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We have culled these pertinent stories from many sources to keep you updated on the Daily News events pertinent to the coming New World Order. Truly, once you know the Plan to establish the Kingdom of Antichrist, you will never look at the news the same way again. For A Cutting Edge Analysis and Recap Of Current Events Being Reported In The News Visit our Headline News Area

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Sunday, August 31, 2003 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? - Prayer List For Coalition Forces

Yellowstone SuperVolcano

YELLOWSTONE SUPER-VOLCANO MAY BE IN "EARLY STAGES" OF ERUPTION! Is this eruption the event that will deliver the planned 9.0 earthquake in Los Angeles?

Movie "The Core" Depicts Government Use of Scalar Weapons To Create Earthquakes

BE MENTALLY AND SPIRITUALLY PREPARED: Are You Truly Ready For Tomorrow (Or Perhaps Something Sooner)?

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

North Korea denounces talks, says it will build nukes

North Korea Says Beijing talk"useless"

OPLAN 5027 Major Theater War - West -- US-ROK Combined Forces Command basic warplan

China takes its diplomacy upstage at N Korea talks: China emerges as a more assertive diplomatic power

Pyongyang is not impressed with US demands at talks

North Korea reverts to nuclear threat: Took less than one day to decide "no more talks"

Denuclearizing North Korea/ N. Korea seeking to isolate U.S., Japan

Rumsfeld likely to visit Japan in late October

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

GCC Insights: Qatar's gas industry scores big successes

Diplomatic Despatches: The new Bangladesh that is taking shape

U.S. Planes Bomb Taliban Positions Anew In Afghanistan

Yet again, Ethiopia sits 'at the verge of disaster': Despite infusions of foreign aid, the poverty-ridden African nation is facing the worst food crisis in its history

Khatami defends use of nuclear technology: Iran not seeking to make atomic arms

Indian consulate in Afghanistan attacked

India Claims to Avert Spectacular Terrorist Attack

French Transfer Congo Checkpoints to U.N.

Moral Collapse

Catholic, Anglican rift grows: Gay bishop latest strain in relations

Madonna shared sloppy lesbian kisses with Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera at MTV Awards - Pictures tell the story

Laci Peteron's Baby Was Born, Then Slain

Women who travel for sex

National Weather

Tropical Storm Grace Moving Into Texas

Jimena Moves Closer to the Hawaiian Islands -- Packing 125 mph winds

The Mechanics Behind Hurricane Force Winds

Northeast Cools Down Sunday

Heat Building Across the West

Holiday Drivers See Record-High Gas Rates

Energy Dept Asked to Probe Gasoline Price Rise

Bush Says His Tax Cuts Help Boost Economy

A Tunnel With a View -- and a Profit -- new technology that creates mini-movies that appear to float in the darkness outside the train

Director, NE Intelligence has just issued highest "terrorist alert" ever issued: On a scale of 1 to 10, rank as a "10"

Roman Catholic Sex Abuse

Vatican promoted priest despite warnings of sex abuse, records show

Pedophile Priest Confessed To Pope Paul VI in 1973 That He Had Been Sexually Abusing Boys For Years, Yet "His Holiness" Took No Action, Allowing Abuse To Continue!

Why Do Victims of Sex Abuse Remain Silent For Decades Rather Than Immediately Reporting It To Their Parents?

How Catholic Priests Have Been Sexually Abusing Their Innocents For Almost 1,000 Years

Israel - Palestinian State

Israeli missile strike kills 2 more Hamas militants: 5th targeted strike in only 10 days

Editorial: The threat from Gaza

Abbas confidence vote postponed following US/Israeli pressure

Must make it to September 29

Tense days at Jerusalem holy site

Israeli truck driver seriously wounded in Gaza shooting attack

General Mofaz: IDF to continue anti-Hamas operations

Police raise alert status as schools open for 1.7 million children

Hamas creates its own deck of 'most-wanted'

Interesting Times: Unbog the war

Editorial: Arafat, again

Palestinian leadership must go, says Saudi editor from London

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Wounded, Weary And Disappeared: US military hospitals are being overwhelmed

Hundreds of thousands mourn assassinated cleric

'Nineteen arrested' after massacre at mosque

Mosque slaughter was 'worse than American air raids'

Soldiers seize 11 surface-to-air missiles in Iraq from al-Qaeda operative

Bush defends war on terror to veterans: Pledges no retreat even as casualties mount in Iraq, Afghanistan

French president avoids criticism of US over failure to secure peace in Iraq

Blair left last man standing in team

Reality check on Iraq policy is under way

WMD Controversy In Britain

Campbell Resignation Will Not Help Blair

Dr. Kelly's 'true thoughts' revealed

Dr. Kelly feared 'ending up dead'

Russia mourns loss of sub crew

Russian Ship Docks With Space Station

Mixed-race adoptions, marriages grow in U.S.

Labor Day News

PRESIDENT BUSH: THE GRINCH THAT STOLE LABOR DAY - To end 60-year-old law which requires employers to pay time-and-a-half for overtime

Future will require immigrants by millions for jobs: Labor Day report

Documents detail U.S. acts to lease, buy Boeing planes

Burning Man Festival in Nevada Desert a Focus for Parties, Religious Yearning

Why Is An Occult Revival Sweeping the Globe?


Saturday, August 30, 2003 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? - Prayer List For Coalition Forces

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Wounded, Weary And Disappeared: US military hospitals are being overwhelmed

U.S. loses key Iraq ally as bomb kills top cleric: Killed at least 85 people, including top cleric cooperating with US

Police: Iraq bombing may be linked to al-Qaida; death toll over 100

Top cleric's death a major challenge to stabilizing Iraq

World condemns Iraq attack: Message sent to all Iraqis - Cooperate with the US and you die

Profile: Ayatollah Hakim

A prayer for unity, then carnage: Relatives of murdered cleric blame Saddam loyalists seeking to destabilise Shia groups

Iraq needs more Muslim troops: US general

UN considers withdrawing from Iraq amid rising security concerns

Colonel David Hackworth: Using Private Lynch

Iraqi girlfriends capture GI hearts

Blair's communications chief resigns over Iraq dossier: Falling on the sword for Blair?

Blair Govt's fate now in the hands of David Kelly's wido

Korean Peninsula Talks

The Plan - "A hair-raising confrontation in Korea may, towards the end of the period, threaten man's very survival."

North Korea threatens nuclear testing

North Korea to up nuclear stakes
: Rejects more talks, will increase its nuclear capability

North Korea says Beijing talks "useless"

Nuke Talks In Disarray As North Korea Turns On US

Washington accuses Pyongyang of 'blackmail'

Japan requests 134 billion yen for missile shield to protect against North Korean missile attack

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States

Be transparent, proactive, Iran told

Israel Targeting Iran's Nuclear Processing Plant

WTO gives final approval to cheap drugs deal for poor countries

Kashmiris Committed To Continue Freedom Movement: Pakistan will continue to work for people who want freedom from India

Indian Stubborn Attitude Main Hurdle In Kashmir Solution

Opposition condemns Zimbabwe elections

Kenya: Over 50% children admitted, HIV/Aids positive

PRESIDENT BUSH: THE GRINCH THAT STOLE LABOR DAY - To end 60-year-old law which requires employers to pay time-and-a-half for overtime

Sen. Clinton rejects ’04 presidential bid: Speculation increases about her entering race as Bush's poll figures drop

Vehicles outnumber U.S. drivers: Ratio was 1 to 1 in 1995; 'a real love of the road' is one reason for increase

Mild Earthquake Shakes Southeast Turkey

WTC Transcripts: Victims Told To Stay Put

Cloned Pigs Perish in 'Adult Clone Sudden Death Syndrome'

Israel - Palestinian State

Israeli killed, pregnant wife wounded in terrorist shooting

Sharon: Ashkelon missile attack 'significant escalation'

Potholes open up in Middle East "Roadmap" -- Must make it to September 29

Sidelining of Arafat may have backfired

Shots fired at bus in Gaza; IDF pushes into Beit Hanoun

Man dies from wounds sustained in Ariel attack two weeks ago

Jews Keep Building The Land

In heat, hundreds of thousands celebrate Tel Aviv's "Love Parade"

Temple Mount News

Temple Mount: The Good News and the Bad News

Thousands Circle Jerusalem Gates: Monthly "Jerusalem Gates" March - drums, shofar-blasts, Psalms, music, singing

The Coming Last Days Temple

Taking A Virtual Tour of Temple Mount and Entire Holy Land With Biblr Prophecy Professor As Your Guide

Current Cutting Edge Newsletter

FBI Gets Their Scapegoat: Youth charged in virus attack --
Minnesota teen created, used variant of computer Blaster worm

Private Intelligence Service Believes Worm Is Too Big and Sophisticated To Have Come From Teenager

Next SoBig worm may trigger torrent of spam

2 Die When Russian Nuclear Submarine Sinks As It Was Being Towed To A Scrapyard

French heatwave kills 11,435 in two weeks

As summers go, '03 isn't hottest ever in US

Ten Commandments fight not over yet

Moral Collapse

Man kills employee, self at Nashville store

Women who travel for sex

Fox 'Playing With Fire' on Temptation Island, TV Watchdog Says

Air Force General: Sexual Misbehavior threatens academy's future

MTV Launches Sex Health Essay Contest for Teens, Young Adults: Giving some extra sex education to young people

Americans hit the road for long holiday

Planned Execution Stirs Debate Over Religious Link to Violence

Federal judge is granting suspected terrorist Moussaoui access as he requested

Londoners demand answers following blackout

US abandons African AIDS programme

Back To School List: Paper, Pencils, Lethal Injections

Canada: Drug-Raid Jumper Was Suspected Terrorist

Schwarzenegger Would "Do Damage" to Republican Party Suggests Political Analyst


Friday, August 29, 2003 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? - Prayer List For Coalition Forces

Korean Peninsula Talks

The Plan - "A hair-raising confrontation in Korea may, towards the end of the period, threaten man's very survival."

North Korea 'to declare nukes', plan a test to prove capability

Beijing Six-party Talks on Korean Nuclear Issue Conclude: Views were "frankly" exchanged

North Korea talks fail to ease tension

Korea Nuke Summit Delegates to Meet Again: Summit shaken from beginning by North Korea's threat to test an atomic bomb

But -- North Korea says unbending U.S. jeopardised more talks

North Korea Says U.S. Proposals 'Beyond Tolerance'

Head of United Nations nuclear watchdog IAEA North Korea has been guilty of nuclear "blackmail", cannot not trusted

The intelligence 'black hole' over N Korea: With our intelligence failures in Iraq, how can we ever be sure of our intelligence in North Korea?

Seoul rejects Pyongyang's four-step plan

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

GI Killed, 4 Hurt in Iraq Convoy Attack

More US troops killed in postwar Iraq than in war

Washington Alarmed by mounting casualties and staggering costs in Iraq

U.S. can't sell resolution on Iraq to UN to commit international peacekeepers

UN troops a no-go France, Germany sink Iraq plan

Rumsfeld Insists: No more US troops for Iraq

Saddam Hussein Seen in Mosul: al-Arabiya says

Records show Iraq was buying forbidden U.S. high-tech goods

Off the hook - for now: Blair's balancing act at the Hutton inquiry was adept, but Iraq could yet be his undoing

Growing doubts over Iraq war put pressure on Bush

British troops are prime target in Iraq - U.S. Soldier Killed in Convoy Attack in Iraq

'Americans are easier to catch than fish'

Family, friends say final goodbye to slain U.N. envoy killed in Baghdad embassy bombing

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Americans officially end era at PRINCE SULTAN AIR BASE, Saudi Arabia

Taliban Guerrillas Retake Areas of Southern Afghan province

Ghanaian Peacekeeping Troops Arrive in Liberia

Occult trial opens in Brazil: Satanic sect accused of sexually mutilating and murdering young boys

Brazil Slips Into Recession, Putting Pressure on Silva to Create Jobs

Horrifying Death Toll In Peru: 20-year-long guerrilla war with Maoist rebels that ended three years ago

Exxon's Indonesian Gas Field Fire to Cut LNG Output (Update2)

South Africa's President Thabo Mbeki will pay a two-day state visit early next week to Malaysia

Bangladesh completes its third year as a polio-free country

Russia Sells Iran AVLIS System for Advanced Uranium Enrichment: Now operating at full speed making enriched uranium

Iran ready for talks with IAEA on snap inspections

Thousands March in Nepal in Support of Peace Talks

Poachers Will Wipe Out Hippos in Congo, WWF Warns

India wants meaningful dialogue with Pakistan: But terrorism cannot be tolerated

India's efforts to promote ties with Pakistan are met with rebuff

Four Pakistani terrorists among 6 killed in J&K

Moral Collapse

Man tells of ordeal in which 6 were killed: Was tied to a rail while ex-co-worker shot others in Ill. warehouse

Missy Elliot Wins MTV's Best Video Award: Madonna shared an open-mouthed lesbian-type kiss with both Aguilera and Spears

One in Five Female Air Force Cadets Reported Sex Assault

Jeb Bush letter only a 'good first step': Florida judge dumps governor's pto spare the life of a brain-disabled wom

Who Are the 'Queer Eye' Guys?

->here! Is Your Gay TV!

"Married" Gay Couple Race To $1M Win

CNN to Tally 'Great Society' Casualty Figures Daily: Best Idea in a very long time!

Today's Evangelicals Embracing The World's Deadliest Cult: Roman Catholicism

Clinton Narrates Wolf-Friendly Peter and the Wolf: Radical Enviromentalist to the bitter end!

SoBig "Blaster Worm" News

FBI to arrest teen in Internet attack: Scapegoat for "Blaster" Virus?

Private Intelligence Service Believes Worm Is Too Big and Sophisticated To Have Come From Teenager

Population Decline, Economic Realities See Abortion Restricted in Russia: There are still more abortions than births in Russia. Russia is already demographically dead

New Course Geared to Produce Constitution-Savvy Christians

Public urged to avoid biometric trial

Blackout Again -- In London!

Power Cuts in London Cause Travel Chaos

London power failure enrages mayor

London paralysed by power blackout

Getting Subways Off the Grid

IT systems prevented worse blackout misery

Israel - Palestinian State

Must make it to September 29

International Atomic Energy Agency has decided to discuss Israeli nuclear capabilities in its next major conference - First time

Israeli Armor Set To Smash Hamas If Abbas Will Not Do It -- Israel: missile attack on Ashkelon crossed 'red line'

PA freezes funds of Islamic charities: Part of a clampdown on armed groups sought by the United States

Israel Targeting Iran's Nuclear Processing Plant

Russia Sells Iran AVLIS System for Advanced Uranium Enrichment: Now operating at full speed making enriched uranium

Israeli Army Battles Gunmen in West Bank -- Hamas vows to avenge Gaza cell chief assassination

Gunshots Fired at Israeli Car Kill One Civilian

IDF moves into Beit Hanoun, uproots trees used for Kassam Rocket fire cover

Miracle in Kfar Darom, Gush Katif Under Fire

Israel tells EU that Hamas, unlike IRA, is indivisible

Video shows Apache pilot aborted assassination last year due to bystanders

Palestinian Found Guilty of Two Counts of Lynching Israeli Soldiers

Police restrict entrance to Muslim Friday prayers at Temple Mount

Temple Mount Opened Earlier To Jews, Christians

Moslem Claim to Jerusalem Rests on Wobbly Verse in One Mistakenly Read Chapter

Clemson University Celebrates Globalism, Equating Homosexuality With Being A Jew or a Black or a Member of Any Race

Tokyo pushes for seat on UN Security Council

NASA's safety flaws were brought up many times before

Space Shuttle Columbia Tragedy Has Strong "Occult Signature"

NASA's shamed managers get the point

Economy performs better than expected: Consumers, military drive 3.1% annual growth rate

Current Cutting Edge Newsletter

California Governor's Recall Race

Arnold's 'Smoking Gun': Sex, Drugs and Booze: And lewd mind, mouth

Hispanics criticize Schwarzenegger for backing English as official tongue

Schwarzenegger Gives Positions on Abortion, Drugs, Gays, Other Topics

Bustamante Won't Renounce Ties to Chicano Student Group: Tied to group thought to be as racist as the Ku Klux Klan


SARS Antibodies Confirmed In BC Patients: Vancouver SARS Denial A Cause For Concern

New Zealand on high alert after sudden deaths: Suffering pneumonia-like symptoms, healthy and not expected to suddenly die

WHO warned that SARS is mutating

9/11 Remembered

Sept. 11 calls give texture to voices of heroes, victims: N.Y. port officials release transcripts from 911, radio

9/11 Horror: "I've got dozens of bodies, people just jumping from the top of the building onto ... in front of One World Trade ... "We need to know if we need to get out of here ... "Don't evacuate."

Stay put: First police order to WTC workers -- Doomed many

Illuminati Placing Her Men In 2004 Election

Both Senator Kerry and President Bush Are Skull & Bones

Senator Kerry defends Bush tax cuts against Dean call for repeal

Kerry out for dough as big kickoff nears

Former Nato commander set to join fight against Bush: Rhodes Scholar, Wesley Clark, was supreme commander of Nato during the Kosovo war

E.U. News

Render unto the Pope: EU is undoing the Reformation and extending Vatican sovereignty over Britain

Pope repeats call for Christian constitution: Speaking at his summer residence south-east of Rome

Prophecy Being Fulfilled! European Union -- E.U. -- Final World Empire! Revived Roman Empire Has Arisen From The Ashes!

Prisoners' legal advocates assails Priest Geoghan guards: Says prison culture fosters harassment

New WTO round from 2005: No major change in tariffs assured even as world spins to Global Economy

Genuine ''Homeland Security'': an Assassinated Congressman's Proposal

Internet Freedom's Dark Side: The iron fist, the invisible hand, and the battle for the soul of open source

Air China, United Airlines Establish Market Alliance - Fly under each other's banners to expand services in both China and U.S.


Thursday, August 28, 2003 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? - Prayer List For Coalition Forces

Breaking News

Rush hour power outage hits London

Power Cuts in London Cause Travel Chaos

IAF assassinates Hamas mortar terrorist in Gaza Strip

Israel: Missile attack on Ashkelon crossed 'red line'

North Korea 'to declare nukes', plan a test to prove capability

North Korea talks reach stalemate

Final Day of North Korea Talks Lies Ahead

Korean Peninsula Talks

The Plan - "A hair-raising confrontation in Korea may, towards the end of the period, threaten man's very survival."

America rejects non-aggression pact with North Korea

China takes role of Korea mediator - US hardened its position as talks began

Second Day of North Korea Talks Begin in Beijing

Hawks at home see no scope for a deal with N Korea

Warning from North Korea: Will develop a more powerful deterrent if demands not fully met

Method in the nuclear madness: "A highly rational actor"

No progress in North Korea talks

Delegates at North Korea talks move to individual discussions

White House divisions threaten talks, says Clinton aid

U.S. rules out N.Korea bilateral meeting

Tense naval confrontation on the eve of Beijing summit

North Korea was prepared to conduct a nuclear test unless the United States responded positively

China - Taiwan = 3rd Planned War

Taiwan Media: Taiwan Authorities List China as a 'Foreign Country'

China is planning to set up a combat airborne division closer to Taiwan: Paratroopers could reach Taipei within an hour

Other Non-Integrating States News

Russia Sells Iran AVLIS System for Advanced Uranium Enrichment: Now operating at full speed making enriched uranium

Israel's Red Flag on Iran

India directs anger against Pakistan after Bombay blasts

UN Chief Condemns Bomb Attacks in India

Indonesian police arrest two suspects in hotel bombing

3,000 U.S. security agents to protect Bush in Bangkok: October 20-21

Hindu pilgrims crushed to death in river stampede

Nepal on high alert as truce ends

BE MENTALLY AND SPIRITUALLY PREPARED: Are You Truly Ready For Tomorrow (Or Perhaps Something Sooner)?

Mars Closest To Earth - 8/27 - In History

Mars Watch 2003

Mars at its Closest in 60,000 Years

Mars pulls crowd of star gazers

Mars, not Islamic militants, to blame for Bombay blasts: astrologers

Dow Closes 8/27 Down 6.66% At 9333.79 -- On day Mars is closest to Earth in History, Market Displays a '666' and a '333' --- Coincidence?

Ten Commandments Removed On 8/27

Ten Commandments moved from Alabama rotunda

Ten Commandments Interpreted Differently by Different Religions

How Roman Catholic Church Secretly Changed Biblical 10 Commandments!

Defenders of Ten Commandments Warn Future of Nation at Stake

Judge Moore and the Godless 14th Amendment

Monument to Homosexuals Is OK; Monument to Ten Commandments Isn't

Woman sues Harris County over Bible monument near an entrance to the civil courthouse

Will France Scrap Christmas?

Catholic Sex Priest News

Prison inmate who murdered pedophile priest John Geoghan said he stalked him for more than a month, considered him "a prize"

Slain Priest To Get Clean Legal Slate? Legal loophole that's left a long line of victims feeling victimized all over again

Geoghan's Accused Killer Wanted to Avenge Children, Lawyer Says

Killing of Ex-Priest Could Qualify as Hate Crime

Magnitude 5.0 Quake Near Volcano, Hawai, depth 6 miles

Mining Firms Pledge to Leave World Heritage Sites Alone

Bush's vulnerability may yet tempt Hillary

The Unpatriotic University: Yale -- Now you can appreciate the significance of all three Bush men being Yale graduates

Biometric ID soon to be reality

Up to 20,000 people may have died in European heatwave

Israel - Palestinian State

Must make it to September 29

Arafat appeals to militants to give "peace" a chance -- Urges terrorists to reinstate "Hudna Ceasefire"

Arafat's Message for U.S.: Only He Can Deliver Calm

Arafat makes conditional offer to tackle militants

Hamas, Islamic Jihad reject Arafat's call for renewed cease-fire

A violent night in Jewish Gaza: Multiple mortar shells fired

ADL urges Annan to skip Palestinian conference

British freeze funds of Palestinian aid group, investigate Hamas link

Israel says won't recognize gov't set by Arafat if Abbas ousted in vote

Gestures to Palestinian Authority Resume

Israeli troops seize two wounded Palestinian gunmen from intensive care unit

IDF arrests 15 fugitives in West Bank: Kassam missile flies from Gaza

U.S. Congressman Justifies Israeli Missile Attack on Terrorist Leaders

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Al Qaeda Mobilizes All Its Forces for Iraq -- Al Qaida says it bombed UN office in Baghdad

Iraqi Fisherman Says He Caught Americans: "Catching Americans is easier than catching fish."

US considers UN Iraq force -- If American general is in overall command

British soldier killed in Iraq - British Death Toll Conflict Hits 50

Two more US soldiers killed in Iraq

Iraq set to swallow up countless billions as costs soar

Harrison Ford blasts US Iraq policy

Iraqi widows subjected to ‘temporary marriages’

WMD Controversy Simmers in Britain

Blair Faces Dr. Kelly Inquiry

Hoon called to explain contradictions in Kelly evidence

Spy chief undermines key plank of case for war

U.S. misled by bogus pre-war intelligence? Allied agencies investigating possibly fake defectors, data -- NOTE: If our intelligence is this easily mislead, we have no business launching "preemptive" strikes against anyone!

California Governor Recall Race

Schwarzenegger Makes Light of Wild Past

How the L.A. Times' Pro-Bustamante Poll Is Bogus

California Recall Candidates to Spend About $60 Mln on TV Ads

GOP Hopes Recall Will Break Democrat Hold on California Politics

Recall Fever Spreads To Nevada

Total Surveillance Equals Total Tyranny

Federal judge limits Navy use of sonar amid concerns for marine life

Moral Collapse

Disney Peddling Porn?

Congresswoman at XXX-rated sex meeting: Full male, female nudity, porn at San Diego bi-sexual gathering, every chair covered with sexual lubricants!

Do-It-Yourself Porn Websites Proliferating on the Internet

Family Group Cautions Schools on Homosexual Mentoring Threatening Lawsuits

A Record of Workplace Shootings in United States Since Mid-1980s

Drugging Our Kids: Some schools are threatening parents with child abuse charges if they refuse to drug their children

Epidemic: How Teen Sex is Killing our Kids

Movie "Fast girls" details 13-year-old girl growing up in Texas: "the drugs, the sex, the piercings - all of that goes on"

Public Schools Teaching Acceptability of Homosexuality: God's Sword of Judgment Is Pulled Back, Ready to Strike!

Florida Health officials discover 2 new malaria cases in Palm Beach County

Global warming smear targets: Smearing two leading scientists for pointing out serious flaws in the science behind the theory of human-caused climate change

'Alarmist' Global Warming Claims Unfounded Says Climatologist

Oregon Senate supports rollback of Patriot Act

Ashcroft Speech Interrupted by Protester: Being jeered by a LaRouche supporters makes Ashcroft look positively Conservative!

True Face of Islam

Woman's Plea To Escape Stoning In Islamic Court

Truth About Islam Unveiled: Destiny 21st Century - Islam Connection As We Head Into 21st Century - Video

Truth About Islam Unveiled: The Sword of the Islamic Prophet -- Book

"Kill Her" - She, A Muslime, Spoke To A Christian Man! Her father stabbed her a dozen times in the chest


Wednesday, August 27, 2003 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? - Prayer List For Coalition Forces

Breaking News

Chicago Police Say Six Shot at Warehouse

Workers Remove Ten Commandments Monument: "Sign of our times"

Israel Struggles With Terror

Jewish Extremists Defile Al-Aqsa Compound: Just By Being On The Temple Mount! Arab View

NYC Mayor Bloomberg: Israel cannot negotiate under terror threat

Arabs issue cry for radical change in Palestine: Massive international intervention to separate the two sides militarily and pacify them politically - Shimon Peres has called for international control of Jerusalem

Prophetic Picture: Marriage Supper of the Lamb Portrayed In Traditional Jewish Wedding Ceremony

Palestinian policeman found guilty of Ramallah lynch

Hamas terrorists evade IAF targeted killing in Gaza Strip: One bystander killed, 26 wounded

The terrorists become terrorized - Palestinians go into hiding

IDF: 29 suspected terrorists arrested in West Bank; Kassam missile falls in Negev

PA power struggle over role of foreign minister

Vatican Repudiates Jesus Christ: Says Jews Theologically Correct In Awaiting Their Messiah!

Jerusalem court orders 2 Waqf officials off Temple Mount for 2 months

Understanding the Palestinian Plan to Destroy Israel

Warfare: Christianity vs Neo-Paganism

10 Commandments ruling divides evangelical Christians

Just which commandments are the 10 Commandments?

How Roman Catholic Church Secretly Changed Biblical 10 Commandments!

On the establishment of religion: What the Constitution really says

Ten Commandments Monument remains inside building, while carnival atmosphere grows outside

'Jesus Christ' banned at town hall: Wiccan high priestess won

Accused devil worshiper found guilty of murdering college student in his Mayport apartment, setting her body on fire

Mars - Pagan God of War - Draws Closest

New Mars Photo Called Sharpest from Earth

Mars, not Islamic militants, to blame for Bombay blasts: astrologers

Close Encounter with Mars -- Closest in 60,000 years

Weather News

Fierce storms slam Washington, D.C., area

Hot Week in the Southeast

Major Relief on the Way for the Plains!

Late August Hurricane Breeding Areas - How tropical storms intensify

Earthquakes - Volcanoes

Small quake shakes Los Angeles County: 3.8 tremblor

Super Volcanoes: Satellites Eye Deadly Hot Spots

It Is Time To Cast a Worried Eye Towards Yellowstone

Huge Volcano Sleeps Beneath Yellowstone

Glued to the shadow of the volcano: Vesuvias volcano in Italy

G-7 - Controlling World's Monetary System: Banking System For International Settlements

Patriot Act = Dictatorship

Victory Act no triumph for freedom lovers: Replacement for Patriot Act II would increase federal powers

Ashcroft campaigns to save Patriot Act: "Stage-managed city tour draws protests

Attorney-General John Ashcroft’s Concentration Camp Program— Audio Tape

Pilotless plane to fly routinely in civilian airspace: Military drones will increase capability to monitor from 60,000 feet

Police State 3 - Total Enslavement Video

Barbed Wire On America: God's Final Warning

Mark of The Beast News

RFID Gussied Up With Biosensors: Now adding features to the technology to make it appear essential to the safety of the nation's food supply

Claim: RFID Will Stop Terrorists

Radio ID Tags: Beyond Bar Codes

Microchip to watch Prince Harry during his year-long stay in Australia

Machines will make criminal of every driver: A computerised spy in EVERY car

Air Force Cadets Dismayed Over Incident: Seven cadets caught drinking in a hotel room with two high-school girls

D.C. Officials defend cameras, cite improved traffic safety

Gasoline prices soar to record levels

Florida Governor Asks Judge to Delay Removal of Woman's Feeding Tube

Washington's poisonous take on New York's toxic dust: Agency systematically misled New Yorkers about the risks the resulting air pollution

Viagra can leave a trail of ruined lives and shattered hopes

SEX -- More Than A Plumbing Lesson -- Talking to your teens about sex, before the world "educates" them!

Global Warming: The Sky Is Falling! Or Is It?

China Pushing Ahead With Railway to Tibet

Non-Integrating States News

Korean Peninsula -- 3-Day Closed-Door Meetings Begin

North Korea Nuke Talks Begin: 'We have no nukes" - N. Korea backtracks on earlier statements

Key US official quits ahead of N Korea talks: Advocated engaging the North in negotiations, opposed by Bush hardliners

'Regime change' for N. Korea! Former CIA Chief Woolsey calls for "flat-out regime change" with no negotiations. "Mr Woolsey is either off his rocker on this issue, or is on some clandestine mission to derail talks!

US, N Korea far apart as negotiators meet in Beijing

North Korea Demands Nonaggression Treaty

North Korea biggest global threat

U.N. nuke czar to U.S.: Disarm - Muslim director says Washington has double standard on arms policy

International Consortium building two nuclear reactors in North Korea is poised to suspend work on the project indefinitely

China calls for restraint in North Korea talks

China -Taiwan

China is planning to set up a combat airborne division closer to Taiwan: Paratroopers could reach Taipei within an hour


Al Qaeda Mobilizes All Its Forces for Iraq

Bush vows 'no retreat' in war on terror

Bush driving Iraq policy to dead end: Insulting, legalistic defense of a policy gone astray is becoming tiresome

Gulf War I Vets Sue Over WMD Businesses: Class action suit names 11 companies and 33 banks

US soldier dies in bomb attack, troops start new hunt for Iraqi guerrillas

Study finds new Army vehicle too vulnerable to kind of rocket-propelled grenades now being used by Saddam Hussein's guerrillas

Iraq 'needs billions to recover'

Iraq's 'Chemical Ali' to Be Questioned

Revelations at the heart of the Kelly affair: the story so far

Number 10 Downing Street 'lies' that made BBC doubt its protests

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Bahrain Takes Swipe Into The Future With New Smart ID Cards: Bahrain has just joined "Core States" in New World Order

Enriched uranium found in Iranian nuclear facility: Heightened concerns Tehran may be running secret nuclear weapons program

Nuclear inspectors' find in Iran stirs fears: Highly enriched uranium reported

Bin Laden ‘May Be in Pakistan’

Explosive Used in Bombay Favored by terrorists in Kashmir

Blast Sites in Bombay Loaded With Historical Symbolism

India has stepped up security at religious sites after car bombs killed at least 48 people in its financial capita

Report: Subsidies cost poor farmers $24 billion

Nepal Rebels End Seven-Month Cease-Fire

Liberia Softens Claims of Rebel Offensive

Haitian sought for military's '94 massacre is arrested: Former army colonel linked to killings of 26

Satanic Hard Rocker Ozzy Osbourne In The News

The Osbournes Are On A Roll: hottest series in MTV's 21-year-old history, drawing more than 6 million weekly viewers

OZZY'S WHITE HOUSE -- "Bush's Headbanger's Ball" - Bush gushes: "The thing about Ozzy is, he's made a lot of big hit recordings: Party With the Animals, Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, Face in Hell, Black Skies and Bloodbath in Paradise, 'Ozzy, Mom loves your stuff'."

"Have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them."
Eph 5:11 (KJV)

Border Patrol tackles desolation, smugglers along 'Devil's Road'

While America Watched Iraq War, No One Was Watching Our Own Porous Border: "we've lost control of our own borders, and no nation can do that and survive”

Gay - Lesbian News

Gay rights group lauds two dozen U.S. companies

Gay couple: 'Different ways to make a family'

Episcopal Dioceses threaten to cut off their tithes: Unable to block the recent election of the first openly homosexual Episcopal bishop

New World Order Religion: The Apostate Church -- 2-Tape Series

To be black, gay and crying 'Freedom'

Evangelicals poised to take over the Church of England: Homosexual clergy crisis stimulated massive change

Massachusetts court to rule on same-sex marriages

The Muslims are Coming! The Muslims are Coming! Europe's Demographic Crisis

Bear Market Indicators: Insider Sell Rate Near Record Levels

Church Apostasy News

Pop Goes the Bible: The New Testament Meets Cosmo, as Pop Culture and Religion Intersect

More surfers see spiritual side of riding ocean waves

New World Order Religion: The Apostate Church -- 2-Tape Series

Russifying American Men: After six years of living in Russia, Jack is not sure if he wants to live in the States

The People vs. Harry Potter: Sometimes people rank the little magician among totalitarian sects

Daughter's bravery in vain as father falls

Heaven: Thinking NOW About Forever


Tuesday, August 26, 2003 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? - Prayer List For Coalition Forces

President Bush In Spotlight

Bush uses crises to push preset agenda: Pattern of behavior by the Bush White House to use crisis and panic to promote predetermined actions no matter the threat, situation or need

Bloody week won't change US policies in Middle East

War curse on the White House

Non-Integrating States News


U.S suspects Iraqi WMD in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley -- C/Edge FORETOLD THIS DEVELOPMENT IN CURRENT NEWSLETTER!!

Horrifying US Secret: Weapon Unleashed In Baghdad against civilians -- Might be scalar or EMF

'Peace' in Iraq as deadly as wartime

America's military stretched to its limits: With troops bogged down in Iraq and deployed at hot spots all over the world, the army is tapped out

Beware the bluewash: US government's problem is that it has built its foreign policy on two great myths

Rumsfeld, Rice liken invasion of Iraq to resistance to Nazis'

Third group claims responsibility for bombing UN's Iraq HQ

Loss of trust in Blair over Iraq's WMD stalls poll on switching Britain to euro currency

Attacks explode Iraq repair costs

Iran, Turkey slam US-led coalition over instability in Iraq

Red Cross curtails Baghdad operations

Military role in Iraq not under consideration by New Zealand

Democrat Dean Seeks to Challenge Bush on Iraq

Ethnic fighting in Iraq spreads to Kirkuk

Korean Peninsula -- Non-Integrating State

Korean crisis talks to begin

Hopes low for North Korea talks

U.S., Allies Meet Before North Korea Talks: North Korean delegation arrives in Beijing

South Korean navy fires shots after incursion

China aims to keep US, North Korea talking

Last Preparations For Russian Strategic Naval Exercises In Pacific Regions Has Begun

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States

Muslim Militants a focus in India blasts: Tensions rising after 46 killed in Bombay

Pakistan denies role in 2 India explosions: Just like Arafat always denies role in homicide bombings?

Terror comes to Bombay's tourist hub as blasts widen India's communal divide: Peace process with Pakistan under threat

Fighting mars Liberia 'peace': US marines pull out

Green light for second Aids vaccine trial in South Africa

Two French Soldiers Killed in Ivory Coast

Plans for US-Saudi anti-terrorist unit

Saudi Port Authorities Send Back Cargo of Australian Infected Sheep

Rwandan President Wins in Landslide

Weather News

Mars Approach

Only One Day Away From Mar's Close Encounter

Mars at its Closest in 60,000 Years: Closest In History

Universe Map Depicting Mars

U.S. Weather News

Super Volcanoes: Satellites Eye Deadly Hot Spots

It Is Time To Cast a Worried Eye Towards Yellowstone

Huge Volcano Sleeps Beneath Yellowstone

Ignacio Weakens, Flooding Rain Continues

Thunderstorms into the Northeast Tuesday

Another Hot Day in the Central Plains

Anicent Tara Hill Discovered Buried: Said to be "Throne of the Illuminati"

[Feminism] College Wants to Be in Vanguard of Bringing Feminism to Church


Israel - Palestinian State

E.U. Force Coming As "Buffer"?

Is Washington Floating Israel-Palestinian Role Inducement for European Troops in Iraq? Deployment of European military strength as a buffer between Israel and Palestinians

EU to discuss 'the problem of Hamas'

European Union -- E.U. -- Final World Empire! Revived Roman Empire Has Arisen From The Ashes!

War Action

Why The "Peace Process" Will Never Work and Must Be Abandoned -- Definition of stupidity is repeating the same action and expecting a different result

IDF: Palestinian anti-tank missiles, mortars pound Gaza

All the Middle East’s a Stage: Exactly what NWO Plan says!

Blowing apart Mideast hope: 60,000 Palestinians under arms!

NYC Mayor Bloomberg to ride Jerusalem bus today in solidarity trip

Arafat counters Dahlan with Rajoub security appointment

Israel vows to 'liquidate' militant leaders

Grant me martyrdom but not yet: Hamas leaders go underground

Senior commander of the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, the "shock troops" for Yasser Arafat,, was taken into Israeli custody

Bulldozers clear land for Jerusalem fence

Security officials say terror warnings accumulating

One Is What One Says: Israeli TV, radio, to stop using Arab terms like "Intifada" and "Hudna" and use Hebrew equivalents!

Wall Street Journal Raises Alarm!

Civil Liberties After 9/11: Alarmism puts Americans' safety at risk - America is well on the way to becoming a police state, trampling Geneva Convention's protections of lawful combatants or prisoners of war

Police State 1 - Preparation - Video

Police State 2 - The Takeover - Video

Police State 3 - Total Enslavement - Video

DHS (Department of Homeland Security) has 1 in 12 federal employees: 64,000 employees are "Watchers" at airports

Countdown to execution of anti-abortion killer: Security is being tightened at America's abortion clinics



Face scanning for visitors to US next year

Alabama chief justice blurs line between church, state

In God I Trust: Why I'm standing up for the Ten Commandments in Alabama

Virus writers chasing thrill of fame and money

Experts avert fresh strike by SoBig.F - They defuse trigger that could have taken over 100,000 PCs and crippled the Net

Two new drugs to rival Viagra

Shuttle Columbia Disaster Report

NASA awaits final report today on Columbia disaster: "It will be ugly"

Space Shuttle Columbian Disaster Contains Strong Occult Signature

Masons and Other Occultists Revere Number "33": Many acts of murder, war, and disaster have occurred on or near 33rd Parallel. Is is just coincidence that Baghdad is nearly on 33rd Parallel?

United still flying through red ink, but uptick adds to recovery route

Clinton Gave People's Republic of China 'False Certification' that she was complying with Nuclear Non-Proliferation Convention

The "Terminator" seeks a helping hand from God

Dr Snake Offers Internet Voodoo Hoodoo: Make a pact with the Devil over the internet


Monday, August 25, 2003 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? - Prayer List For Coalition Forces



Non-Integrating States News


U.S. to Send Iraqis to Site in Hungary for Police Course: Just as we trained South Vietnamese Army?

Baptism in the Tigris for U.S. Christian Soldiers: Spiritual good coming out of this war

U.S. checking possibility of pumping oil from northern Iraq to Haifa, via Jordan

When is Enough Enough? With the 2004 approaching, Bush is losing ground

More troops needed in Iraq, critics claim -- "Lighting Many Fires" in region once US troops are bogged down in Iraq

Violence and calm: dual realities in Iraq

U.S. Officials Reject Iraq Reinforcements

Foreign militants converging, making Iraq terror battlefield

Analysts Doubt U.S. Claim on Iraqi Drones: weren't designed to dispense biological or chemical weapons

How the French View the American Predicament: What’s French for "quagmire"?

Leading Iraqi cleric survives bomb blast in holy city: His views are considered by U.S. officials to be moderate

Former Secretary-General Boutros Boutros Ghali Blasts UN For Being "Pliant" Appendage of US

Tribute to Soldier Killed in Basra Ambush

Depleted Urainum News

The fog of war: New Gulf War Syndrome afflicting our troops?

Death By Slow Burn - How America Nukes Its Own Troops

American Soldiers Dying of "Mysterious Illnesses": Is It Depleted Uranium Poisoning?

Medical Doctor Speaks Out About The REAL Cause of "Mystery Illness" In Iraq

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States

1,000 feared killed in Liberia

U.S. ground force leaves Liberia: Small contingent remains while most Marines transfer to offshore warships

'Zimbabwe food shortages set to continue'

Bus stop blasts hit Russian city

Bombay Blasts Kill 44 People, Injure 150

Korean Peninsula

US - North Korea: On The Nuclear Brink? 58th Aniversary of Hiroshima bombing

US to question Pyongyang on entire weapons stocks: move would spark controversy with North Korea at planned talks on its nuclear program as officials may feel the Americans were taking things too far

North Korean missiles can target Alaska, Hawaii: US intelligence

Six-way peace talks finally get their chance

North Korea ship prompts bomb scares

Seoul juggling act on N Korea

Remembering Who Our True Enemy Still Is: Russia to Deliver Attack Against the USA: A Training One

Space-age face cream for world's most polluted cities

Abortion Not a Health Benefit, Pro-Life Group Insists

National Weather

Hurricane Ignacio Bringing Soaking Rain, Wind to Baja

Remembering Hurricane Andrew

Strong T-Storms Rumble Across Midwest

Heat, Humidity Return to the East

Blistering Heat Continues Across Plains

Mars Watch

Close Encounter with Mars by AccuWeather Expert

Universe Map Depicting Mars

India: Mars is Making a Hostile Move: New Age viewpoint

Mars in 2003: Which Side Is Visible?

Earthquake News

It Is Time To Cast a Worried Eye Towards Yellowstone: Swarms of shallow quakes paint a very clear picture of a major eruption event in its early stages - People 600 mile radius at real risk!!

Magnitude 6.0 Near Coast of Columbia

Magnitude 5.6 Eastern Xizang-India Border Region

Magnitude 5.4 New Britain Region , Papua Guinea

Magnitude 5.4 China

"Passion" Movie News

Mel Gibson Set To Compromise Film "Passion" to Accomodate Jewish Anger OVer Bing Portrayed As "Killers of Christ"

Who Put Jesus On The Cross? Classic Book by A.W. Tozer

Mark of the Beast Technology News

Boeing to Restart ICO Satellite Building: To complete construction of 10 partly built satellites for mobile communication company ICO Global Telecommunications

Nowhere To Hide: Iridium Satellites Video

Public Schools: Prepping Kids For 666!

Resistance Is Futile! You Will Be Assimilated!

Implantable chips ahoy

Mark of the Beast: Final Connections -- Video

Potter fan tries to conjure up Nobel Prize

World Bank Launches Arabic Website

Wisconsin Legislature Considers 'Born Alive Protection Act'

Baby Parts For Sale -- Video

Burning Man Never Gets Old -- Satanic ceremony gains more and more popularity

Bush uses crises to push preset agenda: Pattern of behavior by the Bush White House to use crisis and panic to promote predetermined actions no matter the threat, situation or need

Israel - Violence Reigns!

Hamas military wing commander assassinated by IDF forces

Gaza About to Explode? Large IDF forces are waiting just outside

Muslim Brotherhood: "No halt to Jihad against Zionists"

Hamas Vows Revenge after Israeli Helicopters Strike Again

"Bring Arafat to Jerusalem and try him like Eichmann"

IDF Counter-Terror Operation

Improved post-hudna Kassam Rocket reaches Ashkelon environs; no injuries

Hudna, Shmudna - Reflections on the disastrous "Hudna"

Muslim worshippers scuffle with Police on Temple Mount: Trying to prevent groups of Jewish and Christian visitors from entering holy site

Terrorism News

U.S. Military Building New Camp at Guantanamo for More Terror Suspects and Interrogations

Ashcroft: Terror Threat 'Very Real': Muslim warns US not to harm any prisoners at Guantanamo

Attorney-General John Ashcroft’s Concentration Camp Program— Audio Tape

Death Chamber Built At Guantanamo

Gas Prices Take Record Jump

Phoenix Gasoline Pipeline Back Online

California Recall Race

FoxNews Orders End To Word-Plays On Schwarzeneggar Movies: Serious Candidate deserves serious media coverage

California Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante holds a wide lead over Arnold Schwarzenegger

Some Fear Maria Shriver's Influence on Schwarzenegger Governorship: The Kennedy influence hovers over his candidacy

Moving Toward Global Judicial Control

EU-US judicial co-operation under discussion

From U.S. Sovereignty to Global Conformity

US Supreme Court Puts America In Subservience To World Court

The New World Order's Sheriff: The U.S. or the U.N.?

The UN Is Planned To Be Ultimate Heavyweight Sheriff: Seminar Two, "America Determines The Flow Of History"

Old ID Card Gives New Status to Mexicans in U.S.

U.S. demanding biometric technology in passports, world may not be ready

Japanese Minister defends Japanese "Big Brother" idenity database as hackerproof

Japan's trade surplus grows

Hundreds of Bodies Unclaimed after French Heat Wave: As many as 400 unidentified or abandoned bodies

BBC launches public attack on Murdoch 'imperialism'

New Kind of Electricity Market Strains Old Wires Beyond Limits: Movement To Regional Power Authority Urged

Moral Collapse Personified - 10 Commandments News

Legal Scholar Says Founding Fathers Back Justice Moore on Ten Commandments

Showdown In Montgomery

Justice For All Or Justice For None

Moore Vows to Continue Fight for Ten Commandments

Moral Collapse - Gay/Lesbian News

Conservatives Decry Homosexual 'Hijacking' of Civil Rights Movement

The Summer of Gay Love 2003: Heterosexuality is in crisis. That's why we suddenly find gays so fascinating (Warning: Author is Liberal Jewish who supports Gay/Lesbian issues)

It’s In to Be ‘Out’: Is Gay Success on TV Translating to Broader Culture?

Queer Across The Dial

Attorney General Ashcroft leaves open possibility of same-sex civil unions in US

The Gay Hollywood Celebrity Buzz

As Gay/Lesbian Lifestyle Floods Western Society, God's Sword of Judgment Draws Back To Prepare To Strike!

The Coming Underground Church in Europe: Pervasive anti-Christian sentiment in Europe points to possible persecution

A Perilous Time: True Christianity in the Crosshairs -- Book

Preparing For Antichrist's Temple

Real-life raiders hunt Ark of the Covenant: Relic searchers dig near Jesus' crucifixion site in quest for chest holding 10 Commandments

Ark of the Covenant -- Video -- Solving the age-old mystery of where the Ark is now has tremendous implications for all mankind

The Coming Last Days Temple -- Book

Alberta Beef exports delayed: U.S. admits target date will be missed

Toyota plans to release a car next month in Japan that parallel parks itself

Iceland debuts the world's first retail hydrogen station.



Roman Catholic Sex Abuse News

Former priest John Geoghan killed in prison; was center of church abuse scandal

Four priests agree to voluntary suspensions in response to allegations of sexual misconduct with minors

Catholicism: White Sepulcher ''Christianity'' - Video explains why Catholic Church has been sexually abusing for 1,000 years

Israel - Palestinian State

Palestinians take action against militants: Just for show

Potential crisis in PA over ex-security chief appointment as interior minister: Arafat will retain effective control over the security forces

New Palestinian-Israel Clashes Threaten Major Conflagration

Kassam Rocket falls in Ashkelon; IDF destroys explosives lab in Nablus

Palestinians riot in Nablus: Confronting IDF troops with firebombs and rocks

Jerusalem terror bus bombing death toll reaches 21

U.S. Freezes Hamas Assets - Hamas Calls Bush 'Islam's Biggest Enemy'

Hamas to EU: Rebuff U.S. demands for freezing funds

Israel vows aggressive proactive defense

PA urges Israel to join new hudna

Official: Israel won't agree to any more 'hudnas'

Temple News

Religious Jewish Groups on Temple Mount: "Ball is in Our Court"

Ideological Day Camps: Taught importance of the Holy Land and its preservation against enemies

The Coming Last Days Temple

Stones of Witness: Virtual Tour Of The Holy Land -- Book and CDROM

Internet Virus News

Experts: Feared Internet virus attack fizzles

Be Sure To Protect Your Computer Through Microsoft Patch and setting up a Firewall around your computer! And do not open attachments!

Global hunt to kill off internet virus: 19 of 20 rogue computers identified and shut down! Global prosecution likely!

More Bad Fruit From Rev. Moon

Christian Churches Should Stop Using the Cross: Interfaith group founded by Unification Church leader Sun Myung Moon

Has Rev. Moon Purchased Nearly The Top Right-Wing Evangelistic Leadership Lock-Stock-Barrel?

China-Hong Kong Smuggling Tunnel Reportedly Found

Dollar and yen get a double boost: Signs of recovery of economies

Asian benchmarks start to roll upward

California Recall Race

Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante (35%) holds a wide lead over Arnold Schwarzenegger (22%)

Donald Trump advising Arnold

Republican Bill Simon drops out of California recall race

California Recall Support Waning, Poll Says -- But, Laid-back Californians' new obsession: politics

Stem Cell Research = More Abortions

Stem-cell breakthrough: Scientists have turned human embryonic stem cells into lung cells

Stem-Cell Research: Bush skillfully "six-steps" America into opening forbidden door just a crack!

Florida Green with envy

2003 Ozone Hole May Be Record Size, Australia Says

But, just last year:

Ozone hole closing: Australian scientists

Mars - Earth News

Mars special: Loving the alien

This makes people see "red"

Close Encounter with Mars: September 6 is really spectacular event

Portrait of the power outage emerging

Power Grab By Federal Government Sets Stage For Forced Vaccinations In America: Drug Companies Get Liability Protection In Homeland Security Bill

Pro-Lifers Find Inspiration in Justice Moore's Arguments


Non-Integrating States News


When is Enough Enough? With the 2004 approaching, Bush is losing ground

In Iraq, do the job or get out: Old Vietnam refrain!!

Bogged down in Iraq, US encounters limits to military power


Fat Cats Fighting The Hard War...By: An embarrassed and shamed officer

Rumsfeld Seeking to Bolster Force Without New G.I.'s: Increase the nation's combat power without hiring more troops

U.N. Propaganda: UN workers are like casualty doctors healing the world's wounds

Alone, the US will fail: Peace in Iraq will be elusive until reconstruction is truly international

US Captures Former Saddam General - Huge blasts rock Kirkuk

Oil Prices Hold Firm As Traders Stop Fretting Over Iraqi Oil

WMD Controversy Rages In Britain

Dr. Kelly family's smear fears

Dr. Kelly predicted he'd be found "dead in woods" if war came

Revealed: how ministers tried to gag David Kelly

How weak '45 minutes' claim became "rock-solid case for war"

Korean Peninsula - Most Powerful Non-Integrating State

Brawl erupts between North Koreans and human rights activists at World University Games

Korea talks to be contentious

U.S., allies cautious, N.Korea adamant before talks

U.S. wary of North Korean arsenal

U.S. officials concerned about North Korea's chemical weapons, border artillery

China expresses reservations over naval interdiction plan: North Korea has warned such a plan would mean war

Bomb Scares in Japan Ahead of N.Korean Ferry Visit

Japanese Defense Agency to upgrade all four Aegis destroyers

Deliberately Insulting North Korea

'Regime change' for N. Korea! Former CIA Chief Woolsey calls for "flat-out regime change" with no negotiations. "Mr Woolsey is either off his rocker on this issue, or is on some clandestine mission to derail talks!

Bush Calls DPRK (North Korea) Leader 'Dangerous Man': Now Bush Insults North Korean Leader! Deliberately sabotaging upcoming nuclear negotiations?

US Sub hunt risks stirring up China, North Korea

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States

Liberians report fresh fighting, thousands flee

CONGO: Security Council Mission Arrives In Kinshasa - Establishment of a transitional government

Standing at an isolated crossroads in Afghanistan

CARACAS, Venezuela: Chavez Supporters Come Together for March

Suspected Colombian Rebels Kill Journalist

Iranian Cabinet Minister Steps Down

US initiates moves to raise issue at UN: Tehran's nuclear plan

Gibson's Movie "Passion"

Wiesenthal Center Urges Gibson To Make Changes: Accuses film of hatred toward Jews for depicting their guilt in "killing Christ"

Who Put Jesus On The Cross? Classic by A.W. Tozer

Secret Societies Killed Jesus Christ - 3-Tape Series

China - US - Taiwan

Taiwan sub deal delayed a decade? Would put island democracy's aging defense further behind China

China puts air force and navy generals in key posts: By tapping officials with air and coastal warfare experience, it is positioning itself for battle over Taiwan Strait

Archives: In 1952, Illuminati Planned To Give Taiwan Back To Mainland Communist China

U.S. demanding biometric technology in passports, world may not be ready

Mark of the Beast: Final Connections -- Video

Illegal sex industry 'rife' in city

FBI: 'We need the public's help' - To find W. Virginia sniper

Outbreak not SARS, but experts stress need for better testing

The "Big Apple" Began In South Carolina!

'The "Big Apple" music would just take you': Began in 1936 in Columbia, South Carolina - Once this music spread to New York City, the city became known as the "Big Apple"!



Be Sure To Protect Your Computer Through Microsoft Patch and setting up a Firewall around your computer! And do not open attachments!

Global hunt to kill off internet virus: 19 of 20 rogue computers identified and shut down! Global prosecution likely!

Israel - Palestinian State

War Is In The Air!

New Palestinian-Israel Clashes Threaten Major Conflagration

Israel says road map is still alive!

Powell "Revives" Arafat -- "Help save what is left of the peace process" is our plea to Arafat!

Palestinian "Hudna" Ceasefire Ends September 29, 2003, Exactly Three Years To The Day That Arafat Started The Current Intifada (Stage 2 of the New Jerusalem Covenant Plan!)

Abbas, Arafat mull 'political statement' - Will keep official lid on matters until September 29!

Abbas has a tough time "attempting" to have peace in Israel

Israel kills 3 militants, promises more strikes: Tens of thousands protest slaying of Hamas leader

100,000 enraged Palestinians attend show for Hamas militant's funeral

US freezes Hamas assets, asks others to follow

Jerusalem: Either PA arrests terrorists or we defend ourselves

Baghdad And Jerusalem: How The U.S. Encouraged Suicide Terror

Israeli Government debt remains at 102% of GDP in first half

GOP Bill Would Add Anti-Terror Powers: Repression in the name of "Peace and Safety"

Roman Catholic News

Aging pope's health draws concern as heatwave grips Italy

Vatican keeps its council in the closet

Catholicism - isn't that a gay thing? "American Catholic priests are five or 10 times as likely to be homosexual as ordinary American men"

Catholicism: White Sepulcher ''Christianity''

Gay - Lesbian News

Pink Posse takes on America: Gay is the word in living rooms, churches and political chambers across the US this season

More reality on the way to Australia: Hottest new reality TV show, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, to Australia

Tentative embrace: TV recognizes gay culture, but networks draw line at romance -- Not for long!!

Bush names scholar Daniel Pipes to U.S. Institute for Peace

Alabama chief judge suspended for his refusal to obey a federal court order to remove his Ten Commandments

Data: Ohio Drained Power Before Outage Caused Blackout

Momentum Forces Democrat Presidential Candidate Dean To Shift to Higher Gear

Florida Court Won't Hear Appeal in Brain-Damage Coma Case

California Recall Race

Hollywood figures battle one of their own

Front-runners get top backing in both major parties

Congress targets frivolous lawsuits

Oregon, Wyoming Battle Three Wildfires

Wendy's joins low-fat parade


Non-Integrating States News

Rumsfeld sees 'truly global struggle': In fight against terrorism, Central, South America "deserve attention"

Korean Peninsula

'Regime change' for N. Korea! Former CIA Chief Woolsey calls for "flat-out regime change" with no negotiations. "Mr Woolsey is either off his rocker on this issue, or is on some clandestine mission to derail talks!

No surprises seen for nuke talks: US not expecting any major breakthrough

Why Kim Jong-il must go

Japan sets sights on new missiles to counter N. Korea

South Korean Police Block Balloon Launch: blocked human rights activists from releasing balloons would carry tiny radios into North Korea

North Korean vessel faces strict checks

South Korea falls into first recession since 1998

Seoul dismisses North's warships incursion report

US not ruling out external incentives in N Korea talks


Three British Soldiers Killed in Basra

Foreign terrorists infiltrating Iraq, US warns

US looks to UN for an exit strategy: 140,000 US troops bogged down

Baghdad without a map: United Nations is packing up

Canberra, Australia, lied about Saddam's weapons threat, inquiry told

Iraqi hospital's gains lost in blast at UN Headquarters

Annan appoints new envoy to Iraq

'Captured' soldiers were never missing, says US

Weapons expert predicted he'd be found "dead in woods" if war came

Leader of Dr Kelly's religion explains its attraction: Gift of life is sacred: the act of suicide is condemned in Baha’i teachings

It's official - Saddam was not an imminent threat

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Thai police arrest five more terrorist suspects

Canada arrests 19 over terrorism concerns

Afghan Forces Kill Four Suspected Taliban

Crews Work on Spill Off Pakistan Coast

Brazil Rocket Explodes, Killing 21 People - Brazil and China to Launch Second Satellite in September

Agreement on Leader Raises Peace Hopes in Liberia

Turkish troops kill three Kurdish rebels

We've got to use our brains more than our brawn: Highly skilled and professional jobs move in escalating numbers to India, China, Russia and other low-wage countries

Pakistan's President Musharraf to discuss city issues with stake-holders

Grenade attack in Yemen mosque kills two

Iran criticizes British arrest of former ambassador over 1994 Argentina bombing

Lawyer: Stun Belt Used on Beltway Sniper Suspect

Like a Duck in a Noose: Mind Control

Radical Environmentalism News

Earth Liberation Front claims responsibility for torching SoCal car, SUV dealerships

Strikes Three Times In One Night!

ELF starts fires in suburbia to protest urban sprawl: Fourth fire since start of 2003

OCCULT THEOLOGICAL BASIS FOR HATING THIS INDUSTRIAL CIVILIZATION - Sustainable Development = Destruction of this Civilization

EPA Watchdog Rips White House on NYC Air

Elizabeth Smart Story Set for TV, Book Treatment

Southern Chinese City Enacts New Transplant Regulations Amid Fears of Organ Selling


ATTENTION ALL AOL USERS! -- Friday, August 22, 2003 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Breaking News

Israel says road map is still alive!

Powell "Revives" Arafat -- "Help save what is left of the peace process" is our plea to Arafat!

Be Sure To Protect Your Computer Through Microsoft Patch and setting up a Firewall around your computer! And do not open attachments!

RAPTURE OF CHURCH SEEMS CLOSE! Hope amidst carnage, wars and rumors of wars

Israel - Palestinian State

War Is In The Air!

Baghdad And Jerusalem: How The U.S. Encouraged Suicide Terror

Middle East Truce Collapses: Sharp Escalation of Violence Predicted

Palestinian "Hudna" Ceasefire Ends September 29, 2003, Exactly Three Years To The Day That Arafat Started The Current Intifada (Stage 2 of the New Jerusalem Covenant Plan!)

Abbas, Arafat mull 'political statement' - Will keep official lid on matters until September 29?

Palestinians slam Sederot with Kassams, mortars

Abbas: Israel's strike against Hamas undermines peace efforts

Palestinian groups revoke cease-fire, vow intensified terror
-- Abbas and Arafat not budging from "Hudna" yet

Israel on alert as militants disavow cease-fire

Not peace, only a pause: Arafat's goal - Eliminate state of Israel and establish a purely Palestinian state"

33 still hospitalized two days after horrific Jerusalem bus bombing -- The Victims And Stories

Thy fearful symmetry: Eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, severed limbs for severed limbs

Israel Warns It Will Kill More Militants

Former Iranian ambassador to Argentina due to appear in British court over 1994 bombing of Buenos Aires Jewish community center - killed 85 people

Stupidity Story of the Century!

Egyptian Jurists to Sue 'The Jews' for Compensation for 'Trillions' of Tons of Gold Allegedly Stolen During Exodus from Egypt

3 killings committed in W.Va. with same gun: Ballistics tests provide link among shootings at convenience stores

Sweeping Illnesses

CDC: 715 people infected with West Nile

Canadian virus worries Singapore

Another Sars death hits Canada

California Recall Election

Schwarzenegger Would Consider Tax Hikes-Aide

Feinstein Rips Arnie for starring in "shoot-'em-up flicks" for bringing bloodshed to California streets

Taco Bell Spoofs Recall Race

Key Calif. Democrats rally around Bustamante: Move reflects pessimism on Davis' chances in recall

Vegas oddsmaker: Schwarzenegger slim favorite in recall race

Computer Virus - Unprecedented emails blocked

Virus That Infects E-Mails Expanding Its Reach - Internet and e-mail service providers were blocking the worm in record numbers

Be Sure To Protect Your Computer Through Microsoft Patch and setting up a Firewall around your computer! And do not open attachments!

Microsoft Is Using Linux To Protect Its Own Web Site

Washington, D.C., plagued by summer crime surge: Don't they have strict gun control?

European Weather News

Holocaust of the elderly: death toll in French heatwave rises to 10,000

French anger at heatwave deaths - Chirac goes public

France Turns to Help Farmers in Heat Wave

How the French turned a heatwave into a disaster

EU targets 'extremely powerful' greenhouse gases

U.S. National Weather

Front Has Big Impact on East This Weekend

Friday Brings More Rain to the Gulf Coast

Watching T.D. Nine in the Caribbean

Magnitude 5.4 Earthquake In Northern Alaska

How Hurricanes Get Charged Up

Unprecedented Mars Approach

Check Out Mars! Easily visible to the naked eye as a verybright, orange star located in the constellation Aquarius

Close Encounter with Mars by AccuWeather Expert Senior Meteorologist Dan Kottlowski - Great graphics!

Miscellenous World Weather

Ecuador volcano rumbles to life

NZ earthquake felt in Sydney -- 7.1 Magnitude, country's biggest quake in 35 years

Magnitude 5.9 in Southern Iran

Weird, Wild Weather From Denver to Delhi Stumps Climatologists: Rain or shine, indoors seems the place to be worldwide

Pennsylvania Judge Upholds Fetal Murder Conviction

Mississippi Supreme Court Expands Wrongful Death Law to Cover Unborn Fetuses: "Fetus" is a person under the law!!

A push to map the mystical: Researchers study how spiritual experiences happen inside the brain, theologians question the point

International Maritime Anti-terror rules threaten ports worldwide

Potter party with tasty treats: Eight young Harry Potter fans held a small party in Detroit to try out the sweet English desserts mentioned in the book series

Gay - Lesbian News

Experts Question Legality of High School for Gays

"Queer" Private Eyes TV Show Planned


Non-Integrating States News

Rumsfeld sees 'truly global struggle': In fight against terrorism, Central, South America deserve attention


Group Says It Has Captured U.S. Soldiers

Baghdad And Jerusalem: How The U.S. Encouraged Suicide Terror

President Bush "succeeds through failure" in foreign affairs

Get in to win or get out: Vietnam Refrain is beginning already!!

Dangerous Religion: George W. Bush's theology of empire - "Military victory in Iraq seems to have confirmed a new world order"

Two More US Soldiers Die in Iraq

Israel envoy: UN Iraq bomb came from Syria

U.N. bombing probe focuses on Iraqi security guards

"Armed Vanguards of the Second Mohammed Army" claims responsibility for U.N. attack

Woman Found Alive After Listed as Dead in UN Blast

Annan calls security responsibility of U.S. - Stops just short of blaming US for attack on UN HQ

Relief agencies are removing some workers from Iraq

Filipina found alive after UN Iraq terror bombing

General: Terrorists No. 1 Threat in Iraq -- Make-up of guerilla groups now fighting Coalition in Iraq

UN Bombing Probe Focuses on Iraqi Security Guards

U.S. captures 'Chemical Ali'; U.N. to withdraw third of staff

'US won't cede Iraq's control to UN'

Dark Developments in Dr. Kelly Death

Iraq Weapons Expert Dr. Kelly Predicted His Own 'Death in Woods'

THE SECRET WORLD OF DR. DAVID KELLY -- Microbiologist with ties to all top spy services in Western world

Dead Microbiologists Linked To Ethno-Specific BioWeapons: Dr. Kelly is possibly key missing link to tie all together!

Archives: Top Scientists, All World's Experts In Fighting Infectious Diseases, Suddenly Turning Up Dead!

Deadly Biological Agents, Deadly Vaccines, and Scientists Who Knew Too Much - Audio Tape

UK officials tried to overwhelm Kelly on Iraq dossier

Blair Home From Vacation, Ready For Grilling On Iraq's WMD, Dr. Kelly's Death

Korean Peninsula

Japan seeking multi-billion-yen purchase of U.S. missiles

North Korea may hold talks with U.S., Japan Aug 28 on the sidelines of six-country discussions

Scant Sign of Give Or Take Ahead of North Korea Talks

China's mixed stance on N Korea

North Korea to reject kidnap issue at talks

No nuclear talks at United Nations: North Korea warns

North Korea warns US against 'hostile attitude' in lead-up to talks

North Korea rejects nuclear inspection ahead of Beijing talks

Risky business leading N. Korea to ruin

World University Games In Seoul

North Korea reverses decision to boycott student games

World University Games In South Korea Warned of Chemical Terror Alert

North Korean sports team arrives in South for student games

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

McCain, U.S. Lawmakers Visit Afghanistan

VW, Ericsson, Statoil Invest in Iran, Undeterred by Tensions

IMF to Close Thai Office After Loan

Helicopter Carrying Russian Far East Governor, 16 Others, Is Lost

Pacific Islands to Sign Aviation Deal

Iran: Could Cooperation With U.S. Put Tehran in Al Qaeda's Terrorist Crosshairs?

Bali blasts had been set for Sept. 11, judges told - Was Bali blast carried out by micro-nukes?

Brace for shock at pump: Gas prices may reach highest level in history

Backers Guard Ten Commandments Monument

Chief Justice Says Fight Will Continue For Ten Commandments

Man who faked death guilty in sexual assault

California View of Bush Lowest Since 9/11

Fannie Mae,Freddie Mac Downgrade Would Hurt Market

Buddhism and the badge

Ruling: Release arrest warrant in Kobe Bryant sex assault case

Many School Police See More Aggression in Younger Students, Inadequate Crisis Plans

Moral Collapse

UK internet sperm baby born: Baby boy conceived with sperm bought over the internet

Has experimenting on human life lost its power to disgust? It's taken less than two years for us to get used to regarding human embryos as pharmaceutical fodder

'Sex slaves' tell of trickery and terror

Spray Cannabis (Marijuana) Soon Available In UK - Danger in Long-Term Marijuana Use Cited

CASA: Three Factors Behind Teen Drug Use - Kids with Severe ADHD at Risk for Later Drug Problems

Brits Say Marijuana Could Become '21st-Century Aspirin'

After sex and rock'n'roll, a Brazin attempt on DVD

Greece clamps down on tourist sex and alcohol binges

Great White, Station Owners Fined By Feds For Deadly Rhode Island Nightclub Fire



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