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We have culled these pertinent stories from many sources to keep you updated on the Daily News events pertinent to the coming New World Order. Truly, once you know the Plan to establish the Kingdom of Antichrist, you will never look at the news the same way again. For A Cutting Edge Analysis and Recap Of Current Events Being Reported In The News Visit our Headline News Area

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Thursday, August 7, 2003 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For Our Military

Iraq - Non-Integrating State

Eight Die in Baghdad Blast at Jordan Embassy - Other news reports say 11 have died

U.S. General: Saddam on the Run and in Disguise

BUT: DEBKAfile Intelligence reported Saddam and his sons safely in their command/control center underground on July 12

Still Trying To Find Osama also!

US soldiers arrest 18 men loyal to Saddam

Kurds reject US call over Turkish peacekeeping force in Iraq

U.S. soldiers need blood donors: Asking for Type O to help save lives of battlefield victims

Blix denounces war on Iraq by American forces

True US casualty total is unknown: More than twice the number most Americans have been led to believe, have gone largely unreported in the media

US soldier falls to death in Iraq

Civilian deaths stoke Iraqis' resentment : Bitterness may widen resistance

Guerrilla warfare in Iraq threatens peace, reconstruction

Iraq to become Vietnam: Libya

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States

Khomeini grandson denounces Iranian regime

Russia, Iran get ready to intensify work of North-South transport corridor

Pakistan will never ignore Kashmir issue: President Pervez -- The REAL reason Kashmir is so important to Pakistan, India, and China

Peacekeepers to Begin Some Liberia Patrols

Saudi Arabia's naked emperor

Voodoo Weddings, Funerals to Be Official in Haiti

Iran, Cuba zap U.S. satellites : Official likens communications jamming to 'act of war'

Turkey's Radical Turn?


Bomb-hit Indonesia to announce new security measures: Entire reason for terror campaign is to allow new government laws to move country into "Core States" category

Bombed Marriott Luxury Hotel: Has has 33 floors and 333 rooms -- Illuminati numeric signature!

US Embassy cancelled the booking of Marriott Hotel 4.5 hours before explosion

America Destroyed By Design Video by Alex Jones

Jemaah Islamiah terror group said to take blame for Jakarta bomb -- JI equipped for more attacks 'within weeks' -- REAL Masters of Terror

Asian nations condemn Jakarta hotel bombing

First Bali Bombing Verdict Expected Soon -- Terrorists vow to avenge Amrozi

Jihad "virus" attacks Pentagon logic

Paul Wolfowitz's Indonesia amnesia

Korean Peninsula

North Korea - Iran Said To Be Jointly Preparing Nuclear Strike Capability

North Korea Shuns U.S. Official

US Report on Missile Build-up Denounced by China

China - Taiwan

China Getting Ready for Severe Blitzkrieg Against Taiwan

Homeland Security honcho comes under ethical cloud: Former Clinton loyalist accused of faking credentials, threatening employees with jail

Phonecams spark children fears: Publishing children's photographs on the internet

KGB general becomes US citizen

Catholic Priest Sex Abuse News

Vatican 'insisted on sex abuse secrecy'

Sex Crimes Cover-Up By Vatican?

How Could Roman Catholic Priests Sexually Abuse For Almost 1,000 Years?

Israel - Fighting Non-Integrating States

Hizballah’s Kidnapping Rampage Goes Unopposed

Search for Tiberias girl turns to intelligence gathering

Israel releases 334 prisoners; PA calls it "inadequate"

Official: Israel prepared for terrorist mega-attack

Disclosed: Would-be suicide bomber caught last Friday

Bush says progress made on security fence "problem"

Will U.S. Take Over Where Israel Left Off? In demanding extraditon of terrorist?

The Economic Crisis: How Rabbis Can Help

Tisha B’Av -- 9th of Av Celebration

Day of Disaster In Israel's History

Tisha B’Av Begins Tonight - Explains history

Katsav: "Baseless hatred" led to destruction of first and second TemplesL Wrong! God destroyed both Temples because of Israel's horrible sins of idolatry to Satanic gods!

Court Says No To Jewish Entry To Temple Mount

Corner-Stone Ceremony To Be Held - Temple Mount Faithful will be allowed to hold a special cornerstone-laying ceremony on the day of Tisha B'Av

MK Hazan to attempt entry to Temple Mount to commemorate 9th AV

Police, two Likud MKs in standoff over Temple Mount visit

Tisha B'av Commorative March

California Governor Recall News

Schwarzenegger Announces Calif. Governor Bid

Archived News: Bohemian Grove Powerful Selects Schwarzenegger To Run For California Governor

Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove Video by Alex Jones

Bill Clinton rallies round California's Governor Davis

Marine admits tampering with parachute: Charged with 13 counts of attempted premeditated murder, 13 counts of reckless endangerment, 13 counts of aggravated assault and other crimes

Moral Collapse

Gay Flood Continues

57% of Canadian Catholics back gay marriage: Poll finds Protestants are less supportive

Christian rally on gay rights: Liberal professors arguing Bible condemnation of homosexuality is not clear!

US gays gird for marriage battle

US Episcopal church meeting boycotted: 12 disgruntled conservatives against appointment of the church's first openly gay bishop, but remainder of 106 bishops continued meeting

Boy Scout assaulted at summer camp by older scout? Parents claim group leaders responded poorly to incident

Anglican Bishop Jensen warns against gay bishop: Repercussions in Africa would be disastrous

Miscellaneous Instances of Collapse

Montana Jogger run down 'for corpse sex'

Kobe Bryant case transforms US town: Eagle, Colorado

Global scourge: synthetic drugs

Survey: Majority of Americans OK With Ten Commandments, Pledge in Public -- Still some hope?

'Breach of Trust' rampant in nation's capital: "Outsiders" quickly are corrupted

Teen suicides over educational prospects rock Mexico

Faith-Based Fudging: How a Bush-promoted Christian prison program fakes success by massaging data

Archived Warning 2 1/2 Years Ago: Bush's Faith-Based Initiative Was "Trojan Horse" Designed To Destroy True Christian Churches

The Summer of Mars: What You'll See, How to Observe

Mars Watch: Where is the Red Planet Now?


Wednesday, August 6, 2003 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For Our Military

Non-Integrating States News

Iraq War News

Arab League rejects Iraq's ruling council: Rejects US-appointed government

True US casualty total is unknown: More than twice the number most Americans have been led to believe, have gone largely unreported in the media

Vaccine link raised in U.S troops' deaths from pneumonia: Government-sponsored study

U.S. parents say son in Iraq was casualty of chemical weapons, NOT pneumonia, rejecting US official explanation for death!

Army rules out bioagents in Iraq pneumonia cases

Real cause was likely Depleted Uranim poisoning

Iraqi insurgents kill informers: U.S. gains information, but can't protect sources

Iraqis are as defiant as ever

US soldier dies of heart attack: US soldier deployed in Camp Doha, Kuwait, has died of an apparent heart attack

US civilian working with the US army to rebuild the Iraqi oil industry was killed in Iraq attack

Apology for Walter Mitty "mistake": Blair spokesman

Baghdad Street Names Take on Shiite Bent

No date set yet for Iraq to resume Kirkuk crude oil deliveries

U.S. to deploy combined task force in Iraq


International Peacekeepers In Iraq? US Pressing

Arabs Rebuff U.S. Request To Send Troops To Iraq

France, Germany Will Not Send Troops To Iraq

India Not Likely To Send Troops To Iraq

Pakistan To Take A Decision On Iraq Peacekeeping Forces

Japanese Parliament Okays Iraq Troops Deployment

Israel - Palestinian State

Sharon is ready to pound Palestinians the way Bush whipped Saddam

Al Aqsa Martyrs' Brigade has ended its cease-fire with Israel: Ceasefire is now in real trouble if this decision is implemented

Israeli Government Officials Updated On Palestinian Mega-Terror Plans

Assassination plot broken up, Israel says: Hamas reportedly planning to assassinate Prime Minister Sharon

Something is not Kosher in the Knesset! Or In The Christian Church

Israel's fence draws threat of US sanctions

Israel to Free Several Hundred Palestinian Prisoners

Sharon, Abbas Meeting Canceled

Gunfire Directed at IDF North of Jenin

Rabbi of the Wall: Temple Mount Visits Are Forbidden

"Change Of Approach" In Supreme Court: explaining the closure of the Temple Mount to non-Moslems after allowing Jews to enter for several weeks

Tisha B’Av -- 9th of Av Celebration

Day of Disaster In Israel's History

Tisha B’Av Begins Tonight - Explains history

Chofetz Chaim Foundation’s Tisha B’Av Event

Tisha B´Av in Jerusalem: Marches and Temple Mount Court Suits

MKs Plan To Visit Temple Mount during the fast of Tisha B'Av

Senator Diane Feinstein: "The Modern Jesse James"

Phoenix Rises Above the Rest

Alleged cannibal will be drugged to face trial

Internet Forums Point the Way to Jihad

Swollen Orders Show Spam's Allure

Smaller Babies Tied To Sept. 11

Power from blood could lead to 'human batteries'

Fork With Your Tongue: Wanna-be reptiles separate tongues, much to society's chagrin

Gunman Killed After Opening Fire on Ventura County Sheriff's Station

An impending religious persecution in Canada?


Non-Integrating States News

Korean Peninsula

North Korea - Iran Said To Be Jointly Preparing Nuclear Strike Capability

North Korea, Iran Form Joint Nuke Team

These stories are propaganda, for North Korea already has up to 100 nukes with missiles

World warned on Hiroshima anniversary day: 8.15am local time a bell marked the minute on 6 August 1945 when the US atomic bomb exploded, killing/injuring 160,000

Hiroshima mayor slams Bush: Lashes out at US nuclear weapons programs and policies

U.S., Japan, S.Korea diplomats meet soon on N.Korea

North Korea nuclear talks this month

North Korea accuses S Korea of murder: Ends tours of North

Japanese White Paper cites need for missile defense

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States

Turkey's Radical Turn?

Troops, supplies arrive in Liberia: Half-dozen Marines to go ashore to serve as a U.S. liaison team

AIDS "like Armageddon," says UN health chief, rapping South Africa

Solomons PM soft on weapons possession

IAEA works toward gaining unrestricted inspections in Iran

Liberia Asks World Court to Annul Taylor Charges

Jakarta forensic team finds possible Bali link

Malaysia Purchases SU-30 Fighters from Russia

10,000 try to prove life after death in India

US reporter tells of life in Aceh: Military crackdown in the troubled Indonesian province of Aceh is not going as well as Indonesian officials claim

International Terrorism In Non-Integrating States

Suicide blast in Indonesia likened to Bali bombing

Alleged Bali bomber says he's thankful Marriott Hotel in Jakarta was attacked

Indonesia Promises to Raise Security Standards Following Hotel Bombing

Indonesian police had documents indicating hotel might be targeted

Domestic Terrorism News

U.S. Backs Florida's New Counterterrorism Database:
'Matrix' Offers Law Agencies Faster Access to Americans' Personal Records

NEW!! The Masters of Terror Video

9/11 - Descent Into Tyranny Book by Alex Jones

Attorney-General John Ashcroft’s Concentration Camp Program— Audio Tape

U.S. Warns of Weapons, Bombs Hidden in Electronics

Massachusetts Guard unit called to Guantanamo

Airports to Give Gadgets the Eye For Security

Moral Collapse Accelerating

Episcopalians Approve First Gay Bishop

Kennedy likens Vatican stance on gay unions to 'bigotry'

Stop 'gay marriage'! Impeach the 'Twisted Six' on U.S. Supreme Court

Sending in the Cops to Stop Exam Cheats

Cardinal hits out at "false" media coverage on Vatican gay marriage stance

Judge Orders Ten Commandments Monument Removed From Alabama Judicial Building

Porno Publisher Issues Call to 'Pray' for Death of Fox Broadcaster

Playboy Trims Second-Quarter Loss Amid Revenue Growth

People Leave California Faster Than Moving In

U.S. Treasuries Decline as Record Note Sales of $18 Billion Reduce Demand

Weather News

Four more dead in Spain as European heat wave sizzles on

Hottest Day Ever In Britain - Set for record 100° roast

No let-up in Europe heatwave

Heat and fires scorching Europe

Scorching Heat Wave Plagues Chinese Economic Output Centers

Pakistan floods maroon 1 million

US National Weather

Ridge Continues to Keep Texas Hot, Hot, Hot

Northwest Cools Down This Week

Persistent Trough Keeps East Cool

Hurricane Frequency and Ocean Temps




Tuesday, August 5, 2003 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For Our Military

Non-Integrating States News

Suspected Suicide Bomber Kills Eight at Luxury Jakarta, Indonesia Hotel

US plans 6,000mph hypersonic bomber to hit rogue regimes

IDF: Iran can produce nuclear bomb by 2005 -- UN nuclear agency experts begin talks with Iran

Syria assumes presidency of United Nations Security Council

Syria seeks bigger diplomatic role for EU in Middle East

Jordanian parliament rejects women's rights bills as anti-Islamic

West African Peacekeepers geared for action in Liberia : Joy as Nigerian peacekeepers arrive

Libya's Qaddafi faults U.S. policy on terrorism

U.N. Extends Ivory Coast Peackeepers

Iraq News

U.S. parents say son in Iraq was casualty of chemical weapons, not pneumonia, rejecting US official explanation for death! Real cause was likely Depleted Uranim poisoning

Newsletter also provides additonal information, including statement by military doctor

War casualties overflow Walter Reed hospital

Al Gore Plans Large Anbti-War Rally Speech at New York University

U.S. luring Saddam into hometown trap: American troops on extraordinary manhunt around Tikrit -- Get ready for announcement we have killed Saddam, again

BUT: DEBKAfile Intelligence reported Saddam and his sons safely in their command/control center underground on July 12

Iraqi army recruits report for training: U.S. forces pass 3rd day without combat deaths; angry residents storm police station

Blair Spokesman Apologises for Dr. Kelly Slur

Only the UN can give Iraq security and sovereignty: A clear timetable for US withdrawal is now essential -- Drumbeat to build up UN begins

Oil prices slip on improved prospects for Iraqi exports

Iraq’s governing council: foul or fair? Members largely sectarian in a religious society -- NOTE: This is the Arab viewpoint

Korean Peninsula

South Korean Executive Who Plunged to Death Was at Forefront of Business With North Korea

Tycoon's death may affect Koreas

Hyundai tycoon murdered: North Korea charges

Citing N. Korean threat, Japan's defence urges boosting anti-missile system

PM confident N Korea won't target Australian targets

Moral Collapse News

Comedian Jay Leno to Get Makeover from 'Queer Eye' Guys

Is infidelity ‘natural’ for men? Taking personal accountability away continues

Houston man accused of running over girlfriend in Wal-Mart parking lot: Beat her and possibly stabbed her first

Source: 2 guns not used in shooting in Baylor basketball player shooting

Worldwide Geography of Laws Recognizing Homosexual Unions: A Tendency That Started in Scandinavia

Legal warning issued to Vatican on gay stance

Hundreds Kiss at Gay Rally in Brazilian Shopping Mall

Witch says pastor harassing her: Hill Country minister denies targeting Wiccan; FBI inquiry set

Vote on hold: Sex charge derails gay bishop approval

Australian PM Rules out Support for Same-Sex Marriage

Looming health crisis: World on the brink of massive deaths

Vatican Endorses Genetically Altered Food

Finding and Defining 'Nano': Nanotechnology, that is

Panel urges evaluating all children for obesity: More state intervention in rights of parents

Panel aims to close immunization gap: Plan calls for government to give vouchers, require full vaccination coverage

Signs & Wonders In Heavens

Planet Mars in Opposition: One for the Record Books August 27 will be closest in history

Rare Black Sun Eclipse May 31 so unique it will not be seen again this 21st Century!

Israel - Palestinian State

Al Aqsa Martyrs' Brigade has ended its cease-fire with Israel: Ceasefire is now in real trouble if this decision is implemented

Sharon, Abbas meeting canceled - reason unclear

Bush Administration Backtracks Its "Firm" Position: P.A. Need Not Fight Terrorism

Arafat's Very Own Terror Brigades

‘Roadmap’? What ‘Roadmap’? -- Text of agreement

Old Habits Die Hard: Bush Administration again interferring with Israel's internal policies

Arab League meets over forging united stance on Iraq, road map

At the Official Palestinan Authority Press Center, Anti-Semitic Incitement Continues

Soldiers kill man planting bomb south of Tulkarm

Israel Halts Transfer of West Bank Towns to Palestinian Control After Shooting Attack

US May Punish Israel Over Security Fence -- Possible prophetic implications of "Security Fence"

Searches for Yeshiva Boy, Teenage Girl Continue

Mimail E-Mail Worm Hits Companies Already on High Alert

Senator Fritz Hollings Not to Seek Re-Election in 2004

Top Chinese legislator Stresses Sino-Russian Co-operation

Russian Parliament Speaker Arrives in Beijing

Weather News

US -- The Week Ahead

Houston area placed under heat advisory: Temperatures will approach triple digits

Europeans Swelter in Near-Record Heat

Heatwave still hitting rail services in Britain, causing travel chaos

Training Thunderstorms for the Northeast: Local flooding possible

Why Thunderstorms Produce Heavy Rain

Persistent Trough Keeps the Heat Away In Great Lakes Area

Solar Summer Ends Soon! That time of year with longest period of daily sunlight

Strong quake rocks southern Iran: 5.5 magnitude

Clinton News

Former President Clinton to Open Memorial Center in Bosnia for Srebrenica Victims

Will he address the Depleted Uranium radioactive hotspots his war in 1999 left behind? See incredible map at end of article

Presidential Poll numbers climb for Clinton

Hillary's Website Indicates She’s Running - Masquerading her White House run as a Senate re-election bid

NY Vets Angry Over Alleged 'Slap in the Face' From Hillary Clinton

Russia may decide to ratify Kyoto Protocol in September: Her lousy economy has little to suffer

Judge 'Tarzan' benched: Joked about ``Tarzan'' to a Ugandan woman named Jane seeking asylum

Two dead in small plane crash in Connecticut

Supreme Court Re-shaping America

Liberal Justice Ginsburg: International Law Shaped Court Rulings

From U.S. Sovereignty to Global Conformity

Supreme Court Places US Under World Court In Homosexual Ruling

Has Supreme Court Ruling Crossed Judgment Line With God?


Monday, August 4, 2003 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For Our Military

Israel - Palestinian State

Violence Flares Again

Israel rejects permanent truce: Woman, children shot and wounded by Palestinians, Arafat's Al Aqsa Martyrs' Brigade claims responsibility

Ceasefire blow - Arafat backtracks on evicting 17 wanted Al-Aqsa terror members

Militants to stay in Arafat's custody until end of talks with Israel

General Mofaz stops transfer of PA cities, awaits action by PA against terror

Israel to free at least 400 more Palestinian prisoners

Hamas urges militants to prepare for confrontation

IDF kills one terrorist, arrests 3 in West Bank

Another Galilee Abduction is Feared - 18-year-old Donna Benet

Near-Abduction of 18-year-old boy is foiled in Golan

Terror Victims Suing Over Lack of Info on Terrorists to be Released

Israeli Police kill Palestinian driver; inquiry launched

Hizbullah Attacks Three Times

Hezbollah blames US, Israel for fatal car bombing

Domestic Terrorism

Ashcroft: Al-Qaida Could Strike Again

Ridge Says U.S. Preparing for New Terror Attacks

NEW!! The Masters of Terror Video by Alex Jones

September 11 Prior Knowledge: Waiting For The Next Shoe To Drop

'Hijack alert in US after arms found in modified equipment'

Top al Qaida Official Issues New Threat against US

US faces economic espionage threat: FBI believes more foreign spies than ever are operating in US

Bloodthirsty or a classic? Gibson's film of Christ's last days alarms Jewish groups

Secret Societies Killed Jesus Christ - Both Jewish people and Roman authorities were manipulated by Pharisiac members, precursor to Kabala

Cathay Pacific Airlines ready to report SARS loss

Powell to step aside even if Bush wins 2nd term

3M throws lifeline to Ilion Technology

Episcopalians closer to electing gay bishop: Church group approves N.H. priest; final decision likely to occur today

Davis seeks delay in voting: Governor wants his name listed on recall ballot

Davis is told: No trash talk

Flash mobs: a new social phenomenon? Made possible by email

Doctor-assisted euthanasia common in Europe

National Weather

Cooler Montana Weather Aids Firefighters

The Week Ahead

Thunderstorm Outlook Monday

Early August Tropical Storm Breeding Grounds

Sexually explicit ads arouse the nation's anger

Web hookups blamed for rise in AIDS

Black box in car to trap speed drivers

Athens of the North? Nowadays it's more like Amsterdam -- Plans for erotic festival highlight Edinburgh sex boom

Non-Integrating States News

Iraq War News

Iraq to become Vietnam: Libya

US administrator voices concern over al-Qaeda threat in Iraq against Coalition Forces

U.S. troops detain 2 dozen in Iraq raids: 'Targeted leader' among Hussein loyalists captured

The honeymoon continues for George: But if Americans continue dying, things could get tough for Bush

UK may back new UN move on Iraq: Coalition Forces desperately seeking multinational peacekeeping force

'National reconciliation is the biggest task for Iraq': Put WMD controversy behind to fix attention on future

Oil: Prices soar to 7-week high on Iraq petrol line fire

Iraq chaos saves OPEC

Either Time or DEBKAfile Is Wrong

Hot on Saddam's Trail: Spurred by a flood of tips on where the ex-dictator may be, U.S. forces prepare to deliver a final blow

DEBKAfile says Saddam has been in underground bunker location protected by WMD since July 12

"Mysterious Illness" News

Pneumonia draws Army's attention: Medical teams sent to Iraq after soldiers get sick

Military doctor doubts pneumonia the cause of death: Most likely Depleted Uranium poisoning

American soldiers sick and dying in Iraq: Explanation of Depleted Uranium and history of use

Korean Peninsula

N Korea refuses to see senior US official: Report spoke of Bolton's "political vulgarity and psychopathological condition"

North Korea bans Bolton from talks: Calls Bolton "human scum"

North Korea Blinks: Maybe

Nuclear talks to take place soon in Beijing: N Korea

No secrets and no trading at N Korea crisis talks: Powell warns

US Not Trying to Bring Down N Korea Government: Powell -- But George W. did call for "Regime Change"

Hyundai executive commits suicide: Embroiled in a scandal over a historic 2000 summit between the two Koreas

N Korea stages first election in five years

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States

Iran calls for US pullout from Gulf

Pakistan receives flak at UN meeting for rights violations

Peacekeeping Troops Land in Liberia: West African troops

British aid flight arrives in Liberia

Zimbabwe Economic Disaster Shows in Dead

Putin Lashes Out at Russian Military, Judiciary after Hospital Bombing

Bush Aims For Space Laser War: Weapons in space would be "so dominant in space I pity a country that would come up against us"

South Korea kicks out human cloning sect chief

Archaeologists Find 'Supreme' Zeus Temple

Delphic oracle was ancient glue-sniffer: Ancient "prophecies" were really result of illusions produced by glue-sniffing vapors

Environmental Extremist News

Escape of a million farmed fish threatens wild salmon

GM crops do harm surrounding flora and fauna, farm trials likely to reveal

Barbecues poison the air with toxins and could cause cancer

Escape of a million farmed fish threatens wild salmon

Astronomers report evidence of ‘dark energy’ splitting the universe

God's Story: From Creation To Eternity - Video

God The Master Mathematician

Bigamy blitz on Mormons: Utah cracks down on multiple marriages to protect underage brides, up to 50,000

Mormonism's Temple of Doom: Satanic symbols on Temple tell the truth about Mormonism

Mormon Dilemma - Video

What's Wrong With Mormonism? Video




Sunday, August 3, 2003 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For Our Military


Army Sends Teams to Probe Iraq Illness - Now calling it "a rash of serious pneumonia"

Is "Mysterious Illness" Depleted Uranium Poisoning?

U.S. soldier killed in convoy attack in Iraq

"Saddam" urges Iraqis to drive out US forces - Dated August 2

CIA Adviser Kay Amasses Evidence of Saddam’s WMD

US threatens to block Syria's trade with Iraq

Iraq's most wanted man bedevils US forces

Iraqi fighter jets reported found buried under sand

U.S. to search cleric's house in Iraq in search for WMD

US approves $46 million reward to tipster on Saddam's sons

World Bank Struggles for Facts in Iraq

'Even prophet Abraham didn't have to kill his son' - Father helped kill his son accused of collaborating with Americans

$600M Iraqi gold cache really brass: Melted-down shell casings made of brass

Global Hawk rolls off production line: High-altitude, long-endurance, unmanned aerial reconnaissance system designed to provide battlefield commanders with high-resolution, near-real-time imagery of large geographic areas

Non-Integrating States News

Car bomb in Lebanon kills 2

Had there been oil in Liberia, Charles Taylor would no doubt possess WMD - This refrain is getting old and tired

Liberia Set to Tap New Leader as Taylor Steps Down

North Korea Warns U.N. Not to Hamper Talks

Bush 'optimistic' on N. Korea nuclear talks

U.S., N. Korea to Meet 1-on-1: Talks to be during discussions on nukes

North Korea Shuns U.S. Official

US Report on Missile Build-up Denounced by China

Beijing Reaffirms Position on Diaoyu Islands, Taiwan -- Asserts sovereignty over Taiwan and islands

Solomons residents turn out for military show

Accidental Blast Kills 45, Injures 150 in Pakistan

Court: School discriminated against Christians

Gay - Lesbian News

Kerry raps Pope: Senator fuming over gay marriage order - Skull & Bones Kerry upset over Vatican's anti-gay stance

United Way pulls funds from scouts: Pennsylvania groups lose thousands over gay discrimination

Clintons' pal Denise Rich hit with bias lawsuit: Had employee make an illegal campaign contribution to Hillary, then fired him because he was gay and had AIDS

The Health Risks of Gay Sex: You can see why God forbade it (Takes a few minutes to load in Acrobat Reader)

Doctors Say Bush Is in Excellent Health

Jeb Bush clashes with his brother over Cuba

'Outlaw Volleyball' Animation Game Spiked with Humor, Mature Content

New supersensitive hydrogen sensors: New crystalline pipes only nanometers or billionths of a meter wide


Israel - Palestinian State

Bush to give Abbas 'political space' : U.S. eases pressure to disarm militants

Report: Syria aiming VX missiles at Israel: Defense source says at least 100 chemical warheads deployed

Militants in Arafat's compound released from custody, say will keep truce

Jerusalem: Focus on dismantling terrorism, not fence

Police shoot dead Palestinian driver north of capital

As IDF warns against hitchiking, kidnap attempt is made on soldier

Defense Ministry orders removal of 6 illegal outposts

Officials: Cease-fire healing economy

Palestinians Launch Campaign Planned Against Israeli Wall

Senators introduce bill to centralize U.S. intelligence agencies - Centralisation threat to all liberties because they consolidate power in one man

International Terrorism

Why Saudi Arabia is outraged over 9/11 accusations: Bush has refused to declassify evidence linking Saudi Arabia, which means that Arab country cannot defend itself

"The real battle hasn't started yet": Warns US not to harm prisoners held at Guantanamo Bay

Gov't Tightens Rules for Travel Through U.S.

Death Count Up to 44 in Russian Bombing

US Suspends No-Visa Airline Transit Programs Due to Terrorism Threat

National Weather

Trough Sparks Strong Storms Across East

Cooler Weather on the Way for the Northwest

Early August Tropical Storm Breeding Grounds

Record Heat in West for July

Montana Firefighters Halt Wildfires on Doorway to Glacier National Park

Pentagon Official’s Clearance Stripped

Radical Environmentalists Suspected in Arson: "If you build it, we will burn it"

Bush-Jackson meeting angers GOP blacks: Private consultation 'amounts to aiding and abetting a hustler'

Democratic Unity Behind Davis Unravels

King of Porn wants to be King of California: Hustler's Larry Flynt wants to be California governor

Surfing's joy swells religious feelings in growing U.S. cadre: Christian surfers hold Bible meetings around surf times

Hacker's Windows warning prompts rush for patch

Microsoft lowers licensing royalties

Fight-for-life bombshell: Woman 'trying to talk'! Husband of brain-damaged wife seeks starvation despite claims

Mexican Troops Kill 3 Suspected Drug Traffickers Near US Border

'Naked Boys Singing' Shut Down in Puerto Rico


Saturday, August 2, 2003 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For Our Military

Iraq News

13th Anniversary of Saddam's Invasion of Kuwait

Will the Third Son also Rise? Saddam's third son, now 16, is in line to succeed father

US Issues ‘New-Look Saddam’ Pictures - If he has adopted a “new look” to escape detection

Red Crescent Takes Bodies of Saddam’s Sons for Burial

'Even prophet Abraham didn't have to kill his son' - Father helped kill his son accused of collaborating with Americans

Iraq invasion erodes pre-emption strategy

US plans to set up special tribunal: Saddam's 'trial' -- US debates bid to kill Hussein and avoid trial

Soldier Killed in Iraq ‘Had No Body Armour’ – Widow

Jordan gives asylum to two Hussein daughters: King extends protection to women, their 9 children -- Seen as victims of Saddam

New purported Saddam tape urges attacks

Nations want UN role in Iraq: Annan

US Army to Probe Serious Pneumonia Cases among Troops in Iraq: US Army has sent a team of specialists to Iraq to investigate 15 serious pneumonia cases which have caused two fatalities among US troops

International Terrorism

US warns of 9/11 replay by summer end

Dozens Killed in Blast That Destroyed Russian Military Hospital

Search on for Russia blast survivors -- Toll up to 35, 18 more feared dead

Beirut Car Bombing Kills Two

Bomb Explodes in Turkey While Being Defused; 16 Cops Wounded

Affidavit: Rudolph Explosives Match Bomb in deadly abortion clinic bombing in Birmingham

Sixty-Day Therapy May Not Prevent Anthrax

New York Smoking Ban Aids Nearby States

OPEC to Leave Oil Output at Current Level

Tubal Sterilization May Increase Ovarian Cyst Risk

Microsoft's Web Site Brought Down By Attack

National Weather

Severe Thunderstorms for Saturday

July was a Wet Month in the Southeast

Early August Tropical Storm Hot Spots

Wind Shear in the Tropics

Wet Weather Possible in the East Next Week

Jordan dunks on Jesus: Kids and adults putting sports ahead of Jesus and Biblical values

French Actress dies after alleged beating from her boyfriend

Actor's bare breast too much for health ministry - Pulls plug on graphic breastfeeding advertisement using Michael Hurst

5.1 Earthquake, Izu Islands, Japan Region

Non-Integrating States News

Korean Peninsula

N Korea may freeze N programme if talks go well: Annan

North Korea Warns U.N. of 'Prelude to War'

Last time we talked to North Korea we severely and deliberately insulted them!

U.S. hopes talks end N. Korean impasse

N Korea says no talks if nuclear issue taken to UN

Other Non-Integrating States

9/11 hijackers may be connected to Saudi govt

US Congressmen want Bush to monitor Pakistan

India Appeasing China is bad diplomacy

'Temple dream will be fulfilled' -- "Grand Ram" temple in India

U.N. OKs Multinational Peacekeeping Force in Liberia

Sheltering from killings, praying for the peace troops to arrive: Desperate wait for deliverance in Liberia's capital, Monrovia

Statoil says more oil found off Angola -- BP and partners drill second ultradeepwater discovery off Angola

Philippines Reports Possible Plot to Kill President Gloria Arroyo

China - Taiwan -- Planned Third War In WW3

Editorial: A timely reminder of China's threat to Taiwan

In 1952, Illuminati Drew Up Plan To Give Taiwan Back To China

Moral Collapse

Gay bishop could trigger rift in church: Episcopal leaders likely to confirm cleric Monday

Protect New York's Children from the Gay Elite

BUSH GRACIOUS TO GAYS? --- Concerned Women of America complain that Bush's Gay policy is so pro-Gay it is identical to Clinton's policies

Church of England issued a report celebrating the joy of sex between unmarried couples

Gay Marriage Turns Into Explosive Issue in Canada

Activists Skeptical of Bishop Change: Stepped down after 13 years on the job on Friday, insisting that his age -- not his alleged role in the Boston church sex scandal -- prompted the resignation


New Law Allows Drunks to Vote

Candidates to replace Davis in Calif. proliferate: Scores could be on ballot in recall election Oct. 7

Israel - Palestinian State

570 Palestinian Terrorist Prisoners Refusing Meals Today

Shots Hit Helicopter, And More Terrorism News

General Mofaz To Meet Palestinian's Dahlan, Who Has No Plans To Arrest Terrorists

U.S. eases demand for PA to curb militants

Palestinian militants refuse request to leave Arafat's HQ

Defense Ministry orders evacuation of six West Bank outposts

U.S. to check new citizenship law for discrimination -- Since when is US soverign over Israel?

Fitting into America's strategy - Palestinian conflict will lead to more international terror if it is not dealt with


Friday, August 1, 2003 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Prayer List For Our Military

Iraq War News

US soldier killed, 2 wounded near Baghdad airport

CIA Adviser Claims 'Solid Progress' in Search for Iraqi Weapons: Getting ready to "plant" evidence?

U.S. May Already Have Iraq’s WMDs

US Plans to Triple Personnel in Hunt of Iraqi Weapons

Allies closing in on Saddam weapons

US seeking to end Iraq occupation as death toll rises

US Commander - Troops In Iraq Powerless Against Bombs

US bartering arms for soldiers: Post-invasion Iraq - US trying to "buy international troops" to replace ours for peacekeeping

Turn in shoulder-fired missile and get $500, Iraqis told

'We are just hours behind Saddam': Story assumes he is on the move but DEBKAfile says he is in underground bunker location protected by WMD

'Saddam captured' rumour sweeps US market

Saddam dead or alive? Pentagon has no preference

Saddam's family given safe haven by Jordanians

Tribal sheik informant on Husseins to receive $30-million

Marines Attacked, Stabbed By Gang Members: Four Servicemen Jumped By 15 People -- in San Diego!

Robert Fisk: US fostering sinister sort of democracy

US, Britain Poised to Have Final Say in Iraq

Hunt goes on for missing Iraqi billions

World Bank awaits Iraq constitution

Iraq chaos saves OPEC: War was not about oil!

U.S. defence spending leaps at 44% rate: Fuels stronger than expected gain for economy

WMD Controversy Simmers

Scientist's suicide puts the BBC in the center of a furor

British people unconvinced Iraq war justified: Blair acknowledges

Rice feels "responsible" for uranium charge

Britain: Government attack on BBC threatens press freedom

Israel - Palestinian State

Sharon: Road Map implementation has begun -- Israel sees this as a performance-based, not timetable driven plan, Palestinians will be forced to implement agreement

US Rep. DeLay to Knesset Members: Israel´s Fight is Our Fight

Israel to defy plan, expand Gaza settlement -- PA officials accuse Israel of violating road map over Gaza plans

Sharon Left the Pollard Petition at Home

Hundreds of Palestinian prisoners begin hunger strike

Israel erects marriage barrier: Law bars Palestinian spouses from becoming residents

Terrorists arrested in West Bank; IDF patrols attacked

One Person Wounded By Gunfire In the Shomron

Abu Mazen Reconfirms: He Will Not Disarm Hamas

Officials: Cease-fire healing economy

Israel to hold joint naval exercises with US, Turkey

US Agencies Warn of Imminent Major Internet Attack

Government issues second warning on Microsoft security flaw that opens up computers to hackers

Gay - Lesbian News

Vatican battles rights for same-sex couples

President wants to 'codify' marriage: Wants to deny gays and lesbians the right to marry -- BUT -- Bush also called on Americans to be tolerant of gays and lesbians

Judith Levine Says ‘Gay Marriage Isn’t Radical Enough’

In Their Own Words: Homosexual Activists Redefine Marriage And Family

Episcopalians face divisive issue of gays at convention

Christian Complacency Created Threat of ‘Gay Marriage’: Drifting away from key doctrines certainly has opened door to gay marriage!

Promoting Homosexuality at the Expense of School Children

Sexy pop stars 'threaten childhood'

Same-sex couples eligible for municipal discounts in Tel Aviv

Alone in a Crowd: Abuse of Gay Students Rampant - Disinformation article designed to stimulate your empathy

Joining the Gay Party: As Gays Get More Visible on TV, What Does It Say About Popular Culture? America = Sodom

Trinity Broadcast Network -- TBN -- Temple of the Greek God and Goddess

U.S. Notes Fall as Treasury Plans Record $230 Billion Borrowing

Black church to pay white people to attend

Rolling Stones, AC/DC, Rush And More Rock Against SARS In Toronto

Non-Integrating States News

Korean Peninsula

U.S. Says N. Korea Seems Ready for Talks

North Korea ready to accept U.S. proposal for talks

South Korea Confirms North Korean Willingness to Attend Talks

Last time we talked to North Korea we severely and deliberately insulted them!

US trades war barbs with North Korea

North Korea says Washington igniting war: Platoon of highly mobile, combat-ready US Special Forces troops arrived in South Korea Thursday for training

10 suspected N. Koreans take refuge in Japanese embassy

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States

Solomons force to crack down on gun trade

Six policemen injured in Ankara, Turkey explosion

Congo fighters committed gruesome acts: UN

Saudi Arabia extends terror crackdown into Yemen

U.S. secretly negotiating with Iran: Would swap Iranian opposition group members for top al-Qaida operatives

Liberian President to hand over power

Liberians welcome West African peace team

Nigerian women pledge to pursue Shell protest

Britain's Amos backs return to talks in Zimbabwe

UN seeks food for refugees in Ethiopia

Chief of Kashmir's main separatist alliance urged Indian troops and militants to declare ceasefire: Set the stage for Indo-Pak dialogue over Jammu and Kashmir

Cambodian PM warned over 'threats'

Philippines still facing threat of mutiny

Caribbean Islands Will Be National Parks

China - Taiwan

China Slams Pentagon Report on Threat to Taiwan

China and Russia Urge Space Arms Ban

Air marshals back to long flights

Homeland Security = Police State

Admiral Poindexter to resign from DARPA in wake of terror market flap

Hideous Occult Nature of DARPA and Homeland Security Revealed by Symbolism

NEW!! The Masters of Terror Video - Demonstrates "Manufactured" Terrorism and Terror Alerts

Police State 3 - Total Enslavement

America Destroyed By Design Video

Patriot Act Legal Attacks Against Citizens Pile Up

ACLU sues over Patriot Act seizures provision

Fed agencies violating citizens' privacy? Yes!! Personal data protection non-existent to prying government eyes

Feds to Classify Airline Passengers by Risk: May not allow "high-risk" passengers to fly - Perfect opportunity to place "domestic terrorists" on list

Bush-Ashcroft-Ridge Preparing Americans For Dictatorship

Senate passes sweeping energy bill: Greater use of corn-based ethanol, billions of dollars in tax measures to spur energy development and conservation

Feds arrest 63 in border drug sweep

More U.S. Children Vaccinated Than Ever - Report

BBC spy drama cleared by watchdogs - Controversial because of its portrayal of Muslims

US proposes global planet watch: Monitoring changes in the Earth's climate

Most stunningly arrogant feminist campaign -- Increasingly overt effort to replace God the Father with God the Mother -- Why would Catholic site complain, since Virgin Mary is just another Goddess?

Rome's Virgin Mary -- "Mother of All Myths"!

Global View: Made in China

National Weather

July was a Wet Month in the Southeast

Wet Weather Possible in the East Next Week

How does a Hurricane Strengthen?

Dangerous T-Storms Rumble Over Midwest

Enter the Nicotini: Smoking ban leads to tobacco-infused drink


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