood of Texas calls Hispanic pro-life Democrat senator a ‘Dirty Mexican’

Dr. Carrie Madej - Crucial Medical Doctor Concerns On The Forthcoming COVID-19 Vaccine - Great Danger!

Key News

Compare Original '45 Goals Of Communism' To Modern Woke Crusade: From "Naked Communist"

Demons Frolicking At Large In Lockdown’s Empty Churches

Now loving Jesus IN YOUR OWN HOME in Scotland could be a 'hate crime'

National Polls Actively Trying to Suppress Trump Voter Enthusiasm

The Democrats Declare a Jew Ban

Trump Campaign Official: Joe Biden a ‘Trojan Horse Candidate’ for the Extreme Left

Biden’s Revenge Agenda

Sen. Tom Cotton Launches Bill Banning Federal Funds for Teaching America Founded on Slavery

Leftists Target DHS Secretary Chad Wolf’s Private Home

ESPN Radio Host Who Previously Dunked on Trump Has an Awakening About Rioters – When They Show Up at His Home

Portland Riots Day 58: Portland PD Out In Force Second Night in Row — Mayor Wheeler’s Change of Heart Is Shown in the Streets - PD working side-by-side with Federal Agents

Oakland protesters set fire to courthouse, smash windows

DHS Deputy Secretary Ken Cuccinelli: Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot ‘Turned 180 Degrees’ On Working With Trump -- "After hearing gunfire outside her home"

Soros pours record $50 million into 2020 election

What Jerry Nadler Says About Antifa Violence Is Pure Fantasyland

Rep. Gohmert: Democrats want to keep country in turmoil

Shots ring out after armed militias descend on Louisville, KY

COVID: Trauma-Based Mind Control

Frontline Physicians Aim to Dispel ‘Massive’ COVID-19 ‘Disinformation Campaign’

“Schools Steal This Joy From Children”: Homeschool & Outdoor Programs See Huge Surge Amid COVID-19

Indiana Police Say They Won’t Enforce Governor’s Mask Order

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) to Only Support Supreme Court Nominees Who Say Roe v. Wade ‘Wrongly Decided’

China Retaliates: Shutters US consulate in Chengdu

One Man Stands Alone: Only Christian pitcher for the San Francisco Giants stood for anthem

Mke Ditka, Former Chicago Bears Coach, Has a Message for Kneeling Athletes

Israel/Palestinian War

Firefight on Lebanon Border

Why did a Four Star General land in Israel during a pandemic?

Rockets Fall, Tensions Rise As Russia Taking Over Syrian Golan

IDF is Locked and Loaded: Netanyahu Warns Lebanon and Syria

Hezbollah reportedly fires missile at IDF tank during infiltration attempt from Lebanon

Hezbollah called off attack on IDF soldiers at last minute

Israel’s gas rigs are high-priority targets for Hezbollah: Warns top Israeli Navy commander

IDF stops Hezbollah terrorists in Lebanon attempting to infiltrate Israel

Is Palestinian Authority self-destructing?

Israel can seize PA funds paid to terrorist: Court rules

The Democratic party policy on Israel has already failed in India

Lockheed Martin Engineers Boosted Israel’s F-35 Fleet Under Veil of Secrecy, Coronavirus Isolation

Israeli-Made German Drone Patrols Skies for 2 Days Without Having to Land

Iran moves mock Nimitz-class aircraft carrier to sea amid US tensions

Iranian plane’s ‘strange maneuver’ may have hidden spy cameras

Roger Stone discusses newfound Christian faith with Eric Metaxas

Senator Dianne Feinstein Wants To Mandate Masks

Serious revolt against Marxist doctrine on campus, new push for 'image of God': Critical Race Theory

"Trapped In Our Own Prosperity" -- Psalm 17:10

Texas Manufacturing Accelerates Expansion to Pre-Pandemic Pace

U.S. Durable Goods Orders Surge as Auto Sector Rebounds From Shutdown

President Trump Praises Elon Musk for Building Tesla Plant in Texas

Flight From the Cities: New Home Sales Jump 13.8% in June—Highest Since 2007

Stocks rise to start week as Amazon and Apple lead tech higher, gold hits record

Walmart to Pay Workers $428 Million in Third Bonus & Close for Thanksgiving

America's Prosperity Until Judgment: "How much she hath glorified herself, and lived deliciously, so much torment and sorrow give her: for she saith in her heart, I sit a queen, and am no widow, and shall see no sorrow. Therefore shall her plagues come in one day, death, and mourning, and famine; and she shall be utterly burned with fire..." (Revelatikon 18:7-8, KJV)

Jeff Bezos’ Fortune Grows $13B in a Day as Lockdowns Boost Outlook on Online Retail


‘Distrust And Verify’: Pompeo Blasts Chinese Communist Party As Subversive, Marxist Tyrants, Vows To Tackle With ‘Alliance Of Democracies’

Election 2020 News

Draft DNC Platform Declares White Americans Too Rich, Too Privileged, and Too Evil

23 Extreme Left-wing Ideas in the Democrats’ Draft 2020 Platform

Charlamagne tha God slams Biden for calling Trump ‘first’ racist president

Bevelyn Beatty: Charlamagne’s Interview with Biden Reveals How Blacks Allow Democrats to Degrade Us

Joe Biden Tripped Up Badly by Running Mate Question

Biden: "I Wish We Taught More In Our Schools About The Islami Faith"

Joe Biden: ‘People’ don’t distinguish between Chinese and other Asians

Pro-Life Democrats Urge Party to Drop Embrace of Abortion

Michigan’s Rep. Justin Amash Won’t Run For Re-Election

Trump: No ‘Big, Crowded’ Republican National Convention in Jacksonville This Year

Presidential Polls Are Déjà Vu 2016 All Over Again

Democrat Politicians welcome Red Guards to occupy their cities

Texas congressman wants Democratic party banned over racism

What America's upcoming election means for Middle East?

Key News

Biggest Problem for Low-Income Black People Is ‘Treasonous Neglect’ from the Left

Diamond & Silk: Democrats want chaos, don’t care about any lives

Fox News Viewers: ‘You Can’t Handle The Truth’

Americans Say Blacks More Racist Than Whites, Hispanics, Asians

St. Louis Prosecutor’s Office Appears to Have Tampered With Evidence in McCloskey Gun Case

Chicago Mayor Lightfoot Deploys Police to Guard Her Home on Night She Orders Removal of Columbus Statue

Seattle Mayor: ‘Looking at Every Option’ if Feds Act Like They Did in Portland

Gun Ban Lobby Sides With Portland Oregon Rioters

Justice Department Arrests 18 Portland Rioters

Marxism in the Classroom, Riots in the Streets

Document Release Shows Comey's FBI Trump 'Campaign Briefing' Was Cover for Surveillance Operation

Trump unveils ‘revolutionary’ executive orders to cut drug prices

Let’s face it folks, DOJ is ONLY OBSTRUCTING justice. Corruption rules at the DOJ. Barr is helping Clinton, Brennan to stop justice

2/3 Of Palm Beach, Fla. COVID Deaths Had Underlying Causes

Existing drug may downgrade COVID threat to common cold level

Young French-Jewish professor combines aliyah, COVID-19 into AI breakthrough

Brazil's President Bolsonaro says new COVID-19 test came back negative

Homeless encampment in NYC getting ‘bigger’ despite de Blasio’s ‘crackdown’

Pelosi: Trump’s Language About Women Gives Rep. Yoho ‘License’ to Attack AOC

Washington Post settles $250M suit with Covington teen Nick Sandmann

New York Times Gives Maoist Propaganda a Facelift

Three Retired Officers Allegedly Killed by Illegal Alien Was Free on Bail

Denver Police Union Head Confirms ‘Stand-Down’ Order was in Place at Pro-Cop Rally

Libya Escalation: Turkey overstretched? “Yes, but so is Egypt”

Israel/Palestinian War

Rockets Fall, Tensions Rise As Russia Taking Over Syrian Golan

IDF attacks Syrian military targets

IDF: Hezbollah is planning an attack in the north: Army closes roads in the north and forces are being reinforced

US Gen. Milley in Israel amid tensions with Hezbollah

Israeli coalition partners engage in ‘battle of laws’ as unity government frays

AIPAC praises $3.8b in Israel defense assistance after it sails through Congress

IDF arrests two Palestinians crossing Gaza fence

Iran regime grapples with its worst crisis, hamstrung by internal power struggle

Elected mayor at 22, gay-Jewish-progressive Alex Morse is running for Congress from Massachusetts

‘Will & Grace’ Star Sean Hayes Officiates Gay Wedding on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’


Breaking News

Far-Left Chicgo Mayor Inks Deal With Trump On Federal Law Enforcement Takeover

President Trump Secures Free Pfizer COVID Treatment In Stunning Deal

Biden Gets Humiliated By Black Liberal Radio Host

Biden And Sanders Exposed For Longtime Racism In Secret Transcripts

Another Black Dem Announces Support for Trump

L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti Backs Rioters in Portland: ‘The Best of Our Democratic Ideals’

Judge Orders Release of Epstein Flight Logs in Ghislaine Maxwell Lawsuit

Navy Veteran Taking On Maxine Waters For House Seat: ‘She’s Lost A Lot Of Trust’ Of Her Constituents

New York Times to Release ‘Nice White Parents’ Series Blaming White Parents for Achievement Gap

'Walking on Eggshells': Stunning number of Americans afraid to voice political views

13 Of 15 Statues Democrats Want Removed Were Members Of Their Own Party

Vaccines to implant tracking devices? Bill Gates goes public

"Communism is Collective Demon Possession"

Key News

Protest Organizer’: Her Goal Is the ‘Abolition’ of America ‘As We Know It’

New coronavirus mutation causes outbreaks to spread more quickly: "New mutation, however, is not believed to cause a greater risk of death or lengthier hospital stays

CDC Admits Big Mistake — Combined Results of Viral & Antibody COVID-19 Tests

'If the election were held today, Trump would win'

Presidential Polls Are Déjà Vu All Over Again

Tyranny of the Left: ‘The Five’ on why a majority of Americans are afraid to share political views

Trump puts emphasis on ‘law and order’ in ‘Hannity’ exclusive

Senate passes veto-proof bill that will strip Confederate names from military bases

Will US Let Armed Neo-Nazi Thugs Take Over its Streets?

Killing Of Law Enforcement Officers Up 28% During Year Of Intense Unrest

New Footage Shows Rioters Ambushing Chicago Cops In Coordinated Attack

Most Favor Use of Federal Cops To Fight Crime in Some Cities

Chicago Mayor Surrenders to Mob Over Columbus Statues

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Grudgingly Accepts Federal Law Enforcement Help

Portland Rioters Barricaded Federal Agents in Courthouse, Tried to Burn it Down

Toddlers Hold Signs Saying ‘F— the Police’ Outside Portland Courthouse: Raise Black Power Fist

Trump’s DOI Announces Approval of Alaska Gas Pipeline Project

Can We Talk About How One GOP Congressman Introduced a Resolution to Ban the Democratic Party? Because of their love of slavery in times past

Mississippi adding ‘In God We Trust’ to new state flag may prompt Satanic Temple lawsuit

Every Player and Coach on the Yankees and Nationals Kneels Prior to the National Anthem

Major League Baseball to Stencil ‘Black Lives Matter’ on Pitcher’s Mound for Opening Weekend

Soap Opera Love-In Hits the Biden Campaign Trail

Biden’s Team Forced to Clarify Claim Trump Is America’s ‘First’ Racist President: "Country’s first 12 presidents were slaveholders"

‘Part Of The Insurance Policy’ – DNI Declassifies Trump, Flynn Defensive Briefing From 2016, Revealing FBI Was Spying And Collecting Info On Trump’s Campaign!

China orders US to close Chengdu consulate in retaliatory move

Business Education Hijacked by Anti-Capitalist Marxism

Mike Pompeo in major policy speech: 'We can't treat China as a normal country'

China orders closure of US consulate in Chengdu in tit-for-tat move

US coronavirus cases surpass 4 million

Democrats Using Coronavirus, Protests to Make Americans Unhappy for Election Advantage — ‘Unhappy People Want Change’

Miami Enforcing Mandatory Face Coverings with Dedicated Unit

Iran Condemns US After Warplane 'Threatens' Iranian Passenger Jet Over Syria

Conflicting reports of near-collision between Iranian airliner and US fighter jets

Iran falsely accuses Israel of passenger jet intercept

Iran threatens ‘harsher revenge’ against US for death of Soleimani

Israel/Palestinian War

Protesters Clash with Police Outside PM’s Residence: 55 Arrested

Israel Again Tops 2,000 New Daily Diagnosed COVID-19 Cases, But Decides No Lockdown

Explosion on Israel-Syrian Border on Golan Heights

Blasts reported on Syria border; shrapnel hits car on Israeli side

IDF sends reinforcements to north amid threat of Hezbollah attack

Pandemic fuels real estate surge as Diaspora Jewry realizes Israel ‘safest place to be’

DNC platform moves left on Israel, but not enough for some progressive groups

Amid China Tension, India Seeks 'Urgent Delivery' of France's HAMMER Missiles to Boost Rafale Firepower

ACT NOW! Demand California Schools Reject Radical Anti-Israel Curriculum

Even Without Fraud, Mail-In Voting Will Be a Disaster for Democracy

Days After Signing $365 Million Contract, Baseball Superstar Kneels During National Anthem


Key News

Bernie Sanders Secures Support from Half of Senate Democrats In Bid to Defund the Pentagon

Big Brother is always watching, says expert: Pandemic has made it worse

Message to a Progressive Friend

An Obama third term is on the ballot: Susan Rice

Poll from 10 Battleground States: Reports of Trump’s Defeat ‘Greatly Exaggerated’

Gov. Whitmer Defunds Police: Cuts $115 Million from State Cops, Replaces Portion with Fed Cash

Nancy Pelosi labels coronavirus the ‘Trump virus’

Study finds that full lockdowns did not reduce critical cases of coronavirus or mortality rate

Mayor Lightfoot Threatens to Sue Trump if Federal Agents Step ‘Out of Line’ in Chicago

Maxine Waters floats Trump sending feds to quell Portland bedlam really a ‘trial run’ if he loses election

Portland Mayor Joins Violent ‘Protest’; Booed by Protesters, Tear Gassed by Feds

Missouri governor says pardon likely if St. Louis homeowners charged

Israel/Palestinian War

IDF Stepping Up Forces Up North in Response to

Hezbollah Retaliation Threats

Democratic Party's platform opposes Israeli sovereignty

Poll: Overwhelming Majority of Americans, Including Democrats, are Pro-Israel

Trump plan is unique, as it makes demands on Palestinians

Palestinian Mothers Have 10-15 Children: They're Willing To Sacrifice Two or Three Fighting Israel

Indoctrinated With Hate: Palestinian Schools Are Typical Muslim Schools

Canadian would-be PM seeks greater role in peace process, is wary of annexation

Twitter Unlocks Accounts with Stars of David, Won’t Say Why They Were Blocked in the First Place

Again overruling cabinet, virus panel reopens gyms, weekend attractions

Curriculum With Anti-Semitism, Radical Anti-Israel Bias Advances in California

Perpetual Unemployment Benefits Is Just Part of Democrats’ Broader Seattle-Style Socialist Agenda

U.S. Closes Chinese Consulate in Houston over Privacy, IP Theft Concerns


Key News

Standing for the flag matters

Murderville, USA Refuses Federal Help

Chicago Police President: Mayor Has ‘Run the Titanic into an Iceberg

Chicago shootout at funeral home sends at least 15 to hospitals: Police

Democrats -- Dictatorship Attempt if Biden Wins

Revealing the Moral Bankruptcy of BLM

66% Now Oppose Defunding Police, Fear More Violence

All the Times Dr. Fauci Was Wrong: Why are we listening at all?

Why Are Potentially Viable COVID-19 Treatments Being Suppressed?

Nancy Pelosi labels coronavirus the ‘Trump virus’

Pregnant Kansas City woman shot and killed while pushing child in stroller

Portland Riots – it is Trump's constitutional duty to enforce federal law and he should

Another Crushing Blow to the Climate Fearmongers

White House Economic Task Force Member Says This Was A Good Week For The Economy

FULL STEAM AHEAD: U.S leading economic index extends rebound in June

Nikola Breaks Ground on 1 million square foot Arizona Manufacturing Facility

"Communism is Collective Demon Possession"

Democrat Politicians welcome Red Guards to occupy their cities

Rallies Monday in 160 cities led by 'Poor Peoples’ Campaign who want Communism

Rioters Use ‘Peaceful’ Protests as Cover for Attacks on Chicago Police

Nearly 200 Officers Apply to Leave Minneapolis Police Force

DHS Secretary Sets Record Straight on Fake News on Portland Riots: ‘We Will Not Retreat’

DHS Promises Not to Take Federal Officers out of Portland

Allen West: Democrats Unleashed ‘Frankenstein’s Monster’ in BLM

‘Bleeding Blue’ Film Debuts In Support Of Police

White House Says 40 U.S. Code 1315 Gives Trump, DHS Jurisdiction To Act In Portland

Press Secy. McEnany: Local Authorities Have Lost Control Of Violent Protests In Democrat-Run Cities

Battle of Portland: Mayhem Erupts as Leftist Rioters Clash with Federal Agents

Former GOP Ohio Governor John Kasich Expected To Speak For Joe Biden At Democratic National Convention

Senate Transcripts: Joe Biden Quoted N-Word 13 Times in 1985 Hearings

Joy Reid Gives Joe Biden Pass on N-Word in Primetime Debut

Republicans ‘Much More Motivated’ to Vote for Trump Than Democrats Are Motivated to Vote for Biden

8 Reasons Now Is a Good Time to Get Your Concealed Carry Permit

Orange County, Calif. Citizens Say Second Lockdown Not Justified, Demand Gov. Newsom Step Down

Cities Finally Confirm What We Already Knew Regarding the Spike in COVID Cases

Person Who Killed Federal Judge’s Son Had Self-Published Book With ‘Misogynistic’ Rhetoric

Trashcans Full of Documents Burned at Chinese Consulate in Houston After It Was Ordered to Close

Trump Calls On Congress To Exclude Illegal Immigrants From New Congressional Redistricting Maps

‘Frantic’ New Yorkers snatch up unwanted homes in the suburbs

Trump Campaign Raises $20,000,000 During Virtual Fundraiser: From 300,000 supporters

Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder, 4 Others Arrested In $60M Bribery Case

Israel/Palestinian War

Haredi Lawmakers: Gantz won't be Prime Minister

Twitter: Star of David Is 'Hate Symbol'

‘Palestinians never changed, never recognized Jewish state’

Palestinian foreign minister claims Jews control Apple and Google

Shabak chief asks politicians to lower the rhetoric as Likud fears for Netanyahu’s safety

Israel’s restaurant owners say government has no clue what it’s doing

‘Worse than the intifada’: Arab merchants at Old City shuk hit ‘rock bottom’

Palestinian Singer Calls Arabs Who Murdered Jews in 1929 Hebron Massacre ‘Heroes’

Holland Admits it Paid Terrorists Responsible for Murder of 17-Year-Old Israeli

New Coronavirus Law grants government sweeping emergency powers

Hallmark Channel plans to promote LGBT themes

Key News

Tucker Carlson: NY Times Threatening to Reveal Where I Live — ‘To Hurt Us, to Injure My Wife and Kids ‘

Ancestors of New York Times Family Included Slave Owners, Confederate Supporters

Gunman Kills NJ Judge Esther Salas’ Son, Wounds Her Husband Days After Taking Epstein Finances Case

Sen. Rand Paul Rejects Federal Force in Portland: ‘We Cannot Give Up Liberty for Security’

Joy Reid Gives Joe Biden Pass on N-Word in Primetime Debut

Renewing, Recovering, Restoring, Rebuilding

Existing drug may downgrade COVID threat to common cold level — Jerusalem Study

"Congress Shall Make No Law..."

Soros Prosecutor Files Charges Against St. Louis Couple

Missouri governor says pardon likely if St. Louis homeowners charged

Senator Duckworth’s Decimation of National Security

Madonna Instagram post of Louis Farrakhan video racks up 700,000 views

Israel/Palestinian War

Israelis are worried – about America

Netanyahu teaches Israel Keynesian economics

To sell fellow Jews on a 2nd Trump term, Jewish Republicans focus on Israel

Jordanian Prime Minister: Let’s work on a one-state solution

Applying Israeli sovereignty: It’s now or never

'Knesset Coronavirus Committee is leading us to a full lockdown': Health Minister -- Death Toll = 422

Nurses end strike after deal with Finance Ministry to solve manpower shortages

Israeli government’s push for curfews braked by public outrage

Tourists Won' Be Able To Visit Israel Until September 1

China and Iran reach a new stage in their strategic partnership

American Jewish Committee appoints white female Christian to tackle anti-Semitism in US


Key News

Claim: Ancestors of New York Times Family Included Slave Owners, Confederate Supporters!

Senate Democrat’s great-great-grandfather allegedly sheltered John Wilkes Booth: Owned 22 slaves

Liberty University Sues New York Times Over False Coronavirus Outbreak Story

Informers/Snitches Are Now Called Moderators

Curing ‘Systemic Racism’ One Food Label at a Time

Over 100,000 California Mail-In Ballots Thrown Out Due to Mistakes

America's Red Guards storm the Big Blue Cities

(Spirit of ) Amalek Is Behind Riots & Culture War Against America: Israeli Rabbi Warns

Economists on the Run: Were wrong about globalization; It hurt American workers far more than they thought it would

Beware the Biden-Sanders radical lefty manifesto

Have Russia and China already 'militarized' Space?

BLM’s Star Will Fade in the Light

We immigrants know the America-bashers are ridiculously wrong

Mayor Lightfoot’s Chicago: 50 Shot, at Least 6 Killed, Since Friday Evening (Exreme Gun Controlled)

At Least 13 Shot as Fight Breaks Out in Peoria Illinois: Gun Controlled State

New Yorkers Call For More Policing Amid Violence Across NYC

N.Y. State Police Union Demands Troopers Be Removed From NYC

Pro-Life Artist Paints ‘Baby Lives Matter’ in Front of Planned Parenthood

‘Bleeding Blue’ Film Debuts In Support Of Police

Man with flag confronts Portland protesters: ‘None of you guys represent black lives’


"Take control of the world ... to reduce ... the world to a safe level by a process of benevolent slavery and genocide ... The only alternative left to the world's ruling elite was to increase the death rate ... Dr. Aurelio Peccei of the Club of Rome ... advocated that a plague be introduced that would have the same effect as the Black Death of history." (Bill Cooper, "Behold A Pale Horse", p. 49, 167)

Next Stimulus Bill Forging Ahead From White House

New York City Is COLLAPSING And Democrat Policy Is Killing People: But, Fauci Calls It Model of Success

Israeli Inventions That Can Help Clean the Air of Covid-19

Michigan Sheriffs Bristle over Latest Gretchen Whitmer Mask Edict: ‘Not a Law’

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp Sues Mayors to End Public Mask Mandates

Coronavirus and the End of Authority

The Republican Party of Cops, Nurses, and Other Workers—All Together

Obama & Biden Stopped H1N1 (Swine Flu) Testing Amid Pandemic: Got Away With It


UConn Student Government Leaders Resign Because They Are White

Meghan McCain Slams Ghislaine Maxwell’s Arrogance: “I Believe The Testimonials Of The Women”

Israel/Palestinian War

China-Iran strategic accord changes calculus for Israel

Coronavirus infection rate falls, number of patients in serious condition stabilizes

Private Preschools: 'Preschools will close, parents won't be able to work'

Netanyahu Faces Assassination Risk

Nikki Haley Warns: Biden victory will undo all good Trump did for Israel

PA ups ante against Israeli sovereignty move: Issues first threat of violence

The Hamas-Houthi Plan to Attack Arabs, Not Only Israel

SUICIDE DRONES? Palestinians Claim Tel Aviv Within Range of New UAVs

As Israelis give up on peace deal, Democrats’ ‘solution’ will destroy Jewish state

Israeli Arab Living in Germany Calls Out Anti-Semitism

Kanye West: Israel should pay African women $1 million per child

Louis Farrakhan’s ties to politicians and celebrities run deep: Obama, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Bill Clinton

Missouri governor says pardon likely if St. Louis homeowners charged

Arab world's first spacecraft launched: UAE launches a spacecraft to Mars

Ivanka Trump’s Big Idea: Overhaul government hiring to prioritize job skills over college degrees


Key News

Wuhan Coronavirus Death Rate Drops for Twelfth Straight Week

Have We Reached The Point Of Irreconcilable Differences Where Divorce Or Civil War Will Be The Only Action Left?

U.S. homebuilding surges as coronavirus sparks flight to suburbs

Democrat Atlanta Mayor Bottoms: Open Carry Partly to Blame for Rise in City Shootings

Pompeo: Communist China‘Must Be Gleeful’ over 1619 Project – Rioters Destroying Statues Believe Its ‘False Doctrines’

The New Peter Strzok Notes Just Made the NYT Look Like Bigger Idiots Over Their Trump-Russia Collusion Peddling

Tucker Carlson’s Top Ratings a Good Sign for Trump

An African-American ‘Glory’ in the Fight for Freedom: Civil War, save the Union “forever worthy of the saving”—without slavery

House GOP Condemn ‘Anti-American’ Remarks By Rep. Ilhan Omar

Bernie Sanders Endorses Ilhan Omar for Re-Election to Minnesota Seat

‘Systemic Racism’: The Perfect Excuse

Teen Vogue: Sleeping, Copping Naps Now systemically racist!

Federal Officers Detain Portland Protesters in Unmarked Vans

FEDS CRUSH Far Left in Portland as National Association of Police ENDORSES Trump!

Portland mayor demands Trump keep federal agents 'in your own buildings, or have them leave our city'

DHS Report: City of Portland ‘Under Siege for 47 Straight Days’ by Anarchists, ‘Violent Mob’

The ‘Fatal Conceit’ of Dr. Fauci

Say What? After Cuomo killed thousands in NY by order – Fauci holds up New York as model for fighting coronavirus — ‘They did it correctly’

Trump: ‘No’ National Mask Mandate — ‘I Don’t Believe in That’

Newsom's Draconian Rules for Reopening California Schools Means Many Will Stay Closed in the Fall

Wuhan Coronavirus Death Rate Drops for Twelfth Straight Week

Why Is The Media Trying To Stop Trump From Talking About Biden?

Charles Barkley is Not Happy About Anti-White, Anti-Semitic Comments From Black Celebrities: "I don't understand how you beat hatred with more hatred"

NBA Legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Blasts Anti-Semitism in Black Lives Matter Movement

Did The Atlantic Publish a Made-Up Story About a Police Shooting?

Wall To Wall: Latinos For Trump On President’s Economic Policies

Israel/Palestinian War

Moses did it, Ben Gurion did it, will Netanyahu join them?

Israeli water facilities attacked again: No damage

Israel Turns to Fish to Prevent Iranian Water Supply Hacking

PM Forced into Lockdown by Interior Minister Deri

Despite criticism, Netanyahu cash-for-all plan said set for Sunday cabinet vote

As anger builds over decisions, Netanyahu said set to pare coronavirus cabinet

A Eureka Moment: Peter Beinart and the One State Solution

Evangelical support for annexation uncertain as Trump looks to election

Justice Bader Ginsburg reveals she is undergoing cancer treatment

Iran sends downed Ukrainian plane’s black box to France



"Trapped In Our Own Prosperity" -- Psalm 17:10

Another Record Low: Mortgage rates fall; Housing Refinances See Uptick

Forecasters See Surprisingly Strong Housing Rebound, But There Are Risks

Another Massive Jump in Builder Confidence

Flight to Suburbs: Homebuilder Sentiment Soars to Pre-Pandemic Heights

Democrat Strategist: We must 'knock down' Trump's last line of defense, the economy

Key News

Existing drug may downgrade COVID threat to common cold level -- Called 'fenofibrate'

3 Democrat-controlled states account for 42% of COVID-19 deaths: New Jersey, New York and Massachusetts

Democrats Don’t Have the Winning Hand

Most Trump Supporters Can't Wait to Vote for Him

'The Suburb Destruction Will End With Us': Trump Vows to Make Sweeping Cuts to Federal Regulations

Reflections on the French Revolution: A Model for U.S. Civil War?

Dispatches from the War: Mr. Trump, deliver knockout blow to traitorous CDC

A.G. Barr Skewers American Corporations Bending to China

Want to fight racism? Begin by resisting BLM ideology

DHS rips Portland officials for allowing ‘anarchists’ to take over city, reporting a damning timeline of violent events

Chicago - A Dumpster Fire

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Calls Kayleigh McEnany a ‘Karen’: A racial slur against white women

Are we Not Supposed to Talk About the Murders in Chicago?

Iran air defense on high alert after mysterious attacks

Danger Zone: Europe warns airlines against flying over Iran

‘Save the Fish!’ Accused Epstein Madam Ghislaine Maxwell’s Bogus U. N. Sideline

House Democrats Advance Bill To Remove Confederate Symbols From National Parks

Chinese President Xi made ‘conscious move’ to allow virus to spread: Retired Gen. Jack Keane

California freeing 18,000 prisoners for COVID public 'health and safety'

Democrat PPE Proposals May Give China Billions In Taxpayer Dollars

Elizabeth Warren Is Shaping Joe Biden’s Left-wing Policies

Hong Kong Demands Taiwan Officials Sign ‘One China’ Document For Visa Renewal

Parents Should Be Warned About One Depraved Group That Doesn't Want Their Kids to Go Back to School Over COVID: Young students don't get virus and do not spread it

Palestinian-American Justin Amash officially won’t seek reelection to Congress

Jordan shuts down Muslim Brotherhood movement

Israel/Palestinian War

Iran Stages New Attack on Israel’s Water Infrastructure

The Jewish surrender to the West’s eclipse of reason

Israel registers new record in daily COVID-19 infections

Full text of government statement on new COVID-19 rules, and later amendment

Existing drug may downgrade COVID threat to common cold level -- Called 'fenofibrate'

Cyber attacks again hit Israel’s water system, shutting agricultural pumps

People in Israel Are Preparing Show-Bread For Service In Third Temple

Did New York City Turn Its Back on Israel?

Court rules part of major Virginia gun-control measure unconstitutional

Immigrant who fled starvation, became U.S. rep, & now makes $174K says 'system of oppression' has to go



Key News

Trump Remains the Only Man in Washington to See the Danger

The Democrat Party's 'New Abnormal/ is Global Socialism/Communism/Absolute Dictatorship

'Culture of Death': James Dobson warns about killer push by radical left

LA Times Calls for the Replacement of the National Anthem

Protesters Attack and Bloody NYPD Officers in Broad Daylight

Ghislaine Maxwell Denied Bail: Judge determines Epstein cohort is 'substantial flight risk' because of wealth, 'foreign connections'

The left's sexual deviance agenda comes full circle

Asheville, North Carolina City Council Votes in Favor of Reparations for Black Residents

Silencing Disney’s Song of the South

Local News Investigation Finds Florida Hospitals Exaggerated COVID Numbers

Officials Combining ‘Probable’ Cases Of COVID-19 With Confirmed Cases

Election 2020

Monmouth Poll: 57% Of Pa. Voters Believe There Are ‘Secret Trump Voters’ In Community

Civil Rights Attorney Leo Terrell Reveals What Caused Him to Leave the Democratic Party

Pollster Zogby: Biden's support from blacks is 'dismal'

Trump Gets Endorsement From Union That Backed Obama/Biden Twice

The Flip Flop Times: 2015 NYT article contradicts publication's recent cries of systemic racism

Can’t Lean On Black Lives Matter, Only Kneel Before Them

Plimoth Plantation to drop 'plantation' from its name

CHOP 2.0: Portland protesters declare 'autonomous zone'

Catholics Hold Vigil at Virgin Mary Statue Torched by Vandals

Petition Calls For Executive Order To Protect First Responders

Education board in California's 'Orange County' votes to reopen schools without requiring masks

Yesterday’s Slave Owners and Today’s Statues are Not Killing 3000 Black and White Humans per Day

The NFL Is On The Brink

Nearly 90 Protesters Arrested for Protesting Outside of Kentucky Attorney General’s Home

White House Economic Adviser Navarro Slams Dr. Fauci In New Op-Ed

Israel/Palestinian War

The mob rules, but not on your front lawn!

Netanyahu Announces New Stimulus Plan: Cash For All Israelis

Ministers said to agree on nationwide lockdown over weekends to contain virus

Coronavirus in the PA: ‘Hebron is the Wuhan of Palestine’

Pro-Israel Latino Group Urges Trump Administration to Back Israeli Sovereignty

Turkey's Erdogan executes ‘right of the sword’

EU, Denmark, and Palestinian Authority announce intention to continue violating international law and treaties

Canada doesn’t have moral authority to tell Israel what to do: Jewish group

What is really behind the mysterious explosions in Iran?

At least 7 Iranian ships in flames at Bushehr port. New US warning

7 wooden boats catch fire in shipyard at Iran port

The ICC ( International Criminal Court): A court that consults with terrorists


Key News

President Trump Slams Biden, Sanders ‘Unity Task Force’: Calls It ‘Guaranteed Destruction Of America’

CNN’s Tapper: Gov. Cuomo’s ‘Victory Tour’ Poster Doesn’t Include Pictures of ‘32,000 Dead New Yorkers’

Daily Coronavirus Deaths in U.S. Continue to Plummet: Even as Confirmed Cases Hit Record Levels

Florida COVID-19 stats are a joke! Hospitals, labs forced to admit rate is 10X lower than reported

Wall To Wall: Security & Privacy Concerns Of Contact Tracing Apps

Peter Navarro: Dr. Anthony Fauci Was Wrong During Coronavirus Fight

Trump announces public-private partnership to develop coronavirus vaccine 'by the end of the year if we can'

OK, Boomers: BLM Is Not Marxist, It’s Racist

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Hospitalized for Possible Infection

The Cost of a Failed System: The survival of our nation depends on tackling education reform

Hillary Clinton: We Have to Be Ready if Trump Doesn’t ‘Go Quietly’ If He Loses

NYC police union head blasts mayor for ‘giving the streets back to the criminals’

President Trump Defends Armed McCloskey Family Against the Mob

Congress Members Defend St. Louis Gun Couple In Letter To AG Barr

Missouri governor, Trump defend couple harassed by BLM: ‘They had every right to protect their property’

President Trump: American Police Under Vicious Assault

Defunding Police In New York City

Voting by Mail Shouldn’t Be A Partisan Issue, But In Reality, It IS: Citizen Obama

AOC Reveals 'Legislative Strategy’ to Pass Far-Left Agenda

AOC Shuts Up After Dana Loesch Hammers Her Over Defunding the Police

These Are the Ridiculous Non-Coronavirus Demands the LA Teachers Union Wants Met Before Returning to School

Trump Tears into Joe Biden’s Entire Agenda at White House Press Conference

Tommy Tuberville Defeats Jeff Sessions in Alabama GOP Senate Primary

U.S. Ambassador Sanctioned By China Over Defense Of Religious Freedom

Israel/Palestinian War

U.S. General: War with Israel Would Be ‘Great Mistake’ for Hezbollah

Hezbollah Caught Red-Handed Hiding Missiles in Homes, Churches, and Restaurants

Israel’s Chief of Staff: ‘Sovereignty is at the top of IDF’s priority list’

Netanyahu aide said to admit US in no mood for annexation, so PM won’t go ahead

Netanyahu ‘furious’ with Gantz for blocking new virus restrictions: Wants militry to take control

Hamas Spy Flees Gaza in Israeli Boat with ‘Sensitive Material': Arab Media

Nationwide Israeli Lockdown Looks Likely; Anarchists Riot in Jerusalem

43 Years in Israel: If I Hadn’t Made Aliyah Then, ‘I’d Be Doing it Now’

Who Are The 50 Who Will Get To Lead The 'Tisha Beav Walk'?

Jerusalem: Police Move To Kick Jordanian WAQF Off Temple Mount

Cyber Warfare News

Three (3) ships catch fire at Iranian port

Iran Rocked by New Explosion at Gas Plant

IDF strengthens cyber-defense coordination with US Cyber Command

ViacomCBS drops Farrakhan-loving TV host, cites anti-Semitic comments

Ivanka Trump plugs Goya beans on Instagram

Portland mayor refuses help, tells federal officers to ‘stay inside’ or ‘leave’ his city

Petition for Seattle Mayor’s Recall Election Approved by King County Judge

Black militants are now anti-White, anti-Jew, anti-Israel: Armed Black extremists vow to “take Texas” as BLM protesters declare “death to Israel and America”

RED NOVEMBER: Mainstream Media Acknowledges Biden’s Leftward Shift

SICK: Leftists Mock Indiana Woman Reportedly Murdered in Cold Blood for Saying ‘All Lives Matter’



Key News

Our Future Belongs to Patriots Not Globalists

Gun Rights aren't White Rights!

NYC Weekend: Shooting Victims Far Exceed Coronavirus Deaths

Thugs Killed an Innocent One-Year-Old: Now the Family Has Questions for Black Lives Matter


"Black-On-Black" Violence A HUGE Disaster

McCloskey: 'Rumor Is We Are Going to Be Indicted Shortly'

What would America look like without police?

COVID Modeler Helped Ruin the Economy: Professional Doomsayer

Hundreds Return to Protest Outside Armed Couple’s Home in St. Louis: Plain Clothes Guards Patrolled Inside the Gate

George Soros group to funnel $220 million to black racial justice organizations

BLM Violence Reminiscent of the Storming of the Bastille

'Boycott, Meet Boomerang': One VA Man Just Beat Liberals At Their Own Cancel Culture Games Over Goya Foods

Doofus Joe Channelling Chairman Mao

President Trump: Joe Biden A ‘Puppet’ Of Socialist Democrats

Biden’s Economic Speech Hides Far-Left Policies that Would Make Pandemic Economy Permanent: "The most progressive president since FDR”

Joe Biden: America Is Ready for ‘Systemic’ and ‘Institutional’ Changes

Medical Officials Warn Of New Health Crisis As Hospitals See Fewer Patients Seeking Routine Care

President Trump’s Criticism Of Polls Aligns With Researchers’ Advice

Aborted Babies Demonstrate From Heaven!

Unlikely Iranian bedfellows foster secret 25-year deal with China

Israel/Palestinian War

Sovereignty plan talks frozen: PM won't take steps without US

Palestinian Authority arresting supporters of sovereignty plan

Israeli army reports near tripling of coronavirus cases in 9 days

IDF Chief of Staff Kochavi enters Coronavirus isolation

‘Netanyahu saved 4,500 lives’: Likud minister comes to embattled PM’s defense

Israel succeeded in infiltrating Hamas leadership

‘National Suicide’: France Demands Israel Release Palestinian Mass Murderers

Israel's Law Against (Prostitution) Slavery

Eliot Engel and the vanishing pro-Israel Jewish Liberal

‘Hand Her Over’: Major Jewish Groups Demand Jordan Extradite Terrorist, Ahlam Tamimi be extradited to U.S. to face charges for the 2001 Sbarro Pizzeria bombing that killed 15


Palestinians Created a Macabre Play of this Sbarro bombing: Severed child's head came rolling out of the front door!

Iran executes alleged CIA spy, another execution pending

Prosecutors: Epstein victim will ask judge to deny bail for Ghislaine Maxwell

Breaking News

Mayors endorse black slavery reparations pegged at $6.2 quadrillion

Court rules against Obama 'deep state' job-security strategy

Kanye West: Planned Parenthood is ‘white supremacist’

Article in Harvard Law Journal Concludes: The preborn child is a constitutional person

President Donald Trump Finalizes Rule Confirming Abortion is Not a Human Right

Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz Launches New Ad Campaign: “We Need” Joe Biden

Expert warns of huge violence problem in public schools

BLM protesters mob cops after man arrested for punching black Trump supporter

Key News

'Americans Against Antisemitsm': Farrakhan goes mainstream; America stays silent

Heads-Up Jewish Americans--Democrats Are Your Enemies!

It’s All About November 3

Kanye Might Have Dumped Trump: But It’s the Democrats He’s Trying to Take Down

Saying 'All Lives Matter' Is Now Getting People Killed

Shock Poll Shows Trump on Track to Win Reelection

Welcome to Year One—All Prior History Is Cancelled

Vandals Allegedly Target Statues of the Virgin Mary in Boston, Queens

Pence on Supreme Court: ‘May Be No Issue More Important to the Life of the Nation than the Destiny’ of SCOTUS

'Woke Socialism' Eclipses Christ - Collapsing Christianity Leaves Vacuum Filled by Unthinking Leftist 'Saviors'

Pro-Black Lives Matter Corporations are Using Modern Day Slave Labor

Officials scramble to deny herd immunity after news of 68% antibody rates in parts of NYC: Vast swaths of people now immune from any Second Wave

Served Up to the Mob? Gov’t Seizes Guns From Besieged McCloskeys - District Attorney is Soros funded!

Trump Turns Down Minnesota’s Request for $16 Million in Aid for Minneapolis

Experts from China Coronavirus Lab Where Virus Started Have Defected to the West

China Alleges Coronavirus Is A CIA Plot: W.H.O. Investigating

Donald Trump wears a mask – his first

So what new ‘crisis’ are they planning?

Progressive Mob Comes for Nancy: Pelosi Must Go!

Leave It to AOC to Defend Crime in NYC, All in the Name of Chiding the NYPD

Biden picks point man for Jewish outreach: Aaron Keyak

STUNNING: Leading Democrats Including Hillary Clinton Caught Wearing ‘Nazi Pins’ on Their Jackets


Israel/Palestinian War

Senior Likud minister calls for 10-day nationwide lockdown

Biden vs. Trump on Israel and anti-Semitism

Knesset panel orders reopening of pools, gyms despite PM’s opposition

Meeting with PM over coronavirus enforcement, Haredi MKs demand ‘end to abuse’

Anger mounts as self-employed discover virus stipends far less than PM promised

Top Hamas Commander Defects to Israel: Hamas Scrambles To 'Clean House'

‘Obama threw us to the wolves’:Israeli UN ambassador as tenure winds down

So Many Jews Are returning To Israel, The Gov't Is Worried They Won't Be Able To Absorb Them

VILE LIES: Hamas Says Jews Perpetrated Holocaust to Euthanize Special Needs Population

Owner of DeSean Jackson’s NFL team produces a documentary about Hitler

DeSean Jackson Accepts Holocaust Survivor’s Invitation to Visit Auschwitz

‘Maybe Zionists Will Listen to One of Their Own’: Sarsour Loves Jew’s Call for End of ‘Jewish State’

Israeli research center finds 28 new Hezbollah missile launch sites

Why Are Nazi Symbols Still Being Used in 2020?

Israeli ‘Cold Plasma’ Treatment Kills Cancer, Not Healthy Cells

Conservative Polish President Duda wins 2nd term after tight race: Ran a campaign with anti-Semitic overtones

18 injured in explosion aboard US Navy ship in San Diego dock

Explosion, fire at gas plant in east Iran: On July 13, fire in eight of the gas tanks at the plant that lead to an explosion

China Turns Tables on Trump Administration in Massive Iran Deal

Cuban Immigrant Warns About the Deadly 'Pill' Americans Are About to Swallow

Burn! Supreme Court Denies Democrats Access to Secret Russian Files

Newt Gingrich Warns: Biden's Tax Hikes Will Cause 'Very Deep Recession'

UFC Fighter Jorge Masvidal Defends Goya Foods: Company’s Actions ‘Speak Louder than Woke Mob’

Goya boycott backfires bigly as Trump supporters buy up Goya products like it’s Christmas

WH Economic Adviser Kudlow: ‘I Think You Will See Additional Tax Cuts’

Conservatives Urge Goya To ‘Buycott’ to Counter Hate for CEO Who Praised Trump


Key News

Why It Sucks to be a Democrat in 2020

Seattle City Council Backs Call to Defund the Police by 50%

Goya CEO Robert Unanue Defies Boycotters: ‘I’m Not Apologizing’ for Trump Praise

Trump: Defund ‘Radical Left’ Universities; Orders Review of Tax-exempt Status

Dead Cat Receives Voter Registration Form by Mail; Would Have Voted ‘DemoCAT,’ Owner Says

St. Louis Couple Who Defended Home From Would-Be Lefty Rioters Have Rifle Seized By Police: Are now defenseless

Fauci Is a Deep State Fraud

All outdoor gatherings banned – except for BLM protests, says NYC Mayor de Blasio

Marquette incoming freshman says admission was threatened over pro-Trump video

Rapper Rejects BLM for Being Supported by Soros

CNN Host Don Lemon: Jesus Christ “Admittedly Was Not Perfect While He Was On This Earth”

'NYMPHOMANIAC' Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell ‘filmed powerful people having sex with underage girls’

Jeffrey Epstein would ‘physically shake’ with desire for young girls: Book claims

Ghislaine Maxwell: The U.N.’s Our Girl Gilly (Secret Weapon Against Trump?)

President Trump Commutes Roger Stone’s Prison Sentence

Tucker Carlson praises Roger Stone sentence commutation, says arrest and trial were a 'set-up'

Roger Stone says Trump may have saved his life by commuting prison sentence

Pelosi: Commuting Stone’s Sentence, ‘Appalling’ and ‘a Terrible Idea’

Pence: Only Thing Standing Between America and Agenda of Far Left Is 4 More Years of President Donald Trump

Laurie Cardoza-Moore, mother of 5, says US education system promoting anti-American 'propaganda'

The Case Against Michael Flynn Peddled by Anti-Trump DOJ Officials Suffered *The* Kill Shot Today

Soviet-Style Sacking of Statues by Sanctimonious Stalinists

Portland Police Release Video Showing Them Battling ANTIFA During the City's Month-Long Riots

BLM's 'Trained Marxist' Radicals

Trump: Seattle ‘CHOP’ zone dismantled only after federal forces were ‘set to go’

Joe Biden’s ‘Unity’ Platform with Bernie Sanders Gives Free Health Care to DACA Illegal Aliens

USC’s School of Cinematic Arts to Remove John Wayne Exhibit

Israel/Palestinian War

IDF chief of staff unlucky? Heads to isolation for 2nd time

Hundreds of police deployed ahead of mass Tel Aviv rally against economic policy

Another way to look at the Chinavirus numbers…

Unveiling aid package, Netanyahu acknowledges reopening of economy was premature

Iranian capital rocked by another mysterious explosion

Damage to Natanz centrifuge production may be irreparable

Iran warns of 'consequences' for foreign involvement in Natanz fire

Why are Palestinians committing suicide?

New Israeli Weapon Takes Underwater Warfare Tech Above the Surface

US House Subcommittee Passes $250 Million in Funding for Palestinians Despite Trump’s Defunding

Hezbollah (Lebanon) to Wage War Against Israel This Summer

Jewish football star Julian Edelman reaches out to discuss anti-Semitism, racism

Guess who’s back in the news? If Anti-Semites Get A Charismatic Leader -- As Germany Did -- All Bets Are Off!

WATCH: Farrakhan’s Famous Friends Legitimize His Hate-Filled Message

"Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap." (Galatians 6:7, KJV)

Abortion News

Elections Matter: President Trump’s Supreme Court Judges Both Supported Little Sisters

Warren Buffett Has Donated $4 Billion to Pro-Abortion Groups, Enough to Kill 8 Million Babies

Alyssa Milano Lobbies El Salvador to Legalize Abortions: Wants Pro-Life Nation to Kill Babies

Democrats Pass Bill to Reverse Trump’s Order, Force Americans to Fund Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz

Margaret Sanger Wanted to “Exterminate” Black People: Planned Parenthood & Hillary Clinton Consider Her a “True Visionary”

"And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird ... For her sins (aborted babies) have reached (stacked) unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities." (Revelation 18:2, 5, KJV)

"Therefore shall her plagues come in one day, death, and mourning, and famine; and she shall be utterly burned with fire: for strong is the Lord God who judgeth her." (Revelation 18:8)


Key News

When Nightmares Come True: The Return of Hillary Clinton

Fed-up Americans begin to defund Democrats

NEW POLLS After BLM Riots and Mount Rushmore Speech Show COMING TRUMP LANDSLIDE

Trump Was Right All Along: The Fake News Media Really Is The Enemy Of The People

Rapper Rejects BLM for Being Supported by Soros


Another way to look at the Chinavirus numbers…

Right On Time, Fauci Finds A New Virus…Russia Hoax 6

There Is No Expiration Date on God-Given Rights!

Trump Reveals Why Seattle Finally Cleaned up CHOP

The Supreme Court Just Divided Oklahoma’s Justice System in Half

President Trump to sign executive order on White House Hispanic Prosperity Initiative

Democrats Call for Boycott of Goya Foods After Hispanic CEO Praises Trump

Blue State Blues: Trump, Lincoln, and the Election of 1864

Supreme Court, 7-2: House Cannot Force Trump to Provide Tax Returns

Supreme Court Rules Manhattan District Attorney Can Subpoena President Trump’s Financial Records

Nancy Pelosi Will Not Release Taxes Unless She Runs for President

Judge in Michael Flynn Case Won’t Dismiss: Appeals to Full D.C. Circuit

Scalise Reacts After Pelosi Appears to Condone Violent Mobs Tearing Down Statues

Biden Refuses to Condemn the Liberal Mob in Hopes They Won't Come For Him Next

New York City Council Members Blame Mayor Bill De Blasio For Rise In Violence

De Blasio and Sharpton paint BLM mural in front of Trump Tower in NYC

NYC Mayor: Large gatherings banned...except BLM protests

Black Lives Matter: Only in an election year

The Black Lives Matter Effect is Killing Black Children

Alyssa Milano boosts black pastor equating Christians praying for Trump to those who lynched blacks

Children going to Baptist Church Get Harassed, Attacked by BLM Bullies

‘Uncle Tom,’ the Movie

Where the Hell Is John Durham?

Israel/Palestinian War

Lockdowns begin in neighborhoods across Israel: Only sick people need to be isolated

IDF Chief of Staff: 10,000 IDF Soldiers in Quarantine After Possible Exposure to COVID

Intelligence Minister: We're confident rapprochement with Arab world will grow

Twitter bans the Jewish Star as a hate symbol

Explosion Rocks Military Site in Tehran Early Friday

Did an Israeli Strike Incinerate 3/4 of Iran’s Top Secret Nuclear Facility?

Today, Jews Commemorate 17th of Tammuz

Ambassador Danon: “Obama’s Decision to ‘Abandon’ Israel Was Lowest Moment of My UN Tenure”

Terrorism Miracle in Samaria: The Arab Pulled the Trigger But the Gun Didn’t Fire

Why are Palestinian Citizens Committing Suicide?

‘Jews Are Our Dogs,’ Pro-Palestinian High Schoolers Chant in Canada

No More Stealth: China's Quantum Radar Could Reveal All Submarines

Supreme Court Rules For Trump Administration And Religious Organizations Biden: ‘I Will Restore The Obama-Biden Policy’

Three Democrat Senate Candidates Benefited from PPP Loans While Criticizing Program

"Trapped In Our Own Prosperity" -- Psalm 17:10

Weekly Jobless Claims Fall to 1.314 Million, Slightly Better Than Expected

Producer Price Index Falls Unexpectedly In June

Consumer Borrowing Sank While Spending Grew in May

WH Adviser Kudlow: Economic Data Shows ‘V-Shaped Recovery’ — Another Shutdown ‘Would Do More Harm Than Good’

Warren: Economy ‘Collapsing’ Because Trump’s Coronavirus Failure — Biden Will Win With a Mandate


Breaking News

Rep. Perry pushes for further probe of deadly nursing home orders: Governor's policy killed thousands

Supreme Court, 7-2: House Cannot Force Trump to Provide Tax Returns

'Subliminal Messaging' - Kanye West’s Occultic “Power” Symbology

Key News

It Is Time for Trump to Ask America to 'Think Big'

Biden Admits Obama Was A Failure As President

Big Brother is always watching, says expert: Pandemic has made it worse

Shootings Triple in Mayor de Blasio’s NY

Wait...That's How Much NYPD Retirement Applications Have Increased? By 400%

Want to reduce police violence? Fund the police better

Michigan Couple Should Not Have Been Charged in Chipotle Parking Lot Incident: Attorney

DC City Council wants to slash millions from police budget as murder rate rises

D.C. Passes ‘Emergency’ Police Reform, Gives Voting Rights to the Incarcerated

Seven Antifa Agitators Face Federal Charges After Portland Riots

Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of Religious Liberty In 2 Landmark Cases

Biden Vows to Reverse SCOTUS Religious Protection for Little Sisters, Hobby Lobby

Black driver who struck Seattle BLM protesters, killing one, charged with three felonies

Biden-Sanders Task Force Unveils Climate Agenda

Biden Refers to Cops As the ‘Enemy’ & Now Supports Cutting Police Funding — ‘Absolutely!’

Barr: There ‘Is a Widespread Phenomenon’ of African Americans Being Treated with ‘Extra Suspicion’ by Police

US Running Low on Coins, Prompting Retailers to Limit Cash Transactions

Across all income levels, Canadians pay higher personal income taxes than Americans

Barr Is Right to Flag Mail-In Voting as Risky

The Press Is Already Trying To Whip Up A New Pandemic Panic

Media: Despite Falling Covid Death Rate, We Must Remain Terrified!

Brazil’s president says hydroxychloroquine will cure his virus

One Tweet Wrecks the NYT's COVID Panic Piece on Churches

US infections surpass three million: But current US death rate is however substantially lower than it was in late spring

CA Governor Bans Singing in Church

NY Gov. Cuomo's Nursing-Home Catastrophe

Democrat Houston Mayor Cancels Texas GOP Convention

WATCH: Biden Can't Read Teleprompter, Forgets His Own Proposal

Dem Congressman Unloads on Joe Biden, Calls Him a "Full-Blooded Bigot"

Symbols of America's Dark Legacy of Slavery

Trump meets Mexican president at White House, despite Democratic objections

Pompeo denounces China 'aggression' toward India

Israel/Palestinian War

Nothing will happen if Israel applies sovereignty to 30% of Area A

PLO Warns: Annexation will lead to dismantling of PA

Egypt, Jordan, France and Germany warn annexation may hurt ties with Israel

A week to annexation, settlement mayor not sure if her town’s in or out

Deceptive Quiet: IDF prepares for conflict with Gaza

IDF chief’s helicopter plummets, but pilot regains control before crash

IDF cancels large drill planned for September, citing financial woes

5 Jewish youths nearly lynched after accidentally driving into Hebron

Fast of Tammuz - what is it about?

Yet another blast reportedly damages Iran factory, latest in series of incidents

YET ANOTHER HOAX: Oregon County Commissioner Candidate Charged With Faking Racist Letter, Filing False Police Report

Kanye West: “They Want to Put Chips Inside of Us” -- Rapper calls vaccines “the mark of the beast”

Mary Trump's claim Trump paid friend to take SATs conflicts with timeline

Widow of Trump’s friend throws ice water on ‘unfair’ claim in new book: Zero chance he took SAT for Trump

John Solomon Reports: Indictments By Labor Day? Actors In “Obamagate” May Soon Be Prosecuted

Homegrown statue of Melania Trump is reportedly set ablaze: Leftists unleash the ugly



Key News

A Reign of Error

BLM: A Morally Bankrupt Front for Democrats and Destruction

The Los Angeles political elite basically threw law enforcement under the bus

Americans Defund Democrats in Statehouse Elections as Democrats Seek to Defund Police

Rep. Ilhan Omar Calls for ‘Dismantling’ of America’s ‘Economy and Political Systems’

Trump Launches a Full-Scale Assault on the Far Left, Setting Up for Landslide Win in November

Sen. Grassley (R-Iowa): ‘The Deep State Is so Deep Its Letting People Get Away with Political Crimes’

The Political Tsunami of 2020

Now With A Sanitized Wikipedia Page, Kamala Harris Touting A Drive-Thru Digital Vote

FBI Director: China is greatest threat to the US

Sen. Cotton (R-AR) on Warren’s Amendment to Rename Military Bases: ‘Radical’ and ‘Extreme’, Unacceptable

CNN’s Lemon: The Way to Fix Mount Rushmore Is Add Obama

SD Gov. Noem on Statue, Monument Debate: ‘This Isn’t About Equality Anymore — This Is a Radical Rewriting of Our History’

Black Lives Matter IMPLODING as Violence SURGES in Democrat RUINED Cities

Harming White People Because They're White isn't Revolutionary!

Black Lives Matter Protest Joins ‘Allah hu Akbar’ Chanting Pro-Yemen Demonstration In London

Run, Kanye, Run!

Trump says Kanye West is too late to win 2020 election

Black Life-Long Democrat Reveals Why He Walked Away from Joe Biden

Ford Motors Makes Millions From Manufacturing Police Cruisers: But The Ford Foundation Donates Millions To ‘Defund The Police’

Take a Chill Pill: What's Being Buried in the Media Freakout Over New COVID Cases

Jason Whitlock on Report NFL Will Play Black National Anthem: ‘Cowardice at Its Highest Level’

Jewish ex-Giant not surprised no one stood up when NFL player said ‘Hitler was right’

George Soros-backed DA Charges Couple with ‘Hate Crime’ for Painting Over ‘Black Lives Matter’

National Parents’ Coalition ‘Thrilled’ Trump Exposed ‘Indoctrination’ in Government Schools: 'Common Core' opposition

Harvard Announces that All Courses Will Be Online for 2020-2021 Year

Another explosion in Iran at a large Auto factory in Tehran kills two

Israel/Palestinian War

Likud MK Kallner Warns: 'Best for Jordan to worry about ensuring sovereignty in its own land'

Sovereignty - The real mission of the government

Applying Sovereignty: INSS Analysis

Israel Nationalizes El Al – 17 Years After Privatization

Israel Has Oil (Shale) Deposits Similar to Saudi Arabia, Knesset Learns

What if Jews Toppled Monuments to Anti-Semites Throughout the World?

How much anti-Semitism does it take to cancel an NFL star? Why is cancel culture so selective?


Key News

What If It’s All A Lie?

The Media Turned the Fourth of July into an Embarrassing Fiasco

AIPAC Blasts Democrat Amendment Barring Israel from Using U.S. Aid on Annexation

Few things demoralize a man as thoroughly as destroying his ability to make sense of the world: 2 + 2 = 5

Pompeo: ‘Certainly Looking at’ Restrictions or Bans on Chinese Social Media Apps

NYT Publishes Radical Economic Manifesto Calling for Reparations

Harming White People Because They're White isn't Revolutionary!

Pro-Palestinian BLM Rallies in U.S. Call for ‘Death to Israel, Death to America’

Violence surges in New York City and Chicago

Republicans who try to defeat Senate Republicans aren’t really Republicans at all

Colorado AG Threatens to Stop Bible Conference

Israel/Palestinian War

George Soros caught Working Closely with Iran Against US, Israel

Nearly 1 Million People Watched Farrakhan’s Speech Threatening Israel’s Demise

Abbas Furious as PA Banks Refuse to Pay Terrorist Salaries

Hezbollah (Lebanon) to Wage War Against Israel This Summer

Fully Legal: Israeli Sovereignty in Judea and Samaria Does Not Violate Int’l Law

Nikki Haley on Israel: You can’t Destroy what God Has Blessed

‘If Trump Doesn’t Allow Israel to Annex, He’ll Lose Evangelical Support’ says Evangelical Leader

Pelosi is Warned: Don’t break US law to appease Israel haters

When it comes to Israel, the Washington ‘Post’ swings and misses (again)

Jordan demands Israel stop work at Western Wall

Knesset votes to allow gov't to pass coronavirus regulations

Israeli Breakthrough Thwarts Drone Attacks By Pinpointing Operator’s Location

Argentinian Professor Offers Reward to ‘Whoever Finds a Poor Jew’

Analysis: Islamists befriend Black Lives Matter while hiding their anti-black bigotry

Kaepernick slams July 4th as ‘celebration of white supremacy’

Trudeau snubs Trump’s invitation to fete new trade agreement at White House

Fox News' Tucker Carlson Hurls a Question That Democrats Could Never Answer Honestly

North Korea defectors face wrath of both Seoul and Pyongyang

Trump administration formally notifies Congress that US will withdraw from World Health Organization

Daily Coronavirus Deaths in U.S. Continue to Plummet: Even as Confirmed Cases Hit Record Levels

White House Trade Adviser Peter Navarro Calls On FDA To Reinstate Emergency Use Authorization For Hydroxychloroquine

Labor Secy. Says U.S. Can Continue To Reopen Workplaces Safely Amid Rising Cases

President Trump Touts Progress Made On Southern Border Wall


Key News

The Civil War Election

'National protector' needed as 'Democrat mayors and governors' allow lawlessness

Supreme Court ruled 9-0 on 'faithless' electors tampering with presidential vote

America Will See a ‘Renaissance’ with Trump Re-Elected, GOP House

Six Weeks, Six Cities, 600 Murders

Shootings in New York City up 205% in weeks since disbandment of plainclothes unit compared to last year

Fireworks for Some, Murder and Mayhem for Others

Chicago suffers another bloody weekend during Independence Day celebrations

Barr Is Right to Flag Mail-In Voting as Risky

Honest Abe is a Goner–BLM Needs to Hand Over All of Their $5 Bills

Democrats try to sneak 'Green New Deal' through tax code

Dr Zelenko Vindicated after Hydroxychloroquine Proven Effective: Calls Naysayers “Mass Murderers”

A Second Wave of Stupidity

White House Expresses Optimism About COVID-19 Vaccine Before 2021

Assault On Values, Statues

Will Joe Biden Sign a Pledge to Protect American Monuments?

Protesters March In D.C. On Independence Day

Protesters destroy Christopher Columbus statues over Fourth of July weekend

Another Abolitionist Statue Vandalized Over Fourth of July Weekend: Frederick Douglass, fierce abolitionist

Protesters March to Wealthy Hamptons, Bloomberg’s Mansion

Miss. Takes Steps To Remove Confederate Past

Political Activists Celebrate Independence Day At ‘We Back Blue’ Rally

NYT Ad Calls for Yale to Be Renamed After Jeremiah Dummer: "Elihu Yale had slaves flogged, hanged a stable boy for stealing a horse"

Will the US replace Christopher Columbus with Nancy Pelosi?

Rioters turn Portland, Oregon, into a war zone, attack cops with fireworks and mortars

One Nation Under God and Guns: by Chuck Norris

Trump Supporters Paint Over Black Lives Matter Mural in Liberal Martinez, California — Some Residents Are Not Happy

Trump’s accomplished way more for blacks: So why does BLM want him out and Joe Biden in?

Guy who hit protester on freeway is reported as black: Two victims are white

Kanye 2020: A Win/Win/Win For Kanye, Trump, and the USA

Professor's model gives Trump 91% chance of winning in November

Susan Rice Discusses Possibility Of Being Joe Biden’s Running Mate

Biden Narrows VP List Down To 6 Women: Abrams and Whitmer Apparently Miss The Cut

Chinese firm updates records to remove Hunter Biden from its board: But he still owns 10% of the company

Who’s afraid of Ghislaine Maxwell? Everyone on this list

‘Why is this happening?’: Epstein accuser claims Ghislaine Maxwell sobbed in court

Is the Texas Covid ‘Spike’ Fake News?

Herd Immunity Here? So Why Are They Feeding The Panic?

Chinese researchers discover ‘human pandemic potential’ swine flu strain in pigs

China officials suspect possible cases of bubonic plague

Deadly new ‘bunny Ebola’ killing thousands of rabbits across US

Israel/Palestinian War

Palestinian PM Threatens Statehood If Israel Annexes West Bank

How fear of a US retreat from the Mideast is driving Netanyahu toward annexation

Failure to apply sovereignty - Netanyahu's personal failure

Five Mysterious Explosions Cripple Iran’s Nuclear Capability: Israel Responds

Iran braces for next blow after mystery explosions hit nuclear and missile production sites

Hamas’ underground facilities bombed in reprisal for rocket fire

Wave of suicides grip Gaza Strip as enclave nears economic collapse

As Mysterious Explosions Successfully Plague Iran, Mossad Chief’s Tenure gets Extended

Israel launches advanced Ofek 16 satellite, can monitor Iranian nuclear weapons

Virtual ‘House of Prayer for All Nations’ Brings Together Representatives From Around the World

Jewish Pilgrim Kicked off Temple Mount for Drinking from Water Fountain

Drone Footage Exposes Myth of ‘Poor Palestinians’ by showing Luxurious Mansions

Palestinian Authority in ‘construction race’ to lay claim to Judea and Samaria

Israeli Volunteer Firefighters Battle Palestinian Arson in Samaria

How Palestinians Terrorize Their Own People

Pro-Palestinian BLM Rallies in U.S. Call for ‘Death to Israel, Death to America’

South Africa paid the price for defaming Israel

Leftists Stomp, Dance on U.S. Flag Outside White House on July 4th

Boris Repeats UK Will Not Be Ruled by EU Courts and Laws: ‘Australia-Style’ Relationship an Option

China Threatens to Blow up US Aircraft Carriers: US Reponse, "Not Intimidated"

Convicted Killer Arrested for Rape After Being Released from Prison

Snoop Dogg Declares Black Conservatives ‘The Coon Bunch’: Targeting Herman Cain, Candace Owens (Snoop Dogg: Capitalism made him worth $150 Million)

Armed Black Militia Demands Their Own Ethnostate Near Stone Mountain, Georgia

National Democrat AG Association Co-Chair Cheers America Burning: Gay lawmaker worth $4,000,000

"Trapped In Our Own Prosperity" -- Psalm 17:10

Trump Signs Bill Extending Deadline for Paycheck Protection Program

Labor Dept. Promises to Help U.S. Workers, Draft H-1B Curbs

Uber acquiring food-delivery app Postmates for $2.65B

Syndicated Radio Host Clark Howard: 100% Made in the USA

NYC grocers struggle to hire while workers bank on unemployment claims


4th of July - Independence Day

Trump Kicks Off Independence Day with History Lesson at Mount Rushmore: On Friday

Trump: ‘We Stand Tall, We Stand Proud, And We Only Kneel To Almighty God’

CNN Praised Mt. Rushmore When Obama Visited: Attacks When Trump Visits

‘Hypocrisy’ on Mount Rushmore Visits a Huge Problem for Dems

Poll: 3-in-4 Voters, Majority of Black Americans Oppose Tearing Down Mount Rushmore

Poll: 7-in-10 ‘Angry’ About ‘State of the Country’

CNN’s Santiago: Mt. Rushmore a Monument ‘of Two Slave Owners’ on ‘Land Wrestled Away from Native Americans’

Protesters block road leading to Mount Rushmore ahead of Trump event, approximately 15 arrested

Trump: ‘Our Nation Is Witnessing A Merciless Campaign To Wipe Out Our History’

Trump to Build National Park Honoring ‘Greatest Americans Who Ever Lived’

History: July 4 – On this day back in 1776 Continental Congress adopts the Declaration of Independence

READ: Trump Mount Rushmore Speech Transcript: Greatest Speech Ever?

Does Anyone Still Love America? Foreign View

Black Lives Matter – a will to overthrow the United States

A tale of two revolutions and why America must be celebrated

Key News

The Time Has Come to ARM: Self-Defense

Democrats Are Fine With Watching America Burn

Is Patriotism Dead? Hell No

White Mich. couple arrested after gun pulled on Black family

Republicans cannot afford to replace President Trump

The Mob Comes for America: "Live Free or Die. I choose to live. And to fight as a #ProudAmerican"

New Push To Recall Calif. Gov. Newsom Launches

Ghislaine Maxwell reportedly ready to name names. Death by murder that looks like suicide pending… Just count the days

Study: Hydroxychloroquine Lowers Death Rate for COVID Patients

CNN Admits Hydroxychloroquine Works…After Countless Needless Deaths

Federal Court to Lawmakers: It’s Not OK to Treat Churches and Businesses Differently During COVID-19

Putting the COVID-19 Surge in Florida in Context: "Daily fatalities remain substantially below the peaks hit during May"

Michael Dukakis warns Biden to ignore the polls: 'No guarantee of success'

Biden Campaign Refuses To Release Cognitive Test Results

Joe Biden: ‘I’m Joe Biden’s Husband, Joe Biden’

Alfredo Ortiz: Biden Is No Small Business Partner

A Biden presidency will be anti-Israel – here’s the proof

We Can’t Have ‘National Dialogues’ If People Get Fired For Talking Honestly

Trump Calls Man Whose Son Was Shot and Killed in Seattle’s CHOP Zone

Walmart to End Sale of ‘All Lives Matter’ Merchandise On Their Website

"Trapped In Our Own Prosperity" -- Psalm 17:10

Trump’s Visa Suspension to Drive Up Wages for U.S. Professionals

Trump extends PPP deadline with $130B left in small business fund

Tesla Becomes World’s Most Valuable Car Company – Without Making a Profit

GOP Rep. Brady on Biden Proposal to Cancel Trump Tax Cuts: ‘Can’t Think of Anything More Dangerous and Irresponsible’

CNBC’s Cramer: ‘There’s an Optimism in the Country’ — ‘People Are Hiring’

Trump: I Will Make Statement on Minimum Wage, I Think It’ll Be ‘Very Positive’

Israel/Palestinian War

Natanz “incident” was a blast at Iran’s largest enrichment site

Russia welcomes Fatah-Hamas pledge of unity against sovereignty

Vatican Warns Jews, Americans, Against Liberating Biblical Lands

Liberman: Netanyahu Conning Everyone, Has No Intention of Applying Sovereignty

Israeli sovereignty is now officially on the clock

Global parliamentarians express support for Israeli sovereignty

Aliyah is accelerating - Why is it happening now?

Prevent an Arab State of Palestine?

‘Day of Rage’ Protesters in Boston Chant Anti-Israel, Pro-Hamas Slogans: Call for Intifada

Families of US troops killed in Jordan call for cutting aid until terrorists extradited

ADL gets into bed with Sharpton

John Bolton and the art of ingratitude

Mankai: Israel develops next superfood, naming it after biblical manna


"Trapped In Our Own Prosperity"

Blowout: The U.S. Economy Added 4.8 Million Jobs in June, Unemployment Fell to 11.1%

Stocks rise after better-than-expected jobs report to close out winning week

Desperate Joe Biden Hypes COVID Panic in Response to Fantastic June Jobs Report: "daily death numbers have been PLUNGING"

Chuck Schumer’s plan to keep the economy in a welfare state coma

GOP Rep. Brady on Biden Proposal to Cancel Trump Tax Cuts: ‘Can’t Think of Anything More Dangerous and Irresponsible’

Manufacturing Held Up Better Than Rest of the Economy During Coronavirus Crisis

10 Occupations Affected by the Coronavirus That Bounced Back in June

‘Racism, Russia, Recession’: Democrats’ Ploy For November

Key News

Huge COVID case-counting deception at CDC

New study documents that hydroxychloroquine does work

The Coronavirus Lockdowns are Over...And These Studies Really Deliver a Death Blow

WHO admits China never reported the existence of coronavirus outbreak

Joe Biden Endorses Abortion ‘Under Any Circumstance’ In Statement After SCOTUS Ruling

THE LEFT'S WAR ON SCIENCE: Democrats' pretense of 'following the data' hides a grand scheme to turn America socialist

Black Lives Matter – a will to overthrow the United States

Desperation In The Cry Of Revolutionaries Rioting For Socialism

Democrats Want a Second American Revolution — a Socialist One

Is ‘Palestine’ on agenda at Black Lives Matter policy event?

Activists prepare to storm DC in Independence Day weekend protests

Second Amendment News

Why You Have a Constitutional Right to a High Capacity Magazine

CNN Admits: Shootings, Murder Surge in Democrat-Controlled Cities

A Silent Strategy for the President Will Spur the Silent (and Sane) Majority

Do Hordes of First-Time Gun Owners Mean There's a New Formidable Voting Bloc in Future Elections?

Fla. Sheriff To Deputize Lawful Gun Owners Amid Ongoing Protests

NYC Defunds Police, President Trump Calls For Pushback

White Couple Charged With Assault After Pregnant Woman Defends Herself With Firearm After Being Assaulted, Threatened By Black Woman

At Brooklyn 'No To Annexation' Rally, Speakers Call To Abolish Police, Israel, And U.S. Government, Crowd Chants: 'Death To America!'

“You Won’t Be Safe In Joe Biden’s America” – Trump Campaign Unveils Hard-Hitting Ad

'Minneapolis Effect': Crime spike follows anti-cop push

Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo. blasts investigation of St. Louis couple as 'abuse of power'

Hundreds of George W. Bush staffers launch pro-Biden SuperPac: R.I.N.O.s All

LA School Police Chief Quits After Budget Cut by School Board

Tom Fitton on Durham probe: It has been 15 months, no action by DOJ, Congress. It is worse than you know

California Governor Newsom Cancels the 4th of July

Catholic Author: There Is A War On Christianity

The Supreme Court dealt a devastating blow to low-income women by siding with the abortion industry

No Labor Shortage: 35M Americans Remain Unemployed, Underemployed; All Want Full-Time Jobs

President Lincoln Himself Debunked the Idea that the United States Was Founded On White Supremacy

Israel/Palestinian War

Yet Another Explosion at Iranian Nuclear Site

Abbas Adviser: 'Collusion' between US and Israel must be exposed

Israeli foreign minister: Sovereignty moves unlikely to proceed on Schedule

Ayelet Shaked: Netanyahu himself is to blame for no annexation

‘Still confident,’ says settler leader on delay in Israeli assertion of sovereignty

Myths and facts about sovereignty

Lawmakers From 20 Countries Sign Letter Supporting Sovereignty

Delayed annexation is a minor Palestinian victory

Netanyahu Accuses Attorney General of Deep-State Plot to Overthrow him

Hizbullah Supporters On Twitter: Threats To Attack The U.S. Embassy In Beirut Following Ambassador Shea's Critical Comments About Hizbullah

Arab Media Supports Egypt's Threat To Intervene Militarily In Libya

Stadium Sponsor FedEx Requests Washington Redskins Change Team Name

NFL Expected to Play Black National Anthem Before Season Opening Games

Supreme Court Rules That Foreign Soros-Backed Operatives Don’t Have First Amendment Rights

Acting U.S. Attorney: We’ve Charged 150 Cases, Assisted with ‘Hundreds’ of Local Cases on Recent Violence

Powerful men are scared about what Ghislaine Maxwell will say

What Ghislaine Maxwell knows

Book Claims Epstein’s Girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell, Allegedly Had Affair With Bill Clinton

John Bolton Committed 'Despicable Acts of Betrayal' by Writing Book: Former White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney

Republicans Won't Eat Lunch With John Bolton Anymore: "Grassroots want nothing to do with him"

Democrats Refer To Mount Rushmore July 4 Celebration As ‘Glorifying White Supremacy’

Breaking News

Pitchfork Wielding Protesters Infiltrate Celebrity Laden Hamptons Demanding ‘Tax the Rich, Not the Poor!’

Top 1% paid as much in federal income taxes as bottom 95%

Seattle Mayor Orders Closure of CHOP Due to ‘Ongoing Violence and Public Safety Issues’

‘Trump Drug’ Hydroxychloroquine ‘Significantly’ Reduces Death Rate From COVID-19, Henry Ford Health Study Finds

Israel/Palestinian War

Two warring Palestinian groups unite against Israel’s annexation plan

What will an Israeli living in that 30% of Judea and Samaria gain from sovereignty?

Sovereignty Movement to PM: Stand strong for sovereignty, against Palestinian State

Brussels: Pro-Palestinian protesters chant about massacre of Jews

Lawmakers from 20 countries express support for sovereignty

Iran speaks to Hamas about annexation

Vatican summons Israeli, US ambassadors to express concern over sovereignty

Rapper Ice Cube defends Louis Farrakhan, denies he ordered entourage to beat rabbi up

Key News

Democrats Want a Second American Revolution — a Socialist One

The Destructive Marxist Subversion of American Society

Questioning The Green New Deal: Would transition entire economy away from fossil fuels

Big Tech’s Escalating War on Free Speech

It Is Time for Trump to Ask America to Think Big

Ghislaine Maxwell, Associate of Jeffrey Epstein, Arrested

New York Times Accuses Mount Rushmore of Being Racist

Dems tweet, then delete, post linking Trump's Mt. Rushmore event to ‘glorifying white supremacy’

Trump campaign, RNC smash fundraising records in June


USMCA, replacing NAFTA today, is the model for all future trade agreements

US buys nearly all global stock of coronavirus drug remdesivir

Coronavirus Patients Crossing U.S. Border for Treatment, Say California Hospitals

At Least 23 Arrests as Seattle Police Clear Out CHOP

What Impact Will the Supreme Court’s Unrighteous Judgment Have? The Christian Worldview

Washington wants to Give ‘Palestinians’ more Land than Israel is Comfortable with

Hamas Fires Warning Missiles: Indicating Two-Front War Against Israel this Summer

NFL Super Bowl Champion Wins Key GOP House Primary

Conservative Mom Who Famously Confronted Beto O'Rourke Scores Massive Election Win In Colorado

Biden's Walter Mondale moment? 'I will raise your taxes': 1984

Israel/Palestinian War

PM Netanyahu ally confirms delays in West Bank annexation plan

US seeking Israeli gesture toward Palestinians to offset annexation

Palestinians protest annexation plans in Gaza, West Bank

Palestinians protest annexation plans in Gaza, West Bank

Netanyahu officials confident he can pull off sovereignty

Pompeo: ‘US strengthening relationship with Israel’

Palestinians suddenly want to talk as sovereignty date nears

Hamas launches missiles into Mediterranean, a warning to Israel

‘Don’t waste another century trying to destroy Israel,’ Netanyahu tells Palestinians

Leftist Democrats Circulate Letter Urging Cut to US Aid to Israel

‘We Can’t Afford to Wait’: Netanyahu Urges Immediate ‘Snapback’ Sanctions on Iran

Israelis Devise Brilliant Way to Help Elderly During Pandemic

Key News

Are we being set up for another stunning Trump win?

Dr. Anthony Fauci says new virus in China has traits of 2009 swine flu and 1918 pandemic flu

Supreme Court Rules That Foreign Soros-Backed Operatives Do Not Have First Amendment Rights

Private Payrolls Estimated To Rise by 2.37 Million in June: May Revised Up By 5.2 Million. vs original decline

Biden Says He Will Reverse Trump’s Tax Cuts: Close Loopholes

Democrat Yells Racism as He Loses Primary Election Because ‘Black Voters Were Not Allowed To Vote

"Defending Our Lives, Property"

Mississippi Gov. Defends Armed Couple: ‘Totally Within Their Rights’

St. Louis Homeowner Mark McCloskey: ‘I Saw It All Going Up in Flames’ — ‘I Was Worried I Was Going to Be Killed’


Protecting Liberal Agenda: MSM Skews Reports Against St. Louis Couple Protecting Selves Against Protesters

St. Louis Couple That Defended Property with Guns Makes Statement: But They Support BLM

Conservative Lauren Boebert Unseats Five-Term Republican Scott Tipton: Owner of 'Shooter's Grill" Restaurant

Finally, The Hammer Is Dropping On Antifa And Other Liberal Domestic Terrorists- Patriotic Americans Have Had Enough

Trey Gowdy Rips ‘Defund Police’ Movement As ‘Dumbest Idea’ He’s Ever Heard

Minneapolis Mayor: ‘Need to Abolish’ Bad Behavior, But Not the Police

Virginia Democrats Propose Reducing Charge For Assaulting Police Officers

Officer Mocks ‘Defund the Police’ Protesters After They Request Police Security

De Blasio Speaks At George Floyd Memorial, Is Relentlessly Booed and Gives Up

New York Times Writer Insists ‘Destroying Property Is Not Violence’

Pelosi and Schumer Hammer Trump For Attacking ‘Peaceful’ Protesters – Then The Truth Came Out

Democrats Have Crossed The Line SMEARING The 4th Of July And Mt. Rushmore

Scholar forced to resign over study that found police shootings not biased against blacks

The True Face of the Democrat Party

Israeli Anti-Drone Tech Creates Impenetrable ‘No-Fly Zone’

Sen. Rand Paul Confronts Fauci About 'Fatal Conceit'

Senate Republicans plan new coronavirus aid package in wake of virus spike

America's Abortion Court

New Polling Shows There Is Hope For Patriotism Among America's Youth

BLM Founder Admits They Are Marxists

Tucker Carlson Tonight is the Highest Rated Cable Television Show of All Time

Trump threatens to veto defense spending bill if it requires renaming bases honoring Confederate generals

Department of Homeland Security creates task force to protect monuments

Boston to Remove Lincoln Emancipation Memorial

Seattle mayor slams protesters for showing no 'regard for' her 'safety' as demonstrators circle her homeganization Made Up of Many Fine People'

Hold My Beer: Did Joe Biden Just Outdo His 'You Ain't Black' Moment with These MLK, Jr. Remarks?

Poll Finds Over Half Think Biden Likely in 'Early Stages of Dementia'

Jewish Democratic Council Says it Won’t Back Ilhan Omar: Mum on Endorsing her Primary Opponent

Rep. Engel Faces Toughest Race Yet, He Says, with Concerns about Mideast Policy in Mind

'Zionism is White Supremacy’: Claimed Author of ‘Movement for Black Lives’ Platform

Key News

Waking A Sleeping Giant

Our Pain In Isolation Presents A Chance For Spiritual Re-Awakening

Flyers call for NYPD strike on July 4 so cops can show city what ‘independence’ from police looks like

Black Lives Matter Co-Founder: ‘Our Goal Is to Get Trump Out’

Soros-Affiliated Anti-Deportation Group Part of ‘Defund Police’ Movement

Former Bolton Chief Of Staff Reveals What He Thinks: ‘Disproves the Whole Book’

PM Netanyahu Urgently Denies Bolton’s Assertion about Kushner’s Inadequacy

Hypocritical UN Human Rights Council Members Exploit George Floyd Killing

CNN Builds a Wall to Protect Atlanta Headquarters

Video Purportedly Shows CHAZ Inhabitant Go Ballistic Over Inability to Call Police After Alleged Thefts

The CHAZ/CHOP ‘Tourism Videos’ Have Arrived

Americans Should Never Again Comply With Pandemic Lockdown Orders

US vs. China:The fight for the economy after COVID-19

California Governor Mandates Face Coverings

Israeli Developers of Corona Vaccine for Chickens Making Headway with Humans

Hundreds of millions of COVID-19 vaccine doses available for end of 2020

Europe won't back renewal of Iran arms embargo

Israel/Palestinian War

US Democratic Senators warn: Sovereignty 'could undermine regional stability'

Tent vigil starting Sunday: ‘Yes to Sovereignty, No to Palestine’

DM Gantz: No to sovereignty in areas with 'many Palestinians'

Jordan FM Visits Ramallah to Talk Israeli Sovereignty, Egypt Takes a Pass

Abbas' adviser says no chance for peace with PM Netanyahu, Trump

With annexation looming, Canada’s UN Security Council upset is bad news for Israel, US

Ambassador Friedman to travel to Washington amid annexation speculations

Sovereignty By Any Other Name – Israeli Domestic Perspective (Part 1)

Leah Remini Rejoices at Danny Masterson Rape Charges: “This is Just the Beginning” for Scientology

Why Facebook Cut Trump’s ‘Nazi’ Ad: And Why Obscure Referencing Is So Dangerous in a World Full of Idiots


"Did God REALLY Part The Red Sea?"

Did Moses REALLY Write The Torah - Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy?

"The Biblical Exodus"

Your faith will be solidified and you will pray, thanking God for giving us Faith which can be proven!

Anchor of the Soul -- DVD

The truth is that no believer can lose their salvation, enabling you to face any torturer with absolute confidence

Volume 1

"Are We Building The Kingdom of God?"

DVD Vol 1 - By Mac Dominick

View Trailer

In the ultimate analysis, who builds God's Kingdom on Earth? Human Church / Political leaders or Jesus Christ?

Volume 2

"Grasping the truth and direction of the Word of God"

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False Prophet (Antichrist) will build the Third Temple and then be overthrown by the return of Jesus Christ. Jesus will then set up His 1,000-Year Reign.

Study reveals the Kingdom of God in the Church Age, the Gospel at that time, and the role of the believer in that kingdom.

Volume 3

"Wrong Kingdom View = Unbiblical Theology"

Study the false teachings within Christendom that have arisen specifically because of a skewed viewpoint of the biblical teaching of the coming Kingdom of God.

Powerful DVD


"Challenges For The 'Christian' Mason"

by Bill Schnoebelen

Spiritual eyes blinded to Masonry's bloody roots, perverse hierarchy and despicable, secret rites.

2 Hours Long

Attacks On Freedom

"Behold A Pale Horse: One of THE Books Exposing Illuminati Plan" Published 1992

Gun Control Plan

"The middle class is begging the government to do away with the 2nd amendment."

"The Cyrus Effect: President Trump A Type of King Cyrus!"

DVD by Michael S. Smith


'Israel: Past, Present, Future' DVD

Vol 1 by Mac Dominick

Reg $24.99, Now $19.99

"The vehicle by which Jesus will establish His Kingdom is not the Church; but rather, the Nation of Israel."


Israel: Past, Present, Future DVD

Vol 2 by Mac Dominick

Will center around the Biblical perspective of the modern Jewish state.

Reg $24.99, Now $19.99

GENESIS: Foundation of Our Faith

Genesis DVD Volume 3: "From The Flood To Babel"

by Mac Dominick, Cutting Edge

Only $19.99

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GENESIS Volume 2 - "Satan's War Against Man"

Only $19.99

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Volume 1,

"The War Against God"

Regularly $19.99

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"Israel Indivisible: The Case For The Ancient Homeland  DVD"

Watch Trailer

"Against All Odds - Israel Survives"

6 pk. DVD Set

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