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"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge" -- Hosea 4:6

August 16-31, 2008


by Pastor Hoggard

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Category 4 Gustav heads for US

US Gulf Producers Shut Down 77% Oil, 37% Gas Output: Preparing for Gustav

Gustav May Hit Gulf Platforms Harder Than Katrina

New Orleans residents flee storm

Strapped for cash, some in New Orleans stay and hope

New Headline News Article

"Hurricane Gustav Bears Down Upon The Gulf and New Orleans. Proofs of Weather Control / Weather Warfare Abound!" (NEWS2313)

Award-winning NBC Weatherman, Scott Stevens' video about current Weather Control / Weather Modification is wonderfully instructive as to the degree to which Scalar and HAARP wave technologies tightly control weather and weather disasters worldwide!
As Hurricane Season gets underway, we are seeing indications that the Plan may be calling for an active and devastating series of storms as the Old Order is demolished to give way to the New.

Key Quote: "ALL of these big weather disasters are created ..." (NBC Weatherman, Scott Stevens')

FactChecking Obama: He stuck to the facts, except when he stretched them

McCain picks Alaskan Gov. Sarah Palin as surprise VP

New Orleans marks Katrina, braces for Gustav

Gustav becomes Category 3 hurricane off Cuba

Gustav and Other Evidence of Weather Control

US dollar rises, eyes best monthly gain in 16 years

European Stocks Snap Two-Week Drop: U.S. economy expanded more than previously estimated last quarter

Iranian official: Attack on Iran would cause another World War



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Presidential Politics

Republican Politcs

Hurricane Could Force Delay of Republican Convention Start

She's John McCain's running mate. But who is Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin?

McCain VP pick Sarah Palin's good for women - and not because she is one

McCain's Palin surprise has journalists abuzz

McCain's choice of Palin is a risk

With Palin, McCain changes the equation

McCain's VP pick is "future of the party"

Palin has risen quickly from PTA to VP pick

Gov. Schwarzenegger likes the Palin pick: It would be 'terrific' to have a female helping run things

Anti-Abortion Activists Cheer McCain's V.P. Pick

Sarah Palin: the gun-toting beauty queen aiming to be the vice-president

GOP platform may have global warming plank

McCain's challenge is to prove he's not another Bush

Democrat Politics

"Barack Hussein Obama - THE Most Liberal, Antichristian Presidential Candidate EVER!"

Obama campaign buoyed by convention

Unconventional Ratings: Obama's Speech Draws Record 38 Million Viewers

"Time for us to change America": Obama accepted Democratic presidential nomination Thursday night with a scathing assessment of McCain and searing indictment

Obama's campaign slammed McCain's Palin pick, then backed off

Obama's accidental kiss with Jill Biden has become 'Net sensation

Obama sets Islamic captial visit as a priority: Will visit a major Islamic capital during the first 12 months of his presidency

Weather Control - Weather Warfare


Global Weather Control Video - Dynamic


Gustav on the Brink of Explosive Development

Not finished with Katrina, not ready for Gustav

Gustav continues its deadly course

U.S. Oil, Gas Producers, Pipelines Brace for Gustav

Oil Is Steady Amid Signs Producers Are Prepared for Gustav

No refuge for those who stay in New Orleans: Evacuation call could come Sunday

Gulf Coast Pet Owners Brace for Hurricane

REGIONAL: Red Cross activates Bay Area-wide response to storm

Nashville gets ready to shelter Gustav evacuees

Massive evacuation as millions hit by India floods

India: Up to 2,000 feared dead in Bihar floods

Fleeing the floods in Nepal

UN Secretary-General Ban offers condolences to flood-hit in India, Nepal

Russia's Crisis In Georgia

Kremlin announces that South Ossetia will join 'one united Russian state'

Georgia Announces Break in Diplomatic Ties With Russia: Informative Map

US 'not surprised' by Georgia-Russia break

European Union to Hold Urgent Meeting on Russia

Russia accuses G7 of 'bias'

Venezuelan President Chavez backs Russian recognition of Georgia regions

Russia defends breakaway regions

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Bomb strikes Sri Lankan capital

Police killed in Pakistan blast - has killed at least 11 people, including nine police officers

Karadzic Declines to Plead at War Crimes Court

Philippines: 4 Marines killed, 10 injured in Sulu ambush

Israeli - Palestinian War

Poll says FM Livni best to lead Israel's Kadima Party

Abbas to hold further talks with Israel's Olmert

Israel 'doubling' settlement growth

Hizbullah to cooperate with Lebanese Army in helicopter probe

PM Olmert faces fresh grilling over corruption charges

Nigerian abductors demand $12 million for release of Israeli businessman

Revenge for Mughniyeh assassination is legitimate: Hizbullah deputy secretary-general

Assad slapped in the face: Syrian leader thought Cold War is back, but Russia made it clear Assad was wrong

Iraq bonds deliver more on oil export revenues

Kuwait obtains Canadian court approval to seize Iraqi interests in $5b aircraft deal

Iraq's Palestinians still live in fear

Drug war bodies are piling up in Mexico: 11 decapitated bodies found in Yucatan



August 29, 2008


Breaking News

McCain picks 44-year-old Alaska Gov. SARAH Palin as V.P. running mate

Gustav and Other Evidence of Weather Control

Oil Rises in New York as Gustav Threatens U.S. Gulf Platforms

FEMA: Weaknesses Remain In Its Ability to Respond Quickly

Obama Accepts Historic Presidential Nomination

Obama's breathtaking show transcended politics

Israel Has Decided: Iran Will Not Have Nukes: Military Strike Option Being Readied For 2009

Weather Control - Weather Warfare

Not Ready for Gustav

Gustav could be perfect political spin storm

Gustav leaves death in its wake as it roars toward Gulf

New Orleans calm, but tense as Gustav approaches

Cuba evacuates over 33,000 as Gustav hurricane approaches - Now 110 mph windspeed

Louisiana coastline still on Gustav's dance card

Hurricane Hunters meet Gustav

Nursing homes prepare for worst with Hurricane Gustav

New Orleans poor areas still vulnerable to flooding

Presidential Politics

Democrat Convention

New Headline News Article

Text of Barack Obama's address to the Democratic convention

The Message From Denver

Obama: the gloves come off in Denver

Obama: 'Don’t tell me Democrats won’t defend this country'

Obama Gets Serious

Obama sizzles, but will that sway voters?

Some Clinton backers from Texas come around after speech

Analysis: Obama touched the bases and faces he needed to

Analysis: Obama talks of change, but sticks to campaign strategy: tie McCain to Bush

Biden ratings fall short of Hillary's

Convention ratings decline on third night

Congressional Democrats See Bright Prospects for Legislative Elections

Some Clinton Donors Are Contributing to McCain

Muslims in fed terror probe making donations to Obama

Republican News

McCain softens the edge for a night; tells Obama "Job well done"

McCain makes decision on running mate

Republican Sen. Bob Bennett says McCain will select Romney

History should prompt a close look at McCain/Romney ticket

Poll: John McCain Would Lose 10 Percentage Points With Pro-Abortion VP

Tropical storm Gustav may rain on GOP convention

After Historic Convention, Political Spotlight Turns to GOP

College Students Get Ready For Republican Convention

"No Difference"

McBama Agenda: Common ground between candidates

Ron Paul Warns: 'There's no difference' between McCain and Obama


Karadzic to plead at Hague court - UN war crimes tribunal


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

PM Maliki picks a date with destiny

Iraq growing more stable, commandant says

Iraq's Sadr extends militia truce for Mahdi Army

Senior Iraqi official arrested: Suspected of link to militias, plotting deadly bombing

Iraqi forces starting to lead but need US aid

Bitter row as Irish councillors reject parade for returning Iraq soldiers

9 killed as violence spreads along Pakistan border


Israeli - Palestinian War

Iran supplied Hizbullah with advanced missiles

PM Olmert Continues Terrorist-Amnesty Program: More terrorists pardoned

Israel, Palestinian Authority Worried over Jordanian-Hamas Ties

Arabs Plotted To Kill Jewish Pilots, Scientists, Soldiers

FM Livni Opens Wide Gap Over Mofaz

Stolen Gas Intended for Gaza Terrorists Seized in Ashkelon

Abbas-Olmert Meeting Sunday Amid Signs of Secret Deal

IDF confiscates guns of Golani rebels who walked out of West Bank base

Russian Crisis In Georgia

Russia: G7 Condemnation over Georgia Shows 'Bias'

Putin brands Georgian crisis a US-led conspiracy

The Gog-Magog Alliance: by Hal Lindsey




August 28, 2008


Any country could be next, warns Ukrainian president

It's unanimous: Democrats nominate Obama by acclamation

Officials may evacuate New Orleans as Gustav nears

Iraqi PM Maliki picks a date with destiny

The Biden factor in US-Iran relations

California Same-sex marriage ban lagging behind in latest poll

Presidential Politics

Democrat Presidential Convention

Obama Is First African-American Presidential Nominee

Clinton frees delegates to back Obama

Clinton exposes doubts over Obama

Can Hillary save the Democratic Party from her supporters?

Obama surprises Dems with convention visit

Obama expected to address "change" in speech

Clinton asks for acclamation during roll call

Loyalists cheer Hillary Clinton's classy exit in Denver

Obama to observe one-China policy if elected

Biden's Exaggerations: Inflating Obama's record will not resolve doubts

Obama-Biden "most liberal ticket EVER"

Obama speech stage resembles ancient Greek temple

Obama ads in Kentucky stress that he's a Christian

At Obama's Indonesian school, there's no doubt he'll be elected

Text of Joe Biden's acceptance speech for the vice presidential nomination

Business dealings of Biden family could be problematic

Biden's stumble over Iraq

Text of Bill Clinton's speech to the Democratic National Convention

FactCheck: The fuller story in Denver

Republican Politics

McCain's online reach surges in days before Dem convention

McCain expected to unveil VP pick tomorrow

Huck to Rush: Why Romney pick stinks

Florida Poll: Mitt Romney, not Crist, helps McCain

Obama's Choice Of Biden Gives McCain Opening

John McCain draws level with Barack Obama

What Bush Taught McCain

Crisis In Georgia

US and Russian warships line up in dispute over Georgia

Israel unlikely to berate Russia

Punishing Russia could prove costly

Tehran exploits US-Russian tensions

Weather Control - Weather Warfare

Oil, Natural Gas Rise as Gustav Threatens U.S. Gulf Platforms

Tropical Storm Gustav shifts track slightly

Oil, Natural Gas Evacuations Start as Gustav Advances

Oil Platforms Can Produce Without Workers

New storm forms in Atlantic as Gustav still on track to Gulf

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

US agrees on 2011 pullout schedule: President Talabani

U.S. soldiers say they executed Iraqis on riverbank

Iraq 'surge' backfires

Sectarian clashes flare in Iraq

U.S. sees corruption as grave threat to Iraqi democracy

U.S. troops to hand back Iraq's Anbar province

Top Marine general wants to shift troops from Iraq to Afghanistan

China, Iraq reach deal to revive oil agreement

CIA Curtails Contract With U.S. Security Firm in Iraq

Kurdish journalists under assault in Iraq

Securing Baghdad with militiamen

L.I. Man, 75, Dies of West Nile Virus

West Nile virus detected in mosquitos in Newark and Irvington, New Jersey

Not so fast: West Nile virus season just starting

Pelosi's abortion theology 'mangles' Christian teaching


Israeli - Palestinian War

Abbas-Olmert Meeting Sunday Amid Signs of Secret Deal

'All Palestinians need right of return': Palestinian Authority President Abbas

Lebanese army helicopter hit, pilot killed: Came under fire while on training mission over Hizbullah stronghold

Diplomat: Russia plans to raise navy presence in Syria

Secular Jews drive Haredim Ultra-Orthodox Jews away from park

Hamas backers replace Gaza's teachers

U.N. Security Council renews UNIFIL mandate by 1 year

More than 30 Taliban killed, wounded in Afghanistan

Venezuela Tightens Ties With Iran, Hizbullah

India's nuclear deal headed for fiasco


August 27, 2008

Angry North Korea threatens nuclear U-turn

Condi pulls a Solomon: Split Jerusalem in 2 - Secret talks to create Palestinian state this year

E-mail frenzy: 'Obama plans to disarm U.S.!'

On Iraq, Biden Is Worse than McCain

West condemns Moscow over Georgia

Gustav weakens but could become hurricane again

American diplomat escapes gun attack in Pakistan

Disproof of Global Warming Hype Published

Presidential Politics

Democrat Convention

Hillary Clinton urges party unity, McCain's defeat -- Text of Her Speech

In speech, a presidential Hillary Clinton shows she'll be back

Clinton's journey awakens a new women's movement

Roll Call Vote Will Put Clinton’s Unity Speech to the Test: first test of her effectiveness comes Wednesday when her name is symbolically put in for nomination

Hillary: Last hurrah or new beginning?

Editorial - Hillary smacks convention speech out of the park

Editorial - Lindy McDowell: Why Hillary’s claws are still out for Obama

Two conventions in Denver

From Montana, Barack Obama applauds Hillary Clinton speech

One Week, 9-Point Lead Lost for Obama in Tracking Poll

Obama capitalizes on Biden's, Clinton's experience

Four Arrested in Plot To Kill Obama

Obama 'assassination plotters' posed no threat to candidate

Michelle Obama's speech ignites gunfire in Florida

Barack Obama's agenda so far is a no-show

To win, Obama must get tougher

Obama starts to fight back against 'Swift Boat'-style attack ads

Will Joe Biden be good for Arabs? Arab Viewpoint

Republican News

John McCain-Mitt Romney dream ticket - for Democrats

McCain winning message war: Mischief-Making; GOP team using Clinton's words to hammer Obama

Why I, a Clinton supporter, will vote for John McCain: Obama is inexperienced, fluffy and arrogant. I can't back that

Democrats hit Bush to nick McCain

McCain talks up possible VP picks

Possible McCain running mate Romney kicks dirt at Obama

McCain hurts auto industry

Crisis reveals West's lack of leverage over Moscow

Ship with aid won't dock in Georgia

Georgian President hits out at Moscow

Gay marriage foes mobilize for ban in California

Dramatic Spread of H1N1 Tamiflu Resistance Puzzles Experts

Israeli - Palestinian War

Rice Visit: PA State Closer than Ever

'Gush Etzion hilltop must not be handed to PA'

Rice Wants More Israeli Goodwill Terrorist Releases

Rice calls for Israel to stop building in West Bank

Egyptian Think Tank: PA Strife to Continue a Long Time

Boats reach Gaza despite blockade

Kassam Rocket Attacks: Ramadan Preview?

Olmert plans trip to Russia fearing Syria arms deal

IDF temporarily bans 3 Jewish rightists from West Bank: Afraid they will disrupt the Palestinian's olive harvest

Israeli businessman kidnapped in Nigeria

IDF announces month-long equipment recall

Controversial oil drills in Judean Desert approved

Prime Minister Olmert Faces Fresh Corruption Charges

Hamas armed wing vows to continue battle

Israel closes Gaza border crossings following rocket attack


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Three Blasts kill at least 34 in Iraq

Car bomb strikes Iraqi city of Tikrit: Killed 4

Iraq stands firm on U.S. troop withdrawal: Can be no security agreement between the United States and Iraq without an unconditional timetable for withdrawal

Give Iraqis what they want: Bush has been embarrassed by Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki

US occupation now being confronted by Iraqi democracy

Crackdown in Diyala province worries Kurdish leaders

Iraq urges talks with Kuwait to solve pending problems


Syria's foreign minister rejects US concerns over potential arms buildup


August 26, 2008


FBI investigating possible Obama assassination plot

Russia warns Moldova against "Georgian mistake"

Georgia plans to attack Abkhazia - Russia

Russian Cruiser To Test Weapons In Crowded Black Sea

Hillary Clinton takes spotlight at Democratic convention

Oil prices rise on worries about Hurricane Gustav

Unexpected natural gas boom may ease U.S. energy crunch

North Korea says has halted denuclearisation in fight with U.S.

MSNBC Poll -- Should the motto "In God We Trust" be removed from U.S. currency?


Global Warming Fraud

Disproof of Global Warming Hype Published

Published In "Physics and Society", a scientific publication of the 46,000-strong American Physical Society

Propaganda Continues

Global Warming Wake Up Call for U.S. Gulf, Atlantic Coasts

Arctic Tundra Holds Global Warming Time Bomb

Madonna makes a political statement: Linking destruction, global warming, Adolf Hitler, Zimbabwe's dictator Robert Mugabe and our own U.S. Sen. John McCain

Crisis Continues In Pakistan

Pakistani stability hope fades with coalition split

Pakistani Parties Clash Over Reinstating Judge

Bhutto, Sharif Parties Vie for Pakistan's Presidency

Zardari apologises to Sharif, asks him to rejoin govt

Pakistan's stocks suffer largest loss of year on coalition collapse

Pakistan's new stage of struggle

Three killed, several wounded in Pakistan blast

US diplomat escapes attack in Pakistan


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki talks tough on U.S. troop withdrawal

Suicide bomber kills 28 in strike on Iraq recruits

Iraqi police disarm girl of suicide bomb vest

Tape of female Iraq bomber illustrates growing problem

The Iraq war through a Vietnam vet's eyes

A weary General Petraeus wary of complacency

U.N. says it has evidence air strikes killed 90 Afghans

Presidential Politics

Democrat Presidential Convention

Senator Obama

Authorities Probe Possible Obama Threat

Biden Warns: 'We're Gonna Give 'Em the Devil'

DNC Protesters Arrested, Pepper-Sprayed

The challenge of the Democratic convention

Diversity in swing counties favors Obama

\Obama's girls steal the spotlight

Democrats praise 'new hope' Obama

Edward Kennedy, Michelle Obama draw tears and cheers

Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin (D): 'McCain Has Had a 12-and-0 Run' in this basketball game

Ruling likely to keep embattled Detroit mayor from convention

Michelle Obama’s Convention Speech

Hillary Clinton

What Hillary must accomplish in Tuesday's speech

Party officials still wrestling with anger of Clinton backers

Hillary Clinton sends New York delegates a clear message on Barack Obama

Republican News

John McCain is not lying low

McCain calls Obama an 'honorable opponent'

Peter King touts Senator Joe Lieberman as McCain VP pick

Madonna infuriates McCain with Hitler-Mugabe sequence at Cardiff concert

John McCain shares the stage with Jay Leno and Daddy Yankee

Senator McCain Jokes: No Hillary As His V.P. Either

Leno Makes McCain Squirm With House Jokes

McCain Staffer on Democrats' Attack Ad

Gulf states remain wedded to U.S. Dollar

Russia's Crisis In Georgia

Georgia war rooted in US 'self-deceit'

US falters on NATO's failure

Russian parliament votes to recognise Georgia breakaway regions

Georgian enclave -- South Ossetia -- hails tight embrace from Moscow

Kosovo comes back to bite the US

Hostage Europe blind to Iran energy


Israeli - Palestinian War

U.N. Confirms: Hizbullah Importing Weapons From Syria

Amnesty for dozens of wanted Palestinians: More gestures to strengthen Abbas

Mofaz: Prisoner release big mistake

Rice, Livni report progress in talks with Palestinian Authority

Abbas: Palestinian Authority won't miss chance for peace

Abbas: No peace till all prisoners free

Rice: US won't tell Israel yes or no on possible Iran strike

Obama: Clamp Iran so Israel Isn't 'Pushed to Wall'

Defense Secretary Barak heading to Egypt for Shalit talks


August 25, 2008


Are Oil Prices Rigged?

Gas prices down for the 38th day in a row

Oil Steady After Falling More Than $6 - Pipeline Restarts

Proof that Russia is digging in deep in the heart of Georgia

Russia sees Georgia outcome as proof of its dominance

Iraq: Suicide bomber kills 25 west of Baghdad

Are Clinton Delegates Dissatisfied?

Bhutto widower poised for Pakistan's presidency

Gay marriage foes mobilize for ban in California

Presidential Politics

Democrat Convention News - DNC Denver: Get ready for a show

Delegates head to convention

Five things Obama needs to do in Denver

Delegates for Clinton Back Obama, but Show Concerns

Obama’s Spark Is Gone: Decision to choose Biden as running mate reflects loss of revolutionary momentum

Hillary Clinton to urge release of delegates

Clinton praises Biden in speech to UFW

Joe Biden's joke about wife's Ph.D causes a 'problem' in duo debut: Got off on the wrong foot-in-mouth with some feminists and Hillary Clinton supporters

Democrats give Michigan delegation full voting rights

Man Arrested With Weapons at Pelosi’s Denver Hotel

Obama's spooky threat to daughters' dates

Republican News

McCain: Biden A “Very Wise Selection”

McCain ad says Obama snubbed Clinton in VP choice

When McCain Denies The Obvious

McCain intrudes on Obama's convention message

Madonna kicks off tour with McCain slam

Fay fades, U.S. Gulf oilpatch threat eases

Lehman's jump, oil's plunge drives Wall St rally


Crisis In Georgia

Russian meddling not over

Russian troops dig in miles beyond agreed buffer zone

Russians launch a war of words on Georgia

Russia to recognize Georgia rebel regions

U.S warship arrives in Georgian port: To deliver aid supplies

Georgia: a week in a war zone

Russia WTO entry at risk over Georgia: U.S. official

Envoy sees bitter legacy of war in Ossetian village

International monitors arriving in Georgia as Russia withdraws troops

Moscow Dismisses Economic Threats

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel Feeling Diplomatic Fallout From Russian Crisis With West

Rice pushes Israeli-Palestinian peace despite mounting odds

Hizbullah Leader Brags: We will win next war

Comptroller weighs probe of Barak's wife's business

Islamic Movement vows to continue defending Muslim holy sites

Most Israelis ignore rare 'general' travel warning

Peace ships break through Israel's blockade of Gaza

Israel has nothing to gain from a Palestinian civil war

Obama's pick for a running-mate has strong ties to Israel and the Jewish community

Israel Frees Almost 200 Palestinian Prisoners - Gesture to Abbas

US Affairs: Iran on their minds

China's Show of Power: Closing Olympic Ceremony Has Golden Glow

Impeachment is Not Enough: Russian viewpoint


Saturday-Sunday, August 23-24, 2008


Joe Biden is Obama's V.P. running mate

South Ossetia to ask Russia to set up extra posts on Georgia border

Bitter homecoming to battered Georgian city

Beyond Musharraf: Legacy of Ruin

Oil: Biggest drop in 17 years - Now at $114.59

Stocks jump as oil slumps

Study discovers new earthquake dangers for New York City

New FDA labeling rule could be lawsuit shield

Crisis In Georgia

Russia begins large-scale pullout from Georgia

Russian forces pull back, but reports suggest some troops are digging in

Georgia 'still under Russian occupation'

EU, US Leaders Criticize Incomplete Russian Withdrawal - Russian forces are reportedly still in key positions Saturday

South Ossetian president to fly to Moscow with sovereignty appeal

German Chancellor Angela Merkel will visit Baltic States - For talks on the Russian-Georgian conflict

U.S. ambassador to Russia Admits: US warned Georgia about invasion

Presidential Politics

Obama-Biden '08

Obama's VP Strategy: Politically, the choice doesn't matter much -- the race is Obama's to win or lose

Text Message - Obama's veep message to supporters

Obama: "I want someone who's going to be able to challenge my thinking." - Video

McCain Camp Issues Quick Response On Obama's Choice for Vice President: Uses Biden's own words against Obama

The bottom line on Obamanomics

Obama promoting homosexuality, report card reveals

Can Obama win over those voters who find him pompous?

Barack Obama's Sole Article in Harvard Law Review Promotes Abortion

McCain has big lead in South: Poll of 11 states shows

FOX News Poll: In Key Decisions, Voters Would Prefer McCain's Advice

Why Farah is forsaking McCain: World Net Daily Editor says Republican's victory would be worse than Obama's

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Non-Integrating States News - Pakistan

Pakistan parties discuss next president

Bhutto's husband put forward as next president

After Musharraf, U.S. Struggles to Find New Pakistan Ally Against Taliban

Pakistan's new stage of struggle

Sharif threat over ousted judges leaves Pakistan coalition on brink

Moderate 5.0 quake jolts eastern Indonesia

Israeli - Palestinian War

Siniora complains to UN Secretary General Ban over Israeli threats to attack all of Lebanon

Editorial: 'Don't push Lebanon into Hizbullah's arms'

Rice heads to Israel for talks

FM Livni Warns: Irresponsible negotiation with Palestinian Authority may lead to violence

US pressuring Israel to halt talks with Syria

Al Qaeda's Influence Grows in Israel

Detroit seeks $50 billion in loans: Ford, GM want help retooling for fuel efficiency

Fay soon expected out of Fla., in record books

Illegal Immigrants Returning to Mexico in Record Numbers

Christian Theology Students Forced off Campus by Mob of Islamic Hard-liners


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Contractors Face Loss of Immunity in Iraq

US military deaths in Iraq war officially at 4,146

U.S. combat troops would leave Iraq by 2011 under draft agreement

Sadrists denounce emerging US-Iraq deal

Deal could wind down U.S. combat role: Tentative agreement might be the beginning of the end of Iraq war

With troop deal, US winding down combat

August 22, 2008


U.S. sees much to fear in a hostile Russia

All the oil we need

Suicide bombers kill 67 at Pakistani arms factory

McCain Closes Gap on Obama In Poll as Conventions Loom

Infants’ organs removed before meeting criteria for brain death

FCC chief proposes free Internet

Non-Integrating States News - Pakistan

Suicide Bombers Deliver Deadly Strike To Pakistan's Largest Munitions Factory

Ruling coalition meets after Pakistan blasts

Pakistan Taliban vow more attacks

Terrorism: Pakistan coalition teeters as bombs go off

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Iraq oil minister sees possible global oil oversupply

Iraq still demanding withdrawal date, right to prosecute U.S. troops

Analysis: Iraq deal hovers over campaign

Rice says U.S., Iraq coming together on timetables

Deal calls for troop pullback in Iraq: American troops leave Iraqi cities as soon as June 30

Editorial: Light at the end of Iraq

Exiting Iraq, Petraeus says gains are fragile

Iraq to export oil to Lebanon

'Absurd amounts of rain' as Florida is soaked for 5th day

Presidential Politics

Obama counts on Clinton to improve his numbers

Obama pounces on McCain's gaffe about his homes

Ad attacks Obama's ties to leftist terrorist leader

Obama to announce V.P. choice by text message

Devotion to Obama, Clinton sends locals to Denver : 12 gay delegates from region head to convention

About Those Clinton Primary Voters

Ohio Congresswoman/Super-Delegate Tubbs Jones Dies at 58: Was strong supporter of Hillary Clinton, but switched her support to Obama after Clinton conceded

McCain outpacing Obama among Catholics 45-36

McCain leads big in South: Voters say honesty, experience, shared values important

Crisis In Georgia

Russia promises partial pullback of troops today

Moscow stops co-operation with NATO

Russia, West remain at odds on UN resolution

Small states wary of U.S. nuclear deal for India

Bishop of Rhode Island requests a halt on immigration raids

University of San Diego withdraws endowed chair appointment offer for pro-abortion professor

NATO denies friendly fire report: Says it did not kill any of the 10 French troops in Afghanistan

French President Sarkozy pays homage to soldiers killed in Taliban ambush

Israeli - Palestinian War

US pressuring Israel to halt talks with Syria: Due to reported Syrian agreement to deploy Russian missile system on its territory

Syria says she did not agree to deploy Russian missiles

Russia Breaks from NATO, Claims No Missiles for Syria

PM Olmert: No holding back against Hizbullah - Israel will go all out if 'Lebanon becomes a land of Hizbullah'

Lebanon to complain to UN about 'Israeli threats' against Hizbullah

Hizbullah Declares Revenge for Mughniyeh Killing Draws Closer

Israel, US and Turkey in Joint Mediterranean Naval Exercise

Hamas to Harm Shalit If Olmert Doesn't Give In To Demands

Israeli Arab charged with planning attacks with Al-Qaida

US Envoy Admits: Russia's first Georgia move legitimate



August 21, 2008


Secretary Rice discusses troop withdrawals with Iraqis

Iraqis blame US for increasing Iran influence

Obama and McCain in a statistical tie

Russia to keep soldiers in Georgia

US falters on NATO's failure over Georgia

With Russia rising, Poland looks west

Moscow hints military action over US, Poland missile pact

Pakistan presidential race begins

Kazakhstan considers diverting oil export route from BTC to Russia

Crisis In Georgia

Despite Yielding Ground, Russia Takes Critical Spots

Georgia Says Russia Staying

Georgia facing reality of defeat

Russian armour pulls out of Georgia

West urges Russian pullout but Moscow in no hurry

Fanning Ethnic Flames in Georgia

Georgians' Anger at Russians Is Building in Gori

Russian troops pull out of Gori

South Ossetian Martial Law Creates a No Man’s Land

Abkhazia Wrests Gorge From Preoccupied Georgia

Abkhazia and South Ossetia are part of Georgia: Bush

Editorial: U.S. should stay out of Georgia fray

Presidential Politics

Voters in Poll Want Priority to Be Economy, Their Top Issue

Clinton strategy working for McCain

In debate preview, encouraging signs for McCain

Experience a key John McCain advantage in new L.A. Times/Bloomberg poll

Conservatives urge McCain to select a running mate who opposes abortion

No single-term pledge for McCain

Young Republicans gather to back McCain

WSJ/NBC News Poll: McCain Running a Negative Campaign

Obama goes on the offensive as McCain surges into lead at polls

Bad poll news should wake up Obama: Experts

Is race the drag on Barack Obama's poll numbers?

Obama to Go On Offense at Democratic Convention

The betting line on Obama's veep possibilities

Obama bashes Corsi for 'makin' stuff up': Corsi Responds: 'They're not answering the fundamental charges I made in the book'

Conventions Need a Believable Script

Obama 'credential' criticized for upside-down flag: Democrats say stars and stripes are 'patriotic design elements'

ABC, NBC, CBS strongly support Obama: 'Coverage bordered on giddy celebration of political rock star'

11 killed in Pakistani arms factory blasts


Will every crime become a federal case? Research shows 1,483% increase in national laws


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Rice makes surprise visit to Iraq to discuss US troop withdrawal

Deal calls for troop pullback in Iraq

Lebanese prime minister Siniora in Iraq for talks

McCain: Iraq victory in sight

Obama defends stand against Iraq invasion

Kurdish control of Kirkuk creates a powder keg in Iraq

Iraqi Sunnis outraged over Diyala raids, arrests

Iraq wants to put torturers on trial

US claims Iran training Iraqi hit squads

Iraq poised to revive oil contract with China

US Coalition: 30 militants die in Afghan battle

Iran says talks with UN inspector 'positive'

Israeli - Palestinian War

Russian President Medvedev phones PM Olmert to affirm ties

Jordan releases four prisoners serving terms for killing Israelis

Cairo warns Hamas of Israeli attacks

In security crisis, Kadima voters prefer Mofaz to Livni

FM Livni Warns: Irresponsible negotiation with PA may lead to violence

Aides: Someone trying to finish Defense Minister Barak off politically

Likud agrees to demand to block members from voting in Kadima race

President Peres celebrates 85th birthday in Negev

Kadima Aims at Russian Voters, Opening Branch in Moscow

Israeli Police Say They Lack Manpower to Evict Arabs

President Assad: Syria may host Russian missiles in its territory

Syrian President Assad wants Russia to cut ties to West


August 20, 2008


Russia rejects UN call to pull out of Georgia

NATO offers scant comfort for Georgia over conflict with Russia

America Must Choose Between Georgia and Russia

Double car bombing in Algeria kills 11

U.N. climate talks seek quicker pace, plug 2050 gaps

Israel shuts Gaza crossings after rocket attack

Report: U.S. nixed Israeli Iran strike in June

U.S. said supplying Israel with new radar

Crisis In Georgia

UN resolution on Georgia in progress

NATO, Russia in war of words over Georgia

Abkhazia Asks for Recognition as Russia Keeps Troops in Georgia

Russian military column leaves Georgia

Pentagon Sees No Significant Russian Movement Out of Georgia

South Ossetia conflict cost Russia $100 mln a day

NATO, U.N. members censure Russia

Russia says NATO sided with Georgia

Georgia facing reality of defeat

US: Georgia Action Seriously Harms Russia's World Standing

Russia hits back at NATO warning

Poland, US to Sign Missile Agreement: To place 10 U.S. interceptor missiles within Polish borders

Israeli - Palestinian War

Huckabee: Israel shouldn't swap land for 'peace'

Hamas: Egypt-Jordan Joint Force a ‘Return to Pre-1967' Border

Barak Reacts to Kassam Rocket Strike with One-Day Closure of Crossings

Jordan releases terrorists' convicted of murdering Israelis

Netanyahu: Gov't crossing dangerous line by freeing prisoners

Hamas: Abbas thwarting Shalit prisoner release deal

PM ally attempts to delay Kadima race

Syria hopes to expand military ties with Russia

Presidential Politics

Obama and McCain in a statistical tie

Obama earned his poor showing

Obama Tells McCain Not to Question His Patriotism

Senator Biden rises among Obama's vice presidential candidates

Obama set to announce VP; Clinton a long shot

Obama’s Ads in Key States Go on Attack

Corsi book hurls a leaky kitchen sink Obama's way

Denver Democrat Convention

Denver readies for Democrats' convention

Democratic Convention to kick off with interfaith gathering

Denver's homeless get free haircuts to look good for Obama and his Democrats

Another city with marijuana issues: Denver to allow marijuana during Democratic convention?

Dissent Is Essential to Democracy

ADC Delivers Denver's In-Building Wireless for Democratic Convention

Anti-Obama film premieres Sunday: The eve of the opening of the DNC

French President Sarkozy visits Kabul after 10 French soldiers killed

In Afghanistan, a deadly Taliban trend emerges

'Shocked' Nicolas Sarkozy vows to keep French forces in Afghanistan

Credit crunch may take out large US bank warns former IMF chief

Bush defends terror war in speech to veterans




August 19, 2008


Russia Builds Checkpoints in Georgia

Georgia, Russia exchange war prisoners

Iran strike not an option

In Musharraf’s Wake, U.S. Faces Political Disarray

Taliban Suicide Bombers Attack US Base in Afghanistan

Signs point to Thursday or Friday for Obama Veep Announcement

US lesbian wins fertility battle

Rick Warren impressive as McCain-Obama interviewer at Saddleback Church

Crisis In Georgia

Georgia through Russian eyes

Russia Seems to Be Hunkering Down in Georgia

Russia, Georgia Near Agreement to Accept International Monitors

NATO to meet over Russia-Georgia crisis

U.S. Won’t Push NATO to Admit Georgia

Rice warns of new Iron Curtain: Analysts see few options for penalties

US to Russia: stop 'dangerous game'

Video: Georgian police cars rammed by Russian tank

US trainers say Georgian troops weren't ready

Vital oil route 'set to reopen'

Georgian planning flaws led to failure

Presidential Politics

McCain outshines Obama at Saddleback Church forum

McCain and Obama on Abortion

McCain says he's prepared to be president and Obama isn't

Obama Sharpens the Message

'No difference between Obama and McCain'

The Lingering What-If Question: Clinton?

Obama's Tax Plan Is Really a Welfare Plan

McCain tells war veterans victory is in sight

Obama takes McCain to task on Iraq withdrawal timetable


Pakistan Turns Away From West - Radicals Seize Control

Pakistan's Musharraf, ever the soldier, loses this battle

'Islamic bomb' casts a long shadow

US Vows Continued Support for Pakistan Following Musharraf Resignation

Pakistanis Celebrate Musharraf Departure, but Cracks in Coalition Loom

'Musharraf exit to delay Israel ties'

US faces up to life without Musharraf

Bomb Blast in Pakistan Kills at Least 16

Israeli - Palestinian War

Olmert aides say PM will not fire Defense Minister Barak

Barak to run campaign on Second Lebanon War failures

Hamas upset by Fatah prisoner release

Huckabee: 'There is Only One Place for a Jewish Homeland'

Israel Monitoring Syrian Long-Range Missile Tests

Egypt Wants to Send Troops to Gaza

Canadian Group Presses for Freeze in PA Funding

US: Iranian launch of dummy satellite failed, but still worrying

Confident Iran sings its own tune



August 18, 2008


Pakistan's Musharraf Quits as President to Avoid Impeachment

Deadline passes for Russian withdrawal from Georgia

Russia's Nuclear Threat To Poland

Did McCain Just Pop Off?

Survivors of 1918 Flu Pandemic Immune 90 Years Later

Iraqis bury US-allied Sunni leader after bombing

Tropical storm Fay drives up oil

Ellen DeGeneres reportedly weds girlfriend in California


Crisis In Georgia

South Ossetia seeks permanent Russian base

Pledging to leave Georgia, Russia instead tightens grip

US Tells Russia: 'Stop Stalling'

Russian lawmaker hints at long stay in Georgia

Russia moving missile launchers into South Ossetia

Tskhinvali bears deep scars of war

South Ossetia's president sacks cabinet

Russian claims of massive deaths appear untrue

Georgia-Russia conflict a blow to Bush foreign policy

How a spat became a showdown

Once Russia pulls off this invasion without military intervention from the West, the prophecy of Ezekiel 38-39 will have come a lot closer to happening! If God has "put hooks into the jaw" of Russia's Putin, Russia must bring Georgia back under her control before the attack on Israel can proceed!

Florida Keys visitors told to check out before Tropical Storm Fay blows in

10 Afghan civilians killed near US base

Presidential Politics

Obama and McCain Appear At Saddleback Church Forum

For Convention, Obama’s Image Is All-American

Will Hillary Rain on Obama's Parade?

The October Surprise Shouldn't Come as One

Darragh vs. the Obama Bots: If he can't face down the Pumas, how will he ever face down Putin?

How Democrats can mine the West

Shroud of Turin stirs new controversy





August 16-17, 2008


Georgia says Russian-backed Abkhazia separatists seize 13 villages

Russian forces still entrenched in Georgia

Six days that broke one country - and reshaped the world order

Russian president signs Georgia cease-fire deal

Georgia forced to accept a Russian occupation

Russia: Poland risks attack because of US missiles

Russia tightens grip on Georgia despite ceasefire deal

Ukraine unsettled by Russia's invasion of Georgia

Other Georgia News

Georgian peace deal reached, but crisis escalates

The Georgia Crisis: A Blow to NATO

Russia told to pull out of Georgia

Georgia says Russia occupying new areas

Peace Plan Offers Russia a Rationale to Advance

Abhkazia and South Ossetia must decide their own future: Russia insists

Russia defends its invasion of Georgia

Russian President Medvedev Defiant on Response: Russian Troops Stay in Georgia

US-Poland missile shield deal seen aimed at Russia

Two New Headline News Articles

1) "Russian Invasion of Georgia Is Meant To Be A HUGE Warning To The West"

Once Russia pulls off this invasion without military intervention from the West, the prophecy of Ezekiel 38-39 will have come a lot closer to happening! If God has "put hooks into the jaw" of Russia's Putin, Russia must bring Georgia back under her control before the attack on Israel can proceed!



“…his right eye shall be utterly darkened” Zechariah 11:17(b), KJV

Non-Integrating States News - Pakistan

Impeachment Charges drawn up against Pakistan's Musharraf

Sharif's Party: No legal immunity for Musharraf

Saudi intelligence chief comes to Musharraf’s rescue

Pervez Musharraf to resign as President: Report

460 militants, 22 troops killed near Afghan border: Pakistan reports


Presidential Politics

Rev. Rick Warren puts Obama, McCain on the same stage: At his Saddleback Church Saturday

Obama abortion support exceeds even NARAL's: Records document opposition to protecting born-alive babies

Conservative authors attack Obama: Two hot-selling conservative books slam Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama

Obama Campaign Angered by McCain's 'Sense of Humor' Comment

Obama goes ballistic over Corsi best-seller

Obama's Well-Oiled Machine

The Clinton Convention: Hillary and Bill have hijacked the Denver convention

Lincoln's Example

U.S. Sen. Jay Rockefeller to speak at Democrat convention

McCain ponders advantage of promising one-term presidency

Polls show more reject both McCain, Obama: Third-party candidates pulling close to 20% of total vote

Is McCain Responsible for Potential Job Cuts in Ohio?

Surge for the dollar as global fears rise

Israeli - Palestinian War

So what’s the lesson? Both leftists, rightists convinced that Georgia-Russia war validates their positions

Jordan restores relations with Hamas

'Quds, Hizbullah train hit-men in Iran'

New PRC terrorist rocket 'can reach Ashdod'

Hizbullah's Nasrallah: 2006 Lebannon War led Israel to negotiate with Syria

Egypt: Rafah Crossing closed until Schalit freed

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Female suicide bomber kills 18 religious pilgrims in Iraq

Report of Iraqi assassination teams

Robert Fisk: Al-Qa'ida sends its warriors from Iraq to wage 'jihad' in Lebanon

Militia comeback fear haunts Basra

Kirkuk dispute fuels ethnic tensions in Iraq

Sadr asks for a blood pledge of loyalty

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