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July 28, 2007

July 31- August 15, 2007


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Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel PM Olmert inspects preparedness of IDF northern command Tuesday following indications of Syrian plans to attack Golan Heights

'Hizbullah has big surprises in store' for Israel: Once war breaks out

One year later, Northern Israel prepares for worst-case scenario

Defense Minister Barak Blocks Civilian Gas Mask Distribution: Despite Syria's build-up of a huge arsenal of missiles capable of holding biological and chemical warheads

Syria is still reinforcing its army and arming Hizbullah in Lebanon

13 Palestinians killed as IDF raids Khan Yunis area

IDF leaves south Gaza, says Hamas operated like Hizbullah

Jewish and Druse youth declare war on draft dodgers

TV: Show of Solidarity For Hevron Refuseniks At IDF Prison

Netanyahu is re-elected leader of Israeli opposition Likud: Garnered 73% of the vote

Likud Leader Feiglin encouraged despite defeat at hands of Netanyahu

PM Olmert safe for now: PM conveys sense of stability - Likud losing hope of toppling government soon

Hamas pleased with European 'U-turn': Fatah, on the other hand, expressed concern over increased calls in Europe to negotiate with Hamas

Hamas clashes with Shalit abductors, 2 gunmen dead: Hamas forces raid compound of powerful Doghmush clan - who are responsible for kidnapping of BBC reporter Alan Johnston, involved in the abduction of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit

Hamas TV's Children's Show Star Says She Would Be Proud to Be a Martyr

Arab Gaza Not Faring Well

Aliyah Across the Atlantic: Both Sides Now! For the new Israelis, financial and logistical support from Nefesh b'Nefesh (NBN)

Tunisia strips Arafat's widow of Tunisian citizenship

Gingrich 'sickened' with Bush, Congress

Archived Article: "Campaign To Discredit President Bush Seems To Be Moving Into Higher Gear"

US military sees looming China threat to satellites


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

U.S. launches major new offensive in Iraq: "Operation Lightning Hammer"

Truck bomb killed 10 people and badly damaged the bridge linking Baghdad to Iraq’s North: By sabotaging this key span, al Qaeda and Sunni Arab insurgents put a spoke in the wheel of 'Operation Lightning Hammer'

At least 200 killed, 300 wounded in Iraq attacks: Four suicide bombers struck nearly simultaneously at communities of a small Kurdish sect, the Yazidis

Yazidis are a secretive, syncretic sect - predominantly ethnic Kurds whose religion blends elements of Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam

Nine (9) US Soldiers Killed In Action

General Casey unsure when duty tours will be cut

Escalation in Iraq by the numbers: "It's beyond time to call Bush's "new way forward" by its Vietnam War equivalent"

'Surge' Has Led to More Detainees (Prisoners): As Number in Iraq Soars, Debate on System's Fairness Continues

Defence Minister Phil Goff has confirmed Air New Zealand carried troops to Iraq

Iraq PM optimistic about crisis summit: Much-anticipated meeting an attempt to end political deadlock

Baghdad set for political shake-up instigated by US: Plan is expected to be high on the agenda of a 'crisis summit'

A Saudi official has condemned radical Presidential candidate, Tancredo: For saying that the best way to deter a nuclear terrorist attack on America would be to threaten to retaliate by bombing the Islamic holy sites

Non-Integrating States News - Iran (Ancient Persia)

US to blacklist Iran Revolutionary Guard: Labeling Iran's army a terrorist organization

Iranian President Ahmadinejad has replaced his key oil and mines and industry ministers

Belligerent Iran hides its excesses

'Captive' Belgians found in Iran

Turkey's Islamic-oriented ruling party on Monday decided to nominate Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul again for president: The choice of Gul had alarmed the military-backed, secular establishment

Turkish candidate Gul pledges secularism

'Russian bombers getting closer to US': Top US commander warned

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Three Germans killed in Afghan explosion: Victims not soldiers, but German nationals

Iran's disruptive hold over Afghanistan is rising

Iran wants U.S. stuck in Afghanistan

US to press Pakistan on militants

Lebanese Army tells Palestinian militants that staying in camp is 'suicidal decision'

Charity finds that U.S. food aid for Africa hurts instead of helps

Guard Tasers Man Holding 4-Day-Old Baby: Video

Russia investigates report of killing by Neo-Nazis: Victims were bound and gagged, filmed in a forest beneath a large Nazi flag. At least one of the men was beheaded on camera as he lay in a shallow grave

Saudi government official at heart of American eavesdropping case: US officials also say he is a terrorist

India marks 60th I-Day urging war on poverty

Strike shuts Kashmir on India’s I-Day

US to scrap nuclear deal if India tests weapons

Commander says Endeavor space shuttle safe to return: Without a repair to its heat shield

US teacher gives first lesson from space

"Arctic Ocean Getting Warm; Seals Vanish and Icebergs Melt" -- Stark headlinein the Nov. 2, 1922 edition of The Washington Post

Red faces at NASA over climate-change blunder: In the United States, the calendar year 1998 ranked as the hottest of them all – until someone checked the math

Politics In The News

How Karl Rove lost a generation of Republicans

Rove makes a fiery exit: Says that Democrats are headed toward repeating Vietnam-era mistakes

Rep. Dennis Hastert of Illinois announces retirement: Served as Speaker of the House longer than any other Republican in history

Tropical Storm Dean Forms Southeast of Puerto Rico

South Carolina Inmate Hits Atlanta Quarterback Michael Vick With '$63,000,000,000' Lawsuit Alleging Al Qaeda Ties: Complaint also alleges that Vick pledged allegiance to Al Qaeda in February of this year


August 14, 2007


China and Russia Begin Teasing Washington: “Don’t mess with us” and “Stay clear of our allies”

Russia said flying more missions near U.S. territory

3rd SPP (Security, Prosperity Partnership of North America) summit shrouded in secrecy: Bush to interrupt Texas vacation to join Mexican, Canadian leaders on August 20-21


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

U.S. Officials Worry About Potential 'Tet Offensive' in Iraq

Iraqi police officer's family slaughtered: Gunmen have killed a police officer's pregnant wife, his brother and 12-year-old son

Suicide fuel truck bomb badly damages key bridge linking Baghdad to Iraq’s North

US kill girl in Baghdad raid: Family charges

US 'surge' in Iraq 'likely to fail': British lawmakers

David Petraeus, a general who won't sugarcoat

Five-man crisis conference set for today: Trying to save PM Maliki's government

Sunnis cool to Al Maliki's crisis summit

Iraqi former prime minister Iyad Allawi urges establishment of nonsectarian government

US asked to build not destroy in Iraq

Embattled AG Gonzales visits Baghdad: To help fashion the country’s legal system

US worried UK exit will leave border with Iran undefended: America is preparing to pour thousands of extra troops into southern Iraq

Iraqi security forces arrest 22


Non-Integrating States News - Iran (Ancient Persia)

The Middle East's nuclear surge: Iran is still probably five to 10 years away from gaining the ability to make nuclear fuel or nuclear bombs

Archived Article: "Nuclear-Armed Iran vs Nuclear-Armed America: Whom Should The World Fear?"

British House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee (FAC) has said that Iran is an emerging big power in the Middle East region

Syria stresses close bonds with Iran

Belgian tourists taken hostage in Bam, Iran

Iran to join wheat exporting states

Israeli Editorial: Bankrupting Iran is not enough

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh says his country is free to possess nuclear weapons

Exit Karl Rove - Master of Dirty Tricks - Probably represents the beginning of the political end of this flawed and failed administration

Karl Rove hits road as Bush mired in crisis

Wall Street Journal reports scoop on Rove resignation in editorial, rather than news pages

Secretary of State 'Rice to stick around until Bush leaves White House'

Israeli - Palestinian War

U.S. Pressure on Israel for a Palestinian State Foreseen

If I were a Palestinian: Palestinians shouldn't do a thing, and just let Jews do the job for them

Israel returns "Area B" law and order to Palestinian Authority control

Israeli intelligence may be able to pinpoint Syrian President Bashar Assad's intentions on a possible war

Syrian general considering war with Israel: Head of Syrian military intelligence has convinced Assad that only war will bring Israel to negotiation table

IDF Will Invade Syria if Missiles Fly

IDF Warns: Syria's antiaircraft system most advanced in world - after studying IAF's performance during Second Lebanon War, Damacus has purchased most advanced ground-to-air missiles from Russia

IDF investigates officers' embezzlement: Army suspects officers received grants by producing illegal certificates

Fights break out as Likud voters head to the polls

Great Britain blocks Israel arms deals

US lawmaker slams Hamas payments

Palestinians who are deported to Gaza claim Hamas abuse

Hamas breaks up Gaza opposition demonstration

Silent Minority in Gaza is Silent No Longer: Residents stand up to their Hamas rulers

IDF kills 4 Palestinians in Gaza airstrike

UN troops keep south Lebanon calm

Sniper shot dead a Lebanese soldier during fighting between army units and Al Qaida-inspired militants at a Palestinian refugee camp

Why Oslo really failed: Editorial

Another Tack: Cluing Condi in - Her latest mantra is "a Palestinian state first." Editorial

Learn from the fall of Rome, US warned: David Walker, comptroller general of the US, laments

Behold A Pale Horse

DEBKAfile Clarifies Its Disclose of Radiological Threat To New York City

Radioactive Material Detected in Box at New Jersey Accident Site: Box in the back of a vehicle involved in a fender bender reportedly emitted high levels of radioactivity

Illuminati Plan For New York City: "Can you imagine what would happen if Los Angeles is hit with a 9.0 quake, New York City is destroyed by a terrorist-planted atomic bomb ..." [William Cooper, "Behold A Pale Horse", Page 177]

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Taliban release two female South Korean hostages: First breakthrough in a drama that began more than three weeks ago when a busload of South Korean church volunteers was seized

Afghanistan operation 'is a long-term commitment': Britain's Defence Secretary, Des Browne, acknowledged

Iran's disruptive hold over Afghanistan is rising

Pakistan's birthday overshadowed by extremist violence

No deal with Musharraf on dual posts: Former PM Bhutto reveals

Libya still 'has 200 barrels of uranium': Despite agreeing in 2003 to dismantle its nuclear programme

Failed Diplomacy: The Tragic Story As To How North Korea Got The Atomic Bomb

Hundreds dead, missing after rain swamps North Korea


Fundamentalist Foreign Minister Gul set to announce Turkey presidential bid: A move which could spark renewed political turmoil

Biological detection program delayed

Army chiefs of 19 nations hold secret talks in Sydney, Australia: Ahead of an Asia-Pacific summit in the city next month

Russia opens terrorism probe into train derailment: Improvised bomb derails overnight express train, overturning carriages and injuring dozens of passengers


August 13, 2007

Radioactive Material Detected in Box at New Jersey Accident Site: Box in the back of a vehicle involved in a fender bender reportedly emitted high levels of radioactivity

Israeli website sends US media into frenzy: Following DEBKAfile report that al-Qaeda might be plotting to detonate a dirty bomb in New York City (August 11 story)

Illuminati Plan For New York City: "Can you imagine what would happen if Los Angeles is hit with a 9.0 quake, New York City is destroyed by a terrorist-planted atomic bomb ..." [William Cooper, "Behold A Pale Horse", Page 177]


Israeli - Palestinian War

Hundreds of Rabbis Label PM Olmert 'Hostile to Judaism'

IDF Will Invade Syria if Missiles Fly

IDF Warns: Syria's antiaircraft system most advanced in world - IDF fears Assad's arms race may be sign of possible conflict with Israel

Israel and Syria /The Mercury's rising - Israel does not have a complete intelligence picture of the Syrian side - Syrian military is arming at an unprecedented rate

Defense Minister Barak refuses to distribute gas masks to citizens: Even though the IDF warns that Syria has built up an arsenal of missiles that can carry biological and chemical warheads - does not want to make Syria think Israel is about to go to war

Israel's military budget increase

Hizbullah Buying Land Out of U.N. Reach: North of the Litani River, in preparations for a new war against Israel

Former IDF Northern Commander Warns: "Keep an Eye on Hizbullah"

U.S. Pressure on Israel for a Palestinian State Foreseen

Yesha Council: Beware of Steps Towards Palestinian State - Such a hostile state on Israel's doorstep would be founded on Hamas, Iranian and even Al-Qaeda influence

PM Olmert promises to release list of 'major' roadblocks slated for removal

Italian PM pushes dialogue to help Hamas 'develop politically'

Hamas breaks up Gaza opposition demonstration

Gaza's Singaporean dream turns Afghan: Two years after disengagement, situation in Strip worsens every day, dragging more people down path of poverty and Islamic fundamentalism

Russian Navy to operate from Syria: For first time since fall of Iron Curtain

India proposes collaborating with Israel on a new unmanned combat helicopter to counter Chinese C-802 missile

Winograd Commission hires private lawyer: Committee probing failures of Second Lebanon War hires Attorney Zvi Agmon as its representative at High Court hearing instead of attorney general

Israeli Arab MK Charges: Israel Has No Right to be in Jerusalem


Non-Integrating States News - Iran (Ancient Persia)

President Ahmadinejad replaces key ministers: Seen as increasing his control over industries that are the source of most of the country's revenues

Iran, Turkmenistan to strengthen ties

Iran, Oman strike gas deal

Jerusalem source: 'Syria worried by Iranian bear hug'

Bush, Congress could collide on Iran: Any military action against Iran could put the US president on a collision course with Congress

Bush's top adviser to resign - Karl Rove

The Guardian profile: Karl Rove

Wild storms lash Pakistan: Wild storm which has triggered landslides and collapsed houses in a village in Pakistan has killed 22 and injured many others

Reuters News Fakes Photos and Footage - Again

WND editor Joseph Farah thrashed the largest news-gathering operation in the world, the Associated Press, for unethically publishing WND's news as its own

Global Terrorism = Global Dictatorship

Stu Bykofsky | "To save America, we need another 9/11"

The Insidious 'Protect America Act'

"Intentional Manipulation Of The Facts" Get Surveillance Act Passed: Feds lied, with some troubling news. American eavesdroppers were collecting just 25 percent of the foreign-based communications they had been receiving a few months earlier

Job seekers must obtain Homeland Security approval

New Jersey - "Not So Fast": Turnpike E-Z Pass Data Used To Catch Cheaters

3rd SPP summit shrouded in secrecy: Bush to interrupt Texas vacation to join Mexican, Canadian leaders

Military aid to Mexico on SPP summit agenda: Violent drug war south of border now a U.S. problem


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Iraqi government in meltdown

PM Maliki says crisis summit will start soon

Five US soldiers killed south of Baghdad

Killings stoke tension in Iraq city: Hundreds of mourners turned out to bury an assassinated provincial governor and chief of police on Sunday

Kurds build an island of calm in the inferno of Iraq

Kurdish rebel bomb wounds 12 soldiers in Turkey

Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) Reports On Her Iraq Visit: ‘Surge Is A Failure,’ Warns There Is ‘Major PR Effort Going On’

Iran Charges: US supports terrorists in Iraq

Iran: U.S. needs "wise" leaders to regain its lost global image

Legal and illegal, untraceable and smuggled, sea of weapons floods Iraq

US worried UK exit will leave border with Iran undefended: America is preparing to pour thousands of extra troops into southern Iraq

Contractors accused of firing on civilians, GIs: Huge private force operates in Iraq with little supervision or accountability

Fatigue cripples US army in Iraq: Equipment also wearing out at an unprecedented rate -- "A whole army is exhausted and worn out"

Extended deployments stressing GIs, families: Problem especially acute as troops return to war zones for fourth, fifth time

Military families live in dread: With the army stretched by Iraq to the brink of restoring the draft, US politicians rely on the distraction of a tax cut

US Army Chief calls for return of draft to ease fatigue

Army dangles bold offers: AGGRESSIVE APPROACH | Some recruits could be promised $45,000

Hungry for end to war, activists seek impeachment of Bush, Cheney

Iraqi workers betrayed and forsaken by Britain pay the ultimate price

The Resort to Indiscriminate Killings of Iraqi Civilians

Christian Nation Has Turned To Torture

CIA “Enhanced” Interrogation Techniques Amount to Torture, Cruel and Inhuman Treatment

Canadian Torture Documents Confirm Role of CIA, FBI

Great Britain asks US to free residents in Guantanamo Bay Prison

'Gifts' that haunt U.S.: Some recipients of this beneficence are guilty of the same transgressions as the nations the administration wants to ostracize

Politics In The News

Hillary Clinton a Drag? Dems Fear Her Negatives

Former Wisconsin Gov. Tommy Thompson is dropping out of the race for the Republican presidential nomination

The GOP YouTube Debate Is Back On

Obama's Wife Decries Blackness Question

Romney's Iowa poll victory a "big start"

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

How the 'good war' in Afghanistan went bad

Britain’s frontline soldiers have 1 in 36 chance of dying on Afghan battlefield

Taliban to free 2 South Korean hostages today

Afghanistan bans media from hostage talks site

Kosovo could be partitioned

Rape in Darfur persuaded charity to act

Foreign hostage dies of illness in Nigeria

South Koreans worry summit with North Korea is just a ploy

South Korea delays military drills in a bid to improve conditions for a forthcoming summit with North Korea

UN confirms North Korea nuclear shutdown: North Korea had closed all five of its major nuclear facilities

Non-Integrating States News - Pakistan Teetering

No deal with Musharraf on dual posts: Former Prime Minister Bhutto

Musharraf may quit army to seal Bhutto deal

Presidents of Pakistan and Afghanistan vow to stop feuding and work together against Taliban and al Qaeda

Musharraf Concedes Insurgents Are In Pakistan

Is Malaysia going down the same road as Pakistan?

Malaysia's first openly gay Christian pastor attacks bias toward homosexuals

British livestock at risk from deadly bluetongue virus: Spread by midges that have been able to expand further northwards thanks to climate change – originated in Africa and has killed 1.8 million animals since it first appeared in Europe in 1998

Latino Gangs "Ethnically Cleansing" Blacks In Los Angeles: Not killing gang members, but also average blacks just trying to go about their normal business

Indonesian woman died of bird flu over the weekend on the resort island of Bali

Bush, French President Sarkozy eager to forget Chirac era’s bitterness

US icebreaker to map Arctic floor: As Russia, Denmark and Canada assert their claims in the polar region

Denmark heads to North Pole amid Russian claims

Foot and mouth outbreak looks contained - British expert

Egyptian Muslim who converted to Christianity has gone into hiding following death threats

Get the inside story on the war against Christianity

3 Killed in Missouri Church Shooting: Local congregation of predominantly Micronesian worshippers

Saturday Feud Led to Sunday Church Massacre

Indian Christians targeted in unprovoked attacks: Gangs use guns, knives, sticks, stones to injure leaders

Australian PM Howard in danger of losing his seat: Could become the first sitting prime minister to lose his seat for almost 80 years

US smelter company at heart of Peru's "Chernobyl": La Oroya is one of the most-polluted places on the planet because of deliberate gas emissions

China: U.S. dollar important to us


August 12, 2007


Reuters News Fakes Photos and Footage - Again

Global Terrorism = Global Dictatorship

Stu Bykofsky | "To save America, we need another 9/11"

The Insidious 'Protect America Act'

"Intentional Manipulation Of The Facts" Get Surveillance Act Passed: Feds lied, with some troubling news. American eavesdroppers were collecting just 25 percent of the foreign-based communications they had been receiving a few months earlier

Job seekers must obtain Homeland Security approval

New Jersey - "Not So Fast": Turnpike E-Z Pass Data Used To Catch Cheaters

US turns U-2 spy planes on itself, raising specter of broader domestic surveillance: A striking but unnoticed extension of domestic surveillance

Scotland Yard is to set up a "Think Tank" foundation to identify and combat Islamist extremists within communities across Britain

British Police may be given power to take DNA samples in the street

China Enacting a High-Tech Plan to Track People

Israeli website sends US media into frenzy: Following DEBKAfile report that al-Qaeda might be plotting to detonate a dirty bomb in New York City

New York scales down extra security measures a day after responding to al Qaeda radiological threat reported in DEBKAfile

Illuminati Plan For New York City: "Can you imagine what would happen if Los Angeles is hit with a 9.0 quake, New York City is destroyed by a terrorist-planted atomic bomb, World War III breaks out in the Middle East, the banks and the stock markets collapse, Extraterrestrials land on the White House lawn, food disappears from the shelves, some people disappear, the Messiah presents himself to the world, and all in a very short period of time?" [William Cooper, "Behold A Pale Horse", Page 177]

Fighting the Democrats’ Complicity with Bush


Israeli - Palestinian War

Senator Lantos (D-Ca) downplays Mideast forum: Washington should not expect to achieve major breakthroughs in the region

Yoram Ettinger, an expert on U.S.-Israel relations, warns: Palestinian State Won't Solve Arab-Israeli Conflict

Heavy U.S. Pressure on Israel for a Palestinian State Foreseen

Jordanian, Egyptian FMs: This is a time of opportunity- " 'The winds blowing in the region now are winds of peace" -- President Shimon Peres

Hizbullah is buying up lands owned by Christians and other non-Shi'ites in southern Lebanon: Preparing for war with Israel

Defense Minister Barak backs delaying W. Bank pullout

Israeli Government considering roadblock removal in West Bank

PA officials blame Hamas for shooting of Fatah commander

Terrorists Say They Sent “Quiet” Jerusalem Attacker

PA leaders to found 'Palestinian Kadima': Disillusioned with Fatah and Hamas, a group of Palestinian businessmen and academics has decided to establish a new political party to run in the next Palestinian Authority election

View From America: Ehud Olmert's bunker mentality

Settlers slam IDF general: Major-General Stern called ‘traitor’ by Gush Etzion settlers

Israeli Security and Defense: Rotten to the corps

Fertilizer shortages hamper Palestinian rocket fire: Shortages in raw materials slowing production of makeshift rockets, lead to decline in rocket fire from Gaza

Different kind of "draft dodging": Israeli elites pick top units, shun field units that badly need capable troops

Hizbullah's Nasrallah: Israel is an army state

Anarchists Demolish 30 Meters of Security Fence

New Israeli highway separates Palestinians

IDF ‘humiliates’ peace activists

Now Confirmed by Arafat’s Doctor: Arafat Died of AIDS

Iran Plots Syrian President Assad's Ouster: Viewed in Tehran as being to vacillating

V.P. Cheney urging strikes on Iran

Bush issues warning to Iran

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Iraqi government in meltdown

Five American soldiers were killed south of Baghdad, including four in a single roadside bombing

U.S. helicopter forced down in Iraq on Friday

Powerful roadside bomb has killed the governor and police chief of the southern Iraqi province of Diwaniya

Car bomb has killed at least seven people and injured many others at a busy fruit and vegetable market in the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk

Fatigue cripples US army in Iraq: Exhaustion and combat stress are besieging US troops in Iraq

Australian PM Howard warns Iraq - troops may be pulled

Shiite marchers show clout in 115-degree heat

Democratic '08 Aspirants Say Iraq Exit May Take Years

The Surge's New Math: One Step Forward, Two Back

War gamers see an Iraq in chaos after a pullout

Shiite militia's twin paths in Iraq: a bolder but more volatile Mahdi Army

Wars within wars in Iraq: Forget Washington's simplistic view. The conflict is really a mosaic of different groups fighting for a variety of goals

British firm under scrutiny for export of Bosnian guns to Iraq

The Fog of Fame: Part Two -- How Pat Tillman Died

Army Reprimands in Tillman Case Are Mild

British Ministry of Defence has introduced new guidelines to prevent military personnel talking about their experiences as members of the Armed Forces

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Islamist militants decapitated two Afghan men in a volatile Pakistani tribal region: On suspicion of being spies for the United States

Pakistani President Musharraf in Kabul to address 'jirga': Gathering of Afghan and Pakistani politicians and tribesmen

Bilateral assembly of tribal elders could end up being a tame affair: Raised questions about the impact and credibility of the assembly

Rebels kill 5 in India's north-east

Rebels kill 43 in multiple attacks in India's Assam state

New Delhi to rush more troops to Assam to fight separatists

Israelis fighting guerillas in Colombia

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney won an easy and expected victory in a high-profile Iowa Republican Party Straw Poll on Saturday: Claiming nearly twice as many votes as his nearest rival

Japan is set to develop its own next-generation stealth fighter jets

Repairs close 73-year-old Missouri bridge in Washington, Missouri

Canada uses military might in Arctic scramble

· Building programme is response to Russian move
· UN to decide on seabed claims to huge oil deposits

Quest to make Eftpos simpler: Retailers who don't have it simply don't get my business, because I never carry cash, don't have a wallet

I was at Ground Zero more than workers - Rudy Guiliani claims

Giuliani Admits He Misspoke About His Time at Ground Zero

Edwards campaign blasts Giuliani for ‘exploiting’ 9/11

9/11 Health Problems Linger: Government Response Called Inadequate

Central Banks Add Cash to Avert Crisis of Confidence

Monkey Madness at UCLA: Violent animal rights radicals aim to kill Jules Stein Eye Institute researchers who test on animals

August 12, 2007

US turns U-2 spy planes on itself, raising specter of broader domestic surveillance: A striking but unnoticed extension of domestic surveillance

Massive quake 'overdue' in California's desert resort of Palm Springs

Illuminati Plan For Massive Earthquake: "Can you imagine what would happen if Los Angeles is hit with a 9.0 quake..." [William Cooper, "Behold A Pale Horse", Page 177]

FEMA Plan For Massive California Quake: " On September 10, 2001, FEMA accurately 'predicted' the three "most likely and deadly disasters that could befall the United States". These deadly disasters foretold were:

1) Terrorist attack on New York -- Attack carried out the very next day - 9/11/2001

2) An earthquake in San Francisco

3) A hurricane in New Orleans

(Read NEWS2104)

V.P. Cheney urging strikes on Iran

Iran mocks US: 'Wise' leaders needed


Israeli - Palestinian War

Syrian rockets aimed at Tel Aviv: Long-range rockets already in place on Golan; is Syria preparing for war?

Beyond The Concrete Wall: Palestinian distress slowly disappearing from view, until next eruption

Israel sends conciliatory messages to Damascus\

Israeli soldiers jailed

PM Olmert pushes for Palestine: For a Palestinian State

An unnecessary charade: Olmert-Abbas Jericho meeting mere photo opportunity for media

PM Olmert promised to remove W. Bank roadblocks

Gunmen attempt to kill Fatah officer in West Bank: Incident leads Fatah to fear new wave of killings

Gaza: Hamas arrests 20 Fatah members

'Abbas willing, truly seeks peace'

Explosive and malignant: Hebron forced evacuation is like an ongoing operation where surgeons are helpless

IDF Eviction Refusal More Widespread Than Reported

Fighting Hamas on Land and on Sea: Hamas has established fledgling navy

Defense Secretary Barak: No Difference Between Fatah and Hamas

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

A veteran general hears echoes from Vietnam in Iraq

Bush War Adviser Says Draft Worth a Look

Bush breaks up Iran-Iraq love-in

Turkey's Kurdish worries deepen

US troop levels in Iraq have hit a high, with overlapping unit rotations pushing the total up to nearly 162,000

At U.S. base, Iraqis must use separate latrine

Suicide bombers in Iraq are mostly foreigners: Most are Saudi

British, US pilgrims demand inquiry into Saudi torture claims

Early curfew catches Baghdad off guard

UN expands mission in Iraq despite violence

Frustration at war without end

U.S. backs Iraqi PM Maliki, avoids talk of Iraq government collapse

G.I. killed in Iraq never his saw own child

Kissinger: Russian-NATO Missile Defense Proposal Unprecedented

Bush on track to become the vacation president

Mayor outlines ideas to quell Omaha gun violence: Wants to add surveillance cameras in violent areas, boost the Police Department units that serve those neighborhoods and stiffen local gun laws

Rudy Giuliani: I Misspoke About Ground Zero

Senator Obama talks about whether he's 'black enough'

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Pakistan: State of many emergencies

Taleban Negotiators Say South Korean Hostages May Be Freed Soon

Peace Conference Continues in Afghanistan Between Pakistani and Afghan Negotiators

Sri Lanka anger at UN aid claims: PM has condemned a top UN official over comments that the country was one of the most dangerous in the world for humanitarian workers

Philippines: 57 dead in clash with al-Qaeda-linked suspects

Behold A Pale Horse

Global Terrorism = Global Dictatorship

NYC Cops on fast react after terror scare: Checkpoints, radiation sensors out after 'unverified' threat spooks city

New York steps up security against al Qaeda attack in response to DEBKAfile Exclusive Report, followed by additional info on Manhattan dirty bomb

Israeli web site sparks terror alert: Sparks unsubstantiated radiological threat to New York City

Illuminati Plan For New York City: "Can you imagine what would happen if Los Angeles is hit with a 9.0 quake, New York City is destroyed by a terrorist-planted atomic bomb, World War III breaks out in the Middle East, the banks and the stock markets collapse, Extraterrestrials land on the White House lawn, food disappears from the shelves, some people disappear, the Messiah presents himself to the world, and all in a very short period of time?" [William Cooper, "Behold A Pale Horse", Page 177]

Arctic neighbours draw up battle lines

Turkey lines up presidential poll: Turkish parliament has approved a timetable for presidential elections

Mayor Mike forecasts it's billions to fix NYC sewers

Exit chained days before Virginia Tech massacre - Cops report

Boston's fatal Big Dig tunnel collapse calls for shockingly small fine


August 11, 2007



Global Terrorism = Global Dictatorship

14 'high-value' terror suspects may be tried: All prisoners have been declared 'enemy combatants'

New Al Qaeda threat of radioactive truck attacks naming New York, Los Angeles, Miami

Airlines sue FBI, CIA for access to Sept. 11 investigators

U.S. proposes third version of prescreening airline passengers

The American Path to Jihad: Nearly all the subjects begin their journey with the kind of Salafi Islam offered by the Saudi establishment


Russia In The Ascendency

Russia Approves Mass Production Of Cutting-Edge Bulava Missile: Designed for the new fourth-generation Project 955 Borey-class strategic submarines

Arctic 'always been Russian': Russian scientist claims

Don't rule out Putin's initiative

Russia sparks Cold War scramble: Russian bombers have flown to the US Pacific island of Guam in a manoeuvre reminiscent of the Cold War era

Can Syria benefit from US-Russia schism?

Weather Control News

Former Defense Secretary William Cohen Admits Weather Warfare Is Real

Tornadoes Slam Brooklyn, Staten Island: F2 Twister Gained Intensity As It Converged On Bay Ridge

U.N. Warns: 2007 seeing record extreme weather

Global Warming: British Met Office predicts plateau then record temperatures

As Earth gets hotter, we could get wetter

For a fifth day, South Carolina residents sizzle on summer’s griddle: Records keep falling in red-hot Columbia

Bush Down to His Base of Support: Down to just the conservative, white Evangelical Christian who goes to church regularly

New Related Headline News Articles

Why Are Christians So Gullible?

Congress Has Just Given President Bush Unlimited "Dictatorial Powers"!

US Oil Worker Said Kidnapped in Nigeria


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

U.S. Helicopter Forced Down Near Baghdad

Roadside bomb kills 1 U.S. soldier, wounds 4 in Baghdad

Roadside Bomb attacks on US troops at highest level: Accounting for more than one third of all combat deaths

Fighting for pride as pressure mounts on beleaguered British troops: As two more soldiers are killed in Basra, the morale among their colleagues is sinking fast

Four British troops die in Iraq in 48 hours

Sixty bodies found in Baquba: Discovered dumped in thick grass in Baquba, north of Baghdad

Turkey's Kurdish worries deepen: The bloody failure of the "surge" of US troops into Iraq is pushing that country into a vortex of newer dangers and chaos

Iran backs PM Maliki, says US troops must leave Iraq

Corps tosses all charges against 2 Marines in Iraqi deaths

British Defence secretary in row over Iraqi interpreters: Should Iraqis who worked as interpreters for the British Army should be given asylum here?

Thousands make Iraq pilgrimage despite fears: Scattered insurgent strikes mar Shiite march to mosque north of Baghdad

British MoD issues gag order on armed forces: New restrictions on blogs, emails, websites and text messages

U.S. Ambassador Ryan Crocker shies from answers in Iraq

Convicted Marine details ill-fated plan

President Bush said yesterday he couldn't recall when he learned the Army put out a bogus account on the death of Army Ranger and football star Pat Tillman

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Musharraf problems are Bush’s problems, too; The sinking political fortunes of Pakistani President Gen. Pervez Musharraf leave his defenders in Washington in an awkward spot

President Musharraf shoots down aides' clamour for emergency rule

Bush: Pakistan Must Fight Terrorists

Bush prods Musharraf to hold free elections

UK officer calls for US special forces to quit Afghan hotspot: High civilian toll as teams rely on air strikes to provide cover

Afghan Taliban a step ahead of US assault

Tales from Afghanistan's valley of death - heat, horror and a chuckle

Killings by Afghan stun S.C. guardsmen: When the shooting was over, four Afghan soldiers and Air Force Master Sgt. Randy Gillespie of Coaldale, Colo., were dead

Lebanese Army crushes Fatah al-Islam offensive: Militants confirm death of deputy leader in web site statement

US opens new front in diplomatic war over Lebanon: Aim is to free Lebanon from Syrian influence

Nine Phillipine soldiers die in Jolo ambush

North Korea Condemns U.S. War Games With South Korea

Israelis fighting guerillas in Colombia: Former officers helping government in battle against guerillas, drug lords, while guerrilla group FARC claims Israeli commandos also fighting them in jungles

Powerful 7.5 Quake rattles Jakarta: No damage reported

Politics In The News

'Warm' Clinton's got a friend in Rev. Billy: Billy Graham has good things to say about Sen. Hillary Clinton in a new book about his White House ministry

Sharp Questions for Dems on Gay Issues

Senator Obama backs civil unions, not marriage, for same-sex couples

Romney responds to criticism about abortion switch: Now says he is pro-life, and against same-sex marriage

Romney Adapts Business Plan to Politics

John Edwards Uses Anger in Campaign: Copies Bill Clinton's tactic, "He feels your pain - and your anger"

US Army adding recruiters to meet goals: Needs 80,000 new enlistees before October


Israeli - Palestinian War

IDF says ready to battle Hamas at sea: Israeli navy given new instructions in light of Hamas' establishment of naval forces in Gaza

IDF Eviction Refusal More Widespread Than Reported

Jerusalem security guard kills Arab attacker in Old City

Palestinian Authority minister: Hamas could be forced to make peace

US Rep: Fayad falsely promised 'no remarriage with Hamas' -- was nothing less than a "slap in the face"

No peace with Palestinians imminent, says Barak

Fatah forces infiltrating Gaza: Small units of al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades members operating clandestinely in Strip against Hamas forces, in bid to topple new regime

Explosive and Malignant: Hebron forced evacuation of Jewish settlers is like an ongoing operation where surgeons are helpless

Haredi rabbis in IDF fear replacement

Gaza faces economic disaster if blockade continues - UN warns

Defense Minister Barak: No expansion of front line in north - Jewish towns angry that Defense Minister won't extend definition of front line to include their towns

IDF Airstrike on Terrorists at Closed Gaza Airstrip

Kassam Rocket Hits Sharon’s Negev Farm: Former Prime Minister remains unconscious at a Tel Aviv Hospital after suffering a massive stroke a year and a half ago

British authorities suspect new case of foot and mouth disease

British Farmer insists his cattle are clean

British lab may be source of Legionnaires and foot and mouth

US diplomacy with Iran is working - New diplomatic approach toward Iran has already yielded tangible results

American Consumer confidence rebounds in August


August 9, 2007


Israeli - Palestinian War

IDF Intelligence Warns: Syria May Launch Missile Attack Soon - This report runs contrary to the official Military Intelligence line - "Syria is completing the construction of a large rocket array aimed at Israel from the Syrian Golan Heights"

Israel holds 'very sensitive' meeting on war with Syria: Ministers briefed on Damascus' military escalations, movement of missiles

Israeli President Peres: Misunderstanding with Syria could lead to conflict

Soldiers' refusal to heed West Bank evacuation orders throws Israel into turmoil : Israel is jailing soldiers who disobeyed orders Tuesday to evict Jewish settlers in Hebron

Israel destroys synagogue near 2nd holiest site: 3,000 officers deployed in forced removal of 2 Jewish families from Hebron

More Eviction Notices in Hevron

A Lost Battle? There may be no point in continuing to serve in a military devoid of values

Iran, 2; Israel 0

Defense Minister Barak Insists: Missile defense is precondition for W. Bank pullout

PM, Peres deny 'Palestinian state plan': Two men deny that plan to establish a Palestinian state on the equivalent of 100 percent of the land in the West Bank

Restrictions on Palestinians under fire: Israel has used concrete barricades, fences, checkpoints and other measures to impose restrictions on Palestinian movement in the West Bank that are "unprecedented in scope and duration"

Defense Minister Barak Advocates Withdrawal Even if Rockets Will Fall

Israel, Hezbollah crisis may be compromised: UN warns

Dozens of staff members at Gaza’s main hospital staged a new rally on Thursday after Hamas security forces arrested a senior doctor from the rival Fatah faction

Senator McCain: Disarm Hizbullah, tackle Syria's Assad

Fatah Uses Funds Transferred by Olmert to Pay 3,500 Hamas Men


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Beyond Disaster: "The war in Iraq is about to get worse—much worse"

British forces defeated in Basra: Senior US intelligence official laments

Only a political surge can save Iraq from a definitive fall into the abyss

US air strike kills 30 in Baghdad

Eventually, the US will have to negotiate its way out

Iran helping secure Iraq: PM Al Maliki told during meetings with Iranian officials

Iraqi PM Nouri al-Maliki is awarded exceptional honors in Tehran: Further alienating Sunni Arab politicians

Saudis stay away from Iraqi security talks

Shi'ite pilgrims amass at Iraqi shrine

Iraqi Interpreters Plead: ‘If we stay when the British troops pull out, then the militia will kill us’

Save those Iraqi interpreters; it’s the right thing to do - British PM Brown decides whether 91 Iraqi interpreters and their families will likely live or die

Bush, Australian Prime Minister Howard discuss Iraq and other issues

Iran: US Has Given Up on Attacking Us

Non-Integrating States News: Pakistan

Musharraf considers emergency rule, stays away from Kabul conference, under stress of security and political volatility

How Pakistan is being lost

President/General Musharraf to begin 'emergency rule'

Pakistan confusion over emergency: Leader of Pakistan's ruling party has said there is no chance that Pervez Musharraf, Pakistan's president, will declare a state of emergency

Emergency will not be helpful to Musharraf

Key facts about Pakistan's Musharraf

Turkish PM nominates secular ally for speaker of Parliament

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

2 more Lebanese soldiers killed: In pitched battles against Al Qaida-inspired militants at a Palestinian refugee camp, taking the death toll from nearly 12 weeks of fighting to 263

Darfur rebel commanders said yesterday they had shot down a government MiG 29 plane

Yemeni forces kill 4 Al Qaida men in raid on hideout

Saudi police detains 135 suspects in Mecca sweep

Saudis might take Bibles from tourists

Sudan unhappy at some rebel demands

UN urges Sri Lanka to disarm group

Philippine troops in deadly ambush

Venezuela's socialist President Hugo Chávez offers oil aid to Uruguay

States feel left out of disaster planning: Administration's secret rewrite of emergency response plan angers some

NASA’s space shuttle Endeavour blasted off Wednesday sending the first teacher into space

Russia denies firing missile at Georgia

Who's minding the store in D.C.? During hot months of August, when Congress is in recess

NYC rainstorm leaves mess, and questions: Three inches of rain in three hours to bring the nation's largest mass transit system to its knees

Tornadoes Slam Brooklyn, Staten Island: First-ever F2 Twister Gained Intensity As It Converged On Bay Ridge

Potential Flaw Is Found in Design of Fallen Minneapolis Bridge

Moral Collapse

Panhandler shot to death: Woman charged with murder after being asked for 25¢

Colorado Catholic priest charged for jogging naked

Sex assault suspected at Playboy Mansion

Strip clubs claim win in court: Federal judge orders Detroit to rewrite ordinance to clarify locations for adult entertainment venues

Police ask public to help decipher slain couple's bloody message

Global Terrorism = Global Dictatorship

Security firms working on devices to spot would-be terrorists in crowd: · Move to analyse behaviour and physiology from afar · British expert warns of Minority Report scenario

Archived Article: "Minority Report" -- Citizens Arrested Even Though They Have Not Committed Any Crime, Sent To Jail Without Trial, and Without Release Date

If You Were a Terrorist, How Would You Attack?

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) sets Aug. 20 deadline for NSA eavesdropping documents

Arizona mosque targeted in "acid bomb" attack

Chinese Prosperity Will Set Off Global Food Inflation: China has 20 percent of the world's population but only 7 percent of its arable land

Russian Scientists To Study In Detail North Pole Expedition Samples

Canada joins rush to claim the Arctic

Great Britain Fears Repeat Of 2001 Foot-and-Mouth Epidemic

New Cutting Edge Articles - Updated August 9

Why Are Christians So Gullible?

Congress Has Just Given President Bush Unlimited "Dictatorial Powers"!

Prescott Bush also was one of the Wall Street leaders responsible for a 1934 military coup attempt against President Franklin Roosevelt, as they planned to establish a Hitler-style Fascism!

Since The 'Star of David' Is A Satanic Hexagram, What Is The Biblical Symbol For Israel?

An Explanation of Hell From The Scriptures: What Does The Bible Really Say About That Place, And Those Who Will End Up There?

Has Israeli Leadership Discovered New Way To 'Unilaterally Withdraw" Jewish

Settlers From The West Bank -- Transfer 'Security' To Abbas' Palestinian Fatah Terror Group?

President Bush Threatens Iraq War Dissenters With Seizure of Property and Assets

Harry's Last Battles & Rowling's Beliefs: A review of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows



August 8, 2007



Global Terrorism = Global Dictatorship

New Headline News Article: Congress Has Just Given President Bush Unlimited "Dictatorial Powers"!

Bush Confirms He Will Seek More Dictatorial Power: After securing supreme status for his office and a six month window to implement whatever surveillance methods he wishes, Bush says his work is not yet complete

The Timeline to Tyranny: Ten advances towards the end of freedom and privacy in the United States

The Spy Game: NO-LIMITS spying is on a roll - shift guts any semblance of oversight, leaving the picking and choosing of targets to spy agencies - "Bush team has skillfully exploited the unease over terrorism"

Homeland Security Chief Chertoff regurgitates year-old thoroughly debunked liquid terror fearmongering

British Police may be given power to take DNA samples in the street


Non-Integrating States News - Iran (Ancient Persia)

First Russian fuel rods were already delivered secretly to Bushehr on June 2-3: Emphasis on Bushehr nuclear plant is said to be a decoy

Iraqi PM arrives in Tehran for talks

Bush, Afghan President Karzai sharply divide on Iran

Iran's President Ahmadinejad calls for Islamic unity

Iran disbands terrorist group

Iran aims to avoid further UN sanctions

Iran detains scores at 'satanic' rock gig


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Gen. Petraeus Readies September Iraq War Report

US uneasy as Britain plans for early Iraq withdrawal: Americans would prefer British troops to remain in position as long as they do

US helicopter air strike kills 13 in Baghdad

US troop levels in Iraq reach all-time high

Four US soldiers killed in Baghdad roadside bombings

A new spike in U.S. troop losses in Iraq: July deaths were at an 8-month low. But recent attacks show the enemy may be regrouping

Baghdad locked-down for Shia festival: Vehicle curfew from 5 am (0100 GMT) and was expected to last until Saturday in an effort to secure the city during the anniversary the death of the Imam Musa Kadhim

Iraq's time of reckoning

Sunni pullout puts Shi'ite PM Al Maliki in a spot

* The Death Mask Of War— American Marines and soldiers have become socialized to atrocity -- "The war in Iraq is now primarily about murder. There is very little killing"

Syria to host Iraq security meeting

U.N. offers to bolster its presence in Iraq

El Salvador cuts Iraq troops

Turkey and Iraq have failed to reach an agreement on how to deal with Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) rebels based in northern Iraq

Saudi team to visit Iraq next week: Embassy in Baghdad

British PM Brown intervenes over the Iraqi interpreters denied political asylum


Israeli - Palestinian War

Saudi Arabia backs ME peace plan: Supports establishing a viable Palestinian state

We are close, very close, to a major war: Jerry Golden warns

PM Olmert: War with Syria not in the cards

MK Vilan Urges: Prosecute rabbis advising soldiers to refuse orders

Kibbutzniks, rabbis slam refuseniks: Rabbis belonging to association which founded haredi Nahal Battalion threaten to prevent enlistment of national religious troops

Rabbis threaten future of IDF: Insubordination draws on rabbis willing to see Israeli society crumble

PM, Peres deny 'Palestinian state plan': Denied that they crafted a plan to establish a Palestinian state on the equivalent of 100 percent of the land in the West Bank

Abbas Declares: If Hamas wants talks, it must reverse Gaza situation

IDF troops kill 2 Hamas gunmen in Gaza

Norway: Envoys may talk with Hamas

Israel wants to upgrade UNIFIL mandate in Lebanon: Wants international forces in the South patrol more in urban areas

We've had enough of Olmert: Prime minister shows complete disregard to lives of soldiers, elderly

Israel requests changes to US military aid

Gaza jobs meltdown: An ice-cream firm's tale

U.S. Intel Is ‘Absolutely Incorrect’: Pakistan’s ambassador to the United States blasts Barack Obama and the National Intelligence Estimate conclusion that Pakistan is a safe haven for Al Qaeda

Obama hits back in Pakistan debate: Rebuked Democratic White House rivals who mocked him as naive on foreign policy - "refusing to accept lessons from those he said invited “disaster” by backing the Iraq war"

Pakistan’s former prime minister Benazir Bhutto has warned the country’s embattled military ruler that time is running out for them to make a deal

China threatens 'nuclear option' of dollar sales: Hinting that it may liquidate its vast holding of US treasuries if Washington imposes trade sanctions to force a yuan revaluation

Amidst Turmoil, Fed Holds Steady: Rate Unchanged Despite Credit, Stock Market Uncertainty

Fannie, Freddie Shares Get Boost: Talk Widespread On Possible Easing of Limits -- U.S. stock market yesterday experienced its biggest one-day percentage gain in more than four years

For Russians, rewards and risks of soaring ruble

Senator Hillary Clinton Boasts: ‘If You Want a Winner…I’m Your Girl’

Guiliani given headache as daughter supports Obama's Presidential bid

* California De-Certifies Electronic Voting Machines

* "Voter Caging" and why you should be aware of the implications

Shuttle Endeavour in first mission in 4 years

Vietnam confirms bird flu death, second case in 2 weeks

Two Koreas to hold historic summit, but scepticism high

Deliberate release of viral material, possibly in an act of sabotage, may have caused the foot-and-mouth disease outbreak: British officials said last night

Two Lebanese soldiers killed in battles with Islamists


August 7, 2007



Absolute Dictatorship Planned 100 Years Ago!

Global Terrorism = Global Dictatorship

Bush Gets 6 Months Big Brother Dictator Powers: 6-month window gives government carte blanche to impose any surveillance policy and for it to remain legal in perpetuity

New Law Gives Government Six Months to Turn Internet and Phone Systems into Permanent Spying Program: Legislation was passed hurriedly by Congress over the weekend and signed into law Sunday by President Bush

Called "Protect America Act"

All Because of 9/11!

Newt Gingrich says Bush's war on terror is 'phony'

‘Surveillance society’ warning on data sharing: America quickly becoming a "surveillance society"

'Plot Would Have Killed Thousands' - Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff Offers Chilling Details About 2006 Airplane Plot and Current Terror Threats


Israeli - Palestinian War

PM Olmert: Immediate goal is Palestinian state - Abbas and Olmert agree to meet regularly to prepare for Mideast peace summit in US scheduled for this fall

Fatah leader in secret talks with Hamas ahead of Abbas’ Jericho meeting with Olmert Monday – and behind his back - falling away of support for Abbas in his own movement throws further in doubt the US-Israeli strategy of putting all their Palestinian apples in his West Bank basket

Defense Secretary Barak to Winograd Commission: We should have hit Hibzullah and waited six weeks

'Troops receive orders from commanders and no one else': Defense Secretary Barak was referring to the refusal of 12 soldiers to take part in Tuesday's Hebron marketplace evacuation and their subsequent military incarceration

Hebron Evacuation A fateful Test For The IDF

Elite IDF Soldiers Refuse Hevron Expulsion Orders

A little common sense: Army should not be forcing right-wing troops to evacuate Jews

Dozens hurt in Hebron home evacuation

Israeli Human Rights Group, B'Tselem: Movement restrictions on Palestinians illegal

Peres Criticizes Norwegian FM: You were first to recognize Hamas

Israel warns of Hizbullah worldwide abduction plot: Seeking to abduct Israelis who are on visits to Muslim countries

Russian Navy to operate from Syria: For first time since fall of Iron Curtain, Russia plans to build permanent bases on Syrian soil as part of large arms deal between two countries

Stray Kassam Rocket Kills 2 Arab Children in Gaza

Hitler listened to Jewish, Russian composers

Chartered Flight Brings Another 210 North American Jews Home

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Roadside Bombs Kill 4 US Troops in Iraq: Including three in a single strike - raising to at least 19 the number of troop deaths in the first week of August - numbers signaled a resurgence in attacks

Saudi police beat Iraqi pilgrims for holding Shia-style prayers: Were worshipping inside the Masjid al-Haram in Mecca

US 'unintentional' arms aid for insurgents: senior analyst at the US Center for Defense Information has said the United States is unintentionally providing weapons to bad actors

Five Cabinet ministers loyal to Iraq's first premier are to boycott the cabinet: Hampering efforts to achieve national reconciliation

PM Maliki rejects Sunni ministers' resignation, urges Accordance Front to rejoin Cabinet

US and Iran hold 'serious' talks on Iraq security on Monday: Iran trying to preserve Shi'ite government of Maliki

Iranian delegation to Iran-US-Iraq talks in Baghdad has criticized Washington for its 'suspicious approach' to Iraq's security

Militias Battle For Control Of Basra: Like British Pullout In South, Concern Is That U.S. Withdrawal Could Result In Civil War

Suicide Bomb Kills 28 in Northern Iraq: Suicide Truck Bomb Kills 28 in Northern Iraq, Including 19 Children

Members of al-Qaeda and the terrorist group Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MKO) have launched an attack on the Vajiheh district, northern Iraq

Iraqi PM arrives in Turkey: To hold security talks with his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Mahdi Army attacking its own?

The struggle for Iraq's oil flares up as Kurds open doors to foreign investors

Cruise, Redford, Streep Take On Iraq War In New Movie... "Lions For Lambs"

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

US President George W. Bush and his Afghan counterpart Hamid Karzai have differed noticeably in their views about Iran's role in Afghanistan

Turkey to invest in Iran gas sector

New oilfield discovered in Iran

Russia writes off 90% of Afghanistan’s $11 bn debt in agreement

India not trying to 'destabilise' Pakistan

Lebanese Government announces killing of Fatah al-Islam's "number two"


Russia Ascending

Chinese troops in Russia for exercise

Kremlin sets sights on Middle East: Last week Moscow claimed territorial sovereignty over the Arctic – now its navy is planning to operate out of Syria

Georgia alleges Russian air raid: Officials charge two Russian fighter jets fired a surface-to-air missile

Russia denies missile attack on Georgia

Russia unveils air defense, eyes US missile shield

Baron Elie Robert De Rothschild Dies At 90

Foot-and-Mouth Disaster Strikes Great Britain - AGAIN!

Second foot and mouth case confirmed in Great Britain

British PM Brown abandons holiday plans to tackle growing cattle crisis

Scotland will lose millions if ban on meat export stays

Cameron warns of 'serious' foot-and-mouth questions

Foot and Mouth Virus Released From British Government Lab: Case mirrors 2001 outbreak, could signal new wave of agraterrorism against farming community - "Real attacks are always shadowed by drills to provide culpable deniability"

"Brown won't hesitate to turn huge swathes of the country into quarantine zones as a dry run for martial law"

Travel ban may cause British meat shortage by end of week: Retailers may turn to imports while talks continue on taking animals to slaughter

UK foot-and-mouth vaccines ordered

Great Britain Asks U.S. to Release 5 Guantanamo Bay Inmates

Rudy Giuliani's daughter 'backs Obama'

Oil prices ease after week of record-breaking highs

Crude oil prices remain set to break record highs despite recent slide

Moral Collapse

In Violence-Torn Newark, College Students' Murder Strikes Nerve: Shot execution style after resisting robbery attempt

Images of the Victims

Newark Executions: Text Messages Offer New Details

Recent Multiple Killings In Newark

Woman Arrested For Allowing Underage Son To Drink At Her Party: Social Host Law Claims First Victim On Long Island

Drunk Flight Attendant Forces Canceled Flight







August 6, 2007

Newt Gingrich says Bush's war on terror is 'phony': Former speaker says energy independence is key

McCain raps Congress for bridge collapse: Reveals that lawmakers diverted billions of dollars in transportation money from road work to pet projects


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Iraq Resistance Using Heat Seeking Missiles: I know you never get a single word of this Stateside

Four more US soldiers killed in Iraq

Turkey 'launches incursion into Iraq': Turkish commandos

At least 28 people have been killed in a suicide truck-bomb blast in the northern Iraqi town of Tal Afar

3rd round of Iran-US-Iraq talks kicked off

In Iraq, a Perilous Alliance With Former Enemies: In the long-term, America is financing the very insurgency devoted to our destruction!

Weapons Given to Iraq Are Missing: GAO Estimates 30% of Arms Are Unaccounted For

U.S. blames Shiite militia for attacks: Rogue Shiite militiamen with Iranian weapons and training

As Iraqi government frays, Gates won't rule out drawdown

Iraqi government failing to maintain U.S.-funded reconstruction projects after the completed project is handed over

'Moment of truth for Iraqis'

Poor security dogging Iraq economy -IMF complains

Russian Navy announces plans to test-fire nuclear missiles

Russia making a comeback: For first time since Iron Curtain's fall, Russia to set up naval base on Syrian soil


Israeli - Palestinian War

Head of the research division of Military Intelligence, Brigadier General Yossi Baidatz, reveals: Syria increases military activity for fear of an Israeli attack

Israeli defense minister Ehud Barak will visit Cairo soon to discuss Egypt’s bid for renegotiation of 1979 peace accords - Egypt is demanding that 7,500 Egyptian troops backed by armor and helicopters be sent to Gaza border!

Russia Declares: Hamas gov't legitimate

Norway confirms severing ties with Hamas

A Syrian-Iranian spin: Reported Syrian-Iranian 'mega-deal' may be part of disinformation campaign - "London has been the international disinformation capital since the 1970s"

PM Olmert arrives in West Bank city for meeting with Palestinian President Abbas: Trying to establish framework for future agreement in preparation for upcoming US-sponsored peace summit

A Sort of Peace in Gaza: Hamas has restored the rule of law

'Fatah-Hamas clashes likely in W. Bank'

IDF officer dismissed over Gaza shooting: Army dismisses Givati company officer over accidental shooting of Palestinian girl in Gaza last month

Explosive device hidden in dead sheep: IDF arrests Palestinian who planned to carry out terror attack in West Bank settlement

Hizbullah, Other Terrorists Targeting Traveling Israelis

Gazans Infiltrate Through Fence Friday

Five Weekend Rockets Launched From Gaza: iAF Air Strike on Jihadis Sat. Night

Bush's package deal: US military aid to Israel aimed at diffusing opposition to Saudi arms deal

'March of living' to take place as planned: Organizers of mass protest scheduled for Sunday afternoon of 'Holocaust survivors

Protest without using the yellow Star of David: Despite justness of protest, donning yellow Star of David is inappropriate

About 30 IDF soldiers had refused to take part in the evacuation of two Jewish families from the Hebron marketplace: Some of them made the decision after being encouraged to do so by their rabbis

Current Defense Minister Barak criticizes Former Defense Minist er Peretz in testimony to Winograd Committee: Investigating Second Lebanon War, 2006

IDF to recruit olim (immigrants) for hi-tech course: Planning to open one of its most secret and prestigious hi-tech courses to teenage Jews from the Diaspora, in an effort to enhance its technological capabilities

Happy Birthday, Mr President: Representatives of youth movements hold a surprise party for President Peres on his 84th birthday

Pentagon: Hold On, Christian Soldiers! Weinstein, a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy and former lawyer in the Reagan White House, has been on a kind of anti-crusade: to prove what he regards as the illegally close relationship between parts of the military and evangelical Christian groups

India-Russia-China trilateral meeting by October

Turkey PM Erdogan to Form New Government

Non-Integrating States News - Iran (Ancient Persia)

Big US Armed Forces integrated Valiant Shield exercises simulate possible operation against Iran: Maneuvers in waters off Guam include the simultaneous deployment of three carriers and their air and naval strike groups

No nation gives up absolute rights for fear of sanctions: Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman

IAEA team arrives in Iran for talks on nuclear inspections

Iran's 2nd fighter successfully tested

Iran's Foreign Exchange reserves swelling: Reached $20.473 billion by March 21, 2007

Iran to continue peaceful nuclear activities: Foreign Ministry spokesman Hosseini

Foot and Mouth Virus Released From British Government Lab: Case mirrors 2001 outbreak, could signal new wave of agraterrorism against farming community - "Real attacks are always shadowed by drills to provide culpable deniability"

"Brown won't hesitate to turn huge swathes of the country into quarantine zones as a dry run for martial law"

Scotland's countryside is "open for business" despite the foot-and-mouth outbreak in Surrey

Did ABC Reset Republican Debate Tally After Ron Paul Win?

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Korean Troops Exchange Fire Along Border

2007 Afghan poppy harvest headed for record levels

Bush, Afghan President Karzai, target surging violence in Afghanistan

Afghan's Taliban Warn of More Kidnappings

Opposition wins seat, gov't keeps 1 in Lebanese vote: Replaced two assassinated lawmakers

Lebanese pro-Syrian opposition candidate, Khouri, narrowly defeats government candidate Gemayel in tense by-election Sunday

Sri Lanka Guilty of Rights Abuse: In its war against rebels

NAFTA Superhighway traffic tied to bridge collapse: WND uncovers federal study warning of high risk in 1998

Secret Memo: One-world agenda dominates SPP summit - Document reveals plan for meeting of U.S., Mexico, Canada leaders

Classic Global Warming Logic: Illogical arguments repeated constantly

Cooking fires said to add to global warming

First salvos on foreign policy shed light on an American problem: Barack Obama vs Hillary Clinton


August 5, 2007




Israeli - Palestinian War

Israeli defense minister Ehud Barak will visit Cairo soon to discuss Egypt’s bid for renegotiation of 1979 peace accords - Egypt is demanding that 7,500 Egyptian troops backed by armor and helicopters be sent to Gaza border!

The Palestinian president and the Israeli prime minister are to meet in the West Bank on Monday ahead of a peace conference in the United States

Palestinian Chairman Abbas staring at oblivion

Jerusalem lowering expectations over peace talks aimed at establishing a Palestinian State

Deja vu: Back to the "Peace Process" of the 1990's

Syrian Minister: US, Israel a 'snake'

IDF Claims: Gaza strike foiled terror attack

PM Olmert: Holocaust Survivors' tactics lowering level of debate

Ex-Arafat Aide: Chirac knows Israel killed Arafat

3 Turkish soldiers killed in roadside attack: 11 killed in clashes earlier in the week

New Turkish parliament sworn in

Pat Tillman -- Was the pin-up boy of Bush's War on Terror assassinated? "The huge, slab-sided face below the crisply trimmed beret became the face of American patriotism"

Venezuela Goes for Russian Zeppelins: Proposing a grand fuel pipeline project which will be laid across South America to become the longest pipeline in the World

NAFTA Taking Shape

President Bush to Attend Security and Prosperity Partnership Summit: Bush will join Mexican President Felipe Calderon and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper in Quebec

Now Cheney chimes in: Ain't no superhighways - There is no "secret plan" to create a continent-crossing superhighway to help facilitate a merger of the United States, Mexico and Canada

Egypt to lift state of emergency in 2008: Even if new anti-terrorist legislation is not passed

Foot and mouth returns to Great Britain: Outbreak at cattle farm in Surrey leads to national ban on movement of all livestock

Outbreak of swine fever kills 20,000 pigs at farm in southwest Romania


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Iraqi PM Maliki out on his feet

US troops killed the al-Qaida mastermind of the latest bombing at a prized Shi'ite shrine on June 13

The Abu Ghraib whistleblower's ordeal: Soldier who exposed the abuse of Iraqi prisoners in Abu Ghraib prison found himself a marked man after his anonymity was blown in the most astonishing way by Donald Rumsfeld

American Soldier Gets 110 Years in Rape-Slay Case

US marine jailed 15 years for Iraqi civilian murder

House Approves $460B Pentagon Budget

Summer means living with no water: Not enough electricity to power air conditioners and taps in large parts of the Iraqi capital have run dry

Four US soldiers killed in Iraq

Iraq: Suicide bomb kills 13

A refreshing outbreak of truth on Iraq

Millions of refugees flee fighting in Iraq: Tide threatens to imperil already volatile Mideast

In Amman, resentment builds against refugees: Many in Jordan fear violence will follow the Iraqis

A weak America is a weakened Europe: It is high time for friends of the United States to realise that America's weakness undermines their international influence too

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

British make initial gains against Taliban

Afghanistan becoming world's supplier of heroin: Afghan poppy crop likely a record as international sanctions flounder

Sri Lanka War Takes Toll on Innocents

Pakistani Opposition Leader Demands Musharraf Quit

U.S. claims force Pakistan to alter course on terrorists: Public claims force Musharraf to break up camps

Polls open in key Lebanese vote

Lebanon braces for violence ahead of key vote

Castro says American materialism threatens human existence

Jamaica's Anglican church to modernize hymnals with reggae songs

International Experts to visit Japanese atomic power plant damaged in last month's large quake

Congress yields to Bush on spying: Approved legislation to temporarily expand the government's power to conduct electronic surveillance to track foreign suspects without a court order

House approved $16 billion in taxes Saturday on oil companies while providing billions of dollars in tax breaks and incentives for renewable energy and conservation effort

McCain raps Congress for bridge collapse: Reveals that lawmakers diverted billions of dollars in transportation money from road work to pet projects

Bush Surveys Bridge, Pledge Aids

Phoenix spacecraft lifts off on Mars mission

Moral Collapse

Two men were shot inside Caesars Palace early today after a fistfight led to gunfire

Lonelygirl15, Downloaded Until There Was Nothing Left

Just seven days after canceling their lavish Hamptons wedding, Usher said "I do" to pregnant fiancée Tameka Foster

Bronx man busted in girlfriend's slaying

Green '24': Jack Bauer's Next Mission: Fighting Global Warming

Arctic Wealth And Why Countries Are Jockeying Over The Roof Of The World: "A quarter of the world's oil reserves are locked up below the Arctic Ocean ... Arctic floor is also home to massive gas fields which are virtually unexploited ... the Russian Shtokman field, which has reserves estimated at a staggering 3,200 billion cubic meters (113,006 billion cubic feet)"

Newt Gingrich says Bush's war on terror is 'phony': Former speaker says energy independence is key



August 4, 2007



Microchips in humans: High-tech helpers or Big Brother surveillance? Microchips with RFID capability function as tracking technology

DVD - "R.F.I.D. Chip Revolution - Precursor To Mark of the Beast" - 4-Disc Set - Introductory Sale

Watch the Video Clip

US Senate approves Bush's Spying: Justifies spying on US terrorism suspects without court warrants

US Intelligence Court Secretly Struck Down Bush's Warrentless Spying: Earlier this year

Senate confirms Mullen as new military chief: Replacing Marine Gen. Peter Pace as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Non-Integrating States News - Iran - (Ancient Persia)

The wrong way to contain Iran: Bush's massive aid program to moderate Arab governments not the answer

India not to follow US on Iran

Turkey bids for Iran's oil projects

Iranian president says not worried about US military aid to Mideast countries

DVD - Depleted Uranium Exposed

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Gulf War Illness Still Incurable

Medical Experts Advising "Gulf War Vets Association" Know That "Gulf War Syndrome" is caused by Depleted Uranium!

U.S. military sees 'marked and increasing Iranian influence' among extremists in Iraq

US, Iraq and Iran to hold expert-level talks on security: Gunmen in southern Iraqi holy city of najaf kill Imam linked to Sistani

3 Iraqis killed in separate attacks

Four US soldiers killed in Iraq

Suicide car bomber slammed into an Iraqi police station northeast of Baghdad on Thursday, killing at least 13 people

Turkey ready for Kurdish tug-of-war: Amidst rising tensions about Kurdish activities in northern Iraq

Baghdad - 6 Million People, 117 Degrees And No Water

US soldier guilty of girl's rape, murder

Defense Secretary Gates glum as Iraq crumbles

Good news from Baghdad at last: The oil law has stalled -- The panic and distraction of the security crisis should not be used as cover for handing Iraq's wealth to foreigners

Amid all the politics, a defeat for humanity in Iraq

Once welcomed, British troops are now the wrong tools for the job

Fear of violence quashes Iraqi soccer champs’ bash

Hezbollah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah Charges: US wants a Mideast at war

Iran's President Ahmadinejad accuses US of seeking ME dominance


Israeli - Palestinian War

THE JEWS & THEIR NEW PROPHET - Israeli leaders seek to destroy religous Jews even if they have to destroy Israel to do it!

Syria Charges: Israel Burying Nuclear Waste in Golan

Nasrallah: Israel failed in operational and intelligence aspects during Second Lebanon war

Iranian President Ahmadinejad sends message to Lebanese President Lahoud: Congratulated him on the victory anniversary of the Lebanese people during 33 days of war

PM Olmert to meet with Abbas in Jericho on Sunday

Israeli 'Defense Ministry to fortify Safed hospital'

Israeli Citizens fight ‘draft-dodging disease’

IDF courts justify moral decay

Brigade commander censured following incident in which soldiers hijacked Palestinian taxicab, shot Palestinian

Palestinian infiltrators captured in Arab town

Haredim protest sale of pork in Netanya ---Pork-selling deli set on fire in Netanya

House to dig deeper into Ramos-Compean case: Absence of U.S. attorney before panel prompts further hearings into Border Patrol agent case

Russia seeks navy presence in Mediterranean

US State Department denounced lawmaker's suggestion to threaten an attack on Islamic holy sites in order to deter a nuclear attack on American soil: Called idea "absolutely crazy"

U.S. refusal to prolong START-I will be fatal mistake - Russian experts

Hurricane Katrina victims whose homes and businesses were destroyed when floodwaters breached levees lose their case in Appeals Court

Florida Report Spurs Growing Distrust of E-Voting Machines

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Bush criticizes talk of U.S. strike on Pakistan: Says US respects Pakistan's sovereignty

Suicide car bomber kills 6 in Pakistan

14 killed in Pakistan clash

Floods drive out millions from homes in South Asia

As presidential campaign gets going in Guatemala, the body count mounts


Bush to tour site of bridge collapse

Inquiry begun into bridge inspections


August 3, 2007

Global Terrorism = Global Dictatorship

Senator Trent Lott Warns: Get Out of D.C. While You Still Can - "it would probably be good to stay out until September the 12th"

Entire World facing terror threat - New British PM Brown

Glasgow Airport terror suspect dies

Rockets hit power plant in Lebanon: Islamic militants Fatah al-Islam claims responsibility - Deir Ammar power station is near a refugee camp where the army has been battling the militants for over two months

Bush steps up pressure on Syria: Says his government will seize assets


Non-Integrating States News - Iran - (Ancient Persia)

EU Warns US: More sanctions 0n Iran unacceptable

Iran -- 6th wealthiest in the Asia countries

Spain keen to boost ties with Iran - In every field

Swiss customs seize equipment for Iran nuke plant

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Iraqi police find 14 abandoned bodies: Villagers who had previously been abducted from their homes in a town in Diyala province

Baghdad shook with bombings and political upheaval as the largest Sunni Arab bloc quit the government: Suicide attacker blew up his fuel tanker in one of several attacks claiming 142 lives nationwide

Iraq war price tag above $1 trillion

Water Taps Run Dry in Baghdad

What does George W. Bush share with Napoleon Bonaparte?

Iraq's soccer champs avoid returning home: Afraid of being killed

Iraqi Prime Minister al-Maliki will visit Iran and Turkey next week: To discuss security issues and the need for cooperation amid tensions

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's electoral defeat may threaten Japan's support of U.S.-led operations in Iraq and Afghanistan

D.C. elites want you to shush on Iraq: Be afraid when the same centrist consensus that has a lousy track record on the war lashes out at partisans

Juries to Deliberate Marines' Sentences: Senior member of an eight-man squad accused in the killing of an Iraqi civilian

Iraq's two timetables

Presidential Hopeful Mitt Romney Talks of Troop Pullback

If Every Soldier Was Pat Tillman: Pentagon released a ‘manufactured narrative’ and ‘calculated lies’ about how Pat Tillman died. It makes one wonder if the U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan was also scripted and contrived?

Israeli - Palestinian War

US pledges USD 80m to Abbas

'Bush hasn't the time to reach accord': Creating a Palestinian State

Two wounded in Sderot Kassam rocket attack

3 Qassam rockets fired toward Negev

Israeli High Court Gives Go Ahead to Separation Fence in N. Judea

IDF kills Islamic Jihad gunman in Nablus

The 178 wanted terrorists Israel has stopped pursing are again threatening to murder Jews - all because Israel refuses to stop pursuing another 206

IDF Army to crack down on draft dodgers

Egyptians killed 4 Sudanese on Israeli-Egyptian border: In full view of IDF troops

63 Knesset members sign petition calling on prime minister not to deport Sudanese refugees arriving through Israeli-Egyptian border - "Their absorption as refugees is a moral duty"

'Anti-Israel conference' slammed: NGO watchdog complains that UN summit, hosted by EU Parliament is 'propaganda conference'

Hamas Cracks Down on Fatah Media In Gaza: Clashes With Islamic Jihad

Israeli Soldiers Banish Christian Missionaries From Army Base

Russian submarine reaches North Pole seabed: Mission to back up Moscow's claims to the region's mineral riches

Asia's brown clouds 'warm planet' : Pollution clouds appear to cause as much warming as greenhouse gases released by human activity

America's Aging Infrastructure

Safety history of Minnesota bridge draws scrutiny as death count expected to rise: In 1990, Minnesota inspectors labeled bridge "structurally deficient"

800 local San Francisco spans have same rating as fallen Minnesota bridge: "Structurally deficient"

More Than 70,000 Bridges Across America Rated Deficient

Bridge collapse points to America's infrastructure falling short

Governors around the nation order new bridge inspections

How Safe Are Bridges In The Tri-State Area? Brooklyn Bridge Fails Most Recent Inspection, Despite Vows Of Safety

Divers Look for Bridge Collapse Victims

New riddle in scandal of Korean who 'faked' clone research

Senator McCain changes course on immigration

Moral Collapse

Masked Gunman Kills Veteran Oakland Journalist: Targeted assassination

San Bruno Teacher Sentenced For Having Sex With Student -- Student was weeks from her 18th birthday


Senator Obama: Use of nuclear weapons to fight al-Qaida in Pakistan, Afghanistan 'not on the table'

Presidential Race Goes Nuclear: Hillary Clinton Implies Obama's Comments Were Careless and Not Presidential




August 2, 2007

Israeli - Palestinian War

The Zaka Search and Rescue organization is in negotiations with the IDF on the possibility of calling up Zaka volunteers for service in emergency situations: Including war

PM Olmert wants 'Hamas out of game': As he explores new cooperation with Abbas, including handing over security control

Palestinian Authority Chairman Abbas ready for 'declaration of principles' with Israel: Would outline contours of future Palestinian state, without immediately tackling explosive issues

Jordan rules out sending its military to West Bank to bolster Abbas, fight militants

Despite hopeful headlines, Mideast is bleak

Middle East peace conference likely in November: Exact date, place, participants still undecided

Saudi Arabia says it may meet Israel: During Bush's planned Israeli-Palestinian peace conference in the fall

Celebration of Saudi participation in international peace conference is premature, Saudi-US differences still acute

Hamas brushes off ME peace summit

Rice says time to seize opportunities for Mideast peace

Olmert approves American plan for big new Palestinian town on West Bank: Would be the first Arab town to go up in the region in 1,500 years - primary project for consolidating Mahmoud Abbas’ government

Olmert greets Rice with further concessions for Abbas despite discovery of Palestinian fraud over Israel amnesty

Gaza: Three dead in Palestinian clashes: Hamas and Islamic Jihad continued their violent clashes over the right to fire weapons in public

Chairman Binyamin Netanyahu Warns: 'Hamastan' in West Bank must be prevented

Syria plans war of attrition in the Golan Heights: Increased Syrian presence on its side of the Golan Heights in preparation for a possible war

Congress Critters Declare: P2P (Peer-to-Peer Networks) a Threat to National Security

Massive U.S. military aid plans aimed against Iran - Russian expert

Guns for sale - just point them at Iran - Bush's massive military aid plan for moderate Arab governments is seen as his admission that his policies have failed

Tightening the squeeze on Iran: Most of Europe's banks had already joined the U.S. in halting financial transactions with Iran


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Blasts Kill 70 in Baghdad

British soldier dies in day of Iraq carnage: Bloodshed overshadowed the day's one positive political development - Saudi Arabia's decision to develop diplomatic relations for the first time with the US-backed Iraqi Shi'ite controlled Government

Testimony against US soldier accused in Iraq rape-slaying

Despairing Iraqis wonder if violence will ever end

Iraq's National Security Counselor Reveals: Saudi princes support MKO (Mujahedin Khalq Organization) terrorist group which is also anti-Iranian

No military solution in Iraq: New top military advisor, Admiral Michael Mullen reveals

Senator Clinton says Cheney wrong on her request: Wants Bush Administration to tell her whether or how the military was planning for the eventual withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq

Largest Sunni Bloc Withdraws From Iraqi Shi'ite-led Government

Iraq parliament, amid friction, adjourns for a month

Rice, Gates Discuss Iraq with Saudi Leadership

Bush's Turkish Gamble: Turkey has a well-trained, well-equipped army of 250,000 near the border

Kurds threaten Iraqi government with civil war

US-Iran security pact on Iraq 'will affect Tehran allies': But they predicted several setbacks for the panel and will end in failure

South Africa may open embassy in Iraq

Iraq war costs US and UK more than £2,000 ($4,000) a second

Iran-IAEA to hold talks on nuclear transparency on August 6

Iran publicly hangs 7 men: Convicted criminals

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is swimming in oil profits

Suicide bomber killed in Pakistan: Killed a suicide attacker as he tried to sneak into a training facility for 900 police recruits - prevented him from detonating his suicide belt

British Tory Leader, David Cameron, meets troops in Afghanistan

Sudan approves of Darfur UN force

Defense Secretary Gates Tours US Facilities in Kuwait

Senator Obama seeks to recast war on terrorism: Democratic hopeful would unilaterally attack terrorists sheltering in Pakistan

World facing terror threat - British PM Brown declares

Russia claims North Pole with Arctic flag stunt

Saudis buy major supplier to U.S. military: Has purchased GE Plastics from General Electric for $11.6 billion. Based in Pittsfield, Massachusetts

Prayer & Action Alert: Hate Crimes Amendment Sneaks into Senate Defense Reauthorization Bill

Italy Considering Gold Sales to Pay Off Debt

US facing a resurgent Russia

Missteps Found in Awarding Katrina Deals

Solicitor Faces Tough Choice in Gonzales Probe: Considering whether to appoint a Special Presecutor

New ‘Last Supper’ theory crashes Web sites: Amateur scholar claims Leonardo painting reveals mysterious figures



Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

3 US soldiers killed, 6 wounded: By a sophisticated armor-piercing bomb

US chopper goes down in Baghdad from ground fire: Crew members survived

Baghdad car bomb blast claims 15 lives

Turkey and Iraq: Threat of war - Turkey is on the edge of an incursion into northern Iraq to attack Kurdish rebel bases

Report: US planning attack against PKK

Kurdish leader warns of 'civil war' over Kirkuk

US echoes allegations against Iran: Claiming that weapons are coming into Iraq through Iran

Iraqi parliament adjourns in blow to Bush

Cheney acknowledged on Tuesday he was wrong in 2005 when he insisted the insurgency in Iraq was in its "last throes"

US will be in Iraq for years: Navy Admiral Michael Mullen, picked as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

British troop pull-back from Iraq to be announced in October 2007

Korey Rowe Could Be Sent Back To Iraq: Loose Change producer 'sent back to unit'

DU HEALTH HAZARDS DOWNPLAYED: Activists blast scientists, feds for minimizing depleted uranium’s link to Gulf War Illness

U.S. death toll in Iraq is lowest in eight months: Iraqi casualties, however, have increased, as 2,024 civilians, government officials and security forces killed

Israeli - Palestinian War

Syrian diplomat scorns Bush Mideast proposal: Other Arab League representatives reluctant to support Bush's call for international conference on Palestinian-Israeli conflict

But, Arab League Reluctantly Accepts U.S. Mideast Conference

Syria conflicted over war, peace - Will participate in "any International peace conference'

Saudi Arabia does not promise to attend Bush’s proposed Middle East peace conference -- Later apparently changes mind

Rice does not bear new tidings: Secretary of State's visit to Israel anticipated to be a "maintenance" trip

Damascus has deferred its war plans from late summer to November

Olmert Flatters Supreme Court, Says War Not on Horizon

Olmert considers Jordan troop deployment: In favour of Jordanian forces deploying in the occupied West Bank to help Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas fight extremists

Zero Attendance at Knesset Session on Home Front: Was to debate State Comptroller's report on the readiness of the home front in the Second Lebanon War, but the committee's chairman was the only member who attended the session

IDF goes to battle against draft dodging

Israel Secretly Negotiates With Hamas in Tel Aviv

Fatah Commission Recommends Exiling 100 Officials To Egypt: ran away from Gaza to Judea and Samaria rather than fight Hamas' takeover

Fatah Corruption Exposed by IPS (Israel Prison Service) and Hamas

Olmert and Abbas Holding Final-Status Talks

Russia Backing Abbas, But Is Still Supplying Iran

Russia unaware of Hamas invitation for Hamas high-level official to visit Moscow

Israeli troops raid northern Gaza Strip

'We need a fence on border with Egypt': Interior Minister Meir Sheetrit

A Little More Modesty: IDF should display more wisdom and modesty instead of making demands

Bush's Proposed Huge Arms Sales To Israel, Saudi Arabia

America's rudderless foreign policy takes another deadly turn

Bush State Dept. Says Weapons Deal Is Message to Iran, Syria

German politicians have lambasted the US arms deal for the Persian Gulf region: Might trigger a devastating regional conflict

Iran-Turkey deal foils US plots

Russian President Putin toughens diplomatic stance against US and its allies

Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnell has admitted a controversial domestic surveillance program is only one part of a much broader spying effort

Extreme weather brings flood chaos round the world

Tropical storms stepping up with climate change

British army leaves Northern Ireland after 38 years

Political News

Cheney Says He Is A ‘Unique Creature': Refuses To Say He Is Part Of Executive Branch

Bob Dole Says Fred Thompson Will Benefit From McCain's Lost `Buzz'

Al Gore's son pleads guilty to drug possession

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Why Africa fears Western medicine: Africa has harbored a number of high-profile Western medical miscreants who have intentionally administered deadly agents under the guise of providing health care or conducting research

Deadline for South Korean hostages nears

Body of second South Korean hostage found: Man by the name of Shim Sung-min, 29 years old

South Korea urges US to intervene after Taleban kills second hostage

Pakistani construction manager abducted: Attack takes to at least 12 the number of foreigners being held hostage by armed groups in the oil-producing Niger Delta

U.N. Approves Darfur Peacekeeping Force

Floods kill 11 and maroons millions

Zimbabwe’s 100,000% inflation forecast: In northern Bangladesh

Kenyans protest MPs pay rise move

Child soldiers 'need mental help'

Pakistan's embattled President Pervez Musharraf says he hopes for "harmonious ties" with the recently reinstated chief justice he had tried to fire four months ago

Former Pakistan prime minister Benazir Bhutto rejects "power sharing" rumors

2,000 Pakistani women rally for enforcement of Sharia: Women from hardline Islamic parties

Mexico says US plan to fence off border will adversely impact migratory species

China exudes military confidence

Wall Street Journal trumpets Murdoch’s $5bn takeover of Dow Jones

Gay Radicals Changing America - Christians Are The Target

"Hate Crimes - Censoring The Church" DVD

New Headline News Article

Hate Crimes Raises Its Ugly Head Again - And This Time, Really Threatens Fundamental Christians

Led by a Liberally controlled Democrat Congress, and with a Skull & Bones President, the pro-gay lobby seems better positioned than ever to get their coveted 'Hate Crimes' bill passed. We genuine Christians have much to be concerned about the "Hate Crimes" bill now working its way through Congress! Are you ready to go to jail for upholding Biblical teachings on homosexuality?



"Suffer The Children" -

Answering the Homosexual Agenda in Public Schools DVD

Acceptance of Homosexuality In Our Society Children Are The Target -- In Our Public Schools


July 31, 2007


U.S. Outfitting B-2's with Monster Bunker Buster Bombs - Iran May Be Target

Stage-managed nuclear tour reveals why Iran won't be the first to blink

Global Terrorism = Global Dictatorship

Bush's Eexecutive Order - Ruling By Executive Decree - Congress is allowing Bush to become absolute dictator one E.O. at a time

Ex-VP Mondale accuses Cheney of power grab

Martial Law Threat Is Real - Lucky The Military Is Breaking Down

Possible Attack on the U.S. Within Ninety Days: Veteran Israeli Intelligence Expert

Surveillance Cameras Win Broad Support: Majority of Americans Favor Extra Safety Factor of Cameras

Cameras Catch Drug Smugglers at U.S.-Mexican Border


Israeli - Palestinian War

Israeli President Peres says Ahmadinejad worships bomb over God: Calls Iranian leader ‘an unbelievable joke’, says ‘in his eyes the nuclear bomb is higher than Allah, than the God in heaven’

PM Olmert, Palestinian's Abbas holding secret final status talks

Israeli home front unprepared for war: Jerusalem, Tel Aviv lack bomb shelters, gas masks scarce

IDF preparing to evacuate protesting settlers from West Bank market" Settlers have broken into the wholesale market in the West Bank city of Hebron

Olmert and Barak clash but cabinet still okays Brodet report

Israel to grant West Bank entry to Iraqi Palestinians

Moscow strongly supports Abbas as legitimate leader of Palestinian Authority

Egypt has quietly made a deal with Hamas

Hamas supporters barred from return

Hamas sets up new Gaza security force

Israel taken aback by Palestinian PM Salam Fayyad’s insistence that “resistance” is “legitimate” Palestinian right

Jordan won't send troops to W. Bank

Bush In Retreat: Regarding arms sales to Saudi Arabia and other key parts of his ME foreign policy

Massive 'Arms deal may not help peace process': US restrictions against Saudi use of weapons may complicate matters

We need to insist that Saudis shape up their policies: Bush wants to shower billions of dollars in sophisticated military goodies on Saudi Arabia. Can anyone explain why this is a good idea?

Rice rejects Iran charge that Mideast military aid would destablize the entire region

Israel's incredible shrinking sea

Editorial: The Temple Mount can wait

UNIFIL launches military exercise in southern Lebanon: Using live ammunition

World unhappy with US arms sales: At issue are weapons sales to its Middle Eastern allies under the pretext of countering Iranian threats

Pentagon to implant microchips in soldiers

Novak: Bush considering secret military action in Turkey

US-Turkey operation to suppress PKK - "US role could be concealed and always would be denied"

Turkish army wants secular president - Amidst rising tensions in country

Final Turkish parliamentary results: Turkey's Justice and Development Party has won a solid majority of 341 seats in the 550-member parliament - Election demonstrated strength of Islamic party in face of demands for secular government

DVD - Depleted Uranium Disaster

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

US offers Iraq only cancer and deformity: Iraq's Environmental Minister decries the massive use of Depleted Uranium weapons

Nine wounded in fresh Iraqi blasts

US marine killed in western Iraq: In Anbar Province

Baghdad bomb kills six, ends Asian Cup honeymoon

Southeast Asian nations have urged the US to pull its forces out of Iraq: Move would help bring the war-torn country back to normal

Britain will take troops out of Iraq regardless of US: New PM Brown refuses to delay withdrawal in order to show unity with President Bush

DAVID IGNATIUS Opinion: It's how we pull back

The death of this crackpot creed is nothing to mourn: The wider conflict now engulfing Iraq lays bare the absurdity of liberal interventionism - and the decline of US power - "regime change has created a failed state that no one has the power to rebuild"

US soldier admits guilt to some charges in Iraq case: Pleaded guilty to wrongful touching of a corpse, arson, obstructing justice and violating rules against drinking alcohol in a war zone

US pushing for Iraq draft oil law

Corruption 'mars Iraq rebuilding'

The Iraq war endangers Jordanian economic reform

Iraqi Parliament Starts Long Break: Without acting on key legislation

Iraqi Christians flee ancient roots for uncertain future in Beirut suburbs

If I go back to Iraq anybody could kill me, says hero football captain - "players are based outside Iraq as playing football has become increasingly dangerous with Islamists even having targeted children seen kicking a ball"

Federal Agents Raid Sen. Ted Stevens' Home

Iran to build cement factory in Venezuela

Atlantic Tropical Storms Have Doubled

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

al-Jazeera Airs Video of South Korean Christian Missionaries Held by Taliban

Taliban set new hostage deadline as body found: Second body identified; militants say they will kill more if demands not met

Car bomb hits U.S. convoy in Afghan capital

Roadside bomb wounds six Pakistani soldiers

U.N. nuclear watchdog team says North Korea cooperated on inspections

Police officers wounded in gunfire attack in Ingushetia

Colombia admits army infiltrated by drug traffickers and guerrillas

U.N. resolution on Darfur troops nears vote

Moral Collapse

'Jesus' deflowers virgin sexpot in new comedy: Some Christians outraged as Hollywood's hottest spoof Ten Commandments

Jesus vs. the ACLU: It's Civil Liberties Versus Religious Liberties in a Louisiana Courthouse

Police Charge: Doctor Sped Up Patient’s Death to Harvest His Organs

Michael Vick Co-Defendant Pleads Guilty to Dogfighting Conspiracy Charges

NY baseball fan killed mother as team lost

Sex for the Motherland: Russian youths encouraged to procreate at camp - Millions of young Russians at a youth camp discerningly similar to the Hitler Youth

Chief Justice John Roberts suffered a seizure at his summer home in Maine Monday

Rowling tells fans what happened to characters after final Harry Potter installment

House launches probe of Mexico: Congress to review intervention in cases of jailed border agents

Michigan's sputtering economy may get jump-start from a biofuel boom

Chelsea Clinton Is Primed for Another Parent’s White House Run

1934: The Plot Against America - Skull & Bones Prescott Bush led effort to topple US elected government in 1934, planning to install Fascist government!

View This BBC Programme In Full - Corporate America Also Behind This Plot - owners of Heinz, Birds Eye, Goodtea, Maxwell Hse -- believed that their country should adopt the policies of Hitler and Mussolini to beat the great depression



July 30, 2007

Israeli - Palestinian War

PM Olmert ‘Gesture’ Opens Door to 'Right of Return' for Arabs

Poll Finds Opposition to Withdrawals

Iranian President Ahmadinejad lauds Hezbollah victory anniversary of its 33-day victory over IDF in Lebanon last year

Jordanian Army may help Palestinian Authority in W. Bank

Palestinian President Abbas kicks off three-day Moscow visit

Arab League ministers are to meet in Cairo to discuss a Mideast peace plan: Part of a diplomatic push to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Quartet or UN should sponsor Bush's Middle East peace talks

Jerusalem wary of US arms sale to Saudis

Bush In Retreat: Regarding arms sales to Saudi Arabia and other key parts of his ME foreign policy

'Gaza fell because Hamas infiltrated PA security'

Israeli Defense Ministry receives less than half the increase for which it had asked

Gaza: IAF air strike wounds 3 gunmen

Israel to grant West Bank entry to Iraqi Palestinians

Vote to Strip Moshe Katzav of Post-Presidential Benefits

IDF Army Leaves Soldier Behind in Gaza

French FM leaves Lebanon without any peace breakthroughs

Lebanese Army continues slow progress into shrinking area under control of Fatah al-Islam

German-backed force to patrol Lebanon border: To stop flow of arms across Syrian/Lebanese border


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Iraq -- Time To Consider The Worst Options

Americans seek most painless way out of war

More Republicans want Bush to limit military missions in Iraq

Iraq Breeds Isolationists: A record percentage of Americans believe the country is on the wrong track

American General at odds with Iraqi leader: Al-Maliki may want Petraeus removed

Iraq government in disarray, leaders play blame game

US accuses Saudis of telling lies about Iraq: Saudi Arabia major player in funding insurgency

Saudis going south on Iraq: Riyadh is pouring money into Sunni opposition groups and letting Saudis cross the border to join Sunni insurgents fighting the U.S.-backed, Shiite-led government

Prominent Iraqi Cleric: Iran not fueling Iraq insurgency

One third of Iraqis need urgent aid

British PM Bush to host Britain's Brown in first visit: Will not announce special British pull-out plan

Bush, Brown seek to establish rapport

Iraq lags on reconstruction, recovery


Non-Integrating States News - Iran (Ancient Persia)

Iran's Judiciary Chief Shahroudi: Muslims look up to Iran

Oman says Iran is no threat to the Persian Gulf region: With its neighbors contributes to the establishment of regional security

Israel is looking into reports that Russia plans to sell 250 advanced long-range Sukhoi-30 fighter jets to Iran in an unprecedented billion-dollar deal

A new crisis in Russia-Iran relations: Moscow's decision to postpone the completion of a 1,000-megawatt reactor in Bushehr, Iran

Iran's VP defends petrol rationing

Iran: No Higher Talks With U.S. Over Iraq's Security

Moderate 3.5 quake jolts central Iran

Depleted Uranium Blasts to Increase At California's Livermore Lab: Federal weapons laboratory has applied to explode up to 8,000 (EIGHT THOUSAND) pounds of toxic and radiological contaminants into California’s air annually

CIA Bin Laden Chief: Next Attack ‘Bigger Than 9/11'

Turkish soldier has been killed and three others injured during two skirmishes with Kurdish rebels in the southeast of the country

Covert military operation is being prepared by the US and Turkey in an attempt to suppress Kurdish guerrillas and capture their leaders

Plan to help Turkey hit Kurds shows Bush hasn't learned from previous disasters

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Pakistan says draft US 9/11 law could harm relations: Because of its allegations about terrorist safe havens and nuclear proliferation networks

Why Pakistan needs a new leader

Pro-Taliban militants seized control of a shrine in northwestern Pakistan and renamed it after Islamabad's Red Mosque

Korean hostage crisis pressures US and Afghan President Karzai

Taliban Threatens: Remaining 22 South Korean Hostages will die Monday

Taliban Deadline for Hostages Passes

Ivory Coast President visits the former rebel stronghold of Bouake

Philippines is South-east Asia's terrorism hotspot

Calif. Fire Flares Up: Homes Evacuated

National ID Splits Conservatives, Libertarians






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