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August 16, 2006

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Israeli - Palestinian War

"Star Wars" agency helps Israel on rocket threat: Trying to secure Israel's skies

Special Understanding: Israel's Scalar Weaponry Provides 100% Effective Protection Against Missiles -- Should Israel Choose To Use The System ("Oblivion" book explains)

Cease-Fire Solidifies After Shaky Start

Chief of Israeli army under attack over sale of investments hours before war was declared: Lieutenant-General Dan Halutz -- General refuses to answer Knesset questions

Focus Shifts to Disarming Hezbollah

Diplomats to Discuss Lebanon Peacekeeping - To meet in Beirut

Israel sends mixed signals on pullout: IDF general says Army might stay for another month until international force takes position

UN force 'needs year to reach full strength' - IDF: We'll disarm Hizbullah if UN can't

U.N. Says Peacekeepers Now in Lebanon

Israel pushing for deployment of international force as soon as possible

IDF Declares: Important military objective achieved

Mass grave readied for unnamed Lebanon war dead: Up to 100 people to be buried

Hezbollah Leads Work to Rebuild, Gaining Stature: Lebanese stunned by scenes of Israeli devastation likely to become new Hezbollah supporters

Israelis hesitant to return to northern border town

Gaza Militant Groups Deny Kidnap Role In Kidnapping Fox News Cameraman

Israeli missile strike kills two in south Gaza home: Palestinian militant and his father died

Record Jewish immigration to Israel in spite of crisis

Jesse Jackson Seeks Mutual Mideast Prisoner Exchange

Bush says Hezbollah lost, frets about nuclear-armed Iran

US: Man pleads not guilty in Jewish center shooting


Now the war of words starts

Why Tony Blair has lost all moral authority amid Middle East war

Analysis: General Halutz - Unworthy of command? Is inseparable part of the trio - together with Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Defense Minister Amir Peretz - that directed the war, and was effectively untouchable

Birth Pangs of What?

UN resolution 1701 - a quarter-filled glass

Global Terrorism = Global Dictatorship

Evidence of Bogus Terror Alerts

Cutting Edge Analsysis: Analysis of Bogus Alerts After 9/11

MSNBC's Olbermann Exposes Nexus Of Politics And Terror:
Details ten clear examples where Bush admin. alerts were preceded by damaging revelations

Former British Ambassador Says Terror Alert Is "Stage-Managed Propaganda"

Other Terror News

Bush sees fight against terrorism for years ahead

EU ministers gathering in London for air terror talks - "Investigation after investigation underlines the international nature of this current form of terrorism"

New Suspect Held in British Plane Plot

British Police Seek New Detention Authority: Want to hold 22 suspects without charge

Afghan Forces Raid Alleged al-Qaida Spots

UK Terror Plot: Cops raid cafes, recover arms

Suspect in Alleged Airline Plot May Have Link to 9/11 Figure: Britain conducts more searches, investigates a Muslim charity's funds and makes a new arrest

The Latest Crises Do Little for Blair’s Political Standing

Bush Delays Foreign Airline Ownership

Up to 20,000 bags of luggage are now missing because of heightened London terror alert

TSA Says Shoe X-Rays Can Detect Bombs

Oil and Gas News

Oil prices continue to fall

Senator Obama Warns of Gas Guzzling Cars in Town Hall Meeting: Leaves in SUV

Scientist claims to have cracked water-fuel secret: Car that runs on water and petrol?

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Bomb Kills 8, Wounds 28 in Baghdad

Kurdish party's offices in Mosul blown up: 9 people dead

Rosy assessments on Iraq `not related to reality'

Nearly 50 die including 2 Americans in Iraq’s roiling violence

As U.S. focuses on Baghdad, al-Qaeda gains strength in Sunni heartland: NOTE" Insurgency now being called "al-Qaeda"

US general to rule on Iraq rape case in September

Freed US journalist Jill Carroll faced harsh Iraq interrogation

Non-Integrating States News -- Iran

Iran wants new Mideast without U.S., British meddling

Iran renews gasoline imports, funding seen for Sept: Need to import finished gas products could be weak point if international sanctions were imposed

Bush says Hezbollah lost, frets about nuclear-armed Iran

President Ahmadinejad: Iran still interested in nuclear dialogue based on justice

Air Force's new top commander for space predicted on Tuesday future attacks on U.S. satellites - Called for greatly expanded tracking and identification of payloads launched by other countries

Death Toll in China Super-Typhoon Hits 319

2006 Fall Election News

New Lieberman Retooling Race as Independent: Tactic could deliver Senate seat to Republicans

Senator Hillary Clinton Compared To Osama bin Laden In Campaign Video

Jimmy Carter's Son Wins Nev. Primary

Oh, Really? President Bush and people who work for him have a disheartening habit of being astonished by the arrival of disasters they didn't see coming but others did - time to retire the "no one could have expected it" excuse

Katrina Victims Blamed for Houston Crime: Police in Houston Blame Katrina Evacuees in Part for the City's Rising Homicide Toll

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Defense rests in CIA contractor's Afghan abuse trial

U.S. Espionage In India

Pakistan arrests suspected "suicide trainer"

Dead Baby Closes Florida Abortion Mill: Baby born alive, killed outside the womb














Israeli - Palestinian War

New Cutting Edge Article: Israel Halts War Against Lebanon On Day #33! Illuminati Signature

Fragile truce holding in Lebanon

Israel humbled by arms from Iran: Anti-tank missiles that have blunted the power of Israel's once invincible armour

Bush Declares: Stopping Iran Support for Hezbollah Is Key to Mideast Cease-Fire

Bush: Hizbullah Will Be Ousted From Lebanon - Also declares that Hezbollah lost the war -- Text of Bush's Mideast Statement

Syrian President Assad: American plan for a new Mideast has collapsed in face of Hezbollah's success in fighting IDF

Hezbollah's Nasrallah Declares: 'A Great Victory'

What happened during the last battle? Mobile medical hospital hit by anti-tank missile

Hezbollah Rockets Fall Inside Southern Lebanon As Citizens Return to Region

Both Hezbollah and Israeli Leaders Declare Victory

Lebanon needs 13,000 additional UN troops 'as soon as possible' -- UN official

Germany edges toward sending troops to Lebanon: A move that is likely to prove divisive in the country 60 years after the Holocaust

Israel Begins Slowly Withdrawing Forces From Southern Lebanon

Israel plans to withdraw from Lebanon within ten days

US 'knew of Israel bombing plan' - Long before bombing began

In a military democracy, it is the warriors who call the shots - Both Bush and Blair knew that attack would happen and gave it their approval

Hizbullah likely to retain weapons: But will refrain from showing them publicly

Olmert: Israelis Will Fight for Normal Life for Years to Come

2 Fox News Reporters Kidnapped in Gaza - Masked Palestinian gunmen ambushed their car

Committee Finds: Withdrawal from Yesha Dangerous - Unilateral Disengagement from most of Judea and Samaria would be dangerous and of little or no value

Israel can swap prisoners for soldiers: Has 13 Hezbollah prisoners and the bodies of dozens of guerrillas that it could offer in exchange for two captive IDF soldiers

Former Israeli PM Sharon's condition worsens


War of Elites and Spider Webs: Second Lebanon war was different than expected, but Israel won it

Mediocrity in power equals abductions in Lebanon

America's one-eyed view of war: Stars, stripes, and the Star of David

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

U.S. Claims: Gas Leak to Blame for Iraq Blasts That Killed 47 - But residents and the Iraqi government insisted the destruction was caused by car bombs and a rocket barrage from a neighborhood where American forces operate

Fierce gunbattles erupt in Iraq

Iraqi Parties Ready to Oust Controversial Sunni Parliamentarian: Comments about the insurgency and regional self-rule have angered and embarrassed key political groups

No evidence Iran's government is stirring trouble in Iraq: Major General William Caldwell, the top U.S. military spokesman in Iraq declares

US sends troops back to Iraq after home trip

War, corruption claim heavy toll in Iraqi oil fields

Baghdad's Cinemas Falling Casualty to War

Haditha murder probe leaves Marines wondering

Bodies drift at sea after super-typhoon in China

Death toll from Typhoon Saomai climbs to 295


Global Terrorism - Global Dictatorship

Democrats See Security as Key Issue for Fall: Working to cast President Bush as having diminished the nation’s safety

Backlash over Muslims' letter to Blair: Muslim leaders will today face Government demands to take tougher steps to root our extremists in their midst

Muslims face extra checks in new British travel crackdown

British Police investigate 70 terror plots

Main London airports relax restrictions: Passengers still faced cancellations as airlines struggled to get service back to normal

New Anti-Terror Rules May Not Be Permanent

Airport X-Rays Don't Detect Explosives

Flying under the eagle eyes of El Al's famed high security

Jet evacuated at LAX after toy spooks crew

Terror link doubted in pre-paid cell phone cases

International Terror News

Bush calls Lebanon a front in terror war

Australia may seek return for Guantanamo inmate Hicks: Australian government tells Bush Administration to either charge Hicks or send him home - US has held him without charges for 4 years!

India's Independence Day celebrations amid terror threats: Celebrated 59 years of independence amid threats of terrorist attacks

Fear and Smear: As the American public begins to focus on a national election, "the war on terror" advances as a political strategy, not a coherent national defense strategy

Donors say Lieberman will be well-funded: Supporters of Israel from both parties will be crucial to senator’s effort - Republicans, Jewish groups funding Independent campaign

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Pakistan envoy escapes deadly bombing in Sri Lanka: Escaped a powerful bomb blast in the capital Monday that killed seven people, including four of his security men

Heavy fighting in north Sri Lanka

Iran cleric warns Israel to fear missiles if Israel attacks Iran

Iran's president turns to blogging to spread his message

Iran Looks Set to Reject Deal Offering Way Out of Nuclear Crisis

Analysis: Nuclear-Armed Iran vs Nuclear-Armed America: Whom should the world fear?

Recovery could take time, says Fidel Castro: Cautioned Cubans to be ready for bad news

More than 1100 families flee Sudan floods

US citizen may be among Nigeria oil hostages: Embassy declares

Mexican police gas leftist lawmakers and protesters

U.S. Gov't Gets Ownership of the Giant Cross in San Diego - To prevent it from being torn down

Soth Korea warns against Seoul war shrine visit by Japanese Prime Minister - Seen by critics as a symbol of Japan's past militarism

US stocks: Small gains as oil falls, techs jump

Report: Strong economy helps states save

Large oil spill occurs in Indian Ocean - Japanese tanker spilled about 1.4 million gallons of crude oil in the eastern Indian Ocean following a collision with a cargo ship

Research to unleash gene therapy on arthritis: Harvard team has volunteers ready




Israeli - Palestinian War

Day #32 of War

Israeli Cabinet convenes to approve cease-fire: Cessation of hostilities between Hizbullah and Israel would take effect Monday morning, Day #33 of the conflict

Breaking News: Israeli Ministers vote 24-0 with one abstention to accept UN resolution and cease hostilities Monday

PM Olmert under fire over cease-fire

Analysis: UN resolution meets Israeli gov't goals

UN Lebanon Peacekeeping Force Could Start Deploying in 7-10 Days

What Israel has done for US lately

Battles rage on eve of UN truce: Ceasefire to occur 0500 GMT, Monday, which is 0800 in Israel

Hezbollah OKs Truce; Israel Pushes North: Jewish state triples the size of its force across the border but signals that it will accept the cease-fire - 19 Israeli soldiers were killed Saturday during the expanded offensive, its highest single-day death toll

Israeli helicopter shot down - Five IDF soldiers missing

Lebanon's Renewal Is Dashed in Weeks: Rebuilding could top $2.5 billion - Hezbollah's offices and infrastructure systematically wiped out

Cleric turned ragtag Hezbollah into potent force

Next war inevitable, experts warn - Why UN force is needed

A sticking plaster on a gaping wound: ANALYSIS

Thousands of Michigan Muslims join protest in Washington, D.C.

Behold A Pale Horse - Creating global crisis as far back as 1917 to force humanity into New World Order

Global Terrorism = Global Dictatorship

Read Analysis: Newsletter August 12, 2006, Paragraph I, II and III

Official Government Line

Tracing Plots, British Watch, Then Pounce

University students at centre of terror plots

Islamic Brothers Emerge as Key Suspects in U.K. Terror Plot

We should not tolerate the preachers of jihad: By CFR's Richard Perle

Iran criticises Bush for “Islamic fascism” remarks: Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hamid-Reza Assefi said Bush should apologize to all Muslims throughout the world

PM Blair ponders return as Muslims criticize: His policies are fuelling extremism at home

Italy arrests 40 in security crackdown

White House Assures Americans It Is Safe to Fly

Bush says British terror threat may not be over: President also denied charges he was using terror plot to increase his political standing in an election year

Planned Political "Windfall" From Alleged Plot

Bush Aides Foresee Gains on Eavesdropping and Guantánamo: Fallout from discovery of British bombing plot could help administration advance its agenda in Congress

Anti-terror critics just don't "get it", says Home Secretary Reid -- Gave strongest hint yet that a new round of anti-terror legislation is on the way this autumn by warning that traditional civil liberty arguments were not so much wrong as just made for another age

Toying With Terror Alerts? In the Bush era, the timing and quality of "arrests" and "warnings" have a suspicious ring - the quite reasonable suspicion that the Bush Administration orchestrates its terror alerts and arrests to goose the GOP's poll numbers -- (Time Magazine!)

Cutting Edge Archives: Fraudulent Terror Alerts - Reveals repeating themes

Other Terror News

U.S. Conducts Terror Plot Probe of Its Own

3 Texas Men Arraigned on Terror Charges: Police found about 1,000 cell phones in their minivan

Terror suspects not guilty, wife says - Were just trying to make money reselling cell phones

Castro walking and being briefed: Official Party Daily Newspaper

U.S. State Department Officials Believe Castro Has 'Serious' Health Problems: Castro's attempt to turn over power to his brother, Raul, is doomed to fail

Venezuelan President Chavez due in Cuba for Castro 80th birthday bash

Editorial: Dancing on Castro's grave

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Two U.S. troops among nearly 50 dead in Iraq

Iraqi guerillas killed 13 civilians and six members of the US and Iraqi security forces

Iraq's health minister, who is aligned to a powerful Shiite militia, claimed that U.S. forces arrested seven of his personal guards in a surprise pre-dawn raid on his office

Iraq cracks down on rebels over anti-PM plots: Announcing the arrest of a gang suspected of plotting attacks on Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki’s family

Iraq violence: from bad to worse

U.S. bets on stand in Baghdad to halt Iraq civil war: Options running out to counter Iran-backed Shiite militia forces

Iraq war key to U.S. presidential race

Iran, Iraq discuss oil exchange deal

In Iraq, a Failure to Deliver the Spoils

Former Iraqi Officials Named in Graft Inquiry

Eyes Wide Shut: In July, 2003, Bush authorities did not want to hear warnings of guerilla insurgency

Depleted Uranium Poisoning

Sickened Iraq Vets Cite Depleted Uranium

Research Cutting Edge "Depleted Uranium" Section: Articles, Bookstore Resources

Crude oil prices fall from record peaks

Gas Prices - Fast to climb, slow to fall back - someone pockets the difference

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Blair in bid to oust top UN nuclear inspector, Mohammed El Baradei: The man leading the international campaign to stop Iran developing a nuclear weapons programme

Russia bridles at US sanctions over Iran

Lieberman’s loss said to be a win for power-hungry Iran

Three US Soldiers Die in Afghanistan

Boot Camp Cadet Dies at Fla. State Park - A 13-year-old cadet at a private military academy

Constitution threatened by homeschool case - Expert: U.S. parent-led education endangered by U.N. children's protocol



Israeli - Palestinian War

Day #31 of War

Security Council OKs Mideast Peace Deal -- Text: UN Lebanon resolution 1701

Israeli PM Has Accepted Cease-Fire Deal: Olmert will recommend that his government approve the deal in its meeting on Sunday

IDF operations in south Lebanon continue to expand: IDF operations would not stop until the IDF's goals were reached, despite the passage of UN Security Council resolution 1701 -- even with a cease-fire in place, Israel should try to improve its position militarily

Just Peace On Paper

Israel Pounds Border Crossings to Syria

Israel triples ground troops in Lebanon - While UN to begin enforcing its new cease-fire blueprint and stop combat

Heavy clashes continue in Lebanon

Israel Asks U.S. to Ship Rockets With Wide Blast

Terrorist Rocket strikes 11-story building: No major damage done

UN force to evacuate Lebanese troops

To Beirut if necessary

"Reutersgate" strikes other news outlets: Numerous other photos from other news outlets shown to be fraudulent

N.Z. Ready to Send Forces to Mideast as Peacekeepers

The Five Wars of Hezbollah and Israel

American Soldier Was Determined to Fight for Israel

Behold A Pale Horse - Creating global crisis as far back as 1917 to force humanity into New World Order

Global Terrorism = Global Dictatorship

Italy arrests 40 in security crackdown

Global Hunt Nets More Suspects: A Link to Al Qaeda Surfaces Among Alleged Terror Plotters Held in Pakistan

Democrats Go on Offense in Latest Terror Case: Looking to the past for lessons, they respond fast and sharply, saying Bush 'mismanagement' fed the threat and the GOP is playing politics

Police Probe Money Trail in Foiled Plot

UK police release bomb plot suspect: Has been granted permission to hold 22 people until next Wednesday

Brothers Emerge as Focus of Plot Probe

Fewer flights cancelled but delays likely to continue into next week

Muslim groups say British policies fuel militancy

Jet Airways suspends arrested employee

Nepal tightens airport security after India warning, Britain plot

'You aren't secure anywhere'

Terror Plot Probe Under Way in U.S. - But so far have found no evidence of terrorist activity

Why al-Qaeda's real power may be all in the mind

3 Michigan men arrested on terrorism charges after buying 80 cell phones

Senate Democratic leaders accused Vice President Cheney of playing politics with terrorism: Contended that voters won't buy Republican arguments that the GOP is stronger on national security

Pressure's On for a Pipeline Fix: Jittery markets, oily tundra, Alaskan angst -- and one BP crew chief is trying to clear it all up

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

3 Coalition Soldiers Die in Afghanistan

Somalia a 'potential safe haven for al-Qaeda'

France's President Chirac Warns: Africans 'will flood world'

3.8m people in Niger facing food shortage, warns UN

Tamil Tiger rebels advance on Jaffna

Bill Clinton and Sir Tom Hunter in drive to end African poverty

Theologians Discuss Their Role in Africa's Economic Rebirth

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

U.S. Forces Detain 60 at Iraq Funeral

US, Iraq Plan to Retake Baghdad Street by Street

Bodies found of American two soldiers missing in Iraq copter crash

Iran incites militia rage, envoy warns: Top U.S. diplomat in Iraq links increasing attacks to anger over Israel and upcoming showdown on nuclear policies

America's top general said Saturday he would not rule out U.S. troop reductions in Iraq this year

Iraq violence: from bad to worse

Bomb kills three in Iraq's Basra market

US says its forces kill 26 in Iraqi insurgent hotbed Ramadi

Bush condemns suicide bomber's attempt to blow up Iraqi Islam site

UN Security Council extends mandate of Iraq Assistance Mission

101st Airborne unit returns to home fort

'War Tapes' Documentary Features Horribly Graphic Soldier Footage -- American soldier: There's nothing un-American, unpatriotic or wimpy about being against the war. There's nothing patriotic about blind conformity," he said in an interview. "I've earned my opinion. I spent a year in a combat zone."

Just Doing laundry is risky in Iraq

Lebanon War Resonates in Iraq

Moral Collapse

“Koochie Kissing Klick" -- High school sex club in which underclassmen girls gave sex favors to upperclassmen athletes -- Coach/teacher's aide and former student indicted -- More Information

81-year-old Pensioner Caught In Drug Bust

Phoenix Duo Indicted in Serial Shootings - string of late night attacks this summer - indicted Friday on 46 felonies including murder and attempted murder

Mom makes sex deal for girl: Mother, her boyfriend offer 15-year-old daughter a contract: Sex for prizes

Delisting Warning for Apple: Computer maker's shares may be barred from Nasdaq trading after the firm says its results will be filed late

President Bush to Meet With Top Advisers At Crawford Ranch: To discuss his agenda and priorities

Criminal, Immunize Thyself: The Bush administration's get out of jail card for torturers

S.D. Allows Bikers to Carry Weapons - South Dakota law allows people with permits to carry concealed weapons nearly everywhere except bars, courthouses and the Capitol

Senator Lieberman pays dearly for backing Iraq invasion

Lieberman, on the Offensive, Links Terror Threat and Iraq -- Now Sounding Bush Themes

`Time is running out' for House Republicans, analyst says

Wildfire Threatens Homes Near Reno, Nev.


Behold A Pale Horse - Creating global crisis as far back as 1917 to force humanity into New World Order

Global Terrorism = Global Dictatorship

British MI5 tracked group for a year: Biggest anti-terrorist surveillance operation ever mounted in the UK

U.S. Says Terrorists Planned Dry Run Within Two Days: Aimed at blowing up as many as 10 airplanes on trans-Atlantic flights

Explosive Gel Was to Be Concealed in Sports Drink - Police now targeting hair gel, soda

Heightened security to worsen travel woes: No liquids allowed

Stuff You Now Cannot Carry On Board: Liquids and gels include beverages (including duty free purchases), shampoos, suntan lotions, creams, toothpastes, hair gels and other items of a similar consistency

Bombs built onboard could be next terror step: Ingredients can be found in everyday items

London Airport In Gridlock

Britain says it foils "mass murder" plane bomb plot - Day of tears and tantrums

Bush says US at war with "Islamic fascists" -- "Red Alert" Continues

UK names suspects in transatlantic airline bomb plot

Thwarted plot evokes Al-Qaeda plot to blow up airliners in 1995

Prices of crude oil and petrol nose-dive on terror alert

Airline stocks nose-dive on bomb plot - Analysts expect shares to recover after terrorist security alert

UK bomb plot suspects' assets frozen - Arrests dismay British Muslims

Bush: U.S. is safer, but dangers remain -- Chertoff: Not Certain All Plotters Found

Officials see plot as worst threat since 9/11

Pakistan arrest 8 in Britain terror plot -- Britain's Reid Thanks Pakistan for Help

Experts: Plot won't damage airlines: Analysts say the foiled terror scheme shouldn't have many financial or ridership effects

Bottom Line Reason For This Bomb Scare

Anti-terror critics just don't "get it", says Home Secretary Reid -- Gave strongest hint yet that a new round of anti-terror legislation is on the way this autumn by warning that traditional civil liberty arguments were not so much wrong as just made for another age

It's Reid who doesn't "get it": There is now sufficient reason to be sceptical about who we should entrust our security to - government's actions have also been marked by misinformation and false scares


Israeli - Palestinian War

Day #30 of War

US hopes for Friday UN vote to end Lebanon war

UN Mideast deal close but could come apart again

Israel Warns of a 'Painful' Expansion: Offensive in Lebanon Could Widen, Grow More Severe if Diplomacy Fails

Israel pounds Beirut as truce rejected: Rejected a Russian proposal for a 72-hour humanitarian truce

Israel seizes key town: Hezbollah destroys advancing tanks

Hezbollah enmeshed Lebanon's social fabric

KARACHI Press Club Speakers Charge: US and UK conspiring to bolster Israeli might

Israel Must Win: Should the IDF lose its aura of invincibility in American eyes, Israel's perceived value as an ally could decline sharply

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Lebanon’s fallout on Iraq: Could make national disintegration into sectarian blocs inevitable

New Iraq books paint dismal picture for Americans

Shia shrine bombing stokes sectarian hatred: Suicide bomber blew himself up outside the holiest Shia shrine in Iraq yesterday, killing more than 35 people

Iraq agency: U.S. not to blame for mosque blast

3 U.S. soldiers killed in western Iraq

Oil wealth oversight in Iraq called flawed: U.N. agency says mismanagement leaves the door open to corruption

American Psychologists Adopt Anti-Torture Policy: BUT - kept an existing policy saying that it's ethical for psychologists to assist in military interrogations

GI chose morality instead of loyalty: Abu Ghraib whistle-blower has no regrets

Romania president visits his Iraq troops

Super Typhoon Saomai kills more than 100 in China -- At least 111

Seoul seeks wartime control over its army from U.S. - In any war with North Korea, South Korea wants to control its own military

Gunmen Kill 1 Protestor in Mexico

New York's Mayor Bloomberg supports Senator Liebermans candidacy in Connecticut

Conn. win will prove deadly for Democrats: Anti-war forces are poised for a takeover of the Democratic Party -- Editorial by Charles Krauthammer

GOP Candidates Facing Troublesome Trend

Black Colleges Recruiting More Hispanics



Oil Manipulation News

BRITISH PETROLEUM'S "SMART PIG" -- The Brilliantly Profitable Timing of the Alaska Oil Pipeline Shutdown

Foreign oil workers kidnapped in Nigeria

Israeli - Palestinian War

Day #29 of War

Israel, Hezbollah in more fierce combat: Diplomats say U.N. vote on resolving conflict unlikely Thursday

CRISIS -- Israel to extend ground offensive: Security Cabinet approves expanded combat operations in Lebanon -- However, Israel puts off expanding offensive until the weekend

US-French split delays UN action on Mideast war

Iran says West dragging feet on Mideast truce

U.S. Seeks End to Escalation in Mideast

PM Blair in new bid for Mid East peace

Israel takes Lebanese town of Marjayoun

Israel Widens Hold on Border Areas in Lebanon

Israel suffers its bloodiest day in war with Hezbollah: Killed at least 14 Israeli soldiers

Hezbollah says it destroyed more than a dozen Israeli tanks

Israel’s Defense Minister Slams Russian Sophisticated-Weapons Deliveries to Middle East

Israel says BBC not reporting war fairly

Iranians among Hizbollah combat dead: Israel's Channel 10 television reported on Wednesday citing diplomatic sources

Palestinian refugees repay the favor to their longtime hosts: Lebanese fleeing violence find food and understanding

Israeli massage students sending "massage message" to northern soldiers -- to relieve the exhausted soldiers

British MP quits defence job over Lebanon: Protesting that crisis on been put on PM's back burner

Three Southeast Asian Nations Prepare to Send Peacekeeping Troops to Lebanon: Mostly Muslim Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei

Israel destroys Gaza homes after warning residents: Homes of two Palestinian militants destroyed

Gaza-Egypt border reopens in one direction: Rafah crossing open from Gaza into Egypt only

Annan warning over Gaza situation: War in Lebanon and northern Israel should not distract attention from events in Gaza

Has Israel actually saved Iran from a US military threat?

Hezbollah leader Nasrallah warns Israeli Arabs to leave Haifa, Israel

New Arab Hero: Hezbollah's Hassan Nasrallah takes on mighty Israel and is winning - Arab viewpoint

True End Goal Revealed

Henry Kissinger: Disarming Hezbollah Key to Mideast Peace: Member of Bilderbergers, CFR, Trilateral Commission

Cutting Edge Original Analysis: Israel Simply Had To Destroy War-Making Capability of Hamas and Palestinian Authority Within Israel, Plus the Hizbullah in Lebanon -- Before she could complete withdrawal from West Bank

OOPS!! When Israeli Prime Minister Olmert Announced That This Current War Would Enable Israel To Unilaterally Withdraw From The West Bank, He Revealed An End Goal Which Should Not Have Been Revealed At This Time!

"War On Terror" News

British Police Thwart Aircraft Bomb Plot: To blow up several aircraft mid-flight between the United States and Britain -- Using explosives smuggled in hand luggage

Full text of the statement given by Deputy Commissioner Paul Stephenson of Scotland Yard on today's anti-terrorist operation

Heathrow closed to incoming flights -- US raises air security alert to red for first time

Security increases at U.S. airports: After authorities in London uncovered a terror plot aimed at airlines traveling from Britain to the U.S.

UK police hold 21 over foiled plot to bomb planes: Attempt to cause "mass murder on an unimaginable scale"

Anti-terror critics just don't get it, says Home Secretary Reid -- Gave strongest hint yet that a new round of anti-terror legislation is on the way this autumn by warning that traditional civil liberty arguments were not so much wrong as just made for another age

Oil Prices Fall After Thwarted Airliner Attacks

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Blast kills 31 near sacred Shi'ite shrine in Iraq

Baghdad death toll jumps to 60 a day

Almost 2,000 bodies taken to Baghdad morgue

Three GIs killed in fighting with Sunnis near Baghdad: Officials say some 1,500 Iraqis died violently in capital during July, many shot execution-style by sectarian death squads

Shiites redefine battle in Baghdad: More people in Baghdad are being killed by Shiite death squads than by al-Qaeda and Sunni insurgents

British troops fighting in Iraq are under-equipped and overstretched

4 Iraqis arrested in Jill Carroll kidnapping: Marines discover U.S. journalist was once held in a home near base

Tearing a nation in two: Many Iraqis now think partioning their land is the only way to end vicious sectarian strife

Baghdad Voices: Security Fears

Deployment of extra US troops hit by fight with Iraqi PM: Iraq's Prime Minister sharply criticised American tactics and made a televised apology to the Iraqi people

Marshall Plan, Minus the Plan: $30 billion later, Iraq's reconstruction is more distant than ever

US wants to amend law barring degrading treatment of detainees: Proposed changes to the law would eliminate the risk of prosecution of political appointees, CIA officials and former military officials for humiliating or degrading war prisoners

Weather Control - Weather Warfare

Super-Typhoon Saomai making landfall in China

1.3 million Chinese flee as super typhoon nears: Strongest to threaten the country in 50 years

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Iranian Leader Speaks To Mike Wallace of CBS: Criticized Bush for not answering his 18-page political initiative -- Wallace exclaims about Iran's president - "He's an impressive fellow, this guy. He really is. He's obviously smart as hell"

Opium eradication a must for peace in Afghanistan: US

U.S. Forces Repel Raid on Afghan Base

Afghan President Karzai Hints at Not Seeking Second Term

Taliban clashes with Afghan police

Sri Lanka rebels saythey face a new major army offensive

Cuba says Fidel Castro is recovering

When Fidel Dies, Raúl Castro could have challengers in future: Raúl Castro may have some strong challenges inside the Cuban power structure

Cuba threatens satellite crackdown: Will take action against people using black-market satellite dishes to get news from the United States

Iran, Cuba to expand industrial cooperation

Election News

Senator Lieberman loss offers signs of angry electorate: Bush counters that his loss "exposed the party's weakness on national security"

White House: Democrats' extreme left defeated Lieberman

Internet, activists help topple prominent Democrat

Lamont Win May Alter Conn. House Races

Representative McKinney alleges voting irregularitie

Google to Keep Storing Search Requests: Despite debacle with AOL search sit

Mobile Phone Vulnerability

Royal reporter is charged as bugging inquiry widens after allegations that mobile telephone calls from the British royal household had been tapped

Tabloid bugging suspects targeted British VIPs too

2 charged with conspiring to tap Prince Charles' phones

British Cabinet Ministers told to shun mobiles

State funeral for Margaret Thatcher ruled out -- Former Prime Minister, now 80 years old

9/11 News

September 11 film premiere draws tears in New York: Director Oliver Stone's film on the September 11 World Trade Center attack opened to tears and torment in the U.S.

Big church publisher buys 9-11 Bush plot: Presbyterian press to release book by conspiracist who blames attack on White House, not bin Laden

Bookstore Resources To Help You Understand

9/11: DIRECTOR'S CUT In Plane Site - Absolute Proof That 9/11 Was Inside Job and Is Now Being Massively Covered Up -- DVD - VHS

9/11: The Greatest Lie Ever Sold - Painful Deceptions - Preparing Us For The Next Terror Attack -- DVD

Illuminati Card Game: Just A Game, Or A Blueprint For World Domination? Role-Playing Card Game predicted 9/11 attack in 1995

Illuminati Card Game Section: DVD, Plus Headline News Articles

Death can come early for 'toxic bachelors': Single men are significantly more likely to die early than those who marry -- singles also exercised slightly more and were generally less overweight

Moral Collapse In Public Schools

Ex-teacher indicted in sex case: Teacher acknowledged that between March 24 and March 31 she had sexual intercourse with her 13-year-old student 27 times

Teacher Gets Three Years In Prison For Sex With 15-Year-Old Girl

30 Kern County Sex Victims Claimed - Teacher arrested who claims to have molested as many as 30 children

Disney posts $1.1 billion profit

Israeli - Palestinian War

Day #28 of War

Israel shut down south Lebanon with a threat to blast any moving vehicles: Ground war intensified

More Israeli tanks stream into Lebanon: As diplomats debate, Israel considers expanding Lebanon campaign

Israel’s Defense Minister Slams Russian Sophisticated-Weapons Deliveries to Middle East

New Israeli General in Charge of Lebanon: Maj. Gen. Moshe Kaplinksi replaces Maj. Gen. Udi Adam

IDF officials: Maj. Gen. Adam must quit post after war: Countdown has begun toward his dismissal

War of the Generals

Intense clashes ensue in south Lebanon: Battles ensued involving anti-tank missiles, as well as light weapons

Israeli Cabinet set to approve ground push

IDF plans to reach Litani River: Expects to begin moving towards the Litani river later Wednesday following a security cabinet meeting

Long-range rockets hit Beit Shean area: No one injured

Khaibar-1 missile also hits Haifa: Earlier four long-range rockets fired at Beit Shean Valley region

US sailor spied for Israel: Ariel J. Weinmann now being held at a military base in Virginia on suspicion of espionage and desertion

2 Islamic Jihad operatives killed in Jenin

U.S., France at Odds Over Lebanon Demand - Peace deal just a day away, say UN officials - again

Fearing Violence, Jerusalem Police Close Temple Mount to Non-Muslims

Lebanese man loses 15 family members

Television news helping Hezbollah: Rocket footage assists in targeting Israel

Lebanese Oil Spill Could Rival Exxon Valdez Disaster: UN warns

Editorials - Diplomacy

Kofi Annan riding to Hizbullah's rescue? Rice is on the brink of handing President George W. Bush the worst diplomatic disaster of his presidency

Bush's Change of Heart on the Middle East: His support for a cease-fire was slow in coming, but the proposal reclaims the moral high ground

France's Changes to Draft Rankle U.S.

'Evangelicals the world over are praying fervently for Israel': Pat Robertson declares

Defense Secretary Peretz Declares: 'Israel fighting war of free world against terror'

Iran's changing fortunes

Rising Tide of Anti-U.S. Feeling Leaves Arab Reformers Isolated

Other News

No poison found in letter sent to Palestinian Prime Minister Haniya

Many Questions Surround Qana Bombing

AP, N.Y. Times raising the dead? News agencies run photographs of 'deceased' who 'appear alive' - AP caption described the scene as bodies of Lebanese residents in the southern village of Oana

Iran's supreme leader urges Muslims to 'defend' Hezbollah

Using 'Oil Weapon' Would Hurt Iran, Too

New Cutting Edge Article

When Fidel Castro Dies -- How the Cuban Exiles In Florida Will View The Passing of the Hated Dictator

Current Related News

Ailing Castro 'unlikely' to resume power: "His era is over"

Cuba ready for peaceful succession as Castro's iron grip loosens at last

Exiles' vision for Cuba a mix of hope, 'fantasy'

Bush Administration Shifting Cuba Policy: Bolstered by Fidel Castro's surprise handoff of power

Cuban allies urge US not to interfere with island as Fidel Castro recuperates

Many Cubans Believe Castro Will Be Back

Election News

Jolted Joe not dead yet: Senator Lieberman sets sights on Senate run as independent

Win for the wackadoo wing in Connecticut: Leftward, march! The sucking sound you heard from Connecticut last night was the air going out of the war on terror. At least among many Democrats - Done in by Bush's cozy kiss!

Cynthia McKinney Loses Runoff for Georgia Seat

India Monsoon Floods Shut Key Gas Plant - Rains force closure of natural gas plant and petrochemical factories

America's Empty Pipe: Editorial on B.P. Decision To Close Alaskan Oil Field

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

U.S. Army Helicopter Goes Down in Iraq - Leaving two crew members missing and four injured

Bombings shake central Baghdad as Americans patrol the streets: At least 20 killed

Another Bloody day in Baghdad

Rebels 'smell blood' in lawless Baghdad: Americans losing faith

Bush's Bloodbath in Babylon: 'Coincidence' and Consequences: Baghdad is a skeleton of a city

Suitcases selling well in Iraq: Every Iraqi in what passes for the middle class either knows someone who has left or is planning to leave

Sunnis form their own militias in fight for Baghdad

Iraq P.M. slams US -aided attack on Shia militia stronghold in Baghdad, as 34 killed in fighting

Shiites Press for a Partition of Iraq

Kiss Iraq Goodbye if Shiites Align With Hezbollah: How fallout from Lebanon could choke a fragile U.S.-Muslim alliance

GOP sees Iraq as a plus for fall: Memo says war can rally party's base in fight to keep control of Congress

US military court hears closing arguments in Iraq rape case

Witnesses Tell of Troop Stress Before Attack: Colleagues recall the despair of U.S. soldiers accused of raping an Iraqi girl and killing her family. That's no excuse, prosecutors say

US seeks to shield its war interrogators: Political appointees, CIA officers and former military personnel would not face prosecution for humiliating or degrading wartime prisoners under amendments to a war crimes law drafted by the Bush administration

Lindsay Lohan wants to visit troops in Iraq, just like Marilyn Monroe visited troops in Korean war zone: Wants to travel to Iraq with Senator Hillary Cllinton

Sunnis Urged to Put Anti-Israel Campaign Above Rift With Shi'ites

How not to Vietnamize Iraq

750,000 Christians caught in crossfire: Mideast war makes believers refugees while militant Islamists attack 'infidels'

Russian Colonel Convicted of Spying For Great Britain: Gets 13 years

Many 9/11 kin will take pass on 'WTC' flick: No amount of rave reviews, great word of mouth or feel-good commercials will move some people to go see "World Trade Center." - Movie arrives too soon for some and hits too close for others

Tantrum South of the Border: Lopez Obrador's defiance continues, but thankfully even his own allies are getting tired of the act

Calif. Man Arrested After Migrants Allegedly Sewn In Seats

Sixth Potter film due in November 2008: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince will come out in US theatres on November 21, 2008

Madonna 'crucified' in Rome to sold-out stadium - 70,000 fans: Vatican protests blasphemy

Church-Free Zoning Rule Challenged in Federal Suit

University of Wisconsin officials are being warned their refusal to recognize Christian student groups is illegal

Indianapolis Sees 13 Slayings in 1 Week: Police Investigating 2 More Homicides As City Sees 13 Slayings in One Week - Mayor Bart Peterson called for an 11 percent increase in public safety and criminal justice spending

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Sri Lanka gov't reclaims control of canal from rebels

Disputed water flows too late for Sri Lankan farmers

Russia’s Putin Orders Gradual Troop Withdrawal From Chechnya

Cuba enjoys ties with Caribbean neighbor

CIA contractor admits to abusing Afghan

Philippine troops rush people off slopes of rumbling volcano: Nearly 40,000 flee

Key facts about Mt Mayon in the Philippines

Filipinos fear full moon foreshadows volcano blast

Floods in India leave almost 200 dead, 860,000 displaced

Fires Still Ravaging Iberian Peninsula As Death Toll Rises

A Face Is Exposed for AOL Web Searcher No. 4417749 - Search by search, click by click, the identity of AOL user No. 4417749 became easier to discern

Sheriff Refuses to Release Gibson Tapes - Audio and video tapes of Mel Gibson's drunken driving arrest

California Lieutenant-Governor Candidate Pulls Supportive fundraising Mel Gibson Letter

Heavy rain as Taiwan braces for typhoon

Wall Street rattled as the Fed leaves rates unchanged

GM reduces debts by $23B

Experts Blast Stem Cell Veto

Male circumcision 'lowers risk of HIV infection by 60%'

Ford waits on tiny car for U.S.: President Fields says carmaker would only enter growing market when it creates distinct product

Russia’s Putin Faces Growing Chorus of Criticism in U.S.: The “solid friendship” that President Bush cited last month is now stacked against growing criticism for Putin’s alleged attempts to revert Russia to a “police state.”

Australian Liberals revolt on migration law: Measure said to be "regressive", draconian -- This bill could do serious harm - "most profoundly disturbing piece of legislation"



New Cutting Edge Article

When Fidel Castro Dies -- How the Cuban Exiles In Florida Will View The Passing of the Hated Dictator

Current News

Ailing Castro 'unlikely' to resume power: "His era is over"

Cuba ready for peaceful succession as Castro's iron grip loosens at last

Bush Administration Shifting Cuba Policy: Bolstered by Fidel Castro's surprise handoff of power

Cuban allies urge US not to interfere with island as Fidel Castro recuperates

Israeli - Palestinian War

War News

Stepped-Up Offensive?

Israeli Arabs: Finish off Hezbollah's Nasrallah - " I hope Nasrallah gets a rocket between the legs for what he is doing to me here, for harming grandma and grandpa"

IDF Troops catch 2 guerrillas with missiles

Defense Minster Peretz signals stepped-up offensive: If current diplomatic efforts fail

Israel hits heart of Beirut hard: 'No restraints on army,' Olmert says as efforts to stop fighting stall

Government is offering some 17,000 Israelis to leave border towns for several days

Warplanes hover low over central cities: Immediately after IDF forces report downing Hizbullah drone, jets, combat helicopters began hovering at low altitude

Lebanese Prime Minister Saniora reverses claim of 40 dead: Admits now that only one person died in IAF raid

Reuters withdraws all 920 photos by Lebanese freelance photographer: after an urgent review of his work showed he had altered two images from the conflict between Israel and the armed group Hizbollah

Oil slick from bombed Lebanese depot threatens Mediterranean Sea

Terrorists Fight Israel With Russian Weapons — Internal Security Minister Boasts

Israel warns Lebanese to stay indoors after 10pm

Lebanon says 1,000 dead or missing

Hamas accused Israel of a failed assassination attempt against Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh using a poison-filled letter


Bush Presses Comprehensive U.N. Action: Would restore Lebanon's sovereignty and provide a lasting peace - But will not just apply a Band Aid to situation - Bush calls Hezbollah the "root cause" of the problem

Bush Nixes Israeli Pullout

Germany: UN seems agreed on Mideast resolution

Arab nations demand UN shift to end Lebanon war

PM Olmert: Lebanese ceasefire proposal interesting

Lebanese army calls up reserves: Getting prepared to send 15,000 troops to southern Lebanon as soon as Israelis withdraw

UN Security Council delays action on cease-fire

Is Germany Ready to Help Police Lebanon? Prospect loaded with historical baggage

30 nations considering role in international peacekeeping force


What A Conspiracy! Not long after Syria's withdrawal, Israeli bombs started falling on Lebanon - Arab viewpoint

Lebanese PM in tears: Help us - 'Israeli army has left no bridge standing, bombarded hospitals and UN posts, all for the sake of revenge'

This War's Tragedies: Sinora's tears, the ruin of Lebanon and the bloody cost paid by the Arab Israeli population

U.S. Clout a Missing Ingredient in Mideast: Inexperienced and mistrusted in region, the administration faces a hard road

Oil News

Oil soars to $77 on Alaska Prudhoe Bay oil field shutdown: World oil daily surplus falls from 2 million barrels to "only" 1.6 million -- US Energy Department considering providing oil through Strategic Reserve - OPEC says it will act to prevent global shortage

Democrats call on Congress to probe BP shutdown

High oil output strains aging Russian pipelines

Special Emphasis

President Admits Conspiracy! President States That His Foreign Policy Was Designed To Fulfill Plan Created in 1580!

"Ancient Hope -- New Order of the Ages", Which Bush Intends To Fulfill

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

G.I.s teed off before rape, slays - Army investigator testifies

Court told US troops gang-raped 14-year-old Iraqi girl

Bomb explosions kill 20 in Baghdad: 60 more wounded

Suicide bomber kills 9 in Iraq's Samarra

Iraq P.M. slams US -aided attack on Shia militia stronghold, as 34 killed in fighting

US troops 'assault Kirkuk journalists'

War delusions are worthy of a distinct award: American generals are neither stupid nor ignorant ... they feel compelled to say things that fit the political ideology, beliefs and delusions of the Bush administration

Nuremberg and Disproportional Reaction, Disproportional Force

Tough homecoming for Muslim marines

Then and Now: Requiem for once-beautiful Baghdad

6 of 7 North Korean Missile Tests Successful: Contradicts official stories that tests failed

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Brutal US attack on unarmed Afghans captured by photos

U.S. seeks to block CIA testimony in Afghan abuse case: Trial of a CIA contractor

More Sri Lanka aid staff found dead

Aid in Darfur, Sudan, threatened by relief worker killings

Darfur rebels say they shot down govt warplane - Military bomber

Tens of thousands flee volcanic eruption in Philippines

Gas pipeline blown up in south-western Pakistan

Colombia's president sworn in for 2nd term

Russian Prosecutor Dies From Wounds After Car Blast in Southern Russia

Senator Lieberman fights for survival in Connecticut: Fighting to avoid stunning defeat

Moral Collapse

A Barbaric Kind of Beauty: Powerful stem cells target the organs that are not functioning at their optimum and encourage them to produce new tissue, making them very effective in anti-aging medicine -- But, these stem cells are taken from aborted babies! "They import foetuses from poverty stricken countries to treat vain Western women"

US Stem Cell Firms Moving Overseas

Study: Raunchy Lyrics Prompt Teens To Have Sex: "Really lowers kids' inhibitions and makes them less thoughtful about sexual decisions"

Janet Jackson Poses Topless for Vibe Magzine: On front cover

Neighbor: Man Woke Wife, Said 'Somebody Has Killed Me' Before Dying -- Orlando Ties 1982 Homicide Record

Ghoul A Body Snitcher: Owner of a Manhattan funeral home who provided hundreds of bodies to a body-snatching ring - including the corpse of British broadcaster Alistair Cooke

British Police search paedophile's garden for human remains

Mel Was No Mad Max: Two blondes who cavorted with Gibson in a bar before his drunken anti-semitic tirade said yesterday he spent an hour talking to them about his family, saying his wife Robyn was a "saint"

Blood Evidence At Abortion Clinic Reveals “Shop of Horrors”: Blood was literally splattered from ceiling to floor in former abortion clinic

Cheers for drug deal seen on videos: Tapes played in court show 3 Boston police officers in Miami celebrating a just-completed drug deal

AOL Takes Down Site With Users' Search Data: Personal Details Posted in 'Screw-Up'

AOL: Breach of Privacy Was a Mistake

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Admits Another Personal Computer Is Missing: Has 38,000 private files of military personnel

Video cameras on the lookout for terrorists: There are about 30 million video surveillance cameras in the United States shooting about four billion hours of footage every week

Security scare returns US-bound airliner to London

Troopers' high-tech tool a winner, hands-down: Patrol officers "talk up" Visteon's TACNET - System allows trooper to control the functions in my car either by voice command, through a touch-screen computer or via a small pod down by the edge of my seat. The system allows me to tell the vehicle to activate any number of functions in the vehicle, including my radar, camera, radio, AM/FM radio, lights and siren

9 Illegal Immigrants Die in Ariz. Highway Crash

Japan strengthening defence on fears of North Korea attack

Poll: Giuliani Tops Sen. Clinton for '08

Fed may be finished raising interest rates

Worldwide Flooding News

India Steps Up Relief Efforts As Floods Hit Hundreds Of Thousands

Ethiopia flood death toll tops 500: From weekend's flash floods

Pakistan floods kill 140

Thirteen more feared dead in Pakistan rains

Death Toll from China's Prapiroon Typhoon Rises to 80

Tropical storm nears Japan, Taiwan watching others

Tourists re-thinking visits to violence-plagued Mexico: $12 billion a year tourist business threatened

What's the real federal deficit? U.S. keeps two sets of books!




Israeli - Palestinian War

Six killed as 400 rockets pound North over this weekend

12 reserve soldiers killed by rockets

Incredible Truth: Israel has military capability to erect 100% effective missile shield - Why isn't she using it?

A bubble no more: Tel Avivians prepare for war

Haifa hospital goes underground: For first time in war, Rambam Hospital moves whole wings to specially designed bomb shelter

Three soldiers hurt - IDF plans attacks on key infrastructure in Lebanon: 14 Hezbollah fighters killed in heavy exchanges of fire with IDF ground troops

Syria Transfers Deadly Russian Anti-Tank Weapons to Hezbollah

Russia Denies Supplying Hezbollah with Anti-Tank Armaments

IDF ditches plans to reach Litani River: After completing the creation of a security zone in southern Lebanon

To the Litani River – from the north

7 hospitalized after opening envelope addressed to Palestinian PM Haniyeh: Attempted assassination?

Reuters admits to doctoring Beirut photo: After an IAF bombing, appeared to have been doctored to show more intense smoke and destruction over the city

Reuters drops freelance photographer over 'doctored' Lebanon image: Adnan Hajj denied any intentional wrongdoing

Haifa: Rocket hits anti-war newspaper

PA protests detention of Hamas officials

Syria 'ready for possible regional war'

Israel destroys Gaza house after phoning residents

Scores of British marchers demand Lebanon ceasefire

Hizballah Spreading War to Christian Villages?

Many Questions Surround Qana Bombing

Diplomacy Swings Into Action

Mideast fighting eclipses peace efforts: Deadliest day yet for Israelis

US seeks resolution's quick approval: Action is unlikely to put an immediate stop to the fighting in the Israeli-Hizbullah conflict -- But, US wants resolution to be passed by Tuesday

Even Russia agrees with US-French draft resolution

Lebanon Rejects UN Cease-Fire Resolution -- Syria Rejects Resolution

Israeli Officials: Ceasefire? Not so fast -- Ceasefire with Hizbullah still far off despite Israel’s satisfaction with US-French draft resolution

Too Early to Speak About Russian Peacekeepers’ Involvement in Middle East Conflict Settlement — Russian Minister of Defense

Despite difficult day: Israel waiting for UN

We are losing World War III: As in Iraq, the West is losing in Lebanon

Arab Anger at Their Governments Grow - Especially in moderate countries whose governments have been reliable U.S. allies

Special Emphasis

President Admits Conspiracy! President States That His Foreign Policy Was Designed To Fulfill Plan Created in 1580!

"Ancient Hope -- New Order of the Ages", Which Bush Intends To Fulfill!

Major Alaskan Oil Field Shutting Down: B.P. must quickly fix a severe corrosion discovered in transit oil line

OPEC sees oil at settling down to $70 level

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Rice Insists: Iraq Isn't Sliding Into Civil War - Not becoming another Iran

No good military options in Iraq: Two leading US senators declare, admitting Iraq is in midst of civil war -- Republican Chuck Hagel and Democrat Christpher Dodd, both senior members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee

Baghdad death squads push city to the brink: Iraqi and US officials warn death squad networks are extensive, enjoy backing of some religious leaders

US, Iraqi forces battle Shi'ite militia in east Baghdad

US troop reinforcements arrive in Baghdad

3 U.S. Soldiers Killed in Iraq Bombing: In a roadside bombing southwest of Baghdad

Gunmen kill six Iraqi soldiers at checkpoint

Half of U.S. Still Believes Iraq Had WMD

Iraqi government reinstates workers purged after war

Cindy Sheehan Resumes Protest Near Bush Ranch

Cats infected with bird flu in Iraq

Rape Trial Continues

Accused US troops branded 'war criminals'

Graphic evidence in US troops' rape and murder trial: Provided by Iraqi medic - After witnessing the scene, he said he was ill for weeks

Military court told US soldiers took turns to rape 14-year-old girl, as companions took turns holding her down

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Castro said to be recuperating - Exact condition is "state secret'

Cuban vice president says Castro will be at work "in a few weeks"

Critics of Israel Hail Hugo Chavez

Tenth UK soldier killed in Afghan province

British troops in Afghanistan stretched to limit

15 Sri Lanka aid workers slain

T-shirts show slain Sri Lankans worked for French NGO

Diplomats' expulsions add to India-Pakistan tension

US spy planes help locate Abu Sayyaf militants in the Philippines

Bolivia Begins to Rewrite Constitution: Leftist President sees new Constitution as a means by which to end domination by descendents of European minority

4 Killed in Grenade Attack in Burundi: Grenade hurled at a bar frequented by army officers

2006 Election News

Youngest voters cool to Bush's efforts to woo them: President's hopes of attracting a new generation of voters to the Republican Party may be fading, as younger Americans are far more critical of his job performance than the broader population

'I'm not Bush,' pleads trailing Lieberman before vote

Democrat With Military Credentials Takes on Republican Hawk in Pennsylvania: Has a Harvard PhD and is a retired two-star admiral who commanded an aircraft carrier battle group in Operation Enduring Freedom

Hollywood Democratic Trio Endorses Governor Schwarzenegger's bid for reelection

Embattled U.S. Rep. Bob Ney Won't Seek Re-Election: Republican dogged by an influence peddling probe in Washington, with Jack Abramoff

The competence Presidential candidate: Can Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney make competency sell?

Mexico leftist warns of long fight over Presidential vote count

Weather Making The News

Philippines fears imminent eruption at volcano

More than 800 killed or missing from North Korea floods

'God of Rain' kills 48 and destroys crops and houses in China

Floods kill more than 100 in eastern region of Ethiopia

Heatwave death toll in New York climbs to 20

Heat Wave Continues for Parts of South: Heat advisories in effect Monday for Arkansas, Tennessee and Mississippi

Church-Free Zoning Rule Challenged in Federal Suit: In Titusville, Pennsylvania

"KFC Tortures Chicks": Animal Rights Activists in Bikini Protest In Front of Moscow KFC

Italy keeps possible CIA kidnap documents secret

Remembering hell on Earth: Hiroshima, Japan, 61 years later - more than 220,000 died

Researcher Warns of Security Problems With Electronic Passports: Have major vulnerability which allow criminals to clone embedded secret code and enter countries illegally

Microsoft Dares Security Experts to Find Holes in Windows Vista, The Next Generation of Operating System

US Senate Ratifies International Treaty to Crack Down on Internet Crimes

Senate Panels Vote Against Taxing Local Calls, Internet Connections

Strange But True: With PM Blair gone, Britain will be weaker

Moscow Claims U.S. Arms Embargo Imposed for Fear of Competition With Russian-made Weapons Systems

Hong Kong Passes Controversial Spy Bill


Israeli - Palestinian War

Mideast war rages on despite UN peace resolution

U.S., France join in cease-fire call in Lebanon war

Israeli war deaths go largely unnoticed by world's Mass Media: Meanwhile, British press continues anti-Israel tirade

Hezbollah equipped like the `Syrian or Iranian army': Israel's enemy is no ragtag militia - Anti-tank missiles proving deadly

Incredible Truth: Israel has military capability to erect 100% effective missile shield - Why isn't she using it?

Hezbollah Rockets Kill 10 in Israel : Direct hit on a crowd --- 4 others seriously wounded in 'worst attack' since war began

Doctor volunteers for reserve duty, killed in Lebanon

IDF casualties reported in south Lebanon: Heavy clashes between IDF reservists and Hizbullah guerillas, as IDF completed the establishment of a security zone in southern Lebanon

Lebanon Gets Heavy Battering

Israel's tanks succumb to Hezbollah's powerful and sophisticated anti-tank missiles

Security and Defense: Marching Backward? IDF preparing public for possibility they might be forced to cease war before they win a decisive victory

Palestinian Parliament Speaker Arrested: At his home

Israeli air strikes kill 5, wound 4 in Gaza

Public split on Bush's handling of the Mideast crisis: Poll reveals

U.S. Treads Softly Over Iran’s Role in Crisis

US Blogs Reveal: Reuters doctored Beirut photo - photograph was distorted to show more smoke and damage

Barbarians With Wings: Air power was supposed to make warfare civilized. It hasn't worked out that way

Don’t Send the UN Into Lebanon at This Stage: History is one of failure

Pry Syria away from Iran

Iran turns crisis into opportunity to become Middle East regional power

Pope Benedict XVI presses bid to end Mideast fighting

Israel May Target Hezbollah Chief, Says Olmert: Did not rule out an assassination attempt on Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah

Jordan ready to supply fuel to Lebanon

Postcards from the edge: Wish you were here, Mr Blair? Matters getting worse in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Hearing Begins in Iraq Rape-Slaying Case

U.S. Activists Call for Troop Withdrawal

Half of America believes the official Bush lie: Why the enduring faith in 'Saddam’s WMDs’? Reality in this case US weapons hunters known as the Iraq Survey Group declared that Iraq had dismantled its chemical, biological and nuclear arms programs in 1991 under UN oversight

Push for stability so democracy can follow - Bombs Rock Iraqi Market

A Reality Check on Iraq: Whether civil war or uncivil sectarian strife, the situation in Iraq is getting worse fast, and pushing U.S. involvement to the brink

‘Civil War’ Is Uttered, and White House’s Iraq Strategy Is Dealt a Blow

Mr. Rumsfeld's Blinders: He denies painting rosy pictures of Iraq, but the record suggests just the opposite

Fresh violence in Iraq: 64 suspected militants arrested

American Troops pack Baghdad to quell terror: But bombs continue to explode

Town blames attacks on U.S. forces: Residents say Americans incite violence, not insurgents

Vietnam War Flashback -- Civilian Killings Went Unpunished - Declassified papers show U.S. atrocities went far beyond My Lai

The family forced to flee Iraq is on the run again

Republicans Must Act Now: Time is running out for the Republicans to prevent a significant electoral setback this fall

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Blast Hits Convoy in South Afghanistan

Iran Plans to Expand Nuclear Activities

Iran's plot to mine uranium in Africa - is seeking to import large consignments of bomb-making uranium from the African mining area that produced the Hiroshima bomb

Iranian scientists have visas revoked on eve of meeting in U.S.

U.S. punishes 7 companies for Iran deals

India: The Drift in Foreign Policy Turning Into a Directionless Swirl

Pakistan Grapples With Rising Extremism Among Youth

Sri Lanka bloodshed stops as Norway clinches peace deal

Castro recovering fast: Officials claim

One expert’s take on Cuba with Raul at the helm

CNN hires Castro's estranged daughter

More than 70 killed in Ethiopian floods: Many victims swept away while sleeping

Empty Serb nuclear reactor inviting for terrorists

Special Emphasis

Shocking Truth: The Real Author of Shakespeare Is Also The Real Founder of America!

Hard-hitting documentary reveals an historic truth hidden for 400 years

Oil Drilling debate rumbles in S.C.: Move to loosen federal rules on offshore rigs turns up political heat - Rising gasoline prices and Middle East turmoil have fueled a push in Congress to lift the 25-year federal moratorium on offshore oil drilling

I'm staying for another year at least, vows Blair

Moral Collapse

Friends of Phoenix Slay Suspect Shocked

Police Find Map Marking Phoenix Slayings

Capitol Cop, Coach Charged in Sex Case

Texas School District Bans Cleavage

Police won’t prosecute a man for using his home security system to record detectives on his front porch: Cops turned rude

or VHS

Bookstore Resource: U.N. Plans For Over 50% Of All North America To Be Designated "No-Human Zone"

No-Human Zones for the Ocean -- California is on the verge of adopting its first plan to manage coastal waters

Analysis Article: Ultimate Goal of "Sustainable Development" Might Be A SuperStorm: Movie "Day After Tomorrow" Shows This Plan Quite Well

Beaches in Hot Water: What happens when our ocean temps are unseasonably warm?

Anger boils as Mexico court orders only partial recount of votes in the disputed July 2 race for president

Death Toll in Typhoon Prapiroon Rises to 55 in China

'God of rain' leaves many dead, missing in China

Mass pardon for convicts in Italy leads to a crime wave - Effort to release overcrowding jails backfires badly


Israeli - Palestinian War

Iran Admits: We supplied Zelzal-2 Long-Range Missile to Hizbullah

Israeli commandos stage Tyre raid: Targeted Hezbollah rocket launchers

Tyre raid ‘heroic operation’

Israeli jets blast Beirut after Hezbollah threatens Tel Aviv

IAF Attacks Beirut´s Bridges and Bekaa Valley Power Station

Barrage of 11 rockets land in Haifa area

Police Warn Israelis to Stay in Shelters

Cleared for Publication: 2 IDF Soldiers Killed In Markhava - Struck by anti-tank missiles

Mother, 2 children killed by IDF in Gaza

‘Hezbollah Fighting the War It Has Prepared For’

Pakistan's National Assembly Condemns Israeli Barbarity

US, France close to deal on UN Mideast resolution

Blair bows to pressure and delays holiday over crisis: heightening expectations that a United Nations resolution over the escalating conflict in Lebanon is imminent

Thousands to march in London for Mideast ceasefire



Apocalypse Near

A strike into Hezbollah's heart

Speaking the language of the Middle East: Israel has changed the rules of the game

Arc of Extremism: The shifting alliances and rivalries within fanatical Islam

'The US is the kiss of death' in the Arab world

Special Emphasis

Shocking Truth: The Real Author of Shakespeare Is Also The Real Founder of America!

Hard-hitting documentary reveals an historic truth hidden for 400 years

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Why The U.S. Soldier Raped Abeer Qasim Hamza al-Janabi: And why it IS only the tip of the iceberg

U.S. soldiers to face Iraq hearing: Four U.S. soldiers charged in connection with the rape and slaying of an Iraqi female and the killings of her family will begin an Article 32 hearing Sunday at Camp Victory near Baghdad

Accused U.S. soldiers refuse to testify

British ambassador warns Iraq is likely to break up along ethnic lines

An Iraq Civil war offers U.S. choice: pull out or take sides

From soldiers' view, civil war in Iraq has started

Suicide bomber kills 10 in Iraq: Two GIs die

Attacks against Iraqi civilians climb: 80 percent of the attacks in one of Iraq's most troubled provinces are against civilians rather than the U.S. military -- deliberate shift in tactics

Fresh violence in Iraq; 64 militants arrested

Insurgents Kill Dozens of Iraqis in New Attacks

Bomb Blasts Wound 8 in Baqouba Market

Unspoken consensus: U.S. short on troops

Senate Postpones Military Spending Bill

Iraq War may trump all other concerns in Congressional election season

A Death In The Family: sorrowfully records another one lost. Army Spec. Hai Ming Hsia died in Iraq this past week, by roadside bomb - was one of those soldiers who joined the military for economic reasons, for the sake of a wife and child he found it difficult to support on a private security guard's pay

The Sound of One Domino Falling

"Without Precedent" Book: Sept. 11 panel doubted Pentagon's official story -- recounts obstacles the authors say were thrown up by the Bush Administration

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Darfur, Sudan, at edge of abyss

Bombay Terror Blasts: Kashmiri Among Many Arrested

Sri Lanka military kills 35 Tamil rebels

Tropical Storm Chris weakens into a depression

Oil prices dip as storm wanes : Gulf Coast facilities no longer threatened

Death toll from storm in China hits 48

Badwater Ultramarathon: 123 in the shade, and 135 miles in the sun -- At Furnace City, California

Bush tells Congressional Hill to 'do its duty' on immigration bill: Bill includes a guest-worker program and a path to citizenship for illegal aliens

Some Cubans enjoy comforts of Communism

Cuban dissidents fearful of retaliation

Congress Sends Pension Overhaul Bill To President Bush



Special Emphasis

Shocking Truth: The Real Author of Shakespeare Is Also The Real Founder of America!

Hard-hitting documentary reveals an historic truth hidden for 400 years

Israeli - Palestinian War

OOPS!! When Israeli Prime Minister Olmert Announced That This Current War Would Enable Israel To Unilaterally Withdraw From The West Bank, He Revealed An End Goal Which Should Not Have Been Revealed At This Time!

New DVD-- Relentless War

Deadly Day For Israel: Funerals begin for Thursday's victims

Hezbollah rockets kill eight Israelis: Massive wave of guerrilla rockets pounded northern Israel in a matter of minutes

Names of Tisha B´Av Victims - Victims of the missile attacks and the fallen soldiers over Tisha B'Av

Hizbollah missiles can hit all of Israel

Analysis: Why the Katyusha rockets are so hard to prevent

Comment: Patriotism vs. Greater Israel -- timing of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's comment Wednesday that military success in the North could create momentum for his realignment plan was horrible

Analysis: PM's apology restores internal ceasefire

Hezbollah's Nazi Roots: Across the Middle East, radical Islamists yearn for a new Holocaust

Iranian President Ahmadinejad's call to destroy Israel draws French condemnation

Israeli bombs again pummel Beirut suburbs: Bridges north of the capital also taken out

Bridge bombing paralyses Lebanon aid pipeline

Hezbollah makes cease-fire offer: Israel shrugs it off; sides exchange heavy strikes

Israeli forces search houses in Gaza: 10 Palestinians killed in two days

Two killed in Gaza by tank shell

Israel pounds Hezbollah's strongholds - Skies rain death on Israel, Lebanon

Christian villages in Lebanon spared

Chavez withdraws Venezuela ambassador in Israel

Rice Signals Possible Lebanon Compromise

Jordan's king says Arab moderates weakened: Fighting in Lebanon has weakened moderates across the Mideast

Lebanon crisis can spark off a new wave of Islamic terror attacks

Israel's Olmert favours Germans in Lebanon international peacekeeping force -- But many citizens are uneasy about sending soldiers to the region some 60 years after the Holocaust

Hamas Claims: Israel theoretically agrees to prisoner exchange

Evidence Mounts that Kana (Cana) "Massacre" Was a Fake


Israel and US are losing the war

I, too, am horrified by the awful scenes in Lebanon. But wait...

Israel using ineffective Rumsfeld model

War of deception and stupidity

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Pro-Hezbollah rally adds to Baghdad tension -- Iraq's Shia in 'million man march'

US army opened fire on a convoy carrying supporters of radical Shia cleric Moqtada Al-Sadr at a checkpoint south of Baghdad: At least 16 wounded

Bomb in central Baghdad shopping area kills at least 12

Senior Mosul policeman killed by car bomb

Top U.S. generals fear Iraq civil war - 'Civil war will tear Iraq apart'

Comments are the most dire the military has made yet on the conflict: Two top U.S. generals said sectarian violence in Iraq is much worse than they had ever anticipated

US may be asked to leave this year

In Iraqi Town, U.S. Feels Push Toward an Exit

U.S. actions, failures in Iraq indefensible

Senator Hillary Clinton calls for Rumsfeld's resignation

CBS journalist wounded in Iraq leaves hospital: Kimberly Dozier was suffered wounds to her head, legs and lower body when a roadside bomb exploded while she and her crew were embedded with the 4th Infantry Division in Baghdad - blast killed her camera crew — Paul Douglas and James Brolan

Japan announces $29m loan to rebuild Iraq: During surprise visit to Baghdad by Foreign Minister

'Australia bound' Islamic terror bomber probe: Possibly on a mission to attack Jewish interests in Australia

Turkish State TV Pulls Holocaust Film After Turkish Pro-Government Paper Criticies Airing

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Suicide bomber hits NATO convoy in Afghan south

Syria Wants to Talk, But Bush Won't Answer the Phone: Damascus has effectively cooperated with Washington on terrorism, says Syria's ambassador

Bidding Fidel Farewell: U.S. should lift the ban on travel and remittances, outsource some diplomacy to Latin America, and keep Miami's exiles from driving policy

Bush calls for democracy in Cuba

Bush point man has no love for Castro

Cuba bristles at Bush amid growing uncertainty

North Korea may have removed Taepodong-2 missile missile from launch site

Uganda to return to peace talks

Venezuela to acquire anti-aircraft missile system

U.N. Leader Annan Makes First Trip to Haiti

Bush takes pre-vacation detour: Gets a tour of border-patrol efforts in his home state

They Didn't See This in Gibson's Script: The star's friends and colleagues are aghast at his outburst against Jews

New poll shows Lieberman is losing ground in primary race: Senator falls 13 points behind Democratic rival

Weather News


Heat wave disrupts power, claims 27 lives: Weather shows signs of breaking in East, Midwest

N.H. woman bakes cookies on dashboard of her Toyota Rav4: Blistering heat was just what Sandi Fontaine needed to bake cookies for her co-workers

French heatwave death toll rises as southern Europe swelters on

Pat Robertson converts – to 'global warming': Broadcaster says U.S. heatwave convinced him burning fossil fuels needs to be addressed

Chicago Heat Is Gone, But Storms Wreak Havoc

Hurricanes / Typhoons

Monster hurricane called unlikely in ’06

Tropical Storm Chris pushes across Caribbean

400,000 evacuated as Typhoon Prapiroon crashes into southern China

Pakistan landslides creating second wave of quake refugees

Ex-Big Dig safety official admits he sent memo: Says he stands by authenticity of document, warning that the Boston Interstate 90 connector ceiling was unsafe

Body modification a growing trend: Has been growing steadily for about a decade, attracting more followers now that tattoos and simple piercings are more mainstream

German zoo finds H5N1 bird flu in dead swan

US stocks: Market bounces back -- improving sentiment about the consumer

Oil: Storm worries decrease

Intel launches new Israeli developed chip: Chip developed at corporation’s Haifa R&D center will be at core of its mobile, desktop production line

GM Exec: Sales slide finally over

iPods to ride shotgun: Automakers integrate device into car audio systems

Moral Collapse

High School Coach Accused of Being a Pimp: Confession came from one of his prostitutes, a 15-year-old girl

Former Counselor-In-Training At Private Hillside School Convicted Of Having Sexual Contact With Male Special Education Students

Homosexual-activist cop threatens Christians: Officer orders pro-marriage petitions removed from Promise Keepers event

Aggressive robbers terrorizing victims: Police searching for two men who enter businesses with guns drawn

Senate nixes GOP wage, estate tax bill

Australian Minister defends 'floating prison'

Pay-By-Touch Shopping: Available in selected grocery stores in 44 states, say it saves time and helps guard against credit-card fraud - Debit cards are good, but nothing is more secure than your own finger

Political U-Turn!!

Original Statement

PM Olmert: Lebanon outcome to create momentum for West Bank pullout - "Lebanon fighting will create "new momentum" for Israel's plan to separate from the Palestinians by withdrawing from much of the West Bank"


Olmert apologizes for pullout remarks: 10 right wing IDF reservists have announced that they will refuse to obey orders to enter Lebanon following comments made by Prime Minister Ehud Olmert arguing that the war in Lebanon could create momentum for further West Bank pullouts

Cutting Edge Original Article

Israel Simply Had To Destroy War-Making Capability of Hamas and Palestinian Authority Within Israel, Plus the Hizbullah in Lebanon - Before She Could Begin West Bank Withdrawal


Israeli - Palestinian War

Temple Mount closed for Tisha Be'av: 9th of Av

Emphasis On International Force

PM Olmert Calls For Foreign Troops: 15,000 international troops needed in southern Lebanon - a real army with combat units

Analysis: What if a 'robust' international force tarries?

War News

Israel near goal in Lebanon, UN vote next week: PM Olmert declares

Israeli Warplanes Hit Beirut Suburbs

IDF operating in 20 south Lebanon villages: Thousands of soldiers are operating in Lebanese territory, 6 km deep inside country

Heavy equipment used to bury the dead in Lebanon

IDF poised to retake 6-8 km security zone in southern Lebanon

IAF resumes raids on Beirut, Bekka

IDF Soldier killed, soldier severely hurt in Lebanon: Harsh battles take place all day Wednesday

Israel hit by Hezbollah barrage: Hezbollah fighters have launched more than 220 rockets into Israel from Lebanon, the biggest single-day barrage since the conflict began

IDF: We assumed building in Qana to be empty - Had we known building was occupied by civilians, we would not have attacked it

Israel blames Hezbollah for Qana deaths

8 Palestinians killed in Gaza raid

Gas, Medicine in Short Supply in Lebanon

Human rights group accuses Israel of war crimes

Leaders of Muslim countries slam Israel: Malaysian PM condemns UN for lacking courage to condemn Israel

Overseas Reaction

Jewish shops defaced with swastikas in Rome

For second time in a week, Jewish institution attacked in Sydney, Australia

Qana killings spark violent protests

Lebanon: We will sue Israel in International Criminal Court at Hague -- For War Crimes


The media aims its missiles: International press not only is misreporting the current conflict in Lebanon, they are actively fanning the flames

Monumental Hope and Grinding Despair: All throughout Middle East

Lebanon war fought 'morally as possible'

Most Americans Back Israel, Split on U.S. Role

Analysis: Hezbollah need not beat Israel, merely survive

New Cutting Edge Article

President Bush Proposing Legislation Threatening Liberties and Rights of Every American Citizen!

Related Current News Article

Attorney General Gonzales Holds To Hard Line on Detainees

Special Emphasis

Boston, NYC, Philly, Baltimore, Washington aligned with Stonehenge?
Documentary explores shocking message founders intended to send us

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Murder - Rape Allegations News

Probe Backs Allegations Against Marines: Evidence supports charges that Marines deliberately shot 24 Iraqi civilians in Haditha last November

Mom says soldier son followed attack orders: Supporters of the four say the charges are politically motivated

Black Hawk Down hero 'told men to kill all Iraqis': Accused soldiers’ defence that they were following orders to kill all military-aged males

Analysis: Officers Allegedly Pushed "Kill Counts" -- Investigators believe the leaders of a unit accused in Iraq detainee deaths fueled a climate of hate

Army Restricts Media Access to Iraqi Witnesses in GI Murder-Rape Trial

War News

Iraq civil war warning for Blair: Britain's outgoing ambassador -- Iraq likely to break up along ethnic lines

Civil war warning blow to Blair

Bomb blasts hit Baghdad football game: At least 12 people, many of them children, have been killed in bomb attacks while they were playing football

Top Marine Commander: Insurgent Attacks Up in Iraq

U.S. Military Increasingly Using Air Lifts: To avoid the deadly roadside bombs that remain a major killer of American soldiers after more than three years of war

Journalist Killings in Iraq Condemned

Poor planning, so millions wasted in Iraq rebuilding

Rumsfeld decides to testify on Iraq war

Bombing, Shootings Kill Over 70 in Iraq

Attacks Target Iraqi Soldiers and Police

"War Is Over" billboards promote Lennon film: An effort to tap into current anti-war sentiment

Japanese Foreign Minister Arrives In Baghdad - Surprise Visit

Iran still considering nuke incentives offer qaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa2

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Tamil rebels infiltrate government-held town in northeastern Sri Lanka: Fierce fighting rages

Shells Hit Sri Lanka Schools: 18 Killed

2 Russian Peacekeepers Killed in Armed Attack in Georgia’s Breakaway Province

Ukraine’s Pro-West Yushchenko Forced to Name Rival as Prime Minister

Australia to pull troops from East Timor

Rebels kill six Colombian anti-coca workers: Had been hired by the government to rip out illicit crops from a public nature reserve

Africa Still Struggles for Democracy

Mel Gibson charged with misdemeanour drunken driving

Mel Gibson: Has He Gone Too Far? Says Holocaust is just a "numbers game"

Fidel Castro 'very alert' after surgery

Hatred of Fidel Castro Shaped South Florida

Cuban Exiles may be celebrating too soon

U.S. Prepares for Showdown in Cuba: Congress encourages Cuban dissident

Weather News

Heat, Humidity Combine to Torture East

American Heat Map

Intense Heat Begets Intense Smog: As July temperatures soared, the number of unhealthy days did too from coast to coast

The Heat Goes On: Heat Wave Zaps Power-Deprived Queens Neighborhood

Tropical Storm CHRIS Public Advisory

Chris Tracking Map - Continues to weaken

New Orleans nervously eyes tropical storm Chris

Typhoon Heads Toward Southern China

Light Quake Hits San Francisco Bay Area -- 4.4 magnitude

Bush, Reporters Say Goodbye to Press Room

President Bush Calls Sam Donaldson A "Has Been"

Marine to get revenge for flying U.S. flag?: Law signed by Bush could help man at war with homeowners association - "The Freedom to Display the American Flag Act of 2005 " law takes effect Monday

New Woe For Senator Joe Lieberman: Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson will hit the trail today in support of the man challenging Sen. Joe Lieberman in the Connecticut Democratic primary

Senate gives Bush bill to save cross: Passes proposal enabling feds to acquire Mt. Soledad land

Russian Satellites Spying on Illegal Loggers


Article of the Day

PM Olmert: Lebanon outcome to create momentum for West Bank pullout - "Lebanon fighting will create "new momentum" for Israel's plan to separate from the Palestinians by withdrawing from much of the West Bank"

New Cutting Edge Article

President Bush Proposing Legislation Threatening Liberties and Rights of Every American Citizen!

Breaking News

Bomb blasts hit Baghdad football game: At least 12 people, many of them children, have been killed in bomb attacks while they were playing football

Scores Dead Across Iraq in Blasts, Shootings

Israel hit by Hezbollah barrage: Hezbollah fighters have launched more than 220 rockets into Israel from Lebanon, the biggest single-day barrage since the conflict began

Fighting diminishes ceasefire hopes: Israeli determination had been underestimated

300-400 Hizbullah Fighters Killed

MK Beilin demands gov't declare war

Gaza 'crisis as bad as Lebanon'

Temple Mount Trouble -- Islamic Movement Insists: Prevent Jewish groups from visiting Temple Mount on Thursday, 9th of Av

Temple Mount closed for Tisha Be'av -- 9th of Av

Israeli - Palestinian War

Major Escalation -- Day 22

Pitched Battles in Southern Lebanon

Israel poured up to 10,000 armored troops into south Lebanon Tuesday: Israeli commandos also raided Hezbollah-run hospital to capture guerillas hiding there

Israel expands offensive deep into Lebanon: Israeli operation in Baalbeck represented the Jewish state's northernmost drive in three weeks of fighting

150 Palestinian rockets rain down on northern cities

PM Olmert: Lebanon outcome to create momentum for West Bank pullout - "Lebanon fighting will create "new momentum" for Israel's plan to separate from the Palestinians by withdrawing from much of the West Bank"

Arab MK: Israel committing 'genocide' of Shiites

Russian Journalist Wounded, Survives Shelling in Lebanon

Key Republican Breaks With Bush on Middle East: Nebraska's Sen. Chuck Hagel calls for immediate cease-fire

Reserves soldiers' groups complain: IDF avoiding paying call-up benefits

Captured Israeli soldier's wife pleads for his return

Russia’s Lavrov Condemns Qana Shelling on Behalf of Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe

Syrians Give the Lebanese VIP Treatment: Refugees get free food, haircuts and taxi rides. Strangers open their homes to the displaced

Iran prez: Israelis 'bloodthirsty savages': Ahmadinejad questions whether Zionists are human beings

Israel's Gen. Halutz: Cease Fire 'Out of the Question'

French tourists: We're not afraid


A war we must win, at any price: By Uzi Landau

Hold Damascus Responsible: By CFR's Daniel Pipes

Lebanese Road Map: Olmert knows the danger has passed -- But if this ground campaign is not successful, it will be a terrible loss for Israel

This is just the start of a showdown between the West and The Rest: Both West and Islam are being driven by Messianic vision

Engineered War - Israel planned this war over a year ago

Non-Integrating States News -- Iran

Iran's President Rejects U.N. Deadline: Pursues Nukes

Russia Urges Iran to Heed International Opinion on Nukes

UN's resolution against Iran's nuclear program is linked to Lebanon events: Iran claims

France Praises Iran's 'Stabilizing Role' In Middle East Region

Cuba In Transition

Fidel Castro's Final Moment 'Very Far Away'

Raul Castro Emerging From the Shadows

Viva Fidel? Cuba wakes up to life after Castro

U.S. Ready to Aid Transition in Cuba

Cubans, U.S. look for signs after Castro has surgery

Text of Fidel Castro's Letter on State TV

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Merchants in Iraq shut down stores: Owners worried now just about feeding their children

La Crescenta, California, Man Kidnapped in Iraq

Car bomb kills over 60 at Baghdad market

70 are slain in new Iraq violence - Bombings, shootings, dead included 20 Iraqi troops, a U.S. soldier and a British soldier

Marine in Haditha Case Accuses Congressman Murtha of Defamation: Lawsuit to be filed Wednesday

In `liberated' Iraq -- country is sliding into a civil war, but this reality is overlooked by the U.S.

In Baghdad, street kids live on petrol smuggling

Most revered Iraqi Shi'ite cleric Sistani says “patience has run out” on Lebanon tragedy

Iraq pipeline way behind: Critical oil project is latest in a series to go wrong

U.S. soldiers charged with murder appear in Iraq military court: Trial being held at Contingency Operating Base Speicher in Saddam Hussein's hometown of Tikri - Accused could face death penalty

Special Emphasis

Boston, NYC, Philly, Baltimore, Washington aligned with Stonehenge?
Documentary explores shocking message founders intended to send us

Weather News

Emergency declared as heat wave bakes NYC

East Coast may be overdue for killer storm: Population density, missing evacuation plans raise risk of major disaster

New England Region facing triple-digit heat, record power demand

Tropical Storm Chris Strengthens: Now approaching eastern edge of the Caribbean

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Car blast in Afghan capital kills at least one

3 British soldiers killed in NATO's Afghan command debut

Indian Government Approves Purchase of 3 Stealth Frigates from Russia: With state-of-the-art equipment

In India, Graft Takes the Wheel

Europeans See Russia as Partner, U.S. as Threat — Poll in five leading countries of western Europe reveals

Senate OKs drilling in Gulf of Mexico: House goal wider

Saudis Warn: Oil Prices Will Plummet

U.S. borders perilously porous: Federal investigators easily pass border checks using fake identification

Stirring The Nation's Melting Pot: There are 40 million Latinos in the United States, more than 13 percent of the population - By 2040, there will be 60 million Latinos in the United States

Brain Space Map Gets $3.3m Grant

Toyota clips Ford as No. 2 car maker: But Ford Fusion, Mercury Milan and Lincoln Zephyr midsize cars performed strongly

Toyota closes in on GM sales: Japanese brand's success on U.S. coasts, fuel-efficient models push it toward end of automaker's 80-year rule

Australian Terror Alert On Campus: Federal Government starting to control academics, in the guise of "fighting terror"!

Disney Cancels Mel Gibson Holocaust Series




Breaking News

Pitched Battles in Southern Lebanon

Key Republican Breaks With Bush on Middle East: Nebraska's Sen. Chuck Hagel calls for immediate cease-fire

Stop the Band-Aid Treatment -- By Jimmy Carter -- We need policies for a real, lasting Middle East peace

Palestinian protesters in Ramallah urge Hizbullah leader Nasrallah to bomb Tel Aviv

PM Olmert: Face of Middle East has changed -- Military achievements in past 3 weeks have changed face of Middle East. Israel refuses to live under threat

Israeli - Palestinian War

9th of AV -- Why we Jews are concerned about this coming Wednesday

Hizbullah's missile launch capability seriously curtailed - Israel readies deeper ground offensive

Israeli troops crossed the border into a new area of southern Lebanon on Tuesday

Analysis: Too late now for an invasion?

After the Lull, Israel Plans to Stay on Attack: Olmert wins approval for wider ground war

Analysis: The turning point? In Hizubllah's favor? Guerilla's practice of locating military offices and fighting units within civilian areas proved appallingly effective

Photos that damn Hezbollah: Hezbollah using high-density residential areas as launch pads for rockets and heavy-calibre weapons - Dressed in civilian clothing so they can quickly disappear

IDF says it may not be responsible for Qana deaths: But was unable to offer an alternative explanation

For Lebanese, Calm Moment to Flee Ruins

Raise readiness, Assad tells Syrian Army

Egypt’s Mubarak says UN “impotent” over Lebanon -- Pushes for immediate ceasefire

War Pause May Be This Week: Rice declares

PM Olmert Declares Monday Night: No Ceasefire Anytime Soon -- Lebanon: No Deal

Glaring Omission in Rice Plan: Fate of IDF Hostages

Israel Warns, Gazans Panic: The army says it phones ahead of attacks to limit casualties. Palestinians protest the tactic

Most Russians Blame Israel for Current Middle East Crisis — Poll Reveals

Russia Calls for Immediate Ceasefire in Lebanon


The 'king of fairyland' will never grasp the realities of the Middle East: A US leader in his second term should have the power to rein in Israel. But George Bush is no ordinary president

On Cease-Fire, U.S. Diplomacy Again Takes a Go-It-Alone Path

The day Israel realised this was a real war: When elite IDF soldiers walked into "an ambush from hell" - 9 died

Will Israel's gamble put Blair in the firing line?

A war without borders is in the making

Bush Looks to U.N. ----- for Mideast Solution

Iran will fight to its strengths: In recognition of this, the US may be losing interest in the vast commitment needed for an invasion

China calls for restraint on Iran nuclear issue

France: Israel Not Doing Enough, Iran ‘Stabilizing Element’ -- Says Iran is an "outstanding" country, with great people and an honorable civilization. It has a crucial role in the region”

Cuba Undergoing Leadership Transition?

Fidel Castro steps down temporarily after intestinal surgery, passing power to brother Raul: World's third longest serving head of state

Brother Raul Said To Be "More Radical"

Venezuela's Chavez worried about Castro's health

Cubans in Miami Await News on Castro

Key Dates in Castro's Government in Cuba

Two Koreas exchange gunfire along border

How to win a war and how to lose one: Afghanistan and Iraq are studies in opposites

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Iraq Supporting Lebanon : American politicians seemed surprised

Bomb attacks on Iraqi forces kill 40

Gunmen abduct 26 in 'safe' area of Baghdad: Insurgents dressed as Iraqi security guards

Car bomb explodes in downtown Baghdad, killing at least 14, injuring 37

4 Marines Die As Iraq Violence Continues

Baghdad street barely recovers from one bomb as another hits: Residents conclude that they cannot leave their safety in the hands of Iraqi security forces

Democrats Unite To Urge Bush to Begin Pulling Troops From Iraq By End of Year

Iraq pushes for international aid: Two top officials say their country deserves to be compensated because it is fighting terrorists on behalf of other countries

Japan air force completes first airlift to Baghdad: Tokyo moved to expand its air operations in Iraq

The Return of Turkey's Kurdish Problem: The U.S. might still be able to head off a Turkish attack on Iraqi's Kurds

The Next Front: Pressure is building on Turkey to deal more harshly with cross-border terrorist attacks from Iraq

'Pendleton 8' hearing slated today: 7 Marines, 1 sailor face conspiracy, kidnapping, murder charges over Iraqi death

US general who oversaw detentions retires with honors: Maj. Gen. Geoffrey Miller, commanded the Guantanamo prison and helped shape detention practices at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq

Mel Gibson

Suicide Attempt?

EXCLUSIVE: Mel Gibson Was 'Really On The Verge Of Suicide' Before His DUI Arrest; 'This Was A Death Wish'

Sheriff's Office Debated Mel Gibson's Arrest Report: Officials locked away deputy's account of the actor's alleged threats and anti-Semitic rants

Was It Alcohol or Anti-Semitism Talking? Doctors Disagree

Report verifies Mel Gibson's anti-Semitic comments

Crossing This Line Could Cost Him Deals: No man is an island in the movie business

ABC pulls Mel Gibson Holocaust miniseries

United Air Lines Returns To Profit

Twelve women will ordain themselves as priests and deacons in Pittsburgh: Catholic Church, however, is not recognizing the ceremony because it has an all-male priesthood

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan Sees Up To 24,000 UN Peacekeepers For Darfur

NATO steps into toughest postwar mission: As it assumes control of international troops in southern Afghanistan

Two British troops killed in ambush in Afghan south

Six killed in car bomb blast in east Afghanistan: Outside a mosque

Poverty-stricken Rwanda puts its faith and future into the wide wired world: Country aiming to be hub of technology

Colombian pre-inauguration attacks kill 18

Russia Offers Amnesty to Chechen Separatists

Global Warming Conditioning Continues

Britain, California to work together on Global Warming

American Midwest, Plains Hit by Blowtorch Heat

New Record In South Dakota -- 112 degrees F.

Heat wave to push Midwest power demand to record -- Crops Baking

Australian town can't stomach recycled sewage water -- Drought-hit Australian town

July hottest month in Britain since records began

Global-warming pact bypasses Bush

Dead Baby Closes Florida Abortion Mill: Result of botched abortion, a baby born alive and possibly killed after the fact - this is the result of legalizing murder in the womb in this country

Operation Rescue OR To Call for FL Abortion Mill Prosecution Under Federal Law

ABORTIONIST TILLER GETS AWAY WITH MURDER! Grand Jury fails to issue indictments in late-term abortion death of Texas teen

Libby wants memory expert testimony in CIA leak case

Tropical Storm 'Chris' Forms Near Leeward Islands

Russia to Tighten Foreign Access to Oil, Gas Reserves

Russia Resumes Oil Supplies to Europe After Leak, Plays Down Environmental Damage

China nuke shelter can house 200,000

U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales Plans To Focus On Immigration, Drugs

Stem-Cell Therapy: The cure for all our ills?


Marching Toward Armageddon?

Book - DVD

Hurtling Toward Judgment Day?

Raging Wars In Middle East Setting Stage For Prophecy Fulfillment In

Joel 3

Zechariah 12


Israel: God's Timepiece


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Warning! New Age Practices Coming Into Christian Church

They Sold Their Souls For Rock - n - Roll

"Christian Words: Un-Christian Actions"

President Bush's Actions Do Not Match His Statements

66% Reduction Planned - Just As Book of Revelation Foretells

Behold A Pale Horse

"Secret Societies were planning as far back as 1915 to invent an artificial threat ... to bring humanity together in a one world government which they call the New World Order"


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