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August 18, 2007

August 16-31, 2007


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USS Kearsarge Expeditionary Strike Group takes up position opposite Lebanese coast amid trepidation over September presidential election: Can land Marines on Lebanon's beaches


Israeli - Palestinian War

High alert at American Sinai monitors HQ, Egyptian security forces and Israel for Hamas mass rally Sept 1 to smash through Rafah terminal

Analysis: Russia uses Syrian port to demonstrate its power in the Mediterranean

Russia fumes at claim it flamed tension with Syria

Defense Minister Barak Orders IDF Redeployment From North to Placate Syria

Kassam Terror Rocket Slams into Sderot; Damage and Shock

Jordan's King Abdullah II to visit France, Arab capitals in ME peace push

PM Olmert Offers Judea, Samaria, to the Palestinian State: Also Divides Jerusalem in Draft Accord

US peace summit may be at foreign minister level

Secret Hamas-Fatah Contacts: Hamas is taking the lead in trying to make peace with its rival

Wake Up, Diplomats: Foreign Ministry must not allow ‘peace industry’ to dictate preparations for US-brokered peace conference

Suspicion: Peres Paid for Arab Vote w/ Leniency to Arab Killers

Rights group raps Hezbollah attacks on Israeli civilians

Closed Hamas 'charities' may go underground

UN summit: Boycott Israel - United Nations conference at EU parliament compares Israel to apartheid South Africa

Holy or Not, Madonna to Visit Tzfat for Rosh Hashana

Top Israeli Archaeologists Issue Urgent Warnings Against Temple Mount Dig

Israeli Policeman Assaulted Trying to Stop Illegal Temple Mount Dig

Left-Wingers Try, Fail to Disrupt Hevron Outpost Ceremony

Israel keeps low profile ahead of Durban II: UN's 2009 anti-racism conference


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Iraq says Iran continues shelling of northern Iraq despite protest

US lawmakers' C-130 plane under fire in Baghdad: Forced to take evasive maneuvers and dispatch flares to avoid ground fire

Britain's last stand in Iraq: The coming weeks will see British forces retrench further in Basra

U.S. panel will urge broad overhaul of Iraqi police

Congress' Government Accountability Office (GAO) Charges: Iraq 'surge' not working

Changing Role In Iraq: the military and political dynamic has already shifted, prior to the report from General David Petraeus

White House Pushes Back on Iraq Report

French President Sarkozy warms to U.S., except on Iraq

American Lawmakers Describe 'Being Slimed in the Green Zone'

Raw look at Iraq war dominates Venice film fest

Sewage-tainted well water likely behind cholera deaths

Wooing back Saddam's ex-army officers once spurned

Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid (D-Nev.) Opens Door to Pact With Antiwar Republicans

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Pakistan's moment of truth

Power without the people: Pakistan's fundamental problem

Former Prime Minister Sharif sets Pakistan return date

Lebanon's President Lahoud says army chief to head interim government if rivals do not reach deal

Taliban free all Korean hostages

Car suicide bomb rocks Afghan NATO airport

Bush says effort to disarm North Korea making progress

President Sarkozy sees French way to globalize: Collectively

Chemical agent found in UN office: Potentially dangerous materials left over from a former Iraqi chemical weapons facility

Report on Iran's nuclear activity exposes split: Showing a slow but steady expansion of Iran's nuclear technology

Bush no-show would be a blow to APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation) forum summit

President Bush to Outline Aid to Mortgage Holders

Well-placed GOP sources: Craig likely to quit soon

Hillary Takes on Letterman with ‘Top 10' Campaign Promises

Global Terrorism = Global Dictatorship


FBI Surveillance: It's quietly come a long way in the past decade

Inside the FBI's secret files on Coretta Scott King

August 30, 2007

History Will Not Absolve Us: Leaked Red Cross report sets up Bush team for international war-crimes trial

General Pace, You Can Save the US - by Arresting Bush for "Conduct Unbecoming"

Israeli professors tackle Guantanamo Bay Prison: Group of Israel law professors has submitted a brief to the US Supreme Court on behalf of petitioners who have been held at the Guantanamo Bay naval prison for several years without access to law courts or lawyers

Economy Grows at Fastest Pace in a Year: Economy Surges Ahead at 4 Percent Annual Rate in Spring Despite Housing Troubles

Will Bush take military strikes at Iran? By heightening the rhetoric over Iran's nuclear programme, President Bush has left open the possibility that the United States might in due course abandon diplomacy and turn to military might

US warns Iran of nuclear holocaust

Iran bites back after Bush turns screws

Saudi Arabia: The Islamist Cage - the Saudis as the world's primary financiers of terrorism, the source of much of Al Qaeda's leadership, and an incubating station for radical Islam


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Iraq welcomes Mehdi Army 'freeze' for six months

In democracy's name, the US has helped cede Iraq to Iran

Israel urged US to attack Iran - not Iraq

Iraqi PM: Militants wanted to blow up Karbala shrine - one of the holiest in the world to Shi'ite Muslims

Toll rises to 52 in clashes in Iraq's Shiite holy city of Karbala

Behind the Karbala Clashes

Sharp rise in Iraqis fleeing their homes -- The latest figure is 60,000 per month

US military has admitted to what it called a "regrettable incident" after it arrested a group of eight Iranians in Baghdad

Additional troops policy in Iraq not working: Poll reveals that 49 percent of 6,711 adults consulted in the poll said the strategy was not working - But, 54% percent of Americans believe the Iraq war is not lost

Analysts say Iraq surge can't last past Aug. 2008

Iraqi government has failed to meet the vast majority of political and military goals laid out by lawmakers to assess President Bush's Iraq war strategy

Iraq's endangered minorities: Christians and other non-Muslims targeted by ruthless attacks

Government Owns and Controls it all by investment: The US and the state govt own the stock market etc. and keep it a float with our tax moneys. No free market exists if it ever did

Coming To A State Near You: A Security Company Blackwater Air Force - "As if having them run around Iraq like loose cannons wasn't bad enough, Blackwater is building an Air Force


Israeli - Palestinian War

Israeli Army denies reducing level of forces in the Golan

High alert at American Sinai monitors HQ, Egyptian security forces and Israel for Hamas mass rally Sept 1 to smash through Rafah terminal

Israeli Defense Official Declares: Russia cause of tensions between Israel and Syria

IDF troops foil suicide attack near Gaza border by 15-year-old Palestinian suicide bomber who tried to attack soldiers

Palestinian Authority Chairman Abbas wants Orient House reopened: The issue of who controls Jerusalem is once again on the table

PA chairman urges US to map out peace plan or November Peace Conference could fail

UN Envoy: Push Hizbullah to give info on captured IDF troops

Hizbullah committed war crimes, Human Rights Watch asserts

President Peres fends off attacks for freeing Palestinian murderers

Editorial Comment: Crack down on Gaza now

US farmers at odds with government over weather

What's Happening To Our Weather?

Japanese auto production hurt by earthquake damage

Gasoline supply at record-low 20 days

U.S. under U.N. law in health emergency: Bush's SPP power grab sets stage for military to manage flu threats

Catholic priest faces an indecent exposure charge after jogging in the nude about an hour before sunrise

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Pakistan's President Musharraf set to quit as army chief: In a power-sharing deal with exiled former prime minister Benazir Bhutto designed to save his embattled leadership

India and Pakistan ponder partition: Marking 60 years of independence following partition - a bloody event regarded as one of modern history's tragedies

Taliban frees 12 South Korean hostages

South Korea draws praise, criticism for hostage deal: Critics said Seoul might have set a dangerous precedent in directly negotiating with the Taleban

Several dead in fuel tanker fire in Nigerian city

GOP lawmakers seek Craig's resignation: Idaho senator is finding himself increasingly isolated from his political allies as more Republicans call for him to resign over his arrest in an airport men's room

Foot-tapping ritual common in sex sting


August 29, 2007


Turkey's foreign minister, Abdullah Gul, a practising Muslim and former Islamist, was yesterday sworn in: The 11th president of the staunchly secular republic in a move that will be seen as a defining moment for the country

Devout Muslim vows modern path for Turkey: Elected Tuesday as president, Gul promises to stick with secularism

Bush warns of 'holocaust' if Iran gets nukes

Cutting Edge Archives: "NUCLEAR ARMED IRAN VS. AMERICA -- WHOM SHOULD THE WORLD FEAR?" Iran has possessed nukes since early 2002


Israeli - Palestinian War

Olmert, Abbas Aims To Pave The Way For A Two-State Deal: PM offers PA control of Ramallah, Nablus, Jenin

Hamas plans massive Palestinian demonstration for Sept 1 to break through Gaza’s shuttered crossing to Egypt

EU intelligence officials holding secret talks with Hamas

'Hamas offers Abbas renewal of unity government'

Analysis: How strong has Hamas become?

London Islamic editor prays for nuclear attack on Israel

PM Olmert gives green light to 7 new Negev communities

Labor will have to remain in Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's coalition until the party takes care of its massive financial debts: Labor leader Barak

Peres Reduces Jail Terms of Israeli-Arab Terrorists: Three of the terrorists are serving for the brutal murder of Haifa Jewish teenager Danny Katz in 1983 and two for the rape and murder of IDF soldier Daphna Carmon in 1987

Mother of slain teen slams Peres for reducing his killers' sentence: NOTE: Israeli leadership acting weak again

IDF Soldiers Who Refused Hevron Eviction Orders to be Awarded: By activist groups

Evangelical Pastor and Jewish Activist to Debate on BBC: Pastor Joel Hunter of Northland Church in Longwood, Florida has voiced his support for a Palestinian State!

Yaalon, Peres (1978) Weigh in Against Palestinian State

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Pakistan's Supreme Court has demanded the government explain its decision to send troops into the controversial Red Mosque in Islamabad last month

Exiled former Pakistani Prime Minister Sharif set to return to Pakistan next month

Pakistani President Musharraf to shed army position: Bhutto

3 South Koreans Freed in Afghanistan

Taliban agree to release 19 South Korean hostages: Seoul says it will halt all Christian groups' evangelical activity in Afghanistan

Saudi government bans leading Arab newspaper

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Shi'ite Cleric Freezes Activities of His Militia For 6 Months: Will no longer attack American or Coalition Forces!

Active-duty US troops become outspoken critics of Iraq war: Their public critiques represent a shift in the military's culture

Iran says ready to fill vacuum in Iraq left by U.S.: Says American power is rapidly collapsing in Iraq and Iran is ready to step in

Shiites clash in Karbala during religious festival: Almost 1 million pilgrims ordered to return home after 51 are killed

British Foreign Secretary Miliband paves way for Basra exit

SHIITE militiamen from the Mahdi Army took over the police joint command centre in Basra yesterday as UK soldiers withdrew from the facility and handed control to Iraqi police

Brown under fire for twin-track military strategy: Fighting both in Iraq and Afghanistan wars

Prepare for long war: British General Sir Richard Dannatt has ordered his senior staff to make preparations for "a generation of conflict"

Bush defends Iraq war effort before friendly American Legion audience

Conflict of Timetables: As the Americans struggle to extricate themselves from Iraq, they are creating an increasingly difficult dilemma for their British allies

Iraq leader warns of regional war: If American troops are pulled out "too early"

US army officer faces jail over Abu Ghraib scandal: Lieutenant-Colonel Steven Jordan found 'guilty' of disobeying an order

The price of a pizza in Iraq: an eye and a leg

Operation Phantom Strike

California Assembly votes to put Iraq pullout measure on ballot: Measure is one step away from the desk of Governor Schwarzenegger

CBS sending Couric to Iraq, Syria: 'Evening News' anchor sets Mideast trip

Hurricane Katrina anniversary marked in New Orleans

Is New Orleans Safe? Will It Ever Be? Will a $15 Billon Rebuilding Program Be Enough to Save New Orleans? New Orleans as a whole remains alarmingly vulnerable to another Katrina-like catastrophe

Katrina, Poverty and the American Dream

Extreme natural disasters on the rise

A Man Alone: The twilight of the Bush presidency - One by one, George Bush's most trusted aides have left his side

$2bn deal for US military satellite: Australia will join the US military's new satellite system in a move that will transform battlefield communications

U.S. most armed country with 90 guns per 100 people

'We Are Going to Get Hit Again':" The head of the National Counterterrorism Center speaks out on Al Qaeda's plans, America’s readiness—and the nature of the war on terror

August 28, 2007



Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

US Ambassador to UN Warns: Middle East turmoil could cause world war - "Middle East was now so disordered that it had the potential to inflame the world as Europe did during the first half of the 20th century"

Bush Knows No History: When he compared Vietnam War to Iraq War

Bush raises stakes in Iraq with spectre of Saigon

British exit from Basra causes US headache: Shiite militia loyal to the firebrand cleric Moqtada al-Sadr extended their control over Basra yesterday

British PM Brown signals no premature departure from Iraq: Despite the increasing attacks against them

Iraq weapons are a focus of criminal investigations: The largest ring of fraud and kickbacks uncovered in the conflict here

French President Nicolas Sarkozy on Monday called for a clear timetable for the withdrawal of foreign troops from Iraq

U.S. shrugs off France president's call for leaving Iraq

CBS News translator is slain in Baghdad: Iraqi translator working for CBS News was found dead five days after he was abducted from his Baghdad home

U.S., Iraqi Forces Kill 33 Insurgents: Militants were holding back the water supply to the Shiite town of Khalis

Clashes erupt in Kerbala and Falluja bombed

Bush applauds political agreement among Iraqi leaders

Sunni politicians express doubt that new political deal will bring reconciliation

Iraq to allow ex-Baathists to regain jobs: It was too small an olive branch for Sunnis to rejoin the government


Non-Integrating States News - Iran (Ancient Persia)

French President Sarkozy is first Western leader to speak out loud about US plan to bomb Iran: Sarkozy thus became the first important Western leader to declare with brutal frankness that Iran stands in peril of an attack on its nuclear installations

France's Sarkozy raises prospect of Iran airstrikes


New rallying cry of U.S. policy: Contain Iran

Jerusalem worried by Iranian owned anti-ship missile: Recent delivery of an advanced Russian-made anti-ship missile to Iran has defense officials concerned it will be transferred to Syria and Hizbullah

Iran vows to use ’smart’ bomb on enemies

Ahmadinejad's gov't temporary, Minister of Strategic Affairs Lieberman says: Opposition groups being supported which could overthrow him from within

New Arabian Gulf Oil Pipeline Network Will Detour Straits of Hormuz

U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales resigns

Sinking Ship Leaves Rat: Alberto Gonzales lived up to his nickname of Fredo - the sycophantic Mafia sidekick, always trying to please the Don

Weakened Bush loses battle to hold on to Gonzales

Gonzales departure won't end probes

Senator Schumer urges Bush to name 'professional ... not pal': To replace Gonzales

GLOBALISTS TRASH BORDERS: Bilderberg Pushes The American Superstate, NAFTA

Cutting Edge Archives: "NAFTA: The Shocking 'Rest of the Story' "


Israeli - Palestinian War

Man wounded by Kassam shortly before Olmert-Abbas Jerusalem meeting

Jenin rescue creates optimism for PM-Abbas talks on new Palestinian State

Several near-lynchings in past week: Palestinian police prevented several incidents of mob violence against Israelis who accidentally entered Palestinian towns

Fatah and Hamas Unite in New Terrorist Group: Called "Fire Belt"

Religious Soldiers Complain: Officer violated their prayer rights

Israeli Archeologists slam authorities over Muslim dig at the Temple Mount

Hamas wants prisoner release for the video of captured IDF soldier, Schalit

PA gov't shuts down 103 institutions in Gaza, W. Bank

Hamas orders private Gaza clinics shut down: Direct challenge to Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas

IDF's "Training Base City" on Hold Again: Two-billion shekel project

IAF Dreams of a Hareidi Unit

The kibbutz sheds socialism and gains popularity

Islamic extremists fighting Lebanese army soldiers at a Palestinian refuge camp have requested that wounded fighters be allowed to evacuate the besieged camp

Turkey set to elect ex-Islamist as president: Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul

Magnitude 5.7 quake hit the South Pacific archipelago of Tonga on Monday

Idaho Republican senator fined for lewd behavior at Minneapolis airport: Sen. Larry Craig


August 27, 2007

U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales resigns



Israeli - Palestinian War

Israeli cabinet warned: Hamas on West Bank is ordered from its Damascus HQ to prepare large-scale suicide attack in Israel

Olmert-Abbas Meeting Under Cloud of Hamas Attack Plans

'Egypt's passivity equates support of Hamas': Egypt's failure to prevent the smuggling of weapons from the Sinai Peninsula into the Gaza Strip is slammed

Deceptive Calm On The Northern Lebanese Border: Extension of UNIFIL mandate just masks what is really going on

IDF Reports: PA cracking down on Hamas in Bethlehem

7 Palestinians shot dead in Gaza: At least five were militants

MKs riled by Yosef's reasons for soldiers dying: Spiritual Shas leader said that IDF soldiers were killed during the Second Lebanon War because they did not observe Jewish commandments

Half of IDF's New Combat Officers are Religious Jews

Turkey Warns: 'Israel must get US Jews to back down' and not pass a resolution characterizing as genocide the massacre of Armenians during World War I

ISRAEL-OPT: Ban on truckloads of paper set to hit Gaza schools

Egyptian Man stranded in Gaza swims home

New government bunker designed to withstand nuclear attack will house Prime Minister's Office, military commands centers: Will be completed 2011

Likud sues Kadima for NIS 1.6 million

Israel's Gazit Globe to invest $110m in India

US 'poised to strike Iran'

Islamist cleric issues Iran warning: Leading Kuwaiti terrorist Sunni sheikh attacks 'Iranian expansionist scheme', warns of 'Shiite exploitation'

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Iran has stepped up flow of weapons to Iraq in past 30-60 days: US Lt. Gen. Ray Odierno

PM Maliki lashes out at Senator Clinton and Carl Levin: "There are American officials who consider Iraq as if it were one of their villages ... They should come to their senses."

Iraq's leaders agree on key benchmarks: Seen as vital to fostering national reconciliation

Sunni Arab party to join alliance: PM Maliki announces

What France can do in Iraq

French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner apologised on Monday for having said that Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Al Maliki should be replaced

A familiar U.S. strategy to help stay the course in Iraq

Bush recasts defeat in victory quest

Report: Britain has lost Basra

Britain's retreat could damage US ties: An entire brigade of 3,500 US troops is being lined up to replace British forces as they pull out of southern Iraq

'Shiite rivalry' threatens Najaf: Province houses shrine of Imam Ali Bin Abi Talib that is visited by millions of Shiites from round the world especially from Iran

Saddam Hussein's cousin, widely known as "Chemical Ali", shot dead nearly 20 men suspected of taking part in a Shi'ite uprising after the 1991 Gulf War: Court is told

World's most evil nation: America is most evil nation in eyes of average Australian

Fire Breaks Out at Dubai Port: Jebel Ali port is the largest manmade port in the world, and the United Arab Emirates is one of the world's largest oil exporters

Saudi Arabia has begun setting up a 35,000-strong security force to protect its oil infrastructure from potential attacks

10 Arrested in Russian Reporter's Death: Journalist Anna Politkovskaya

19 bombs found after fatal blasts in India

Casualties begin to unravel Afghan Coalition force

BRIAN SCHWANER: Pay heed to New Orleans' plight - "New Orleans is my hometown. And it's dying, despite billions of dollars of aid ... I can see the city rotting from the inside out"

"Many of the 270,000 people now living in New Orleans wonder how the nation can spend a half-trillion dollars in Iraq while this city remains wrecked."

"... people seem to have vanished"

Senator Clinton blasts Bush at celeb-packed fundraiser



August 26, 2007

Preparing For War

Iran to Start Production of Smart Bombs Tomorrow

The 200 American AMRAAM air-to-air missiles on sale to Israel designed for F-15 and F-16 warplanes in IAF use: American also boosts Israel's strategic reserve of special fuel for military forces

Syria transfers elements of its commando Division 14 to Mt. Hermon north of Golan

Threats of imminent attack cause Saudi ambassador Abdul Aziz Khoja to leave Beirut

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Authorities believe al Qaeda’s Bangladesh arm behind triple blasts which killed 42 and injured many in Hyderabad, India

Tensions rise after three British soldiers killed in US "friendly fire" airstrike: Incident exposed rifts between American and British forces

Afghanistan produced record levels of opium in 2007 for the second straight year

Iran says U.S. trying to derail atomic talks

Iran slow to markedly expand atom work

Bomb Blast Kills 2 Somali Schoolboys


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

The problem isn't Maliki: Blaming the prime minister of Iraq, rather than the president of the United States, for the failure of U.S. policy, is cynical politics

Limited curfew imposed in Baghdad ahead of pilgrimage: To mark the birth of Imam Muhammad al-Mahdi, a 9th-century figure Shi'ites believe will return to save mankind

Iraqi Woman shot amid Shiite pilgrimage: Marking the birth of the 9th century "Hidden Imam"

Car Bomb Strikes 500 Yards From Prominent Shiite Shrine: Killing seven people and wounding dozens

Iraqi Red Crescent Organization Announces: 1.14M Iraqis Have Been Displaced

Bush says US offensive in Iraq just beginning

US says 7 Iraqis flee makeshift prison north of Baghdad

To invoke Vietnam was a blunder too far for Bush: The Presidents's crass comparison between Iraq and war in south east Asia was the most ludicrous misreading of history

Vietnam relevant to Iraq, but not the way Bush thinks: President makes dramatic "U-Turn" because for years, the Bush administration has rejected all comparisons between Iraq and Vietnam

As China's economy rises, pollution soars


Israeli - Palestinian War

Top IDF Officers Warn: Terrorist groups have learned our defense systems

Fatah, Hamas clash in worst fighting since Gaza takeover

Russia confirms Soviet sorties over nuclear site, Dimona, in '67: Highly provocative overflights increased tension which led to Six Day War
Security and Defense: Peace and Disquiet - Three months before Anwar Sadat made his historic visit to Israel in November 1977, fears mounted in Military Intelligence that the Egyptian leader was actually planning another war

Peres hopeful of peace outline with Palestinians: Before an international conference in November

Students fleeing rocket-battered Sderot schools

Former Arab Israeli Knesset Member brags while Bishara in Lebanon: Hizbullah stronger than ever

Egyptian officials enraged by Israeli airport harassments: Charge repeated delays, humiliations at Ben Gurion Airport

Israeli-Arab Galilee Terrorist Group Claims Another Murder

Gaza Terrorists, One Fatah, Cross Security Wall With Ropes: Jewish towns were put under curfew until the armed infiltrators were captured or killed

Hevron's Marzel Tells Kuwait TV Why Disengagement Was Good: Also postulates why a Palestinian State will never be formed, "because the Arabs are just running away"

A dark cloud looms over the Prime Minister's honeymoon: So far, relations with America have been stable since Gordon Brown came to power. But all that is set to change

Ohio Storms Cut Power to 100,000-Plus

NYC Taxi Drivers Threaten Sept. 5 Strike: Drivers demanding GPS satellite tracking systems be removed from vehicles



August 25, 2007



Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Iranian soldiers cross into northeastern Iraqi Kurdistan Thursday and attack villages

Three significant dates coming together in September may trigger “sensational attacks": Warns a senior US general in Washington

Military fears Tet-style offensive in coming weeks: Iraqi army and police had not improved enough to operate independently

Baghdad overnight clash kills 13

Car bomb near shrine kills 7

With US Troop Rise, Iraqi Prisoners Soar in Number - Up by 50%

Expanding sinkhole in Baghdad triggers frustration

General rips Iran as Iraq foe: Said Iran's Revolutionary Guard is trying to disrupt U.S. military gains by ramping up weapons and training support for radical Shi'ite groups

New US doubts on Iraq government of PM Maliki

Iraq's Sunni vice president says his party unwilling to rejoin Iraqi Cabinet

GOP dismisses Iraq war protesters

Lawyers accuse British MoD of retaining evidence on abused Iraqi detainees

President Bush Holds Press Conference, Discusses Iraq

Key options for Iraq exit strategy

U.S. military divided on troop withdrawal: Generals in the field and at Pentagon disagree on size, timing of cuts

New 'surge' report paints grim picture

US 'sole survivor' to leave Iraq

Saddam's cousin shot dead nearly 20 Shi'ite rebels, court told

Members of the 1st Battalion 265 Air Defense Artillery have mobilized and are on a plane headed first to Ft. Bliss, then for federal active duty in the capital region; Will operate high-tech weapons systems against any potential air threat


Israeli - Palestinian War

Every November, Once Every 30 years: Olmert needs the courage of Weizmann, Ben-Gurion and Begin to bring peace to Israel, to succeed in creating a Palestinian State

Three Gazan Palestinian terrorist groups claim suicide attack early Saturday amid escalating hostilities

Security forces kill seven Palestinians during clashes in West Bank, Gaza

Israeli forces kill Islamic Jihad leader in Jenin: IDF says forces targeted three gunmen in vehicle containing assault weapons, ammunition

Israel is targeting Islamic Jihad

President Peres to meet with pope, Italian PM next month

Israeli FM Livni applauds decision to extend UNIFIL mandate

Gaza: Rowdy Fatah supporters scuffle with Hamas men

Hamas battle cartoon mimics 'Lion King': Slick cartoon portraying its recent victory over the rival Fatah movement

Shalit alive and well, Mashaal says: Hamas politiburo chief, in interview with CNN, says kidnapped soldier is fine

Palestinian Civilians allowed to leave Lebanese refugee camp: Deal with Lebanese Army allows families to leave the besieged area

Three British soldiers have been killed by a bomb dropped by a US aircraft called in for support in a battle against Taliban insurgents

Non-Integrating States News - Iran (Ancient Persia)

US 'poised to strike Iran'

Mild 4.7 quake shakes southeast Iran

Syrian Parliament speaker arrives in Shiraz, Iran

Security of the Persian Gulf waterway should be provided solely by the regional countries: Iran's defense minister

Iran closes barbers offering 'un-Islamic' cuts

Electromagnetic Warfare: History Channel Video

Global Terrorism = Global Dictatorship

Terror Suspect List Yields Few Arrests: 20,000 Detentions in '06 Rile Critics

Senator Hillary Clinton Claims That A New Terror Attack Would Be Boost For Republicans

Military asks to proceed with prosecutions at Guantanamo: Rulings in June on prisoner's status led to 'judicial stall'

Moral Collapse

Megachurch TV Pastors Tell Weeping Congregation They’re Divorcing: Without Walls International Church has 23,000 members

Evangelist's husband surrenders, out on bond: Police reports cite bishop's, wife's troubles - Founded Global Destiny Church in Duluth

NFL suspends Vick indefinitely: Action comes after QB signs plea admitting financing dogfighting operation

Broncos player ordered to pay child support in Georgia: Travis Henry reportedly fathered nine children in four states

Philippine President Arroyo wants rebellions crushed

Bush to return to New Orleans and Mississippi Gulf Coast: Hard times and resentment linger two years after Hurricane Katrina's massive strike


August 24, 2007


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Iran's President Ahmadinejad's visit to Iraq may accelerate PM Al Maliki's departure

PM Al Maliki hits back at US criticism

Unfriendly Fire: The irresponsible attack on Iraq's prime minister is a sign of Democrats' frustration with the war in Iraq. Overthrowing him would make matters worse

Al Qaida fighters kidnapped 15 Iraqi women and children after rival Sunni Arab militants repelled their attack on two villages in a fierce battle in which 32 people were killed

20 killed in suicide attack on Iraq police station - 40 wounded

More mass murder in Iraq: The next time you hear confident assurances from the White House and its supporters that the "surge" of U.S. troops in Iraq is working and that something called "victory" is now within sight, remember the Yazidis

Autonomous Kurdish parliament approved their own regional oil and gas law ahead of the the Baghdad-based Parliament's endorsement

California family loses second son in Iraq

General Pace may urge U.S. troop cut in Iraq: Pace is Chairman of the U.S. military's Joint Chiefs of Staff

GOP senator calls for troop withdrawals: Senator John Warner said Bush should bring some troops home by Christmas

Iraqi pledge to Syria fails to assuage refugees

British PM Brown intervenes over the Iraqi interpreters denied political asylum: They and their families face death if British leave without taking them

IRAQ: Power cuts getting worse, affecting lives

IRAQ: Aid work becoming more risky in Baghdad


Bush's misleading Vietnam analogy: The President needs to look no further for killing fields and refugees than modern-day Iraq, even without a withdrawal

Maliki as Diem? Bush, Vietnam and 14 More GIs Dead

Bush Iraq War analogy strikes a nerve in Vietnam

Bush Following In The Footsteps of Napoleon

America's armchair generals get another reality check in Iraq

Welcome to Hillary's wars

Draft intelligence report portrays a bleak political situation in Iran: Anticipating little progress in getting Tehran to halt its nuclear program or stop supporting militant groups in the region

Rising powers have the US in their sights

French President Nicolas Sarkozy wants to trash the old order

France helping Arab states with nuclear programs

Credibility of three Bush loyalists has been damaged

Turmoil In Pakistan

Newly uncovered 'rules of engagement' show U.S. military gave elite units authority more than three years ago to pursue suspected terrorists into Pakistan: Did not have to notify Pakistani authorities

President Musharraf is dealt blow by top court: Exiled political rival allowed to return, throwing politics into turmoil

Israeli - Palestinian War

Fearing Syrian missile onslaught, IDF modifying Arrow deployment

Israel denies killing Hamas fighter

Qassam terror rocket hits Sderot house; 2 women suffer from anxiety

Ministry of Education Tamir: Sderot Kids Will Study Under Ground in bomb shelters to protect against rocket attacks

Haniyeh's spokesman quits, citing Hamas policy not to negotiate with Fatah

Hamas Continues to Mis-Manage Gaza

Fatah Claims Shooting Attack On IDF Soldiers: Terrorists Break Amnesty Deal

No bird flu found in southern Israel kibbutz

Bush's 'parting gift to the coal industry'

Democrat Senate Majority Reid has plan to leave coal in the dust: His push for renewable energy in state seen as high risk, high reward

Diseases spreading with faster world travel: New infectious diseases are emerging at an "unprecedented rate," and far greater human mobility - by planes, trains and ships

Austria says U.S. missile shield a 'provocation': Defense minister reportedly calls on Washington to abandon the project - Iran's supposed missile threat exaggerated

Hurricane Dean's last gasp claims 8 lives in Mexico

Storms Slam Chicago, Major Damage Across Area: Massive Winds, Rain Leave 186,000 Without Power

US Federal Reserve injects 17.25 billion dollars into market: Latest in a series of moves designed to ease a credit squeeze in global markets

Non-Integrating States News -

August 23, 2007

Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Armored Vehicles Slow to Reach US Troops

Alleged al-Qaida fighters attacked a Sunni village east of Baqouba: Killed a village leader who had led the community in an uprising against the terrorist organization

Iraq Helicopter Crash Victims Mourned: 14 U.S. soldiers were killed Wednesday when a Black Hawk helicopter crashed in northern Iraq

The US military has recruited some 20,000 civilian volunteers to act as police in some of Iraq's most sensitive areas

Iraqi PM hails Syria co-operation

President Bush, scrambling to show he has not abandoned Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, offered a fresh endorsement

Iraq rejects France's forum offer: To hold a conference outside Iraq to try to reconcile the country's rival factions

Robert Fisk Editorial: The Iraqis don't deserve us. So we betray them - Much as we betrayed the South Vietnamese

President George W Bush has warned a US withdrawal from Iraq could trigger the kind of upheaval seen in South East Asia after US forces quit Vietnam

Reflecting on PM Maliki: The REAL question is - "what would all this ‘trial and error’ strategy on the part of the US mean for the future of this hapless nation and its people?"



Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Thursday ramped up his campaign to return to Pakistan: To contest elections

Exiled former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto urged the country’s military leader on Wednesday to fulfil promises

Non-Integrating States News - Iran (Ancient Persia)

Iran develops 900-kg "smart bomb" -- Iranian official media claims

'Revolutionary Guards enabling nukes': Exiled Iranian whistleblower warns

US to press hard on Iran’s nuclear activities

Pat Tillman's wife: Real leaders needed


Israeli - Palestinian War

'Abbas launching war in West Bank' against Hamas: Senior Hamas official

Kadima MKs plan split from regular Kadima Party before the final Winograd Report on the Second Lebanon War comes out: To maximize their power and guarantee their political future

President Peres Declares: Olmert, Abbas in 'serious' talks to put together an agreement of principles before a regional conference to be held in November

Defense Minister Barak has already shown he is tougher than was former Defense Minister Peretz

Israel's intensified operations in the Gaza Strip pose doubt in the country's desire to make peace with the Palestinians: Chairman Abbas warns

Cabinet Ministers warned leaks may lead to security investigations

3 IDF troops lightly wounded in Nablus

Fatah terrorist group claimed responsibility for a shooting attack on IDF soldiers Thursday morning following a declaration that a deal made with the Olmert government is over

IDF Air Strike Kills Top Hamas Commander in Gaza City on Wednesday: strike is the latest in a string of IDF targeted killings aimed at those involved in firing rockets at Jewish towns

Israel to buy advanced anti-aircraft missiles: IAF to upgrade current Patriot missile system, acquire PAC-3 missiles capable of intercepting Syria's long-range missiles, aircraft

Hamas Continues to Mis-Manage Gaza

Terrorist: U.S. training helps attack, kill Jews - As new program launches, Palestinian militant describes how American lessons fueled intifada

The Human Spirit: We're off track - Israel is in serious trouble

ADL recognizes Armenian genocide: Jewish organization makes dramatic U-turn four days after sacking regional director

Two Royal Air Force jets shadowed a Russian strategic bomber that approached British air space

Hurricane Dean Makes 2nd Landfall in Mexico

Hundreds Displaced by Midwest Flooding

Global Terrorism = Global Dictatorship

National Intelligence Director Pulls Curtain Back On Previously Classified Details of Government Surveillance and Of A Secretive Court

US intelligence eavesdrops on thousands of foreign calls: But monitors the calls of fewer than a hundred people in the United States

Youth suspended over sketch of gun: Officials say drawing by teen 'absolutely considered a threat'

The sorry story of an Iraqi's ordeal at the hands of American authorities: It is rare for the feds to come out and say "we apologize" or "we screwed up" or "we didn't mean to treat you like a terrorist."

Newsweek: Angry Bill Clinton Claim of bin Laden Kill Order Not True

NAFTA Becoming A Nation

Bush put on spot: Where's the border fence? Despite $800 million in funding, only 18 of 854 miles completed

Bush doesn't deny plans for N. American Union: President avoids question, ridicules 'conspiracy theorists' who believe it

US Intelligence chief sees border as terrorist entryway

August 22, 2007

Most US adults in the dark about world politics



Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Leaflets said to warn of Iran move into north Iraq: Villagers report seeing leaflets dropped from helicopters - leaflets said villagers had 48 hours to evacuate before an Iranian offensive began

US soldiers were killed when their helicopter crashed in northern Iraq today: One of the worst incidents of its kind in the four-year war

Suspected Shiite Muslim militiamen stormed into a Sunni Arab home, gunned down seven family members: Including a baby being bounced on her mother's shoulder

'Baghdad Jews must run for their lives'

Bush steps away from Iraq PM: Has withheld support for embattled Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki

Bush seeks long view on Iraq war

U.S. envoy says Iraq making poor political progress

Chemical Ali, 14 others on trial in Iraq: For the brutal crushing of a Shiite uprising after the 1991 Gulf War

Senator Obama Insists: No military solution in Iraq

'The Iraq war cost me my son': Mother laments her loss

Letter from Egypt: Dashed hopes for peace in Sharm el Sheik - Rice and Gates have come to ask Egyptian officials and ministers from seven other Arab countries for help in Iraq. The result disappoints

France seeks to rebuild ties with Iraq

Russia's Ascendancy

Rising powers have the US in their sights: Russia and China leading rise in multi-polar world, with Iran and Venezuela forming second rank of nations

Russia steps up military expansion

U.S. fears overseas funds could 'buy up America': America owes trillions of dollars to China, Japan and oil-producing countries in the Middle East

British Typhoons scrambled to intercept Russian bomber aircraft

Iran has remote-controlled missile launch pads: Preparing for a possible American or Israeli strike on its nuclear installations


Israeli - Palestinian War

Syria transfers elements of its commando Division 14 to Mt. Hermon north of Golan. Both sides extend war fortifications

Fighting escalates between Israel and Gaza Strip in fresh spiral of violence

Aksa Martyrs Brigades: Truce with Israel is over

Fuel to Gaza power plants renewed

IAF air strike kills senior Hamas commander

Israeli Ministers could undergo polygraph tests in cases of information leaks during Cabinet meetings

Polls proved that Israeli support for unilateral pullouts rises with Palestinian terror attacks

IDF Strikes Terrorists in Gaza and Shechem

Hamas Threatens to Use 'More Dangerous Weapons' Than Just The Kassam Rocket

'Most Palestinians don't trust UN'

Israeli Navy raids fishing vessels off Rafah seashore: Following intelligence information, IDF force carries out series of arrests at sea

The next Palestinian crisis: "Right of return" constitutes one of the biggest disputes within Palestinian society

North American Jews Put The 'Home' in 'Homeland': American Jews continue to resettle in Israel

Turkey's devout Muslim Foreign Minister, Abdullah Gul, moved one step closer to becoming president: Despite opposition from the country's self-styled secularist elite

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan has called on the army to stay out of politics

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Bush praises Canada for combat role: President defends Afghan war

Militants kill 3 Pakistan soldiers

No deal yet in talks with Pakistani government, says Former PM Benazir Bhutto

Bhutto hopes to return by October: For elections in which she may ally with President Pervez Musharraf

Weather Control - Weather Warfare

Hurricane's fury hits Mexico: Before taking aim at Gulf of Mexico oil platforms

China typhoon death toll rises to 36

White House 'violated law': On global warming

Bush calls climate meeting: Will bring together the world's biggest polluters to seek agreement on reducing greenhouse gases

Midwest Flooding Death Toll Reaches 22

Hotlanta Breaks Record For 100-Degree Days

It’s Columbia’s hottest August: With 13 days of at least 100 degrees in the past 17 days

Arctic August: NYC Sets Record For Coldest Day

Tear gas fired at NAFTA meeting protesters

Russia warns Czechs over 'big mistake': Hosting a US missile defence shield

Indian Envoy to US under fire for 'headless chicken' remark

Fed chairman signals US interest rate cut: 'I will use all available tools' to calm markets

CIA criticizes former chief over terror readiness: Says George Tenet failed to adequately prepare the CIA to meet the threat which materialized on 9/11/2001

Smoking Gun Proof: Illuminati Card Game Proves 9/11 Attacks Were Well Known To Occult Insiders As Far Back As 1995


August 21, 2007

Leaflets said to warn of Iran move into north Iraq: Villagers report seeing leaflets dropped from helicopters - leaflets said villagers had 48 hours to evacuate before an Iranian offensive began

Syria transfers elements of its commando Division 14 to Mt. Hermon north of Golan. Both sides extend fortifications



Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel’s Armed Forces Undermanned, Under-equipped for War: Defense Secretary Barak Warns

"It would take at least 10 years to rebuild and retrain the armed forces"

Israel's Health - Hospital system not ready for next war: MK Orlev warns

Fortification of civilian homes against Kassam rocket attack is 'not a magic solution'

Ashkelon Schools to Get Rocket Panic Button; PA Attacks Continue

Israeli defense establishment is fiercely opposed to a United Nations initiative to redraw Israel's border with Lebanon and ultimately revoke Israeli sovereignty over the Shaba Farms

Environmental Protection Minister Gideon Ezra takes blame for haz-mat situation during 2006 Lebanon War

Palestinians Charge: IDF Troops kill 6 PFLP gunman

After six Hamas operatives were killed in an IDF airstrike, Hamas warned: Israel should be ready for strike's effects, for strong retaliation

Survey by respected journal showing that 15 of 108 foreign policy elites in the US believe Israel does not serve US national security interests has raised eyebrows in Jerusalem

Israeli Power cut in Gaza is shocking: Life in the city was paralysed for the third day as the power remained cut

EU Withholding Payment for Fuel Supplies to Gaza

Egypt to continue supplying electricity to Gaza

Palestinian deputy speaker resigns in protest

US to train Palestinian guards: Palestinian security service to better protect officials visiting the West Bank

Celebrities' commando unit: IDF working on 'easy' service program for young artists in bid to fight draft dodging

Has PM Olmert overcome the political effects of Lebanon? Only a year has passed since the ceasefire, yet the war is barely being discussed

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Two more Lebanese soldiers killed as battle against the Palestinian Fatah Al Islam militants enters fourth month

Palestinian Militants seek truce at Lebanon camp: So their families to be evacuated from the battered camp

Raiders attack Darfur camp

Yemen rebels warn against new war

FM Gul Fails to Win Turkish Presidency in First-Round Vote: Won most votes but did not secure the two-thirds majority needed in Parliament for an outright win

Afghan Police Rescue Female Hostage in Dramatic Swoop

Weather Control - Weather Warfare

Monster hurricane Dean lashes Mexico’s coast: Now a Category 5 monstrous storm

Mexico abandons Gulf oil rigs ahead of Hurricane Dean

Israeli FM advises Israelis to leave Mexican coast to escape Dean

Indian Oil workers go on indefinite strike, seek higher wages



Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Second Iraqi Provincial Governor Dies in Attack: An escalation of a power struggle between rival Shiite factions

Iraqi Government on the brink, says Shiite religious leader Al Sadr

PM Al Maliki in Damascus to discuss security issues

Iraqi villagers flee Iranian shelling

British Army chiefs deny al-Sadr's claim of victory in Iraq

US military looks to reduce role in Iraq

Clinton, McCain split on Iraq pullout - Hillary says surge is working

Iraqi Mehdi fighters 'trained by Hizbollah in Lebanon'

Iraqi civilian stops suicide attack by getting in way of suicide bomber: Saves 4 US soldiers, 8 Iraqis, was killed in blast

Extended Buildup Would Exhaust US Forces

Land mine survey in Iraq has led to the destruction of hundreds of thousands of explosives left behind from past conflicts

'Saddam's daughter won't be deported': Top Jordanian minister

Saddam aides on trial in Iraq

Is the 'special relationship' between Great Britain and America unraveling?

Non-Integrating States News - Iran (Ancient Persia)

Washington turns hawkish on Iran

Iran, IAEA resume talks on nuclear fight

Three female Iranian whitewater kayakers and their coach are in trouble after visiting arch enemy the United States without their federation’s permission

Pakistani troops yesterday in a pre-dawn raid freed 21 people who were kidnapped by militants in southeastern Iran: Then whisked them over the border

Pakistan Warns India Against Nuclear Tests

Bush Seeks Neighborly Agenda As NAFTA summit talks get underway

Indian leader blames USA, Europe for global warming

Sizzling study concludes: Global warming 'hot air'

Islands emerge as Arctic ice shrinks to record low


August 20, 2007



Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Kurds flee homes as Iran shells villages in Iraq - remote border area of north-east Iraq

Shiite governor of al-Muthana in S. Iraq and one bodyguard killed by roadside bombing

Muqtada al-Sadr Gloats: The British are retreating from Basra

Sir Menzies Campbell has backed calls by military chiefs for British forces to pull out of Iraq

Extending surge may prove tough for stretched American Army: Sapped by nearly six years of war, the Army has nearly exhausted its fighting force

Few Dems back total Iraq pullout: Most candidates favor scaling back

Mehdi fighters 'trained by Hizbollah in Lebanon'

French FM Kouchner pays unexpected visit to Iraq as feuding leaders agree on summit agenda

Iraqi PM Nouri al-Maliki comes to Syria for first visit

Iranians training insurgents, U.S. charges

His 'Terps' Wore Targets: Translation: A local man recruited interpreters to help U.S. troops in Iraq, but he watched too many of them die

Will it be a bullet to the head or what? A dentist in Baghdad hopes for a better life and fears the one he's now living

Iraqi cleric Moqtada al-Sadr pledges to work with UN if it replaces US, Britain in Iraq

US military in dogfight over drones: Air force is pushing to become “executive agent” for drones – unmanned aircraft – that fly above 3,500 feet. The army, navy and marines oppose the move

Russo-Chinese war game brought Chinese commando and air units onto Russian soil for the first time

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Gul’s presidency could be a watershed for Turkey: Turkey’s parliament is poised to elect a former Islamist as president

Turkey Authorities Report: Plane hijackers surrender

Ruling party wins every seat in Kazakhstan election

Turmoil Continues In Lebanon

Three months later, Lebanon army still battling Islamists: Troops are still battling to crush an unexpectedly well-armed and well-organised enemy

Lebanese Helicopters pound militants with 400-kilogram bombs at Nahr al-Bared: Two soldiers killed

Concerns rise as arms flow to Lebanon: Flow continues from Syria to Lebanon


Israeli - Palestinian War

PM Olmert, Arabs ARE Negotiating Over Temple Mount

Syrian Newspaper Claims: US pushing Israel to war with Syria

IDF might buy latest Patriot missile

General Ashkenazi, Defense Minister Barak lavishly praise troops: "The IDF is strong; the IDF will win any war"

IDF considers spending plan: Army's general staff will discuss spending budgets as Air Force, Navy, and Ground Forces prepare to grapple over their slice of the pie

Meretz MK Avshalom Vilan Proposes: Change IDF oath to prevent refusals to obey orders

Uncle Sam forever? Israel must prepare for possibility that its alliance with US will diminish

'Hamas has formed West Bank cells'

Hizbullah New Computer Games Train to Kidnap IDF Soldiers

Can a Jew rescue a non-Jew on Shabbat? Talmudic question gives the impression that Judaism does not value non-Jewish life for its own sake

"Peace Now" Challenges IDF: Disclose costs of outpost evacuation - Group claims army spending huge amounts of taxpayers’ money on evacuation of illegal outposts in West Bank

Israeli Official: UNIFIL must expand its operations in southern Lebanon

Egypt discovers large explosives cache near Gaza border

Scientists Oppose Peres' Dead Sea Canal Scheme

Weather Control - Weather Warfare

Hurricane slams Jamaica, but few head for shelters: 20 inches of rain predicted amid 145-mph winds

Computer Models - Satellite Photo

Oil slips as hurricane Dean shifts course: Storm appeared less likely to hit important production and refining centres in the US Gulf of Mexico

Fresh Water Supply Crisis - Global Problem

Clock is Ticking on Las Vegas' Water Supply: Unless we act quickly, there will be no water for hundreds of thousands of Las Vegas Valley residents in just three years

Impacts Resulting from Declining Lake Mead Water Levels: Government Study

Human Appropriation of the World's Fresh Water Supply: Water, water, everywhere, nor any drop to drink"

Global Water Supply Drying Up as Population Grows

Eyes on central banks after US Fed moves to cut interest rates

Islam's Poison Cells

The Persian Abyss: America's missed opportunity - it is becoming increasingly apparent that a new cold war is well underway between the United States and Iran

Iran? That's Your Problem: America's generous military package for Israel, Egypt and the Gulf states covers up the fact that the US has decided to abandon the struggle against Iran

"Eminent domain" may be a bit less imminent: Groups push back national effort - national campaign launched by the nonprofit Institute for Justice, property owners have a powerful, knowledgeable ally

Karl Rove's shot at Clinton could mean anything

Senator McCain Praises Hillary; Disagrees With Rove Over Her Record

How Rove Directed Federal Assets for GOP Gains: Bush Adviser's Effort to Promote the President and His Allies Was Unprecedented in Its Reach

Border debate grows angrier: The outcry over illegal immigration has reached a level not seen in decades

Artificial Life Likely in 3 to 10 Years

Terror law puts Britons at risk of surveillance by US agents



August 19, 2007


Weather Control - Weather Warfare

Hurricane Dean on verge of Category 5: Taking aim at Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula and the oil- and gas-rich Gulf of Mexico

Hurricane Dean capable of major destruction

Mexican authorities evacuating tourists, residents as Hurricane Dean approaches

Computer Models For Hurricane Dean - Projected Actual Path

Looting in Perus amid quake chaos

Grimmest site in a grim Peruvian city: The cemetery

Katrina, Poverty and the American Dream

At least 13 people were killed as a tornado and Typhoon Sepat hit the Chinese mainland: More than 900,000 had been evacuated as a precaution


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

At least 14 Iraqis killed Saturday in separate attacks in Baghdad and central Iraq. Shiite militias train with Revolutionary Guards

Senior British Military commanders tell Brown to withdraw from Iraq without delay - 5,500 British troops still deployed

Retreat & Redeploy: The case for withdrawing British troops from Iraq and taking the fight to the Taliban

Britain faces Iraq rout as it withdraws: Adviser to American military says British troops may have to fight their way out of the country

Falluja's calm is seen as fragile if U.S. leaves

Iraqi leaders meet again in bid to end political paralysis

Americans doubt ‘General Betraeus’ over troop surge: Because he is too ambitious to deliver a balanced and impartial report

Bush plans small troop cuts in Iraq

Bush Moves Away From Benchmarks in Assessing Iraq Progress

Iraq Violence: Monitoring the surge - Examining statistics since surge began

In pictures: Iraq destruction

Survivors of bombs left to die in rubble: Official says there are insufficient resources to uncover survivors of Iraq's worst ever suicide attacks last Tuesday against the Yazidi minority sect

Yazidi Atrocity casts spotlight on US policy: Form of genocide being carried out against Iraq's religious minorities

Rumsfeld's Mysterious Resignation: Bush didn’t want the American people to know that one of the chief Iraq War architects had turned against the idea of an open-ended military commitment

Saddam's daughter faces death: Raghad Hussein, 38, is believed to be living in Amman, Jordan, as a guest of King Abdullah II

Iraqi Sunni Pledges Prison Improvements

Non-Integrating States News - Iran (Ancient Persia)

Bush's Iranian Headache: Frustrated by Iran's muscle-flexing in the Middle East and aware of the drawbacks of military action, the administration seems to have settled on a policy of containment

Hard-line President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: Israel Is Bearer of Satan

Iran censors Nasrallah to protect Lebanese sensibilities: Parts of interview given by Hizbullah secretary-general censored by Iranian television after he makes controversial statements asserting Hizbullah fought war for Iran


Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel reopens two Gaza crossings for fuel, food and school gear Sunday, even though crossings are under Palestinian fire

IDF to begin debating procurement plan: A stealth fighter jet, a revolutionary navy missile ship and the latest model of the Hercules transport aircraft

Be all you can be? IDF revamping its program as to how it utilizes skills of foreign born soldiers

Failures In Second Lebanese War of 2006 Are Being Repeated Now In Sderot: Israeli leadership has learned nothing from mistakes of Lebanon

Jerusalem, PA at odds over amnesty: Israel denied Palestinian claims that Israel had taken another 110 Fatah gunmen off its wanted terrorist list

IDF Warns: Palestinian civilians have no business near border

"No American President can stand up to Israel" - Admiral Thomas Moorer, Chief of Naval Operations (1967-1970) and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (1970-1974)

PM Olmert Announces: Israel has agreed to absorb 500 Darfur refugees

Jewish Settlers cut Palestinian water supply to fill their swimming pool

Japan resumes aid to Palestinians

Concern over wider spying on citizens under new law: Feds can conduct certain types of physical searches on American soil and the collection of Americans' business records

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Abu Sayyaf Militants Kill 15 Soldiers in S. Philippines

German Woman, Afghan Engineers Kidnapped: German works for a small Christian aid organization

Suicide Blast in Afghanistan Kills 15

US Wants Moderate Rule in Pakistan

Moral Collapse

Venomous Vengeance: Poker Players Plot Murder by Rattlesnake - Victim owed $60,000 in gambling winnings

Tasered 22 Times: New Details in Exorcism Death

A CBS Reality Show Draws a Claim of Possible Child Abuse: "Kid's Nation"



August 18, 2007

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Al Qaeda Dislocates US Security Plan by Genocidal Massacre: Massacre of Iraqi Yazidi Kurds perpetrated to throw US security operations in disarray. Whole community in flight

Iraq's latest atrocity puts pressure on General Petraeus: As he prepares his September 15 report to Congress

Troop level in Iraq war may hit record: Could jump to 171,000 this fall

Troops training for and fighting the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are firing more than 1 billion bullets a year: Causing shortages of ammunition in American local and state law enforcement agencies

US troops fight militants in Iraq mosque: One American soldier was killed

U.S. air strikes, snipers kill 13 in Iraq battle

An Interpol arrest for Saddam Hussein's eldest daughter and first wife has been circulated

Pulling out American troops could open door to Iran advance: Would threaten US interests in the region

PM Maliki seeks a lifeline in Syria

Nonpartisan Group Calls for Three-State Split in Iraq: Think Tank Report Says Country Is 'Near Total Collapse'

Putin orders resumption of regular Russian long-range strategic bomber flights after 15 years

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel stops fuel deliveries through Nahal Oz crossing after battering by Palestinian Qassam rockets and mortars

Palestinian Power firm to cut off electricity in Gaza: Since Israel had cut off fuel deliveries

Syria reportedly gets Russian SA-22s anti-aircraft batteries: Recently developed SA-22 E will be dispatched to Syria even before its deployment in the Russian military

Hamas takes arms from the lawless, criminal Doghmush clan

The Hamastan Dilemma: Israel has four options for dealing with Hamas, but they are all bad

Abbas Seeks Unity With Hamas, Breaking Recent Promise to US Congressmen

Rocket, mortar barrages hit Negev: Gunmen fire three Qassam rockets, 13 mortar shells from northern Gaza Strip

Security Threats Against Israel Rated at 6.2: Expert also finds that the US has all but abandoned Israel to Iran's nuclear program

Island airport plan cleared for takeoff: Plan to build an international airport on a man-made island off the coast of north Tel Aviv

West Bank Soccer tourney named after Palestinian terrorist

Israeli Soccer Fans Strike Back After Bosnian Nazi Salute

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: Law and executive disorder - President gives green light to secret detention program - "both the executive order and the CIA program itself fail to comply with the USA’s international obligations"

Peru rattled by fresh 5.9 earthquake

Telecom Sans' Engineers work to reconnect Peru

Peru's president appealed to desperate survivors of an earthquake that killed at least 510 people to remain calm as his government struggles to provide aid

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Former prime minister Benazir Bhutto asks President Musharraf to take promised steps for political change

Attacks on Pakistani army posts continue in tribal areas near the Afghan border

Suicide bomb attack on a US security firm convoy on the outskirts of the south Afghan city of Kandahar has killed 15 people and injured 20

Negotiations to secure the release of 19 Korean church volunteers being held in Afghanistan by the Taleban have failed

Plane hijacked on way to Istanbul: Hijacker surrendered to Turkish authorities after holding some crew members and passengers hostage for more than four hours


Non-Integrating States News - Iran -- (Ancient Persia)

Iran's Revolutionary Guards threaten to 'punch' United States

US blacklisting of Iranian Guards an honour, says cleric

Six Iranian guards killed in helicopter crash: Crashed in bad weather near Iraqi border

Weather Control - Weather Warfare

Jamaica braces for Hurricane Dean: Powerful storm sweeps Lesser Antilles, killing at least 3 - Maximum sustained winds increased to 145mph

Projected Path of Hurricane Dean -- Winds Could Gust to 161mph by time storm hits Mexico

Hurricane Dean: Photo Gallery

Atlantic hurricane and Texas storm signal arrival of testing season

NASA eyes Hurricane Dean, may bring shuttle back early

US Federal Reserve has cut its primary discount rate: In order to stabilise stock markets

NAFTA Taking Shape As A Nation

Bush needs Three Amigos summit to cement presidential legacy

Congress tells Bush: Back off SPP agenda: Lawmakers' letter warns 'stealth' effort to 'harmonize' could undermine security

Left, right unite to protest upcoming summit

China to install sensors along NAFTA highway: Documents reveal NASCO plan to militarize I-35

Weizmann Research May Allow Memories to be Erased, Strengthened: Reveals the mechanism by which the brain stores memories

Police Examine Islamist Terror Made in the U.S.A.: Raised alarm bells in both mainstream American and Arab-American communities

Presidential Candidate, John Edwards, Calls Ann Coulter A 'She-Devil'


August 17, 2007

Earthquakes In "Divers Places"

Deaths Pile Up: Death toll rose to 510 on Thursday in the magnitude-8 earthquake that devastated cities of adobe and brick in Peru’s southern desert

Aftershocks could shake Peru for weeks: Scientists say deadly earthquake followed typical model for region

Israel offers help to Peru after devastating quake kills 510

Stocks bounce back: Mixed close on Wall Street after seesaw day


Israeli - Palestinian War

France circulates draft to extend UNIFIL mandate in southern Lebanon

Putin's Power Play: Russia's plans to reopen its military bases in Syria could upset the entire balance of power in the Middle East

Saudi attacks Syrian regime: Lashes out, accusing its leaders of “spreading chaos and instability” in the region

New Hezbollah Computer game to build up resistance against Israel

Analysis: America's 10-year military aid package to Israel

Israel, US try to maintain military edge: In $30 billion military aid package, Israel can buy critical military hardware which Saudi Arabia cannot buy

Palestinian Authority PM Fayad Insists: No backchannel talks with Israel - But, he did say the two sides had begun discussing core issues that had held up an accord for a Palestinian State

PM Fayyad says armed militias obstacle to Palestinian state

Israel to give up Temple Mount? Palestinians say no agreement on a Palestinian State unless Olmert forfeits holiest site in Judaism

Hamas forces have briefly detained the Palestinian attorney general in the Gaza Strip

Israel increases benefits for returning emigrants: ‘The country’s 60th anniversary offers a window of opportunity to bring thousands of Israelis back home’

Backlash Over Book on Policy for Israel: "The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy” says that a powerful pro-Israel lobby has a pernicious influence on American policy


Non-Integrating States News - Iran -- (Ancient Persia)

Iran's Elite Revolutionary Guards scoff at US blacklist plan

Bush crying wolf once again: It is ironic the United States names Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps a "specially designated global terrorist"

US gambles on Iran's 'soldiers of terror' designation

US takes more confrontational tone toward Iran

Iran plays the Central Asia card: President Ahmadinejad kicks off a tour of neighboring states in South and Central Asia

President Ahmadinejad to attend security summit: To join the leaders of Russia and China for a summit of a regional group seen as a platform for countering U.S. interests in strategic, energy-rich Central Asia

Brinkmanship is a dangerous game: US-Iranian relations have deteriorated rapidly in recent months


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Iraqi leaders forge new political pact: Shi'ites join with Kurds

Sunnis shun the PM Al Maliki front of Shi'ites, Kurds

Iraq's Oil Minister's deputy was abducted in 'sophisticated' raid: Four other senior officials also captured

US soldier killed in clashes north of Baghdad

Billions in waste and not a dime's difference: The war in Iraq is a failure. The "global war on terror" cannot be won by military might alone

Iraq war: a nice little earner for Pentagon contractors

Pentagon Paid $998,798 to Ship Two 19-Cent Washers To Marines In Habbaniyah, Iraq

Missing US arms probe goes global: The issue of missing US weapons in Iraq is getting, as Alice said in Wonderland, curiouser and curiouser

US troops in Iraq to reach record 170,000

Senator Biden's Son Headed to Iraq in 2008

Toll of 500 Yazidi victims sets grim Iraq record

Iraq sect fears annihilation after over 500 killed

Baghdad's residents devise novel ways to beat the heat

Brown's contempt for democracy has dragged Britain into a new cold war: British prime minister has broken his word and put us all at risk by allowing a US missile defence base on the North York Moors

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Suicide Bomber kills s. Afghan district chief, 3 of his kids

Five civilians were killed and three wounded during fighting between Nato soldiers and Taliban insurgents

Senator Obama, GOP clash over civilian deaths in Afghanistan

Lebanon says it needs more arms to oust militants: Lebanese army blames lack of heavy weapons from U.S. on long battle at refugee camp

Another bird-flu death: 17-year-old Indonesian girl

Cat 4 hurricane brewing in Caribbean: Hurricane Dean aiming for Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula and the oil rigs of the Gulf of Mexico beyond

At least four people died as Tropical Storm Erin swept into Texas with heavy rains that caused flooding

Jose Padilla Convicted of Terrorism Support: After being held for 3 1/2 years

Liberties Advocates Fear Abuse of Satellite Images: Accuses the government is overstepping the use of military technology for domestic surveillance

Mexico yanks a roadblock to developing port-rail plan: Massive port-rail project geared to create a trade route from Asia into the American heartland through Baja California

August 16, 2007



Israeli - Palestinian War

War tensions rise between Syria and Israel: Iran also issues more threats - Gen. Kaplinksy’s departure as Deputy Chief of Staff delayed

Defense Minister Barak Blocks Civilian Gas Mask Distribution: Nasrallah Boasts of Next War

Iran has Merkava-breaching missile: Can penetrate armor of an Israeli-made Merkava tank and a US-made Abrams tank

US, Israel sign $30b arms package deal

Israel 'must take Nasrallah seriously': Leader of Lebanon's Hezbollah

Olmert’s Goal: Permanent agreement with Palestinians by November - and Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas have been meeting regularly in recent months with the aim of drafting the principles of a permanent agreement before the US-brokered conference of Mideast nations

Arab League should play a key role in Bush summit

Doubts over US Mideast strategy: Experts are downbeat about the prospects for reviving the Israeli-Palestinian peace process

Republican presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani said he opposes creation of a Palestinian state at this time

Abbas Urges Hamas: 'Return to nat'l unity'

UN Security Council to reject Israeli request to expand UNIFIL role

IDF uncovers tunnel in Gaza: Terror attack had been foiled by uncovering the tunnel

Hamas digging tunnels for next battle with the IDF

This November will mark 60 years since the famous and fateful UN partition vote that paved the way for Israel's creation: Knesset plans to reenact the vote with fanfare

Uprooted Gaza Jews still in trailer parks: 2 years after evacuation, refugees suffer as promised permanent homes not found

Shock: Hamas TV Jihad Bee Shows Children How to Terrorize Kitty Cats

PETA protests clip for kids in Hamas-run TV channel

American Evangelical pastor told to leave Israel: There were suspicions that Cantrell was involved in missionary work

US Lutherans consider Israel boycott


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

US is stretched too thin, top general worries: That's the central message of General George W Casey Jr

Cheney video causing uproar: V.P. warned 13 years ago why launching an invasion of Saddam Hussein's Iraq could only lead to disaster

Blasts may have killed up to 500: Devastated two northern Iraqi villages Tuesday and set a record for mass carnage in war-torn Iraq

Misunderstood and much maligned: Yazidis sect suffers the stain of Satan - Mysterious group have 2,500-year old traditions were the subject of devastating suicide bombings in Iraq that killed more than 200 people

Car bomb struck a market district during rush hour in central Baghdad on Thursday, killing at least nine people and wounding 17

US launches airborne attack on militants

US 'surges', soldiers die. Blame Iran - But, the Mahdi Army of Muqtada al-Sadr is simply defending itself against American onslaught

US is responsible for Iraqi refugees

Crushing Iraq's human mosaic: Minorities are suffering a persecution at times verging on genocide

Video of beheading used to threaten Christians: 3rd-generation homeowners flee from Islamic warning

General Petraeus paves the way for US troop withdrawals next year

Letter reveals Rumsfeld quit before Iraq-weary voters dealt blow to Republicans

Non-Integrating States News - Iran -- (Ancient Persia)

US plans to list Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps a “specially designated global terrorist”

US gambles on Iran's 'soldiers of terror': Declaration could deal a double blow to efforts to use diplomacy with Iran to stabilize Iraq

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards chief hits back at US plan to list his force as terrorists: US has, in effect, "declared war on its business and financial operations"

U.S. terror listing would squeeze Iran

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Philippines teeters on brink of total war

U.S. prods Musharraf to share authority: Amid the crisis, Pakistani leader's alliance with rival would broaden his base

Afghan, US forces pound Al Qaida in Tora Bora

Senior U.S. diplomat will visit Libya to plan Rice trip

More than 600,000 hungry in Somalia 'bread basket'

Venezuela's President Chavez proposes constitutional changes: Opponents say he is trying to obtain lifelong power

Floods ravage North Korean agriculture: Caused by the largest rains ever recorded in parts of North Korea

North Korean nuclear talks resume: Negotiators in six-nation talks

Virus sweeps China's pig population: Fears of global pandemic escalate as Beijing refuses to aid investigators

Earthquakes In "Divers Places"

Scores killed in powerful Peru quake: 7.9 magnitude

EPICENTER: 90 miles SE of Lima

Earthquakes Data Magnitude 5.0 and Over 2005 – 2014

Aftershocks Recorded From Peru Quake

Strong Quake Kills at Least 17 in Peru: Buildings and caused many residents to flee homes, generated small tsunami

Peru Quake: First Video of Damage to Buildings

2 other quakes rock the earth

Senator McCain: Immigration Issue Led to Threats

108,000 sign petition against SPP summmit: Opposition growing to quiet moves to integrate U.S., Mexico, Canada

Global Terrorism = Global Dictatorship

U.S. to Expand Domestic Use Of Spy Satellites

U.S. Studying Two Dozen 'Clusters' of Possible Homegrown Terrorists: In the Northeast

Internet is "the new Afghanistan": NY police commissioner - new battleground against Islamist extremism

New airport agents check for danger in fliers' facial expressions

Number of U.S. gun dealers has plunged since 1994 - Tougher laws and stricter enforcement cost nearly 200,000 U.S. gun dealers their licenses since the mid-1990s

Bishop urges Christians to call God 'Allah': Catholic leader believes it would help ease tensions between religions

One faulty network interface card stranded 17,000 people for nine hours last weekend at Los Angeles International Airport

Happy Days Are Here Again: Surprising 94 percent of Americans say they are satisfied with their lives

Christians targeted in unprovoked attacks: Indian gangs use guns, knives, sticks, stones to injure leaders



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